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2023.03.22 03:50 geraltofnandos Hi guys, I need help with my story it’s quite long, it’s heavily influenced by the Witcher as you’ll probably tell, I need name suggestions mainly but where I’ve put ‘…’ it’s because I’m not sure where to go yet but any suggestions welcome! I’ve put more info down the very bottom. Thankyou!

The Story of [Insert Name:_] Born and raised in a small, forgotten village in between Whiterun and Riften. His father, [insert name:], the leader of a mercenary group known as [insert name:____]. Most weeks he’d return home bloodied and bruised ready to be nursed back to health by his loving wife. His body covered with scars, each one told a story of his many adventures.
Sensing treason and an uprising within his kingdom the high king enlisted the help of the mercenaries to track down those who plan to betray him.
A year had passed since the high king had recruited the mercenaries. Every full moon his father would call a meeting with his closest circle. It was the first full moon of the year. As dusk settled in, surrounded by his closest allies, his father revealed that he had uncovered a plot for the assassination of the High King Torygg but unknown to him his cover was blown.
They were under attack. Ulfric Stormcloak with a small army of Nord warriors broke through the gates of the village. There was an intense battle. His family’s housecarl barricaded the children in his fathers manor. It was a slaughter! The almighty thum of Ulfrics voice echoed for miles around. The cry’s of his neighbours and friends could be heard outside. Anger filled his veins, blinded by the dangers he might face, a dagger in hand, a burning sensation grew within his chest, he let out a thum. He found his mother and father hand in hand laying in a pool of blood, surrounded by dozens of dead warriors. He could do nothing but stare at her face as the light left her eyes, crimson blood gushed from her neck. He charged at her attacker, planting the dagger deep within the warriors chest.
As he knelt grieving over his parents, he felt a sharp searing pain in his back and watched as a sword exited through his chest. It was Ulfric. The cold embrace of death. He saw the dancing circle of yellow lights of the flames as the last remaining of Ulfrics warriors set the village ablaze. He laid there, looking up at the night sky begging for anyone listening to give him a chance to avenge his family. The flames surrounded him, his eyes were heavy, his mouth filled with blood, a ghostly figure stood over him, whispering, telling him to hold on. The last thing he felt was warm hands pick him up and start to carry him.
Inbetween life and death, his body and mind trying to heal the trauma he suffered from that night, still unconscious, it had been weeks. His saviours had taken refuge at their fort atop a mountain on the edge of Skyrim. Powerful healers attempted to heal him and bring him out of his coma-like state but to no avail. They had one choice but it was a huge risk, they subjected [insert name:_______] to an intense alchemical process and injected mutagenic compounds into his bloodstream. He suffered a series of cold sweats, violent vomiting and seizures. His body grew weaker with every passing day which allowed the mutagenic compounds to take effect. Within a week his body began to heal but his mind haunted by spirits and visions.
He awoke. Changed and remoulded. His eyes, instead of a deep hazel now an unusual bright honey yellow. A stranger sat by the foot of his bed…
Many years had passed, armed with a new skill set he had planned to trackdown and murder the warriors who had attacked his home all those years ago leaving Ulfric for last. He had already killed a few of them and had heard rumours of a group of them hiding out in Riften. As soon as he saw his targets he couldn’t hold back and murdered them all in broad daylight in front of a whole town full of people. Mistaking the people he killed as weary traveler’s, [insert name:_____] was labelled The Ripper of Riften. He was arrested and sentenced to be executed in Helgen for his crimes.
So in my play through my characters going to be a mixture of an Assassin and a warrior, sometimes being stealthy and striking from the shadows and other times just charging in. I want to tie in somehow why he chooses both styles (if that makes sense…). I also want to somehow tie in his desire to become a werewolf. He will obviously be fighting for the imperials but I like to think he’s a bit of an anti-hero of sorts, he fights for the good of Skyrim but ultimately his goal is to avenge his family.
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2023.03.22 03:50 Azel_Lupie Is fighting every patient part of getting Licensed to be a pain management doctor?

This is mostly a vent, but empathy/sympathy and advice is appreciated. This has to do with my visit today. I saw my actual pain management doctor today, he's *also* the head of the clinic. I've seen previously that other patients have had trouble with him, especially with him accusing them of drug seeking/ being addicted, and now that maybe true, but I'm really questioning it after my experience. (Watch, if he reads this and put two and two together, he's only going to use this as evidence against me).
Prior to my new prior authorization (needed a fresh one because new year and what every), the last time I saw him was in November, days before I went to the ER because I tried to OD on the Celebrex he prescribed me. At that time, I was told that after the failed epidural, the TENS unit, various NSAID's and the PT that I couldn't even end up going to because I was in too much pain to get out of bed, and ended up dropping out of that semester, I was told that I literally had no other option than surgery, and to see my Neurosurgeon (October). I had forgotten to ask for a refill for Zofran, because the pain made me so nauseous I couldn't eat, and during my hospitalization in October they diagnosed me with "Severe Malnutrition" and kept bugging me to make sure I had enough food in the house. When I ran out of Zofran, I requested through the pharmacy they went through the last time, later I got a hold of them and they told me they tried to get ahold of someone there, but they couldn't. I had written the date down. I called them, and spent a lot of time trying to get ahold of them, but as usual nobody was answering and their voicemail was full.
Eventually I got a call from insurance company and explained there wasn't a lot of treatment options (I would of liked to try other things than just jumping the gun to opiates anyways, I had already tried pot before it became too expensive and I needed to stop taking it, so I could go to pain management) and that I've been struggling to get a hold of them to refill my prescription. I get a call back about an hour later, saying that I was never prescribed zofran and that I wasn't at my last appointment. I double checked the date, and yes it was that last appointment they said I was never at despite it in the transportation logs for the service my insurance uses to transport me to my appointments. They scheduled me an appointment, because according to my insurance, the clinic wanted to see me. Fast forward to the last appointment I had with them last year, the same PA told me "I don't know why you are even here, there's nothing we can do for you." She asked someone upfront to cancel this appointment. It felt like they were intentionally gaslighting me. I broke down crying on my way home, I was so shell shocked I didn't mention that I was there for a refill. I gave up on my pain being managed ever, and attempted suicide days later.
I was in the ER for 7 days, 5150'd, so I couldn't leave. They also couldn't place me, because there was no psych ward that could handle my medical issues, despite not only being in one of the biggest cities in all of the US, but in the whole world, there was no psych ward equipped to treat me. The nurses, the ER techs and the "babysitters", were all so kind, despite the amount of bullshit they dealt with from the Kitchen or the patients. I was later discharged, and when I got home I realized how much my fur babies needed me and how much I scared my family and my partner. I made it my goal to prep for surgery despite struggling to walk, frequent falls (I get the yellow fall risk patient at ALL 3 hospitalizations thus far), difficult to eliminate and the chronic pain. I got the surgery in Novemember, and was pain free until 1 month in, and at 6 weeks was able to manage my pain with Tylenol, but around the 2 month mark it became unmanageable and I got a new referral which ended up being the same doctor. I saw his PA, who gave me a week supply of tramadol, and then told me to follow up with the doctor since she couldn't make regiments or pain management plans.
I went to see him today, and I was anxious, but I feel like I should of dreaded it more, because it was that bad, it was worse than I expected. I hadn't forgotten about the complaint but didn't think I would be confronted about it. He spent the majority of the appointment interrogating me, trying to get me to trip up and basically make me say I was there for opiates, when really I wanted just something to make my pain manageable , so I could do my PT exercises and hopefully able to manage my pain without anything more than NSAIDS, after I finish my PT. He had some other doctor there, who I am assuming is like a resident or a fellow, learning about pain management, and it was so embarrassing that he spent this entire time basically fighting me and implying I was there for opiates, when that wasn't my goal. Moreover, it felt like a veiled threat about the PA that I saw last time, about how she's kind, but she's a nightmare when mad. It seems like he wants absolutely nothing to do with me, and honestly I don't either. It was so triggering, and if insurance wasn't a nightmare, I would have requested a different clinic.
A Part of me wants to write a letter both apologizing, but asserting my story and why I went that route, maybe even sending them a copy of all of the evidence, but I think that's a horrible idea, because it's pretty adversarial and probably more "proof" that I'm drug seeking. It just seems like in order for a doctor to practice "pain management" they need to have an adversarial relationship with every patient that walks in, and I much rather have one that doesn't and instead actually listens to me instead of constantly cutting me off, ignoring me or talking over. But if any doctor wants to know why patients have trust issues with doctors, this is probably one of the many billions, if not trillions of stories out there.
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2023.03.21 22:04 sassfromthelab Any Info or Help is GREATLY Appreciated

Good Evening All! My Significant Other and I are in a real bind. We are currently in a situation where we need to find temporary foster homes for a few of our kitties and need to re-home others bc we are looking for housing. We are in an awful time crunch and have only until Friday morning to do this or we will be booted from where we are currently staying. It's a very complicated situation and we do not want any of our kitties to end up in shelters. If anyone out there can help in any way we would be beyond grateful. This is such a sudden heartbreaking situation that we've never been in before and I know I'm somewhat lost in how to find help. We are in PA in the Delaware County/Philadelphia area.
I will be able to post pics a little later. Our kitties have sweet temperaments and grew up around each other as well as our Dog, so they are good around other animals.
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2023.03.21 19:50 Smolfeelings My work is refusing to fix the tax section of my paystub so now I’m paying taxes for Pennsylvania and Philadelphia when I don’t work or live there.

I moved from Philadelphia to NJ in January. I noticed recently on a paystub that while my address was updated, I’m still getting taxed for PA and Philadelphia.
I called my work today about it and they said it was correct and that paying taxes for where I work, except I work remotely at my home in NEW JERSEY. They still insisted it was correct and that the location is tied to a physical location even though I don’t work there. But we have NO offices in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania.
Am I wrong to thing this is incorrect and needs to be fixed or is what my work saying actually correct somehow?
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2023.03.21 10:52 o-Persephone-o Virtual assistants applying for US tourist visa

Hi, guys. I am currently working as a healthcare virtual assistant and I am planning to apply for a US tourist visa soon.
For other context, I used to work in Singapore as an ER nurse but didn’t apply there before because situation is different back then and I never thought of going to US for vacation pa, lol. mas gusto kong umuwi ng Pinas during my annual leave to be with my family. So yung back and forth ko lang before to PH and SG ang travel history ko (if that would count) until I decided to go home kasi gusto ko na lang mag-work from home to be with my family.
Yung relatives kasi ng boyfriend ko lives in US and they’re encouraging me to apply for one para makasama ako sa pagbisita sa kanila by the end of the year and I thought it’s a great chance for me to have a vacation na din. Si boyfriend ko and their family is here in PH and they’ve been going to US na din before for short vacation.
Are there other VAs out here who applied for a US tourist visa and actually got approved? May I ask for some tips and advices po? What documents I should prepare?
If you got denied, I’m also all-ears po to hear your experience and your advices too.
Thank you to everyone who will respond and help.
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