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Anne Arundel County, MD : Annapolis, Severn, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Ft. Meade, etc.

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Anne Arundel County, MD : Annapolis, Severn, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Ft. Meade, etc. A community for information about the happenings in Anne Arundel County, MD

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Capital News Service (CNS) is a student-powered news organization reporting from bureaus in Annapolis, Washington and College Park at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

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For those that live, work in, travel through, or enjoy Anne Arundel County, MD and what it has to offer.

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2023.04.01 16:34 Imansays Opened Scarlet and Violet!

Opened Scarlet and Violet!
My childhood was during the original ex era so seeing the lower case ex cards again I don’t even know how to put into words. I even pulled my chase card my girlfriend was opening the packs I guess I got girlfriend luck haha. Pulls are in order from most favorite to least favorite
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2023.04.01 16:23 devilsravioli Riding the “Ragged Edge”: Lester Bush and Juanita Brooks - Martyrs of Mormonism [Juanita Brooks Utah History Conference 3/24/2023]

Last week (3/23/2023-3/25/2023) was the inaugural Juanita Brooks Utah History Conference held at Utah Tech University. What ensued was a celebration of Juanita Brooks’ legacy, a variety of presentations, and a guided tour (Barbara Jones Brown & Richard Turley) of Mountain Meadows. Naturally, given the conference’s name-sake, the theme of standing for truth over power remained steady. Two talks stood out to me related to this topic. The talks were given by Greg Prince (DOM and the Rise of Modern Mormonism, Gay Rights and the Mormon Church, Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History, etc.) and Paul Reeve (Century of Black Mormons, Religion of a Different Color, Let’s Talk About Race and the Priesthood, etc), both highly respected in their respective fields of study. These talks particularly touched me because they penetrated a vein that has significantly bothered me and has repeatedly disrupted my sleep: The institutional suppression of truth.
Greg Prince - Subsequent talk on Lester Bush following the presentation of the inaugural Juanita Brooks Award.(if timestamp doesn't work ff to 40m 25s)
To the surprise of those attending, during the Friday morning session of the conference, Greg Prince presented the inaugural Juanita Brooks Award to Lester Bush. Lester was not able to attend, but his wife was there to accept the award. Following the presentation, Greg Prince gave a moving talk dedicated to his best friend, Lester Bush. In 1973 Lester published the groundbreaking Dialogue article MORMONISM'S NEGRO DOCTRINE: AN HISTORICAL OVERVIEW. This article became the foundation of what would become the “new” Mormon history regarding race and the priesthood/temple ban. Prince got to know Bush shortly after the publication of this monumental article. What followed the publication of Bush’s article was informal discipline that took many forms. Prince got to witness it all first-hand.
At a time when Spencer Kimball reorganized the office of Seventy, Bush was kept from ordination to the office of High Priest with no explanation while all his peers had their expected upgrade. After his success disrupting the Leonard Arrington led History Division of the Church, senior apostle Mark Peterson sought after other “intellectuals”. Lester Bush was one of those targeted. Despite direct and harsh calls from Peterson, Bush’s Stake President (Bill Marriott) refused to follow through with disciplinary action because he knew it was wrong to do so. Lester was a pariah among his own. The result of decades of social ostracization and “soft” discipline (described by one anonymous GA as “the worst'') was Bush’s inactivity in the Church (~30 years).
In 2009, Brent Rushforth (Director of Dialogue when Bush’s 1973 article was published) shared with Prince and Bush that he had recently inquired of Jordan Kimball (grandson of Spencer) and Rebecca Kimball (wife of Jordan) regarding whether Lester’s 1973 article had any impact on Spencer Kimball and the 1978 “revelation”. Jordan assuredly told Brent that they need not wonder any longer. Later, when Prince was able to get Rebecca on the record, she explained that upon Spencer Kimball’s death, son Ed Kimball came across Bush’s 1973 Dialogue article marked up heavily in Kimball's personal home study. None of the other Dialogue articles in Kimball’s study were marked up in his distinctive red pencil. Vindication was on the horizon.
In 2014 Prince emailed his good friend Jeffrey R. Holland to see if there was any way Bush’s work could further be validated by the Church. Shortly after, Bush was invited to give the 2015 Sterling M. McMurrin Lecture on Religion & Culture at the University ot Utah. Lester got to meet Steven Snow (then Church Historian, 2012-2018) the same day, as well as Marlin Jensen (the former Church Historian, 2005-2012). Both validated Lester and his monumental work. In addition, Lester and Darius Gray got to meet, in person, for the first time. The following morning, Lester got further reassurance from Elder Holland that Lester was an exceptional person and that his work was valuable to Mormon history.
Paul Reeve - "Riding Herd with Juanita Brooks: A View of Latter-day Saint History from the Ragged Edge" (if timestamp doesn't work ff to 2h 46m 3s)
The final talk of the Friday morning session was given by Paul Reeve, titled, "Riding Herd with Juanita Brooks: A View of Latter-day Saint History from the Ragged Edge". The imagery outlined in his talk was outstanding. He described Brooks’ upbringing on the outskirts of “Dixie” (Bunkerville Nevada). The ultimate edge of the edge of Deseret. Not only was her residence on the edge, but so was her approach to the gospel and her Church. Those around Juanita wondered whether she would talk/think her way out of the Church as she questioned traditional narratives and biblical fundamentalism. After she published her groundbreaking book The Mountain Meadows Massacre (1950) Juanita wondered whether she would be disciplined by her male Church leaders. She decided that if she would not be allowed to retain her membership and write objective history, then she would choose truth and forfeit her membership. This stalwart resolve served as the foundation of what would become the “new” Mormon history. Honesty became more important than perpetuating dogma. As a result of writing honest Mormon history, Juanita forced the Mormon Church to confront its past and decide what they were going to do with their future. The Church, unfortunately, rejected truth and transparency in her lifetime.
Early in Juanita's life, she was given sage advice in the form of an analogy. She was taught ( I paraphrase) that in order to guide a herd of cattle, you must persuade from the edge. You can not confront a head strong herd head-on and expect the cattle to remain cohesive. Worst case scenario, conflict results, and cowboys and cattle get hurt and lost. Juanita took this counsel to heart and rode that “ragged edge” of the herd, gently guiding the Mormon Church toward honest inquiry. Regardless, she would never see the fruits of her labor as she died in 1989, not long after the Arrington history department was dismantled and moved to BYU. A form of formal denunciation of honest inquiry.
Reeve explained that he values this advice, and lives by it, as he grew up ranching in south-eastern Utah and is actively teaching church membership the truth about the Church and race relations. Guiding a herd of headstrong cattle requires finesse. In an age where truth can not be contained, the importance of honest discourse has come front and center.
Following the panel presentations (Reeve include), one listener posed a question (if timestamp doesn't work ff to 3h 16m 10s) to the panel that consisted of Paul Reeve (UofU) and Janiece Johnson (BYU). Joseph Stuart (BYU) did a good job summarizing the attendee’s question. I’ll paraphrase (in case you didn’t watch the video):
We can clearly see that Juanita Brooks was riding the “ragged edge” of the church (same goes for Lester Bush). Who do you see riding that “ragged edge” of the Church today? What topics are they focusing on?
As the question was dictated, I looked forward to hearing what a BYU employee would provide for an answer (given the Church’s history of suppressing truth and deemphasis of controversial topics). After the question was posed, Johnson immediately deferred to Reeve. I wish I could pretend I was surprised. Reeve proceeded to name Taylor Petrey (Tabernacles of Clay) as an example of someone riding that edge concerning the Church’s evolving teachings related to gender and sexuality. This was a great example, and naturally, one that would make any orthodox member uncomfortable considering we were all attending a conference commemorating those in the past (Brooks and Bush) who were discarded when they published their seminal, controversial works. It was a surreal experience. For all we know, in 30 years, Taylor Petrey will be given the Juanita Brooks Award (despite the backlash he received from his excellent book and pivotal Dialogue article: Toward a Post-Heterosexual Mormon Theology).
In the end, the institutional hierarchy of the Church who proposed the 1978 “revelation” did not cite Lester Bush, but rejected him. Juanita Brooks never got to see her work appreciated by her beloved Church. Formal acknowledgement of the Church’s directing role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre didn’t happen until 2007. Only today do we embrace her objective and unapologetic view of the past. Today we celebrate the quasi church endorsed works of Turley and Brown as they publish authoritative texts on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Today we watch scholars like Petrey lament the circumstances of LDS academics as the institutional Church entrenches itself into orthodoxy with commander Clark Gilbert at the helm. The leadership of the Church today, apparently, does not embrace the suppression of their predecessors (GTEs, JSPP, Saints, etc.)...
Or do they? Remember, Boyd K Packer, the zealous crony of Ezra Taft Benson and Mark E Peterson, the sworn enemies of “so-called scholars”, was acting president or president of the Q12 from 1994 to 2015. He sat at the head seat of every weekly coordination meeting of the Q12 for over 20 years, training and counseling just about every current member of the Q15 extensively. He watched the control of truth slip from his hands as technology reached frictionless levels of transference. He could no longer easily excommunicate those who published unflattering truths of his golden idols (his predecessors in Church leadership). Boyd was forced to concede with progress. The publication of the initial 13 Gospel Topics Essays (2013-2015) served as the metaphorical final 13 nails in his coffin (2015).
Now to my main point. The soul touching/crushing point that frequently makes its appearance in my heart/mind (most recently in St George). Why has the institutional Church refused to honestly confront its past? Brody, Brooks, Bush, Arrington, and Quinn were all attacked by their ecclesiastical leadership. Today, we hold up their scholarship and cite them in official Church publications. What is it about telling the truth that causes the Brethren to hunt for scholars? Why does paranoia abound regarding BYU and its faculty? Why do many members refuse to look into the past of their own Church beyond the correlated resources offered on My theory lies in the heart of Boyd Packer’s poignant advice to, then new GA, Lynn G. Robbins: “Which way do you face?”. The foundation of the LDS church is the reliability of modern prophets and their ability to receive and convey the mind and will of Deity. If the leadership of the Church loses this value proposition, then the Church is gone. Boyd’s advice is designed to maintain the idolatrous nature of the Q15. They give directions. We listen. A submissive, unquestioning membership is what they need for their Church to thrive. The absolute antithesis of unquestioning loyalty and obedience is inquiry. Curiosity is the root of academia. Questioning established tradition lies at the heart of refining truths. Academia strives to uncover every rock, illuminate every hidden corner, and question the questions. Fiat lux.
Naturally, inquiry will reveal unflattering elements of the beloved prophets, seers, and revelators of the Mormon past. Their teachings will be interpreted in a new light. Their journals will reveal their hidden intentions. Their accusers will be vindicated. The more you learn about the men in the ivory tower, behind the curtain, the more human they become. The cultural façade of prophetic infallibility drifts away with the myths of Santa Clause, Atlantis, and a moon made of bleu cheese. The 14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet start to sound a little authoritative when you realize the leaders of the Church were simply selected through a network of nepotism and relations. The November 2015 Policy flip-flopping starts to make sense after contrasting it with John Taylor’s 1886 revelation and the Manifesto Woodruff and gang so reluctantly published. The institutional guiding principles that resulted in the SEC Order make a whole lot of sense after reading the lengths Joseph Smith went through to maintain his secrets in Nauvoo. Studying the past illuminates the present.
These men try so unbelievably hard to maintain a prophetic figure of perfection. President Russell Nelson taught, “Prophets are rarely popular. But we will always teach the truth!”. His closest ally and wife, Wendy, last year challenged the dwindling membership of both Europe and California in private broadcasts to question everything said by anyone besides President Nelson. How does a membership consisting of nuanced, informed, and participating individuals react to messages like this? I’ll tell you how I felt: skeptical. With every authoritative address and comment reliant on unrighteous dominion, the leadership of the Church thickens the doctrine of obedience over conscience.
This is Mormonism. Bending your soul to conform to the will of the Brethren. This is what historians like Juanita Brooks and Lester Bush refused to do. They gently pushed from the ragged edge, persuading the herd that is Mormonism toward truth and reconciliation. They paid socially for their guiding principles (truth). The stubborn cattle at the head of the herd believe they are guiding the masses, when in reality, those getting bruised and battered on the precipitous edges are ensuring goodness remains on the horizon. May we encourage and sustain those on the edge and continue to immortalize those that have gone before us. God bless Juanita and God bless Lester.
I will close with the following enlightening quote from Spencer W. Kimball, just as Prince did in his address [emphasis mine]:
“Now, my brothers and sisters, it seems clear to me, indeed, this impression weighs upon me—that the Church is at a point in its growth and maturity when we are at last ready to move forward in a major way. Some decisions have been made and others pending, which will clear the way, organizationally. But the basic decisions needed for us to move forward, as a people, must be made by the individual members of the Church. The major strides which must be made by the Church will follow upon the major strides to be made by us as individuals.” (President Spencer W. Kimball, Let Us Move Forward and Upward, April 1979 GC)
So which way do you face again, Boyd?
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2023.04.01 16:21 No_Champion_2892 I need to know if I’m just a competitive applicant in my head or if I’m actually competitive

I’m applying next year because I’m still finishing a masters program but here are my stats. I’m originally from New York but currently live in Florida and will honestly probably be applying to mostly Florida and New York schools with my number one choice right now being Hofstra but if I am competitive as I feel like I am in my head I’d like to apply to a solid amount of top 30 schools.
Also applying both MD and DO Non traditional 4 gap years between undergrad and when I’ll apply
Undergrad GPA: 3.56 -Health sciences Masters in neuroscience GPA (38 credits): 4.0 ~ this is what I have now and I know for a fact is what I’ll finish with MCAT: 518 Clinical experience: at the point of applying probably around 5,300 hours with 1300 of those being an EMT in an ER and the rest being a paramedic in that same ER. (I give code meds, start IVs, EKGs, ultrasound IVs, triage patients, and am able to give any med that is considered emergent) TA experience: 1 semester in my schools anatomy lab Research: I’m working on getting into an actual lab but by the time I finish my program I will have a solo published literature review of circadian rhythm and shift work (I’ve been told this equates to like 150 hours of research even though it’s not in an actual lab) Volunteer: I volunteer as a paramedic at a free clinic- probably around 200 hours by the time I apply Shadowing: not a ton but I’m working on this with some of the doctors in my ER ECs: I play competitive video games (not sure if I’m going to include this) currently training for a triathalon because one of my teachers says it looks good lol Was the president of my fraternity during undergrad Heavily involved in fundraising for children miracles network throughout undergrad
Major drawbacks I can think of : 6 withdraws on my undergrad record; most are explainable as I fractured my skull sophomore year lol
I’ve never taken calc 1. Not a big math guy
I graduated undergrad in summer 2020 during Covid so it’ll be almost 4 gap years
Thanks for reading all of this I’m really just trying to figure out if I’m way over my head in this Hofstra idea because that is my true #1
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2023.04.01 16:18 InquisitiveHippo 503 Diagnostic -> 516+ in 1 Year?

I haven’t taken organic chemistry or biochemistry yet, but I did an Altius test and scored a 503 (125/127/126/125).
I need to get a 516+ for my BS/MD program (USF)–looking for some advice on how I can get started with some prep without going in full blown MCAT focus mode for these next few months.
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2023.04.01 16:07 InDenialEvie States in 2016 by Major Canidates(Over 5 percent)

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2023.04.01 15:59 Rough-Matter-9026 DND people!

Just wondering if there’s people on here looking for dungeons and dragons groups. My husband (31M) is really into it but the group he’s been with hasn’t been able to meet up for quite a while. We’re moving soon to Waltherson area, don’t know many people. I know he’d love to join a group or be DM of a group. I (31F) have literally no friends here in MD. I moved here last summer. I’m due with our first baby in May. So I guess I’m looking for friends for myself and my husband lol. With kids, without kids, into DND or not lol.
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2023.04.01 15:49 DusgruntledPickleman Finally took the plunge

This comes in next week and super stoked. It's filling a hole in my line up and it was a toss up between this or an MR762. I have an unfired Noveske N6, so I went the non-AR route.
Taxes, fees, everything right at $4k and it has a VLTOR stock, VLTOR MD, Giessele super scar trigger, PMM rails, and upgraded bolt. 3 mags.
I know for what I'm getting the price is good gun itself sold for $3700.
I'd like to go semi no budget here and throw on a NX8. I've looked a good bit at Elcans and I just can't justify the cost for what I get. Ive used them before over seas, and the 2 mag function bothered me. Paying over $2k for 2 settings irks me a little. So a 1x8 or 1x10 would be where I was really looking.
Suggestions and ideas welcome. Give me some feedback on the older Belgian ones as well. I went for RCH and Belgian made because if I ever wanted it to move down the road, I figured there'd be more collector value there.
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2023.04.01 15:49 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ND Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Fisher Industries Aggregate Tester Belfield
Fisher Industries Mechanic Belfield
Good Samaritan Society NA - Nursing Assistant - St. Vincent's - PT Bismarck
Fisher Industries General Mechanic Dickinson
Fisher Industries Mechanic Dickinson
Fisher Industries Aggregate Tester Dickinson
E.W. Wylie, LLC Accounts Receivable Coordinator Fargo
Sevita Caregiver for Behavioral Group Home Grand Forks
RDO Equipment Co. Precision Ag Intern Hazen
United Grain Corporation Grain Elevator Operator Hettinger
Good Samaritan Society Environmental Services Technician - Larimore - PT - Day Larimore
Good Samaritan Society Nursing Assistant in CNA Training - Miller Pointe - PT Mandan
Good Samaritan Society Environmental Services Technician, Long Term Care - FT Days Oakes
Good Samaritan Society Nursing Assistant Long Term Care (LTC) - PT Nights Park River
Good Samaritan Society Nursing Assistant, Long Term Care (LTC) - PT Varied Park River
Matrix Providers Clinical Psychologist - Williston, ND Williston
Wm CDL Truck Driver - Swing - 5000 Sign On Bonus Minot
Ups UPS Overnight Warehouse Worker Bismarck
U.S. Bank National Association Client Relationship Consultant 1-4 - Dickinson, ND- Sign On Bonus $1000 Dickinson
CHI Living Communities Immediate Openings Certified Medication Aide CMA PT FT Or PRN Fargo Fargo
Springhill Suites Marriott Part Time Laundry Attendant Grand Forks
Booz Allen Hamilton DevOps Field Service Engineer Grand Forks Afb
CHI Living Communities Immediate Openings Director Of Nursing Fargo West Fargo
CHI Living Communities Immediate Openings Certified Medication Aide CMA PT FT Or PRN Fargo West Fargo
CHI Living Communities Immediate Openings Dining Attendant Fargo West Fargo
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nd. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 15:32 kcin99ch :0

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2023.04.01 15:08 Game_rip_14 Anyone experienced a slight flare during Covid?

I had an MD in December and my recovery has been fairly steady and largely uneventful; been doing lots of walking and PT strengthening. Anyhow, unfortunately yesterday I tested positive for COVID, but didn’t feel too bad on day 1. Fast forward to today and, after a pretty sleepless night tossing and turning due to severe body aches, I’ve noticed that I’ve got a slight flare of my sciatica. It’s not terrible, I can still walk and everything, it’s just noticeable - like a tightness and tingling. I’ve read that COVID causes inflammation in the body and suspect this might be impacting my sciatic nerve as the muscles around it are achy and tight. I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar and whether it will subside as COVID leaves my body?
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2023.04.01 15:08 MissMamaMam Cruise/beach vacation MUSTS and recommendations?

Hi all! I appreciate hearing whatever you can contribute. I have some things in mind but needed some opinions!
I have a cruise coming in May, we’ll be stopping in Conzumel, & Key West. I don’t have a makeup budget really but would prefer each product under $80.
My regular go to look involves combining fenty hydrating and fenty matte liquid foundation. Too faced born this way concealer. MAC eyebrow pencil. Morphe contour pressed powder. Tarte Amazonian clay rosy nude. My mascara choices are varied lol I’m still looking for a go-to. My products are getting old anyways and I’ll need to do a haul soon too.
For vacation I was thinking of grabbing a primer, face sunscreen, a tinted moisturizer, a blurring foundation, maybe concealer, maybe mascara if I don’t get lash extensions.
Here’s what I had in mind. Primer: MILK hydro grip Sunscreen: ELTA MD spf 46 UV Clear Tinted moisturizer: Glossier or Fenty Eaze Drops Foundation: Dior Face/Body or Armani Luminous Silk
Your thoughts? Or your personal fave summevacay recommendations?
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2023.04.01 15:05 ImSoSorryCharlie I don't care that a man died. My kid's tummy hurts!

This happened a few years ago, so things are a little fuzzy around the edges.
I'm a veterinary technician and I got injured on the job. A puppy was handed to me and he started flailing and managed to take a 1cm × 3mm chunk out of my cornea with his claw. It's amongst the most painful injuries I've ever received. I can't see to save my life, so I call my dad and ask him to take me to the ER. He picks me up directly from work. The ER is a mad house. You know it's gonna be bad when there's a handful of staff waiting on an ambulance to arrive.
While I'm waiting in the exam room, I hear a page come over the system for a "code blue." That means a patient has arrested and it's an all hands on deck situation for CPR. It's also a reminder that you're lucky to be waiting in an ER because you're not dying. I'm eventually seen by the doctor and I get a few side long glances from the nurses at my scrubs. They seem to notice the large paw print logo embroidered on them from the hospital I used to work at and leave me be. After my visit, the nurse who's discharging me points down the hall at the door and tells me to exit that way and then she gets back to work.
As I'm walking down the hall, a woman pops out from one of the exam rooms on my blind side and immediately starts yelling. I almost crash into a desk. Our characters will be Concerned Mother (CM), Mortified Daughter (MD), and yours truly, the Main Entertainment (ME).
CM: Do you know how long I have been waiting?!
ME: (gesturing in vain towards the paw print logo) I don't work here.
CM: Do you think I'm an idiot?
ME: I can get someone to--
CM: We have been waiting for 45 minutes in this room! MD's tummy hurts! Do you even care about her?
MD: (seems to be about 13 years old, covering her face with her hands, looking a bit like she wishes the floor would swallow her up)
ME: I can't help--
CM: (slowly, like I'm an idiot) Herrrr tummmmyy hurrrrrts. Do you people even care at all? About how long we've waited?
ME: (In disbelief over how someone could be so clueless about triage) Did you not see the man come in that got hit by a car? (Just a guess, but hoping to give her some perspective)
CM: Is he my daughter? No? Then why would I care? What's wrong with your face? Quit winking at me!
ME: (Just struggling to see over here, my bad)
At this point a security guard shows up. He stands between us and looks at her, then at me.
ME: (Desperately pointing at the paw print logo) I'm a patient!
He nods and turns to CM and starts explaining that I don't work there. I didn't hang around to see the aftermath because, you know, the whole couldn't see part. Some say her daughter's tummy hurts to this very day.
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2023.04.01 15:01 Game_rip_14 Anyone experienced a slight flare during Covid?

I had an MD in December and my recovery has been fairly steady and largely uneventful; been doing lots of walking and PT strengthening. Anyhow, unfortunately yesterday I tested positive for COVID, but didn’t feel too bad on day 1. Fast forward to today and, after a pretty sleepless night tossing and turning due to severe body aches, I’ve noticed that I’ve got a slight flare of my sciatica. It’s not terrible, I can still walk and everything, it’s just noticeable - like a tightness and tingling. I’ve read that COVID causes inflammation in the body and suspect this might be impacting my sciatic nerve as the muscles around it are achy and tight. I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar and whether it will subside as COVID leaves my body?
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2023.04.01 14:57 Spankermans Bonvoy Biz didn't receive free night award

Hey just seeing if anyone else has had this issue and how they dealt with it
I have the Bonvoy Biz card, held it for about 5 years now, each year have always got my free night cert
Just noticed that I didn't get one in 2022 (haven't been travelling), they usually showed up near end of May, looking at the activity section on my account I don't see anything posting, but I do see the one in 2021 being added
Called Amex they said yep we issued it on so and so date and to try calling Marriott.. ok fun.. call Marriott and they open a case #, eventually get an email on it basically absolving themselves from any sins and that I probably did something wrong, didn't meet criteria or something, and to contact my credit card company
Ugh.. I did some back and forth emails telling them I did contact Amex, not getting anywhere, they claim they are perfect and can do no wrong
So where do I go from here? Amex says they issued it and it's Marriotts fault. Marriot says nope didn't get it, not our problem someone else screwed up
How do I get them to talk?
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2023.04.01 14:43 trubigkid Can I resign from current position and stay with the company?

Seeking advice. I’ve been with the same company for nearly 2 decades. I’ve had 5 promotions and have been in my current position coming up to 2 years in June. I’m the companies coordinatooffice supervisor and I was wondering if I could just resign from my position and go back to my previous position which is in the same department. My position is a set salary at $101,400.00 USD plus a year end bonus which last year was jack due to the pandemic, merrily $3k USD. But my previous position was $36.87 USD per hour, with unlimited time and a half over time after 40 hours per week, plus quarterly profit shares of around $1k (company has 300k plus employees) and end of year sick payback for sick days I didn’t use. I’ve seen at least $30-$50k USD decrease in my earnings for each year since I’ve been in this position. I’m not 100% happy, a lot is also having to deal with toxic employees on a manager level and being held at a certain stand while other office professionals that work under me are held at other standards.. Come to work sit in their offices or cubical and BS all day, eat, sleep, snack and watch YouTube and such all day. When I was a regular Joe, life was much easier at work, and I still had the same work ethic as I do now.. wasn’t one of the lazy ones.. I’m the first employee in my city to hold the position as the created the positions 2 years ago for each office within the company around the world. My boss took I’ll 3 weeks ago, her boss the MD does know shit and is relying on me and I just can’t take the pressure, especially for the low pay. Yes my boss taught me a lot, many things that I didn’t have to do in my position, but she only taught me because she told me she won’t be here forever. The night before my boss took I’ll, she was saying some things like she knew she was gonna be back to work. She was found in her home passed out and had to get air ambulances away and still is currently in ICU. I’m to the point that I want to leave, but I feel as if I leave, the office will crash. We only have 42 employees at our office and 4 departments. The department that I work in only has 3 of 7 left.. My boss fired 4 in the past few months and just 2 1 week prior to her absence. I don’t want to just leave, because I’ll probably put others jobs in jeopardy. I deal with government officials to keep the business going, my bosses boss are in Miami, seem not to know how things run at our office and are 100% clueless and told me to figure it out. This is a department manager in my office that is above me, been with the company for 28 years and doesn’t know shit of how the business runs in my department sector. Without my department running, the company cannot operate. A government official got a wife that my boss was out and the rumor was that she no longer works with us, if she doesn’t.. all work in the building as to seize as she has is the only person with the power of attorney to run the local company. We can’t even hire new employees right now. We are unable to see our companies local fund balance, and we are depending on funds to be paid to the government and don’t even know if it is happening. Sorry for the running river.. I guess I’m just venting.. but I don’t mind doing the same work that I’m doing now, I just want to be back on hourly pay vs salary. 😕
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2023.04.01 14:39 sw2510352 Advice on choosing PhD advisor

Hi everyone, I'd like some advice about choosing my PhD advisor. I am a MD/PhD student currently on lab rotation and I have to decide between two labs. Both labs are well established and have lots of funding, but there are some differences that make the decision somewhat hard for me. In the ideal world, I would want to join a lab that trains me well to develop my independent scientific thinking and also graduate on time (4 years max). I know I am self-motivated and capable of working hard, but I do feel like I need some guidance initially to develop my scientific thinking skills and eventually independently guide my own project.
Lab A: PI is younger and more hands on, will meet one-on-one with students every week, helps them with grant writing and also think/analyze data with the student during the meetings. The research is quite clinically oriented and uses cool, innovative approaches to answer questions, but many of them are high risk, high reward in the sense that they can be technically challenging with higher risk of things not working out, but also truly novel if the idea works. The lab is smaller (~10 ppl) and there are some project ideas to go around but not many mice colonies ready to go, so each lab member gets 1-2 high risk, high reward type projects and more time will be needed for mouse colony to be set up. Currently, there are 4 postdocs, 1 PhD student graduating soon and 1 MD/PhD student (the PI's first) with 3 incoming PhD students soon. In terms of track record, the PI has overwhelming success training postdocs (over 2 dozen trained with 90% of them going on to faculty positions given the size), but not very good track record with graduate students (only trained 3 so far, no MD/PhD students, with the current PhD student on his 7th year of PhD).
Lab B: PI is older, in the National Academy of Sciences, but super hands off. He told me straight up he believes the best mentoring style is letting the student be independent and figure things out on their own. There probably won't be much, if any guidance in terms of grant writing from him at least. Basically, he will meet with you extensively to talk about general project ideas and you will periodically give him updates on your results, but ultimately he won't be super engaged with your project until you have enough data to write a paper, at which point he will invest a lot more time in you. There are LOTS of potential projects and mice colonies already made and ready to go. Most lab member has 3-4 projects that are less technically challenging than lab A, but the PI knows really well what is novel in the field and his lab publishes in high impact journals very frequently. The lab is larger (~20 ppl), with half being talented postdocs and staff scientist, and half being PhD and MD/PhD students. In terms of track record, the PI has success training both postdocs and graduate students, especially MD/PhD students and in fact, most of them graduate in 3 years for their PhD. Basically, to get guidance from this lab, I would have to rely on the postdocs and staff scientists, who are very knowledgeable.
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