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2020.03.02 22:31 theswandogg THE BEST CITY IN AMERICA

The new and improved Kittanning subreddit. Open to events, news, and anything else related to Armstrong County as a whole.

2012.08.11 05:45 acb5649 Fishers, IN: Safest City In America. 2011 & 2012.

Fishers is a city located in Fall Creek and Delaware townships, Hamilton County, Indiana, with a population of 99,116 according to the 2020 census. A suburb of Indianapolis, Fishers has grown rapidly in recent decades and has been named “Best place to live in the United States” by Money Magazine.

2014.09.13 19:29 jason_in_sd Real Estate in America's Finest City

/SDRealEstate is the best place for information surrounding the San Diego Real Estate market. Whether you have questions about new developments, or are just generally curious about the landscape.

2023.03.28 20:54 DrGreyyyy Anyone from Sector 14?

I recently moved to Sector 14 in Gurugram, and while I find the locality quite pleasant, I have been feeling quite bored lately. Unfortunately, all of my friends have moved out of the state, leaving me to my own devices. That's why I'm reaching out to you today, in the hopes that someone from Sector 14 would be interested in meeting up for a casual chat or accompanying me to watch the new John Wick movie. As a newcomer to the area, I don't even know which mall is the best for hanging out. I'm genuinely looking for someone who can show me around the city and introduce me to everything that this city has to offer. So is there someone in here from Sector 14 who would like to consider giving me a chance to connect with you to explore this city together.
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2023.03.28 20:53 sleepdeprivedwriter2 New short story idea? Is it good or no?

Graeton. The most perfect civilization in history. Over three hundred years ago, our nation’s founder sought to build a utopia. A utopia of perfection. At first, all seemed well, perfect. But, as most stories go, there were people who tried to corrupt our system by allowing imperfection. They constantly broke the rules that were set in place to protect our nation. So they had to be dealt with. Our leaders developed ways to rid the nation of these pests. They were taken in the night and done away with outside the city walls. I know what you’re probably thinking. This isn’t perfection is it? That’s where you’re wrong. To have perfection, you need to rid yourself of imperfections. So that’s what we did. But, these pests still lurked in the shadows to try to overthrow our system of excellence. They call themselves revolutionaries. But they are not here to bring a revolution. That has already been done to create our nation. They are simply here to bring chaos and destruction.
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2023.03.28 20:53 AbleBreak Are housing law's too relaxed in this country? Such as if you illegally sublet, action against it is not always immediate and people can move onto the next property and repeat the process fairly easily..?

Just raising this as a genuine question as in my area I've observed this happening so much.
For example in my tower block (which is not in a cheap scummy area) the vetting process for renters seems to be incredibly poor and its come to light that some form of group/gang have managed to rent a few of the flats and illegally sublet them/ possibly use them as brothels/filming porn (can't fully tell but groups of men bring new mattresses in and out frequently)....
No one in the building is allowed to rent to air b and b or sublet but these people were found out as they were renting to any old people and a few times the building got damaged. Turns out the people who rent these flats were using completely fraudulent documents and bank accounts in different names.... also when they applied to rent they managed to get on a subsidized rent for low income earners so all that has happened is they were told to stop and move out and just said no... noting else has changed and its highly likely they are not paying any of the bills either. How is all this possible? Keep in mind once or twice I've seen one or 2 of their cars which were brand new audi's and range rovers. It seem's like the rules/laws are so relaxed you can get away with anything?....
Similarly a lease holder or 2 were renting rooms/ the flats on air b and b which is against the lease, they were reported and just claimed they were not and removed the air b and b posts.... fast forward a few weeks and they are relisted, the same process repeats again and thats it.... no preprocussions and we have worked out one of them must have made at least 10k so far as its a popular tourist spot of the city.
A newer social housing building nearby has the same sort of issue but with triple the amount. Seeing as social housining is meant for people that really need it does it not seem like the council would really want to prevent people renting out rooms/ flats they are being given? Its fairly obvious as their building has about 20 lock boxes outside the front.... however the council or building managers seem to either not care or lack resources?... Is all of this normal ?
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2023.03.28 20:53 Poet-or-Prophet-1313 Pertinent Prophesied Portions of Purity

While it is true that there have always been evils, it is now also apparent that they have been relentlessly after us. And now with renewed concerted and direct methods, the world is nearly lost in their grasp. They have taken so many, and They seek to forever mute our Light, our birthright, and this will only become more and more dangerous and dire for all beings as the hold they have gets tighter and the very breath of Creation is all but smothered under the Darkness. The things that many of us have been witnessing and experiencing over the past 5 years or so (not to mention all our lives) are exactly what we've always thought. Spirit has been calling for us to be prepared, and we have all been growing and building our strength for the coming storm. We are being called to take up our place in Christ and let Jesus' teachings spring forth in our lives. My fellow Humans, I have been receiving a message for my whole life, but only have just been able to decipher it as of late. Four years ago I was privy to an experience that I've been denying myself to acknowledge out loud to almost anyone I've met, and now I know that I must end this Fear of failure and take up my duty to God and to you all, as I now have found the Truth within my Heart. I swore to uphold my duty, my responsibility to these Gifts and the Holy Spirit from which I've been given them, so now hear me. I promised to Great Spirit while in my darkest hour, whilst so caught up in believing that maybe everyone was right and i was losing it. Fooled into almost fully believing that All of the things i was seeing and feeling and knowing, were all either outlandish or sacrilegious depending on who i tried to talk to. All I could do was retreat into My Self and spent much time seeking answers within all the while peering out into the world, and as i did this I became more and more alienated from my children and family and friends. I'd moved us around the country thrice and we'd landed here in Colorado City, CO. Living in the basement of two of the kindest and trustworthy people who ever lived. True believers and followers of the Word of God. Mormons by choice, God's children by design. I'd been going through a transformation of spirit and mind, and had witnessed some incredible things that are described in other portions of my story. But when I finally opened my mind to the fact that I was being led to something, that i was on a path set before me by my Creator...... In a fit of tears walking alone in the foothills of southern Colorado, I looked to the sky and spoke to God for the first time since I was a small child. I called out to the Universe with every last bit of my ego leaving me with those words flying from my mouth. "Please! Please, Great Spirit I have to know what is happening to me! Are they a right about me? Am I going crazy? Please Just Give Me That! Is this an illusion or are my visions to become reality? Are there really monsters out here disguised as humans, some even being inside those we know and love? PLEASE JUST GIVE ME ANSWER OR EVEN A SIGN SO I KNOW WHETHER OR NOT TO TAKE MY WIFES ADVICE AND SEEK MEDICAL HELP OR JUST BLOW MY HEAD OFF AND SAVE THEM ALL FROM MY MADNESS!!
As soon as the last was out, I heard it. Even through my tears and the dirt blowing in my eyes, I could see the change. Just like a layer of fog or movie magic, a new dimension lowered down toward me. Like diving into water, but instead the pool is coming from above. I could see two worlds. The one upon which I stood was where I'd lived and grown and been led to this moment. The one coming slowly down, (now nearly to my head) was something like this one, but much different. My 3d view was a beautiful valley with wildflowers and all the colors and smells of spring in Colorado City. The new ?d world which was pouring over me now looked to have much the same geographic formation, but instead the ground was barren of life, the dirt and rocks covered with a brownish film of dirt and disgust. Across the path to my right i could see some remnants of the tree that had stood there moments ago. A giant pine tree with life just radiating from its every inch, it was now only a petrified stump with a few chunks of it Lying around. Long dead and forgotten, it had reached its final moments millions of years or minutes through an unknown multitude realms ago. There had been a great and awful kind of disaster here, and I knew deep down that this would be the case in every corner of the world in which I was now peering with squinting and dusty, tear filled eyes. Whatever happened, it had all but erased Life from the face of The Earth. But still, there was a sense of there still being something somewhere that yet lived. But there was no sense of Evil or darkness anywhere. Only the memory of it's passing, along with those beings which would not refute it and cast away the hold it had upon them, and the creatures which went with them into the ground to begin a new cycle of Creation once more. The descending layer was now at my waist, and i remembered holding my breath as it first covered my head. I gasped a lungful of another world and it sustained me, but tasted acrid and hot and so very old. As I drew my attention back to my own condition, I could see the layers of existence meeting as the strange new layer of reality stayed over me, and I had suddenly a thought to test my perception by ducking my body and head down out of the (pool?). Sure enough, as i squatted down i could see my body in its original place and time, and the stark difference beginning where the divide cut across my view. I could see the rippling base of the new world hovering above in all directions. I could see the ground under my feet and the valley before me, unchanged and beautiful beyond description. And looking up I saw the yellowed and half lit sky of a sun that had not broken through the haze for an untold length of time, causing a lack of essential life force to be withheld and the Earth to remain nearly desolate. For reference I will liken it to sepia vision above and true color below, I suppose that's pretty accurate and descriptive. So after I'd proved to myself that I was experiencing something real and ducked all the way out, after I'd looked up through the surface of this reality which had just come out of to gather my wits. I humbled myself and remembered that I'd asked for this. I had begged for this moment of realization and now I must face it for better or worse. I then closed my eyes for a moment, took a slow deep (possibly last) breath and stood once more gazing at the blasted landscape within the realm I'd been allowed to enter. I then openly acknowledged that the voice addressing Me in my heart and in my mind, sounding just like My own voice, ( the one I'd always called my conscience) was saying something, calling Me and my entire existence to take my focus and put it where it belongs. Speaking with a trembling and cracked yet affirmative and direct voice, I spake "Here I Am." The reply was instant and commanded my complete attention with such authority that cannot be described in any other way than to be likened to the very words of Creation; " NOW THEN, DO YOU NOT SEE? CAN YOU NOT SAY THAT YOUR SIGHT IS TRUE? DO YOU YET DENY THAT WHAT I HAVE LAIN BEFORE YOU IS TRULY BEFORE YOU? DO YOU DENY YOUR VERY CREATOR HIS PLAN FOR YOU ON THIS DAY? " I spake in reply to God Almighty, with wonder and fear and complete submission to the Power that was being awakened inside Me. "Im not crazy. I knew I wasn't crazy. I have always known that I can see more than most others, and that all of those who I'd tried to share my visions with must have just been lacking something fundamental that kept them from understanding or even trying to look and see for themselves." "But Great Spirit, what does it mean? Why Me? Why have i been given this Sight and why has it been so intense and mounting within Me over the past few years? Why does it seem like there is about to be an absolute shift and why does it feel so frightening and exciting at the same time? " The Voice Of God, Speaking with the sound of My own Voice but with more authority and more than just Power from within: " YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE I HAVE PUT YOU HERE. YOU CAN SEE BECAUSE I HAVE SHOWN YOU HOW. YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN SEEKING TRUTH BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABLE AND FINDING THINGS THAT OTHERS DO NOT. SO IS YOUR PURPOSE, AS I HAVE MADE IT TO BE" Aloud i said " Why Spirit, why do I have to be seen as a fool by the ones Whom I need the most to understand what is happening to me and all around to all of Us? I know something big is coming, something that will end many lives and change everything that we know And I don't want them to be unprepared. I just feel so sad and afraid that nobody else will listen and I will have failed them, failed everything, even You Dear God" Then I added " How can I show them how to see like me when they refuse even to look about without disdain and doubt? How do I get them to feel that which is so plainly about to be? I'm so confused and scared and I am losing Hope for All of Us." " YOU CAN SEE, SO YOU CAN SHARE. YOU HAVE ASKED, AND NOW YOU SHALL ANSWER." "WILL YOU TELL THEM WHAT I'VE SHOWN YOU HERE, WHAT YOU'VE BEEN ALLOWED FOR YOURSELF TO SEE? THIS I COMMAND OF YOU, FOR KNOWLEDGE OF LOVE AND TRUST IN YOUR MAKER IS TO SHARE WITH ALL WHO KNOW IT NOT. YOUR'S IS A VOICE THAT CAN BE HEARD, AS I HAVE MADE IT TO BE." "IF YOU WANT TO SAVE ANY ONE OF THEM, YOU MUST TEACH THEM ABOUT THE CYCLE AND WHERE YOUR PLACES ARE IN THIS ONE. AND YOU MUST CARRY MY LAWS WITH YOU TO TEACH AGAINST THE DARKNESS THAT SEEKS TO CLAIM EVERY SOUL FROM SALVATION" "DO YOU ACCEPT THIS PATH, NOW THAT YOU HAVE INSISTED ON ASKING OF ME THAT YOU MAY CATCH A GLIMPSE AHEAD TO KEEP FROM LOSING YOUR WAY?" "GIVE ANSWER, I COMMAND IT. OR TURN AWAY AND EMBRACE DAMNATION AS YOUR JUDGEMENT. FOR EVEN MY ELECT MAY BE LOST THIS TIME, FOR THIS CYCLE WILL BE THE LAST."
The fog was rising now, slowly up my stomach and chest. My tears were so many that my shirt was getting wet. Without hesitation, as I'd already known I would someday do. With all the Love and all of the Fear that makes Me what I am. I closed my eyes once more to the sights around Me and spoke once more: " I accept and I beg forgiveness for my doubt, Dear Lord. I shall make it my focus to fulfill My duty and answer My calling. I will gladly take My Creator's Path, which was laid before me even at the beginning of Time as You've Made it, Great Spirit. I will seek to to discern all Truth that I can using your gifts. Yes I, Your humbled and grateful Creation do swear that once I have the words to speak that I will find a way to reach all who will but hear them. I will not allow myself to be swayed by the darkness, for this is my lot and I Thank You for giving it to me to Have and to use for Your work."
Just as I'd finished my words, the vision was gone. But the Sight was stronger than ever within Me, and I now am eager to tell of the things I have seen since that Day. Praise God and seek penance. These things I have not done enough. There can never be enough for any of Us. I think I understand that Now, four years and lifetimes later.
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2023.03.28 20:53 greyson3 More Tour Dates

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2023.03.28 20:53 blundell183 (SELLING) A Man Called Otto [CA-GP], Amsterdam [CA-GP], Lyle, Lyle Crocodile [CA-GP], Thor: Love & Thunder GP, Indiana Jones 4K + Various Titles Listed by Studio

Payment via PayPal.
I'm a Canadian seller so will do G&S transactions for all non-Canadians (please add $0.30 to total for transactions under $9 and $0.50 for over $18 to help cover PayPal fee).
Will do F&F for my fellow Canadians (No fees, no adder).
Prices in USD.
Prices are negotiable, especially when buying multiples.
All codes are HD or better.

Price: Studio / Title: Format: Redeems in:
$6 Antman [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$6 Captain America: The First Avenger [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$6 Captain America: The Winter Soldier [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$6 Doctor Strange [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$2 Doctor Strange Google Play USA / Canada
$5 Finding Dory 4K - iTunes USA / Canada
$5 Finding Dory HD - Movies Anywhere / Vudu / FN USA
$2 Frozen Google Play USA / Canada
$6 Guardians of the Galaxy [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$2 Guardians of the Galaxy Google Play USA
$2 Incredibles 2 Google Play USA
$6 Ironman 3 [4K] 4K - Movies Anywhere USA
$2 Ironman 3 Google Play USA
$2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google Play USA / Canada
$4 / $2 Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4K - iTunes / Google Play USA / Canada
$5 / $2 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 4K - iTunes / Google Play USA / Canada
$2 The Lion King (1994) Google Play USA / Canada
$5 / $2 The Lion King (2019) 4K - iTunes / Google Play USA / Canada
$2 Thor: The Dark World Google Play USA
$2.50 Thor: Love and Thunder Google Play USA
DISNEY (Canada):
$5 Amsterdam Google Play Canada
$2 Black Widow Google Play Canada
$2 Cruella Google Play Canada
$2 Encanto Google Play Canada
$2 Eternals Google Play Canada
$2 Free Guy Google Play Canada
$2 Lightyear Google Play Canada
$2 Luca Google Play Canada
$2 Mulan (2020) Google Play Canada
$2 Raya and the Last Dragon Google Play Canada
$2 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Google Play Canada
$2 The Call of the Wild Google Play Canada
$3 West Side Story Google Play Canada
$0.75 War for the Planet of the Apes Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
HBO: (do not port to MA)
$1.50 Ballers: Season 2 Google Play USA / Canada
$1.50 True Blood: Season 5 iTunes USA / Canada
$1.50 True Blood: Season 5 Google Play USA / Canada
PARAMOUNT: (do not port to MA) (Vudu are USA only)
$6 Raiders of the Lost Ark [4K] 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
$6 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom [4K] 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
$6 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [4K] 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
$5 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [4K] 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
$1.25 Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol HD - Vudu USA
$1.25 Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation HD - Vudu USA
$3 Star Trek: Into Darkness 4K - iTunes USA / Canada
$1.25 Star Trek: Into Darkness HD - Vudu USA
$6 Super 8 [4K] 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
$3.25 Transformers: Age of Extinction 4K - iTunes / Vudu USA / Canada
SONY: (do not port to MA)
$7 A Man Called Otto Google Play Canada
$6 Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Google Play Canada
$3 Peter Rabbit 2 Google Play Canada
$3 Spider-Man: No Way Home Google Play Canada
$3 Uncharted Google Play Canada
$3 Venom: Let there be Carnage Google Play Canada
$0.75 Venom: Let there be Carnage (Sony Points ONLY) Sony Points USA
$0.75 Bullet Train (Sony Points ONLY) Sony Points USA
$4 Downton Abbey: A New Era Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
$1.50 Fast & Furious 6 (Extended Edition) HD - Movies Anywhere or Vudu USA
$2.50 Jaws Google Play (ports to MA) Canada
$2.25 Jurassic World: Dominion - Extended Version Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
$1.50 Kick-Ass 2 HD - Movies Anywhere USA
$4 Marry Me Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
$2.25 Stillwater Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
$2.25 The Thing (1982) Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
$2.25 Trolls World Tour Google Play (will not port to MA) Canada
WARNER BROS: (GP's port to MA as HD)

iTunes HD (Canada Only): ($1.00 each)

Also trading here:

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2023.03.28 20:53 GuitarSuperb7073 Help me find this girl

I was in Miami for this music week, and stopped at Zara in the Brickell City Centre mall to pick up my order. Idk her name but she is the sales associate / cashier at the Zara , damn I started imagining my life with you. She looks like she is Latin or something close. I returned to Zara before I fly out of the city on Monday just to see her and get her number. But if you ( the girl I’m describing) are seeing this I’m the guy whom u asked am I a south Asian and keeps exchanging looks. Too bad you clocked out way too soon on 23rd (Thursday) , I was literally searching for you in the store. Reddit you know what to do. Do your thing , help me find her.
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2023.03.28 20:52 DetailNo9969 I'm excited but anxious!

I'm really excited about LBY - it really does sound like the life simulator most people have been waiting for. However, that also worries me... Their trailers and interviews sound so promising and they are obviously on the "hype train" as they promote it. All these features they are promising sound so exciting but... How many times have I been let down before?
It's for this reason I have a strict no preorder policy. I've been broken by buggy broken games in the past which really, were great examples of false advertising. Consider No Man's Sky when it released, or Cyberpunk 2077, or Battlefield 2042. Big releases with big promises which all released broken and with missing features.
However, I am cautiously optimistic with LBY. Why? It's Paradox and they are really trying to eat into the AAA market of The Sims. I'm sure they know that if they don't hit this on mark and make a positive impression that they would have the most to lose. Also, Paradox have demonstrated their success with Cities Skylines so they have some hard hitting postive games in their library. In addition, it seems like LBY has been in development for quite some time... So I am excited, but... Cautiously optimistic! I really do hope they nail this!!
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2023.03.28 20:52 Hot-Sandwich-2516 Looking for a bicycle to cycle the Americas

I want to cycle the Americas from top to bottom. I am going to start in June, but I still need a bicycle.
I am planning on cycling mostly on dirt roads. That means the bike should be capable to handle routes like the GDMBR, TEMBR, Baja Divide and Peru Great Divide.
Around $1200 - $1700.
Now here is what I think the specs of my bike should look like. And tell me if this makes sense for this kind of trip.
I don't know what else is important.
Now please tell me, what can you recommend to me :)
If you need more information, just ask me.
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2023.03.28 20:52 Wonderful_Touch_4408 Reposting this again due to no engagement - Senior Supply chain management major looking for insight on my resume. I've applied to 60 internships and have received minimal responses. Any tips are welcomed!

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2023.03.28 20:51 knockea Short term renting of furnished apartment

I would like to rent out my furnished apartment in the short term for the times when I'm out of the city. I could be gone 2 weeks, I could be gone 2 months, but I don't want my apartment to be empty while I'm away.
I'm looking into renting my apartment short term to others, friends of friends, but I still want to make sure I'm covered if all hell breaks loose.
I'll take a deposit and verbally agree to lease to the people who want it, but in the back of my mind I would always be worried something crazy would happen.
Is it weird to ask someone to sign a contract for a let's say a 2 week stay?
Also, is there insurance I get to cover myself? If so, do you know the name of it?
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2023.03.28 20:51 cafeorchata Health anxiety about oral sex and HIV

Sorry if this topic has been asked a thousand times before, I just want some peace of mind.
Last year a guy at work gave me a blowjob, as far as I know he is not infected with anything, however my anxiety told me that I should not have done that. Exactly four months later, I got a HIV test, and it came back negative. (I got tested because my anxiety was making my life a hell)
At first I thought that I could finally breath, besides my doctor told me that there is 0 to none chances of getting HIV if someone gives me a blowjob.
However, lately my anxiety has kicked in full force again, and I can´t stop thinking that maybe the results were wrong. Mainly because I got a weird lump in the chest. The doctor checked that, and said that it has to do with weather and sweat (I do live in a really hot city, and I walk a lot, and exactly where I have the lump is a part of body where I always get sweaty)
He tells me that I really shot not be worried about HIV or other sexual disseases. But I really can´t help it.
Do you guys think that maybe I am overreacting? For what I´ve seen online is that, yeah the chances of me getting a disssease through fellatio are low; but still I would like to hear some thoughts on the subject.
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2023.03.28 20:51 backonmy-bs Is it weird of me to dislike my city because the people generally don’t fit my vibe?

I’m just curious if anyone has ever thought similarly before. In the city I live in, I have always struggled to make friends and date (I do have friends and have dates but it takes a lot of time and there have been many failures). In other places I’ve lived, I don’t have the same problem. When I went on vacation recently, I didn’t have the same problem. Is it weird to assume it’s the city and it’s people that I generally just don’t vibe with well? Or is just some strange coincidence that it’s harder for me here?
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2023.03.28 20:51 Route66Fan Some time back, I bought the Mass Transit DLC, yet Cities Skylines acts like I didn't buy it! How do I fix this!

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2023.03.28 20:51 discgolfpro There are 9 remote internship positions in the US, per a LinkedIn search for "bioinformatics internship." How the hell are we supposed to break into industry?

In addition, many/most of these roles have over 200 applicants. I do not have the resources to move to a new city for a summer internship. What the hell is going on with the state of this industry?
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2023.03.28 20:51 yumslwo4120 Are there any art/animation camps you know about in Europe for young adults?

I'm talking about age between 18-24, wanted to go for it in the beginning of high school but then COVID hit and my country got in crisis economically (still do haha) and now I am 18, don't know what am I doing in life, but an idea of a camp like this is still on my mind. I still want to feel an art school life since I possibly wont be able to go for that career with a degree.
most of the camps I have seen are either in America (which i just can't go "middle eastern problems, when I see 1 dollar being 20 lira, I dont feel that well and America is already in other side of the world") or you know, in Europe but I am already an adult so i lose the chance with a year old difference.
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2023.03.28 20:51 Euphoric_Stick_4470 Do people care if Indonesian’s comment “I’m from Indo!” or similar?

Hi, so I’m Indonesian and I use a lot of youtube and instagram, but my fyp or reccomendations are a mix from Indonesian content to western content. There would be cases where Indonesian content goes viral and reaches western audience. Or, there would be western content that touches something related to Indonesia.
More often than not, under those posts there would be comments from Indonesians saying “Hey, I’m from Indo!”, “That is an Indonesian brand!”, or straight up something like “I’m proud to be Indonesian”.
Then those comments would get replies like “overproud” or “ew you’re so overproud”. Now, I notice a pattern where those saying the commenter is overproud are ALSO Indonesians.
I tried to observe this in other videos featuring other countries, there would also be comments like “Yes this is our traditional food! Proud to be Filipino” or something like “This is Canadian custom, always did that when I was a child!” or even someone mentioning “Haha this is a cafe from my city in Arizona”. NO ONE would accuse them of being overproud.
Back to the Indonesian comments. I always feel like those commenting “overproud” and such are just downplaying someone’s happiness (like just let someone be happy for little things!) and I feel like they come from a place of internalized racism.
But that’s my perspective. I have always wondered on non-Indonesians perspective on this. Like do you guys agree that they are annoying and being overproud? Or do you not care at all, it’s not that significant? Thank you for reading all this, it’s literally almost 3 AM at my place and this has been keeping me up.
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2023.03.28 20:50 lilievans Brown rot

Brown rot
Does anyone have any good ideas on identifying brown rot before the tree fails? We have lost a handful of redwoods in my city without warning. Sounding is somewhat successful, but far from perfect.
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2023.03.28 20:50 iksnet [Geisinger] New York Knicks All-Star Julius Randle thrilled more than 200 students at the Earl Monroe New Renaissance Charter Basketball High School when he presented them a check for $880,000 towards their unique literacy enhancement program.

Randle’s gift was the result of a campaign that began 18 months ago which had him donate $500 for every three-pointer he made over the last two seasons. The “30 for 3” program was matched by entities and individuals around the tri-state area ranging from the Knicks and JP Morgan to college undergraduates, artists, businesspeople, bankers, record companies, and the NBA Players Association.
“We are so grateful to Julius,” said Brandon Corley, executive director of the Earl Monroe High School. “His “30 for 3” program has allowed us to hire eight full-time literacy enhancement teachers and open our doors 12 months a year which has helped increase the overall reading levels of our freshmen and sophomores.”
School principal Dr. Kern Mojica continued, “In September 2021, the average reading level of our freshmen was fourth grade. Between 14 years of neglect, the pandemic, and a broken educational system, our children were slated for more disasters if they could not dramatically improve. Julius has allowed us to help those kids who really need it.”
Inspired by Randle’s efforts, 17-year-old high school student-athlete Ayden Khalid from Dalton High School in Manhattan started his own campaign to benefit the Earl Monroe School and raised an additional $12,090. Khalid sank 73 three-pointers during his season and received donations ranging from $1 to $10 from friends and classmates.
“I’m a big Knicks fan, so when I read about what Julius was doing to benefit other kids in the city I wanted to help,” said Khalid. “It was an honor to participate, and a ton of fun. I hope we can all do it again next year.”
I guess that means he’s done shooting threes this season 😔
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2023.03.28 20:50 camerapug US trained family docs in Canada?

I am a Family Medicine attending in the US. DO med school, allopathic residency and ABFM board certified.
Does anyone have any experience with immigrating to Canada from US? I unfortunately find myself thinking of this quite a bit and would love some practical info. We are looking at big cities like toronto and vancouver but open to input on other options!
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2023.03.28 20:50 ogreatgames Burnout 3 Takedown: Car-Crashing Moments - PS2 Game

Burnout 3 Takedown: Car-Crashing Moments - PS2 Game

![video](hlmna0os1z291 " A vehicular rough racing game that can give you some of the best astonishing car-crashing moments. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/burnout-3-takedown-1 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #combat --
Burnout 3 Takedown for Sony PlayStation 2. Experience wild and fast-paced driving in city streets! This is the 3rd installment in the incredible Burnout series and it should not disappoint! Conquer the traffic with a high-powered car coming from the muscle, compact, or sports car series. Step on the gas and race in more than 20 spectacular circuit tracks and 10+ exhilarating game modes! Fasten your seat belt and aim to strike your opponents using Crash Mode. Utilize "Takedown" - a central mechanic to boost your car for more chaotic vehicular action! Drive, crash, and more in this wild racing game! --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.03.28 20:50 BubbleFerret Karaoke Bar in San Myshuno! Remade Planet Honey Pop using just the Base Game and City Living! On the gallery, Blue Raspberry, gallery id BubbleFerret [No CC]

Karaoke Bar in San Myshuno! Remade Planet Honey Pop using just the Base Game and City Living! On the gallery, Blue Raspberry, gallery id BubbleFerret [No CC] submitted by BubbleFerret to TheSimsBuilding [link] [comments]