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Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems. Canadian TV series. CHECK THE STICKIED POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

2023.06.11 00:06 queenofthr0waways Ana has completely overtaken my life.

Years ago, I had fully recovered from anorexia. I was at a healthy weight and very athletic, and honestly at the best place mentally and physically that I had ever been. Then, after years of misdiagnosis, I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. It makes eating very painful because my pancreas doesn’t produce enough digestive enzymes if any, and food basically sits undigested in my bowels for ridiculously long periods of time. It often causes vomiting after meals because my body isn’t able to pass the food any other way.
There is no treatment available to me beyond artificial enzymes that barely help, so I was told to restrict my diet to just safe foods (FODMAP). I did that. And it was the biggest trigger I have ever experienced, prompting a relapse so horrible I don’t know how to recover from. It started out by just restricting to that diet, then removing certain foods that hurt more, then devolved into essentially having a medical excuse to say “I can only eat these very low calorie foods because of my illness”. And the vomiting is something I used to resist and try to push through to keep the food down - now I let it happen to reduce calories. It’s not purging, but I enable that symptom intentionally to keep my weight even lower.
I’m at my lowest weight ever. I’m losing hair, am constantly cold and dizzy, haven’t had my period in years, and I can’t even sit on anything that’s not cushioned. The malnutrition has led to early onset osteoporosis, and that combined with my excessive exercise has resulted in micro fractures in my arms and legs. Still, I use an airwalker to walk for 3 hours every day to get 30,000 steps, even though it’s extraordinarily painful. I only eat cauliflower and occasionally some fruit. I haven’t gone out with friends in years because every social outing involves food.
My physical illness enables my ED and will forever, and I don’t know how to live like this. I know I could gain at least a little weight back by restricting less to at least get to a point where it’s not going to kill me, even with my illness, and I want to. But I can’t make myself do it, because eating anything more than normal makes me feel so guilty I just break down sobbing. The worst part is that I don’t even find my body attractive - it’s all bone, everything juts out, and I’m always covered in bruises that never heal. But half the time, I still think I look fat, and the other half of the time, I’m just desperately grateful that at least I’m thin enough not to hate myself so much.
I don’t know why I’m posting this. I’m just so tired and scared.
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2023.06.11 00:06 Best-Confusion6735 Found out I have d.i.d and alters went dormant.

Help! I went my whole life as the host thinking it was just me, then I remembered something that happened to me as a kid which caused a chain reaction of memories leading me to realize I have d.i.d… ever since that night all I’ve wanted is to talk to my alters but it’s been a year and there’s been nothing. There has been times where someone has tried to front when I was with my partner and it just resulted in us rapid switching. I remember a few alters from when I was younger and we were really close. I miss them so much. I feel like I’m missing such a big part of myself and I know the host is a host for a reason but I don’t think I’m capable of doing this. I can’t feed the body or shower or keep up with any of our adult responsibilities, we almost ended up homeless because of it. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do? I’ve tried talking to them in my mind but I usually don’t hear anything and if i do it just sounds like my own voice.
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2023.06.11 00:06 Narragetto My (m25) girlfriend (f27) is mad at me because I haven't asked her about her feelings.

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 20 months and are in the middle of a pretty bad fight that started earlier this week. She bottled a lot of things up and kept them from me for months and during this time I figured everything was going fine. When I have something to talk about I bring it up to her and I assumed if she ever had anything to talk about she would do the same with me.
She's been keeping things in for a period of at least 2 months now according to her. In the past there were many times she would talk to me about her job (which she loathes but refuses to quit) and she would be so upset about work that it would start to take a toll on me. The yelling and frustration was too much to handle for me and it would only escalate because of her anger issues she's had since she was a child. (For context, I grew up in a household where my parents fought a lot and I quickly learned that if I was getting yelled at or if there was any angry yelling going on I had to get out of the situation. So now when I'm being yelled at I automatically dissociate and because of this it is very hard to remember things.)
Because I would be getting off of long shifts (sometimes as long as 12 hours) I would be a little drawn out and not so ready to handle the conversations. I told her that if we wanted to talk about our days it should be done calmly because we were both wound up and needed to relax by that time anyways. She took this as "do not talk about work to bf" instead.
Additionally we both have dealt with anxiety and depression currently and in the past. I once told her that when I was at work or out with friends I had learned to just act happy and positive until I actually felt like that (this is a strategy I adopted years ago and no longer do because it isn't necessary, I've been better). I know that this probably isn't good since I used to basically gaslight myself into thinking everything was okay by doing so but it's what I did and it did help me out in a lot of circumstances. Unfortunately this "advice" I gave didn't get taken the way I thought it was. She claimed that because of this advice and what I said about her talking about her work day she hasn't been real and honest with anyone in her life ever since. She has been pretending to be happy, even to me. She worked hard to make sure that I wouldn't think anything is wrong. We've talked about this a few times since and I have told her before and clarified that I do want to hear about her day, I just don't want to have it be a conversation that takes a toll on me. But she always goes back to what she thought I was trying to convey months ago. Any other thing I have to say is thrown out because of how she took things originally. There is no changing the way she initially took my words no matter how many times we've talked or argued about it.
Everything seems to just get worse and worse and I try to talk to her but she either accuses me of not trying to change myself or says that I think I'm better than her and she gets more and more upset. Her own mother has even said she could never find a way to console her. It's gotten so bad that she started self harming, saying that I was essentially making her do this because she has no other vices now.
This relationship has really broken me. I love her and she says she loves me too but I just don't see a way to move forward if she can't let go of the past and be in the present. I'm also terrified that something may happen if I just leave. None of the other people in her life know about her self harming when she's upset or even know how unhappy she is with her life. I've tried to do nice things and be a good boyfriend but everything is taken poorly or she just get more upset. She's told me that any nice thing I do is just me copping out. She also likes to keep people "emotionally indebted" to her by doing them favors and giving gifts without them asking and refusing anything from the other person. She's told me that she doesn't want me to try and help things after an argument or when she's had a bad day because she doesn't want me to have the satisfaction. Every path I've ever taken to try to do something nice for her feels like I've just been shut down.
I just don't know what to do anymore and I don't want anyone to get hurt or abandoned. Now she does want me to "fix" the relationship, but she doesn't want to have to do anything because she feels that she's tried to change enough and for better or for worse it has to be me. My mind is so mixed up. Should I break up with her or should I keep trying to be a good boyfriend and "fix" the relationship?
TLDR: My gf (27) won't talk to me about her life and is upset that I don't know what is going on with her. Any time I have tried to do something or help her I have been shutdown and made to feel powerless. It's beaten me down so much that I stopped trying to see what was wrong and just took her word when she said she didn't want to talk about something. She doesn't want to change anything and wants me to figure everything out without help. Her anger issues make her self harm and no one knows this. I don't want anyone to get hurt and I just don't know what to do anymore. Should I just break up with her or do I try to help?
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2023.06.11 00:06 Downtown_Airline8775 blacklisted from mcdonalds careers?

hi im sorry im not sure where o ask this but i have applied for a mcdonalds job before and got offered an interview but none of the dates or times worked for for me and it gave me no otheroptions so i just left it. later i got an email saying my application was withdrawn or smth like that. nowim trying to apply again but after i put in my phone number olivia stops working, i tried this on a few different devices efore instead using my sisters phone number which worked. does this mean my phone number has been blacklisted? how do ifix this ? tysm in advance
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2023.06.11 00:06 Neurostorming My [30F] father [57M] and (step) Mom [55F] won’t keep my daughter [1F] overnight

I’m currently in a conflict with my parents, and I’m not really sure how to move forward.
My parents moved back to my state after a 16 year absence this year. It’s been pretty great to have them back, and we’ve all been enjoying more family time together. I took their move pretty hard as a teen, as my biological Mom was an alcoholic who wasn’t in a good place, and she had primary custody. Our relationship has always been a little conditional on their part, but overall we recovered in my twenties and became close.
I’m currently pregnant with my second child. I have a one year old who was born in a traumatic way after a lengthy hospitalization due to severe pre-eclampsia. My husband and I knew that it was possible for me to have a reoccurrence of this medical issue during this pregnancy, so early on we talked with my parents about being available to watch our daughter in an emergent situation. They assured me that they’d make themselves available.
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia two days ago. After diagnosis I sent a text out to our immediate family letting them know what the situation was medically, that we expect to deliver prematurely, and at this juncture the goal is just to get to 34 weeks gestation for delivery. We asked everyone to please reply if contacted in the middle of the night as any midnight contact meant that we were trying to find a safe place to have our daughter stay the night if our first contact (my parents) aren’t available or picking up the phone.
My Mom called me today while she was riding shot-gun with my Dad. She told me she could only offer Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for overnight stays because of the health of their dog. They have a 9lb Maltese dog who is 14 years old and in end-stage heart failure. She explained that the dog has to be walked several times a day, and she just doesn’t think that she’ll be able to carry the dog and push my daughter in the stroller. “What if it rains?” she said, “How will I carry the umbrella, the dog, and push a stroller?” My Mom said that my Dad couldn’t call off of work to help with my daughter because he’s in his first year with the new company, but dude is a chemist with 35 years of experience and a great work history. He’s not exactly on the chopping block, and calling out of work because your kid is having life threatening pregnancy complications sounds like a pretty good reason.
I tried to keep my cool, but it was a struggle. I am facing potential literal life and death situation, and my parents’ primary concern is their Maltese and my Dad’s PTO. I didn’t pretend to be understanding, and I accused them of having out of wack priorities and being shitty parents.
Fortunately my father-in-law has volunteered to make himself available at any hour in the event of an emergency and will be bringing his elderly dog to our house so our daughter can be comfortable in her own home while I’m hospitalized. The child care issue is solved now, but my husband is angry and is advocating for cutting my parents off and going no contact. I’m really conflicted because I sincerely believed that further discussion with my parents isn’t going to produce a more constructive conversation, and it’s going to further damage our relationship. I’m not a fan of cutting people out, but I do see my husband’s point of view.
TL;DR I could die of pre-eclampsia and my parents are prioritizing their dog over my daughter.
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2023.06.11 00:06 oddntt VA LSGS is an Information Security Nightmare Rant

I write this in hopes that the VA and LSGS close these loopholes, and that the diligence of verification of these sources is maintained by other veterans in addition to requesting methods to consider how to better verify VA contracted organizations. This post isn't about how efficient LSGS or any other contractor for the VA is, but rather the Information security issues that are present. Below is my experience and how I attempted to deal with this information security nightmare.
Imagine this, an unknown company contacts you asking for personal information, includes a clickable (and possibly infected) link, and has the leverage of ruining a months-long process by not quickly engaging them. Even with the diligence of attempting to confirm the credibility of this company, it has such a flimsy connection to the VA that the VA cannot immediately verify its affiliation, and calling this company's hotline results in hour-long wait times which confirm they know little more than what could have been stolen in prior events such as this exposure in 2006 which included millions of veterans.
This isn't a far cry from the VA randomly calling asking me to present my last four, date of birth and other information that might also be required to access my bank and other secured services, but at least I can call the main VA line with that person's extension or ask the VA to send a secure message to confirm the validity of their credentials via the VA messaging system.
I received a text message from an unknown number identifying themselves as Loyal Healthcare asking if I would be available for an exam regarding my claim in late April. I called the VA asking who, exactly, loyal healthcare was to the VA. It took them nearly 30 minutes to identify LSGS as a possible company contracted for my exam but refused to identify any outsourcing that they might have done. Because it directly affected my claim I had to make an immediate response declaring my willingness to engage.
Nearly two weeks later I received an email from asking me to register. I called the VA again and one worker said they believed LSGS was a contractor with the VA assigned to do the exam but were unable to confirm that this was who was contacting me.
I did end up calling LSGS which I finally had a number for, but I want to note here that I am not anti-immigration. In fact, my mother was an immigrant and I am a minority, but when I called LSGS and the operator had a strong Nigerian accent, it was not a confidence-inspiring experience. If the infrastructure were more secure elsewhere in the system this wouldn't have been concerning.
I had to rely on an AP news release to confirm they even were contracted with the VA in the first place, and faith that the website, utilizing Godaddy's private registration feature (whois info), was firstly at least somewhat legitimate and second that it wasn't a doppelganger of an official source. Even after registering with the sketchy site that only includes a login portal as its landing page the information after this barrier is so sparse that it inspires zero confidence in its legitimacy.
The way that LSGS contacts, registers, and interacts with you is ripe and ready for scammers to slip their sticky fingers in between. It is a mandatory engagement in which the VA doesn't clearly declare what exact parties are engaged or how to interact with them. The registration process is obscure and the website is little more than a web portal and database call upon registration with obscured credentials. Their hotline is easily imitable as it requests more information than it will eventually provide or engage with.
Other than the VA phonebook including a contact number for LSGS - not all veterans are going to go through the IS procedures and protocols I went through. And anyone who is looking to actually ensure the validity and security before establishing a relationship with LSGS will fall flat on their face.
I will be surprised if scams tied to this method of C&P contracting haven't already popped up. I'd go further to say that these scams must be thriving.
Please let me know if you found better ways to verify these kinds of contractors.
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2023.06.11 00:06 BigCDawgFlexRooster Neighbors knocking on your door

Just got off of late shift and I have neighbors knocking on my door asking for parts off my truck or free service. Because after sweating all week in south Texas nothing would make me happier than going over to your home to troubleshoot and repair for a fraction of the cost my company would charge or free. Also, this is the first time we’ve met…how neighborly of them to introduce themselves by asking for a favor.
What do you guys do to keep the vultures away?
*8 year residential service tech… I know, join union and go commercial, right? Lol
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2023.06.11 00:06 helpagirlout101 Stopped birth control November 2021 and still breaking out

As the title suggests, my skin has been a mess for quite a while, from cystic acne to hyperpigmentation. I started BC when I was a teenager and used it for almost 10 years. I decided to stop because honestly, the idea of taking a pill every day was just obnoxious to me at that point....also, I believe it affected my sex drive (sex is much more pleasurable now). My skin was fine for about 6 months but I started to notice breakouts around June of 2022. Let me also add that I stupidly stopped Tretinoin as well around November of 2021 (only explanation I have for this, is that I wanted to see how my skin would do without....stupid, I know) after being on it for damn near a decade.
Fast forward to now, I'm back on Tretinoin (every other day) since October 2022 and my hormones seem to be regular (just got blood drawn last week). Yet, I'm still getting breakouts on my jawline and cheeks. What the hell could be causing this?! Could it be from the amount of dairy I consume? I eat it on a daily basis multiple times a day (I fucking love cheese). Or could it just be my overall diet since it's not the cleanest. I even added Azelaic Acid into the mix from March 2023-two weeks ago and all it did was break me out some more so I stopped. Should I just give up and go back to BC?
Below is a list of hormones that were recently (last week) tested and are in normal range:
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2023.06.11 00:06 Shannanleanneeee Buying 3 houses up from MOT garage?

Hi! So some may remember my last post. Anyway, I have viewed the property, spoken with the neighbours and spoken to the guys who own the garage. All were very nice and I do not have any concerns with the area, or the reason the vendor is selling so soon.
My concern currently, is if my broker will be able to get me a mortgage on the property. He said he may try Leeds first but the issue is, the house is 3 doors away from the garage. Lenders will not like this.
I have viewed the property and gone past at different times, and it is not a noisy garage.
I have also had a look and 2 other properties have been sold and purchased on the row in the last 2 years.
Does anyone have any advice? I guess I am looking for some reassurance that others have managed to secure a mortgage near commercial. I think it’s classed as B2??
My LTV would be 78%, FTB, buying to live in
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2023.06.11 00:05 GillyeoWalters Wehraboo documentary [UPDATE]

Wehraboo documentary [UPDATE]
So, it is the night of my birthday, it is hot as hell in Germany and I nearly cut off my toe today, so I thought I might as well give an update on the documentary on Wehraboos we are filming- after all, a lot of people in this sub have helped us by allowing me to interview them.
TLDR; It is coming along well, but is not yet finished.
The main script of the documentary is done and fact checked by an independent team. The script has undergone many changes during the last months, since it is no longer solely focusing on Wehraboos alone. It is now split into three videos, each about 110 minutes long. The first is about Wehraboos, the second about Reenactment and in the third we explore the 'dark depths' of fetishism and Nazisploitation movies.
Now, the only thing left to do is finishing up the original art work for the videos and the filming of some dark comedy sketches. The latter part is especially time and money consuming but we think it is necessary to get our own opinion across-that Nazis are absolutely pathetic. These segments will be marked and skippable in the finished videos, though. The videos will be available in German, English (not translated by me, no worries) and Norwegian.
Additionally, during the time that has passed since my first post: - I have written two notebooks worth of script, which at one point caused tendonitis in my right hand. I now write my scripts digitally - We interviewed members of two reenactment groups - my husband got multiple nasty tick bites when we accompanied one of the groups into a forest area - I polished 16 pairs of jack boots (including a size 13.5 because one of our actors apparently escaped some evil cloning program) - We had a very awkward encounter with a pizza delivery service who was delivering food to another theatre group which was rehearsing in the same building as us - I met up with two members of a Nazi fetish community, with the entire situation feeling like a drug deal - I got my first direct death threat and the first Reddit-suicide-help-message (sorry, but this old f***** has fought too long to be allowed to live to even consider suicide)
Oh, and the picture...I am not sorry. That will be included in one of the videos. Together with some other shitpost-worthy art pieces. I drew it when I had food poisoning.
Feel free to ask any questions and give suggestions!
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2023.06.11 00:04 howdoidothisstyff Fml / I’ve had enough! I’m shutting down - what am I doing with my life?

Long story short background info:
I have chronic pain from child birth several years ago. Not getting better. Husband hasn’t worked in over half a year. Sold our house (that he loved) in a location he loved. My builder is being a slacker. A HUGE slacker to the point we are thinking about pulling out money out. Our apartment is full of mold and I’m talking to attorneys. The mold is making my family sick. My dad is bipolar and you’ll either get the nice version or mean one. We are supposedly building so we can be closer to them. My husband went through/getting a little better with some mental health shit as a result of my dad.
the other day my husband said “why did we decide to sell the house and build a new one?” I’m speechless. What? You don’t remember? Talked some more and he told me that my mom “guilt tripped” him to selling because he was being so selfish about selling. It was in an urban area, small home, high traffic street, and we had it for 9 years and we had a baby and both worked from home at the time and needed my moms help with childcare. My husband gets laid off then gets to be in la la land for half a year while I bust my ass at a new highly demanding job. Throw in chronic pain and sciatica into the mix.
last night after dealing with the apartment, mold contractors, being gaslighted by apartment management and contractors, and sending letters of demand for certain steps to be taken, being upset that our child has been exposed to mold, we finally put our kid to bed. I finally heat up dinner (the first food I’ve had all day). I’m like well so if you could live anywhere where would it be? We talk about a few places and he said “anywhere where I don’t have to get a dog.” (I made a past post about his love for cats and he doesn’t want to get a dog even though it’s for safety reasons for my son in a rural area to have a companion with him that can spot snakes and whatnot). He said “I just want the cats to be happy.”
I am like whyyyyyy is it always about the cats comfort? What about your wife’s? He flipped out. Ran outside I have no idea what he was doing. I finish my dinner.
He comes back in calms down a bit, meanwhile I’m packing up all my shit in trash bags about to bug out to my parents house. Cue the emotionally enmeshed family. If I tell them ANY of this as I usually would they would hate my husband even more than they do now.
He’s like what are you doing? I’m like I don’t know but we are not on the same page I feel like I have to leave. (I was prepared to pack my kid up and drive away that night I was so furious).
He says why do you always have to be doing something?! You guys I work multiple side gigs in addition to my highly demanding job so yes I am a busy person and he is not. He can’t get hired for even most low skill jobs at this point and it’s in his late 50s. He starts a part time low skill job next week.
He accesses me of not playing with our kid enough. Well that’s hard when he alienates me with siren head cartoons that I am not gonna participate in playing games about. Yes I work a lot and I am in a lot of pain but it kinda of works out since I’m the breadwinner in the family. He knows I’m in therapy for many things including mom guilt being a huge part of it yet that’s what he decides to tell me right at this moment. I am like who is gonna handle all of this shit right now if it’s not me? This isn’t a normal amount of daily shit this is an extra healing pile of shot I gotta get through with the builder, attorneys etc.
Anyway today husband wanted to go to beach and kid was having a temper tantrum because he was hungry. Husband flips out because he wants to go to beach so bad and I ask kid why he doesn’t want to go. Answer it’s a long car ride. I get it. Husband does not. I feed kid and he calms down. Husband ends up crying loudly in kitchen and me and kid go to park.
Carry kid and bike at park and end up getting super dizzy because I’ve been having a chronic pain flare up all week. Now I have new groin pain today and am flattened and just want to lay down and husband is annoyed by that. It’s been a shit show. I’ve fucking had it. I don’t even like my husband anymore. He’s a selfish asshole and he claims he’s been mopey all day because he wanted to go to the beach.
Who the fuck am I supposed to talk to? My parents can’t know alll this bc it always makes things worse. Me and kid are about to spend 3 nights with the grandparents bc of husbands new job and me having to work.
What in the actual fuck do I do? Pull the money and give half of it to him and say good luck? So the he can have partial custody of our child and brainwash him? Fuck my life.
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2023.06.11 00:04 zliperz 25/M/Brazil 🇧🇷 — Hey, let me see your halo..

Hello, welcome, dear visitor!
Right now, you're reading the words of a 25-year-old Brazilian guy, and to be honest, I'm possibly one of the most eclectic guys you can meet. You know that person who's interested in so many different things that you just feel like you could talk for hours and hours and never get bored? Well, I hope to be that person for you.
I work remotely in an online education business, my hours are flexible, which allows me to enjoy geographical freedom, so I want to take this opportunity to adopt digital nomadism, even if it's just for a year or two, it's an experience I need to live.
Studying history and culture from other countries is something that fascinates me, I mean, I'm even interested in the smallest details of everyday life. That means I research about people's experiences living in those countries, the cultural differences they feel between cities, how laws work, what entertainment options are available, which local bands are successful in that region, what language-related difficulties they face, how social life is in general, what the food is like, etc. For instance, I also love watching movies and series set in other countries, and there are YouTube channels where a guy with a camera walks through various cities around the world, just filming, like a "virtual tour," I think it's awesome. I need to travel and see all these things with my own eyes. I want to feel the world, discover new flavors, appreciate new melodies, acquire new accents... I want to live.
I'm writing this ad for two reasons:
First: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I'm very interested in life in other countries, in the broadest way you can imagine. So being able to talk to people who were born in other parts of the world, often with a completely different background from mine, would be special, don't you think? I believe we can share experiences and learn a lot from each other. We can learn from our differences, we can be surprised by our similarities, we can laugh together at various memes and dumb jokes. We can share playlists.
Second: I really want to expand my social circle, I'm open to new friendships in my life, that add value and stay long term! That would be perfect. However, I have to be transparent with you about the type of person I'm looking for, here are the requirements:
. You are truly open and receptive to a new friendship.
. You feel comfortable with long messages. You're quite talkative.
. You believe we have things in common (the more, the better) and we can get along well.
. The more optimistic and self-confident you are, the better.
. I'm open to meeting people from any continent, country, city, even Brazilians.
. I'm open to people of all ages (as long as you're an adult).
Music: I listen to pretty much everything: Rock (progressive, punk, new wave, grunge, classic, indie, emo, etc), POP, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Reggae, Tango, Classical Music, Bossa Nova, Country, Metal, Soul, etc. Old and new songs, no problem at all. I've created more than 40 playlists on my Spotify, and each one is in a different language. Discovering new artists is something I do almost daily. Consequently, I also enjoy watching people dance, and my favorite styles are Tango, Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Waltz, and Urban Dance. I really love watching choreography videos. If you want to see my playlists on Spotify, here's the link:
You'll find playlists in Italian 🇮🇹, French 🇫🇷, Spanish 🇪🇸, English 🇬🇧, Portuguese 🇵🇹, Japanese 🇯🇵, Korean 🇰🇷, Arabic 🇦🇪, Hebrew 🇮🇱, Hindi 🇮🇳, Turkish 🇹🇷, Indonesian 🇮🇩, Azerbaijani 🇦🇿, Finnish 🇫🇮, Hungarian 🇭🇺, Slovenian 🇸🇮, Romanian 🇷🇴, Czech 🇨🇿, German 🇩🇪, Greek 🇬🇷, Polish 🇵🇱, Chinese 🇨🇳 (Mandarin, Cantonese), Russian 🇷🇺, Ukrainian 🇺🇦, Dutch 🇳🇱, Filipino 🇵🇭, Swedish 🇸🇪, Catalan 🇦🇩, Kabyle 🇩🇿, Danish 🇩🇰, Bengali 🇧🇩, Georgian 🇬🇪, Latin 🇻🇦, Malayalam 🇮🇳, Luganda 🇺🇬, Persian 🇮🇷, Neapolitan 🇮🇹, Norwegian 🇳🇴, Vietnamese 🇻🇳, Telugu 🇮🇳, Uzbek 🇺🇿, Swahili 🇰🇪.
The "Sodamania" playlist is my favorite band's playlist, Soda Stereo from Argentina 🇦🇷.
Movies: Believe it or not, I watch movies of any genre, from horror (Us, Hostel, SAW) to children's animations (Chicken Little, Over the Hedge, Tangled), as long as the experience is good, that's what matters. My official favorite movies are: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Once, Blue Jay, Bridge to Terabithia, Finding Neverland. There are other movies that could make this list because I love them too: La Vita È Bella, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charade, It's a Wonderful Life, Shutter Island, Jab We Met, Arrival, Eternals... There are many other movies that I really enjoyed watching, like Logan, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, The Tree of Life, Song to Song, Catch Me If You Can, Forrest Gump, Grease, Medianeras, etc. And yes, I'm excited to watch Barbie in the cinema. I like classics like Rocky, Rambo, but there are many other classics that I haven't watched yet, you'd be surprised if you knew. The actress I like the most is Audrey Hepburn, for everything she represented, for her elegance on and off the screen, super authentic and admirable. When it comes to TV series, I also like several (Suits is one of my favorites), however, in recent years, I've been giving a lot of preference to Korean dramas. I used to really enjoy a Japanese reality show called Terrace House, but it got canceled. Honorable mention goes to Bnei Aruba, a great Israeli series.
Sports: I root for a Brazilian soccer team called Grêmio. I love watching Olympic games (including Winter Olympics). I like watching F1 races (rooting for Leclerc), Tennis matches. I'm getting closer and closer to the major American leagues, and I'm strongly sympathizing with the Boston Celtics, in the other leagues, I still don't have a defined team. When I was a kid, I played soccer and practiced swimming. In the future, I want to play tennis, and it would also be cool to practice martial arts (kung fu, karate, and taekwondo).
Languages: Portuguese 🇧🇷 is my native language, but I can handle English 🇬🇧 and Spanish 🇪🇸 pretty well too. I've studied a bit (basic) of Italian 🇮🇹, French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, and Norwegian 🇳🇴. Right now, I'm studying the Arabic alphabet 🇦🇪 and taking my first steps in Korean 🇰🇷, Japanese 🇯🇵, Hebrew 🇮🇱, and Croatian 🇭🇷.
Religion: I'm a Noahide. A non-Jew who believes in the Torah. My theological view is similar to Orthodox Judaism, although our lifestyles are different. So if you're Jewish (or Israeli 🇮🇱), it would be great to have your company. If you're Muslim, know that I'd love to meet you too. I want to visit several Muslim countries, including each of the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪, Morocco 🇲🇦, Turkey 🇹🇷 (especially Izmir), Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Egypt 🇪🇬, Jordan 🇯🇴, Qatar 🇶🇦, etc. If you're Hindu 🇮🇳 or any other religion, feel welcome too. My family is Christian, so I have no problem talking to Christians either.
Politics: I'll only talk about the economic issue: I believe in the free market, I love the Austrian School, and I identify with Mises' thinking. That's it.
Look, I'm a guy who loves to laugh. I like to have fun. I like to have deep conversations and also silly conversations. I like to talk about Greek mythology, architecture, technology, and also like to talk about fashion, cooking, animals, etc. I'm ambiverted, I hate lies, my zodiac sign is Gemini (not that it matters), I need to fight procrastination every day. I walk fast on the street, and it bothers me when people are walking slowly in front of me. I’m from Belo Horizonte and I've never been to Rio de Janeiro. I have a diary. I want to leave photographic records for future generations. I hate bothering people. But you know what? I'm a great listener, and I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories! We can be great friends... I know that most of the time things don't work out here the way we'd like them to, but so what? We're here now, and we have the chance to do things differently, right?! So come on, let's start something beautiful!
If you've read this far and identified with my words, send me your best message, and I'll make it worth it!
P.S: if you're too shy:
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2023.06.11 00:04 octofly [WTS] 13.9 Criterion Wedgelock Upper, 16 inch budget upper, ACE SOCOM Stock, Atlas BT-10, ROF SAR RMR, and BFG

Good evening GAFS! I’ve got some stuff to sell and you’ve got some stuff to buy. Help me fund an ATACR!
Rules of my listings - PayPal F&F or Venmo Only. Shipping is included in my prices. You have 1 hour to send me payment after a dibs or I move on to the next buyer. Dibs takes an item over a PM.
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2023.06.11 00:04 BoooringUser Got myself into a melodrama, hell of a day

Never thought I'd make the third post about this relationship so soon, but it's worth a notice. So a few days ago, I and my now girlfriend started dating, and the hardest part honestly was telling close people about it. One of those happened to be a girl in our group, in fact the only other member, who has very low self esteem, and we were worried she could feel like she doesn't belong in the group anymore. And boy, did it go worse. Turned out she had feelings for her too. Now, just to clarify, I don't mind at all, that's not her fault or a fault in the first place, it's just that that made me even more worried for what she might feel. After her leaving to cry a little, we discussed it all, and decided we will carry on like normal, and it will go away with time, but I still worry about her. If anyone has any advice it will be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.11 00:04 SentientChroma How do I start out after getting a degree? Feeling directionless and hopeless.

A little bit of background: I am a former civilian mariner sitting at the rank of OSV AB. I have traveled to several different countries and have spent a good chunk of time at sea and have lived a very transient lifestyle but recently I am wanting to settle down. Before that I have about 15 years of amateur computer repair experience starting in 2008 and I have been fixing PCs for my friends since. I absolutely love any type of technology and it is my dream to enter the IT field as it is my passion to help others and work with computers in a professional manner to better advance my dream career. Even a remote helpdesk job would be a dream come true for me and I relish at the oppertunity to obtain one. I do not charge others for repairing or building their PCs as I love doing it and I have built up a reputation for myself as the go to guy for tech. I also have soundboard ops experience DJing for local events since 2014 and am curently employed as a soundboard operator at a local radio station.
Recently I was employed as a civilian Mariner aboard a corporate fleet in the Gulf of Mexico and the Carribean but I left that behind about a year ago to go back to college to get an IT associate's degree. I estimate I have sent about somewhere around 571 applications and have only gotten one phone call back which I believe to be a scam because they never scheduled the phone interview they promised and have ignored my followup email.
I live in a very remote, rural ,and isolated coastal community in the deep southern US If that matters. As a matter of fact ,we are an island connected to a wetland by a canal bridge. There aren't a lot of IT options here and the main industries here are Seafood and Maritime work so getting hired by reference is out if the question as almost nobody here works in IT. There is one guy at the radio station that does and he took my resume but it's been 2 months. Is this typical for this field? He's always stressed and swamped with work so I don't know why they just wouldn't hire an extra guy to help out. I'd rather not go back to the boats but I will if I have to because right now I'm only making 7.25 an hour for my efforts in the studio and it's honestly really quite depressing and starting to physically affect my health. Should I just keep going on or should I go back out to sea? I'd make lots more money but I really have my heart set on IT.
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2023.06.11 00:04 Fossilized_Nerd DBL 5th Anniversary "Part 1" Character Survey RESULTS

DBL 5th Anniversary
Hello yet again!
As of a short time ago, the unofficial DBL 5th Anniversary "Part 1" Survey concluded, conducted between June 8th and June 10th - and with a rather hefty 30 responses! I'm quite happy with the outcome of responses, honestly - and thanks to everybody who partook in the 8-question survey.
Let's break down the responses and see what we can derive from this.
First Question - Character Value
On our first question, it looks as though there's a very clear set of winners of our summonable units, with a whopping 28/30 selecting SP Jiren as the top-ranked valuable unit of the banner, and 25 selecting Pre-Adjustment LL Tag Goku & Frieza as the second-most valuable. This banner's "loser" was EX Champa, with 12 respondants saying he was not valuable at all.

Second Question - Character Viability
For the second question, this banner definitely stands out as one with a mostly-viable selection. Between those who insisted all of the new characters were viable and those who said most were not, however, there was a slight edge towards lesser-viability. This is a very nice demonstration of the presence pre-existing units have on the current "meta" in the game.

Third Question - Extreme Character Value
The third question had a very clear divide between the two newly-released units, which goes to show that the design approach to these characters and their role within battle determined their value overall. Vados, a character focused on defensive tactics and disruption, easily outclassed Champa as the more valuable of the two new characters.
Fourth Question - \"Off-Focus\" Banner Value
Four questions down, with the next subject being banner value. A lot of the banner participants, as it turned out, either did not care about off-focus characters or did care - and chose to summon. There were absolutely no responses for dislike of the off-focus characters, which is a great thing! The game benefits most from healthy banner lineups that people are ok with summoning-on even if they are not the biggest fans of the selection.

Fifth Question - Free-to-Play Sparking Value
Halfway there! Next is Free to Play characters - with the introduction of Ultimate Gohan and Vegeta "Blue". This is even more stark than Vados and Champa, as an incredible majority of the responders suggested Vegeta was more valuable compared to Gohan, with a staggering 12 responders saying he had no value at all! A sad place to be for fans of Ultimate Gohan.

Sixth Question - Tier Rankings
Question six - the most controversial one. Tier rankings from all responders - ranking solely Sparking-rarity characters - elected Jiren as a near 50/50 split between Z Tier and S Tier. Following up Jiren is Pre-Adjustment LL Tag Goku & Frieza, then Kyawei, followed by Kahseral who barely edges out "F2P" Vegeta. Gohan was unanimously determined as the worst of the lot, with no responders selecting him as Z or S Tier.

Question Seven - Player Morale
As we wind down the survey with the last "standard" question, it looks like players are overall quite happy with "Part 1" of the anniversary despite some clear hiccups. Nearly everyone liked the rewards distributed, most responders enjoyed the character selection, and 22/30 are happy or neutral about the state of the game going-forward. However, there was a clear standout of disappointment in one area - the omission of a new Zenkai Awakening, with more than 3/4 wishing one had been added.
Question Eight - Changes to LL Tag Goku & Frieza
The final question of this survey regarded the adjustments on the way for Legends Limited Tag Goku & Frieza, asking what people think about balance changes - and a massive 76.7% want the game to continue to make these changes on a more frequent basis! That said - it is worth noting that 6 individuals are happy this is a one-time affair or abstained from recording an opinion because the changes have not been implemented.

In conclusion, it looks as though "Part 1" of the 5th Anniversary has been a success from the perspective of the game's new characters and the way people feel about them. If you would like to view the graphs for yourself, they are available here: Just select "see previous responses" and they will all become visible!
Thank you for reading and participating!
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2023.06.11 00:04 Professional-Lemon72 (F18) I got my step dad arrested (UPDATE)

My first post is here
If it seems like there is a time jump from that post to this post it's because the main part happened a while ago.
I was so greatful to see all the encouragement my sister and I got on my first post. It means so much to me to see that so many of you genuinely care about what happened. And if my sister knew I shared our story with you all, I know she'd be very appreciative.
And for those of you that messaged me saying I should've enjoyed the rape. Or that I shouldn't have gotten him arrested so that when I left for college he could do the same thing to my little sister. Go furfill you rape fantasies somewhere else. I will block and report you. I was disgusted, I almost threw up.
For some good news, my little sister and I arrived at my relatives house this morning. She has a lovely home and a beautiful family. I feel so much safer already. My sister and I have our own therapists that we speak to through zoom and I think we've both been making progress.
My step dad was given the maximum sentence which is 14 years where we live. There was a whole bunch of legal stuff that happened but I don't really understand all of it. One of my friends dad was the lawyer on my case and I won't reveal who he is but I want everyone to know how greatful I am of him.
Well that's pretty much it. If you want updates on my sister and me from time to time I can do that.
Thanks everyone :)
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2023.06.11 00:04 smartiesarecool HELP: Canadian Student - Loan Options to Fund MSW

Got into a top MSW program in the USA. Maximized funding from the school and from personal savings/family (low-income, no familial wealth).
Outstanding tuition: USD $38,806 (CAD $52k)
Bank is only giving me CAD $9k line of credit with 8% interest. I really don’t know where to turn to in terms of funding and loans. Do I get a private loan? Take out a bigger loan with my parent as a co-signer?
I will be applying to small external scholarships (a few thousand dollars) and working part-time throughout my education. Any and all advice is appreciated. I’m first-generation so financial literacy is very new to me and I’m primarily stressed about the mere thought of taking out a loan, being in debt, and having to pay it off. Thank you!
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2023.06.11 00:03 jlnotredame Student Interested in PhD at MIT and Princeton

Hi everyone,
I’ve been looking into PhD programs and wondering if anyone can give me guidance on whether or not I have a good chance of getting accepted to MIT’s Operations Research PhD program or Princeton’s Operations Research and Financial Engineering PhD program.
I received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Accounting, and Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame and graduated with a 3.7/4.0. I also received my Master of Science in Business Analytics and Finance from Cornell University, and graduated with a 4.15/4.3.
At Cornell, I conducted research on Quant Trading and how to use linear regression to predict stock prices.
I had my first internship as a Data Analyst at Allstate, and since then interned at British Petroleum (bp) as a quantitative trading intern, as well as StoneX Group Inc working with Python as a Solution Analyst intern.
I am only 22, and have not yet held a full time job. I know I will be able to have 3 very strong recommendation letters when I apply.
Do you all think my application would be strong, and do you have any feedback for me?
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2023.06.11 00:03 ECOBear8970 Edit request of a Barry Manilow music video for a friend of mine

This is gonna be a odd request, but I was looking for someone who could help me make a video. It’s more than likely pretty simple, but idk editing and I’m willing to pay if it takes a lot of time.
Here’s what I was looking for and it might sound dumb, I need someone to replace the audio of the name Mandy with a computer generated voice of the gamer tag Bipple in the Song Mandy by Barry Manilow. On YouTube if you look up Barry Manilow - Mandy (from live on broadway) is the exact version I was hoping to use, you only need to replace Mandy 6 times, and that’s all I would need. Context I have a friend who was going through alot of mental health issues when we were gaming together in the past, and they told me I helped get them through it. I’ve gotten a new job, and our time to play together just isn’t there so we don’t game much anymore. Well they sent me a message saying how much they appreciated me for helping them, and I came up with this idea as a way too respond. Sadly I don’t not have the knowledge or skills too be able too make this, and really don’t know where I would start. So If there is a kind soul out there that would be willing too help with this request, please shoot me a DM and we can talk details about any questions or possibilities of payment. Thank you very much and I hope all who read this have a great day, ECOBear
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2023.06.11 00:02 throwRa-rown Me 23F and bf 23M are together for 2 years.

I need advice. Me(23f) and bf(23m) are together for 2 years now. We had our ups and downs like every couple has. I have an insecurity with other women near my boyfriend. Like not all the women but the women I feel and see signs they might be after him. His bestfriend is single and has a lot of female friends and every time they hangout his bestfriend always invite some women with them. At first I was okay with it but now they always hangout all together and they made a group chat and everything and when I ask him whats going on he hide his phone and he is not showing me the chat. And I act a little suspicious and I show him that I am jealous or he thinks am toxic doing this stuff. In the past he was okay with me touching his phone or he used to show me messages without me asking. And if they hangout he is like “ you wont fit there and you’ll feel awkward because you won’t know anyone there and is better not to come” or he just won’t tell me to join them. Also the boys planned a vacation and accidentally the girls booked the same dates with them and they all hang together at the beach, clubs etc.
I don’t know what to think,feel or say. Maybe is nothing and I just ruin my relationship with my insecurities and overthinking. I am not feeling good though and tomorrow the will go to a beach bar all together again and he just said “the girls wants me and the boys to go”. I am trying to be a chill and cool girlfriend but sometimes I cant handle stuff like this. What do you think?
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2023.06.11 00:02 hollowmartin My first experience with fromsoft games

I am new to the soulsborne series and decided to try them for the first time. I tried 3 games.
The first game I played was Bloodborne, because I already had it in my library. At first I didn’t know what to do, the character creation already looked confusing and scared me but I pushed through. Then I got to the hunters dream where I didn’t realize I had to go to the tombstone to respawn. After I figured it out I pushed on and had fun, got stuck on the bonfire area. My first boss was Gascoigne and oh man was this good. It felt like a dance where every move could cost me my life, but he didn’t feel too hard. Cleric beast was more challenging for me but was alright. Currently I am at old yharnam, I didn’t like the part with the minigun guy and currently stuck on bloodstarved beast but overall I love the aesthetic and design, the game is really confusing for beginners though, a lot of text, the animations are janky and stats aren’t really explained well. Overall I like bloodborne so far, 8/10 eager to beat the bloodstarved beast.
The next game was the Demon’s souls remake after getting stuck on Bloodborne, now I know that the remake is for next gen and can’t really be compared to Bloodborne but this game is AMAZING. The animations are smooth, the gameplay and world is amazing and polished, i truly felt like a knight. Overall I liked the more linear world of Demon’s souls way more than Bloodborne’s maze, not saying it’s bad but I did get lost and frustrated with bloodborne more than with Demon’s Souls. The dragon is so scary and the soul death mechanic is interesting even for an older game. 9/10
The most recent game is Sekiro. Sekiro is by far my favourite out of these 3, they’re all amazing but Sekiro feels combines the fast paced combat of Bloodborne and the smoothness and polish of Demon’s Souls (i know it came out before DS) together in a beautiful japanese aesthetic. The parry system is perfect, simple but allows for complexity.
Overall i can’t wait to see what these games can show me and even if i only played them for a very short time, they already affected my standards for videogames.
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