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Welcome to CoronavirusME! This subreddit is devoted to coronavirus/COVID-19 news, discussion, information, and personal experiences directly related to Maine. Please find links to the official Maine CDC and government sources of information below.

2023.06.08 21:04 boo23boo Was it…another guy?

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2023.06.08 21:03 AutoBok SARU Daily News (#54)

SARU News posted on
8 Jun 2023
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2023.06.08 20:53 jaysjep2 DD poll for Thur., Jun. 8

DD1 - $600 - HISTORY HYSTERIA - On the Daily News' Oct. 31, 1938 front page: "Fake radio 'war' stirs terror through U.S.", with a picture of this actor
DD2 - $1,600 - A "MID" CATEGORY - Karl Marx wrote, "Force is the" this '"of every old society pregnant with a new one"
DD3 - $1,200 - YES, YOU CANAL - In 1913 the L.A. Times noted an event celebrated at this site would "be known as the 'wedding of the oceans"'
View Poll
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2023.06.08 20:48 Jclbeldin Seaweed on the beach

Here from Chattanooga on vacation and been seeing news articles about the seaweed and it’s possible bacteria risk. Just wondering why it seems like there is no city effort to comb or rake the beaches daily. With all the lodging taxes I would think they’d have the budget for some maintenance like that. Honest question, don’t be too hard on me for wondering.
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2023.06.08 20:45 207Simone Empire beauty school

Just heard some unfortunate news this morning that Empire beauty school is closing its doors in November. Closing due to landlord not wanting to renew lease & Empire didn’t have enough time to try to relocate.
The staff has been amazing to me over the years & the students there work so hard. I feel bad for those that are going to have to relocate for school to either Bangor or Somersworth NH. 😞
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2023.06.08 20:13 Kahzgul [Near As I Can Tell...] Priorities, People! (A Youngling's Illustrated Primer)

My name is Kahzgul. You may know me from my shockingly above average conquest guide, the incredible seething hatred I hold for the Inquisitorus faction, or that one time I opened up photoshop just to shit on CG's art team underpaid and overworked intern.
But I'm not here to talk to you about that today.
No, I'm here to speak to all of the young men, women, and bith of the SWGoH community, and to help you help yourself when it comes to determining what to farm, when to farm it, and whether blue or green milk tastes better (it's green; I'll explain why later).
You see, every day, a little boy or girl posts something that asks the question, "should I farm this (endgame content)?" And I have been moved by their plight. There is no greater good than that of a good soldier following orders, and second to that, love of the empire, but third - a distant third - is raising the younglings to become powerful sand people, in their prime, ready to take on the OH GOD IT'S ANAKIN AND WHAT IS HE DOI---
I'm sorry about that. The previous writer has been sacked. Or, rather, diced into tiny barbecue squares by a bloodthirsty jedi master, who - despite his great acumen - was not granted a seat on the council. Quite unfair. If something like that were to happen to me, well, I'm quite sure I'd team up with the wrinkliest old fart I could find and straight murder everyone in one of those school lightsaberings you read about in the news. Can you believe we're up to nearly 2 lightsaberings per day? It's absurd. This entire republic is rotten to the core and you can just feel the need for a strong leader to step in, impose a military dictatorship, and start blowing up entire planets. Did you know my sister lives on Alderaan? I think that's where we should st---
Sorry about that. That writer has also been sacked. And the person responsible for the first sacking was also sacked. What we were trying to do was to answer the question: Should i farm this very expensive shiny new endgame content with my brand new account that doesn't even have CLS unlocked yet?
The answer to this question is, as you probably expect, a long winded parable about some nonsense or other that has nothing to do with anything and serves no purpose at all excepting to remind you that the author has recently been watching an awful lot of Monty Python and that this is, in fact, an ex-parrot.
Actually, the answer is another question:
Should you, who earns only $36,000 per year, buy your 15 year old with their learner's permit a ferrari as their first car?
Of course you should! N't. You shouldn't.
That joke works better if you say it out loud. Like that joke where the guy goes to the doctor and says he's got a penis stuck in his throat and the doctor says how do you know and the guy says well look and then you rub through adam's apple a bunch and spit on your friend to whom you're telling the joke. Text just doesn't do it justice.
So, and now we've finally arrived at the helpful guide portion of this ramble, how is one to determine for themselves whether or not they should farm something? The self-determination part is really important. I like to live by this age-old adage: If you give a man a fire, he's warm for a night, but if you set him on fire he's warm for the rest of his life.
The answer is that, much like an elderly politician of your choosing's undergarments, it depends.
CG has, over the years, released three type of shiny and new things:
- One is what I'll call the "Jedi Knight Revan" style of new thing. 5 brand new characters come out who are required to get a 6th brand new and powerful character. Darth Revan, Starkiller, Dr. Aphra, and the soon-to-be-arriving Jedi Cal Kestis are all good examples of this sort of release. You can go after these right away if you like. There's no real barrier to entry and you can get something shiny and new out of the investment.
- The second is the "The Solo Movie" style of thing. Sometimes CG just adds some shit and it sucks ass for a really long time. Rogue One (okay now thanks to AdRad but that was several years later), Young Han Solo and friends (nest was cool), the Inks when they first came out and really even still if you're not at the point where you can get GI or Reva... stuff like that.
- And the third is the "Jedi Master Luke" style of thing. MOST of the shiny and new things CG adds build off of other things that were, at one time, shiny and new all on their own. These things are pretty easy for older players to go after because they already have all of the earlier requirements completed, but new players are going to find that earning this sort of thing is nigh impossible. I mean you need JKL which means you need the Wampa... Sometimes the chains of requirements are quite long.
For example, Leviathan needs you to have the Fury-Class Interceptor, which needs Malgus to pilot it, both of which need you to have been near max-crating conquest for a long time, which means you're well over 4M GP and don't need this guide anyway (but if you read this far, please know that I appreciate you more than padme appreciated Keira Knightley).
So what I'm saying is, the journey guide isn't particularly good at telling you whether a farm is reasonable or not. Some farms require r8 and r9 characters, and those are hard to get for people who are in 300M GP guilds, let alone people who aren't sure if a 20M GP guild will take them (sorry, egnards; we're really looking for someone with a 7 star lobot for DS Hoth platoons).
This game is a game about patience, first and foremost. It's also a game about space lasers and butchering amazing music by changing the song every time a button is pressed (which de facto makes it a game about turning off the sound of the game entirely). And it's a game about investment.
Where do you get the best return on investment for your limited resources?
Almost never farm new and shiny things. I don't care how candy-like the red button looks, Ren and Stimpy absolutely will not - oh. He pressed it. Well, if you have the impulse control of an anthropomorphic cartoon cat drawn by an army of lunatics balls deep in LSD, you should call 1-800-GAMBLER and seek help. I've heard 1 in 10 people who calls that number wins a prize! Also I can sing the entire "Log™" song from memory, which probably tells you a lot about the sort of person I am.
Your best return is going to be going for things that were new and shiny about a year ago, and it will remain your best return right up until you start running out of things to farm that fit that description (several years from now). Now, even that description leaves a w i d e array of things you could be going after. So which to choose? Well, with an eye towards the distant future, I recommend going after characters and ships first, and gear second. A roster with every character at 7 stars and G1 is better in my mind than one with five characters at r9 and no one else unlocked (although if you had everyone at G1 and 7 stars you're certainly cheating so... grain of salt). Characters who unlock other characters should be prioritized over ones who just sit there looking stupid (or, in CUP's case, being a badass meme guy).
If you're slightly farther along, I'd say it's time to start thinking about how you catch up to the power curve of the game. Think of the curve as a wave you're trying to surf. You gotta paddle a bit to catch it, but once you do... you're golden. So you have to know where the wave is going to form, right? You can't just start surfing when you're still on the beach. That's lame. So you're going to want to get characters who get you more characters so you can hopefully get even more characters in the future.
There are two places to do that more than any other: Fleet Arena, where you earn daily crystals, which let you do more energy refreshes so you can earn more characters, and Conquest, where you earn new and shiny characters loooong before they're available to people who aren't maxing conquest every time. And the good news is that there's some overlap there - the fleet arena for newer players can be well handled by Executor, which needs Piett to pilot, and Piett is a key part of the Imp Trooper conquest team (Veers / Piett / Starck / Gideon / Range) which is all supports and runs a nasty turn meter train (and also can be used to complete not one but two Assault Battle events that reward relic mats and shards and stuff).
You'll need to buy one set of relic 8 materials with crystals, probably. So save up a few!
If you've got executor, then I recommend going after JML and Wat next. That combo (along with the reqs for JML) enables a LOT of cheese strategies in conquest. All of this will also help your GAC success.
If you've hit these benchmarks, then you've probably done enough that you have a sense of where your roster could benefit more. Remember to keep in mind "how does this help me get more characters" and you'll find you're doing very well.
TL;DR: Plan on being a year or more behind the release schedule of new characters, and you'll be able to stay astride of your fleet shard while climbing GAC ranks and prepping to dominate conquest when you get to 4M GP. Don't buy CG's marketing hype; take a "wait and see" approach to new characters and let the whales figure out who is good and who isn't before you spend time and energy on them.
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2023.06.08 19:52 A_Bored_Penguin 06/08/23: Tucker Carlson

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2023.06.08 19:44 DonutsNCoffeee Some daily blink news while we wait for the album. Mark is suing his neighbor!

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2023.06.08 19:43 anushadevibabburu Daily News Analysis (DNA) Current Affairs 29th April 2023

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2023.06.08 19:31 peterPLAGUErat We were warned

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2023.06.08 19:30 jaysjep2 Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Jun. 8

Today's contestants are:
DD1 - $600 - HISTORY HYSTERIA - On the Daily News' Oct. 31, 1938 front page: "Fake radio 'war' stirs terror through U.S.", with a picture of this actor (Suresh won the table limit of $1,000.)
Scores at first break: Suresh $2,400, David $200, Allison $3,800.
Scores going into DJ: Suresh $2,400, David $1,200, Allison $7,000.
Double Jeopardy!
DD2 - $1,600 - A "MID" CATEGORY - Karl Marx wrote, "Force is the" this '"of every old society pregnant with a new one" (David wished he hadn't bet it all on this clue, dropping $1,600.)
DD3 - $1,200 - YES, YOU CANAL - In 1913 the L.A. Times noted an event celebrated at this site would "be known as the 'wedding of the oceans"' (With two other clues remaining, Suresh doubled to $11,200 vs. $17,000 for Allison.)
At one point in DJ, Allison led Suresh by a score of $13,800 to $0. But Suresh gained control at a critical time late in the round, doubled up on DD3 and made a game of it into FJ at $12,800 vs. $17,000 for Allison and $4,400 for David.
Final Jeopardy!
BUSINESS HISTORY - What is dubbed “the world’s first initial public offering” took place in 1602 in this current European capital
Only Suresh was correct on FJ, adding $4,300 to win with $17,100 for a three-day total of $38,199.
Final scores: Suresh $17,100, David $200, Allison $8,399.
Odds and ends
That's before our time: No one knew the rhyming term for a Beatles haircut is a mop top.
Clue selection strategy: With one untouched category remaining and DD3 still on the board, Allison chose a top-row clue, after which Suresh gained control and went on to pull off the huge comeback. Even if a player in Allison's situation doesn't like the category, shop for the DD anyway just to keep it from your opponents.
FJ wagering strategy: Suresh took a chance by betting $4,300 on FJ, as if he had missed, it left the door open for David to pass him and win it all if he was correct. With a smaller bet, Suresh would only have needed Allison to miss in order to win.
Correct Qs: DD1 - Who was Welles? DD2 - What is midwife? DD3 - What is the Panama Canal? FJ - What is Amsterdam?
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2023.06.08 19:28 anushadevibabburu Daily News Analysis (DNA) Current Affairs 29th April 2023

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2023.06.08 19:21 No_One_6627 Reddit is a sinking ship

Reddit is a sinking ship
Walk the plank.
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2023.06.08 19:17 creakclat CLAT Preparation in One Month: Get Experts Tips

CLAT Preparation in One Month ought to be accomplished in a well-deliberate manner. It is constantly suggested that the applicants aspiring to take the CLAT ought to begin their practise as early as possible. However, How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month is the maximum not unusual question for every candidate getting ready for this examination.

Is It Possible to Prepare CLAT in One Month?

In fact, it looks not possible to Crack CLAT in One Month. However, candidates with correct analytical and important analyzing skills and precise information of cutting-edge affairs can crack the CLAT Exam in a single month of training. Aspiring applicants should have a entire concept of the CLAT Exam Pattern and syllabus and need to have a right study plan to prepare for CLAT in One Month.
Check Out Best CLAT Coaching in Patna.

CLAT Preparation in One Month - Know the Pattern

The candidates who are planning for CLAT Preparation in One Month must make a complete coaching strategy for all the exam sections. A overall of one hundred fifty a couple of-desire questions are protected inside the CLAT Question Paper MCQs). Each query carried one mark, with CLAT Negative Marking of 0.25 factors for each incorrect reaction.The candidates can seek advice from the under-given sample to prepare for CLAT in One Month. Get all the info for CLAT Admit Card.

Prepare for CLAT in One Month

Below given are phase-smart tips on How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month. You can also Take help of Clat Coaching in Bihar.

English Language

Work on strengthening your reading capabilities for the CLAT English component. To beautify your vocabulary, examine the newspaper's editorial section daily and appearance up new phrases' definitions. An super dependancy is constantly to examine the newspaper. Most queries are exclusively primarily based on newspaper editorials, articles, reviews, or prison news/judgments. A decent English newspaper ought to be examine every day to maximize CLAT Preparation, and it is crucial to prepare for CLAT in One Month.

Current Affairs, inclusive of General Knowledge

The candidates also can talk to diverse contemporary affairs magazines and books available in the marketplace. Stay updated with the CLAT Registration dates, prices, and process.

Legal Reasoning

It is the maximum essential portion of the CLAT, having the very best weightage. With enough exercise, you'll be aware that the questions on this vicinity are all the equal kind, and you'll be capable of grasp it in a single month. The applicants must practice the previous year's query papers to score properly in this section. Know more approximately How to Study Legal Aptitude for CLAT?

Logical Reasoning

Candidates with strong reasoning capabilities may be able to ace this phase with appropriate scores. It is just like the quantitative section; consequently, proper practice is the simplest manner to prepare for CLAT in One Month. Get all of the information for CLAT Eligibility.

Quantitative Techniques

Candidates should attention on clarifying their simple concepts for CLAT Preparation in One Month. With strong fundamental standards, the candidates could be capable of resolve hard questions without problems.
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2023.06.08 19:06 autotldr Delhi: The city where it is dangerous to breathe - BBC News

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
The air gets dangerously bad, with pollution reaching levels nearly five times what the World Health Organization considers safe.
The poor who reside in the city's slums and shanties, alongside millions of daily wage workers, roadside vendors and traffic policemen who work outdoors, are condemned to breathe the foul air.
As the city routinely tops the list of "World's most polluted capitals", Delhi'ites obsessively check apps that provide a reading of the air quality index.
The levels of PM2.5, the lung-damaging tiny particles in the air that can exacerbate a host of health issues like cancer and cardiac problems, and PM10 - slightly larger particles, but still pretty damaging - are of particular interest.
The PM2.5 levels in Delhi on Thursday are still hovering around 150 on Safar and other Indian government apps.
A study done by US research group Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, last year found that air pollution in Delhi can shorten lives by almost a decade.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: air#1 levels#2 city#3 pollution#4 measure#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 19:06 autotldr Delhi: The city where it is dangerous to breathe - BBC News

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
The air gets dangerously bad, with pollution reaching levels nearly five times what the World Health Organization considers safe.
The poor who reside in the city's slums and shanties, alongside millions of daily wage workers, roadside vendors and traffic policemen who work outdoors, are condemned to breathe the foul air.
As the city routinely tops the list of "World's most polluted capitals", Delhi'ites obsessively check apps that provide a reading of the air quality index.
The levels of PM2.5, the lung-damaging tiny particles in the air that can exacerbate a host of health issues like cancer and cardiac problems, and PM10 - slightly larger particles, but still pretty damaging - are of particular interest.
The PM2.5 levels in Delhi on Thursday are still hovering around 150 on Safar and other Indian government apps.
A study done by US research group Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, last year found that air pollution in Delhi can shorten lives by almost a decade.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: air#1 levels#2 city#3 pollution#4 measure#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 19:02 bbyfog [2023 Fox et al, #CMSC2023] Tolebrutinib phase 2, open-label extension in relapsing MS: 96-week efficacy and safety data

Tolebrutinib Phase 2 long-term, open-label extension study number: NCT03996291
Citation: Fox RJ, et al. Magnetic resonance imaging, efficacy, and safety of tolebrutinib in participants with highly active disease: 2-year data from the phase 2b long-term safety study. Abstract presented at: CMSC 2023; May 31-June 3, 2023; Aurora, CO. Abstract DMT57.


Related: Tolebrutinib phase 2b trial in relapsing MS
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2023.06.08 19:00 AutoModerator Teatime & Trending Topics - June 08, 2023

In this thread you can discuss today's pop music gossip and trending topics. Acceptable content are rumors, tweets, gossip, and articles that would not be approved as its own post (e.g. not a legitimate news article or a social media post directly from the artist or their PR). Nudity and NSFW content is not accepted. While it is highly encouraged to link a source to any gossip or rumors you come across, it is not required and comments will not be removed if they do not do so.
Comments that do not fit under the tea time thread content of celebrity gossip (e.g. personal gossip/stories, music suggestions, thoughts on new music releases etc.) will be removed and directed to daily discussion. Please be respectful, normal rules still apply, and any comments found breaking the rules will be removed and you will be warned/banned.
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2023.06.08 18:56 Educational-Top-7231 06.08.23 Thursday Trading Session

06.08.23 Thursday Trading Session
Too far into discount for me to look for shorts. Would like today to run up into the premium arrays above and reverse in the afternoon.
ESM 1h
Unwilling to take any shorts yet even though this textbook 15m short is working.
ESM 15m
Could work too but im paying more attention to bullish arrays since we are in a discount.
ESM 5m
Yeah eh. Also I think we had high impact news. Forgot to check. We did: unemployment claims.
ESM 5m
4m has a discount BISI and a 5m BPR . This is where I want to enter. It would have to dig deep into a 5m FVG so it might not get that far down and if it doesn't well I don't care it will happen eventually.
ESM 4m
Looking for bonds to immediately rebalance to support my long on ES.
This play is not working. As you can see NQ is in a premium. I should of waited for NQ.
Went long on NQ at open with 5 micros. Made up my losses and more. Done of the day. Bonds are doing what I want them to do so i'll sell my last bit of my NQ position when they immediately re balance yesterdays daily candle.
NQM 15m
NQ retraced into a premium zone as expected.
NQM 1h
Bonds immediately rebalanced as expected. Everything is moving in correlation right now. I want to see a violent afternoon session lower.
ZB1! 1D
I want to see NQ move higher in order to short here.
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2023.06.08 18:55 nomass39 I see Them even when I close my eyes.

There were clear skies and a cool breeze, the day They started watching me.
With the benefit of foresight, it makes sense they’d choose what would’ve otherwise been a perfect day, for every grasp I have of peace or complacency is anathema to them. I can only wish that I’d had the sense to cherish what I had before it was stripped from me — but youth is wasted on the young, is it not?
My memory of the day is like a vivid dream, one so clear that I can still taste the spry dew of the morning upon my lips, feel the sun flow through the wisps of my hair and beam warmth upon my pale skin. But like all dreams, it is interesting only to the one who experienced the depths of its emotions, who’ve personally felt that surreal poignancy beyond what words can express… and to all other ears, it sounds like any other story.
Emotions are fickle things themselves, and in time, the passion of a dream fades even in the memory of its dreamer, until at last it is dull, lifeless, like a vibrant field of color turned to grays. Yet even now, I cling to this memory breathlessly, as if the moment I waver, the moment my grasp weakens, it will be unmade.
We were picnicking, you see, in a field only we knew: a sunny hill, wild grass adorned with daffodils and azaleas, flowery bushels like splatters of paints in reds and purples and yellows upon a deep green canvas. It was the caliber of beauty that a poet would wax philosophical about in classical times, but I was oblivious to it; I was more concerned with rumors and gossip at work, and those dreadful stories I’d been hearing on the news, and those little tells my husband had been demonstrating that all the self-help books claimed were surefire signs that our marriage was doomed (and could be salvaged only by purchasing more self-help books, of course).
My life had been a miasma of petty squabbles and fleeting pleasures, moving from experience to experience, consuming product after product, sucking them dry of their novelty before moving to the next. It should’ve, by all accounts, been miserable; but my failings hardly mattered, as happiness came to me so easily then. I didn’t yet know what it’d be like to have to fight, to zealously defend every scrap of contentment or hope against the burning embers… until at last, I felt a pair of eyes settle upon me.
It had only been a creeping feeling, at first. I could not see Them then, only sense Them — looming from the bushes, peeking from the shadows between blades of grass, staring from the clouds and the trees and the flowers. At first, it had felt merely rude, as if they had committed some impropriety and would soon realize their mistake and politely avert their gaze… but the feeling remained.
As the feeling continued, questions plagued my mind. Why would They be watching me? To ruin this perfect autumn day? Was there something about me They wanted to know? When the feeling grew intolerable, I confessed it to my husband, but my words themselves only seemed to go unheard; but his brow furrowed, as if he’d only heard the tone of my voice, and knew it pertained to something which would inconvenience him. Only through hours of persistence could I earn the right to any support.
“It is merely the stress wearing down your mind, my love,” my husband told me. “You will take time off of work, and that will be the end of it.”
I was relegated to a townhouse along the moors, a brick building choked by the dust of passing cars, the only human interaction one could find in such a place. While Their gaze never wavered, I at first could find some solace in my leisure, throwing myself into my passions and my hobbies in some vain hope of keeping the creeping dread at bay. But Their terrifying gaze was like daggers upon my psyche, a cloud that loomed over every passing instant of every day and surely burned away any reprieve, any distractions between us until their presence became ubiquitous to me.
I could see Them, now, with gradual regularity, peeking out from bushes, from the cracks in doorways, from windows with the curtains drawn back late at night, from cupboards and beneath the stove and down the basement stairs — always the same milky white eyes and beady little black pupils, above a pearly smile, held aloft upon figures made of a stygian, swirling black. What I could once call a home was now a prison to me, built as if to mock the meaning and safety that this place once symbolized.
“It is merely your brain playing tricks on you, my love,” my husband told me. “We will take you to the psychiatrist to be diagnosed, and that will be the end of it.”
It is only upon emerging into the open world that I realized how deeply They had sewn their roots. The hospital, with its blinding whites and cacophonous beeps and cries and whispering, was clearly designed for my personal torment, and it was too obvious that the patients in the waiting room had been placed there to stalk me, that each doctor and each security guard had been carefully positioned in my path to dismay and intimidate me.
The psychiatrist spoke, but his words were a dull blur, neutered by apathy; even if I could not see the malice hidden in his eyes, his true allegiance would’ve still been betrayed by the presence of one of Them behind him, their cool smile looming over me as they puppeteered the psychiatrist’s every movement along blackened strings. I could not trust any of them. Even in my addled state, all I could be certain of that they were part of some grand machination designed to doom me; but my husband did not listen, and I could only sit quietly and endure as I was poked and prodded, examined and analyzed, interrogated and scrutinized, until at last I could return home with a bill of health. Yet my husband had grown cold to me, and in the coming weeks, his disposition only worsened.
“It is merely a matter of mental delusion,” my husband told me. “We will double your daily dosage, and that will be the end of it.”
The pills were the most obvious tricks, and the most easily evaded; the moment they touched my tongue, I could taste the poisons they were laced with, the concoctions no doubt designed to dull my mind and blind me to the veil that was being lifted. My eyes were being opened for the first time, and I could not let that be taken from me. I took my medication dutifully beneath my husband’s prying eyes, only to retch the vile taint into the plumbing once his gaze had passed.
Yet despite my every precaution, They only grew more fearless, more daunting. My nights were long and sleepless, as I could feel Them skitter across my room like cockroaches, gently surrounding my bed as I closed my eyes and whispering foul blasphemes into my ears, words of pure malevolence I cannot bear to recite here. For weeks my nights would be monopolized by bouts of screaming, of thrashing, of desperately fighting at the air where They had once stood, and my days were tyrannized by the sightings of Their execrable forms whenever I felt like my mind may finally be calming. All the while, my husband languished.
“It is merely a way of provoking me — a means of seeking attention,” my husband told me. “You will stop being so childish and dramatic, and that will be the end of it.”
But this was not my husband. My husband had the most gentle eyes, like channels of a flowing love I could retreat to after a strenuous day. My true husband’s eyes weren’t so full of malice, of disdain, as the man who currently bore his name and wore his skin; this family was not my own, but some pitiful reproduction of those whom I once loved, replaced with wardens who stalked my prison and punished me with their cold and distant gazes.
They were loathe to so much as be near me, and I hated them in equal measures, for I could see Them guiding their every footstep, looming over their shoulders as They commanded them like puppets, taunting me with beaming smiles as if daring me to react. It was unconscionable, and before long I told them everything; told them I could see clearly that they weren't the same people I had once loved, exposed them as the pale replicas they now were.
“It is you. You are some sort of monster, some demon sent to torment me,” the thing that called itself my husband told me. “You will never speak to me or my children again, and that will be the end of it.”
That home is long behind me, now, replaced with a new prison they call a group home, overseen by therapists with dead eyes and fake smiles. They claim they only want to help me, but I can see the forces that puppeteer them, that guide their hands and pry their lips apart into those knowing grins. In the world outside my window, those who are puppets loathe me, and those who do not pity me; but it is I who should be pitying them, for they are the ones unaware of the peril creeping upon them, sleepwalking through life just as I did until it is their turn to finally have Their gaze settle upon them.
For those few who are unburdened by the truth, and who may happen to read this, I have but one warning; nothing beyond your own senses can be trusted, not even the words of this very account. For even as I type this, I can see blackened strings poking out from the skin along my knuckles, some unseen force guiding my hands.
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2023.06.08 18:55 autotldr Kyiv accuses Russia of shelling Kherson evacuations

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
Ukraine has accused Russia of attacking evacuation points for those affected by the Kakhovka dam breach, after a person was killed by shelling in Kherson.
The Kherson prosecutor's office said two others were also injured, while the interior ministry said eight more were hurt by shelling in Korabelna Square.
Ukraine says the flooding has affected an area of around 600 km sq, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without drinking water.
The Kremlin-installed head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, said on Telegram that two people died after Ukraine shelled a civilian evacuation point which was flooded after the dam breach.
Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed that Russian rescue workers are "Forced to work in conditions of ongoing shelling from Ukraine, and this complicates their work".
In a daily intelligence update, the UK's ministry of defence said "Heavy fighting continues along multiple sectors of the front," noting that Ukraine "Holds the initiative" in most areas.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ukraine#1 Kherson#2 Russian#3 floods#4 continued#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.08 18:50 fsgfoeva Stream #8 Full Summary

This one was quite long. TLDR: first look at gacha, 6th class (blitz lancer) in august, breakdown of monetization and prices, breakdown of upcoming content for july and august.

Stream 8 overview

Official Launch Time (14:14)

The Japanese service will be available on June 14th 12:00 JST. The Regnas Store will be open after a 3 hour maintenance, or earlier, if no problems are found.

Preregistration Campaigns (15:47)

Preregistration is still ongoing on the official site. Additional rewards (alongside the dyes) were added; 10x happy firecrackers and increased rewards for the Start Dash Login Bonus.
The 10,000 retweet milestone for the Feste battle imagine, given to all players, was reached in 23 minutes. The giveaway for the gaming PC and Webmoney, and the lottery for Amazon gift cards, are ongoing until the day before launch.
Predownload has been made available through the Bandai Namco Launcher on June 6th. You can make a character ahead of time on the Benchmark Software, but not through the predownloaded official client.

Start Dash Campaign (21:03)

Six promotional campaigns starting on launch day. Details will be on the website on launch day.

1. Rookie Adventurer Curriculum (22:22)

June 14 to August 16

Start Dash Login Bonus

Daily rewards for logging in, up to 10 days. The regular Login Bonus is per-account, but this event Start Dash Login Bonus is per-character.
  1. Luno 10,000 30,000
  2. Battle Imagine Feste (a) set x1 (from retweet campaign)
  3. Gacha ticket x1 x3
  4. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  5. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  6. Resource selection box x5
  7. Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 3d x1
  8. Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 3d x1
  9. GC x1000 x2000
  10. Land Fox Tail selection box x1

Start Dash Bonus Quests (24:45)

Clear quests to get rewards.

Limited-time season point increase! (27:00)

Gain increased amount of season points (for use with the season pass).

2. Team Formation Campaign (28:32)

June 14 to July 12 Create a Team (guild) and level it up to Rank 2. All members are rewarded a Gem Ring (crimson) and Ability Plugs.

3. Connect-Coupon Support Campaign (29:57)

June 14 to July 12 Get rewards based on how many Connect Coupons you distribute. Players whose coupons are used 10+ are entered into a raffle where 100 winners will get 500 Free Rose Orbs.
A Connect Coupon is a discount code you can give to other players. They can be generated in the Regnas Store (top right) after reaching Adv. Rank 1 and clearing at least 1 daily quest. One code can be generated per account. They last for 14 days and cannot be used on yourself. Items where the coupon can be used will be indicated with a blue hexagon icon.
Player A can distribute a Connect Coupon to Players B, C, etc., which can use it for discounts in the Rose Orb Store. Player B can only use Player A's coupon code once. Player A will get BP Points based on how many people use their coupon code--they can only see they how many times it's been used, not who used it or what they bought.
BP Points can be used at the BP Point Store for various items.

4. Screenshot Contest Round 1 (34:07)

June 14 to July 12 A bulletin board for posting screenshots will be up on the site. Rules regarding image size, editing, and allowed content will be announced later.

5. Grand Opening Payment Campaign (36:32)

June 14 to July 12

Total Spending Presents (36:39)

Bonus Rose Orbs w/ Webmoney (37:17)

When buying Rose Orbs with Webmoney, there's a 1 in 10 chance to get 10% extra orbs for free.

Follow on Twitter (37:34)

Follow BLUE PROTOCOL on twitter and retweet the specific tweet for a chance to win a 5000 yen Webmoney card (100 winners).

6. Network Cafe Campaign (37:51)

June 14 to July 12 Play at partnered Net Cafes for extra rewards! N Coins can be exchanged for gacha tickets, beauty salon tickets, special outfits and more.
  1. For every 20 minutes played at a net cafe, get 20 N coins 26 N coins during the event period (1.3x normal)
  2. Get 1.3x increased EXP from clearing dungeons and defeating overworld enemies
  3. Enemy drop rates increased by 1.3x (excluding treasure chests)

Monetization (40:37)

Rose Orbs have Paid and Free versions, and can be used for Season Passes; and Gacha and the Rose Orb Store inside of the Regnas Store. The Regnas Store also includes Rose Orb Purchase, BP Points store, and Season Store.
Rose Orbs have a limited duration; they will expire on the 5th month (starting from the month of purchase) on the last day at 23:59. Expired Rose Orbs will be automatically deleted.

Rose Orb Prices (41:04)

Limited deals (once per account; purchase restriction will be reset once the sale period ends)
Payment methods:

Rose Orb Store contents (42:05)

Some items shown to have the "Can use Connect Coupon" icon. Others were not shown so there may be more items you can use the coupon on.


Grand Opening Pack M/F (500 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon
Beginners Pack (110 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Once per character


Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs) Cunning Watcher series outfit box (450 orbs)


Land Fox mount - Midnight (450 orbs)


Twin tail extensions (100 orbs) *matches your current hair color Lily Earrings (55 orbs) Oval Glasses (100 orbs) Solitaire Ring (55 orbs)


Einrain stamp set (55 orbs)


Too Easy (90 orbs) Mocking (90 orbs)


Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Kita-ale G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 7d (50 orbs) Dungeon-use: Fue-luno G1 / 12h (20 orbs) Rewards Plus ticket x1 (20 orbs) - 3 per day Dye-remover (20 orbs) Character name change ticket x1 (240 orbs) - 1 per month Happy Firecracker - Blue x10 (20 orbs) Normal Salon Course ticket x2 (145 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Normal Salon Course ticket x1 (90 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon Type-change Salon Course ticket (220 orbs) *can use Connect Coupon

Gacha (45:40)

One gacha ticket is consumed per spin. Tickets can be acquired through clearing content, season pass, etc. 1 ticket: 50 Rose Orbs 11 tickets: 500 Rose Orbs


Outfit gacha is separated by M/F.
Rates are on the website and in-game. The types above are rewarded from S rank capsule. It's possible to get duplicates. Opening an S rank capsule will reward the entire outfit, not just a piece of the outfit.

10-spin gift (49:46)

Spinning a gacha banner 10 times will reward the following:

Duplicates (51:37)

If you obtain a duplicate item from gacha, you can do 3 things with it:
  1. Mail it to another character on your account
  2. Mail it to a friend
  3. Exchange it for BP Points


Items that cannot be mailed can not be sent. Items can be mailed within 7 days of obtaining the item (timer shown in-game). Sending letters cannot be undone. Items claimed from mail cannot be sent again. You can only send to people you have been friends with for 14 days.

BP Points Exhange (53:04)

The BP Points Exchange can be accessed through the Regnas Store. Items that cannot be exchanged are marked, and items become un-exchangable if equipped.

BP Points Store contents (55:11)

Contains selection boxes for the outfits and mounts in the above Gacha banners. Contains Feste (b) Battle Imagine recipes and Idea (material). Contains Gas Mask, Fairy Wing - Aqua, Extension Type 1, Land Fox Tail accessory.
Explanation of Feste (b) Battle Imagine (55:46)

Season Pass (57:53)

Season 1: June 14 ~ Aug 13 23:59. A season is 50~60 days long. Clear the indicated quests to get Season Points, which are used to rank up your pass level and claim rank rewards (will automatically rank up to a certain point). After reaching a certain rank, you can also spend Season Points at the Season Point Store.
Ranks can also be purchased with Rose Orbs: 30 orbs per rank. Specific rank rewards can be checked in-game or on the site.

Free: Basic Plan

Maxes at rank 60. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 40 battle imagine Einrain (a). Rewards include an outfit.

Paid: Advanced & Royal Plan

Maxes at rank 100. At max level, gain all materials required to craft Lv. 50 battle imagine Einrain (b). Advanced costs 180 Rose Orbs. Royal costs 550 Rose Orbs and grants an extra 25 ranks to start. Both of these add additional quests to get points. Rewards include an emote.
After maxing one of these passes, you geet the Next Season Paid Plan Discount, which discounts the next season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. So if you buy the Advanced Pass once and max it out each time, you won't have to pay for another pass.

Other rewards

Not mentioned which pass they are in:

Season Store (1:05:19)

A store where you can spend Season Points. Contains outfits, accessories, crafting guaranteed great success tickets, healing aroma G1, luno, etc. (some have purchase limits).

Update Roadmap #2 (1:06:28)

They remade the roadmap image, slightly offseting the Season timelines since they can start/end in the middle of the month. Players were confused before as to why Season 1 started 2 weeks after launch, so this was fixed for clarification.

Raids (1:07:48)

Raid entry is on a schedule. The default raid Void's Island is always available, while a second, harder raid will be swapped out with a different one each update. Monday ~ Friday between 14:00~15:00, 18:00~19:00, and 22:00~23:00. Saturday & Sunday between 8:00~9:00, 12:00~13:00, 16:00~17:00, 20:00~21:00, next day 1:00~2:00.

Time Attack/Score Attack (1:08:54)

Solo dungeons with leaderboards, separated by class. These dungeons will rotate game mode and map every 2 weeks, starting with Time Attack (map X) at launch, then Score Attack (map Y) on week 3, and then Time Attack (map Z) on week 5, etc. There's a schedule of the maps and their dates at 1:12:44.

Time Attack (Dragon Claw Valley)

Based on your clear time, there are one-time rewards:
Additionally, there are ranking rewards. Rankings are displayed on the Leaderboards in towns.
Titles and Crowns are time-limited. They will be rewarded when the TA period ends, and will last until the next TA period ends--for 4 weeks.
Something else mentioned about Champion--the person with the most crowns? at 1:12:20 but not sure what they mean.

Next 2 months of updates (1:14:53)

A specific breakdown of what's coming up. Not many images since they aren't final, and these may change before they are released.
August (1:21:39)

Announcements (1:23:44)

Partnership with 4gamer, a Japanese game news site, where there will be interviews, articles, game guides, and perhaps other community content.
You will need to set a PIN in-game starting on the second login, to secure your account. It's entered by mouse so be careful not to stream it.
Play by the rules and respect other players.
Next stream is planned to be #9 in early July.

Post-stream gameplay showcase (1:51:03)

They showed some never-before-seen stuff, like Score Attack (2:04:15) and Evergreen Desert (including Salamzart Oasis) after a short intermission. The rest of the stream is unscripted, and they show off things like new enemies, weapon skins, outfits, emotes, accessories, and Einrain battle imagines. Photo mode can now pause skills as well, which was earlier stated to not be supported, although the effects won't pause (1:54:03).
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