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2023.06.10 06:12 lemonpeelingwhore Burrowing?

Howdy! I’ve noticed that my girl (2.5 years, about 4 feet long) has been burrowing recently. While I find it somewhat amusing seeing my little idiot ran her head into her substrate and make herself some tunnels along the walls of her enclosure, I am a little concerned because ball pythons aren’t known to burrow.
Her humidity is consistently 70-75% and her cool side sits at 26°C and her warm side at 32°C. Substrate is a layer of coco fibre then a bunch of forest floor. She has plenty of enrichment in her tank (both draping and free standing fake plants, smooth rocks, a bamboo wine rack to climb, hammock, etc). I bring her out at least once a week for further enrichment. She also has three full hides and a couple of logs.
Is there a concern I’m missing? Could she possibly just be a silly goose that likes to dig?
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2023.06.10 06:11 docdoc5 RPDR Randomized Era 4: Season 10, Episode 4 (The Last Ball on Earth)

The queens walk back into the werkroom after Akashia's elimination.

Processing img e8rq6hr8834b1...
Orion talks about entering the werkroom and how the tension between Robbie and Rock can be felt after their disagreement in the previous Untucked.

The queens then all gather around and Akashia's mirror message as Elliott reads it to the group before cleaning the mirror. Jan mentions to Elliott that she thinks she did a really great job in the lip sync to which Elliott mentions that she really thought that it should've been Rock up for elimination and not her. Elliott goes on to say that she felt that Rock was a weaker team leader and that should've accounted for something. Robbie jumps in again to mention that she said all that she needed to say to Rock in Untucked but the fact remains that the judges loved her idea and that if Rock stepped it up more that their ad would've been successful. Rock rolls her eyes before walking away saying that she is more than ready to send them all home.

In her confessional, Monica laughs and says that she hopes the other girls continue being distracted by one another and take each other out.

The queens start to separate and go through their de-dragging processes. Jade shares with Kerri and Monica how she really wants to land in the top for a challenge this coming week but it seems the judges haven't been featuring her so far. Monica tells her that her only goal is to continue to show the growth from her earlier season so that she can show that she is ready for the crown. Kerri agrees and tells Jade that she should focus on doing her best and showing the judges a range of talents and that will take her to the end.

The queens reenter the werkroom and talk about what they think will be coming their way.

In her confessional, Kandy talks about how she thinks its still too early to call a front runner and that makes her want to win a challenge even more.

The queens all gather around the table and discuss the challenges so far. Kerri points out that each of the challenges have been won by different queens: Orion, Marcia, and Jaymes and goes on to say that she will be adding her name to the list with the coming week. Kandy then asks the group if there was anyone else that could've won the last challenge and what people's thoughts are about that. Jaymes mentions that she really thought that Robbie did a good job and we see Rock roll her eyes about this. Just then they then hear the siren announcing their RuMail.

Following Ru's message, RuPaul enters the werkroom.

Processing img x489dxb2834b1...
Ru tells the girls about the mini challenge. She explains that the queens will need to perfect the art of the celebrity photobomb! Ru goes on to say that the girls will get into quick drag and insert themselves into famous shots. She then sends the queens to get into quick drag. One by one the queens all arrive for their photoshoots. Each of them are shown in their ridiculous quick drag posing in scenarios. After all the queens have performed Ru announces that the winner of the mini challenge is...

Kerri Colby!

Following this, RuPaul tells the queens about their next maxi challenge. She talks about how climate change is impacting the ice caps and what they will do is throw a ball! Ru tells them that they will be competing in The Last Ball on Earth! Ru tells them that they will need to serve three looks:

- Alaskan Winter Realness a fun in the sun look
- Miami Summer Realness something furry to combat the freezing temperatures
- Martian Eleganza Extravaganza a glamour couture look that will slay on their new home planet!

Jan talks about how exciting it is to have the ball happening so early in the competition and that she hopes it is a chance to really show what she has to offer.

Ru then leaves the teams to start preparing for their runway presentations.

When Ru leaves the werkroom, the queens all gather their materials for their constructed look and begin creating their garments.

We see Kandy and Kerri working at a station near each other as they begin making their looks. Kerri talks to Kandy about how she knows she is going to look great but that she really wants to wow the judges with the look that she creates. She explains to Kandy the look that she has planned and Kandy asks her how she is going to bring space into it. Kerri gets a little stumbled up with this question and it makes Kandy crack up. Kandy warns her that she doesn't want Kerri to go home and that she thinks she should make sure that she is making something that fits the brief.

In her confessional, Kerri talks about how she knows that there is some truth to what Kandy is saying but that she still feels like she should play to her strengths and do what would look good on her.

On the other side of the werkroom, we see Monica chatting with Jan as they work on their constructions. Jan shares with Monica her concerns with her safe placements each week. She tells Monica that she knows that it is still early on in the competition but that she really wants to impress with what she is creating this week. Monica tells her that this is what is the hardest part of the competition, because all the girls are gunning for the attention of the judges and they will only hone in on one of them.

Rock is shown feverishly working on her look on her own. We see many of the queens looking on when she continues to add more and more accessories to the look.

Marcia mentions that she can't help but cringe while she watches because it's almost like she wants her look to get worse with each thing she adds to it.

Orion tries to talk to Rock to give her feedback about how her look is turning out. Rock doubles down and says that she thinks it really speaks to the theme of the category and that she wants the look to be out of this world. Orion looks worried but allows Rock to continue down her path.

Just then, Ru re-enters the werkroom for her walkthroughs with the queens. She is shown talking with Elliott, Robbie, Jaymes, and Jade in direct conversations. In her conversation with Elliott, Ru brings up how her previous construction went over well. She adds that Elliott was just in the bottom two and asks if Elliott feels that will impact her performance with this challenge. Elliott shares that she feels good going into this challenge because she knows that she can create a cohesive look and has some good ideas for where to go with her Martian look.

In her confessional, Elliott shares that she thinks if the other queens are counting her out just because she was in the bottom two last week that they will be making a mistake.

Ru then moves on to chat with Robbie about the upcoming challenge. Robbie shows her where she is so far with her design and Ru is unimpressed. Ru goes on to tell her that the other girls are going to be gunning for the top spot in each of the challenges and that she thinks that what Robbie is doing isn't something that will stand out and that she really wants her to put her best foot forward with the challenge. Ru leaves her by stating that her last construction challenge landed her in the bottom three and that she really wants to see growth from that challenge in regard to what she does with this ball. Robbie tells her that she is going to take that into account and really not hold anything back.

Ru moves on to chat with Jaymes. In their conversation, Ru revisits her great performance in the previous challenge and asks Jaymes if she feels any pressure to keep up the momentum. Jaymes jokes about how she is in a constant state of fight or flight and goes on to joke around and makes Ru cackle. Jaymes then mentions that she has always created looks for herself so she feels like she can do something really strong with this challenge and shares some of her ideas with Ru. Ru tells her that she is really looking forward to seeing what more Jaymes will do, especially in this challenge.

Ru is finally shown chatting with Jade about this challenge. Ru tells Jade that she hasn't been in the top so far and asks her what she plans to do with this challenge to change that. Jade tells her that it is something that she has been thinking about and that she knows it is still early in the competition but that she is planning to really wow the judges this week. Ru asks her specifically how she plans to do this, to which Jade doesn't really have an answer. Ru tells her that she wants her to not get too in her head and that when she realized how talented she is then everything else will fall into place.

In her confessional, Jade mentions that she can't help but really focus on slaying the challenge and that she won't apologize for that.

As the queens are getting ready for the main stage presentations, Robbie and Rock have another disagreement after Kandy asks the group how they all feel about the looks that they have created. Robbie mentions that there is a clear look where a queen doesn't understand the need to edit and makes eyes over towards Rock. When Rock responds, Robbie just mentions that she is being real and telling her what everyone else is thinking.

RuPaul takes to the runway and welcomes everyone to the main stage and introduces the guest judges Logan Browning and Tisha Campbell-Martin. She explains that for this week's challenge the queens were tasked with turning out three looks for the Last Ball on Earth!

The queens all begin their runway presentation with their Alaskan Winter looks. We see a lot of body looks with the queens as they show off their swimsuits. We see particularly strong looks in this category from Kandy, Monica, Kerri, Jaymes, and Orion.

The queens then turn the corners in their Miami Summer looks. The queens all bundle up with their furry winter-themed looks. We see particularly strong looks from Monica, Jan, Kerri, Jaymes, and Orion.

The queens all walk the runway in their galactic-inspired constructed looks.
RuPaul announces that Kandy Muse, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Jan, Kerri Colby and Elliott with 2 Ts are all safe and that they may return backstage to untuck.

The critiques then begin.

Michelle starts with Monica and tells her that she really stepped up this week. She tells her that unlike the other queens she felt that she had some of the biggest makeup changes with her looks and that each of her looks were well fitted and proved her strong taste level. Logan Browning agrees and tells her that she thinks she is so pretty to look at and that she loved watching what she did on the runway.

Ross moves on to Rock and tells her that he had higher hopes for what she was going to bring to the runway. He tells her that she is such an imaginative queen but that each of her looks were too predictable and none of them were actually well fitted. He goes on to add that her final look seemed to be all over the place and needed to be edited. Logan Browning tells her that she was confused with her final look because she didn't see it as Martian and that there were just too many pieces to it.

Michelle then talks to Jaymes and tells her she was her favorite of the night. She tells her that she can tell that Jaymes gets deep into character when she hits the runway and she connected with the characters that she displayed on top of the fact that the looks were all homeruns. Tisha Campbell-Martin agrees and adds that she thinks that she knows who she is as a queen and definitely knows how to portray it through a look and that she loved everything she did on the runway.

Ross then talks with Robbie and tells her that she wasn't at the top of her game with this challenge. He adds that her constructed look was a safe thought that wasn't even well made. Logan Browning tells her that she had an issue with the wigs that she chose to wear. She gives her feedback to think about her look from the heel of her shoe all the way to the wig she puts on her head.

Ross tells Orion that he loves the way she styles her looks and that the other girls should take note of this. He tells her that each of her runway looks are a story and that all he wants to do is read it. Tisha Campbell-Martin gushes over how beautiful she thinks Orion is. She goes on to tell her that she couldn't take her eyes off of her and that she thinks that the look she made was so well tailored that it almost looks bought.

Michelle ends the critiques with Jade and tells her she really wanted to enjoy her runways but that there was a something missing from each of them. She goes on to say that she doesn't want her to fade into the background but that she just didn't stack up to her competitors this week for her. Tisha Campbell-Martin tells her that she agrees with Michelle in that she didn't find Jade to be particularly memorable and that if she wants to be a superstar she is going to have to wear her talent on her sleeve and that she didn't see her doing that tonight.

Ru then sends the queens to the back while the judges deliberate.
The queens return from untucking backstage.

RuPaul then goes on to announce her decisions.

She announces that....

Processing img qcoi56rh524b1...
Jaymes Mansfield is the winner of the challenge!

Processing img 9npyb9yg524b1...
Jaymes celebrates her win and goes on to say that she hopes the other queens start to realize that she is a threat and that they should take her seriously.

RuPaul tells Monica and Orion that they both did a great job as well and that all three queens can step to the back.

She then speaks to Rock, Jade and Robbie.

She announces that Jade is safe. She thanks the judges and walks to the back to join the other queens.

Robbie Turner and Rock M Sakura are in the bottom two and up for elimination. Both queens look determinedly towards the judges.

Processing img 52dazy6b524b1...

Processing img 97sox1k7524b1...
Rock mentions that she is devastated she is up for elimination but that if there was anyone that she wanted to send home it would be Robbie.

Processing img hwjdq2k6524b1...
Robbie states that it is likely karma that brought her to be up against Rock in this lip sync but that won't end well for Rock because she isn't going anywhere.

RuPaul announces that the time has come for them to lip sync for their lives. They had to prepare a lip-sync performance to the song Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj.

Good luck and don't FUCK it up!

The lip-sync is entertaining. Both queens put their frustrations with one another into their performance and really turn up the heat. Rock goes between being comedic in her performance to being sexy and fierce. Robbie builds with the energy of the song and gets a lot of laughs from her interpretation of the song. Rock's garment is shedding pieces all over the stage and Robbie uses it as a gag in her performance.

The lip sync ends and RuPaul announces...

Robbie Turner... shantay you stay

Rock M Sakura... sashay away

The queens clap for Rock as she departs the main stage and delivers her exit line.

10 Queens Remain...


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2023.06.10 06:10 youraveragestoner36 36[M4A] Online : Seeking fellow alt/goth, anime nerds to maybe sesh and vibe with. 😊🖤

In order to avoid wasting anyone's time, I'll just say that I'm seeking someone to talk to in a completely platonic way(no scope of anything more atm), and I get along better with other 420 friendly people, Before anyone decides to judge me, I use cannabis for my pain and mental health stuff(fibromyalgia and other stuff). So if you're not down with that, we might not get along 🤷🏻‍♂️.
I'm very nerdy, have way too many hobbies, a couple of tats, got my first piercing this week and I'm loving itttttt 😁, I also love everything black, cooking and baking, along with photography being my favorite hobbies. Obsessed with space, astronomy and a little astrophotography. I'm very much an emo /alt kinda guy with long hair, a third culture kid, and I have eclectic tastes overall. Houseplants are also a huge part of my life and I'm just about to start growing my own "herb" as well within a week or two 😁. I'm also not interested in politics or religion at all... My end goal is to move to Europe and homestead in the next 10 years (currently in NA).
I tend to be very picky about those I talk to, coz stressful, negative and toxic people cause stress which triggers my fibro... So basically no sarcasm, flirting, trauma dumping or crossing any kind of boundaries. I'll respect yours as long as mine are too(I usually prefer backing off politely instead of causing drama). I'm single, but you don't have to be, just be upfront about your situation and well be fine. I'm not here looking for therapy or help with MH stuff, just people understanding of the fact that some days I may not be around but some days I will talk your ear off 😅. Currently unemployed on a passive income, but looking to get back into something part time from home if I don't end up on long term... Such is life 🤷🏻‍♂️.
I'm open to vc, or watching stuff on disc as well if we get along. My only deal breaker is that please don't be needy / greedy for my time, let's be chill if either of us needs space and we'll have no problems getting along long term 😊. Bonus points if you're a stoner who's into anime and rock music 😂. For now doing a rerun of my hero academia (on s1 rn) 😁.
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2023.06.10 06:09 Late-Acanthaceae-825 Hello I'm known as Kujo The Wicked

I'm a underground horrorcore Numetal/rap artist . I have over 70 songs made and available only on my YouTube channel. Search Kujo The Wicked to find me. It's the channel with 97 subscribers. Im often told by my fans I have a unique unheard style of horrorcore. I'm not trying to be like ICP TWIZTID or anyone else that's in the horrorcore genre. I'm doing things my way I'll never be what I consider copycats or just completely doing the same thing as everyone else. Below is the origin story of Kujo The Wicked
In the beginning before the big bang before anything else existed 2 beings appear from the unknown one. these 2 beings are God and Kujo but neither of them know who appeared first. Kujo being extremely creative funny and how to make god laugh and how to entertain them both became the 1st jester he was god's only friend He provided laughter and joy to the angels when God created them and heaven. God one day decided humanity when he created them that they needed KuJo more than heaven, and sent KuJo to earth. Little did God know how humanity hearts and minds and souls are evil violent destructive selfish sadistic beings the flaw in gods creation his first failure. Humanity tortured mutilated corrupted KuJo till he lost his heart soul and mind his true name lost to insanity. Humanity turned a entity of pure joy and laughter, to a entity of pure insanity,rage, and chaos. KuJo only remembers he was jester but now he tortures tricks kills devours humanity. God felt so sorry for his friend that he couldn't destroy him no matter how evil he's become. To punish humanity God let's KuJo do whatever he wants to. Only thing he did to KuJo was banned him from ever returning to heaven. Knowing if KuJo was allowed back it would be the destruction of heaven. KuJo since he turned into a formless entity of pure insanity rage and Chaos has caused mankind to commit it's most horrible acts. KuJo is behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to prove to God how bloodthirsty humanity is. he's behind the fall of empires worlds and galaxies he can create his own realities for his victims. he often takes the form of a demon to mess with christians. he will possess a human just to make it's seem like a legit Demonic possession just to watch a preacher fail at everything to save the host just all just for a laugh. he's behind major wars humanity has fought just for his entertainment cause he was bored. he lives in a place he created called the black Abyss it's a place where no light can penetrate complete darkness except for the faint glow of a black star.he brings some if his victims here to be turn into things like him but they're expendable. it's the one place KuJo calls home and feels sane for only he can see within the realm and that of the carnivorous creatures that feed opon the victims of Kujo games that are taken to the abyss. the creatures look like a mix between a dire wolf and dragon and they're the only thing Kujo feel loves for and they're extremely brutal predators he created and are extremely loyal to Kujo. the people he brings to this realm. are hunted by them but it's for a purpose. once Kujo has you in the black abyss your driven insane by being brutally hunted and devoured, only to awaken and being hunted again. Kujo tortures his victims here by mentally physically and emotionally and spiritually with horrific tricks and games all design to turn you into a ENTITY like Kujo your former self to become a personality trait of Kujos mind. Within the black Abyss it's like earth there water grass trees even houses but his victims can't see but a few inches ahead of them. he does all this to turn them to make them become bloodthirsty savage demon like formless entitys like Kujo. he's extremely clever and very sadistic he's witness every sin humanity has ever committed and he uses that knowledge to use against humanity knowing everything they have ever done. he mentally fucks with all God's from Odin to Zeus to Allah Budda to Egyptians God's to all the gods from pagan to even the devil himself. he thinks very low of all gods demons and everything that thinks they control humanity. demons most of all he literally devours them. to him Satan and his demons are prey for Kujo. he sees the devil as nothing but just a angel with severe daddy issues and a brat that was put in timeout for throwing a temper tantrum.. inside Kujos world known as the black abyss hes making a army of entitys like him. the reason why is one day all God's except God himself will try to take him on to stop him God learn long ago after Kujo killed his son God literally did everything to destroy imprisoned and erase Kujo from existence nothing ever worked so God hides in heaven and his angels forbidden to go to earth cause if God was to leave heaven Kujo would take god to the black abyss and torture him unlike anything else that was brought here to turn God into his ultimate weapon a nuclear bomb basically that would bring the end of everything in existence in heaven or hell or earth when he sends god back to heaven so that only Kujo and his personalities his entities and his realm would be the only things left . the black abyss is a place that every god that exist is terrified of. no god has seen the inside of the black abyss except for God's arch Angel Michael. Michael and 20 angels were able to get inside the abyss. they were there for only 5min and could only see 8feet ahead even with the light of Michael. they were first attacked by the creatures loosing 6 angels in seconds then Kujo and his entitys came. and only Micheal barely escaped but he lost his sanity to the point where he eventually went catatonic. the other angels were turned into entitys like the other victims Kujo brings to the abyss. Michael before he went catatonic he was literally eating himself and other souls in heaven in a mass killing spree, told God about what he witnessed in the Aybss and delivered Kujos message that Kujo wants God to be the very one that destroys everything he loves and what he told him send chills through God that Kujo has the power the ability and the forces of the one that created them in the beginning...there alot more lore I've written about the character everything I've written about my character KuJo is just for a entertaining read he's a character I created in 2013. I'm a haunt attraction entertainer & musician.and author please share the songs with friends and enjoy the show.
Also here's a list of my favorite songs I've created I highly recommend you check out on my YOUTUBE... The Lullaby End of days kothoga demon Bloodborne the agony Fade Away The Hourglass I Hunt Unborn Savior ghost smile and Laugh the rats a lunatics love story old fashioned girl zombie sleep Deprived the betrayal the wendigo the black death A Joker's Smile Dead space Mr chuckles Asylum The possessed the dyaltov incident Corpse PROM NIGHT Kill them search Kujo The Wicked on YouTube to find me...it the one with 97 subscribers
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2023.06.10 06:09 bonelessfolder If what we're hearing is true, I am so embarrassed for everyone involved

Let's start with the humans.
They make the most important discovery in all of our history: that we are not alone in the universe. Also that our understanding of physics and perhaps ontology in general is deeply impoverished, maybe completely wrong. Oh and on top of that these guys have just left their trash around for us to study.
So how did our boomers respond? They took it upon themselves to hide this from everyone. Why? Fear of social consequences and hope for advantage in the Cold War.
These are terrible reasons. The longer this knowledge is kept secret, the greater the likelihood for abuse and a two-tier society. The social consequences are indeed risky - we will likely see panic and hysteria from at least some folks if this all pans out. But these consequences can only be postponed; in such a situation they'll happen eventually. The truth comes out. And obviously the delay can make it much worse. When you add in a profound and decades long breach of the social contract, there's a risk of irreparably destroying public trust in government resulting potentially in weak government or sustained turbulent anarchy - right at the moment when we need a global response.
As for the arms race, the US position with respect to its adversaries is not advantaged by such strict secrecy. That's not how an arms race works. We never hid all chemistry or physics behind a veil. Those disciplines progressed in public with the mass involvement of a global scientific community. That creates a baseline of progress. It also creates a community where you can train your scientists and engineers. The winner of the arms race is the one who applies that new knowledge to develop and manufacture dominant weapons systems.
Lockheed Martin is big but not that big. Imagine what we will learn if all of this is put in the hands of hundreds of millions of capable scientists and engineers worldwide. Over decades, they will work out the physics, they will master the material engineering. It could revolutionize every field and drive years of economic growth. I doubt another eighty years would pass before we're able to stand technologically alongside these creatures.
And that is of urgent importance, much more so than any mere interhuman arms race. By keeping all this secret, the powers that be have prevented a much-needed global, all-hands-on-deck response to this new, mysterious threat. Even accepting only the most limited accounts of the behavior of these visitors - them flying about and crashing - it is pretty clear they are not strongly sympathetic or supportive of us. It is within the realm of possibility that they intend to harm us at some point or even take this planet. We need to prepare for that.
And we urgently need to go even further. If we've recovered craft of non-human intelligences, it is likely that we live in a society that is still hidden from us. The universe is very large and may be teaming with intelligences that interact. Some may be threats, others friends. If what we're hearing is true, the only safe way to proceed at this point is to stand up in this vast new world. All the foolish secrecy may well have delayed our doing so until we no longer have enough time.
I cannot think of a dumber, more reactionary, more dangerous line of policy in the history of our species.
Now the aliens
Imagine if you will you are a space explorer. You find a beautiful planet with a large population of chimpanzees or wolves, something like that. They're intelligent, dangerous, violent, profound creatures - definitely not at your level but remarkable. Wat do?
Look what Jane Goodall has done, or Farley Mowat. We have respect for such creatures, simple and stupid as they are. We treat them respectfully, we actually learn from them, sometimes we work with them. Look what our ancestors did with wolves, now dogs. The apparent indifference of these NIH to our existence - while they recklessly interfere with our development (they surely know we have their stuff) - suggests a failure to appreciate our value and an inability to cooperate/socialize/improvise with diverse others. Even if they have come as conquerors - we took the wolf's quarry, their territory, and we got them too. Our best friends. All it took was (a little) social competence and empathy on our part.
Do we humans have a lot to learn and gain from these creatures? Certainly. Are they simply "beyond us in evolution"? Do they have nothing to gain from us? God I hope noone reading this is so much the stereotype of a half-educated STEM major that they would answer in the affirmative. Being human is not just a little bit special. Plenty of our insights, experiences, actions, artworks, customs, relationships, etc are beyond envy, not worth trading for anything, worth crossing a universe to experience or discover. And you'd have to be dickless idiot not to expect that from a species like us and therefore seek out interaction, assuming that (like them apparently) you don't mind disrupting.
I have seen speculation that these NIH established more of a presence when we first began our nuclear weapons programs. But these creatures, from what we seem to have seen of them so far, are so uniform, boring, loveless, uninterested, focused, showing no proclivity towards community or creativity or greater-than-zero-sum outcomes that they seem at best like a cruel tiger-mom's fantasy of her child and at worst like wasps or ants, and I suggest we wonder whether it wasn't admiration for our pathetic fascists that drew their attention.
If that seems harsh or founded on too many assumptions, think of how different it could be. Why not Guinan aliens? Why not Woody Nelson aliens? Why not aliens who go to the world cup and a reporter asks "Do you even understand soccer? Are you just here to be polite?" And they blush.
It worries me that these creatures are sometimes described as if they were the ultimate realists: acting as if strength entitles them, attending to force, disregarding perceived weakness. Maybe that's just projection within fiction. Realism is a preposterously false theory of international relations and historically the nations that have fallen under its sway and seen themselves as realists were the most destabilizing and destructive.
So much of this is speculative - perhaps there is more to these creatures. But they certainly seem - just from the way they fly around and crash and never come for tea or show up at concerts - awkward, impolite, and anti-social. I am embarrassed for them for the way in which they've introduced themselves to our species.
We will never live down these self-inflicted embarrassments.
Maybe we'll joke together someday:
Remember what shut-in, cardboard losers you guys were? It's a lucky we had a strategic manic pixie dream girl reserve.
Oh yes, and remember how your government absolutely betrayed you for 80 years complete with murder, all just to chart the dumbest course through their terrestrial conflicts?
Hahahahaha! Those were silly times. Hurry up, Blorg, we'll be late for Starfleet commencement!
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2023.06.10 06:08 Electrical-Hope5937 Behavioral Euthanasia

To start, this isn't something we've wanted to consider ever and this is a long one. We adopted the cutest, sweetest little 8 week old pit/dalmatian mix in 2018. He quickly became best friends with our dog and many of our friend's dogs as well as our cats. We trained him and he was literally perfect. We lost our original dog due to lifelong health issues she had (we spent more than $20k during her 6 year life span to keep her alive and healthy due to health issues she had from birth) and adopted another puppy shortly after as our pit was lonely. Everything was still normal with no issues, kept up with his training and socializing as we ALWAYS have people over and they often bring their dogs. Fast forward to the end of 2021, our other dog sustained and injury and subsequent infection which led to a leg being amputated. Everything was fine after until it wasn't. About 2 months in, our pit began to show aggression toward our amputee dog. We contacted trainers and tried to solve the issue with behavioral training and modified how we handled certain situations per the trainer's advice. The trainer was sure it was a prey mentality due to the other dog being considered "weak". During this time period the aggression became worse and our put began attacking our other dog. Not just a quick nip, he would violently attack and not let go. The first attack our trainer thought could have been food related as it happened after the grill was used. So we removed food from the situation, however that didn't solve anything and it's just escalated since which has led to both my husband and I being injured during an unprovoked and unexpected attack. No training has helped and we've resorted to keeping both dogs separated at all times because now my pit will attack whenever given the opportunity. He clearly sees red and doesn't acknowledge anything or anyone around him and just focuses on attacking our other dog. His aggression has escalated from just our other dog to any new dog that he hadn't met prior to the first attack (something clearly just clicked in his brain and he's not the same) and were now no longer able to even take him for walks because a few months ago he randomly tried to attack people while we're walking him and we haven't taken him back out since. Thankfully he was never able to attack, but he sure tried. He had never been human aggressive until that particular walk. He's fine when people come in my house, but clearly not outside of it. Our vet has pretty much told us our best option would be euthanasia, but I'm having a very difficult time making this decision as when he's not around our other dog or on a walk he's so sweet still. I also just found out I'm pregnant and can't see myself putting our child at risk in the future. I feel like I've failed as a pet owner and haven't tried everything I could but I just don't know what I'm missing. No one I know has ever been in a similar situation and I just feel judged because my friends don't understand and see him as this cute, sweet dog because they haven't been around during his attacks and don't live with the daily anxiety of making sure the dogs remain separated for their safety and ours. I'm always afraid the wrong door will be opened when people are over and another attack will happen and I feel like no one understands and I'm just being judged for thinking of this possibility. I don't feel like it's fair to either dog due to the constant separation and I definitely don't find it fair to my pit because the only way he can get his energy out is to run around the backyard since walks aren't happening anymore as it's too dangerous and I'd never put anyone else in harms way. Also I should add that our other dog has shown no signs of aggression even after being attacked.
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2023.06.10 06:04 sugar-fairy What could I fix? This resume is for intern positions (in my first year of college)

Have no idea why there’s 4 blank bullet points when I save my resume, they’re not there when I open up word or the pdf version of it so just ignore that lol. I have very little work experience
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2023.06.10 06:02 raspberrymoonrover True story: How my Catholic youth group experience led to me digging up human remains

This was almost 15 years ago and no therapist has been able to help me resolve this within my nervous system lol.
In high school I was hugely involved in my parish youth group. Most of our mission trips were normal, age-appropriate volunteer opportunities. However when I was 16 we went on a mission trip to New Orleans to do Katrina clean up. My parents signed some paperwork and were told we wouldn’t know exactly the work we’d be doing until we arrived.
Operation Nehemiah, for those curious, was the group that facilitated our trip. When we arrived, I soon learned that because I was deemed too small or feminine or weak or all of the above, that I wouldn’t be using power tools on a demo site with my friends.
Instead I was sent to a cemetery for the week.
Google the historic Holt Cemetery in New Orleans, you’re in for a treat lol.
New Orleans has a problem with soil erosion, as parts of it are at or below sea level. This means no one is typically buried in the ground when they die, because the bodies sort of….come up to the surface. So they are buried in mausoleums above ground. However the Holt Cemetery predates this change in procedure and is known as a potters field or poor man’s cemetery. People there are buried in the ground.
So what happens? It’s such a poor area they cannot afford to hire regular maintenance and rely on volunteers (aka a bunch of naive teenagers from Boston, apparently) to do it.
I spent a week in the Louisiana heat, relatively unsupervised, digging up human remains with my own hands at 16 years old.
I remember being briefly taught how to tell a rock from a bone. We were instructed to bag up, and rebury the remains before saying a prayer for their soul to rest again.
Jesus fucking Christ.
I found a jaw bone with teeth in it and just remember staring blankly with it IN MY HAND, while imagining the person whose teeth these were and the favorite foods they ate and the life they lived. I found skull fragments over children’s graves. I remember being told this was what was needed of me in order to honor god and serve others. But then I started to panic inside a little. I remember the sudden waves of guilt that washed over me. Why the fuck am I holding this? Who the fuck do I think I am? I hope to fucking god my jaw bone never ends up in the hands of some random nervous teenager.
The Holt Cemetery is an absolute mess in every way. Each plot is owned and therefore maintained by families of the deceased in exchange for cheap burial services. So as you can imagine none of it is particularly well-manicured. In fact, even the layout of the plots is a mess. The plots are not laid out in neat rows like cemeteries we are used to. You can hardly tell where one starts and another ends.
So here’s me, a kid, with a human bone in each hand, just freaking out inside that I was going to bury the wrong remains with the wrong plot and somehow disrupt these poor fucking people’s opportunity for eternal rest. Me. Feeling quite literally responsible for that and feeling that I’d failed. The guilt and trauma from this is still being held in my body and I feel my stomach twisting just typing this. I remember kind of whispering to myself “I’m so sorry” each time I buried a new bag of bones on a plot just in case it was the wrong person and I had botched their chance somehow at eternal life.
Sounds dumber now that I’m an adult and no longer religious. But the fear and Catholic guilt in me that week during that experience was so strong and so powerful that I still have a recurring nightmare about it. Only in the nightmare, I’m on a dive and rescue team and I’m being instructed to retrieve bodies from a lake, frantically pulling bloated, gray dead people out only to discover they are all people I know. Fucked. Just fucked. Like I’m almost 30 and I’m still dealing with this.
There were chaperones on this trip. When you’re a minor, you expect the adults you look up to to keep you safe. But somehow with Catholics, many lines are crossed under the guise of humility and a call to service. I know adults who would want no part in this experience. We were kids, man. The Catholic Church damaged me so badly. I could make 50 posts like this one about all the damage I didn’t realize was being done due to my age.
Curious for discussion - Have any of you ever experienced something you knew was wrong but did it because you were told it’s what God wanted?
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2023.06.10 06:00 Depressed_Dick_Head I Found Out that My Dad Told My Mom that He Would Divorce Her if She Got Fat

TW: Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, fatphobia
Hello All, I'm new to this Sub. I'm (22F) Indian and have been dealing with symptoms of depression, hence my username. Let's say that my dad hasn't been the best husband to my mom. They're both in their 50s and have stayed married for a long time. The best that I can disclose on this sub is that my dad used to be physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive to my mom when I was little. After living in the US for more than 10 years, my dad treated my mom so much better when I started to go to college. Unfortunately I've been getting symptoms of depression and things were going downhill since then (at college), and things seem to be getting worse.
The thing about my mom is that she was raised as very Christian and in a culture where talking to the opposite sex was strictly prohibited. My dad (raised in that same culture where talking to the opposite sex was strictly prohibited) was not raised Christian but later converted and married my mom (with her parents' permission). Since my dad wasn't raised in an urban area, my dad was treating my mom horribly (verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive). But again, since I went to college, my dad started treating my mom like a whole human being and an equal partner. I was so happy my dad was a much better person and treating my mom well.
Another thing is that I'm overweight and both of my parents always comment negative things about my weight. One day, when my mom was telling me about how upset she was with me and exercise (I wasn't exercising much, she dragged me to the gym, and the last thing I wanted to do was exercise so I did the bare minimum because she dragged me to the gym), she disclosed that my dad long ago before marrying her pointed to a fat woman (family member) and told her that if she got fat, he would divorce her. This of course got me upset and angry at my dad to the point that I'm posting this here.
I absolutely hated how my father treated my mother, which also made me weary around men and guys in general and made me very scared to date. I even used to express my disgust with my dad's behavior and would ask my mom why she wouldn't leave him. My mom's refusal to leave my dad so that she can be there for me showed me that abuse victims couldn't just simply leave if they're in an abusive relationship. Now my mom disclosing this information about my dad threatening to divorce her if she got fat just makes me so angry that it took quite a bit of nerve to prevent myself from getting visibly angry with my father. As much as I want my dad to get better, I just couldn't help but want to cry and hopefully post this to cope somehow. Since experiencing this secondhand abusive relationship, I've been much more sympathetic towards my mom and tried not to express overt disgust for my dad (I used to express how much I hated that my dad was an abusive asshole to her and she would get defensive, which I think made her feel helpless) and just tried to have no judgement towards her and be there for her (I think I might be my mom's only person to confide about my father's behavior to).
I also absolutely hate her excuses for my father's horrible behavior (she says things like men are wired to be attracted to thin, beautiful women so if their wives got fat then men would just leave them or men are wired to want sex so I shouldn't dress provocatively or a man might rape me). After hearing about the terrible things my dad would say/do to my mom, it just made me incredibly sad that my mom and dad didn't grow up in a culture/environment where men would treat women around them with dignity and respect (since living in the US, I think my dad started to treat my mom more like a human being and an equal after looking around to see other married couples doing that) so it made both of them just think that treating women like shit was normal and perfectly fine. It also made me vow that I would never put up with any man like or worse than men like my father, especially men that would say disgusting shit like "if you get fat I'm going to leave you".
As of now, I'm just really sad and angry and I feel like I want to cry and do something petty towards my dad like let's say that my dad and I are watching TV and we see a man be an abusive, disrespectful dickhead to his gf/wife and I laugh and say something like "good thing no men in my family would ever do/say something like that", as a an act of the "bombastic side eye" (I feel kind of cruel and mean for typing this). Sadly I have a feeling that if I were to do this my dad would not gaf about what I had to say and would probably say something like "maybe if you were skinnier more men would treat you better" just to shut me down (and yes, he has done something like this before just to shut me down). But I won't do anything petty just for my mom's sake, and just post my thoughts on here. Overall, the title of this post just brought me back to horrible memories that I never thought I would have to revisit and of course isn't making my depression symptoms any better :/ and am vowing to not ever put up with men like or worse than my dad and if I somehow miraculously get a partner, he would be so much better, treat me well, and I treat him well and live happily ever after as a healthy couple.
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2023.06.10 05:57 TheRealWillNash A pundurful story

Trying my best at being punny.
Sadly, with most puns, when they are told (usually by dads) they are often dismissed in ways that seems cold and mean. Before you judge my punderful abilities and read any burrrther, you have to understand pundamentals of pun... itself.
Oh this is going to be so pun, isn't?!
By the way, did you know the actor who plays Legolas tried to meet some fans privately but couldnt because everyone kept screaming its-elf!!
Fun fact! I wanted to share with you something that I thoroughly enjoy. I love a very deep, almost circular hole that stores fresh water. If you dont like that... oh well.
At my old job, I was a bodyguard to a well-known electrician. You wouldn't think an electrician would need a body guard but the power dynamics at his job were shocking, to say the least. Ive heard stories that'll make your hair stand up. To be honest I wasnt very bright, kind of a dull on the job, and because of that, my boss would always blow a fuse. Watt could I do? Watt you dont do is try to run power lines through the wirehouse and bolt out of there. They'll close the circuit on you. That wasn't a very positive experience and I was charged up with negative energy so I took my lunch breaker.
On my lunch break I saw a worker bee contemplating his life choices on a beautiful plant with flowers. Beeing that and beeing his sadness, I muttered to myself 'Oh honey, youre bumbling through life the same way I am. My advice is dont go wasping your life away. I know life stings sometimes and its always pollen you down. You have my sympabees. Please moving forward little friend, bee-have!' Beefore I buzzed the door to let me back inside to work, I looked over to the beeautiful bee on the flower and waspered... dont stop bee leafing my friend!
Feeling stressed at work, I prayed.
Dear Lord, I ask you to please crest me with strength to deal with this singing pig that is my boss, for it is sow-fully terrible to listen to. I beg you to let me rise up and not lose prominence. If I dont receive your cressing, I know Alp fall from this elevation and land boar-down on my face. Can you blame me? This singing pig is trying to swine-dle me! For peaks sake, Im stuck listening to his hymns-illayus! Alas! My lord, being the bigger man is hard, hard ad a rock. This elevation I now sit upon is breathtakingly high up, not for the weak and pun-y!
Haha as you can see, my puns are great! Spanning a vastly huge mountain range of topics and being very (Cl)everest..you could say I'm not only very punny, but absolutely peaking hill areas !!!
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2023.06.10 05:54 DnDBambi Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table
So I'm running SKT and they have a nicely detailed random encounter table for day time travel, but I also really wanted something for the nighttime while the party are trying to safely rest. So I made this!
I added a few unique ideas/suggestions I'd seen around the internet while also creating a few of my own. I had my own party in mind for this (4 x Lv. 6) but I'm hoping it's universal enough to adapt for any party!
Feel free to use and let me know what you think :)

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

  • At the beginning of each night/long rest, roll a d20. On a result of 12-20 a nighttime encounter occurs. Roll a d100 and consult the table based on the party's current location
  • Roll a d4 (reroll 4s) to determine if the encounter occurs on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd watch of the night
  • Once they have their first nighttime encounter, the d20 range shrinks by two for every future nighttime encounter thereafter until they reach the next settlement, upon which, the range resets. This is to prevent there being an encounter every single night they're on the road and not bogging down gameplay. Feel free to adjust these DCs if you want less or more random encounters.
    • After first nighttime encounter, new range = 14-20
    • After second nighttime encounter, new range = 16-20
    • After third nighttime encounter, new range = 18-20
    • After four nighttime encounter (and every encounter after) a Nat20 must be rolled to receive a new encounter
The Table

Encounter Table Notes:

Abominable Yeti:
  • A single abominable yeti ambushes the party hungering for flesh and blood. If the party manage to defeat this yeti, there is a 30% chance that 1d3 regular yetis show up after battle, drawn in by the sounds of combat and the scent of blood
  • You can choose between bandits or barbarians for this encounter based on the location and frequency of previous encounters
  • Bandits:
    • 1 bandit captain and 3d6+2 bandits
    • Mounted on riding horses
    • 25% chance they attack without warning
    • Promises the party not to attack if they 'pay a toll' (no less than 100gp of treasure)
    • Is this a potential way to introduce the 'Happy Fun Ball'?
    • Treasure: Each bandit carries a pouch containing 1d10gp. The bandit captain’s pouch holds 2d10gp and 1d6 gems worth 100gp each
  • Uthgardt Barbarians:
    • Hostile group of Uthgardt barbarians made up of 4d6 tribal warriors, and 1 Uthgardt shaman (Appendix C). If the total number rolled is great than 20, add 1d3 berserkers and a tribal chieftain (berserker w 90hp)
      • If dealing with the Gray Wolf tribe, use the werewolf stat block for all berserkers and chieftains (+90hp) and add 1d4 wolves as animal companions
    • Uthgardt Barbarian General Info
      • Black-haired and blue-eyed people
      • Take their name from Uthgar Gardolfsson, a hero chief who battled giants and conquered much of the North before ascending to godhood
      • Currently 11 tribes scattered across the north
      • They speak Bothii (their own language) and most speak common
      • Their spirit mounds are sacred as it's a place where tribe members gather to revere Uthgar, honour their ancestors, make sacrifices to their totem animal spirit, and choose a new Great Chief
      • Uthgardt fear magic so much so that they attempt to kill and dismember any spellcasters they meet
      • Tribal shamans aren't attacked because their power comes from spirits of their dead ancestors
      • Tribes will unite against a common enemy, like a giant (whom they hate most of all)
      • Each tribe consists of 1 Great Chief, 2-5 chieftains, and 1-3 shamans depending on the size of the tribe
      • Use the "Reghed Chieftain" stat block for a Great Chief
  • Uthgardt Tribes and Locations
    • Black Lion Tribe
      • Northern Silver Marches and the Druarwood
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Stellok Kolraavi (male - wears armour made of orc hide)
      • Shaman - Tysis Kolraavi (Stellok's younger sister)
      • Hate diplomacy and civilisation
      • Avoids settlements in the Silver Marches
    • Black Raven Tribe
      • Icy foothills west of Mirabar including the ice lakes and Spine of the World north of Mirabar
      • Spirit mound - Raven Rock
      • Great Chief - Ojin Voninsdottir (female - orc-skull helm)
      • Prey on caravans travelling via Northern Means or Blackford Road
      • Often ride Giant Vultures into battle
    • Blue Bear Tribe
      • Believed to be extinct but have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale (from the Nether Mountains to the northern tip of High Moor)
      • Spirit mound - Stone Stand
      • Great Chief - Kriga Moonmusk (female - old and travels in a fur-draped chair carried by 4 tribal warriors)
      • Stays hidden while travelling to preserve the myth of their extinction
    • Elk Tribe
      • Wanders the Evermoors and the plains between Flint Rock and the Dessarin River
      • Spirit mound - Flint Rock
      • Great Chief - Rond Vaarson (male - old)
      • Rond has spilled so much blood in his past, he no longer craves it
    • Gray Wolf Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Delimbiyr Vale
      • Spirit mound - None
      • Great Chief - Recently slain Syken Nightblaze
      • Syken was slain by adventurers from Neverwinter
      • His daughter, Envir Sykensdottir, now controls the pack and plans to attack Neverwinter to prove she should be named the next Great Chief of the tribe
      • Potentially run a surprise encounter if the party ever goes to Neverwinter
      • The tribe roams in packs with ordinary wolves
      • Will hunt down and kill those who survive their attacks to prevent the spread of lycanthropy to non-tribal members
      • The only members of the tribe who possess lycanthropy are the chieftains and berserkers. The rest of the tribe are regular tribal warriors
      • In an encounter have all barbarians start out in human form, then have them use their 'Shapechanger' action on their first turn to turn into a Hybrid or Wolf form and freak the party out
      • Lycanthropy Cure: Can be cured with a 'Remove Curse' or 'Greater Restoration' spell
    • Great Worm Tribe
      • Based themselves at Great Worm Cavern and strike out occasionally to defend their territory (surrounding mountains, Feel Pass, Frost Hills, Lurkwood, and the northern reaches of the Silver Marches)
      • Spirit mound - Great Worm Cavern
      • Great Chief - Wormblod (male - brutal and hoards treasure)
      • Venture into the Crags and its southern plains when food is scarce
    • Griffon Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Silver Marches. Never going further south than Triboar and Yartar in the Dessarin Valley
      • Spirit mound - Shining White
      • Great Chief - Halric Bonesnapper
      • Tribe is dwindling as they have made too many enemies of late (still 300 strong though)
      • Different from all other tribes as they have established a permanent settlement (Griffon's Nest)
    • Red Tiger Tribe
      • Found throughout the Silver Marches but have recently begun moving into its surrounding forests, including elf-controlled regions of the High Forest
      • They are trying to find the Grandfather Tree and lay claim to it
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Seriska Hungermaw (female - ruthless yet cautious)
      • Often attack settlements in the Silver Marches and prey on caravans travelling on the roads
      • Skilled at avoiding heavily fortified keeps
      • Even known to attack boats on the Rauvin River from time to time
    • Sky Pony Tribe
      • Found near the base of the mountains in the Silver Marches
      • Spirit mound - One Stone
      • Great Chief - Arnzan Vashk (male - orc spearhead sticking out of his chest and he attempts to hide the pain)
      • The tip of the spear is very close to piercing his heart and killing him
      • Was wounded during the War of the Silver Marches
      • His rivals are circling and preparing to unseat him
    • Thunderbeast Tribe
      • Currently hiding in the depths of Lurkwood preparing for a 'stampede' through the Surbrin Hills and the Dessarin Valley to the south
      • Spirit mound - Morgur's Mound (hasn't been visited in years)
      • Great Chief - Harthulk Hornspear (male - towering man with a terrible scowl and cracked, tough skin like dinosaur leather)
      • Their stampede won't stop until their people or their enemies are dead
    • Tree Ghost Tribe
      • Share the High Forest with the native elves
      • Spirit mound - Grandfather Tree
      • Great Chief - Boorvald Orcbane (male - honourable and a protector)
      • Declared themselves the protectors of the Grandfather Tree after years of conflict with other tribes and the elves of the High Forest
      • Rarely seen outside of the forest
      • Boorvald hunts orcs and frequently launches attacks against the Iceshield orc-holds along the western edge of High Forest
      • Boorvald has 6 sons and 3 daughters, each of whom was given an "Oathbow" from the tribe's elf neighbours as a gift of friendship
      • The tribe contains tribal warriors from other tribes who came to the Grandfather Tree, gained enlightenment, and forsook their allegiances to pledge to help the Tree Ghosts protect the Grandfather Tree
Bioluminescent Lights:
  • Depending on the location, this can be represented as bioluminescent lights or more of a aurora borealis in the night sky
  • The party, or person on watch, notices a faint glow coming from nearby in the camp. A small pond (or tree/shrub/etc) is emitting a faint, beautiful glow that seems to be a wonder of nature
  • Describe how the lights beautifully dance and shimmer in the night
  • The effect is harmless and the party can spend as much or as little time engaging with it as they want
  • 2d4+1 vine blights and 2d4+1 needle blights attack the party in the night
  • The vine blights move in close and camouflage using their False Appearance ability. Once they're within 20ft, they run forward and use their Entangling Plants ability to subdue the party
  • The needle blights then move within 30ft and release a volley of needles at the party from a distance
  • Alternatively, the party may happen to set up camp in a congregation of unmoving vine blights who are relying on their False Appearance to strike when the party is caught off-guard. The needle blights join in later in the combat
  • A single bodak is drawn to the party's campsite by the light/noise, following its mission from Orcus to spread death across the Material Plane
  • Any non-war trained animals will flee right before this encounter takes place
  • If it fits in your narrative, the bodak can be a fallen NPC that one of the players used to know. It is seeking out all allies and enemies from its past life to wipe them from existence
  • Increase the HP if a single bodak doesn't pose much of a challenge
Dire Wolves:
  • 3d4 dire wolves encircle and ambush the party at night
  • The wolves won't attack outright. They will surround and then slowly close in on the party, giving anyone a chance to do something that might scare them off before combat begins (PC Intimidation check vs Wolves Insight check)
    • Potentially nominate a pack leader that will have an impact on how this plays out
  • If the party don't do anything or fails to intimidate the wolves, they will attack
  • If things aren't going well for the party, you can have the wolves' survival instinct kick in if their numbers are reduced to less than the number of still-threatening PCs
Displacer Beasts:
  • 1d4+2 displacer beasts ambush the party either for food or just general sport
  • One displacer beast might lash out at the party in an attempt to draw them away from the group to a location where the rest of the pack are waiting for a bloodier ambush
  • 1d4 ghosts appear and attack the party
  • If a 1 is rolled, a solitary, sad-looking ghost appears in the middle of their camp and sings a haunting song, then walks to where its grave is marked by a filthy stone. If the party ignore the ghost or leave the grave alone, nothing happens and the ghost remains suspended in the air looking at the grave until the party leaves. It they clean the grave site out of respect for the dead, the ghost disappears and turns into a shower of 777 silver pieces. If they desecrate or disrespect the grave for some reason, it attacks
    • If it attacks, bump its HP up to 60 so it poses somewhat of a challenge
  • 1d4+4 ghouls attack the party led by 1 ghast
  • The ghast will give orders to the ghouls to attack who it feels is the strongest party member
  • If ghouls are attacked while feasting on a paralysed creature, they will drag their prey their full movement (half speed) away while also continuing to use their bite on their paralysed victim
Giant Snakes:
  • 1d4+1 giant constrictor snakes slither into the campsite and attempt to snap up a tasty meal
  • You can have the snakes appear and pause, waiting to see the party's reaction, to give your PCs a chance to do something that might prevent this from being a combat encounter
Magical Glowing Mushrooms:
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Magic Mushrooms (pg. 166)
  • The party stumbles across a collection of magic mushrooms near their campsite, radiating this magical glow
  • Those proficient in Medicine, Nature, or Survival can surmise that these are not naturally forming mushrooms and with a DC12 roll, can recall stories of magical mushrooms and how some can save lives or bestow unusual powers when consumed
  • If a mushroom is eaten, roll a d10 to determine its effects:
    • 1: The creature’s skin turns an unusual colour. Roll a d4:
      • 1 - Purple with yellow splotches
      • 2 - Bright orange with tiger stripes
      • 3 - Tree-frog green with red squiggles
      • 4 - Hot pink with yellow spots
      • This change is permanent unless removed by a Greater Restoration spell or similar magic.
    • 2: The creature gains the enlarge or reduce effect (50 percent chance of either) of the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1 hour.
    • 3: The creature regains 5d8 + 20 hit points.
    • 4: Vocally, the creature can only cluck and croon like a chicken. The creature can also understand and speak to chickens. This curse lasts for 1 hour unless ended by a Remove Curse spell or similar magic.
    • 5: The creature can understand and speak all languages for 1d4 days.
    • 6: The creature gains the benefits of the Telepathy spell for the next 24 hours.
    • 7: The creature gains the benefits of the Speak with Plants spell for 8 hours.
    • 8: The creature immediately casts the Time Stop spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 9: The creature immediately casts the Detect Thoughts spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 10: Magical mists pour out of the creature’s eyes and ears, acting as a Fog Cloud spell for 1 hour that is centred on the creature and moves with it.
  • An old halfling woman with a small glaive will approach the party's campsite looking for a place to rest and some company to talk to
  • The glaive is a custom weapon made for a halfling that she's had since she was a young woman. She's pretty handy with it but getting quite slow in her older age. It's her only form of protection as she travels
  • The old woman is really an oni who has used it's Change Shape ability to be able to get closer to its prey
  • When the oni feels the party is no longer believing its lies or has completely let their guard down, it will attack
  • This attack may begin with a Cone of Cold to surprise the party, and then on its next turn it will transform into its true giant form. Or it could also start with the oni transforming prior to combat, then on its first turn casting Invisibility on itself to create a sense of fear amongst the party
Owlbear Pack:
  • A loud, deep hooting sound can be heard throughout the night, not close but not too far from the campsite. The hooting sounds like it comes from something much louder than a regular owl
  • Players who made a successful DC12 Perception check, notice off in the distance a pack of 5 owlbears slowly moving through the terrain in single-file
  • There is a large owlbear at the head of the line, and another large owlbear bringing up the rear. In the middle of them are three smaller offspring
  • They don't appear to be hunting at this moment, just moving from A to B
  • Unless the party does something to draw the pack's attention, they will move on into the night
  • 1d4+1 hunting owlbears will spring into the party's campsite, hunting them for food
    • If a total of 5 is achieved and you feel this encounter is way too deadly for your group, have the hunting pack be a family made up of two adult owlbears and three younger offspring (40hp) who are hunting for their first time (no multiattack)
    • If an offspring is killed, the parents will fight to the death with unbridled fury seeking vengeance
    • If both parents are killed off, the offspring will flee
  • If only 2 owlbears are rolled and you feel this encounter too simple, max out their hit points (91hp)
  • A glimmering, white pegasus descends from the sky and lands not far from the party's campsite, looking for a place to drink, eat, or temporarily rest
    • If this occurs along a road/trail, the pegasus won't land, but will instead gracefully soar past the party, basking in the night air
  • Pegasi are usually quite jumpy, so will immediately take off into the sky if any loud noises are made or it is attacked
  • However, if a good-aligned character can quietly approach and succeed on a DC15 Animal Handling check, the intelligent creature will stay grounded and watch the character as it approaches
  • Narrate a peaceful interaction between the two before the pegasus takes its leave and flies off into the night
    • If a character tries to mount the pegasus they will need to succeed on a DC25 Animal Handling check
    • A failure will result in the pegasus bucking them and flying off
    • A success, and the pegasus will just stand there, MAYBE briefly trot around, before indicating for the character to get off and then saying goodbye and flying off
  • 1 revenant stumbles into the party's campsite, appearing initially like a zombie, but will begin speaking to the party. Very much unlike a zombie.
  • The revenant says he has come to seek justice for the wrongs the party did to him, killing him in such a brutal manner and taking the life of his greatest love, Kella. The party will then see past the unfamiliar face and recognise him as the slain leader of the Seven Snakes, Xolkin
  • As Xolkin has sworn vengeance on the party, he can now only be completely destroyed by either using a Wish spell when his soul is bodiless, the party just straight-up dying, or the party survives for over a year from when the vengeance was enacted. After one of these has occurred, the Xolkin's body will crumble to dust and his soul will fade into the afterlife
  • If Xolkin can't beat them in this first encounter, next time he appears, it will be with weapons and backup (spectres, wights, ghasts, etc). He won't quit until he is successful, making sure each future encounter is harder and more challenging
Stormy Night:
  • The clouds final erupt and the remainder of the night is filled with thundering rain and high winds
    • Rain can be replaced with a blizzard if the party is in the upper mountains or far-north sections of the continent
  • Unless one of the party members has a way to avoid/negate the rain and wind (such as Leomund's Tiny Hut for example), the party has a very restless nights sleep
  • They gain the effects of a Long Rest but everyone also gains one level of Exhaustion and cannot recover any previous levels of exhaustion
  • A single wight leads an undead army to attack the party. The army is made up of 2d6 zombies and 1 ogre zombie
    • If the number of zombies rolled is less than 6, replace the single ogre zombie with 1d4 ogre zombies
  • The wight will send the horde of zombies in first while it attacks from range to begin with, then moving in closer for melee
  • A figure will emerge out of the darkness, staggering a little. They make no effort to stealth either. They are friendly and will comply with whatever reasonable requests the cautious PCs make
  • They will reveal themselves to be a vampire, in dire need of blood. They will ask for a donation, but if refused, will walk away disappointed
  • If the player does contribute blood, the vampire will thank them, and next time this encounter is rolled, the vampire may have a gift for them (magic item, gold/platinum, jewels, etc)
  • The player may choose to drain some blood into a vial or pot for the vampire to then drink, or they may choose to let the vampire bite them. Regardless of the way, they will take 1d6 piercing/slashing damage (based on how they draw the blood), then 3d6 necrotic damage, and their max HP is reduced by that amount until the end of a long rest
  • If concerns are raised, the vampire will assure them that a simple bite isn't enough to turn someone. They must be killed with a bite and then buried in the ground to rise as a vampire
  • If the party is very brazen and choose to attack the vampire, it is the DM's choice whether the vampire straight away flees, or decides to bite a character to take some blood by force to teach them a lesson for their rudeness, then flee
  • A cluster of 1d6+1 will-o'-wisps appear and start floating around the campsite
  • Initially the wisps will appear as beautifully coloured, bobbing lantern lights offering hope and safety
  • Eventually the wisps will surround the party and launch a surprise attack
  • Alternatively, you can have the wisps attempt to lure the party away from the campsite by somehow beckoning them to follow. From here the wisps will lead the party into some sort of hazardous trap like quicksand pits or monster lairs so they can feed on the suffering of their prey and revel in their death screams
    • If you are considering this option, potentially reduce the wisp numbers to only 1d4

If you're interested in the possibility percentages that went into calculating these d100 results, you can see them in this picture here:
Wilderness Encounter Possibility Calculations
If you would like all of the above in a neat PDF format, you can download it here.
Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 05:52 isthatagarlicbread The list of manga (incomplete) I've read and my ratings for them

---Not everything I've ever read, just since I've decided to start keeping a list----- THE EXTREMELY LONG LIST OF EVERYTHING I READ ACTION: solo levelling - I'm not explaining this, read it if you havent 10/10
raise me up infinite gacha - same author as solo levelling, dude basically put into afk arena but it's good 9/10
rankers return - man the reviews for this one are mixed but it's just a very very niche genre, i loved it, imagine hardcore levelling warrior mixed with overgeared, really good and it's a piss take on the genre a little bit so u get to laugh a lot 8/10
sss class suicide hunter - readable, story is all over the place as well as power scaling, has a relatively generic plot too, not a bad read exactly but you may as well just read kill the hero or something. tldr mc respawns 24 hours ago whenever he dies so he's just super OP the end. 5.5/10 eminence in the shadow- Man... I'm really bummed about this one, imagine you know a really cool secret sesh spot and u go there to sesh sometimes and then u show up one day and u find out it's been built into a shopping mall, it's still really good but i don't know i hate when things i like get gentrified the second they make a anime out of it, happens a lot when you read these things, should have seen my reaction when i heard redo of healer was getting an anime, anyway dude basically trains like crazy and is super op and has 8th grade syndrome but it's funny 9/10
legendary mechanic- one of the extremely few Chinese manhua i can stand usually they are terrible and full of really cringe tropes, this one isn't completely free of those but it's ignorable, classic transported into game yadda yadda. escapes evil organization in a game, gets stronger with mechanical things, destroys people. honestly pretty good, 10/10 as far as Chinese manhua go, 7/10 total.
martial peak - it's alright i guess, very one piece coded, just imagine this is Chinese martial arts one piece. It's unnecessarily long, repeats the same format over and over again, you meet new characters u only see once or twice. boy is weak, gets strong martial arts thing (of course he does) becomes super strong over and over and over and over ... 24 or 25 more overs again. any time he becomes too op for the world he just goes to another higher existence world lol there's even a arc with spaceships lmao. if u like the genre and don't mind the literal like 8 page chapters this is a lot of manhua to entertain urself with. tldr if ur super bored this will keep u occupied for quite a while 6/10
tower of god - ok, the art isn't good for a while for this one, but seriously, it gets really really really good, story is confusing at times but it is really entertaining, I've read all of it up until current chapter, guy from outside a magic tower enters it to simp and then climbs it becoming really strong and simping less, very good read 9/10
player from today onwards- not bad, don't really like the art tho, dude inherits level up ability from demon king constellation 7.5/10
the youngest son of the renowned magic clan - if you've read any of those return to past fantasy world manhua this is that basically, read it if ur in the craving for some of this type. 6.5/10 return to player - this is probably almost up there with solo levelling honestly, very good manhua. imagine solo levelling but not solo and better art style, story is a bit worse but that's in comparison to solo levelling. 9/10
kill.the hero - gotta love a good necromancer manhua, this one is one of the better ones honestly. antihero necromancer evil as fuck "hero" 8/10
return of the frozen player - ur generic "player" type manhua, very good though, art isn't the best (still good) but unlike others of the genre the story is actually very well thought out and interesting, probably worth rereading more than a few others of the same genre. man gets frozen after beating the boss of the first floor of a 10 flooworld tower, after 25 years comes out and starts getting stronger to revive friends and conquer tower 8.5/10 what happens inside the dungeon- OK LISTEN RIGHT NOW, R 18+ WARNING!!!! That being said it's a really funny story about a fantasy world with... interesting sex culture, if ur 18+ and want to see a fantasy manga with cool action scenes and a lot of fan service and... other stuff... this one is pretty good 8/10
the wrong way to use healing magic- ok I'm gonna start off by saying, ahem- I WANT ROSE SO BAD I WANT HER SO BAD SHES SO FIND I WANT HER SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY BAD. ok with that out of the way this is a really fun take on the "hurr Durr i use healing magic but not to heal people" fantasy setting. probably my favourite in that category. dude gets accidentally summon to another world with hero classmates, has aptitude for healing magic, gets kidnapped by my wi- ... Rose... and trained into a combative healer. very fun, equal parts comedy, action, Isekai and fantasy. something i would recommend to people who don't like Isekai. 9.5/10
Carsearin - cute little story about a dragon wanting to live like a human and getting up to a lot of shenanigans, art style is super cute 7/10
Is this hero for real? - FFF class trashero creator i think, crazy good, even has a master molong reference :3 mc can't die or be injured but can't level up past level 1 and a shitty goddess 10/10
overgeared - personally very biased this one can go either way, i personally like it a lot, it's a manhua about a dude who gets a legendary class in a realistic VR game and his shenanigans, again, I've finished the almost 2000 chapter light novel because i liked it so much so very biased score 9.5/10
hardcore levelling warrior- you will either love the art style or hate it, in my opinion i think it's super cool and innovative and the manhua itself is very entertaining and interesting too, best player in a vrmmorpg gets his shit deleted, has to start from the beginning and becomes strong again because he's addicted to gambling and has to pay off a massive debt. more shit happens but that's spoilers anyway 8.5/10
the greatest estate developer- i mean it's not bad but it's not really great, at least it tries to be innovative but not my kind of thing, blah blah generic Isekai manhua but mc knows how to build buildings and makes money and uses a shovel as a weapon. 6.5/10
THOSE ONES: Mina sama omocha desu- the one with the crazy girls, nothing really special but at least interesting? good if bored and ijousha no ai has been recently read (if not read that first) 6/10
ijousha no ai - I'm not explaining this one, it's the god i wish i was MC one of those, first few chapters are awkward to read because reasons so just Try to ignore them, very easy 10/10
ana satsujin - basically just a worse ijousha no ai from what I remember, mc isn't as real and it's pacing is a bit worse so only this rating but it's still pretty good 7/10
GS FOR FEELING NOSTALGIC: Asuka hybrid - super super super cute, not good exactly in a solo leveling way or anything but i love the art style, premise and characters, one of the better GS manga 9.5/10
Boku girl - every day i wish for a sequel to this one, even easier perfect score than solo levelling 10/10
Mida love - Some of these are just really fun and god, i was like 14 or something when this stopped getting translated feels super bad, another one of the better ones but only 20 chapters 8/10
nyotai ka - aged like fine wine, the one that actually has sex in it, dude wishes to be a chick and then ruh roh raggy anyway 8.5/10
sekainohate de aimashou- If any manga of this category were to EVER give Boku girl a run for it's money it's this one, goofy as fucking hell, the space one 10/10
the exploding girl - haha this one is just, fun i guess, i could have put it in action but nah, probably sadder about this one getting discontinued than Mida love, Mida love is better in like almost every way but this one is just really fun in an unexplainable way, GB magical girl story but edgier 8/10
tensei pandemic - basically downgraded Boku girl, just imagine it's like the nicotine patches for when u get nicotine poisoning from smoking too much Boku girl, can be pretty hard to finish sometimes 6/10
change- the pink pretty one nuff said, pretty good but have fun translating the Indonesian If u want to read the last 80% of it like high school hahahaha 7/10
thank you Isekai - one of the best Isekai comedies I've read in a very long time, if you don't really like GS this would be the one GS manga I'd recommend you, it's really funny, Isekai but 2 dudes get trapped in the bodies of chicks, goofy behavior ensues. 8/10

(content warning: this is one especially is extremely biased to just what i like, it's ok for this specific category if u have differing opinions)

hatsukoi zombie - really fun, love zombie concept is cute and fun really worth a read if ur bored and haven't ever read a decent romance manga 8/10
When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - TW: SA other than that, cute story about a guy moving back to his hometown to see his childhood friend seems off but they hit it off and he is very sweet to her and the art style is cute but it is a bit short. don't read the comments wherever u read it though, no clue how romance manga somehow manages to attract sigma grindset red pilled bros. 8.5/10
story of an otaku and a gyaru falling in love - not really traditional, just thought it was really cute, definitely worth at least one read 7/10
Jingai San no tome - this is quite possibly the strangest romance manga you will ever read, also a very well written and done one too, basically a student marries a monster and they live together happily it's really cute, other students also have monsters and they hang out and stuff. super cute manga, i loved it. 8.5/10
SHOUNEN/MAINSTREAM: (Here i will just put anything i consider to be so mainstream i don't care enough to put it in another category, you probably know most of these) Black clover: I. Will. Eternally. Gatekeep. This. Series. YOU DO NOT KNOW IT LIKE I DO. THIS MANGA HAD A 1 EPISODE ANIME FOR 2 YEARS AND IT DROVE ME NUTS WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE ANIME. anyway really good manga honestly, one of the few Shonen i can stand. boy can't use magic, gets ability to use magic that destroys magic, gets super buff and can destroy even more magic, there that's the entire plot summarized 8/10
Attack on Titan: ok so brave statements only on this list, i really don't recommend attack on Titan or like it, in my opinion it's very boring and the characters are unlikeable and there's too much sus shit. big naked people destroying walled cities or something idk, bedtime manga only worth reading as a child or bored out of your mind. 5/10.
My hero academia: ok honestly? it's not even that bad the fanbase just sucks, that makes it not as bad as AOT at least, boy can't use power, finds way to use a lot of power, beats people with powers. 7/10
one piece: I mean, depends how you read it, if u just skip to water 7 or marineford its a 7/10 and becomes a 8/10, if u read from the start get ready to read the most 4-5/10 boring ass shit for at least 400-500 chapters. boy wants to be pirate king, eats magic fruit that gives powers, other people also eat different fruit, still wants to be most powerful and assembles characters to help him be the most powerful fruit eater. 7/10 overall. tensei shitara slime Datta Ken: I'd put this in action or something but it's mainstream now. this is THE Isekai manga, if you had to give the title of Isekai manga to one manga this is the only one deserving of that title. dude summoned to other world, becomes slime, can grow by eating things, rinse repeat, if you read the LN there's even some Lovecraft stuff is it obvious i like this one yet? 9/10
ao no exorcist: I'm a sucker for demons and underdogs, mc is both, also mephisto pheles is a fucking stud and i want him horrendously. tldr boy is son of Satan wants to kill Satan because Satan kills adoptive father. 8/10
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2023.06.10 05:52 Blue_Heron_22 Easy career or nice/fun town?

I work for my state government in Little Rock, AR. My job pays 40k, but has a great benefits package. I get weekends, holidays, my birthday, and every other Friday off. I also work from home two days a week, which I usually spend watching tv and playing video games. Even when I’m at the office, the work is easy. I basically have zero stress in my current job. However, I don’t like living in Little Rock. It’s a boring, old, poor city.
I could probably find a higher paying job in Fayetteville, AR, which is the nicest town in the state. Unfortunately, I would likely lose all the benefits of my current job. All of my friends live in Fayetteville, and I really wish I could live there and spend time with them when I’m not working.
Would you look for a new job in a nice town where your friends are, if it meant giving up a job you love?
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2023.06.10 05:51 dizzdafizzo Christians and other Abrahamics can't seem to distinguish between marriage and legitimate romance

Perceiving sex or sexual activities discriminately premarital and post marital is NPC thinking because it doesn't distinguish complex situations or acknowledge that a marriage ceremony doesn't define when a relationship becomes serious or romantic. Therefore sex before or after marriage is meaningless and it's very likely that the only reason why that concept was even written in the bible in the first place was because the writers wanted encourage people to develop a true bonding relationship before having children and probably to discourage habits of promiscuity, not because their God actually tenses up over such details like marriages which are just human constructs to begin with.
Awhile back my mother decided to refer me as a "sinner" because I stayed in a hotel with my long distance GF of a few years when I went to visit her, so in response I decided to explain to her why a marriage certificate and a real relationship aren't the same therefore it's irrational to judge circumstances in such a black and white matter that refers to before and after marriage.
A. A couple of long knowing or in engagement are involved in a plane crash wind up on a deserted island for the rest of their lives, are you people really going to insist it's evil for them to sleep in the same place with eachother or to have sex just because they didn't have an audience to perform some ritualistic ceremony and paper certificate assignmed to them?
It's as if the bible is demanding that a relationship is to be defined not by the actual couple involved but by their peers and it's resulted in this kind of thinking and social standards among conservatives and the past where there was people would refuse or demanded their children to refuse to simply be under the same home roof as their partner, these kinds of boundaries are detrimental to the growth and quality of a relationship.
B. Over desperate circumstances, a man and a woman who know eachother very little and don't love eachother can get married and even start having children with eachother but yet in the eyes of christians example B is all ok just because they've had a previous "marriage" performed and example A is somehow a sin, clearly this is another example why marriage again doesn't define a legitimate relationship.
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2023.06.10 05:50 DoggieHowzer How it started and how it ended

How it started and how it ended
Years ago, when I was starting out, I purchased a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 wheel, CSL Elite LC Pedals and a P1 wheel for compatibility with both consoles.
The P1 never felt realistic so I decided to get a Porsche 918 RSR wheel and a DriveHub to work with Xbox. The 918 RSR wheel was awesome on the PS4 but at that time, it never felt quite right using the wheel with DriveHub on the Xbox. So I eventually caved and bought the bundle with the Xbox Universal Hub (v1 non magnetic shifter) and a Podium R300 wheel which was selling cheaper than the other wheels at that time. The hub responded well but the R300 felt a bit narrow for my liking - so when I saw the GT Alcantara 320mm green on sale subsequently, I got it.
In the interim, I’ve gotten some upgrades along the way - CSL DD, V3 inverted, SQ 1.5, Podium DD1 with the blue Formula wheel and also the Porsche 911 GT3 R ClubSport wheel. But invariably I went back to the GT Alcantara wheel. After experiencing the magnetic shifters on the 911, I even got the new ClubSport magnetic shifter upgrade for the old Alcantara wheel.
As you can see, it’s seen better days. Way better days. Recently some of the buttons have gotten sticky and some of the button caps have broken off, and the funky switch rotation has been a little jittery.
I rummaged through my boxes today and found the old Podium R300 wheel and also the packet of button clusters (unused) from the 911 ClubSport bundle. Decided to give my old ClubSport wheel a transplant. And use the R300 wheel as a stop gap while I went about cleaning the old Alcantara wheel.
I’ve been following this guide
It’s quite rough on the wheel but then my wheel is in such poor shape that using a brush has barely dented the years of use.
10 minutes later, I see some results. I’ll keep going at it to see if I can get it restored to a more presentable look.
If all else fails, that Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel looks like a nice upgrade.
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2023.06.10 05:47 Mastermind0963 Is there a market for rug cleaning Edmonton

My wife and I run a detailing business and looking to expand into doing restorative rug cleaning in our shop. I won’t mention our shop name to prevent self promotion.
We’re just a little skeptical as were not sure if there is enough demand for it to justify adding the tools and team members required for the job.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.10 05:47 kashmora The Re-Readers Malazan Read-Along, Dust of Dreams, Week 1- Prologue


Spoilers DoD

Find the announcement post here
IMPORTANT- This is the discussion post for re-readers, who are done with the full Book of the Fallen series. To discuss events outside these, say from NOTME, PtA or Kharkhanas, please use spoiler tags. If you're not sure if your info belongs to MBOTF or not, just go ahead and use spoiler tags anyway.
Link to the general introduction thread


Scene 1

This is our first introduction to the Snake storyline. It consists of a train of refugee children who are fleeing the provinces of Kolanse and are heading west. We are at the Elan Plain and the leader of this column of children is the oldest boy there, Rutt, aged about 13 or 14. He carries a small baby called Held while making sure she is protected from the sun by wrapping her well. Most of our PoV here is Badalle- a girl with green eyes and a way with words. The landscape is very desolate and it looks like Rutt is surprised every morning that they 'still live.'
Badalle describes various people/animals etc using unusual words. You can figure out most on your own, but could be a little frustrating, so if you would like to know-
Ribbers are dogs, Fathers are adults, Quitters/bones skins/Inquisitors are Forkrul Assail
She has come up from the south along Stump Road to join the rest of the Snake. She considers Rutt as the head of the snake and its fangs too. None of the children ask him where they are headed because it is the belief that he knows that is important.
We get the PoV of a 14 year old Visto who knows what the Fathers do to the children they steal away at night, because he has seen small bones in their campfires. The boy is full of a parasite called Satra Riders which would sooner or later burst out and kill him. He is impatient for the relief of death, and hopes atleast a ribber eats him and gets infected.
At the end of the day, Badalle looks back at the line of bodies of dead children they have left behind. The Snake of ribs is called Chal Managal in the Elan tongue. Don't skip her poems.

Scene 2

In the Wastelands, there is a nest of K'Chain Che'Malle called Ampelas Rooted. Our PoV here is the last surviving Elan tribal called Kalyth. When her settlement was attacked she fled the scene and feels guilty about her selfishness in abandoning her family. Alonmgside, we get description of this nest where the lower level is called Root, then Feed (where food is grown in the form of fungi and orthen- a type of rodents) then the Womb (where young ones undergo surgeries and are differentiated into factions according to the needs of the Nest), then to Heart which is guarded by Ve'Gath soldiers (these are purely for warfare and the Matron has been producing a lot of them, indicating that war is coming soon). From there she moves to Eyes, Inner Keep, Acyl Nest - home of the Matron. The final guard she meets is Brenigan, a 1000 year old J'an sentinel.
Sag'Churok and Gunth Mach have returned, and they report failure. Redmask was not the correct choice, and that Kalyth, who is acknowledged as a Destriant to the K'Chain, has made an error in choosing him. She, alongwith a small group of Guardians, is instructed to join this round of Seeking. She refuses but the Matron is adamant that they will find a Mortal Sword and Shield Anvil among humans. The adventure party consists of Sag'Churok, Gunth Mach, 2 more K'ell Hunters and a Shi'gal Assassin. The addition of the Assassin probably indicates that the Matron means business this time.
Quick note about the Shi'gal- there are always three present with the Matron because 2 alone might conspire among themselves and kill the Matron or each other. Sending away one of the Assassins is a huge risk, so maybe the Matron is descending into madness.
By spending all this time with the K'Chain, Kalyth has been given the gifts of their language and a higher percipience through oils.
Shi'gal Gu'Rull is sure that the Matron Acyl is insane. He considers humans, especially Kalyth, as weak. Since they returned empty handed from the west (Redmask), and the North is a realm of ice, they are to journey South. He takes off to do some advance scouting. He is flying out of Ampelas after 8 short centuries.

Scene 3

At the Wastelands, a ghost travels with a small group. They eat stringy meat from scaled rodents and a type of rhizan. As a ghost he flits from one person to the next and finds innate resolve and strength.
Sheb declares that all empty lands are useless and one day all cities should be merged into one. Last, who is a farmer, says that there won't be food if there are no farms. Before they can argue, Asane tells them not to fight. Sheb yells at her and Nappet defends her. He threatens to cut out his tongue because he knows nobody would object. Rautos (yes, familiar name) complains about his wife. Breath thinks he killed his wife by holding her underwater and drowning her. Drowning seeme to be her pet subject. At a distance they notice a massive narrow edifice. Taxilian (yes, another familiar name) wants to go check it out. The ghost is content to go alongwith them. He finds that Taxilian's curiosity is strong enough to overcome any misgivings from the others.
Now, you can go back and read this section again or click here to get an explanation. Or keep reading if you like a challenge.
the capemoths overhead note a lone, green skinned figure who talks with seven voices. He carries a sword but is naked and he is lost, maybe for weeks, maybe months. Many of us miss this and so the rest of the Ghost sections can be very confusing

Scene 4

After a long time we meet Heboric. He has plenty of visions.
  1. A short tail K'Chain looking at a dragon nailed to a huge wooden lattice, with the nails painted a "rust colour". The dragon is denied death and has been bleeding and suffering, while the short tail seems satisfied.
  2. Two wolves watch him from a ridge as he walks towards a number of statues in the distance.
  3. Overhead there are drifting stars from which faint voices are heard. As he stares he is unbalanced and floats up.
  4. Looking down, he sees more stars which give up a dozen suns of green fire that grew in size and sound as it neared him.
  5. He sees Fener, a cast down god who is trapped like him. Both are in the way of the jade suns. Heboric accepts all of it as "The Abyss cares nothing for us."
To end this prologue, here is a quote from Heboric, speaking in the voice of "his enemy", i.e. the Abyss.
Behold, my friends, I am justice.
And when at last we meet, you will not like it.
And if irony awakens in you at the end, see me weep with these tears of jade, and answer with a smile.
If you’ve the courage.
Have you, my friends, the courage?
What are your expectations and misgivings now that we are in the final stretch?
Next week we read Chapters 1 & 2 only
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2023.06.10 05:46 mechakid SSN

This is a fan fiction set concurrent to episode 122 of Nature of Predators. Events depicted here are not cannon, though perhaps they could be...
Memory transcription subject: Tamil, Venlil observer, UNS Cheyenne
Date [standardized human time]: January 15, 2137

“Con, Sonar, Deep Core is advancing, sir” the sonar operator informed Captain Thompson. It was our signal to begin our own operation. Cheyenne had orders to cover Deep Core, a mission which the captain had referred to as “operation ruckus”. My translator implied to me that this meant we would be making a lot of noise.
“Con aye. Mr Kamorov, make your depth 700 meters.”
“Make my depth 700 meters aye, sir.”
I shivered a little as the hull of the submersible groaned around me, being compressed by the ocean's depths. The thought of it honestly terrified me, but several months ago I would have said the same of my human companions. Their crisp professionalism was on full display though, and it calmed me as I watched the various crewmen perform their duties.
From what I read of my briefing, Cheyenne was smaller than Deep Core, lacking several of the features that the larger submersible had, but emphasizing others. The humans called it a “hunter-killer”. Honestly, they weren't even trying to hide their predatory nature with this one. In the compartments to the front were a set of torpedo tubes, loaded with the latest of their underwater weapons, ingenious devices that could be either remotely or self guided. Behind me were the engine spaces, housing a single powerful reactor and what the humans called a pump jet. An extensive sensor suite rounded out the ship.
“Con Sonar, new contact, Sierra 1. New Contact, Sierra 2.”
“Con aye. Chief, I want a fire solution for both contacts.”
“Aye captain, already working on it.”
“Open outer tube doors”
“Open outer tube doors, aye.”
The crew was so calm, but I had seen them drill on this sequence of commands before. The humans were about to strike like the predators they were. It would be quick, deadly, and without mercy.
“Solution ready captain.”
“Target Sierra 1, tube one, fire.”
“Target Sierra 1, tube one, fire. Torpedo away!”
“Target Sierra 2, tube two, fire.”
“Target Sierra 2, tube two, fire. Torpedo away!”
“Con aye! Helm, make your course 240, depth 900. Steer the weapons.” *“*240, depth 900 aye.”
“Steer the weapons aye”.
The human weapons responded instantly as Cheyenne came about. I watched the ranges tick down to zero, and a moment later we heard two detonations.
“Con, Sonar, contacts breaking up. New contacts, Sierra 3, Sierra 4... HIGH SPEED SCREWS!”
“Torpedo in the water!”
“Hard left rudder, all ahead two thirds, up 20!”
"Full rise, clear water planes!"
My heart skipped a beat and I grabbed hold of a railing to steady myself as the Cheyenne leaned into the turn and pitched upwards. A few moments later we heard the scream of the farsul weapon as it passed below us.
“Captain, we have solutions.”
“Con, Sonar, Deep Core is firing.”
“Steady on course 090, all quiet.”
Cheyenne came level and glided through the water. We heard the tell tale sound of two more detonations, with the sonar operator reporting Sierra 3 and 4 breaking up.
"Now what, Captain?” I asked. Honestly I was frightened out of my mind. The humans had a term called claustrophobia, fear of enclosed spaces, but I never knew what it meant until now. A large part of me was filling with panic but there was nowhere to go.
Captain Thompson smiled, his mouth closed, lips forming a thin line in deference to me. “Well Mr. Tamil, it's doubtful that there were only four defenders. The rest are likely hiding, waiting for a better opportunity. They know we're here, we're ready to fight. They're not going to provoke us when we have the advantage.”
“So we won?”
“Hardly. They're just being more cautious. Predators are in among the heard, best to hide and wait for the chance to strike back.”
The human captain's words did little to reassure me, but I focused on his calm voice and found my panic easing.
The sound made me jump and my ears rang in pain. “What was that?”
“Active ping. Sonar, Con, was that Deep Core?”
“Yes sir. New contact, Sierra 5. Deep Core is under attack, but is evading. Deep Core is returning fire.”
“Any other contacts?”
"Nothing I can classify sir. Sierra 5 hit, contact breaking up.”
“Very well.” Captain Thompson turned towards me. “Are you ready for things to get interesting, Mr. Tamil?”
I swallowed hard. “More interesting than they already are, captain?”
The captain smiled again, but this time there was a much more predatory gleam in his eye. “The farsul want to hide. Our job is to draw them out. Chief?”
“Aye Captain?”
“Remember that list of targets of opportunity we were given? Let's go down the list.”
“Aye Captain! Diving officer, make your depth 50 meters. Fire control, battle station missile.”
“Make my depth 50 meters aye”
“Battle stations missile aye”
I watched as the weapons officer flipped several switches and a new bank of lights turned on. With a wave of his hand, the lights turned from green to red as the hull around us popped and sighed. As we leveled off, the weapons officer began typing quickly. Every time he tapped the “enter” key, the words “target locked” appeared next to one of the numbered lights.
“Solutions ready, Captain.”
“Thank you Chief. You may fire when ready.
“Fire when ready aye. VLS one through four, open outer doors.”
“VLS one through four, open outer doors aye. Outer doors open. Weapons ready for launch.
“Launch VLS one through four.”
There was a slight lurch and four missiles kicked out of their launch tubes in the front of the Cheyenne. Within seconds the Sonar operator was calling us again. Dozens of contacts making themselves known, approaching rapidly.
“Alright Cheyenne, time to get to work!”
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2023.06.10 05:46 kashmora The New Readers Malazan Read-Along, Dust of Dreams, Week 1- Prologue


Spoilers DoD

Find the announcement post here
Important: This is the discussion post for new readers. If you have ever attempted this book before, please don't talk about events from later chapters. Err on the side of caution and use spoiler tags if you're not sure. Head to the Spoilers MBotF discussion post if you are rereading.
A note for re-readers: Please don't bring up any series wide spoilers in this discussion.
Link to the general introduction thread


Scene 1

This is our first introduction to the Snake storyline. It consists of a train of refugee children who are fleeing the provinces of Kolanse and are heading west. We are at the Elan Plain and the leader of this column of children is the oldest boy there, Rutt, aged about 13 or 14. He carries a small baby called Held while making sure she is protected from the sun by wrapping her well. Most of our PoV here is Badalle- a girl with green eyes and a way with words. The landscape is very desolate and it looks like Rutt is surprised every morning that they 'still live.'
Badalle describes various people/animals etc using unusual words. You can figure out most on your own, but could be a little frustrating, so if you would like to know-
Ribbers are dogs, Fathers are adults, Quitters/bones skins/Inquisitors are Forkrul Assail
She has come up from the south along Stump Road to join the rest of the Snake. She considers Rutt as the head of the snake and its fangs too. None of the children ask him where they are headed because it is the belief that he knows that is important.
We get the PoV of a 14 year old Visto who knows what the Fathers do to the children they steal away at night, because he has seen small bones in their campfires. The boy is full of a parasite called Satra Riders which would sooner or later burst out and kill him. He is impatient for the relief of death, and hopes atleast a ribber eats him and gets infected.
At the end of the day, Badalle looks back at the line of bodies of dead children they have left behind. The Snake of ribs is called Chal Managal in the Elan tongue. Don't skip her poems.

Scene 2

In the Wastelands, there is a nest of K'Chain Che'Malle called Ampelas Rooted. Our PoV here is the last surviving Elan tribal called Kalyth. When her settlement was attacked she fled the scene and feels guilty about her selfishness in abandoning her family. Alonmgside, we get description of this nest where the lower level is called Root, then Feed (where food is grown in the form of fungi and orthen- a type of rodents) then the Womb (where young ones undergo surgeries and are differentiated into factions according to the needs of the Nest), then to Heart which is guarded by Ve'Gath soldiers (these are purely for warfare and the Matron has been producing a lot of them, indicating that war is coming soon). From there she moves to Eyes, Inner Keep, Acyl Nest - home of the Matron. The final guard she meets is Brenigan, a 1000 year old J'an sentinel.
Sag'Churok and Gunth Mach have returned, and they report failure. Redmask was not the correct choice, and that Kalyth, who is acknowledged as a Destriant to the K'Chain, has made an error in choosing him. She, alongwith a small group of Guardians, is instructed to join this round of Seeking. She refuses but the Matron is adamant that they will find a Mortal Sword and Shield Anvil among humans. The adventure party consists of Sag'Churok, Gunth Mach, 2 more K'ell Hunters and a Shi'gal Assassin. The addition of the Assassin probably indicates that the Matron means business this time.
Quick note about the Shi'gal- there are always three present with the Matron because 2 alone might conspire among themselves and kill the Matron or each other. Sending away one of the Assassins is a huge risk, so maybe the Matron is descending into madness.
By spending all this time with the K'Chain, Kalyth has been given the gifts of their language and a higher percipience through oils.
Shi'gal Gu'Rull is sure that the Matron Acyl is insane. He considers humans, especially Kalyth, as weak. Since they returned empty handed from the west (Redmask), and the North is a realm of ice, they are to journey South. He takes off to do some advance scouting. He is flying out of Ampelas after 8 short centuries.

Scene 3

At the Wastelands, a ghost travels with a small group. They eat stringy meat from scaled rodents and a type of rhizan. As a ghost he flits from one person to the next and finds innate resolve and strength.
Sheb declares that all empty lands are useless and one day all cities should be merged into one. Last, who is a farmer, says that there won't be food if there are no farms. Before they can argue, Asane tells them not to fight. Sheb yells at her and Nappet defends her. He threatens to cut out his tongue because he knows nobody would object. Rautos (yes, familiar name) complains about his wife. Breath thinks he killed his wife by holding her underwater and drowning her. Drowning seeme to be her pet subject. At a distance they notice a massive narrow edifice. Taxilian (yes, another familiar name) wants to go check it out. The ghost is content to go alongwith them. He finds that Taxilian's curiosity is strong enough to overcome any misgivings from the others.
Now, you can go back and read this section again or click here to get an explanation. Or keep reading if you like a challenge.
the capemoths overhead note a lone, green skinned figure who talks with seven voices. He carries a sword but is naked and he is lost, maybe for weeks, maybe months. Many of us miss this and so the rest of the Ghost sections can be very confusing

Scene 4

After a long time we meet Heboric. He has plenty of visions.
  1. A short tail K'Chain looking at a dragon nailed to a huge wooden lattice, with the nails painted a "rust colour". The dragon is denied death and has been bleeding and suffering, while the short tail seems satisfied.
  2. Two wolves watch him from a ridge as he walks towards a number of statues in the distance.
  3. Overhead there are drifting stars from which faint voices are heard. As he stares he is unbalanced and floats up.
  4. Looking down, he sees more stars which give up a dozen suns of green fire that grew in size and sound as it neared him.
  5. He sees Fener, a cast down god who is trapped like him. Both are in the way of the jade suns. Heboric accepts all of it as "The Abyss cares nothing for us."
To end this prologue, here is a quote from Heboric, speaking in the voice of "his enemy", i.e. the Abyss.
Behold, my friends, I am justice.
And when at last we meet, you will not like it.
And if irony awakens in you at the end, see me weep with these tears of jade, and answer with a smile.
If you’ve the courage.
Have you, my friends, the courage?
What are your expectations and misgivings now that we are in the final stretch?
Anything in the Dramatis that caught your eye?
Next week we read Chapters 1 & 2 only
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2023.06.10 05:44 Leftylizard9085 I play a game they call "Sleep Points". Every night I hide under my blanket (Part 7)

Part 1 - https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/11ovngn/i_play_a_game_they_call_sleep_points_every_night/
Previous Part - https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13deva8/i_play_a_game_they_call_sleep_points_every_night/
When I got home from school, even though I knew the clock wasn’t literally going to try to eat me alive like it always seemed to want to on weeknights, I still watched it intensely, dreading every minute that passed. Even though this had all been what I was hoping for over the course of the last week and a half, going through with everything I would need to do to meet up with Anastasia at her hour in the middle of the night still seemed way scarier than just dealing with the clock’s nightly threats against my life which, by that point, had become something of a routine for me.
At 11:00 PM, my parents looked like they had gone to sleep. I would wait another hour as Anastasia had advised. I would leave at midnight. And that wouldn’t be a problem since it was a Friday night, and my clock wasn’t going through its usual changes. By that time, the clock hadn’t started glowing or even turning the slightest shade of red.
When midnight did come, the clock was still in the same state as it was at 11. My parents were still asleep. They hadn’t even gotten up for a bathroom break. I turned on the kitchen lights, hoping it wouldn’t wake my parents up. It didn’t. I went to the kitchen table to take the keys to my father's truck. They weren’t there. I had no idea where else to look for them.
I tried looking all around the kitchen and living room. I checked mom and dad's bathroom. Nothing. I didn’t know how I would make my way to Anastasia’s house now. I could just picture her, spending all night at her back door, waiting for me to show up, without me ever coming. Maybe I'd find the keys tomorrow. But that seemed like a fat chance since dad wasn't gonna be driving anywhere tomorrow.
I wouldn't have him to find them for me. It looked like I’d have to wait a whole nother week on any answers now.
I had recently invested in a new watch. I had some allowance money left over from when I was a kid. My school has a little gift shop with small things like school-themed wristwatches, so after my last class of the day, I stopped by and picked up a College High watch so I could check the time without needing to look at the clock in my room or at my phone. I'm bringing this up because at around this point I was watching with increasing anxiety as time was passing by. According to the watch, the time now was 12:30 and I still didn’t have any access to my father’s car.
I was already feeling hopeless enough, just thanks to that fact, but then I remembered that I still didn’t even know how to get to Anastasia’s house.
Since I still didn’t know where the keys were and it didn’t look like I’d find them any time soon, I figured I’d take a break from looking, and go on my phone to look up her address on google maps. I knew I shouldn’t have been using my phone since it was apparently super important not to let it die. I figured it must've been one of those rules like keeping my head under the blanket when The Sandman showed up, along with the rest of my body. But I would only need my phone for a few minutes. Just enough time to look at google maps and sketch out a rough map of the route from my house to Anastasia’s.
The first thing I noticed when I typed in her address was that, thankfully, her house wasn’t too horrendously far away from mine. It would just be a 4-mile drive. So hopefully this meant that, if push did come to shove, I could still just walk there if I had too. I’d probably be late, but that would be better than not showing up at all. So, I at least had that as a back-up plan if nothing else. But it would still be risky. It would take a lot of time to walk there, and then to walk back. Maybe mom and dad would be up after all was said and done. Maybe they’d hear me coming back inside the house, regardless of how I made it to Anastasia’s. Maybe I’d wake up Anastasia’s parents too.
Since I only had an hour and thirty-five minutes left, I had no time to worry all that much about any of this though. I had to get to work, jotting down the path to Anastasia’s house. I would turn left out of my driveway, stay on that road for about a mile and a half, then turn right and stay on that road for another half-mile, then turn left for another mile, and then left again for a final fourth mile.
Another thing I noticed was that Anastasia lived out in the middle of absolute nowhere. I thought I did too, but Anastasia’s house was on a whole nother level of out there.
Fortunately, that meant I’d be driving pretty much exclusively on backroads, so it would literally be impossible to take a wrong turn after I made my first turn out of the driveway and the next right turn after that after about a mile and a half. It also meant that I would be pretty much guaranteed not to run into any other drivers, especially at that time of night. But I guess her remote address explained why she didn’t have the internet connection she would need to do a video call.
Since it was a quarter to 1 by that point, after I found out how to drive to her house, I put on all the layers I could find, took the flashlight that my mom had given me for the walk I had went on during the week prior, and started trying to walk over there, without my parents’ car, despite her recommendations. Even though it was four miles by car, I wouldn't have to worry about staying on the road if I just walked there. If I walked in a straight line, I could get there in just over 2 and half miles or so. I had decided to leave, not out of the front door, but out of the door in the hallway that led to the garage. That door made less noise than the front door.
Unfortunately, I started to get the sense that I hadn’t thought this plan through when I realized I would still have to open the garage door in order to make my way into the outside world. Which, yeah, made considerably more noise than the front door. But then I realized it didn’t matter, since I was gonna have to open the garage door anyway if I wanted to get the car out of the garage and onto the road. So, I had still made the right decision. Except no I hadn’t, because I had just remembered that I still didn’t have the car keys, and so I was supposed to be ditching the whole car idea anyway and had just randomly forgotten about all of that.
I know that all probably sounded pretty messy and wasn't very easy to follow, but maybe someone else reading with ADHD can relate. But anyway, confusing thought processes aside, I walked out the front door and started making my way to Anastasia’s on foot. It really was freezing though. I really did wonder if I could actually make it all the way to her house.
Before I even made it to the end of the driveway, I began to change my mind and decided driving really would be a more reasonable alternative. Obviously, the backroads wouldn’t even be close to snow plowed. But the snow only looked to be about maybe 6 or 7 inches deep, which was still driveable enough with the snow-proof tires that my dad had on his truck. This level of snow isn't all that uncommon around here, so those tires are pretty much a must-have for anybody living in deathly cold climates like us.
So, I could still drive despite the snow, albeit only very slowly what with how much the snow would slow me down. But I was supposed to be driving slowly anyway because I was only 14 and didn’t have a license. But I still couldn’t drive without those keys. Then I remembered I still had my bike in the garage. It was supposedly “all terrain”, so hopefully that meant it could handle the snow. I went into the garage, got my bike out, and tried riding it. Unfortunately, the tires on that bike weren’t even close to capable of handling the snow. I tried pedaling as hard as I could but hardly got anywhere before falling over. I had a feeling this would probably happen. It seemed like a dumb idea but, since I didn’t want to steal my dad’s truck and I couldn’t even seem to find his keys anyway, I figured it was at least worth a shot.
I was just about to say “fuck it” and try meeting Anastasia again on some other night when, just as I had put my bike down in the garage, I had seen that my dad had left behind his keys in the key slot of his car door. Apparently, the reason that they weren’t where they usually were was because my father had locked the truck and just forgot to take his keys with him. I turned the key sticking out of the driver’s side door and it opened. So I really could get inside of his truck after all.
I put the key into the ignition and then put it in reverse. The truck made quite a bit of noise when its ignition started, so I had just hoped that I hadn’t woken up my parents with that. Luckily, my garage is on the other side of the house from where my parents sleep, so the sound did at least have a long way to travel. Once I started backing the truck out of the garage and into the driveway, I ran into another problem. Since the roads weren’t plowed, they were just as snowy as anywhere else. So even with the rearview mirror, I had no idea where my driveway stopped and the road started. I figured I would just keep backing up until I felt like I’d gone far enough.
Far enough came sooner than expected though. Eventually, the car had very clearly backed into the grass, meaning I had backed up too far. Fortunately, I saw that I hadn’t veered too much out of the straight line I was trying to go in, because driving in reverse meant I could see the truck’s tracks right in front of me with the help of the headlights. The car fell onto the grass from back to front. So that meant that the road was now directly in front of me. Since I needed to take a left from my house if I was facing away from it, and I was now facing the opposite direction given that I was looking right at it, that meant that I now had to make a right turn in order to still be going in the right direction.
I took a moment to make sure my logic was right and, once I felt confident, I turned the truck right and then tried to feel for where the road was based on how well the truck was able to move. Eventually I was able to drive relatively smoothly, so I took that to mean that I was back on the road. I tried to angle myself properly so that I wouldn’t wind up veering off the road again. Now and then I would wind up driving myself off the road. But since I was only going like 5 miles an hour, I was able to catch myself before the car wound up falling into any ditches or something.
Since the road was entirely empty, I eventually made the decision to just drive in the middle of the road. Or at least, wherever I thought the middle of the road was. That way, I’d limit the likelihood of driving myself off the right edge.
After about 20 or 30 minutes of driving painfully slowly, I finally saw the sign for my first turn. Since all the turns I was making were fairly sharp ones, they were basically all 90 degrees, there were road signs that I could use to gauge when I should turn without needing to see the road itself. So I still knew when to do it, even though I couldn’t see the road under all the snow and I couldn't use GPS since my phone had to stay on the charger at all costs.
But the snow still made those sharp turns very difficult to make. So I had to start all my turns pretty far ahead of where they actually would’ve been in the road. Naturally, I wound up driving off the road when making literally all of them. But I was always able to work out where the road was supposed to be soon enough. I guess since people are more likely to veer off the road when making turns as opposed to when they’re driving straight, there didn’t seem to be any ditches around all those sharp turns, thankfully enough.
After I made that first turn, I checked my watch. It was now a quarter after 1. I still had 50 minutes to go. I wasn’t making great time, but I had still made it about a third of the way in only about 25 minutes. If I kept up the pace, I’d be there after just under an hour of driving. Which would put me there a little bit after 2 AM. So, pretty much exactly at 2:05, the time we agreed on.
I kept on driving incredibly slowly for what felt like forever. Finally I had made my last turn, and after a bit, I could see lights from the houses off the side of the road in the distance. I figured that this must be the neighborhood Anastasia lived in. If you could even call it a neighborhood. The houses were so hugely spaced out that it hardly even made sense to say you had neighbors. But then, she really did live out in the middle of nowhere.
Every time I passed by a house, I got out of the car and looked for an address with my flashlight. This slowed me down, but it still ensured that I would be headed for the right house. I kept the slip of paper with her address on it since I knew that, without that sheet, I’d absolutely forget which address was hers. I was actually pretty pleased with myself for having thought ahead like that. I usually didn’t. I guess I still usually don’t, if I’m being honest.
I was worried that this whole procedure of getting out of the car to scope out for an address every time I passed a new house would make me late. But fortunately, Anastasia’s house was the third house I came across on that street. So thankfully, I didn’t wind up having to check that many houses and it only cost me maybe another 5 minutes. When I checked my watch, I found I had actually arrived sooner than I had thought. Even with checking every house I had come across up to that point for the address, it was only 1:50.
I had made it with 15 minutes to spare. That meant I had made that last two thirds of my trip in about the same amount of time that I had spent on my first, meaning I had wound up going twice as fast. I suppose as I had gotten comfortable with driving, I sped up the car a little without even realizing it. Doubling your speed sounds like it should be a huge difference, but when you’re only going from 5 miles per hour to 10, I guess it must be pretty hard to notice.
Since I had so much time left and the weather outside was still hellishly cold, I stayed in the truck with the heater blaring. After a couple of minutes, I noticed an ominous red light glowing out of the side of the house. That seemed off to me since surely that couldn’t have anything to do with Anastasia’s clock. It wasn’t a weeknight and even if it was, it was still well past midnight. I remembered what she had told me about how I was still on Stage One. Maybe the fact that she was on a much later stage had something to do with what I was seeing. The fact that I was still on Stage One did, after all, seem like it had something to do with the fact that I was only threatened by the clock on weeknights.
My curiosity had gotten the better of me, and so I braved the cold and snow to go check out what was happening. There was a window on the side of the house. The curtains were left open so with the red light blaring from it, I could see inside fairly easily. Especially since the house was only one story, so it wasn’t like the window was too high up off the ground for me to see through, either.
My fears had been confirmed. Upon looking into the room, I could see exactly where the red light was emanating from: the clock on the nightstand. The face inside was as clear as ever. Every feature slowly growing, approaching the glass in front of the clock’s face. But it wasn’t looking at me. It was very clearly directing its vile and hateful gaze at the person under the covers.
The person had her head covered underneath the blanket, so I couldn’t directly tell who it was. But I figured it had to be Anastasia. For one, there was no way in hell anybody else in her family was playing Sleep Points too. I mean, what are the odds of that? And for another, the room pretty clearly looked like it belonged to a teenage girl about Anastasia’s age. Everything looked like it was pink and had all kinds of frills to it. I even noticed some boyband poster on the other end of the room. If this wasn’t the most stereotypical teenage girl’s room, I had no fucking clue what was.
Finally, 2 o’clock had come. I could see why she had told me 2:05. I had never seen the monster from the clock break out. I had always had my head under the covers whenever it happened. But since this was Anastasia’s clock and not mine and since the face in the clock was staring her down and not me, and since I had entire wall separating me from the thing, I guess I somehow managed to muster up the courage to watch the monster in action.
Suddenly, the hands and numbers of the clock’s face began to almost melt into the monster’s face. It had broken out of the sheet of glass holding it back. But that seemed to be the only thing that was broken. The rest of the actual clock remained pretty intact as the unspeakable thing from within started to slither out of the clock and onto the floor. Since the hands and numbers were still on its face, it kinda looked like they had been imprinted on it like some kind of tattoo artwork. It very quickly expanded in size and let out this unholy screech that I could hear very loudly even from behind the window. But Anastasia was still sleeping very peacefully. Totally motionless like nothing at all was going on.
It prowled around her bed, looking for the slightest sign of motion. It looked almost skeptically at her. As if it could tell whether she was really sleeping or not. And God only knows what would’ve happened to her if she wasn’t. Eventually the monster seemed satisfied with what he saw and shrunk himself down to his original size. He slid back into the clock and as he did so, there was one last glow of red light. The glass had been restored. It was now 2:01.
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2023.06.10 05:42 kashmora Dust of Dreams: general introduction and reminders

Compiled by u/zhilia_mann and extensively revised by u/Loleeeee.

Reminders for Dust of Dreams

Notes on half a book

Dust of Dreams is an odd read. It hasn't seen the reconsideration that Toll the Hounds has; it's ranked ninth in our last reader survey. The Author's Note at the beginning spells out some of the reasons:
Dust of Dreams is the first half of a two-volume novel, to be concluded with The Crippled God. Accordingly, if you’re looking for resolutions to various story-threads, you won’t find them. Also, do note that there is no epilogue and, structurally, Dust of Dreams does not follow the traditional arc for a novel.
He's not kidding. But that's not the whole story.
DoD does have a climax, but it feels more like the mid-book climax that is Y'ghatan in The Bonehunters chapter 7. It's monumental, it changes things, but it doesn't reach out and incorporate disparate storylines or tie together themes. It also arrives incredibly suddenly and catches me off guard even when I know what's coming.
More generally, DoD takes its time. Erikson continues to lean in to the slow character moments that characterize Toll the Hounds, but now does so with the urgency dictated by the imminent conclusion of the series. Theme drives DoD as much as plot -- to the extent that some readers like to claim that basically nothing happens.
There are two specific things to look out for as you read. First, there's a specific plot that seems very odd if you don't catch one hint in the prologue. In order to not give away the game, u/kashmora and I have decided to discuss that plot in more detail under spoiler tags in order to maintain a balance between spoon-feeding the reveal and actually having something to say.
Second, there's a notorious event in chapter 15. It's effectively foreshadowed and won't come as a huge shock, but it's brutal. If any previous sexual violence has bothered you, this is guaranteed to turn your stomach. It's handled respectfully, but it's vile. As the chapter approaches, we will likely give lines and timestamps to stop and then restart reading if you feel you just can't do it.
I genuinely like Dust of Dreams (and, unusually, tend to rate it over The Crippled God). But it's an experience.


Since Dust of Dreams picks up largely where Reaper's Gale left off, we have a somewhat limited cast of new characters. That said, a) we continue to expand on the Lether continent and b) we're bringing back characters we haven't seen since The Bonehunters.

Gods and Ascendants


  • Errastas: The Errant, Master of Holds. Likes to "push" and claims that to be his nature.
  • Kilmandaros: Primarily known for pummeling her problems into dust. Mother of Sechul Lath.
  • Sechul Lath: Knuckles, the Lord of Chance and Mischance. He, like his mother, seems to have extra joints and a horizontally hinged sternum.
  • Mael: Bugg, Tehol's one-time man-servant and now Ceda, Chancellor, and Treasurer. Also the god of the sea.
  • Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel: Ancient gods of beer, wine, and fertility.
  • Olar Ethil: Goddess and Soletaken Eleint Bonecaster of the T'lan Imass.
  • Togg and Fanderay: The Wolves of Winter, gods of war and current occupants of the Beast Throne. Worshiped by the Perish Grey Helms and, before their destruction, the Grey Swords under Toc Anaster.
  • Grizzin Farl: An ancient god, now disappeared.
  • Tiam (or T'iam, or Tiamatha): Goddess of dragons.

New Gods and Ascendants

  • Hood: You remember Hood, right? The Jaghut god of death that just died himself?
  • D'rek: The Worm of Autumn, goddess of decay.
  • Dessembrae: Lord of Tragedy. Divine aspect of Dassem Ultor.
  • Shadowthrone and Cotillion: God of Shadow and the Rope, Patron of Assassins. Schemey plotters.


  • Tehol (the Only) is now the King of Lether
  • Janath Anar is his Queen
  • Brys Beddict titled a Prince now, Commander of the Letherii Army
  • Aranict a promising High Mage, Atri-Ceda

The Wanderers

  • Last: An ex-Letherii farmer. Lived with his father after his mother died when he was young. A big but meek fellow.
  • Asane: A meek Letherii woman. Talked down upon by both Nappet & Sheb.
  • Sheb: An ex-convict. Sentenced to what amounts to a death sentence, he survived prison, though was significantly changed for it.
  • Rautos: A man with scant few memories, reminiscings of his wife, and a familiar name.
  • Taxilian: An architect from the city of Taxila, Seven Cities, also with a familiar name.
  • Nappet: Another Letherii ex-convict. He's a bully.
  • Breath: A Letherii witch that's filled with spite & thoughts of drowning.
  • The Ghost: An unnamed character that can move between the Wanderers at will. Has peculiar memories, though is presumably incorporeal.

The Refugium

  • Rud Elalle: Son of Menandore and Udinaas, growing up very fast (think Silverfox).
  • Ulshun Pral: A leader of the Bentract Imass of the Refugium. Son of Onrack T'emlava and Kilava Onas.
    • Seren Pedac: Acquitor and budding mage of Mockra, Trull's widow.
  • Udinaas: Former slave to the Sengar household and former confidant of Rhulad. Dark, cynical, but way too insightful.

The 14th and its Allies

Malazan Leadership

  • Lostara Yil: Former Red Blade, former lover of the Claw Pearl, now Tavore's right hand in T'amber's place. Trained in the Shadowdance.
  • Blistig: Former commander of the Aren Guard, now Fist under Tavore.
  • Kindly and Pores: The notorious captain and his long-suffering lieutenant, and/or Master Sergeant, and/or Quartermaster.


  • Keneb: Fist who led the defense of Froth Wolf and Silanda in Malaz City. Detached to the Marines.
  • Faradan Sort: Keneb's second in command. May have stood the Stormwall in the past.
  • Bottle, Cuttle, Smiles, Koryk, Tarr, and Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas: Fiddler's squad. Bottle is still a mage who can control animals and Corabb is still Oponn's favorite. 4th squad, 9th company.
  • Gesler, Stormy, Sands, Shortnose, Flashwit, Uru Hela, and Mayfly: Gesler's squad, almost entirely composed of heavies. 5th squad, 9th company.
  • Hellian, Touchy, Brethless, Balgrid, Tavos Pond, Maybe, and Lutes: Hellian's squad. Hellian is a drunk and has arachnophobia. Touchy and Brethless, her two corporals, have served under her since way back in Kartool. 8th squad, 9th company.
  • Thom Tissy, Tulip, Ramp, Jibb, Gullstream, Mudslinger, and Bellig Harn: 12th squad, 9th company under Thom Tissy.
  • Urb, Reem, Bowl, Hanno, Saltlick, and Scant: 13th squad, 9th company. Urb earned his own squad after dragging Hellian out of Y'ghatan, an event she still periodically wants to kill him over.
  • Pravalak Rim, Honey, Strap Mull, Shoaly, Sinter, Kisswhere, and Lookback: 4th squad, 3rd company.
  • Badan Gruk, Ruffle, Skim, Nep Furrow, Reliko, and Vastly Blank: The heavily Dal Honese 5th squad, 3rd company. Nep Furrow is a bush warlock, who talks in an incomprehensible accent.
  • Primly, Hunt, Mulvan Dreader, Neller, Skulldeath, and Drawfirst: 10th squad, 3rd company.

New Bridgeburners

  • Hedge: previously dead, now seemingly alive, Bridgeburner.

Other Soldiers

  • Cord, Shard, Limp, Ebron, Crump, and Sinn: 7th squad, 9th company, largely former Ashok Regiment. Sinn is a traumatized girl and high mage. Crump's actual name is Jamber Bole, High Marshal of the Mott Irregulars.
  • Balm, Deadsmell, Throatslitter, Galt, Lobe, and Widdershins: This humble writer's favorite squad, the 9th, 9th company. Deadsmell is a mage of Hood. Throatslitter's laugh can nearly kill all on its own.
  • Masan Gilani: Dal Honese heavy and excellent rider. She has... other charms. Technically in Urb's squad?


  • Banaschar: Former high priest of D'rek, the Worm of Autumn. Stole the entire temple coffers after D'rek killed her followers (except Tayschrenn and Banaschar himself).
  • Withal: "Foreigner" from The Bonehunters and the Meckros blacksmith who made Rhulad's sword for the Crippled God.
  • Sandalath Drukorlat: Tiste Andii wife of Withal. First killed long ago, her soul was released by the Crimson Guards traveling with Seren Pedac in Midnight Tides. She was restored as a companion for Withal and it didn't go well at first. Now they're married, so something worked out?
  • Grub: Keneb's adopted son. Walked the Chain of Dogs. Now the only friend of Sinn. Has a knack for saying prophetic things. Oh, and there's an epigraph in House of Chains (Chapter 19, if you're curious) that identifies him as a future First Sword of the Malazan Empire.

Khundryl Burned Tears

  • Warleader Gall: still headed by him
  • Hanavat: his wife

Perish Grey Helms

  • Mortal Sword Krughava: Fifty-odd years old Mortal Sword of the Wolves of Winter (you may recall that Toc held that title in conjunction with Krughava).
  • Shield Anvil Tanakalian: Shield Anvil of the Grey Helms. Homesick, young, and with some curious ideas about his role.
  • Destriant Run'Thurvian: Destriant of the Grey Helms. Befriended Fist Keneb in the Bonehunters. Doesn't hold Tanakalian in particularly high esteem.

K'Chain Che'Malle and Associates

We meet a surviving nest - Ampelas Rooted - headed by Matron Gunth'an Acyl. She is guarded by J'an Sentinels (Bre'nigan), K'ell Hunters (Sag'Churok, Kor Thuran, Rythok) and Shi'gal Assassins (Gu'Rull). Her One Daughter is called Gunth Mach who was last seen cutting down Redmask at the end of RG, along with Sag'Churok.

The Snake

A group of refugee children on the run from Kolanse, marching through hostile lands and suffering from hunger and thirst. The train is led by the oldest/tallest boy among them, called Rutt. He carries a baby called Held. His second in command is Badalle, who is also our main Snake POV character. Other notable children among them are Saddic who follows Badalle and commits her poems to memory; Brayderal who seems pale inspite of the harsh sun.

The Shake

  • Yedan Derryg: Half-brother to Yan Tovis. Known for a chiseled jaw.
  • Yan Tovis: Preda at Shake Tower, also called Twilight.
  • Pully and Skwish: Ancient Shake witches.

White Face Barghast and Associates

  • Onos Toolan: Warleader of the White Face Barghast. You may note, technically not Barghast.
  • Hetan: His wife. Daughter of the late Humbrall Taur.
  • Cafal: Hetan's brother and Great Warlock of the White Faces.
  • Setoc (of the Wolves): Known as Stayandi. A Letherii child and sole survivor of Redmask's attack in Reaper's Gale. Now a wolf-born child with an innate connection to wolves.
  • Maral Eb:Chief of the Barahn clan of the White Faces
  • Sekara (the Vile): It's in the name, really.

T'lan Imass

  • Nom Kala: Bonecaster of the Brold T'lan Imass.

The Bolkando

  • Chancellor Rava: Chancellor of the Bolkando Kingdom. Is oddly attracted to Felash. Is also in his seventies while Felash is fourteen.
  • Conquestor Avalt: Military commander of the Bolkando Army with the glaring exception of the Evertine Legion. A decent military commander and he looks the part.
  • Queen Abrastal: also called Firehair, commands the Evertine legion, co-ruler of the Bolkando lands
  • Princess Felash: 14th daughter of Queen Abrastal, deemed the cleverest by her mother, 14 years old, away from the kingdom on a diplomatic mission.

Forkrul Assail

There are Pures, Watered and Shriven. The Pures are - as the name suggests - pure-blooded Forkrul Assail. The Watered are hybrids of Forkrul Assail and other races - often humans - while the Shriven refer to any race that doesn't have enough Forkrul blood to be considered Watered. The Shriven are essentially the slave caste of the Forkrul.


  • Icarium: Half-Jaghut son of Gothos. Cursed to forget but immensely powerful.

Wait, what's going on again? What you need to know to start reading.

The Malaz 14th - now Tavore's Bonehunters - invaded the Letherii Empire, ostensibly as a punitive expedition against the Tiste Edur raiding on Imperial lands (namely, Sepik). At the same time, due to machinations by Tehol Beddict, in conjunction with the Malazan invasion, Letherii society was in intense upheaval which ended in a defacto revolution placing Tehol at the head of the Kingdom of Lether.
In a similar timeframe, Icarium Lifestealer activated a strange machine with far-reaching consequences, one of the many among which being levelling an entire city block and killing - among others - Taxilian, Senior Assessor, Taralack Veed, and Rautos Hivanar.
The Errant was bound to Feather Witch through a temple sanctified in his name, and though he eventually won out - drowning Feather Witch in the fetid waters beneath Letheras - he lost his eye. The loss of power stings, and due to a combination of factors, the Errant craves a return to his ancient power. Also, Brys Beddict has returned to the world of the living.
There's a whole lot of skykeeps within the Imperial Warren, as well as a handful of dragons nailed to crosses throughout the books - among them, an "otataral dragon" as witnessed by Pearl & Lostara in House of Chains, and Sorrit, a dragon aspected to Serc, as found by Icarium & Mappo in the Bonehunters.
Redmask failed - and died - in whatever quest the K'Chain Che'Malle set to him, and it seems they're getting desperate.
Silchas Ruin set off to attack Letheras but was beaten back - chiefly by a few well-placed cussers to the face. "Fucking dragon."


We mostly stay in the continent of Lether but now we also include the Eastern end called Kolanse. Here is a fan made beautifully rendered map of all the places we encounter- done by u/joshuabbutler
Note: Given the extensive Dramatis and the convergence of dozens of threads in this pre-final book, we are stopping the intro here. We plan to update more and expand this further as we keep reading.
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2023.06.10 05:31 nimbusmettle My late granpa showed up and strange things

In my dream I woke up in a shore(maybe i was sleeping in there) and it was like storm was coming and people around me got busy for that. The rain and the wave were violent and I stood up and climbed up some hill nearby. And interestingly i saw my grandfather(in reality he passed away 2 years ago) on the way up the hill and I recognized it was his place(like makeshift place where he stayed but it seemed like the condition was like thr primitive human's cave place)
And he collapsed and hit by some rock and sand and he was like buried by the sand. There was my uncle near him but he didnt seem to have seen him collapse.
I was like excavating him and found he got hit in his head by some rock. And he became conscious again and smiled back at me. And my uncle came to me making a warm hearted joke to me...
Actually in real life, my uncle betrayed my father(some financial stuff about grandpa: he appropriated his money telling a lie) and became estranged from my family.
Whats this dream about?? Thanks for ur comment in advance!
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