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2023.06.10 05:29 AlanharTheRiver Trying to figure out a feminine equivalent to the name Ibrahim. Please help

Just what it says on the tin. I'm trying to find what could essentially be described as a feminine equivalent to the name Ibrahim, whether it be that it has a similar meaning (note: Ibrahim means "father of nations"), sounds similarly, or what have you. The Arabic language is unnecessarily gendered to an almost ludicrous degree, and I don't think that slapping a taa-marbota on the end of the name "Ibrahim" would cut it; so I'm looking for different names that are "similar enough" to work as a feminine equivalent for me.
I'm not very good at names (in fact, with this one medieval fantasy story that I'm writing all of the character names are actually arabic puns. Ex: the singular recurring doctor character is named Alan Tabib "Al Tabib" directly translates to "the doctor") so if anyone can help in this search then that would be incredibly wonderful.
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2023.06.10 05:28 Manaswidewangan BUSINESS IDEA Small Business Idea: by Investing Only 5000₹ and Earn bumper of 25-30k₹ Per month

BUSINESS IDEA Small Business Idea: by Investing Only 5000₹ and Earn bumper of 25-30k₹ Per month
Small Business Idea: Like every day, even today I have brought a small business idea in front of you. In which you can start this business by investing less than Rs 10,000 only. If you do not want to work under someone else, then this Small Business Idea of today is going to be beneficial for you. The problems of common people have increased due to rising inflation and unemployment in the country. Can’t even imagine living without money in the present times. People are wandering from here to there in search of jobs. But there is a job or not.
Keeping all these things in mind, I have found a solution related to Small Business Idea for you. Some people want to do business, but are intimidated by the cost of doing business. By the way, tell people that before starting any business, small business should be done. Then as your growth increases, you can expand your business. Come, without delay, I am going to tell you the Small Business Idea. Stay with us till the end of this post.
Earned 25 to 30 thousand rupees a month by doing sprouted gram business Yes, as it would be known from the subtitle that this business is the business of sprouted gram. There is a good income in this business and there is a high demand for them in the markets. Because sprouted grains are rich in protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins. This spicy sprouted gram also tastes delicious. This is the reason why people who are fond of eating sprouted gram, keep searching for sprouted gram shop in far-flung markets.
Our elders have said a proverb related to eating gram that “Khao chane raho bane”. It is clear that gram is beneficial for health. Nutrition: Protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are present in sprouted gram. All these nutrients provide energy to your body and help in keeping it healthy. Improves Digestive System: The fiber present in sprouts helps in improving the digestive system. It can help you avoid constipation, indigestion, and other digestive problems.
Friends, it should be understood from this fact that gram business can prove to be a profitable business. There is never a recession in this business. By doing this business, you can maintain yourself and your family in a very good way and can earn name, respect and fame in the society. Because in today’s time people without money have no importance, so friends, you are unemployed, you are not getting a job, then you should start this business of "Spicy Sprouts" immediately.
How to do sprouted gram business In every state of India, people who are fond of spicy sprouts are found in abundance and people eat spicy sprouts with great enthusiasm. Because their spicy, sour and pungent taste makes people crazy. To do business of sprouted chickpeas, you should do research related to business policy in local markets and the choice of place is important for doing business. You should choose a place where there is a large presence of people eating sprouted grains. Now let’s talk about how to do this business and from where to get the raw material, what materials are going to be needed. What resources are needed. I am going to explain in detail all those materials and requirements.
Selection of commercial places is necessary for doing business of spicy sprouted gram. It is very important for you to choose business places. Since we are talking about small business, for this you have to stay in congested areas where people come and go more. In front of big mall, near school colleges, in front of block, wholesale trade market and in front of court. If you set up a food cart of sprouted gram, then your income will be more. Because this whole place is considered as one of the business places.
Know how much and what will be the cost and materials As I mentioned above, less capital is required to do sprouted gram business. Friends, the cost of this business will be 10 or 12 thousand rupees. Following are the details related to the cost. A wheelbarrow which will be available on rent. Rs.20 per day. A high chair to sit on and sell sprouts. Price ₹300 approx. An earthen pot to sprinkle water on the sprouts. 100 rupees.A knife, a machine for cutting onions and green chillies and a lemon squeezer, about 150 rupees including both.
Fresh gram for raw material, if you want, you can also keep moong, fenugreek, and wheat in the form of sprouted grains. Keep it according to the demands of the people. The cost of all these grains according to the rate of local markets is about 2 thousand rupees. Leaf lemon, green chili, black salt, red chili powder, cumin powder, green coriander leaves, onion, radish etc. The cost of all these items is around Rs. A red cotton cloth to cover the sprouts costs Rs.50.The total cost will be around 8 thousand to 12 thousand rupees. How to sprout gram Eating sprouted gram (moong dal, pea, or gram) can have many benefits. These are made by the process of germination, in which chickpeas are soaked in water and then tied in a cotton cloth and kept overnight for sprouting. By morning in this process gram and moong dal, peas, fenugreek etc. get sprouted.
Fresh gram for raw material, if you want, you can also keep moong, fenugreek, and wheat in the form of sprouted grains. Keep it according to the demands of the people. The cost of all these grains according to the rate of local markets is about 2 thousand rupees. Leaf lemon, green chili, black salt, red chili powder, cumin powder, green coriander leaves, onion, radish etc. The cost of all these items is around Rs. A red cotton cloth to cover the sprouts costs Rs.50.The total cost will be around 8 thousand to 12 thousand rupees. How to sprout gram Eating sprouted gram (moong dal, pea, or gram) can have many benefits. These are made by the process of germination, in which chickpeas are soaked in water and then tied in a cotton cloth and kept overnight for sprouting. By morning in this process gram and moong dal, peas, fenugreek etc. get sprouted.
You can fix the price of gram at Rs.10 per pair. Sprouted gram is available for Rs 10 per couple in most of the states. You can decide the price of gram by understanding the condition of your markets. If you sell 200 donas at the rate of Rs.10 each, then in 1 day your income is up to Rs.2000. It depends on your way of selling that how many can you sell in 1 day. Accordingly, your income can be determined.
Friends, this was our today’s Small Business Idea, by investing only 10 or 12 thousand rupees, earn a bumper of 25 to 30 thousand rupees a month. If you do this business, then believe me, the day is not far when you will have huge amount in your hands and will count those amounts with your hands at night. You will always have wads of notes in your pocket Because it is said that a woman’s makeup consists of bangles, anklets, earrings and necklaces. On the other hand, men’s makeup is money in pocket, watch in hand, an iPhone, shoes on feet, this is men’s makeup. If you have liked this small business idea of ours, then tell your friends and share this article, thank you.
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2023.06.10 05:28 garret126 Our finals window is closely fast. Our roster needs to be flipped nearly entirely if we want to compete next year

We’ve made the ECF in 3 of the last 4 years and went to the finals twice. Now, being down 3-1 in the finals, it’s hard to wonder how this team can make it back.
Lowry is turning 38. Love will be ancient as well. Butler is running on fumes and is destined to fall off any time now. Oladipo is 31 and broken. All our role players are ultimately mid players who had a great 20 game stretch that brought us to the finals. This isn’t repeatable. If we want to contend next year, we need to bring in a new star or new rotation to carry our players over the lump.
EDIT: misspelled “closing” in title
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2023.06.10 05:28 Downtown_Pickle_1408 Percy Jackson TV adaptation

So i just watched a video about the casting for the new tv adaptation. I will start off by saying there was a sour taste in my mouth initially due to the casting of Annabeth only because there was such an uproar that the Annabeth in the movies wasnt close to the books and this one was even less. But after a bit of thought I realized that thought process isnt healthy especially when the character casting in question is that of a fictional character and the casting in the TV adaptation has Rick Riordan apparently very much involved and he very much stands by his casting choices so who am I to criticize the casting when it was done with the help of the person who created the Annabeth character in the first place. Then I saw the casting for Zeus, the late Lance Reddick, and hypothesized that due to the actors recent passing, recasting would probably be to another black actor when the time comes to do so for shoting the second season. In the video i was watching, they justified both the castings of black actor and actress the same way i had justified the casting of Annabeth, they are fictional. This immediately rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe just cause of the phrasing there in that video. I still have no problem with the casting of Zeus as a black man but it really made me think of the online debate about the casting of Cleopatra as a black woman when historically she is Greek and "would have more than likely been white". Again i mean absolutely no harm in this post, im trying to understand more perspectives especially if there are people of color that are Hellenic and can help me here because the thought i have that Zeus and Cleopatra arent just a fictional characters and if adapted into media should try and more closely resemble the depictions of these people/Gods feels like im trying to rewhitewash things which im not. As i stated the casting of an actual fictional character not being accurate to the book, when that was a choice made by the person who created that character seems 100% fine. But also I dont think Rick Riordan sees the Gods as anything more than fantastical stories, and kinda created like his own versions of the Gods so im just so confused this and wanted to see if PEACEFULLY a CIVIL discussion can be had to help me, and maybe others, understand more perspectives and ideas on the topic.
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2023.06.10 05:28 a_newer_throwaway 25 [M4F] Athens, GA/USA - Living is miserable, let's see if I can make it less lonely

I don't know if it's just me, but the entire world is a mess. There's always a new tragedy. Nothing seems to be stable. I'm pretty sure that the pandemic created some lifelong damage for me mentally and emotionally.
As I've travelled all over Georgia witnessing how people are still able to cope after the constant cycles of chaos. I feel like everyone is living their own version of the apocalypse and the lucky ones find someone to love and protect. I don't really have experience in this department, but I'm really hoping for a chance to gain more experience in relationships.
If you're interested, let me know. I prefer to video chat. I prefer to meet someone as local as possible. I'm busy until Saturday evening (7pm).
A little bit about me:
I'm usually a student at UGA. Right now, I'm getting off of summer break to take classes. I'm pretty sure that I'm using prepping as some sort of coping mechanism. I was a beekeeper helping a community garden. I'm also a firearms enthusiast. I'm first aid and stop the bleed certified. I'm going for my HAM radio license this summer and a beekeeping certificate this fall.
Alongside being a student, I'm gainfully employed, I will be moving to rural GA in about a year. I'm biracial (Filipino-black), atheist, liberal, and trying to lose 20 pounds.
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2023.06.10 05:28 futurenotgiven i think i was a bully

trigger warnings: fatshaming, suicide mention
i’ve got a very deadpan and monotone voice, it’s taken a lot of work for me to express things in a way that translates how i’m thinking to other people. people take me serious a lot when i’m making jokes
i was recently talking about how when i was younger i had no sense of size- i had to clear out my shoes recently and none of them from when i was 14-18 fit because i’d just see a cool pair of shoes in a charity shop and buy them if they physically fit on my feet even if they were three sizes too big. i did the same with clothes and still kinda do since i have very little awareness of how big my body is compared to clothes and sizes
when i was younger i was very skinny without really trying. i didn’t realise at the time and only know now based on older pics of me compared to my current self. i genuinely thought my sister was more or less the same size as me but apparently she was a fair amount bigger. i think it only clicked around my mid teens when i offered her my clothes for something and she said there was no way they’d fit- it had literally never crossed my mind that we weren’t the same size since we always had been as kids
recently we were talking about this and she told me when we were younger i used to call her fat a lot. i didn’t really remember this much, which is weird bc i remember a lot of shitty things i did at that age and now regret. this was not one of them and i realised why- it was just a bit i was doing. like the joke to me was just “well she’s obviously not fat so it’s funny to just call her that”. it sounds dumb i know. idk i’m the kind of person who thinks pointing at a bird and going “what a good puppy!” is funny. she’s always been the cool one in terms of style so it never crossed my mind she’d be actually upset about this kind of thing
i just feel so fucking awful now. i’ve gained weight and have pretty terrible issues with my own body now and feel horrible about inflicting that on someone else. she tried to kill herself when we were early teens. i never understood why and now i’m realising i probably contributed to that. i feel so fucking sick
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2023.06.10 05:28 crackbabybitch AITA for leaving my friend at a party?

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of new friends. Along with that, I’ve had a lot more invites to go out to things. I’m more of a homebody, but trying to get out of my shell more. This brings us to a couple weeks ago, when my friend Alice invited me and a couple of our mutual friends (Kendra and Ashton) to a party of hers. The invite was just a couple hours beforehand, so not much time was given to prepare.
The three of us, Kendra Ashton and I, all decided to meet up somewhere before then carpool to Alice’s. Once the time came, Kendra’s car broke down and she had to be picked up. No big deal. On the way to the party, the three of us discussed wether or not we would be a DD. In the end, we all decided that we would wait a bit to scope out the area before drinking.
As soon as we arrived, Kendra and Ashton began drinking immediately. This left me to stay sober just incase, as we were uncertain wether or not we were leaving. Hours go by, and Kendra ends up a messy drunk. Slurring words, toppling over people, the whole shabang. Ashton and I quickly turned in babysitters for Kendra. It got to the point where we had to cut her off and everyone started leaving.
3 am rolls around and we’ve been at the party for around 7 hours now, and those 7 hours have just been filled of chasing around my friend and watching the clock waiting to go home. Ashton and I knew it was time to bring Kendra home but she refused. She would yell that she’s fine with staying and to just leave her there. We argued and argued with her for over an hour with no budge. It got to the point where Alice wanted us to get her out. But she continued to refuse, getting angrier with us the more we pushed her to come with us.
The both of us were frustrated, tired, and concerned. We didn’t want to leave our friend with strangers who don’t care about her well being, but we also had to go home. we reminded Kendra Multiple times that we are only looking out for her and that we were her ride here, so if we leave she has to find her own ride the next more. She stubbornly told us to leave, and so we did. The next morning I woke up with spam messages from Kendra cussing me out for leaving her there, telling me I have to come pick her up. I restarted my boundary with her that she has to find her own ride, where she went on to block me. I didn’t think much of it, until I started receiving messages from some mutual friends and even people I didn’t know about what a terrible friend I am for leaving her at the party. I decided it was time to just brush Kendra and her negativity off my shoulders, so reached out through social media to get some of my belongings back from her. When she responded, she gave me attitude about what happened at the party and that “shitty friends don’t get their stuff back.”
I know that my friend may not have been in her right mind while drunk, but I was not going to break my boundaries because she decided to get messy drunk. I don’t think i’m in the wrong here. AITA?
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2023.06.10 05:28 IUseControllerOnPC How long does pickup usually take at San jose bass pro shops?

The dros there took like an hour on its own. Is pickup also gonna be super long or do they just release it at quick
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2023.06.10 05:28 shepherdspai My 3 Year Old Sister Called Me Her Brother.

I am 20. My sister is 3 years old. From the moment she was born, my family had enforced the narrative that I was her sister, to which she called me "sissy" up until this point. There are countless times I have asked that we try to use "brother" or my name instead, but all I got in response was, "She's only three. It'll just confuse her.". My mother had also suggested that we just use sissy as a nickname and needless to say I did go along with it, but I grew less and less fond of that before long. For context, my mother does a good job of using my name, but she refuses to use he/him pronouns for me despite being aware that those are my pronouns. Instead, she will resort to using they/them, or just use my name and avoid pronouns altogether. In my father's case, he will not use my name whatsoever, and continue to misgender me around family, then blame it on his poor memory as justification.
Despite telling them how uncomfortable it made me, my parents refused to do anything at all to change their behavior. They know just how smart my sister is for a three year old, yet this is the only exception where she will seemingly get confused. It had gotten to that point where I could not tolerate being around her because all I would hear is "sissy" from her and my parents when they address me.
While both are supportive, compared to my aunt, my uncle is the most supportive and understanding of me being a trans guy. After talking to him about the situation, he helped me realize that my anger was misplaced onto my sister when it should have been towards my parents.
Fast forward to today. I help babysit my little sister with my aunt and uncle on Fridays until my parents come back to pick her up around 7pm. This morning she called me "sissy," though every now and then we put in the effort to teach her to use "brother" instead, since she doesn't have a good grasp of my name yet. My little sister repeated it, and then went back to playing like she always does. For the rest of the day, I hid out in my room unless I was needed to help with her. Other than that, that was the only interaction I had with my little sister until my parents came to pick her up. Before they left, I heard my sister say "brother". I really thought I was just hearing things, but she kept repeating it in front of my parents over and over again until she was at my bedroom door. When I got up to open it, she said it one more time before giving me a hug and telling me bye. I was so happy that I broke down in tears.
This was the best thing to happen in my three years of transitioning. I love my little sister to death, and I sure as hell want to be a great big brother to her.
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2023.06.10 05:28 emmilur My bf (M19) called me (F19) a disappointment during an arguement... what should I do?

My boyfriend (M19) and I (F19) have been together for roughly 2 months. We've had a couple of fights before this, but we've been fighting more often over the last few days. I had been in a mental slump during, and weeks leading up to the fight. I have not been able to bring myself to get out of my bed and interact with people. I leave my house when I have to (ie, work school, family stuff, and other commitments) but for the most part, I can't bring myself to do anything else. The only time I see my friends is at school or if I planned something weeks in advance. This fight started after my boyfriend saw pictures of me and my friends on a day trip last weekend. He came to me saying that he does not feel like we see each other enough, which is a valid feeling but our schedules are so different it's hard for us to both have a time where we can see each other. He works every weekday from 10-7 and i'm busy during the weekends. It takes me 2 hours to travel downtown and the last train is hours before the end of his shifts meaning that I have to waste a couple of hours by myself before I can see him. Not to mention we both have strict parents so we cannot be out late. Realistically, even if we only spend 3 hours together I would have to travel home alone in the dark which is not the safest. It should also be noted that he has never once made the effort to come see me even though he is the one that is insistent that we don't go on enough dates. He says that we have not seen each other in weeks but he always sees me with the friends I went on the trip with, which is simply not true. Once again my mental health is not the best right now so it's really difficult for me to want to leave my bed, let alone the house, but I am trying my hardest. I have communicated this to him over text and he responded with an apology and said that he was understanding of my circumstances. However, when I met up with him today he brought up the topic and made a total 180 by scolding me. It was so bad I had started to disassociate but it had, at some point, led to him calling me a disappointment which really did not sit well with me. He knows about my problems at home, where my mom is always telling me the same thing and the everlasting feeling of failure looming over my shoulders... My friends are telling me to break up with him but a part of me still thinks that there's a chance that we can talk it out... I need advice on whether or not it's worth it... A/N: i am writing this for my friend because she needs advice on what to do... i told her to drop him 😭
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2023.06.10 05:27 ToIrrelevantlyOpine The proliferation of renting out America.

I see a lot of people talking about how bad AirBNB is, but I don't ever hear anyone discussing the broader macro trends behind the surge in STR in general.
You really have to study the fact that there are so many people looking to rent out houses as de facto hotel rooms, meaning that much of America is just an amusement park for people with money. Towns with crippled economies that used to depend on strong local industries now have multi-generational wealth tied up in providing rentals for foreign nationals and big city high income professionals who want to come tour their once bustling regions.
The degree of American decline that must be present for this to happen is staggering, because it means that there were no families in need of the housing, nobody really taking advantage of the land, nobody creating anything or bringing it to market... and no other source of comparable income.
America feels like an abandoned circuit city building sometimes and AirBNB is just the Spirit Halloween store that is taking advantage of the free real estate.
A country that basically is willing to rent its most intimate, coveted communities out to anyone with a pulse because, well, to hell with it... isn't a strong, healthy country. There's not really a housing crisis, per se.
There's just a country that increasingly is just a place for people from real countries to come and visit, quaint like a little pub in England, toothless and fun with a McDonalds and a quirky coffee shop around every corner.
It's amazing to be living through such times and have almost nobody discuss these things openly. Almost like a daydream that you're experiencing that you can't bring yourself to realize is your actual life unfolding, like a spectator to what is transpiring in our own world. And I can't make anyone see it. And perhaps you won't see it either?
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2023.06.10 05:27 ScioLocumMeum Dichotomy of Covert vs Overt

A reflection on my experiences both pre-dx and post-dx when it comes to being covert or overt vs what I have seen online and around me. If anyone wants to share their experiences as well, feel free!
Note: This is a LOT of text, but a TL;DR will be at the bottom of the post! (I also use alters/parts interchangeably, and I have no idea what flair to put for this.)

Pre-Diagnosis: I remember the distinction of a few parts was somewhat there, as was realizing gaps in my memory and loss of time when being asked about things. However, looking at everything from a spiritual POV when I became "aware" was my mind's form of being covert for many years, the coping method my brain chose to use in order to make everything seem as ""normal"" as possible.
At one point, I was in an online circle that had polyfragmented systems. I don't remember if any of them were diagnosed or not. In the public, they were covert. In their little private circle, it was overt and very disorienting to watch at times with the rapid splits and partnerships and etc.
Being as the portrayal of their experiences was vastly different from my experiences, I actively refused to believe that my own condition was anything mental health related, even when parts would shoe themselves. I adamantly stated that I would NOT say that I had DID/OSDD or that I was a system unless a professional diagnosis proved me wrong.
Eventually, I fell out with those people over something really insignificant as the final straw. I was ganged up on by them to the point where I was breaking down in the bathroom at my (at the time) new job. Vulnerabilities and experiences I shared were twisted against me and I felt completely unsafe, which is a term I use very rarely for online experiences. There was one part with me at the time, and she said that we had to leave and get actual professional help.
I got a therapist, having had 5 free sessions under this work assistance thing. In that timeframe, another altepart was stuck in the front for one of the sessions and chose to be overt about it. I don't remember that entire week. Once I was back in the front, and I was caught up on what happened, I had no choice but to get this genuinely checked out.
I got an appointment with a clinical psychologist after having to do the run around of a doctor referral [as they can diagnose and prescribe meds in my state hence needing the referral]. I was nervous as hell but tried my absolute hardest to be as open as possible, having a list of bullet points on my phone in order to try and not forget anything. And in the follow up after a whole lot of testing to rule out other possibilities, I was diagnosed with OSDD and clinical depression. I was then referred to a new therapist who had more experience in trauma related disorders.

Post-Diagnosis: I think the only time I remember being super overt about my diagnosis was shortly after getting it. But I was only that open to my therapist, my mother, and close friends who knew that I was seeing the psychologist, because it was the first time in so long that I felt like I was not completely crazy. The diagnosis was not great news, but it was something to work with. It had a name. I grabbed the pages about OSDD directly from the DSM-5 and showed them in order to try and explain it.
To any other friends, I did not delve into too much more than knowing the disorder had a name, and that I was in therapy. Any alters/parts who would front, to my knowledge, were not super open about it. Most of them would not know at any given time.
But eventually, we collectively did open up more to people, even meeting other systems who were far more overt than us... and it was an absolute mistake as it once again ended in being shoved out by those I thought I could lean on for support on more than one occasion.
Now... my alters do not openly make themselves known to many, even other system friends. Most of the time, they mask as me if I am not in the front. But I/we are medicated now, and more stable. Internal communication between parts is getting better, and I will be seeing a new therapist soon.
I've come to realize that my experiences, both pre-dx and post-dx, are so freaking different than most of what I see online or on social media, and the people I once knew feel so alien to me now in their portrayals that I remember. I fight off the imposter syndrome and avoid most of those old spaces now, and I am more guarded around any new friends I make. Choosing to be overt about these things in the hope of meeting those like me was a 75/25 ratio of absolute disasters to good experiences. I plan on talking about this dichotomy with my future therapist as well.

TL;DR: My experiences do not feel like they align(ed) with most things portrayed online or in the past friend circles I was a part of. After being diagnosed, it was learned the hard way over time that being overt about the diagnosis comes at a cost, even with those who also are also systems. My parts and I remain mostly covert nowadays apart from certain people that I keep close, and this will be discussed further with my future therapist.
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2023.06.10 05:27 spookyscaryball99 Diablo prime evil collection or Diablo 4?

So, I’m really interested in trying a Diablo game, 4 looks really fun but $70 is kind of a massive risk for something idk if I’d actually enjoy. I could buy the prime evil collection for $20 which includes Diablo 2 and 3. But is 4 really that worth it? Would I be missing out on anything by playing the older games?
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2023.06.10 05:27 dgstep11 Lower Maintenance Breeds

Hey all, I have experience with training dogs and caring for them, but for a good 10 years of my life I was gone for 10-11 hours per day 5+ days a week.
Things have changed with hybrid working and a new job. I'm now gone 2-4 days out of 7 for around 8-9 hours. There isn't anyone who can watch the dog during the day aside from paying a dog walker, but I can give the dog access to the exterior with a 3 seasons room I have. I live in the country part of the city so it's fairly quiet from a people/cars perspective, but there's deer, squirrels, rabbits, etc..
Most would say get a cat i know, but I also like walking a lot and being outside or hiking. So I'm looking for a companion to do things with and walk every day. I'm also allergic to most cats :(
Can I get away with taking them for however long of a walk they need in the morning and the evening on days that I'm gone. I definitely want to make sure my dog is happy and loved, but it's just me. Thanks!
Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
First dog that I am primarily responsible before but experienced in training not necessarily caring for a dog
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
I would prefer to rescue a dog
3) Describe your ideal dog.
Small to medium sized. Happy loving and hungry
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
I’m not sure I was looking at beagles recently
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
My dog will be trained on his day to day and his capacity to continue to learn beyond that would be stimulated but I don’t really want my dog to do “something”
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
2 hours max
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
For me I understand the dog needs daily exercise but some days it’s 20-30 min and other days I have 2-3 hours of walking. For reference I averaged 3.5 miles walked per day working from home last year. I’ve walked/hiked 20+ miles in a day though
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
I do not want to regularly have to brush and trim hair. I have significant issues with my hands that make things like that difficult. I would hire someone if I could not perform
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
20-50 lbs
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
Barking and slobber are eh prefer not to much shedding but definitely not a deal breaker I’m outside a lot so I track in my fair share of dirt
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Not important
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
I want a dog that is ok if I give it tons of attention but I’m gone for 8 hours
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
Does not matter to me we are all our own person or in this case dog 🙂
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
Someone at the house let me know I live in a semi secluded area on a walk or in a park i definitely want them to be friendly to people and dogs
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
I can manage and train a dog that reacts incorrectly but would prefer not to have to do that
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
I’m gone for 4-8 hours every day, but I’m a giver I go out of my way to give to others so I’d prefer a dog who isn’t going to freak out
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
Own home
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds
N/a USA no covenants
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
North Carolina hot and cold
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
Just looking for a Best bud to share a large home that I live in alone. I cook and walk/hike a decent amount so a buddy to enjoy that with
26) Feel free to ask any questions below
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2023.06.10 05:27 skaterz_4_life Tenant rights in North Dakota, USA

Hi Reddit! I’m a 20 year old female living on my own in an apartment. I don’t know too much about tenant rights so I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. I read over the 12 month lease I signed in the part about repairs. It states, “You shall report any damage or problem immediately upon discovery or you may be held responsible for the cost. Our complying with or responding to any oral request regarding security or non security matters doesn't waive the strict requirement for written notices under this Lease Contract. You must promptly notify us in writing of: water leaks; electrical problems; malfunctioning lights; broken or missing locks or latches; and other conditions that pose a hazard to the property, or your health, or safety. We will respond in accordance with state law and the Lease Contract to repair or remedy the situation, as necessary.”
On May 30th I wrote and submitted a maintenance request on the apartment owner’s app saying this: “The AC unit keeps tripping the breaker. Nothing else is plugged into the outlet. I’ve turned the breaker switch off for a day and then turned it back on, but it keeps tripping every 5 minutes to a couple hours. And the weather is starting to get really warm, especially being on the top floor.”
I’ve called them about it a week after they didn’t do anything yet. They said they’d talk to the technician and call me back. As you can tell, I haven’t gotten a call back. I’ve cleaned out the filter for the AC (which is ancient btw and is the same one since I started living here in 2021), and it didn’t fix the problem. I don’t know what else I can do. I know that I can’t find someone myself to fix it, because then I’d be financially responsible. With my panic and anxiety disorders, the constant heat can a lot of time amplify those issues for me.
Someone please let me know what my next steps should be.
Edit: the maintenance request was seen by management and sent off to the technician the same day I sent it. It was marked as urgent.
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2023.06.10 05:27 Comprehensive-Sea-63 UPDATE: Am I making the right choice hospitalizing my daughter?

Link to original:
I’ve honestly been scared to update because I’ve been scared of jinxing it.
I’ll cut to the chase. My daughter has been home for a week and a half and she is doing amazing.
For context, we adopted our daughter out of a residential treatment center where she had been staying for a year and a half. When she arrived at hour home, she was heavily medicated. For the past two years we’ve been trying to work with her doctors to find a balance of medications with lower doses and fewer meds because a lot of the meds she was on have pretty serious side effects. Every time we tried to lower a dose or taper her off a med, it backfired.
The end result is that my daughter was severely overmedicated, which is something we’ve been worried about for a long time. We learned that the Prozac has been causing the suicidal and homicidal ideation and paranoia. We also learned that the Prozac has been causing her to hear voices. My husband and I had never picked up that this was happening but in hindsight I realize there were warning signs from the conflicts with her classmates.
The doctors reduced her dose of Prozac from 60mg to 20mg. THEY COMPLETELY TOOK HER OFF HER DAYTIME ADHD MED. They diagnosed her with major depressive disorder with psychotic features and increased her antipsychotic, which is terrifying to me because her bio mom does have schizophrenia. But…
Around day 4 when I talked to my daughter on the phone I could just hear how well she was doing in her voice. We just had a normal conversation as a family. And I realized, we’ve never just talked like this before. As soon as we hung up, my 13yo says “she sounds really good” and my 17yo says “she sounds HAPPY.”
She has been home for a week and a half and she is doing amazing. The first few days were a roller coaster. We worked with her therapist to make sure we were supportive and helped her acclimate back home. I slept in her room or she slept in our room for the first week, and she has graduated to sleeping on the couch just outside our room. She had a lot of nightmares the first few nights and was very high strung because the experience triggered her abandonment trauma. However this week she felt good enough to go to ymca and she has done so well. Not a single behavioral episode. I just just see it in her eyes and demeanor. She is calmer, focusing better, happier, her overall cognitive functioning is better (she can even read better), and she is able to participate in conversations. She’s still her silly goofy self, and she’s still a kid. But her tantrums now seem more like normal little kid tantrums with whining and crying instead of screaming, cussing, and punching. This has been just about the best week of my life seeing her doing so well.
I’m so thankful that the doctors considered that she might be overmedicated and took her off meds instead of piling on even more powerful meds.
This has also triggered a lot of old trauma in me. I have a brother who died by suicide. I’ve been having panic attacks and crying spells and I realized a lot of this was from my own trauma being triggered, so I am back in therapy as well.
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2023.06.10 05:27 Aware_Requirement_64 do i not like my best friend anymore

one of my best friends is a guy i went to college with. at this point we have been friends for 11-12 years. the past 7 years we have been really close, and he is one of my best friends. we talk often on the phone and hang out once a month or so.
both of us have adhd. we have the same type of humor and when we get going i swear i never have laughed so hard. sometimes we just totally riff something we never discussed and its still hilarious. i know he absolutely cares about our friendship. he can be really generous- during my covid birthday, he tried ti make it as fun as possible by giving me like ten gifts 😂
a few years ago i started to notice some annoying tendencies of his but no one is perfect. i cut down on our phone time a bit to try and temper that. a couple years ago i started a year of pretty bad mental health. i wish he had done a little more while i was struggling but i was so bad off, i wasnt able to confront him about at the time. i made it through thankfully. now for the last year, i still struggle with him really getting on my nerves. i feel like any time we talk, anything i say, he brings it back to himself. it's like he doesn't call to actually talk to me, it seems like the true intent is him wanting to vent and so he ultimately brings it back to that. there are times i will talk about something to do with my day or my life, and he will reply saying something entirely off topic about himself. no acknowledgment for the 2 minutes i just told a story or answered a question he asked. he often gives me unsolicited advice or invalidates my experiences when i do share something. ive been trying to figure out some health stuff and he even invalidates that? he will also give me unsolicited career advice often. i work 9-5, he was working as an entrepreneur and now is in sales so he isn't a salary worker. he often makes remarks about 9-5 jobs criticizing them. you know, not being able to totally make your own schedule, etc. and i mean while i agree 9-5 suck haha i also like the stability of salary. i dont think a situation like his would work for me. the difference is i dont shit on his life choices. i feel like i probably need better boundaries or to communicate better but i also feel like its been so long now i dont know how to say something.
fyi i will add, when we hang out in person we do always have fun. for some reason his behavior seems to be a little better in person and we have fun.
is it too late to salvage the relationship? if i talk to him what would i even say? you annoy the fuck out of me? 😂
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2023.06.10 05:26 iluvabgs69 Should I consider my parents advice and attend community college instead of choosing a UC?

Hi there,
I'm currently a rising senior starting to get ready for college apps so it's a given I'm starting to narrow down my list of college choices. Right now I want to aim for UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Riverside or UC Santa Barbara but I have a slight conflict. I have discussed my choice of colleges with my parents, but they're trying to convince me to reconsider and choose community college so I can stay close to home and just transfer later on (if they let me.) Some of my family members as well has gotten I've been torn about the whole situation, I really want to go far from home since I'm not a fan of my hometown and just explore being on my own in college but I also don't want my parents to really get upset over the fact that I don't want to be near home anymore and won't listen to their suggestion.
Should I really just stay around the area and not at least try to convince my parents to let me go far? Please help.
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2023.06.10 05:26 Mr-Zachary First login in nearly 20 years

First login in nearly 20 years
In 2006 my very first RuneScape account was perm banned for botting. To be clear, it was not actually me. My older cousin got a bot and told me he would help level my account up. I was just a little kid and didn’t know it was against the rules. I tried like hell to get the account unbanned but gave up on trying and just started fresh.
Every few years I think how cool it would be just to log on my old account and I attempt to login to see if Jagex decided to pardon me. I didn’t think it would ever happen but I always hoped it would. Nearly 20 years later—6,107 days since last login—I gave it a try and my account is unbanned! My account was in tact with the same outfit I had, same place I logged out at, all of my items and levels. It is so surreal to see a piece of my childhood frozen in time for nearly 20 years. So much has changed since I last logged on that account, so it was pretty special to see a reflection of the 11 year old version of myself.
Pics of my cool 2006 FashionScape outfit below and my 6107 days (!) since last login message
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2023.06.10 05:26 SomaOni 24 [M4F] Boston MA - Geeky dude looking for someone!

Hey y’all! My name is Soma, and I’m a 24 year old dude from Massachusetts!
For the record I’m down for talking to folks wherever they may be! But my age range is at least 20 years old to 27 years old.
Anywho about me, I’m 6’0, chubby, and a massive geek. I’m super interested in the following things:
•Gaming •Singing •Live streaming •Music •Anime / Manga
For games I have a PS5, a Switch and a PC. Lately I play lots of games but I mostly play Hunt Showdown, Destiny 2, a random fighting game, and whatever game I’m live streaming which is likely a single player game I am interested in.
For music I tend to love metal and alternative a lot but the only one I’m not too into is rap and country but I always give things a shot once! I also adore video game music as well. My Spotify playlist is full of it lol
For anime and manga I have a harder time finding something that I like a lot but I generally don’t mind trying new shows. That said the last one I watched fully was Food Wars and that was a year and a half ago. Lol
I have Discord, and Snap but prefer the former option. I have instagram too but I seldom use it so that’ll be weird if that’s preferred hah!
Anywho, I think I’ve taken enough of your time. Ideally I’d like someone who’s into the same stuff as me to talk to me but I don’t mind anyone really. Just know that I’m on the spectrum and I find it incredibly difficult to retain a conversation for something I don’t know / lack interest in. And sorry in advance. Ciao for now~! -^
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2023.06.10 05:26 Goresk Build I5-13600k but someone suggested I could go for 5800x3d..good idea?

Updated and Did a lot of reviewing so far and opinions are based on pure game fps, or cpu burning out, or some prefer AMD over Intel and visa a versa so:
Currently Own: Antec DP 502 case Asus prime x570-p with AMD 3600x and ddr 4 16gig 3200 Nvidia 1070ti 32" -1440 monitor
Currently from what I read and all the opinions I came up with this:
Antec DP 502 case I5-13600k with MSI Mag 790 Tomahawk and ddr 5 32gig 6000 Noctua NH-D15 ( any solid cooler really but I have this on hand) Msi Mag A850g psu RX6750XT I think this system will last me for quite a while.
When I purchased the RX6750XT, someone suggested I could go AMD 7 5800x3d instead.
My issue at first and partially why I opted for a new motherboard is if I upgrade the CPU only the poor NVME right under video card (its directly under it) would be fried. I had to add a low profile heatsink and added a fan to push air up with my current setup . Sometimes 70+ deg or more but now down to 50-56 deg with load
So I know the 5800x3d is very good for games. I5-13600k is also good (from I read quite a bit better) but soars above the 5800x3d outside of games. Games = Diablo IV, FFXIV, ESO, and couple of others... outside of games...I do some blender and some video related tasks but not much more.
From budget standpoint. IF the AMD 7 5800x3d would be an option say for next 3-4 years I would have to purchase: Ram - ddr4 32gig 3600 or even 4000 .. 3200 at 16 gig is okay but most new game suggest more. PCIE M.2 adapter: the m.2 #1 under the video would have no hope against heat of the amd cpu so m.2 #2 is Windows 11 and use the adapter for other. Whether I upgrade the ram or not I save $430-$540.. which will give me room to upgrade the GPU (thus return the rx6750xt and get a better gpu). This savings would drop well over half if I had to get new motherboard for 5800x3d and not much different then Intel budget wise.
Side note: I am still in decision mode and unopened , and returnable boxes :) except for the cpu cooler. But i have so far decided upon the I5-13600k build but cannot afford the 4070 , 4080 or the rx7900xt or 7900 xtx I was hoping for.
I have kept in mind that Intel looks like it's holding off its gen 14 for a bit longer. Also, the cost for AMD 7 (7700x) actually just over $120 more or so then the I5-13600k build but with upgrades to 2025. (Many reviews state the Intel is still better vs value. It's tough to decide
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