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2023.06.10 22:10 robonlocation Montreal Airport Shuttle size

So last week, I took the train from Ottawa to Montreal to get to the airport. When I got off at Dorval Station, the shuttle arrived after about 7 minutes, but it was a small van, maybe 8 passengers. The problem is about 30 people got off the train and needed to get to the terminal. The driver told us he would be back in half an hour. Is this a common issue here? I kindof expected a large shuttle, similar to the buses you see take people to car rental lots.
Unfortunately I was cutting it close already (my Ottawa flight was canceled and I had to hop on a train to Montreal so I could catch my flight), so I had to get an uber to get to the terminal. I actually ended up splitting it with 4 other people who were in a rush, so it wasn't too bad. But if the shuttle only comes every half hour, they really need a vehicle that can hold more people.
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2023.06.10 22:03 Cameron_Blalock I was hired for one position at a reastraunt, yet they are scheduling me at a position I didn't apply, Train or sign for. What are the legalities of this? Shoukd I leave or demand to be put on what I applied for?

Howdy, I'm a 21 year old male in college, I recently took a summer job at a high volume reastrunt for the summer as a ServeServer assistant. I interviewed for this position and was hired on the spot, I was supposed to do 4 days of days of training, but on my 4th day we were short staffed and they let me go on my own, as I have a few years of experience in doing this. As a server assistant I was assigned to a few tables that were assigned to me, and I was on tip share on that point. As the night is ending a manager asks me for my availability, to which i tell him to work me asmuch as possible, and his response was he can guarantee 5 days and if I ask for a 6th he can give it to me, but a minimum of 4 days a week, after this conversation he informs me to take the next 2 days off and I'II get my schedule in 2 days. So, I get my schedule and I'm scheduled for 3 days and I'm scheduled as a Busser and a food runner. 2 positions I didn't apply for or train for. And these two positions are much much less money, 15$/hr with no tips. Yet I applied for 2 tipped positions. What are the legalities of this? Is this a false premise that I can sue for? Should I demand the correct job? Or should I just leave?
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2023.06.10 22:02 Electronic-Draw5599 Asking for hookup after 2nd date rejection?

33 (M) I went on a Hinge date in London with a girl on Tuesday night, had two drinks, I did some innocuous touching every now and then and I held her hand on the walk back to the train station. I wasn’t expecting to kiss but we just fell into a 30 second long make out before we parted ways, she said lovely to meet you etc.
I asked her out for a 2nd date the following morning and she didn’t see it working out romantically.
I might be bad at reading signals on a date, but did she just want to hookup on the first date and wasn’t being direct about it?
Anyway seeing there’s no relationship potential, do you reckon it’s worth asking her to hookup? I have a strong physical attraction to her, and we all have sexual needs.
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2023.06.10 22:00 Cameron_Blalock I was hired for one position at a reastraunt, yet they are scheduling me at a position I didn’t apply, Train or sign for. What are the legalities of this?

Howdy, I’m a 21 year old male in college, I live in Florida, I recently took a summer job at a high volume reastrunt for the summer as a ServeServer assistant. I interviewed for this position and was hired on the spot, I was supposed to do 4 days of days of training, but on my 4th day we were short staffed and they let me go on my own, as I have a few years of experience in doing this. As a server assistant I was assigned to a few tables that were assigned to me, and I was on tip share on that point. As the night is ending a manager asks me for my availability, to which i tell him to work me asmuch as possible, and his response was he can guarantee 5 days and if I ask for a 6th he can give it to me, but a minimum of 4 days a week, after this conversation he informs me to take the next 2 days off and I’ll get my schedule in 2 days. So, I get my schedule and I’m scheduled for 3 days and I’m scheduled as a Busser and a food runner. 2 positions I didn’t apply for or train for. And these two positions are much much less money, 15$/hr with no tips. Yet I applied for 2 tipped positions. What are the legalities of this? Is this a false premise that I can sue for?
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2023.06.10 21:53 ChaoticTransfer Ventilation shafts near the Antwerp Central train station

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2023.06.10 21:53 aSkep_ Hey !!! where is this ? Possibly a french train station

Hey !!! where is this ? Possibly a french train station
Hey, I've been staring at this picture for days and I can't figure out where it has been taken, I hope you'll be able to help me !
Thanks for searching !!!!
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2023.06.10 21:45 HareWarriorInTheDark Trip Report - 12 days in Tokyo, Disneysea, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka. Early 30s couple, late risers!

This sub helped me out a lot so thought I'd share my experience in Japan. Hope I can bring a bit of a different perspective because unlike most of the people that seem to post here, we are definitively not early risers and rarely left the hotel before 1pm every day. Still had a great time and crowds were only an issue in a few places.
We're an early 30s Asian-American couple traveling from Germany, so we're coming at this from a bit of an in-between of Western and Eastern perspective. I have been to Japan when I was 15 with family, but remember basically nothing. It was my wife's first time. We had an absolutely wonderful time and both thought it was the best vacation we've had in years.
The trip was pretty last minute (for my standards at least). I started planning the trip from scratch (no flights, hotels or anything booked) in early April and our trip was May 18-30. We spent 5 days in Tokyo including DisneySea, 2 nights in Hakone, 3 nights in Kyoto including day trip to Nara, and 1 night in Osaka. We flew in to Tokyo Narita and flew out of Osaka Itami. We decided to fly from Osaka to Tokyo instead of bullet train back to Tokyo so we didn't have to buy JR rail pass and worry about luggage.
Random Tips
Luggage Forwarding * I thought it was kind of expensive, but it does make things easier.- ○ Tokyo -> Hakone: 2310 yen- ○ Hakone to Kyoto: 2630 yen- ○ Kyoto -> Osaka: 1940 yen. * I feel like for that price you could take a taxi to and from your hotels to the train station and it wouldn't be much more work. There was plenty of space on the Shinkansen to put smaller checked luggage overhead. Then you don't have to prepack things the day before. * For the first leg Tokyo -> Hakone, we shipped two checked luggage which was about ~32 euros. After that we only shipped one, not two. * The middle ground we found was to designate one suitcase as souvenirs and dirty laundry and forwarded it every time. We would then travel with two carry-ons and one checked luggage. YMMV depending on your number of luggage and ease of carrying them.
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2023.06.10 21:41 newgirl222 Guy lasting a long time during sex ?

I 27yr old F) hate having to go to Reddit for advice or anything but here goes , I’ve been seeing this guy (28 M) for 2 months , we met at the gym & even tho we have been seeing each other for 2 months we had sec for the first time last night. We both have pretty busy schedules but we talk every day throughout the day , we train together at the gym almost every day , talk on the phone for hours , we’ve been on a few dates but wanted to get to know each other first before sleeping together with finally happened last night . i Can tell he genuinely really likes me and we have a great connection. We are both very active and healthy . We had an amazing date last night night & ended up in the back of his car and had sex, it was great , super passionate and loving except it took him awhile , i would say maybe 12 -15 min give or take to finish . Now i know a lot of guys can get frustrated bc women complain about guys finishing TOO quick, But I’ve seen and heard so many things about when a man takes a long time to finish it’s because he doesn’t really like the woman, that thought freaks me out and i know people would say to just talk to him but i was just wondering if any other men simply just take along time to finish even if they do really like the woman …
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2023.06.10 21:37 dogglesnake ChocoPro 316 🍫 Super Asia Championship: Hagane Shinno (c) VS Chie Koishikawa! EGG TART Collides, Tomorrow Morning at 4 am EDT, Live & Free on YouTube!

ChocoPro 316: Chie’s Challenge In order for EGG TART to become a true tag team, they must become equals. Instead of fighting as Guardian and Protected, they must face off! Tonight’s episode features the Best Bros battling the powerhouse pair, Shin finding himself comfortably among the upper echelons in a veteran tag bout, and Super Asia Champion Hagane Shinno puts his belt on the line to get his partner, Chie Koishikawa, on the same level as himself. Can the Frantic Fencer prove her worth? Let’s Go, ChocoPro! We might also see a wild Nonoka again, be prepared!
🍫 CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK! ChocoPro 316 🍫 Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) VS Miya Yotsuba & Tokiko Kirihara, Shin Suzuki & Minoru Fujita VS Masa Takanashi & Sayaka Obihiro, Super Asia Championship: Hagane Shinno (c) VS Chie Koishikawa! It airs TOMORROW at 4 am EDT / 1 am PDT / 9 am BST / 5 pm JST. Live and Free on YouTube!
This link will be updated with a direct one when available

Don't forget to Adjust Your Volume, Wrestling is Loud!

Change the stage, escape the normal! ChocoPro is built different. Find out why wrestlers like it so much: Find a new home on the bleeding edge. (This is not your regular wrestling show.) Join us for this episode, or check out the back catalog of 17 wonderful Seasons on the Gatoh Move ChocoPro YouTube channel...260+ episodes with stories and pro-wrestling like you've never seen. New to the promotion? It features a roster of skilled veterans, rising stars, and wonderful guests fighting in the ChocoPro Arena: Ichigaya Chocolate Square. Subscribe for more content than just the live matches! (AEW Watch Alongs, Discussions, Interviews, Food Challenges, etc) Even if you can't catch it live, don't sweat it! It will still be available on the channel.

Best Bros (Mei Suruga 🍎 & Baliyan Akki ♠️)


Miya Yotsuba 🍀 & Tokiko “Otoki” Kirihara 💃

Right There!

“Right There!” The Best Bros (Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki) are one of the top teams of Ichigaya (and beyond, for that matter). “Big Apple Girl” Mei Suruga & the Zephyr of Ichigaya, Baliyan Akki, are always focused on the next achievement. Mei Suruga is trick pin specialist, torture expert, and all around menace in the ring. She has fantastic technical ability, and while the known Goblin might be a...bit rotten...she is honestly one of the most gifted talents out there! While Mei is the Ace of Gatoh Move, Akki is the Ace of ChocoPro. Baliyan Akki sets the bar for quality in Ichigaya. With striking features to match his surgical striking in ring, effortless (and intensely impactful) high flying techniques that will take your breath away, and silky smooth submissions (that will take theirs!), Akki will engrave himself in your memory. While they might be the opener this time, it won’t be long until this elite team finds glory once again. Regardless of the challenge, the Ace & the Apple will always deliver!
The Powerhouse Pair reunites! Rookie supernova and Ichigaya’s Lucky Charm, Miya Yotsuba, has been dazzling viewers lately with her surprising level of skill and determination! The mint-geared Rookie has a full-power style that pumps up the audience. Her slams and modified versions of her goblin teacher’s skills are absolutely fantastic. She is always growing through challenges way beyond her current level, so this grim task will be yet another step in her rapid ascent. She’ll be once again aided by fellow heavy striking enthusiast Tokiko “Otoki” Kirihara! Otoki is ChocoPro’s “Comaneci” shouting straight forward fighter. She’s sometimes showing off her comedic chops along side Anton in several forms of Black Comaneci, but outside of that brutalizing foes is her bread and butter! This kick-boxing, Judo throwing, Fourth Gen berserker can go toe to toe with the rest of the roster: even her seniors! Putting these two together fuels their respective berserk states, so this should be a blast. Let’s go, Lucky Comaneci!

Shin Suzuki 🍙 & Minoru Fujita 🐦


Masa Takanashi 🍶 & Sayaka Obihiro 💙

Upper Echelons

Shin Suzuki has finally established himself among the best of the best in ChocoPro. This spunky technician found his true balance along side Choun Shiryu, but his overall power level has increased with his confidence. Expect his excellent fundamentals and incredible timing to lead this acrobat toward victory in any situation. While his ability is unquestionable, he will be testing that new attitude when taking on his ideal wrestler (who happens to be one of the champs he got the belt from!). Shin will be joined by Minoru Fujita, the exalted Vice Principle and fantastic pick up partner. Known for his accolades in singles, deathmatches, and especially tags (also his angelic singing voice), Fujita was once away from the Chocolate Square due to injury, but he’s finally back into the normal rotation! This bird loving brawler is still a terror with endless endurance...even if he looks a bit different now. His brawler style and high level of technicality make him a fierce (but also rotten) opponent. How will this rare pairing have improved with Shin’s rise to the top?
The Chef and the Drunk, together again! Sayaka Obihiro and Masa Takanashi are one of the most Veteran combinations you can get in ChocoPro! While both have been around since this new offshoot of Gatoh Move started, fate prevented them from teaming up often. (Also Obihiro being both a Chef and occasional member of the UMA Monster Invaders…) Obi is a charismatic scoundrel, able to do flashy pinning techniques that seem like magic. Her chops are on the same level as her boss and teacher, “the Oni” Emi Sakura! She brings with her a raw joy that is very engaging, and it helps that her move set is so flashy...not to mention that fiery gear! Masa on the other hand is pretty rotten, a counter-fighter with a knack for annoying his opponents. The Drunken Monkey's style is very technical and crisp, but he isn't afraid to go dirty! Don't be fooled by his laid back nature and swaying movements...Masa is a real threat. Between Masa's trickery and Obi's personality, this combination is a surefire thrill ride. Though Masa’s grudge about losing the belts in such a manner (due to Chrissy B’s injury) might lead to a bit more spice than you’re expecting...

Hagane Shinno ⚔️ (c)


Chie Koishikawa 🏵️


Winter is cold and unforgiving. Hagane Shinno represents that freezing season with more than just his icy demeanor! This absolutely brutal striker has been nearly invincible in the series so far, having never been bested in singles combat! His solemn ferocity makes him an instant favorite among new fans...(with Hagane surprising most with his exceptional technical skill, emotionless demeanor, and explosive fighting style) while his byronic nature pairs well with his otherworldly beauty (canonically, thanks Emi!). This mysterious eccentric perfectionist has come out of his shell quite a bit since he paired with Chie Koishikawa in EGG TART, the cheery energy machine having even drawn a smile out of him! Hagane has had a long career, one that has been guided by his own stubborn & unflinching decisions. Every action is decisive. Every decision is final. While his unwavering will is one of the things that aligns him the most with Chie, there is an issue. He has decided that if EGG TART is going to progress and become a true team on the same level, he must force Chie to grow out of the “protected” and stop being her Guardian. He has granted her a challenge for his Big Blue Belt to test her growth, to see if she is truly up to the task of true synergy. This forced increase in chemistry will be brutal, but fruitful for them both regardless of outcome.
Chie Koishikawa has endless energy, boundless potential, and a destiny beyond what any of us can fathom. But is she capable of seizing that unique strength? Her charisma is unquestionable, the Frantic Fencer warming the hearts of fans across the world with her emotional outbursts and reckless style. Her desire is rock solid, her passion burning out of her far beyond what her body can take (even giving the former tag champions one of their greatest defenses). But there will always be another Mountain to climb. Baliyan Akki learned this when it came for him, but even Akki possesses something Chie does not: perfect synergy with his tag partner. Chie wants to ascend, she wants to be able to bring down stronger opponents both on her own and as a team with Hagane. But all of their battles have ended with her being the weak link, the downfall of the team. She has been training harder and harder, pushing herself further and further...but is it enough? Chie has finally earned a Super Asia Title shot, but in a unique way: She must prove herself in this match to be her Guardian’s equal. To stand beside him, instead of behind him. She will need to push beyond her limitations to succeed, to reach that next level. Chie must find a way to strike down a superior foe, to at least bring herself to be able to stand proud against him. Will her speed striking be enough? Can she outrun the cold? Can she find a way to harness her hidden talent of “too much energy”?
Good luck, Chie!
Come and see the wild creativity that produced Two of the Seven AEW Women's World Champions! (Both of which have appeared on ChocoPro!) You'll be wondering if you're seeing future champs, as well. ChocoPro is the Frontier of Pro Wrestling! Match after match of hard hitting, chaotic, fun bouts with a friendly online audience. We're quickly growing, and you're welcome to come along!
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

“What is this?”

ChocoPro is a free online promotion run by AEW's Emi Sakura, that takes place in the legendary Ichigaya Chocolate Square! It features a steady pace of live Episode releases, fan interaction, season long story arcs, and much more! A place where the turnbuckles are replaced with 14th floor windows, the ropes are often replaced with fans, unforgiving walls provide creative avenues for skills otherwise unthinkable, and you can take solace in knowing that the referees usually do nothing. While it might be a shocking change at first, the intensity and storytelling will leave you wanting more.

“Why are they fighting in ____?”

Short answer is that it is a cost effective, unique venue with a better availability schedule and allows the roster access for training. Emi Sakura has been using this place for a long time, and you might be surprised at some of the names that have used it (even outside of ChocoPro!). There are a few in-ring Episodes and Gatoh Move has in ring shows with crowds on the YouTube channel. Think of it like the Hart Dungeon but as a promotion, if that helps!

”What are the rules?”

While special match stipulations will usually be explained before the respective matches, the general rules of ChocoPro are simple. Pins only count on the Chocolate Mat and are not broken by the edge or Wall. Submissions usually only count on the Chocolate Mat, and ARE broken by reaching the edge or wall (sometimes ceiling...). Double pins and Double submissions are legal (and encouraged) in ChocoPro Tag matches, meaning cohesive teams will always have the advantage! Count Outs only exist if specified, since many matches stray from the comfort of the Chocolate Square into the streets (and the rest of the building itself!) There is a Time Limit for each bout (based on card placement and importance) and the Referee has discretion (even if they tend to do nothing most of the time!). Every Ref is different, some have different levels of bias and speed.

“How can I support them?”

Watch the show! Even if you can't see it live, the views matter! Like & Subscribe! You can join the Channel's membership for different tiers of perks...but also, you can buy single episode Sponsorship, Digital autographed photos, and more on their shop site as well as purchase shirts from PWTees (which features some great options!) If you'd like to donate or purchase a main wall sponsorship, you can via Paypal or Patreon...and don't forget to cheer for your favorites! (especially if you want to do a superchat!)

”How come there aren’t a lot of comments on the threads?”

ChocoPro is a YouTube show, meaning the discourse happens the chat! Those that comment in the threads on here tend to do so in order to help new viewers that might be intimidated by the fast moving chat. Don’t be afraid to just dive in though, the community is friendly.

“Why are you posting this here? / Are you paid for this?”

This is a wrestling forum, and I'm trying to broaden the horizons of others! There is a lot of good wrestling out there...Plus growing the fan base means more people for me to joke around with! I honestly do believe this is what a lot of fans are looking for, even if it is too different for some! But different tastes are good. Variety is the spice of life. This is a labor of love (it really doesn't take that long) considering how much work they do to put on so many shows...for free!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me on here or on Twitter, where I’m somehow still sick! ChocoPro is Energetic!
Season Tracker: We're 16/18 into Season 18! (Each Season is usually around 18 episodes)
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2023.06.10 21:34 Sufficient-War-3399 New Album Just Dropped And IDK How To Make It Do The Best I Can. Streams have been going up though so I'm grateful.

What's Good guys. My name is Aarxn & I've been making beats now for just over 6 years & releasing my own songs for just over 2 years now. I posted the first song I ever made in 2020 & since then I haven't slowed down.

I just released a Side A to my album with 15 songs & I've been trying to think of different, unique ways to promote my stuff and maybe find the right ears for my drop. Rather than the usual, like; posting 100 videos a week of the same song to TikTok and Instagram in hopes of one going viral... or emailing / Dm'ing dozens, if not hundreds of different radio stations or playlist curators.

I have plenty scheduled for the future and have also been working hard on getting things out more frequently this year. I feel like because music has helped me so much through life and helped me get past things I don't think I would have without it, that I just get a little bit delusional sometimes, but not in a bad way. I feel like because I know I'm doing what I want and I am actually releasing and getting some results but sometimes I can't help but feel like I am too confident. I know I will make it but how many rappers, artists or even comedians feel like they're going to make it no matter what and just don't. I can't allow myself to lose at a game I made myself a part of. Weird game I play
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2023.06.10 21:33 FinnBalur1 A private high school in Toronto cheated me out of my pay by disputing my online teaching hours. Any idea how to go about this?

I signed with this school on May 8th, as a high school English teacher, after quitting a 10-month contract job that I had and that ensured me EI for July and August and even sickdays and holiday. I switched over for a couple dollar hourly wage increase. So, I work this new job, and they paid me less than half of what I'm entitled to get on May 20th. I complained, and so they stalled for weeks and made promises to rectify it on the next payroll period. June 6th comes, and the pay is wrong again. So, I complain again, and at this point they are bouncing me between each other: "go to him," "email her," "do this," "do that." They said I was an independent contractor, not entitled to holiday or sick days, or even paystubs. I am teaching OLC4O to their students, a course the kids need to graduate high school. They gave me timetables and I do online + in-person for them.
They are saying the reason this is a problem is because I did not record my online teaching using Adobe. The issue is my schedule was really busy, and they didn't train me on it. I expressed to them many times I was having technical difficulties with it. The vice-principal even referred me to a person I can email and their response was "we don't have experience with macs, but here's a [very unhelpful] link." I finally got it to work on my own, outside contract hours, but now I keep asking to get paid for my unpaid work (29 hours), and i am getting the run around. I threatened them with the Ministry of Labour but they don't seem to care, even ignoring my emails. I literally have an email from them saying "we will compensate you on the next paycheque," and a message from my VP with a photo of my timetable. But they don't care. I would have quit earlier but I believed them and said "okay, my money will arrive soon" as they stalled for time. Now I'm financially drained.
I'm filing a complaint with the ministry of labour, but it might take time to process and it's not guaranteed. An agent on the phone told me they may have misclassified me (as an independent contractor), and that it didn't make sense. A friend who used to work for EI told me to get a sick leave doctor's note for the anxiety this has caused me and apply to EI, but I think as an independent contractor I may not be entitled to sick leave EI, or even regular teacher EI.
I don't know what options I have at this stage, but I feel helpless.
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2023.06.10 21:25 _LordV_ Commute Capacity & Commuter Station

For whatever reason I’m struggling to understand how to use the commuter station I have one, and I’ve added "train rail" to another "edge"of my city map and haven’t seen the 10K housing increase. Thanks for any helpful responses.
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2023.06.10 21:24 Ninety9CentCornbread Advice

Hello everyone. I’m a 24 year old from Austin, TX wanting to apply for the Austin Fire Academy next year. I have some doubts, and questions and would love to get some feedback and opinions.
First some background:
I have wanted to be a firefighter my whole life. As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the thrilling career that allows you to help others and play a key role in serving your community. I gave up on this dream eventually. When I was growing up my family struggled with money hard, my mom always put pressure on me to grow up to become successful in the white collar world as a result. I wasn’t the best student in school but once I graduated high school I really tried to make her proud and become successful. I spent 4 and a half years taking online classes and teaching myself what I needed to know to secure a solid job in tech and now I have what I worked so hard for. A high paying job, working from home doing digital marketing. But I don’t feel satisfied. At this point, I’m 24 years old and I’m not enjoying the career I thought would be the answer to all my problems. Now every time I pass a fire station I can’t help but think about my original dream job I had as a kid. Because I was always told firefighters don’t make a good living, and that was made to be very important to me as a kid, I gave up. But now I am wanting to join the fire academy next year, God willing.
I do have a concern seeing as firefighting is an extremely competitive industry to get started in. Is it worth putting an end to my high paying tech career in order to follow my dream of fighting fires? I would say so, but it only would be worth it if I was successful in getting hired. I recently read that only 5% of cadets successfully secure a department job. And that has me worried. Is there any advice you guys have to try and help my chances of getting in the Austin Fire Academy and getting hired by the department afterwards? Would you recommend risking the marketing job I currently hold, even though the chances of me becoming a firefighter may be slim?
I am 5’ 7”, 135 lbs and in decent shape, with plenty of time to train over the next year to get my physique and stamina to where they need to be. But I also have a history of childhood asthma, and I had a fairly intrusive surgery on my ankle when I was in high school. The ankle injury doesn’t stop me from doing things now, I can still run, jump, I play basketball and skateboard. But I do feel pain in it, I don’t let it hold me back, but it’s there. The docs told me I’d most likely feel that pain regardless and so I try to never let it hold me back. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t able to do something because of my ankle, but the pain is there. Will that disqualify me you think?
Do you guys think this injury or my asthma history would make it more difficult for me to get hired? Do I have a chance? Should I risk my career in order to peruse what I really want to do? Will my lack of experience in firefighting/emt training or certs be an issue as I apply for the cadet program?
I’ll happily take any other advice you guys and gals wouldn’t mind sharing with me as I take on this new challenge would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you, just be honest with me. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.10 21:23 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

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  1. Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads) Training
Learn the differences between the networks and how to successfully expand to Microsoft Ads Network (,,, and more.)
  • How to import properly (don’t use a weekly auto-import)
  • What you can do in Microsoft Ads that you can’t do in Google Ads
  • Optimizing inside Microsoft Ads based on THEIR data
  • Targeting options and setups unique to Microsoft Ads
  1. Mastering Campaign Targeting Options
Learn which targeting methods make the most sense for profitable ads for different industries, business types, budgets, and goals.
  • Expert tactics for RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
  • Proper setup/optimizing for DSA campaigns
  • Advanced local campaign Targeting/Setup/Optimizing
  • How to actually make broad match keywords profitable or when to avoid them
  1. Advanced Stuff for Advanced People
For marketing professionals and ad agencies, this is the expert training for professionals with as much experience as us, but could always learn something new!
  • How to fix automated bidding that IS NOT doing what it’s supposed to do (has no volume, very high cpcs, no conversions, bad ROAS, etc.)
  • Complex optimizing for Device, Day, Hour, City, Country, State with or without manual bidding when needed
  • Properly running test campaigns and primary campaigns correctly (for testing those broad keyword ideas that “may” work for top-of-funnel targeting for large budget accounts)
  • Setup and optimizing LARGE budget accounts (targeting all stages of the funnel, micro-conversions, etc.)
  • Optimizing, expanding, and finding new ideas for accounts you’ve been running for years
  1. Beginner Foundations
If you have no experience, that’s ok! We have extra training for getting started with Google Ads.
  • Intro to Google Ads, How to Setup Account
  • Intro to Campaigns, Keywords, Ads, Ad Extensions, Negative Keywords and More
  • Dashboard Walkthrough – How to Navigate Google Ads
  • How to Monitor the Right Metrics and Ignore Useless Ones (How to Change the Columns Inside Google Ads)
  • Basic Optimization for Beginners – campaigns, keywords, ads, a/b testing ads, ad groups, etc.
  1. Bonus Training
Plenty of extra bonus to cover everything you need for PPC ad success! Get our agency’s best resources for running profitable campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Expert Landing Page Training
  • Advanced PPC Call Tracking Software (Not Inside Google Ads)
  • Google Analytics Tracking and Setup
  • Our Agency Tools – Expert Ads Framework & Cheat Sheet
  • Our Agency Tools – Most Used Negative Keywords: Premade List
  • Our Agency Tools – Top Cities and States Lists (For Negatives Keywords)
Additional Training for Google Display Ads
Our Display Ads Masterclass teaches expert strategies for expanding into the Google Display Network with maintaining profit and avoiding low-quality clicks and bad leads.
  • Learn How PPC Ad Agencies Scale DISPLAY Profits Fast
  • Display Ad Strategies for ROI & Removing Low Quality Website Clicks
  • Best Strategies for Targeting Audiences, Content, and Winning Combos
  • Advanced Remarketing Strategies – Go Beyond the Basic Setup
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel Display Targeting Secrets
  • Beginner to Expert Level Display Ads Training
  • Display Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist
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2023.06.10 21:15 StrongLeave7671 [EU] DEADLIFE LOOKING FOR RIFLE/STAR PLAYER 2.2K TEAM

We are a dedicated team looking to go pro after a lot of hard work! we are currently looking for highly skilled players in the UK/EU, As a Team we have training most days and work off a schedule for scrims, map training and more. So if you are looking for a serious and dedicated team please add me on steam and contact me asap!
• Minimum Of 3000 Hours!
• Faceit level 10+
• Age 17 - 24
• EU Central/West
• Roles Deadlife NEED: We are looking for a Rifle/STAR player to create space for our team!
• 4/5 Days a week Required. (from 6pm BST - 11pm BST)
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2023.06.10 21:09 tehohenu Train Station Buddy

Train Station Buddy submitted by tehohenu to jumpingspiders [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 21:03 Anexplorersnb Pressure washing and window cleaning technician $20 starting.

Window Cleaning/Pressure Washing Tech
Time Machine ATX was voted Austin's Best of the Best Home Washing Company in 2020! Our services include Driveway Washing, House Wash Roof Wash, Solar Panel Cleaning, Stone Washing, Wood Restoration, Deck Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Window Washing.
This is not your typical 9-5 desk job! We are looking for a hardworking independent individual to join our team.
Our goal is to have as much fun at work as possible while providing excellent customer service, and a unique skill-set to our customers. We operate in a non-hierarchical work setting that requires excellent self-management skills and a strong, mature work ethic.
We offer:
On the Job Paid Training Ability to Learn a Skilled Trade Earn up to $22 per hour W2 work!! Fun, Safe working environment. Specific responsibilities:
Perform residential pressure washing services Perform other home and commercial services as necessary Keep company equipment properly serviced, clean, and in good working order and condition No experience is necessary but prior experience in any of our service categories is a plus M-F Availability, Rare Overnight, 2 Saturday’s a month, and Traveling. To apply, you must have:
Physical ability to lift 50 pounds or more Willing and able to work up to 32' on a ladder The ability to work in the Texas heat, understanding that this work is mainly outside and is physical labor. Flexible Schedules Must have a mobile phone and access to email Own a reliable vehicle for commuting in to 78704 Job Type: Part-time
Salary: training starts at $20 an hour, fully trained technicians get bumped to $22 an hour. Five days paid off per year after six months of employment.
Pm me for more details!
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2023.06.10 21:01 Patient-Challenge-46 Laid off, need feedback please

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2023.06.10 20:57 Skogsmard Old player getting back into the game after 4 year hiatus: Has the behavior of vanilla metros changed substantially, or is the Metro Overhaul Mod (or my inexperience with it) to blame for my "problems"?

I recently started playing a little bit after not having played at all for the last 4 years, and I haven't bothered with any DLC since Mass Transit (released in 2017). I was recommended to wipe my content manager of old stuff and start over due to compatibility issues and was then pointed to an essentials mod collection.
Among many other things, it included the Metro Overhaul Mod. Some were things I recognize from back in the day (TM:PE & Timboh's collection etc.), while others were new, at least to me. It was mostly smooth sailing until I started playing around with setting up a metro system. I get very frustrated by the complexity of, and the metro system's behavior, once I unlocked it.
First and foremost, the new default depth seems to be about -15m (I believe it was/is shallower before/in vanilla), and now the metro tunnels seem to interfere with other train and road tunnels whereas IIRC it didn't use to do that as it was at a default depth that let it pass under surface roads, but just above (or under, can't recall which) road tunnels located at -12m.
Could you let me know whether these problems are due to the mod (or my inexperience with it), or if these are a result of changes to how Metro behaves in vanilla C:S today?
From what I recall, making a metro system was as simple as: Plop down your station type(s) of choice where you wanted them. Connect stations with tunnels (which by default were on their own 'depth', only needing to avoid other metro lines). Draw the lines and stops. Done.
Now, it just, isn't. What changed? Is it the mod I am using, or the vanilla behavior of the metro transport type in the vanilla game?
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2023.06.10 20:52 MindTheMap Trains go by on a ramp inside the station at Mirabeau Métro station in Paris

Trains go by on a ramp inside the station at Mirabeau Métro station in Paris submitted by MindTheMap to Subways [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:45 MindTheMap I made a detour (and a video) to Mirabeau Métro station in Paris - The Métro trains go by on a ramp inside the station

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2023.06.10 20:40 Grand-Earth2594 is artificial intelligence good for society?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in the tech world for a while now, and it’s no surprise why. AI has the potential to revolutionize a vast array of industries, from healthcare to finance, and everything in between. However, with all great power comes great responsibility. The rapid advancement of AI technology has brought about concerns around its impact on society. In this article, we’ll explore both the advantages and disadvantages of AI and ultimately answer the question: Is artificial intelligence good for society?
The potential benefits of AI are vast and far-reaching. One of the most significant advantages of AI technology is its ability to improve efficiency and productivity. For instance, in the healthcare industry, AI-powered machines can diagnose diseases more accurately and faster than human doctors, leading to better treatment outcomes. Additionally, AI is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by improving automation in factories and warehouses, reducing the need for human labor, and improving product quality.
Another advantage of AI is its ability to make our lives easier and more convenient. Devices like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home use AI to understand and respond to voice commands, making it easier to accomplish tasks like playing music, setting reminders, or ordering groceries. AI-powered virtual assistants are also becoming more prevalent in the workplace, allowing employees to offload mundane tasks like scheduling meetings or answering emails, freeing up more time to focus on more critical tasks.
Despite the many potential advantages of AI, there are also valid concerns about the negative impact of the technology on society. One of the most significant concerns is the potential for job displacement. As AI systems become more advanced, they are starting to encroach on jobs traditionally done by humans. For example, self-driving cars may eliminate the need for taxi and truck drivers, and manufacturing robots may replace factory workers. This could lead to significant unemployment and economic hardship for those who lose their jobs.
Another disadvantage of AI is the potential for bias and discrimination. AI systems are only as unbiased as the data they are trained on. If the training data has inherent bias or discrimination, the AI system will replicate and even magnify that bias. This has already been seen in instances where facial recognition systems have shown bias against people of color, and AI-powered hiring tools have shown bias against women. If left unchecked, these biases could perpetuate and exacerbate societal inequalities.
In conclusion, it is clear that the advantages and disadvantages of AI are complex and far-reaching. While the potential benefits of AI technology are vast, we must consider the potential negative impacts on society. It is up to us as a society to ensure that AI is developed and implemented in an ethical and responsible manner, with safeguards in place to prevent any negative consequences. With careful consideration and implementation, AI has the potential to revolutionize our world for the better.
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