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Home for BN employees to kick up their feet and relax a bit.

2018.04.20 16:49 Verastahl Horror stories, news, and links from Verastahl aka Brandon Faircloth

I created this subreddit so that there could be a central repository for any stories I post on /nosleep or other subreddits for anyone interested in reading more of my stuff in an easy to navigate format. It also gives me a way of providing people with links to my published books, any narrations or anything else I have going on with my writing, and another way for people to send me a message. Thanks so much for visiting, come back often if you can, and I hope you enjoy the tales I'm telling.

2021.03.05 20:21 TheUNTBookstore AskTheUNTBookstore

Ask the UNT Barnes & Noble questions you have about textbooks, merch, graduation, and more! or post memes for us, either one

2023.06.10 05:44 AndyJaeven I feel really insignificant to my GF.

I’ve been in a relationship with my GF for over a year now but for the past month or two she’s been making me feel like I barely matter to her at all.
We both work together at a restaurant five days a week while working but outside of work it’s like I don’t even exist. 90% of her free time she’s out having fun with her friends and never invites me along. Any attempt I do make to try and spend time with her is almost always shot down. I genuinely can’t even remember the last time me and her spent time alone together other than me driving her home after each shift.
I want an ACTUAL relationship, not this fucking nonsense of only ever spending time with her at my job then immediately ceasing to exist after I clock out for the day. This shit is a fucking joke man.
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2023.06.10 05:44 colarthur1 Modern Dragon Prince Jobs

What do you think would be the jobs of the various characters from the Dragon Prince if they lived in a modern world?
Also, what would their hobbies, fashion, and other characteristics be?
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2023.06.10 05:44 The_TerribleGamer Need Advice to help an Employee

one of my employees lives with his Aunt as a result of his mother having a stroke several years ago. His Aunt took full control of his mother and basically required him to move in and care for his mother. (something he feels he has a moral responsibility to do). However, his aunt is a bitch. she treats him as a personal slave and forces him to often miss work because the lawn isn't cut, her dogs haven't been fed, she needs lumber to fix the deck she's too fat to walk on. She constantly plays mind games and restricts access to utilities like power, internet, etc to "teach him a lesson". What lesson you might ask? The lesson that it's her house and her rules. To be clear, he diligently does chores and regular upkeep for her. She makes things up so that he purposely will miss work. He has had issues at past jobs because they would simply fire him for showing up late. He has told me she really doesn't want him working, because that means she has to do everything herself when he is gone all day and takes out her fury on him when he gets home at night.
My questions are this:
Are there any tenant laws (even though he doesn't pay to stay there) that can help him avoid abuse?
Are there any antislavery laws that may apply?
Does mental anguish qualify as Domestic Abuse?
Are there blackmail laws that may help as she is using the situation with his mother to personally profit (she has full Power of Attorney over his mother) and keep him subservient?

I really want to help him. I've tried talking to him about getting leasing another place, but he is determined not to abandon his mother (which I totally understand).
The State is Mississippi.
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2023.06.10 05:43 Itsnickyy What to look for

Currently picked up a job as a bank teller and I see thousands of coins daily. Honestly wondering what to look for in loose change as well as when I buy rolls from the bank as a customer.
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2023.06.10 05:43 Ebeggarslayer STOP GIFTING TIKTOK BATTLERS!!!

If you send gifts on Tik Tok, this is for you.
Think to yourself, how much money do you make per year?
What do you have to do in order to make that money?
Do you have really nice things like expensive cars, big house, tons in savings while traveling the world on vacation?
If not, why are you sending gifts to 20 YEAR OLDS MAKING THEM RICH???For those of you who don’t know, every 100,000 coins a creator gets, they profit $500 while TikTok takes the other $500(50/50 split). If you take a look at the rankings each night, it’s typically the same 100 people every night with the lowest being 200,000 coins and the highest usually around 3 MILLION coins! That means these lower end creators are making $1,000 PER DAY which is $350,000/year while the big time creators are making $5,000- $15,000 PER DAY which is $2,000,000 - $6,000,000 A YEAR!!! You think I’m joking? The numbers are right there in the rankings. DO THE MATH!! These guys can go LIVE a few hours a day a few days a week(which is fun for them) and make 6-7 FIGURES ANNUALLY.
Meanwhile you’re busting your ass at your 9-5 job just trying to get by making these people filthy friggin rich. And the worst part is, these creators don’t do shit!! These creators make you feel like your important and gas your head up and make you feel like you’re apart of this great team. They don’t give a shit about you. If you stop gifting them, you’ll never hear from them again and if you do it’s to find out why you’re not gifting them anymore.
You work too damn hard to give your money away for other people to live the way YOU should be living. STOP GIFTING THESE PEOPLE because if you look at your total coins spent and do the math on how much money it equates to, it’s going to make you SICK to your stomach when you realize you’ve gifted out THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to these random people. Just think about what you could have done with that money!?!! I’m sure you could think of a bunch of things….Instead you gave it to a creator and it just covered their trip to Bora Bora. I know it’s addicting as hell but I hope this helps you understand how stupid it really is. I was one of those gifters until I understood all of this. If you’re gonna gift someone, give it to the creator that actually has real content and puts a ton of effort into it. Stop giving it to the people who just battle all F*cking day which is no different than a lazy person without a job getting on tik tok everyday begging for donations. I bet you wouldn’t gift that person. You would make fun of them and tell them to stop begging and to get a job. Well, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!?!? NO MORE GIFTING!!
Spoil yourself with your hard working money. Not random people who don’t give a damn about you. Or, give it to someone who actually truly needs it like a homeless veteran, or a kid who’s never been to a ball game, or someone behind on bills. Not some tik toker who’s already rich as hell. At least if you go to the casino you have a chance to win, when you gift money to these TikTok battlers, you win NOTHING and they win EVERYTHING!
I hope if you’ve read all of this, it’s opened your eyes. For those of you that still choose to gift, it’s your money so do as you please but if you have half a brain, you’ll stop making other people rich when there’s others who could use it including yourself!
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2023.06.10 05:43 timbaisbimba Let go after tax season

My friend was let go after the tax season even though the owner of the accounting firm lure my friend during the interview process in December and showed lots of promises. My friend, right after MBA trusted the owner as it is in a small town ( low cost) and has very good reviews. Turns out they did the same thing for the previous accountant. What can be done in the situation like this? Where to complain? Not sure poor guy will even complain as he needs recommendations for the other job obviously. Is it pretty common to lure new accounting folks and let them go after the tax season? I would have accepted if my friend was not performing well but poor guy was working his ass off and never had any complaints.
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2023.06.10 05:43 AutoModerator [] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 05:43 LeoCxcnio_ Went to the local Barnes and Noble after a while and found a vinyl of XXXTENTACION’s album ‘17’. What is your favorite song from the album? Comment down below! #LLJ

Went to the local Barnes and Noble after a while and found a vinyl of XXXTENTACION’s album ‘17’. What is your favorite song from the album? Comment down below! #LLJ submitted by LeoCxcnio_ to XXXTENTACION [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:43 Scanlansam As an entry-mid level technical writer, I’m having zero luck finding work and I feel stuck. Getting to the point where I will take any job that gets me out of my hometown but don’t know where to start:/ Any advice on how I can get the ball rolling?

So I’ve been working as a contract technical writer for about a year now and under normal circumstances, chances are I would have been able to find a new job by now. But, the job market is saturated and I’m not finding anything unfortunately. I live with my parents at 25 and I’m getting more depressed every day that I’m here and not living on my own like I want to.
I just need to get out of this town and I am at a point where I will take any job that pays at least somewhat respectably (I should be making about $55-70k at this point in a normal job market). I just need to move on with my life but I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’m asking for advice on what else I can do to meet these goals and get things rolling again because right now, it’s really depressing not knowing what my next steps should even be. Any help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.10 05:42 unholymoses New sysadmin curious about on call

I’m newish to the field and this is my first sysadmin job. I work at a 24x7 facility so we have an on call rotation. There’s only 3 of us on the team so we are on call frequently. On top of this they ride our ass about phone calls. If you miss a phone call you’re getting chewed out. We also have maintenance monthly on Sundays which means once a month I’m giving up my Sunday.
I really like what I do but these after hours calls and the frequent on call is wearing me out. Is this a normal aspect of the job that I have to get used to or is this unique to where I work. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 05:42 Dohello [NYC] Are the terms of this non compete form for a dog walking job not ridiculous?

I am applying to a dog walking position in NYC that seems to pay pretty well, but the want me to sign a non compete. I would be fine with this, but after reading the non compete terms it seems unbelievably restricting. Specifically these two paragraphs. For context, these terms last for 1 year post termination and it says I can not directly OR indirectly compete with their business.
Employees shall not own, manage, operate, consult or to be employed or self employed in a business substantially similar to, or competitive with, the present business of Company or such other business activity in which Company may substantially engage during the term of employment.
This non-compete agreement shall extend for a radius of 100 miles of Company's present location and shall be in full force and effect for 1 year, commencing with the date of employment termination.
There is also a bit of it saying I'm "Required" to give weeks notice before leaving which I'm not really sure how that fits into a non compete form, but I'm nit picking with that one. But basically if I work here for a week and decide I don't like the job, I am now legally required not be able to dog walk for a year? They are a Manhattan based company and I can't do my own thing in Brooklyn? 100 MILE RADIUS! directly AND indirectly? It seems insane. The only reason I am interested in this position is because my current dog walking company is simply not paying me enough and I hate the business model. I've also only been there for 2 weeks, but they didn't make me sign a non compete form. I have years of experience walking dogs and it seems like if I sign this I will basically not be able to walk dogs at all for a full year. Is this not ridiculous?
Disclaimer: I will be deleting this post eventually as I don't want the company to potentially see this
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2023.06.10 05:42 LittlestOrca Just quit my minimum wage job

I worked at a theme park, management was awful, everything was dirty and infested with mice, and all my supervisors were like 16. I was having daily meltdowns, and today I though “fuck it” and quit spontaneously. Now I feel happy, but also weirdly numb. My adhd and autism make it so, so hard to work any retail job, or to work more than 20 hours a week.
My parents are expecting me to find a new job, but for now I just want to relax and let myself recover for a couple of weeks. I have 3 months before I go back to school and get out of this fucking hellhole that is my hometown, hopefully for good. 3 months should be short enough that I don’t get completely burned out at another job, at least.
I hate how each job I work has a time limit before my mental health is in the gutter. But at least I’m out for now. And I can focus on me for a little bit.
Here’s hoping that you guys take some time to focus on yourselves as well, even if its just a little 💜💜
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2023.06.10 05:42 christianort476 SPOILER Real world parallel in one piece

So back in the day of our history there was an astronomer named Nicolas Copernicus who was the first to come up with the theory of heliocentricity. What this means is that earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. With the latest reveal of the goroseis names, it seems that as world nobles, they believe the universe revolves around them when it actually revolves around the Sun (God Nika). Just a random thought that I had, any thoughts?
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2023.06.10 05:42 ThatInternetRando Any advice for dealing with homesickness after moving?

I'm a 28 year old male and a few weeks ago I just moved out of my parents house for the first time. I got a new job in a city that's 2.5 hours away from my parents. I went to college near my parents and lived in my hometown with them until this move a couple weeks ago. I love the new job and feel it was the right choice taking it but I miss my parents really badly. I've always been a person who's introverted and not had many friends so my parents have basically always made up for that and been the ones I've been closest to. I want to add that I also think it was the right choice taking this job because I'm close enough that I can even go home on weekends to see them occasionally and I think that will help knowing that, even if it doesn't happen that often. The last few days I've just been missing them a lot and want to know how I can get over this.
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2023.06.10 05:41 MsSkinnyBit How I broke free from the corrupt US Healthcare System

First, I was too fat for surgery. Then, I didn't have the right insurance. I got on Ozempic (off label) and then lost my job. I did compound. I got a job for little while that covered Wegovy (the only reason I took it) and then they sold out and I lost the coverage. I went to compound pharmacies, and then I couldn't even afford that.

I've had to learn to take my health in my own two hands and sometimes that isn't pretty. I now have 36 months of semaglutide (active ingredient in wegovy) stored in my freezer. NOTHING is going to stop this girl- i've made a ton of progress and I'm happy that I'm still on a pretty low dose!

F insurance.
Get a 30 gauge BD Insulin Syringe. A 3ML sterile vial on amazon. 30ML BENZYL ALCOHOL .9% . Find a peptide seller with good prices and testing from a real lab (not in china) and that has good reddit reviews. I have lost 17 more lbs on Pound Proof semaglutide and I love can control the ML I take more easy than a one size fits most Wegovy pen.
I just ordered more from Artic Peptides I heard good things from them too from a really long term peptide user. Little more spendy but I will report back.

THE TL DR HERE IS: Don't settle for insurance rejects. Don't settle for pharmacy out of stock. Don't settle for SHIT except results and the way you feel. I am so much more empowered than I use to be and that's from being around folx like you :)
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2023.06.10 05:41 Thefailuretryshard How do you reset for yourself with conviction and care?

Hi all, basically(overthinker still) we see our flaws and issues and want to change them, so as an adult how do you start over ? The context here is if you have been repeating failure and ignorance for a long time, how do you basically turn off and on while installing a better program? (Horrible example)
What we mean is , well we have to improve many things about ourselves(grammar, speech, handwriting, taking care of our health, learning and understand what a person is saying without saying it), we live in a time we you can learn many things online. Yet I know myself ill be excited to start then get burn over not being able to do much or stay focused enough. I know it will take sometime and it had to start small, but well the real question is, how do you decide was is important and how to assign it? How do you also learn patience, not just in general but with yourself? I tell myself I want to stop being a child and grow up, yet if I accidentally miss an appointment or Didn’t get that job interview, ill just spoil everything else. Its not a way to live, I don’t see my future at all, but I do know, the least I can fucking do, is be a productive member of society, even if all I expect in life is to work until im dead, and to makesure to hurt as little people as possible. We have always been afraid of success in anyform. Were 30 and feel super stuck, but we know we pushed ourselves there. That’s really it, we ask this because we believe everyone is amazing and know its all, so we are quick to fall for anything, were 30. We just want these next final 5-9years to be something positive. That’s it, we know the one of the answers will be get of of reddit, that’s fine, we want open truthful even harsh answer, cause we need to just get it together now. Turning 30+ and the reality is all i want to do is pay back all the people ive hurt, any debts, then die.
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2023.06.10 05:41 djshawnzie Tips for relieving anxiety about quitting your job?

Long story short: I’ve been here for 4 years now and it’s treated me pretty well. I like the people there too. I started off as the admin assistant and accepted a promotion to a newly created department last year. This job is not in my field and I’ve been looking for other jobs for the past year. Its been really affecting my mental health and I’m starting to hate it.
I’m going to put in my notice soon, and although no, I don’t have something else lined up, I do have multiple side gig incomes either already existing or on the way (Rover, Fiverr, Patreon, Doordash). How do you deal with the nerve wracking conversation of telling them you’re leaving?
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2023.06.10 05:41 Educational-Let-1027 I hate my crush with a burning passion

I met this guy on vacation. He and I hung out for three days and had a solid connection. He and I would just talk for hours on end. He told mutual friends that he liked me. I wasn't supposed to find out, but everyone told me. All my friends were hyping me up saying "oh, he likes you”, or "look, your boyfriend's here!"
I went up to my crush and asked him if he liked me. He told me that he had a girlfriend. After, he blew up on our friends, texting them "why'd you tell her?" and "you promised me you wouldn't say anything!" Our friend were shocked about the girlfriend, but no one believed it. It seemed like he made it up because he was too embarrassed to admit he liked me. So I requested to follow him on social media. He left it pending for two weeks before rejecting it. It was then that I knew he really did have a girlfriend, because he clearly did like me, so would he say no? I overreacted, and I blocked him.
Two months later, they broke up. Literal days after, he started looking at my social media. It's been two years, and he always looks at it. I know that it doesn't mean anything. I get that sometimes people are curious to see what other people are up to, but let me ask you this: if you feel whatever about someone, are you going to be looking at their profiles everyday? I don't forgive him. Even though he was right to reject the request, he's not this noble person. No one made him say that he liked me. He chose to do that all on his own. I may accept him as a partner, but he’d better get ready to apologize for the rest of his life.
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2023.06.10 05:41 IlParnassoConfuso I never fit in anywhere, I'm done

The default forever alone sub was my go to for the last few months to vent. Despite being trans, I felt like everyone there shared that same feeling of being completely alienated from the world. I felt understood like never before.
I have been hiding in my parents house since graduating college 6 years ago, I barely go outside, I haven't had friends since I was 14, I have never been kissed, never went on a date, never had a boyfriend, never had sex. I missed out on every single milestone, I have no social life, I have no work experience. All I ever wanted was the white picket fence life, to found a soulmate, get married young, now as I'm approaching 30 I would be starting to think about having children and starting my own family. The realization I will never be this beautiful, delicate and normal woman, that I'll never be acepted by society or my family, that I'll never find love and bear my own children keeps me up at night. So much so I have been only falling asleep about 5-6am for the last few months. I hate myself, I hate how I look even if there is no one around to see me. I just wanted to be normal.
Until last night at least I had a sub to vent, I felt welcomed and would often comment on other people's posts. I made a post about these thoughts that trouble me, about how I wanted to have a normal experience at life. There were only two comments, one told me that transwomen are a big hit in hook up apps, that as long as I dressed up I could probably have sex with men. Other said he didn't understood how I could be FA, that gay men have no standarts and that having sex for me would be easy.
I really thought about killing myself after that, the people who I thought were in the same boat as me just invalidated everything I feel. What good would it do for me to either pretend to be a gay man or dress up in womens clothes to attract someone because of their kinks? It's like they didn't read the part about being accepted by my family, about having a normal job, about being respected by society, about getting married and having children.
Sometimes I feel completely invisible, I jsut want someone to acknowledge I exist and that my pain is real. I'm sick of being supportive to others only to be dismissed. I just want to die.
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2023.06.10 05:41 Pao_nlspdfms Streak 149:

Hi everyone!
For my English class I had to write my opinion about five different predictions and if I thought they would became true. Here's one of them:
The rise of computer-controlled industries and artificial intelligence will leave many people without a job and global unemployment will rise.
There is no doubt this prediction will come true. AI will displace some jobs. For example, self-driving cars and trucks could eliminate the need for millions of truck drivers and taxi drivers. However, AI is also likely to create new jobs. For example, there will be a need for people to develop, train, and maintain AI systems. In conclusion, some jobs will be lost, but other jobs will be created.
I'd like to know if there are other ways to express the same thing.
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2023.06.10 05:41 redcascade Should I try to be a “sugar daddy”?

Okay… awkward post, but it’s a real question.
I’m in my mid-thirties and definitely not a millionaire, but I have a really well paying job and own my own house.
I’ve struggled ever since I’ve come out to find a boyfriend. (I’m a side sexually and am on them autism spectrum.) I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try to find something where I contribute the financial side of the relationship in return for someone who wants to be with me?
I’m not looking for a early twenty something twink or anything like that, but someone who wants to date me and wants to have “side sex” would be really nice.
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