Dollar tree titus ave

Need a bit of help with a ggreat uncle because the situation is a bit confusing.

2023.06.10 05:52 HeyitsAdam16 Need a bit of help with a ggreat uncle because the situation is a bit confusing.

When starting research for my family tree last december I asked my Dad for any information on uncles or aunts, and he recalled very well a man named Eric, who he had told me and my brother about all through our childhood having all sorts of stories about Eric and his farm, there is however a problem. According to my Dad he was the brother of his grandfather, Albert. However there is no information (birth records, census records, newspaper clippings, etc) that I can find about Eric's father or linking Eric to my family at all. I looked up info about Eric, and found his wife and kids in documents and newspapers, and all the info seems to match up with what my Dad remembers (living 80 years, dying sometime in the 80s, the kid's names match up, area where he lives matches up, Wife's name matches up, etc.) I have the birth records for most of Albert's siblings, (they were born in russia in late 1800s early 1900s) and I do have one that leads to a dead end: Koloman. I ave his birth record, he shows up in immigration records, birth year is relatively the same, he showed up in census records till around 1916 before he disappeared. Today I got an email about the 1931 census from ancestery, so I decided to type in the surname, and I found and Erick but he was listed with a stepfather named Fredrick. The moved to Canada in 1908 and their surname was Zelmer. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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2023.06.10 05:45 Best_Satisfaction393 More Dollar Tree Finds

More Dollar Tree Finds
Makes me curious who is actually purchasing this stuff and if they realize they can go to dollar tree and buy it new for $1.25?
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2023.06.10 05:29 Glittering-Brain1594 Last dollar tree pack that happened to be misplaced, for the win!

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2023.06.10 05:05 389Tman389 [Fun Spot Atlanta] 9 June 2023 Trip Report

[Fun Spot Atlanta] 9 June 2023 Trip Report
Today I woke up at dawn to fly across the country to Atlanta and start this years road trip. Got a few warmups with the comically fast and janky Sky Trains at the Dallas and Atlanta airports before heading straight to Fun Spot Atlanta. The approach to the park is incredible, there’s nothing but trees all around until BAM a 15 million dollar RMC pops out in the distance.
Parking was free today which was nice, so within 10 minutes of arriving we were already on ArieForce One (x6). The ops were incredibly slow with one train and the long list of tasks the 2 ride ops had to handle, but it didn’t matter and we marathoned the crap out of it! If anything the break was necessary so our shins didn’t get cut off from the crazy airtime.
ArieForce One is definitely a front row ride in all aspects other than the first drop. The airtime, sense of speed, and inversions hit much harder with a higher quality in the front. Coming into the Raven truss dive you get ejected out of our seat, and the massive over bank lifts you up with a decent intensity as well. I was surprised at how insane the first zero g roll over the arcade was and how manageable the ending airtime hills were.
To give my shins a break we went and rode the lovable E&F Miler jank that was Hurricane (x1) and Sea Serpent (x1). Hurricane had some super comfortable seats but the sharp turns were a little painful on the legs. They may be old but those E&F hurricane rides are a lot of fun. Sea Serpent was most interesting to me because they have the ride raised on some wood pallets which looks pretty strange to me.
It’s incredible to me that you can marathon a coaster as good as ArieForce (until your shins can’t take it anymore) so easily. There were quite a few people at the park on a Friday night as well so all the coasters were full every time they were run. I really hope this works out for Fun Spot. I’m rooting for them. Anyways next up is a first visit to SFOG after an incredible start to the trip
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2023.06.10 05:00 Smolesworthy Barbara the Memorious, and Anthony the Memorious

From the novel The Glade Within the Grove, by David Foster
By the time she was captain of a big prestigious girls' school, she new the name of every girl in the whole school, and the name of every girl who had gone to in her time there, and the names of all the school prefects and captains back to the First World War, and all the names of all staff members, still living, whether teaching or no. She soon knew the names of siblings, of every girl in the senior school, and the names of their boyfriends, past and present, ad their penfriends, and their girlfriends outside the school, and their brothers' girlfriends, and the friends of their brothers' girlfriends, and the husbands, and the children, of the married staff,
At school concerts, she was able to address every person present by their proper name, and knew their interests sufficiently well to be able to exchange a few chosen words, whether concerning their recent hospitalisation, or their nieces performance at the previous concert, or their son-in-law's prospects at the forthcoming yacht race, or the likelihood of the Council approving their neighbours' subdivision.
Having commenced with her own family and friends, and worked her confident way outwards, she is, at 21, knows every resident of Darlington and Chippendale by sight, if not by name, and all the shopkeepers of Newtown, by name and sight.
I have heard that she has been known, when drunk, to make tentative stabs at total strangers. 'Hello Claude,' she might say, 'is your little doggie feeling better?'
From the short story All the People, by R.A. Lafferty
He knew everyone in Salt Lake City, where he had never been. He knew everybody in Jebel Shah where the town is a little amphitheater around the harbor, and in Batangas and Weihai. He knew the loungers around the end of the Galata bridge in Istambul, and the porters in Kuala Lumpur. He knew the tobacco traders in Plovdiv, and the cork-cutters of Portugal. He knew the dock workers in Djibouti, and the glove-makers in Prague. He knew the vegetable farmers around El Centro, and the muskrat trappers of Barrataria Bay. He knew the three billion people of the world by name and face, and with a fair degree of intimacy.
“Yet I’m not a very intelligent man. I’ve seen only a few thousands of these billions of people, and it seems unusual that I should know them all. It may be a delusion, but it is a heavily detailed delusion, and it is not accompanied by euphoria. I feel like green hell just thinking of it.”
He knew the cattle traders in Letterkenny Donegal; he knew the cane cutters of Oriente, and the tree climbers of Milne Bay. He knew the people who died every minute, and those who were born.
“There is no way out of it. I know everybody in the world. It is impossible, but it is so. And to what purpose? There aren’t a handful of them I could borrow a dollar from, and I haven’t a real friend in the lot. I don’t know whether it came to me suddenly, but I realized it suddenly. My father was a junk dealer in Wichita, and my education is spotty. I am maladjusted, introverted, incompetent and unhappy, and I also have weak kidneys. Why would a power like this come to a man like me?”
The title is a tribute to Borges' story Funes the Memorious.
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2023.06.10 04:04 PhrozinNy Ninja Turtle Feet

I'm working on making Slash from TMNT and trying to figure out a good way to make the feet. I was thinking of using larger flip flops from Dollar Tree, carving toes at the end and using craft foam as a shoe covers.
Not sure if there's a better way to go at this. I wear a size 5, so that should make it easier.
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2023.06.10 03:39 TimTeemo_YT Might start handing these out every time I get asked a stupid question

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2023.06.10 03:26 Trainerkn It scares me too, but we'll get through it together

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2023.06.10 02:59 OnePowerHour 100% RW Guide (Universally Loved and others)

A few people (two) asked for help with the Universally Loved achievement, and I thought I'd just make a post here for everyone to access. There's probably already other guides, but I'll just drop mines here in case it's more useful to others.
Keep in mind it's organized chronologically, so don't move on from morning to afternoon without completing EVERYTHING necessary (minus the optional stuff if you don't want to do it).
And obviously, spoilers for the entire REAL WORLD section.
PROLOGUE (after 1st STAB)




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2023.06.10 02:10 No-Highway-5668 Great new pickup technique! Just don’t pick up!

Great new pickup technique! Just don’t pick up!
I was off for one day and had the store looking decent then I came back and learned that the other closer isn’t picking up at all so I had over 5 buggies to sort and put back.
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2023.06.10 00:39 ghost2501 My speed paint pallete on a budget

My speed paint pallete on a budget
Everyone else has nice toppers and such, I went "raid the kid's toys" for mine
I present dollar tree pallete...
Paint colors written on the bottom in sharpie.
Impossible to organize, and super inconvenient to sit through.
Like my brain in plastic form.
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2023.06.09 23:54 Specialist-Fill24 Working a 10 hr day today...

Working a 10 hr day today...
Ate 30mg of this stuff about 2 hours ago, and I am WIRED! Sativa AF
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2023.06.09 23:51 ThrowAway2342542 Another Finance Tale

Throwaway for reasons.
My troop was incorrectly assigned the wrong flight pay ("Flight Pay" is for pilots) and was supposed to be getting CSIP (enlisted aircrew). They've been assigned this incorrect code since they graduated tech school 3 years ago. CSIP is more than Flight Pay.
They've been battling finance for 3 YEARS now, and since I gained them as a troop I was blown away at how little the squadron was helping resolve this. That's a story for another day.
Now that I'm fully read-in to her issue, she has had multiple CMS cases opened and closed without resolution, with the finance office requesting documentation already provided, re-provided, and provided again. They've referenced them to HARM/SARM multiple times, asking for documentation from them multiple times, and finally just recently after 3 YEARS figured out the problem listed in the intro. They've been multiple times in person to their office for the past 3 YEARS. Nothing.
Finally, their solution? My troop now owes the government ALL of her flight pay with no communication on when/if she'll get paid their correct CSIP backpay for the past 3 YEARS (do the math). Before she could file a waiver for the payment, they took $400 out of their paycheck to start the repayment. No communication on that either.
The cherry on top is the fact that they can't account for some of the money that they're requesting(?). They said they can't process the waiver that will stop the repayment until they know where all the money is coming from. Our shirt has been involved as well as a few other NCO's that haven't resolved the situation. I'm elevating this as fast as possible but the fact that this even occurred is ridiculous.
That's my rant. Sorry if it's out of order or confusing, im sitting next to my troop trying to calm her down when finance is saying they're going to take over 2 months worth of paychecks. Now come the questions....
Is finance requesting all this flight-pay back in lump sum normal? Are they going to take the lump sum then pay them their correct flight pay (which should be around a thousand dollars more)? Is her receiving this lump sum (if she gets it) going to affect her taxes?
So many questions, no communication from finance, CMS cases ignored and closed. I probably left out a lot of instances of finance failing this troop that I don't know about.
Yes this is in fact a Wendy's, I'm about to order everything on the menu and run my car into a tree. (jk)
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2023.06.09 23:46 Short_Algo $DLTR Awaiting Buy Signal based off 8 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 23:15 soulxsearching Easy stores

  1. Claire's Almost too easy. In early afternoons especially with only one worker usually that goes to the back too. Stay close to the wall to avoid mirrors and you're fine.
  2. Forever 21 Surprisingly easy if staff does not ask to see your items. Fold clothes on top of each other, put some in hanger clothes, bring a bag and you're good. Usually folded tees have no tags.
  3. Hot Topic Jewelry is easy. Most don't have cameras or more than 3 people working. You could haul shirts if you really tried.
  4. Spencer's Easy if you're careful. Avoid cameras, hide stuff under a hoodie and fold it. Workers usually stay in one spot. Shiny alarm stickers are more or less there to scare you, just peel.
  5. Walmart Controversial but easy. Going at night for me usually works best because workers are busy restocking.
  6. Bath & Body Works Only really works if your area is busy. Easy to slip small lotions and shower gels.
  7. Cotton On No cameras or sensors, just don't frequent the store. May ask for how many items.
  8. FYE You can get away taking a CD or 2 with a hoodie. Workers never really travel, no cameras I am aware of.
  9. Michael's Best for small things. Avoid cameras like the plague. Sticker section usually has no cameras. Most have a no chase policy.
  10. Dollar General + Dollar Tree Avoid cameras and workers. Usually DG workers don't care.
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2023.06.09 22:47 Mtghost13 The finds for today, FIRST TH 🤩

The finds for today, FIRST TH 🤩
I was looking for the Nissan and I found a treasure hunt too Walmart and Dollar Tree came in clutch hopefully I find a super one day🙏🏻
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2023.06.09 21:53 Citrusface A Gaslands Refueled getting started budget guide.

This is a budget guide to getting started with Gaslands Refueled. I wanted to compile a comprehensive list of how to get started playing Gasland for as little money as possible. This guide assumes you have no experience with miniature gaming and model / terrain building.
Step 1: Buy the Book. Get some dice. Get some templates.
This is arguably the most expensive part, but, buying the book is non-negotiable. You need it. Buy it physical or digital - but buy it. I would also highly suggest buying Gasland dice and acrylic templates. It makes things go a lot smoother.
Step 2: Take a walk.
Grab a plastic container and a grocery bag and go outside and take a walk. On your walk you are going to look for a few things that will aid you in building Gasland's terrain and cars.
We will get in to how to build terrain later, for now, just collect some stuff.
Step 3: Take a trip to the Dollar Tree (Or Poundland, or Dollarama, or whatever)
The dollar store is the best way to get most everything you need to play. Gaslands is one of the most accessible miniature games out there since it is so approachable from a monetary standpoint. The items below are pretty much everything you need to build a board and cars.
Keep in mind, your store may not carry some of this stuff, or some of this stuff may just be out of production by the time you find and read this. But no worries, you'll find something similar to stand in its place. Get as much or as little as you can afford - If its your first time doing something like this, don't overwhelm yourself, just get a few cars and a weapon pack and some super glue. I would also pick up the cubes and buildings if they have it, just for some ready-made terrain. I would avoid paint from the dollar store unless you know it's a good brand.
4: Go to Walmart / Lowes / Home Depot / Micheals / Amazon / FLGS Walmart is probably the best bet to have all this in one shot, plus you can get some of the things here that you can get at the dollar store. These things are going to be a bit more expensive than a dollar, but they are going to make your gaming experience that much better.
This the stuff you will absolutely need to modify all the other stuff you purchased at the dollar tree.
5: Watch Youtube
There are so, so, so, many people out there making things for cheap. I don't really know how to write a tutorial on how to build and make everything you need for miniature games, but YouTube is you best play to find guide for quick and easy miniature stuff. Here are some channels I would recommend:
So, there is a good start point for things to buy and watch, here are some quick start tricks and tips for you to consider.
Okay! That is all I have - but I would ask for the community to weigh in on this as well - let me know what suggestions, tips, things you can buy cheap, YouTube channels, whatever you think is helpful - I will add them to the post and credit you. I wanted to make this before Reddit implodes so new players have an easy way to get started when they search on the Google.
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2023.06.09 21:50 wbknoblock The BEST DOLLAR TREE CANDY For Resale!

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2023.06.09 21:23 bwterrainforge does Dollar Tree hate Massachusetts

Hello DTers,

I asked this question directly to DT twitter and FB but never got any comment back. So whats up with the supply issues in Mass DT stores? We watch a variety of DT haulers on youtube. Its a good variety of cali, midwest, southern states. During mothers day we say the pretty makeup palettes, the lip smackers jumbo lip balms, the vivo mask kits and other items. for June we see the prideful makeup and health and beauty items. Today I saw crafter square pom pom makers on an actual dollar tree ad. None of these have been in the 12 stores I frequent. Thats right I am going to 12 different stores across Plymouth and Bristol county. All stores have the look of stores after a zombie apocalypse with half stocked aisles and filler items like tp and towels taking up half an aisle. Heck I haven't been able to find hair gel at any of the stores.
Is there a supply issue in mass? Are these these spotlight items just not getting up here? Also is there word on plus or even 3,4,5 refrigerated cases coming to the area?
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2023.06.09 20:54 Ok_Remote_3017 Litter $$$

I'm tight on money and litter prices have doubled. Any advice on biggest bang for my buck for clumping litter? I would not recommend Dollar Tree brand.... My cat won't leave it alone like it has catnip in it or something and it smells bad quickly even with baking soda mixed in. I can't afford a subscription to pretty litter or anything like that.... Just a store brand. Thank you in advance! 😺😸🙏
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2023.06.09 20:38 Icy-Dragonfly-3629 🌬 Truth 💯. Im sure Im the only one who bought batteries from the 99 Cents Only Store. We didnt have a Dollar Tree in Cali. 😌 Them suckers lasted less than 1 day.

🌬 Truth 💯. Im sure Im the only one who bought batteries from the 99 Cents Only Store. We didnt have a Dollar Tree in Cali. 😌 Them suckers lasted less than 1 day. submitted by Icy-Dragonfly-3629 to PeNinazSky [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:57 sammerson25 DIY Escape Game Need Ideas how to use Battleship Boardgame

Hey guys,
So my friend and I love escape rooms, and this year for his birthday, I'm putting together a mini room for him to do. We do 'birthday week' so I created an app that will guide him through each day.
I got this super cheap battleship boardgame from dollar tree, thinking i could use it some way since it has a grid, but I can't figure out how to make it so that he would get a code from 'playing" the game.
The way the app is designed, he has to come up with a code to "unlock" the next page, and since I'm not going to be there every day, it needs to be something that he can get from the actual boardgame itself - does that make sense? Like, it can't be that something on the game corresponds to something in the room which leads him to a code.
Anyone have any ideas?
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