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Dream Pop is a subgenre of alternative rock that focuses on ethereal soundscapes, subdued atmospheres, and reverb soaked melodies and vocals.

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A healthy and non-cancerous (that's you, /SamandTolki) place for fans of Showvideogames to hang out and chat.

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Metalcore (or metallic hardcore) is a fusion music genre that combines elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. As with other styles blending metal and hardcore, such as crust punk and grindcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. This is a place for news, reviews, videos and discussion of your favorite metalcore bands

2023.06.05 04:30 small_life_squid M 21 From Washington state looking for friends/ gaming buddies

What's up people of reddit. You lovely people can call me squid. I am just a dude that moved from Southern California to Washington state to start a life with a lovely woman I met online that I have been with for about 7 years now. I moved here when everything was still in lock down so for the first year lived here I couldn't do much to meet people. So at the moment I don't really have much friends other then my girlfriend, my coworkers, and some guys I knew back in California that I game with when our schedules match up. So I am here on this cursed site looking for friends long term, short term, family or people who just want to chat when they have a free moment. That being said let me tell you somethings about me
About me: I am a 21 year old 5'6 hispanic dude that's built like the Pillsbury dough boy but working on getting fit. I have started hitting the gym 3 times a week. I like going on walks and runs at night as well. I'm a outdoorsman I do anything from hiking, fishing, and birdwatching. Do want to try hunting but I know nothing about it so if you want to teach a green outdoorsman please be my guess. I have picked up the hobby of shooting at my local range not the best shot but I have a steady aim and hit my target 5 out of 10 times with my handgun and 7 out of 10 with my rifle. I'm into gaming on console. I have both a ps4 and Xbox one but play ps4 more often. My favorite game series are Red dead redemption, Fallout, Elder scrolls, Call of duty, Cyberpunk, Apex legends, The forest, assassins creed, dark souls, far cry, and Forza. Looking for some battlefield 2042, forza, and call of duty buddies. My taste in music is wide I listen to everything from outlaw county, grudge, metal, classic rock, and rap etc. Some of my favorite artist are Johnny Cash, Alice in chains, Hatebreed, David bowie, juiceworld, and suicide boys. I have been to a few concerts as well was able to see megadeth (twice), hatebreed, Munford and sons, and falling in reverse. I am a mechanic by trade but I am green only have been doing it for about a year. Don't have a fancy or mod car because of saving money for the future but love working on cars.
The kind of person i am:
The kind of person I am is someone that likes working with his hands I am not the brightness bulb but with time I learn and can do anything I put time into. I try my best to be self-reliant and don't like asking for help from most people even when I am in deep shit but I usually make it work for me. I understand everyone has their own life and schedules so I am not one of those people that demand you text 24/7. I believe in living free do what you wish to do as long as you don't hurt other people while you are at it.
Conclusion: This whole post is really long so if you read it thank you. You can message me on here anytime you like. Once we talk more and get to know each other I have other types of social media I will be willing to share. I hope to hear from any of you soon!
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2023.06.05 04:30 devexche 25F enjoying the remnants of a lazy Sunday and looking for a [chat] or [friendship]!

I’m a teacher on summer break and my sleep schedule is pretty messed up, so I’m up past my normal bedtime just playing Stardew and relaxing a bit :)
I love talking to people and connecting with them about anything and everything, and I’m definitely missing the constant chatter and daily connection of the school year! I’m into reading fantasy and romance, watching TV and movies, playing video games, working out, and cooking. Currently in grad school, as well! Feel free to reach out - but be prepared for long-winded conversation.
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2023.06.05 04:29 cmhe522 30 [M4F] Northeast USA ; Hoping to find someone to build with

Hi r4r! I'm Connor, I'm from New England, and I'm hoping just to find someone to talk to, but hopefully grow with.
As weird as it may seem, I'm not here for immediate payoff, or immediate intimacy, or anything like that. I just want to meet a nice girl who wants someone to talk to on a daily basis, and hopefully build a bond with over time.
I have a number of varied interests, ranging from nerdy to sporty, and I'm an absolute open book in terms of opening up about myself and places I've been and things I've experienced. So I'd love someone who is an equally open book, and just generally wants someone that's going to be there to talk to everyday.
If more comes of our conversations, fantastic, but I think it's a little naive going into this expecting that. However, a transition off of Reddit and to some other messaging platform or app is totally fine by me if we hit it off.
I know I didn't really say a lot about myself here, so I do apologize for that, I just don't want to be too much more long winded than I already am here. Ultimately, if you have any questions/concerns, DM me! Or, there's a lot of information about me (and a picture or two) on my profile, so feel free to check me out.
Thank you all so much for reading this far, and I eagerly await hearing from anyone who deems me worth a shot!
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2023.06.05 04:28 emmyy16 25F [Chat] Looking to meet some new people!

Hello! Like I mentioned Im 25, and living on the east coast! Here's a few of my interests!
-Art, I love painting, drawing, and doing a lot of different crafty things.
-Reading, I will read just about anything I find interesting, but I have a soft spot for Science Fiction and classic literature!
-Video Games! I have a PC, Playstation 4, and a switch. I play a really wide variety of things, but have a soft spot for anything Zelda!
-The Outdoors! I've recently gotten back into running, but I love camping, hiking, and exploring new places!
-I also have a massive soft spot for the UFC! I watch whenever I get the chance, and stay pretty up to date on it!
-Archery! I don't hunt or anything, but target practice is fun lol! I have a basic recurve that I like to practice with. Something my brother and I bond over!
-Music! It plays a huge part of my life, and I'm always listening to something no matter what I'm doing lol!
If we have any of the same interests feel free to reach out! I'd love to get to know some new people! :) Hope you guys have a great day!
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2023.06.05 04:28 Starlord_97 [US,US] [H] Modern Pokemon! [W] Paypal

Hi all, putting my lot up! They are all based on TCG pricing, the Japanese cards are going to be based on eBay last sold, or an agreeable amount that we come up with.
Also, doing a small promo: Spend $3 and get any $1 card for free attached to your order!
The Scizor in the last photo has a crimp, we can come up to an agreeable amount for that one too.
Shipping is $5 BMWT or Free with PWE. PayPal only! (All previous orders have been shipped.)
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2023.06.05 04:28 bonehead41 Flex Vechicles for Multi-Day Trip

Hi all,
I'm planning to make a trip from Edmonton to Calgary later this summer and am looking at using Communauto Flex. My current city doesn't offer Flex so I'm unsure of how it works.
If I book a Flex vehicle in Edmonton on Monday morning and park it at my hotel (is within the Flex service area) until Tuesday morning before I depart for Calgary - is the car free for anyone to take while it is parked at the hotel (i.e. I could wake up Tuesday morning and the car could be gone)? Would it be better to park it in a non-flex service area until Tuesday morning instead)?
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2023.06.05 04:27 TheLionQueen2020 Documentary analysis for qual study. Help?

Hello folks,
First, I want to mention that I have discussed (and continue to discuss) what I am about to write with my advisor and thesis committee. So I'm just trying to have other perspectives on this.So, I'm currently recruiting participants for my doctoral research. It's a qual study.According to my advisor, after one semester of recruitment, I'm missing about half of the participants that I need to have enough data for a doctoral degree. Therefore, I am giving myself until the end of 2023 to complete recruitment (fingers-crossed!)
Recruitment is the most exciting part of research because we meet people and listen to what they tell us. But, at the same time, it's part of the research process over which researchers have less control which can be stressful.
I'm writing the few thesis chapters I can write simultaneously (for example, the literature review chapter). But unfortunately, I can't write the chapters that require the data yet (for example, the Results or Discussion chapters).
My advisor suggested that I analyze already public documents to complete the data from the semi-directed interviews.I don't want to give too many details about my research topic because I'm not particularly eager to doxx myself haha.
However, feel free to DM me if you need more information.I'm just scratching my head about what could count as an analysis.
I've considered newspaper articles, archives from organizations or grey literature research reports. But concretely, data from these would be extremely scarce and difficult to work with from a methodological point of view due to the nature of the topic I'm working on. It's a very "niche" topic.
Is there any other material that could count for documentary analysis for a qualitative study?
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2023.06.05 04:27 brots32 Hitman rap song lyrics

Please feel free to make this into a song just make sure to say I made the lyrics and send it to me
Verse 1: Come with the blitz its a sack like potato My language is colorful like play dough Crack your bones take you to the ER like ritz Just heating up I’m a need some oven mits Im so cool like a breeze Leave you with a cold, now you sneeze 3 for 3 thats a hat trick, im a star like patrick Dont need a ghost writer, flaming head I’m the anti hero like ghost rider Killing this beat my patience is running thin like wheat Light the wick no John in New York like a yankee candle Don’t get to close got the thorns like a rose bush watch the bramble I’m a master with my sword, found the missing link it’s too easy I’m getting bored Agent 47 call me hit man, bald head, barcode imma kill you quick man
Chorus: it’s the world of assassination.get things done quick no procrastinatin Don’t get compromised when you poppin guys My target down I pick up my crown Killer for for hire don’t get caught the consequences are dire
Verse 2: I’m a silent assassin, end your career you collapsin I don’t leave a trace I’m blasting off like the US in the space race I’m the bomb call me tsar bomba. Cooking beans no garbonza Leave you In a coffin,I’m spitting poison like the Pokémon koffing You my prey I’m an alligator. You Nolan Cassidy I’m the fumigator I’m the grim reiper like Tobias. in Dubai killing Carl Ingram on top of the world I’m the highest I’m agent 47 kill my target escape engine revvin
Chorus: It’s the world of assassination.get things done quick no procrastinatin Don’t get compromised when you poppin guys My target down I pick up my crown Killer for for hire don’t get caught the consequences are dire Agent 47 kill ya quick man you know I’m the hitman
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2023.06.05 04:27 TheLionQueen2020 Documentary analysis for a qual study. Help?

Hello folks,
First, I want to mention that I have discussed (and continue to discuss) what I am about to write with my advisor and thesis committee. So I'm just trying to have other perspectives on this.So, I'm currently recruiting participants for my doctoral research. It's a qual study.
According to my advisor, after one semester of recruitment, I'm missing about half of the participants that I need to have enough data for a doctoral degree. Therefore, I am giving myself until the end of 2023 to complete recruitment (fingers-crossed!)
Recruitment is the most exciting part of research because we meet people and listen to what they tell us. But, at the same time, it's part of the research process over which researchers have less control which can be stressful.
I'm writing the few thesis chapters I can write simultaneously (for example, the literature review chapter). But unfortunately, I can't write the chapters that require the data yet (for example, the Results or Discussion chapters).
My advisor suggested that I analyze already public documents to complete the data from the semi-directed interviews.I don't want to give too many details about my research topic because I'm not particularly eager to doxx myself haha.
However, feel free to DM me if you need more information.I'm just scratching my head about what could count as an analysis.
I've considered newspaper articles, archives from organizations or grey literature research reports. But concretely, data from these would be extremely scarce and difficult to work with from a methodological point of view due to the nature of the topic I'm working on. It's a very "niche" topic.
Is there any other material that could count for documentary analysis for a qualitative study?
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2023.06.05 04:27 AutoModerator [Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 04:26 yetanothercatlady1 Seven months in therapy and I want to change therapists. How do I bring this up?

TL/DR: I want to stop seeing my therapist because sometimes she makes me feel judged or uncomfortable. Also, sometimes she forgets important stuff I tell her. The thing is, I hate confrontation and I'm not sure how she will react. I see her "for free" (covered by insurance), so there is no money excuse. I'm afraid she will try to make me stay and I'm not sure what to do.
English is not my first language so excuse me.
So I 25F have been seeing my therapist (50'sF) for seven months. I started seeing here because of some work related anxiety that was making my life extremely hard. I'm still working on it.
For that, she is okay. But I'm a woman in my twenties, I consider myself to be very progressive, not religious, etc. She is a christian. I know this because she brought up her faith several times, which made me uncomfortable. I don't share those beliefs and the one time I talked to her about my faith and religion (how I'm from a catholic family but have a bad relationship with the catholic church and it's God, she told me "it seems you have a problem with the sins of men, not with god himself". Which... No. But I didn't push further at the time). She also expressed that she disagrees with some of my worldview.
Also, one session I told her something very important and very personal and we talked about it for like 20, 30 minutes. Two sessions later I brought this up again and she told me I had never shared that with her. She forgot. (She's forgotten stuff before, but this thing was really important).
All of this has made me feel insecure about sharing certain aspects of my life. I feel like she may judge me, or that she may make me feel uncomfortable for one reason or another.
So I've been thinking that I want to stop seeing her, but I don't know what to do, what to say. The other time I had to stop seeing a therapist was because the sessions were too expensive, so there was nothing to do about it. Now I see her for free (my health insurance covers it), so there is no money excuse.
I don't know what to say. I don't want to be upfront and say "I sometimes feel judged and unheard and I'm not comfortable discussing certain topics with you" because I don't see the point of doing that, especially if we are to part ways. And I'm afraid she will try to make me stay, try to make me discuss why I don't want to see her anymore.
What is your advice for that? (And especially if there are any therapists in here, I'd appreciate the advice).
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2023.06.05 04:26 Tangou-888 The Hoax Story of Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) (Part I)

The Hoax Story of Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man!
Introduction The story that follows is simply a translation of a taped testimony from a man with a life-changing story. It is not an interview or a biography, but simply the words from the man himself. Different people react in different ways when they hear this story. Some are inspired, some skeptical, a few will mock and ridicule, while some others have even been filled with rage and anger, convinced these words are the ravings of a mad man or an elaborate deception. Some Christians have opposed the story simply because the radical and miraculous events described herein do not fit their feeble image of an Almighty God.
We were first made aware of this story from several Burmese church leaders who shared it with us. These leaders had looked into the story and had not found any suggestion of it being a hoax. It was with this in mind that we decided to step out and circulate the story. We do not do so for any monetary gain, or with a motivation of self-promotion. We just want to let the story speak for itself, and invite Christian believers to judge it according to Scripture. If God wants any part of it to be intended for His glory or to encourage His people, then we pray His Spirit will work in the hearts of the readers in those ways.
Some people have told us they think the monk in this story never actually died, but that he just lapsed into unconsciousness, and the things he saw and heard were part of a fever-driven hallucination. Whatever you think, the simple fact remains that the events of this story so radically transformed this man that his life took on a complete 180-degree shift after the events described below. He has fearlessly and boldly told his story at great personal cost, including imprisonment. He has been scorned by his relatives, friends and colleagues, and faced death threats for his unwillingness to compromise his message. What motivated this man to be willing to risk everything? Whether we believe him or not, his story is surely worth listening to and considering. In the cynical West many people demand hard evidence of such things, evidence that would stand up in a court of law. Can we absolutely guarantee, beyond doubt, that all of these things happened? No, we cannot. But we feel it is worth repeating this man's story in his own words so that readers can judge for themselves.
My Early Years Hello! My name is Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu. I am from the country of Myanmar. I would like to share with you my testimony of what happened to me, but first I would like to give some brief background information from my life growing up.
I was born in 1958 in the town of Bogale, on the Irrawaddy Delta area of southern Myanmar [formerly Burma]. My parents, who were devout Buddhists like most people in Myanmar, named me Thitpin [which means 'tree' in English]. Our lives were very simple where I grew up. At the age of 13 I left school and started working on a fishing boat. We caught fish and sometimes also shrimp from the numerous rivers and streams in the Irrawaddy area. At the age of 16 I became the leader of the boat. At this time I lived in Upper Mainmahlagyon Island [Mainmahlagyon means 'Beautiful Woman Island' in English], just north of Bogale where I was born. This place is about 100 miles southwest of Yangon [Rangoon], our nation's capitol city.
One day, when I was 17, we caught a large number of fish in our nets. Because of the many fish, a large crocodile was attracted to us. It followed our boat and tried to attack us. We were terrified so we frantically rowed our boats toward the riverbank as fast as we could. The crocodile followed us and smashed our boat with its tail. Although no one died in this incident, the attack greatly affected my life. I no longer wanted to fish. Our small boat sank because of the crocodile attack. We had to go home to our village that night on a passenger boat.
Not long after, his employers transferred my father to Yangon City [formerly spelt Rangoon]. At the age of 18 I was sent to a Buddhist monastery to be a novice monk. Most parents in Myanmar try to send their son into a Buddhist monastery, at least for a time, as it is considered a great honor to have a son serve in this way. We have been observing this custom for many hundreds of years.

A Zealous Disciple of Buddha When I turned 19 years and 3 months old (in 1977), I became a normal monk. The senior monk at my monastery gave me a new Buddhist name, which is the custom in our country. I was now called U Nata Pannita Ashinthuriya. When we become a monk we no longer use the name given to us at birth by our parents. The name of the monastery I lived at is called Mandalay Kyaikasan Kyaing. The senior monk's name was called U Zadila Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw [U Zadila is his title]. He was the most famous Buddhist monk in all of Myanmar at the time. Everyone knew who he was. He was widely honored by the people and respected as a great teacher. I say he "was" because in 1983 he suddenly died when he was involved in a fatal car accident. His death shocked everyone. At the time I had been a monk for six years.
I tried hard to be the best monk I could and to follow all the precepts of Buddhism. At one stage I moved to a cemetery where I lived and meditated continually. Some monks who really want to know the truths of Buddha do things like I did. Some move deep into the forests where they live a life of self-denial and poverty. I sought to deny my selfish thoughts and desires, to escape from sickness and suffering and to break free from the cycle of this world. At the cemetery I was not afraid of ghosts. I tried to attain such inner peace and self-realization that even when a mosquito landed on my arm I would let it bite me instead of brushing it off!
For years I strived to be the best monk I could and not to harm any living being. I studied the holy Buddhist teachings just like all my forefathers had done before me.
My life proceeded as a monk until I got very, very sick. I was in Mandalay at the time and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctors did some tests on me and told me I had both Yellow Fever and malaria at the same time! After about one month in the hospital I was getting worse. The doctors told me there was no chance for me to recover and discharged me to make arrangements to die.
This is a brief description of my past. I would now like to tell you some of the remarkable things that happened to me after this times...

A Vision that Changed My Life Forever After I was discharged from the hospital I went back to the monastery where other monks cared for me. I grew weaker and weaker and was lapsing into unconsciousness. I learned later that I actually died for three days. My body decayed and stunk of death, and my heart stopped beating. My body was prepared for cremation and was put through traditional Buddhist purification rites.
Although I faded away in my body I remember my mind and spirit were fully alert. I was in a very, very powerful storm. A tremendous wind flattened the whole landscape until there were no trees or anything else standing, just a flat plain. I walked very fast along this plain for some time. There were no other people anywhere, I was all alone. After some time I crossed a river. On the other side of the river I saw a terrible, terrible lake of fire. In Buddhism we do not have a concept of a place like this. At first I was confused and didn't know it was hell until I saw Yama, the king of hell [Yama is the name ascribed to the King of Hell in numerous cultures throughout Asia]. His face looked like the face of a lion, his body was like a lion, but his legs were like a naga [serpent spirit]. He had a number of horns on his head. His face was very fierce, and I was extremely afraid. Trembling, I asked him his name. He replied, "I am the king of hell, the Destroyer."
The terrible, terrible lake of fire The king of hell told me to look into the lake of fire. I looked and I saw the saffron colored robes that Buddhist monks wear in Myanmar. I looked closer and saw the shaven head of a man. When I looked at the man's face I saw it was U Zadila Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw [the famous monk who had died in a car accident in 1983]. I asked the king of hell why my former leader was confined to this lake of torment. I said, "Why is he in this lake of fire? He was a very good teacher. He even had a teaching tape called 'Are You a Man or a Dog?' which had helped thousands of people understand that their worth as humans is far greater than the animals." The king of hell replied, "Yes, he was a good teacher but he did not believe in Jesus Christ. That's why he is in hell."
I was told to look at another person who was in the fire. I saw a man with very long hair wrapped on the left hand side of his head. He was also wearing a robe. I asked the king of hell, "Who is this man?" He replied, "This is the one you worship: Gautama [Buddha]."
I was very disturbed to see Gautama in hell. I protested, "Gautama had good ethnics and good moral character, why is he suffering in this lake of fire?" The king of hell answered me, "It doesn't matter how good he was. He is in this place because he did not believe in the Eternal God."
I then saw another man who looked like he was wearing a soldier's uniform. He had a large wound on his chest. I asked, "Who is this man?" The king of hell said, "This is Aung San, the revolutionary leader of Myanmar." I was told, "Aung San is here because he persecuted and killed Christians, but mostly because he didn't believe in Jesus Christ." In Myanmar the people have a common saying, "Soldiers never die, they live on." I was told that the legions of hell have a saying "Soldiers never die, but they go to hell forever."
I looked and saw another man in the lake of fire. He was a very tall man and he was dressed in military armor. He was also holding a sword and a shield. This man had a wound on his forehead. This man was taller than any person I have ever seen. He was six times the length between a man's elbow and the tips of his fingers when he stretches his arm out straight, plus one span of a man's fingers when he spreads out his hand. The king of hell said, "This man's name is Goliath. He is in hell because he blasphemed the Eternal God and His servant David." I was confused because I didn't know who either Goliath or David were. The king of hell said, "Goliath is recorded in the Christian Bible. You don't know him now, but when you become a Christian you will know who he is."

I was then taken to a place where I saw both rich and poor people preparing to eat their evening meals. I asked, "Who cooked the food for these people?" The king of hell replied, "The poor have to prepare their own food, but the rich people get others to cook for them." When the food had been prepared for the rich people they sat down to eat. As soon as they started a thick smoke came up. The rich people ate as fast as they could to ease their consciences. They were struggling to breath because of the smoke. They had to eat fast because they were fearful of losing their money. Their money is their god.
Another king of hell then came to me. I also saw a being whose job is to stoke the fires beneath the lake of fire, to keep it hot. This being asked me, "Are you going into the lake of fire too?" I replied, "No! I am only here to observe!" The appearance of this creature stoking the fire was very terrifying. He had ten horns on his head and a spear in his hand that had seven sharp blades coming from the end. The creature told me, "You are right. You came here just to observe. I cannot find your name here." He said, "You must now go back the way you came." He pointed me toward the desolate plain that I had first walked along before I came to the lake of fire.
The Road of Decision I walked a long time, until I was bleeding. I was hot and in great pain. Finally, after walking for about three hours I came to a wide road. I walked along this road for some time until I came to a fork. One road, going off to the left, was wide. A smaller road went off to the right hand side. There was a signpost at the fork saying that the road to the left was for those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The smaller road to the right was for believers in Jesus.
I was interested to see where the larger road led so I started down it. There were two men walking about 300 yards ahead of me. I tried to catch up with them so I could walk with them but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't catch them up, so I turned around and went back to the fork in the road. I continued to watch these two men as they walked down the road away from me. When they reached the end of the road they were suddenly stabbed. These two men cried out in great pain! I also cried out when I saw what happened to them! I realized the bigger road ended in great danger for those who traveled down it.
Looking into Heaven I started walking down the believers' road instead. After traveling for about one hour the surface of the road turned to pure gold. It was so pure that when I looked down I could see my own reflection perfectly. I then saw a man standing in front of me. He was wearing a white robe. I also heard beautiful singing. Oh, it was so beautiful and pure! It was much better and more meaningful than the worship we have in churches here on the earth. The man in the white robe asked me to walk with him. I asked him, "What is your name?" but he did not answer. After I asked his name six times the man answered, "I am the one who holds the key to heaven. Heaven is a very, very beautiful place. You cannot go there now but if you follow Jesus Christ you can go there after your life has finished on the earth." The man's name was Peter.
Peter then asked me to sit down and he showed me a place to the north. Peter said, "Look to the north and see God create man." I saw the Eternal God from a distance. God spoke to an angel, "Let us make man." The angel pleaded with God and said, "Please don't make man. He will do wrong and will grieve you." [In Burmese literally: "He will make you lose face."]. But God created a man named anyway. God blew on the man and the man came to life. He gave him the name "Adam". [Note: Buddhists do not believe in the Creation of the world or of man, so this experience had a significant impact on the monk].

Sent Back with a New Name Then Peter said, "Now get up and go back to where you came from. Speak to the people who worship Buddha and who worship idols. Tell them they must go to hell if they don't change. Those who build temples and idols will also have to go to hell. Those who give offerings to the monks to earn merit for themselves with go to hell. All those who pray to the monks and call them 'Pra' [respectful title for monks] will go to hell. Those who chant and 'give life' to idols will go to hell. All those who don't believe in Jesus Christ will go to hell." Peter told me to go back to the earth and testify about the things I had seen. He also said, "You must speak in your new name. From now on you are to be called Athet Pyan Shinthaw Paulu ["Paul who Came Back to Life."].
I didn't want to go back. I wanted to go to heaven. Angels opened a book. First they looked for my childhood name (Thitpin) in the book, but they could not find it. They then looked for the name I had been given when he entered the Buddhist monk hood (U Nata Pannita Ashinthuriya) but it wasn't written in the book either. Then Peter said, "Your name is not written here, you must return and testify about Jesus to the Buddhist people."
I walked back along the gold road. Again I heard beautiful singing, the kind of which I have never heard before or since. Peter walked with me until the time I returned to the earth. He showed me a ladder that reached down from the heaven to the sky. The ladder didn't reach to the earth, but stopped in mid-air. On the ladder I saw many angels, some going up to heaven and some going down the ladder. They were very busy. I asked Peter, "Who are they?" Peter answered, "They are messengers of God. They are reporting to heaven the names of all those who believe in Jesus Christ and the names of those who don't believe." Peter then told me it was time to go back.
It is a Ghost! The next thing I was aware of was the sound of weeping. I heard my own mother cry out, "My son, why did you leave us now?" I also heard many other people weeping. I realized I was lying in a box. I started to move. My mother and father started shouting, "He is alive! He is alive!" Other people who were farther away did not believe my parents. I then placed my hands on the sides of the box and sat upright. Many people were struck with terror. They cried out, "It is a ghost!" and ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.
Those who remained were speechless and trembling. I noticed I was sitting in smelly liquid and body fluids, enough to fill about three and a half cups. This was liquid that had come out of my stomach and my insides while my body was lying in the coffin. This is why people knew I had indeed been dead. Inside the coffin there was a type of plastic sheet fixed to the wood. This sheet is placed there to retain a corpse's liquids, because many dead bodies release much fluid like mine did.
I learned later that I was just moments away from being cremated in the flames. In Myanmar people are placed in a coffin, the lid is then nailed shut, and the whole coffin is burned. When I came back to life my mother and father were being allowed to look at my body for the very last time. Moments later the lid of my coffin would have been nailed shut and I would have been cremated!
I immediately started to explain the things I had seen and heard. People were astonished. I told them about the men I had seen in the lake of fire, and told them that only the Christians know the truth, that our forefathers and us have been deceived for thousands of years! I told them everything we believe is a lie. The people were astonished because they knew what kind of a monk I had been and how zealous I had been for the teachings of Buddha.
In Myanmar when a person dies their name and age is written on the side of the coffin. When a monk dies, the monk's name, age and the number of years he has served as a monk are written on the side of the coffin. I had already been recorded as dead but as you can see, now I am alive!
Epilogue Since 'Paul who came back to life' experienced the above story he has remained a faithful witness to the Lord Jesus Christ. Burmese pastors have told us that he had led hundreds of other monks to faith in Christ. His testimony is obviously very uncompromising. Because of that, his message has offended many people who cannot accept there is only one Way to Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ. Despite great opposition, his experiences were so real to him that he has not wavered. After many years in the Buddhist monk hood, as a strict follower of Buddhist teachings, he immediately proclaimed the Gospel of Christ following his resurrection and exhorted other monks to forsake all false gods and follow Jesus Christ with all their hearts. Before the time of his sickness and death he had no exposure to Christianity at all. Everything he learned during those three days in the grave was new to his mind.
In a bid to get his message out to as many people as possible, this modern-day Lazarus began distributing audio and video cassette tapes with his story on them. The police and Buddhist authorities in Myanmar have done their utmost to gather these tapes up and destroy them. The testimony you have just read has been translated form one of those cassette tapes. We are told it is now quite dangerous for citizens of Myanmar to be in possession of these tapes.
His fearless testimony has landed him in prison at least once, where the authorities failed in their bid to silence him. Upon his release he continued to testify of the things he saw and heard. His current whereabouts are uncertain. One Burmese informant told us he is prison and may have been killed, while another informant was told he is now released from prison and is continuing his ministry.
Translated by: Asian Minorities Outreach P.O.Box 901 Palestine, TX 75802 U.S.A. E-Mail: monkst... u/ Website:
Dear Triplegem Members, The following message was posted to the Website by someone called 'James' on 23rd July, 2000. (NDE = Near Death Experience). The Monk's story is identical. But the source is different. Details can be viewed at
The message began with: "Buddhist Monk visits Hell" I believe this person died, body decay & rotten. He was then brought to those places by the LORD to show him some vision. <-------
This is taken from a mission paper "Northside Missions Update" Northside Christian Centre 31-61 McLeans Road Bundoora Victoria 3083 Australia
The same 'Monk's Story' followed. Then, exchange of interesting messages took place at the Bulletin Board among NDE regulars, some of them are Christians, and finally, someone called 'Melvin', 'a Myanmar Buddhist', posted the following message and the discussion came to a close.
The fact that the same story has re-surfaced in another form (cassette), perhaps in a another country is a bit disturbing!
Best wishes to all our Triplegem members, MM Lwin
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2023.06.05 04:25 Mathias_Greyjoy This Subreddit will be shutting down temporarily between June 12th - 14th (in solidarity with hundreds of other subreddits) to protest Reddit’s new API changes.

Hello everyone. The moderation team of asoiafminiaturesgame wants to share some serious concerns we have about recent changes to Reddit.
A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31st, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface (which is beloved by our modteam, and our preferred way for you to view this subreddit on desktop, by the way).
This isn't only a problem for users: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free. It’d be wonderful if Reddit’s official apps supported these tools, but they do not, and are years behind what third party apps can do.
On top of everything else, for the visually impaired, iOS is a disaster.
Reddit to the Visually Impaired: "You no longer have a voice on this site."
"As one of the mods of blind I depend on third party apps. Once the apps are gone, I may be left with no choice but to step down and close my 17 year old account. I hope it wont’ come to that."
- u/fastfinge

What's the plan?

The moderation team of asoiafminiaturesgame is declaring its opposition (along with hundreds of other subreddits) to this API pricing change, and will be shutting down the subreddit in solidarity for 48 hours on June 12th through the 14th (and may even shut down indefinitely) until the tools to provide effective moderation are available once more. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love. This subreddit is honestly one of my pride and joys on Reddit.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as tools to take further action.

What can you do?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of, who are the admins of the site: message u/reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app, and sign your username in support on this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Share your thoughts here at asoiafminiaturesgame, and in every Mod post like this you see. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit to join us at the sister sub ModCoord.
  3. Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 14th. Instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't Be a Jerk - Be Respectful. Follow Reddit's rules and "reddiquette". As upsetting as this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism only serve to make things harder to get people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
Find out more at Save3rdPartyApps, or if you moderate a subreddit, its sister sub ModCoord.

Thank you for your patience,

-Mathias, speaking on behalf of the whole asoiafminiaturesgame moderation team.
P.S. Please don't spend money on Reddit awards for this post. That's another source of revenue for them, and the single most efficient [legal] way to tell a company that you're unhappy is to not give them money.
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2023.06.05 04:25 jaeeii 21 [F4R] Ohio/USA - looking to make real friendships!

i hope everyone is having a good start to their week and had a good weekend!
i’ve deleted most of my social media so i’m usually on reddit to have a chat or youtube to have a laugh when i’m on my phone. i’ve been playing pokemon violet and fortnite a bit so if anyone wants to play together in the future let me know!
facts about me:
so, if you made it to the end, read everything i have talked about and still feel that you want to talk, feel free to send me a message or chat if you’re looking to talk to someone! 😄
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2023.06.05 04:25 DreamCatch22 Over $300k bet on MVIS. DD included.

Over $300k bet on MVIS. DD included.
Added more to my positions since the last DD I posted. Check it out if you havent. Basically betting my entire savings on MVIS. So far its working out. I have a strong thesis and think the risk to reward ratio is worth the gamble.
All this AI money is going to rotate into computer vision. MVIS has a patent moat for LASER BEAM SCANNING (LBS). They use this technology to offer lidar products, but also have other verticals.
The next step for AI is giving machines perception. Check out the Garter hype cycle for AI and see that computer vision is outpacing all other forms of AI (even ahead of generative AI).
MVIS also offers a NEAR EYE DISPLAY (NED) solution using their LBS tech. This technology is behind Microsoft's Halolens and IVAS. Microsoft's contract with MVIS ends this year. With Apple set to release thier own NED headset, the extended reality (VR, AR) and headset wars are about to begin.
Microvison is primed to rip for a couple reasons. Volume and volatility are returning. Shorts are under pressure to start covering. This stock has great short term and long term potential. Here are a couple ways to play with this stock:
  1. Buy shares
  2. Buy call options
  3. Sell put options
MicroVision currently had the highest ORTEX short squeeze score for the month of May:
Feel free to post any questions or concerns.
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2023.06.05 04:24 Beneficial_Back_9076 how do i activate my free PSN trial??

i cannot for the life of me figure out how to redeem my free PSN trial, i have a payment method but every time i google it i only find BS can someone please walk me thru the free trial that is listed on sony’s website
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2023.06.05 04:24 LeBleu71 If God is loving, why are the vast majority of the human race going to hell?

Mathew 7:
13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it...
21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
It seems to me that salvation is by grace through theological orthodoxy rather than by love, faith, or works. How can God be loving if everyone as per their sin is doomed to hell, and cannot merit heaven, nor is salvation free since it can be lost and since it requires a tremendous burden of works one can never live up to. Especially if Orthodoxy is true, since then only a select group of Middle Eastern and Eastern European ethnicities have access to the true church.
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2023.06.05 04:23 TMan4334 Why do I keep sinning?

I've been a Christian for about 10 years now. It hasn't been easy but I have learned so much over the years. I know a lot about God's Word though I don't claim to know everything. I'm always trying to learn more all the time. I am fascinated by theology and apologetics. I'm always listening to podcasts about this very subject. I go to church twice a week and participate in a young adults group a few times a month as well. Yet, after all these years of growing in the knowledge of God I feel no more righteous than when I first believed. I mean, I'm more patient than I used to be, slower to anger though even when I do get angry I very rarely let it out and just bottle it up and let it simmer down. I don't even remember the last time I yelled at someone. But for all this I still struggle with the same sins. The only difference is a feel a small amount of remorse whereas in the past I just didn't care. I just did whatever I wanted. Yet even with that small amount of remorse I'll sin again two days later. I feel so imperfect and incapable of ever living a Godly life. There's so many times I feel so encouraged in the faith and I just want to give it my all to serve God but in the same day temptation will show up and beat me to a pulp and shove me back in a cage before I can do anything meaningful in my faith. I just can't take it anymore. I feel so stuck. Like I'll never be capable of anything I want to do and I'll never be worthy of any of the things I ask for in prayer. But I see absolutely no way of being free from this bandage. I want to be but I don't know how.
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2023.06.05 04:23 Key_Psychology1332 Mental Health and Growing Up

This is gonna be a long post but I need to get this off my chest.
I want to start by saying it took me awhile to realize that my depression and anxiety came from my dad as a kid and I am currently 26 years old, single, struggling to maintain friendship, broken lots of trust in friends and significant others, and currently just trying to change my life around and be free from my past.
My dad abused alcohol and had beaten my mom as a child. He would always get intoxicated when I come home from school. Also I would be afraid of him sometimes because he would beat me if I was a bad student in school. Mainly afraid of him being intoxicated because shit hits the fan between my mom and dad and I'm scared to step in and defend my mom because he always raises a hand at her. It was really bad but it's better now today. Still it effects me to this day. The student part was fine if I was a bad student but insulting me and saying bad stuff about people that were my friends, or significant other gave me lots of problems. He would call me stupid in the worse way possible so I try to get smart. He would beat me if I couldn't do math well. I'm Asian by the way. He couldn't teach me any education because he never passed elementary school. Also I never had a good relationship with my dad nor my mom. If you were to tell me who I'm close to it would be my mom for sure. Many people think my dad is awkward and weird because how I am. I'm like no I am who I am because of past trauma and I don't let them know.
He loves me I know he does but he never had a mom or dad figure when he grew up so I know he doesn't know how to help me but he was trying I could see it as I grew older I listened to him, kept everything what he said like a true son he wanted but as I grew up. My dad is a big bigot and a racist. I don't care if he is a trump supporter but everytime I come home he always talks about trump, LGBTQ, blacks, women, and how this generation is fucked and not only that I try to have a civil conversation but if I don't agree with him the slightest he instantly backfires at me and puts me down. He would also find ways to put me down by saying son you have a college degree but you ain't using it because you fuckin enlisted in the military. I was pursuing my passion and dream but i let that go so I can make my dad happy so I ended up quitting the training I was already going through, I had no support really because he wasn't happy. With the degree he wanted me to pursue a degree because it would make him happy. Well he isnt happy and I am never gonna even use my degree, I just got it just for him. All this time wasted, this depression, anxiety, trying to make him happy and proud of me. I'm done.
But but but I can't why? Because he pays my phone, he helped me buy a car, he helps me with financial stuff and I fuckin hate it. I always say no but he told me this is the way I show love. I love you regardless and I want the best for you. I kindly rejected but he wants me to save money for myself but I don't want to be around him anymore until he finally understands he is hurting me, my lil bro, and my lil sis. I come home to see them and my mom but I never come home to be glad to see my dad never.
Rant done and thank you for reading this.
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2023.06.05 04:23 B0lbi Factory/Warehouse

24(M) adhd+aspergers here. DAE hate working in factories/warehouse's and manual labor jobs? I can't seem to hold any jobs and i keep getting cornered to the point where these kinds of jobs are the only ones i can get. I'm working on learning web development in my free time but lately for the past couple weeks i haven't been able to focus on it, granted i am only working there 4 hrs a day m-f i just get this sense of dread that keeps me from doing anything productive. I'm hoping things work out but when i work in these job's all i can constantly think is that "I'm stuck here" "this is my grave" i also reflect on past failures and other thoughts like that. I hate being sweaty and itchy all over from the dirt and dust. Whenever i get hot my scalp starts to sting and burn. I'm tired of being sore all over, the loud buzzing noises, the fast flow of production, the constant lifting that never slows down. It all just overwhelms me. I'm in such a constant state of fear all the time and i want to leave so badly but i can't find any other jobs. I feel like it's just a me problem sometimes and that i have no right to say anything because I'm just complaining. When i exercise i prefer to have it as it's own standalone activity and not something i have to do perfectly or I'll end up homeless and lose my car. It's hard for me to combine the work mindset and the physical activity mindset. I'm scared my parents might kick me out or impose some sort of major restrictions on me if i quit this job for a lower paying job. As much as I hte retail I can't stand factories either. I would much rather be in retail than factory work if i was forced to choose.
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2023.06.05 04:23 accursedspatula 5 years of T. Not passing, no changes. What do I change?

5 years of T. Not passing, no changes. What do I change?
Trans guy. 5 years of T and no changes. Please help. :(
5 years of T and my body has not masculinized at all. Levels are always good and I have had them consistently checked. Tried every form of T (IM, subQ, patches, gel, and now auto injector). Nothing makes a difference. Developed a horrible allergy to patches. My levels are consistently 600-800 with good free T and I have had my SHBG checked. Recently started fin and oral minox because hair loss is the only change I’m seeing.
No one will test me for androgen insensitivity as I had some very minor responses to T.
My voice drop is minimal. I have been in voice therapy with a certified speech therapist for 7 months. My pitch is not changeable (even according to her) and with everything my voice is still too bright and crisp.
I was approved for FMS and walked into the appointment and the surgeon told me she “didn’t have any idea what to do” with my face. Went for a body contouring consult and was told my hips are too wide (asked multiple times how many times I had given birth, which is 0) and then told I just needed to lose weight. I’m in the gym 5 days a week lifting and running 3-4 miles at a time, I am not very overweight but my fat sits on my hips).
I wear all male clothes and no makeup etc. I know my hair is long but short hair makes me appear more feminine by making my face appear rounder. I usually wear contacts instead of glasses but male or female glasses don’t help either.
I’m out of options because ftm surgery options suck after top surgery and genuinely beside myself because I’m always told all trans guys pass with T. Everyone thinks I’m a trender and I’m called maam constantly. I wish I had never done this.
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2023.06.05 04:22 sewistforsix Tonight was the night

I had twins at the end of March. Due to a traumatic birth, I completely missed the golden hour with Twin B, my son, and didnt see him for a few hours after his birth. I was able to latch and spend time with Twin A, my daughter. I have breastfed my older five children to at least a year in age, and figured I was prepared to bf twins. I was so, so wrong.
Our first tandem experience existed of two nurses holding my twins up to my nipples while I puked from anesthesia and four or five other doctors, nurses, or whoever the hell wanted to just stood there and watched and commented. Then began the problems-both of my twins had severe tongue ties and lip ties, refusal to latch, horrible, painful latches from them both, ridiculous oversupply, and finally an unexpected surgery for me (gallbladder). And so I pumped, and pumped, and pumped.
But tonight! Tonight we achieved the final piece of the puzzle when my daughter finally latched and nursed for an extended period without a nipple shield, and then easily latched again. Both twins have been back to the breast for ten days, but tonight they are both finally latching pain free and transferring a good amount of milk. Today was the first day since they've been back to the breast that we have been able to have defined feeding times (on demand) instead of feeling like we are cluster feeding all day long. Tonight I finally feel successful. Tonight I feel confident in my ability to take them out of the house so my older kids can participate in so much more this summer!
In case you were counting, that's almost 11 weeks of daily struggle and work to get to the point where I could comfortably and easily tandem feed my babies at the breast. Eleven weeks!
If you are a mama who is struggling with breastfeeding, keep going! Keep trying! Eat that elephant one step, one feeding, one day at a time. Because if I can do it so can you!
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