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2023.06.10 05:54 GamingThiefOFFCIAL Fuse Life Roleplay New Server Looking for members!

Welcome to Fuse Life Roleplay. Fuse Life Roleplay (FLRP), is a new community that is based around storytelling by the community. We are currently using vMenu, but will be rolling out a vMenu Hybrid in the coming weeks. Our aim in the community is to tell stories and have long term tales told by our community members. Fuse Life Roleplay is the perfect place to start your story today.
We have many things to offer!
Los Santos Police Department (Currently closed; will talk about people joining to start it up)
Blaine County Sheriffs Office Application Status - OPEN Sheriff: Justin Clark
BCSO is a department that focuses on the Blaine County area. They focus on Keeping the Citizens of Blaine County Safe! They do what, they do best, stopping crime, keeping the streets safe. BCSO Has all sorts of fun in the name. They Got Sub-Divisions such as K-9, S.W.A.T, Air & Marine Support Units and much more to offer! The Sheriff's department is looking for someone like you to join today as a Deputy! Put that shiny badge on and put the good out in the streets of San Andreas! Showing what it means to be apart of Law Enforcement! Join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office with Sheriff Justin Clark and his High Command as well as Command Team! We look forward to seeing you in state. ~Sheriff Justin Clark
San Andreas State Troopers Application Status - OPEN Commissioner: Anh Long
The San Andreas State Troopers' primary role is to enforce state laws and maintain public order within the State of San Andreas. We are law enforcement officers who work at the state level in San Andreas, with jurisdiction over the entire state, from Paleto Bay to the Port of Los Santos. Our agency is responsible for enforcing state laws, maintaining public safety, and providing various law enforcement services. Our responsibilities are ensuring the safety of the citizens, patrolling highways, and responding to various emergencies and incidents throughout San Andreas. It is the mission of the San Andreas State Troopers to safeguard the lives and property of the community we serve, to reduce the fear and incidences of violence and crime, and better public safety while collaborating with the state’s many diverse communities to improve resident’s standards of living. Our mandate is to do so with the highest level of honor, integrity, safety, service, and security, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. Join the San Andreas State Troopers today and make a better tomorrow. Safer roads, safer people.
Department Of Communications - Coming Soon!! (If interested in Dispatch please join the discord and dm Thief)
Civilian Operations - OPEN (If interested in running Civilian Operations Please Dm Thief)
Don't like filling out applications and then leaving the server because you don't like it? Fuse Life Roleplay has a program called Guest Features. This means ANYONE can join our server! However, they will have limited permissions. These are limited to pistols, melee weapons, certain vehicles, and a few other things. The Guest Features in Fuse Life Roleplay is to let people come in and experience the server and community. What are you waiting for? Start your story today!
If you have any questions, please feel free to join the Discord and DM GamingThief//Thief
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2023.06.10 05:48 Dead-Bowl-4572 Seaside (Season Four, Part Thirty) Getting Comfortable

"Best sleep I've ever had in a year," I said, yawning as I sat up in my cot and looked out the window.
Thankfully the room Kyle and I were handcuffed and locked in had a small porthole in the wall, but the glass was eight inches thick, making it nearly impossible for me to punch my way out.
"Fuck, you're awake?" Kyle asked, as he did push ups on the floor. "I've been trying my old prison workout. Hits different."
"Yeah, well I haven't been to prison yet, so I wouldn't know."
"It's also a huge fucking shame that Task Force Nova Compass Hunter hasn't found us yet. Thought those guys would be coming over here, guns blazing by now."
"Same, but looks like these guys are the real deal anyway. Can't wait for the super-informative job opportunities we'll be faced with today."
Someone slammed on the door, and after the beep of an electronic keycard, Dennis unlocked the door, backed by a dozen guards in riot gear, and Lucy.
"You can chill with the security," I said. "We won't pull anything."
"Correction, you won't do shit." Kyle said, wriggling his wrists from his handcuffs as he jumped up, kicking Dennis in the solar plexus and sending him flying.
The room went fucking wild as I sat back and watched, while Kyle started brawling with a dozen men at once, as his face and head were battered with nightsticks and tasers. He waded through half of them until Lucy finally jumped in, pulling him off and picking him up with one hand before slamming him against the wall, choking him. Kyle kicked her in the face and cracked her nose, and she yelped in pain before throwing him against his cot.
"You like that, yeah?" Kyle said, waving his fists in the air. "Roger, c'mere. Back me up."
"Nah, I know exactly how this is gonna end."
Kyle jumped and drop-kicked the fucking mob of guards at once, planting both of his feet into a riot shield and sending the crowd soaring.
"Why aren't they shooting at us?!" I yelled.
"We're too valuable to shoot, dumbass. Now break your handcuffs and start fighting."
I sighed, telling myself I would wait ten more seconds, and if nobody beat the shit out of Kyle by then, I would jump in to help.
"ROGER!!" He yelled.
Luci picked Kyle up and slammed him into the wall, and stared directly into his eyes, and grabbed his arms as he slowly fell woozy and slumped over.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I said, panicking. "What did you do?! Did you fucking kill him?!"
"Relax, he's alive. I just 'put him to sleep'."
"You know, that's the expression most people use to say they killed someone."
I slumped off my cot, standing up and stretching, yawning as I watched Luci and the guards drag Kyle into a cell somewhere below decks.
"So… he's like, really not dead, right?"
"Like I said, he's just fine. I can influence people's minds and emotions by touching them."
"So what's going on with me then?" I asked.
"Since you didn't go apeshit like your buddy," Dennis said, standing up and groaning as he rubbed his head. "We'll proceed as planned. You'll be going on an operation with our combatives team."
"Is Kyle coming with?" I asked.
"Fuck no, who knows what that unpredictable shit is going to do."
"I'm not going if Kyle's not going."
Dennis tensed.
"Roger, I'll talk with my superiors and ask them what they think."
"Sounds fair. Should I get ready to go in a few hours?"
"Yeah, I'll come by here to pick you up near the evening. And, I'll tell you what came of Kyle."
I lied back down on my cot, taking a deep breath and falling back to sleep, waiting for the knock at the room's door calling me to action.


"It's time," he said, as he walked in.
"Fuck it, let's go." I said, stretching and yawning as I stood up.
"You haven't changed out of your fatigues, so I'll just give you the same kit and rifle we picked you up with, all freshly cleaned and loaded. Of course since you're still a high-risk person, we're not giving them to you until the mission officially starts. Follow me."
I got out and walked with him into the corridors, ducking under the steel pipes of the ship until we finally took a short flight of stairs to the main deck, overlooking the ocean, just as the sun began to set. He took me to the side of the boat, where there was a ladder on the side of the hull of the anchored ship, leading down to several airboats filled with armed men. I noticed Kyle was in one of the boats, having no weapons or gear besides a helmet, plate carrier, and a flashlight. He was handcuffed and his feet were shackled to a hundred-pound weight. Dennis tossed my gear and weapons down into the boat, as I climbed down the hull and jumped into the airboat.
"They'll guide you through the mission," Dennis said, before walking off.
The dozen men sitting in the airboat with me all had assault rifles, wearing balaclavas and dark camoflauge under plate carriers stuffed with magazines.
"Listen," one of the men, supposedly the leader, said as the boat started and zoomed away. "Our main objective is to meet with a demon to exchange the skull of one of the Five Leviathans for a demonic artifact we're selling. It might be a setup, so we're keeping our numbers high and risk low. Stay quiet, and don't even fucking think of running, we'll shoot you if you even breathe suspiciously. If you do manage to get away, we put an ankle monitor on while you were sleeping that will explode if you take it off or disable it."
"That's comforting," I replied. "How the fuck did you get a skull of one of the Five Leviathans? Which one is it?"
"Don't worry about it. Focus on shutting the fuck up and paying attention, genius."
Kyle and I sat across from each other in the airboat, sandwiched on either side by the armed mercenaries, as he kept trying to blink at me in morse code while whistling, but he stopped that when he got pistol-whipped. Our boat droned on and on until finally, I caught sight of a small, rocky island covered in trees in the horizon, rapidly approaching in the falling sunlight. The lack of tropical vegitation combined with the weather of our surroundings led me to believe we weren't anywhere near the equator. Most likely in the Pacific or Atlantic, I had gotten familiar to the Northern seas during the months I had spent on battleships during the holy war, as well as my time studying as a marine biologist.
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2023.06.10 05:46 Bunnybee101 AITAH for drunkenly confessing my sucidal thoughts and childhood trauma to my best friend and her boyfriend?

Let me preface this by saying I know I’m the asshole for everything I’m about to say. I (19f) had my 19th birthday party last night and got shitfaced in front of my best friend (21f) college friends and her boyfriend (21m). I should give y'all some backstory to this. I flew half way across the country to come visit her by myself for a little birthday excursion for a few days. When I was a kid I was SA'd by a parent for years and a fellow student when I was in school. This trauma caused me to self harm and contemplate suicide daily but i had never told anyone what happened to me before. I started working a retail job a few months ago and my brain has just started I guess the best way to word it is…..deteriorate. I can't sleep, I can't eat, and when I dream they are nightmares. I've started hearing voices and they are becoming increasingly more violent. Telling me how to kms and how much I'd like it and how everyone would be ok without me in their life. I knew going on this trip was a bad idea but I thought I was going to be able to hide my thoughts and feelings from my best friend like l've done for years...but the day of my birthday it's like something snapped in me I didn't want to think anymore...I didn't want to breathe anymore. So the night of the party I drank more the l've ever drank in my life. My intention was to just get black out drunk and dance the night way with my friends but it was like I switched people in my head. The person who was talking out of my mouth was not someone I had seen in a very long time...I assume it was part of my brain I had shut out for years just started saying every thought every trauma all my secrets. It war like I was there but I wasn't in my body I was just watching myself talk. Shit hit the fan when my frierid went outside to smoke with last few party guest and was left alone with her boyfriend. I don't how it started but I had asked him about one his friends that found cute and had drunkenly confessed my feelings to over text. I remember bits and pieces of what I said to my BFF bf but I remember telling him I wanted to kms and that my bff would be ok without me because she has him in her life. This prompted him to comfort me and tell me none of what I was saying was true. I remember begging him not to tell my bff what I said to him when she came back in. Soon in the middle of my breakdown my bff walks back in with the guests and immediately her boyfriend tells her that she should talk to me and that I had told him some scary shit. She pulls me into her room and forces me to tell her what I said to him. I was so scared to tell the truth that I just kept saying "I'm happy" over and over again. She hugs me but I just couldn't stop talking and confessed EVERYTHING to her the SA, the suicidal thoughts, I even kept telling her I want her to come home because I miss her. She took care of me that night took off my dress, my makeup and put me to sleep in her bed and she slept on the couch. I passed out. I woke up this afternoon to her absolutely pissed at me. She told me I embarrassed myself in front of evervone and that she was forced to be responsible for me. She said I had no right to lie and say such scary bullshit things to her and her boyfriend. She told me until I can take responsibility for what I did I wasn't welcome in her home and that until I can fess up to my bullshit now would ever want to be around me. So I packed up my shit booked a flight home a few hours ago and walked out of the house. She just handed my stuff and closed the door. I'm now at the airport about to board in a hour. What I need now is how do I apologize to everyone at the party. How to do I apologize to my bff. How do I apologize to my self?
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2023.06.10 05:38 rex953 Three fun interviews with our leading man out today

  1. For the Los Angeles Times, Jaren Lewison describes his idea of spending a perfect Sunday in Los Angeles. As a local, I appreciate this very much lol.
  2. For Nylon, he answers a bunch of fun questions including whether he believes in astrology and ghosts.
  3. For Distractify, he answers more questions like whether he’d ever get a tattoo and his current celebrity crush.
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2023.06.10 05:38 Ethicalbankruptcy Get ready to learn Cuckese buddy

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2023.06.10 05:37 bowl_of_frut Currently trying to be convinced to take part 61 instead of 141

I have no flying experience and want to get my private pilot license in order to pursue my dream of being an astronaut. I've been looking at different flight schools to see how I can get it in a way that suits me and have determined that I want to take part 141 program primarily because of the cost difference compared to part 61. I contacted this flying school in NY called the Academy of Aviation and told them I wanted to do the 141 which costs only around 14,000 and then two days later he sends an email saying:
"I know we spoke about the 141 minimums, but I want you to succeed in this program and have the best possible training for your private pilot license so i changed the estimate for you to succeed in getting your PPL. This isnt the only reason why i changed estimate, the other reason is im trying to save you from spending big money. If you were to go the 141 minimum route, and if you exceed the amounted hours that are required for the part 141 minimums (35hr) then you would have to pay full retail price and that is a bit more costly then our Private Pilot License Program. So to help you succeed, and also spend less money overall I put an estimate out for our PPL Program which is more flying time, and more hands on training for you to complete the Private Pilot License Program (PPL). This is way more of a beneficial route then the 141 minimums. If you have any questions regarding the estimate you can always give me a call and we can discuss further on how to achieve you dream of getting that PPL."
The cost for this new part 61 program is 24,000 which is a drastic price difference that I am unsure of. Now I'm wondering whether he really means this and the difference is that the major between the two programs is that big or whether he was just told to say this by someone else. Do you really get charged retail if you exceed 35 hours? And does anyone know good flying schools where i can get my license for relatively cheap in NYC / Long Island Area? Thanks.
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2023.06.10 05:36 Dom_Ciav72 Couple Of W’s 🤑

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2023.06.10 05:36 hnqn1611 10 Ways You're Wasting Money Without Realizing It

10 Ways You're Wasting Money Without Realizing It

10 Ways You’re Losing Money Without Realizing It!
Most of us work hard for our money, and the last thing we want to do is throw any of it away. Of course, every once in a while, things do come up - like that time you spent more than you intended to, showing your out-of-town friend a great time; Or, when you dipped into your emergency fund to cover a car repair - and this is okay. It’s why building wiggle room into your budget is important. What’s not okay, is throwing away money on unnecessary fees, charges and missed opportunities! Here are a few common ways you’re losing money without realizing it! https://amzn.to/3qCGj7D
Number 1 - Throwing Out Food When you’re throwing food out, you’re wasting money – plain and simple. We’re all guilty of it, even with the best intentions. Food waste is a huge issue in our society, and many people don’t realize the extent of it. It might surprise you to learn that the average U.S. household throws out over $600 worth of food each year. Luckily, there are some simple ways to cut back on wasting food and money. You can start by making weekly grocery lists, and before going to the supermarket, try to see if you don’t already have certain items. It’s also a good idea to organize your cupboards from time to time, because you probably have stuff lying around in there that you aren’t even aware of. And you’ll find that a lot of it has already expired.
Number 2 - Restaurants and Takeout It's one thing to enjoy the occasional meal out, but if you're not careful, eating at restaurants too often can result in a serious waste of money! The average American household spends over $3,000 a year eating out. But did you know that in general, a restaurant’s food price is about three times its wholesale cost? That’s a 300 percent markup! Which means that for every $30 you spend, you're paying $20 extra compared to what it would cost you to make these meals at home. If you’re throwing away loads of money on restaurants and takeout, consider scaling back. Especially if you're struggling to save, or have other financial goals to meet. You don't need to go cold turkey, but if you cut your three restaurant meals a week down to just two, you'll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
Number 3 - Bank Fees What’s more annoying than paying to use your own money? Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you spend $5 at out-of-network ATM’s. And that’s not the only fee you’ll pay if you’re not careful! Bank accounts can carry a lot of different charges, including overdraft and maintenance fees that could add up to hundreds of dollars a year. The good news is that you can avoid these charges entirely if you commit to better banking habits.
Number 4 - Unused Gift Cards Check your wallet and drawers, and you’ll likely find a gift card, or maybe several, that you haven’t used. Don’t worry, it’s not just you: It’s estimated that more than $45 billion worth of gift cards are collecting dust! If you have money to spend at retailers like Amazon - or companies like Visa or Amex - make an effort to use your card for things you already planned on purchasing. Also, keep in mind that some of these gift cards can have maintenance fees up to $2.50 per month until the card balance hits zero. So it’s best to use them sooner than later. If you got a gift card to a restaurant or store you don’t really like, sell it, or give it to someone as a gift. But be mindful. Don’t give a steakhouse gift card to your vegan friend. They’ll know right away that you were just trying to get rid of the card.
Number 5 - Subscriptions There’s nothing wrong with having subscriptions, but it becomes a problem when you pay for something that you don’t end up using! Subscriptions or memberships can entail any kind of membership or subscription service. From gym memberships to Magazines to Cable TV. The point is, if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you’re wasting money. Before you sign up for anything, think about how often you'll actually use it and whether there's a low-cost, or free alternative.
Number 6 - Overage Charges Unlimited talk time and unlimited texting is pretty much standard these days, but data plans are still a steady source of overage charges. While fees vary, you can still easily pay $10 to $15 extra for every gig that exceeds your monthly limit. If you do this consistently, you’re looking at an annual bill that’s hundreds more than you budgeted. You can easily fix this problem by finding a plan that matches your needs. You might pay more upfront, but it will cost less than what you pay in penalties. You can also try to scale back by using WiFi more often and disabling apps that drain your data.
Number 7 - Skipping Your Research If you want to stop wasting money, comparison shopping is very important. The last thing you want to do is buy some product on sale, and then find out that it’s crap. And this happens to many people regularly because they don’t research. Before you make any purchase, take the time to read reviews and find the best product for a good price. This applies to grocery shopping too. I mean the comparison part. You can usually find the same products at most grocery stores but some of them will charge double the price. Number 8 - Using Coupons Using coupons is one of the simplest ways to save money. But, have you ever stopped to think that you might be wasting money by using them? Your intent is to save money, but how often does this desire backfire and you end up not using the items you bought? Or worse, you didn’t budget for them. Then to add to this, you just fill up your cupboards with junk and create clutter only to find expired products years later. The trick is to simply use coupons for items you actually need or are planning on buying in the first place.
Number 9 - Airline Surcharges Travel fees are a great way to waste money, and they add up quickly. While there are costs that are mandatory, you can skip many by planning ahead. When the day of your flight rolls around, arrive prepared. This is especially important if you’re flying a discount carrier, as they are infamous for tacking on fees for everything from seat assignments to checking in. So bring your own blanket, food, and entertainment. And pack smart. Realistically, you won’t be able to carry on all the time, but there’s no excuse for showing up with oversized or overweight luggage, which can run you anywhere from $25 to $200 on domestic flights. Always check the weight of your luggage before you leave the house!
Number 10 - Keeping Up With The Joneses How many times have you seen something that someone else had, and you instantly wanted it too? We’ve all been there… It’s hard to escape the influence of others who live seemingly wealthy, free-and-easy lifestyles. And it’s really hard to escape the noise of all the advertisers who desperately want us to keep buying more stuff. Sadly, many people live beyond their means. And constantly trying to keep up with others will only lead you to being broke! So, next time you’re tempted by something your friends or neighbors have, take a hard look at your budget. If you don’t have the money for it, perhaps you shouldn’t buy it! So, what do you waste money on? Let us know in the comments below!
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2023.06.10 05:33 The-clowns-of-war [SPOILERS C2E61] So, in terms of an in-game consequence…

… how much is killing an angel in a god’s temple using the blood of the head-god person going to cost them?
The first option: not at all. The group has done some pretty bad things in all campaigns with no retribution. But I think Mercer has his limits.
The second option: it’s cursing time! All of team B gets a curse effect that is almost, if not completely impossible to remove. Funny, but maybe too harsh for a long campaign.
The Third option: a more down-to-earth thing. With the gods tied up fighting the big bad, All representatives of the Dawnfather if not the entire pantheon become enemies of team B. They could join up with Luidinus, but then become enemies of several past characters from C1 and C2 (if not all of them. Remember, even non-god allied characters would prob get peeved about the torturing/kidnapping of their friends).
The fourth option: Repentance. The team does/promises something to cool the Dawnfather’s anger, like say stopping the bad guy or their souls become devoured.
The fifth option: Civil War! Two characters from team A have already sworn alliance to their gods, one of which is the dawnfather. At the very least it’ll be a way to slim down the guest character ranks.
What do you think will happen (anything generic like “the players will decide” or “it’s their game” will not be accepted)?
Bonus consequence: the entire village of simple country folk get wiped out by a militant religious order who’s temple was just destroyed. That’s why you don’t tickle the dragon’s tail, folks, no matter how justified you are.
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2023.06.10 05:32 ChaosReignUnderUs Matchday Thread: All Games 6/10 (June 10)


Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
6:00 PM Flower City Union Gold Star FC Detroit Link
7:00 PM Maryland Bobcats FC Savannah Clovers FC Link
7:30 PM Club De Lyon FC Michigan Stars FC Link

NISA Nation

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
6:00 PM Lobos FC AS Los Angeles FC -
10:00 PM JASA RWC Modesto City FC -

Eastern Premier Soccer League

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
7:30 PM Nova FC Estudiantes FC -
7:30 PM NY Pancyprian Freedoms NY Greek Americans Game In Frame

Midwest Premier League

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
2:00 PM Troy United FC 1927 SC Michigan Soccer Network
2:00 PM Cedar Rapids Inferno SC Club Atletico St. Louis -
5:00 PM Indy Boyz FC Steel City FC -
6:00 PM AIM SC West Michigan Bearings SC -
6:00 PM AFC Columbia Southeast Soccer Academy -
6:45 PM Liquid Football Futsal Factory Academy -
7:00 PM Livonia City FC United West FC -
7:30 PM Bavarian United SC Edgewater Castle FC -
7:30 PM Chicago House AC Czarni Jaslo Sports Broadcast Solutions
8:00 PM Thundercats SC Cedars FC -
8:30 PM RWB Adria Berber City FC -

Gulf Coast Premier League

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
4:00 PM Gulf Coast United Florida Roots -
6:30 PM Hattiesburg FC Union 10 FC -
7:00 PM Crescent City FC BRSC Capitals -
7:15 PM Gaffa FC Central Louisiana FC -
7:15 PM FC Sharp Keys Daggers CTX -
7:15 PM StrikerZ DFW Shreveport United -
7:15 PM Pensacola Bay United SOWEGANS SC -

Southwest Premier League

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link

Cascadia Premier League

Time (Eastern Time) Home Away Link
5:30 PM Nido Aguila 2 Mt. Rainier F.C. -
9:00 PM Snohomish County Seattle Celtic Youtube
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2023.06.10 05:30 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [POST GAME THREAD] USC defeats Arizona State, 22-8

Arizona State Arizona State @ USC USC
Game Start Time: 9:00 PM ET (Friday)
Location: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA
Watch: Fox Sports 1
Arizona State Arizona State
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
40 yards 121 yards 161 yards 0 1 0/1 15:19 3
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
83 yards 105 yards 188 yards 0 1 0/0 12:19 3
Drive Summary
away for 43 yards in 280 seconds ending in miss
home for 0 yards in 13 seconds ending in punt
away for 97 yards in 241 seconds ending in turnover_touchdown
away for 6 yards in 105 seconds ending in punt
home for 71 yards in 106 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 0 yards in 3 seconds ending in end_half
home for 75 yards in 49 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 9 yards in 71 seconds ending in punt
home for 9 yards in 84 seconds ending in turnover
away for 35 yards in 71 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 21 yards in 295 seconds ending in turnover
away for 21 yards in 68 seconds ending in turnover
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
USC 0 15 7 0 22
Arizona State 0 0 8 0 8
Game thread

Game complete, USC wins!

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2023.06.10 05:26 flak3music Traveling with a Guitar

Hello! It’s my first time flying with a guitar as my carry on. My flight in not until July 18th, and I’m considering whether to just ship my guitar to my new home destination or to bring it along with me to the airport. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about traveling with music equipment?
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2023.06.10 05:26 loremipsum33 I feel my marriage slipping away more every day

My husband and I have been seeing a therapist for 2 months now in an attempt to resolve the growing, festering friction in our relationship over JNMIL. We’ve been married roughly a year and in that year she has:
-upon anticipation of JNMIL visiting us after baby’s birth, in peak RSV season, we sent a request of very reasonable request for her visit (wear a mask if sick, don’t kiss the baby, wash hands, get your vaccines). She challenged the request and made a huge stink about not wanting to get a vaccine.
Since this string of events, me and DH have been in violent disagreement. I have asked we go temporary NC until she apologizes, even for just 30 days… he refuses, doesn’t want to cut off JNMIL. He makes excuses for her just being a “strong willed Italian woman” and seems to get annoyed that I let her upset me. Tells me if he were me, he’d be over all of this already.
I thought we were making progress with therapy when we had agreed we’d both speak to her as a team, let her know she’s hurt me, ruined precious moments I’ll never get back as a newly wed or first time mom, and that she owes me an apology, or she will no longer be in our lives.
Monday came around and we had our call with her. There was a lot of comments to the effect of “I don’t remember doing that”, gas lighting, “that’s just who I am and I’m not changing”, and general victim blaming…. Accusing me of just getting upset over everything. I ended the call asking her how she could expect to be invited to LOs first birthday in a few months if she refuses to apologize. She said she expects to be invited, won’t speak to me, and will act however she wants.
Since then, there’s been nothing but fighting with DH. He defends his mother, looks at me with disappointment, and “just wants us to get along”. I have taken the high road with this woman an exhausting number of times. Every time it has screwed me, and left me inviting her to yet another event/life moment that she inevitably destroys. I don’t know why DH won’t support my need to protect our family and our precious early memories with LO by setting boundaries… all I’m asking is for her to apologize and for her to at least commit to doing better around us. If not, we take a 30 day break.
Yesterday our therapist asked us if our disagreement on the topic of JNMIL has gotten to the point where we are considering separating. Saddened to say that a year into marriage, I never expected my husband to defend someone who hurts his wife so badly. If things continue, I’m afraid that’s my only option.
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2023.06.10 05:23 Mobile-Technology-88 You could been somebody rock!

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2023.06.10 05:22 empressings My realistic diamond farming routine!

Note: I use a private server, faster flight (speed : 160) and 2x multiplier for this diamond farming routine. If you don't have any of these, farming may be slow. But you can always ask anyone for a private server, some of them are usually generous and kind. Now let's start! :D
First, I start by heading to my private server, I do my daily log-ins first since they're the ones who pop up on my screen when I join the server.
Then, I farm in enchantix high for 5 times or 4 times. I also participate in the flight class where you can get a lot of diamonds there.
After that, I go to school whether campus 2 or campus 1 so that I can participate in classes to get XP and level up. Although, I prefer campus 2 because you could get diamonds there. I do this for one whole day by the way.
Next, I go to sleep for XP to level up. (I also do this in the campus 2 so that I wont have to teleport anymore.)
After that, I go to diamond beach and farm some diamonds there
Lastly, I participate in the pageant in Sunset Island so I can get XP and diamonds. Also when its evening or when i'm done dressing up, i consume the time by getting diamonds in the water.
I gain 20k-25k using this routine, it's really helpful in my opinion! ^
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2023.06.10 05:20 No_Secretary_7942 Someone go to this as a representative and ask for more comp LMAO

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2023.06.10 05:17 Joey_Vee92 Been on a cold streak for a while so this was much needed 👌

Been on a cold streak for a while so this was much needed 👌
Also, raise your hand if Michael Porter Junior ruined your parlay tonight, again 🤦🏼‍♂️
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2023.06.10 05:16 mythologicalprincess First leg to Amsterdam delayed, rebooked to Amsterdam via Lisbon, luggage and compensation struggles

I was flying from Toronto to Amsterdam today. I bought the tickets by Lufthansa but it’s operated by air Canada. My luggage was supposed to arrive to Amsterdam without me picking up in Montreal.
Toronto-Montreal 17:00-18:15 LH6757 June 9 Montreal-Amsterdam 21:50-10:40 LH6815 June 9-10
The first flight took off 3.5 hours later and we arrived to Montreal at 21:40. The Amsterdam flight took off without me and I was automatically rebooked to a flight to Amsterdam through lisbon.
Montreal-Lisbon 22:15-09:49 AC812 June 9-10 Lisbon-Amsterdam 12:35-16:35 TP 676 June 10
I got my boarding passes from an air Canada gate and they told me my luggage would be on loaded on my flights and I would pick them up from Amsterdam. They didn’t give me new luggage tags. I have an AirTag on my luggage and it shows in the Montreal domestic area.
I am in the Montreal- Lisbon flight right now, bought wifi package just to write this. I wanted to ask a few questions.
1) How will the luggage arrive to Amsterdam and who is the person to talk to? What should I do when I arrive to Lisbon to check its status? 2) My flight is to Amsterdam but I’ll be spending most of my time in Tilburg. If my luggage arrives late, can they send the luggage to Tilburg? 3) I wanted to go to Brussels June 11 till June 13, I have a hotel booking that I can refund. What should I do? Would the airport hold the luggage a few days? I have a carry on so what I need is there but the luggage is needed for the later part of my trip. 4) is there a way to get compensation etc out of this? Any advice is appreciated
Thanks everyone
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2023.06.10 05:13 hnqn1611 13 Signs You Are Suffering From Too Much Stress

13 Signs You Are Suffering From Too Much Stress
13 Signs You Are Suffering From Too Much Stress
Unless you’re a millionaire, you probably stress about all kinds of things, and most of the time, it’s over money. That’s not to say millionaires don’t stress, but they usually stress about how to make even more or they fear losing it all. Of course there are many other things that also cause stress but shit imagine if you didn’t have to worry about bills, school, and work and you could just do whatever you want all the time because you never had to worry about money. Anyways… Feelings of anxiety and tension probably get you at some point just about every day and stress is an emotional issue because it’s the way your body responds to what it perceives as an acute threat. The nervous system releases adrenaline and cortisol which are both stress hormones. People often don’t realize they’re stressed out and they minimize the stress they’re under and the effect it has. Now, in this video, you're not gonna learn to become rich, but the good news is that you can train yourself to spot the signs of too much stress before it becomes a chronic health problem. Sometimes, physical signs of stress are mistaken to be symptoms of some other issue, so pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.
Onnit New Mood Benefits:
- Stress Relief
- 5 HTP
- Less Anxiety
- Tryptophan
Get Your Own Onnit New Mood Daily Stress Formula Here: https://amzn.to/3CjyztC
Number 1 - Forgetfulness If you find yourself forgetting to do things lately, like forgetting to lock the front door or flush the toilet, you probably don’t have Alzheimer’s but it can be much more than a silly accident. Stress and anxiety can mess with your head and result in decrease in concentration and this can cause forgetfulness. Ongoing stress can shrink parts of your brain that are responsible for emotion, memory and your nervous system. The best way to fight this symptom is to exercise and everything will return to normal once your stress goes away.
Number 2 - Weight Gain Around The Waistline When you’re overstressed, your habits change, including your diet. If you find yourself eating and drinking more, this will result in weight gain. The “stress hormone” Cortisol plays a role in the fight-or-flight response, which is the physiological loop that gears your body up to fight against danger, or to run for your life. This is vital when faced with immediate danger, but increases in cortisol also occur in response to chronic, everyday stress. When cortisol is too high for too long, it can increase the amount of fat you hold in your belly. So, if your jeans don’t fit anymore even though you exercise regularly, stress is likely the cause, and it’s time to combine a healthier diet with stress management.
Number 3 - Stomach Aches Your nervous system is tightly linked to your digestive system and stress can interfere with this connection. If you just had a taco and your stomach is a mess, then just head over to the toilet. But if it happens often, and you aren’t on a taco diet, it might be stress. That uneasiness you feel in your belly, might be more than what you just ate. You can try over-the-counter pills, but the best natural way to deal with this symptom is to exercise.
Number 4 - Sore Jaw During the day, you’re ok, but then at night while you’re sleeping, you could be grinding your teeth. You don’t know it’s happening until you wake up, but then damn… you feel that sore jaw. Now, if you have a black eye complimenting your sore jaw and no recollection of the night before, then you probably ended up in a situation that you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for your drunk ass. Otherwise, it could be stress. It’s very common to grind your teeth when you’re stressing, and this is really bad stuff because it can lead to tooth damage and cracked teeth. It’s best to visit a dentist to see if there’s anything you can do. Usually they’ll give you a mouth guard for grinding.
Number 5 - Back Pain The fight-or-flight response to stress increases your blood pressure and speeds up your heart rate, and the stress hormones tighten the muscles. This can be very painful. Move as much as you can. If you have a desk job, get up every half an hour to stretch and walk around. If you have a shitty job where your boss is breathing down your neck constantly and you can’t afford to take a quick break for a stretch every 30 minutes, well, what can I say, perhaps it’s time to find a better job.
Number 6 - Constipation You feel like you need to go but it just doesn’t come out. Well, it’s probably not the tacos. Perhaps you could try to eat some in this case. But the cause is likely stress and this time you need magnesium. Stress hormone production requires high levels of magnesium, and stressful experiences lead to depletion of this mineral. In addition, if you’ve been eating loads of sugar, this could be further depleting your magnesium levels. Magnesium is often referred to as the “calming mineral” because it affects the way the brain and muscles relax during stress. And this includes the digestive tract. So, you gotta do what you gotta do, and try eating some more spinach, quinoa, almonds and cashews - and cut down on the sugar.
Number 7 - Cracked Lips or Sore Mouth This is a classic sign of vitamin B deficiency because B vitamins are necessary for extracting energy from the carbs, protein and fat we consume every day. When you stress, you use a lot of energy and the vitamin gets used up. B6 especially, plays a key role in our bodies producing the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine which are responsible for our mood, and melatonin which controls sleep. Eat more foods that are rich in Vitamin B6, such as bananas, leafy green vegetables, spinach, and potatoes.
Number 8 - Sleeping Too Much Snoozing and stress go hand in hand. Stressful situations and feeling stressed over an extended period of time can really mess with your sleep cycle and daytime alertness. It’s possible that what you are experiencing is your brain subconsciously making you sleep longer in order to avoid daytime stressors. Or, the stress is disrupting your sleep so the hours of shut eye you get are less restful, causing you to wake up tired. While a good night's sleep is essential for health, consistent oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Practicing good sleep hygiene will help you get a healthy seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and experts recommend keeping the same bedtimes and wake times every day. They also recommend avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime. Exercising regularly and making your bedroom a comfortable environment can also help you get the amount of sleep you need.
Number 9 - Weird Dreams All The Time Strange dreams or even the same ones every night can be a symptom of stress. They make you feel anxious and on the edge. If you normally don’t dream (or don’t remember your dreams) and now all of a sudden it’s the opposite, try to figure out what’s changed in your life and if there’s anything that adds stress to your day. It could be the trigger.
Number 10 - Can’t Fall Asleep If you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, and you know that the cause it’s not caffeine, it’s time to do something about your stress levels. Stress can also lead to insomnia and then you can’t sleep at all. According to studies, stress increases the chances of that happening by 19%. When you’re worried, your nervous system doesn't shut down and you can’t sleep. Your brain stays hyperactive with no chance of resting. Try to spend some time "winding down." A person with insomnia needs a "buffer zone," a period of time to allow the activating processes in the brain to wind down. This allows the alerting mechanisms to decrease their activity so that the sleep systems can take over. Start winding down two hours before bedtime. Stop all work and end phone calls, and get off the computer. Instead, watch a light movie, read a book or listen to some calm music.
Number 11 - Can’t Concentrate Do you feel like you thrive under tight deadlines and tense situations? Maybe you do, but most of us don’t. I know I don’t. And even if you do, it doesn’t last. Chemicals in your brain help you stay focused for a while producing adrenaline that enhances your senses. But the more time you spend doing this, the more damage you’re causing. Too much adrenaline for long durations will make your brain notice and feel every little thing, making you distracted. So, instead of dwelling on a problem you can't solve, get your mind off it for a while. Shift your focus. Try whatever works for you, whether it's yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or just having a good laugh with a friend. The goal is to occupy yourself with a pleasant task. This will provide the energy to regroup later.
Number 12 - You Obsess Over Your Problems You can’t seem to get your mind off things, regardless of what it is. Whether it’s financial worries, relationship issues or whatever. This is a warning sign that stress is taking over your life. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into overdrive as you constantly focus on "what might happen." But, you won’t be able to find a solution until you detach yourself from your problems and think more objectively. You need to think about how you can stop the stress. Set aside 15 minutes each day where you allow yourself to focus on problems and fears -- and then vow to let them go after the 15 minutes is up. Some people wear a rubber band on their wrist and "snap" the rubber band if they find themselves going into their "worry mode." Do whatever works for you!
Number 13 - Your Patience Is Wearing Thin Finding yourself becoming less patient with everyone around you, including people you actually care about, is often one of the first signs that stress is slowly starting to get to you. We often displace our anger and anxiety, taking it out on those nearby as a way of ensuring it gets expressed in some way, and this can do far more harm than good. If you’re snapping at people or feeling annoyed when in their company, let them know that you are stressed and consider that you might need to ask for help coping with stress. If any of these symptoms sound painfully familiar, it’s time to figure out exactly what is stressing you out and how you can deal with it effectively. Long term stress is detrimental to your mental and physical health, so it’s important to take care of yourself. It may be an unavoidable part of life, but there are healthy ways to manage stress and minimize its side effects. Examples include exercise such as walking, running, yoga or meditation; eating a healthy diet; and whenever possible, eliminating the source of the stress. If you wanna stress less, subscribe to our channel, and let us know in the comments below, what stresses you out the most?!
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2023.06.10 05:12 TankCommanderFinley What to bet next? $100 to $1600

What to bet next? $100 to $1600
Any thoughts on doubling this $800? Preferably hit parlay or NBA Finals
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2023.06.10 05:12 rileyshea Traveling tomorrow with my sleep trained 7mo, what should I do?

This will be my first time traveling since sleep training. My son is 7mo, our 2 nap schedule is 7-7:30 wake-up, then 3/3/4. He’s usually in bed by 8-8:30.
Tomorrow I will be getting on a plane at 5pm and we’ll be landing around 8pm our time so right around bed time. I feel like it’s impractical to try and keep him awake for the whole flight. What should I do? Just accept that sleep is going to be whack for the first couple days?
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2023.06.10 05:10 Few_You_9030 I Love You

12:00am December 13th it was a cold winter night the boy was sitting in a chair from his back yard. He placed it in front of his pool facing towards the mountains with all the copious amount of houses built across the mountain meant for the wealthy and only the wealthy. To the far left is a house, her house, the one he was never allowed to go into unless her parents weren’t there. He looked in the direction of the house hoping that she was in there safe and sound asleep. All the boy wanted was her to hold him, tell him everything was going to be fine and that she loved him while in her warm and safe embrace as she had before. She was the only escape from his prison that he called home, she knew how to calm him down and knew exactly what to say she was the boys safe place, his home, his strength…his everything. He thought about her, he let out a silent, painful cry not because she left him but because they were eachothers best friends because they knew everything about eachother but they couldnt be together soley because of the future, everyday the boy would blame himself for it, only if he were smarter, had the money to go with her. But he couldnt all he could do was hope, hope that they would meet again in near future. The boy whispered “I love you” hoping for a response back…nothing he said it again this time louder…no response, he stood up, with his throat tight, his eyes full of tears, heart getting smaller and smaller by the second, he closed his eyes and screamed “I LOVE YOU”. All of a sudden in the darkness of his eye lids he heard a soft angelic voice “I love you” he opened his eyes there she was standing in front of him lighter dark brown wavey hair, big beautiful brown eyes almost like meteors and the face the boy knew so well she was in a beautiful white dress. The boy looked down, he was wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie with a flower pinned to his shirt, he looked down at his left hand there was a ring on one of his fingers, not his index, not his middle, on his digit finger… his ring finger. He looked around they were in the center of a banquet hall, all of her family and his family looking at the two. She took his hand and put one around her waist and the other interlocked with hers, then the song started playing. They proceeded to have their first dance mean while everything was silent but her voice and the song that she wanted to play for this moment. The boy looked into her eyes as she smiled, a smile that could light up a whole room teeth like stars, he started speaking “ I missed you so much” she gazed at him and responded with “i missed you” they continued to dance. The blared “When you're cold and all alone,You can build you a city, And call it home” the boy spoke again with a strained voice “I Love You” the girl responed back “I Love You” she put her head on his chest and closed her eyes the boy kissed her head and put his head on her head and closed his eyes. Then the music started to fade, the feeling of her and her presence fading, he opened his eyes, he was back in his back yard looking at the mountains, he looked down she was no longer there just concrete floor. The boy fell to his knees and started to sob a quiet sob, a hole in the middle of his chest. He looked up at the mountains and looked to the far left, he started to scream with everything he had left in himself …“I Love You”
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