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Everskies is a browser game where you can chat with others, dress up your doll, and play games. There are many creative outlets, come check us out! Join us now at everskies.com

2022.02.23 18:03 xystvc everskiestrash

Hi ! Welcome on everskiestrash. This subreddit is to expose issues of the game Everskies anonymously. Please read the rules of the subreddit before posting. We are not affiliated and managed with/by Everskies.

2022.08.11 16:10 everskiesgeneral

Everskies gen, post anything about Everskies here. Hide @ for any posts. Calls out allowed if @ covered. Basic common sense required (no transphobia, racims, etc etc)

2023.03.20 08:26 Last_Chest_3597 The irony?? Only 1st 2 sentences of the second img-💀

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2023.03.19 22:43 catlover884 Does anyone have an alt

Does anyone have an alt on everskies and hasn't been caught yet
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2023.03.19 20:44 Strange_Rabbit583 bruh

people on everskies post reality checks and then get upset when someone says the wrong thing, and then they CONTINUE TO POST REALITY CHECKS… like have u not learned ur lesson the first time?? people on everskies are jerks.
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2023.03.19 17:58 fiascomama234 this is a whole ass adult

this is a whole ass adult
this user is an adult and is sad over not winning a 100 place raffle and not placing in the comp...
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2023.03.19 08:34 icant3334 are you fr 💀

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2023.03.18 22:37 Common-Transition973 Let me elaborate

I made the post talking about how the new game projects are destined to fail. Let me explain in more detail as a fewbof you misinterpreted my words (I rushed to type the og post so I can see how my point wasn't reciprocated)
Coding a website, let alone a dress up game, takes a lot of work, time, money, etc. Simply put, the majority of the userbase here does not have the resources to do so. Now let's assume there are the resources, ie. Code developers and whatnot - there are no funds. No developer is going to work for free. And anyone who says they will work for free outside of their own passion project just sounds unreliable (in my own opinion and I'm sure some of you can agree) So many jrojects have promised to have amazing artists and designers,, but how are they going to design something for a game/website that isn't even established yet? Sure, it can be a passion, but in my eyes, that's just abusing their talent. They should be getting paid to do so, some sort of compensation-- or at least the promise of the game/website actually being developed.
Coding and writing script isn't necessarily a difficult task, but it's time consuming and to create a platform similar to everskies, Stardoll msp, etc. You need some sort of artificial intelligence server that can support the proper script and coding. Yes, Java is free, but having the programming capabilities to run it outside of a wix website host can be a pretty penny. The operating system alone to read the script is expensive.
Lastely, I really hate to sound like a boomer here, but so many of you here are minors still in school. There just is not enough time in the day to make a project like this happen without also having reliable adults involved. (Again, also important to mention they are the ones with the funds to back a project like this up!)
I am not writing thi to be negative. I am just trying to give my 2 cents to protect and save those from wasting their time and resources with empty promises.
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2023.03.18 18:25 Common-Transition973 Imma keep it real with yall

I keep seeing posts and users saying they want to create their own game away from everskies. That they want to make a dress up website from scratch and make it better.
Yeah,,,,, that ain't ever gonna happen. I don't know anyone here who even knows how to code outside of what may have been taught through scratch, and even then, no one has the money to back a project like that , or the creative licensing... I've seen, roughly, at least 15 times where people would create discords and es groupchats dedicates to making a new website, just for it to become ignored a week later.
Sorry not sorry.
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2023.03.17 21:31 IDontExistHonestly Is there an r/r/everskiestrashtrash

mf's on here are equally as chronically online as the mfs on everskies, like how are you gonna come on here and STILL find a way to make it just as insufferable as the game?
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2023.03.17 19:22 jo_nigiri They still haven't fixed Dress Up Together :(

Hey guys! Dress Up/Shop Together has been glitched for months and I was super upset because that's the main reason I use Everskies, but I contacted support 11 days ago and they still haven't done anything!
Has anyone else contacted support prior to this? The CS lady I spoke to didn't seem to have any idea of what I was talking about, so I'm curious to see if I'm the first person to report the issues with it. It would be really terrible if they've been getting reports this whole time and did nothing
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2023.03.17 15:01 Infinite_Function_73 No way I got muted for talking about quitting smoking

No way I got muted for talking about quitting smoking
I'm literally an adult!!!! It's not an illegal drug. Also who reported this🤨
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2023.03.17 00:21 PwnagePlays WTS AR55 account w/ C6 Itto, multiple 5* chars and weps, and C6'd 4*s

Hello, selling a Genshin Account that has all of the following
Ideally taking BTC or Cashapp, PayPal is fine too. ALSO taking CSGO Skins! (Pref fade knives, even more pref of Paracord, Skeleton Key, and Talon knives)

5* Characters Diluc C3 Eula Itto C6 Ayaka HuTao Kazuha Raiden C2 Xiao C1 Yae Miko Yelan Zhongli Childe Yoimiya Jean C2 Venti Albedo Qiqi C2 Shenhe Ayato Kokomi Keqing C3 Ganyu Mona
5* Weapons Kagura's Verity Engulfing Lightning Redhorn Stonethresher R2 Wolf's Gravestone Staff of Homa Jade Staff R4 and many more
C6'd 4*s Sucrose Noelle Ningguang Sayu Yunjin Xinyan Gorou Diona Chongyun Sara Kujou Rosaria Xingqiu Razor Beidou Xiangling Fischl
There are builds already as well.
You can comment here or add my discord @ Eversky#9165.
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2023.03.15 22:05 Existing_Spirit_6397 Everskies being really fast if someone needs help...

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2023.03.15 10:05 bethhanmore me but on everskies

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2023.03.14 19:38 Last_Chest_3597 ES users be dumb 😭

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2023.03.14 18:27 fuckmejerrry upset over a joke

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2023.03.14 16:52 colourfulgoldfish how reality checking on es has become harmful

hello! i want to raise awareness about faking disorders and harm for users who require reality checks on this app.
side note: this is pretty long, i kinda went overboard, i’m not expecting you to read all of this 😭
reality checking: something, mostly a question, that is asked by a user (commonly users with phychosis and/or other disorders) when they are dissociating out of reality.
psychosis: psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. this might involve seeing or hearing things that other people cannot see or hear (hallucinations) and believing things that are not actually true (delusions). (source: www.nhs.uk)
DID: someone diagnosed with DID may feel uncertain about their identity and who they are. they may feel the presence of other identities, each with their own names, voices, personal histories and mannerisms. (source: www.nhs.uk)
early this year, there was only a couple of users reality checking, and not many users lied. until, a few horrible users decided to lie on a user’s reality check. this drew a lot of attention to reality checks, which meant users about to fake yet another mental disorder. so now, users who actually need them are being pushed away by fakers. (I AM NOT SAYING THAT EVERYONE WHO REALITY CHECKS IS FAKING, IT COULD DEFINITELY MEAN THAT USERS ARE FEELING MORE SAFE)
in 2021-2022, DID became a disorder that was given more awareness on social media apps like tiktok, which of course meant more fakers. DID is a painful and stressful disorder which comes from severe (90-99% childhood) trauma, which is a horrible experience to go through and pretty much anyone would definitely do not want to experience such a traumatising thing.
as i stated earlier, reality checks have taken an uprise in usage recently, and some users are careless and rude when it comes to them, making it unsafe for most users, mostly with a higher subscriber count, to do them safely, without those careless and rude users lying and pushing them into further harm. everskies now should be the last choice for users to reality check, due to those users.
i have seen so many users lie on users’ posts but a small number of them actually punished, proving that the mods lack context and understanding. this next part is mostly not at fault of the mods - faking psychosis and other disorders is completely unacceptable and should be punishable, though this can be hard in most cases. users have set a ‘standard’ for reality checks, and most fakers use those ‘standards’ as a way to make it more believable, and users that don’t fit into that ‘standard’ most likely aren’t faking and are being pushed back for the ones that fit into the standards.
edit: pls ignore the massive nhs banner at the top 💀 edit 2: fixed some misinformation about DID, thank you!
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2023.03.13 15:03 MicahLovezYou Everskies users are CHRONICALLY ONLINE

Yes, this counts as myself as well. I’m completely not afraid to say it. Something I’ve seen recently is people getting banned for saying “people” instead of users. I am LITERALLY a nonhuman myself and I have a 500+ member discord server made strictly for nonhumans. I asked recently if any of them had a problem. <100 did. Yes ofc it’s affirming for us to not be called a human, but people getting in TROUBLE for it? I don’t understand why people are immediately muted or banned, especially after they get dog piled and called horrible names simply for either messing up, or just not knowing. Being called a human doesn’t effect us that bad and if it seriously affects you to the point where it’s harming you, you need extensive amounts of therapy and you need to go outside 💀
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2023.03.13 09:04 ilostbraincellshere i'm loosing it😭

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2023.03.13 04:26 kyra_amaka the creators of everskies are nft bros lol

They preach inclusivity 24/7 yet are supporting and profiting off of a business built off of stolen art and carbon emissions. They ban the designers that keep their website running without a second thought, taking away a source of income. publicly humiliating people because they have an opinion that doesn’t fit their deformed inclusive agenda. It feels so unprofessional and gross.
(I can’t edit the title but I meant the owners, not the creators.)
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2023.03.13 02:39 moreoes Did I get scammed?

I’m new to Everskies (two weeks in) and made a post about wanting to make friends. Someone responded and said it was their bday, and since it was their bday they were giving gifts and doubling whatever stardust you had. They said to be fast and that all I had to do was click accept. I clicked accept and all my 30,000 stardust was gone (I worked really hard for it. I have autism ((level 1)) and this is basically my new special interest, so I am extra sad). I told them what happened and their answer was to wait, so right now I’m just waiting. I’m hoping this was all a big misunderstanding and that I’m not being judgmental. This isn’t a post begging for stardust, I’m just genuinely concerned.
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2023.03.12 00:52 urfavelipglosslvr Ageism.

Give me examples of an experience you've faced directly or witnessed in reference to ageism on Everskies.
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2023.03.11 22:12 Emro160 working in everskies

hello, i was going through posts here and as people say es doesnt seem to have the best moderating system. I wondered how people get there and apparently theres a trust&safety career option on es. does any of you have more info or experience in what work does people do there? how do those people work?
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