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2023.06.10 23:07 winterscry Seeing ppl’s av creations in av creator games

So I went into an aviator creation game, to try on new clothes & accessorises for my av. I discovered I could load anyone’s creations to try on their outfits. I could see what they’ve named the creation too & how much their whole outfit costs.
This has made me conscious about my creations now, as I had stupidly put my real name on one of them.
Just wanted to give a heads up or see what others thought. To me, I feel it’s a big invasion of privacy.
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2023.06.10 23:06 CiariLovesYou I'm so tired of "TikTok BPD".

I'm so glad to FINALLY find a community that is (at least primarily) for people who are actually diagnosed with BPD. The self-diagnosis trend is getting way too common and it feels like any safe spaces have been invaded or even overrun by people who seem to think that this disorder is just a tendency for manipulation, anger management problems, and self harm. That doesn't even scratch the surface of the hell that is living with Borderline Personality Disorder. I hate seeing them talk about how "proud" they are to have BPD, seeing them make it into everything about themselves, seeing them reduce it to this cute quirky yandere/tsundere stereotype that makes my skin crawl. It fucking sucks. It sucks so much I can't even put it into words. Why would someone WANT this? And then to claim you have it when you haven't been diagnosed, it's just so infuriating. Imagine if someone did that with a physical disease like Cancer. "Yeah, I haven't been to a doctor, but I have most or all of the symptoms so obviously I have Cancer." Like what?! Nobody would let that shit fly. So why the hell are we doing it with mental health????
I don't know, it's just nice to be able to get this off my chest without being crucified by the self-diagnosed. They think we have the same experiences, but we don't. I've been in therapy for ten years, been diagnosed with BPD for three years. They don't understand the soul-crushing pain that comes with trying to treat an incurable disorder. They don't understand the YEARS of DBT and CBT that it takes to function at an almost-acceptable level.
And don't even get me started on "quiet bpd". That's not an actual thing. That is a term exclusively coined and used by the self-diagnosed. I recently had someone I very vulnerably confided in about my diagnosis try to one-up me by saying "oh yeah, I was diagnosed with Quiet BPD" like bitch no you weren't!!! That's not a diagnosis!!!!!! It just makes me so angry. You don't need to be loud and rageful and explosive to have BPD. There is no "quiet bpd", you've just reduced "normal" bpd to a stereotype.
It's just all so exhausting. I'm tired of being spoken over by people who don't know what it's like to live with this shit. And I've only been diagnosed for three years! I can't imagine what it's like for the people who have been diagnosed for ten, twenty, thirty plus years. It's insulting .
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2023.06.10 23:06 Country_Girl_17 Help with setting boundaries

I would love any advice you all can provide. I (F49) have been married to my wife (F46) for six years. She was diagnosed with bipolar in her early 30's, more recently changed to unipolar depression. She's been on maybe 15 different meds since we've been together. I have tendencies towards wanting to be a fixer. When we got together, her finances were a mess: old debt, defaulted student loans, owed child support. Over the years I've paid off all that. She worked for maybe 5 months when we were first dating. She was just so unhappy about her work, I agreed to support her and let her stay home. Things just always seem to escalate. We bought a house in the country. Cool. Nice. Then her inlaws needed a place to stay. So they moved in. Then her teenage niece needed a place to stay. So we gave the niece our bedroom and moved into a yurt in the yard. There's been numerous instances of her committing to things and not following through and leaving me holding the bag. She's moved her young adult brother in twice. Both times, I was very clear he must work and support himself. Both times he refused to get a job, mooched off us (me) for months, and finally left spreading all sorts of lies about me. He crashed his truck one night, freaked out on the cop (probably high on LSD), and landed in jail. She's still pissed at me for not bailing him out. I currently have two jobs. We had discussed trying to flip a foreclosure house. I really felt like I didn't have time and wasn't interested. She painted a lovely picture. We would work on it three days a week together. The inlaws would help. It would be a family project. I agreed and bought the house. I think she's been down there twice in the six months we've owned it. We have this big property in the country. She never lifts a finger to do yard work. The house is disgusting. She hoards trash, dirty dishes, half eaten food.
I'm burned out and exhausted and really at the end of my rope. One of my jobs, a small business that I run with a partner, has started to flounder and needs to close. I asked my wife in April to get a job and help support us while I find something different. She did find a part time job. Her third day, she quit. Since then, her moods have really deteriorated. I think she initially thought it would be easy to get a good job, and realizing things are hard has been an ego hit. One of her common things is that she has health phobia. She gets afraid that something is wrong with her health and will obsess, gather way too much medical data, and then dump it on me. I'm in healthcare. She will barrage me with data and then get really upset when I tell her she's fine. Two weeks ago, she left after an argument with me saying she needs to call her psychiatrist and her saying her mental health is fine and she has some nebulous physical ailment. She asked to meet with a relationship counselor, which I thought sounded fine. We meet with the counselor, and she goes all Scarlet O'Hara about her health and how I don't believe her and how dare I ask her to help out mowing the grass when she's "so sick".
I'm just not really sure where to go with this. I love her, and I believe her when she says she loves me. I know that her depression does interfere with her ability to do things. I also feel like she's kind of gotten to think of me a bit as an ATM. Realistically, her behavior of committing to things and not following through predates me, but it's falling heavily on me and I'm cracking under the burden. It seems just impossible to set limits with someone who is convinced they can't do anything, especially after seven years of me giving too much and not setting proper limits. Anyone experienced something similar? Found things that worked or didn't?

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2023.06.10 23:05 cloverduck22 My two cents on Shiny Happy People

As somebody who is not American nor had any exposure to Christian fundamentalism, but sort of discovered the Duggars on TV reruns around 2015ish (wasn't aware of Josh's crimes then) and watched a few episodes out of curiosity, mainly in regards to the sheer size of the family and their culture, I wanted to add my two cents lol. I've read a lot of posts on here and found other people's thoughts super interesting and wanted to join in.
I think one of the biggest points of clarity the doc series provides, especially for non-Americans, is regarding the influence of the weird, regressive, bible-driven fanaticism that has infiltrated US politics. It did well to highlight the scale of IBLP and adjacent + similar institutions. It suddenly makes sense why there was such a push against Roe v Wade and the success of the overturning. It explains why so many young conservative politicians get to where they are despite sounding like lunatics.
I always thought the older Duggar kids were inarticulate or a bit clunky with their words. The parentification of the older girls and being roped into that system without a choice now makes it obvious they missed out on an education, including exposure to (non-biblical) literature. Which is so vital. Makes me sad. And now it's filtering down to their kids (not the parentification, the sparse homeschooling).
I can't decide if Michelle is worse than Jim-Bob. Jim-Bob is all about the finances and using money as leverage. He lied shamelessly during Josh's trial and prioritised him over his daughters. I think in the beginning he probably was sincerely looking for a good moral structure. I don't think for a second though that Michelle has ever been under his thumb, she only wants that unquestioning obedience for her daughters in their marriages. She performs the role, including that voice, and I think she enjoys that it gave her a sense of identity. Honestly it is frightening that she kept popping kids out, and it seems that because she could keep offloading her work onto the older girls without a shred of empathy she saw the "beauty" in their lifestyle. Also, her denseness, glee and lack of concern about the potential consequences of blanket training makes me wonder if she's detached from reality.
The Gotthard abuse makes me wonder about the patterns of abuse in other fundie institutes.
I have still not heard Derek utter a single word of value on screen lol.
I was left in awe of the ex-IBLP members who escaped their horrifying circumstances and then have to do all that work to deprogram and heal and rebuild. Years of work. I related to them a little in that sense because I have quite severe longstanding family based trauma all the way from early childhood and am having to unlearn detrimental conditioning and learn self-worth and how to validate myself and my own voice. That stuff is really, really rough to do.
I think another season expanding on similar institutes + with more of the duggars altogether would be a good development.
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2023.06.10 23:05 RedWerFur I am struggling with Druid at 51.

I am burning myself out on playing this class right now.
I've burned over 3 mil on respecs alone, trying out every build in my lvl range. I've imprinted so much gear that I'm completely out of resources currently.
Nothing works. Nothing. I don't understand how ppl are making these builds viable in a tier 3 dungeon/world.
The most recent attempt is the pulverize build. Got all but 3 of the aspects (legendary drops) and my biggest hit so far has been around 6k. I fight an animus boss for 20 min, with him out healing my damage every time I got him to half.
I'm struggling hard. I can survive, yeah, but I cannot this class to do damage.
Can, would anyone offer any helpful argue on what they've done to make the druid work at lvl 51-ish?
I've never had this much trouble getting a build to work in any of the Diablo series... starting to depress me.
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2023.06.10 23:05 Mental-One7140 The Last and Boruto were a massive disservice to Naruto and Hinata.

I still can't get over the fact that the same guy who made the Demon of the Mist cry like a bitch with his speech about how much Haku loved him can't tell the difference between loving a food and loving someone. Completely shat on his character. The Last movie was a massive disservice to the characters and the ship.
The whole point of NaruHina was Hinata growing stronger because she followed Naruto's ideals and later fell in love with him while Naruto, on the other hand, grew feelings for her as she grew out of her shell to help him.
The Last movie shat on all that. Hinata was retconned into being always in love with Naruto but ridiculously shy, Naruto was made into an oblivious moron who ignored all Hinata did for him as friendship and rather than realizing his feelings on his own needed Sakura to retcon his feelings for her and tell him to love Hinata. Worst of all is the scarf, I mean, how do you ignore a woman declaring herself in front of Pain and holding your jimmies in the middle of the Apocalypse but then magically returns her feelings because she knitted a scarf which never had any previous mention in the entire manga.
Seriously, they tried to copy Minato and Kushina without anything in common to it and ended up turning an otherwise beautiful ship into a cheap knock-off. They should have hooked up right after the war and not some two years later over a non-sensical plot about the moon falling.
It's amazing that Hinata's reward for getting with Naruto ultimately resulted in her being treated like trash and sent to the kitchen. In spite of her being the wife of the old main character, the mother of the new main character, and being the stepmother of the new series second most important character she really hasn't contributed anything to the story.
In Boruto. Naruto is just a absent father and Hinata a housewife.
Not only has she not contributed combat wise at all but she hasn't really been allowed to be involved in the main story and drama involving Naruto,Kawaki and Boruto. She was just there but never even really bonded with Kawaki at all. He lived in her house but by the time she was sealed away the two of them were still practically strangers and now she along with Naruto are out of the story for a long while. Some reward the fans that thought this was a great pairing that made Hinata look great ultimately got in the end right?
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2023.06.10 23:04 LucksBrain New start, again

Hello people,
I've recently decided to redownload the game after not having played it for quite a while. I originally played it on my base ps4 when it came out and then a bit after the one tamriel update and vvardenfell. Now I have it on my newer pc and I was questioning whether there are any mods/addons to make the game look better graphically in any way, as it's a bit dated but still has beautiful vista's.
Next to that, should I start a new character completely? I don't remember anything from the main story of any of the zones, nor do I remember how my class works (or if I even still like that class), but it also feels like a waste to throw it away. And then, if I do start a new character, how much of the tutorial would I have to redo?
Also, any tips would be welcome for the changes since then. Any content I should see? Best DLC's?
I'm excited to get back into it, thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 23:04 JohnnyJinglo Do you guys ever just feel really bad for mgk? Do you think his reputation will ever recover and they hate will stop?

Let me just say first off I know i post alot in here that may seem kinda negative but i promise i love mgk and i just want people like him to feel that love instead of all the hate that they get surrounded with. I was listening to glass house today and I just cant believe how different he looks now and how different his music and topics are. I cant imagine how awful it must feel to make an album like hotel diablo only for it to flop and have no very few people listen. That must have been horrible along with having billions of people hate u and dawg on u after already having a terrible childhood and making tons of mistakes that u regret and wish u could take back. With tickets he seemed really happy and the success he found must have been great but also a huge punch to the gut knowing that u basically had to change alot of urself to find success. Ik hes always been in rock but obviously the last 2 years have been very much an act that he put on to fit into his new fans perception of him and i just wonder if hell ever really find his blend of true self and if people will finally let go of their blind hatred and allow his music to be heard for music and given a chance.
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2023.06.10 23:04 littlemossball update from my month of resting so far - the mental struggle of letting go and allowing rest is so real

Hey y'all. I spent 6 days mostly completely in the dark listening to meditations and Rita Mae Brown's cat mysteries and doing breathing exercises. I needed to use my phone for something and picked it up and basically never put it down. I got in an arguement with my partner and heard about the wildfires happening and needed to text my mom about some stuff then it just felt impossible. and the news is so loud and so urgent always. I also spent the next 2 days beating myself up about it which is no good for energy levels either. so I'm regrouping right now and resting how I can. I hope to dive back in deeply soon.
I am realizing just how much dedication and learning to really allow the body rest is needed. I have the resources right now to do this for the most part and what I've learned is how hard it is mentally.
We aren't taught how to rest! we are taught we have to earn rest! Sometimes we fear and avoid slowing down and resting and what will come up if we are still. I think sometimes people who are working and burnt out think if they just had the time they'd rest and do nothing, they don't realize how absolutely potent the messaging is that rest isn't valued and you're lazy if you rest. It doesn't just go away.
So I'm learning how to work with this as my next step. Finding when and how rest feels most accessible. Trying to get out of fight/flight/freeze responses. I think somatics is an avenue that will continue to help. Would love to hear other people's experiences with what has helped them let go and relax into rest, or any thoughts on this in general.
As I mentioned in my last post, The Nap Ministry and Rest Is Resistance have really informed my thinking about resting and are great resources.
Now I'm going to go take a bath and holding myself to it by telling you all. I hope even if it feels impossible you can find at least a tiny moment of rest today. A deep breath or two is still something. 💗
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2023.06.10 23:04 Elpasony Spice Up Your Mornings with Ground Cinnamon: Easy Breakfast Ideas

Looking for quick and delicious breakfast recipes to kick-start your mornings? Look no further! Check out our collection of easy breakfast recipes that are bound to satisfy your taste buds and provide a healthy start to your day. From fluffy pancakes to wholesome oatmeal creations, we have you covered. Explore the versatility of ground cinnamon and discover how it can add a delightful twist to your breakfast favorites. Whether you're craving scrambled eggs with a hint of warmth, a mouthwatering stuffed sweet potato recipe, or a satisfyingly healthy toast option, we have recipes that will make your mornings unforgettable. Don't have much time? No worries! Our quick parfait recipes are perfect for those busy mornings when you need a nutritious and flavorful option on the go. Spice up your mornings and discover new breakfast horizons with our easy breakfast ideas!
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2023.06.10 23:04 UFOtookmysheep Intense obsessive crushes

I'm in my mid 20s now, and all throughout my life I've had this issue.
I tend have very deep intense crushes on people that border on obsession, and it's really exhausting. It gets to the point where my mood is entirely dependent on whether that person is nice to me that day.
I think about them all the time, find any excuse to text them, and keep bringing them up in conversation to the point that it's annoying to people.
It happens regardless of if I'm single or in a relationship. I'm attracted to all genders, but this mostly happens with men. Almost always it's people who are hard to read or who are hot and cold. Usually friends, and usually friendships where I'm not sure if they actually like me or not, so when they show a sign of liking me I feel so elated and I need more of that. It's like an addiction. Eye contact is always intense for me but with this person it's 10x more intense, and I find myself making eye contact with them a lot. And oversharing with them a lot.
It has caused me to lose friends in the past because I become too much or too intense. And if I'm in a happy relationship when this happens, I am risking the relationship by being obsessed with someone else, and I feel guilty all the time.
It's so frustrating and exhausting and I'm sick of it. Has anyone else experienced this and know how to make it stop?
Side note - when this is happening I find myself listening to the album AM by Arctic Monkeys on loop because I feel like it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of yearning and longing for someone so desperately.
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2023.06.10 23:04 throwaway262397 2 weeks ago my friend blocked me on everything but a messaging app and now they stopped reading to my texts, it is ruining me and I feel that I am in the wrong.

In the UK it's exam season and my friend is taking their GCSEs which end in less than two weeks; I do not know why they blocked me but I think that GCSEs are the reason. They will not tell me if it is or what I did and when exams are over I am unsure that they will want to remain as friends. I want to talk to them and they dont read my messages, and although I've stopped and won't try to start any more conversations, I sent a lot of messages and fear that they will be creeped out over how desperate I seem. I find it difficult to think our friendship will go anywhere good after this, which upsets me because we stopped talking for a few years after they switched schools plus covid. Then one day we started talking again and picked up where we left off and I do not want it to end. I had more friends during covid than I do now, I don't want to loose them.
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2023.06.10 23:04 ToBeDeleted1920 New to Mystery Dungeon

I've been wanting to get into the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, but I don't know which games to get (or if they're worth it as I've heard negative things about the newer ones).
I own "Blue Rescue Team" (NDS) and "Explorers of the Sky" (NDS), but haven't played either yet. From what I've heard online, these are the only ones worth playing.
I know "Red Rescue Team" is has Version Exclusive content/Dual Slot unlockables, but I don't know how much content is carried over to "DX" (NS). I know that "DX" has up to Gen 7 content and some other quality of life features, but I also heard it doesn't have everything the GBA/NDS combo has?
I am aware "Explorers of the Sky" is a Remake of "Explorers of Time/Darkness" with nothing omitted (as far as I'm aware).
I know nothing about "Gates to Infinity" (N3DS) or "Super" (N3DS) other than the negative to mixed reception about them.
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2023.06.10 23:04 Andtherainfelldown Those Unspoken Moments

I don't know why I think of her every time I hear that one song but it just brings me back to that one little crush. Sure I have had lots of crushes in my lifetime. There was my elementary school crush, my middle school teacher crush, my many high school crushes. Heck, I even had an Army officer crush who outranked me by so much that I am pretty sure it was a military infraction just looking at her. But if you would have told me that being a man in my mid forties that I would have a crush on one of my neighbors, I think I would have laughed.
Living in a city it is really easy to get lost in the crowd. There are so many people that it is in fact sometimes hard to distinguish yourself from everyone else. We are almost like lemmings just going through our own little routines.
Yet, once in a while someone just starts to stand out. For me it doesn't really matter what someone looks like, I have always just been fond of someone who looks like their life is an adventure. That's what I noticed first. She was wearing a white lab coat, glasses, and a badge that let me know she was a medical resident. For all intents and purposes she was young enough to be my daughter and that is seriously not one of my things. In fact, I generally try not to talk to anyone who is not at least 40 because there is so much that we would not have in common . But still there was just something about her.
I would see her in passing and make small conversation. I would even see her at a few running races that I had attended. But again there was nothing that honestly would connect her to me.
So how do crushes work ? The less I seemed to know about her, the more I seemed to just get those little goose bumps when I did see her. We were always polite and cordial to each other. I loved hearing her talk about her studies and she seemed to smile when I talked about my training. But I knew that she was on a timeline and that one day her studies would take her to some place new.
I was in part envious that she was so young and so beautiful, at least in my eyes. I was part happy but also part jealous that she could run with such ease. She was just going someplace and I just seem to exist. Again, I am always happy when I see young people doing things with their lives and gosh she seemed to be doing that. Not burdened with any of the mid life responsibilities, not broken by any of the hard life lessons that we have to learn. She just seemed to be on an adventure. And part of her adventure was that she was just passing through.
I will never forget the last day I saw her. I was on my bicycle trainer and just pedaling away. She was packing boxes to leave. I wanted to say hi. I wanted to say thanks for bringing some happiness to an old man's heart . But instead I just said nothing.
It has been over three years since she moved away but every time I hear that one song I just think of her. I have never written about her and I do not know why I do now. Maybe, I just feel like it is time to let that crush go. Or maybe I am trying to normalize my feelings.
Whatever the case, I am hopeful that if she ever thinks of me. That she thinks of a kind and gentle man.
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2023.06.10 23:04 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Bundle)

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2023.06.10 23:03 adxlyx Werid bug??

So basically it happens in some of my saves that when I move the cursor over this bar it doesn't show me how much days my sims have left before going in another stage. The green bar also doesn't move as the days pass. Also, with this bug, the calendar (I have seasons) doesn't show me the birthdays. I don't know how to resolve this. I don't think it's caused by mods bc I've had this issue for more than a year, and only in the past months I've started to use mods. What do I do? Sorry for the crappy image and my terrible English aha.
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2023.06.10 23:03 i---m My (28f) closest friend (27f) didn't invite me to be a bridesmaid. Should I bring it up? When?

My best friend / chosen sister of 9 years is getting married this August. She's soliciting my feedback in planning the wedding, leaning on opinions about personal things like the dress, guests, etc. and even sought my approval of her fiancé before they got engaged. We hang out often, take each other into some consideration when making big life decisions, and turn to one another when we're struggling. I introduced her to her career path and reintroduced her to God. The fiancé and I are on great terms as well. I'm hurt to know she's already picked a maid of honor and I think it's reasonable to assume, two months before the wedding, that I won't be in the bridal party, won't be going to her bachelorette party, and at the wedding won't have much of an opportunity to get to know her and her fiancé's extended families.
I can see why it might be awkward: I'm trans and we live in Texas now; her family are Arab and most are fairly devout Muslims, and his are slightly-liberal-leaning white Texan, and I've only met her mother and stepsister. I wouldn't want to be a distraction at the wedding, and my friend is already having to deal with weird family dynamics around the wedding so I can totally see why it would not be worth the trouble. But I've been a groomsmaid where one side of the family was pretty socially conservative and I found anyone who was unnerved kept it to themselves.
I can also see why she might think I don't even want to be a bridesmaid: I moved to our city a year ago and have kept my life small and quiet, so my having little to share about my own relationships may come off as a disinterest in that element of our friendship. And until a few years ago, I would have a lot of trouble (social anxiety type trouble) meeting new people under certain conditions and make it a bad time for her. But we have seen + acknowledged a lot of growth in each other to the effect I take it for granted that she knows I'm now super open and extraverted, and love meeting, learning about, and celebrating people.
I really want to discuss it with her. Not necessarily to guilt her into making me a bridesmaid, but to level on things emotionally. That I expected to be a bridesmaid and that she didn't bring it up makes me think there's a big cognitive dissonance about how close we are and what we want out of the friendship.
I don't know if it's a good idea at all to bring up anything negative about her wedding. It's a day that hopefully only happens once, I don't want to open a dialogue that could hurt either of us leading up the wedding, and after the wedding I don't want to say anything that would make her look back on the day with regret. But I also see how it could be unhealthy not to bring up—I don't want to resent my best friend, the little big sister I never had.
In my shoes, would you bring it up? If you would, how and when?
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2023.06.10 23:03 Leaftotem Powercreep Assessments Summer 2023

Heroes of Esperia and each Treasure Scramble cycle since, has got me thinking more and more about how the pace of new meta-changing heroes & pets has passed some exponential threshold.
In the first few years that I played this game, meta-shaping heroes remained stable for months and years at a time. The reason everyone hated Ainz was that he broke the previously stable meta and then dominated the new one for a really long time, well over a year.
Many of the first cycle of Awakened heroes redefined the meta. Several of the adjacent 4f heroes released around them also redefined the meta. It feels like every few weeks or at least every month throughout 2023 theres been a must-build hero released- all while the entire player base is coming to grips with the expense and necessity of investing in pets.
Now, many of the first cycle of Awakened heroes are becoming less relevant after just a few months, as the second cycle of Awakened heroes continues to raise the bar, and there continue to be faction hero releases which are necessary builds for competitive ranking in x or y game modes. Not to mention that the 2x Dim release just gave most players two of the most powerful units in the history of the game.
I just have to wonder what Lilith has in mind, pushing so hard like this.
In the past I saw the community begging Lilith to slow down with the release of new heroes. It's like Lilith has responded by pushing the throttle higher every day.
It affects my satisfaction in the game because I enjoy building heroes that add value to my lineups- but I don't like it when my investment is rendered irrelevant after just a few weeks when a new game-changing hero rebalances the meta. The value of painstakingly building Lucretia lasted years- but it's looking like each round of Awakened heroes is going to get it's own meta.
It would be one thing if this accleration in hero-building pressure was accompanied by an increase in the avialable resources in-game, but that's far from the case.
Anyone else thinking much about this sort of thing?
Good luck & have fun everyone o7
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2023.06.10 23:03 HxHEnthusiastic Ippo and Miyata - Rivals or friends or both?

Curious how people would typically view their relationship. They don't seem to spend much day to day time interacting with each other (not the way that Ippo does with his friends or boxing peers from Kamogawa).
Ippo and Miyata did want to fight each other on the ring. But outside of their rivalry, are they even friends? Just curious because it seems like Miyata really captures Ippo's attention and vice versa, even though it seems like they don't interact with each other much.
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2023.06.10 23:03 cloudheartt My mother doesn't want me to be atheist

Hey, I hope it's okay if I talk about it here, but I really need an advice. I'm 14, soon 15, girl. My almost whole life, I've been Christian, Catholic. I went to church, took religious classes, etc. But around 12, I started to question my religion. I didn't feel like a Christian. At that time, I tried to be. But around turning 14 in June 2022, I was pretty sure I'm atheist. It just confirmed during next months. But I haven't told anyone. I kept it as a secret to not ruin my relationships with my family. Especially my mother. My father doesn't care about this stuff, he even doesn't go to church (which will be important later), my brother is mentally handicapped, and I also live in the same house as my grandparents from my mother. They're both very religious. But my mother is very religious and I think I can call her narcissistic. Maybe she's a good mother, just not for me. But last December, 2022, there's something called (holy) confession going on (or at least in my country), which is basically that you go to church, tell the priest your sins (that are just bizarre) and he tells you you've been bad and tells you to pray and let's you go. I always hated it. Didn't see the meaning behind it, didn't make sense to me. In December 2021, I was supposed to go with my grandparents, but before I could've gone there, I think I almost got a panic attack. I got headache, bad breathing, I couldn't stand etc. When I told my mother, who stayed at home with my brother, I couldn't do this, she yelled at me, told me I'm joking (I'm not, I couldn't even speak when it happened) and I'm just lazy and don't want to do it. I cried and told her I didn't, yet she didn't believe me and told me that next day, she's going to city close to us to get a confession there, and I'm going with her. Fortunately, I did it, but the priest was mad about things like "I didn't go to church every Sunday", which just seemed bizarre to me, and I didn't even pray as he told me. At Easter 2022, which is the second time we're supposed to go to confession, Christmas and Easter, I was seriously ill whole week this was happening, so I couldn't go (yay!). Well, Christmas 2022 came and one Friday before going to school, my mother told me that the next day, Saturday, we're going to confession. I told her "no" and she said I'm going and "she doesn't see any reason why I shouldn't go". I spent the whole day worrying and thinking what I'm going to say, but I just knew I have to tell her. I came home and told her I'm not going anywhere tomorrow, and she again asked why. I told her everything. That I'm atheist, but I respect her religion as much as possible, and I couldn't care less if she'd be Muslim, Christian or Jew, anything, even pastafarian, I.don' But her response... scared me? I can't tell. She told me "but I'm scared you might be Muslim or something like that." Excuse me? Why should you be scared? I won't punish you for that. We barely talked the whole weekend after that, but I haven't gone to the confession. I haven't gone there even at Easter 2023, but my mother made me go the grave, which is just a statue of Chesus laying in the grave, and to pray. She told me to pray and when she asked me if I did, I was very naughty and lied and said I did pray (didn't even think about that).
The thing is she most likely wants me to be Christian again. She makes me do these things - go to church and pray, even though I really don't feel comfortable with it. When I told her about an annoying girl in my class and said that if she won't stop annoying me, I'll do anything to stop her, she said "no you won't because you're a nice Christian girl-" and at that moment I yelled "I'm not Christian!" And she just rolled her eyes and acted annoyed. Do I call her atheist girl just out of sudden because I'm atheist? I asked her to respect me since I respect her. I don't make her be also atheist, I just live my own atheist life and let her live her Christian one. Well, she responded with something like "you don't respect me and my religion, respecting it would mean going to church etc.!" E-excuse me? That's the exact opposite of respect. But if this is what respect means for her, we'll see how my respecting her will go (don't plan on doing it btw). And also, I respect people like Muslims and Jews and Buddhists, does it mean, according to her, that I should celebrate Hanukkah (that is an amazing tradition btw - putting a candle on the window so others get light too - I love you), go to Mekka or get my daily dose of meditation? Also, all the time she says something like "but you want to go to heaven so you'll do this" I want to f-ing die and done. I don't want to meet your favourite oc (that's not very oc). A Also, I stopped taking religious classes in 2021 when I was 12, and only after I promised I'll go to church instead, and that's very weird. But I didn't, covid quarantine saved me hehe. I got out with it also because the teacher was and still is very annoying. But like 5 mins ago, I heard her talking to my father about it and she said that the next time the priest (on my village we have one) will be asking her why I don't take religious classes anymore, she'll say because of the teacher, and that if she wouldn't be there, I'd still be going there. How about letting me decide? Also, when I told her I'm atheist, she had to tell my father and asked him "are you Christian?" and he said yes, even though according to her he isn't since the last time he was in church was like 5 years ago. She also used this as some "he is Christian I'm Christian so you should be too" okay, I'm woman, you're woman, my father should be too, now you realise how stupid it is? I also have two uncles, my mother's brothers, that I guess are also atheists. They go to church for like Christmas etc., but they don't go and do these things otherwise just because they moved out. I know I'll go to hell but e n v y. Also, ~month ago, she was watching the news and I just entered the living room and the reporter said something about LGBT, and she asked "well but what it is?" So I explained: L=lesbian, G=gay, B=bi, T=trans. She just knocked at her head which is a sign of pointing at something stupid in case someone doesn't know and asked for her letter, as "N, for normal!" She also says that she accepts normal (sigh), lesbians and gays. As a person that has been wondering about this some time and is thinking if I'm bi or not, this didn't make me happy. Also, some time ago, like year and a half, she told my cousin she'd accept her if she'd be anything, mentioning even bi. But my mother and my cousins is a whole different series.
Not so long ago, I told my Christian friend that has a bit of a problem to accept people different than her, and she was like "oh, I didn't know" and we joked about it. The whole time we laughed at our stupid jokes about it, I just wished my mother was like that. At least in the religion thing. Now, me and my friend talk like if nothing happened, because nothing happened.
I really need an advice. I don't know how long I can take this. She constantly laughs at people who are trans/bi/etc. and shoves her religion into my mouth. I don't know if my grandmother knows about me being atheist, but if she knows, she took it somehow lightly. Her fanatism is a whole different level. As I said, I don't know how long I can take this. My emotions are like a roller coaster, I'm sensitive and can get angry easily. I'm trying to do something about it but it's not getting much better (that's why I adore the Buddhist mindset). If anyone knows what to do, I'm opened to your suggestions. I'm 14 and can't move out, I wouldn't even got out with it if I tried. Thanks. Oh, and sorry for possible grammatical errors, English isn't my first language. Thanks again.
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2023.06.10 23:03 BrinkleyPT Water changes • how much is too much?

How much volume (percentage) of water change do you recommend when suspect your fish might be sick due to not eating or reacting to the food given to them.
Keep in mind that my water temps are around 19-20C.
What's your recommendation.
They're sitting down at the bottom under the lily pads looking at me staticly/without moving, unless they get scared or stressed out by me being too close to them (keep in mind, that some fish are almost 10 year old fish; this is not a new pond; I guess they're stopped trusting me and that I have to regain their trust).
I'll see if their behaviour improves tomorrow or so (if not, I'll do a heavier water change if that is healthy; if it's not healthy, I'll do less percentage/volume of water changes, but I'll do them more often).
Hope you can give me a few recommendations based upon your experience.
Hope you can help.
Thanks 🙏👍
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