Perry mason episode on metv now

A flaw in a lot of our possession theory.

2023.04.01 10:14 setsybabe8911 A flaw in a lot of our possession theory.

This whole time I've been convinced that Janet possessed maddie or something similar. But I just found something that genuinely leads me to believe she's moved on. When you look up the full cast imdb, they have everyone listed right down to "cheerleader #3". No one named Janet has a credit which means she won't be appearing in any of the episodes and really must have crossed over. I'm honestly a bit disappointed. I guess there's always the chance that a different, unmentioned ghost possessed her but I fully doubt that. And as far as the coma/she's knocked out theory goes.. the human body needs food and water to survive. She's been a ghost too long now to have survived without water. Even in a comatose state. I think it's time for me to accept the fact that maddie is really dead but I'm just not ready..
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2023.04.01 10:13 laumels Experiences with medical diagnosis + tips for alternative relief?

long read sorry! I’m 25 now but from 9-17 years old, I would get night headaches for 1-2 months then go into a 1-1.5 year remission. I was diagnosed with migraines at first, told to de-stress and live healthy then re-diagnosed at 15 by the same doctor with cluster headaches and prescribed sumatriptan. I didn’t fair well with the meds in the last episode at 17, so went to a neurologist who re-diagnosed me with delayed stress migraines and told I didn’t need medication, I just needed to chill out and live healthy. Honestly pretty annoying to hear as a kid who was relatively stress free, played 4 sports and ate well.
Now It’s been 8 years and they’re starting again. I should go to the doctors but I’m kind of over being told to just relax. Maybe I don’t have cluster headaches but they sure as hell aren’t my usual migraines based on triggers (or non triggers for the headaches), pain level and relief options. The headaches come like clockwork 1.5 hours after I fall asleep, then feel like a slow drumming before it would peak into what felt like a brain freeze while something was trying to push out my right eyeball. In terms of relief, basically whatever makes my migraines worse makes my headaches go away faster I.e. exercise exercise exercise. Funnily enough the least healthiest and most stressful period in my life I.e student life, drinking, drugs, living on ramen to first full time job was my longest remission period. As the headaches feel milder this time I’m going to try alternative relief.
So this is a long-winded way of asking what was everybody’s experience with diagnosis and what you find most helpful in terms of alternative relief? I’ve read that energy drink and coffee is helpful but I’ve never faired well with caffeine so I’m don’t think I’ll go that route. I’ve decided to go on nightly jogs and also bought a bottle of Tabasco which I will down as a abortive measure so I’ll see how I go tonight, wish me luck!
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2023.04.01 10:10 PrancingWithWolves Different types of simple partial seizures?

I was wondering if any of you experience different types of partial seizures at separate times? I have one type that has been fairly constant over many years, it's the one that is confirmed to be epileptic, tends to cluster and then also causes all kinds of postictal annoyances. However over the years I on occasion have had other small episodes of symptoms that - after reading up on what simple partial seizures can look like - could fall into this category: phantom 'metallic' smells, sudden onset autonomic changes etc. They all occurred in isolation, so did not morph from one symptom into the other. When I mentioned these to a neurologist many years ago he said that having this many separate partial seizures would mean I have multifocal seizures which would be pretty unlikely. So I am possibly just overinterpreting 'normal' unexplained weird stuff that a lot of people might have because I have now become aware of what seizures can look like (and to be honest there really doesn't seem to be anything that cannot be mimicked by seizures...).
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2023.04.01 09:58 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 04/01/2023

The following events happened on this day in history!
What event was your favorite in this list?
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2023.04.01 09:56 dumb_arsonist I feel jealous of my friend for passing

Hi, for context my name is Sly and i’m transmasc. We’ll call my friend Koda (he is also transmasc). Me and Koda have been friends for some years now, before either of us started to change out appearances to be more authentic to who we are. The thing is recently i’ve become jealous that he passes and i don’t. I know he is just sharing his euphoria and i am so happy for him but i can’t help but feel horrible when he tells me about how people see him as a guy all the time. He told me about how his friends grandma thought he was cis or how classmates automatically use the correct pronouns for him just based off his appearance. It makes me feel horrible about myself and i hate that because i want to be happy for him, i am happy for him just not for me. There are factors that go into it as well, my family is transphobic so i kind of just look like a “tomboy” or a girl that’s bad at being a girl where as he has a supportive family, he has a naturally smaller chest, he is tall and skinny. He looks just like your average sweet guy (he is very good looking too). I don’t have that, sure i’m a bit on the taller side for an afab person but nothing exponential, i have D cups, midsize-plus size, not conventionally attractive facial features. I care about him and love him so much but when he talks about how he passes all the time it makes me feel horrible. And i feel even more horrible BECAUSE i feel horrible. I should be happy for him. I’ll have hours of just violently sobbing over it. I don’t want to tell him because he will feel bad. I have no idea what to do. (TW: ED) it has also been triggering starving episodes. I know this is my problem and he shouldn’t have to feel at fault for any of it because being happy shouldn’t make me feel bad. I need to know how to fix this because it is straining my relationship with him and making my day to day like incredibly difficult. Please any advice is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 09:42 Technical_Silver2140 Your top 3 favorite Andor episodes

Your top 3 favorite Andor episodes
I genuinely don’t dislike any Andor episode, but I’d have to go with #1 One Way Out, #2 Rix Road, and #3 The Eye. This show has so many fantastic episodes though.
One way out is just such a beautiful piece of television, the buildup we’ve gotten for Kino Loy was very beneficial, it’s so rewarding when he finally snaps and admits that he knows he’s not getting released. Kino’s speech was also phenomenal, Andy Serkis did such a good job, and what a fantastic and tragic way to end his character arc, do you guys think he’ll come back? And of course Luthen’s phenomenal speech! Luthen is one of my favorite SW characters now, and a big part of that is thanks to Stellan.
Rix Road is so special, because I don’t think a finale has ever landed so well for me, the manifesto scene was beautiful and heart breaking, and speaking of beautiful, the funeral March was so amazing!! The score by Nicholas Britell in this show is phenomenal! And another phenomenal speech by Maarva! That whole sequence with the music was so touching! And that super satisfying ending where Cassian and Luthen are finally on the same side again, can’t wait for season 2!
The Eye was such a fantastic episode, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that stressed out during a show or movie before, my heart was racing, the 3 episode arc buildups in this show are so helpful! Of course the VFX for the eye was gorgeous! The action was great, and I expected a death, but definitely not 4! Losing Nemik was very sad, he’ll never know how much he helped the galaxy with that manifesto.
I love this show so much
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2023.04.01 09:35 Fluffy_Problem1233 Indian international's application journey has a bittersweet ending

Intended Major(s): Economics/Finance
Grades: ICSE/ISC Board in India
9th - 92% 10th - 98% (ICSE Boards) 11th - 89% 12% - 90%
SAT - 1580 (One sitting, 780 EBRW 800 MATH)
APs: Micro - 5, CSA - 5, Physics Mech - 4, doing Calc BC and Macro in senior year
  1. Gold Medal, International Economics Olympiad 2022, China. Part of India's national team that was selected from 5,000+ students after 3 rounds of tests and interviews.
  2. Featured on the Wharton website as the winner of one of their competitions (redacted to prevent doxxing)
  3. Featured in major Indian newspapers, with 3M+ and 2M+ daily readers
  4. Havard Business School x (Redacted) Institute Case Competition organized by (Redacted) Institute from HBS. Won Best Delegate, with a cash prize and networking sessions with HBS grads, Citi, and other corporates
  5. Team Leader, Tiger Global Case Competition - placed 1st in a region, out of 1150+ teams from 74 countries
  1. Founder, CEO of a leading Indian (product redacted) dropshipping start-up. INR 250k in MRP sales in 3 months. Reached 40 countries, 55k+ visitors. Featured in multiple national newspapers. Received 300+ internship applications from IIT students and major CS colleges. Also featured on a v prestigious podcast, name redacted cuz it’s easy to doxx
  2. Co-founder (1 of 2) at a consulting firm that helps non-profits and small businesses go digital. Helped 11 clients from 2 countries with USD 550,000 in combined revenues.
  3. Founder of a global platform for teenagers to learn about the stock market (weekly newsletters, articles, podcasts, etc.). Reached ~6k individuals. Podcast has 13 episodes till now, 200+ listens.
  4. Founder, President at my school's investment and finance society. Started this in junior year. Guest speakers, international competitions, finance newsletters (I'm Editor in chief), etc. Competed in the Wharton Global High School Investment Challenge as Team Leader, placed Top 10/2000+ teams worldwide on the profit leaderboard.
  5. Econ policy research on migrant workers in India, published in a reputed journal w/ IF of 7+. Presented the paper at The University of Delhi. Also a Research assistant at Thiel College, with the Head of the Business and Accounting Dept there, who's a PhD.
  6. Institutional Trading Intern at a 100-year-old prestigious trading firm. Wrote reports reviewed by institutional traders making trades of 10cr+ (USD 1m+). Also a Private Equity intern at an Indian firm.
  7. Director of a committee at my school's MUN, the oldest and largest MUN in India. Member of school MUN Club since 8th grade. 2x Assistant Director, 1 Best del, 2 Oustanding dels, 3 hon mentions, all national and international MUNs.
  8. President of school's Nature Club + House Captain of one of the 4 school houses. ClimateScience Olympiad semi-finalist (top 1% out of 10,000 people)
  9. Currency collector and enthusiast, collected 40+ types of notes & coins
  10. Prefect of student body + Debates Captain.
#1. Counselor rec - written by school principal, extremely good relationship w/ her, apparently gave one of the best LORs in the grade - 8/10
#2. Econ teacher - best in years type, extremely good relationship w/ her - 9/10
#3. Math/Physics teacher - great, fun relationship and he knows me really well personally - 7/10
#4. Private Equity firm Managing Director - He was a Wharton alum and wrote quite an amazing LOR from what he told me - 8/10
#5. Managing Editor of the Wharton Global Youth Program - they had invited me for the podcast, and also reccommended me to Wharton (only submitted this to Wharton)
#6. Peer Recommendation - Submitted since Dartmouth wanted it, was pretty good since my best friend wrote it - 8/10
Had Penn, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, all went well
Common App - chose an extremely unique challenge, tied it to my main EC as well. everyone who read it loved it, including counselor, friends, seniors, college students, etc.
UChicago - wrote some of my best essays here. Quirky essay revolved around a previous prompt that i edited a bit, and managed to connect a v niche thing to my ancestral heritage and culture. Why UChicago was also filled with unique experiences cuz of my sister.
Wharton - amazing essays according to all who read them, included a lot of specific stuff and stories as well.
Essays for the rest were also decent I’d say, not something that’d make me an auto admit definitely, but pretty good i guess.
#1 - It didn't all work out the way I'd have wanted. NYU Stern is fucking great, I def know that, but can't help but feel a bit saddened by all the rejections, especially Wharton, given the amount of Wharton-specific stuff on my profile, as well as the LORs from Wharton-affiliated people, and the fact that my best essays were for them.
#2 - Another thing that could've affected me was that there were also some issues with my school since there was some drama regarding an applicant faking their resume, and that resulted in the school getting only 2 ivy acceptances in RD, while we have historically gotten more than 10 every year. We also got no acceptances from Duke, Stanford, or UChicago, despite historically getting at least 3-4, and having really great applicants this year.
#3 - Nevertheless, for all you internationals out there - there's a lot of luck involved in this process, especially if you're an applicant from an extremely competitive country like India or China. So definitely ensure that you've got good backups somewhere. I went all out for the USA, applying only to super-reaches because I knew that I had a good backup in India in case nothing worked out.
Keep looking out for opportunities for all types of extracurriculars, since they're a really important part of your application, and definitely ensure that your essays don't look refined or artificial, they should be something that makes the AO feel a personal connection with you.
#4 - Most importantly, don't let college decisions ever define you or what you'll achieve in life. If y'all have any questions whatsoever, feel free to DM, I'll be down to help out. Good luck to my juniors, wish y'all the best!
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2023.04.01 09:28 wecanhaveallthree [f][tyranids] A Time To Every Purpose

A recent post asked, 'how would you write a Tyranid story?'. This is my response. There might be more if the mood strikes, as the idea - and the challenge! - are definitely tempting. We'll see how it shakes out.
We are falling.
If space is bent - if the gravities of all the little lights and rocks align against us - then we can do nothing but fall. Down the darkling way. Down the four-dimensional plane. Down, down, driven down. We are thrust through the veil on Narvhal’s horn; we pierce the distance between here and there. We are carried on the carrier-beast’s final breath, riven by plasma and lance and exotic matter. Farewell, Narvhal. Farewell, our pursuers - farewell, for now. We shall surely meet again.
Will we be ready when we do?
Now, we must tell you, there will be deceit. We do not wish to call it deception, though clearly, we deceive. We speak to you in words we hope you will understand. We ask for your patience.
Imagine, then, a castle. Imagine grey-brick redoubts, grand old walls wrought by ancient masons that keep out the sprawl of old, dark woods. Imagine their bare branches, riven by snow and season, their rough, tough roots sunk deep into frozen earth. Imagine moving through the courtyards and gardens and finding not a soul, the attendants and groundskeepers and courtiers gone, lost, destroyed.
Imagine the creak of rusted hinges and protesting timber as you open the inner gates. Imagine an ornamental indoor lake filled with the deepest black you have ever seen, the darkness that dwells in the space beyond a dream, and know that the Lady is still here.
She leans on the balustrade, eyes twinkling, snug in fur and downy robes. The cold and isolation do not touch her. She is not weak, here. She is not shriven of biomatter and the last of her brood guard, her mantle seared and cracked by Imperial malice, frozen blood on the black carapace as it sculls slowly, painfully, through the void. She is whole and complete and wonderful and all-knowing and she cannot possibly fail.
‘Come to me,’ she whispers, and all must obey.
Now, imagine the smallest thing possible. A quark, a genome, something closer to an idea than a reality. Something so infinitely delicate can only be a child. It does not squall or cry in its amniotic cradle - it simply looks to the Lady, attentive as only those who yearn for purpose can be…
(Remember: this is not a castle, there is not the smell of woods in winter and age-crisped paper and elderly oak. These are metaphors, these are similies, these are likenesses used to convey a meaning so that you may understand what is about to happen within the ruined, half-dead husk of the Norn Queen, her last unmurdered birthing chamber and what few potential zygotes remain.)
…and the Lady guides the child up the swaying stairs, through the silent halls where knowledge sleeps (less, now, that the fleet has been so diminished, that a connection to the greater mind has been lost, but still, the distance is vast, vast as the space between neurons can be).
Together, they reach the observatory with its glittering silver latticed roof, and its gold-inlaid telescope aligned to the heavens. We watch, rapt, as possibilities pass us by.
Here is a world locked to stare at the system sun, one face afire, one cloaked forever in darkness. Narvhal’s cry echoes deep in the polar ice, trapped, refracted, and ultimately amplified. The hasp will be broken, tomorrow or in ten millennia, and the faces will reverse in a single day. In one destructive rotation, one brief spasm - utterly insignificant in the cosmic span - the world will shrug off all the creatures that dwell upon it. Unsuited to our purpose, even if the chance of discovery were not so great, but a valuable lesson. The Lady is satisfied that, even as it perishes, the carrier-beast dooms a thousandfold of its slayers. Efficient, as such things are measured.
Here is a world of springs and seas. Rich life teems in the waters and builds high on the shores away from the toxic volcanoes and gas vents that ridge the continents. Lethal to the natives. Useful to us. What could lair in those untouched places - what power could be coaxed from those hidden troves, its strengths married to ours? Rich metals. Deep deposits. Yes, perhaps, if the brood had not been so vastly reduced. Even a creche of infiltrator forms would suffice.
No, the Lady shakes her head. ‘Do you see?’ Her tone is not mocking, not condescending - the child has overlooked something that her experience has not. ‘The Inquisition have chosen this as their home. They seek the same seclusion we do. Their agents are among the population, and their attention would be quickly drawn to any attempt at planetfall.’
Ah. Of course. Our pursuers have others sworn to their same cause - some even more vigilant, even more vicious. Their presence is a concern. We will not risk their attention before we must. We turn away from the life-rich world for now.
Here is a world of cities, reaching to the clouds and the planetary crust. A mechanical metropolis that almost blinds the oculus with its bright potential. Even the Lady betrays a trace of hunger as she considers the possibilities. Surely in that choked, toxic atmosphere, we could arrive unseen. But where? And after that, how would we protect her? The officialdom of these worlds is not the only danger - their petty rulers, their slum-lords and criminal masses are just as paranoid, just as fearful of the alien, the unknown, the visitors from the stars no matter how humble or hidden their guise.
‘We only have one chance at this,’ the Lady says. Again, she shakes her head, though not without regret. ‘I cannot make you strong enough to prevail here. The flaw is mine. We look again.’
Here is a world ruined in such fierce, spectacular fashion that it may only serve as an example of galactic chance rather than spawning ground. Stripped of atmosphere, shattered by endless meteorite impacts, this shield world has endured so much in its eyeblink life. The inner system crouches behind it - we dare go no closer, fearing the sensors and snares and ships that glitter between those worlds. They are closed to us. What else is there?
Here is a world stripped by radiation, inhabited only by freakish bacteria that the Lady blanches to behold. No. Here is a world that could serve us in a million years, as life nests close to its molten heart, the surface in tectonic upheaval. No. Here is a world that barely deserves the name, a dwarfish rogue that skitters on an erratic, outer orbit. Docks and outriggers festoon it, rock-breakers and asteroid mines. Perhaps, if they were less attentive, but they would be just as alert to extrasolar intruders as the inner system.
After all, their lives would depend on it.
Not the outpost planet, then, but the voidships that service it? Would that suffice? The Lady demurs. She looks away - she consults her library. She does not like trusting our fate to the hope the child can subdue a transport alone, that the transport will not be looked for, and that it will contain what she needs. So many variables. So many possibilities. What are, in short, the odds?
If she does nothing, we perish. If she chooses wrong, we perish. Ah, the burden of leadership, without the greater mind to consult, without the pleasing absence of responsibility that the lesser forms have. We feel for her. Failure is not in her blood, yet she must confront it.
Above us, the heavens whirl. Time advances. Ichor drools into the void. The Queen’s flukes waver in fatigue and pain.
The Lady considers. The child waits.
She makes to speak - then cocks an ear to listen, as if to catch a trace of far-off, almost-familiar music. A moment. Another. She blinks. And, suddenly, she smiles, as beatific as any saint as their faith is rewarded.
Yes. This will do. There is one light that shines brighter, and closer, than any other. A ship, a crew, and a very particular cargo.
Again, she beckons the child, and together they walk the library halls. So many passages are dark, and so many shelves are empty. The loss will likely never be truly healed. Not even in the warm embrace of the greater mind. It is the way of things, we know. We cannot forget the harm that was done to us - we are wounded to the core, in our intrinsic structure. What weapons the Imperials employed have done to us what nothing else ever has (ah, yes, but for the Death - when we lick our wounds, do they taste of that calamity?). That, alone, makes our survival imperative. We must return this knowledge to the greater mind.
This nook has very few tomes left. Imagine them bolted and chained, confined to their cages of solid wood, as though they were dangerous beasts warded against escape (and what could be more dangerous than knowledge, properly used? Are we not living proof of that?). Certainly, they are. We know what damage these secrets have wrought upon this galaxy, for ten thousand years of furious anger.
And now we will put it to a use not dissimilar to that intended by its creator. The Lady delights in that irony as she untraps a book and bends down to show the child.
‘They were called the Silver Shields.’ A page turns. ‘They protected their home, far from here, with certain codes of valour and certain modes of conduct.’ Another page. ‘They failed, of course, but their remnants linger still - we took this one beyond the Wound. A strange tale, and one I will tell you in time if you wish.’ Another page. ‘Do you see what I intend?’
Do we?
We see the shining silver, the curve of the plate, and the intended - and often attained - psychological effect. We are (oh so very) familiar with beacons. We understand the importance of signals and ceremonies. We do not dispute their illogic; it has delivered us prey more times than memory allows. We understand the concepts they cling to. We understand oppression, and we understand freedom.
Yes, we have an intimate understanding of freedom.
We are presented with a unique opportunity. We must, then, shape a unique solution. Adapt or perish is the fundamental law of the cosmos. We have made ourselves synonymous with that law, entwined ourselves with it, and we live - we thrive - at the expense of those that do not.
‘A chevalier. A knight.’ The Lady weaves the last zygotes into a pattern that melds the book and the purpose. It will take time. There is so much damage, so much that has been lost. ‘A champion, yes? To guard my slumber. To secure my reawakening. To lead those that believe to their earned reward. Do you understand?’
The child does not cry - it does not struggle as the weaving takes it. This is something strange, something that is not provided in the shaping maps, the hard-coded, well-worn paths that end as carnifex, termagant, tyrant and uncounted others. There is pain.
‘I am sorry,’ the Lady does not wipe at her misting eyes. ‘You have no swarm to command, and there is no place here for a lord. You deserve more, and I cannot grant it to you.’
Here, we must leave. The Queen’s last powers are focused on the child. She has nothing left for us. We wither. We die.
Our final sight is the Lady holding the child close.
‘Be brave,’ she whispers, already fading into hibernation, into the dreamless deep. ‘I love you.’
Then she is gone, and so are we.
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2023.04.01 09:24 DoktorKaputt [Anime] Weekly Discussion Thread - Reviews and final opinions

Hello everyone,
this is the discussion thread for the entirety of the anime now that it is fully released. The no-spoiler policy will no longer be enforced on the entirety of the subreddit as of posting this thread.
The modteam
Previous Threads:
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2023.04.01 09:23 Downlo830 Bipolar Disorder... I just wanted to share some of my Bipolar story

Bipolar Disorder .... This is a GREAT short synopsis of what my life is like lol.. ... I'm holding on still, so come with me on this ride..
Ramsay Sallis (Medical Doctor treating men's sexual health at Boston Medical Group World Wide and Vortolife in the UKAnswered January 22, 2015)What is bipolar disorder, how is it caused, can it happen to anyone, how do you prevent it?Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by alternating periods of depression and manic (elevated mood) episodes. It commonly begins in the mid-teenage years, but can occur at any time.The depressive episodes of bipolar disorder unfortunately are very severe, more severe than normal depression, and often involve suicidal tendencies. As well sadly, most victims spend most of their time in the depressive stages.Bipolar disorder is strongly hereditary, more so than simple depression.There is a somewhat elusive idea that it's romantically not such a bad affliction to have as it tends to affect high achieving creative people like poets, musicians, artists etc, but this is far from the truth.It is as disabling as schizophrenia, reduces the average life-expectancy by some 20 years, and is most disabling to both the sufferers and their loved ones.Other causes include the abuse of drugs, severe emotional or physical trauma and the side effects of some medications especially broad spectrum modern antidepressants.The actual diagnosis of bipolar disorder is somewhat complex, but it is based on a medical history alone and there need to be symptoms of alternating periods of depression (including loss of interest in pleasurable activities, decreased of increased appetite, weight gain or loss, increased of decreased sleep habits, suicidal attempts of tendencies and a feeling of utter hopelessness) and mania (including a reduced need for sleep, an elevated mood, delusions of grandeur, spending beyond ones means, marked weight loss and the abuse of mood altering drugs).The mainstay of treatment for bipolar disorder is medication based and the gold standard of treatment is the use of lithium, a mood stabiliser. Other medications used include Valproate, and Seroquil, and a handful of other drugs.Cognitive behavioural therapy works well, but only in conjunction with medication.The incidence of bipolar disorder has grown dramatically in Western populations, particularly in the past decade and it now affects some 5-7% of Western populations.In terms of lost productivity, morbidity and mortality, it is arguably the greatest medical burden on our society, and treatment can be quite a challenge.The good news is that it is often the drive behind most incredible talented and creative people and that with sound treatment and patience on behalf the therapist, the patient and their loved ones, sufferers can lead a very normal, fulfilling, and productive life.It is important to involve a multidisciplinary approach to treatment involving the primary physician, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a social worker and the family, and with such an approach, the prognosis can very bright indeed.
Thank you SO much for taking the time to read such an important article.. Everyone please continue your understanding, and maybe even help know how Bipolar Disorder can affect them as well when they know someone who has it. Also remember, because the article does not mention it, that a Bipolar episode many times is just a one time trigger, unlike mine.On a personal note… Bipolar Disorder has been the hardest ailment in my life to deal with since I was a child. It has by far outweighed my other mental and physical ailments. It has shaped and painted the continued “Ups” and “Downs” periods of my life.. With the hardest times of all being some of the most recent ones. So many living with mental illness/disorders during the last few years of Covid isolation have struggled to hang on.. And of you, the “normal”, with their own struggles to bare. Of whom many I don’t believe understood the severity it had on our community during that time. So many lost.... With the Bipolar strongly affecting my emotional states, and adding with my Autism’s continuous need for structure, stimuli, and social assurance, it almost broke me many times myself as it's a circus I've balanced my whole life. And understanding the amount of people I’ve seen lost, it’s hard to fathom it’s actual impact.And no matter how many people try to tell me otherwise, I will never again hide these disorders. I will continue to talk about them, and hopefully bring people some understanding along the way… I can only hope that this article helps start, or at the very least, continues to better your understanding as well.And most of all, PLEASE never think or choose to believe in your mind that WE are somehow a different person simply because we have chosen to share such a vulnerable part of our lives. We are the same person we have always been! Understanding that may be the biggest takeaway I can offer from this post. And just maybe, with knowing such news, can help you better understanding and shape the way you see past and future events with us in your lives… Please try not to give up on us or write us off, because most of us try so hard to be the person you and society wants us to be..Sorry for all that, but I want you to FEEL this article..Love you guys#bipolardisorderawareness #bipolarawareness #bipolarwarrior #bipolarstrong #bipolar #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellness #mentalhealthsupport #autism #autismawareness #bekind #loveoneanother #educateyourself #nevergiveup
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2023.04.01 09:20 JustForFun_games What’s your hook?

As a let’s play channel, we’re limited on “ hooks “. I’m sure we all experience the insta drop in retention, which to an extant is just inevitable.
As a let’s play channel, what’s your hook? And how effective has it been for you?
I’ll share mine as well!
By now, most of us get that using an opening sequence or animation is a big No No. So I ditched that years ago. Up until recently my “ Hook “ was based off the idea that the viewer wants to get straight into the content. So I’d keep it super short, and jump straight in. Something like “ Welcome back to episode 5 or - insert game -, let’s jump straight in “. To be honest, that never really got me any noticeable stat changes.
Lately, I’ve started incorporation of a visual hook based off the idea of “ Youtube auto plays your video to scrollers “. So I’ll do some sort of quick “ animation “. I say that loosely. An example of this on a video I just edited was, I said “ welcome back to AI decides what I do in Hardcore Minecraft, will it get me killed? Or will we prevail?! “ meanwhile a symbol of chat GPT slides in, pulls out a gun and shoots me in the face.
I havn’t gotten enough videos with this new “ Hook “ style out to have any concrete analytics. But I’m hopeful!
What’s your Hook?
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2023.04.01 09:11 Difficult-Prompt-296 Putting kitty to sleep

Hi Everyone ❤️ my family and I were put through a tumultuous 29 hours... Our perfect, little 8 year old tabby boy ended up throwing a blood clot that ended up traveling to his hind legs. The onset was so sudden and he obviously was terrified and in a lot of pain. My parents were there when it happened and rushed him immediately to the ER. They weren’t sure what happened (if he had injured his spine or something else) Originally my mom consented to treatment (just to get a diagnosis and some answers) obviously, the answers we got were a lot more grave than we expected (he was diagnosed with underlying cardiac issues). He ended up getting an anticoagulant to break up the clot initially but as more time passed we knew this was going to be a way bigger problem and a lot of unnecessary suffering. He was in the hospital for a little over 24 hours before we decided to put him down. I don’t think initially we knew just how painful this process was going to be for our cat. We genuinely were taken so off guard and panicked and looked for immediate help. But since he passed yesterday I have been unable to sleep thinking we might have waited too long. I am sick to my stomach thinking of him in the hospital overnight alone.
When we went to put him down we brought his favorite blanket and we set him down in my dads lap. (He loved my dad so much and he is like the ultimate cat whisperer!) At this point he had been put on a fentanyl drip for pain management. He was extremely lethargic and groggy from the medication and that’s okay… I rather him like that than in audible pain.
Now.. maybe some vets here or people with similar experiences can weigh in… We said our goodbye and then when the vet came in instead of giving him a push of propofol to go to sleep they said they were going to push the remainder of his fentanyl syringe instead and then follow it with the final, lethal medication. I’m not sure if it was just the rush of narcotic all at once.. but it had a sudden opposite effect. He shot up suddenly and was super panicked and was trying to escape out of my dads lap. He was so disoriented and we held him down just so he wouldn’t fall and hurt himself more This lasted an excruciating maybe 20-30 seconds until the vet ended up grabbing and pushing propofol to get him to fully relax. Then she pushed the final med immediately afterward. it all happened so quickly and he sort of slumped into my dad’s arm and passed.
But I can’t turn off that episode of his panic from my mind. I was already so torn up about taking the time to work him up but then in his final moments he was in a state of panic and we were restraining him. It just went from such a peaceful time as a family to that chaos and then he was gone.
I just hope he was so medicated initially that his last moments weren’t him thinking we were hurting him 😭 I truly haven’t been able to rest
We’ve had pets in the past but this was my first euthanasia I was present for. I found “Peanut” when I was in college. He was a stray, city kitten. Luckily my parents could keep him because my roommate (at the time) had her dog living in the apartment. He was a terrific cat. Cuddly, trusting, affectionate, purrr machine, lap cat with so much personality. We just miss him so much and thought we had a lot more time.
(Truly thank you for reading this far ❤️)
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2023.04.01 09:10 xXCreeperBrosXx The Past, Present, and Future of Oswald

for lazy folk, a new standalone Oswald featurette thing is in pre production right now — peep da peak
This will be a pretty long post and cover Oswald’s post-Junction-Point treatment inside of Disney, and contrary to what many think, he was not ever abandoned. It will also cover new discoveries about the future I have made, including a rerelease for Oswald this April 14th, and a completely new “short” (not too short, though it is self contained and not a series) that will likely be released within the next year. The date this was posted on may make it seem fake or a troll, but I will back up my sources. Let’s begin.
After Junction Point’s closure, Oswald was not forgotten. Around the time after the first batch of Paul Rudish Mickey Mouse shorts (and Oswald’s cameo in Get a Horse!) in late 2013, Disney seemed interested in the prospect of creating a few Oswald cartoons as well (this is also when they began working on shorts in the same style for other Mickey Mouse characters like Donald and his family).
Through public copyright records, we can see the titles of the episodes from the first cancelled series (~2013/2014/2015).
Obviously, all of this was canned.
Before we continue, it would be a good idea to look WAYYY back, to the original cartoons. Many people believe Disney doesn’t care about the character, but they have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars towards retrieving and restoring any of the cartoons they can. They have also funded countless projects related to him, which have failed. We are just now beginning to see finished projects being released, though unsuccessful ones have been in production since months after Junction Point closed.
Continuing, around mid-2018, work on a new Oswald show began with support from Bob Iger himself. This would have been made by the same team behind Legend of the Three Caballeros and would have been in full color with a modern art style, putting Oswald in the same league as Mickey. The existence of the project and the logo were accidentally leaked in mid-2019, when a writer overshared on LinkedIn. After the cat was out of the bag, Disney voice actor Eric Bauza teased his involvement in the project. Unfortunately, around early 2021, things just kinda fell apart, likely due to team members being moved to different projects. It was confirmed to be dead in late 2021, and a team member said more things would eventually come. And that they did… and will.
In December of last year Disney released a brand new Oswald short to social media. On April 14th, this will be rereleased on Disney+ (source).
Into the juicy stuff, a Disney animator is apparently working on a new Oswald project. If you check out their account, they have been making recent and frequent posts about it and even something work in progress that seems to be a frame from animation or a brand new render.
Excited to see where this character goes, since he is finally picking up steam.
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2023.04.01 09:05 StarWarsGeek944 Commander Crosby Survivor Concept + More

(All extra additions will be in the Comments section)
Name: Commander Crosby
Role : Ranger
Team Assistance: 3
Defense: 3
Melee Weapons: 1
Ranged Weapons: 5
Though initially suspicious of Ash and his Ghost Beaters, Crosby decided to peacefully part ways with them after they defeated the Deadites within his Militia. A paranoid head of a Redneck Militia, Crosby has access to plenty of ammunition he can share, and also is prepared to deal heavy hitting rounds to possessed enemies.
Crosby can take the backpack off his back then empty the contents on the floor, dropping amounts of all ammo types.
Total ammo dropped : 50/60 rounds
Cooldown : 70/65 s
Picture : Crosby is seen dumping boxes upon boxes of ammunition on the ground as Kelly and Pablo are firing their guns in the background.
Ranged weapons have a faster attack speed and deal increased health balance bar, and dismemberment damage. In return, Crosby is unable to used melee weapons.
Picture: Crosby is seen pulling out a revolver from his bag; which is filled with a shotgun, a combat rifle, and a grenade launcher.
Crosby deals additional Ranged damage against any and all possessed enemies including bosses and Survivors.
Damage boost : 10/12 %
Picture : Crosby is seen blowing the head off of a Deadite from long range no using a Hunting Rifle.
Passive 3 : EXTRA PACKED
Crosby now drops even more Ammunition when using Take Some Ammo.
Increased Ammo : 25/30 more rounds
Picture : Crosby is seen expending blasting a Combat Rifle at full speed with casings flying everywhere. His bag lays on the ground, leaking bullets and shells everywhere. In the background, AvED Ash and Annie Knowby are seen blasting their guns.
Outfit Ideas
Default (Crosby) : Crosby has his cap with sunglasses, heavy camouflaged coat, dark-olive pants, bulletproof vest with clips of ammo, and a set of combat boots. As an extra, he wears a heavy backpack full of ammunition, clips, and magazines for his Ability.
Geared Up (Pablo) : As seen near the end of Episode 6, Pablo wears a light camo jacket with a ballistics vest and a pair of black jeans. ————————————————————————————————————————————————
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2023.04.01 09:04 Accomplished_Oil527 An important next step: New scientific research & interview series announced today

We are pleased to inform you of more significant progress towards scientific understanding and awareness of Post-Finasteride Syndrome.
Upcoming scientific research: Opening a new line of scientific investigation
As you may have already heard, our first scientific study at The University of Kiel is already underway. The objective of these efforts is to uncover more pathomechanistic clues about the disease - a necessary step to gain a better understanding of why the findings of significant and widespread gene deregulation demonstrated by Baylor might be occurring.
To gain a complete understanding of this disease, however, we are now going to be looking into possible predisposition(s) to PFS. Today, we are announcing new research to support this objective, provisionally titled Investigating genetic factors involved in the development and onset of Post-Finasteride Syndrome.
Tampere University in Finland will begin investigating possible genetic factors involved in developing Post-Finasteride Syndrome. This research will continue building upon the important results from Baylor College of Medicine. These landmark findings demonstrated significant deregulation of gene expression in PFS patient tissue which correlated to observed biological differences in patients and their self-reported symptoms. While Baylor’s results indicate a what, we need to continue expanding into the why with more modern investigative techniques.
These efforts, combined with those already underway at The Institute for Human Genetics in Germany, hope to provide a more complete understanding of PFS, and why some patients experience persistent and severe health problems after discontinuing finasteride.
In this study, researchers will use a technique known as Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) to analyse a cohort of PFS patients, looking for potential genetic factors that may predispose patients to developing the disease. This type of study has been clearly recommended as an appropriate next step by multiple publications, including Baylor College of Medicine. The aims of investigating possible genetic factors involved in PFS are:
Understanding possible genetic factors involved in Post-Finasteride Syndrome could provide another path to accurate disease modelling in animals. Insights uncovered through research into patient genetics, along with potential insights from our existing line of scientific investigation, can contribute to establishing a disease model, with the objective of understanding the core pathomechanism and hopefully, an eventual target for precision medicine treatment of PFS. An understanding of the predisposition will also:
Specifically, this study will use WGS to analyse the entire genome of 150 PFS patients compared to a group of healthy controls. WGS in principle allows the detection of disease relevant genomic variants beyond the exome such as DNA structural alterations, deep intronic variants, variants in non-coding regions, or repeat expansions and may improve variant calling in homologous sequences. It represents a novel, distinct diagnostic tool that targets genes and goes beyond the coding region and allows elucidation of established and novel non-coding genomic diseases.
The researchers involved in this project are accomplished in their fields and have a genuine interest in the disease. After extensive consultation and collaboration on our previous project, they are also aware of the multisystemic nature of PFS and other key peculiarities involved. The supervising lead, Professor Alfonso Urbanucci, has previously published in Cell reports evidence that overexpression of the AR is able to drive genome-wide chromatin relaxation and gene expression alteration in refractory prostate cancer. Collaborative input will be provided by Professor Johanna Schleutker, an accomplished geneticist.
We again appreciate any support that patients, loved ones and supporters can provide. We understand the scarcity of resources available in our community and do not take any decision about the allocation of those resources lightly. This is a path that has been recommended by almost every researcher we’ve consulted with, including preeminent researchers operating some of the largest facilities in the world.
Generously, researchers involved have again offered their support at a heavily discounted rate. We will not be required to pay salary cost for the researchers involved, which makes what would usually be quite-costly far more palatable.
As such, we are setting a fundraising target of €200,000. This has again been supplemented by the generous donations that supporters have continued to make even after the Kiel study was funded. While €200,000 is the “breakeven” figure for the study, we must again remind patients that research is largely a chicken-and-egg scenario. The more funds available, the easier it is to begin new research when insights become available.
You can donate here:
PFS Network now a registered 501(c)(3) organisation
After many months of waiting, we are pleased to announce we have received 501c3 status in the United States. This means that all donations made from US tax residents are now tax-deductible. We believe this also means patients can retroactively make tax-deductible claims for donations over the previous years, but please check with a tax expert.
Patient recruitment
We will be prioritising patients who completed the patient survey on Propeciahelp for this study, in order of those most severely affected. If you participated in the survey, you will be receiving an email in the coming days with an invitation to participate. If you receive this email, please follow the link to the form provided. Once we have exhausted this list, we will also be asking newer patients to come forward. When you apply, you will be asked to provide a link to your propeciahelp member story or Reddit profile so we can verify your post history and when you entered the community.
Please do not email or reach out until we have asked for more volunteers. We do not have the manpower to manually sort through applications.
As this study will be conducted remotely, it is vital we validate each participant is in fact a patient. It will also add weight to the study scientifically. For this reason, we are prioritising patients who completed our patient survey. This does not mean that you will not have a chance to participate if you didn’t complete the survey - it is highly likely we will not have 150 responses from survey participants. This study requires 150 patient samples to go ahead. Control data will be provided by a data bank containing healthy controls that is frequently used for genetics studies. The material required will be a blood sample.
Collection can be done remotely, and will be managed by our partner Dante Labs, a highly-respected third-party company that provides sequencing services for large laboratories, hospitals and institutions. If you are interested, Dante will send you a blood collection kit via mail, which you will send back to their lab once complete. You do not need to leave your house to collect the sample and the kit is very straightforward to use. It will not cost you anything to participate.
Faces of the disease: New awareness campaign
After two decades, it finally feels like this disease is emerging from the shadows. While public accounts were sporadic in decades prior, in recent years we’ve seen a surge in patients speaking openly about the devastating effects of PFS. It is immensely encouraging that this is happening beyond our own efforts.
After much delay, we have begun releasing the second season of our patient interview series on our YouTube channel:
We will be releasing one episode a month and we encourage you to share them widely, like and comment. These simple actions will help these accounts rank higher in search results on what is an important platform for awareness. Again, we are indebted to our five guests for their bravery.
Our group has consistently maintained that research is only one - albeit very important - path towards understanding and acceptance of this disease. Anonymous usernames on a forum can be easily dismissed, but real humans cannot. We encourage anyone interested in speaking out to come forward as we begin recording more episodes shortly.
This opportunity represents another significant step in bringing this disease out of the shadows. We hope you are able to support where possible.
Thank you again for your continued courage, PFS Network team
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2023.04.01 09:02 novacaned_ One week of recovery!!

Hi! My ed is a secret from my friends and family (im sure they know but they havent said anything about it aside from occasional comments here and there) but im in recovery and i just want to share everything that’s happened with people who get how hard it is
ive had my ed for 7 years but at the very start of jan a trigger started an awful episode and things were the worst theyd ever been. this month is the scariest my ed has ever gotten and i decided to get help , im seeing a doctor, psychologist and am getting frequent counselling for general issues and im getting referred to a specialized treatment plan in 3 days
My doctor said i need to start eating at least 3 regular meals because shes worried about some of my symptoms, so on monday, that’s what I did. At first i had horrible acid reflux and bloating, plus the wildest extreme hunger. Now, 6 days later, i still have extreme hunger but rhe acid reflux and painful bloat is gone! i have more energy and also will soon be finding out the results for my bloodwork. Im trying to honor my cravings and its HARD but i conquered toast today, the first toast ive had all year! i also ate 3/4 of a lasagna because again, havent had it in literally forever. ive eaten a lot more than just those and im still hungry so i think i should eat more. Its not physical hunger though? Idk but i think its extreme hunger?? Can i get eh even though im not underweight anymore?? its not binging because its like conscious i just feel so so hungry
Either way, I want to be free of the bottomless pit that is my eating disorder, i want to feel passion and love and be alive, i dont have hobbies anymore and i dont feel anything and all my relationships are broken because of my ed, i want to get my life back and fill it with good things rather than this disorder. I want to be normal and truly happy so so bad, the happiness my ed promises me is a lie and at my lowest weight i didnt even feel like a living being, i was a husk of a person and thats a waste of my precious time on this planet
im nearly 7 days in and i havent given up!! please give me tips for staying on track in recovery and coping with triggers, the anxiety, and feelings of being out of control, thank you for reading if youve made it to the end <3
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2023.04.01 09:02 wompwompwomp34 I love Effexor

I have tried almost everything from Seroquel, Abilify to Prozac and the list goes on… Effexor has honestly saved my life alongside DBT therapy. I haven’t been suicidal in years and my paranoia is manageable on most days. The higher dosage was a bit too much but I’ve tapered down to 75 and I’m quite happy here. Just wanted to share a success story because it’s not all bad! The brain zaps and fatigue hit me like a train BUT it’s gone now and I’ve been on it for a few years now and honestly my quality of life is far better. I don’t stay in depressive episodes as long and don’t sink as far when I do get the occasional low periods.
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2023.04.01 09:01 OpenCommune Cesar Chavez Day celebrates a Trumpian farm worker activist/real estate developer who hated "wetbacks" but loved Synanon, the cult which tortured Brace with "The Game"

I never learned about him in detail but it turns out he's a cringe radlib, Obama felt comfortable making today a holiday. He was a Catholic without the Marxist historical materialism to understand that "illegals" ("my Christianity allows me to respect all human life" you would have abandoned Jesus's immigrant grandparent you liar) are part of the international working class just like "citizens".
In Rome, he met with Pope Paul VI, who commended his activism.
spoilers: "Cesar Chavez was a groomer" /BrandNewSentence, I'm not exaggerating, this article literally uses that word when they talk about the unholy abuse cult stuff utilizing children as a vehicle for growing his power.
Chavez increasingly blamed the failure of the UFW strike on illegal immigrants who were brought in as strikebreakers. He made the unsubstantiated claim that the CIA was involved in part of a conspiracy to bring illegal migrants into the country so that they could undermine his union. He launched the "Illegals Campaign" to identify illegal migrants so that they could be deported, appointing Liza Hirsch to oversee the campaign.In Chavez's view, "if we can get the illegals out of California, we will win the strike overnight."
She describes how Chavez worked to undermine the Arizona Farmworkers Union, which had made strides in proving that undocumented workers could, in fact, be organized to help their situation in America. The Arizona group "began to have tremendous success, and they did it by going to Mexico and talking to workers before they got here," pressuring growers to employ them and finding contracts for work, Pawel tells us. "Chavez went out and destroyed them."
"if we get unionist radlibs off the planet, we can achieve global communism overnight" - Sakai, "Settlers" pg 420
This was a reiteration of an early view he expressed concerning the problems the UFW boycott faced in 1972; Chavez believed that illegal labor could undermine any strike undertaken by agricultural workers could be undermined by "wetbacks" and "illegal immigrants". Huerta urged him not to refer to migrants who had come to the U.S. illegally as "illegals" but Chavez refused, stating: "a spade's a spade."
A Trot wrecker is a Trot
Some UFW field offices refused to collaborate with the campaign, and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) refused to allow its interns to work on it, at which Chavez cut the UFW's links with the NLG.
trying to hire "loyal" lawyers, classic Trump guy move
While Chavez had been in Europe, his cousin Manuel Chavez had established a UFW patrol, or "wet line", along Arizona's border with Mexico to stop illegal migrants crossing into the United States. There were rumors that this patrol was employing violence against these migrants, beating and robbing them and in one case castrating a man.
Catholics want only one thing and its disgusting
These allegations soon appeared in the local press. A Mexican investigation determined that the UFW had bribed San Luis city officials to prevent them from interfering in these activities along the border.
labor aristocrats have class solidarity with each other across national borders, do you?
A Mexican union, the Confederation of Mexican Workers, broke its links with the UFW over the issue. Chavez dismissed the reports of violence as the smears of paid provocateurs, a claim which many of his supporters accepted. Chavez protected Manuel, while the executive board kept silent on his activities, regarding him as useful. The Chicano activist Bert Corona staged a protest against the UFW wet line, at which Chavez directed Jerry Cohen to launch an investigation into the funding of Corona's group.
The Teamster victories in the Delano vineyards angered Chavez, who insisted that there had not been free elections there. Chavez criticised the ALRB and launched a targeted campaign against Walter Kintz, the ALRB's general counsel, demanding his resignation. He also put pressure on Governor Brown to remove Kintz.
Nonstop Trump moments in this wiki page, this is the "hero" which radlibs claim is a good role model, this pathetic thin-skinned crybaby made Obama preach about being inspired to do social justice community leadership? I thought he hated Trump for his narcissism and arrogance???
Chavez blamed the defeat on the UFW's national boycott director, Nick Jones, who had been the only staff member to publicly voice disquiet over the Proposition 14 campaign. He claimed that Jones and the New York boycott director, Charlie March, had been part of a far-left conspiracy to undermine the UFW. Chavez also fired Joe Smith, the editor of El Macriado, after accusing him of deliberately undermining the newspaper. He then ordered Ross and Ganz to interrogate everyone who worked on the campaign, ostensibly to decide on new assignments but also to route out alleged malcontents, agitators, and spies. Many of those involved in running the UFW's boycott expressed concerns about a McCarthyite-style atmosphere developing within the union, and Chavez's purge attracted press attention. As the criticisms of his leadership intensified, Chavez responded with further purges, inspired by those in China's Cultural Revolution. He became convinced that there was a far-left conspiracy, whose members he called the "assholes" or "them", who were trying to undermine the UFW. At a La Paz meeting in April 1977, later called "the Monday Night Massacre," Chavez called together a range of individuals whom he denounced as malcontents or spies. They were verbally abused by members of the executive board and ejected from the community. He later accused Philip Vera Cruz, the oldest member of the executive board, of also being part of the conspiracy, and forced him out.
but Maoists actually read Marx tho?
He urged them to become a movement, which he argued meant establishing communal settlements for members, drawing on a Californian religious organization, Synanon, as an exemplar. Chavez had become increasingly interested in Synanon, a drug-treatment organization that had declared itself a religion in 1975 and which operated out of a compound east of Fresno. He admired Synanon's leader Charles Dederich, and the way that the latter controlled his planned community. In Chavez's opinion, Dederich was "a genius in terms of people"
"wow! abusing children is such an innovative and genius idea!" It really is not, primitive MKULTRA torture praxis is the oldest trick in the book, before people even wrote books.
In February 1977, Chavez took the UFW's executive board on a visit to the Synanon compound. There, they took part in a therapy system based on Dederich's own process, "the Game," as part of which each "player" was singled out in turn to receive harsh, profanity-laced criticism from the rest of the community. Dederich had told Chavez that "the Game" was key to reshaping the UFW, and the latter decided that he wanted everyone at La Paz to play it. He received tacit agreement from the executive board although some of its members privately opposed the measure. The Game took place at La Paz on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and at its height about 100 people were taking part in it each week. There it was used to shape behavior and punish nonconformity. Many individuals dreaded the humiliation it involved, disliked the obscenities that were part of it, and found going through it to be a traumatic experience. Chavez remained enthusiastic about the Game, calling it "a good tool to fine-tune the union". Many of those close to Chavez, including his wife and Richard Chavez, refused to take part. The farmworkers were not informed about the Game. Various long-term supporters of the UFW, including various clerical figures, visited La Paz at this time and left alarmed by how it had changed.
Synanon provided the UFW with $100,000 worth of cars and materials; building links with Chavez's movement burnished Dederich's reputation with rich liberals who were among Synanon's core constituency.
new age fascist Obama libs love the idea of being allied with farmworkers, its like the woke consultant grift nowadays: "listen to five lectures about white fragility to tell yourself you aren't a nazi class traitor"
Dederich suggested that Synanon and the UFW establish a joint communal farm, and although the option was explored, it did not materialize. Following Dederich's advice, Chavez began grooming young people who had grown up in the movement to remain committed to him and his ideals. He created a curriculum for them to follow, which included the Game.
the same toxic pedagogy which abused Brace Beldan, this is why everyone hates Christians lol, their obsession with Jesus on the cross is more of an instructional method to whipping their child slaves than any opposition to the cycle of abuse.
Whereas Chavez had previously refused to accept government money, he now applied for over $500,000 in grants for a school and other projects. Formal celebrations and group rituals became an important part of life at La Paz, while Chavez also declared that on Saturday mornings all residents of La Paz should work in the vegetable and flower gardens to improve sociability. A rule was passed that everyone at La Paz had to wear a UFW button at all times on penalty of a fine. After attending a course in Los Angeles, Chavez began claiming that he could heal people by laying on his hands.
New Age cultists won't read Marx but they will have psychotic episodes of believing they are Jesus
With membership dues declining, the UFW increasingly turned to commercial activities as a means of raising funds. It began marketing UFW branded merchandise through Ell Taller Grafico Speciality Advertising (ETG), which had Chavez as its chair. Chavez also set himself up as a housing developer, working in partnership with the Fresno businessman Celestino Aguilar. Together they bought properties undergoing foreclosure, renovated them, before selling them on. They ultimately moved from foreclosures to high-end custom built houses and subsidized apartment blocks. To conceal the UFW's involvement in these projects, Chavez and Aguilar formed the company American Liberty Investments. They also established the Ideal Minimart Corporation, which built two strip malls and operated a check-cashing store. Richard's company, Bonita Construction, was hired for some of the work. The Fresno Bee subsequently reported that most of the UFW's housing projects had been built by non-union contractors. The trade unions representing the building unions expressed outrage at the news, highlighting that they had previously given financial support to the UFW. The New Yorker later termed the incident an "embarrassment".
unionist to finance imperialist kulak pipeline
In the early 1990s, the UFW continued to market Chavez as a heroic figure, especially on university and college campuses.
power hungry opportunists recognize themselves in PMC Obama nerds
Chavez described his movement as promoting "a Christian radical philosophy".
He never had close friendships outside of his family, believing that friendships distracted from his political activism.
During the latter part of the 1970s, his infidelity with a range of women became common knowledge among senior UFW figures, who kept this knowledge quiet so as not to damage his reputation as a devoted Catholic family man
a friendless cult harem guy who is revolutionary but only if it lets him gather personal power? That's the complete opposite of what Christ was all about, having friends and being in a loving monogamous relationship
According to Chavez biographer Roger Bruns, he "focused the movement on the ethnic identity of Mexican Americans" and on a "quest for justice rooted in Catholic social teaching". Chavez saw his fight for farmworkers' rights as a symbol for the broader cultural and ethnic struggle for Mexican Americans in the United States.
"citizen lives matter, not the CIA conspiracy of illegals trying to ruin my unionism" he literally would have tried to lynch Jesus's refugee ancestor Ruth, he's like the villain in a Muslim time travel movie!
Chavez repeatedly referred to himself as a community organizer rather than as a labor leader and underscored that distinction.
"whites only community" but its for legal Latinos also, classic Trump guy
Since his death, there has been a struggle to define his legacy
r a d l i b
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2023.04.01 08:58 SuperHotUKDeals Amazon Fire TV 40" 2-Series 1080p HD smart TV £209 @ Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£209 - Amazon
This item will be released on April 12, 2023.
Pre-order now.Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.
info added by @wadz
  • High definition TV: bring films and TV series to life in HD 1080p resolution, with support for HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Digital Audio.
  • All your entertainment in one place: Fire TV gives you quick access to live TV, video games and music. You can stream over a hundred thousand films and TV programmes with subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more.
  • Stream for free: watch free films and TV episodes with apps, such as YouTube, Freevee, Pluto TV and more.
  • Watch from room to room: All of your films and series from Fire TV devices will stay in sync, for a seamless viewing experience from one room to the next.
  • Smart and always getting smarter: Fire TV adds new Alexa skills, features, smart home capabilities and voice functionality all the time.
  • Press and ask Alexa: use the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote to find your favourite content, get sports updates, control smart home devices and more.
  • Connect all your devices: use the 2 standard HDMI inputs to connect to satellite TV and video game consoles. Use the HDMI ARC to input audio equipment for enhanced sound.
    Fire TV 2-Series brings films and series to life in brilliant 720p HD (for 32” Display) and brilliant 1080p HD (for 40” Display) resolution, with support for HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Digital Audio. Watch your favourite entertainment including over a hundred thousand films and TV programmes with thousands available for free from any room in your home. With the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, you can use your voice to navigate content, switch inputs, control your smart home devices and more.
    HDMI ports - 2 HDMI 1.4 + 1 HDMI ARC
    Ethernet - 1 Ethernet port
    USB - 1 USB 2.0 port
    Voice support - Yes, with Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote (included) or the free Fire TV app (available for download on Fire OS, Android and iOS).
    Audio support - Dolby Digital Plus with pass-through of Dolby-encoded audio.
    Audio power - 8 W + 8 W
    Product size without stand (WxHxD) - Screen 40”: 90.4 x 52 x 8.5 cm
    Weight (without stand) - Screen 40”: 5.9kg
    Included in the box
    Fire TV 2-Series 32”/40”, Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, power cord, mini AV cable, 2 x AAA batteries, 4 screws, TV stand (2 legs) and Quick Start Guide.
    This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.04.01 08:57 nuraman00 Season 4 Insiders Podcast Notes: 4x09 - 4x10.

From the 4x09 Insiders Podcast: Wiedersehen
Rhea Seehorn, and music composer Dave Porter, are guest hosts.
* Vince Gilligan says do not make your characters dumb when writing. It's a terrible shortcut.
* Kelley Dixon isn't in this podcast, but she did talk about 4x09 during the 4x04 podcast.
After she saw 4x09, she texted Seehorn "oh my god giiiiiirrrrrrrrlll, it's so good.".
Seehorn hadn't seen it yet, so she was pleasantly surprised.
* The Moncada brothers (aka The Cousins), who were in the 4x04 podcast, then asked, "is that when we kill Mando and Rhea and Breaking Bad starts"?
* Gilligan says shooting a laser into a camera, like Werner did, would have messed up a camera only if it were a camera from 1964.
Nowadays, first of all it's hard to even aim the laser at the sensor. You have to get it perfectly perpendicular to the sensor.
And even if you do, it does produce a flare. But it doesn't hurt the sensor at all.
* To get that final shot of Mike zapping the camera, they had to combine shots of Mike pretending to do it from the ground, with Gilligan then aiming a laser at the same camera, from the roof.
* Dave Porter's music composition is the final step in the episode process. First he watches the episode after it's been edited.
While watching, first he watches the scene with no music, and uses a metronome to find the tempo of a scene. He adjusts the metronome until he finds the tempo for that scene.
This works 80% of the time.
Then he creates the music based off that tempo.
* The editors say that the tempo at which scenes are edited and then played at, is based on the performance of the actors.
* The initial idea for Kim's scam to Lubbock, Texas city hall with new blueprints, was going to have Jimmy being a sleazy guy who hits on her, with Kim elbowing him, and Jimmy then bleeding on the existing blueprints.
But that didn't seem fun or playful.
They wanted to do the scam so that at the end of it, the banker would fist pump Kim, and be happy to switch plans (because of how hapless Kim's "brother", Jimmy, is).
* Seehorn's vocal teacher in school once said that when one wakes up, one starts with one's natural voice. Everything after that, during the day, is anxiety and stress, which then causes one's voice to change from the natural voice.
* Kim doing the blueprint scam is pure ego, to look good to Mesa Verde. It was supposed to take 2 months for re-approval, if they wanted the bank to have have the larger design.
Fight at Schweikart & Cokely rooftop:
* Before even getting to the set, Odenkirk kept trying to convince Seehorn why Jimmy was right.
* The show staff say both Jimmy and Kim were right.
* Kim says both Jimmy and Kim were trying to protect themselves, rather than being honest with each other.
* They tried music in the lead-up to that scene, but decided not to use it, because the music felt too pro-Kim.
* Seehorn says she can't go into the scene thinking of it as an argument. Because it's not, until it is.
She has to be able to play off of Odenkirk, and Jimmy has to push her buttons.
That's how they can react to each other.
* Seehorn says theater training has helped her. Because during a theater run, she's doing 8 shows a week.
So for every show, she has to take a whole new audience with her on the journey.
She can't go into a show thinking about the ending, or about major events. She has to do them as they come.
She applies these same principles to doing a TV scene. She has to start over every time.
* When searching for an actor to play Lalo, they wanted someone Mexican.
* Tony Dalton spends time living in both in Mexico, and the USA.
* They like how Dalton switches easily between Spanish and English.
* This is only Dalton's 2nd English production, with Sense8 being his first.
* They like how he is not a sledgehammer, like the Cousins or Hector.
He's more charming, canny, smart, and thoughtful, but just as much of a psychopath. Which comes out in the story he tells Hector, in how he retrieved the bell.

From the 4x10 Insiders Podcast: Winner
Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic is also a guest host.
* Original teaser was only supposed to have the karaoke.
They added the part about Chuck getting his brother home, because they felt something else should happen.
* They like how there's finally a scene where Jimmy and Chuck have a warm genuine connection.
* There was supposed to be a scene with Nacho, but it was cut. They might use it in season 5. This episode was already overloaded.
* They were really concerned that the Jimmy reinstatement events, and the Mike/Lalo events, were on different timelines.
The Jimmy reinstatement efforts take place over a week, leading up to his appeal.
The Mike/Lalo events take place over a day.
They were worried that the sequencing would get confusing. For example, one might think that the Jimmy events take place over a day.
However, they caught a break. The UNM law library scene was supposed to take place at night.
However, the location they used had giant windows. They decided it would look better during the day.
It might have then appeared that it took Mike a whole day to get to Travel Wire, if the law library scene at been at night.
In the end, Gilligan said when he watched the episode, he didn't even think about how the two plots were on different timelines.
* The band ABBA are very particular about how their songs are used, and what they license. They are difficult to work with, and are actively involved in the process.
They are protective of their legacy.
Golubic once met Björn Ulvaeus accidentally in Sweden when someone brought him backstage.
Bjorn said "You Breaking Bad guy right?" Bjorn loved that show.
They then started talking about Better Call Saul, and he was a fan too.
Despite that previous encounter, it was still hard to get this song approved by them. It was still the hardest thing this season.
Golubic had to convey that while there is comedy in the scene, they're not making fun of the song.
ABBA was important to Golubic when he lived in Germany growing up.
* There's a muzak version of the song played at CC Mobile when Jimmy gets the call about Mrs. Straus. Abba had to approve this too.
* They had to spend a lot of time on Skype for all of this music stuff with ABBA.
* The real chicken farm location closed during season 4 of Breaking Bad.
When Lalo is looking at the chicken farm through binoculars, they used a green screen both behind and in front of him (bushes), then matte paintings.
It's a digital matte painting now.
Before they used to hire painters to paint these.
Vince Gilligan didn't know that digital matte paintings were used now that often. He learned about the process of how a digital matte painting is done now during the podcast.
* Giancarlo Esposito had an injury, and was forbidden to talk.
They used a stunt double during walking scenes.
During the scene with Gale, when Gus is walking, a stunt double was used.
Producer Seth Edelstein ran up to them and said "What are you doing??? Giancarlo isn't allowed to walk."
He didn't know it was a double. The stunt double was that good, that it fooled even him.
* When they thought about how Mike would evade Lalo, they said well, Mike's an expert on parking.
The gum inside the ticket machine is really slime.
They added more green to the color, via the color timer person, to make it pop more.
* The stunt when Jimmy fell on the drum stick, in 3x08, was one of the hardest stunts, because they had to do a full body replacement.
* When Kelley Dixon watched 4x09, and Werner was being sent down to fix the faulty detonation wire, she thought "oh no, they're going to blow Werner up."
* When Werner knows he's going to be killed, and he asks Mike to make sure his wife's questions will be answered, and he says "This you swear?"
Mike: "This I swear."
Vince Gilligan really likes this phrase. Even though it's not perfect English, it makes sense given the way Werner speaks.
* The visual effects when Werner was shot, were done by Crafty Apes. They had previously done the backgrounds of the bus scene in 4x08.
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2023.04.01 08:57 nuraman00 Season 4 Insiders Podcast Notes: 4x07 - 4x08.

During the original broadcast, I didn't discover the Insiders Podcast until season 5. I'm doing a rewatch now, and listening to the Insiders Podcast after every episode.
I made similar threads for seasons 1 - 3.

From the 4x07 Insiders Podcast: Something Beautiful.
* Gilligan was worried that they had put so much effort into the teaser, that they wouldn't have much left for the rest of the episode.
He's glad he was wrong, as the rest of the episode came out great too.
* The montage in the teaser also coordinated costumes and colors across the vertical split screen. For example, on one side, Kim is squeezing a green stress ball. On the other side, Jimmy is wearing a green track suit.
I'll post a pic later.
* To get the same view and angles on both split screens, they used a lot of tape measures so that when they filmed the other side of the split screen, they'd get an identical mirror view.
* The music during the montage is usually done through the center channel in a 5.1 mix. However, because the music was the lead, they spread it throughout the channels.
The male singer is off to the right, and the female singer is off to the left.
* "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed was one of the other songs they were using. However, since it was already used in the movie Trainspotting, they avoided it. It's also used in "Fear Of The Walking Dead".
* There's a montage in a future episode, where music supervisor Thomas Golubic wanted to use a certain song, but it was already used prominently in another film.
He then had to think, do we let the music be a beautiful moment, or do we not use it because someone out there will notice that it was used elsewhere, and it may appear they were stealing the idea?
The idea did come naturally to him. He was informed later that it was used elsewhere.
* With this 4x07 music, the two finalists were "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed or "Something Stupid" by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra.
With "Something Stupid", the song is only 2 minutes, and the montage is longer.
Also, it was very expensive to use that song.
"Something Stupid" was also done with an orchestra, which meant there would be union fees, and everyone has to get paid.
They then decided to record the song from scratch, using the band Lola Marsh.
When pitching to potential artists, they told them they were going to pay them a fee for the song, but that the artists would not own the song.
They gave potential artists a bpm; told them it would be a duet; and told them it would be 5+ minutes, instead of 2 minutes.
They narrowed down the list to 14 after hearing the demos.
Then they narrowed it down to 2. They told those two to finish the song.
Then they had a several hour Skype session with the artists.
They went through every bar of the song from those two artists.
Then they got the final version back from the two artists, and with with Lola Marsh.
* To make the song 5+ minutes, they would change the instrumentation throughout the song, and also which vocal takes the lead. That's how they kept it from feeling repetitive.
* They omitted a lot of dialogue during editing when Jimmy meets Kim at Schweikart and Cokely at the end, because they felt it wasn't necessary.
* The scene where Huell is with Jimmy on the bench inside the courthouse, was supposed to be outside.
But there were threats of lightning, so they moved it inside.
It came out better that way.
* They also liked how they were able to transition from Jimmy on the bench with Huell, to Jimmy waiting for Kim at Schweikart and Cokely.

From the 4x08 Insiders Podcast: Coushatta.
Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic and Michael Mando are guests.
* Mando says that while Lalo's words seem nice, all of his actions are disrespectful.
Lalo comes into Nacho's space without calling ahead and letting him know.
He cooks in the kitchen.
He blasts music.
Nacho reaching for his gun as he goes into the kitchen tells you what he thinks of the situation.
When Nacho sees Krazy-8's face, he knows something is wrong.
* They had wanted to film in Louisiana, but realized that they would need too many shots, so it would be too hard.
* They did not want to use a green screen, for the outside background through the window of the bus. Gilligan says that it just doesn't look good using a green screen.
* Since the bus scene was filmed in Albuquerque, instead of Louisiana, they enhanced the outside to make it look greener; added water; and made the roads look less dry.
* Vince Gilligan didn't know that the scenery outside the bus window were digital effects. He had thought they found something in Albuquerque.
They tell him that some of the scenes where Jimmy is talking to the passengers, and giving them postcards and letters, were filmed in Albuquerque. But other shots were visual effects.
* The visual effects were done by Crafty Apes, who had also worked on shows Lodge 49 and Halt And Catch Fire.
* They like the actress who plays D.A. Ericsen.
There was some trouble, though. They sent her the script with other scenes blacked out, for security purposes.
When she got to the set, they asked if she wanted to rehearse the phone call scene where she calls Jimmy and the UNM students, who are pretending to be Coushatta residents.
She ask, "what phone call scene"?
It turns out that the phone call scene had been blacked out too.
Bob Odenkirk had a day off. He spent the day rehearsing that scene with her.
It is unusual for someone, especially the lead, to do that on his day off. So that was very nice of him.
* 10+ months have passed since we last saw Nacho in 4x04.
Nacho has healed. He now lives with two meth girls.
Mando says that two things can happen when someone goes through the trauma Nacho did in 4x03 - 4x04, when he was shot at multiple times to try and cover up Arturo's death, and make it looks like he wasn't involved.
Either someone can implode, or it can be like when a bone breaks and comes back stronger. He thinks Nacho is the latter. He's harder now.
He's now the enforcer during collections, while Krazy-8 collects money now.
* Peter Gould says that Nacho had always imagined himself as being in the pilot's seat in the future.
He now has the money and power, but there's a lot of catches. It's not as good as he thought it would be.
* Mando says he's always wondered why Nacho went into this business.
He says Nacho is ashamed to be in the business, because of his father.
He had to keep it a secret that he was working for the Salamancas, until 3x09.
Mando says Nacho never wanted to be in Tuco's place, Nacho was only in it for the money.
But if he has his father's shop, why is he doing this?
And if he's hiding it from his father, then he thinks he won't be doing it for long.
He says the materialistic things Nacho has is a front. He has no interest in the girls or cars.
The safe is his real heart. His father, and going to Canada, is in his heart.
He's not power hungry or ego driven.
From his upbringing, it's a shameful thing to work for Hector Salamanca. It's like saying I'm the most appalling thing in the community.
Also, Gus knows that Nacho didn't betray him, because he didn't know Gus had it in for Hector.
He thinks Gus could relate to Nacho, in that they both think Hector is horrible.
Mando says no one gives a shit in this underworld. They're all fighting for themselves.
Getting shot in the shoulder, was ok. Getting shot in the stomach, was ok. But getting left alone in the desert (in 4x03) for 11 hours, that's torture.
* Peter Gould says Nacho is the most vulnerable and human, because he's motivated by the love of his father.
* One of the other hosts says Nacho is like Jesse. He got into this for the money, but then it got away from him.
* One of the hosts says that after Nacho tosses the meth to the girls, goes in his room, closes the door, puts down his gun, and sighs, that's when you know that he hates what he's doing, and a part of himself is still there.
* They also point out that he didn't shoot Blingy (the guy with the earring) a bunch of times. He didn't mortally wound him.
He ripped out Blingy's earring, which is teaching him a lesson, but not going overboard. He's not Hector.
* Mando says Nacho thinks "fuck these guys, all these guys who hold power are assholes, they always look down on people and think they're morally superior."
* He's teaching both Blingy and Krazy-8 a lesson, and it's better to learn it from me, than to be burned by one of these other guys.
* Mando says during the milk scene in 3x09, when he is with his father and tells him he's working for the Salamancas again, and that Hector is going to come into his shop and run the meth business for a while, he thought he would be standing, during the scene at his father's house.
It threw him for a curveball when he got to the set and realized he would be sitting.
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2023.04.01 08:57 nuraman00 Season 4 Insiders Podcast Notes: 4x05 - 4x06.

During the original broadcast, I didn't discover the Insiders Podcast until season 5. I'm doing a rewatch now, and listening to the Insiders Podcast after every episode.
I made similar threads for seasons 1 - 3.

From the 4x05 Insiders Podcast: Quite A Ride.
Cara Pifko (Paige) is a guest host.
* Breaking Bad was shot on film. Better Call Saul is shot in digital.
To help maintain the look of Breaking Bad, the teaser was shot on film. It's the first time on Better Call Saul that a teaser was shot on film.
However, the paper shredder scene was shot on the Red Dragon digital camera, because they needed the higher frame rate, so they could run it in slow motion.
The paper shredder was one of the last things they shot for the season.
They used some colored text on the paper, so the shot looks better. Otherwise, the shot was coming out too much in black and white.
* The set for Saul's office has been on storage since Breaking Bad. They took it out of storage.
* The teaser is supposed to contrast with who Jimmy states he wants to be, at the end of the PPD interview. We can see that he doesn't end up being the type of lawyer he wanted to be.
* Paige has done voices for several Mass Effect games.
She had to do some intimate scenes with a friend of hers, which was a little weird.
She has also done motion capture for a video game, that never got released.
For some of the motion capture, she says it's funny to hold a piece of wood, and pretend it's a gun. She likens it to a kid playing pretend.
* Paige is also doing online teaching acting for Emerge Media.
* It's very hard to bring actors from overseas. They need a work visa, etc.
The last time they did that was on Breaking Bad, when they had two Germans.
* They wanted a contrast between the two engineers. With the French one being composed. And the German one being very open, talking about how he took the dramamine, but it didn't work, etc.
The German's attention to detail, and honesty paid off.
While the French one is like someone who will say anything to get a job.
They also wanted a contrast with Mike's personality, with the German one.

From the 4x06 Insiders Podcast: Pinata.
Patrick Fabian is a guest host.
* Patrick Fabian explains the Jon Cryer thing. He referenced him in last season's 3x08 podcast.
So Jon Cryer allegedly wins the Malibu triathlon every year.
Fabian also says that Cryer won the triathlon, hosted the Emmys, and won an Emmy, during one of the years.
I still don't know which year he's talking about, as this wiki doesn't have Cryer as an Emmy host.
Fabian says Cryer might have peaked on that day.
* They wonder if Cryer's life is just an extended role of the Cryer movie, "Hiding Out".
* For the teaser, they like how Kim was prepared to show her legal knowledge to Chuck, while in the mail room, if she ever got a chance to meet him.
And they wanted to show how Kim admired Chuck.
Nothing flirty. It's smart, respectful, not second guessing him, but showing she's been thinking about the case.
* Chuck also tests her, by asking "what's the case"? He really already knows. And she knows the answer.
Chuck and Howard also want Kim to succeed, as they see her potential.
* The teaser also shows of when Jimmy falls for Kim. And when he thinks maybe he can be a lawyer.
* They also point out how Jimmy doesn't notice how condescending Jimmy is.
* Fabian says Chuck isn't condescending, he has a business to run. Not be an Oscars pool guy.
* It didn't really dawn on Fabian that Michael McKean wouldn't be an actor with him, until the first day of 4x01. He knew Chuck was dead at the end of season 3.
It just didn't hit him until they started 4x01.
* The name of the case, Isaacson v. Vakarian Holdings, Inc., is a fake case, with a reference to a video game. "Vakarian" is a character in Mass Effect.
The teaser takes place in 1993.
* Howard's "fuck you" to Jimmy has been a long time coming. Starting with the pilot, when Jimmy interrupted his meeting, and called him "Lord Vader", and ripped a check in his face, and tried to extort him.
* Gilligan is wondering how they allowed the F bomb.
They tell him they're not overusing their privilege.
And how they don't have all the characters constantly dropping F bombs.
* Fabian says between Jimmy telling him "you have a cross to bear" in 4x01, and the Kim scene in 4x02, leads to the disheveled bathroom scene in 4x06.
He was unshaven too.
* Cara Pifko (Paige) has known Ben Bela Bohm (Kai) from before. They are friends.
They were surprised to see each other on the set, as they didn't know they would each be there on the show.
Bohm was about to go back to Germany, and then this part came through, so he stayed.
* They had help from Bohm on how to make the German dialogue more conversational.
* Vince Gilligan is surprised they had to pay editor Joey Reinisch, to be the voice on the other end of the phone line, when Jimmy is on the phone at CC Mobile.
* They say the old Italian spaghetti western movies, pre 1980, would be shot with no audio, or with people speaking in their own language. And they'd add the audio in post production.
* For the pinatas, there's rules on how long the actors can hang upside down. They can only hang upside down for a minute 15 seconds at a time. The actual time is a little less, since it takes a few seconds to tie and untie them. The clock starts as soon as they are off the ground.
When stunt actors are used, the time allowed is expanded to 2 - 3 minutes.
This is all for safety reasons.
* They had to make the pinatas easy to break. So they could break in one hit.
* They bought up all of the pinatas from a several mile range, at that time. They feel sorry if anyone had a birthday or celebration during that week, since they bought up all of those pinatas.
* It's easy to pass out when upside down, and not know one is about to pass out.
* They kind of have to stop filming every 45 seconds.
* The upside down shots are only at the beginning.
* Patrick Fabian says to memorize your pocket dialogue (i.e. when the Germans are playing basketball; drinking beer; etc.)
He says treat it like regular script.
Because there might be a day where the director decides to film you up close for 50 yards, and if you don't know the pocket dialogue, and the cameras are on you, you'll never feel colder on the back of your neck.
Even if the pocket dialogue is in German, you still have to know it.
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