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2023.04.01 09:55 premmanni $40 per hour, regular work

Have you ever written short email messages before? We need to talk if you have that skill set.
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Interested? Check out this page before completing an application to get everything important!
Best of luck!
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2023.04.01 09:50 One_Manufacturer3475 Isn't being specific all the time too stressful?

Sorry if I made any mistakes, I am new to reddit.
Its like if I want to get a life partner, I have to specify each and every thing and if I miss out on even one trait, that one thing can depress me in the future. Its like if I asked the universe for an SO, scripted about his traits, and got one checking all the boxes, he has everything I had wished for, but he is not faithful, simply because I fucking forgot to mention that in my scripting. So if I don't explicitly say that I want something, there is a chance something bad can happen in place of that. And you cannot even blame the universe because it did give you what you asked for, but now you should not complain about the problems you are facing because you were not "specific enough", or you forgot to ask for that one thing. Do I need to give the Universe the fucking blueprint of the human being? That if I forgot to mention that he should be able to hear, will I land with someone who is the man of my dreams but has a hearing disability? wtf is this (no offense to people with hearing disabilities I'm just trying to give an example I couldn't think of anything else I'm so so sorry).
Sorry for the long rant. I just want some help lol. This is stressing me out. I want an easy way out of this problem, because it should be easy. Manifesting should not be stressful.
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2023.04.01 09:40 chxrry_bomb My Tinder match (20M) ghosted me (20F) after 2 days of flirting with me & calling me "bae"- what went wrong?

Hi everyone. Title probably sucks but I’m really confused and overthinking in my head right now. I could really use some advice. One of my Tinder matches added me on snap after a couple days of texting. We sent several snaps to each other yesterday. He called me "bae", "babe", and "baby" all different times yesterday and the night before. I didn't call him any of those terms back as I think it's too early to be using those terms, but I complimented him a few times.
When we first started talking, we both made it clear we’re only looking for something casual/short term. I’ve only had Tinder for 4 days now. Out of all my matches so far, he’s the one I’m most interested in. He complimented my looks several times so I know he finds me attractive.
So yesterday I sent him a total of 4 snaps throughout the day, morning, afternoon, late night. The 2nd to last snap was a mirror selfie of my outfit (crop top showing my navel piercing) with my galaxy projector lights on, so it wasn’t normal lighting (idk if that makes a difference at all). He snapped me back almost immediately saying “cute”. It looked like he was excited down there in his shorts. So I'm thinking, "okay, he likes this, maybe I should send more." The next (and last) snap I sent was sexier, it was of me in my bra & panties. He didn't respond to the last one I sent. He left me on read.
Okay, so my ego's a bit bruised here, wondering if he maybe didn't like what he saw after all. Maybe he thought it was too much skin showing too early on? but he's the one who wanted something casual/short term, plus he posted a shirtless pic to his snap story earlier yesterday for literally everyone to see. and ofc I replied to that thirst trap saying he’s hot AF, so what’s the problem here? Most guys are really excited when I send them anything sexy like that.
Well within the same hour, he unfriended me on snap (I know this bc his story now appears under my subscriptions, not my friends) & he unmatched on Tinder without any explanation. He's still following me on Insta. Maybe he forgot to unfollow me?
What would make you unfriend/unmatch someone after they sent you something hot? Do you think I should message him being like “hey, I see you unmatched on Tinder & unfriended me on snap. I wouldn't normally try to reach out to someone if they did this but I honestly think you're a really cool person. I'm sorry if I did anything to offend you because that wasn't my intention at all. I hope we can still be friends if you aren't interested in anything more than that.”
I’m in my head right now overthinking like a fool. I can't stop thinking about him. I'm so used to being chased after by guys that this is really shocking for my ego. Please help so I can hopefully stop overthinking and get some closure as to what I did wrong, so I don't repeat this mistake in the future.
TLDR: 20M unfriended me (20F) on snap & unmatched on Tinder after flirting with me for a couple of days. I sent him a sexy snap of me in my bra & panties, he immediately ghosted me. Should I DM him on Insta where he still follows me, to see what went wrong and get closure?
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2023.04.01 09:24 Icy_Account8299 She got me in the blender right now

We been together about 4 years now. So basically last night she came to the gym to see me. Shit going smooth and we’re leaving and walking out the to. Parking lot towards her car. I haven’t seen her for a few days so we was caked upright on side of her car just talking. Then her phone starts ringing and we separate from the hug at that moment so she could check who was calling her. So she pulls her phone out and I can see the screen but i it’s upside down and she didn’t pull it all the way out. She didn’t answer and put it back kinda quick. So I’m not let that pass by and not address it. So I said who was that and she said it was her friend Maria. But in the screen it was a name that started with a V. So I said she was lying and to just keep it real cuz I don’t do that sharing shit. She kept saying it was Maria but I saw the V and I kept asking and then she finally says that’s she lied after I kept asking to see the screen. She refused and got in her car and left. She text me a few pages worth a text messages basically laying everything she does for me and saying she’s tired of me not trusting her, and she wants to separate She also said I manipulated her into lying in the parking lot. Lol. I feel like she got caught is just wanting to gaslight me for adddressing it. Crazy thing is I’m just confused because I feel like she trying to play me but why not just break it off. I left out a few details but most of its here. I got so many raondon spam messages on Snapchat so I’m not denying that. But if a guy is calling you and you lied about it. Something is off man. Is it time to cut my loses.
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2023.04.01 09:17 iaminsanereal [F4A] Searching For Fandom RP Partners! (Canon x Canon or Canon x OC).

Hi! I'm looking for some new roleplay partners as I've recently found myself with some free time on my hands and a lot of inspiration. I'll list some stuff I'm interested in and specific things I'm looking for down below. ♡
I write long, detailed replies in the literate style. My length can vary based on what I receive, but for interest's sake I like to keep them from being too absurdly long. Third person is heavily preferred, but I'm not a stickler for tense. I'm looking for someone who is at LEAST 18.
Content wise, I prefer dark and drama filled plots. We can discuss what that means in detail later but, for clarification, I'm not looking for slice of life fluff at the moment. With that said, I'm one hundred percent open to multiple plots and tropes, don't be afraid to suggest things! I'm pretty lenient with fiction. Currently I'm looking for Canons (any gender pairing) or OCs that are well-developed/written.
Fandom-wise, I'm also a big fan of crossover roleplays as well. But that can be up for you to decide.​
Looking to give ships time to grow, create the chemistry in RP, and enjoy a gradual burn. Prefer the lead in and then 'fade to black' approach for the adult situations.
Main goal is to dig into the canon history and building on it in interesting ways. Appreciate thoughtful & nuanced portrayals that treat canon characters as complex.
I am a literate writer and expect the same from you. One-liners are only acceptable for the interactions that demand them, but they will remain rare. I will not drown you in text every other response, but I will write up to what I feel is appropriate and I expect you to do the same. I average 3-6 paragraphs once we are past introductory material.
Please be open to writing a cast of characters if the plot calls for it. I don't mind if the focus is solely on two people, but there is room for secondary and background characters.
Would love to tailor plots to the specific characters and their potential dynamic. I absolutely love the process of plotting, workshopping ideas, spinning off into AUs and generally finding something that can be really character driven.
Plot-based stuff is going to be all up to discussion. Things can get dark. They can be as dark as you want them to be. On the lighter side, I love the different relationship dynamics that can come of the characters unique personalities. Either way, if you have an idea, spring it on me and we'll see if things work out.
Have an idea for a scene? Found a picture that inspired you? Send it to me! Be invested when it comes to plotting/worldbuilding. There's nothing worse than receiving one sentence in reply to two paragraphs of ideas, or having a doormat partner who says "sure" to whatever I ask. Building ideas one on top of the other, watching them snowball into amazing plot threads brings me joy. But having to pull plot ideas like I'm pulling teeth makes me think you're not interested, and I will lose interest in return.
For now, I'm only looking to write MxF and FxF pairings.
Last but not least, and this is not a requirement, I'm a huge fan of talking about our plot. By that I mean I enjoy making playlists, sharing pinterest boards and random photos that remind us of the characters et cetera. If you're not interested in that, no harm no foul, just something to keep in mind!
Hunger Games (Books & Movies): Clove Kentwell, Katniss Everdeen, Glimmer Belacourt or Annie Cresta.
Harry Potter (Books & Movies): Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Pansy Parkinson or Fleur Delacour.
Scream (All Movies): Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Cici Cooper, Jill Roberts or Tara Carpenter.
DC (Movies/Series & Comics): Harleen Quinzel or Zatanna Zatara.
Star Wars (Movies & Series): Padme Amidala
Marvel (Movies & Series): Wanda Maximoff or Jean Grey.
Twilight (Books & Movies): Rosalie Hale, Jane, Alice Cullen, Isabella Swan.
TVDU (All Series): Rebekah Mikaelson,, Elena Gilbert, Freya Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall or Hope Mikaelson.
American Horror Story (Series): Violet Harmon or Madison Montgomery.
The Boys: Annie January (Starlight) or Margaret Shaw (Meave).
If you're interested, please reach out! You can shoot me a message and we can discuss a bit before adding each other on Discord. Even if I seem familiar, please feel free to reach out again, I'm more active now and very much looking forward to writing with you. Thank you so much!
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2023.04.01 09:09 Brokeshadow Studying for NEET right now but I want to be a teacher instead, good idea?

Qualifications are 94% in 10th and 89% in 12th with PCB. Dad put me in for NEET race even tho I don't have the slightest interest in being a doctor. I love teaching, anyone I can get my hands on, children, adults, elderly. Talking about topics from all subjects tho science is my favorite! I am so passionate and dedicated towards it that I can easily drop whatever I am doing and teach a cousin for hours if they approach me with a topic. And their parents, my own parents and my tuition teacher has said that I teach very well and it would be a good decision for me.
So, should I go for teaching instead? And if yes, how do I go about it in a way that doesn't end up with me not being able to support my family? After all, I want a healthy work life balance where I can find enjoyment in my work while having time for myself and enough money to support and save.
Only problem I see as of now is that I don't know my 11th and 12th too well but I am excellent at 10th and below, those concepts, I have a very good grasp on and know them very well. So, I feel the most comfortable and fun in teaching 10th and below but I've heard that I shouldn't go for lower classes if I want to be a teacher and instead go for becoming a professor instead. Thoughts on it? Is it true and should I avoid teaching in schools? If I can teach in schools, what classes are the ones I should go for?
Overall, I'd appreciate a detailed view on what the education profession is in india, how to go about it, what I should know and what I should do. Challenges I will face, pros and cons. Anything you guys can let me in on so I can make an informed decision!
Thangkyou all so much, highly appreciate any replies! :D
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With all the wild fan theories out there, I am a bit stressed for my bbs 😭 I personally think the Az/Bryce theory is bizarre and will not happen. I fully believe that Bryce and Hunt are end game and I think their love story is BEAUTIFUL. The only thing that I’ a little scared for is the Oracle saying “stay away from Bryce Quinlan” and the fan theories about that bc that just sounds so ominous 😬 BUT we also know that SJM loves to bring characters back to life if tragedy strikes…so I can see something like that happening. As long as Bryce and Hunt get to have the future that they long for together ❤️❤️❤️❤️
SO I WANTED TO ASK ALL MY FELLOW QUINLAR SHIPPERS what do you love about them and their relationship? I could gush about my thoughts and feelings, but I want to hear yours ❤️
This is a safe space far away from the scary fan theories, away from the Hunt and Bryce hate, where we can discuss our fave cuties 🥰🥹
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2023.04.01 09:05 Cautious_Bunch8458 Fairleigh Dickinson VS Northeastern VS Concordia

Hello guys, I got four offers from those three universities, but find some difficulties about which one to choose. Could you share some pros and cons of these institute? Thank you!
As for FDU and NEU, I guess many people might not heard of before. Let me be more specific.
  1. Fairleigh Dickinson University's Vancouver campus, Master of Science in Applied Computer Science.
-> Basically it is not a 'university', it is a satellite office of an American private university.
  1. Northeaster University's Toronto campus, Master of Professional Studies in Informatics and Master of Professional Studies in Analytics.
-> It is a satellite office of an American private university too.
  1. Concordia University, Master of Engineering in Quality System Engineering.
-> A public Canadian university located in Montreal.

I'm current working as an Application Developer in my home country and my main goal of doing my master's in Canada is to get a PR. For each one I have some concerns:
I would be grateful if anyone can share me some ideas, thank you!
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2023.04.01 08:58 pyramid_tonight A meditation on closure and self-worth

When I (F27) was 18, my first boyfriend dumped me hard. I won’t get into the specifics of the three-year relationship, but trust that it was inappropriate and very toxic (we started dating two days after I turned 15, he was 17, almost 18 at the time). He came to visit me at my college while I was on spring break. About three days into what was supposed to be a week-long trip, he dumped me, changed his flight, and left the next morning. I was alone on campus; all of my friends were gone on vacation. He called the police on me because I was suicidal. He blogged about the experience on his (public) Tumblr shortly after it happened and compared the way I collapsed onto the floor screaming and crying in pain to Nancy Kerrigan’s reaction to being beaten.
The next year, I learned from snooping on his Tumblr that he cheated on me with some girl he met at a party before I lost my virginity to him—something we had talked about at length and planned, because he knew I was a virgin when we met. I was fucking devastated. It destroyed the small amount of progress I had made.
Another year after that, sometime in 2016, in a moment of courage, I found him on Instagram, added him, and told him I knew he cheated on me and otherwise admonished him for being such a terrible person while we were together. I had spent years and years wondering why I wasn’t good enough, what I possibly could have done to deserve being treated the way he treated me, beating myself to a fucking pulp, convincing myself that I was so unworthy and disgusting and fundamentally unsexy, undesirable, and broken. I was so stuck on how unfair life is: that someone could move about this earth so selfishly, so cruelly, hurting people and suffering little to no consequences. Stuck on how some people just get to move on while leaving chaos in their wake. I was still, admittedly, hung up on those feelings when I called him out.
Fast forward to February of this year. We’ve been mutuals on IG this whole time but don’t generally interact and never talk. He got married sometime in 2022. I liked his post of pictures of his wedding. I was drinking one night and in a tipsy, playful mood. I decided to send him a meme that reminded me of the person he used to be, teasing him in the process. A conversation ensued.
What started as a pretty normal conversation—in which he finally admitted he had been continuously cheating on me throughout our entire relationship—so very quickly devolved into an extremely bizarre, degrading, and hypersexual interview. He asked me to let him know if I ever started an OF, admitted he was cruising camming sites for months after we broke up looking for any sign of me. He told me I was responsible for this and that fetish he still has to this day, was asking me for details about my various sexual pursuits since we broke up, my current sexual preferences. Kept offering information about his and his wife’s sex life that I absolutely did request. He bragged about having never needed therapy after I joked (but of course truly meant) I’d be in therapy forever in part because of him. He told me I’m the coolest person he’s ever known and that he’ll be grateful forever that we will always have a shared experience.
And in that moment, I realized, sometimes closure isn’t this big, cinematic moment of revenge that some of us fantasize about. Sometimes, closure is realizing that 10 years after the fact, while you were growing, healing, figuring life out, and fighting to be the best person you can possibly be, that other person hasn’t grown at all.
I’m going through another breakup of sorts, this time with a person (M48) who was very cruel and selfish and, unfortunately, similarly sexually degrading. The difference this time, however, is that I have the perspective to know none of his behaviors are a reflection of me. None of this has anything to do with how beautiful I am, how desirable, fun, sexy, intelligent, and perceptive (all words he used to describe me, and I’m in complete agreement with him). And while I may be ruminating a bit too much on fantasies of revenge and of getting the closure I want, the logical voice inside my knowing heart says to me: there is a reason this gentle, yet pitifully broken man is 48 and alone.
You are wonderful just as you are, and you don’t need closure to come to know it. I know it hurts, it hurts like fucking hell sometimes, but keep that beautiful heart soft and receptive. You have no idea what kind of love awaits you.
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2023.04.01 08:57 Embarrassed_Email520 Waves of Depression.

I accept that some days I do feel beaten by my own depression. Even after getting therapy month backs, it is still here, lurking. Everything can feel overwhelming. My mind can be in complete disarray at times, with so much information to retain while feeling tired by my own grandiose ambitions. Trying to pass every hurdles.
Two days ago, I was crossing the road and thinking of an incoming car, that I wish it would hit me. Then, I got a notification on my phone. Someone sent me some aid with a message of 'You can do it.' and I burst into tears when I read it. Because I need to hear that the most.
Yes, I can do it. I can do it. Slowly, slowly, like every hurdles in life, I can get through them.
I sit for a while thinking of all the faces I love, who love me, cheered for me, rooting for me, a friend said he is waiting for me to get my first job IT, and I have promised my guardian angel that I will come and meet him again once I scored my goals. I know my family, friends wanted to see me succeed. They want to see me happy, able to take care of myself.
When the days are hard like that, I try to be the kindest I can to myself. And not afraid to call for help, call for some love, call for some reassurance, call because I need someone. Whatever that keeps me alive, I will try to do it. Shut down the laptop, go out of my room and see the trees.
What about you, even with these wave of depression that made you wanna lose everything in the moment, how do you keep fighting?
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2023.04.01 08:56 endtownGTI Been thinking about an Emily Dickinson poem while watching this season…

One of my favorite poems, and I have used it as inspiration for my folk horror novel. Reminds me so much of the desperation, the bursts of ecstasy, and the eddies of emotion whirling around right on the precipice of death or disaster in both timelines. Basically things near death show their most manic and revelatory movement/words before their fatal moment. Not saying much other than it seemed to be to be a cool quasi-connection!
Laura Lee—sees trauma of Van’s “surgery”, inspires her doomed flight.
Jackie—outburst in cabin, freezes to death. RIP Snackie.
Tai—her nightwalking foreshadows an innate need for death or destruction as she kills things, wants to kill herself, and hurts Van, Sammy, Biscuit (😢) and Simone.
Shauna—nibbles on a little Snackie, sets off the big feast, or Jackie’s “Second Death”. Yikes! Can’t imagine that meat wasn’t…stringy as hell. And maybe full of wool, polyester, and leather. Yum!
Nat— Nat’s self-destruction is well-documented in the present timeline, but it’s also rearing it’s head in ‘96 when she fabricated Javi’s death.
Van—“sees something” when she in between being alive and being dead following her wolf attack. We can see that she is still wresting with the trauma of that experience despite her class clown persona (a front). I’m hoping this bring back a self-isolating adult Van who brings some perspective on the cult—as someone who was captivated by it in the woods but maybe got disillusioned by Lottie’s cult behavior and escaped to heal on her own—for our present timeline crew.
Lottie—trauma from Laura Lee’s death lingers, but let’s be real. Lottie’s been making some HIGH LEAPS. Someone (other than even Travis) will be hurt by it soon. She gone KEEEEEL somebody (else).
And let’s not let the last stanza slip…I’ll let you all extrapolate what I think you will out of this.
“Mirth is Mail of Anguish, In which its cautious arm Lest anybody spy the blood And, "you're hurt" exclaim”
Coach Ben better hide his “blood” (horror over the hmmMEAL) or the Jackets are coming for him next!😬
All these are goofy thoughts from an insufferable poetry academic so make of it what you will 😂🫡 and I DID write this on ambien. Apologies 😂 enjoy!
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2023.04.01 08:56 jayjellyjams my dad and step mum have ruined my childhood

I 19 f have a stepmother 42 f and a dad 48 m and they have been together almost all of my life. even in the very beginning me and my SM (step mum) have never seen eye to eye, when I was little she wasn't overly bad I just wasn't comfortable with the idea of calling her mum and her trying to act like she was my mum because my actual mother was still very much present in my life at the time. even when I was very young I had some mental issues that were hard for me to deal with at a very young age so around 10 I kept a diary that I wrote everything including what I was thinking and feeling and over the years leading up to this event SM and I have drifted a little apart because I felt like she was trying to take over my life. So one day me and her got into a fight I can't remember what it was about but I ended up writing some mean stuff in my diary about her and her family so I could get rid of some of my anger. a couple of months later we were having another fight when she brings up what I said in my diary. I instantly knew that she had read through my diary and it had some heavy emotional stuff of mine in there so naturally, I was upset and from there, our relationship has had a steady decline.
when I was 13 I moved back in with my dad because my mum developed ovarian cancer and couldn't afford to take care of me. it has been nothing but a downhill roll from there. I was only meant to stay a year before going back to live with my mother but I had the decision to either stay with my dad or mum and naturally 13 year old me didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings when one day when my dad wasn't home SM came up to me and demanded I made a decision then and there after only two weeks of thinking about it. she was getting angrier with me by the minute and I decided in a rush to stay with my dad so my mother could get better, she seemed a little annoyed by that and that was that she walked off without a word to cheerfully tell my dad over the phone I made a decision so soon.
I could go on and on about the stuff she has done to me but ill try and summarize it. she has thrown a box of salt crackers at me, read my dairy again when I was 15, and at a later date made me read the section where I talked about SH just because I was winning the argument and she didn't like it. she has two daughters and constantly gets them things but if I ask my dad he says no, once when I was 15 I asked my dad for a septum piercing practically begged and he said no then when my younger step-sister turned 14 she got a septum piercing that her mum paid for. every time I went without, the excuse my father said was "they aren't my kids" but he had no problem buying them things and not me. my dad pressured me to get a job as soon as I could get one then said I wouldn't be able to hold a job for a week, One day my grandmother brought over some cupcakes, some of them had nuts and some didn't, we didn't know if I had a nut allergy at the time so I wasn't able to eat nuts at all until we found out and on that day I had to go to work and my dad promised me one when I got home. when I finally did got home from work everyone had eaten all the nut-free ones but left the nut ones and my dad just said "oops sorry" and I had to sit and watch as my SM and step-siblings ate the rest of the cupcakes while I couldn't have any. one of the issues I think I might have is adhd because at the time I had been looking into it for months and decided I should at least get checked so when I sat down with my dad and SM and told them I think I might have this thing and before I could even state my case they started laughing right in my face and kept laughing as I walked away crying. My dad and SM took all of us to darwin for SM's birthday, our birthdays are only a week apart so when we spent a week there celebrating her birthday I thought we would be able to stay a day or so longer for mine but instead they booked the flight back on my birthday because they forgot that day was my birthday and when I got upset they yelled at me and we didn't celebrate it at all
it wasn't great with my step-siblings either my younger step-sibling always got what I got but never the other way around she liked to bully me a lot by pushing me, calling me names, and excluding me. every time i went to my dad about it he said to fight back but when I did I would get yelled at so I learned to just sit there and take it. when I was 15 I still hadn't gotten my period and when I tried to tell my dad something was wrong he kept saying it was how I ate junk all the time or how I never eat vegetables (which was untrue). finally, when I turned 17 I went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me and it turns out that for some reason my body just doesn't produce estrogen and I had to go on estrogen tablets to actually experience puberty and now I'm a 19-year-old going through a 16-year-olds puberty and he never apologized for not listening to me.
my dad was or is rarely on my side, he could hear SM cuss at me and say mean things when we fight but he would never step in and help so it was always me against her from when I was 13. when my SM would get mad she would go crazy screaming throwing her hands around stumping and it was very scary for me. it also wouldn't help that I was basically a black sheep in my family because of them, they liked to talk shit about me to them when I was right across from them and could hear. i become paranoid when I was 16 to 17 because they talked behind my back so often that every time my SM would whisper around me I felt in my bones that she was talking about me and the way she whispered made me want to rip my skin off.
That's not even half the stuff they have done but I just wanted to get some of it off my chest because she wants me out of her house and my dad is doing nothing to stop it. I have nowhere to go, only a small amount of savings and to be honest I'm just so tired I don't want to live anymore. it's been a battle my whole life and I'm just so tired so even though no one may read this it's good to get it off my chest before something happens to me, and if you did read all of this.
thank you.
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2023.04.01 08:53 WithoutCaution Does anyone else feel like the new album is mastered a tiny bit low?

First off; I do have a background in music production, so I'm not exactly pulling this out of my ass. That being said, a little knowledge can be a bad thing, so I do tend to listen for nitpicky bullshit and often complain about things that nobody else even notices. lol
I've now listened to The Price of Progress about a half-dozen times, and it's EXCELLENT! The mix is dynamic and crisp all the way around and you can really tell they took their time to put together a great album. That being said, I listen to a TON of music on a variety of different speakers and I find myself bumping the volume up quite a bit over the usual range that I'm accustomed to. I'm kind of wondering if they uploaded the Vinyl master to digital platforms instead of the digital master. It either explains what I'm hearing, or I'm just completely crazy. Thoughts?
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2023.04.01 08:42 Equivalent_Fun_2701 One of the worst vacations in my life M32 F30

So my sister in law is getting married this weekend in Las Vegas so we flew out to celebrate and be part of the wedding . My wife paid for the car rental and the room, I worked 14 hrs a day for the past month and a half to be able to enjoy the weekend we brought our children both from previous relationships on the trip also. The plane ride getting here wasnt that bad till we arrived to our destination her aunt and her family flew in on the same flight which they're cool people i dont mind them at all. As soon as we get to the luggage pick up she starts aggressively yelling at me to pick up the luggage which I didnt mind but she yelled at me in front of her aunt, uncle and cousins, plus the crowd that were picking their things up also I was so embarrassed but I let it go. We get to the rental car place and she yells at me to put the luggage in carefully which im already aware of since its not our car let it go again. She starts driving the car out of the garage becuase its under her name as she's driving to the hotel I start talking with the kids pointing out places she tells me to be quiet because she can't focus, which ticked me off because she's always telling me how I dont pay attention to the road because im always distracted, when I'm driving she's always telling me to slow down or speed up or why didnt i make a turn. To be honest I get anxious when I'm driving because Im afraid she'll critize me and I'm prone to mistakes because of that. Fast forward to today we decided to get breakfast near where they were having the wedding rehearsal we're on the express way and traffic suddenly stops cause of an accident I brake a little hard but stop safely she screams at me why did i do that(mind you the speed limit was 75 mph it was a miracle no one crashed into the back of us) so I ignore her nagging at me because it's way too early and I didnt feel like arguing. A couple of minutes later a truck cuts me off and she ask me why did you brake when that car cut us off I couldnt take it anymore and told her she has alot of opinions for someone who doesnt like to drive and that I need to focus so she should stop bickering with me . She flipped out saying she should be able to ask me questions and I shouldnt be so sensitive the kids were in the car so I tried to calm down. She kept coming at me saying she can ask me a question and I tell her I don't have to answer which when we get to she demands I give her the keys to car and for me to get out of the car and go somewhere else in front of the kids. (I felt extremely bad becuase my son doesn't live with me and I dont spend as much time as I want to ) I ask her if she's serious she said yes and told me if I didnt give her the car keys she was going to call the sheriff on me for not giving her the keys and leaving. (Im a Daca recipient and cannot afford to get into trouble with the law) I give her the keys and stay in the car for a little bit not knowing what to do and to be honest heart broken earlier on in our relationship when we moved in together she would tell me she was going to leave and or call the cops on me. So I left the car and walked to a pub thank God it was open it took all of my strength not to cry while I was one of the only 3 people in the pub. I put my phone on do not disturb told my son i was ok through text and ate alone. The only time she texted me was to ask if I was going to show up to the rehearsal I ignored her message. Fast forward to tonight she refuses to see it was wrong to threaten me I was at a point I wanted to fly my son and I back home tonight but I felt bad that he would miss out on fun activities so I stayed. He text me if my wife was kicking us out I told him no not to worry. Now I found out she told everyone that they can use our hotel room to get ready at 6am everyone is going to arrive and well since I didn't apologize I get to sleep on the floor its almost midnight and I'm sitting at a table writting my thoughts to strangers because I dont want my friends to know I live like this.
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2023.04.01 08:41 TheBigPhilSwift Do I Have IBS?

I'll give you all a brief history of my gut life and you can say whether or not you think I'm positive for IBS.
So Im 18 and never had any gut issues until about 2 years ago, I started to have lots of bloating after eating losts of pasta or pizza. So naturally I thought I had a bit of a gluten intolerance. However, staying away from large amounts of gluten did help for awhile, I started getting bloating when I wasn't even eating gluten, I was getting discomfort seemingly at random. Another thing I noticed was that no matter what I ate in the morning for breakfast it would upset my stomach almost without fail.
Then, this past weekend I was feeling perfectly fine, until Monday morning at work, I suddenly got an insane stomach ache telling me I have to poop. So took a massive runny crap and felt fine, so later I decided I'd eat lunch, bad idea. The same thing happened and I crapped it all out immediately. I then proceeded to crap about 5 more times, most of which looked like pure mucus, and one of those times had bright red blood in the mucus. I continued to have severe abdominal discomfort so I went to the ER and they wanted to do a CT scan. Did the scan and the doctor said everything looks normal, he said he thinks it's just a viral GI infection. I disagree tbh.
Another thing I forgot to mention is I stopped eating for 3 days because my stomach pain and bloating was so bad, now I just resumed eating and the bloating has gone nowhere, but I'm constipated! I keep feeling like I have to poop only to run to the bathroom for it to be literally nothing.
So what do you think? Does this sound like a classic case of IBS? And if it is, How do I go about getting tested for it?
Thank you for your time and input :)
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2023.04.01 08:35 jadenwu39x Stubhub Coupon code of April 2023

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2023.04.01 08:28 iDigitize_Social Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

We might not know everything about the world, but one thing is for sure, every change that comes into our lives will change our lifestyle. The same is the case with the invention of Artificial Intelligence. Not even the most efficient fortune-telling will be able to tell us what the future of AI will look like.

Let’s look at some noteworthy contributions worldwide post the introduction of artificial intelligence.

1. No scope for human errors:

The phrase “human error” was utilized as humans tend to make errors/mistakes from time to time. Computers however do not make these mistakes if they are programmed appropriately. Artificial intelligence has almost given a new mind to these devices which lacked human-like decision-making skills. They can not only take decisions from the previously gathered information by applying a certain set of algorithms but also boost accuracy at work.
Example: Generating a manual analytical report against an AI-generated report.

2. Reduces human risk

One of the most noteworthy advantages of Artificial intelligence is that it takes away all the physical risks involved in a job for humans. This is widely done by replacing a human with an AI robot. Be it sending the robot to mars for some research or even enabling it to defuse a bomb. That’s not it, it can also assist humans in exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, mining for coal and oil, the list is endless. Additionally, an AIS robot can also be efficiently used to manage man-made or natural disasters if programmed adequately.
Example: You must have heard about the Chornobyl nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine? Here, an AI robot could have been installed to minimize the effect of radiation by controlling the fire in the early stages. This would not only help save so many lives but also diminish the after air effects of the explosion maintaining air quality.

3. Round-the-clock utility:

Keeping a 9-5 job timing in mind, an average human would work for 7 hours a day with a 1-hour break. Unlike this situation an AI bot or AI system can work for you 24/7 which increases productivity and accuracy as well. Additionally, they get better and more human-like with time and also don’t get bored of the same monotonous job they are programmed for.
Example: Many industries are relying on AI for daily query management like Education and helpline centres.

4. Digital chat manager:

Highly tech-driven organizations are now replacing humans at the query chat jobs and replacing them with pre-programmed AI chat bots. They are programmed to reply with relevant responses be it a service-related query or an e-commerce website product question. With massive previously generated data, this AI bot can act as an all-rounder when it comes to picking up responses from the question-answer bank.
Example: Your business-driven responsive website and mobile application design can differentiate from the others with an AI Voice bot or Chatbot which can help customers with all their queries 24/7.

5. Quick decision-making ability:

If you collaborate AI with other technologies you will be stunned to see their partnership powers. It unleashed quicker actions and improves the decision-making ability of the machine. Unlike humans, the machine only relies on practical data while taking decisions, whereas humans would also consider emotional components. AI-powered machine solely works on what it is programmed for and delivers quality results.
Example: We all in our life must have played games with the computer be it Ludo or Chess. The computer takes decisions on the next move almost in a few seconds. It will take the best possible step in a very short time according to the algorithms used behind it making it a tough game to win.

Summing up:

Keeping these global marvels of artificial intelligence, it’s sure to stun us even more in the years to come. Though it replaces humans in many jobs it also opens up a world of automation that is unstoppable.
Take a digital leap and ask our technical experts for result-driven IT business solutions.
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2023.04.01 08:25 typesafetyenjoyer Creating a custom interpreter/parser for our code

I am building something that would require parsing javascript files and extract all functions that are defined with their parameters. There could be functions inside these functions, but mostly ES5 as our system doesn't support ES6 so far. I should be able to determine what other functions are being called from a function. I was thinking about using regex to parse the lines having 'function' keyword and then extracting names and parameters from it and using somewhat similar approach to get functions calls inside a function. But I read that I shouldn't be using regex for this. As this is a side project, thought about using rust (can switch to js if there are libs existing in javascript) and there are a lot of files. Is there something specific that I can use to achieve this. Not sure about if I will have to create an abstract syntax tree out of a file or not. I thought about prettier, it might be doing something similar to determine these. If you guys can share some insights that'd be really helpful.
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2023.04.01 08:17 maybegarbage123 This might be long

I have had a history of mental health issues from the time I was a child.
I was seen for OCD for compulsive hand washing (to keep clean) at an age so young that I don't know how old I was. This was followed by severe mental health issues as I got slightly older, maybe 10-11, when I became anti-social and started hating existence (might be a factor of age, I really don't know or care). Things did not stay that way, as when I was 14, I made my first real friends freshman year of high school. I did not really fit in but I tried. My friends used very offensive language, specifically the n-word, which I started using around the group, but felt wrong. That was the first sense of belonging I have ever felt, to this day, but I ended up having a mental divergence from them, then I transferred to a local high school that was not as academically rigorous to pursue dual-enrollment classes.
Keep in mind that I did well in school because I test well (multiple choice questions usually have an obvious answer, or you can make a 50/50 guess after ruling two answers out). I always greatly struggled with English and anything that involved critical thinking. I was in Gifted Learning programs at an early age, and learned that I was meant for something great. I was too young to really see any issues with how I was thinking, and all adults around me, esp my parents, failed or didn't want to listen to me as I was clearly having a very hard time.
To add, I was free to explore the internet at a young age. My parents had me at 24 and 25, two months after they got married, and during a crucial time in their lives when they were trying to figure their lives out. Both were busy building careers and establishing their lives, and they did a damn good job. But I began looking at porn before I knew what porn was, which is another issue for another day. I would hate going to school so much that I would watch things like 2 girls, 1 cup before school in the hopes that I would throw up and be able to skip school. Drank piss and shit water to get sick. I hated everything.
Anyway, that is some backstory, for those who read this. As I got older I started to notice things I would do, but only after I did them, and it scared me a lot. The first example was at 16. I lost my head a bit and broke into a laundromat in the middle of the night just because; maybe I could get a couple hundred out of it? Registers don't hold money after close though ( I knew this, being as I had two jobs at the time). The alarm went off in the store, and I ran, then drove my car to a different state 12+hrs away. I came home after a couple days.
When I really lost my head, and why I don't deserve to even "be helped" or redeem myself is when I almost really sexually assaulted a girl I really liked. There is no excuse for this behavior than to be horribly sick and I can't believe I walk among normal people after that. But I managed to get and have a loving relationship that truly made me love myself and everyone else for the first time in my life. After three years, I lost my head again and destroyed that relationship.
Then I robbed someone's house, and my negative horrible energy somehow convinced my friend to help. I will never forgive myself for it. I don't deserve forgiveness. I am just a bad person, who actively takes away from others. There are some people that do not deserve kindness or a will to live. I can say that I have never had a will to live, and the persistence of everyone keeping me around has only resulted in destruction.
I'm 25, and time has removed me from those incidents. I am a horrible person, but the only people that I can explain how honestly horrible I am are not the ones worried about me being around. I belong in prison, but I just want to eliminate this curse from affecting anyone every again. My life is a blight on everyone else, so my actions affecting my parents don't hold any weight anymore. Suicide is a community service at this point.
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2023.04.01 08:17 spooni3_vampir3 i'm worried there's something wrong besides POTS?

hey! so, i was diagnosed with POTS a few months ago, & also have chronic pain and extreme chronic fatigue. my main concern is the fatigue-its debilitating. I have to sleep 12-16+ hours a day and am only usually able to be awake for less than 12 at a time (& have to rest a lot of that time). i also get worse symptoms all around if i get less than 12 hours of sleep or overexert myself (which can be as simple as taking a shower and doing the dishes in the same day). i was wondering how much fatigue from POTS alone is 'normal'? & if there Might be something else wrong? (I'm not asking for dx or anything, don't worry lol i am seeing doctors, i'm just worried there could be something more wrong). I'm currently trying to schedule a sleep study -- hoping they take my insurance 🤞🤞 thank you!
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