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2023.06.09 15:25 ilikesnails420 Update: Curcumin self-experimentation

This is an update to a post I made a few months back about using curcumin (longvida) as a treatment for pmdd. Here, I’ll share a series of observations from the last 3 months with regards to efficacy and dosing.
Disclaimer that I am not a medical doctor, this is not medical advice. If you want to try this for yourself, check in with your doctor especially if youre on other medications— curcumin has non-specific action on a lot of other things.
Background: my pmdd has been lifelong i believe, diagnosed about 6 yrs ago, and has gotten much more severe late last year following some significant stressors. I experience pmdd symptoms during the entire luteal phase, right after ovulation. My main symptoms are brain fog, greater inattentiveness/lack of focus, and irritability during my last week.
Original regimen: 450 mg curcumin longvida daily from day 14 of my cycle through the last day (~26-28)
Brief mechanism of action: I hypothesized that curcumin would attenuate pmdd symptoms for the duration of my luteal phase due to its action as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which prevents conversion of progesterone to allopregnanolone.
Observations from first two months: As noted in my original post, I felt great in the first week of taking curcumin. But, during the second week of dosing (and during the last week of my cycle), I began to feel very unmotivated. This is a typical pmdd symptom for me, but this time it was the only symptom I experienced. I still had energy, could generally focus, and my mood was good. I just didnt feel like doing any work! It was almost like I was ‘too content.’ I originally attributed this to the curcumin just not fully working during the last week, and that maybe my pmdd symptoms were due to a combination of hormone changes. e.g., low estrogen during the last week of luteal.
I continued taking the curcumin through my follicular phase intermittently (450 mg) and noticed that when I kept taking it for longer periods, even during follicular, I reached this state of not feeling motivated. I started to wonder if maybe too much of this supplement could be the cause of these adverse effects.
My 2nd month of taking curcumin during luteal, I noticed this amotivational state again after taking the curcumin for about a week from days 15-21 (and again feeling great up until that point). Given my suspicion that high doses were causing this effect, I stopped taking it around day 21. Within a couple days, still during luteal (around days 23-24), I stopped feeling amotivated and felt quite normal. I had energy, I cleaned the house, did my work. A couple days later, I began feeling a little irritable, so took another 450 mg dose. The next day my mood was fine, but that amotivationed state was back. didnt feel like doing anything productive. From this, I concluded that there is maybe a ‘sweet spot’ of dosing for thus supplement for pmdd. too much and Im happy but not motivated, too little and I experience pmdd symptoms.
Observations from third month (current cycle): This month, I wanted to try a couple things. 1- determine if I can take as needed rather than more preventatively. What I mean is, do I have to begin taking it before I ovulate to make sure its in my system before progesterone is produced? or could I take it when I begin to feel luteal phase symptoms. and 2-I wanted to try smaller doses spaced intermittently to see the minimum dose I need to attenuate pmdd symptoms.
So, on day 17 I woke up feeling depressed. I took my usual dose of 450mg to be consistent and answer my first question. It didnt help much on the same day, but I woke up on day 18 feeling great. So, it does seem that this can be taken as-needed, albeit with some lag time.
For the following days, I wanted to try smaller doses. I split pills into 200mg doses, and took 200mg for two consecutive days (day 18 and 19 of cycle). When I noticed myself starting to feel a bit ‘lazy’, I skipped a day (day 20) and then took it again the next day. (day 21). I’m currently on day 24 and havent taken any since, as I feel hardly any pmdd symptoms. I do feel slightly more inertia in the morning, and im still a little more scatter-brained than during follicular. But, I am motivated and able to work. Ill also add that I had some major stressors (long story, we’re hiring a lawyer) and have been able to bounce back a good bit in spite of that. I restarted an exercise regimen yesterday, just a little 15 min run/walk in the morning. I went again on my run this morning (day 24 of cycle!) and kept setting goals for when I could stop running (i.e., just go to that tree!) and i kept just running past them and forgetting because I was comfortable and daydreaming :)
My takeaways: 1- curcumin is able to attenuate severity of my pmdd symptoms for the entire duration of the luteal phase 2- dosing is important.. too much can have some adverse effects, but these go away after I stopped taking it. i started at this higher dose bc that was the standard in some other studies, and the dose they came in. 3- its not a complete silver bullet— im still a little more scatter brained and not as effective at organizing/prioritizing during luteal. but im not irritable, i dont have brain fog, and i have energy. 4- i wonder if curcumin also builds up in the system a bit, making intermittent dosing a good idea.
Thats all! And, if you tried curcumin longvida, pls share your experiences whether it worked or not.
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2023.06.09 15:25 Zesilo How can my significant other and I split the bills?

We have been stressing each other out trying to decide how we are going to pay the bill on the home we live in. I own the place and spend about ~$1000 month mortgage, plus about $200-300 in utilities (I can afford the home monthly on my own).
My significant other can not afford $600 a month sometimes without leaving herself spending money, so I tell her to just pay me about 40% of her monthly income and we can call it even, and if she is able to pay $600 that month then pay extra sometimes.
This gets her really upset, and says it is not a good plan nor thought out and could leave us ill-prepared in the future if I don't give her an expected amount I want from her a month (she is also concerned if she pays $450 one month, I might expect it the next month and ask 'why only $400 and not $450?' and how we have a lot of random vet bills).
She moved in about 2 years ago but about 6 months ago she switched careers, and more recently switched to commission.
What is the best way to move forward? Does anyone have recommendations? Should I set a flat number for her rent? Thanks
TL;DR; I told my S/O to pay as much as she can towards $600 a month, but she wants a more solid gameplan.
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2023.06.09 15:21 brown_hustler So I learned today I may be getting married on August 12

Never thought I'd be making this post. I'm only seeking advice on how to emotionally handle this situation because I'm the type whose face is an open book.
Back in March, I had a family visit (as hundred others) for a proposal. I was emotionally exhausted, and the abuse at home seems to have triggered by rage issues and depression. As this was one of the many families who my mother invites without my consent, I met with them, hoping for the best.
I do not like them. They are materialistic and judgemental people. Those were my first impressions.
They made us travel 3 hours mid Ramadan to meet us again (different cities) and were less than courteous throughout the meeting.
After much insistence on my mother's part, she's tried to force me into marrying every single guy she could get interested in, she controls the process and I'm in a deeply narcisstic relationship with her.
After much asking, the guy came to the women's side for like a minute. I was very disappointed, I'm being brutally honest. The pictures are deceptive. I'd seen his bio before, it is common to lie about the height in my community, but this was a stretch. He looked completely different.
I cannot tolerate people who lie to be honest.
His side invited most of his immediate relatives. We were outnumbered by 2:12.
He asked how our Ramadan was going, apoligised for making us travel and that's it. I don't know why I was so offended over this but don't people bring something to the house when they come along?
They did not. They've asked all about our whereabouts to verify about us but ofcourse my parents won't do their due diligence and get to know the guy.
My only hope was having a proper conversation with this person but since that did not happen. I though not much would come out of it because my mother only once mentioned they'll be visiting us in August again and then take a decision.
My parents have and will lie. I feel guilty writing such bad things about them but they've done worse. I cannot say no because things turn abusive and my mental health is at the edge of a cliff.
I've gone from praying duha everyday to missing fajr. So faithwise, I'm at a loss too.
Today I overhear a conversation between my father and the guy's father. It was out of the blue, they are fixing wedding dates. The guy's father was convincing my father to book the same venue for a discount.
I do not want this kind of a wedding. I've always made it clear I want a simple nikah but I guess that's expecting too much when them asking for my consent for the person itself is out of the question.
I don't even know how to react to this. At the moment I'm completely isolated and have no one in my family to reach out for help. My mother's side are a slice out of television drama.
A couple friends know about my situation and one of them offered to help me leave my family last year but I did not take her up on that offer because I hoped Allah would make a halal way.
That even though the entire process has been haram, Allah will perhaps send a compatible spouse.
I'm at a loss honestly. My parents are pretending as if they've been transparent about this all along when they've been as silent as possible on it.
I have no way to contact the guy. Hell, he does not even have a LinkedIn.
Please tell me there's hope for kheir. I don't know what I want to hear, as much as I hope nobody had to go through such hell, is there anyone who's been in this scenario. How do you advice I handle this?
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2023.06.09 15:21 Ashkir California - Company Furloughed no notice now no pay missing 401k and paycheck. Employer may be bankrupt ?

Hello everyone. I was working on Memorial Day (May 29) when my company got furloughed. They sent us a detailed email:
First, it’s important that you understand the conditions of a furlough. A furlough is a suspension of workers on account of economic conditions or a shortage of work, especially when temporary. Furloughed individuals are still considered employees during their furlough period, with the hope that they will be able to resume their jobs when economic conditions or workloads improve. A furlough is not a layoff.
I am in California. It’s been more than 10 days. I believe after 10 days they have to give us our final checks? The company provided us no notice.
I am paid every 7th and 22nd. They didn’t pay me on the 7th (two days ago). The end of my pay period was the 31st. It was the 15-31st.
As an exempt salary employee I am owed: - my pay from the 15-29th
Do they owe me: - my pay from the 30 and 31st? - do they have to pay me my full salary week if a new pay period started?
In addition our health insurance lapsed. They didn’t pay it. I’m also missing nearly $1000 in contributions to my 401k. It sounds like my company went bankrupt. I contacted the 401k holder and they stated the funds are frozen due to the furlough (John Hancock). So I couldn’t even take an emergency withdrawal.
I’m having press contacts reach out to me and I keep saying no comment. I did with an NDA about my work content. But it doesn’t have my pay in my NDA clauses. Lawyers are reaching out to join a class action but I haven’t signed anything or talked to them.
Other questions: - do I file a wage claim? - should I forfeit the wage claim and file with a class action instead ?
So this is a lot. I’m sure if you google you can find out the company name. I’m freaking out as I can’t afford rent this month. Unemployment in California doesn’t go very far. It doesn’t even cover rent. I won’t even be able to afford my heart transplant medicine this month.
Tl;Dr: in summary I got furloughed as a salary employee on Monday May 29. I worked May 29.
1 . Do they have to pay me for the remainder of my pay period May 30/31 as salary?
2 . Do they have to also pay me for the two days of the week as salary that’s a following pay period?
3 . Am I better off joining a class action lawsuit if the company is going bankrupt or filing a department of labor claim? Should I file this asap before the company has a chance to file for bankruptcy?
4 . Do they have to have an update for us now that it’s been 10 days since the furlough on May 29?
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 15:21 BlxckTxpes My blue heeler is aggressive/very protective towards unfamiliar friends & people.

So my blue heeler, Wilson, is 2 years old. He’s a great dog in every aspect except 2 things. One, being the fact he is insane when it comes to driving in cars and trying to eat the ones passing by & two, the more serious of the two, tries to eat people.
I wouldn’t really call it “attacking” it’s more he’ll bark aggressively and run to someone, then tries to nip their fingers, or their calves.
He is great when he goes to petsmart to get his nails cut, until the end when we get the leash back on then. We don’t let anyone pet him. However it’s frustrating knowing that if someone tried to we always have the worry in the back of our mind that he will & we’ll get a letter in the mail. My cousin from Maine stopped by the house when he came to visit & my dog nipped his finger. One of my friends put his hand up to the glass door in the front of the house & Wilson went crazy. Never seen it before so its becoming very concerning. Every one of my friends say “he’s an a**hole dog”
He is great with familiar people (my parents, her parents, my brother etc) but we want to be able to take him everywhere. We’re going to the beach in October & would love to take him but I’m worried if we let him off leash, or even on leash if someone tries to pet him or something we will end up getting in trouble with something.
My fiancé is looking at training because she thinks it will help, but it’s $2000 & I’ve come for experience from the folks on Reddit. What did you do? How did you correct this issue?
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2023.06.09 15:21 NatBritGal Getting to know you

Hi guys, I just wanted to post something that wasn't completely IBS focused, I want to know if you have anything positive that you like or do throughout the day to help with symptoms or flares, interests, hobbies etc.
I like self care, so I invest a lot in skincare, makeup, pampering and try and have a routine that I keep to everyday.
I try and get out for walks in nature as often as I can and I have my cute cat Elvis who's just over 1 yr old to keep me entertained.
I'm also a massive fan of podcasts especially true crime, as well as setting myself goals to achieve around the house, I'm also looking into doing an online course.
I'm just curious to know what others are interested in or doing to keep upbeat and positive?.
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2023.06.09 15:21 missSodabb It is so conflicting when your parents are shitty people but they’ve always supported you economically

My mom is starting to show early signs of dementia. No one around me does anything because they think it’s normal. She’s the only person who has a job in the house and I can’t leave because I’m still in school. We basically live in squalor, the house is cleaned like once every two months, it always smells of something and my dumb fucking mom always lets dogs in. I have to be honest, I think that if she ever goes away for more than a day I will definitely put them up for adoption. No one other than her can Stand those dogs, they all have behaviour problems and make everything stink. What pisses me off more than anything is that no matter how I tell my mother she has problems she won’t understand it. Apparently illness in this house doesn’t exist, to the point where when I had covid and I had to tell my school my mom had a mental breakdown and didn’t talk to me for a week because for her I was supposed to go. For any simple drive, she takes an hour and sometimes drives around the same town 4 times, while hitting her head against the car seat. She has intense moodswings. All that she does is talk about the man she works in the office for. It’s gotten so annoying that whenever she comes home I straight up leave. She won’t divorce my dad because he has a house and she doesn’t wanna pay for her own. Other psychotic things she did were screaming at me saying I was gross for an hour when I got earrings and she once purposely dropped dish soap on my hair when I dyed it. She forced me to wash it 10 times in a row. When I was a kid she’d rip apart my books because she did not want to help me do my homework. When I was 12 and showed signs of suicidal behaviour, she straight up stopped talking to me for the whole year. In fact I don’t have any memories with my mom at that age. All that she does is take me and my friends to expensive places so she can I hold it back against me if I point out something bad she did. She has a weird shopping compulsion, she literally goes grocery shopping everyday. It’s funny that she does this then say we’re poor. My dad isn’t any better. Although he’s mildly rational, he’s unemployed and does violent things. For as long as I remember, he would get mad and break things. When I was 15 I went to take a shower before a doctors appointment and while he was fine 10 mins before that, after he went insane and almost broke down the door, yelling that I was worse than my cousin who’s a drop out with sociopathic tendencies. For context, I’ve never done anything bad, I’m literally known as someone who’s always quiet. When I was a kid my dad would always yell at me in public and at home sometimes he’d beat me. What’s insane is that both of my parents hit me as a kid and whenever I would bring it up they’d always say they never did it. When I brought up actual times they did it they just said it was my fault. To see a picture of me as a 5 year old and think that somebody would beat that kid breaks my heart. How on earth can someone beat a kid? For almost my whole childhood I was home alone,daydreaming about being somewhere else. All this trauma led me to being unable to love anyone, hating myself to the point that I’m disgusted by people who love me and hating everyone.
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2023.06.09 15:21 mikeyylamar Tenants are threatening legal action over parking spaces but we have already given them parking permits, any advice?

On 07/06/2023, our tenants sent us an email titled ‘’missing parking space, fines, damage and discomfort’’. The tenant has been having issues regarding parking space as they have reported abandoned vehicles and overfilled parking spaces. As a result of this, they have incurred multiple parking fines.
We have listed the property with free parking space. The exact clause written in the AST states ‘’Parking with permit for the development provided to the tenant’’. The block does not have individual parking bays as all vehicles are subject to parking on a ‘first come first serve basis’. This has been informed to the tenants with written confirmation from the housing management block around 02/06/2023.
Claimant has stated that ‘it is the landlord's responsibility when renting to grant essential services and to not mislead the tenants, taking the money and leaving them with problems. If the conditions are not met, they are already ready to take immediate action as they have already appointed a lawyer to enforce their right by multiple accounts of abuse of violations.
The tenants are demands include:
We have been blindsided by the news as the issues have only been made apparent to us on 01/06/2023. The email labelled ‘’final notice’’ on 07/06/2023 is the second formal mention of any parking issues. On the exact same day (01/06/2023), I reached out to the block housing management to confirm parking regulations and the procedures needed to report said vehicles which were forwarded to the tenants. Verbally, the tenant did mention a parking fine maybe 3 weeks ago but it was just a comment, they did not request support from us at the time.
Tensions have already been high with the tenant already as they have had issues with the problem already (unrelated to us). I have suggested we meet up at the lettings agency to discuss with mediation but they have refused this also.
So how can reddit help me:
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2023.06.09 15:19 Antique-Ad2167 Absolute Beginner Looking to Improve

Hi all! So I write plays and occasionally I write musicals and I can't sing. I grew up in a "children should be seen and not heard" type house in which music was heavily discouraged as "annoying" and "not real job" but I'd always been interested in theatre.
So fast forward two decades and I want to learn to sing. But I have zero training. I've been in a couple musicals in the past few years, limited cause of Covid (Newsies - Pulitzer, Mary Poppins - Ensemble, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Lawrence) but other than that, literally no vocal training at all. I also live in a small one road town so getting into the city for vocal lessons is rather difficult to do consistently. I can usually only get out that way once a month or so (and that's snow permitting).
Anyways here's me singing two songs as reference. Apologies in advance for not being that good.
Aladdin, Whole New World
Heathers, Freeze Your Brain
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 15:18 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhjh Proof that James created FNAF (leaked whistle-blower report)

Confidential Report: Investigation into the Creation of Five Nights at Freddy's
Case Number: 2021-4578 Date: June 6, 2021
I. Executive Summary:
This report outlines the findings of a thorough investigation into the creation of the popular video game Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF). The primary focus is to uncover the truth behind the alleged theft of the game's code by James House's best friend, Scott "Big Scott" Cawthon, who subsequently claimed credit for its creation. Our investigation reveals a complex and nuanced sequence of events, shedding light on the actual involvement of both parties and their motivations.
II. Background:
James House, a talented game developer and designer, had been working on various independent projects throughout his career. In early 2013, inspired by horror stories and urban legends, House conceived the concept for a unique survival horror game set in a haunted pizzeria called "Five Nights at Freddy's." He meticulously designed the gameplay mechanics, characters, and storyline, believing it could revolutionize the horror genre in the gaming industry.
III. James House's Creation:
James House commenced the development of Five Nights at Freddy's in mid-2013, investing countless hours into coding, designing the graphics, and refining the gameplay. Utilizing his exceptional programming skills, House implemented innovative features, such as the limited power supply mechanic and the suspenseful gameplay centered around monitoring security cameras. Additionally, he crafted the chilling animatronic characters that would become the game's iconic hallmark.
IV. Collaboration with Big Scott:
Scott Cawthon, a close friend of James House, had a keen interest in game development but lacked the technical expertise required for coding and programming. Recognizing his enthusiasm, House allowed him to contribute to the project by providing creative input, playtesting, and assisting with some non-coding tasks, such as storyboarding and level design. It is important to note that House had never intended to diminish Cawthon's contributions or marginalize his involvement in the game's creation.
V. Jealousy and Betrayal:
As the development of Five Nights at Freddy's progressed, House began noticing signs of jealousy from Big Gay Scott. The growing popularity of the game's early prototypes and demos fueled Cawthon's envy, leading to a rift in their friendship. Unbeknownst to House, Cawthon's envy gradually transformed into a desire to claim full credit for the game's creation.
VI. The Theft:
In a calculated act of betrayal, Big Scott, driven by envy and a hunger for recognition, secretly accessed House's development files and copied the game's source code, art assets, and other critical components. Scott meticulously covered his tracks, making it appear as if he was merely assisting House in a collaborative effort. After acquiring the stolen materials, he abruptly severed ties with House and embarked on an audacious plan to present himself as the sole creator of Five Nights at Freddy's.
VII. Big Scott's Deception:
Under the pseudonym "Big Scott," Cawthon skillfully marketed Five Nights at Freddy's, showcasing the stolen work as his own creation. Leveraging his connections in the gaming industry, Big Gay Scott managed to secure a publishing deal and released the game to critical acclaim and commercial success. The unsuspecting public, along with House himself, initially believed his claims due to his close association with the project.
VIII. Discovery and Legal Actions:
James House became aware of the theft when he recognized his original code and assets in the publicly released version of Five Nights at Freddy's. Distraught and determined to reclaim his rightful credit, House gathered substantial evidence, including the original development files, timestamps, and testimonies from mutual acquaintances, proving his ownership and primary role in creating the game.
Following an exhaustive legal battle, House filed a lawsuit against Cawthon, alleging intellectual property theft
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2023.06.09 15:17 Internal-Coconut3940 Am I wrong for being angry at my bf over this?

A little background, we’ve been together for just about a year, he’s 23 and so am I. There is a ring involved he just hasn’t proposed yet. When we first met, I moved back in with my mom until I could find an apartment, he came along in the middle of that and I couldn’t find anywhere that I could afford so I stayed with mom a little longer. Eventually he suggested we rent somewhere else which I was okay with because I had finally saved enough to do so.
Now to what’s happening. We couldn’t find anywhere that would allow both of our dogs to be able to have a fenced back yard and were struggling. Then his parents offered to sell him their house. He accepted and went through with the whole thing and he wants me to move in. I was so excited until he started saying it’s his house and I’m just living there which is true but it makes me feel more like a roommate than a girlfriend/soon to be fiancé. He doesn’t like when I call it our house and just wants me to say it’s his house and that really bothers me. I’ve grown up in a broken home so when I call somewhere home it’s a big deal to me. I offered to help pay for it and he wants me to pay all the utilities which is fine with me considering he’s taking on the mortgage. I just feel like it’s a huge red flag that he only wants me to say it’s his house because I’m going to be there too. He tries to reassure me saying it will be our house when we get married but if that’s the case then why have me move in now and hurt my feelings? It feels controlling and makes me feel like I’m less than him. I may be being over dramatic but this is the first boyfriend I’ve ever actually lived with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 15:17 KitchenAmbition3448 What is this? NY backyard

What is this? NY backyard
We moved into this house almost 3 years ago. The plants have always been there but in May, out of nowhere, these stalks sprouted straight up from the middle. Then the stalks fanned out in a zigzag fashion, now some of them are flowering with the white rose-looking droopy flowers you can see near the top.
It just seems so weird to me that the stalks never grew for 2 whole seasons.
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2023.06.09 15:17 fbgm1717 Advice needed on gaming pc for wife

I am completely new to gaming pc but my wife loves to play games she is big on the Witcher , the last of us , games like that. We have ps5 but she’s been talking about wanting a gaming computer , started dropping Ethernet throughout my house already in prep for this.
I’m pretty much looking for the most affordable pre-built option that’s not junk. The only game I could see myself personally wanting to play would be the GTA RP games and I’m not sure how that actually works yet as once again new to this. . Any advice / links / suggestions greatly appreciated thank you !
Computer wise we have MacBook airs which get the job done for emails and web browsing.
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2023.06.09 15:17 Chemical-Raccoon7151 AITA for not letting these friends of a friend stay in my house

Me and 2 of my school friends got tickets to a show near where I live - I live in a big city about 5 hours from where we grew up, they both live in our hometown. I invited them to stay with me after the show for the weekend. One friend messaged me and asked if 2 of her friends from another group could also stay in my house as they had got last minute tickets to the same show but had nowhere to stay in the city. I said no because 1. I have 4 other housemates and live in a small house. I rent a room not the whole house. I’m not particularly close with my housemates but respect them and their space so i don’t want to irritate anyone I live with. 2. I don’t know these girls that well and any interactions I’ve had with them in the past they’ve been quiet rude so I don’t really want to spend a weekend with them. 3. I don’t feel it’s my responsibility that they didn’t arrange accommodation before they got their tickets. My friend is pissed because she said they have no other options for getting to the show. I feel guilty that they’re gonna miss out but am annoyed that the blame is put on me.
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2023.06.09 15:17 30M4FChildfreeBLR 30 [M4F] Bangalore/India- Looking for a childfree partner

Hi there!
Here is a 30 year old INFP Male from bangalore, looking for a childfree person to date from Bangalore ONLY! Not a fan of long distance at all.
I am the eldest son of dysfunctional family, trying to let go of that identity slowly. But naturally it has taken its toll on me and my narcisstic parents have driven me absolutely mad and numb that I am in IDGAF mode with them :D. Also along with the innumerable environmental and economic reasons, my fucked up family is one of the reasons I’m childfree.
So I am not where I want to be, self confidence and other things considered. But I guess I am heading in the right direction in small steps, recently changed jobs that I long wanted to, got a bike recently and trying to learn it.
The values that excite me are intelligence and empathy. A typical INFP to whom logical and blunt real world things seem cruel and is guided by emotions and intuition.
Also I have realised the hard way, my attachment style is Anxious. Definitely not a green flag lol but I am working on it. Please be aware of yours esp. If you are avoidant. Don’t want to get into the anxious avoidant dance.
And god no, I don't want to climb no GODDMAN CORPORATE LADDER (ehmm cool down mr. Samuel L Jackson hehe). Looking for someone with whom we can create a safe space for each other to breathe, grow and be nurturing to each other <3.
My love language would be touch . Hugs cuddles and forehead kisses to die for. Sexually speaking , even though I am inexperienced but I’m definitely someone who is kinky and high libido and creative just like all things in life should be lol.
Please read my below disclaimers so that you can filter me better.
I have never been much of an active person or traveled much tbh, but I want to change that slowly going forward. Recently started hitting the gym (which is on and off :( ) to get rid of that pandemic fat. I’m 5’6 in height and weigh 72 kgs and look decent. I’m a non vegetarian and a social drinker, lately on a hiatus on drinking.
A social drinker is fine for me, but smoking is a deal breaker. Even habit of using any other drugs like weed and others also.
My mother tongue is Kannada and It’s been a decade I’m living in Bangalore. But I do have plans of setting abroad preferably Europe in a couple of years. But the chances of all that happening is not that good I feel but you never know!
Also lately I have been rather melancholic, dabbling between some existential crisis and self esteem/self worth issues. I am in the process of working on them. Decided to attend therapy finally this month after years of giving advice to other people and urging them to go to therapy. Pfff typical INFP 😒 Yet to find a decent therapist to keep it regular.
What I am looking for is a woman who is preferably 24-34 years old. Who is childfree, atheist, liberal, independent and empathetic and at least couple of our interests match!
So if things click like which I mentioned above, I have qualms marrying later. We’d be a couple that’d be corporate work rats, travel, watch artsy stuff, ponder why the fuck we are on this earth.
I love doggies, beaches, clouds, mountains, art, some freshly brewed beer, good deep conversations and pretty much about everything under the sun.
Btw I LOVE electronic music! My favourite genres are deep house, progressive house.I used to love going to those gigs often in the pre-pandemic era.
I am also a huge TV and movie buff. My favourite shows are succession, breaking bad, that 70's show, friends, two and half men, bbt, Bojack, Fargo, fleabag, mindhunter, Ozark ( oof that scene of Bateman and Laura linney arguing in front of the therapist was TV gold!)
My favourite movies are pulp fiction, big lebowski ❤️, tarantino movies, all gangsta movies involving de niro and Joe pesci.
Sports: I follow cricket a bit here and there. But yeah right now OBSESSED with Formula1, a hugh checo fan just because of his trajectory and rooting for checo to win the wdc next season. maybe I like some Hamilton and mercedes schadenfreude too lol.
Books: I am not into much into fiction but more into pyschological/self help books. Some of my fav books of the subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson, six pillars of self esteem by Nathaniel branden, right now reading some books by J Krishnamurti.
I am Strictly ONLY looking for a date and from Bangalore too, so kindly do NOT message or leave any comments here on this post, if you are not looking for the same and fit my criteria.
I assure I will be super respectful and let you know if it is not working out and expect you to do the same.:)
Ciao then hmu!:)
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2023.06.09 15:16 needasugardaddyy I feel like a huge failure and I want to die

I feel like a huge failure and I wish to die
My parents are not perfect. They are broken people that caused me a lot of trauma. Being around them in our very small house through pandemic really emphasized to me just how sad and troubled they are. It was a rough time in my life. 2 years I was isolated with them, studying online and trying to focus while I hear them fight constantly. I hear them complain, shout and cry.
I was always focused with my studies, mostly out of the house because I was busy of extra curricular activities. So when pandemic hit I started to realize the real condition of my home, I was completely heartbroken. I thought everything was perfect but it isn't. Finally I entered college through a scholarship. Everyone was happy of course. What they don't know is I couldn't focus, I didn't want to join my online classes. I couldn't. I was thinking of them shouting and feeling embarrassed if my classmates hear it. I was thinking of alot of things all at once then eventually I lost the scholarship.
My parents are broken people but they are lovely. They gave me attention and they asked only for one thing from me. My mom only asked me to get a degree and build a good life for myself. Build a better life than she could ever give me. I lost the scholarship tho, I can't study now and my parents can't afford it. My mother who I love so dearly asked for one thing and I failed to do it. She sacrificed a lot and here I am continually failing at everything. I feel so useless and helpless. She doesn't even know I lost it. I don't want her to ever find out. I know this sounds so irrational and small but when you rely your worth only on one thing, once it is gone you just want to be gone too. I feel so unworthy. I just want to be gone now and not ever witness how she looks at me.
It's been months since I lost it. I told them I am on a break and next school year I will be back to college. College starts next month and I plan to kill myself before it starts.
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2023.06.09 15:16 pt-work-Cork Ballincollig/Ovens vs Carrigaline vs Douglas buying a house

Hi all,
Want to lean a bit on your experience here. In the process of house hunting and looking for opinions.
Given the 3 locations, Ballincollig, Carrigaline, Douglas (where I'm currently staying), where would ye consider a good place to live, parents and one kid?
Living in Douglas right now, and besides the name it doesn't actually have that much going for it. 2 shopping centres (no Lidl), a few crappy pubs, and it's a glorified speedbump on the way into town. Not that sold on the idea of living here long-term.
Carrigaline seems nice; viewed a gaff or two there and they're good quality, a lot of recent builds there. Seems that it might sprawl more in a few years, also heard about some anti-social stuff but that doesn't bother me much because it's probably localised somewhere. Downsides, traffic coming into town might be a pain in the hoop. Seems like a decent place, though.
Ballincollig seems great, schools, shops, a stone's throw from town, decent bus routes etc. Seems almost too good, if you know what I mean. Like there must be something wrong with it.
All feedback welcome.
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2023.06.09 15:16 Excellent-Narwhal-27 AITA for threatening to throw away all my step-daughters things?

I am f35 has two kids (f7 and f3) with my husband who is 41. He also has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 17. I've been in my step-daughter's life since she was 7 and she and her father ended up moving into my house after we got married when she was 9. We've had an okay relationship, sometimes we bump heads and sometimes we get along. Anyways, last Thursday while my daughter was at school I was putting a basket of folded laundry into her room. I normally leave it outside her door but We've had a bug issue that came out of nowhere and I didn't want anything getting into her fresh clothes. When I opened the door I swear I was smacked with the most worse smell. It literally smelled like how I imagine a men's locker room would smell. Along with the awful smell clothes were everywhere, half-filled drinks, plates with food stuck on it. I saw several bugs/flies that I had to kill and it was honestly so disgusting. I was pissed and felt disrespected that she would treat my home like this so when she got home I told her she needed to clean her room and until then I wouldn't be driving her anywhere, giving her money to hang out with friends, just doing the bare minimum for her. I also told her if she needed help then she needs to ask her father. I honestly couldn't even look at her because I would never disrespect someone's house like that even when I was a teen. Yes, I sometimes had clothes on the floor but my room never stunk and never had bugs in it.
Fast-forward to yesterday, it's a week later and she's on summer break and I've asked about her room several times and she answered that she was getting it done. I went into her room today and she still hasn't cleaned it up and I was fed up so I told her if she didn't want me throwing away everything then she needed to get up and clean her room. She got upset and claimed that she couldn't clean it up by herself and I told her several times to ask her father when he gets home. She ended up calling her mother about it and of course, her mom was upset but then I asked her if her room looked the same at her house, and of course, her room is clean and neat at her mom's house. I feel disrespected so I told her that if her room wasn't clean by today then I would go in and throw everything away and now she's sulking. So Reddit AITA?
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2023.06.09 15:16 ReasonableTeam1377 My friend has had 7 pets die this year alone.. we’re not even halfway through the year

Let me explain, She had a hamster kept for a year no problems, it died from an abscess. She got a hamster again, then it died a week later no explanation. We assumed she’d handled it at too young of an age so we didn’t think anything of it just bad luck. So now we’re at hamster number 3. Hamster number 3 is still alive . She was given 4 Guinea pigs by her work and they were a mom dad baby and another one. The mom and the baby died less than a week later, no explanation. We believe it was due to unchecked mould in the water bottle. The other 2 then died. I told her after this point to STOP because at this point there have been so many animals dying it is clearly not safe for them there. She is responsible with them, I truly believe that as she is loving and cared for her first hamster like her baby and is devastated by this loss, we even evacuated the house because we were convinced it was carbon monoxide. I told her to stop buying these animals, but her younger boyfriend who is clearly loving that he has the freedom of loving with his girlfriend WILL NOT STOP buying these animals, all from different places, he bought both the replacement hamsters and now, he’s come home with a fucking rabbit baby and I was naively convinced this one would be okay. Boy I was wrong, the rabbits just died at not even a month old. I’ve been making a joke that her boyfriend likes to buy them to kill them but now I am actually starting to believe it. She’s called me up this morning furious because he wants to buy another replacement for the rabbit, I think she is really stupid for taking on animal after animal when they keep dying but I don’t actually think it’s her fault. We have tried to look for every cause there could be as to why this keeps happening but we have no idea. Does anyone think her boyfriend could be buying these to kill them or just me?? She’s lived on her own since 16 and I think she is responsible, I can’t help but blame her younger and irresponsible partner for this. Please remember I am a person behind this post and don’t come for me as they are not my animals and I have tried so many times to get her, well him, to stop buying more
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2023.06.09 15:16 effmeuplikethat Just for a dress.

So In my country, there is a festival for girls where it's a tradition to wear new dress. It lasts for three days and some girls wear new dresses for every 3 days. I was actually excited for it as I had already searched for nice tops and a pair of jeans that I really liked and were trendy. One top especially as I had seed it one one of friends and really liked it. So I had added it to cart, just a different colour. In my area, It is norm to only buy new dresses on festivals as there are many festivals and those dresses are enough. I have gone one size up so a lot of dresses don't fit me anymore.
But in last few years, My father buys me dresses but repeats one thing at first always, "You weren't like this before. You knew how to adjust. You would just wear your sister's old ones. You didn't ask for too much. You were better before" and this eventually spirals to how I don't study hard as before and don't get first position like before. It happened in these lockdown times. Maybe because my mom used to wreck havoc about how MANY dresses me and my sisters had and how it was too much to clean etc.
This year I had made many impulse purchases but I still kept the cost to a bare minimum. Like my birthday outfit was nearly 10 US dollars.(I am Indian). Another was 6. I just found a cheap online shopping site. This time I had properly researched and read the reviews before I chose my outfit. I then showed it to my mom. She liked one top and my jeans. But didn't like the other one. (the one I liked from a friend). But I still pestered her to let me order it. She just said wait, wait and delayed it. Now It's very close the date of festival and there is not enough time for shipping. I confronted my mom about it and she was like, buy it from local shops. But it's costlier and they don't have what I like. But I still said okay.
It happened in the morning. I thought my mom meant she would go with me for shopping so I asked her again some time ago. She angrily said It's not time yet. wait. But then she just called me into the bedroom and said to my father that she (I) wants something. I didn't understand at first but then got it. I said about the festival. But my father repeated again, "You knew how to adjust....." I was fed up so I stood up and went, "ok , I don't need a new outfit at all, I am adjusting " and stormed out of the room. But my father called me and said " No I am not asking you to adjust, You can buy a dress. Why are you getting so angry nowadays? " I just replied, " Whatever. I am totally okay with not buying and I will not celebrate it at all." My father insisted and it was done. Keep in mind that yesterday beacause his vegan friend came over who was vegan and didn't eat in meat cooked dishes or stove, He bought a new induction cooker for him alongwith new dishes. And his friend only comes over once every few months.
Then my mom finally interjected saying okay go to ________(a nearby shop) and buy her a dress. I was totally bummed. Then she said that also take her cousin and buy her one too. (My father's sister's daughter who has been staying in my uncle's house these few days.) And my father quickly agreed. My mother asked my father for a dress for my older which he also agreed.
Now we will go out in a few minutes. But I am dreading it actually. In the past few years, I have been doing a struggle, a protest like in a court to defend myself just for what? To have a bare piece of clothing. But for others it's easy for my parents to just give money. When it comes to me, No, I go out too much, I have so many problems that I cannot be given anything. Yesterday I literally had to beg for 75 cents to buy a fancy clip at a fair. It is too much. And my father would not let me buy anything trendy as it would not be to" his liking". Ultimately I would be in most conservative shit which is too big as anything else is too short or so that I have space to grow, which in the case of oversized t-shirts, completely different, as it's weird and too much. I am planning to be in my old clothes till it literally rips off or my shirts become so tight and short that it becomes a crop top. No need for so much drama for a simple outfit which I would have bought happily for a cheaper rate and to my liking.
Just wanted to vent a little.
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2023.06.09 15:16 eng2725 Do these total loan costs seem reasonable for this house?

House price 430k. 5% down in Florida
Total loan costs after lender credit is $5500. 6.625% rate
This is not including my total other costs (prepaids for escrow)
This seems pretty good to me.
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2023.06.09 15:15 s0nic_2 Which set for outdoor movies?

Hi all. Just got a projector and an outdoor 21ft screen for some backyard movies during the summer. Looking for a decent sound setup where I might also be able to occasionally use the speaker(s) inside during get togethers. Mind you, every tv in the house already has a dedicated sound system of some sort, so any new speaker will not be used for indoor movie purposes.
With that said, I was considering a PartyBox 310 or maybe a pair of PartyBox 100s for stereo sound (assuming I can pair them in stereo mode to a laptop which will be used for the video signal to the projector). It's worth saying that the movies will be for kids so I am not looking to shake the neighbor's house. I then noticed someone mentioning Edifier S1000MKII.
I also have two UE Megabooms already. Maybe I should consider using those in stereo mode.
Any thought?
Thanks in advance.
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