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“Real people, real rooms”. Original content only, photographed and submitted by the actual people living in the rooms.

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2023.03.28 19:16 mayence Is there any way at all to prevent the (north) Greenway from flooding so bad?

tried to go for a morning walk on the greenway today but it was cut short because after about half a mile the trail was entirely inaccessible, just before it goes under the loop. There also were a couple sections where the actual trail was flooded, but some desire paths around the side were not.
This is a recurring issue; made evident by multiple posts over the last few years on this sub complaining about this exact problem. I know we got heavy rain this past weekend, but it feels like this happens every time we get more than a moderate amount of precipitation, this great facility is out of commission for a day or three.
What can be done to remedy this problem? I know that having a trail in a low-lying area directly next to a body of water means that flooding will be very hard to overcome. But I want to clarify that at least today, the flooded areas were not directly next to the river and were not inaccessible because the water level of the river rose. That, and the fact that some flooded parts of the trail were directly next to areas that were not flooded, tells me as a layman that there is an issue with drainage. (But I very well could be wrong; this kind of issue is not my wheelhouse.) Is there any effort being made either by the Commission or Leisure Services to try to fix this?
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2023.03.28 19:16 McLovin81111 Should I take a year off from my Masters program?

Hi! I am currently enrolled in a Masters program. Total tuition is around $95K. My company provides $30K in tuition reimbursement and I have also received $15k in academic scholarships.
So, that leaves me with approximately $50K to pay on my own. My program duration, if taken with full consistent course loads, is a little over two years. We have the option to elongate the process for up to five years in total. Since my company funding and scholarship are starting to run out, I am wondering how I should best approach the remaining $50K.
I currently make around $85K, and expect to be in the low $90's within the next couple of months. I also need to consider buying a new/pre-owned vehicle in the near future.
I am wondering if taking a year off from school will put me in a better position when it comes time to take out loans against the remaining tuition costs. I have this thought process because I expect to be making more money than I am now and would prefer to take out loans when I am in a better position to pay them off quickly.
Another thought was to take out loans now and bang out the rest of the curriculum. This scares me a bit because I would be required to start paying back the loans upon graduation when I'd be making less money than I would in 2+ years.

Any advice or general direction would be appreciated. Should I talk to a financial advisor about this?
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2023.03.28 19:16 NoseyNashvillian Old Dominion cancels shows due to injury

Old Dominion cancels shows due to injury
Wishing Matthew a speedy recovery! He seems to get injured pretty frequently.
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2023.03.28 19:16 aengusoglugh What does “Dice Size” mean on the Gale Force 9 combat sheet in a character token set?

I decided that I would like trying to play with a paper character sheet and a token set, instead of DND Beyond on my iPad.
The Bard token set includes a mini plastic combat card that includes a lot of stats including things like HP, how many times you used Bardic inspiration, etc.
There is one field I can’t figure out - it’s called “Die Size”.
The fact that it’s on the laminated character sheet means it’s supposed to change through the course of a game, but I can’t figure out what stat stat is.
Does anyone know what I write there, and how it’s used?
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2023.03.28 19:16 TrinityNyxxx Question about something a cop left on my door; please don't judge.

I received a paper in my door from the cops saying something about arranging a time to pick up court documents? Does this mean I'm being served papers? I don't even know what I'd be getting taken to court for. Also, I don't talk to cops, so...
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2023.03.28 19:16 Ron_Porambo How They Discipline Us With RSD

My N-DX wife was supposed to get her drivers license 2 years ago, to drive our daughter to school. 4 failed licensing tests later, she still doesnt have it and we rely on expensive car service.
Today I told her that she needed to start doing driving practice with me in our new car. I'm going back to work soon, so this is the golden opportunity to get a lot of road time in.
She came back hot, and my mask of patience slipped a little bit. I said "I hate being in the nag role, but..." and away we go! RSD time! I tried to keep to the main point despite the usual diversionary tactics and attempts to make the whole thing about my shortcomings. This made things worse. She escalated right over my repetitions of the main point and had a full on hysteria attack, screaming, pounding the dashboard, and opening the car door at 60mph on the freeway.
The next time I bring up the issue of her driving, all she needs to do is give me that gritted teeth, "one more word and you're gonna set me off" thing, and I'll probably drop it.
Leaving her to hyperfocus on her online monopoly game or whatever else it is she's doing that's more important than learning to drive.
This is how they discipline & train us to live in their world.
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2023.03.28 19:15 False_Temperature_95 Losing my mind over a friendship

Hey everyone I’m new around here. I have BPD and either a full AvPD diagnosis or possible NPD traits (I’m still being evaluated to determine). Got diagnosed first 2 years ago but I quickly dropped out of treatment. I didn’t want to think of myself as having a disordered personality, but it’s only gotten worse for me year by year. I’m now 23 and now ready to figure out what all of this means for me. I’m too anxious for relationships, so I get attached to friends and dependent on them instead. Problem is I have few friends, and they all get sick of me eventually.
I live in contradictory hell with these disorders. I feel that I’m taking advantage of everyone just by wanting to talk to them. Everything I think and feel is ‘wrong’ and I want to get away from it. But my feelings are so strong it’s unbearable. Even happiness feels like pain. I’m hating closeness and trying to stay away as much as I can but the other side of me is always getting way too close in the relationships I can keep so they don’t leave me. Hating talking personal about myself but I’m also making the relationship too much about me and can’t stop. Then obsessing about myself and thinking everyone should care about my problems, but simultaneously they despise me and I shouldn’t talk.
My head is so chaotic and I contradict myself constantly. I’m in a terrible mental state these days, considering a hospital stay. Problem is I keep telling myself I’m not bad enough. But I can’t clean, I can’t eat, I can’t work, I can’t leave my house. I’m fucking miserable and struggle to see any point
I hate to vent to my best friend because I feel like I’m taking up too much space for my troubles, but then I don’t even improve. She’s so troubled and she takes the time out of her day to even consider me a friend. I don’t deserve this but I’m filled with joy/trust. But I’m also sick to my stomach because I know she’s going to leave when she discovers I’m a terrible person and that I don’t change. That I only care about myself. I can feel the abandonment creeping towards me and I want to die. I’m watching myself ruin everything from third person with the popcorn in hand.
I feel like she’s only my friend because she (falsely) believes I have potential. I feel like I’ve somehow manipulated her into thinking I’m a nice person. I feel like I’m so much worse than she thinks. I can’t understand why someone would care about me, other than they must be confused thinking of the wrong person. I get her texts saying I need to try to get help RIGHT NOW, take charge of my life and make a decision for myself, and instead I just want to sink into the ground and die. I feel like I’ve done something really wrong (making it about me) and I should stop talking to her
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2023.03.28 19:15 ErinnIsBored [PC] [2016?] Building game?

Well, this game has been in my mind a lot lately because of how nostalgic it is to me, but nor my brother nor I can remember the name, so heres what I remember: -I think its kind of a building/engineering game? I think you could have stuff in your inventory. And i remember in YouTube there was like 2 people playing together the game and there was like a pre-made world by other YouTuber I think and it was like a thin house with plates that if u step on them they would yeet you into air and it was like parkour maybe? -I remember 1 thing very clearly - one time my brother built a school bus (the bus was pre-build) with toilets for seats! I think he didn't had chairs or something but I found the toilet seat bus silly and fun. -there were 2 worlds i believe, maybe more, I don't know since it was pretty long time ago (around 2016 I think, my memory's blurry) one of them was like a dried out dessert, and at the world border was a metal gate (i don't know how its called but its like a common gate made out of rectangles) and the other map im not very sure, since my brother never played on it but I remember from YouTube its like a forest one with big rocks half dug in the ground from time to time. -i only saw the actual game characters when I watched videos on YouTube about that game (also very long ago) and they were like kind of chubby round adventurers? With bags on their backs and I think their eyes were covered or maybe my memory's mixing me up.
I apologise for my bad English, and thank you!
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2023.03.28 19:15 ThrowRA-Spiritual My bf (30M) had been lying to me (25F) for 1.5 years.

My boyfriend (31M) and I (25F) have been together for almost 2 years. We live together and he has been very supportive and caring of me throughout our relationship. I have struggled with jealousy and insecurity issues and relationship OCD. This has caused me to ask intrusive and invasive questions about his past relationships. I have constantly asked him about his past basically throughout the entirety of our relationship. He has tried his best to make it work, although it has been tough.
In the beginning of our relationship, he told me that he had slept with 4 people. I would ask him questions about them and stuff about their sexual life. I would compare myself to them. I would want to know everything. For instance, I’d ask him “when did you have sex with them” and “which date was it that you guys did it” and all sorts of questions like that. He would answer the questions in hopes that I’d stop. He told me he had a drunk hookup in college and this made me go insane as I thought that he probably [email protected]** her since it was a “drunk” hookup. He was very hurt when I called him a rap** and couldn’t believe that I thought that he would’ve hurt someone in that way. I let my traumas get to me…
Fast forward to a month ago or so, I was hurt by a stranger. I was scared and went to my boyfriend and told him what happened. In the midst of it, I told him that what the stranger did wasn’t any different from what my boyfriend did to that girl from the hookup. My boyfriend looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me that he had been lying to me for the past year and half about something. I asked him what it was and he said that he hadn’t actually been with 4 people and had only been sexual with 1 other person before me. I asked him why he lied and he said he was ashamed and embarrassed that as a guy he didn’t have a lot of sexual experience and that I would judge him because of it or that I would see him as less.
I got very upset because he had been lying about this for a year or so. He had manufactured stories about the people he had sex with whenever I would ask him about them. With the whole drunk hookup story he had made up that she lead him to his room and asked for a condom and everything like that. I basically asked almost everyday about similar things and if it wasn’t the drunk hookup, it was about another girl he dated. He said that he thought I would stop asking because it truly didn’t matter to him. He felt like he had to defend himself with my harsh accusations, according to him. He said he felt cornered with my intrusive questions and felt like the only way out was to stay “true” to his made up stories about the sexual encounters. He only lied about the sex with these women, but not his actual feelings since I would also ask him if he loved them more than me. He did date some and liked them but never led to sex. He had insecurities/traumas from his past as well.
I’m very upset and I don’t know what to do because he stuck to his made up stories for a year and lied about them. I know the lie isn’t that big of a deal but it still hurts that he lied about his encounters despite me asking multiple times throughout our relationship. I would constantly ask about the sex with these women so he could’ve just been honest and said that they never actually happened. He would always say that he wasn’t lying. This has messed with my trust with him. I don’t know if I can trust him. I’m wondering if this is something I can work on or if I should just end this relationship. I know that I had a big role in it but I’m not sure if anyone else understands what I mean.
TL;DR: my bf lied to me about the number of people he had sex with. First he said 4 but ended up being 1. He said he was embarrassed about it and ashamed. He lied about it whenever I would ask and made up stories about the sexual encounters. I have issues so I’d ask over and over again until he gave me an answer so he made up stories about the sex with them. Told it it wasn’t true after 1.5 years because I got hurt my a stranger and he felt guilty.
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2023.03.28 19:15 ZackInKC To Catch a (Sign) Predator

To Catch a (Sign) Predator
So here I thought, being an active follower of local politics, I would help support one of the candidates for City Council by displaying a yard sign in my yard (my actual yard, NOT on the public space between the sidewalk and the street). My neighbors are nice and we are all civil adults that respect one another’s political opinions, right? So nothing wrong with this and I anticipate no issues.
Lo and behold, last night I arrived home to find the sign torn up four times and the resulting litter strewn in my yard. Really? Really, Kansas City? Feels like we’re better than this.
No matter. Apparently the vandal is not aware that tape is a thing, so I was quickly able to mend the sign and we are back in business. Plus, turns out they have these inventions called “security cameras” that can be used to record events happening at your house when you’re not there? And I happen to have one that is now squarely focused on my lonely little yard sign (photos attached for reference). Yes, I am that much of a petty asshole to put forth the effort to do this.
So if you’re on Reddit, sign vandal, I invite you to please try to destroy my sign again and this time I will help make you Internet famous when you do.
Best of luck to all of the city council candidates, including the ones with disgruntled supporters with nothing better to do than destroy the yard sign of an opponent. 😘
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2023.03.28 19:15 Coaralis Seeking help with possible insurance scammer

Ok so here’s the backstory, I’ll keep it short. So my girlfriend (20F) was driving to her tattoo appointment and all was going well until someone in a pickup backed into her while she was stopped behind him at a stop sign on a side street. It caused a pretty nice dent in her bumper and almost no damage on the pickup. (Scuff marks) But the guy in the pickup is claiming she rear ended him. They got a police report filed and so far no one is claiming personal injury. The cops saw a ring door bell and asked the homeowners if anything was caught but there wasn’t motion detected so it didn’t capture it unfortunately. Is there any way she can go about this? I wasn’t in the car either btw. I heard if you suspect insurance fraud to report it to your insurance and they can investigate? I’m just looking for advice on how to approach this and what to do mainly. Thanks in advance for any help.
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2023.03.28 19:15 Particular_Ad_7075 Gf of almost 3 years lied part 2

I originally posted in infidelity, but since then I have decided to cut my losses.
Long story short, my girlfriend, out of the blue with no warning of any problem in our relationship decided to lie about where she was. I witnessed her meet up with another man in a parking lot close to her work. I found out it was a co worker of hers that is 10 years older than both of us, lives in a small 1 bedroom apartment. I confronted her that night and the only information I was given was “we just talked” I told her to get out of my house and she wouldn’t leave. She said multiple times “I want to tell you, but I feel you will just fly off the handle or do something spiteful” “use it as ammunition to get even” she was extremely scared of being kicked out saying she has nowhere to go. Since that night I know she has called him 3 times on the phone and I can’t confirm but I’d be naive to believe she wasn’t texting him constantly.
Since then, we have KIND OF reconciled because I didn’t want to give up on us, but I now see I was just blinded by our past. I was thinking of all the happy times we had together for the last 2 1/2 years and didn’t want to lose that.
This is going to be extremely hard for me as I have never loved someone so much. I have never put the kind of time, and effort I have into this relationship and person as I have for anybody else. Probably never will again.
I will never understand why this has happened. I gave my partner everything. I gave her my new car to drive. She just moved in with me on Jan 1st this year. She started this shady behavior Feb 1st, and by Feb 13th I caught her and confronted her. I gave her candlelit dinners, handwritten notes, I made every attempt every day to make her feel loved and wanted. I cleaned out my 2 spare bedrooms and put bunk beds in for her kids when they come visit every other weekend. I gave her brother a place to stay while he got back on his feet. I ask her about her day every single day and I give her my full attention. I don’t know what else I could have done. Maybe sex was the problem? Even though she throws herself at me constantly every night maybe it’s not enough for her?
I will never understand why she would risk it all, throw it all away for him. A place for her kids to stay, her brother, her. No rent being charged to her. She went from paying over 1000 dollars to stay in apartment to paying nothing and staying in a nice house. As I mentioned before he lives in a 1 bedroom apartment. There’s no room for her kids there. Which is her main concern so it’s just baffling to me.
I’m a good person and don’t deserve this. The funny thing is she was always worried I would leave her because of her “baggage” but she does this instead. She called me “her person” in the beginning, but we now know that’s not true. I believed she was my person, and the difference is I never gave anyone else the time of day while I was with her.
I doubt I will ever trust another human being again.
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2023.03.28 19:15 Big-Outside2519 We both weren’t ready

Life hits hard, so I’m learning how to hit life back.
Sink or swim
Disparity or clarity
I choose to see the truth
Not the deception in my mind
I know you care
I know you want me
We aren’t ready
I felt how real it was
I let go cause I love ya
I can’t keep a pretty bird caged
I didn’t waste time with you
I wouldn’t change a thing
If god somehow gave me a second chance, I’d do it all over again.
I’m not gonna abandon you
I did change but for me
But we weren’t ready.
It’s not over between us.
It never was
We are still connected in the highest form.
I still need to grow up from my codependency, and thank god I have.
I still need to work out and get stronger, and thank god I am.
I still need to resolve my past mistakes, and thank god I am.
Idk if god is real but I know something is grabbing my hand and guiding me from the hell in my mind into the paradise of certainty of my path.
I am certain everything happens for a reason.
You didn’t waltz into my life for nothing.
The time we spent was a gift from above and I still see you as an Angel even if you see yourself as some devil.
Even fallen angels need reminding of the goodness in their heart.
I forgive you.
I know you’re not perfect, and that’s why I fell so hard for you.
I won’t change a thing nor force it.
We will naturally come together again just as we did before.
The storm always clears up and the first thing we see is that sunlight shining down that ground we walk.
That path we take
We were never alone..
We had eachother in this life the whole time. My querida, amor de mi amor, beauty of light.
Knowing that you still care is enough to know you love me.
Everything is gonna be alright.
I just gotta fix me, and you got work to do, baby.
I can’t wait to fucking kiss you again, that thought will never leave my mind.
You’re so special to me and I think you already know that.
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2023.03.28 19:15 stupidhuman3 Ethereal

Feeling so trapped inside myself, While my mind craves the freedom of the universe.
This mortal cage unable to keep up with the burning desire to fly.
To explore the galaxy and leave all this behind.
The cosmos calling out, echos of secrets lost since the beginning of time.
Wispers of the truth to it all.
My soul escaping this prison every night to explore the limits of my imagination.
The courses of the universe and how easily those far away thoughts could have been reality.
Every night growing the universe inside myself expanding the chains restraining me to this place.
But when morning calls the chains slowly recoil pulling me back from the depths of myself.
With eyes still heavy I sigh, The call of the void growing every day.
The force pulling on my soul, Causing a rift within myself.
Splitting me further from this reality with the desire to expand the limits within myself.
My soul becoming ethereal escaping its limits and breaking free.
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2023.03.28 19:14 ThrowRAGiovanna My friends say that I'm forgetting to be myself since I started a new relationship (27F, 28M)

I had a 7 year relationship with someone that was a lot like me. I mean, even when we first met we were already identical. My ex and I have the same personality, same hobbies, same group of friends, and things like that. We broke up 2 years ago for our own reasons.
I'm in a relationship now with someone that is my opposite, and everything is going well. We know how to respect and deal with our differences, and he's an amazing boyfriend to me. We've been together for 11 months now.
The problem is that my friends say that I'm changing and forgetting to be myself, but I don't see it like that. I mean, I absolutely love my boyfriend's friends and I've been hanging out with them a lot lately, but it doesn't mean that I've forgotten my own friends. My boyfriend is really into metal music and I started to like it, we go to concerts and music festivals together, but I'm not doing it because he likes it, it's fun, I'm just having a good time with my bf and his friends. I also started going to the gym with him, which is something I never liked before, and things like that.
Isn't it expected to change once you start a new relationship? I really don't know, because this is my second relationship, and like I said, the first one was with someone a lot like me. Am I forgetting to be myself? I usually don't mind what others say, but this is coming from people that I believe genuinely care about me.
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2023.03.28 19:14 MrFoxMcCloud Alexa call my pill bottle

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2023.03.28 19:14 Occasion-Soggy Trials theory part 1.

So I have a theory on the Trials series here's what I have so far: So the Rider is Fat Shady except in Rising and the Warehouse is a lovecraftian entity that manifests as a warehouse that is infinite on the inside and the Squirrels are leaching off of it's power wich slowly makes them more human across the series. now lets get to the lore now we start in a construction yard and in the mountains where Fat Shady begins his career eventualy he finds an underground league in a mysterious warehouse quickly realizes that this warehouse is not any normal warehouse and I theorize it chose him to be some sort of hero now my reasoning for this is the fact that a lot of the Fusion promotional material has a rider with similar colors to Fat Shady in Rising and I think it means that he was reincarnated as the main biotech you play as in Fusion now lets get back on track so after he discovers the underground league he quickly rise's above the ranks and eventualy becomes a pro trials rider and the original trials stadium tracks are this golden age of Fat Shady's career now onto the Rising era now this is where things get a little bit strange so there is this island in the middle of the Atlantic and what happens on this island will change the course of history so a meteor crash's on the island and a giant blue beam of energy shoots up into the sky and the island uses it to the islands advantage. they use it to gain technological superiority over the rest of the world and a small buisness opens on this island this buisness's name Samsara now let's skip ahead to the Pre-Fusion era now this is where things get real crazy so the U.N unites all governments under one total power and remember the Squirrels well like I said they have been slowly becoming more human and now they have reached a point where they are now full on anthro squirrels and they attempt to take over the world and this sparks a war with the Humans who genetically alter penguins to fight against the Squirrels with them but the Penguins betray the Humans to the Squirrels and the war lasts several more years but eventualy the Humans win the war and peace echo's through the land now remember Samsara well this is around the time they rise to promenance and take over the world somehow they are even able to control the entire U.N and what will they do next?. I'll tell you what they create an entire army of cyborg clone slaves and how do they test these slaves they test them through trials now onto the Fusion era so Samsara discovers a clone with strange colors this clone has the ability to remember the lives of clones before him with the same colors and this is no coincidence for this clone has the soul of Fat Shady and eventualy the clone is led into the crater beam and is sent to the bad future of trials frontier.
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2023.03.28 19:14 HowIsThatMyProblem I (f30) feel trapped in my relationship with my boyfriend (m27)

I'm at the point in my relationship where all that's stopping me from leaving is money. If I had the means to leave, I would leave tonight. I live in a city, where getting an apartment is damn near impossible and made even more impossible due to the fact that I have a dog. I'm a student and don't have a lot of income, just a student loan and a student job, so am very financially limited. Both, my bf and I suffer from depression and mine is making it impossible for me to finish my studies to get out of this mess, but I know that my depression would be seriously helped by getting out. But I can't get out. I do genuinely care for my bf, but I am not happy with him anymore and haven't been, for years. We're no longer having sex, because I feel no desire for him. He's let himself go a lot physically and is very lazy in life and around the apartment, so all my romantic feelings for him have slowly died. We still cuddle and kiss every day and I do love him, but I know that I don't want to be with him anymore.
I should've just left before we got the dog, because then I had a shot at getting an apartment or a flat share, but I really don't know where to live with the dog (and I can't leave the dog or rehome her, she's like my child). I don't even know what I want with this post, I guess for someone to show me the impossible way that I haven't thought of to leave. He knows I want to leave too, we have talked about it and tried to break up, only to realize that we're stuck. I am terrified of blowing it all up, only to have to give up my dog because I couldn't find a place for us. But I don't want this anymore. It feels hopeless.
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2023.03.28 19:14 sam-axe- Budget-friendly Veterinarians in the area

Looking for a good vet for my puppies that doesn't add charges on to a regular visit. Some areas I have lived treated well-checks like an a la carte menu. If you asked a question about what food the vet recommends, they added on a "dietary consult" and for looking in an ear, there was an extra charge. Mind you - this was for a standard well check which came with a charge for walking in the door.
So since I like to know what to expect, particularly with spay and neuter time approaching, who do you recommend? I'll drive pretty much anywhere from Anderson out to Clemson and up to Greenville.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.28 19:14 Hupfelkuchen How to stand up for myself?

Sorry if this is out of place here, but I could use some support with this (admittedly very earthly) thing- So, I just had a big move, am all alone in this new city and have to sort my Wi-Fi myself. I feel really embarrassed, but I do not understand a thing about any of it! Like, seriously. After trying to sort it online I thought there’s no point, I’ll go into the shop and see what they recommend.
Turns out, this guys hooked me up on a three year contract for sth that I don’t have access to in my place. Like, I need to plug this router in some cable plug, which does not exist in my apartment, so I can’t use it. It was definitely clear to the seller that I was very unknowledgeable and he definitely didn’t ask me if I had this plug or not. I will be going back there tomorrow to see what I can do, but I don’t know how to stand up for myself if I don’t understand anything they’re talking about. The thought alone is making me cry, which I would really like to avoid in the shop tomorrow! Any words of encouragement or advice how to stand up for myself would be really appreciated! And Please don’t judge me for being so behind the moon with this technology
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2023.03.28 19:14 Significant_Inside21 Daydreaming made me isolated

Hello, I would like to apologize in advance. English is not my first language I hope I may voice out my inner thoughts and hopefully understandable.
I (f21) think my daydreaming scenarios happened back when I was in senior high. At first I would just talked to myself about the my classes or what happened to my day. It would last up to 30 minutes or somewhere to an hour. I thought it was normal to daydream about different scenarios and reenact to it. But when COVID happened, I just fell in a lopehole. I would spend a whole day inside my room and would frequently go outside to greet my parents. Then I slowly lost interest in the things I love like drawing and crafts. It also took the time I've got to talk to my friends and would choose to stay indoors and think about different scenarios. I would even have repeated actions like moving back and forth during those daydream. I would even laugh and smile and just this uncontrollable happiness whenever I daydream. I have removed every mirror in my room because whenever I see a glimpse of my reflection during this daydreams I would stop and sit quietly on the corner of my bed and stare on the ground for minutes. This have also took a toll in my academics, I would spend hours of daydreaming about being a high achieving student that has many friends. But in reality, I have shifted my course because my grades were failing from the previous degree and I don't even have friends other then a librarian.
I want to explore my dating life but whenever someone appropriate me just to asked for directions. I would shutter and get really hot out of nowhere. I am fully aware what is happening to my life but I choose to stay in my daydreams because it just brings me this comfort and hopefulness to live on and forward. But it also comes with disadvantages that I feel like I'm crazy or something.
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2023.03.28 19:14 tiredofgiproblems Hpylori and gastritis

I had gotten a negative result on a stool test after doing a quad therapy for Hpylori. I still have some symptoms, the most annoying one being burning sensation in my stomach. Along with others like constipation, unable to tolerate many foods, burning bowels etc.
I had an ultrasound and then a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis done one month ago, to check for gall stones. Everything came back clear. The CT scan report didnt even mention any inflammation in my stomach or intestines.
Now, my pcp suspects that it could be gastritis or ulcer (is it possible to miss gastritis and ulcers on a ct scan?). He prescribed pepcid for 6-8 weeks. He suggests that I get an endoscopy and colonoscopy done. I was wondering what else could possibly be diagnosed on an endoscopy and colonoscopy when the CT scan hasnt shown any inflammation or anything unusual at all. I am freaking out. I will be thankful to those who can provide any more information on this.
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