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2023.06.08 10:19 CorgisRGucci [US][TRADING] Gintama Vol 1-23 Complete English Set

This set is in brand-new, G5+ condition with zero yellowing and spine tears.
I’m looking to trade it for different series of equivalent value. My wishlist is below:
Please comment down below if you’re interested in trading or have something else to offer.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:17 nofflohnee Where are my fellow supporters of the ending?

Unpopular opinion here, ready to get roasted, but here goes nothing.
Why is everyone constantly complaining about the ending? I mean, yes, it wasn't perfect, but with so many fan theories and possibilities and loose ends before Season 4 B - it's just not possible to please everybody.
Of course you can dislike with how it ended and how it all turned out a bit like 'It was all a dream'. I totally get the lost character development, the missed opportunities, the inconsistencies. I'm sure there could be some alternative endings that would have satisfied more fans.
I watched a YouTube video of the reactions of the cast on the ending of Manifest and I read some comments and they were so positive!! I feel like the negative reactions all compromise on reddit. So here I am, stating my opinion:
I liked the ending.
After finishing the last episode, I was honestly sad that it ended. I could have watched a lot more episodes, even seasons and I felt bad for the show, that it got canceled and everything.
I think we should appreciate this last season more. Imagine not having it, we would be stuck with the last five minutes of the third season - Grace dead, Cal old, Eden with Angelina. This would break my heart.
Just think about how hard it must have been, having to cut ideas for three seasons into one. Of course you don't have time for every last detail (although I'm not saying that it would have been a perfect ending, if there had been the other two seasons).
I'm sad it ended and the ending was fine. Change my mind.
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2023.06.08 10:13 JonahDan One of One Zeke patch auto. Worth keeping or sell?

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2023.06.08 10:04 Legal-Hat4586 season 7 - talking to audience?

so i just started the final season of oitnb! i have been hardcore binging for like 3 weeks.
anyway, i was super confused with the beginning of episode 1. i am like 20 minutes in but why do both piper and alex talk to the audience, like that hasn’t happened in any other season and it’s kinda uncomfortable for because it’s such a change lmao. does it stay like this until the end?
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2023.06.08 10:02 BadDub Did it take anyone else a while to see them as the characters again?

I think its because I've watched the actors so much on the pod cast that the first few scenes in episode 1 of season 16 just felt like I was watching the actors act instead of the characters (if that makes sense). It took a while to start seeing them as Charlie, Dennis and Mac instead of Charlie, Glenn and Rob. Did anyone else experience this?
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2023.06.08 10:02 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 12

Chef Gordon Ramsay said that now we were down to the final 8 that there would be no excuses and no one to hide behind anymore, saying that Santos left due to not being able to hold down the fish station by himself. Chef Ramsay also announced that the next challenge would involve a chef from each team making a crepe and Antonio was worried having not had that much experience with crepes but Nikki was pumped having made many crepes. The blue team were struggling at actually making crepes in the beginning with Antonio and Ed constantly breaking them with Giovanni having to guide them on making them but they eventually finished their dishes. First up was the battle of the breakfast crepes and despite Nikki’s confidence, Kanae’s bacon and eggs crepe beat Nikki’s smoked salmon crepe and Kanae said beating Nikki was huge as she usually killed it in challenges. Elizabeth and Giovanni were next up with the lunch crepes and both were praised and awarded a point by Ramsay, and the red team tied up when Van’s scallops and crab crepe beat Antonio’s pork crepe which didn’t work at all. Tara and Ed were last up with the desert crepe and Tara’s had completely fallen apart while Ed’s was far too sweet so Ramsay said that neither of them got a point! As the teams were tied, Ramsay said the best crepe would win the challenge and announced that Elizabeth’s was the nicest to win the challenge for the red team! Elizabeth said this was her best moment in Hells Kitchen ever and Giovanni was fed up of punishments with the blue team only winning 3 challenges all season.
While the red team partied, the blue team knew black jackets were coming up and Ed felt that the team were being too focused on themselves and was worried about service tonight. Ramsay excitedly announced that tonight was French night with a crepe appetiser and some different entrees as well as frogs legs for garnish. Giovanni on appetizers said nothing would be sent back on his station and his risottos and flatbreads came out perfect with Ramsay telling Giovanni it was his time to lead tonight. Antonio on the fish station did not get off to a good start however and served boiled scallops before bouncing back and Antonio said he couldn’t allow any mistakes for the rest of the service. Giovanni continued to have a great service on appetizers and had no issues with the crepes saying this Italian guy can make crepes and the blue team moved onto entrees. Kanae wanted to lead the team on the garnish station but despite Ed getting off to a strong start with perfect wellingtons and duck, Antonio served raw salmon and Ramsay said that Antonio was out of control and needed to get it together. Ed said he was going to drag the team through service but Ed then managed to serve raw fillets which further set the blue team back and Ed couldn’t believe his mistake. Kanae then started to get behind on garnish due to having to redo garnishes and burnt Brussel sprouts with Kanae screaming at Giovanni to not help her but to help Antonio as he was the one sinking the kitchen. Antonio was getting behind on the salmon orders and Giovanni came over to cook salmon for him but also brought it up raw as Antonio angrily took over at basing the salmon but when he took it out the oven, Antonio realised the skin had come off the salmon and asked for an extra 6 minutes. Chef Christina angrily told the blue team to get their shit together but the communication continued to break down as Antonio asked for 2 more minutes on Ed and when 2 minutes were done, Ed served overcooked fillet and Antonio’s turbot was raw and Ramsay finally had enough and kicked the whole blue team out! Ed said that service was a joke and Kanae said she felt bad for the salmon and turbot that died only be ruined by Antonio.
The red team wanted to get off to a stronger start but Elizabeth instantly had issues with the crepes despite having the best crepe on the challenge, ruining her first two. Van came over to help out and realised that Elizabeth’s hands were shaking so he took over the crepes while Elizabeth cooked risotto and flatbreads and Nikki’s first scallops came out well. Elizabeth got her confidence back to take over the crepes but Nikki brought up 2 orders of scallops rather than 3 and after being told by Ramsay to get it together she had her pans too hot and served burnt scallops for the ticket. Ramsay told Nikki to wake up and she did bounce back to get the next scallops out and the red team did finish appetizers. Van on garnish wanted his ladies to get it together for entrees and Ramsay praised Vans leadership which saw Tara’s first fillets and chicken fly out as well as Nikki’s turbot. Tara though started to struggle and cut into her wellingtons and realised they were raw and asked for an extra 3 minutes with Van telling Tara she needed to communicate better before Tara fought back. Despite Van’s best efforts the communication continued to break down as Tara got behind on chicken, saying she needed an extra 2 minutes but when Tara brought up her chicken it was RAW and Ramsay said he couldn’t deal with anymore mistakes from the red team. Nikki and Tara did try and communicate but Nikki continued to have problems cooking fish and brought up overcooked turbot to the pass and Tara then brought up duck with burnt skin. Ramsay was apoplectic at this point saying “THE DUCK’S BURNT” and with the dry turbot he kicked the red team out of the kitchen as well!
The blue team were spent after service and Antonio accepted he should go up but said he was going to fight for his place while saying Kanae should go up with him for overall performance. Kanae was quick to say that Ed had a worse service though and Giovanni agreed that Ed should go up for his mess on steaks but Ed said the blue team wouldn’t be completing service without him. The blue team realised they had to come to a consensus and Antonio finally agreed that Ed should go up with him. The red team were torn as well as everyone decided Tara was the 1st nominee for sinking the meat station but Nikki and Elizabeth voted each other which left Van with a tough decision. Tara was fuming saying that she was actually fighting back until Nikki and Elizabeth fell apart halfway through service but Elizabeth pointed out this was twice in a row on the meat station she had gone down and Van was left with a tough decision, eventually deciding that Elizabeth should go up with Tara for overall worse performance. Ramsay sent Elizabeth and Ed back in line before finally eliminating ANTONIO for his disaster on the fish station but told him to keep his head up. Ed was annoyed at being voted up for 1 bad service but said tomorrow is another day and Elizabeth felt that improving in service seems to mean nothing when people go on past services.
Next episode will have a double elimination as only 5 Chefs will make it into the black jacket lounge.
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2023.06.08 10:00 Hallowiner Only physical DM10 I’ve done but it sure was easy

Only physical DM10 I’ve done but it sure was easy
I’m sure I could’ve gotten more atk if I was better at the game lol
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2023.06.08 09:59 Equivalent_Cook_4741 13 Day Itinerary Check

Hello, I'm planning a trip with my bf (we are both 23yo) and I am looking for a feedback on my trip plan. Also I would like to know the best way to fill the blank spaces.

Date Location Morning Afternoon Evening
23.09.23 Tokyo Arrival at Haneda Airport Sensoji Temple Explore Shinjuku & spend time at Kabukicho Tower
24.09.23 Tokyo Kokugikan Sumo grand tournament Sanrio Cafe Ikebukuro & Fukuru Matsuri Ikebukuro
25.09.23 Tokyo Tokyo Sea Life Patk TeamLab Planets
26.09.23 Tokyo Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo DisneySea
27.09.23 Tokyo Explore Harajuku and Shibuya Gotokuji Temple Shopping at Ginza
28.09.23 Hakone Arrive to Mishima Station, rent a car, Mishima Skywalk Hakone-jinja Shrine, Owakudani Valley Check in hotel at Gotenba
29.09.23 Fuji Hike mt.fuji? Hana no Miyako Park?
30.09.23 Kyoto Return the car at Mishima Station, take Shinkansen to Kyoto Check in hotel Night Walking Tour
01.10.23 Kyoto Nishiki Market
02.10.23 Kyoto Explore Uji Explore Fushimi Inari
03.10.23 Kyoto Arashiyama Monkey Park Explore Arashiyama
04.10.23 Yokohama Take the Shinkansen to Yokohama Minato Mirai ChinaTown
05.10.23 Yokohama Check out hotel & go to Enoshima Aquarium Explore Enoshima & Take the train to Narita Station Stay at the hotel in Narita
  1. Does anyone know the time the Mikoshi festival in Ikebukuro on 24.09.23 will start?
  2. Can you recommend any places to spend the evening near Tokyo Station?
  3. I understand that climbing on Fuji off season is prohibited and dangerous, so we won't try to reach the summit. I just wanted to know if going to the 5th station in 30.09 is Okay. I also read that you can Hike to Hoei Crater (which is near 6th station) on Fuji this time of year. Is hiking to Hoei Crater safe and doable? If not, are there any good hiking trails nearby?
  4. Is Nishiki Market in Kyoto open on Sundays? What else can we do on a Sunday in kyoto?
  5. Where can we spend the evening in Kyoto?
  6. Is a day trip to Enoshima from Yokohama doable? Is Enoshima Aquarium fun? If not, what else we can do in Yokohama?
  7. Can you recommend any affordable Matcha or Sushi workshops? We are both students so nothing fancy...
  8. Can you recommend on Pork-free Ramen and Gyoza? We do not eat Pork but would love to try.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.06.08 09:59 PiskAlmighty Request for season 3: toned down soundtrack

I think there's a lot for the team to be thinking about for the next season, but my main request (in the small off chance they see this post) is to tone down the music.
We all love 90s music: Nirvana, Radiohead, Garbage, Cranberries, Pumpkins, etc. And it can be very impactful to have a 90s banger over a poignant scene, but I feel it just happens way too much and becomes very intrusive.
My sense is that music is being used as a crutch to make a scene feel more emotionally deep, presumably because they're either not confident that the scene carries itself or because they've had to edit weirdly and the music smooths it out. But I find the over reliance on very famous songs to carry the emotion starts to grate after a while.
For instance, I rewatched the "oops we killed Javi" scene from the beginning of ep9 with some simple, sad music, and it felt a lot more emotional to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the Cranberries, but I found them blasting Zombie over the action pretty distracting. On top of that, this episode had Street Stpirit, a Metallica cover, a Buffy Sainte Marie song, and two (!) versions of Killing Moon, all of which made the music feel really intrusive.
I hope season 3 has more original music which is designed to fit the tone better, and maybe a limit of 1 or 2 90s bangers per episode.
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2023.06.08 09:57 Ipod732 25 [M4F] California - A Definitive Advertisement To Find That Someone

Hello! I've posted here on r4r a handful of times now and I wanted to try and write up a more definitive ad. Every time I've written up a new one it contained new information or less information than a previous post so, I'm going to try and compile it all into one master post. That way everything there is to decide whether you'd like to message me is easily available and accessible to you without having to dig around a dozen other posts.
Now that the "prologue" is out of the way let's jump into why you're here and what it is I'm looking for.
Who Am I?
Things I enjoy:
What I'm Looking For?
A woman who I can meet, befriend, love, marry, have kids, and grow old with. I'm a hopeless romantic, I guess lol. It would go in that order and as for the timeline, that's for fate to decide.
Age - Ideally 21+, but will accept as long as you're 18+. Ideal age range 21-30. If you're slightly older or slightly younger that's fine too. +/- 7 is the general rule of thumb.
Looks - Personality beats looks, but attraction is still important. I don't have a type per se. Don't really care about race/ethnicity. I'm trying to work on my weight myself so I rather not cast a stone at a glass house, but proportionality is something I find attractive. A gym partner or someone who can help me with my weight would also be appreciated(we can run together or go hike, etc.)
Personality - I find that sometimes when I'm not attracted to a person , their personality attracts me to them. Personality can elevate a 5 to a 10 or reduce a 10 to a 1 instantly. All I ask is that you're intelligent(a woman who can think for herself, articulate her thoughts, and is able to challenge me when I'm wrong), kind, communicative(communication is key in any relationship), and is sociable(don't need to be extroverted, just able to socialize when the situation calls for it).
Location - In California, looking to move to California, or willing to relocate (a hard ask considering everyone is leaving California lol). For the foreseeable future, I'm stuck here for work and family. Maybe someday I'll have a nice plot of land in the middle of nowhere and can live off the fatta the land with some rabbits. If you read the post and know the book, you got the reference.
What can I Give You?
Tea - As I mentioned before, I'll brew you tea and sometimes I might have a good story to tell over tea lol.
Laughter - I have a contagious laugh and I enjoy joking around. I laugh at most things so it's not too hard to elicit a laugh from me which might get you laughing too.
Adventure - I like visiting new places with friends or a companion so as long as you desire it, we can always adventure out to new places. Whether it's a beach, a new city, a forest, mountain, you name it, we can go.
Optimism - I have a generally happy-go-lucky attitude with life and I'll be happy to reassure you life is good and things will be fine. And if you need the opposite with harsh realism, ask and you shall receive lol.
Hygiene - I do my best to keep myself clean. I also wash my own dishes. I try to keep my home clean, but it's a bit difficult when you're never home. I bought my first condo in 2021 and now I understand why people rent. It's difficult to maintain everything and expensive. And on top of all that you gotta keep it clean even when you're not home.
Attention - As much as you desire. I enjoy people and having someone around all the time is fine by me. I also don't mind some alone time and lawyer stuff can be a bit time-consuming.
Food - I can't cook, but I'll try. I tried to make sushi and failed two weekends ago. Rice was too sticky and too hot. Also the sashimi refused to thaw no matter how long I waited(was well over 12 hours...) But wrapping it was actually easier than I expected just not evenly distributed along the roll.
I think that covered everything I needed to add or wanted to add in here. If I come up with more I'll be updating this master ad over time. Feel free to message me or use the chat feature. Also if you like we can move to Discord, feel free to ask for it. Attached is a photo of me as well. Thanks for bearing through this long post. And if you didn't read it all, that's fine. It's too damn long.
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2023.06.08 09:54 Resident-Welcome-442 Chronological timeline

Found this online is it correct or missing anything?
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2023.06.08 09:52 RelevantNerve7775 Will Padmanabh Singh be able to form his new image in the eyes of the people of Rajasthan?

Will Padmanabh Singh be able to form his new image in the eyes of the people of Rajasthan?
Padmanabh Singh(Pacho) is the current titular Maharaj of Jaipur,a well known Polo player & once a model(for Vogue,Elle etc.). He is son of BJP MP & Princess of Jaipur Diya Kumari.Even after years of Diya Kumari's political career not everyone knows about her existence & she hasn't done anything significant to be remember till now. Now Padmanabh is set to make his political debut but the question is will he be able to make it big as now public don't even trust popular & experienced politicians how they'll accept a new face with 0 experience?
Pacho never tried to mingle with locals before as the likes of Prince of Gwalior Aryaman Scindia & Prince of Mewar Lakshyaraj Singh started very early. His counterparts Lakshyaraj Singh, Aryaman Scindia are very careful when it comes to their image & how they're viewed by public so they keep their private life under wraps. They escape from being clicked in parties & on vacations but if you notice Pacho's pics from any party he is always with a glass full of beer,he seems to care less.
He said he like traveling & exploring but he won't even be able to name 5 Indian States that he has explored on his fingers as his vacations are always in foreign countries & with British people.He always had inferiority complex around Europeans & a 60 yr old mentality of seeking validation from white people.He is also a heavy smoker,alcoholic,party animal & there are strong rumours of him being a bisexual/gay.In a month he throw atleast two lavish parties which is only for Britishers.I'm not saying these things are problematic or he committed a crime as it's normal & his way of living life King size BUT as of now it's not consider as an ideal image of a politician in India.
Rajasthan's 75.1% people are from rural area, I'm sure many of them don't know what Vogue, Ralph Lauren,GQ is.Many in Jaipur isn't aware of his existence.His relationship history is also quite famous on internet,he earlier dated Virginia Borrero(Colombian) & now he is in a living relationship in his palace with Claire Deroo,who call herself a "French designer" & it's been 7-8yrs.She is extremely involved in palace work, festivals, organising parties in the palace even started clothing line with his sister. If he will not marry her he'll gain the reputation of a Playboy/Casanova moron & Ranbir Kapoor of Royals & if he does then it will create chaos among Rajput community like his family faced when diya Kumari married his father who was a driver & belongs from lower community.
He indeed need to make efforts as elections are near & this could be a good opportunity to hit a bullseye.But the way he has portrayed himself it's Hard to Digest the image he wants to cast now & this appears as big hurdles in his political career.Will Diya Kumari be successful in white washing her son's image from a rich brat to a young popular politician even in Jaipur City?
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2023.06.08 09:40 VManee AI x Bigg Boss (Google Bard) -- Top 5 prediction :D

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2023.06.08 09:38 International-Fox838 Thoughts/theory

What exactly do you think is going to happen in the first episode?
My questions:
  1. Is Maggie not going to be at hilltop anymore? Why does she keep abandoning them? (Who keeps electing her back as leader if she keeps leaving anyways??)
2 where is Negan coming from? (is he at the commonwealth? I forget.) did he get exiled?
  1. Where is Maggie’s most loyal members from her groups? Why couldn’t any of them come? Eg. Her most loyal partner in crime Elijah?
  2. Where is Annie and the baby? What reason would Negan have realistically to willingly come with Maggie?
  3. Do you think Annie was taken to destination 2 and nobody willingly helped Him which turned him into the Negan we use to see?
  4. What do you think the turning point is for Megan to willingly help Maggie?
  5. Why was only Hershel taken?
  6. if Maggie goes back to her ways after glen died and left the community, why is she constantly so willing to put her sons life in risk travelling the country to help complete strangers knowing she’s had to face dangerous people who’ve almost successfully killed her son?
  7. Do you think we will get any information / see any characters from commonwealth, Alexandria, hilltop, or Oceanside (if they’re even still alive) -I’m assuming if so, they filmed secret parts while filming the finale season, since they were already announced beforehand.
  8. Do you think Alexandria has fallen off screen since the set has been completely removed?
Would love to hear ideas / theories / thoughts / questions you’d want answered
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2023.06.08 09:29 amazfeed Silo Episode 8 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Review, Cast & Where To Watch

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2023.06.08 09:25 PalwaJoko What would you like to see "reset" each season?

In most ARPGs, seasonal characters don't have any sorta of carry over progression. However, I've seen some people talking about how D4 may be different since its almost an MMO-lite in some designs.
So what do you think should be reset or not reset each season? For example, here are some following points
  1. Map progression rewards
  2. Lilith statues
  3. Campaign Progress
  4. Character progression
  5. Cosmetic unlocks (not cash store)
  6. Mount being unlocked
  7. Waypoints
  8. Ability to play Wt3+ without any precursor requirements
  9. Codex of power
  10. Challenges
Any of those would you like to not see reset or see reset? Anything that comes to mind that isn't listed here? 0
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2023.06.08 09:24 jdpm1991 Female Ghostface Killers (Films vs TV series) (OBVIOUSLY MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIES & THE TV SERIES SO BEWARE!!!!!)

If four female slashers in the Scream 'verse fought each other who would win in a brawl two versus two
Female Ghostface killers in the TV series:
Piper Shaw from Scream season 1

Beth from Scream: Resurrection

Amber Freeman from Scream 5

Jill Roberts from Scream 4
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2023.06.08 09:22 HolYY_TRUix I am good for now derank season on 2s

I am good for now derank season on 2s
Season 10 d2 -> Season 11 p2 All users are deranked one full rank average. But it is good thing cuz I didn't want high rank inflation and break the skill balance of each rank tier. Actually I didn't understand why diamond zone is very wide skill distribution like as bronze~c1
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2023.06.08 09:22 autotldr Canada’s record wildfires should be ‘wake-up call’, experts warn

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)
Montreal, Canada - "Do you smell smoke?" That's the question people in Canada have been asking each other this week as hundreds of wildfires are burning in what has been described as an "Unprecedented" start to the 2023 Canadian fire season.
The emergence of smoke-filled, discoloured skies in parts of Canada that typically aren't affected by wildfires has spurred widespread public concern and calls for authorities to better prepare for a problem that experts say is only going to get worse.
Jill Baumgartner, an associate professor in the School of Population and Global Health at McGill University in Montreal, said pollution levels in the city and in Canada more generally have been three to four times higher than usual as a result of the wildfires.
"We tend to think about wildfire smoke as being an acute or short-term exposure, but we're seeing that we're having these events more frequently. Wildfires are more common. They're happening for longer periods of time," she told Al Jazeera.
Flannigan said Canada needs to take a more proactive approach to wildfires going forward, including imposing fire bans and closing forests to recreational users and industry "Before the fire episode is upon you".
Environmental advocates are calling on Canada to do more to address the problem fuelling the recent scenes of wildfire devastation: climate change.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: wildfire#1 fire#2 Canada#3 Climate#4 more#5
Post found in /worldnews, /canada, /onguardforthee, /AlJazeera, /AutoNewspaper and /ALJAZEERAauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 09:22 ConsciousScratch799 Imagine being mad at this

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2023.06.08 09:18 KentuckyFriedMeme The FIFA community never fails to surprise me….

Playing my last few games of rivals before milestones ended, in a rivals game and up 5-1, guy waits till the exaaaact time that the season finishes and then pauses and leaves 🤣🤣 Luckily i’d gotten all 8 wins before that game but wow some people are just childish…
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2023.06.08 09:17 SynthError404 [fully lost] Canadian Idol Season 5: Top 80 Carly Rae Jepsen "I Try" performance have been searching for around a week making a compilation of remastered recordings of all her performances for and this particular track is the last one i cant find

I am a huge CRJ fan, something i run into and am guilty of myself is misspelling her lastname as Jepson instead of the correct Jepsen, all of my searches ive used both spellings as well as also using the number 5 as well as writing out it as Five, ive gone so far to like 50 pages into google searches, hit everh archive and wiki i could think of, from what i gather CTV was giving up on the show for season 5 & 6 (the final one) and didnt release any media physically. The Youtube recordings are wildly varying in audio quality and volume and all appear to be live TV recordings rather then master sources.
It seems something not so long ago (2007) with as big of a budget as the show had and with as well how big of a star as she's become this would be an easy thing to track down. It was nationally broadcasted even as a prime time show.
My audio recordings are all only available from youtube, which has every song except "I Try" (which is originally by Macy Gray if that helps). Links i have so far from my research dead ends: There was dvd releases up till season 4 (but not full season just highlights) and also some CDs from firet 4 seasons.
(I also filtered for sold and unavailable under ebay and other sourcew scouring through tons of japanese idol merch and seeing the false hopes of American Idol's season 5 media) I put this in lostmedia as well and hope to find it to finish my project.
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