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2023.03.28 11:25 MurmurmurMyShurima THE PLAN IS WORKING

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2023.03.28 05:59 jennybark Conqueror/Divine Sunderer

While looking around on lolalytics I saw that korean hecas sometimes use that combo instead of the typical builds, in what situations would it be warranted? I never see it anywhere else.
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2023.03.27 19:58 IronTimm Missconception of tanks/ tank meta

Lets clear something up. Tanks are never meta because of their job to tank damage or to provide utility. Tanks are always meta when their damage is so high they can just kill everyone. This has always been the case since cinderhulk toplane in season 5. The people on this reddit crying for tank meta are either people who just want to kill their enemy without taking any risks are or the usual adc crybabies that still wont ackknowledge that their role is the best in the game that got provided with the best item changes. Lets take a look at malphite rn, hes sitting at 54% winrate, highest pickrate in top lane, last 30 days (lolalytics). Is it just because of this one last w buff that malphite is this op? Of course not, hes been getting 20 buffs consecutively, all of those added up result in malphite being this strong. So why was malphite not picked before? Because people are lazy af, this goes for all elos. Another proof for this is the chainsword rush meta, which started way too late after the buff went out and people are still doing it when the item was omega nerfed months ago. People never adapt/ read patchnotes.
Maybe malphite was not in a bad spot as an ad comp counterpick, maybe people just dont want to play him and are just abusing him rn because hes overstatted while still having the utility from his kit.
Maybe when we buff tanks we shouldnt be looking at their damage, because its not their job to deal damage, at least for most tanks.
Its really disgusting to see how you get rewarded in top lane for being braindead. You either pick malphite go 5cs/m and completely avoid facing any risk in lane or you pick sion, die 20 times, not losing any xp or minions for dying and just continue to shove turrets with absurd amounts of waveclear and turret damage.
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2023.03.27 04:08 TheSnozzwangler The Wukong problem, or how nearly every team misplayed draft this weekend

I’m sure all of you noticed the high pick/ban presence, and game impact that Wukong had across multiple playoff games. This champion pick pretty much single-handedly took 100T out of playoffs, and then just earlier today contributed heavily to CLG failing their playoff run.
The Pick
As a pick, Wukong fulfills many roles and is able to absorb damage, dive, engage, counter engage, armor shred, etc. He is highly adaptable, his abilities give a good deal of skill expression, and as a pick he scales incredibly well throughout the game. He slots in very easily to a number of team compositions and the main drawback to the pick is that he is slightly weaker than the early pressure junglers very early on, mostly during his first clear.
The Meta
Games have been extremely bot side focused this playoff, and we’ve seen priority given to those early pressure oriented jungle picks. The picks that we’ve specifically seen prioritized are Elise, Wukong, Vi, Lee Sin and Xin Zhao. The goal is to show up and flex the strength of the pick in the first 2 clears, and snowball from leads you gain there.
Early Game
Excluding Elise, who I will talk about later, against the early game pressure junglers, Wukong is slightly disadvantaged early on in even skirmishes. The enemy jungler is expected to have early priority and should have initiative during their first clear. This is fairly expected, and not a major issue. If Wukong reaches level 6 and the game is in a playable state, there are plenty of opportunities for the Wukong player to equalize the game state using this power spike. Upon reaching the early to early-mid game, he begins to outperform his counterpart in every aspect.
Mid Game
Without a huge lead, the enemy team actually ends up with a massive problem in the early-mid game, where Wukong just starts to do more than their jungler. The other junglers can’t solo burst down their targets, and usually need assistance in securing the kills. In any of these extended fights, Wukong is just able to do more and usually win the fight. The enemy can no longer take “even” fights, and have to get a catch, have a positional advantage, a significant health lead, or a straight up numbers advantage to be able to take fights and contest objectives. We saw this a lot in the 100T vs GG series where Closer on Vi did not feel comfortable taking any fights, and often tried for bush camps to try and get picks.
About Elise
Elise was the sole outlier to the other picks mentioned, and she has seen consistent bans thrown at her during playoffs. She is advantaged in the Wukong matchup, and outperforms him at all points outside of the extreme late game (past the 35 minute mark). She’s great at catching and solo bursting her targets, and is particularly well suited for early game ganks and dives, which suits the bot focused meta game particularly well. As a pick, she’s a clear auto-ban for Red side… Right?
Not really.
Among the priority jungle picks we’ve seen across this past season, there are actually significantly more “answers” to the Elise pick, than there are to the Wukong pick. In D2+ play, we can see that Wukong only performs really poorly against Elise, but Wukong performs well to extremely well against all of the other meta junglers. The only real “meta” pick into him is Maokai, but in exchange, you cede all of your early and mid game pressure.
Elise on the other hand, has even or slightly disadvantaged match-ups against a number of the meta junglers. You can opt to take Sej, Mao, or Xin and expect to have a fair game against her.
The Solution
On Red side: if your opponent does not ban either Wukong or Elise, you can leave both picks open, and counter-pick appropriately. If they take Elise, you can opt into Sej or Maokai for scaling, or try for Xin (or Vi) if you want to contest early pressure. If they take Wukong, you can counter-pick Elise.
On Blue side: You can opt to ban Elise on B3 to force a Wukong ban from your opponent. If they don’t ban it, you can take the pick and be happy that you got a strong pick that is adaptable and does not have any real negatives to it.
The Problem in LCS Teams' Draft Analysis
Between the coaching staff of teams, and the pro players on the teams, this Wukong/Elise draft problem should have been identified after it first showed up in the series between 100T and FlyQuest. It reappeared in all the playoff games this weekend (to no one’s surprise), and was particularly apparent in yesterday’s series between 100T and GG, and even took CLG out of contention today. Still no team correctly identified the proper draft exchange sequence to solve the problem. To all LCS coaches/analysts, please do your homework next time.
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2023.03.26 17:29 bolomk35 An item guide for Volibear top based on Lolalytics data plat+.

I've seen a lot of questions posted to the sub lately concerning this topic so I figured I'd make this post. This isn't meant to be an overarching guide. It's much more of a "stop building really bad" post. Items will be divided into different categories and I'll try to stick to 13.5 plat+ data from Lolalytics which is about 37,188 games. If an item doesn't have more than 1k games I won't mention it in this post. Items in the underrated post will have less than a 10% pickrate. If I'm not using 13.5 I'll make a note of it.
Items that are good on Volibear
Iceborn Gauntlet: A mainstay for Volibear with a 52.66% winrate.You shouldn't build any other mythic almost ever. The average plat+ winrate is 51.69%. It's the only mythic with a significant amount of games on it where Volibear outperforms the average winrate at that elo. The slow and damage reduction are really good. This is the only mythic I'm mentioning.
Lucidity Boots: You're trolling if you don't build this in most situations. With a 55.08% winrate over 8,330 games the ability haste lets you spam abilities during fights.
Frozen Heart: If you were trolling by not building Lucidity then you're mega trolling not building Frozen Heart. A 58.05% winrate with 7,861 games on it. It's Volibear's 4th most popular item. The mana is crucial for a mana hungry champ like Voli and for all the stats it provides it's quite good efficient. It outperforms the average Voli winrate at plat+ by almost 8%
Thornmail: Slightly more situational than Frozen Heart but still quite good. With a 54.80% winrate over 6,837 games it's pretty good especially since the buff it received a couple patches ago.
Spirit Visage: Another item that you will build in almost every situation. Has a 59% winrate over 6,115 games. The increased healing and shielding make you even tankier. It's good. Build it.
Force of Nature: This item is just busted against magic damage but the MS is also very helpful for an immobile champ like Volibear. 57.63% winrate over 4,501 games.
Hullbreaker: You don't have to build AP for Hullbreaker to be good. Everyone stopped buying it after the nerfs a couple years ago which is a shame because it's still a very good item for the cost. 54.58% winrate over 3,723 games.
Items that are underrated on Volibear
Black Cleaver: After the item buffs this is quite good. As a first item with 1,030 games it has a 54% winrate. Overall, it has a 55.85% winrate with 2,172 games. Useful to the team in a full tank build as the only damage item while still making you chonky. Gives big W chomps.
Cosmic Drive: This item will be the exception to the rule. Since it received changes in 13.6. 13.5 it had a 60%ish winrate with 1,410 games. 13.6 with 524 games it has a 59.54% winrate. Gives MS, Ability Haste, and AP. Remains to be seen if it's still good after the change but it looks like it is.
Zhonya's Hourglass: Gives AP, makes you more tanky, you can E right before you hourglass and come out of hourglass with a shield. Who wants to fight an angry bear who can go into stasis. What's not to like? Fits really well into a full tank build as the only damage item. 56.40% winrate over 1,149 games.
Sunfire Aegis: 56.99% winrate over 2,960 games. Makes you tankier and helps you do more damage. Best with a full tank build or full tank build with 1 bruiser item.
Titanic Hydra: 62.20% winrate over 2,969 games. Another very good item on Volibear. Buy it at any time except as a first item. The health-ad synergy allows you to build tanky and still do damage.
Anathemas: 54.65% winrate over 1,376 games. People rush it in lane to increase the effectiveness of Q and E CC.
Items that are troll on Volibear
Plated Steelcaps: Because Volibear tends to build a lot of arnor heavy items(Iceborn Gauntlet, Frozen Heart) also going Plated Steelcaps is usually overkill and will leave you deficient in other areas. Unless they have 3-4 auto attack champions I wouldn't buy this.
Riftmaker: 50.12% winrate over 8,060 games. Don't build it. The funny AP build after the nerfs is no longer optimal. If you are going to build AP then don't go Rift first.
Nashors Tooth: 50.52% winrate over 10,417 games. Don't build it. Volibear as a champ currently can't afford any full damage items. You need as much chonk as possible so people can't burst you down before your E and W2 bring you back up.
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2023.03.25 17:32 yastie Can we talk about malphite?

Malphite is currently the highest pick rate top laner, and he has the highest win rate of common picked tops, only losing out to 2 extremely uncommon top laners.
Now, I'm not one to complain - especially about a top lane champ that likes to team fight - but malphite has to be the least interactive, and most boring 1 dimensional brain off and win champ that exists. His simple existence invalidates the ADC unless they have flash up and get lucky enough to flash his ult.
I haven't really seen any discussion of this, but it seems pretty weird that there hasn't been any calls for him to be nerfed.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.25 01:33 MonkeyLigma Why are people still building Mortal Reminder?

Hello everyone
First of all, I am not a Garen main, so I don't have much knowledge about him. Despite this, I saw on Lolalytics that a large amount of players still builds this item despite the changes from patch 13.3, and I don't understand why this is the case.
It doesn't give Att. speed anymore, which scales with his E, but it gives %armor pen. The armor pen is nice, but isn't there a problem with it losing gold efficiency due to the %armor reduction from BC and from E, as armor pen stacks multiplicatively?
So am I missing something or is stacking %armor pen really that beneficial?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.23 15:41 FluckyVer 1 Day after release, Milio has climbed to almost 52% WR.

Edit: Would you look at that lmao

Data From Lolalytics
All Rank WR is around 51.1%
Plat+ WR is almost 52% but somewhat inflated due to how Lolalytics works.
All in all, he looks to be extremely strong, as usually new Champs stay well below 50% WR for a while after release, unless they're extremely overtuned.
Wouldn't be surprised to see him getting Hotfix nerfed.
Surprised to not have seen it mentioned anywhere, but i guess he has no dashes so Reddit doesn't care right?
If the Assassin next to come released at 52% WR, Tanks will be rolling over Riot HQ to get them Hotfix nerfed lmao
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2023.03.23 14:59 PapaTahm Milio already has the highest winrate any champion ever got on day1, surpassing Vex and Renata the older record holders by a lot.

For people who are not aware, Milio on his first day, has the one of if not the highest winrate day 1 of the released champions.
Milio currently has as I'm writting this post:
Milio Build - LoLalytics Milio Support Build, Runes & Counters Guide
Just for comparision, Renata and Vex 2 champions that after 4 days had to be HOT FIXED because they were sitting at 54% winrate, were sitting at 47.6% and 48.3% winrate on day 1 on plat+.

Remember champions on Day 1, tend to have a very low winrate (Renata 4% winrate, the last champion who had anything close to this was Vex which had 48% winrate on Day 1, and was at 53% winrate on day 4. Bel'veth was sitting on 38% winrate on day 1 she finished the week with 52.6% at plat+.

The issues with Milio are very clear: The Range increase in combination with the Cleanse Ult, the Poke Passive and the Disenage Q, make it impossible for both of the classes that are supposed to prey into the both variations enchanters to borderline play against it.
Vanguards which are supposed to play against hyper scaling enchanters that lack disengage tools, get harrased by the Passive and the Range increase, they also aren't able to engage because of the lack of range and even when able to engage they have to deal with the Q and the Cleanse, which usually results in death.
Hyper Scaling Enchanters which is the counter for More Passive lanes also aren't able to play against him, because it doesn't matter the ammount of stats you give your team, this champion provides a 10~20% BASE RANGE, which is also multiplied by runes and items, making it imposible for the ADC's to trade in the first place.

The issue all derive from the same problematic thing, RANGE INCREASE in combination with the Disengage Identity.
The Data itself is showing that the champion is completly busted.
But now I have to ask: What are your guys thought on Milio? Not as a person playing him, but against him.
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2023.03.23 00:15 SnowMacaronss Which website shows the most accurate data for meta items?

So the question is, which website (if any) got the most accurate data for meta items? Not the most data since that’s probably lolalytics and others don’t come close, but I’m talking about accuracy here.
View Poll
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2023.03.22 21:39 ThorMolecul3s Opinions on Prospective 13.7 Buffs

+3 Base Armor:
Azir's base armor is really low but I think it's for good reason. In my head the Zeds and Yones in midlane should be bad matchups, and Top lane Azir should be really risky.
Trying to understand the context for this buff, I think the rationale could be that since AD assassin mids are popular in soloq it's a high confidence non-pro skewed buff that doesn't increase his "true power" (not sure what else to call it) as a champ by too much.
Not too exciting but I'd definitely take it, AD matchups can be a pain, even the Yas matchup which is really good can be annoying if you push in, misposition, and he 100-0s you.
AS Growth 5% -> 6%
I think this change is really really nice, I think in the original comment Phreak says that this matches attacks per second with pre 13.5 (minus the 3 soldier buff ofc). On 13.5 release I think if we got only this buff I would've been quite happy, but I do think the context has changed quite a bit with Lethal Tempo being nerfed on 13.6.
I haven't played the LT changes yet but looking at the numbers the net result is that 13.7 LT Azir will have around the same max attack speed as 13.5 LT Azir, but 13.7 Azir has more frontloaded attack speed which makes LT stack faster making him overall better at most levels (late levels he's much better, so reaching those levels is a big deal. I've been a RoA doubter but hey azir level scaling keeps increasing I think it's getting more and more viable, stats kinda back it up as an option)
I think the LT nerfs were actually enough to change his preferred keystone though. I think there's a lot of stats showing HoB was actually probably better than LT on 13.5. After nerfs HoB probably overtakes LT by a lot, and even though the 13.7 AS buffs are skewed towards LT it might still not be worth it.
This is all aside from the main point being that this buff is a really big deal, basically a free dagger at most points in the game (I was buying a single dagger anyway when I didn't want to build berserkers so now I don't have to >:)), on top of the previously buffed attack speed ratio this ends up carrying a big amount of power.
Side note: 13.6 Nashor's buffs and LT nerfs pushes Conq forward pretty heavily in my eyes, 13.7 attack speed buffs on top might make it the premier Nashor's build.
Q Cost Flattened, Q Stab Gone:
I think this makes sense, Q max is a little too punishing pre 6, especially for lower skill mana management. Flat 70 was what it was before Azir started getting oppressive, so Flat 65 with a lower mana pool seems possible.
**Don't read if you don't care: Interesting to note that if you look at OTP Azir data on 13.5, it looks a lot less clear that W max is better than Q max. Keystone choice / matchup choice might be part of it, but even filtering to HoB builds shows that Q max performed quite a bit better on 13.5, even though people seem to believe W max is best with HoB. This ends up being a really low sample, about 500 games total and only ~150 on Q max, but there's other data that show points in Q are still valuable. One of my favorite is that you look at actual per level ability max, Q at level 5 almost always performs better than Q at level 4, especially filtering for HoB. I think this isn't just a quirk in the data; I think right now you want as many points in Q as your mana pool can support, especially for keystones like HoB and Aery which are his most performant keystones currently. The cooldown is so valuable and I wonder if people are going to forget that.
I think Q max isn't as far behind W max as people might expect, so I think this might bring back some of the pokier Q max setups as the default. The Q stab being gone is good, comet/first strike builds come more in line with the other pokey keystones, all of them get boosted by a solid amount. I'm not sure if this is the intended direction, I don't think it's the buff I'd ship as a dev, but as an Azir player I appreciate it nonetheless.
Again trying to understand context for the changes, I think Q max is still being played more, so I think punishing Q max less adds a lot to the champion winrate. Getting rid of the Q stab allows some more counterplay against lane dom style Azir and gives more room for that buff. Q stab was unintuitive anyway and Q should primarily be a tool to get soldiers into auto range, so matching q to auto range is good for champion health. Seems reasonable.
Probably way too early to talk about the changes since they're not even close to being finalized, but I think the list is a bit on the light side. I think as a dev it makes sense to not overshoot and there are 3 lines of buffs in these changes, one of which seems like quite a big deal. However even though Azir is probably better than the general stats show, I think he's pretty clearly the worst champion in the game right now at most levels and by most metrics*, so I think there's definitely room for a bit more.
I want to bump an idea that other people in the subreddit have had of lowering the spawn time of the passive so you can time it better, which I think is an excellent idea. The new tower really feels great when you can spawn it in time, but right now it takes so long to get its first shot off that the people I face even think it's bugged. Also, you usually end up dying within the 6 seconds, and the tower doesn't target the champions that were in range and hitting you during the spawn (even though the laser points at them). Would love this change being implemented over the duration buffs, mostly because duration buffs feel skewed for higher MMR where map control means more. Lower spawn time finally makes it feel like an ability we can use reactively instead of trying to predict when it'll give value and usually being wrong.
Still, even with just this changelist I might be willing to play Azir in ranked again, he gets more blindable, he gets more late game damage, he gets some build diversity back. Seems like a win-win-win.

* - his average winrate is lowest in the game at almost every level, but even disregarding that he looks pretty damn bad. The "best worldwide performance last 7 days" metric on lolalytics is one of my favorites to look at to try and see a champion's "true power level", and that stat for him is 50.8%. He's a full 2% lower than the next lowest champion in this metric, and looking at the other lowest overall winrate champs, he's about 7% winrate behind them in this metric. The average champion winrate in D4+ is 51.6%, but the cherrypicked 50 highest winrate D4+ azir players have only a 50.8% winrate. I've never seen a number this low in this metric.
Edit: Rereading this and wow I was not concise sorry bout the long read lmao
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2023.03.17 10:27 Iron_Juice Bot-Lane Synergy Stats from Lolalytics, Thoughts?

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2023.03.14 15:56 JokerJackson Red Smite On Udyr?

Quick Question cause I feel like i'm a bit slow on this matter.. no pun intended there tbh, but if udyr already has such a strong slow with r why would we go red smite on him. I notice alot of udyr otp's on lolalytics tend to go red smite even when they max phoenix. If slows dont stack whats the reasoning for the red smite, or is it the max hp burn it applies along with the slow?
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2023.03.14 12:21 Ok_Regular_9436 why are some champions allowed to be strong for extremely long times, while other champions are instantly nerfed?

Example A: Katarina
you can pick any random patch that you'd like and she is always 50%+ winrate (for a supposedly hard champion) and usually at least A tier, she can also abuse items that are not intended for her like bork, wits end, hexdrinker, divine sunderer, while other assassins like fizz/ekko got nerfed half a decade ago when they could do that. katarina gets a special pass.
"oh but she isnt even S tier! only A tier!"
ok, so what about darius?
champion has been S tier with high pick/ban/winrates in all elos for years now.
"oh but hes not picked in pro play!"
ok, so a champion like the ones above but also played in pro play is draven, the champ literally shaped the entire metagame around because riot wont nerf him
pick any random patch and youll see he is doing very good for a 'hard champion' (realistically draven playstyle doesnt work on any other champion because he is that overpowered when mastered aka you have to click to the sides while fighting with axes)
then we take champions such as gangplank, who historically has been bad in soloq for years, he was broken (darius/draven level) for a patch or two because riot randomly buffed him right before buffing his items, almost as if it was an excuse to nerf him later
when he had same stats as darius has had for years then he instantly gets nerfed+his items even though he wasnt too popular in pro play.
lets use another example, veigar has been garbage since his last round of nerfs around durability, a champion who was only playable in mid was one of the worst mids in the game, then he gets a deserved buff and suddenly becomes good at his niche, picked a few times in pro and instantly nerfed again
how is it fair as a player who enjoys gangplank, veigar that my champs are not allowed to be good, while my friends who are darius/kata/draven otps can enjoy playing soloq without fear in their hearts that their champion will get buffed? i dont understand, you can argue gp is good in pro or whatever but veigar only works in specific comps and is not blind pick worthy, just actually works at his niche (vs low range comps that he can scale vs) while previously he failed even at that.
tl;dr why do some champions get 15 minutes of fame while others are naturally strong? its probably just a popularity thing right? riot is a business and we are the customers after all.
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2023.03.14 11:58 Hyperversum Why Aery on Sorcery?

So, what's up with these data?
I am not a big fan of Inspiration secondary on Ahri, but I can understand how it can enable some lanes together with Sorcery as primary. Electrocute is like 0.1/0.2% below the Sorcery primary, so it's not even that much of a difference.
My point is the choice of Aery over Arcane Comet. I personally like Electrocute, but some lanes I do play with Arcane Comet simply to increased damage of poke with Q if a full Q+W+AA trade is dangerous for me (check: Sylas). I am just surprised by Aery being statistically better.
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2023.03.13 10:08 furiousRaMPaGe Simple Questions & Champion/Role advice: Patch 13.5

Hello summoners!
In order to create better discussion in the subreddit, we will be redirecting all simple or championpool/role questions to this thread. Check out the most recent patch notes on the sidebar!
What is a simple question? Typically, we define a simple question as something that can be answered fully within a single, or maybe two at most, comments. In this thread, you can ask any question you need answered about League of Legends, even if it isn't necessarily about learning the game itself.
Questions about what champ to add to your pool or general tip about roleswapping can also be asked in this thread.
Keep in mind we will still continue to remove golden rule violations, rants, memes, topics against Riot's ToS, and paid services - but the other rules are generally more lax here.
What you can do to help!
For now, this is a patch-based thread, meaning it will be posted once every two weeks. Checking back on this thread later in the patch and answering any questions that have been posted would be a huge help!
If you're trying to ask a question, the more specific you are, the better it is for all of us! We can't give you any help if we don't get much to work with in the first place.
Which do you use? Deviations in stats are typically minor, so whichever one you prefer.
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2023.03.12 21:59 ADeadMansName Impact (Indirect) Patch 13.5

The full list on: Impact Indirect Patch 13.5 - Deadmansplate
Hi all,
​Data will be for 13.4 -> 13.5.
Last update (UTC): 2023-03-12 20:58
​EST: 2023-03-12 16:58 / PT: 2023-03-12 13:58

If you want to find out first about a new post:
Twitter: ADeadMansName
Instagram: ADeadMansName


Zeri (bot)

Zeri (bot)
51.28% WR 7.14% PR
+1.75% WR +24.17% PR
Games: 143,575
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Shieldbow 51.85 87.17 +1.74 +0.62 125,156
Slayer 51.81 9.59 +2.20 -0.56 13,770
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Runaan 55.07 34.02 +1.73 +3.58 48,846
PD 54.25 22.85 +2.14 -4.55 32,809
Navori 55.43 14.44 +2.21 +1.11 20,727
IE 56.27 8.29 +0.59 -1.99 11,896
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>E>W 53.68 92.30 +1.91 +1.00 118,869
Q>W>E 51.08 7.40 +0.31 -0.90 9,489
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
LT 51.28 99.20 +1.71 +0.10 142,424

TahmKench (top)

TahmKench (top)
51.06% WR 1.83% PR
+1.14% WR +8.93% PR
Games: 36,163
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Heartsteel 52.06 73.01 +0.80 +1.73 26,404
Jak'Sho 50.80 7.23 +3.01 -0.53 2,613
Sunfire 52.21 6.32 +2.75 -0.53 2,287
IBG 47.21 6.06 -0.96 -0.31 2,191
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Sunfire 57.68 40.30 +1.24 +0.87 14,573
TM 51.22 15.23 -0.27 -0.22 5,506
SV 54.81 7.70 +1.92 +0.38 2,784
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 51.60 67.20 +1.24 +0.70 24,118
Q>E>W 50.60 32.40 +0.84 -0.80 11,620
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Grasp 51.30 96.30 +1.24 +0.30 34,827

K'Sante (top)

K'Sante (top)
45.76% WR 3.11% PR
+1.01% WR +13.09% PR
Games: 61,422
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
IBG 47.53 54.28 +1.43 -1.48 33,567
Jak'Sho 44.83 28.02 +0.88 -0.34 17,329
Sunfire 46.66 8.38 +0.50 +0.87 5,180
Heartsteel 45.38 3.75 -0.55 +1.06 2,318
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Sunfire 52.48 40.19 +1.31 +1.66 24,854
TM 49.56 10.90 +1.01 -0.69 6,743
FoN 49.21 6.94 -0.42 -0.40 4,294
Stoneplate 51.51 6.39 +0.15 -0.82 3,950
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 46.75 80.20 +1.42 +0.30 48,875
Q>E>W 43.95 19.70 -0.28 -0.30 12,022
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Grasp 46.05 93.90 +1.02 +0.80 58,041
Conqueror 41.45 5.40 +0.22 -0.60 3,370

MasterYi (jgl)

MasterYi (jgl)
50.74% WR 6.27% PR
+1.01% WR +9.04% PR
Games: 125,362
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Slayer 50.75 47.37 +0.59 +0.24 59,386
BoRK 51.70 44.68 +1.27 +0.60 56,012
DB 48.43 2.90 -0.04 -0.26 3,632
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
BoRK 53.60 28.57 +0.44 +1.06 35,817
Rageblade 55.70 25.97 +0.42 +1.00 32,552
Slayer 54.22 15.90 +1.41 +0.21 19,935
Wit's End 52.40 4.40 -0.31 -0.25 5,512
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>E>W 51.53 90.40 +1.03 +0.00 109,876
E>Q>W 54.43 5.50 +3.03 -0.20 6,730
Q>W>E 49.33 3.70 -0.37 +0.20 4,449
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
LT 51.03 86.50 +1.03 +0.10 108,400
HoB 49.63 11.50 +0.83 +0.10 14,456


Veigar (sup)

Veigar (sup)
48.08% WR 0.88% PR
-1.03% WR -4.35% PR
Games: 17,192
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Everfrost 48.15 39.97 -1.19 -3.61 6,913
Luden 48.30 21.89 -1.03 +0.01 3,786
ROA 50.16 15.83 -1.45 +8.71 2,738
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Zhonya 53.10 20.20 -1.21 -2.11 3,493
DC 55.06 11.58 -1.38 -0.20 2,003
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 48.10 49.80 -1.31 +4.50 7,865
Q>E>W 50.40 35.70 -1.31 -2.90 5,640
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Comet 48.10 62.90 -0.91 -0.60 10,882

Rakan (sup)

Rakan (sup)
51.80% WR 7.88% PR
-0.84% WR -6.19% PR
Games: 153,843
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Shurelya 53.17 77.04 -0.64 +0.87 118,515
Radiant 54.96 9.52 -0.60 -1.91 14,648
Locket 49.16 5.21 -1.58 +0.43 8,014
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Chemtech 59.97 23.76 -0.41 -1.01 36,552
Zeke 63.81 12.35 +0.26 +0.16 18,996
Redemption 63.44 9.89 -0.77 -0.61 15,219
TM 58.87 2.71 -0.14 +0.17 4,171
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
W>E>Q 54.90 80.60 -0.50 +0.40 108,559
W>Q>E 53.50 12.40 -0.70 -0.10 16,747
E>W>Q 53.80 2.50 -1.90 -0.10 3,339
Q>W>E 54.10 2.30 -1.90 -0.10 3,083
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Guardian 52.00 85.50 -0.80 -1.00 131,505
Glacial 50.60 11.10 -1.10 +1.10 17,065

Thanks for reading and discussing. I wish you all a good time in league.
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2023.03.12 08:36 Brave-Constant9459 13.5 Lolalytics metabuild

I been following lolalytics for the best winrate set up cuz let's be honest, our champ is trash after the nerfs. Anyways here it is: Attackspeed shard Armor shard Hp shard Lethal Tempo, triumph, alacrity, Last stand, demolish, unflinching.
Start: D-blade+1 or longsword refillable Hydra -> galeforce -> Bork -> pd -> navori -> seryldas (replaces boots)
Note: this isn't my custom build, this is the build that wins the most games, is the most effective for trynd and performs the best.
I personally have been using it to great success. The loss of ad at level 1 means a little weaker early on, but the ad is replaced by ad growth, and the hp growth buff and shard together give us a net total of nearly 200hp net buff. It's quite significant and you'll notice demolish is even more effective than before, giving a ton of value.
Edit: boneplating/demolish has overtaken unflinching/demolish. Plat+
submitted by Brave-Constant9459 to TryndamereMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 06:45 GoatedGoat32 Why isn’t Tri Force-Muramana the most common build?

Per lolalytics in plat+ Triforce>Lucidity boots>Muramana (54.72%) has a 2% higher WR than ER>lucidity>Muramana (50.56%) or ER>Lucidity>Navori (52.69). Subjectively the Trinity build has felt best for me anyway, so that’s what i build most games. But why is the most common build seemingly worse as a 2 item spike?
submitted by GoatedGoat32 to ezrealmains [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 22:00 ADeadMansName Impact Patch 13.5

The full list on: Impact Patch 13.5 - Deadmansplate
Hi all,
​Data will be for 13.4 -> 13.5.
Last update (UTC): 2023-03-11 20:59
​EST: 2023-03-11 15:59 / PT: 2023-03-11 12:59

If you want to find out first about a new post:
Twitter: ADeadMansName
Instagram: ADeadMansName


Yuumi (sup)

Yuumi (sup)
50.72% WR 14.56% PR
+10.96% WR +484.74% PR
Games: 176,595
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Moonstone 51.05 40.03 +10.60 +8.50 70,693
Shurelya 51.11 32.97 +9.55 -8.26 58,227
Luden 50.59 16.57 +13.60 +1.90 29,261
Mandate 56.29 1.92 +56.29 +1.92 3,390
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Chemtech 50.72 24.73 +8.45 -3.17 43,674
Ardent 58.12 18.46 +9.63 +6.15 32,596
Mikael 56.79 13.82 +7.59 -1.73 24,401
Flowing Water 54.31 6.23 +6.11 -0.61 10,997
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>E>W 53.75 66.40 +11.76 +24.60 106,769
E>Q>W 51.35 24.20 +7.76 -16.00 38,991
E>W>Q 48.85 6.90 +4.26 -7.50 11,147
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Aery 50.95 81.50 +10.16 -3.20 143,929
Comet 50.25 16.20 +15.06 +3.40 28,635

Kennen (top)

Kennen (top)
49.32% WR 2.62% PR
+2.08% WR +138.18% PR
Games: 32,087
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Rocketbelt 50.10 86.30 +2.20 +3.00 27,691
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Shadowflame 54.70 37.69 +2.31 +4.90 12,094
Zhonya 50.20 25.46 +1.01 -2.68 8,169
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 50.01 83.70 +2.14 +5.50 26,590
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Aery 48.91 39.70 +2.04 +3.40 12,746
FirstStrike 50.41 28.60 +2.84 +1.00 9,184
Electro 50.21 21.30 +1.54 -1.50 6,845

Jinx (bot)

Jinx (bot)
51.96% WR 19.36% PR
+1.52% WR +134.38% PR
Games: 240,936
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Slayer 52.80 80.86 +1.41 +0.64 194,824
Gale 51.43 16.12 +2.10 -0.77 38,838
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
IE 57.28 31.79 +1.39 +6.07 76,599
PD 55.36 22.47 +1.44 -0.76 54,137
RFC 54.53 21.72 +1.88 -2.60 52,331
Runaan 53.63 6.55 +0.97 -3.43 15,791
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 53.02 97.60 +1.58 +0.90 224,427
Q>E>W 50.52 1.50 +1.68 -0.50 3,494
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
LT 52.02 95.80 +1.58 +1.50 230,742
Fleet 51.42 3.30 +0.78 -1.10 7,955

Fizz (mid)

Fizz (mid)
51.04% WR 6.16% PR
+1.44% WR +62.11% PR
Games: 75,959
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Luden 51.29 74.16 +1.31 -4.05 56,334
Rocketbelt 51.96 8.33 +1.71 +3.53 6,329
Harvester 53.11 4.81 +2.26 +1.38 3,650
Liandry 48.54 4.60 +0.04 -1.05 3,496
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Zhonya 51.34 38.77 +1.70 -0.85 29,449
Lich Bane 52.77 28.22 +0.80 +0.16 21,434
Mejai 77.33 7.39 +2.37 -0.12 5,615
Shadowflame 50.30 4.19 +0.63 -0.18 3,181
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
E>W>Q 51.80 85.30 +1.33 +2.20 63,865
E>Q>W 49.70 6.80 +1.93 -0.40 5,099
W>E>Q 49.80 5.90 +1.63 -1.30 4,405
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Electro 51.10 94.70 +1.43 +0.60 71,901
DH 52.00 3.80 +2.13 -0.40 2,871


Gangplank (top)

Gangplank (top)
47.54% WR 7.68% PR
-2.81% WR -24.26% PR
Games: 94,037
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
ER 47.87 94.43 -2.79 -0.34 88,797
Trinity 45.98 4.00 -2.39 +0.21 3,764
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Navori 50.10 65.00 -2.46 -0.05 61,127
Collector 49.09 11.55 -2.86 -1.33 10,863
Claw 47.08 9.37 -3.44 +0.33 8,811
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>E>W 47.99 98.40 -2.79 -0.10 91,359
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
FirstStrike 47.79 83.00 -2.89 +0.10 78,026
Grasp 46.69 16.40 -2.09 -0.10 15,417

Ashe (sup)

Ashe (sup)
47.23% WR 6.30% PR
-2.68% WR -43.95% PR
Games: 76,450
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Umbral 47.98 55.26 -2.52 -2.23 42,246
Mandate 48.88 33.04 -2.29 +0.33 25,259
Manamune 47.04 3.30 -2.11 +0.38 2,522
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Mandate 54.78 35.56 -1.15 -5.61 27,182
Manamune 54.41 9.99 -1.22 +0.11 7,634
Chempunk 53.17 8.48 -1.40 +1.40 6,482
Umbral 56.03 6.68 -1.53 -0.49 5,105
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
W>Q>E 49.02 62.00 -2.14 +4.20 41,866
W>E>Q 51.42 37.00 -1.94 -4.50 24,951
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
HoB 47.42 58.30 -2.74 -2.80 44,582
Comet 47.12 38.90 -2.74 +3.40 29,770

Azir (mid)

Azir (mid)
43.22% WR 2.21% PR
-2.64% WR +2.31% PR
Games: 27,243
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Luden 44.27 43.50 -2.15 -4.89 11,851
Liandry 43.63 40.01 -2.65 -1.45 10,899
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Shadowflame 47.67 29.75 -2.15 -14.81 8,104
Nashor 47.53 26.76 +0.23 +15.65 7,289
Zhonya 47.27 8.35 -1.91 -2.85 2,275
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Q>W>E 43.17 81.60 -3.16 -12.10 21,913
W>Q>E 45.77 16.00 +2.94 +12.40 4,304
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Conqueror 41.87 33.40 -3.36 +5.00 9,112
Comet 43.37 24.10 -2.46 -5.30 6,563
FirstStrike 43.07 22.00 -2.36 -5.60 6,002

Twitch (sup)

Twitch (sup)
47.16% WR 2.31% PR
-1.58% WR -33.04% PR
Games: 28,015
Itemslot1 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Nashor 47.63 89.00 -1.52 -3.34 24,934
Itemslot2 % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
Crown 50.30 50.78 -1.59 -4.55 14,225
DC 54.16 8.62 -0.13 +0.12 2,416
Riftmaker 50.17 8.16 +0.07 +0.28 2,285
Skillorder % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
E>Q>W 48.30 77.40 -1.50 +0.10 19,564
E>W>Q 50.50 20.30 -1.20 -0.40 5,137
Keystone % WR % PR +- % WR +- % PR Games
HoB 47.40 91.40 -1.60 -1.60 25,615

Thanks for reading and discussing. I wish you all a good time in league.
submitted by ADeadMansName to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 04:14 Neat_Marionberry_456 ROA or Ludens?

The most popular build on and lolalytics is ludens into shadowflame, but every single pro player is building rod of ages instead of ludens. Which one is better?
submitted by Neat_Marionberry_456 to AnnieMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.10 20:05 aladytest Why is Vi considered a good counter to Zeri, especially in pro play?

According to lolalytics soloqueue data, over the last 30 days in Plat+, Zeri is one of Vi's worst ADC matchups, with a -1.82 normalized delta. The three worst (Xayah, Sivir, Zeri in that order) are all around -2, while the next worst is -0.38, so it seems like these three ADCs are by far the best counters to Vi within the role. Zeri's delta around -2 is consistent among higher brackets like D2+, on smaller sample sizes.
In pro play, Vi is often cited as a good pick into Zeri since Vi can press R to get guaranteed CC on Zeri, which is difficult otherwise. Do we think the coordinated teams in pro play are that much better at 1-shotting Zeri during 1.3 seconds of Vi ult, even through more coordinated peel like from a professional Lulu? Are soloqueue players that bad at using/following up on Vi ult? Or could this just be a mistaken claim?
Edit: I guess I'm just trying to understand why there would be such a huge discrepancy between soloqueue, even high skill brackets, and pro play. It's hard for me to just believe that Vi vs. Zeri goes from Vi being the counter to Zeri being the counter.
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