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Consulting Accelerator™

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2023.03.20 16:21 stoneblancnoir RPC book 2 Reyes

Do you have a pdf copy of Reyes rpc book 2?
Or a
Second Hand book that is for sale?
Badly needed and on a tight budget.
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2023.03.20 16:21 Serrverr A little help please?

A little help please?
So, my friend got Titanfall 2 from Steam. He of course waited for the spring sale. When he tries to enter the multi-player it always says: "Contacting Respawn servers" and the data centers when clicked on don't show up.
I've searched on YouTube, desperately trying to help him, but everything I try in the videos doesn't fix the problem.
So I have come here to ask what types of methods I should use to fix the problem. I have tried giving access to private networks, but it still didn't work. I tried disabling his ethernet adapter from the control panel and it also didn't work.
I'm pretty lost on what I should look for and how to help him. Is his EA account the problem or is it something else?
TLDR: My friend can't play multi-player and I don't know how to fix it.
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2023.03.20 16:20 closeartz Iman Gadzhi - The Agency Navigator (Actual Course)

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2023.03.20 16:19 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Boardwalk Pipelines, LP ENGINEER, RELIABILITY - 974 Owensboro
Heartland Imaging MRI Technologist II- Outpatient- PRN Elizabethtown
Canon Solutions America, Inc. Copier Fleet Coordinator - Client Service Rep II Louisville
Linde Class A Driver Ashland
Linde Class A CDL Team Tanker Truck Drivers - Sign-on Bonus! Ashland
Linde CDL A Driver Ashland
Lazer Logistics Class A CDL Driver Franklin
ABM Janitorial Services Cleaners Ghent
Lazer Logistics Class A CDL DRIVER Henderson
Community Action Council Senior Accountant Lexington
Teleperformance USA HR Business Partner (Onsite: Louisville, KY) Louisville
Lazer Logistics Class A CDL Driver Owensboro
JBS Carriers CDL A Truck Drivers - $250 per Load and $2,500 Bonus! Russellville
JUDDMONTE BDC Assistant Lexington
JUDDMONTE Immediate Openings Accounting Assistant Lexington Lexington
JUDDMONTE Immediate Openings Accounting Assistant Lexington Richmond
Comfort Suites, Bowling Green Laundry Attendant - Part Time Bowling Green
Wendy's Restaurant Manager (W) Cave City
Kroger Overnight Stocker Cold Spring
Fls Connect Llc Remote Sales Representative Edgewood
Disabled American Veterans Assistant to the National Voluntary Services Director Erlanger
U.S. Army Forces Command Occupational Therapy Assistant (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) Fort Campbell
William H Hunter Recruiting Assistant Quality Manager Georgetown
T-Mobile Mobile Expert/Sales Associate Georgetown
Encompass Design Develop and Construct Construction Manager La Grange
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ky. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 16:19 telybelly [Artisan] jankycaps Infinite Topo - Litmus

Each and every Infinite Topo keycap is individually cut and uniquely generated from a seed number (just like a Minecraft world). What this means is that no two keycaps are alike. In fact, there should be over 10²² different possible designs; that’s about as many stars as there are in our Universe.
This colourway takes inspiration from litmus paper and it’s transition from blue to red (or red to blue) when testing for acidity or alkalinity. We have broken up this colourway into three sections, acids (01 - 05), neutrals (06 - 10) and bases (11-15). You can select your colour(s) of choice at checkout!
Pics: Sale:
These Infinite Topo caps are made from jesmonite, resin, and are MX compatible. Due to the handmade nature of the cap, some variances are to be expected. Each cap will ship in an authentication box.
Shipping will be via Qxpress or Singpost
Qxpress/Singpost (5 - 30 day shipping)
Check us out on Instagram @jankycaps! We also have a discord that you can join to get shipping updates as well as get notified for future sales!
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2023.03.20 16:18 StocksonHighAlertz Today I have a diagnostics biotech company with near-term catalysts, small float, potential chart breakout,.. $MYNZ

Today I have a diagnostics biotech company with near-term catalysts, small float, potential chart breakout, great news just released and recent analyst coverage indicating over 120% upside (See Analyst Reports Below). (NASDAQ: MYNZ)
This one has demonstrated the ability to run up fast in recent months!
Note* Mainz Biomed's ColoAlert test is currently approved and commercially available in Europe and select International markets. Sales, commercial partnerships and marketing activities are starting to ramp up NOW! This leaves an open door for multiple near-term catalysts.
Mainz Biomed B.V. (NASDAQ: MYNZ) a molecular genetics diagnostic company specializing in the early detection of cancer.
Full report:[UNIQID]
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2023.03.20 16:18 evan_raugust SaaS Brands: The Beginner’s Guide to Copywriting to Increase Conversions and Boost Sales

Imagine you’re going to an open house with a real estate agent.
The first thing you see is the front of the house, and maybe you’ll decide then and there if you like the house or not. If the house looks bad, like there are holes in the windows, you ain’t going to buy it.
The same goes for your SaaS product. If your product looks bad — aka your copywriting doesn’t persuade your audience — people ain’t gonna buy it.
That's why creating good copywriting is essential to your SaaS business's success.
In this beginner's guide for SaaS copywriting, you'll discover how to create compelling copywriting even if you have no experience. By understanding your audience, mastering the basics of copywriting, and crafting a strong value proposition, you can increase your sales and conversions.
I’ll also provide examples of how to improve your copywriting to help you get started. With that, let’s dive in.

The Basics of Copywriting

Creating a good landing page requires knowing the basics of copywriting.
It's surprising how many guides online don't emphasize this crucial step. Your copy is what convinces visitors to take action on your page, whether that's making a purchase or downloading software.
To write copy that converts, you need to understand the principles of persuasion. In this next section, we’ll dive into the basics of copywriting, including how you find your audience and your company’s value proposition (plus what a value proposition is).
After you’ve completed this section, you’ll be leagues ahead of most SaaS brands — not to mention most businesses on the internet.

Who’s your Audience?

SaaS owners often obsess over which marketing channels to use: LinkedIn ads vs. Twitter ads; creating homepages with all the necessary features and testimonials; and choosing the right pricing model and determining the optimal price point.
Your obsession shouldn’t be what, but who.
SaaS products without a target audience are worse than worthless. You’re losing money.
Without thinking about real people looking for real solutions, your copywriting will fail. Your copy will sound bland, boring, and self-centered.
So define your target audience. Fill in the blanks of this formula:
My SaaS product is for [title] in [industry] who struggle with [problem] and want [solution].
For example, for Dropbox:
Dropbox is for "individuals and teams" in "various industries" who struggle with "managing and sharing files securely and efficiently" and want "a cloud-based storage and collaboration solution that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere."
See? Easy.
Once you know your audience, you can create your value proposition and write copy. But if you don’t know your audience, you’re sailing a boat into darkness… and that’s no bueno for your business.

Problem, Agitation, and Solution

Humans respond more intensely to negative events than positive events. For example, when our boss gives us a performance review with ten positive comments but one negative comment — we focus on the one negative comment. The secret of great copy is using this same “negativity bias” to sell products. Done correctly, you can get basically anyone to buy anything. The formula good copywriters use is problem, agitation, and solution.
Warning: The problem, agitation, solution formula can be used for good … or evil. I’m trusting that your SaaS business wants to help people. If that’s not you — stay away.
Problem, agitation, solution (from here on out referred to as PAS for my sanity), is when, first, you say your audience's problem. You want them to nod their head and say “yeah I hate when that happens.” After you’ve said the problem, they’ll hopefully read the rest of your copy.
Here’s where you make that problem worse. Much much worse. You agitate the problem. You take their problem and make it a nightmare.
What’s the worst possible thing your audience could suffer? Say it. Get your audience on the edge of their seat, begging for a savior (I’m being dramatic, but you get what I mean).
Lastly, you say the solution, which just so happens to be your product. Make sure you say how your solution solves their nightmare problem. Add some testimonials and add some bonuses and bada bing bada boom — you’ve made a scary good home page and landing page.
Here’s an example of problem, agitation, solution for Dropbox:
You need to store and share large files, but you don’t have a secure and reliable way to do it.
But the consequences of not having a reliable file sharing and storage solution can be disastrous. You could lose important files or they could fall into the wrong hands. This could compromise your work or personal life.
Plus, not having a fast and easy way to share files with colleagues can lead to delays, destroying your productivity. This problem is holding you back from your goals.
Dropbox solves this problem with our all-in-one file transfer and collaboration….
In other words, with PAS, you:
  1. Identify your audience’s problem
  2. Rub salt in their wound
  3. Become their savior
It’s not enough to just state the problem. Your audience must feel the impact of the problem. You must make your audience’s worst fears and nightmares come true… for them to see why your product saves them.
So start brainstorming all of the possible problems that your target audience faces on a daily basis. You’re gonna use these problems to write your copy.
There’s tons of other copywriting formulas, but this one is the foundation of all of them. While creating your copywriting, you’ll se this formula again and again, so don’t forget it.

What's Your Value Proposition?

It’s so simple, yet so challenging to answer this question:
What makes your company different from your competitors?
If you don’t can’t answer this question, then potential customers are gonna find someone who can answer this question. And with so many SaaS companies — over 10,000 and counting — you’re one fish in a big ocean. You’ve gotta stand out.
So this is why you need a value proposition. For those who don’t know, a value proposition is:
The number one reason why your product is the best for the customer.
In case you’re scratching your head — you’ve already figured this out!
Let’s return to the formula from earlier:
My SaaS product is for [title] in [industry] who struggle with [problem] and want [solution].
Now you’re just gonna chop the formula in half:
My SaaS product is for people who struggle with [problem] and want [solution].
Finally, you’re gonna turn this into an action statement. Ideally, you only want one solution — I’ll explain why later.
My SaaS product helps you {solution} without {problem}.
In the case of Dropbox, this would be that Dropbox helps you “collaborate with your team” without “the hassle of physical drives and data breaches.”
And there you go — that’s your value proposition.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Copywriting

In this section, I’ll run through the markers of good and bad copywriting, plus some examples.
DO this when you write copy:
DON’T do this when you write copy:
I’ll list three examples of bad copywriting and improve them to show you these principles in action. Again, I’ll use the example of Dropbox.
  1. Copywriting with complicated language
“Our revolutionary cloud-based solution will optimize your workflow and streamline your processes."
How I’d improve it:
Drag and drop files to the cloud and save time.”
This paints a picture for the audience and touches upon a major fear: wasting time.
  1. Copywriting with vague language
"Our software has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of integrations."
How I’d improve it:
“Don’t switch up your productivity tools, Dropbox plays nice with all software” and “So simple even a beginner can use it.”
For one, I split the benefits into two separate sentences. Also, I used simpler language that showcases the benefits of the features — showing the audience how easy Dropbox is to use.
  1. Copywriting showing features not benefits
"Our solution leverages machine learning algorithms to provide predictive analytics."
How I’d improve it:
Stop spending hours searching for files. Find your file instantly with our AI-powered search.”
Everybody understands these two sentences, and it communicates yet another value of Dropbox.
In summary, good copywriting is specific, simple, and benefit-focused. Feel free to return back to this section while writing your copy. Plus, don’t worry if your first draft sucks — my first draft most definitely sucked. Just get it all on the page and then return and fix it.
P.S. I hope this helped you, and if you want more personalized advice for your SaaS's copywriting, my pms are open :)
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2023.03.20 16:18 no-please-dont I am asking for your help to conduct a survey regarding the drivers of purchase for Kpop merchandise

Dear K-pop community.
I am currently doing an exam where I would like to understand the K-pop community in their merchandise sales. I have 70 hours to complete the exam so time is of the essence.
If you would be so kind to fill out the 8 questions in the survey it would be of great help to me!
The link will take you there. (The link should work now)
For those interested, the exam is regarding principles of International Marketing.
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2023.03.20 16:18 inmy20ies HI ALL MY LOVELY ICE CREAM LOVERS!

I just wanted to share my pretty successful ice cream story to all of you that I’d think you like!
20y old I started buying icecream in bulk (5L boxes) 30boxes per sale and selling it to restaurant and hotels because the old gentleman who made the icecream didn’t know how to sell it nor did he want to.
So for 6 months I brought from him, went all around Reykjavík Icelnd and gathered up some customers (we were selling high quality gelato, sorbet and vegan icecream)
After 2 years I offered him to buy the equipment because he was getting tired and old and he was more than happy to sell it to me!
My dream was retail. Huge quantities and 500ml boxes. I tried 1L boxes Gelato and it didn’t work. I tried 500ml boxes of Gelato it didn’t work. The market was to huge for me to bring in some product that was already there.
So this is where the adventure begins! I had this idea of making the Icelandic version of frozen yogurt. Sugar free, Lactose free, Low Cal. Low fat
This took 8 months of trial and error. I was almost giving up, until one day I can’t to work checked in the freezer and took one icecream box out. IT WAS SOFT (the largest problem was that the ice cream always went rock hard)
Now, since the last 40 days I’m selling my Skyr icecream in 27 local stores and the revenue last months was just shy off 30.000$
I didn’t want to brag, I wanted to inspire you who have ideas to start your own icecream company TO DO IT! Just start small!
You can find us on Instagram:
Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ve inspired some of you
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2023.03.20 16:17 rjLBtWe8 April 2023 Notable Upcoming Events

I'd like to make a post that has Aprils upcoming key events that may be of particular interest or impact to BABA and us as investors.
Please respond with anything that can be added to the list below for April:

Date Event Link
4/5 - 4/20 DJCO 13f Filing
4/18 China's March 2023 Retail Sales,percent%20in%20January%20of%202020
(April is skipped) 2023 FOMC Monthly Meetings
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2023.03.20 16:17 FluffayPenguin The easiest way to track your crypto gains and losses without spending hours in a spreadsheet

Tracking crypto gains and losses is an extremely-manual process if you try to do it by yourself
For each transaction, you have to find the cost basis using the original datetime and the price. For each sale, you have to calculate the profit include the gas price. And for unrealized gains, you have to use a formula to track the current price of each token. Good luck doing this if you have dozens or hundreds of transactions a year.
It's so much work to keep them updated unless you do it programmatically. And even API programmers aren't going to waste their time on this because it takes so much work to connect to each source's API. You need a whole team to keep things updated whenever websites and APIs change.
The best way to keep track of your gains and losses easily is to use a 3rd-party service with a dedicated team that specializes in this.
My favorite app for this is Koinly, a crypto tax preparation software that makes money from the tax preparation part. While its tax part is paid and expensive, its complex gains/losses tracker is completely free. They track your live gains and losses for each token.
How Koinly works is that they use protocols for API connections and import files for dozens of popular exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.), dozens of blockchains, and dozens of wallets.
The importance of safety - How they import your data safely with read-only access
Exchanges: There are 2 ways.
It's safe to share your public address. This is the same address used for receiving tokens sent to you.
For transaction APIs, they give you directions on how to share the minimum information needed. I'm an IT security professional, and it was done safely for every account I added. However, it's always good to be extra careful. Don't take my word for it. Double-check that you're not sharing too much information.
So what's the risk? If they ever have an account database leak, someone might be able to match your account addresses with your name. If you're laundering money or tax dodger, you would not want to use this service. But hopefully that doesn't apply to any of you.
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2023.03.20 16:17 BillNyeDeGrasseTyson Adding central air, worth it to jump to a heat pump in the Northeast?

1960s single story ranch in Upstate NY - 1000 sq ft + fully finished basement & attached garage (garage not currently serviced by HVAC).
Relatively new natural gas furnace 80% efficiency. Based on a load calculation from an HVAC technician I'm planning to install a 2-ton outdoor condensing unit and add an evaporator coil to the existing air handler. I'll be doing the install myself as I have everything needed (gauges, vacuum pump, nitrogen/argon backpurge etc)
Most recent fuel price per therm $1.17
Most recent electricity price $0.15/kWh
5kW rooftop solar with 1-1 net metering. I have an electric car and jacuzzi so there is never any excess solar to bank.
Looking at a 14-15 SEER condensing unit and wondering if it's worth the extra to jump to a similar heat pump model for ~$500 more.
Rebates in the area only apply to NEEP listed cold climate air source heat pumps and require contractor sale/install. One rough estimate was $19k.
Looking at a Goodman GSV14 as an example using the COP provided my crossover point for heating being less expensive using the heat pump should be anytime the outdoor ambient temperature is above 32°. Here is the average temperatures in my region.
I'm trying to balance a little bit of future proofing with upfront cost at the moment. The windows in the house are too small for window units in most places so I had to resort to inefficient portable units last year which cost quite a bit to operate. I'm also hoping central air will help with the overall humidity as well to allow the basement dehumidifier to work a little less hard. Last summer it cost me about $60-70/month to operate.
Maybe there's an option I'm not seeing that makes more sense.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 16:17 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cascade Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian Buckley
Clarkston Veterinary Clinic, PLLC Associate Veterinarian Clarkston
Washington State University Athletics Events and Facilities Production Manager Pullman
Antioch Adoptions Adoption Case Manager Redmond
Northridge 4x4 Shop Technician Silverdale
Agemark Caregiver-Full Time Vancouver
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Auburn
Caring Places Management All Shift Caregivers Battle Ground
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Bellevue
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Bothell
Caring Places Management All Shift Caregivers NEW WAGES Buckley
Gentle Dental Business Unit Manger Edmonds
Caring Places Management All Shift Caregivers Enumclaw
Caring Places Management Carer Enumclaw
Caring Places Management Caregiver Enumclaw
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Everett
Costco Wholesale Corp. Pharmacy Sales Assistant EVERETT
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Federal Way
Chattr For Columbia Landing of Wenatchee 3ad2 Med Tech Issaquah
Gentle Dental Hygiene Assistant La Center
Gentle Dental Hygiene Assistant Lynnwood
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Lynnwood
Gentle Dental Outpatient PSC Medina
Caring Places Management All Shift Caregivers Orting
Gentle Dental Hygiene Assistant Ridgefield
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 16:16 pdu_focal Sell the value, NOT your product!

When articulating your product’s value proposition, focus on “what value are your customers buying” vs. “what are you selling to them”.
Sounds obvious? Reality shows it isn't.
On paper, we all know this (sell the value, not the product).
Yet, a vast majority of startup pitches, initial website copy drafts, sales materials, etc we see as a Pre-Seed fund are all about “what are we selling” vs “what value are your customers buying”.
To make it more specific, let me give you an example for a startup that sells inventory software (this example was actually written by ChatGPT):
As ChatGPT then rightfully notes,
The latter value proposition speaks directly to the customer's pain points and desires, making it more likely to resonate and drive conversions.”
Or, to put it differently, the former is a descriptive way that won’t cause much of a reaction from anyone.
Also, examples of “what are we selling” that come across our desk, typically heavily focus on highlighting product features and the underlying technology with a bunch of “buzz words” that can mean anything and nothing (e.g. “Ai for xxx, using blockchain technology, we are a marketplace for xxx, productivity tool xxx, etc").
The latter on the other hand not only makes the value proposition of the same product much more attractive. It also makes it actually tangible and clear for anyone to understand what you offer them. Because they understand the value you bring.
As a follow-up, I asked ChatGPT to articulate its own value proposition along these two ways of framing it:
Which one makes you more likely to want to engage with ChatGPT?
The last simple example I’ll share to make my point is from Alex Garcia’s blog:
After reading this, have another look at your own value proposition and be honest with yourself - are you exclusively talking about customer value?
If not - I can highly recommend playing around with ChatGPT to get some inspiration for how to best articulate your startup’s value proposition (remember, the more specific you are with your prompts, the better the results - including asking it to refine the initial results).
I share weekly insights to help founders and operators get better at startup building - if you found this interesting.
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2023.03.20 16:16 waverunner00 Reposting this item for sale - reduced the price
$185 shipped: A2-Tartan Collar Cashball Bomber size M
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2023.03.20 16:16 ElocinChan Store-credit for the upcoming VIB sale

Hi! Was wondering if anyone knew if I could use my in-store credit (from a return 30<) during the VIB sale.
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2023.03.20 16:15 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Courses Bundle Download on

[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Courses Bundle Download on
Get the courses here:
Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Bundle

What’s Included in the collection?

  • Cashflow Quadrant
  • Choose to be Rich
  • ChooseRich
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  • Financial Freedom Planner – Your Personal Financial Organizer
  • Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting up Your Credit Cards
  • High Performance Selling [Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Bob Proctor]
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  • How to Save a Fortune in Taxes [Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker]
  • Increase Your Financial IQ
  • Michael Maloney – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver
  • Own Your Own Corporation
  • Real Estate Advantages
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad audio and book
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens_ The Secrets About Money – Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter
  • Rich Dad Secrets Of Wealth [Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield]
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Rich Dad’s Advisors – The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt
  • Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing
  • Rich Dad’s Guide to Wealth
  • Rich Dad’s How to Predict the Future
  • Rich Dad’s Success Stories
  • Rich Dad’s Who Took My Money
  • Rich Dads Advisors The ABCs of Building a Business Team That Wins
  • Rich Dads Before You Quit Your Job
  • Rich Woman
  • Richard Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Robert Kiyosaki – 6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Investor (AUDIO & VIDEO)
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Before You Quit Your Job
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Corporations
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Freedom or Security
  • Robert Kiyosaki – How to Find Great Investments
  • Robert Kiyosaki – New Rules of Money
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Real Estate Investor Business Plan
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Retire Rich Retire Young (AUDIO)
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad’s Real Estate Riches
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad’s Secrets Of Wealth [T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield]
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing (AUDIO)
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Kid Smart Kid
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Sales Dogs (AUDIO)
  • Robert Kiyosaki – The 8 Hidden Values of Network Marketing
  • Robert Kiyosaki – The Real Book of Real Estate
  • Robert Kiyosaki – Who Took My Money
  • Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow 101 and 202
  • Robert T. Kiyosaki – 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Dogs
  • The ABC’s Of Building a Business Team That Wins
  • The ABC’s Of Property Management
  • Why -A- Students Work for -C- Students
  • Kiyosaki Live NY City
  • Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich
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2023.03.20 16:15 BulkyAccident Pitchfork Festival Chicago headline set announced

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2023.03.20 16:13 Plead_thy_fifth [WTS][USA-GA][H] JDS Element III [W] Paypal $375

I have a JDS Labs element III for sale. I really like this thing, a lot. But the only reason I got it was to power my argon's because I heard they needed a lot of juice. I have since sold my argons. They are in great condition. I now realize I didn't get a good picture of the side but this is the copper ring version. Maybe I'll update with another side picture later today. Any questions about it, just ask. $375 shipped. Same thing, f&f or you cover the G&S fees.
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2023.03.20 16:13 Planaport Buying a used Pulse Ti edge runner ?

How would I know if the used one for sale is still good ? Honestly have no idea. Anything to look out for? Besides asking how much have they been used
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