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Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas of Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Socastee, Aynor, Georgetown and more.

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This subreddit is designated for all things gay in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. While all conversations are welcome (within guidelines), we love to see new resident introductions and posts that help develop the area's support system, expose local activities and events, as well as help provide visibility to businesses that are pride-owned or allies. We are here and we are strong! NO NUDITY OR 18+ CONTENT For NSFW content and classifieds, please visit MyrtleBeachGayHookup

2014.02.23 16:47 haniam Myrtle Beach's Hackerspace

SubProto is a dual makerspace/hackerspace located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2023.04.02 13:39 Vegorthemighty 35 [M4f] Southeastern Connecticut. Looking for my lady. Let's chat and see if we click!

 Classic gamer guy seeks gamer gal story! Been trying dating apps for quite a bit and not having any luck, maybe someone here can change that! As for me, I'm black, Chubby and nerdy. Like a big geeky teddy bear! I give the best hugs and have heard I'm a pro cuddler. I guess I'm stuck in a rut. I work and go home and that's it. Trying to meet new people and find something special in my life, but it's tough when you dislike the bar scene and that's really all there is in your area. I like going for walks when the weather is nice and picnics on the beach. Terrible sci-fi movies are my go to and can't get enough of those rubber suits covered in goo! Tell me about the last anime you watched. What got you into it? What kept you watching? What are you hoping gets it's exciting newest season? Are you also tired of all these new trash isekais coming out? Prefer someone local, but won't mind a long distance chat. Let's get know one another, play some games, and find ourselves someone together! 
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2023.04.02 13:38 tuffenstein0420 Tried posting this in a couple other subs and I haven't had any luck so far. Maybe ya'll can help me.

Tried posting this in a couple other subs and I haven't had any luck so far. Maybe ya'll can help me.
This was found on the beach in Southern NJ.
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2023.04.02 13:37 thanchek I'm sorry..

It took time before I could remember from that day, but the body keeps the score. You didn't wanted to go because you felt weird, instinct was kicking your guts. You were scared and it was very hot outside in september at Dubaï. While talking about getting black to the airport some taxi guy pulled up and offered us the ride to the beach nearby, we got on not knowing we were about to get robbed. Looking over I knew you were gone, freezed from stress, not understanding everything being said as we talked english. We thought they were nice people, helping us, giving us clothes and buying us food because we didn't have any of those anymore. They took us to the mall and there we discussed about things being off. They kept insisting on buying us things, we could have had anything, but we knew they've been working hard to get off Jordania and Algeria's misery. In the evening we ate at this barbecue restaurant, we talked about religion too. We left and got to see Dubaï night atmosphere, it was really insteresting but we got tired, suddently real tired. In fact I don't even remember us getting in the car. Night flew by and flashs is all I got this point. Dark alley, my shorts seems to be gone. I was seating next to the driver, fighting to stay awake. Eventhough we were not together anymore, I had to protect you as you were my friend and I was the one guilty of all this disaster. I looked at you in the back of the car, vision's blurry but your head is laying on his lap, he is stroking your hair and I can see your shirt pulled down, part of your chest exposed while it should have not. I fought against the tiredness but I couldn't speak anymore. We were stuck with them for the night far away from home. I can't see where we're parked, it's pitch black outside and I still fell asleep. Next morning we woke up just in time for our flight back home. Anger, shame and pain is all i'm feeling. We talked a bit about it but didn't told you everything I knew, hoping you'll get past it. Dealing myself with the feeling of dirt all around my body. I watched you and I going bitter as months went by, then we went apart. This was not the first time we hurted each other nor got into bad stuff but I knew this one night we would never fully recover from.
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2023.04.02 13:33 spyrenx April 2023 Boxycharm reveal

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2023.04.02 13:31 DoNotTouchMeImScared Help Request: I Lost And Cannot Find Anymore One Of The Cutest And Gayest Pieces Of Art That Makes Me Happy

Title: Help Request: I Lost And Cannot Find Anymore One Of The Cutest And Gayest Pieces Of Art That Makes Me Happy
Sorry to bother, but I would really appreciate some help, I lost sometime ago and cannot find anymore one of the cutest and gayest pieces of art that makes me happy.
My memory is failing me since have been years since I last saw them around out there in the internet, I am talking about two or four colored panels of fanart of the "Marvel's Cinematic Universe" (MCU).
The panels centers around Steve Rogers/"Captain America" and Bucky Barnes/"Winter Soldier" ("Stucky") together with Peggy CarteAgent Carter AND Angie Martinelli ("Cartinelli"/"Vintage Girlfriends"), from "Captain America" and "Agent Carter", they all were probably reimagined together as a polyamorous polycule.
They were all together at a beach, with happy facial expressions, there was a blue colored sky and a sandcastle in one of the panels next to Steve, who together with Bucky were shirtless, while either Peggy or Angie had a stripped bikini, if I remember well.
The art I am talking about is probably from around 2015 or 2016 because the "Agent Carter" series was still going on back then, they also probably originated from "Tumblr", and, based on artstyle similarities, I am pretty sure were drawn by the lesbian artist named Sarah at "sarandco" at "Tumblr".
The images I am talking about were very similar to this one illustration made and shared by her, the artstyle of the images was also somewhat minimalist, chubby and very cute:
If any of you could find those images for me, that would make my month, I would be very much pleased.
I hope you all have better lucky than me finding that, because I am terrible at searching images and blogs.
I think there is also a small chance that someone already also shared the images at this subreddit before.
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2023.04.02 13:27 DAANFEMA Fighting planaria

Fighting planaria
So about two weeks ago I noticed these worms on the front glas of my 20g tank with shrimp, least killifish and different snails. I'm quite sure they are planaria, I probably got them through plants from marketplace (also got scuds and bladder snails as hitch hikers). After closer inspection I also noticed that there were hardly any of the bladder snails left (I had really many of them before). I am not sure if some shrimp disappeared too as they reproduce quite fast and my tank is heavily planted so I never see all of them. I bought a trap and caught at least 30 worms every night for more than a week (used checken breast in the trap). Then I decided to get panacur (fenbendazol) from the pharmacy. I got the 2,5% liquid and dosed about 0,75mg per liter tank water on wednesday. In the following three days I still saw planaria in the evenings and got a bit disheartened. But yesterday was the first evening where I hardly saw any and the few I saw didn't move and looked kind of transparent, so I think it's working now. My fish, shrimp and bladder- ramshorn and malaysian trumpet snails seem to do well, no losses until today. Today on day 5 I did a 50% water change and dosed panacur for the added water. So the treatment seems to work as intended! I thought I'd share my experience in case someone else has to deal with the same problem, maybe y'all would like to share some experiences too? Here's to hoping all planaria will die and all shrimp, fish and snails will thrive!
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2023.04.02 13:26 rifrafsimons im going back to greece soon i cant wait to be out on the beach in warm summer nights surrounded by beautiful people

australians are fucking ugly
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2023.04.02 13:25 AutoModerator [Get] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight

[Get] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight
Download course here :
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In one word, it’s about FREEDOM.
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What I’m offering to a very small number of people is an exact copy of my MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR local lead-gen website.
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2023.04.02 13:24 DiligentBeautiful918 April 2023 Picks+Add-ons

April 2023 Picks+Add-ons
I updated the beauty quiz and chose "I want all skincare" and somehow still received a palette as a power pick. There wasn't a lot of great skin care products this month and I liked the makeup choices in this month anyway, so whatever, it's fine.. 🥲
BYROE Pear Serum Oil
NATASHA DENONA Alloy Eyeshadow Pallette
My picks:
FENTY BEAUTY Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer + Plumper in Lemon Lava
BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Nude Beach
YC Collection Bold + Matte Eyeshadow Primer
BEST FACE FORWARD Purifying Cleanser
COMPLEX CULTURE Titanium Curling Wand 1.25"
PURLISSE BEAUTY Yuzu + Orange Exfoliating Face Polish
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2023.04.02 13:23 vexingcurses Choices were complete trash. Box is meh.

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2023.04.02 13:23 Jazzlike_Opinion7909 Admission into Romania

Hello! I am a student from India planning to pursue an M.D. program this fall. I wanted to know about Târgu Mures University of Medicine, Pharmacy and Sciences in Târgu Mures, Romania.
Does anyone here a student there or an International Student?
What are the score requirements for admission as an International Student?
How is the last 6th year of internship like and where are the students posted?
Do they have on campus hostel and food facilities for International students?
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2023.04.02 13:19 PandaBot_2001 Is it safe to have my 3DS on a beach?

So I'm asking because I'm going away for a week, but I don't really like sun bathing because it's extremely boring, and going in the sea isn't fun unless I go with someone else. I'm 21 years old and don't enjoy going on holiday with my family that much, so I usually use a console on the beach.
I've used my PS Vita in the past, and I'm wondering if the 3ds would be ok. I wouldn't use it if there was sand flying about from wind, because that's supid. But what's the risk of salt from the salty air ruining it, and how easy would it be to fix? Should I just stick to my Vita?
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2023.04.02 13:18 Sensitive-Window-925 Chance a mid junior for T20s (Advice needed)

Demographics: Asian, NYC, Female, Low-income
Major: Mechanical engineering
Intended Schools: NYU Georgia Tech Cornell Princeton UT Austin UWM etc
GPA: 4.2 weighted
SAT: n/a
Course load: 12 Ap classes by senior year
President of environmental club- Taught people how to recycle and reuse items, did beach/park clean ups, taught elementary school kids how to recycle
Vice President of Key Club - Planned events with board members
Organization (member) - met with NYS senators to push for climate education
Author of a small book on mental health (unpublished)
Paid Internship (from a program by NY’s department of education) designing a website for a nonprofit.
Paid summer research internship- conducted research on climate change & effect on marine species. Worked with a professor from Brooklyn College and presented findings to other professors.
Small business making tote bags
helped with my mom's business
Taught block coding to kids in a library & will be continuing senior year
(possible internship this summer)
Awards: (not good)
Ap scholar won a local app challenge (using block code) (idk how to fr code HELP) regional cs award ​
Do I have a chance? Pls be brutally honest
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2023.04.02 13:15 Artisticuator927 Hot Teen Creampied In Public - Sex On The Beach

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2023.04.02 13:11 Feedthabeast Basketball court in Coronado?

Are there any public basketball courts in Coronado or near any of the beaches?
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2023.04.02 13:11 Oxnodeia_Cresilia OH NO

"You got more pokemon?"
He looked amused but I was half tempted to throw myself into the ocean.
I explained they were born a day ago and still probably trying to figure out things. Volo had a big smile on his face looking at the two of us while Jello knew what they did. Even with that goofy smile.
I. Am. Screaming. This is getting worse. I'm going to a different part of the beach. If you do not hear from me for some hours assume I have melted from embarrassment.
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2023.04.02 13:02 JustTomYt_ I pooped myself again yesterday

And the even worse thing is I do it everyday in school. I left the hotel room because we on holiday in Spain. When I left the room it was about 11 am local. I didn’t use the bathroom until the night before as I didn’t need to go. But then we stated waking down to the beach I started needing the Toilet and badly. About 20 minutes later after trying to hold it on I pooped myself. It wasn’t that bad but everybody was looking at me and my parents didn’t know what had happened
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2023.04.02 13:00 ClueHour Sardinia Travel

Hello! Australian here travelling through Italy in August/September this year. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to stay for best beach access to Golfo Di Orosei in Sardinia? Or any other suggestions for a Sardinia itinerary? Thanks
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2023.04.02 12:54 Quirky-Ebb-6110 Solo Travel Tips - La Union

Hiiiii. Female here and planning to have my first solo travel in La Union. I just want to learn how to surf, chill by the beach, and maybe go to night clubs/bar alone. Appreciate if you could suggest a beach front but still budget friendly accommodation. Prefer solo room sana. And ofc surfing schools! Still thinking about the night life. I'm bit shy so idk if it would be weird to go alone but I wanna try.
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2023.04.02 12:46 Dull-Situation-4526 Landlord walks around naked

My landlord lives in a house in front of a building with four apartment units. He has cameras everywhere and will regularly ask where I was going at 10pm, etc.
He rents the apartments under market price as part of his “ministry”, and has made it clear that it bothers him that I do not attend his weekly Bible study.
The apartments he rents are in disrepair with uncovered sockets, broken windows covered with plywood and duct taped insulation, paint peeling off the walls, windows painted shut, etc.
Finally, he likes to walk around the property naked. Not in his house, outside between the two buildings. He pretends to be surprised when I come out of my place and see him. But, it keeps happening.
He is probably in his 60s and only rents to women.
He is now trying to get me to move out. I am not yet late on my April rent since it fell on a Saturday. But, I think that my intolerance of all of the above is causing him to try to force me out.
Is there anything I can do?
I live in Palm Beach County, FL
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2023.04.02 12:39 BECKYISHERE Does anyone remember in the 60s and 70s even if you weren't from a religious family, all the children would go to the local church every day in the summer holidays for summer school?

It was meant to be to teach bible stories but actually it would be a few weeks of outings which we children would not have had otherwise, we would go to the swimming baths, on a coach to the seaside (we already lived at the seaside in Cromer but would go on a day trip further down the coast to a different but exactly the same seaside location where we would have icecream and play with beach balls and have buckets and spades) also we would play hide and seek round the church and other games, we had a great time.We would put on a play at the end of the summer school that parents would come to see and there would be things to buy and I think it was the proceeds of that sale of cakes and things that would fund the summer school (i remember buying a ruler for tuppence which my mother said was too expensive). I don't think parents had to pay and it was a way of looking after children while parents either worked or they couldn't pay for these outings and other things for the children.I recall that children who didn't have suitable clothes for going to the park and playing or going to the beach were given donated clothing.
I am trying to recall what else we did, it was a whole organised scheme, which would be something like swimming baths monday, play in park tuesday, beach wednesday, trip to market thursday, organised playing in church hall and gardens friday and a brief prayer and discussion of the day with connected bible stories and colouring in afterwards.When we went to the park, it was not the local quite small park, it was a much bigger park with big slides and other equipment.
Every day we had a small lunch of a paste sandwich, a plastic juice with a straw in it and I especially recall the malt biscuits with cows on.We had to say grace at lunch.
I think we were there for long hours from about 8am to 6pm or longer.
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2023.04.02 12:34 madazzahatter No. 8 University of Hawaii beach volleyball team closed out weekend with split at East Meets West Invitational in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on Saturday. After losing 3-2 to No. 16 Florida International, ‘Bows got their win of the year, edging No. 5 LSU 3-2.

No. 8 University of Hawaii beach volleyball team closed out weekend with split at East Meets West Invitational in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on Saturday. After losing 3-2 to No. 16 Florida International, ‘Bows got their win of the year, edging No. 5 LSU 3-2. submitted by madazzahatter to HawaiiSports [link] [comments]