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Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic nail shapes give you a variety of options to go for without waiting to grow your nails and having trouble when you have a broken nail in the middle.

2015.05.26 20:02 winmau Cutting Shapes

Cutting Shapes is the name for the shuffle dance which originates from the UK. When the underground rave scene of the 80s and early 90s in the UK declined because of efforts by authorities to crack down on the culture; dancers from the UK brought their dance to the thriving rave scene in Australia, where it became known as Melbourne shuffle. In the London clubs where house music predominated the UK's less aggressive style of shuffling became known as Cutting Shapes.

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A place for all things pole fitness related. Members of all shapes, sizes, genders and levels are welcome to post, learn, discuss and share! This is NOT a NSFW board. Do not leave comments as if it is!

2023.03.20 15:50 PhilipCMS Enterprise Group, Inc (TSX: E OTCQB: ETOLF) Surpasses Analyst Estimates With Robust Earnings

Enterprise Group, Inc (TSX: E OTCQB: ETOLF) (the “Company” or “Enterprise”). Consolidator of energy service (including specialized equipment rental to the energy/resource sector) emphasizes technologies that mitigate, reduce, or eliminate CO2 and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions for small local and Tier One global resource clients.
The Company’s Q4 and 2022 YoY earnings against the equivalent periods of 2021 are nothing short of exceptional. And the Company said that Q1 2023 is also shaping up to be very robust.
Audited numbers don’t lie.
Take a moment and digest these stats. If you own the shares, you should be impressed. If not, consider a second look. Once viewed, take in the Company’s very recent Letter to Shareholders detailing the impressive growth potential of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry. Enterprise is a significant source of on-site infrastructure supply and management that facilitates growth.
Here are the numbers. The comprehensive earnings can be seen in Monday morning’s comprehensive Press Release (March 20/23). The most exciting stat compares the YoY 2021 per share loss of (0.05) cents to the equivalent 2022 gain of 0.05 cents: A 200% movement of an overall 10 cents.
Enterprise shares trade at approximately CDN$0.40. For Investors and Shareholders, the Company keeps its LinkedInpage up to date with articles, videos, and commentary. Consider a Follow.
As well, the Company’s YouTube page is very informative. There will be new videos later this week.
(1) Identified and defined under “Non-IFRS Measures.”
(2) The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and Rent Subsidy Programs ended in October 2021.
To provide further comparability to pre-COVID operations, the Company has presented adjusted gross margin and EBITDA to reflect the results of operations without any subsidy programs.
Enterprise Group Growth Points: FY 2022
· Higher capital spending in the energy industry and increased customer activity levels have resulted in improved results. During the year, Enterprise secured additional supply and services agreements with three of its tier-one clients, contributing to improved operating results.
· The Company believes its stock remains undervalued as the Company’s book value is $0.68 per share. In addition, the Company has available tax losses of $0.17 per share and is developing a consolidated tax plan to utilize those losses. Management will continue to be aggressive in acquiring its shares.
· During the year, Enterprise secured additional supply and services agreements with three of its tier-one clients, contributing to improved operating results.
· During the year ended December 31, 2022, the Company purchased and cancelled 1,799,000 shares at $714,614, or $0.40 per share. These shares had a carrying value of $1.36 per share for $2,445,077, which has been removed from the share capital account. Since initiating the share buyback program, the Company has purchased and cancelled 10,057,500 shares at $2,391,560 or $0.24 per share.
· For the year ended December 31, 2022, the company generated cash flow from operations of $5,910,830 compared to $3,500,869 in the prior year. This change is consistent with the higher activity during the year — equipment fleet to meet customer demands.
· After year end on January 23, 2023, the Company’s common shares began trading on the OTCQB Venture Market under the ticker ETOLF. This listing will help to increase Enterprise’s visibility and accessibility to a growing audience of U.S. investors.
Bottom Line
There is the argument that Enterprise’s numbers are nothing short of extraordinary (use your own adjective). And the coming year, courtesy of increased Oil and Gas Capex spending, stellar management, and new clients with business expansion among existing, including Tier One concerns. As noted in the recent LTS:
Over one year, the Company’s share price rose 40 plus percent, from 26 to 46 cents, a new high. For comparison, S&P lost 19.4%, the Nasdaq gained 8.7%, and the Dow was down almost 9%.
It seems the Company is gaining horsepower, eyeballs, and growth as well as a proxy for the exceptional CAPEX growth.
Stay tuned closely, as Q1 2023 is coming.
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2023.03.20 15:37 hyperbolefalcon5 34 [M4F] #VA VABeach tall bearded tattooed rocker seeking girly girl

Love the idea of finding a girl to hold hands with on dates. I hope you love to do your makeup and dress up all cute. I love when a woman takes the time to get her nails done and feel really pretty. I think it’s hot to pay for your nails to get done too 😍. I love the dynamic of a girly girl with a bearded rocker look. It’s fun to turn heads and be that couple that likes to show off.
Little more about me: 6ft 2, blue eyes, long brown hair, athletic/ in shape, beard, tattoos. I work out and hike a lot. I look like I either play bass in a metal band or a burly woodsman with a flannel. I have a bunch of pics if you want to trade. Willing to travel if you like adventure! Lets go somewhere and show off as really clingy couple. Hope we can build this together and really experience some fun times.
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2023.03.20 15:34 Dapper_Reality_8487 24M Having Trouble losing Weight above pelvic region/lower stomach with working out and dieting

Hello all, Quick question for anyone whos willing to help out. Im currently at the end of my college years, Iv always been quite a stick through my life never really weighed very much until after highschool I joined the Air Force, got really into shape and started building quite a bit of muscle. Im 6"2, I vape use to smoke, and drink a few times a week mainly wine. and constantly weighed 170-180lbs. Unfortunately now that Im out and in the reserve side and in college. 2022 I spent mainly sitting at a desk and living off fast food because of low income and unaffordability and time constraint of making good meals. Now suddenly for the first time in my life I have gained weight. I now weigh roughly 190. And it is visible and it makes me incredibly upset and Iv been willing to undergo the lifestyle changes neccisary to fix them. Iv been running, weight lifting, cut soda fast food down to 1-2 times a week max, and dieting two days a week to only eat ~600 calories on those two days. And consume larger protein amounts and a decent caffiene amount. But now my body just looks incredibly awkward. I have gotten rid of most of the weight but there is still visible fat on my lower sides and lower abdomen above my pelvic bone I for some reason cant shake. And its making my body shaped wierd because you can visibly see abs being defined at the top of my stomach along with my pectorals and arms and legs getting bigger... Im not sure what to do to burn this fat off or what might be causing it to linger and I really would like to ask someone in medical here rather than supplement place or even a fellow gym rat for possibly unhealthy advice. Its been since early November of 2022 iv stuck with it and even with pictures I cannt see this far dissapearing. Any advice?
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2023.03.20 15:06 neitherzeronorone Dysphoria question for more experienced sisters

I started HRT approximately 22 months ago and, overall, transition has been going well. The first year was awkward and rocky, but I've felt more confident in my female presentation during the past six months. There is still much to learn about clothing and accessories and hair and makeup, but I've been gratified to realize that many cis women also struggle with these things.
On the whole, i'm not getting clocked nearly as often as I did during the beginning of my transition. In recent weeks, several people have told me that they would never have known that I was transgender if I hadn't told them. Although I definitely am not hiding the fact that I'm trans, it's always nice to feel that it's up to *me* to share this news.
Transition has been great for my self-esteem. For more than five decades, I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror. If you asked me to describe my face, I would've been hard pressed to do so because it just wasn't something I cared about. These days, I'll often be pleased with the reflection that I see in the mirror. I'll go for a week or two with the feeling that I'm absolutely nailing my presentation. But then.... something happens and I just can't see myself as female in the mirror.
I know this is probably distortions in my perception happening as a result of dysphoria, but it feels so objectively real, you know? I notice every hair follicle and the male shape of my jaw and the height of my forehead, and just feel so overwhelmingly male. And for several days, I'll be asking myself, "who am I fooling?" I'll wonder if people who said supportive things about my presentation are just trying to be nice. And, since I'm in my mid-50s, my dysphoria and insecurities also intersect with anxieties about getting older.
The gap between these bouts of dysphoria does seem to be getting longer and longer these days. Almost to the point where I'll think, "Oh good, maybe I can put those days behind me. But then it comes roaring back, and it is a doozy.
For my more experienced trans sisters (of any age) who have been doing this for more than two years, is this pretty much par for the course? Also, am I imagining things, or does estrogen seem to make our faces look sightly different every single day? There are some days when I wake up and see myself in the mirror and think, "Damn. That's a fine looking woman." On other days, I think "Omg. Estrogen no longer works for me."
Would love to know if others have experienced something similar.
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2023.03.20 14:46 Libro_Artis A rape survivor’s careful activism in a place where #MeToo feels taboo
Megan Lively stands outside Peace church in Wilson, N.C., on Oct. 29. (Cornell Watson for The Washington Post)
Add to your saved stories
WILSON, N.C. — In her church, Megan Lively feels safe and loved. Walking in on a Sunday morning, people greet each other warmly. As the men lead services, a few rows up sits her cousin. The assistant pastor is a childhood friend. Even her seat is familiar; she always sits in the back row by the door. She feels safest near an exit.
No one but her family and the pastors know why.
In broad swaths of conservative American evangelicalism, Lively is a famous pioneer, someone whose story of rape as a seminary student and an institutional coverup made national headlines when she came forward in 2018. Evangelical leader Russell Moore calls her a “pivotal” figure in bringing awareness of sexual abuse to the Southern Baptist Convention; best-selling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore calls Lively a “hero.”
Here in Lively’s hometown, however, most people don’t seem to know her story. Her local paper never covered her case. People here almost never raise the issue with her. For years she considered this silence a kind of mercy, protection from the alternative she often received on social media.
“I’m a mom, a wife, a Christian, I love Jesus, and the second I got lumped into #MeToo, it was like: ‘Okay, she came forward because of #MeToo, which means she’s liberal, which means she’s a Democrat, which means she is going straight to hell,’ ” said Lively, now 43.
But five years after the hashtag exploded, Lively is testing limits — her own, Wilson’s, and that of a movement about women’s voices and power in a religious culture where God called only men to lead. Lively is doing some public writing about what religious institutions need to do to address sexual abuse. She has become a quiet go-to for evangelical leaders when they have questions. And in September, she announced a book contract for “The Cost of Survivorship,” whose title comes from “The Cost of Discipleship,” a theological classic about the demands of being a Christian.
What are the demands of being a Christian survivor?
Is there room for Lively’s belief that the theology banning women from spiritual leadership has often been used to silence survivors? Room to confront conservative Christianity about what it means to treat women well? Is there also room to be a strong, outspoken survivor whose ethos is also bubbly and playful? Can there be #MeToo without being, well, too #MeToo?
“If I’m focused so much on that hashtag instead of people being made in the image of God, my heart will not soften. I’m going to lean into this with Jesus, not #MeToo,” Lively said. To her, the movement’s emblems are angry female faces — feisty, justice-seeking types that “I’m not,” she said. “I love to think I’m softer and sweeter, you know what I mean?”
Her journey reveals bigger questions about what happened to #MeToo. A September Pew Research survey found most Americans saying sexual abusers are now more likely to be held responsible, but beyond that, it’s less clear. A quarter of women told Pew there hasn’t been much of a difference. Half of Republican men say they oppose #MeToo. And in Lively’s world, this past fall more than 1,200 pastors from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the denomination to which her church belongs, signed a petition to ban women from serving in any pastoral role.
Beth Allison Barr, a Baylor University historian who last year published the best-selling “Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth,” said Lively may be trying to thread an impossible needle. Theology, she said, is something woven through people’s lives from childhood. In this case, Barr said she believes that the theology that keeps women from leadership is shaped by attitudes viewing women as sexual temptations. Women are then saddled with a sense of complicity.
That remains true despite the reckoning Lively helped set in motion, referred to by some as #ChurchToo. After she came forward, the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio News-Express in 2019 published a report on abuse and coverups in the SBC that identified 700 victims over 20 years. The SBC then approved an unprecedented independent investigation of its executive committee that was released that May. It found that SBC leaders often ignored, minimized and even vilified sexual abuse survivors. The SBC this past August said the Justice Department is investigating multiple arms of the denomination.
“There have been some technical changes, but I don’t think it’s changed anyone’s heart yet,” Barr said. “These are lessons that don’t disappear overnight just because we changed the rules at church.” When cases of abuse arise in religious settings, “there’s still this attitude: ‘It’s not systemic; it’s individuals who have sinned,’ ” she said. “I suspect that has to do with the idea that women’s voices matter less.”
‘I don’t wish to harm anyone’
On a recent Friday night, Lively sat in a local brewery with a friend who was yelling Lively’s praises over the loud music. They had started talking about her decision to speak out five years ago.
In 2018, Lively told The Washington Post about her 2003 rape at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the response of the seminary’s then-president, Paige Patterson. As a sexual assault survivor, she was not identified in the story at the time. She recounted how Patterson had her describe the incident in detail to him and to several male seminary students who were his proteges. Patterson told her to forgive the male student, who was expelled, and encouraged her to not report the rape to police, Lively said. She was put on probation for two years because, she thinks, she had allowed the male student into her room.
After the story ran, Patterson, an iconic figure in modern SBC history, was swiftly demoted and then fired from his position at another seminary.
“You got him! You nailed him!” Lively’s friend yelled to her through cupped hands. She grinned and pumped her fist.
Lively smiled weakly.
“I didn’t want Patterson to be fired. I just wanted women to know,” she said later. “I don’t wish harm on anyone.”
She doesn’t like articles about what happened that seem to celebrate the fall of Patterson, who — as an influential figure in the SBC, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination — is credited with consolidating conservative power and beating back any shifts toward liberalism.
An attorney for Patterson in 2018 said Lively in 2003 “confessed to consensual” sexual conduct and “referred to it as a sin on her part.”
At the same time, she feels rattled by the public vitriol earlier this year against actress Amber Heard, who accused her former husband, Johnny Depp, of abuse. Depp successfully sued Heard for defamation. Lively also notices that the billboard they see when they go to the beach that used to say “I Love You. — God,” now says “#MenToo.”
Growing up, Lively dreamed of studying at Southeastern seminary. Her goal: become a mom who could teach her children the Bible well. Inspired by a loving pastor she had, she felt called to ministry of some kind. She became a college religion major, then started working on a master’s of divinity with a concentration in women’s studies at Southeastern in 2002.
After her sexual assault in 2003, Lively sealed up the experience in her mind, telling almost no one and denying to herself that what had happened was rape.
After leaving the seminary in 2005, Lively said, she abandoned the idea of any kind of ministry because of her shame. She moved back to Wilson, opened a social media firm for local businesses and worked for a time for the local Chamber of Commerce. She married Vince Lively, who had also grown up in Wilson. She kept her head down for a decade, building her firm and raising a family.
In the mid-2010s, American women’s accusations of sexual misconduct and assault reached a crescendo. Female gymnasts in 2016 began accusing former U.S. national team’s doctor Larry Nassar of abuse; dozens of women came forward in 2017 against film producer Harvey Weinstein.
In early 2018, clips began circulating of Patterson, years earlier, counseling physically abused women to stay with their husbands and pray, calling out female seminarians he said weren’t doing enough to look pretty, and describing himself ogling a 16-year-old girl’s body.
That’s when Lively decided to go public, and to do so strategically, using her professional skills with social media and crafting public images. In a tweet naming herself as the unidentified sexual assault survivor in the Post article, she included a photo of her family looking away from the camera, on a beach.
That image, she believed — of a blonde woman with a husband and two kids, all White, a stereotypical ideal Christian family — would be more likely to trigger emotion and action in her community of conservative evangelicals than an image of a non-White family or single mom.
“I knew if these men in Texas saw this ‘perfect’ family in their mind — I purposely did that,” she said. “It’s sad it worked.”
Patterson was fired two days later.
That began a delayed period of trauma for Lively, just as #MeToo and politics were colliding in the culture wars of the Trump presidency. Lively was receiving loads of critical messages on social media, and even members of her immediate family questioned her account of what happened in 2003. Being even remotely lumped into #MeToo in her community felt like flirting with excommunication.
Lively spiraled. She said she drank too much, felt enraged, and at one point pondered how to drive her car off a cliff, or into a wall. She spoke to a local reporter who felt Lively was still too traumatized to quote.
Beth Moore, who left the denomination entirely in 2021 over the handling of issues including abuse, said in an email that “the price Megan paid to protect and defend other women was astronomical.”
Slowly, Lively began to crawl back. Her pastors, she said, never questioned her and instead cried and prayed with her and Vince. They reserved a single bathroom just outside the sanctuary door so she could sit there during Sunday services when she felt a panic attack might come on. Her mother-in-law would tell her God doesn’t want her to hide anything and loves her just as she is. She saw mental health professionals and began using EMDR, a therapy that has patients interact with images, sounds and sensations while they think of traumatic experiences, as a way of emphasizing the difference between the present and the past.
That old calling to some kind of ministry returned, and in 2019, Lively officially switched her business to helping churches with social media. She began diving into the new crop of popular books by evangelical women critiquing the modern institutional church’s reaction to various issues: mass shootings, gender roles, abuse in families. She decided, with writer Abby Perry, to create the kind of book for abuse survivors she wishes she had.
Showing grace
Lively is still trying to integrate these parts of herself. She often praises humility as a merit, but she sometimes finds keeping silent devastating, like when she recently overheard a prominent person in Wilson ask what an abuse victim had been wearing. Or another local person casually dismiss a sexual abuse accusation as a lie.
Brad Perry, the outreach pastor at Lively’s Peace Church, which only allows male pastors, said most people in the congregation probably don’t know Lively’s story. He wouldn’t speak about it publicly without her permission, he said, and she’s not the type of person who would try to draw attention to herself. “She wants to show grace through it all. She always said she wants to lift Christ up and redemption and even forgiveness.”
But why should Lively have to worry about how she comes across? That’s the question for Cambron Farris, a local artist and friend to Lively. “She felt she had to remind me, she’s not about #MeToo, and I kind of thought: Is that her defense mechanism? That should be the last thing on her mind. Is that still a form of discrediting of what she’s trying to do?” Farris said.
Rachael Denhollander, an attorney and Christian advocate who was the first survivor to speak out against Nassar and now advises the SBC task force on the topic of abuse, said she is also very deliberate about how she presents herself in the church. Low ponytail. Pastel colors, not power colors. Shirt sleeves to the elbow. Neckline to the collarbone.
“All the steps we go through to be calm, submissive, meek women,” Denhollander said. Waiting for the pastor to put his hand over my head, [to say]: ‘She has my permission to speak.’ There are all these calculations. I shouldn’t have to do that, and it’s not more godly to be that way.”
The hashtag #MeToo stirs complicated feelings for Lively, with its various cultural and political connotations. To her, it comes with words like “empowered” and “celebrate” that don’t feel quite right.
“It never occurred to me I was part of anything with that label. I just came forward and told the truth. I was never compelled or strengthened by the hashtag,” she said.
But every church abuse survivor feels differently, she’s learning now as an adviser.
Some people — like her — need to hear Scripture. Others not only don’t want to hear it, but also would be hurt by it. Never tell another woman what to think about #MeToo, or about choosing to press charges.
“I listen for a long time. I listen until the survivor stops talking. So many people get that wrong,” she said.
She does public writing when asked, and she thinks it will be constructive. She said she believes her race and family structure means more people who need to hear her will listen.
“People listen to me. Not because I was sexually assaulted in a church and there is evidence, but unfortunately evangelical men will listen because I’m married; I’m whole in their minds.”
Lively now has a tool kit of techniques she uses to keep herself strong and on the mend. For hip pain due to stress, there are standing stretches she does often. For staying present in her body when feelings of trauma wash over, she rubs her forearm. And she still looks for seats near an exit.
A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Lively’s age as 45. She is 43. The article has been corrected.
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2023.03.20 14:43 f1newsbot Vasseur: SF-23 potential may not be enough to catch Red Bull

Unfortunately, things did not go well for Ferrari in Jeddah. Fred Vasseur, Team Principal, explained the situation with the SF-23 after the first two races: “I can’t think of a car that goes on the front row in qualifying and then struggles so much in the race,” he said after the chequered flag.
The Maranello squad was cautiously optimistic that Jeddah’s characteristics would suit the SF-23. Instead, the race highlighted the team’s weaknesses – as the Scuderia proved to be the fourth-fastest team.
At the end of the race, both drivers were honest about the situation, albeit hopeful that upgrades could provide more performance.
Still, both Leclerc and Sainz were somewhat resigned to the supremacy of Red Bull’s RB19.
Leclerc explained that the result is not entirely surprising, even if there was optimism post-qualifying that a podium finish was attainable. Carlos Sainz has again underlined the limiting factors for Ferrari in 2022 so far: tyre degradation and overall performance.
Fans and insiders are now starting to get to know the new Ferrari Team Principal and his way of handling things a little better. An expression he often uses is ‘clear picture’, which is especially important at this stage of the year.
The current picture is not very pretty for Ferrari, with the SF-23 significantly worse than the Italian squad calculated during the winter break. The French team principal continues to deny the possibility of correlation issues, attributing the team’s poor performances to Red Bull and Aston Martin’s strong development – alongside a failure to optimise the SF-23.
“Compared to Bahrain, we took a step forward in qualifying. I know it’s strange to say this after today’s result, but I think we were in better shape than two weeks ago as we managed to open a gap on Aston Martin and Mercedes,” Vasseur explained.
“Even in the race, the first stint was very good. Charles moved up quickly, managing the Soft well, and Carlos, with the medium, was there with Russell and Stroll in the DRS train.”
“With the Hards, the good things were nullified given qualifying and in the first part of the race. With that tire, we lost pace. We have to understand why. It is our main problem.”
The SF-23 already saw a drop in performance on the hards in Bahrain. This exposes Ferrari’s lack of downforce, which has proven a limitation, especially when using harder compounds. This was very clear on the hard tyres, with both Scuderia drivers, despite pushing hard, failing to reach the times of their rivals, with the consequence of ending up using the tires more.
Vasseur was honest – although there are few alternatives – when asked about the gap to Red Bull and the lack of pace compared to Aston Martin and Mercedes. “After the Safety Car, Red Bull gave us something like 25 seconds in 30 laps. Very very much.”
Somehow, however, the Frenchman sees hope even when looking at one of his direct competitors. “Aston Martin? Let’s say it gives us a little hope because it shows that it is possible to progress by working.” This is a very small positive among several concerns at Maranello.
It is a leader’s responsibility to motivate and keep the group together in times of difficulty. Frederic Vasseur, unsurprisingly, is trying to keep the team’s hopes up after a difficult start:
“Motivate the group? It’s my job. We must remain calm and united to push hard and improve the current situation. The car has potential, but we are unable to extract it, and this must be one of our objectives,” the Frenchman explained, continuing to show confidence in the SF-23 project and his team’s work.
“Here, we didn’t have so many balance problems, and in fact, qualifying didn’t go badly. The problem is that we have to try to show the value of the car for longer. However, the potential that is there may not be enough to catch up with Red Bull.”
Vasseur continues to urge the team to push and extract the ‘true’ value of the SF-23. How can Ferrari get out of the crisis? One of the solutions is definitely updates.
“Now we have to understand what we are doing well and how to improve. In Australia, we will have some new parts that can help us, but we have to push in the factory, all together, to solve our problems.”
In Vasseur’s mind, the way of working is very clear, and Ferrari must not be influenced by others. “Looking at the gap with others would be the wrong way to work. We have to look at ourselves and focus on what we can do to improve. The machine must always be developed in all areas. Now let’s go back to Maranello, analyze the data and prepare ourselves as best as possible for Melbourne.”
Author: Paolo D’Alessandro Co-Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni
Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang
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2023.03.20 14:36 STLhistoryBuff Weekly Events Thread 3/20/23 - 3/26/23

Please, feel free to add any events below! Check out the Visitor's Guide for more things to do around town!
Looking to meet up with people? Check out Meetup St. Louis.

Be sure to continue scrolling past the Weekly Events for Trivia Nights, Live Music, Sporting Events, Local Comedy, and more!

Weekly Events

Sporting Events This Week Attractions Around the Area Comedy This Week
St. Louis Cardinals schedule Anheuser-Busch Brewery Funny Bone Comedy Club
St. Louis Blues schedule City Museum Helium Comedy Club
St. Louis City SC schedule Gateway Arch The Improv Shop
St. Louis Battlehawks schedule Missouri History Museum
St. Louis Billikens schedule National Blues Museum
Gateway Grizzlies schedule St. Louis Aquarium
Gateway Motorsports Park St. Louis Art Museum
St. Louis Ambush schedule St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis Zoo

Trivia Nights
Location Date/Time More Information
Bar K Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
City Foundry Thursdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Joey B's on the Hill Mondays 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Trivia Details
Nick's Pub Mondays
Felix's Pizza Pub Tuesdays at 8:00 pm Trivia Details
Schlafly Brewpubs (Any Location) Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Trivia Details
Rockwell Beer Co Tuesdays Trivia Details (Reservations required)
The Mack Tuesdays at 8:00 pm Trivia Details
The Pat Connolly Tavern Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
The Post Wednesdays 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Trivia Details
Pieces Board Game Bar & Cafe Wednesdays Trivia Details
HandleBar Thursdays at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Trivia Details
Steve's Hot Dogs Tuesdays 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Trivia Details

Live Music This Week
Music Venues Live Music Around Town
Blueberry Hill Duck Room 1860 Saloon
Chesterfield Amphitheater BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups
Delmar Hall Broadway Oyster Bar
Enterprise Center City Foundry
The Fabulous Fox Theatre Gallery Pub
The Factory Game 6 Honky Tonk
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Gaslight Lounge
Off Broadway The Heavy Anchor
Old Rock House Jazz St. Louis
The Pageant Joe's Cafe
Red Flag The Lot on the Landing
St. Louis Music Park McGurk's
St. Louis Symphony Concert Calendar SoFar St. Louis Secret performances around town
Stifel Theatre Venice Cafe
Yaquis on Cherokee

Recurring Outdoor Activities
Big Muddy Adventures – STL Riverfront Adventure Big Muddy Adventures was established in 2002. They are the first professional outfitteguiding company providing access to the wild wonders of the Middle Mississippi and Lower Missouri Rivers.
Gateway Arch Events There are a variety of things to do along the Mississippi River.
Hidden Valley Ski Resort Ziplining, scenic chairlift rides, and hiking trails opened during the summer. Skiing, snowboarding during the winter.
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2023.03.20 14:14 g36ecs Feature request: Reviews translated from Taobao/Weidian

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2023.03.20 13:35 demfrecklestho Weekly schedule (March 20 - March 27)

A very busy week awaits! Over the next seven days, there will be four UWT races and two WWT ones, and there’s truly something for everyone with the cobbled classics on one side and a well-rounded stage race on the other.
Race M/W Rank < M T W T F S S >
Volta a Catalunya M 2.UWT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali M 2.1 1 2 3 4 5
Classic Brugge-De Panne ME M 1.UWT x
Olympia’s Tour M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5
Volta ao Alentejo M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5
Classic Brugge-De Panne WE W 1.WWT x
GP Goriska & Vipava Valley M 1.2 x
E3 Saxo Bank Classic M 1.UWT x
Gent-Wevelgem ME M 1.UWT x
Gent-Wevelgem WE W 1.WWT x
GP Industria & Artigianato M 1.Pro x
La Roue Tourangelle M 1.1 x
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The Belgian week

We’re entering the core of the Flemish classics season with three major races taking place in Belgium this week- all part of the World Tour!
First off is Classic Brugge-De Panne, held on Wednesday (men’s race) and Thursday (women’s race). Having been added to the WT in 2019, it is the most recent addition to cycling’s top flight; up until 2017 it was a short stage race, known as Three days of De Panne, and it had a privileged calendar spot right before the Tour of Flanders, thus playing an important “last call” role before the big show. However, in 2018 it was strong-armed into trading calendar spots with another race, Dwars door Vlaanderen, and it turned into a one-day race. From a geography POV, the Classic Brugge-De Panne is undoubtedly Flemish… but the similarities with the other races end there, as it does not feature any cobbles: the biggest hurdle are probably the infamous slippery tram tracks near the finish line! It’s an event very likely to end in a sprint- this was the case in 2022, with wins for Tim Merlier and Elisa Balsamo, but exception do happen from time to time.
On Friday, the E3 Saxo Bank Classic follows, and this might be the race you want to follow more closely. It takes place in the same area as De Ronde, to the south of Gent, and it’s thus considered to be the big dress rehearsal ahead of the second monument of the year: for example, Asgreen won both in 2021 and Terpstra had done the same in 2018! The 2022 course includes 10 cobbled sectors, including the Oude Kwaremont x Paterberg combo which is often decisive in the Tour of Flanders… although they’re tackled in reverse order here. The race is also known as E3 Harelbeke, from the name of the town hosting the start and the finish: as for the “E3” bit, was added as a way to celebrate the opening of a nearby expressway, which has since changed number to E17… but the name stuck. Last year, Wout Van Aert won in dominating fashion, although he wasn’t able to contest the Ronde because of illness. Unlike the other two races, E3 does not have a women’s race on the side… but hopefully, it’s just a matter of time: the organizers launched a women’s race last year- the Leiedal Koerse, taking place later in the season- which is supposed to grow into a proper women’s E3 in the future.
The last act in this busy Flemish week is Gent-Wevelgem, which takes place on Sunday. This race is a bit of a hybrid between the other two- it largely develops in western Flanders and it has far less cobbles compared to E3, but it’s definitely more challenging than the Classic Brugge-De Panne. The race develops near the French border, an area where bloody battles were fought in WWI, hence the In Flanders fields slogan and the poppy-shaped logo. After a relatively flat and uneventful first half of the course, the second half of the race includes several short hills, the most iconic one of the lot being the Kemmelberg, which summits with around 30 kms to go. With around 60-50 kms to go, the riders will also find the so-called plugstreets, some partially-unpaved, partially-cobbled roads. The last part of the race takes place on wide highways and urban roads, which should in theory allow for a large sprint… but the outcome largely depends on how the previous sections have been raced: more often than not, the race blows up early, and it usually comes down to a small group. The women’s race has a slightly less demanding course (with no plugstreets, for example), so it tends to slightly favour larger sprints. Last year, both events wrapped up with sprints, with Elisa Balsamo winning her second WWT race in the span of a few days and Biniam Ghirmay scoring a historic win in the men’s race. There’s a U23 race going on, as well: up until last year it was part of the Nations Cup, meaning that it was contested by national teams, but this year it will be open to trade teams as well. FDJ’s Samuel Watson is the defending champion there.

Volta a Catalunya

As if three WT races in a week weren’t enough, the Volta a Catalunya will take place between Monday and Sunday, providing an alternative for those who enjoy stage races more than the cobbled classics.
As you can guess, it is a regional tour of Catalunya, the independence-prone region in northeastern Spain around Barcelona, and it’s usually a fairly balanced race. This year, things will get tough quite early on: after a flat-ish first stage in the outskirts of Girona, there will be two uphill finishes in a row as stages 2 and 3 visit the Catalan side of the Pyrenees. Tuesday’s Vallter and Wednesday’s La Molina finishes are two common features of this race, both are proper mountains although neither is too hard. After a flat transition stage, there will be yet another uphill finish on Friday, the Mirador del Portell climb which promises to be quite challenging with 8 kms at a 8% average. Saturday’s stage 6 has once again a flat finale (although a late punchy climb at 12 kms to go could spice things up), and as usual the Volta will wrap up with an urban stage in Barcelona, which involves several laps of a circuit that includes the Montjuïc hill… while not always decisive for the GC, it often makes for a sparkling, hectic finale.
The course might seem anticlimatic with the hardest climbs being relatively early on… except last year, Sergio Higuita won the GC here thanks to an attack on a seemingly harmless stage, so perhaps this race is worth following in full! The Colombian won’t be back to defend his title, but the field will be quite stacked (especially as GC specialist don’t have many alternatives this week): from 2022 runner-up Almeida to Evenepoel, Roglič, A. Yates, Bernal, Thomas, Bardet, Carapaz and Landa.

Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali

The International Coppi and Bartali week is a race with a somewhat bizarre history- it started out in Sardinia, but then it relocated to a completely different area, Emilia-Romagna (the region around Bologna, in northern Italy); it should be noted that neither region has anything to do with Coppi or Bartali specifically. Last year, a re-shuffle of the Italian calendar turned this race into a cross-Apennines event, in order to facilitate teams and riders partaking in both this race and the following GP Larciano… but even though the same need arose this year, the race went back to its former area.
In the past, this event featured diverse stages, but in 2023 the race has been turned into a decidedly hilly affair: stages 1 to 4 all take place on tough courses in the foothills of the Apennines, with stages 3 and 4 looking particularly interesting as the former has several gravel uphill sectors, while the latter has the tougher climbs (including a very steep one near the end). Only stage 2 has an uphill finish though, and it’s a short punchy ramp rather than a proper hill. There is a major change in tone on the last day, however, as the race wraps up with a 20 kms-long, completely flat ITT.
It is not a U23 race but this event often has a young field, with WT teams sending B-teams a chance to develop (e.g. this was one of the first races where Jonas Vingegaard got to ride for himself). The defending champion is Eddie Dunbar, who won last year’s edition in a convincing manner.

GP Industria & Artigianato

The GP Industria & Artigianato (industry and craftmanship) is a one-day race taking place on Sunday, in northern Tuscany. It is also known as GP Larciano, from the name of the town hosting the start and the finish. For many years, it took place the day after Strade Bianche, but it was forced to move later in the season last year to make space for Tirreno-Adriatico- something the organizers were fairly bitter about.
The course got an overhaul for 2023, and the big defining feature of this race is gone: in past editions, the race had a late climb followed by a fast descent which ended at the flamme rouge, which made for a hectic, entertaining finale. This year, there will still be a late hilly circuit with a fairly punchy climb, but the last 10 kms will be completely flat, possibly allowing some space for regrouping. The defending champion is UAE’s Diego Ulissi, which won last year from a small group.

La Roue Tourangelle

La Roue Tourangelle is a French one-day race scheduled for Sunday. It takes place around the city of Tours, to the southwest of Paris; to shamelessly recycle the joke I used in the 2022 schedule thread, the organizers were clearly too coward to go for Tour de Tours, which would’ve been a way better name. The course is undulating, with many short hills in the second half of the race: they aren’t demanding enough to decisively prevent a mass sprint (the most recent winners are Arnaud Démare and Nacer Bouhanni), but they can at least spice things up a bit.

.2 races

TV Guide

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Any suggestions on how to approach the owner would be greatly appreciated.
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“The old mall is haunted!”
Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s front page, you’re all-too-happy to share local news, even if it’s news from the next town over.
“What, the Lakeview mall?” Zoe asked in between bites of her lunch.
Tyler enthusiastically nodded. “Sightings, feelings of dread, the whole ‘people go crazy when they’re there too long’ thing – it’s perfect!”
“Perfectly dumb,” Zoe shot back, giving Tyler a look of derision. “You can’t actually think that kind of shit is real.”
“Of course I don’t! But it means adventure. I wanna go. Who’s in?”
The trio sat at their lunch table, eyeing one another. They were together through thick and thin, and they were always searching for the next adventure – and even if no one but Tyler was going to say it out loud, this ‘haunted mall’ was the perfect excuse in too long to go on a proper adventure.
But enthusiasm was for the nerds of the table, so Zoe Heracleous wasn’t going to say anything until someone else did. Despite her last name, she looked visibly Korean; her dad’s last name was deceptive enough to hide the majority of her family’s history. She inherited more than just a name, of course – a strong, beautiful yet determined face, beautifully wavy long hair, and a figure that screamed, ‘I bet this girl looks amazing with no clothes on but she’d beat the crap out of me with her muscles before I ever found out.’ It didn’t help that, even though she was reasonably fit, the most intimidating thing about her was her assertive attitude.
Nami Smith wasn’t the opposite of Zoe, per se, but she was enough to be her foil. Nami was white as a ghost and quiet, but not timid – despite her assertive attitude, Zoe would never make friends with someone timid, they’d be seen by her as too ‘boring’ – and thoughtful. If she said something, she had enough of a track record with the others that she’d be listened to, which was nice for her. Her short red hair had, much to her annoyance, gotten her the label of a ‘dyke’ among the school boys, and hanging out with a confident young woman like Zoe didn’t help those rumors subside. This was, of course, absolutely awful for the boy-crazy Nami.
Luckily, she’d made fast friends with the one guy at Hazelwood goofy enough to make her reconsider creating complications in their friendship. Tyler Massamba could have been bullied a lot less when he was younger if he’d just shut up. It wasn’t that he had a highly expressive face, or the fact that he was one of maybe six black kids in all of Hazelwood, or even that he was a little bit fatter than he would have liked, but it was mainly his wild wacky spirit and tendency to talk out in class, and say whatever he wanted, no matter whose ire it drove. Bless Tyler, he never learned, and he lived for his own excitement, which made him happy as a clam that he managed to find friends in two girls that couldn’t pass up an opportunity for adventure.
“Go to the mall?” Nami asked. “Would we have to break into it?”
Tyler grinned a toothy grin. “I already scouted the place out and found an in. Ground floor, no danger, easy as pie. Because I love you both so much, I didn’t even go in myself yet. I saved it for the moment where all three of us can enjoy it.”
“You’re too kind,” Zoe replied dismissively. “Well, it’s got to have been abandoned for, what, a few months? If there was any kind of security, they’d probably have sealed that up.”
“It could have been made the day Tyler found it,” Nami pointed out. “How about we go on the weekend? That way, if it’s still there, we know we won’t get busted. If it’s sealed, we know it’s a bad idea.”
Zoe gave an approving face towards Nami and turned towards Tyler. “I think that’s our way of saying we’re in.”
Tyler hooted and hollered. “This is gonna be awesome!”
Because the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic only lasted about half a year, thanks to some government assistance not too many businesses went under. Lakeview was perhaps the only mall in the area to be entirely shut down by the half-year pandemic. With construction projects already overwhelming its workers in the city, the mall was just left there, not rotted at all and yet eerie; potentially fully functional and yet visibly dead.
“There it is,” Tyler triumphantly stated as he pointed to some kind of service entrance. “Check it out.” He walked over to the door and tried it out. Sure enough, it opened, revealing some kind of maintenance room that led to the rest of the mall.
“Woah, what an oversight,” Zoe mumbled as she approached the entrance. “We’d still need to make sure if those doors on the inside work though. If not, we’re fucked.”
“That door’s ajar though,” Tyler pointed out, motioning towards a door inside the room. Zoe shrugged, walked carefully inside, and got her flashlight out of her pocket. She turned it on and opened the door, peering through the doorway with the help of her flashlight illuminating her path.
“Yup, that’s the mall alright,” Zoe confirmed. “Looks like we have our in.”
“Um, excuse me, Zoe, could you come back out for a sec?” Nami asked. Wordlessly, Zoe obeyed, giving Nami a slightly impatient look. “I just thought that… if we’re doing another abandoned building, it might be smart if we use these.” She held out a couple of facemasks.
Tyler winced. “Eugh! Fuck no. Those things just remind me of last year. I lost a whole summer due to these things.”
“We didn’t lose more time exactly because we wore them,” Zoe countered.
“It was more because of the cure getting made,” Nami couldn’t help but chime in. “I mean, they clearly helped, but…”
“Still, whenever I see it, I just think of, what, five months of not being allowed to leave the house. Isn’t this trip about getting to forget that crap?” Tyler protested.
“I’m just worried about anything in the air in the mall,” Nami commented. “I don’t know how long it would take, but if there’s asbestos or anything toxic or something like that…”
“Can’t believe I’m coming down on Tyler’s side about something…” Zoe mumbled, turning to Nami. “I don’t think that a mall would be built so that within a year, or, less than, of it shutting down, it would be unsafe or inhabitable or something.”
“Yeah, there’s probably some hobo bum living in there. Maybe that’s why the door is unlocked,” Tyler added.
“Yeah, really making us feel safe about going inside,” Zoe replied. “Also, ‘hobo bum?’ Jesus, dude.”
“What? I mean I get it. If I was homeless I’d probably live here too. Beats the hell out of living under a highway bridge,” Tyler argued.
Nami accepted her friends’ points, but wasn’t convinced. “Okay, I’ll just wear mine,” she told them. “If you ever want to wear one though, let me know.”
With one of them masked, the three cautiously walked into the mall, turned on their flashlights, and began to wander into the dark abyss known formerly as the…
“Food court,” Zoe observed. “Check it out. This was the last time I ate Subway.”
The three looked over the gutted Subway, the gutted KFC and the gutted obligatory Chinese food place. None of the stores had anything left except dusty counters and disheveled equipment that was too heavy to carry out quickly.
“Do you think this stuff still works?” Tyler asked.
“What, do you want to see if you can make me a sandwich?” Zoe joked with one eyebrow down.
Tyler shone his flashlight in his friend’s face in response. “No, I’m just saying, this stuff has gotta be worth a fortune.”
“It would be impossible for someone like us to sell,” Nami pointed out. “Plus, where would we even sell it?”
“Kijiji?” Tyler offered.
“I didn’t come to explore this mall so we could lug off seven-hundred-pound deep fryers and sell them on Kijiji,” Zoe butted in annoyedly. “We don’t even know if they still work. If you want to play packrat, bring a bag or something.”
“What’s this look like?” Tyler demanded, turning around and showing off his backpack.
“Ooh, nice,” Zoe dryly commented. “How many deep fryers do you think could fit in that bad boy?”
While the other two were arguing, Nami was having her own little problem. It was odd – last year she could go for hours without having a mask on, it really was no bother to her, and yet… in this mall, every passing second she kept the mask on, it felt like she was getting less and less air. Stranger still, when she lowered the mask, she felt normal again, so it wasn’t like the air was just thinner in the mall somehow or something. Mulling over what Zoe said earlier, Nami decided to discard her normally cautious nature and join her friends with a naked face.
Neither of the other two noticed as the group pressed on, exploring store after store.
“This gives me Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes,” Tyler murmured as he looked over a clothing store’s inner walls.
“Yeah, try not to think about how all of our flashlights have limited batteries,” Zoe laughed.
“I brought a spare!” Nami cut in helpfully.
“Namiiii,” Zoe sang angrily, “Don’t tell Tyler that! I wanted to see him get all scared like at the Carlevale house.”
“I was not scared at the Carlevale house!”
The other two began to laugh. “You yelped like a baby, Tyler,” Nami laughed.
“This is treason,” Tyler complained.
“Even if you were our leader, no it’s not,” Zoe laughed.
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This is a work of fan fiction, all characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. I just own this story line.
Very important author’s notes: The spark for this lewd tale came from reading Harry Potter. Regardless of whether you like or dislike the movies or books, imagine how exciting it would be to utilize the ability to go back into someone’s memory and observe what happened to them at a certain point in time. These memories are stored in a stone receptacle . . . called a pensieve. A witch or wizard can extract their own memories or another person’s . . . and stores them in the pensieve, and reviews them later. Anyone can examine the memories in the pensieve, which also allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the memories stored within, much like a magical form of . . . real world virtual reality.
Harry talked Hermione into going into Dumbledore’s office where the wizard kept the pensieve which stored the memories. Having watched the wizard begin the process the day before, he opened the receptacle and the room turned dark . . . except for a bright glowing of green from inside the container.
“Are you ready?
“Uh, huh,” said the attractive girl.
“You said you have a memory with you and Ginny . . . from a couple of years ago?”
“Yeah, but its REAL naughty Harry. And remember . . . I was a bit of a voyeur then . . . rather than a participator,” she teased.
“Doesn’t matter to me . . . especially if Ginny is in it. Just relax and let me take the thread of your memory and place it in the container,” said Harry. Hermione closed her eyes and Harry said a few words of magic. He pulled out a crystal bottle, pointed his wand at her and her lewd memory transferred into the bottle.
Harry tipped the silvery contents into the penseive, where they swirled and shimmered, and suddenly the couple felt themselves leave their feet . . . and begin to fall . . . traveling through whirling darkness and then, quite suddenly; they were blinking in dazzling sunlight. Right in front of them was a younger Hermione and Ginny standing next to each other.
Note to reader: Any time the dialogue or narrative is in parenthesis; we are in the present talking about the past. For instance . . . (“This is soooo embarrassing Harry, but you being a boy . . . you will probably enjoy yourself,” she said, noticing he had already grown a firm and noticeable boner that pressed up against his school robe, as he looked at Ginny. This is what they heard and saw . . .)
“Now I know you're not gonna like this, Ginny, but I'm your fashion
adviser and I want you to at least listen to me. I want you to consider going without the bra tonight," said Hermione.
“Hermione! No way!" Ginny blushed demurely at the very thought. Even though her parents weren't here to oversee her, modesty was part of her upbringing.
“No, listen," Hermione replied. "I'm not gonna wear one either, and my titties are a little bigger than yours, so you'll have company. And the whole idea of this party . . . is to get you noticed. Short of doing naked jumping-jacks, nothing gets you noticed by the opposite sex faster . . . than not wearing a bra. Really, Ginny, trust me. They won't be able to see anything through your blouse!”
"I don't know. I can't imagine being without a bra. I'd feel like everybody was staring at my little boobs!"
“Look, it's up to you. Right now . . . I'm gonna change clothes really quick. I'll leave you here in the bathroom. Try it without the bra, and see how it makes you feel, and if you don't like it, you can put the bra back on. But when I come back, Ginny, I'm gonna be hangin' free!" she laughed.
(Hermione looked over at Harry . . . whose cock was now lewdly bulging straight forward under his black robe. She was becoming very horny . . . and wanted to reach out and grab it, but elected to wait for a few more minutes, because she knew what was about to happen. Her pussy began to leak into her white panties as she watched herself shut the door and focus on her friend in the past. She remembered looking into a peep hole and watching and listening to Ginny. But this was even better because she was able to hear Ginny’s thoughts.)
Ginny thought, “It wouldn't hurt to try”, so she took off the white blouse she was wearing . . . and then took off her lacy white cotton bra. Next, she quickly put the blouse back on and buttoned it up. It was the first time in a year she had worn a shirt without a bra, since her titties had begun to mature. She took a deep breath and looked in the mirror. She leaned forward, which caused the shirt to tighten across her chest. The cotton rubbed against her naked nipples, and gave Ginny a little sexual charge.
God that feels so good, she thought, moving her shoulders back and forth. "Hangin' free," that's what Hermione called it. She brushed a hand across her chest, rubbing the fabric against her bare nipples. They immediately felt all tingly, and the tingly sensation raced throughout her body and she felt simply great. Oh, what the heck, she thought. Mommy and daddy would have a cow, but they're home and can't see me. And if all the boys start leering at me and making jokes about my breasts, I'll just run upstairs and put my bra back on. But for now, I'll try ‘hangin' free like Hermione!
“Ginny, are you in there?" Hermione asked a few minutes later.
“Yeah, come in, it's unlocked."
“How do I look?" asked Ginny.
Hermione had to admit . . . a little enviously, that her red-headed friend, the former wallflower, looked smashing. And the braless look was going to send the Hogwarts’s boys crazy. Since Ginny had taken off her glasses, as part of the makeover, it’s possible she just couldn't see very well, but her nipples could be seen clearly through the white cotton blouse, and her breasts . . . so young and unfettered were practically begging to be fondled and passionately sucked . . . thought her horny friend.
An hour later, the Hogsmeade party was in full swing and Ginny had already captured the attention of Dean, who she secretly had a crush on. Her back was against a wall, and he soon leaned in toward her. She could smell his aftershave, and feel the intensity of his gaze . . . closely inspecting her young body. His body was just inches away from hers, and she shifted nervously.
As she did so, her nipples brushed against the inside of her blouse, making them flutter. They had been doing that for the last few minutes, and the more it happened . . . the more it seemed to be affecting her. At first it had just been a mild irritation, but her buds had started to get erect, and once erect, they had stayed that way . . . almost as if Dean had cast a spell on her. (or had he?)
The more the little pink nubs rubbed against the fabric, the more erotic feelings began to course through her body . . . feelings that always ended up in her crotch . . . in that dampening secret place between her legs. She knew, even though she couldn't see very well without her glasses, that Dean was stealing peeks at her chest, and she felt confused and ashamed . . . but she had to admit, a little pleased by his constant attention.
"How about if I give you a kiss?" asked Dean. Before she could even decide . . . she wanted it, but she shouldn't, but she wanted it, the horny boy bent forward and placed his moist lips gently but firmly over Ginny's mouth. He moved his body forward, pressing her against the wall, and she could feel the entire length of him pressed up against her quivering body. His hand came out and took her by the chin, holding her head in place. His mouth was open, and soon his tongue was moving in and out of her mouth, just like he wanted to do . . . with his stiff cock.
The teen girl felt as if she was going to faint. He was so smooth, so romantic . . . and she was having her first kiss at her first real party, and it wasn't gross or sloppy like some of her friends talked about. She felt his tongue in her mouth and it was like his wet male organ was moving right down her body, licking her nipples, then licking lower, at her special spot, but she knew that couldn’t be possible . . . or was it? Her nipples, which had been stiff, now throbbed with desire, but so did her pussy.
Oh Oh God, she thought . . . what's happening? All of a sudden I'm so horny, I truly WANT this boy! Just keep kissing me and kissing, she thought. And he did. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, sucking his hot boy tongue into her own warm, wet mouth. She could feel his hard COCK pressing into the front of her, grinding right up against her pussy. She wasn't that dumb or naïve little girl . . . others might have thought.
Ginny knew just what that was, but it felt so good, better than anything had ever felt before up against her moist pussy. She knew it was wrong, knew it was a sin, but she moaned into Dean's mouth, and moved her pelvis just a little bit forward, allowing his shaft to slide up and down her twat.
Suddenly there was a hand . . . and it had to be Dean's . . . under the hem of her robe, and the hand was lifting the robe up, and moving toward the front panel of her panties. Ginny knew they were in the middle of a room with other people around and she had to put a stop to this. It was just going too fast, but the fingers brushed against the inside of her thigh, and that felt sooooo good, even though it was just a little touch.
Dean pressed the tip of his middle finger against the front of her panties, hitting just the right spot, with just the right amount of pressure, and her clitoris felt like it was doing handsprings. God, it felt so good! (As Hermione and Harry watched what was happening in the memory, they both had hiked up their own black school robes, yanked down their skivvies and were both rubbing themselves off as they watched the lewd performance in front of them).
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This is a story I wrote on an alternative profile and have edited it so I can continue the story now. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you’re not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story.
“Life is boring,” that single consistent thought went through Luke’s mind. Although what else would be going through the mind of a eighteen year old high school guy while he sat in English class. The teacher was going over the proper word usage that Shakespeare portrayed in his works and the only thing Luke could think of was how many times the teacher was going to say the same thing. Now technically considered an adult, Luke had an overall grasp on how school ran and got enough high grades to stay a head of the course. Now a senior, he knew all the twist and turns and hidden rules of school, both outside and inside class. Which, leads to the point where he was about to die of pure boredom. At this point he was merely counting down the seconds until the bell rang.
He ran the seconds through his head as the random thoughts bounced about in his skull. Two minutes. “I wonder if my last two classes will be this boring.” One minute forty seconds. “How much can a guy keep talking about a dead man’s writing?” One minute ten seconds. “I wonder what the girls are whispering about over there. Probably their latest crushes.” Twenty five seconds. “Why is this taking so long?” Ten seconds “I’d say freedom but I still have two more classes.” The bell finally rang with a high pitched buzz that had Luke shuffling from his desk within minutes.
As soon as he left the class he was swallowed up in the sea of high school students that blended in a chaotic melting pot of faces and a buzzing noise that made Luke want to find some headphones. As he walked to his next class he could see the groups mashing together: athletes, preps, Goths, dorks, anarchists, bookworms, partiers and etc. What was sad was that he didn’t fit in any of these crowds. In fact compared to the crowd he didn’t stand out much at all in fact. He was 6ft with some of an athletic build to his frame that made him look more scrawny than skinny. His green eyes were covered by his messy dirty blond hair that almost came to his shoulders. Even his clothes didn’t stand out: grey jean jacket over a band t-shirt, black jeans, and tennis shoes.
He didn’t fit in with any crowd since he had a mix of hobbies as well as talents but didn’t get so caught up with one thing. Instead of making many friends because of it, it seemed to distance him from others. He didn’t mind it at all though. Every time he did try and fit in with a crowd something just didn’t sit right with him. Some were too immature, others too unfocused, and most were just plain annoying. The groups seemed to be too far into their fashions, studies, parties, sports, or fads for Luke’s taste. It actually got on his nerves more often than not, especially since he got nagged at by his sister that he needed to get out more and become part of a group. Maybe she was right but he’d rather take a shot to the foot than hang out with half the people in this school.
It wasn’t like he didn’t have friends. He had some friends that he liked to hang out with, depending on his mood, but he counted them as more of acquaintances. And, he wasn’t so much an outcast that he never had a steady girlfriend, he definitely wasn’t a virgin. But, he didn’t have a place where he belonged. The swarms of people passing by only reminded him of things he didn’t miss, yet everyone told him he should.
As he continued to watch the crowds with an annoyed expression he noticed that they began to thin. His brow rose slightly before he looked at the clock and registered what was happening. His eyes shot wide open when he saw that he was almost late for his next class.
Luke was on his way home from a non-eventful school day. The last two classes, Biology and History, seemed to drag on as much as his English class. At the very least he was hoping for a little reprieve from the day when he arrived in History class to see his favorite teacher. But, as luck would have it the teacher was sick and replaced with a sub that didn’t seem to know his ass from his face.
On the way back from school Luke saw students streaming out in buses and cars, screaming and yelling a storm for the weekend to come. They all had plans for parties, sport events, and causing all sorts of madness around their small town. Luke on the other hand didn’t have any plans. Like usual, the only thing he knew he would do was wing the days of the weekend away and see what happens.
He shrugged his bag on his shoulder while continuing to walk down the street towards his house. His eyes barely glanced over the many stores that covered his route home; in fact he barely looked up from his feet at all. The world was dull, once he had seen what excited him there was little else to see. At this point in life he was just walking through the paces.
He managed to get to the park that was a few blocks from his house. As he crossed the grass and dirt covered paths his mind started to blank out like it usually did. Most people called it a nothing box, he called it the random box. “I wonder what’s on TV when I get home. Probably another rerun episode of CSI. How many of those can people make? I don’t think I can sit in the house all day watching reruns or I’d go insane. But, what else is there to do toni…”
Luke’s thoughts came to screeching halt when his body got knocked back and his head throbbed. His eyes blinked rapidly to pull himself out of his daze as he slowly sat up feeling his forehead throb in pain. As he sat up, however, he was met with a sight that more or less mirrored his own. But, the other person he stared at was a girl, and to say she was attractive would be an understatement. Her long bright red hair seemed to almost drape over her shoulders like a soft curtain. Yet her solid blue eyes could easily be seen on her sweet heart shaped face. As she was sprawled on the ground he couldn’t help notice her slender build forming nice legs, a firm ass, and quite wonderful breasts (Luke guessed they were at least in the large C’s).
The girl sat there and seemed just as stunned as he was by their little encounter. Her long black skirt was sprawled around the ground and her black sweater shirt seemed to be snug in just the right kind of way. Luke lost track of time but realized he was staring more so than he probably should have. As he stood up he quickly offered her a hand and tried to make a speedy apology, “Holy shit I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying any attention were I was going.”
The girl slowly took his hand standing up but her eyes remained locked onto his face. At first he wasn’t sure how to react. “Is there a big red mark on my forehead? Does she think I’m cute? Why is she staring so long?” After a few moments Luke started to feel uncomfortable and tried to break the silence, “Um…are you ok? That was a bit of a nasty fall ya know.” His words didn’t seem to sink in as the girl just continued to stare. Luke was really starting to get a really weird vibe out by this whole situation.
“It’s you.” Her voice, and the fact that she finally spoke, took Luke completely off balance. Her voice sounded as sweet as honey and it was just a whisper as softly as a breeze. “It’s really you. I can’t believe I found you…come with me.” Luke was still trying to pull himself from the shock of the blow to his head and the sound of her voice when she suddenly took his arm almost dragging him in earnest.
He didn’t fight her or even argue as she continued to drag him through the park. At this point he was still trying to absorb all that just happened in the matter of just a few minutes. He had just head butted a beautiful girl and she seemed to be more shocked about it than him. Now she was holding his hand leading him through the park. In truth he was wondering if he was knocked cold and the fact that such a hot girl was dragging him through the woods was a dream.
After a few moments he relaxed, if it was a dream or not he might as well enjoy the ride. He slowly found himself walking beside her, instead of being dragged. He followed her steps and when she began to pull in one direction he quickly moved in step. As they walked he couldn’t help but take side glances at her sweet face and her magnificent breasts. Every now and then he caught her doing the same thing with him, except it was at his entire from. When he caught sight of her gaze on his face she looked in both shock and awe before turning away with a slight blush on her face. He couldn’t help but think how cute it was.
He lost track of time and his surroundings as he continued to glance at her body from the corner of his eye. It had been several minutes of them walking and him scanning her body while she lead him deeper and deeper into the park until they were completely surrounded by trees. It was actually the first time that Luke caught sight of his surroundings, since he had been staring at the girl a majority of the time, and he couldn’t help but stare around in wonder. He’d never been to this part of the park and didn’t even realize there was this many trees here.
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It wasn’t just that, he suspected that magic was in play as his normal six-inch member had grown by a few inches and thickening, he also noted that his balls had gotten bigger and heavier and he had been producing larger amounts of sperm, even after masturbating a few times a day. He knew about puberty having gone few it in his second year, but this was something else. Part of him was scared another part was proud of his size and stamina.
He stroked himself until he could feel his impending orgasm, he pictured her in his head, his crush for the past few years, bushy brown hair sprawled around her head as she lay bag and spread her legs, begging him to cum on her face as she pinched her nipples and slipped a finger in her soaking folds.
He grunted as he came, a dozen thick strands of cum erupting from his cock as he gripped the wad of tissues in his hand, The Dursleys had attributed their rise in toilet roll consumption to Dudley’s diet and didn’t suspect that it was Harry's increased libido that was the culprit.
He cleaned himself up, wishing he could use magic to make the job easier collecting the tissues, pulling up his pyjama bottoms and exiting his room, he entered the bathroom and disposed of them down the toilet, he flushed and considered the mirror, his green eyes looking deep into his own, even his eyes looked different, they seemed to blaze with a deep heat. Harry shook his head and left for his bedroom,
The owl was perched next to his open window, a letter in his beak, Harry frowned at the unfamiliar bird and took the letter, with a quiet hoot it left, its wings buffeting the air as it flew away, Hedwig watched curiously as Harry opened the letter.
Dear Harry,
Sirius told me about your letter to him, He wanted to speak to you himself but he knows the risk is too great, I have word that your friend Ron will be inviting you to the Quidditch World Cup next week, I will meet with you the Sunday night before you leave to discuss this matter in full.
For now, keep doing what you are doing, otherwise it will only get worse.
Remus Lupin
Harry felt perplexed, Lupin? He hadn’t spoken to Lupin since he had left last year.
He has sent the letter to Sirius last week describing the changes in his body and mood, Sirius was the only male role figure that he could talk to, He smiled at the thought of asking Uncle Vernon about it.
[i]“Uncle Vernon, can I ask you something?”
“What do you want boy! Can’t you see I’m busy!”
“Sorry, it’s just that over the course of a month I grew a nine-inch dick and can hit the ceiling with my cum is this normal?”[/i]
The thought almost made him laugh, although it had been rather awkward to clean up after that little scenario. Looking back at the letter he re-read about the World Cup, Ron had told him that he would invite Harry, he had at least that to look forward to. He decided that he would deal with the letter in the morning, he was exhausted. His orgasms had been intense things of late and doing it several times in one night tended to tire him out.
He climbed into bed and pushing the letter under his pillow fell into a deep sleep.
He awoke to the sound of knocking on his door, he looked at his alarm and realised he had slept through it, he got up and opened the door. It was his Uncle Vernon, in his hand a multi-coloured letter, he looked livid.
“You!” he half shouted walking into the room “So!” He said accusingly, Harry was nonplussed, he had no idea what he had done or what had worked his uncle up so much.
“This just arrived!” said Uncle Vernon as he brandished the letter at Harry “A Letter about you” Harry raised his eyebrows and his eyes tracked the letter, which was full of what he realised were postage stamps, every inch apart from a small area for the Dursleys address was covered in different coloured stamps.
He handed Harry a piece of purple writing paper and watched as Harry read the letter.
Dear Mr and Mrs Dursley,
We have never been introduced, but I am sure you have heard a great deal from Harry about my son Ron.
As Harry, might have told you, the final of the Quidditch World Cup takes place this Monday night, and my husband, Arthur, has just managed to get prime tickets through his connections at the Department of Magical Games and Sports. I do hope you will allow us to take Harry to the match, as this really is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.
Britain hasn't hosted the cup for thirty years, and tickets are extremely hard to come by. We would of course be glad to have Harry stay for the remainder of the summer holidays, and to see him safely onto the train back to school.
It would be best for Harry to send us your answer as quickly as possible in the normal way, because the Muggle postman has never delivered to our house, and I am not sure he even knows where it is.
Hoping to see Harry soon,
Yours sincerely,
Molly Weasley
P.S. I do hope we've put enough stamps on.
As Harry read the last line he looked back at the envelope in Vernon’s hand, he fought back a laugh, he looked up at his Uncles face and answered coolly.
“Looks like she did put enough stamps on then” He nodded towards the letter in his Uncles hand.
“This is not funny boy! The Postman noticed it and he….”
Vernon Dursley trailed of as Harry fixed him with a look, he didn’t know what urged him to do it but he had felt the sudden impulse to look deep in his uncle’s eyes.
He could see his uncle for a brief instant, sad and angry, prone to lash out at others for his own shortcomings, before he spoke.
“And the Postman laughed because it’s funny, could you just relax for once and not take everything so seriously, think about it, in a few days I’ll be gone and you won’t need to deal with me for almost a year” The words came out of Harry’s mouth but he didn’t hear them, he thought them in his head and spoke them aloud but he just heard vague noises come out of his mouth instead of words.
“I. I…You’re right, a simple misunderstanding” his Uncle gave a short laugh “You go to your World Cup, it’s not a problem for us, I’ll… see you downstairs boy…”
And with a half-smile on his face Vernon Dursley left the room, Harry heard him clump down the stairs, chuckling to himself.
Harry stared after him and frowned to himself, did he just control his uncle? He hadn’t meant to, he shrugged and turned around to see Pigwidgeon pelt into his room through his open window.
With a deft lunge Harry caught the small bird before hit collided with his wardrobe and took the letter from him, He opened it and saw it was from Ron.
He read the letter and smiled, He would be leaving Sunday afternoon and then he could finally speak to Lupin.
Those last few days at Number 4 Privet drive were some of the strangest of Harry’s life, Vernon Dursley had been downright pleasant, he had been relaxed and jovial. He even took a sick day to treat Petunia to a day out.
When Sunday came, Harry couldn’t wait to leave, he just wanted some answers and he was starting to get more worried about his changes.
Harry stepped out of the fireplace after George or Fred and watched as they looking glumly at each other, he suspected they wanted to play a prank on Dudley, but he had been out with his friends, likely eating at the closest Fast Food Restaurant to escape from diet.
Ron clapped him on the shoulder and there was a blur of brown and Hermione and hugged him hard and close, close enough that he could feel her breasts against his chest before releasing him and blushing slightly.
“It’s good to see you again Harry” She said smiling broadly her hands rubbing against her jeans nervously.
“It’s good to see you too” Harry said, “Is Lupin here yet?”
“Lupin? What do you mean?” Ron asked cutting across Hermione attempt to ask the same question.
“He wants to speak with me about … Something” Harry said, deciding not to tell them about his changes, although Hermione’s hug had caused his manhood to stir slightly, he changed the subject to quidditch and Ron was off, talking about the different teams and so on.
Hermione’s eyes didn’t leave Harry though and she shot him a questioning look before they walked into the kitchen, they all talked about the match and who they thought would win when there was a knocking at the door.
Arthur got up to open it and Remus Lupin walked in, he looked haggard, his face was gaunt and his cloths more patched than the last time Harry had set eyes on him, Harry got up and Lupin beckoned him over smiling faintly, Ron and Hermione stared at Harry and so did the rest of the Weasley family.
“I hope you don’t mind, I just need to speak to Harry for a while, we will be back shortly”
Harry followed Lupin outside feeling the stares of many pairs of eyes.
“Professor wha –“ Lupin cut him off.
“I’m not a Professor anymore Harry, please call me Remus and not here, too many ears about, he walked out of the Burrows gate and held up his hand to Harry, Harry took it and suddenly with a loud Crack! They were in a forest.
Harry doubled over as the world spun, it took a minute for everything to settle before he turned to Lupin who look apologetic.
“What was that!” Harry gasped “Where are we?”
“I apologise, I should have asked if you have apparated before, where we are being not important, what is important is what’s happening to you”
Lupin led him to a pair of fallen trees, he sat on one and gestured for Harry to sit on the other.
“Now, this is going to sound strange, even for our world, but I am just going to tell it straight, I’ll answer any questions I can at the end okay?”
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“Really?” I replied, a thought sparking in my mind,”When will they be home?”
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“Cool.” I said, following her into the house.
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I followed her up the stairs and found her laying on her bed.
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I walked down the stairs with a knot in my throat. As I headed down the side walk I spotted Connie coming toward me. I figured she was coming back from her friends house.
As I passed her she said,”I saw what you did.”
“What did you see?” I ask, thinking she was trying to bullshit me and make me think she knew something she didn’t.
“I saw you touching Clare.” She replied in a smug voice.
“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” I ask.
“ Not if you do something for me.” She said in her smug voice.
“What?” I asked, wondering what she wanted.
She glanced around and motioned me to follow her. We went around the house and she lead the way to an old storage barn. She opened the door and when we got inside I saw a couple of old cars and a travel trailer. She walked over to the travel trailer and entered. I followed and when we were inside she closed the door.
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“You mean my....?” I replied pointing at my crotch.
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“Oh my.” She said giggled,”It’s swelling in my hand! And it feels so big!”
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“What’s that?” She ask, staring at the glistening drop.
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I sat down on the couch and she sat beside me. I leaned back as she reached over and again took hold of my cock. She returned to stroking it in long slow strokes.
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I thought she would balk or argue, but she grinned, stood and with one quick motion pulled her shorts to her ankles. A moment later she did the same with her panties.
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I said,”You’re not going to tell anyone, right?”
“Cross my heart and hope to die.” She said.
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Well i have been away from the site for a while, from sheer boredom really. I haven't had the urge to write much cause of my girlfriend, classes, work, you name it i'm probably doing it. I plan to have this as a three part story. This of course will be the start and I plan to have the next one out by Christmas and the last by new year. And about my other stories i don't plan on continuing them but if you have an idea of a story you would like me to write send me a Private message. Ill make one for you if i can but don't expect it before my last part of this story.
Okay now onto the story.
Well this story ha-ha if you can call it a story is about me David. I’m just an ordinary 18 year old kid, I’m a senior in high school yeah I play baseball but I am far from a jock I’m one of those kids who never does their homework or studies but still manages a C+ average. It’s not like I’m stupid or anything but after baseball I have to take care of my four sisters so I cannot do my homework. You see I’m the middle child I have two older twin sisters, who were literally born 9 months before me. Somehow I was born just in time to be in their grade. They look exactly the same but I could easily tell them apart Sarah the older by like 20 minutes touched her face a lot more then Alexis who was more laid back. Then you have my youngest sister. Anna. Who is a freshmen, she is the baby she always come crying to me if her sisters or someone else picks on her. Then there is Juliet she is a junior, she is the only one of us who has a different father but both of our fathers are dead so it doesn’t matter anyway. The twins act weird with her, but that is because she is much more beautiful than either of them. Now as for myself I am by far the tallest at 6’2, with Brown hair, and brown eyes. The twins were both blonde and blue eyes same with Juliet. And all three were 5’8. Juliet on the other hand had brown hair and these deep green eyes. Well my mother was rarely home she was usually on lengthy business trips, and when she was she was sleeping or preparing for her next trip. She worked so hard to take care of us. I even took a job as a part time personal trainer to help. After I would come home after doing the shopping, I would cook them all a dinner and help them with homework.
Now let me get to the story. It was December 16, 2011. We had just got home from school. I went into the kitchen to put dinner into the oven which should take about 2 hours to cook. I walked into the living room to find the girl sitting down watching TV.
“Get up, all of you. We’re going for a run.” I said
This wasn’t the first time I made them go running with me. It was 3-4 times a week I would make them come with me. So they would all be in shape. If not they would sit in front of the TV all day every day. I would probably too if I didn’t have responsibilities.
“Awe David its cold outside.” Anna whined.
“Fine stay in, but you’re not eating that lasagna.” I said as I closed the door. I heard rustling as stretched my legs.
I know they love when I cook, especially when its lasagna they love it. I even make this garlic bread for Juliet loves. Just as I finished my stretches the door opened and all the girls were ready.
“Stretch, and hurry up about it.” I snapped. They quickly complied.
I gave them a few minutes to stretch, and then without a notice I took off. They quickly caught up knowing the last person home washes the dishes. We lived about 3 miles from the school so we usually ran there and to the high school track. Juliet and I get there in about 18 minutes, while the other two girls make it in about 20. Yeah I know Juliet runs track so she can keep up with me. As for Anna and the twins they are in great shape, but not like Juliet and I. We took a quick break then headed home. Just as Juliet and I arrived at home and waited for the girls to turn the corner we heard a scream. I quickly took off down the road and saw the twins standing over Anna.
“David it’s my ankle.” Anna said in tears.
“Okay we got to get you to the hospital. Hold on to me.” I said picking her up.
“David it really hurts.” Anna said crying into my chest.
“Go get the car ready.” I yelled at the twins.
They quickly ran by and to the house. I ran as fast as I could with Anna in my arms, not knowing how bad her foot really was. I gently placed her into the passenger seat and buckled her up. She was trying to act tough but she couldn’t help but let some tears make their way down to her cheek. I jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off to the hospital. We got there within minutes. I quickly jumped out of the car and ran in to get a wheelchair. I quickly returned to the car and put Anna into the wheelchair. I told Alexis to park the car while we got her in. We rushed into the emergency room, luckily there were only like 2 other people there so we wouldn’t have to wait long. I think I was more distraught than anyone else. I quickly filled out her paperwork. Mom even gave me our insurance cards just in case. After a short wait she finally went in the back and I went with her. While the girls waited in the lounge. It didn’t take long before the doctor came in and took her for an x-ray. While she was getting her x-rays done I ran out to the lounge and told the girls what was happening and told Alexis to go home and take the lasagna out of the oven so Anna could have something to eat when she came home. She left as soon as I headed back for Anna’s room. I waited for about five minutes before she was rolling back into the room followed by her doctor.
“She looks to have a high ankle sprain.” The doctor said as he closed his chart.
“So is she going to need a cast?” I said
“Yes she is lucky it’s a stable sprain.” The Doctor replied.
I was relieved that she only needed a cast. He went over the options. She of course picked the pink after all it was her favorite color. The doctor got her some crutches and we walked back to the longue.
“Oh god did you break it?” Sarah asked.
“No it’s just a sprain.” Anna said.
“Then why are you in a cast.” Sarah replied
“It’s a high ankle sprain.” I said
“Oh.” Sarah said acting like she knew the difference.
“So she will be in a cast for about 6 weeks.” I said
We walked ourselves to the car and I drove us home. We got inside and the girls all sat on the couch while I reheated our dinner. I walked into the living room and sat in my chair. Ever since I can remember I had always had this recliner, and my sister had the couch. Except when I got home first and laid on it claiming it for myself. Sometimes one of my sisters would come and cuddle up to me. But I never thought anything bad of it. We had been doing it since we were little kids and it was a habit we all shared.
As we sat there watching one of my sisters shows. It was some new teen drama like Dawson’s creek used to be. I didn’t mind though I always listened to my music anyway. Then as their show was over I heard a buzz coming from the kitchen. I got up and the lasagna was ready again. So I pulled it out and set it on the table.
“Dinner is ready.” I yelled into the living room.
They all jumped up even Anna with the help of her crutches of course, and walked into the little dining room we had. I quickly ate dinner and jumped onto the couch before the girls could get back. I finally had the remote and now I could finally watch the latest episode of Dexter. Just as the show started the girls made their way in. Anna took my chair and the twins the loveseat, which left Juliet to cuddle up with me. I scooted as far back as I could and leaving her enough room to lie next to me. It was a great episode, but one part kind of freaked me out. When Deb (Dexter’s sister) thought of Dexter sexually. I could not help but notice Juliet edging towards me just a little. I lightly brushed my hips against her ass, being sure that my other sisters didn’t see me. I heard a shocked breath come from Juliet but she quickly responded by brushing me back. Just after the show finished the twins said they were going to bed the Anna quickly followed. I laid my hand on her thigh and slowly rubbed all the way up to her ass. She reached down and entwined our fingers and brought our hands up to her ample breast and allowed my hand to feel her amazing breast. It was so soft and yet firm. It was the most amazing sensation I have ever had except for full on sex. But other than that it was magnificent. I leaned in and gently kissed her neck.
“Oh David.” Juliet moaned.
“Please don’t stop.” She whispered.
She slowly turned to face me, as she did she placed her hand on my cheek sending jolts of ecstasy through my body. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met in what could only be called an earthshattering way. It felt as if the earth was shaking, then we heard a scream. It abruptly broke our kiss. We jumped up from the couch and ran upstairs. To see a tree had fallen through the roof and right into Anna’s and Juliet’s room. You see the twins share a room and so do Anna and Juliet. I on the other hand have my own room as does our mother. So the tree had broken its way through the ceiling taking Juliet’s bed and almost Anna with it. I quickly carried Anna to safety. I took us all downstairs and called mom.
“Mom I think there was an earth quake and a tree just crashed through Jules and Anna’s room.” I said
“Is everyone okay?” Mom asked
“Yeah, we are all fine.” I replied
“Okay honey, You take your sisters to a hotel and ill have the insurance people over there in the morning, I’ll be back then but I have to get back here right after that cause I still have a lot of meetings.” Mom said
“It’s okay mom, I’ll take us to a hotel, we love you mom.” I said as I hung up.
“Girls go get some clothes were going to a hotel for a while.” I said
“Don’t worry I’ll get your stuff.” I said to Anna and Jules.
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2016-09-11 07:56:00<\/div>\n
A shame that you worry so much about spacing instead of continuing the story...<\/div>\n

pars001<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2014-05-07 10:48:36<\/div>\n
Iwas afraid you would be like all the others and just let this greeat story line die *sigh* too bad really was a very good start<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2013-08-07 08:05:31<\/div>\n
Please can you continue this story<\/div>\n

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2013-05-12 07:59:11<\/div>\n
hope you are going to continue this one?<\/div>\n

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2012-10-30 00:42:02<\/div>\n
When u gonna put up
\r\n the next chapter?<\/div>\n

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2012-09-11 22:55:01<\/div>\n
Very cool again, ill be waiting for the rest!!<\/div>\n

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godammit... it didn't work. :>
\r\nso, search on google for HTML paragraph<\/div>\n

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to use paragraphs write the story like this:
\r\nfirst paragraph
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\r\nend so on...<\/div>\n

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Keep them coming please. But loger<\/div>\n

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2012-09-02 23:41:17<\/div>\n
Way too short. Good plot development, but not enough plot.<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-09-02 05:53:56<\/div>\n
a little short but overall good story. you should have a little more fun with the wishes<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-09-01 17:59:24<\/div>\n
A good story, a bit too short but good nonetheless. Instead of continously pressing space bar, try press enter twice not once. It works for pc, laptop and most type of h\/p.
\r\nHere I'm commenting via a h\/p. It should help even if you're using lap top or pc. If it doesn't work, well go back to the shop and ask the dealer for help or better still refund.
\r\nAnyway don't let this small issue bring you down. Whats important is your storyline. Where are you going with the story? Is it juz harem story, hit and run or juz plain sex? As they say, its not juz the game its how you play the game.
\r\nLooking forward to next chapter. Don't forget spellcheck and proof read.<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-31 00:29:14<\/div>\n
if this helps just putting below into words: have each peice of dialogue and the emotion that comes with it in separate pragraphs ever the thoughts and have the pure descriptions in its own paragraph<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 23:44:23<\/div>\n
really people leave the guy alone on his grammar, well done like it wish it was a bit longer<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 20:30:51<\/div>\n
now you see that problem with the qutation marks happen to me too... the one time. the rest of them came out ok... go figure. Screwie web site has some problems. Already I see an error in what I wrote in my example... it should've been Danny asked as ... etc...<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 20:27:14<\/div>\n
Example how dialog should look..
\r\n''Hey Jeff! How the heck are ya?'' Danny said as he aproched his buddy.
\r\n''Not so well.'' replied Jeff. He continued with a little sadness in his voice. ''Jenny broke up with me."
\r\n''Oh Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.'' Danny said with a little concern in his voice, as he approched Jeff placing his hand on Jeff's shoulder to console him, he continued. '' What the hell happen?''
\r\netc., etc., etc. on and on with the rest of the story...<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 16:49:01<\/div>\n
Dont care how to write it aslong as you put out longer chapters and more often was a good read :D<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 02:10:50<\/div>\n
compared to the last one it was, well, short, i thought the length of the first one worked better, also you still need to put more paragraphs in, remember that dialogue is strange and each spoken part is its own paragraph (aka you have to give it a tab) such as: Person A bla bla bla PARAGRAPH Person B bla bla bla etc. spelling and other grammer dont seem to be a problem, so its just formatting Good job!<\/div>\n
\n"],"current":0,"nb_page":4};«1234»Anonymous readerReport
2016-09-11 07:56:00
A shame that you worry so much about spacing instead of continuing the story...
2014-05-07 10:48:36
Iwas afraid you would be like all the others and just let this greeat story line die *sigh* too bad really was a very good start
anonymous readerReport
2013-08-07 08:05:31
Please can you continue this story
anonymous readerReport
2013-05-12 07:59:11
hope you are going to continue this one?
anonymous readerReport
2012-10-30 00:42:02
When u gonna put up
the next chapter?
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