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2023.06.10 19:33 calskifer Taking over one of my mom's dogs, first full-time dog owner advice?

I've grown up around these three dogs my mom has but have never had to fully take care of one myself. I officially left the house for college, graduated, and have now had my own place for 2 years with my two cats. Over the past few, my mom has expressed that she does not have enough time or energy to take care of all three dogs anymore and she also has been having more chronic nerve pain, however she isn't willing to rehome them, which I understand. I was very close with one of the dogs Zoey, who (we are pretty sure) is a pom/chihuahua mutt of some kind. She is incredibly smart but she, as do the other two, has some behavioral problems. Mainly barking and is aggressive with the other two dogs over resources, but otherwise gets along well and has known cats before too. I officially told my mom last year that once I have the space and time for a dog, I'll take Zoey off her hands to ease the stress. Wishing I could take two but I dont want my hands too full. My boyfriend and I combined have more than enough time for her and we are both fairly active, but am still considering if we have the space. If we were to get rid of more of our stuff, I would definitely feel more comfortable having her with us.
I've been doing research and watching some dog behavior videos consistently over the last year. I have been wanting a dog so badly and I want to do well for her! I suppose I'm mainly looking for advice that might not be commonplace in the places I've been looking. I follow some positive-reinforcement trainers on my social mediea platforms and have watched more recent It's Me or the Dog videos. I have lightly leash-trained a couple dogs I worked with at an animal shelter I volunteered at about 4 years ago too. I am absolutely no expert by any means. I live in a 2bed, 1 bath apartment with my boyfriend and two cats!
Any and all advice is welcome! I want to be sure I can give her a good and fun life with us!
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2023.06.10 18:43 earthchildreddit Why tf do people just walk up on us???

My dog has some reactivity issues we’ve been working on and have seen amazing improvement. I’ve gotten to know her triggers and can now comfortably take her to high traffic areas with no issues. I’ve gotten very used to telling people not to pet her and knowing when she needs me to find a quiet space for her to reset.
However, my goal is to have her off-leash trained (when appropriate) and we will be working in fields FAR away from walking paths. You can see us but we are in a corner surrounding by thorns you can’t go through and there is no reason to come near us but people CONSTANTLY bring their dogs over to us. There are many nicer areas near by I avoid because I’m trying to choose the least desirable location for others. Yet people still come within 2ft or less of us, clearly out of their way. I don’t want to be known as the mean owner but maybe I have to??? Yesterday they came behind us as we were playing and said nothing until my dog alerted and I turned. I don’t know what to do in those situations
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2023.06.10 18:37 WiseMango13452 You good OP?

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2023.06.10 18:36 ziptiesfordays Help! Off-leash puppy problems

I'm not 100% sure if this belongs here because I'm not 100% sure if the puppy is a pit, but it sure looks like at least a pit mix.
A man in my apartment complex has been "training" his 20lb puppy to walk off leash. Unfortunately for me, that meant it tried to nip my 30lb senior dog. I had to physically intervene until he scooped his dog up. He claimed "she's just a puppy, she won't do nothin'!" My concern is that this puppy won't stay that small for long, he won't always be able to pick it up. My dog simply does not stand a chance on that scenario.
Unfortunately for me, pits are perfectly legal in my region. If I report him to the complex I'm afraid he'll know it was me and retaliate. I carry pepper spray at all times outside. How else can I protect my dog and myself?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 18:24 _kiva New nemesis

So my dog literally hates any dog that meets at least two of these criteria
And now we have a new enemy that moved to our block. I feel so bad bc its just this young man and his dog that we can’t be around, and I think he’s noticed. My dogs reactions have been getting way worse with this dog.
His typical over threshold reaction is to whine/jump but can maintain a half-assed heel while reacting
When we see our new enemy, He’s growling lunging and hackles are immediately up. This is new for the both of us. We emergency u-turn and everything goes back to normal. I have 2 concerns and would like advice for.
1.) the gentleman gives off a vibe of “my dog isn’t the one reacting so I’ll continue to walk towards you” so should I get a leash sign or something similar to give off a warning ? I hate yelling
2.) what training can I do for this? It happens within a second and once we’re walking away he seems okay, taking treats walking in heel. We do exposure training often, however especially in this climate there’s not many XXL breeds with tails in the air (think mastif, Bernese mountain dog,husky) to try to be calm around. Also now I’m thinking a prong for every walk?
Any advice is appreciated thank you in advance (:
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2023.06.10 17:46 ptoftheprblm Observations- Single men dog owners and the mental load of owning a dog

Alright so a frequent topic on here is the concept of the mental load of maintaining a home that is stocked, on a schedule, and the management of a never ending to-do list of caregiving. For ourselves and our entire household needs. Whether it’s the needs of our significant other, any kids in the home, any parents staying with us and especially.. our animals.
I’m in my early thirties and over the past decade, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among the men I dated, socialized with or was in long term live-in relationships with, regarding their dog ownership. Now I live in a place where it seems like everyone owns a dog. There’s easy access to outdoor activities of varying intensity, a slew of dog parks to take your dog to. With a lot of walkable neighborhoods too, it’s not as dense as a place like NYC or Chicago so there’s plenty of homes and rental homes with yards these guys have dogs in.
And I noticed despite the fact that they’d all insist their dog was their best friend and their priority, and even would go as far to say they “treat their dog better than they treated the women they date”.. I saw time and time again that they didn’t have a handle on even the slightest bits of responsibility of owning a dog.
Not one had a real handle on their animals needs whatsoever. Couldn’t tell you when the dog was last taken to the vet. They couldn’t tell you when it was last groomed, or had its nails trimmed. Never bathed or brushed their shedding dogs at home claiming “they didn’t like it” when it’s a snow breed panting in the heat blowing out it’s coat. Would let their dogs nails get so long that the dog was visibly uncomfortable walking on their hardwood floors.
Didn’t have the dog on a daily walking or feeding schedule, just would let them out in the yard or feed them when they felt like it. Didn’t think any of that was important. Would let their dog run out of food and it wouldn’t occur to them to order more until they were truly out and feed them human food to varying degrees of success. Wouldn’t be paying attention to their water bowl levels or keep food garbage managed so the poor thing doesn’t get into something that’ll make it sick. Or coming home to a 5-8 year old dog that is still having accidents in the house because the owner isn’t paying mind or attention to when the dog was last let out or walked before leaving for an evening.
And don’t even get me started on training. “Oh he’s chill he’s just saying hey” as the dog jumps on me and claws breaking skin in 18 inch lines down both legs from the over grown nails. Can’t get the dog to sit and stay for even a second. Can’t get the dog to calmly get on a leash. Brushes off the dogs leash aggression and visible discomfort being out and about. Brushed off the dog snapping or biting strangers.
If it wasn’t like 4-5 different guys who were in their twenties and thirties insisting they were the best dog dad ever, I’d hold my tongue. But I really look back at this as such a significant moment when I realized I would never be able to get one of these men to carry the mental load of ANYTHING when they were actively unable to grasp the need to with the care of another living being already. And that they didn’t see anything wrong with this as it was, that they’d never see anything wrong with the rest of their lack of holding one iota of the mental load of sharing a home together.
Rant over: share your experiences watching grown men thinking they’ve got a handle on a major life responsibility and mental load on something that they absolutely do not.
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2023.06.10 17:18 ZombieJihad Supportive Messages / Responses appreciated!

Hi everyone, first post for me in here. Diagnosed a year ago, undeniable symptoms about 6 months prior. I am on Ocrevus, which seems to be dropping off quicker and quicker... like the first infusion, 5-6 months of symptom relief. Second infusion, 4-5 months. Third infusion, 2 months in now and I am having what my neurologist thinks is an outbreak.
Here's where I need the support - I am set to leave for Las Vegas in a few hours for an annual work convention where I have met literally HUNDREDS of peers over the years. It's been a few years since I've been, so obviously this is a new learning experience with my symptoms despite having been to 10x of these conventions through the years. I can't remember shit, my prefrontal cortex scarring has affected my temper / tact / language, and I am FULLY LOADED on steroids starting this morning to deal with this outbreak. Like, had an emergency visit yesterday, and I was prescribed 4x new meds to go with the other 4 I take already. I took 25 pills this morning, including 20x Prednisone.
Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts on going into a hostile environment with this going on would be appreciated. No need to tell me about the heat, I know it's hot AF and I ain't going outside if I don't have to :)
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2023.06.10 17:14 Altruistic_Yam_8249 Any advice on dealing with owners who don’t try to calm their dogs when they scare my dog?

My girlfriend and I recently adopted a 3 legged great pyr after we met it at the vet hospital we work at. Although she is very nice to dogs when meeting them off leash, she can be leash reactive(we don’t know her entire history but my theory is that she was attacked by another dog at some point). It can get especially bad if the other dog shows genuine signs of aggression. We are currently in the process of training her to get better, but as we all know, a dog can’t be trained overnight. Our first step at this moment is to just try and get her to be able to focus on us rather than the dog.
We live in an apartment right on the fringe of a rich neighborhood that has a lot of sidewalk space, so its really the only place we can walk since the other areas around us either dont have any sidewalks or have cars driving fast and recklessly. The problem is, many dogs in this neighborhood are very territorial in their yards and its terrifying for her.
The main problem with territorial dogs scaring her comes from encountering dogs in these two specific houses on our walk route. The dogs at these two houses are fenced into the yard, but are still extremely aggressive towards us. Its very frightening to my dog whenever it happens and the owners of the houses, even if they are outside, never do anything to try and calm their dog and just sit there and watch us. I have tried to not walk past these houses before, but the route back to my apartment always requires me to go by at least one of them. I have nicely asked them to see if they could see if they could maybe calm their dogs down and explained my dog has some trauma, and they esssentially tell me that it isnt their problem.
Our worst incident with them happend last night, we were on our night walk. I walked past their house since I figured that it was late and that they weren’t gonna let their dog out since the couple who lives there is on the older side, and would probably go to bed a bit earlier. The house is on a corner with a fence spanning the yard, and it borders a street where cars can go pretty fast and theres a hill so people cant really see you while they drive. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something white charging at us from behind the fence. Then the fence rattled, with a poodle’s snout poking out and snapping at us. My dog didnt even notice it until it charged at us. This terrified my dog and the two dogs got into a barking match, with mine being so scared it backed away and froze into place in the middle of the street. I tried to be calm at first but then a pair of headlights came careening towards us. I frantically tried picking her up to carry her to safety, but she dodged me. Thankfully the car swerved around us in time, but their fence fight persisted and she still was afraid. After almost being hit by a car, I felt a little infuriated and asked him to please at least try and help calm his dog(i have asked him to do this on about 3 other occasions, very nicely). In a very condescending tone, he responded with “It seems like you’re too stupid to notice theres a fence here the last few times you walked past. I don’t need to do anything since thats separating us.” I know that by law, hes completely right, but I just thought he would have a bit more empathy considering his dog started it and he had watched me almost get hit by a car. He also said a another mean thing to me, but I’m gonna keep this SFW. I kept my cool as I had every other time, and picked her up and carried her away.
I’m honestly stumped on how to deal with this. I constantly try to avoid these houses and go at certain times to see if their dogs arent out but I feel like I just get unlucky a lot and either have to encounter them or I just cant avoid the houses on the route. As I said, I can’t walk anywhere else really and she is in the process of getting trained to be less reactive, but I can’t have incidents like this happening because they both put us in danger and set her training back. It doesn’t seem like these owners are willing to be amicable and I don’t really know a way to fix the problem in another way.
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2023.06.10 17:03 butlercups dog pulls when we leave the car, how to fix this problem?

my 2.5 year old dog is honestly doing really well with her training, for context yes she did start training as a puppy and was going to become a service animal but then we had to do her behavioral training and commands all over again after she was traumatized from a dog attack and practically refused to listen to any commands and was fearful and anxious, but since then we've been doing lots of training daily and getting her used to being around dogs, trying to help with her anxiety etc. right now she's doing really good and doesn't go all big barking spree when she sees a dog, manages to focus on me and listen to commands, sometimes even will say hi nicely to the dog which is incredible progress. right now when we do training sessions or go on walks obviously with treats, she'll heel perfectly fine, listen to leave it and focus, stop and stay, and sit and down. she'll almost always listen to those commands even when off leash in the house or yard. but there is one time when she won't listen and i don't understand why or how to deal with it.
when we go out somewhere in the car, she'll stop listening to all commands in the car but she doesn't seem anxious or fearful about the car (she also always jumps into the car on her own without being told to like she's excited to go somewhere), just forgets or refuses to listen to any commands in the car and will just stare out the window or stick her head out the window. she did this yesterday when we were heading to petsmart as well. when we get out of the car, she also refuses to listen to any commands and starts pulling and not listening to heel or just walking beside me nicely like she normally would anywhere else. also forgets all leave it commands, forgets 'go potty' and just pulls and rushes around. that is until we get into the store.. when we got into petsmart, she IMMEDIATELY starts behaving herself under correction. i tell her leave it and heel, she listens. she tries to sniff something, i say leave it, she listens. she even focuses on me without being told on command while walking beside me. aside from like 3 mishaps and barks it's like she's a completely different dog when she's outside of a store and inside of one. again she doesn't do this outside if we didn't take the car somewhere, it's only when we've drove the car. we could walk to petsmart, it'd take us two hours but she still wouldn't be pulling or acting weird. i'm so confused to why she does this and why it's only when she leaves the car.
she also does this when we're getting back home from going somewhere, immediately starts pulling to the house and then when we get inside the house all of a sudden she's acting normal and listening.
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2023.06.10 16:47 Erkhes1223 Isn't it your situation..

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2023.06.10 16:14 therealgariac Nellis air show moved to April...of 2025!

Well WTF?
Aviation Pros
Nellis Air Force Base Moves Back Aviation Nation Dates to 2025 June 9, 2023 By Taylor Lane
Source Las Vegas Review-Journal (TNS)
Aviation Nation show dates have changed once again — this time to 2025.
Nellis Air Force Base tweeted Thursday that, “due to emerging mission requirements” for the base, the show would be rescheduled for April 5-6, 2025.
Nellis changed the dates of the show once before, announcing in March that the show would be moved from its traditional November slot to April 2024.
“We thank our Las Vegas and surrounding area communities for their incredible support and interest in Aviation Nation, and we look forward to hosting you again,” Nellis tweeted.
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2023.06.10 16:08 RunJane My 5 month old Australian shepherd has regressed.

I’ve had Charlie (Female Australian Shepherd- will be 5 months in like 4 days) since she was 11 weeks old. I got her from a good breeder, gave her plenty of time with her mom before bringing her home, got her in puppy classes as soon as I got her seen by a vet and given her 3rd dose of vaccines. She’s an Aussie so she’s super high energy which I always expected but I love long walks, jogs, hikes and I work in a school so I’m home at a reasonable hour to be able to go on an early evening hike some days or take her to parks. My mom is semi retired so she’s got someone with her most hours of the day. I also have a fenced in yard she spends a good chunk of her day in when it’s nice out. I have a flirt pole, herding balls, chuck it. She has lick mats, kings, snuffle mats, and puzzle toys. I crate trained her when she first came home and she learned to love her crate.
Two weeks ago, she was an occasional pain in my butt but by and large a pretty good puppy. She walked fairly well on leash—sometimes pulled towards dogs but mostly loose leash walked near me. She never barked at dogs or people. We could sit on a bench together and watch dogs and people go by with no issues. I introduced her to dogs safely and she was easy going—I mean rough and tumble but totally non aggressive.
Like two weeks ago she had diarrhea for like 36 hours. She was eating soil that was mixed with organic fertilizer and mom didn’t realize it. We managed it at home with some dog anti diarrhea meds and a bland diet. She made a full recovery. Only thing was that she started barking to be let out because of the stomach issues and we always did even for a couple of minutes to let her poop during that time. We did have to crate her a bit more because she was less likely to have an accident in Her crate and she wanted to be super active while sick and I needed her to rest and recover.
After that incident she’s been a nightmare. She’s started attention barking at all times, sometimes for 30 minutes straight when in her crate. Pulling on leash so bad she’s injured me on walks twice. I used to take her on nature walks successfully even put her on a long line and let her roam. She would walk away from me and come back the moment she felt slight leash pressure. The last two times she’s pulled me so hard she’s knocked me over spraining my ankle and almost leaving me stranded with her in the woods. She’s pulling herself so hard she’s choking on her flat collar and still continuing. Yesterday (when she knocked me down) she kept pulling me while I was down until I had to let go of the leash or risk really injuring myself. I ran cross country, I can handle a slight sprained ankle in the woods but not a bad foot injury on a rock filled path. Well she sprinted off into the woods and I couldn’t follow her with an injured foot. She came back eventually and came looking for me.
She’s nipping at my face more. Barking at dogs in the street. She ran off and got out the fence running into a busy street which she’s never done before even when presented the opportunity. She’s just been terrible.
The thing is when she ran into the woods yesterday a large part of me wanted her to run off and not come back. I haven’t said a word to her since coming home yesterday. I’ve cried a ton and I’m just going through the motions but I honestly hate her. Like I got to the point I started looking up rejoining websites.
she’s mostly cool when she’s with my parents. She’s only like this with me. And I’m the one that has put in so much work with her. I drove 3 hours last week so she could experience a dog friendly beach.
I know this is probably a phase but it feels like I just hate her so much that I can’t imagine years with her. I resent the time I have to spend with her and regret ever bringing her home. The thing is she’s so cute everyone is always wanting to play with her and telling me how lucky I am. And it’s making me feel worse.
Is it always this bad? And when do you know you have to throw in the towel?
I’ll add, she was better two weeks ago but it’s been hard the whole time. I felt regret 24 hours after getting her but we had at least been on an upward trajectory where I could picture liking her someday and now—people say you see a dogs real personality 3 months after having them. If this is hers I cannot stand it.
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2023.06.10 15:30 PizzzaBagel XBOX Series X Setup and Config Issues

I’ve been having a couple of issues running this game in a way that I believe it should have no problem running.
Issue 1: Loading into Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (LGKR) FlyTampa-Corfu add-on with the MSFS A320neo with the 4Simmers – A320 Neo Liveries Megapack Worldwide. The avionics screens are all blank.
Issues 2: Loading into Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (LGKR) FlyTampa-Corfu add-on with the LVFR A321neo. The avionics screens are blank or the game CTDs.
Issue 3: Loading into either FlyTampa-Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS) add-on or KDCA with the Drzewiecki Design Washington Landmarks installed using the PMDG Boeing 737-800, the game CTDs.
I’ve tested these scenarios with a ‘vanilla’ MSFS install, as well as with a fully installed config with all World Updates installed and had the same issues.
Are these issues related to the add-ons, the aircraft, a combination or something else altogether?
System Setup:
XBOX Series X -> FiOS 1GB via Ethernet MSFS Install: 290.4 GB Free Space: 353.2 GB MSFS Reserved Space: 161.4 GB Data Limitation: Off Data Bandwidth: Unlimited Rolling Cache: On - 8GB
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2023.06.10 11:44 Pepper-General Bad Roommate Long Post

Honestly, I don't really know where to start. I used to live with my parents before moving in with my roommate. I had been friends with my roommate for about 2 years before moving in with him. I'm also the girlfriend of his friend. Things were going fine, except for the fact that he would have friends over for parties all the time and then wouldn't clean up after them. I never had too much of a problem with him though, as we would have a system of chores without needing to communicate about it. The house wouldn't get dirty as fast too. I eventually told his friends to clean up after themselves, and for my roommate to clean up the spills, which they listened. Things changed after his girlfriend came back from her military service though. His girlfriend is my step-cousin. Basically, the bathroom got extremely messy, with shavers, shaving cream, toothpaste, and a bunch of makeup material on the bathroom counter. My roommate would have one bottle of soap, shampoo and conditioner, and a shaver. He also wouldn't make things super dirty. She also doesn't hide her female hygiene stuff, which my boyfriend will complain about sometimes when walking into the bathroom. The first week of her coming back, she ran out naked in the hall with my boyfriend sitting beside me in the living room. I'm also in the military, and I don't wear makeup. I throw away shavers, so I don't really understand why there's like 6 in the bathroom right now. She keeps dropping our towels on the floor to dry the floor with them. I told her two times to stop, and she's done it two more times. Now I have to make an effort to make sure my towels stay off the hangers in the bathroom. She also complains about everything. I hate people who complain. I have to listen to it at work, I don't want to listen to it when I come home. My roommate and her argue a lot, and I keep hearing things like her hitting him next door. I'm pretty sure she's a really angry drunk. I've never heard him hit her, but I guess they throw things at each other. It doesn't trigger me, but obviously I don't like the thought of my roommate getting hit by a female since I care about him. I also don't want to hear a couple throwing things at each other. Before she moved in, my roommate wouldn't make too many dishes so I would clean them. He would take out the trash in return. Once she moved in though, the dishes would get so packed every day to where I wouldn't be able to use any once I get home. I'd clean them every time, until eventually I talked to both of them about it and told them to please clean their dishes, because I can't cook when I come home if all of them are dirty. Now there's a jumble involving the chores. Like I guess she does the dishes, pay the bills, my roommate doesn't do anything, I do my dishes, and we alternate taking out the trash. Apparently I'm the only one cleaning the bathroom, and she cleans the kitchen. Now that she's moved in, my roommate doesn't do anything and everything is just a mess. I don't understand how things got so dirty so fast from this one person moving in. I used to have to clean my mom's house a lot because she has 5 kids, but now I feel like I'm back to cleaning up after kids. Like sure she cleans the kitchen, but it's only a couple of times, and I don't understand why it gets dirty so fast, unlike before. Today my CAC card reader went missing, and I'm pretty sure she has it, so now I have to buy a new one when I needed it right now. All my ponytails are also missing. She isn't on the lease, she's just staying here with her boyfriend, and I don't want to be a jerk, so I'm trying to keep the peace. She doesn't know how to communicate so when she has an issue, she just complains in the next room, and I'm supposed to assume what she's thinking? Like what? I'm also pretty sure my roommate got fired from his job, so now she's paying the bills, and I'm appreciative of that, but I can't help my anger over these tiny things they do. They also owe me money from last rent, and I feel like they think I just pull money out of my pocket somehow, maybe because I'm older? I also get really high blood pressure whenever things go missing, or when I hear people complaining in the apartment about things being dirty or something else. I just want her out of my apartment.

Another thing that really annoyed me was a dog situation that went on. The female brought a dog to the apartment one day, and I didn't mind. Then suddenly one day the female told me she'd give the dog to me because her and my roommate are arguing. I said it was fine, but that I wanted to get to know the dog more. I started taking the dog out, going on long walks and seeing if I wanted to keep her. One day I told my roommate if he wanted to run with me and the dog. While taking the dog out to get to know them, I was trying to train them to not tug on the leash using a positive reward system. My roommate and his girlfriend use a choker collar, which I really don't like the sound of the dog snorting and choking when they tug, so I wanted to use a harness, as it was all I had. I like to train my dogs by stopping when they pull, and moving when they stop pulling. My roommate got angry because I wanted to teach the dog differently, and I got frustrated because I thought they had talked about how his girlfriend wanted to hand the dog over to me. I don't want to get involved in their drama, but it's like she literally dropped me in it. I didn't argue with him. My roommate went ahead and ran with the dog, and I decided to lag behind with my boyfriend on the walk as I felt extremely disheartened as I didn't want to ruin my friendship with my roommate, and she was putting me in a situation where it's causing us problems. I guess they were having issues with the dog, where she didn't want him to have the dog and he wanted the dog, but nobody ever told me that. Ever since that situation, my roommate has some issue with me involving the dog, which I really don't want the dog anymore because I absolutely hate drama. For example, when speaking to dogs, I like to make my commands very clear. I don't yell, but I use a demanding voice where I'll say, "leave it," or, "drop it." My roommates feel like the dog is too sensitive for this voice, and that dogs take a lot from the voice that the owner makes. I can't help but feel like this is really stupid and ridiculous. Now I have to deal with the dog sitting in front of me, begging for food. Or surfing for food on the ground. Oh yeah, another thing was that the dog pissed on our bed 3 times. For some reason, my roommate said that it wasn't the dog, but my cat, who has lived in the apartment for 6 months. Which, she has never peed on my bed in the entire 9 years I've had her. Eventually he accepted it was his dog, and I gave him tips on what to do to train her to not piss on beds. He told me that he has it solved, and that he's going to regulate when she drinks water. Then she pissed on our bed again. My boyfriend got really mad and did the shove the dog's face in the piss and tell it no thing. He apologized, and the female gave us a shampooer for our bed. She continued to piss on the floor, and now the problem isn't really even solved because what happens when I leave for an extended amount for work and I leave my door open, and she drinks more water than usual? Is she just going to be pissing on my bed the entire time? What about my cat, who needs to use the litterbox that is outside of my room. All I can do is adapt, and try to work around it.
I was hoping that they'd break up, but honestly I don't really know now or care. My main focus is how I'm leaving my room vulnerable to the dog pissing in it. I think we just don't function together as roommates. When our lease ends, I'm planning to just move out because I'm tired of them. I just hope that living together didn't destroy our friendship with each other. I think it did, but I can't really do anything about it now.
I also think that there's some things I could improve on. For example, I can be hot-headed, and when I'm angry, I will avoid people. I'm not very talkative after work, and that can make people uncomfortable when they live with someone else. I leave ponytails all over the house, mainly in the bathroom, but occasionally they'll be in the living room where I lay on the couch and take one off to relax.
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2023.06.10 11:44 der3009 Ideas for a special off-leash day for my reactive girl?

My pup is turning 4 soon and I am trying to find some local things and ideas for an "off leash" day for her. She is a 70 lb AmStaff and has some specific reactive issues. Given her size and breed reputation (and after a horrible false accusation incident), she has been well trained in social situations, reactivity, leash training, etc. since she was 6 months old. One of her favorite things is too let loose in a big field or play on equipment (playgrounds, agility, and even rocks). Naturally, the opportunity for this rarely arrises and I am looking to come up with ideas where she can let loose!
Has anyone found something unique that lets their reactive dog run free for a little bit or at least is special.
Other thoughts are welcome! In Maryland if anyone knows of somewhere there.
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2023.06.10 10:48 BruteSentiment Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/9/23 - Crawford hits his first pro home run

Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/9/23 - Crawford hits his first pro home run
Phew…the first 8-game day in the Giants farm system this season! Reggie Crawford is viewed more as a pitcher, but he hit his first pro home run as the DH for San Jose today. Plus, Will Wilson had his biggest game of the season, hitting two home runs in one game. And Kai-Wei Teng looked like who he was in April, finally.

AAA: Sacramento 9, Las Vegas 8

Sacramento Notes:
  • Sacramento survived Las Vegas on Friday night, after the Aviators made a huge rally to almost win the game. Will Wilson helped put Sacramento in the lead with two home runs, and was up 9-4 headed to the 9th. Cole Waites broke his streak after getting just one out, and allowing a double, a single, and three walks, including a bases loaded walk to give up a pair of runs while he was on the mound, making it 9-6. Nick Swiney came in and gave up a 2-run single to let it be a one-run game, but Swiney got a fly out and a game-ending strikeout to hang on.
  • Third baseman Will Wilson went 2-for-2 with two walks and, more importantly, two home runs. That’s three home run in two games for Wilson, giving him nine on the season. Wilson has gone 6-for-19 (.316) with the three home runs, with three walks and four strikeouts in the month of June. Overall, he’s batting .219/.294/.401 on the year.
  • DH Clint Coulter was 2-for-4 with a home run and a double. That gives Coulter eight doubles and four home runs on the season. His batting line is .241/.342/.361 on the season.
  • Shortstop Tyler Fitzgerald was 1-for-4 with a home run, his fourth home run in Triple-A. Fitzgerald now has six home runs overall, including his 19 games in Double-A. In Sacramento, Fitzgerald is batting .317/.390/.500 after 25 games, with five doubles, a triple, and four home runs.
  • Luis Matos was 1-for-3 with two walks on the day, and picked up his fifth steal. That gives Matos seven walks against eight strikeouts in 21 games at Sacramento, and moved up his batting line to .379/.422/.579.
  • Starting pitcher Kyle Harrison had a mixed game, giving up two runs, one earned, on three hits, but only allowed one walk, which is a big improvement. He struck out six. The one walk is just the second time in the last six games where he’s allowed less than three walks. His ERA nudged down to 3.40, and he now has 72 strikeouts to 35 walks in 42.1 innings. This is Harrison’s 10th consecutive game with at least 5 strikeouts, which is the longest streak in all of Triple-A.
  • It was a rough game for Cole Waites, who allowed runs for the first time since returning to Sacramento on May 16th. He allowed four runs on two hits and three walks in just 0.1 innings, with a strikeout. His Triple-A ERA jumped back up to 6.41 from 4.66.
  • Nick Swiney made the save (quite literally), though he gave up two inherited runners that went on Waites’ record. He struck out one and gave up a hit in 0.2 innings. It was Swiney’s first career save in three pro seasons, though he worked mostly as a starter in the first two. His Triple-A ERA is down to 4.09 with eight strikeouts to five walks in 11.0 innings.

AA: Altoona 4, Richmond 3

Richmond Notes:
  • Kai-Wei Teng had his best start in weeks, but a couple of late runs led to this Richmond loss. Teng allowed just two runs in his five innings, and left the game with Richmond up 3-2. But the Curve picked up a run in the 8th on an RBI double to tie the game, then one more run in the 9th to take the loss.
  • Riley Mahan had the biggest hit for Richmond, going 1-for-3 withe a 2-run home run, and had a walk and a steal. Mahan has gone just 3-for-28 (.107) in June, but two of those hits have been home runs. He’s got a batting line of .191/.225/.401 overall this season.
  • Left fielder Carter Aldrete was 2-for-4 with a pair of doubles and a stolen base. That gives Aldrete 11 steals on the year, to go with six home runs. They are his first extra-base hits in June, in which he’s gone just 5-for-29. Overall this season, he’s got a batting line of .253/.305/.409.
  • Third baseman Jimmy Glowenke was 2-for-4 with a double. Since his promotion to Double-A, Glowenke is 8-for-29 (.276) with two doubles, and one walk to six strikeouts. His batting line sits at .276/.300/.345.
  • Teng looked like the April version of himself, scoring two runs in 5.0 innings, on four hits and two walks, but most notably struck out eight. The eight strikeouts are his highest since he had that many on April 22nd.
  • In relief, Matt Frisbee struck out four without allowing any baserunners in 2.0 innings. It’s Frisbee’s first strikeouts in his last three appearances, though that was just 1.1 innings before this game. On the year, he’s got 21 strikeouts to eight walks in 24.1 innings.

High-A: Tri-City 4, Eugene 2

Eugene Notes:
  • Eugene just couldn’t get the hits and runs in a 4-2 game. Eugene’s first run came in the 2nd inning, getting a run that came in on a double play, and got an RBI single in the 3rd to give Eugene a 2-1 lead. But Tri-City tied it up in the 4th, and scored runs in the 7th and 9th innings to win.
  • Logan Wyatt led the team in hitting by going 2-for-4 with a double. It’s Wyatt’s first multi-hit game since May 28th. He now has nine doubles and seven home runs, leading to a .254/.359/.416 batting line.
  • Right fielder Carter Howell was 1-for-4 with a triple. Howell now has two triples and a double in nine games since his promotion to High-A. His Eugene batting line is .324/.375/.459 after batting .337/.398/.500 in San Jose after 39 games.
  • Brett Auerbach made his Eugene debut after getting demoted from Richmond, and went 0-for-1 with three walks and a steal. In 45 games at Richmond, Auerbach hit .153/.211/.190 with three doubles and one home run, and six steals in ten attempts.
  • Starting pitcher Nick Sinacola gave up two runs on six hits and a walk in 3.1 innings, and struck out five. After Sinacola had a 10.06 ERA in May, but has a 3.68 ERA in two starts in June, with 10 strikeouts and one walk in 7.1 innings. Overall, his ERA is 5.23 over 12 games.
  • 28-year old Tanner Kiest made his Eugene debut (and just second Giants appearance overall after signing as a free agent on May 30th), and he struck out two in 1.2 innings without allowing a baserunner.

Low-A: San Jose 9, Visalia 4

San Jose Notes:
  • San Jose used a big inning to come back and take this game from Visalia. The Rawhide were up 3-0 after four innings, but San Jose scored a run in the 5th. But in the 6th inning, Reggie Crawford’s 2-run home run was part of a 5-run rally that put San Jose up for good.
  • Reggie Crawford was 2-for-5 with his first professional home run, in his sixth game as a hitter. He’s 3-for-12 (.25) with a double and a home run, with no walks and three strikeouts.
  • Center fielder Turner Hill was 2-for-5 with a pair of doubles. Hill is 11-for-36 with four doubles, with three walks and five strikeouts, plus six steals in eight games. He’s got a line of .306/.359/.417.
  • Second baseman Jose Ramos was 1-for-3 with a walk, a HBP, and his 17th steal of the season. In 48 games, Ramos now has 17 steals in 18 attempts, but with a batting line of .215/.319/.331, and has 23 walks to 46 strikeouts.
  • Starting pitcher Manuel Mercedes gave up three runs in 4.0 innings, on three hits and three walks, with three strikeouts. Mercedes has a 2.66 ERA after 11 games (eight starts), but has just 28 strikeouts in 44.0 innings, with 14 walks.
  • Julio Rodriguez went 2.0 scoreless innings, with five strikeouts and a walk. It’s two straight scoreless games, not long after he allowed six in less than an inning. He has a 5.82 ERA with 27 strikeouts to 11 walks in 21.2 innings.

ACL: ACL Giants Black 8, ACL D-Backs Black 0

ACL Giants Black Notes:
  • Lazaro Morales was in center field and played second base as well, going 1-for-3 with a double. That was his first hit in four games, so he’s 1-for-12 (.083), though he has three walks and six strikeouts.
  • DH Donovan Walton also had a double, going 1-for-3 with a walk in his first game of his rehab assignment. The 29 year old had time last season with both Tacoma and Sacramento, and was acquired in May 2022 in exchange for Prelander Berroa.
  • Shortstop Ryan Reckley was 1-for-3 with a walk, a stolen base, and another error. That’s two steals in four games for Aria, who is 3-for-16 (.188) with no extra-base hits yet. He also now has five errors in four games at shortstop this season.
  • Starting pitcher Junior Flores went 3.0 shutout innings, giving up two hits and striking out two. Flores has already made two appearances with the ACL Orange team, in which he gave up five runs, four earned in 3.0 relief innings. He has seven strikeouts against two walks in 6.0 total ACL innings.
  • Reliever Wilkelma Castillo had 4.0 shutout innings, striking out four and with two hits allowed. Castillo gave up a run in 2.0 innings in his first ACL appearance, after having a 9.88 ERA in 12 games at Eugene.

ACL: ACL Rangers 7, ACL Giants Orange 6

ACL Giants Orange Notes:
  • Third baseman Derwin Laya was 2-for-4 with a pair of singles and a steal. To start his season, Laya is 6-for-13 (.462)with a walk to three strikeouts, and with a stolen base.
  • Shortstop Jean Carlos Sio, going 2-for-5 with a walk. Through four games, he’s 3-for-14 (.214) with three walks to three strikeouts.
  • Right fielder Samuel Reyes was 2-for-4 with a walk. The 20-year old Reyes is now 3-for-9 (.333) in four games to start his season, with three walks and two strikeouts.
  • Lisander De La Cruz gave up a run in an inning of work, allowing no hit and two walks. It’s De La Cruz’s second appearance this season, as he faced a single batter on June 6th and gave up a hit.
  • Reliever Esmerlin Vinicio gave up a run in 3.0 innings, allowing four hits and two walks, with five strikeouts in his ACL debut this season. Vinicio had a 3.62 ERA in 13 appearances at Low-A to start the year, with 24 strikeouts and 18 walks in 27.1 innings.

DSL: DSL Angels 8, DSL Giants Black 4

DSL Giants Black Notes:
  • Shortstop Keiberg Camacaro went 2-for-4 with a triple and a walk. After three games, Camacaro is 2-for-11 (.182) with a triple, and three walks to four strikeouts.
  • First baseman Anyelo Gonzalez went 1-for-3 with a double and a strikeout. Gonzalez is now 5-for-11 (.455) after four games, with a double and a home run, and has a walk and a strikeout.
  • Left fielder Moises De La Rosa also had a double, going 1-for-4 with a walk. After three games, the 18-year old is 8-for-14 (.571) with two doubles, and a walk with a strikeout, with two strikeouts.
  • Starting pitcher Carlos Molina went 4.0 innings, with a run allowed on two hits and no walks, with two strikeouts, and a wild pitch. It was the 18-year old Venezuelan’s first pro appearance.

DSL: DSL Giants Orange 4, DSL Nationals 3

DSL Giants Orange Notes:
  • Second baseman Audie Jimenez had the team’s only extra base hit, going 1-for-3 with a double and a walk. He’s 3-for-12 (.250) with a double, and had two walks to four strikeouts.
  • Left fielder Oswaldo Ladera went 2-for-4 with a walk. The 20-year old has only played two games in his third DSL season, going 2-for-6 (.333) with two walks to one strikeout.
  • Right fielder Angel Guzman was 2-for-4 with a walk. After four games, the 17-year old is 8-for-17, with four doubles, and has a walk with four strikeouts.
  • Starting pitcher Randry De Leon went 4.0 innings, giving up just one unearned run, allowing only one hit, one HBP, and no walks, with four strikeouts. It was the 17-year old’s first pro start.
Final Note
As you may have heard, SFGiants is going private on June 12th and June 13th as part of the protest on Reddit’s changes to 3rd Party APIs, and the subsequent behaviors of Reddit’s administrators.
Although the subreddit is going private, but will still be available to those users who are approved, I will not be participating on those days as part of the protests.
However, on June 12th and June 13th, if you’d like to follow along, I do post these Minor League Quick-Notes on my website, I prefer not to use these post to advertise my site, but in these special circumstances I figure it’s fair to share. I do not have advertisements on the site nor do I make any profit off of it. But if you’d like to read the posts over there, I invite you to join. I’ll be back posting the Quick Notes here on SFGiants on Wednesday, June 14th.
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2023.06.10 10:37 littaltree I believe this trainer is abusive....

Buckle up fam...
I am a human behavior therapist, which is basically the human version of a dog trainer. I use behavior principals to teach children qpropriate behavior... I have studied this in school and I have taken training outside of school and I have worked in the field for 6 years....
I also have a dog! I got him as a 9 week old rescue puppy! He is a 2 year German shepherd mix. He is reactive to dogs and strangers who try to approach him. I have gone on a WILD journey with this boi!!! But ultimately my education, training, and experience in behavior has helped me with my dog's training, and has helped me to navigate training methods...
Now... I work with a kid, as his behavior therapist, who has a dog. This dog is a reactive German shepherd mix... He was sent to board and train with the promise of coming home as a service dog for my client.
The day the dog came home with the trainer I was present for therapy with my client. The trainer brought the dog out and had the dog go to his place. The dog what excessively whining as we all stood and stared at the poor pup. The lil boi stepped off of the bed and began to urinate and the trainer WHIPPED the leash, which was attached to a prong collar, SO HARD that the dog yelped, tucked its tail, lowered its head, and continued to pee in that position. Obviously the dog had not had the chance to pee and was being punished for attempting to pee off of the bed. I was FURIOUS and had to look away... I was there for the child... I had no say in the dog...
The guy let the dog finish peeing, which took a solid 2 minutes, then forced the dog to go back on the piss covered bed... the dog didn't want to go and got a VERY harsh correction... Several minutes later the dog stepped off the bed again and the guy VERY harshly WHIPPED the leash again and caused the dog to yelp.
The whole time my autistic client was complaining saying, "why is he doing that? He is hurting him!!!" And internally I was SO upset!!!! I agreed with my client 100% but I didn't feel like I was in an appropriate position to say anything...
So today it was even worse... I was in my client's bedroom and we were practicing some skills while the dog trainer was talking to the mom... apparently the dog was avoiding going to his place... he was wearing a shock collar... I heard the dog scream and cry and yelp for several minutes before he stopped... I had to bite my fucking tongue SO hard!!!!! I was on the verge of tears!!!!
We were supposed to join in the session so the guy could start teaching the dog to find the kid... When we went out there the dog had its tail between its legs, and head down. He refused any food or treats and didn't react to any form of petting or praise....
I have spent several nights this week awake in bed for hours and thinking about this poor dog and this piece of shit trainer...
Everything from my education, training, and experience in Human and Dog behavior modification and behavioral learning says that the "training" that I am witnessing is actually abuse!!!
I am experiencing significant distress from witnessing this. I came home from work today, took my dog upstairs, cuddled him and sobbed...
What the fuck am I supposed to do!?!?! My job is to change the child's behavior... I am fucking awesome at MY job... but more than anything, I want to tell the family that this trainer is NOT a real trainer... he uses 99.999999999999% positive punishment. Every scientific article i have read and studied in school said that positive reinforcement is number one. It is the MOST effective for learning. And yeah, a touch of punishment teaches "what not to do", but ELECTROCUTING A DOG FOR SEVERAL MINUTES AS IT FUCKING SCREAMS, IS NOT AN OKAY THING TO DO!!!!
I am considering risking my job to stand up for this dog... Please help me... give me some perspective on this... what are some words to use or convincing articles to cite? I'm considering going full blown academic and writing a whole paper on behavioral learning and dogs and such... because idk how else to communicate what I know and believe....
Help me to sleep again, and help this poor dog to stop being tortured!!! And... it would be even cooler to make this fucking "dog trainer" dissappear forever....
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2023.06.10 07:42 throwaway_lost10209 What to do when off leash dogs get too close to my fearful puppy?

My Klee Kai is a really sweet dog but very skittish and she doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t know getting too close to her. I’m working on training with her and she’s getting better slowly.
In the last month, I’ve had two instances where someone has had their dog off leash and it bolts from across a field or something when I’m walking her. I always tell the owners she’s afraid and they don’t care and don’t do anything to recall their dog.
My Klee Kai has gotten out of her harness before because of a situation like this. So with this in mind, both times she was charged by an off leash dog I picked her up so she wouldn’t thrash around on the leash.
Should I not be doing this? My friend said I’m reinforcing the behaviour by picking her up, but if the off leash dog is charging at her and the owner isn’t recalling them, I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do? I don’t pick her up if we’re passing dogs, only if they’re off leash and charging towards her.
What would you do?
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2023.06.10 07:37 Significant_Style38 32 Team realignment concept, with Nashville and Carolina as expansion teams

NL West
San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Los Angeles Dodgers Arizona Diamondbacks
NL East Washington Nationals New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates
NL North Chicago Cubs St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds
NL South Miami Marlins Atlanta Braves Nashville Avocets (expansion concept) Carolina Buzzards (expansion concept)
AL West Oakland/Las Vegas A’s Los Angeles Angels Seattle Mariners Colorado Rockies
AL East New York Yankees Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles Toronto Blue Jays
AL North Chicago White Sox Cleveland Guardians Minnesota Twins Detroit Tigers
AL South Tampa Bay Rays Houston Astros Texas Rangers Kansas City Royals
Realignment explanation:
Geographically speaking this makes sense, but to make it work the Pirates and Royals would have to switch divisions, and the Rockies would have to switch leagues. The NL South must be filled up with Carolina due to a large population between both states (15M) and then either New Orleans or Nashville. I tried keeping traditional rivals intact, like the Cubs-Cardinals or Yankees-Red-Sox.
Expansion team explanation:
Carolina is a must. There’s 15,000,000 between both North and South Carolina as I said before, and referring to the team as “Charlotte” limits it to only North Carolina. For the other southern team, Tennessee or New Orleans would work, probably Tennessee due to a larger population. For the names, I chose Avocets and Buzzards because they are simply cool birds that fit in well with the names Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Orioles.
The postseason will have only the #1 seed from each league getting a bye to the ALDS/NLDS. The rest of the teams will face off in a best of 5 Wild Card round. A 7th seed will be added, and it’ll be #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, and #4 vs. #5, with each higher seed having the home field advantage. The winners of the Wild Card round advance to the ALDS/NLDS to face off in a best of 7, then advance to the ALCS/NLCS in a best of 7, then the WS.
Please correct me on any mistakes I made or reasons as to why this won’t work. Thank you!
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2023.06.10 07:08 modestmolerat we need a pat robertson episode

a short and not even close to exhaustive list of his bastardly deeds:
• helped turn the GOP into Christo-facists • taught that Hinduism and Islam were satanic • blamed 9/11 on "the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays, and the lesbians” • blamed hurricane Katrina on abortion • blamed the earth quakes that destroyed Haiti on Haitians having "made a pact with the devil" to help them throw off their colonial oppressors • blamed that shooting in Wisconsin where a Nazi killed several sikhs on "atheists and people who hate god" • blamed the Las Vegas shooting on nfl players taking a knee before games and disrespecting Trump. • taught his followers that critical race theory encouraged Black people to "take the whip handle" against white people • told a caller on his call-in show that he should move to Saudi Arabia so he could beat his wife • ran a charity scam during the Rwandan genocide where he used the donations that were supposed to be for food and medicine for the refugee camps to transport the blood diamonds from the diamond mine he owned there • said that we should let drug addicts starve to death
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2023.06.10 06:52 interwebs____ Update — situation resolved

I posted yesterday and used a lot of words to express aggravation at a passive rescinding of an invitation for our dog to be part of a visit to family. He was emphatically invited and we agreed to a trip time period where the dog needed to be with us because of a commitment following the trip. Beyond that, though they are not fully aware, he is my service dog but I am not comfortable disclosing that if avoidable. He does accompany me in a working capacity everywhere in my daily life, he is trained to perform specific tasks, and he has given me so much of my life back. I hoped to never need to mention this and that they would see this and observe this and become aware that way.
Anyway partner and I are on the same page. We called FIL back and told him these dates were non-negotiable without the dog. We were happy to come another time in the summer without him. We were happy to book and pay for an Airbnb. He said in a positive tone, “ok yup, can I get back to you?” which was apparent that he was off to make a deal.
When he called back he relayed that wife was very anxious (she’s very particular, which is her right to be—not a complaint just description) and a bit controlling. He had a detailed point plan of expectations all of which were totally reasonable and kind of like “no duh) but we were happy to receive them and thankful he was able to communicate and resolve.
I still wish the communication would have been less passive. Ironically wife is the one that kept insisting we could bring the dog for visits since her son brings his two crazy dogs—but in talks w FIL she relayed she would never expect to bring their dogs to someone’s house! 🙃
So anyway (for laughs) these are the expectations: - picking up poop once daily (we pick up immediately during poop. He goes on command on a paper plate we fold and put in poop bag as to not mess the grass) - no incessant barking (our dog doesn’t bark, he’s reluctant even when commanded to speak) -no peeing in the house (Are we degenerates?) - must be leashed in public (Yep as law dictates) - no running in the house (Duh)
I know once we are there she will be relieved and chill out. We are always perfect guests (we get a report after) and we are their favs.
It’s just difficult for me, a very logical person, to manage people who are so emotional and flip flop irrationally. I hate feeling like I’m overstepping when it’s the terms they set and they don’t allow another venue.
At least this was quick to resolve.
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2023.06.10 06:44 sugarCravings4eva Unleashed aggressive dog attacked my leashed dog and in turn shoved my daughter’s stroller

Looking for advise from dog owning moms
Short version: While on an evening stroll with my 6 week old daughter in her stroller and my dog, Charlie (20 lb doodle mix) on leash at a neighborhood park an unleashed dog, Max (about 80-100lb English cream golden retriever) ran towards us and attacked my dog (teeth showing). My dog screamed in fear and wrapped around me and the Max went after him and pushed the stroller out a couple feet. My daughter was sleeping and woke up startled and crying. Maxs owner stayed at a distance watching and refused to leash the dog after the incident. When confronted, he turned verbally abusive. I walked away consoling my crying infant and not wanting to aggravate the situation. Looking for advise on how to deal with this situation and also if this repeats in the future. Both dogs are regulars at this park.
Long version: a bit back story… My dog Charlie is trained and listens to commands pretty well, he gets along with all people and dogs except for this one, Max. We let him off the leash at this park when no one is around but is always on leash when people/kids are around. There’s a walking path encompassing the park and kids play area where we usually walk. The park has clear signs around that the dogs need to always be on leash. Charlie and the aggressive dog Max have met before and for some reason they did not get along, Max has always been aggressive and scared Charlie. We usually walk away when Max comes to this park since Max has attacked Charlie on 3 different occasions, but this was before my daughter was born. So it was easier to just pick up 20lb Charlie to safety and diffuse the situation. On this particular day, we were walking our usual path when Max jumped us and attacked Charlie. Charlie was leased and went in between and around my legs to avoid Max. Max being super big (anywhere between 80-100lb) pushed the stroller with my child in it. Luckily the stroller being sturdy didn’t topple over but rather slipped out of my hand and landed a couple feet away from me onto the grass daughter screamed, started crying and after seeing me scream max ran away. It terrified me, my daughter could have been seriously injured in this! Through all this, Max’s owner was at a distance just watching. No recall or if he did it was not effective. So after the whole incident, my husband went to talk to the owner to get him to leash the dog so this doesn’t happen again. The owner turned hostile and refused to do so. When my husband mentioned that these were the park rules and he could report him, he started verbally abusing us and asked us to f*** off and do whatever we wanted. I was consoling my crying daughter and just asked him to show basic courtesy, he just turned away. There were a bunch of kids on the play area and other moms around, just watching. I didn’t want to aggravate the situation and asked my husband (who took a video of the man and unleashed dog) to walk away and not do anything right then since my daughter was #1 priority then.
I am sure if and when we cross paths with Max again, this will repeat. Both dogs are regulars at this park but we’ve always kept our distance. I am sure the dog Max is a good dog because we’ve seen him do some tricks, but I blame the owner for not doing enough to train/control him and turning bitter after.
I am looking for any advise on how to deal with this situation as well as a scenario when this happens again. The man seems mean enough to hurt others, or maybe that’s just my protective instinct talking. I don’t want to hurt Max but this incident should never happen to me or anyone else walking in that park.
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