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Grandpa Joe Hate

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Grandpa Joe Sucks

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2014.08.13 15:59 Kijafa For all your 100% true and accurate facts about animals!

Shitty facts about animals, from Trashpandas to Slowbears to Jackdaws. Cute pictures accompanied by shitty titles, like "TIL Zoos can only have one emperor penguin at a time; any more leads to a political coup d'état."

2023.06.05 21:52 misspygmy IP advice for a system of musical notation (in book form) and practice aid that I designed?

TLDR: I wrote a book for a small community of musicians which explains in detail how to use a musical notation system that I invented. The book comes with a practice aid - a set of game pieces that I designed and produced, which work specifically with this system. I'm based in NYC, USA, but I will be selling the kit to customers both domestically and abroad.
Hi folks - I've been trying to figure it out the best approach for this, because it's kind of an unusual product and I don't know how to classify it. What IP protections can/should I seek for this with a very small budget? Any advice would be much appreciated. I wrote a book for a really niche community of musicians - imagine a closely knit global community of a maybe few thousand people who all play the Baroque kazoo, or something. Everyone knows everyone so I really want to avoid legal scraps in the future. The book describes my musical notation system, which is kind of a musical shorthand like guitar tab/chord charts. I've been using it since I was a teenager. The book comes with a practice aid which basically a bunch of board game pieces. These pieces allow you to use to the system interactively to make up music for the weird instrument we all play. I know that I can't copyright the idea of the system, nor would I want to because I want people to use it, but what should I be trying to protect specifically? Please let me know if I'm asking the wrong questions! Thanks for reading, I appreciate you Reddit!
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2023.06.05 20:52 29percentbanana I don’t love my boyfriend

I don't have romantic feelings for my boyfriend, and I'm not sure if I ever did.
I've known my boyfriend to some extent since February of this year, but we were aware of each other for much longer. We followed each other on Instagram, but we didn't pay much attention to one another. That changed when I asked out a friend and got rejected. Seeking potential dates, I asked around if anyone knew any available single guys who were gay or bisexual. That's when my friend suggested my current boyfriend, whom I'll refer to as "O."
O and I didn't have much in common. He liked pop and indie music, while I preferred rock and heavy metal. He was out to his family and friends, whereas I was mostly closeted. Despite these differences, I decided to pursue him. I started with simple gestures like liking his posts and stories, occasionally replying to his stories, but nothing significant. Eventually, we started talking.
We had been talking for a few weeks when he posted a story captioned, "First date, kinda nervous!" with another guy. I felt down because I thought there could be something between us eventually, but I wasn't upset with him since I had kept our interaction purely platonic at that point. I continued to try talking to him, but not much progress was made. That is until he started flirting with me. I was confused because I thought he was already in a relationship, but I went along with it.
This back-and-forth continued for a few more weeks until, during a late-night conversation, we both confessed our feelings for each other. However, we left it at that and didn't discuss it further. At that point, we hadn't had many in-person interactions or opportunities to gauge our connection fully. But a few days later, he suggested that we start dating. Being a closeted single man all my life, I jumped at the opportunity and began dating him without having ever spoken to him or heard his voice.
After that, we started having lunch together, and I genuinely started developing feelings for him. We went on a date, and everything seemed to be going well. However, I received devastating news about my cousin's passing, and I had to leave town for two weeks for the funeral and other arrangements. This brought us back to the beginning, with all our interactions happening digitally, and I started losing my feelings for him again.
The two weeks passed, and I returned to school, making a special effort to see him. We ended up skipping the second half of the school day and went to the park. Things escalated, and we engaged in sexual activities. I wasn't sure how I felt afterward since I don't think I was in the right frame of mind, but I don't consider it non-consensual. I had fully consented to it.
From there, things began moving rapidly. Within two months of dating, we said "I love you" to each other and had sexual intercourse.
Now, I find myself uncertain if I truly love or even like him. Complicating matters, another guy has entered the picture. As someone who works seven days a week and has been at the same job for three years, I sometimes interview new candidates. Recently, there was a candidate around my age whom I strangely felt would have been a better match for me than my current boyfriend. I can't stop thinking about him, although it could be a passing infatuation because I'm unhappy in my current relationship. I feel lost and don't know what to do. I’ve already lost so much to him, and I don’t think I want to desert this.
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2023.06.05 20:38 herkalurk Best older/cheap TDI

We have a 2021 Atlas Cross Sport as our family's only vehicle. It's wonderful, but because it's the only vehicle we are driving up the miles hard, live in a smaller city with no transit so everywhere we go we drive at least a few miles. I find this problematic as at the current rate I'll be out of the CPO warranty for 72K miles long before the 6 year period and would rather keep the car under warranty as long as possible.
What I'm looking to do is purchase a car with better mileage for the local trips and keep the SUV for the long road trips. It's 450 miles one way back to our parents state, so easy 1K miles on a round trip and that's a few times a year, along other smaller trips with just our family. We live 45 miles from a city with 500K, so we go there at least a few times a month whether it's taking the kid to a museum, or just going to the city for a new restaurant to get out.
Looking at the used market for $15k or less(something I can just outright buy cash) I'm seeing anywhere from a 2011 to 2015 Golf/Jetta/Passat with under 100K miles and TDI to keep ensure we get some good mileage for these highway trips. I was considering an EV but all the EV in that price range are of the short range variety and would only make it one way to the city, not return on a single charge, so I think that's not feasible.
IMO, I think a Passat is our best bet. It's larger, so more space when we stock up at Costco/Sam's Club and if we decide to take it on a short trip will be spacious for the entire family. Little one is 3, so still in the very large car seat in the back, would like him not to kick the driver too much. At the same time, I've owned 2 variations of the Audi A4 Wagon in the past and loved them, so a Golf or Jetta wagon sounds amazing too.
I'm not planning to buy until next year when company bonuses come out, so just looking to get a feel for the market and understand others opinions on these vehicles.
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2023.06.05 20:37 S-h-o-k-v-a-l-u Regarding the cipher and the next time.

So, about the next time, has it actually been confirmed in any way by the crew which symbol the next time (Killua Zoldyck VS Mikoto Misaka) belongs to on the cipher? I hear people talking about Speedy disconfirming it's the beaker somehow but don't know if I've actually seen the screenshot or clip where that happens to confirm it. Overall wish the communication was better on this in some way, like maybe social media posts from the team so eliminating spots is easier? I'm not all too big on trying to speculate but at least would make knowing where we're going simpler to follow (unless they wanna make it more of a mystery for whatever reason).
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2023.06.05 20:20 Frances_P042682 Teaching 'Leave It': How to Stop Your Dog from Picking Up Items on Walks

Are you tired of your furry companion grabbing everything they come across during your walks? We've got you covered! In today's post, we're going to delve into the essential skill of teaching "Leave It" to prevent your dog from picking up unwanted items while enjoying your strolls together. Let's make your walks safer and more enjoyable for both of you! 🐶💙
  1. Start with the basics: Before hitting the streets, ensure your dog has a solid foundation in basic obedience commands like "sit," "stay," and "come." These commands will serve as building blocks for teaching "Leave It."
  2. Choose the right time and place: Begin training sessions in a controlled environment with minimal distractions. As your dog becomes more proficient, gradually introduce distractions, such as toys or treats on the ground, to practice their self-control.
  3. Introduce the command: Hold a treat in your closed hand and present it to your dog. Say "Leave It" in a firm but gentle tone. When your dog stops showing interest in your hand, reward them with a different treat or praise. Repeat this step several times until your dog associates the command with ignoring the treat.
  4. Adding the release cue: Once your dog understands the "Leave It" command, add a release cue like "OK" or "Take it." This cue lets them know when it's appropriate to take something, preventing confusion between "Leave It" and other commands.
  5. Gradual real-world application: Take your training outdoors, starting in low-distraction environments such as your backyard. As your dog becomes proficient, gradually increase the level of distractions during walks, such as tempting items on the ground.
  6. Consistency and positive reinforcement: Be consistent with the "Leave It" command and reinforce desired behavior. Reward your dog with treats, praise, and affection when they successfully ignore an item. Consistency and positive reinforcement will reinforce the desired behavior over time.
  7. Patience and practice: Remember that training takes time and patience. Some dogs may learn quickly, while others may require more practice. Stay patient and keep practicing in different environments to generalize the command.
  8. Safety first: Always prioritize safety during walks. Keep a close eye on your surroundings and proactively redirect your dog's attention away from potentially harmful items. A well-fitted harness and leash are essential for maintaining control and preventing your dog from reaching unwanted objects.
  9. Seek professional help if needed: If you're facing difficulties or your dog is displaying persistent behavioral issues, consider consulting a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can provide personalized guidance and support to address any specific challenges.
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2023.06.05 19:09 fierse Siblings with autism

Hey, so my younger sister has autism, and ive come to suspect i might have a form of high functioning autism as well, im getting a test soon. But i was curieus, Is this common? how big is the chance that an older brother also has autism if he has a younger sister that has it?
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2023.06.05 18:22 writer0102 What are the benefits of using a VPN?

I'm curious and want to learn more about VPNs and how they can help me out. I've heard my grandkids tell me to get one but I'm not quite sure what it’s all about. I mean, why would someone bother with a VPN when they can just browse the internet without one? Are they actually useful ? MY grandkids watch shows on Netflix but when I try it doesn’t let me because of geo blocking or some crap like that. Maybe they’re just pulling my leg and it’s something I'm doing wrong when using Netflix. I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 17:13 Traditional-Course45 Another Great Pandabuy experience!

Hey there, everyone! I simply had to share my amazing experience with Pandabuy, an exceptional online store specializing in top-notch replicas. I want to provide this review to help others discover the hidden treasure that is Pandabuy.
Let's start with the replicas themselves. I was genuinely impressed by the remarkable quality of the products I received from Pandabuy. The level of detail was flawless, making them incredibly close to the real deal. Whether it was clothing, accessories, or even sneakers, everything I bought surpassed my expectations. I was blown away by the craftsmanship and the authentic appearance of these replicas. If you adore luxury brands but want to be budget-conscious, Pandabuy is the place to go!
Now, let's discuss the shipping experience. Recently, I placed an order for a package weighing around 5 kilograms, and I was astonished by how quickly it arrived at my door. Despite its significant weight, Pandabuy ensured speedy delivery while maintaining excellent service quality. The package arrived in impeccable condition, thanks to its secure packaging. I was genuinely impressed by the efficient shipping process, especially considering the size and weight of the parcel.
All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Pandabuy to anyone in search of high-quality replicas. The meticulous attention to detail provided by some of the sellers is truly remarkable. Combine that with the user-friendly website, and you'll see why they stand out from other online stores. Give them a chance, and I'm confident you'll be as thrilled with your purchases as I am!
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2023.06.05 17:03 SpeedVolume What could cause these symptoms?

Hi! Im a 23yo male with asthma, allergies and diabetes type 1. This saturday i had a campfire with friends. We were sitting in the open air and only used wood and charcoal for lighting a fire. We had a great fun for 8 hours, but shortly before we went to our homes, the back of my head started to hurt. When i got back home, the pain was quite strong, but painkillers and a glass of water helped so i went to sleep and woke up next day (sunday) with a strong hangover-like feeling, although i hadnt drunk any alcohol with my friends. Checked my oxygen saturation and it was in the range of 96-98% (i checked it like 18 hours after the first symptoms appeared because i was sleeping for quite long) so i went back to bed because i felt like i had a flu. In the evening i was feeling much better and today i feel great despite a slight feeling of a brain fog. I asked my physician about this situation and he told me that the Carbon monoxide poisoning is unlikely since we were sitting outside and the wind was good + my friends did not suffer any of these symptoms, they feel great and they were even more exposed to the campfire than I (i was avoiding the smoke and sitting at a proper distance). He suggested that Maybe my liver was malfunctioning since i was eating fatty Food and didnt drink any Water (only diet soda) and he linked it somehow with my diabetes (i was diagnosed a couple of months ago with hepatic steatosis in a hospital if that matters). So what could be the Real reason?
Thanks in advance for help!
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2023.06.05 16:51 No_Objective4142 A bit of help with landing Destructive Fission

Soo i'm still a bit pissed at the fact they nerfed this skill and i'm wonder if there are more ways to effectivly land it without the use of a heavy stamina break. Something like this for example (Have not had a chance to try it yet, since my power is out). Pop Fission, use assault vanish to get behind opponent and then super god fist them into the blast. It doesn't have to be a conplicated combo, I just want some ways to land Destructive Fission without having it feel like i'm being forced to use it point blank on a downed, stamina broken opponent. Thank you all for your time
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2023.06.05 15:51 ithrowawaygamegg Should I tell family that we've been evicted and have been struggling getting a home for months?

I'm at my wit's end tbh. So for context, I'm 19M, live with my mother and sister who's 17. We've been in a motel for a while now. My mother got evicted in September last year.
The reason that we've been hesitant to tell family because they're just toxic in general, especially my dad's side. My father's family has no interest other than trying to paint my mother as an absolute witch for putting him on child support. He's more interested in just trying to put my mother down than helping emotionally and financially.
They've been bullies like this for years. My sister don't even talk to the dude. His main focus has always been me throughout my life and my sister hasn't even felt connexted to him.
We don't have that much money. I should be heading to community college in the Fall but I'm having doubts going.
I'm scared to reveal my home state, but he kept bitching about how my mother broke the law by taking us out of state. When she called him and said many times we can always come down to visit and my sister even got to see him this year. I don't know much about the law that much, it's well established that it's technically kidnapping. It doesn't excuse the fact that, according to my mom and various family members, he has been shown to be physically abusive, including to his other partners.
I've been having conflicted thoughts whether we deserved this for moving out of state out of necessity for needing a home. Only to have chances of my mother finding an apartment being extremely low because of that eviction. We couldn't afford that shit in the first place.
I've had talks with her and she seems completely in denial. Saying, "oh why should my business be yours?" or "what can you do to try assisting?" We just go back and forth, but I've been trying to convince her that: you have no fucking plan!
I'm scared of going back to my state where family resides because we don't think my father's a safe person to be around. He's more concerned with being right and getting in my mother's face on how she should've never took us (despite him getting paid under-the-table to avoid paying child support).
He's emotionally abusive and he's made fun of mother in the past for living with her family. Not even realizing we had our childhood home sold was the reason and he's basically making fun of the children as well. He lacks so much empathy and it's a shame because all of his anger he usually takes out on the children.
Please, anyone. I just want to help my Ma. Maybe moving here really was a mistake. I've saved plenty enough and I'm really considering catching a flight with family. I'm not getting paid enough. I've done various interviews and not getting calls back. I don't drive. I feel like such a failure and I wish I could've focused on getting myself together. I don't know what to do and I'm conflicted everyday.
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2023.06.05 15:38 Spader623 Whenever I do shrooms, or even microdose, i feel amazing in the 'come up' then something shifts, and i feel bad. Whats going on?

This also happens with weed and i suspect it may with other psychedelics too. To explain, i use the drug (smoke weed, swallow microdose pill, ingest shrooms, etc). With weed, it happens faster and shrooms slower but they happen similar in that it starts to hit, i feel good, i feel my thoughts altered (in a good way), my confidence comes out, i feel great.

Give it 10-20 minutes though, and its like a dial is turned. I slowly start getting... Idk how to put it. Not more sober but less 'altered' and i'm left feeling maybe 25 or 50% of that feeling, but with a lot of anxiety now too.
I don't understand what it is. Why is this happening? What can I do to fix it?
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2023.06.05 12:29 Drfoetus Need help please!!!!

Hi everybody, i am Gief players since street 2 and street 6 seems awesome but i have big problem. The fact is that nothing seems to work on. I play lot's of fighting game and have no execution problem but nothing work in this game i don't know why. Raw super i can do it but it seems that i have to be really slow to do it so impossible to do it on reaction to à fireball for exemple. Same for the wake up super or even DP with other character. I do the motion but nothing comes out. Most anoying is the tick throw ( really important with Gief) , it wiff all the time, but i'm just next to my opponent the wiif animation is over my opponent don't know why ???????? I can't even do some basic like 2 mk level one super with ryu. It just don't come out. Is there something i should know????? Hope someone can help me. Thanks .
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2023.06.05 11:37 freak_N43mi Albania missiontrip

Albania missiontrip
Hi everyone, I know we are all young and broke but I'm going to Albania this summer to help the people in Tirana there. I'm going with a group of 20 people and like if you wanna donate there is a link down below, you don't have to because I know how broke teenagers are but I could always share and just see 🙈 so thank you for reading this I guess. In the link is also information about the trip. I would really appreciate it if you donate ❤️ thank you
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2023.06.05 11:35 Joshyboii55 I think I'm suffering with severe depression and not sure what to do or if I even care that I'm depressed?

So lately I have been struggling with my mental and physical health. I am not sure what's causing it, maybe it's my continuing stress of self improvement,.lack of quality relationships and friendships, my shift work job I do thats not fulfilling. I have been staying in bed longer then often and it's always hard to wake up. I don't talk to much of anyone, and I struggle with socializing (my line of work is permanent Friday to Sunday weekends, so I don't have the ability to see friends/events). When I force myself to go to the gym to lift weights, and can be awkward or come off as a asshole but I'm really just struggling, tired, and foggy/clouded all the time. I try honestly. I have a heart, but I've started caring much less and just accepting everything but I do try and pursue goals, hobbies, and such. I still manage to actually get things done when I need but it's not easy. It's progressively gotten harder. Struggling with my relationship as well as I have been emotionalally unavailable and not supportive enough. But I'm trying to mend that, althoughr I feel exhausted. Can anyone help me or give me some tips or advice? Any more information I can try and provide as well. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 10:28 MounikaXrachel Certain Subjects

Hello, this post may seem Stupid but who Knows. just like others i take care of my baby... doing the best i can, her father is not around due to him claiming she's not, which i told my babyfather so many times i was only messing with him, im still in highschool handling my school work as possible. ill be 18 next year sadly. i openly admit living with my mom has its ups and downs. which i will talk about so my mom refuses to babysit saying "she is to much" "i cant stay with a baby that long" i had made arrangements to put my daughter in daycare, my daughter started daycare not to long ago her teacher loves her! and shes a good baby, but now my mom was saying i have to make arrangments to get her home because she has to be at work at 2:40.. she isnt lying but now all of a sudden that happens? i have my people that i vent to that keeps the vents between us me and that person. my mom claims i talk bad about her but in all meaning she makes me feel terrible 24/7 when i talk to other people about it's a problem. she even said she will get court papers on me to get out. my family thinks "she's trying to make you happy but its hard on her when you dont see i. my mom is mentally abusvie and im so tired of it! whenevers she's upset she'll play that nice tone but have harsh words come out. and i am so sick of it! you may all judge me but thats how i feel.
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2023.06.05 09:16 strangerthings_6969 Am I the asshole for not doing what my mother wants?

I, 13f and my mother 53f have only been seeing each other every Monday after my father 51m and her split up due to her being a alcoholic.
Last year my mother started drinking 24/7 and not doing anything to help my father and I around the house. Instead i had to care for my 52yr old mother after school as a 12yr old. There where times where my mother abused me over little things like me not giving her the TV remote. So her solution to this was she would start hitting me pinching digging her nails into my skin and kicking me over a remote. She would also keep me up till 4am on a school night most night because she misplaced her phone she she verbally abused me.
Not long after all this happen in January 2022 by April that same year my father and I where done. One night after dad got home I told him what happened on the car ride to school and how she dug her nails in to my skin so hard that it left a decently size scar on my hand. He told my mother she needed to leave and not come back the last thing she said to me for months was "you're lying, you're a liar I f**king hate you"
After all this occurred I ended up falling into a deep depression at 12. I started realizing how much I missed the little moments of when she was sober and not hiding in her room. I realized I missed watching a show I thought i hated.
For months I blamed myself for everything she did and during this I was also being cyber bullied and being called fat. I'm not skinny nor over weight. I started developing body image issues so I started to eat less and less and couldn't look in my mirror without crying and repeated words in my head that my mother said to me. "I hope you die" "I wish I never had you" " I never want to hear you and see you again" Around November 29th I started getting better and got a procedure done that I was needing and had my birthday dad put me into a theapist after I told him what I was going through. I went to that theapist twice the first session I got to vent the second she said your fine don't come back. Fast forward to March 2023 I'm struggling again the theapist I saw comes to my school every Thursday I avoid her because I get this horrible gut wrenching feeling everytime I think about her or see her. March 3rd I sh for the first time my depression was getting bad again my pops dementia had made him go downhill again and I had been seeing my mum again since November 26th. It's now June 4th and my mum keeps nagging me to see her more than once to 3 times a week my dad says it's up to me and that I owe her nothing. I don't want to see her more than I already do I feel it's enough at this point but she was me to see her more am I in the wrong?
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2023.06.05 09:06 FlosiAtat Your event progression

Your event progression
Hello, i just finished the event and got Discord, now i'm excited to get Luna in a few minutes. Unfortunetly, i can't get both rn, but maybe next time tho'. What's your event progression rn? If you don't finish it, you will buy the event extension? I also just noticed for my first time you get buy time for the event (which is probably 24h i guess?) for 250 laughter shards and 150 gems, cool feature.
I love the start of this week :)
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2023.06.05 08:51 No-Art-919 Is this a wise career path?

I have had an interest in the US Air Force since I was a little kid, but cannot be enlisted due to disabilities. I like the idea of working in national security and on a military base in general, and have discovered something called the Air Force Civilian Service. I have a military friend who introduced me to a company she works at called Leidos. The more I look at them, the more I like the company. I will be graduating with a master's degree with dual concentrations in Finance and Cybersecurity in a year, and am exploring my career path options now so I am ahead of the game. I think I want to work at Leidos coming out of school and transition to the AFCS after I gain enough experience and connections for a management role (because I'm disabled and cannot do anything other than a desk job). I haven't seen this question asked before so I figured I'd go ahead and ask for the people who come behind me. Is this career transition possible? Is it relatively easy? Is it wise (based on my interest in working on a base)? Is this a good career plan at all? Thanks in advance!.
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2023.06.05 08:27 PossessionPatient306 Help finding a video

Im looking for a video where a politician unexpectedly insults my small hometown.
The context is the Futuregen decision, a zero emision power plant.
This is around 2012-2016 timeframe.
The decision came down to a town in Texas, and my hometown; Mattoon, Illinois.
The video of the politician was in a press conference setting, with a podium, and he basically says Mattoon is a nothing-hick town that has nothing going on.
I believe is was Bush Sr. or Bill Clinton, im not sure.
I know even back then ot pissed me off even as a child.
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2023.06.05 06:27 Terrible-Session-756 Social Media

I got rid of all my social pages except for Tik Tok (entertaining when it's just FYP & not "friends") & I didn't feel as anxious. I got back on it & now I feel anxiety crawling through my skin a lot... I swear. I change as a person & all the people I friended on my socials are now people who don't fit into my life anymore. A lot of them are actually fake & really toxic. I started maturing about two years back & I can no longer deal with the immaturity of some of them. If I delete them, they slam me & somehow I'm the bad guy for wanting to get away from childish people. The sad part is this even includes toxic family members that get angry at me for being more successful than them in many ways, & I don't choose to make the same repetitive mistakes over & over again, but instead learn from them. I'm thinking of just deactivating all over again & not giving them an opportunity to make some stupid backhanded status instead of saying shit to my face cuz they're pissed off I won't interact with their stupid status' about their turbulent exes & relationships they embarrassingly post about as if I'm supposed to give a fuck when she stole the shitty dude from her own best friend... I never supported that shit & she knew it. Why does it matter now that y'all are broken up?? I'm not gonna interact with that shit show. I sit here & support the positive posts... god forbid I don't interact with negative ones like we're all in high school still. I'm trying to not get involved in your stupid drama, Brittany.
I'm sorry but I absolutely needed to get this off of my chest. Social media just gives me anxiety & makes me angry that the immature children on it soak up all the attention & "support" from other immature children as if they're in the right, when all I do is mind my fucking business & not cause any drama. I'm always cool with confrontation. I'm always the one who would talk face to face, but these bitches behind the comfort of their phones could never. Rant over. I need to delete my socials all over again. I'm thankful for reddit though.
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2023.06.05 06:07 throwacc19375 I have three job interviews today and a call for a new appartment

I do not feel ready. I already feel sad and desperate. I feel like a fraud saying that im a nice person snd friendly and empathetic and all of that good stuff that people want, when in reality i have a personality disorder and i hate people without any reason and end up in a fight with everyone. My last job a coworker wanted to quit because of me in the first two weeks. I don’t know what i did. People said that she was jealous because of my position. I changed places. Another girl told me that i am manipulative and made her feel unsafe and worthless. Thats why i think i have a personality disorder. I dont have any friends anymore because of this. Any attachment scares me to death at this point. Conversations that get personal trigger me and i feel teased by them. You dont need to know anything private. Why do you even care and ask if you dont like me? I swear i can feel it if someone has me under their radar mistrusting me for whatever reason and then portraying me as the bad guy. I really wish for relationships and attachments but there is no way i can form healthy ones. Thats what scared me so much because im different than other people and i dont know how to explain myself and navigate relationships. I am also not the smartest. Most of the time i dont understand what people are trying to say and their intentions. This leads to people either getting angry at me or laughing and the whole feeling shit starts again.
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