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20F [friendship] - Wanna have one of those conversation things people keep talking about?

2023.06.10 06:59 SnowdroppedSpark 20F [friendship] - Wanna have one of those conversation things people keep talking about?

Well, assuming I don’t spend all my time procrastinating instead. Which is more than possible.
I like writing. Usually sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but I’m trying my hand at a romance. I’m also trying my best to start reading more books! Currently about 50 pages into Howl’s Moving Castle and having a fantastic time with it.
I also play a couple video games, but it’s like 90% Pokémon. Let me know if you have a favourite!
I’m pretty gay, so no homophobia would be nice, thanks 🏳️‍🌈
I’m also kinda cute, but you’re behind the internet so that probably doesn’t matter all that much to you aha~
I’ve seen all 300 Doctor Who stories, so feel free to message me one you like and I can judge you if you’re like the one Meglos fan out there
But that’s enough nonsense about me! What about you? Hope to hear from you soon 💕
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2023.06.10 06:57 SnowdroppedSpark 20 [F4R] UK - Wanna have one of those conversation things people keep talking about?

Well, assuming I don’t spend all my time procrastinating instead. Which is more than possible.
I like writing. Usually sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but I’m trying my hand at a romance. I’m also trying my best to start reading more books! Currently about 50 pages into Howl’s Moving Castle and having a fantastic time with it.
I also play a couple video games, but it’s like 90% Pokémon. Let me know if you have a favourite!
I’m pretty gay, so no homophobia would be nice, thanks 🏳️‍🌈
I’m also kinda cute, but you’re behind the internet so that probably doesn’t matter all that much to you aha~
I’ve seen all 300 Doctor Who stories, so feel free to message me one you like and I can judge you if you’re like the one Meglos fan out there
But that’s enough nonsense about me! What about you? Hope to hear from you soon 💕
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2023.06.10 06:57 Competitive_Bit_9939 I think i may have rejected a overweight girl and I called her Fat in front of everyone.

Throwaway account here.. I’m a 15M with High Functioning Autism And OCD And ADHD, I hate Most Fat People because I think they are lazy and stupid and not clean but there was this one girl in class who was my friend for a while and we became friend’s when my teacher wanted me to help her in a project and she didn’t have any friend’s and she got bullied often, and when I helped her with the project I got to now her better and we became friend’s and it was cool for a while a guess? Because she would gave me cute drawing’s she made of tiny insect’s and I liked her style and it was really good and then there was this time like 3 week’s ago she gave me some cookie she tried to make.? It tasted good I guess..? Idk, and then she got a bit interested in the game’s I play and I found that a bit annoying well anyway’s during PE class me and my classmate’s we’re walking outside for a long time and it got boring so me and my friend started to talk for a while and then while we we’re walking she said something about couple’s and I think it was a joke but I can’t really understand it too well so I just told her we couldn’t be together because she was fat and stuff.. and I had said all of this when we we’re around a lot of people and then after that she stopped talking to me and she didn’t show up to the school and now that it’s Friday I feel so much guilt and I feel embarrassed about the way I responded to her and I really want to make things right.
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2023.06.10 06:53 Wolf045 A very tricky situation popped uo about prom. What should I do?

I, 18M, am in a very tricky moral dilemma. A few days ago, this girl and I mutually decided to go to prom together, as both of us didn’t have prom dates at the time, and we just said why don’t we go together. To add some context, we have a couple of classes together, and we talk pretty often during them. She is also relatively popular, and although I wouldn’t say I have a crush on her, I wouldn’t turn down any chance I have of a relationship.
Today is where it got tricky. After a school field trip/academic competition, another girl from the school approached me. After congratulating me on the result (my team had come 2nd), she said something shocking. She had asked the guidance counsellor (responsible for dealing with everything prom) if I had a date for that day. The guidance counsellor said no, as I hadn’t indicated anything on the table requests. She explained that she tried to switch to my table; however, the tables had been finalized a while ago, and she couldn’t (Girl #1 also tried to do this after we had decided to go but was met with the same result). To add context like I had done before, Girl #2 and I are pretty friendly with one another, we have had classes before together but none this year, and we do occasionally talk to each other in the halls or on the bus, but no more than that. Apparently she had found out that I was going with #1 by a mutual friend of theirs, and was pretty confused as she took the word of the guidance counsellor. Coming back to today, she asked me what was going on, as she did hear the two stories. I did say that I was going with #1; however, like an idiot, I failed to realize in that moment that she actually liked me, as my friends had to clearly and obviously spell it out for me afterwards.
Here’s what is complicated though. I am still not sure, not even a week before prom, if me and #1 are going as friends or not. I think we originally said that we would, but we did agree to go wearing matching colours, go shopping for corsages/boutonnières, get picked up in a party bus with other people and go to a party afterwards, so I’m not sure what we’re going as at this point in time. Additionally, her friends pressured me into planning a promposal to make it “official,” which I was told to do immediately after this weekend.
I do feel terrible about “rejecting” her, as she is extremely sweet and kind. I’ve never had to reject anyone face to face (only mutual friends in the texting stage), and I am feeling pretty shitty about it. Any thoughts that you have for me, any advice?
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2023.06.10 06:51 ekbrooo22 This man needs to be protected at all costs!

Karl is so cute and sweet and funny and caring, and is such a great match for MC! He’s precious as hell and I will absolutely throw hands if Mr. Tag tries to do anything to this sweetheart!
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2023.06.10 06:30 ThatFoodieGuyyy 19 Year Old Bottom from Chandigarh, India LTR LDR 🌸

Hey everyone!
I'm a 19-year-old bisexual bottom from Chandigarh, India, currently in an exploration phase of life. I'm here in search of a long-term relationship, open to the possibility of it being long distance as well.
I have a couple of passions that I hold dear to my heart: eating and talking! I'm a huge foodie and love trying new cuisines and exploring different flavors. If you're someone who enjoys good food and engaging conversations, we might just be a perfect match!
I want to emphasize that I'm not just looking for casual encounters. I genuinely desire a connection where we can develop deep feelings for each other and create something truly meaningful.
If you're interested in building a real connection based on trust, mutual respect, and emotional intimacy, feel free to message me. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and see where it takes us!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Foodie Guyy
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2023.06.10 06:25 Sudden_Road9205 Sex starved relationship and mental health impact

I've been in a relationship with someone for approximately 10 years. We started as teenagers and basically built a whole life together. Right from the very start, I felt that the chemistry was very low, especially from her side, but I understood that this is just how she is. We moved together, we did college together, built a life together, faced poverty together, transformed our lifes together and accomplished a lot. All this time, her libido was almost 0, and this always affected me a lot, but I chose to tolerate/overlook it due to my busy schedule in recent years and the fact that our interaction has always been incredibly pleasant and harmonious. I tried to talk about this many times and ask questions like, "Are you asexual? Do you love me as a friend? Do you want to fix this? We can try couples therapy, etc…" but she always cries and says that she doesn't know... I try to be understanding and give her time to think about it, but nothing happens and the loop resets until I start to get insomnia, anxiety, and initiate the same conversation to get the same results. This cycle is very frustrating and humiliating for me, and I feel like that kind of character in movies (Roy from the office) where someday the girl "discovers real love" and replaces the guy. In the past few months, I've had the growing feeling that this will eventually come to an end, and I'm just prolonging the inevitable. On the other hand, I'm saddened by the thought of losing such a unique and genuine person like her, the kind of person who radiates purity and joy and is so cute that you can't be upset with her, and she brightens your day with a simple smile. Furthermore, I feel that her presence keeps my internal struggles at bay, and I'm certain that an overwhelming emptiness would consume me if I were alone. However, I've been sacrificing my own needs for many years, and nothing changes; my life is passing me by, and she still doesn't show any sign of attraction.
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2023.06.10 06:24 stalite01 AITA for shouting against a U13 opponent team that they are tired and cant run anymore?

I (37) was cheering on the sidelines for my son's U13 soccer and I'm always hyping them up and cheering them on every chance I get to keep their morale high, our team was leading 1-0 and almost in the closing minutes of the game I started noticing that the opponent team was quite sluggish and slowing down also noticing the opponent team doesn't have enough substitutes.
I started shouting and telling the team the opponent team was tired and cant run anymore multiple times until the end of the game.
After the match I was approached by one of the opponent's Mom telling me that I shouldn't have shouted words to encourage my team but at the expense of their team, felt a little weird because for me it should've have been encouragement for both teams to play on and keep running since it's quite a tight game with my team just leading by 1 and anything could happen in a few seconds.
I told her I was sorry if she felt bad about what I said but I didn't even tried to curse or talk trash against their team, I felt a little ashamed but at the same time didn't think I deserved any reprimanding, because I don't thins anyone so onion skinned would be offended in what I was saying.
honestly my intention was to push my son's team and didn't even care what the opponent team felt, I'm also keeping myself in check knowing this kids (mostly 12) might still be quite young enough to be discouraged and develop a very low self esteem.
I checked with the other parents from my team if they felt that there was something wrong with what I was saying, I was merely stating the facts I'm seeing in the game, most of the parents agree but only a married couple mentioned that it didn't sound nice, seeming they agree with what the opponent's mom, which I felt weird because I didn't think anyone would feel so bad about a load parent shouting "They Can't run anymore", "They're too tired".
trying to put myself in their shoe didn't even help because if I was in their position I would encourage my team to play until the final whistle sounds and still try to score as many goals if possible.
I asked my wife about it because she would normally say if I'm going out of line also keeping me in check and she said it really didn't bother her at all.
AITA for shouting "They can't run anymore", "They're too tired" against the opponents team?
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2023.06.10 06:23 fangirl_otaku7 How Nintendo Attacked Me Personally With TOTK

Disclaimer: No, obviously Nintendo has no idea who I am, and though my pain is genuine, my attitude in this post should be taken as a joke. But the coincidence is really funny. Also I haven't explored beneath the castle yet so no spoilers in the comments please.
Background: When I played Breath of the Wild, I did the Tarrey Town quest like everyone else. My boyfriend told me to look forward to it because I'm a huge romance fan. I was... underwhelmed? So he gives her his stinky laundry to fix every single day and gets defensive when she tries to tell him how that's kinda yikes? Gets nearly the ENTIRE town to practically gaslight her into agreeing to a wedding vow based on his company that he apparently didn't even address with her before the ceremony? And this is everyone's favorite canon couple in Breath of the Wild? I wasn't hyped. Especially because Rhondson has a line saying "I wonder if he's the only kind of voe I'll find." Honey... look up. Literally. Granté is sitting RIGHT THERE. He's cute, friendly, polite, sells armor just like her so they have a common interest and he can mend his OWN clothing - now there's a match made in heaven! I even wanted to write a fanfiction where Rhondson has an affair with Granté and got a couple chapters in before I got distracted with another project.
Cue Tears of the Kingdom.
Obviously I was extremely curious about what happened to Rhondson. My highest hope was that she had divorced Hudson - I felt it was reasonably within the realm of possibility. But of course I'm sure you all know about that freak of nature running around - Mattison. God. I made my boyfriend do that quest, I was so annoyed. It also occurs to me while writing this post that it looks like Rhondson has completely given up her passion for tailoring and crafting armor to help out with Hudson's business. Like, okay, support your hubby I guess but what about YOUR dreams, girl?
Running around Tarrey Town, I've got one thought - where's Granté?
You guys. How could this NOT be a personal attack.
So not only does he NOT hook up with the woman of his dreams (according to me), he CHANGES HIS NAME so he can work for her PIG of a husband and is banished by the game onto a lonely cliffside and doesn't even spawn until you do that quest for Mattison? On TOP of that, it seems the fanbase is using him as a hatesink because he follows Link around while he's constructing his house and gets in the way. He's barely an NPC - he's been demoted to Korok status. It feels like someone at Nintendo read all two chapters of my fanfiction and gave Granté the WORST possible fate JUST to spite me. Just... how is this even possible. It is INSANE.
So that's the story of Nintendo's totally real vendetta against me personally. You cut deep, Nintendo. Real deep. Hope you're proud.
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2023.06.10 06:13 Zagaroth [No Need For a Core?] - CH 094: Boing!

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Mordecai was simply giving into temptation with this second boss. He had wanted to save it for later development, but he also wanted to play with this idea now. And he felt that it would be a nice surprise. So for the first time Mordecai turned his attention towards the technically hostile organisms occupying a part of the dungeon.
“Wait, really? You’re going there? Ewww.” Came Kazue’s mental voice when she realized where his focus was shifting. Mordecai smiled at her response, but kept his attention on his search. He was being picky in a way, but he didn’t want to create something completely mindless. His small constructs might have very simple minds, but they did have minds.
Most of the auras he encountered were far too weak to even consider, despite the size of some of the creatures. There was a certain amount of strength developed from the mind; physical vitality alone could create large amounts of spirit but it took a mind and will to focus it and make it strong.
Of the auras that had a little something more to them, most of them tasted of little other than basic hunger. Those were not what he wanted. No, what he wanted was … there. It wasn’t much, not yet, but there was the slightest hint of curiosity, of hunger turned beyond physical satiation. That would do quite nicely. He could make an offer to a creature like that, a promise to help fulfill this new sensation. He didn’t offer safety or food, he offered stimulation and experience.
There was a sense of confusion at first, and Mordecai couldn’t be happier. If it could be confused, it could learn. The primitive proto-mind briefly stilled, then hesitantly reached back towards the connection to accept. Mordecai’s sense of the creature sharpened and solidified as it became one of his inhabitants, and he mentally grasped it to draw it to the boss room where his avatar awaited, and he opened his eyes to examine what was to become his newest boss.
A gelatinous mass of fluorescent colors shimmered in front of him. If the child-sized ooze didn’t glow slightly, he’d have considered it iridescent instead with the way its colors flowed and shifted. The surface of the creature had a texture that was constantly changing between smooth and crinkled, with occasional bits briefly becoming solid. And floating in the very center was a nearly invisible tiny sphere of crystal. “Oh, you are beautiful.” He murmured to it as he walked around and examined it. “You have the best integration of living crystal and slime I’ve seen yet. I would like to see something.” He stepped up close to it and raised his hand over its surface. “Just a quick poke. Relax and let your reflexes happen, I won’t hurt you and you can’t do any real harm to me.”
Once it acknowledged him, Mordecai used his middle finger to jab at it swiftly. The surface gave slightly before rapidly hardening against the impact and it reflexively built pressure behind that point, then as his finger retreated and the surface tension released the pressure behind that part of the surface automatically flung acid-coated shards of crystal at his hand.
Mordecai spun to the side to avoid most of it, but a few flecks still hit him. They did more damage to his sleeve than to his flesh, but a normal person wouldn’t have taken it quite so well. “Oh, I am going to be happy with you little one. I think we need to start with a name however, and then move on to enhancing you. What do you think of Klastoria?” It pulsed with a pleased-looking flash of color, and Mordecai smiled. “Then it is a pleasure to meet you Klastoria. I am Mordecai.”
“And I’m Kazue!” Announced his wife as she manifested her avatar. “Oh goddess, you are too cute Klastoria!” She practically danced in place as she squeed over the slime. “Mordecai, I want to hug her so badly! How did you find something so cute in that place?”
“Heh, I don’t recommend that just yet love, she needs to learn a bit of restraint first.” Wait a moment. “Um? Her?” He’d initially followed the gender identification before he realized what Kazue had said.
“Yep! Someone this shiny and cute has got to be a girl!” The little kitsune said, and Mordecai couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile.
“I think Zushi might have something to say about boys not being allowed to be cute.”
“Nah, he’s fluffy-cute, that’s different. Klastoria is shiny-cute and pretty like a girl.”
Mordecai decided to translate that into ‘I want her to be a girl’ more than being any sort of rule Kazue was truly serious about. He’d attribute it to youthful whim if it weren’t for the fact that he was pretty certain that a hundred years from now she’d be inclined to do the same sort of thing. He had met her mother after all. “Not a good idea just yet love. Your avatar isn’t acid resistant, and your clothes certainly aren’t.”
While they’d been talking, the little bits of crystal and acid that had hit the ground had melted together and flowed back to rejoin Klastoria. “And I have a spell that can help with that, but let me finish getting Klastoria ready first, alright?”
“Fine fine, hurry up, I want to hug her!”
It was hard to not laugh at Kazue’s eagerness as he turned his attention back to their newest boss-to-be. “Alright, looks like Kazue has decided you are going to be a girl. If you ever decide that’s not right for you, let us know. Now, we want to make you stronger and smarter, though the smarter might be a little slower to come.” Klastoria wouldn’t be able to fully understand what they were saying yet, but she would be able to remember.
He mentally grasped the available boss node and began feeding it the concept of the crystal core in the center gradually growing in size and its paths becoming smaller and more intricate. “We are going to want you to become much bigger …” he paused as a new idea came to him. “Oh wait, how dense can your crystal get?” He had already noticed that the fluid had been compressed when it turned into crystal. Oh, that should work.
“But you won’t always have to be that big. No, with a little enhancement, we can help you compact yourself into a completely crystal form. Yes, that’s going to be your focus, complete mastery of your form and the transition between fluid and solid states.” He had been thinking of focusing more on the acid attacks of a slime-type monster, enhanced with ranged attacks and crystal shards, along with Klastoria being better armored than a typical ooze-type, but this would be, hmm, not necessarily ‘better’ from an absolute sense, but more custom and unique.
Mordecai connected the boss node to Klastoria as he continued to feed in his concepts and took several steps back, motioning for Kazue to do the same. It took a moment for anything to change as all the mana began funneling in, but then Klastoria began to grow rapidly. In just a couple of minutes she grew into a sphere about 15 feet in diameter, jiggling excitedly at all the changes happening. Knowledge came as well as power and mass, and as soon as the connection was finalized she began experimenting.
The huge blob suddenly shrank, transforming into a hard, sharp-edged cube of crystal only about 5 feet across. Mordecai blinked as he ran the math, then double-checked what was happening. It took only a second to realize she’d evolved the concept into a limited version of Shape Change, allowing her to displace a portion of her mass the way many other shape-changing creatures could. But not all of it, she was still nine times as dense in this form, which was a rather intense compression. It put her somewhere in between iron and lead.
It also seemed uncomfortable based off of the emotions from Klastoria, who then began moving through a rapid series of other form-changing experiments. Most of them were manipulating her ability to shift between fluid and solid phases at will with nearly unlimited amounts of discreteness, but she was also able to shift and recall any amount of mass she needed to within her ranges.
She could form long limbs able to swing as freely as any tentacle, but could instantly harden her surface and/or interior to act like exo- or endo-skeletons, and her limbs could have any sort of surface she desired, creating almost any shape of blade or point. The hydraulic pressure that powered her limbs and gave her the ability to fire projectiles of crystallized acid also combined with her size-changing abilities to allow her to leap, and even spin or slightly course-correct by altering her density in one or more spots mid-air.
Climbing was easy too. Any sort of tree-like structure could just be grabbed and used to haul her body up, but she could also flow up walls and crawl along the ceiling by letting her body flow into the tiniest imperfections and then harden into crystal to obtain a surface-wide grip. Mordecai even created a smooth glass surface for her to try on, and Klastoria was able to figure out how to flatten her body enough that simply air pressure could hold her onto it, though she was a bit slower this way.
She couldn’t go perfectly flat though, that sphere of crystal that was the seat of her very self could not be altered. But the ability to change her form so freely gave her lots of options that she was going to be experimenting with for days. Mordecai did point out one new thing for her to try later: With her abilities, there is no reason she shouldn’t be able to drop from almost any height. In her larger form she could increase her internal pressure to just high enough to create a collapsing cushion, while if she made herself a dense, sharp cone she could fall straight into the ground or another object and force it to take the shock of her impact, the rigidity and hardness of her body keeping her from being damaged.
Kazue slid up beside him and asked in an ever-so-sweet voice. “Are you two done playing yet?”
Mordecai chuckled, then swept her into his arms to give her a lingering kiss. “Alright love, you can go hug the squishy slime. She’s learned great control now and should be able to be just soft and pliable enough.” Which honestly would be another great exercise for Klastoria, but he made sure not to mention that thought out loud.
“Yes!” Kazue flung herself at Klastoria with reckless abandon and was quick to explore other play options as the slime could also be anything from a soft cushion to sink into, to a bouncy spring to jump high in the air. Mordecai amused himself by sending some images of what Kazue was doing to Moriko, and the half-elf’s envy was tangible across their link. He doubted she would be initially quite as carefree as Kazue about it, but he didn’t doubt she would enjoy herself.
While his wife played, Mordecai set about double-checking the level and inhabitants, making sure everything tied together and worked smoothly. It would take a few days to get everyone into their routines and roles, and weeks of practice to become well-trained for this mix of terrain and style, but it would be well worth the effort.
The final step was to sweep through again and set limiters. The creatures could simply feel his intent and hold back where needed, but all the more trap-like organisms needed to have a second layer of mana woven over them to reign them in. Things were less sticky, hit softer, and were easier to break. But in exchange, he was able to apply a soft layer of vitality absorption that would increase the fatigue of dealing with the various dangers, roughly approximating how they might feel after dealing with the trap’s full strength.
It increased his overall costs for growing them by about 50%, and if he’d been trying to make them more deadly the expenditure would have failed.
Mordecai snorted. Intent indeed. He’d not thought to layer things like this, he’d grown up just knowing what his limits were on how strong he could make something based on where in his dungeon it was. He’d never tried making something strong, and then ‘waste’ mana by placing a restriction on it. A restriction he could release as needed, but his sincere intent was to only do so if he felt it was needed.
Well, that would cost them a few days at least until they had enough to push down and start the sixth floor, but that was okay. He wanted to work over some ideas with Kazue first anyway. The organization of the first five floors was fine, but despite the theming, the layout was a touch repetitive, and they were deep enough already to make brute forcing a ‘second’ entrance infeasible for most.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to.
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.10 06:12 jsshntr Joybird Couches

Joybird Couches
I was just about to place an order on a daya Joybird sectional but it looks like I have to wait for some pending charges on my card first so it wouldn't go through. So I'm here for some last minute rethinking. I know that some Joybird reviews are horrible and that scares me but I cannot find a single couch that's this cute and looks so comfy. So maybe someone else has suggestions. If there was a couple things I could change about this couch it would be to have a taller back and maybe cushions that could be help in place better. I am also worried about some reviews I've seen about the couch sections not being held together well. However, the depth of the seat cushions and the gorgeous comfy fabric really sells me on this couch. If someone knows of a similar looking couch that's better quality, please tell me before I destroy my bank account.
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2023.06.10 06:11 aster2560 Arc Family History

Background information to “What the Jaunedice Arc should’ve been”
Julius Arc: the first wielder of Crocea Mors, bastard from a prostitute and a Vale lord, the Vale lord made a promise to the prostitute to give Julius an education, train him in combat through retainers and give her a decent amount of gold as long as he never uses his family’s name, Julius’s mother both worked him to the bone to try and use him to elevate her status so when Julius was recognized by a Vale high lord during a tourney who asked for his family name so he chose Arc since he didn’t want to use his mother’s or father's family name, the high lord commissioned him a sword and shield that befitted his skills, fought for Vale in the Great War, during the Great War he earned the name “Julius the Undaunted” for his boldness on the battlefield, fought in the final battle of the Great War alongside the king of Vale, retired from combat, married a woman, had a son with the woman, and passed away from wounds he sustained during the Great War
Tyson Arc: Trained to be a huntsman to make a living, designed dual broadswords to be his weapon, took huntsman exam and passed it with flying colors, earned the name “The Whirlwind Demon” for how he fought, married a woman, had a son with that woman, and died due to contracting a disease
Lance Arc: attended combat school to train to become a huntsman, designed a specialized lance to be his weapon, took the huntsman exam and barely passed, had an okay career as a huntsman, married a woman, had a son with that woman, the woman he married died 2 years after childbirth, and he died from a heart attack
Chase Arc: never really knew his father due to him dying when he was 3, was raised by his aunt and uncle on his mother’s side, enrolled at Beacon to train to become a huntsman to earn good Lien to support his aunt and uncle, designed a katana to be his weapon with help from a blacksmith from the most eastern region of Anima, used a small meteor he as the material to create the katana, became the leader of team CYAN, made many friends at Beacon who helped him out, met a woman from Atlas named Sara Stark during the Vytal Festival, romanced Sara up during the Vytal Festival, graduated from Beacon and passed the huntsman exam, enjoys a pretty successful career as a huntsman, helps out his aunt and uncle by sending them Lien, marries Sara Stark, fathers Clarice on their wedding night, fathers Saphron 2 months after Clarice is born, Sara Stark and him divorce 2 months after Saphron’s 3rd birthday, Chase gets Saphron while Sara gets Clarice, meets Morgan Pendragon who works as a blacksmith and manages to romance her up, marries Morgan Pendragon and fathers Alyssa 1 month after their wedding night, Chase and Morgan divorce after 5 months Alyssa has been alive, Morgan got Alyssa, his aunt and uncle pass away due to old age, meets Amanda Lancaster who had opened a new bar where he was drowning his sorrows after the passing of his aunt and uncle, manages to romance Amanda up and marries her after accidentally getting pregnant, fathers Emma 3 months after Lyla’s 4th birthday, Amanda and him get divorced 4 months after Emma’s birth, Amanda got Emma while he got Lyla, meets Rosine Anderson who runs the local bakery 2 years after his divorce with Amanda, marries after 6 months of dating, fathers Jaune 1 month after their wedding night, fathers Fiona 5 weeks after Jaune’s birth, Rosine and Chase get divorced 2 months after Fiona’s birth, Chase got Jaune while Rosine got Fiona, meets Vivi Wells who works as a local innkeeper 4 months after his divorce with Rosine, Chase marries her after dating her for 7 months, and fathers Darcy 2 weeks after their wedding day. Despite the divorces Chase generally does have an amicable relationship with all of his ex wives. Has a good relationship with all of his daughters that he doesn’t have custody over due to both him and them being able to visit each other without any difficulty due to all of them still growing up in the same mountain town. If he had to pick a favorite kid he would choose Alyssa and if he had to pick a least favorite it would be Jaune because of his extremely whiny attitude and the fact that he gave up on the first day of his initial training. He still works as a huntsman to support his family. Chase is called “The Lightning Blademaster '' for his work as a huntsman while the town calls him “The Lightning Husband” due to how fast he goes through marriages with his wives. The reason why he doesn't give Jaune his approval is due to Jaune’s reason for going to Beacon being about family pride instead of feeling like it was his true calling or some other higher purpose.
  1. Clarice Stark 31: works as an independent journalist so she mainly travels around all over Remnant looking for stories to report on, just broke up with somebody, currently in a crappy mood because of the break up, usually quite chill though, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla since she constantly does help her out with her photography and her least favorite would be Emma due her trolling nature
  2. Saphron Arc 30: moved to Argus to try to pursue a career in acting that went nowhere and was gonna move back home until she met Terra and fell in love with her, so now she married to Terra and now has a job in teaching at the local theater, her favorite sibling would have to Clarice for encouraging her to go to Argus to pursue acting and her least favorite Lyla for blaming her for messing a photograph when she didn’t
  3. Alyssa Pendragon 27: The only other Arc sibling that chose to become a huntress, did not have faith in Jaune and did discourage him due not wanting to see him get hurt at Beacon, she managed to gain world renown due to be one the few huntsman in all of Remnant to single handedly slay a Megoliath all on her own, has a bit of a gambling problem, does some amateur modeling for a magazine when she her gambling debts get a little too steep, and her main weapon is a 2 handed great sword that she designed and her mother made, and her semblance is a light that she can either use to cover her blade that allows it to cut through almost anything or condense it to the tip of her sword that allows her to send the light either straight through her enemy or make the light expand and explode on the part the enemy that it has made contact with the latter two requires extreme concentration especially the third one and they both wear her out, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla due to helping her out with her gambling debts and her least favorite would be Emma due being trolled by her a lot
  4. Lyla Arc 24: works as a professional photographer, works for the magazine that Alyssa models for occasionally and is Alyssa’s contact for the magazine, has bit of a drinking problem whenever she gets stood up for a date, ends up ranting to Jaune about stuff whenever she is drunk, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due being able to vent things at him with him being fine with it and her least favorite would have to be Saphron due her messing up a perfectly good photograph at one time
  5. Emma Lancaster 20: works as a bartender at her mother’s bar, likes to smoke from time to time, can give okay advice when she wants to, can be a bit of troll at times, currently in a relationship, doesn’t think it’s gonna go anywhere though, always gives Jaune good advice when he comes to her, doesn’t like alcohol, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune since he only ever comes to her for advice when ever he really needs it And her least favorite sibling would have to be Clarice since she ruined a perfectly good prank and got her grounded for a month when she was younger
  6. Jaune Arc 17: the only son of the current Arc family, currently a student at Beacon Academy, finds Darcy to be bit annoying, his weapon is Crocea Mors, thinks that his father is disappointed in him and he’s right but not for the reason he thinks, wants to surpass Alyssa and get his father’s approval, quit on the first day of his initial training from his father, had a lot of pride in his family name, helped out with mother’s bakery, got stood up for his first date and was really depressed for a couple of days, gave up on love after being stood up until Emma, Lyla, and Fiona managed to help him out, his favorite sibling would have to be Emma due to the good advice she gives and his least would be Darcy due annoying him at times
  7. Fiona Anderson 16: currently helping out with her mother’s bakery, is eventually gonna take over the bakery, not good at cooking anything else besides bakery goods, trying to fix that, often tells Jaune to shut up when he’s whining, comforted Jaune when he was stood up for his first date, her favorite sibling would have to be Darcy due how cute she finds her to be and her least favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to his constant whining
  8. Darcy Arc 13: occasionally helps out at her mother’s inn, really hyperactive, easily amused, gets along with animals, tries to play with whenever she can but she ends up just annoying him at times, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to how funny she thinks he is and her least favorite would have to be Fiona due to how clingy she thinks she is
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2023.06.10 06:08 hashtadon Can't hear voice chat!

Very weird. One day months ago I suddenly couldn't hear any voice chat, and couldn't speak. The icon in the corner still shows teammates' names when they are talking, but i cant hear them.
I tried messing with my settings and looking for a solution online and cant figure anything out. I play on PS5.
My settings are Voice chat volume: 100 Group voice chat: auto join Team voice chat: auto join Match voice chat: on Voice chat mode: open mic Cross-platform communications: all
Has anybody else had this issue? Or know how to fix?
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2023.06.10 06:05 TechnicianHumble4317 Video Player Acting Weird

So I have sort of a potato pc right now because my main PC broke im going to order a new one soon, so basically I was watching youtube one day and I played a couple games and then I watched youtube again, and the video player on every single website was lagging when I was playing a video, and I looked it up on out of fix it and I already did the "use hard work acceleration when available" option in Google Chrome and that didn't work.
So then I thought it was just Google but it wasn't, so I changed my browser and it was happening on Edge, Firefox, everything when I watched youtube video or any type of video on any website, I have a samsung 4K monitor that can do 1440p 165hz And I also check the "stats for nerds" Video player option on youtube, and basically the frames are dropping by alot. But when I switch my quality to my monitor to the videos quality (1080P most of thw time) it goes back to normal so when I'm watching a 1080P video and I switch my monitor resolution back to 1080P from 1440P, It doesn't lag anymore. But when I watch a 1080p video on youtube at my display resolution on my pc at 1440p on my monitor, it lags.
It could be my driver's but it's just happened basically out of nowhere so I don't know if that could be it. And I don't really know how to update them in a efficient way without paying a subscription or something, I've tried updating my driver's in control panel and stuff like that, and it said everything was up to date.
So now every time I have to watch a YouTube video that doesn't have any more options than 1080p, I have to switch my display resolution from 1440P to 1080P to match the videos quality option on YouTube for it not to lag. But when I do watch YouTube video In 1440P and the video quality on the YouTube video is 1080P It lags alot and it has alot of delay to the video and it just gets worse and worse when I watch It. Any solutions to this? I'm not very Tech savvy so ur gonna have to give a basic solution not naming too many big words, just a simple step by step would be nice.
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2023.06.10 05:57 randobandopeep Harlan Coben Fans? The Match?

Heyo! So super big fan of Harlan Coben. Fav book so far is The Innocent. I just finished the Match and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s obviously written well, couldn’t put it down. But I’m hung up on some things lol like did it ever mention if Wilde worked at all? Parts of the story don’t seem realistic,so my logical mind is like how is he living life? 🤣 I finished the book in just a couple of days so it definitely had my attention. Just don’t know about it overall lol let me know if you liked it!
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2023.06.10 05:48 SharkFinIsHere Californication Songs Ranked

I decided to rank some of the albums and this was my first album I listened to so I decided to start here.
  1. Emit Remmus- I don’t dislike a song on this album, they’re all at least good. This one just has the least to offer to me and each part, while catchy, is fairly simplistic and the song doesn’t really “go anywhere.”
  2. I like Dirt- I know plenty of people who swear by this song, and I do think it is a short and sweet, catchy, tune. I just don’t often find myself seeking out or thinking about this song much compared to others on the album.
  3. Porcelain- I used to skip this song and thought it was the worst on the album when I first started listening to the Peppers. Now that I’ve listened to it more reflectively and appreciate the meaning of the lyrics and the peaceful instrumentals, it has grown on me. Still, I find it lacking compared to others on the album.
    1. Purple Stain- This is vey close to Porcelain in ranking for me. Similar to Emit Remmus, I find the parts a bit simplistic and repetitive but a bit catchier. The outro, however, is one of my favorite parts of the album and boosts the ranking a bit.
  4. Savior- Not much to say about this one honestly. I don’t really care for the chorus, as it drags a bit for me. I do really like the verses (bridges?), or whatever the quieter parts are called. The vocal melody and lyrics in those portions of the song really captivate me on my first listen along with the guitar solo.
  5. Get on Top- Again, not too much to say. It’s a fun, upbeat song with memorable vocals and instrument parts.
  6. Otherside- Ok, hear me out. I know this is a bit of a hot take putting it this low, but let me say this again, I like every song on this album including Otherside. What hurts the ranking here is how repetitive the sign can feel. The verses and choruses are solid, but the verses especially seem to repeat too often for it not to become repetitive. Each listen, I find myself waiting to get to the bridge. Once it gets there, though, I love the rest of the song. Basically, I think the buildup is a bit too tedious, but the climax and ending still make this a solid song.
  7. Road Trippin’- I think anyone who has heard this song can at least respect it enough to understand why I put it halfway up the list. The song just captures a feeling that I can’t describe but appreciate with every listen. I think it comes from the mixture of the mysterious guitar and bass parts coupled with Anthony’s eerie, yet almost mystical lyrics an vocal melody. So yeah, this song really strikes me emotionally which is why I appreciate it so much.
  8. Parallel Universe- If you had told me PU was this low on your ranking a few months ago, I would have punched you. However, after a friend pointed out their distaste for the song I reconsidered. While I really, really, enjoy it, I feel like I relied to heavily on the Slane Castle solo as a the “selling point” of this song. I do think he verses and choruses are great, but the outro on the studio version is just… fine. So, I’ve ranked it a bit lower, but if we were going off of SC version, it would be a different story.
  9. Californication- The title track always Carrie’s a heavy burden, especially when it is a single. Personally, I think Cali more than delivered. The guitar and bass parts are simplistic but blend so well together that it sounds much more impressive. I think the high points of this don’t are the lyrics and guitar solo. The rest of the song is still iconic and memorable, however, putting this track above many others.
  10. Right on Time- To be honest, I’m still not sure exactly how this ended up this high on the list, but when I compare it it makes sense to me. It just packs a punch of energy like no other song on this list. It’s short, but strong with a fast tempo and an energetic melody. Some people complain that it’s too short, but I appreciate the length, as I don’t think the song would hit as hard if it were dragged out for too long.
  11. Easily- I love this song, plain and simple. The verses are solid, with an energetic guitar riff. But then the chorus hits, and “my eyes popped out my d!ck got hard.” The choruses, especially the extended ones, are one of two main factors in why I love this song. The totter would be John’s outro solo. Although it is not the most technical or difficult solo, it doesn’t need to be because this solo is just straight up, lovely, enjoyable music, and I don’t need him to shred to make something that sounds good.
  12. This Velvet Glove- Another emotional, beautiful song for me. I don’t have as much to say about this one, as I can’t exactly put my finger on one factor that makes me enjoy this song as much as I do, other than knowing I enjoy the verses more than the choruses, though they both are great. Regardless of why I love this song, I know that it deserves to be near the top of the list.
  13. Around the World- There’s too much to unpack here honestly, it’s just so good in so many ways. Flea’s bass intro is one hell of a way to kick off the album,and the energy only builds as the rest of the band comes in. The guitar riff is basic, but it works well in combination with the funkier rhythms brought about by Chad and Flea. Finally, the song settles into a more melodic chorus complemented beautifully by John’s haunting backing vocals. The outro is also one of the band’s better crafted jams that fits nicely into the ending of track 1.
  14. Scar Tissue- It had to be. I think this song captures the overall vibe of the album better than any other song here. The magic of this song comes less from the technicality, and more from the Beaty created by the combination of each part with iconic, memorable lyrics. This song IS Californication, and brings about a vibe that can’t be replicated anywhere else.
I know I was a bit long winded with some of those explanations, but I felt I owed it to defend the ranking. Let me know what you think and your own rankings. If y’all like this I’ll probably do BTW next.
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2023.06.10 05:32 Worried_Lunch9606 Can a depressive episode seem rational?

I feel awful making multiple posts here but that seems to kind of be the theme of this subreddit so I hope it's okay. I apologize in advance for all the words, the full context I feel is very important.
He broke up with me on the 29th of May suddenly and then packed all my stuff up at the apartment and dropped it off on the 31st. He tried to break up with me March 1st but we had just recently moved and that was full of fights and pain but we got through it and April and May were so happy and wonderful.
No matter what I said on either day though in May I couldn't get through to him. Both days we had a conversation for hours. Me, trying hard to tell him all the solutions to these problems he was bringing up or the fact that I just couldn't have done anything about one of them at that time. Telling him I'd take a break for as long as he needed, I'd watch the pets if he wanted to travel, I'd go to couples therapy, begging him to just think about it and him telling me he's thought about it, and telling me "sometimes even though two people love each other its not enough" as if we had been fighting for months or had irreconcilable differences in life paths. He expressed that it did not come from a desire to be single, that he needed to be alone, needed to "find himself', that there wasnt someone else, that he loved me so much, etc.
We had been cry laughing together on the 27th. And a few days prior he wrote some songs with a friend he had been planning with for years and wrote in lyrics that were references to things we liked, and he was so excited to show me and get my opinion. These are serious recordings that will be released at some point. The night before he was worried I hated him for something and wanted my hugs and comfort. The next morning he was different and I said "This relationship is good and it works!" and he shouted back "Maybe for you!" Saying things like he thought I could see it coming and that it would be mutual. And I feel so insane still. He was crying his eyes out saying he was breaking his own heart too, and when he dropped off my stuff he hugged me 3-4 times for so long and tried to comfort me. He said that yes theres a part of him that wants to try but he cant, even though I kept making him cry by bringing up all the plans we had. He said that when the good moments were good they were really good but the bad moments were really bad. Which isn't even really true. I am a stable, healthy and patient individual. I dont name call, I dont raise my voice.
We've texted twice, once about the stuff he gave me, and the other was me asking if he blocked me somewhere. Both times he seemed put together and calm which freaked me out. Maybe hes fine without me, maybe this is truly something he wanted. But just last April we were having a wonderful time. He worked so hard for my birthday, he got sad at the end of the month and made a joke about running away together. In May I wanted to watch Eurovision with him and he got all into it. We didnt get to watch the finale together but we talked about it when he got home. We were watching each others childhood movies, he bought a Wii and a bunch of old GameCube games that were $60 dollars each so we could play together. We had just gone grocery shopping with a list and talked about how it was so much smarter. We had plans for future dinners and our 3 year anniversary was coming up on June 6th. We were decorating our bedroom as the last room in the apartment and had just bought some wall decor and new handles for drawers on furniture. He texted me he loved me and that he'd be home tomorrow with a cute little smiley face and was all excited to tell me about the festival. Things felt like they were evolving into something stronger and better. There were no signs, no fights, etc. He has always remarked on how special this relationship is, how different it is to him than previous ones, how thankful he was to me for "finding him" and how he's shared personal things to me he's never shared with anyone ever. It was and is a very special, very insanely compatible relationship on all fronts and accounts. He's always been afraid of losing me and we'd talked about long term commitment although shyly.
He's struggling with a binge disorder and his weight/body image and dreading the Summer. He had just recently started up smoking but not fully yet. He took a supposedly small dose of mushrooms at a festival the night before but seemed fine and came back and said it was "beautiful." A friend did tell him he "embodied the darkness" though which he didn't love. He's turning 30 this month and was worried about our age (I'm 23) and having a bit of a midlife crisis as it were with more self image issues. He's been diagnosed Bipolar 2, medicated and in therapy the whole time I've known him (4 years, dating officially for 3) and a year or two before then. He's on a low dose of both Wellbutrin and Lamictal and while he's a bit forgetful he's not opposed to taking them. He's not Borderline diagnosed but has been told he has traits.
I read Loving Someone With Bipolar and the anger, irritability and fatalistic, doom and gloom thoughts are very much him and I've read so many peoples posts on here. So many people saying how their partners brought up "compatibility" suddenly. I don't want to kid myself and blame this breakup on his illness but it just doesnt add up. No one I've spoken to has understood and I've walked people thru word for word text messages and beat by beat breakdowns of the events of these past months. It's now June 10th and he hasn't tried coming back yet and so I feel a bit like I'm being an idiot but I don't know. He had an on and off again relationship with his ex though and they didnt share at all what we share so it just doesnt make sense or seem fair.
I know I've posted a lot here, I'm so sorry. Anything anyone has would be so helpful. I cannot come to grips with the fact I'm living at home right now especially given my house situation is really fucked right now which makes this even more confusing for him to do. I don't want to be delusional but it's not adding up at all.
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2023.06.10 05:29 A_Wooden_Ladder Returning player looking for info

Hey all so I pre ordered the most expensive version of this game when it came out and played it to death at launch then played it on and off, I've just noticed there's a new dlc that I need to pay for (I guess season pass meant something different back on 360 then it does now).
Anyways I was just wondering if it's worth paying €15.99 for or would I be better off waiting for a sale. I played a couple matches of the base game a few minutes ago so it definitely has a decent playerbase but they might just be game pass players so would there be many people to play through the new levels with?
Oh and I appologies for the essay.
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2023.06.10 05:29 i_donthavea_name (WTS) Thinning the herd: Steve Karroll, Grimsmo, Shirogorov, Olamic, Benchmade, Fox, Pena X Series, WingmanEDC, APurvis, SBD, Lacanico, Civivi, Kizer

The purge continues! As stated before, I`m getting ready to retire and travel for several months so I'm drastically thinning the herd of safe queens and uncarried blades (round 4). I don't really have the room in the camper for as many knives as I have now. My downsizing can benefit you!
-Not looking for trades but all prices are OBO, all reasonable offers are considered.
-PP G&S, all prices are including shipping, US sales only, first YOLO/comment/message gets the blade.
-Up for sale this round is:
1.) Steve Karroll AEB-L Fixed Blade. AEB-L Blade. Previous owner had Karbadize make some scales for it. Comes with kydex sheath. Sheath was cut down to fit the new scales, the cut isn’t the most even but holds super solid. Small bit of wear from the sheath. OAL is about 7 7/16". Never sharpened. Comes with COA. SV $180
SOLD 2.) Grimsmo Norseman #1781. Blue reverse honeycomb pattern anodized titanium handle with gold accents, gold anodized titanium hardware, stonewashed RWL 34 blade, ceramic bearings. Knife is in great condition. It's had a few different owners and it's seen pocket time and some very light cutting tasks. With that being said, there really aren't any stand out signs of use or wear. Blade is in great shape and the edge is factory sharp. Clip side handle shows some light ano wear and maybe a scratch or two here and there, but nothing significant. Lock up is excellent and action is what you'd expect from a Norseman. I really hate to let this go, but I have multiple Norsemen. Comes with Grimsmo hard case, COA, T9 tool, and Nano-Oil. SV $600. SOLD
3.) Shirogorov Neon NL. 3.375″ full flat-ground Elmax blade with jimping, 7.5″ overall length, Runs on MRBS (Multi-Row Bearing System), Titanium frame-lock handle scales with contoured edges, Smooth Micarta inlays, Steel lockbar insert doubles as lockbar stabilizer, Polished stand-off, 3D machined tip-up Titanium pocket clip attached with hidden hardware. Action is phenomenal (as usual per Shiros), no play, shaving edge (barely been used on Amazon boxes). Centering is near perfect. I cannot personally find any marks on the handles or the blade. Comes with the box and COA. SV $550.
4.) Olamic Wayfarer 247. M390 blade with Olamic's acid dark wash finish. This knife has been carried, fiddled with, but never cut anything besides opening some Amazon packages. The only blemish is a small snail trail on the show side of the blade. The centering is dead-on, action is good. Solid lockup. The scales have a deep-sea finish/sculpting that reflects light beautifully and is even better in person. Bronzed hardware and backspacer, the latter of which is also sculpted to match scales and the clip. Comes with the original zippered pouch, the COA, and the pivot tool. S/N T495-H, DOB 10.30.2020. SV $425
SOLD 5.) Olamic Swish. Elmax blade with satin finish. Titanium scales in Olamic’s blue seabed contouring. Titanium Clip with nugget backbar anodized bronze. A few very slight marks/scratches on the blade, but not much. Handles look good with no noticeable signs of wear. Detent is very good and the blade fires out nicely with the flipper tab or a Spydie flick. Drop shut and the lock up is solid. Comes with the Olamic case, the COA, and 2 business cards. SV $350 SOLD
SOLD 6.) Benchmade 940-1 Osborne. S90V steel and carbon fiber scales. The 940-1 is highly regarded as one of the most quintessential EDCs of all time. Designed by Warren Osborne, this knife sports a plain reverse tanto blade with a Carbon Fiber handle. The manual opening mechanism features AXIS® lock technology. Up for grabs is this beauty of BM 940-1. Amazing fidget factor. It has a couple trails/marks on the clip and a small scratch on the blade. Never used or carried by me, but I am not the first owner. Comes with the box with corner wear, sticker, and warranty info. SV $180. SOLD
7.) Fox Knives 40th Anniversary #005. M390 striped blade and carbon fiber scales. You won’t find many of these on the internet. This one has a really cool blade. Appears to be a sharpened blade from the previous owner and general signs of carry. Really cool knife though. Perfect size, great ergos, that blade. My only complaint is the detent is a little soft so the action isn't super snappy. No original box but will come in a zippered pouch. SV $375
8.) Pena X Series Rhino. M390 blade and Titanium scales. An awesome Enrique Pena and Jared Van Otterloo design that will make a great addition to any collection. This beautiful knife is built with a satin finished blade with a deep belly and a subtle recurve. The titanium handle comes in a satin finish with blue and bronze ano hardware. The blade rockets open on stainless steel caged bearings and the lock up is solid. A milled titanium pocket clip finishes off the solid design. Has been carried and shows some snail trails: scales and clip; leading edge of show scale has a cosmetic mark. Comes with the box. SV $250.
SOLD 9.) WingmanEDC MDD-K. M390 hand rubbed satin blade with Titanium ceramic bead blast handles. Utilizes Lee Williams’ innovative KickStop flipper mechanism and runs on ceramic bearings. Ceramic bead blasted pivots and hardware with steel lock-bar insert which doubles as lock-bar stabilizer. Lanyard pin. Steel backspacer and 3D machined titanium pocket clip. This does not have the original pivot screw. A previous owner stripped the head put because they didn’t have the proper tool for the proprietary screw. I was able to get the pivot out and replace it with an exact specs pivot screw with a regular hex head. Unfortunately, WingmanEDC does not offer replacement parts. Locks up solid and has an excellent action. I adore the bayonet style blade grind and the Kickstop action. Comes with the box, COA tag, and original paperwork. SV $250. SOLD
10.) APurvis Progeny V1. M390 blade with a satin finish and purple anodized scales. Action is solid and the detent is on point. There are some marks from a previous owner’s sharpening on the choil and a couple of barely visible scratches on the pocket clip. Great knife with good ergos. No box but comes with a pouch. SV $225
SOLD 11.) Sharper By Design Micro Exo Typhoon with carbon fiber inlays. M390 blade with carbon fiber inlays. Second owner but the original owner got this one directly from the original drop. Beautiful action, fit, and finish. One of the sharpest factory edges I’ve seen. Comes with the box. SV $300 SOLD
12.) Ray Laconico & Massdrop Keen. S35VN blade with brushed titanium scales anodized bronze. Gorgeous knife that shows almost no signs of being carried. This thing literally snaps open with early lockup, perfect centering, and no lock stick. Drops shut with the slightest shake. Comes with the box, taco, and R. Laconico cloth. SV $140
13.) Pena X Series Lanny’s Clip Flipper.
S35VN clip point blade with green G-10 scale inserts. Beautiful two tone satin and stonewashed blade and blue anodized hardware. The fit and finish is amazing and the action is smooth. Small snails on the titanium bolster. Previous owner added the lanyard and bead. Comes with taco only. SV $210.
14.) Civivi Elementum Damascus flipper.
Damascus blade steel that offers dependable blade strength beauty. Carbon fiber overlay on G-10 scales that complement the lightweight design. Stainless steel clip for secure deep-pocket carry. Caged ball bearing pivot ensures a smooth and reliable action. I am the original owner with very light carry. Small mark on clip and lock side pivot screw wear. Comes with the box, rag, and stickers. SV $80.
15.) Civivi Elementum Damascus Button Lock.
Damascus blade. Push button lock that rides smoothly and locks the blade in place. Marbled Carbon Fiber handle scales with a simple shape for a sure grip. A stainless steel, reversible clip and caged ball bearing pivot for a smooth and reliable action. I am the original owner and never carried this one, like NIB. Comes with the box, pouch, rag, and stickers. SV $80.
16.) Kizer Splinter Ti.
S35VN blade with Titanium scales. This is a collaboration with Kizer and Tomcat Knives. Has a contoured and textured titanium handle with an S35VN steel blade. The action is smooth with the ball bearings. Frame lock provides a reliable lock up of the blade with zero blade play. There is a natural stonewash finish on the blade and the handle is equipped with a custom pivot, lanyard hole and a reversible titanium pocket clip. I’m the original owner and have never carried it. LNIB. Come with the box, rag, pouch, and extra screw. SV $65.
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2023.06.10 05:25 speak_friend_ IMPORTANT hot takes after finishing the series (TOG + ACOTAR spoilers)

I just finished the TOG series (loved it so much and am empty now), but there are a few things that have stuck with me...
1) Why didn't we get any closure on Aelin's water magic from Mab? She taps into it briefly in KOA and Rowan alludes to her "continuing her training so she can actually do something useful with it".. I thought after forging the lock she would rely on her water magic to help stop Maeve, but feel like it wasn't mentioned again after that. It seems to me this means the series can't really be over if she still has this other side of her magic to explore? (I know SJM confirmed the series might not actually be over, but i need a full plot line around this magic!!)
2) What about Elide's magic/powers?? Multiple times it's mentioned that she has witch blood, that her uncle bound her ankle in iron specifically to impede her using any magic, and Manon claims her as a witch, which is critical in Elide's empowerment to escape from Morath. When Elide arrives at Terrasen and unites with Manon and the crochan/ironteeth alliance i thought there would be some awakening of Elide's power or at least allusion to them being her people.. but it seems like her witch heritage was completely forgotten.
3)I 10000% think Dorian + Lysandra/ Aedion + Manon make more sense as pairings. As king it's expected Dorian would find a queen eventually, and there's a poetry in a queen who began her life impoverished on the streets of Adarlan as a symbol of the new world they're building. They also share similar struggles - dealing with the implications of this powerful magic that has made them outsiders in their communities, wearing many "faces" (both figuratively then literally as dorian gets his shapeshifting magic) based on the setting in order to survive, and ultimately both evolving from bystanders in bad systems in Adarlan to actively fighting for a new world (I know Dorian is much more of an enabler and Lysandra is much more of a victim, but I think the death of her lover really transformed Lysandra from someone who would endure arobynn and the life he forced on her to someone who would take arobynn down). Also, both Lysandra and Dorian had first loves who were murdered, and it would be really lovely for them to find each other on the other side of that heart break. On the other hand, Aedion and Manon are both lethal weapons who are struggling to find the good in themselves after the things they've done on the battlefield. Neither has had a true romantic love before but both are evolving in their capacity to hold that romantic connection and can grow in that together. I feel like SJM pumped UP the temperature of Dorian's badboy flirtiness to match Manon's level in the last two books, giving him way more swagger than he had before (he came across as a super nice if not a little simple in the first books), but Aedion already had that bad boy flirty energy!!! Yet he suddenly felt super muted/not like the same character through all of KOA bc SJM pumped all that personality into Dorian!!! Since Aedion's life's purpose is to serve Aelin, he also wouldn't need to marry in the traditional sense and can offer Manon the freedom she needs. I loved Dorian and Manon's story line but i really do think it only made sense bc SJM wrote Dorian like he was Aedion, meanwhile i've seen many people say Lysandra and Aedion's chemistry fell flat and i have to agree.
4) I freaking love SJM, I love acotar and i love TOG even more, but I am so over the "unite the three parts of obscure magical object" thing (wyrdstones, cauldron) and the "big bad horrible evil king/queen that is completely unstoppable and so evil (erawan/king of hybern) until a convenient magic rule is made up just in time to save the day" thing. I know it's so hard to avoid this in fantasy, and i think it's better done in TOG because it has a slower build, but the wyrd portal bringing in the lost fae of terrasen who hadn't been mentioned much just seemed to deflate the excitement of the epic battle. Why wouldn't aelin have brought in those extra warriors earlier when so many, including Gavriel, were literally dying and it seemed hopeless? It would have been cooler if aelin ultimately was able to rely on her assassin training to out maneuver Maeve even without her powers. Or if aelin used the old books from the torre to unlock an old wyrdmark message from Nehemia, using the portal to bring in a hidden army from Eyllwe or Nehemia from the afterlife to take down maeve, something that connected more to the core plot and players vs. bringing in new elements.
5) What's up with SJM's obsession with couples binding their lives together??? Chaol and Yrene with her healing magic, Rowan and Aelin (i don't think formally with magic but he says multiple times when she goes he'll go), Lorcan giving up his immortality for Elide, Rhys and Feyre binding their lives with an oath in acotar... between Lorcan and Elide i get there's the fae/human dynamic, but the rest of the pairings are expected to have the same lifespan! I can see how it's a somewhat romantic notion, but it just seems creepy/over the top/unneccesarily dramatic and weird death pact vibes and i don't understand why she does this over and overrrr again
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2023.06.10 05:21 TheDarkstarChimaera Thief in the June 27 Balance Patch

I'm Iskarel. I maintain the PvE Thief builds and guides on Snow Crows
With a PvE perspective, I'm going to run through the changes, discuss their impact, and talk about current meta builds and how they're impacted.
Want the build-by-build cliff notes? Skip to the bottom, search for "tl;dr"
I know this is a lot. Think of it as a reference document.
A LOT has changed. The builds aren't unrecognizable but the texture has changed almost across the board.

Flanking is Dead (for most endgame bosse)

To make them more reliable in endgame PvE content, all effects that benefit when the player strikes from the flank or from behind now always apply their benefits when striking defiant foes.
Not all players know that "flanking" or "from behind or the sides" just means—don't be in front of the target.
Ever used a build with Thief runes? Just don't stand directly in front of the target.
What fewer players will know is that there's a small set of skills that actually need you to be ~180-degrees behind your target.
Which way does Keep Construct face when it descends back to the arena after the orb-rift-push phase?
Which way does Sabetha face during her Flame Wall?
I'm not going to answer these questions because the answers don't matter anymore! This skill expression is now gone.
Just backstab from any angle.
Ah but "defiant foes"? What isn't included there?
Can you backstab Primordus in the Harvest Temple strike if your group stays on the left vs right side, when looking from the center towards the dragon?
You would have to be on the right side. The left is the dragon's face.
Which way does Conjured Amalgamate face?
When approaching CA's platform, it is facing to your right. This also applies to the hands. Stand on the left side of the platform, and "above" the hands (closer to the portal leading away from this encounter).
Which way do the hands on Adina face?
2 o'clock (north), 5 o'clock (northwest), 7 o'clock (south), 10 o'clock (southeast)
No, I don't know why.
Just use your rifle and pierce two hands with Spotter's Shot + Death's Judgment! That's better than remembering these facing positions.
These are non-defiant "prop" type enemies. Also included here is Drakkar, the Octovine, and Tequatl. IIRC.
BTW Drakkar is made up 17 prop pieces, and you can only cast Deadeye's Mark on one of them. Don't play Deadeye here, you're trolling yourself. :D

Acrobatics Mental Gymnastics

Yeah this ain't it, chief. This is still a defensive and mobility-oriented traitline.
The damage modifier in Endless Stamina can't compete with Deadly Arts or Critical Strikes, even when combined with the Power in Swinder's Equilibrium.
The other stuff is maybe interesting for solo open world champions but Shadow Arts is already quite capable at that, and Condition Thief has a lot more toys to work with when solo compared to Power.
It's something but this traitline still feels ironically directionless.

Improvisational Theater of War

Interesting! We can now use this traitline predictably, resetting the cooldown of all or utility skills. On the surface that's good because it means we'll always get value out of the reset...unless our skill uses are staggered. More on that later.

Mag Bomb Delenda Est.

Currently this skill's damage-per-cast-time is roughly double that of Daredevil Staff 2, Weakening Charge. Notably, the cast time is short because it pulses damage.
The coefficient we have on the wiki, drawn from the Game's API, is 4.10. ANet lists a 1.50 (per hit, so 4.50 total) nerfed to 0.70. So... Uh...
Let's say Throw Magnetic Bomb's damage is nerfed to 50% of its current damage. Or there about.
So next patch, one Throw Magnetic Bomb is close to the damage of one Staff 2, but the damage comes out over time (during our Assassin Signet burst) and the cast animation is faster than Staff 2.
But is it worth losing Executioner?
Probably not. Executioner is approximately 9.52% damage on a fight that spends 50% of its time above 50% target HP and 50% of time below (due to Ferocious Strikes).
That's a lot of damage to be made up by another use of a stolen skill!

Daredevil's Bound to be Good

Bound: Increased power coefficient from 1.75 to 3.5
This ratchets up the damage of our dodge so that it beats the damage-per-cast-time of Punishing Strikes (skill 1 part C) and Staff 5, while still losing to Staff Strike and Staff Bash (skill 1 parts A/B), Staff 2, and Fist Flurry/Palm Strike.
This damage increase is valuable because

Auto chain go brrrr

Staff Strike, Staff Bash: Increased power coefficient.
... Uh oh.
This increase the DPS of the first and second part of the chain well beyond the last hit.
The optimal DPS rotation now involves interrupting the chain after the 2nd hit.
That's not easy to do on most professions, which have a limited number of viable interrupts, but we're Thief, baby!
Staff Strike, Staff Bash, Weakening Charge. Repeat. Throw in a Fist Flurry. Save your Palm Strike. Yeah. This sort of thing.
Calculations done by REMagic42 ( training-accident-36 ) show the following
A not insignificant DPS increase provided by this (unintended?) balance predicament.
You could just not do this. That's up to you. The build is getting buffed by ~4,000 DPS next patch but it still has all the old problems. Don't know those? Read here

Let's Get Physical (Lights out, follow the noise)

Various Physical Skill cooldown reductions
These are neat and strictly a positive.
Left, a great player who provides benchmarks for Power and Condition Daredevil, already tested Condition Daredevil with cooldown-traited Impairing Daggers and found them simply worse in group content vs Devourer Venom. You can read more on his benchmark.
So the Impairing Daggers cooldown reduction (CDR) doesn't matter to us.
A cooldown reduction for Channeled Vigor would've been cool!
This skill basically gives you a get-out-of-jail-free dodge if you're ever scared that burning all your dodges for Havoc Specialist will leave you vulnerable. You can get a dodge with Withdraw on a shorter cooldown but that travels backwards from your facing direction which can be scary.
This skill is also very useful for maintaining Lotus Training uptime when playing Condition Daredevil. If you can't keep hitting the boss with your auto-attack chain and F1 Steal, you will run out of endurance and lose your condition damage buff. Use Channeled Vigor to maintain buff uptime when you can't hit the boss. (This tip comes from Left!)
Impact Strike is still worse defiance-bar to cooldown ratio vs Basilisk Venom, but any improvement is nice. This skill is good when you can't guarantee all hits of Basilisk Venom will hit your target, or when you need to CC more frequently than Basilisk's cooldown allows.

Death-onate Plasma and "Boon Thief"

Farewell, Boon Thief. Without Quickness, we can no longer role-compress all those shiny boons in Plasma into a Quickness Build.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that the damage of Detonate Plasma will not be worth its cast time purely from a DPS perspective, especially on a Condition Build, but you might still get some boon uptime from Daredevils on fights like Matthias and Twin Largos' Kenut.
You can now permanently sunset your Celestial/Ritualist gear for Boon Thief. Will you use it for Alacrity Specter later? I don't now, I don't know how much Alacrity is given by that trait. We'll talk more later. :)

Also Icebrood Saga exists

These really don't matter. Unstable Reagent is maybe a DPS increase, I don't have a log with it for cast time.
This is NOT Unstable Artifact BTW. That skill is still worth using for both Power and Condition DPS.
Cursed Artifact is like throw-Plaguelands, and an Ethereal field at that. It's free real estate on the Condition Build.
Time in a Bottle is squad-wide alacrity AND quickness. Take that, Chronomancer! It's only found in Cold War and randomly in EoD strikes. :)


Deadeye Stolen Skill splash support

Stolen Skills now grant their beneficial effects around the caster.
These are mostly "splash" uptimes of boons, but you can also get superspeed and a modest heal. Neat! Deadeye providing a token amount of squad value beyond its DPS and CC output.

Deadeye Malicious Intent buff

Malicious Intent: Increased Malice gain from 1 to 2 in PvE only
This is actually big!
Firstly, this increases the damage dealt by the lower difficulty Be Quick or Be Killed Dagger Deadeye rotation (if you've ever heard someone described Dagger Deadeye as 5111151115111, that's this).
1 more Malice pip after each Mark and Stealth attack boost the damage modifier of Malicious Backstab. I don't have a quick estimate for this increase yet.
Secondly, this is wonderful for the Dagger-Dagger Maleficent Seven rotation.
All Power Dagger skills (Heartseeker, Dancing Dagger, Cloak & Dagger) are single-damage packet skills (with the exception of Dancing Dagger when bounced from your main target, to another enemy, and back to your main target). This means they have only one chance to score a crit, and thus only one chance to earn 2 Malice instead of 1.
Power Thief derives 15% critical chance from Critical Strikes' Keen Observer trait, which demands the player stay above 75% HP. You won't have 100% uptime of this trait in many raid fights, especially if your healer is slacking. If the current Dagger Deadeye benchmark was performed at 75% player HP, without drastically altering gear to accommodate for the missing critical chance, the benchmark could lose up to 12,000 DPS!, dropping it nearly into support territory.
This Malicious Intent buff gives you a safety cushion for one of those Initiative skills to score a non-crit, making the rotation more robust in endgame encounters. It does NOT reduce the minimum number of Initiative skills needed to reach maximum Malice: that is still 3 with Malicious Intent and 4 without. It does reduce the maximum needed by 1 skill, which is also great!

Quickly Fire For Effect

This trait no longer requires a target to grant boons to allies.
Er, it doesn't require one right now. Specifically, if you Mark a target, you can use your F2 and gain boons even if your stolen skill is obstructed by terrain. If you have your enemy targeted while outside 1,500 range you will get an out of range error that stops you from casting F2, but simply untargeting the enemy will let you use the skill to get boons. If you are obstructed or out of range, you don't hit the target.
I assume what this means is that if you do NOT have a marked target, you can cast a cantrip to get a new F2. That's cool and rather handy for the new Quickness build.

Shadow Flare isn't real, it can't hurt you

Shadow Flare: Reduced cooldown from 30 to 20 seconds. This skill only damages once instead of pulsing. Activate the flip-over Shadow Swap to trigger another damage instance from your original location.
Deadeye dumbed down. Navigating self-reveal with pulsing damage skills on DPS Deadeye has been a hallmark of modern builds for several years—Shadow Flare for Power, Thousand Needles for Condition.
That problem is now eliminated for Power. You don't need to know the timing, you don't need to know where to throw Shadow Flare. Just Do your backstab, cast Shadow Flare for one damage packet, cast it again, go for another Backstab. No fuss, no skill expression, no frustration, no learning curve.
I don't like this change, I understand why other people like this change. I think it's dumb to change this. If you don't like self-reveal, consider not playing the class that uses Stealth and Revealed for its DPS output.

Fun in the Chamber

One in the Chamber: This trait now also increase the damage of F2 Stolen Skills in addition to its previous effects
In case anyone is unfamiliar with Deadeye—it doesn't have access to any core Stolen Skills. No Mag Bombs here!
This is a nice perk. The important thing is that this trait gives us an extra F2 charge every time we use a Stolen Skill...That's for Quickness.
This trait is also valuable to Condition Deadeye builds (particularly since there's a 4/9 chance they get a stolen skill that applies damaging conditions!) and to Power Pistol-Pistol Deadeye. See more of that here.

Binding Shadow, my beloved

Binding Shadow - Reduced cooldown from 30 to20 seconds in PvE.
Cool! I love—
This skill now immobilizes marked targets instead of knocking them down
Oh. Uhhh it already immobilized them. I assume it immobilizes them more? That sucks, this was an amazing breakbar skill, particular on Condition Deadeye where it applied several poison stacks (natively, and via Panic Strike with Immobilize) and gave an extra F2 charge from One in the Chamber.
It's lower cooldown on boonstrip which is neat? Matches No Pain No Gain time in Fractals, I suppose.
Just use a Power Mesmer, they passively breathe boonstrip.

Quickness Deadeye builds

Three options!
Oops! All cantrips
This option will spam out cantrip like nobody's business to meet the voracious demand of Might uptime.
Fire For Effect grants 8 stacks of Might for 12 seconds. The with-Alacrity cooldown of Cantrips are: 16 (Binding Shadow, Shadow Flare), 20 seconds (Malicious Restoration heal), 25 seconds (Mercy, Shadow Gust). When using Mercy, the cooldown of F1 is effectively the cooldown of Mercy, plus minimally the cast time of the F2, plus the cast time of F1 again.
So some of our Might is locked behind 25+ seconds. Building for 100% Might Duration would be devastating for our DPS output. We could cover 100% Might uptime with a single trio of F2 casts anyway—Binding Shadow, Malicious Restoration, Shadow Flare—but that would not take tactical advantage of the natural Deadeye's Mark cooldown.
Instead, we'll cover Quickness with two sets of F2 casts, staggered across the duration of our Might stacks. Left has an old benchmark demonstrating this technique.
So that's our 24-might upkeep option. It's not pretty, and it's Cantrip spam. ANet said we wouldn't have this in the game anymore.
Well, what if we don't have to generate Might?
Then we have two options:
3 cantrips with no Improvisation
This option will maintain a burst of 24 might as we apply quickness, or we can space out the stolen skills to maintain at least 8 stacks indefinitely. Sounds pretty good!
We'll probably still be using Shadow Flare because it's just good damage, and Improvisation selects for builds that use active utility skills, not passive signets. We might even be able to use Malicious Intent instead of One in the Chamber for this build, earning us more damage on Malicious Backstab.
So we have options.

Quickness Deadeye weapon options (We don't have those! )

Maleficent Seven is the only equalizer at work that allows bad weapons to do somewhat okay, and without that, we're back to shopping with the to the usual harsh restriction of "the best single skill out of all these weapons crushes the validity of all other options".
Stealth attacks? Naw, just spam F2s without Malice.
"Filler" initiative skills used to build up to an Initiative reset at max Malice? Nope, don't care, whatever has the best initiative-to-damage ratio is what we're running.
Thief Dagger is about matched with Thief sword for auto attack damage but Dagger is home to the centralizing Cloak & Dagger → Backstab combo. This does huge damage from any direction—flanking is gone!
Sword, by contrast, suffers a DPS loss when using any dual wield skill, Headshot, or Black Powder. The only DPS gain skills are Cloak & Dagger (but the stealth attack for sword is BARELY worth using, you could actually just cast Cloak & Dagger twice in a row and do just as well), and Sword 2...without using the return-to shadowstep. Meaning Sword 2 has a 15-second cooldown. Just to do slightly more than the auto-attack.
Need CC? Pack an off-hand pistol and fill time with auto-attacks, they're very good.
What about Pistol?
It's just weaker.
It sucks really bad against single targets.
Rifle? This is the sniper spec!
It sucks if you don't have Maleficent Seven for infinite Initiative and either stealth utility skills or Silent Scope to unlock Death's Judgment.

Specter, rant about single-target/ally-target support

Ally-targeted scepter skills now also grant a lesser effect to additional allies in a radius around the target.
I don't know why ANet is so obsessed with single target support for PvE Specter, but they'll learn its untenable eventually. They've been gradually walking back the single target focus ever since release, and we are now about 15 months past Specter's official release and coming up on 2 years since it's beta.
Ally-targeting is clunky.
Single-target support is nonviable. We have encounters that apply arena damage to all players, and each player in the squad can take damage from the same AoE and it's the healer's job to keep the whole team up.
A "lesser effect". Reduced duration? Great, what's the point of that? You might as well just make it all the reduced duration.
Does "splashed" Shadow Sap not even grant protection to the other allies? Great, we won't use it.
Hopefully this will just be something like reduced Barrier or Healing, and the Boons are intact, but it's already been confirmed by the new member of the design team, Trig, on a Twitch Stream (Mighty Teapot's?) that Endless Night will not give Quickness to "splashed" allies.
Maybe this skill shouldn't give quickness at all. Why is the design team not skill splitting? What are they afraid of?

The Dark Side of Scepter Splash

If you paid attention to Specter during its beta testing, you might be aware of a very weird build that used Endless Night (Scepter Pistol dual wield beam skill that granted quickness and 7-packets of Barrier to 3 allies, if you could pierce through the allies).
This rotation was initially theorycrafted by Left when Specter was first showed off. I did some early proof-of-concept on the build, then Left took it over and improved it to around 51,000 DPS.
That's a lot of damage!
Watch that video briefly, and notice how I swap between the enemy and my allies, applying one skill to the target then the Endless Night beam to my allies.
When Specter applies barrier to an ally, they receive a stack of Rotwallow Venom, which applies a short-duration stack of torment to a single enemy just like normal venoms.
Each cast of Endless Night back then was 21 applications of Rotwallow Venom, with more Torment duration than we have now.
ANet killed that build back during beta by making the beam target a single enemy, nerfing the quickness application, nerfing Rotwallow Venom duration, nerfing Specter's Torment damage modifier, nerfing Consume Shadows to require charging up.... The list goes on.
Why do I bring this up?

Scepter Autos on Allies

Currently the scepter auto chain applies 54 seconds of Torment (in the form of multiple stacks). If the scepter auto chain can instead apply barrier to 3 allies, then this balloons to 72 seconds without Strength of Shadows, or 108 seconds with Strength of Shadows.
The auto-attack chain will be twice as strong when targeting allies, vs targeting the enemy.
Endless Night is not worth using against an enemy target, but it might be worth using on allies. This rotation won't have room for auto attacks, so I'm not pinning any hopes to this.
No, the optimal damage rotation will probably be Twilight combo, Siphon, and Shroud skills on the enemy, then filling time with Scepter skills on allies. We will probably spend less time in Shroud because those autos are just so cracked...

Second Opinion, moving away from Consume Shadows

Ever since beta all forms of Specter have run Consume Shadows—Alacrity, DPS, Heal. This is because Consume Shadows can apply barrier to allies, giving them Rotwallow venom. The other adept traits are purely defensive, so they're not used by the DPS and Alacrity builds...and Consume Shadows is an extremely potent healing tool. So potent, it's been nerfed repeatedly!
Charged time reduced from instant to 4 seconds, maximum shroud cut by more than 50%, conversion ratio reduced from 100 to 50%
Second Opinion will grant bonus Condition Damage, more with a Scepter. This should be, at minimum, +80/+80, which will beat the ~800 DPS provided by perfect Rotwallow Venom application from Consume Shadows.
If your allies are too injured and Consume Shadows only heals them overflowing into Barrier, you won't give them Rotwallow.

Traversing Dusk no longer gives Alacrity

This is just a heal trait now. That's just what it does.

Shadestep is the new Alacrity trait

Oh. Uh. I'll keep it quick.
  1. This reduces our gameplay from 2 separate rotations with their own quirks and different Shroud lengths, to 1—the DPS rotation.
How do you give alacrity? Just go into shroud and push buttons.
How do you do DPS? Just go into shroud and push buttons.
Alacrity Specter's Well cooldowns were inaccessible inside Shadow Shroud because we inherited a shroud, not just a kit like Druid's Celestial Avatar or Holosmith's Photon Forge.
Druid Spirits off cooldown while in CA? Don't care, you can push em.
Specter wells off cooldown while in Shadow Shroud? You might be gaining DPS from shroud skills, or healing from Consume Shadows, but you're losing Alacrity uptime. Is that tradeoff worth it?
Doesn't matter anymore. Just do the benchmark DPS rotation.
You're too slow? Then your alacrity uptime will suffer. You need to be on pace with going in and out of shroud, just like the DPS rotation. Difference is, if you're bad at this, it's going to frustrate other people.
This is not the hardest rotation in game to optimize and you of course have the option to make it easier with Ritualist gear (which you should do anyway if you plan to still run Consume Shadows, will be a two-fold personal DPS loss).
\2. Ever been kicked out of Shroud by incoming damage in a raid/strike/open world meta? No more Alacrity uptime for you. Better refill your Shadow Force quickly—and Larcenous Torment generates Shadow Force FAR more slowly than Traversing Dusk
Fun fact: Traversing Dusk's 1% Shadow Force per ally in your shadowstep scales indefinitely, not just up to 5 players. That gives you colossal Shadow Force generation in crowded metas and even raids.
Want to use your Siphon on ally? No you don't, that's valuable Shadow Force generation you need to maintain tempo for Alacrity.
Again, you can wear Ritualist gear to soften this loss.
Want to have the utility of Well of Bounty? Well, previously that utility was tied to your Alacrity uptime, your DPS uptime (lingering outside shroud for Well of Bounty was a loss), and your healing output (Traversing Dusk, and maintaining tempo in/out of Shadow Shroud for Consume Shadows).
Now you can take Well of Bounty and have it on demand, at a DPS loss.
Previously you could have just take advantage of the long Stability duration to cast this well early, or delay it slightly to cover the mechanic.
How much DPS will ANet allow this build to have?
We don't know. And now it's DPS is very closely tied to the DPS build because they're doing nearly the exact same thing.
This has never happened to Firebrand, trust me.

tl;dr It's dangerous to read all that up there! Skip to here!

Condition Daredevil

Unchanged by Impairing Daggers cooldown reduction

Power Daredevil

Buffed to ~38.6 if you do the old rotation.
Buffed to 40.2 if you do the new degenerate 1a 1b 2 1a 1b 2 rotation that interrupts our auto chain.
Still screwed by all the usual stuff.
Mag Bomb damage normalized. Cool. Still amazing utility on that skill.

Boon Thief

Dead. Deadeye killed it.

Power Dagger Deadeye

Much easier to play. Splashes some cute boons onto its subgroup, at random. Have to see if Shadow Flare is still worth using. Hopefully, right?

Power Rifle Deadeye

Silent Scope uses Shadow Flare, I hope that's still worth using.
No need to flank with Premeditation Rifle is nice. Swapping Impact to an Accuracy sigil (or not doing that, and losing crit chance) was ~1,200 DPS loss, so that's avoided. I don't mind losing flanking here that much because Flanking wasn't make-or-break adrenaline pumping like dagger. It was just a boring loss.

Quickness Deadeye

I hope you like pushing 5 and 1 a whole lot because that's almost all this is. Also pushing cantrips for F2 charges to provide quickness.
It will play okay, but pretttttttttty similar to utility-spam builds that people hate, with the added bonus of casting TWO skills for every application of quickness.
You can tune this to your liking BUT


It won't really prevent you from applying quickness but it will tank your DPS and fracture your soul.
One of us. One of us!
This is getting no changes, by the way. It'd be a huge amount of effort from the studio's programmers for one elite spec, for one profession, largely in one game mode (instanced PvE), with a small player base.
Probably just not happening. Not a question of "want to", it's a question of resource management AND doing this right.
Remember stealth-tanking Old Lion's Court? Because they didn't apply Revealed, then they only applied Revealed once and Deadeye just Shadow Melded out of it?

DPS Specter

Buffed by Second Opinion, dubiously buffed by targeting allies with the auto chain.
You can still run Consume Shadows for team healing/barrier.

Alacrity Specter

I don't know. Presumably the shroud skills will allow us to provide at least 50% uptime with a non-degenerate rotation (one that doesn't have us spending all our time in shroud). Said degenerate rotation is naturally policed by the fact our shroud absorbs incoming damage.
Will it run Consume Shadows? Not for optimal damage anymore.

Alac Share Specter

Just change your grandmaster from Strength of Shadows to Shadestep and do the normal rotation. Should do at least 50% uptime, unless Alac specter is just nonviable and can't maintain Alacrity.
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2023.06.10 05:17 OGKnightsky Cbr 900rr street fighter update

Cbr 900rr street fighter update
Stayed out late but finished up the rear fairings and re-did the seats tonight, also replaced the old fairing bolts with new red ones to go with the color scheme. Gas tank and front wheel and front fender are next, the gas tank will match the seats, the front fender is going to be black, and the front wheel will be red like the rear wheel. Soon will be updating the cluster, hand controls, and clutch and break levers. Also found a wind screen fairing from a 954rr that fits really well with a little modification and a couple of custom mount brackets. Transformation is almost complete, thinking the cage needs to be painted red like the wheels and going to pick up red radiator hoses to spice that up as well. Thanks for staying tuned, more updates to come!
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