Are domino's lava cakes good


2020.12.31 18:51 Toha0652 teabargain

recommendations on cheap bargain but good quality loose leaf tea or tea cakes and bricks sold online. recommendations of teaware bargains are welcomed as well

2014.08.08 00:07 Classic Covers: Old Gems, New Polish

Welcome Music Lovers! Classic Covers is a place to explore newer takes on the great songs of the past. From jazz standards to bluegrass tunes to old-school hip hop, no pop genre is is off limits. Here's where you can find your favorite artists playing the songs that inspired them, or a unique twist on a song you love from yesteryear.

2011.06.20 21:57 Hamsterdam Pressure Cooking!


2023.06.10 19:53 McMenton Husky tool chest sale

Husky tool chest sale
Seems too good to be true. What am I missing, are they coming out with an all new line or something?
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2023.06.10 19:52 0mabaPrism Robbie’s Guide to Zonaite Processing

Trying something different this time around as this is not a set hidden by Misko. Carefully read Robbie’s research regarding Zonaite processing to find the Zonaite Armor Set:
Zonaite begins as ore in a stone deposit. The trick to mining it lies in the wrist. Penance, alas, will come due for those who do not read my instructions with great care. To make your way up from this ore is quite complicated, so put on your listening pants. Start the pesky mining process simply by whacking the deposit, and so collapse the stone. Look closely and you will find what you’re looking for.
The next step is refinery, which requires a specialized tub. This tub is heated in the front to gradually melt down the ore. The first time I tried this, I put my ore in the refinery tub and the front erupted into flame, but I’ve moved up since then. Although I always wear a protective helmet just in case. Make sure to have a light cast on the tub before loading the ore to avoid my mistake. Again, follow my instructions to the letter and you’ll be successful.
The final step is the forging process. While it is nearly impossible to get ahold of a real Zonaite forge, I landed a deal with my old friend Quince, who helped me put together a makeshift one. Quince was actually the one who brought it up in the first place! Anyways, when depositing the refined Zonaite into the forge, be sure to wear the proper chest guard to protect you from your waist all the way to your neck. Ludicrous as it may seem, it’s very important in order to ensure your safety.
Good luck, and try not to lose an arm or a leg.
This will be more difficult than the riddles so comment if you solve it (without giving away the solution) and comment if you need another nudge in the right direction.
My post with the Ember Armor riddles was not very popular at all so this might be the last addition for now unless I know enough people are interested in more.
Good luck to all!
All riddles/puzzles can be found here:
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2023.06.10 19:52 Jschwartz567 Google Maps

Need some vectorized maps for a Google spec spot I’m cutting as there are some pretty massive zooms in/out + transitions of locations on Google maps. I tried using Snazzy Maps and vectorizing them in Illustrator but they always end up looking cartoon-ish. Anyone have a good way of doing this?
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2023.06.10 19:52 Suckiest_Warrior_ More than an Hour Queue

Hi fellow Hive Minds, just want to ease everyone’s stress with the queue right now with the Leviathan Box. It seems majority of the players I game with are in the same hour wait time just like myself. I already predicted it would be crowded like it’s Black Friday lol. I’m just happy that we are finally getting new Nids and cannot wait to get them, with the box set or not. Have a nice weekend and good luck.
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2023.06.10 19:52 spetrovov Are MSI Raiders any good for a first timer? MSI Raider GE78HX 13VG-020US is the one which i am interested in. Need advice.

First time gaming laptop buyer. Thanks for having me. Based on my research, I came across the MSI Raider GE78HX 13VG-020US on Microcenter's website for $2099. It looks top of the line, and seems to be the only laptop I may need for personal and gaming for the next 5-7 years. Did I make the right call? I needed some advice on the following;
1) Are MSI laptops any good? I know the usual names like Acer, Lenovo etc. Even Alienware is familiar too me because I watched the Big Bang theory. But in 2023, I have read that Alienware is not as great as they were before.
2) Is this laptop (MSI Raider GE78HX 13VG-020US) a good choice? Would it be good for the next 5-7 years at least?
3) Can I expect any issues or problems in the future? If so, what should I keep my eyes (and ears) out for?
4) Do you folks buy extended warranties or accidental warranties with your laptops? Microcenter offers a 2 year extended warranty for $500 or something but I am wondering if it would be any useful. And what my options are after 2 years.
If you folks have any other recommendations, please feel free to add them here. I want to be that casual gamer who also uses his laptop for his daily driver. And I am looking to future proof my investment, so maybe something top of the line which would avoid being obsolete in the next few years would be my ideal choice.
Thank you all.
Posting the link below:
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2023.06.10 19:52 vI_M4YH3Mz_Iv Thoughts on LG B2 77?

Hey, so currently l have a 120 inch screen paired with a benq w1070 1080p 60hz projector, it's at around 5500 hours of use, hasn't been used much recently tbh.
I typically use the projector for movies, and Nintendo switch when my friend brings it around. At the other side of the room I also have a gaming pc with a 42 inch c2 oled for pc gaming and quick viewijg sessions.
My current seating distance is around 15 feet and at most we have 5 people for seating but majority of the time it's 2-3 max. I am debating swapping the layout of my room and sitting around 7-8 feet from a 77 inch TV so i hopefully get a similar sense of immersion, the room can be very dark, it only has 2 skylights and I made some DIY blackout blinds so I can get next to no daylight if needed.
I am hoping to use th 77 oled for pc games that are good with with a controller, then maybe try and make a lapboard for mouse and keyboard for less competitive games, I will be using the TV for switch games, movies, some sports, anime and general TV usage.
I was wondering if the B2 is the clear choice if I amble to get it for £1999?
Or should I save £750-1000 and go for a 65inch LG c2/cs? And just sit a little closer. Is there any TVs I have missed?
I am from the UK so would need any deals posted from there. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 19:52 Bubbly_West8481 I (FA,27) find it really hard to understand if what im expecting from my partner is “too much”? I often psychoanalyse my breakups and wonder if i expected too much from them. How do you fellow insecurely attached folks navigate this?

After a break up i tend to ruminate over the good parts of the relationship and start wondering what i did wrong in the dynamic and how insecurely i showed up. Part of me does this because i want to understand where did i fuck up just so i can heal and try to be a better person going forward. But i often feel like my needs arent valid - Is it too much to expect your partner to validate how youre feeling during arguments? My ex thinks validating someone during arguments would mean enabling their behavior. - i have trust issues. Is honest communication expecting too much? For example - ive asked my ex to simply let me know before he goes and meets someone he has had an brief fling with. - i would like verbal reassurance. My partner would show me through acts of service that he cared, but i felt emotionally disconnected and didnt know if he admired me or liked me. It often felt like he wasnt into me because it wasnt verbally validated.
I really struggle with identifying what needs of mine are healthy and what arent. Would love some perspective!
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2023.06.10 19:52 AutoModerator [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

[] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download
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Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 19:52 MagnoliaTree3 what's your opinion about my lawn and my neighbor?

My neighbors and I share a front lawn (meaning, there is no fence in the front yard, between the properties). We are all seniors though we are the "younger" couple by a decade. We have been good neighbors for about 35 years now. We are not friends, but we are all very cordial to one another and help each other out.
The neighbors really put a lot of value and pride on their lawn and their gardening, and I totally respect that. My husband and I also have a level of caring, but we both still work, we don't want to hire a gardener, and I try very hard, for their sake, to keep up and have our lawn not make theirs look bad.
I am just curious if it would bother you guys if your neighbor had their gardener mow onto your property. Is it a lot? No. It's approximately six feet. Yet whenever I see it, it bothers me. My neighbor and I have discussed this several years ago when her husband was still the one mowing the lawn, and it was a very civil, respectful conversation, he said he didn't 't realize where the boundary line was, and things were fine for many months. I REALLY don't want to make it an issue yet again, but I was just wondering if this were you, would you be bothered, or am I being foolish? Thanks so much!
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2023.06.10 19:51 BigBobbert Pet peeve: when a game has a huge list of playable characters but no incentive to use them

One thing that bothers me about a lot of JRPGs is that they load you down with a ton of interesting, diverse characters... and then you have to pick only four to use in battle while the rest sit on the bench. I guess this is okay if the total party count is 8 members, in which case you can swap people out depending on what skills are needed, but when it expands beyond that, people start to feel like dead weight. A new party member comes in, they have a little mini character arc, and then they're in the background for the rest of the game.
The worst offender I've seen so far is Trails of Cold Steel II (I haven't played III or IV though). In that game, you are absolutely loaded down with party members, but once you have a team you're comfortable with, you have no reason to experiment. It's kind of weird that they have go and have all these voice lines, unique skills, battle animations, and then a huge chunk of the cast just gets ignored. Not to mention, you're stuck with Rean as the main character, further limiting who you can actually use.
The thing is, I thought about this while playing Trails in the Sky the 3rd (an earlier game in the series), where there is a section where the two main characters have to take separate paths, and you're required to use EVERY character in some capacity. I don't know if there are going to be more sections like this, but in general it's a good idea that I wish games would expand on so we can actually use the party members.
The funny thing is, because Fire Emblem is a tactics game rather than a traditional RPG, the game mechanics mean you really are incentivized to use as many people as possible. The permadeath means that when someone dies in battle, you'll usually have someone to step in to replace them, yet you can't blindly throw people in battle expecting them to win. It's just a shame the stories of these games leave a lot to be desired.
Are there any JRPGs with giant casts that are properly utilized?
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2023.06.10 19:51 QualityGig Garden Fence vs. Critters

Garden Fence vs. Critters
FENCING. I know this is a subject all its own (surprised there's no Reddit on this, at least as far as I can tell). This year’s goal is to build a more aesthetic and functional fence. We're in Year #3 of the garden, and problem pests have been (in order of headache): rabbits and groundhogs, chipmunks (sucked all the tomatoes last year in the heat/drought), mice (in supply bin), possum (occasional), raccoons (not in garden), and deer (also not in garden). We have coyotes and fisher cats in the area and lots of green space so, I guess, it feels like there’s not a *lot* of determined infiltration.
The design to date is 4' u-posts with standard coated welded wire fencing along with 2' of chicken wire at the bottom (1' comes up the face of the fence and 1' flares out into the yard and grows down into the grass). Deer don't seem interested in jumping the fence, but chipmunks and anything small have free reign. Most of the rest of the pest issues have to do with a poor door, but I have a good plan on that.
Where I really want to 'nail it' is a new perimeter fence. Thinking of sinking 4x4 posts to 4’ high with cattle panels in between. Then, add a finer mesh lower down and below ground. I'm thinking of also facing the post bottoms with 1x6 boards to create a growing opportunity along the fence itself (as well as another barrier). I'd reuse the chicken wire and splay it out into the yard to prevent digging at the fence itself.
Cross-sectional view from inside garden (left) to outside lawn (right)
Main question is "How well will this work?" More detailed questions are "For the finer mesh at the very bottom and below grade, what material (hardware cloth?), what size mesh, how tall above ground, and how deep below ground?"
I get pests are a common, evolving situation. Like everyone, want to keep everything out. We're not growing food for them -- We're growing for us. Willing to share a bit . . . but don't like seeing ALL the kohlrabi leaves eaten all at once!
Also, I’ve considered whether to make panels and even posts removable to make for a cleaner space/view during the winter. Has anyone done anything like that, even if just to remove a panel for start/end-of-year activities?
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2023.06.10 19:51 PoliticalIguana1 Great Potential, a few suggestions

Foreword: This is going to be an in-depth opinion based on my 6 hours of playtime with the demo, and having beaten it twice, once with a motivity (strength) build, and once with a dexterity (technique) build. I ended up finishing the demo at level 30 in each case, with a +2 weapon. I don’t usually make long reviews like these, but I tried out the demo and felt compelled because I feel that this has the makings of a great souls-like, but falls short because it’s unsure of what to do with all the different mechanical elements it has and is unable to weave them together into a compelling combat rhythm.
My overall impressions are that the game has great potential, with a lot of neat ideas inspired by or reminiscent of the Souls games, but the elements here need more polish or a few changes to how they are implemented because they do not gel well together currently.
Starting with the great and the good:
The performance is very well optimized. On my Laptop (RTX 3060, 12th Gen i7-12700H), I was getting a very stable capped 75 fps at 1080p best rendering settings. (Could have pushed higher with some setting adjustments but I usually play Souls games which are capped at 60 fps and I was too lazy to overclock or anything like that). There were minimal graphical glitches, and I only really experienced pop in 3 times throughout my two playthroughs.
The atmosphere is pretty good, with the rain and “Victorian” cyberpunk aesthetic, and the bodies and bloodshed sell the feeling of a world gone awry.
The level design, especially the main level after you reach the Hotel is well designed and I like the enemy and trap placement, shortcuts, and use of verticality. I found myself looping back quite a bit, and mentally mapping out the locations as I did, and for a souls-like, that’s a wonderful thing to aim for in my opinion.
The enemy variety is decent, from the basic goons and dogs to the patrol officer mini-boss, enemies generally feel distinct and have different timings, ranges and hyper-armor to get used to.
It’s rather unfortunate then, that in my opinion, the combat system is not well tuned to get immersed in the atmosphere, level and enemy design. My negatives with this demo have mostly been with some aspects of the combat system.
Starting on the player side, the player has all of these mechanical elements to be considered when engaging in combat:
- The player has a “rally” mechanic on blocked hits, where you can regain almost all of your lost health back by attacking enemies after blocking attacks, similar to Bloodborne’s rally mechanic.
- The player has a perfect deflect “timed block” mechanic where if you time your block at the moment the enemy’s attack lands, you take no damage, similar to Sekiro’s deflect mechanic.
- The player has a dash step for a dodge when locked on, and a roll when not locked onto anything, again similar to Bloodborne.
- The player has a light attack, a heavy attack, a charged heavy attack, and usually the Fable Blade Art attack for their offensive options
- The player usually also has the Fable Handle Art for their defensive options
- The player has a Legion arm that can do a variety of things depending on your load out and is a tactical option to also be considered.
- Besides these actions, the player must manage health, stamina, the Fable Art blue slots, Legion bar for the Legion arm, and weapon durability
In these mechanical elements, my personal biggest gripe is that the dash step and the dodge roll feel very clunky, do not cover enough distance, and are generally not that useful in general combat or in boss fights. The dash step doesn’t usually get you far enough away from the boss’s attack to avoid damage, and seems to have such low i-frames that you cannot dodge into attacks with long lasting hitboxes reliably to avoid them either. The only real use I found for these is to reposition yourself around a boss, and that also only when you are far enough away to not get stuck in between the boss’s limbs. This made dodging seem worthless to even attempt in most cases, and I found a lot more success in trying to block and deflect instead.
This brings me to my second issue, and that is Bloodborne’s rally mechanic doesn’t really work neatly with a game that allows you to block, especially with weapons that can negate a lot of damage. On my strength playthrough, I found it a lot easier to block enemy attacks and then just hit them when they were in their recovery’s to regain the health, while on my dexterity playthrough, given that the rapier had terrible guard negation, I just fished for backstabs, or charged into enemies to stun lock them with light attacks and avoid being hit in the first place. In either case, the combat, for the general mobs, encouraged button mashing more than any tactical play.
Guarding on smaller nimbler weapons doesn’t seem like a great idea because you take a lot more damage and don’t heal back as much, which combined with the clunky dash, encourages you to rush a lot more into single enemies and light attack them to death before they can do much to you; while on larger weapons, guarding is too efficient, and given the higher stun potential, also encourages you to rally for all your health back after guarding to make sure that you don’t get chunked for too much un-rally-able damage given the slower startups. In either case, you are motivated to not be precise in your gameplay.
My suggestion to make this work better is to rework the rallying system to rally your health back on perfect deflects rather than on hitting enemies, and to improve the default evasive options (dash step and dodge roll) in their distance and i-frames. This introduces more options to be considered when playing tactically and rewards precise play. The question when making defensive plays becomes “do I avoid this hit by dashing, or try to deflect it head on to regen some health?”, instead of “I’ll try to deflect it, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll block it and try to regen as much on my next offensive play”. In line with this suggestion, rallying should not only work for damage that you took while blocking, but rather for all damage, with the amount of health that can be rallied being set to the last instance of when you took damage (this discourages holding the block and just waiting for the enemy to finish a 3 hit combo for example, since the amount of health you can regen would decrease to what your health was when you got hit the third time).
The perfect deflect as it stands, is not well integrated into the flow of combat. It’s more of a neat bonus for when you blocked perfectly rather than a thing to try to master, except for the red attacks that enemies can do, or for when you are on low enough health that blocking instead of doing a perfect deflect will mean your death.
Speaking of well-integrated, the weapon durability system felt like a chore and actively detracted from the combat experience. For level exploration, this mechanic is entirely useless, since all it amounted to was consciously making sure my sword was durable enough after I cleared a group of enemies. In boss fights, all it resulted in was moving away from the boss and repairing my weapon instead of engaging with the rhythm of the fight. It’s just another thing to manage that forces you to take a break in between the fight for whatever reason.
This should be done away entirely in my opinion, but if the Devs do not want to, they should look for ways to incorporate it into the rest of the combat rhythm and loop. A neat idea could be giving the player a timed damage bonus, like 15 seconds or so at the instant their weapon is repaired to max durability. This now adds more tactical options to be considered when engaging in offensive plays/ capitalising on openings- “should I use this opening to heal, regen my weapon to max to get a damage bonus for the next opening, or attack and lower my weapon’s durability even further, making it more difficult to get this damage bonus whenever I try to repair my weapon next time” and encourages players out of the simple dodge and light attack playstyle that most souls-likes encourage.
Moving a bit into the enemy side, the 2 main elements of enemy design that require specific responses from the player are the red attacks for when they are doing an unblockable, and the groggy state, where they can be knocked down for a critical attack if you land a fully charged heavy attack.
The red attacks are well done for the most part, although it’s very apparent that these are just regular attacks that the enemy has that now just happens to be a red attack. I’d rather there be specific attacks that enemies and bosses do that are red attacks and nothing else, so you are not punished for not following your typical response on seeing an attack be unblockable when the exact same animation was blockable for an earlier attack. This is admittedly, a minor gripe and I understand that this is likely because of time and resource constraints, and so don’t mind it too much.
As for the groggy state, I really liked the idea of enemies being worn down and then being susceptible to a knock down and critical using a charged heavy. It’s also executed well enough in my opinion, as I never felt that my charged heavy was too slow to not get it in time. The state lasts long enough, and all my charged heavies were fast enough that with precise play, the mechanic was executable. My only gripe with it seems to be that when this groggy state occurs is unpredictable. It seems to happen around the half way mark for a mini-boss/boss’s health, but seems dependent on how often you’ve hit or deflected them, and with what. I think. I don’t know, because the game never tells you what causes the enemy to be groggy, or shows a groggy meter. I’m not entirely sure why this is. If the grogginess is tied to a hidden meter that fills up when you perform certain actions like hitting the enemy or perfectly deflecting, I’d rather that such a meter be made visible so it’s clear how close you are to getting the opportunity to do a critical, or at the very least, weapon blade parts have a grogginess rating to compare how much grogginess they cause in a hit.
One of the final elements of combat design that I want to focus on are the supporting elements for the combat system, namely the blade and handle weapon assembly system, the quartz p-organ “latent ability” skill tree with perk system, and the healing system.
The weapon assembly system is a neat concept, allowing you to mix and match weapon blades and their base damage and blade fable art, with the handle’s scaling bonus and it’s handle fable art. I have a few gripes with the execution though:
Outside of a specific blade fable art, or weight limitations, you’d just always pick the blade with the greatest base damage. On my dexterity (technique) playthrough, the rapier was not that good for boss fights in my experience, since your guard absorption was terrible and the tactic I used for the first boss was just moving back or out of the way of anything I wasn’t confident in perfectly deflecting. But having learnt of the weapon assembly system from my strength (motivity) playthrough, the second I got the item that allowed for me to assemble my own weapons (unlocked after the 2nd boss), I chucked my greatsword blade onto my rapier’s handle. And now I had an unstoppable weapon for use, having the greatsword blade’s reach, high base damage, and high guard absorption, with the rapier handle’s dexterity (technique) scaling bonus and quick move set. The game does try to combat this by giving things that have a high base damage extra weight and costing more stamina to swing around, and I think some weight-swing calculations too (i.e. the heavier your weapon, the slower you do the moveset), but it hardly mattered. At the end of the game, I could do a light attack chain consisting of 9 attacks with my rapier before my stamina was completely depleted. I could do 6 with the greatsword blade on the rapier handle, and before my rapier could do it’s 9 attacks.
Now I get that this is the Devs’ way to encourage different weapon combinations, but in my experience, this is going to result in a lot of people just using the highest base damage and/or guard negation blade on the handle that gives them their desired move set and scaling most inline with their character. This will hurt the build variety unless the skill tree with perk system and the fable arts can provide enough varied options that suit different combinations of the blade and handle.
I’m not entirely sure on how to combat this, especially since we aren’t shown the full extent of the perk system and the skill trees, so this is something that the Devs will have to think about on their own if they plan to do anything with it.
On a slight tangent, speaking briefly about the fable arts themselves, I did not find the majority of them to be very useful and so didn’t really use them all that much. They don’t seem to do a lot more damage than light or heavy attacks, and the defensive options either also require strict timing, or are no more useful than a perfect deflect.
As for the latent ability + perk skill tree system, we do not know the full extent of the available choices in this system or the amount of choices we’ll be given and so it’s difficult to review it, but one which definitely perked my interest was knowing that extra dodge rolls were an unlockable perk. I am not a fan of this direction. Personally, The i-frames of your dodge/dash, and the distance that it covers, like the frames of your perfect deflect, are fundamentals that the combat is built on, and should ideally be a well balanced and play tested unchangeable provided by the Devs, as opposed to an unlockable skill that players have to choose to grind for. This reminds me a lot of Dark Souls 2, tying the number of i-frames in the roll to a stat, and it was hated there as well. The other perks seem pretty decent, with things like getting more currency, or getting some Legion Ammo on killing things, or taking less damage while discharged/ in the middle of dodging are all varied, interesting and worth getting, and so the limited number of quartz and thus unlockables could make for compelling design and playstyle customization, provided that the fundamentals (dodging, perfect deflects, fable arts, etc. are all well-tuned by default design wise).
Speaking of the healing system, I like it for the most part, having finite healing but being able to regen one health potion by attacking enemies is well thought out, even if it is a bit clunky. If I could make any adjustment to this, it would simply be letting us regen health potions constantly when attacking, and capping the number of health potions as the game already does. I prefer this mostly because there is no explanation in game for why when we are discharged, we can regen precisely one health potion by attacking enemies and no more. What’s ideally wanted, just personally, is consistency or an explanation. The discharged state could also be made compelling gameplay wise, as the perk system alludes to, by having perks that lower your damage when you’re discharged. Other perks likes this could make for a compelling gameplay where you are constantly teetering between having one health potion and being discharged, and it would be interesting to see.
A final note on some animation clunkiness. The combat clearly seems to be built with a focus on deflecting more than just dodging, but your character does not have any way to cancel a stagger into a block like Sekiro does. This is relevant because some enemies in the game have attacks which if you get hit by, stagger you long enough to be hit by the follow up in the combo, with no opportunity to deflect, guard, or dash away. This is also true for when an enemy deflects you when you are using certain handles, most notably the rapier handle. This makes you get punished twice for making a single mistake, and that feels unfun to play with, and so you’d want to have a way for the character to either cancel their stagger early, or space out enemy attacks long enough that you can respond to the next hit in the combo.
Moving out of the combat discussion, I have 2 quick addendums which don’t quite fit in other sections imo:
1) The AI needs improvement for the 2nd boss and for other humanoid bosses that the Devs may intend to release in the game. This boss is too vulnerable to circling and back stabs, and the strategy is also relatively risk free.
2) The UI and menus feels very convoluted and need streamlining
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2023.06.10 19:51 chefkurry Feel stuck... idk what to do.

Hey guys, so I've been on Klon for anxiety/panic attacks for 11 ish years (no idea why a psych thought putting me on this stuff daily at 14 years old was a good idea)
I started off at 1 MG daily but at some point several years into taking it, I cut the 0.5 day dose in half because it was making me tired, had no issues. I've never abused it either, I can count on one hand the times I've taken an extra .25 (usually when I would fly)
A couple months ago I decided to do the same thing with the 0.75 down to 0.5 not really thinking anything of it. I guess I've been getting tired of being chained to a pill lately. I was totally fine for while after that cut, but after about a month and a half I started to get some wild symptoms (dpdfeeling wobbly/appetite was shot/insomnia/a few times where I'd have jerks falling asleep). Ironically my anxiety wasn't really any worse than usual during that time. It seems kind of odd for it to come out of nowhere compared to a few days-week after a cut like I've seen from others, but maybe it was tolerance WD? I'm really not sure. Ended up going back up to 0.75mg a week ago to try stabilize and have been WAY better since then.
I got a water taper plan from a FB group that's gonna take 7 ish months assuming I stick with the 1ML daily pulls. I've heard mostly good things about it. However... during the process of researching a proper taper I've stumbled across so many crazy horror stories that have spooked me tf out. Akathisia/PAWS stories really shot up my anxiety.
Is this really a terrible experience for everyone if you go slow?? A lot of this just doesn't make any sense considering there's like 30 million people on this stuff in the States alone. It's just kinda shocking how little success stories there are. At least in the sense of not having a total nightmare and then recovering a year later. A few people on the group have said they had minimal symptoms (or none) throughout the taper and then walked off after it was done, but then some people say it takes 18 months to recover after the taper is done??
At this point I don't really think it's doing much for me besides keep WD at bay, and has possibly been a culprit of making my anxiety worse over the years. I'm a little worried about not having it around as an emergency thing ( I wish the psych would have prescribed like that all along) but I'm WAY more afraid of all the horror stories than that at this point. My anxiety has been really bad the last couple years (brutal hangovers from my party days spun me back into a cycle of panic attacks) so I've been trying to work on that, and feeling like I'm going to lose even more years of my 20's getting off a drug that was supposed to help is even more depressing.
Idk... I guess some experiences with a slow tapeadvice would be welcome at this point. I just feel like I'm stuck in quicksand at this point. I truly feel for all the people struggling with this. Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.10 19:51 D4CLoveTrain123 A little discussion about the combat in TOTK

The other day I stumbled upon these "gems of a video":
While I personally think that these videos are some of the biggest doo doo that Youtube as a platform have to offer. I noticed a same criticism repeated in these TOTK critique. They said that the combat tends to get repetitive, there is no incentive to change strategy when approaching combat encounters and the weapon durability system being "bad".
So I want to offer my opinions about these issues.
Weapon durability
These debates about weapon durability exists since 2017 (six years ago - the year BOTW is released). Now I can't definitive conclude whether the system is good or bad. All I can say is this: The quality of the system will depends on the type of the gamer you are. After decades of triples A RPG releases with critical receptions, they develop a sense within gamers such that we tend to have attachment with the loots we gain after hours of hard work. And if the system shatter that sense of attachment, It will get criticized. I personally don't have that sense of attachment, so this system does work for me since it constantly making me thinking about what strategy to use when approaching combat encounters and not relying on brute force to solve my problem.
Strategies and
Admittedly, the strategy we use in our gameplay can be a little bit limiting, not because there is not enough of it. But it's due to the fact that once we find out the most effective strategy that fits our playstyle, there is not many reasons to deviate from it . I have a strategy in which I always have two types of weapon in my inventory: a frost weapon and a highest damage weapon that I could get my hand on. If I have to deal with enemy camps, just freeze them and switch to my high damage weapon and bonk them to death and to be fair, this strategy won't work in a boss fight, but this is related to the next issue is that...
Bows are way too overpowered
Ever since I saw the previews of the game back in April 28th 2023, and see there are enemy types that cover themselves in heavy armor. I instantly lit up with hopes that there are combat encounter that does not involve around bows. Think about it: What is the most effective way to deal with these new common enemies?
Even the talus family can be dealt with via bow and arrow if you land a bowshot to their weak spot (which is not tricky, since you can now fuse your arrow to keese eye to auto aim for you). The enemies encounter where bows are ineffective that I can remember on top of my head are the flux construct and the final boss fight, and that's good but not enough.
Now despite all of my complain I do not hold the opinion this combat is bad. But everything can be improved and I do think that the game can be benefited greatly with more enemy types and encounters that completely immune to arrow.
Combat repetition
Another criticism levied against this game is the fact that you will come across bokoblin camps that were copied throughout Hyrule and especially the depth. While there are ways to spice up these encounter in the form of battle talus, they're ultimately not enough since you will always deal with bokoblin camps the majority of the time you explore Hyrule. But in this particular issue, I can actually offer an easy solution:
I vividly remember the best moment while playing BOTW is in Trial of the sword final trial floor 23. Where I have to deal with a horde of bokoblin accompanied by two lynel. I got my a** beat four times because my dumba** didn't figured out that there are ancient arrows throughout the levels and had to repeat the trial every time I failed. So to instantly solve this combat repetition problem just by adding mini bosses to these camps, doing so not only spice up every encounter we might have and saving resource for Nintendo since we do not have to create new assets.
Final thought
Most of the suggestions I provided my contradict some elements provided by the game itself, which is why is think those suggestions can be reserved when Nintendo ultimately release Master Mode, because I do really hope that the changes they made will be more than just enemies level. And despite the fact that I complained a lot in this post TOTK is the best game I've ever played for a long time, but remember kids: Everything can be improved.
P/s: Bring back Trial of the sword please. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 19:51 ravenwolf963 I just harvested this blob, want to make sure it's ready

I just harvested this blob, want to make sure it's ready
So this has been growing for a bit and so I decided to harvest it because part was soft as a marshmallow, the rest has squish to it but a lil more firm, and the gill are open on top, so I wanted to know if I harvested at a good time and safe to eat
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2023.06.10 19:51 Eskerna_Luka The harmful side of the LGBTQ+ movement (very long post, take time).

Me and my friends have been studying and interacting with the LGBTQ+ offline and online for years. This article sums up our views towards some LGBTQ+-related issues. However, before coming to address that, I must insist on taking this position of mine without presuming that I am victimizing myself or intentionally unjustly painting the LGBTQ+ movement as a whole in bad image. The reason for this is that the people who instantly jump into such conclusions are also parts of the problem I am going to talk about. This post is going to be political (not American politics or online teenage banter), so if you are not happy to dwell into this area, decide for yourself before continuing.
Firstly, I would like to point out how oversexual many LGBTQ+ members are. By this, I do not mean that they must not argue for their rights, nor do I mean that every conversation they talk is about LGBTQ+ rights. Some people would take that as a reason to say the LGBTQ+ is forcing LGBTQ+ to their throats, but I do not think so. Our (me and my pals) problem is that almost every conversation which these LGBTQ+ folks participate in, they bring up wild sex without any sort of manner. Although they are not provoking us or something, neither is it that me and the fellers do not enjoy sex and attempt to find out the best methods for the finest sex, but we do not treat our daily life as mere sex. I also understand some non-LGBTQ+ people do talk about sex as much as these folks I mentioned, but not in my country, and my environment.
Here is the tricky part. For the person reading this, you must understand that whether or not a person is open to sexual conversations is, especially if you are from Europe or the United States, you may be completely fine, or mostly fine with having such talks daily. You believe that behavior is just, which I understand, that is your culture. I am not from the West, me and the folks are from what Western commenters enjoy calling the "third world." We have a different culture from the West, pretty much every other nation has different cultures from the West. Even the West has different cultures from other Western countries. So what you think as just might not be just for other countries. For example, if in your country, having a lot of body counts is a virtue while not in another country, you are obligated to respect that. For us, it is not just at all to have such an unregulated amount of sexual comments during the chatter. This is also a fact for everything other than sex, which I feel that a lot of people cannot grasp.
Unaccusingly speaking, the LGBTQ+ movement originates from the West. There, LGBTQ+ people are open to sex alongside a bunch of other stuff other cultures condemn. They talk about sex freely, and enjoy it freely. You can find a lot of articles from LGBTQ+ writers promoting sex and sexual styles. I understand, you do you in your country. The point is that Western powers colonized my country during the colonial era and it was also them who introduced the prostitutes and sexualized our women, as well as breaking our traditions and suppressing our religions and beliefs, while importing that of the West. The whole deal with the LGBTQ+ members in my country being too open towards sex seems a bit too familiar, considering the entirety of their lives surrounds what people from Western countries do. It is always "Western people do that, let us do that too." On LGBTQ+ subreddits, it is also very common for writers to condemn nations who have an apparently less open approach towards the LGBTQ+ movement. We can see a pattern of what the elites of a certain LGBTQ+ community have been attempting.
However, Western or not, globalization is happening and it is not only the West's culture that is affecting ours. We have viewed this through the lens of the struggle between nations, and it is only the matter of whether or not the readers of this post has done the same before coming to conclusions.
Secondly, it happens to an amount of LGBTQ+ people that somehow they are the center of the universe. Again, this is not meant to say that they do not have the right to address their oppression, however, I do believe this is both common for my country and the world that some LGBTQ+ folks are too egoistic for society's good. What I am trying to make clear is that, for example, my friend has been asked by a gay man whether or not he would want to date a gay man. He said no, and in a conversation with me, this gay person said my friend was just being jealous of not being as manly as he is. LGBTQ+ supporter pals also seem to cherish this guy's thoughts.
When men disagree with LGBTQ+ agendas, it is common for them to receive insults that they "are not a real man" from the community. When women do that, they also receive similar insults. It is a hypocrisy to fight for gender and sexual equality and liberation, but consider oneself the only true and just, while the others are mere barbarians looking for enlightenment.
Thirdly, a few LGBTQ+ sexual harassers have been rather more creepy than the average non-LGBTQ+ creeps, and they know how to take advantage of the LGBTQ+ movement. For instance, a few months ago, my middle-aged male colleague once was almost taken advantage of by a young male "genderfluid" person. It was at the end of the shift, and we were going home for lunch to prepare for the afternoon shift. I heard a lot of shouting voices from the department he worked in. It turned out that this genderfluid individual came to him and asked to have sex with him. He, of course, as much as he respected our culture and his duty to his wife and children, refused. The gender fluid person then grabbed his arm and insisted on having sex. My colleague, again, calmly said no. The other person had a breakdown and started calling my colleague a creep who been creeping on them for a long time. Other people heard the shouting and surrounded them. Insults were beginning to be thrown towards my colleague, a few people even went so far as to push my colleague around. It was only until the guards came that the truth was told. That genderfluid person did not come to work that afternoon. Our boss came to us and asked for what happened, he showed us screenshots of the genderfluid person claiming that we ganged up on him, sexually harassed him, insulted him, and attacked him physically. When our boss showed us the chat, the person has already unsent all of their messages.
This behavior is, to be honest, not uncommon at all. Online LGBTQ+ members and supporters have the same behavior when their agendas are questioned, or people dislike certain traits of their personalities, or when their wrongdoings are justly brought out to the light. Celebrities like Erza Miller have had similar breakdowns. Even certain United States politicians do that. Breakdowns are common for rude and egoistic people, but when gender, sexuality and a gender-based political movement is used as the justification, it is a much greater problem. Some people say such behaviors are understandable, because they root in the LGBTQ+'s oppression and mental health problems caused by abuse. That argument is but sophism.
Last but not least, it strikes us that certain parts of the pro-LGBTQ+ arguments usually found on online articles are misleading at best. For example, three years ago, movement supporters focused on attempting to prove that being an LGBTQ+ person was a biological necessity, however, a lot of LGBTQ+ members have now considered it to be simply a choice. In fact, it is a choice. Some members of the older generations also have sexual urges the LGBTQ+ have. However, they still decide to be the traditional male-female, male-to-female, and female-to-male. Supporters claim our parental generations are usually male-female only because the LGBTQ+ was more oppressed back then. However, this argument presumes that the older generations feel oppressed for not having the right to be the LGBTQ+, which is a fallacy.
It is a matter of fact that many people only become the LGBTQ+ after they have seen articles, or heard other people, or seen members of the movement promoting it. People usually adopt lifestyles they consider new, alien and exotic. In this day and age, that mentality is even more prominent than ever. It should not be hard to understand that lots of people only adopt LGBTQ+ lifestyles after they have seen it. This is not to mention that lots of teens and children are being groomed to become parts of the LGBTQ+ too.
Supporters give the argument that the media helps LGBTQ+ people find out their sexuality and gender. However, this argument makes the assumption that people are already LGBTQ+, which is also a fallacy. While there are a few (in contradiction to the numerous LGBTQ+ folks claiming to be nowadays) people who do have certain feelings leaning towards an LGBTQ+ lifestyle, as I have said, they can choose. In conclusion, the articles are not intended to "help" people "find out" anything, rather, they are written to lead people to adopt the intended sexuality and gender.
Another point to give is how some individuals only seem to have become more sensitive, felt upset, or go so far as to get depressed over gender issues after they have seen the media presenting them in such light. While it is true that a lot of people are harassed for being parts of the movement, however, if you pay attention, it is evident that the media has been influencing people to adopt extreme feelings. Notice the words that are used, the statistics, the images, the stories, the so-called evidences. Most articles are but designed.
That is all we have to say. You tell us what you think in the comment.
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2023.06.10 19:51 my_throwaway_of_doom Is it normal for dysphoria to go away sometimes?

There are days where things get really bad. I look at some parts of my body and want to cry. I cover up as much of myself as possible because I don't want people to see me. I can barely stand hearing my voice, and my genitals look so ugly. Seeing body hair (even the prickly stuff) is enough to get my heart rate spiking and I don't even have the heart to look in the mirror. I feel like crawling out if my skin or ripping it off. My body feels out of proportion. Hearing my name makes me cringe. I see girls outside and I feel sad because I'm not one of them. I hate my male clothes with a passion. It hurts so bad.
Not all my days are like that and even when I feel bad I don't typically get all of that all at once or as severe or anything. And I really want to transition when I'm like this because I feel like I'm stuck in a slowly rotting shell or something.
But then there are days like right now where I'm fine. I feel fine. I don't feel the dysphoria. No fan of my body hair or name but it doesn't elicit much of a reaction. Heck I almost look good in some respects. And I hate that. Part of me almost wants me to hate my body when I'm like this because right now it feels like all the stuff I've been through is fake or something...but I don't hate it. I still want to picture myself ten years down the line as a woman, but right now I'm okay being a guy I guess. It all no longer seems as important anymore I guess, it feels like I shouldn't act on something so trivial when I'm like this.
I know I should feel thankful but this can go on for days or weeks at a time and every time I start spiralling out of concern that I was just hyperfixating and that I'll never get to be a girl.
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2023.06.10 19:51 doggyinablanket My journey freelancing from 2018-2023

Hi fellow freelancers; I am a 21-year-old entrepreneur who started freelancing as a software developer. I began my freelancing journey during my senior year of high school, lured by the promises of freedom and self-determination. Like so many others, I started on Upwork. From 2018-2020, my life was a whirlwind of unpredictable highs and lows - new projects, satisfied clients, delayed payments, sudden changes, and stiff competition.
In my sophomore year of college in 2020, I discovered through a fellow freelancer. Intrigued by the possibility of broadening my horizon beyond Upwork, I took the next step every freelancer yearned for and established my software development agency, finding our niche in offering our services to startups (at this point, I had formed a team with some buddies I met on Upwork who lived in India and Pakistan). I found this work fulfilling and began to experience a taste of comfort and stability.
As I'm sure you all know, Upwork does not have a good reputation for keeping freelancers' best interests in mind. From stories of increased rates to fraudulent projects, I started to get sick of seeing Upwork issues in my LinkedIn feed. It reminded me why I left that platform in the first place. About 6 or so months ago, a close friend of mine was working on a long-term 2-month project when she saw her life flash before her eyes. After completing the project, she was contacted by Upwork, letting her know that the $2,000 earned for that project was being taken back out of her account. She noticed the negative account balance before Upwork even messaged her, making it worse. She was left with no word on what happened or why the money was taken out for hours before she got a message. One would think Upwork would do the right thing and compensate her in some way for her lost wages, but no. Countless attempts to get some payback, all to no avail.
Luckily in her case, she has great family and friends who were able to help her with rent and bills for that month, but this incident flipped a switch in my brain and made me realize there is a major issue in today's freelancing world where the majority of us rely on these freelancing platforms and lack the knowledge of how to sell ourselves beyond these platforms. What if someone less fortunate needed that money to pay that month's rent or buy groceries for the following week? They leave us vulnerable, and when trouble arrives, they do nothing but sit back in their beach chair and watch the hysteria unfold while sipping on a pina colada. Upwork acts like they are untouchable, and they may be right now.
Upwork has so much power over freelancers because most need to figure out how to make sales offline and don't know where to start. More than anything, freelancers need a space that can empower us with the skills and knowledge to make a living selling our services beyond the constraints of job boards; and to have our voices heard on the public stage. We as freelancers need to take the initiative to prove to Upwork and these other platforms that freelancers don't need them to make a living and that they can't just ignore us.
If Upwork was to say, "Hey guys, we are upping our fees from 10% to 20%", yes, everyone would be up in arms. But the community would have no choice but to keep using the platform. I searched online to see if anyone was putting something together to help with this. And as far as I could see, there's nothing. No courses to help educate people on how to sell themselves in the real world, the world that exists beyond the confines of Upwork. What I did find a ton of, though, were these influencers with their fancy microphone and studio claiming that they would teach me how to become "Level 1 on Fiverr" or "How to Make Six Figures on Upwork." I hope you all have a good laugh whenever you see these as I do; anyone making 6 figures on Upwork will happily keep whatever they did to get there under wraps, or at least not charge you $100 to learn their 'secrets.'
By this point, if you are still reading, maybe this will inspire one of you to create a platform for us freelancers to help teach the community how to sell themselves. Sales are freaking hard, and when I started with my agency, it was an everyday battle of doubt before I connected with a mentor who could help. They showed me many ways to find clients, LinkedIn, mom-and-pop shops in your community, referrals, cold outreach, etc. These aren't as easy as logging into Upwork and copying and pasting the same proposal to each job you see, but it's sure to give you more satisfaction when you build out your sales pipeline and are booked for the next 6 months, no worrying if someone will accept your proposals this week. Oh, and this is good to add. In the past 3 years of finding work outside of Upwork, I have never had an experience where a client could get away without paying for labor, nor ever had the experience of some intermediary changing their service fees from 5% to 10%.
I'm rereading my post and noticed how longwinded it is; guess I had to vent that all out somewhere. I'll stop my rant here, but please share your methods for finding work outside of these platforms too. Hopefully we can create a bit of a chain in the comments to help guide others who are feeling the strain of being reliant on these platforms for their livelihood
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2023.06.10 19:51 Legitimate_Ad_8964 King Seiko SPB279 J1 Homage

King Seiko SPB279 J1 Homage
Finished my King Seiko SPB279 J1 homage! 37mm case is sublime! Like most butterfly bracelets, getting a good wrist fit is rare… 7.25” wrist for reference. This build was approximately $430 all in and was my 5th Seiko mod build project.
All parts purchased from Ali Express. NH35 movement fit tightly without much fuss. OEM case and bracelet from the Heimdellr Store. Like others, I had to patiently wait for both the case and bracelet to be put back in stock. Checked everyday for a few months and struck the jackpot one day. They seem to be regularly in stock now which is awesome for others! Bracelet is pin and collar and it’s an absolutely pain sizing with the 5 link system… Have patience and steady hands when sizing! The boxed sapphire dial glass is like a magnifying glass on this dial!
Purchased two “KS” dials from Ali. Search and you will find in a few minutes. If you find them, purchase dial color 2 and 4 (w/ hands) if you want the knurled 12 o clock indice to match this particular dial. I’m assuming the seller doesn’t sell color 4 due to copyright reasons. I carefully applied fingernail polish remover with a cotton swap on the back of dial color 2 12 o clock indice to dissolve the adhesive and carefully pushed the indice legs out with a sewing needle. Performed the same operation on dial color 4 to install the knurled 12 o clock indice. Carefully utilized a cotton swab to align and push the indice back in place as to not scratch the dial. Used a precision super glue pin to secure the indice back in place on the back of the dial. I also used the hands that came with dial color 4 as they look way better than the dauphene hands from the SPB243 J1 model and lends homage to other vintage KS models with the exact same hands. Also, finding dauphene hands that fit this 28.5mm dial size is tough as most are meant for Seiko Presage builds with a 33.5mm dial…
I aligned the KS shield case back vertically with the rest of the watch because of my OCD. I love the shield logos utilized on both the crown and case back! Research what the crown logo means if you truly love the KS brand 😎
The case, bracelet, dial, and hands throw all sorts of light and reflection in direct sunlight. I have several integrated bracelet watches and this one is hands down the prettiest of them all. Looks a million bucks! Would’ve loved an applied logo on the dial, but the printing looks nice and crisp! I’ve tried purchasing S logo decals from Ali to apply over S logos on dials, but the logo printing and decal never match in sizing to look OEM.
The finished product is truly one of a kind! For now… 😎
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2023.06.10 19:51 EightLegsTypedThis What going seconds are good? I don't want to play Numerons.

See title. I haven't run across anything that's impressed me on ladder in a while which is where I usually find new decks to build. When I look at the replays on mdm the ones that show replays all seem to be cherry-picked Maxx C, Evenly openers or slapping around someone who bricked so that's not helped.
Going through the top 100 list for the WC on roadoftheking the only ones apparent to me are a clever r8nk list at 19th and maybe the meta beat list down at 70th. What decks am I missing here? Your personal experiences with going second, either playing a list or getting run over by one would be really helpful.
I already built Heroes a while back and Cydra back when the game launched, a lot of fun but I'm hoping to diversify my options a bit.
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2023.06.10 19:50 arrowfromeros So It’s Possible, Huh?

I’ve been a lurker on this subreddit for a few months now. I haven’t really taken my restoration seriously, I’m like a CI-0 or maybe a CI-1. Im not here to dwell on the negatives of circumcision, I’m sure we are all aware of those; but is there anyone that is around this subreddit that started with a very low CI and has atleast flaccid coverage now? And if not, have you seen anyone on any website or blogs that have starting points like mine?
To be honest I just need some inspiration; It just feels a bit impossible for me still, a lot of the time I see people’s restoration here with really nice results, but I find info about their starting point and they already have a lot of inner skin or a loose cut. I’d like to see some pictures of a before and after if that’s possible. To be honest, I’m willing to do it for the long run, I’m lucky I’m in my early twenties hearing about this, so if I give it like 4-5 years I’ll still be in my twenties and I could have a pretty nice foreskin, right? The process of uncircumcision is slow, this I’m completely aware of, but I just want to make sure I’m not kidding myself. Like I said, I’m in it for the long run, but I’d just love to see someone in my position as well, and get to where I want to be.
I have hope, I’m choosing to remain positive about this, there’s no point in being negative when I’m still alive and can make a change. I mean, in 10 years I’ll be 32 and that’s still a prime for men (and women), I could be approaching the horizon of a dilf era with a complete foreskin.. right? Maybe I just want someone to reply to this and say that it’s possible for someone like me, and/or provide some references. This subreddit seems to be really good about providing support in this way. I’m adamant about taking back what’s mine. I’m not even mad at my parents, lack of knowledge doesn’t equate to lack of love, and it doesn’t mean their intent was to hurt me. If they knew they wouldn’t do it. But it’s my job to rewrite the story. I have all my limbs, and stranger things have happened… right?
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2023.06.10 19:50 Full_Crab_7246 Discussion: what is the ideal "promised land" for Progressive movement?

There is no directly expressed vision of the Progressive "promised land" that I know of, so I took a look at the good and bad in main Progressives points to understand it:
It looks like the Progressive promised land is a country, where citizens through equal and democratic elections choose to have:
I wonder if that is how you see it. Do you disagree with anything, or did I miss anything?
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