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I can't stand my girlfriends behavior (24M, 23F)

2023.04.01 16:15 Upbeat-Truck-1833 I can't stand my girlfriends behavior (24M, 23F)

We're together 4 years, and we usually spend our one month anniversary together, which is on the 1st of each month lol. So today would be 4 years and 3 months, I think.
Today I got called by my best friend to go to his place and work on music, his parents are out of town so we have a house for ourselves. Important thing is that I told him I can't come and work on music with him in the morning like we used to do because I gotta study a lot during the day and I can come when I finish, and today was a perfect opportunity.
I let my girlfriend know immediately. I would see her today anyways before going to the friends place but I just had to study a lot and didn't have time.
What I can't stand is hear reaction, thats always the same when something isn't going her way. "but today is first..." "you couldn't go some other day?!!" "I don't see the reason u go today!!??" "it's our anniversary" and so on. Those are the messages I usually get when I don't want to see her but someone else. FYI we see each other EVERY SINGLE DAY. We live pretty close to each other and it's not a problem hanging out every day, at least 5 hours. But it's a problem when I have other plans and she doesn't and I don't see her that day.
What would you do? I told her she gotta stop that behavior if she wants to be with me.
I appreciate the advice and similar experiences if anyone has them. Thx
tldr; girlfriend I see every day gets upset because I don't see her one day, tells me to change my plans and so on
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2023.04.01 16:15 TykenXD Building advice?

Building advice?
These are my ssr’s and my current team build, it does well in war but I feel like it could do a bit more, any help?
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2023.04.01 16:15 Sector796 How far can LLMs go?

Every day there are new applications, debates, etc. about how far LLMs can go. I was incredulous about the use of PaLM on robotic bodies, the fact that GPT-4 is a weak AGI, and that GPT-5 is a complete AGI. Are we close to the singularity?
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2023.04.01 16:15 Cylancer7253 Sync

Synchronization is my favourite feature, but it still has so many issues.
Yesterday Vivaldi crashed when closing one of the windows (Vivaldi is very bad in handling multiple windows, I'll leave that for another post). When started Vivaldi again, all my tabs were gone. Closed tabs bin was empty. In sync that device was missing. It reappeared as soon as I opened some new tabs, but old one are gone.
Two of my devices display 5 synchronized sessions, and one show only 4.
I hope manual handling of syncs is on the way. Changed hard drive on my laptop, so I had to install everything again, including Vivaldi. There was a problem with extensions, so i had to reinstall it. Now i have 4 syncs of that device (old, new, newer, old dual boot OS).
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2023.04.01 16:15 jonestony710 (Spoilers Extended) GRRM brings back a controversial plot detail in TWOW

Amongst the fandom of ASOIAF, it’s always been a matter of controversy when discussion Tyrion’s tumbling skills. It’s a character detail that some feel GRRM flubbed on when introducing. Well here’s how he could bring it back in a major way:
As the sun set over King's Landing, Tyrion Lannister made his way through the crowded streets to the Red Keep. He had received a summons from his sister, Queen Cersei, and he knew that it could only mean trouble.
As he approached the castle gates, he saw that they were already open, and he could hear the sounds of music and laughter coming from inside. He hesitated for a moment, wondering what kind of trap his sister had set for him this time, but then he steeled himself and strode inside.
The great hall was filled with people dancing and drinking, and Tyrion saw that Cersei was holding court at the center of it all. She was dressed in her finest gown, her long golden hair cascading down her back, and she was surrounded by her most loyal followers.
Tyrion made his way through the throng, his eyes never leaving Cersei's face. He could see that she was watching him, her eyes cold and calculating, and he knew that he was in for a fight.
Suddenly, the music changed, and a new song began to play. It was a lively tune that Tyrion recognized as the Electric Slide, and he saw that Cersei was beckoning him to come forward.
At first, Tyrion hesitated. He was not a skilled dancer, and he knew that Cersei was a master of manipulation. But then he remembered something his father had once told him: "Sometimes the best way to win a battle is to dance."
So Tyrion took a deep breath, stepped forward, and began to dance. At first, he was clumsy and awkward, but as the music continued, he found his rhythm.
Cersei watched him closely, a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth. But then something unexpected happened: the other dancers began to join in. Soon the entire hall was filled with people doing the Electric Slide, and Tyrion realized that he had won them over.
As the song ended, Cersei stepped forward, her eyes narrowed. "You may have won this battle, Tyrion," she said, "but the war is far from over."
Tyrion simply smiled and bowed. "I look forward to it," he said.
And with that, he turned and walked away, his head held high. For once, he had outmaneuvered his sister, and he knew that he had the Electric Slide to thank for it.
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2023.04.01 16:15 LivingInSecret700 Islam took everything from me and my people

Islam took everything from me and my people
I am 16M rn and growing up, Islam was always pressured through my head by every single one of my family.
Since the age of 6 I was forced to go to the mosque and was physically beaten when I made a mistake reading the Quran. I remember this one time where i was reciting a verse which stated “god does not like disbelievers” but I missed the word “لا” which changed the definition to “god likes disbelievers”. Not a second passed and my aunt slapped me across the face and told me I yelled at me to get it right.
Moments later she told me she only hit me because she didn’t want me to go to hell and it was an act of love. Being 6 years old I believed her and never dared to question her or allah.
My mother was really ill for a long time and had psychological trauma from my fathers side of the family so I was mostly brought up by my aunts and uncles.
I was also separated from all my female cousins, which included most of them, at a young age and told I couldn’t play with them. They had to start wearing hijabs and I couldn’t even take something out of their hand, they had to put it down and i had to then pick it up.
Every time I went out of line I was threatened with eternal hellfire and the effects of this still linger to this day. I started having constant nightmares and developed anxiety at 10 thinking the day of judgement would be any day then. I even had a dream about it being in 2 months at a specific date in February so I helplessly did everything I could to clear my sins in those 2 months and helplessly waited until I realized It was an empty dream.
I was also sexually exploited when I was about 12 and it happened again a few years later in a mosque. And what‘s even more absurd that I am a guy so I really feel sorry for what I imagine girls have to experience in this writhed religion.
I am and was practically a slave ready to take orders without question and If i refused, heavens know what they’d do to me, and if I questioned I would be guilt tripped and gaslighted into thinking they did for love.
Not only did my family do this but also my teachers in a shitty islamic school in englandistan. They forced me to pray, yelled at me for looking at them the right way, target insulted me, threatened to “knock me out”, ordered another kid to hit me. And when for the first time I told them they have Issues, they asked to meet me later and again manipulated and guilt tripped me with phrases like “I was the only teacher who wanted to give you a chance. I defended you when the other teachers wanted to move you down, and you repay me like this?… etc”.
And then there are my parents who only lets us live to fulfill their dreams. They say they love us but they’re no different then my teachers. They train my siblings into puppets to preach islam in social media and only “love” them if they do well. They command us to pray and will resort to violence if we don't because “They’re trying to save us”.
And we don’t even have it that bad because I hear other families talk about how they can give their children to my parents so they can raise them as good muslims and send them back then their grown up. My parents are no different, they’d do the same if we still lived in afghanistan. They just try to be more subtle about it here.
They don’t know what love is and it took me months to learn it. I used to be a selfish, manipulative dick and never cared about anyone else with their influence. But then after learning about how bullshit their idea of ”love” is, everyone started to like me more. My sister says I am the best brother she could have asked for and she never said anything remotely close about my parents. I feel really sorry for her because she’s only a teenager and the lack of parental figures is really affecting her.
After seeing the bullshit my parents really wanted, I realized that I never had a family. It all made sense because I never felt like speaking to them after anything major happened to me where I needed help. If i ever needed advice, it was reddit. Comfort? It was only wholesome tiktoks and music.
Islam took everything from Afghanistan, it literally went from a loving place where people are happy like this:
to this
I have no heritage to speak of, no family to look for, no home to go to, and no culture to celebrate.
Fuck you islam.
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2023.04.01 16:14 ccorax9 Some battery power consumption in conservation mode

I am using Vantage on my IdeaPad 5 Pro. I normally use the computer on AC power. I ran the it on battery till the power level dropped down to about 50% and the plugged back in. The charging topped off at 80% as expected, but after a few days, it's drifting downwards. Why?
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2023.04.01 16:14 Valiant600 Small unit tactics

I am curious why the tactical officers didn't use any king of tactical gear and small unit tactics for CQB (Close Quarters Battle). They are mainly holding the phaser without trying to seek cover most of the times. In DS9 I only saw some type of suppressing fire or fire while moving. I had to do mandatory service in Greece for a year and we are being taught basic drills even for us draftees. I would be grateful for any insights or links I might have missed :)
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2023.04.01 16:14 Spigiras Why do people compare Red Alert and Puss in Boots 2?

For a few days, I've been seeing posts or videos about how Puss in Boots 2 is greater than Turning Red because it's not "cringe" and "woke". (Just as a notice, I loooove Puss in Boots 2 and I consider it one the best movies of last year, and I also liked a lot Turning Red but at a lesser extent.)
And it makes me wonder if these people watched more than 20min of Turning Red because it goes far in its themes and relationships. It is a very moving movie about family members creating distance between each other. One of the most recurring critics of Turning Red is that it is "woke". And it makes no sense because it is one of the Pixar movies that has no homosexual relationships (one line or one shot is not really what I call putting at the front a gay relationship). The only thing "woke" about this movie is that it's centred around a teenager discovering what life she wants to live and her relationship with her mother. Also, there is a teenage boy that acts as a bully and then as a group fanboy. His main problem is apparently not being a badass like the Wolf. Basically, once again, people are using the word "woke" for no reason at all.
Moreover, people compare Pixar and Dreamworks in terms of quality, saying that Dreamworks makes better movies than Pixar. I agree that Nice Guys and Puss in Boots 2 (the best-animated movie of the year IMO) are very good. However, it means ignoring that from 2020 to 2022, Dreamworks has not released a movie remotely close to Nice Guys or Puss in Boots 2 in terms of quality. Nonetheless, this clearly shows that Dreamworks is taking a new approach, and I only wish they keep their efforts to make excellent movies in the future. On the other hand, Pixar has been consistent in quality since 2015. Sure, not all their movies are masterpieces, but they are good at the very least (with the exception of Lightyear, I found meh). I hope Dreamworks will keep producing excellent movies and for Pixar to produce movies with qualities comparable to their earlier works. Also, saying Dreamworks is making Puss in Boots 2 for art rather than for money is a misunderstanding a lot of how studios work. As long as the movies make profits, all is good for the executives (which also includes Pixar's productions).
To summarize, I think many people are comparing the two studios because it is "cool" since there is "blood" and "death" in one place (which is really reducing the qualities of the movie to what a teenager would love while it offers so much more), and the exploration of concepts and relationships in the other. And it makes no sense to compare Turning Red and Puss in Boots 2 because they fit into different genres. I wish people would just appreciate movies for what they are without comparing them for no reason at all. You may not like Turning Red, but stop saying it's because it's woke when it clearly is not.
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2023.04.01 16:14 CodyTGray [WTB] P320 Compensator

Happy Saturday! I’m looking for a P320 compensator with 1/2-28 thread pitch.

Trying to transform my kit into something like this.
Preferably a Herrington HC320 or an Agency 419.
I’m open to anything though, so show me anything you’ve got! Looking to spend $50-$80 but definitely flexible. Thank you!!
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2023.04.01 16:14 shixxor Spider Newbie here: my Phiddipus regius is super scared now, but wasn't in the beginning when I got her. Any advice?

Hi there
I'm a pretty new jumping spider owner and it's a really fascinating animal to keep. My spider was really friendly and explorative when I got her. She's had her 6th molting 3 days ago. She would also come on my hand and keep exploring. She had a really small 10x10x15cm terrarium in the beginning with only soil and dry leaves. Later I got her a nicer and bigger enclosure 25x25x30 with real plants in there, and that was when she started to become more timid. Two weeks later she stayed only in her nest. I supposed she was about to molt. And she did. Everything fine.
Now 3 days have passed after she moltet and she's now super scared all the time like never before. She leaves her nest sometimes but the moment I get anywhere close to the enclosure, even slowly, she runs back into her nest and hides from me. I don't really understand this behavior, maybe you guys have experience and advice?
Here's her enclosure and nest marked Temperature outside the light spot is 27-28°C and humidity should be fine since I'm pouring water for the plants regularly.
I'd really appreciate to be able to interact with her more and observe her doing things.
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2023.04.01 16:14 Upbeat-Truck-1833 I (24M) can't stand my girlfriend (23F) behavior.

We're together 4 years, and we usually spend our one month anniversary together, which is on the 1st of each month lol. So today would be 4 years and 3 months, I think.
Today I got called by my best friend to go to his place and work on music, his parents are out of town so we have a house for ourselves. Important thing is that I told him I can't come and work on music with him in the morning like we used to do because I gotta study a lot during the day and I can come when I finish, and today was a perfect opportunity.
I let my girlfriend know immediately. I would see her today anyways before going to the friends place but I just had to study a lot and didn't have time.
What I can't stand is hear reaction, thats always the same when something isn't going her way. "but today is first..." "you couldn't go some other day?!!" "I don't see the reason u go today!!??" "it's our anniversary" and so on. Those are the messages I usually get when I don't want to see her but someone else. FYI we see each other EVERY SINGLE DAY. We live pretty close to each other and it's not a problem hanging out every day, at least 5 hours. But it's a problem when I have other plans and she doesn't and I don't see her that day.
What would you do? I told her she gotta stop that behavior if she wants to be with me.
I appreciate the advice and similar experiences if anyone has them. Thx
tldr; girlfriend I see every day gets upset because I don't see her one day, tells me to change my plans and so on
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2023.04.01 16:14 michelleDeko Apache Config stopped working suddenly

Apache Config stopped working suddenly
when I woke up today, I recognized, that I can't access my mail interface (mailcow) anymore. After some googling I found out, that "mail.deko.yt" suddenly redirects to my main homepage instead to the mailcow interface. I copy & pasted to config into a second config called "webmail.deko.yt" and this one works just fine.
This is the output of curl.
And here is my apache config (both for mail., and webmail.)
mail: ServerName mail.deko.yt ServerAlias autodiscover.* S - Pastebin.com
webmail: https://pastebin.com/dzgCD5LM
As you can see they are identical.
Does anyone know what went wrong?
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2023.04.01 16:14 marbledcovers How to make the best first impression

So I’ve been struggling a lot with making friends in my 20s. I’m living in London. I have a steady boyfriend and I’m very close to my flatmate, but my bestest friend lives another part of the country and I’m not really close with people from school and thanks to the pandemic didn’t get to do much in person socialising at university. So I really feel like I’m on the back leg when it comes to having a group of friends in London.
A girl I’ve kind of connected with through Instagram and a yoga class advertised a spare ticket she had to an event in a few weeks and I said I take it but let her know that I was going solo and asked if she want to meet up beforehand. She said she was going with a group of friends and I was very welcome to join them. I am so excited … I’m really looking forward to the night and even though I was comfortable going solo and trying to maybe connect with someone that way this is even better. I now have an in to potentially make some friends with these girls.
So my question is how can I make the best first impression possible I know that not everyone is meant to be friends and it’s not by force that any of these girls want to see me again and be my friend but I just want to make sure I’m putting my best self out there.
I’ve struggled with social anxiety for the last couple of years and in the last two months. I realised it was my birth control and I’ve been off of it for two months and feel such a difference, but I think I’ve developed really unhelpful habits from anxiety.
So I’d really appreciate some tangible advice, something other than be yourself and be confident. Does anyone have any tips or tricks like ways to keep conversation going or just be memorable? For context it’s a club night and so there won’t be lots of time for deep convo just dancing and the occasional drunk girls in the toilet moment.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 16:14 ProfileTrick8099 did the dermatologist lie to me

I visited a dermatologist cause I started losing more hair than before, she just looked at my hair from close and told me that there was nothing wrong with it, and gave me some b vitamins to drink. she did not do any tests or anything, and I think that's odd. i got a vitamin test before and had d vitamin deficiency and im taking d vitamins. 14
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2023.04.01 16:14 witheredartery Due to some fucked up reason I cant go to therapy right now and i kinda feel 1 step away from the void. idk where to ask, hotline didnt work. can i talk on call with someone over discord

I am not doing well mentally and for some reason I dont have any close friend I can talk to about this. i would like to just anonymously vent if its ok. you dont have to talk back in voice , you can just reply in text, I just feel like shouting/ breaking out but dont know how what, its kinda hurting a lot while writing also.
thank you
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2023.04.01 16:14 peachtea33 Ideas for reducing grocery/food bill?

Hello all,
My partner (25m) and me (26f) spend around £100-£120 a week on food. I'm aware of the obvious tips like making a shopping list, meal planning, freezing leftovers, making coffees at home, etc, but I'm also looking for some more unique ideas or maybe just how you keep your food budget down.
I'm currently out of work due to ill health, so we're looking for spots to tighten our budget. We're not struggling to pay our bills, etc, but we'd like to have more money for fun things, savings, etc. Unfortunately my health also effects my ability to cook as often, so we have ended up getting a few more takeaways when my partner doesn't have the energy to cook due to a busy workday, etc.
Before the cost of living crisis really started to hit grocery prices, and I wasn't ill so I was able to do more cooking/prepping, we got our spend down to about £80 a week. But things have gotten a lot more expensive, and a lot of the foods we eat don't go on offer as much anymore, as well as me being less able to meal prep. I'll be honest too, before I got so sick I couldn't work, my appetite went, I wasn't eating breakfast or lunch.
So our food shopping/eating habits are as follows: big shop at Tesco/Sainsbury's once a fortnight, smaller shops at Aldi once a fortnight, and then we pick up specialist ingredients from the Asian grocery store and fresh veg from a local store every so often. We're both massive foodies, I used to be a chef, so food is a lot of our leisure time too (we do monthly date nights where we go all out on making a particular dish/cuisine, they're very enjoyable and cheaper than going to a fancy restaurant), we eat mostly vegan (I'm vegan, boyfriend is pesketarian) and unfortunately I'm intolerant to most legumes in their unprocessed forms. We eat out about 2-3 times a month, and get takeout about once a week. Eating out/takeout accounts for about £35 of the weekly spend. My boyfriend also gets lunch at work once a week, I've tried making him food to take with him but he doesn't take it because he likes the social experience of going to get lunch with his co-workers; this accounts for another £5-10 a week.
So, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for reducing the food bill that I maybe haven't thought of? I'm mainly interested in reducing the spend on groceries, as I don't think we eat out/get take out too often.
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2023.04.01 16:14 EquivalentInflation [Underwater hockey] A 100% legit and totally not fake sport, with real athletes. Except for those times it was used to smuggle fake athletes across borders in an elaborate scheme.

Right now, you're probably looking at your calendars, realizing what day it is, and figuring out that this post is a joke. "Nice try u/EquivalentInflation" you think. "You'd have to be pretty stupid to think that this is a real sport, you're pretty clearly doing an April Fools day bit. I mean, underwater hockey? Really? At least try for something believable."
Well, joke's on you motherfuckers, because this is 100% real. That's right, I pranked you all by researching and writing an extremely niche writeup! I bet you feel pretty silly now.

No, seriously, this is real

Originally known as "Octopush", underwater hockey was created by a British diving club. It was a method for their members to train during the off season, while also having some fun. There are false rumors that it originated to train British commandos. While this would be very cool, no legitimate source for this has ever been found. Also, if this is really how the British military trains, I might understand why their empire fell apart.
Each team has six players (some variants have ten), each of whom is equipped with a snorkel, fins, and a small curved stick. The goal is to slide the puck across the ground into the opponents' goal. There are no goalies or even strongly defined positions besides a basic "forward" and "defense" arrangement -- and even then, everyone stays in motion, and positions shift, with strategies being very fluid. Unlike regular hockey, underwater hockey does not allow physical contact or fighting because they're cowards. Now, six people on each team in such a small area may seem like a lot, but you're forgetting one crucial thing: humans are massive crybabies who "need to breathe oxygen". At any given time, a decent amount of both teams are floating near the surface, taking a breath and watching for an opening to dive back down.
My pathetic words can't truly capture the majesty of this sport, so you can see some gameplay here.
The sport's popularity was originally hampered by the slightly inconvenient fact that it was incredibly boring to watch. You would just sit on the edge of a pool, see vaguely blurry shapes deep underwater, and every so often be informed that one of those blurry shapes had scored. Riveting. The other option was for spectators to also be in the pool, with goggles and snorkels of their own. This was better, but still heavily limited crowds. Recently, with modern improvements, underwater cameras which can capture the game are actually a possibility (although it's still difficult).
It's also remarkably egalitarian. Athletes don't become worthless once they're past their early 20s, and teams often compete with mixed genders. It's a sport where skill, quick thinking, and breath training are prized, meaning that it's far easier for the average person to be competitive than it is in, say, basketball.
The sport is experiencing a remarkable rise in popularity among many developing nations, especially in Asia. It makes sense: the sport requires some developed infrastructure (a pool is generally considered important), but has far less expensive equipment than many other sports. They also don't need to spend time playing catch up to international teams which have been competing professionally for decades, like they would with football or baseball. Finally, sort of like baseball in the US or hockey in Canada, it has become a source of pride, a sport which they are very good at, which other nations aren't as great at. It's also quite popular in Australia, likely due to the fact that they can spend up to 17 hours underwater without going up for air.
There has also been a long and sustained push to get underwater hockey into the Olympics. Many of the sport's biggest contributors have worked tirelessly for this, believing that it will give them the legitimacy they need to kickstart an underwater renaissance. It's already a part of the Southeast Asian games (SEA), as well as some other international competitions. However, the idea pretty much only ever comes up when a sports website or newspaper needs some filler, and report that "Hey, these guys want to be in the Olympics". 90% of those articles basically go "Hey, did you guys know this exists? Weird." So yeah, their quest for Olympic recognition isn't going great.

OK, but this isn't HobbiesExist, where's the drama?

There may be a followup to this post, as apparently the governing body of underwater hockey was shattered by vicious infighting in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, very very little of it has ever been recorded. Probably because, y'know, it's underwater hockey, and no one recorded the five whole people who cared).
But as I painstakingly scrape together every social media post I can find, and scour the Internet Archive, there is a far more intriguing story. Well, stories, because believe it or not, this has happened multiple times.
In 2003, Canada women welcomed their Moldovan sisters with open arms. They had purchased a Moldovan flag, and were ready for Moldova's first female underwater hockey team to compete in a tournament. With epic sports music playing faintly in the background, this ragtag team of misfits went on to win the entire championship.
Except they didn't. Because they never actually showed up. As it turned out, the entire thing was a ploy to get them into the country in order to claim asylum status. We're not going to dive into the complex geopolitical realities of post-Soviet Eastern Europe, but suffice to say that Moldova can be Not Super Great, and a lot of people want to get out.
But this case involved far more than just a simple lie. According to an anonymous, snorkel masked source, who identified themselves as (and I shit you not), "Deep Trout", the entire scam was orchestrated by former "people movers" from the Soviet Union. They had built careers out of smuggling people out from under the noses of the Stasi. But this job required them to face their greatest foe yet: middle aged volunteers running an amateur sports event.
Supposedly, the team (which included women who could not swim, and did not know how to play underwater hockey) was taken by these people movers to Egypt. There, they could pretend to have gone through training as a team, so that everything would appear normal. This gave them the legitimacy needed to get travel visas to Canada for the event, after which, they immediately skipped the event and applied for asylum status, seeking new lives in Canada.
You may be thinking, "Wow, what idiots. I mean, how could anyone fall for that?" But you see, it gets better. Because this was the second time Moldovans had pulled this trick. In 2000, a men's team from Moldova competed in an Australian underwater hockey tournament. Reportedly, they did not know how to put their fins on, and although they actually competed, they then lost 30-0 and 23-0, to Columbia and Argentina respectively. Immediately afterwards, the entire team applied for (and received) asylum.

OK, so that's kind of funny, but where's the drama?

Obviously, for most of us, this is just a funny story, with the added emotional satisfaction that these people were able to escape to a better future in the single most creative way possible. But many people in the underwater hockey world were less than thrilled.
As has been mentioned earlier (and probably should be self evident), many organizers of underwater hockey feel like their sport isn't viewed as legitimate or treated with respect. This is likely because most people don't view it as legitimate, and don't treat it with respect.
They were concerned that these events could further damage their reputation, and ruin their shot at being in the Olympics. After all, "sport which is only used to flee to a new nation" doesn't exactly scream "legitimate peak of athletics". Even just the optics of it was bad, let alone the worry that more states might start denying travel visas to underwater hockey players
Although the Moldovan women's' response was never recorded, it was likely something along the lines of "I lost my family in the riots when we broke free from the USSR, and was in constant fear of being kidnapped for sex trafficking, but I'm really sorry that people might make fun of your sport now".
Fortunately, in the end, all was well that ended well. People wrote a few news articles, and wrote a few jokes, but the prophesied destruction of the sport never came true. In the end, it was all just water off a puck's back.

A brief word

Before I close, I just want to make something clear: Yes, I have made a lot of jokes about underwater hockey throughout all those. Partly because that's what I do, but also because it is a genuinely ridiculous concept. However, none of that is meant to be malicious. Researching this writeup, I found out more and more about a community that seems genuinely welcoming, which loves their sport, and which has a tremendous amount of skill and effort involved in it. At the end of the day, underwater hockey isn't inherently weirder than a sport like baseball. They just got the short end of the stick, and made up their weird rules too late. And it's not their fault that they can't afford to freeze the water they're playing in.
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2023.04.01 16:13 screambloodygourd This man ate my son

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2023.04.01 16:13 alli101015 Any recommendations for climbing pants for tall women?

I wear a size small however I’m 5’10’’ and my inseam is 33in. I have not been able to find a pair of jogger style climbing pants that fit! I really wish all companies offered tall lengths. Any recommendations? The black diamond notion pants are close to fitting but still a bit short. Thanks so much.
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2023.04.01 16:13 Blackhole5522 [D] Best LLM model for Arabic based closed book question answering

Hello guys,
Any advices on the best model that supports closed-book Arabic long Question Answering fine-tuning.
I am testing T5 but it looks that it doesn't support more than 512 characters. GPT3/4 is a solution; however, fine-tuning such a model is very costy.
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2023.04.01 16:13 chandssss Two of my close friends died 2 days back in a car crash. I am depressed. Please suggest me something to distract from that. A warm, happy movie where nothing is sad.

I want to distract myself from death so a movie where no one dies will be ideal. Something on the lines of the chef, Secret life of walter mitty. Thanks.
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