Thunderstorm sounds for sleeping

White Noise Relaxation

2013.12.26 08:45 whitenoiserelaxation White Noise Relaxation

For those who just need the noise to rest, sleep and relax.

2013.01.13 15:23 Nature Sounds

A subreddit for various sound footages taken from nature - things like recordings of a thunderstorm or the sounds of a grassland during spring.

2010.12.15 18:15 Fred_Flintstone beddit

A place to share sleep aid videos, and discuss your bed time habits.

2023.04.01 10:38 SIdigitalm Best UPVC Windows and Doors in Hyderabad

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2023.04.01 10:37 leslviv Direct Device Audio Streaming

Hi, I'm new to Sonos, and I don't understand why there isn't an option to simply stream device audio via WiFi instead of connecting music services to the Sonos app. Is it technically impossible? I doubt it. Wouldn't it be easier for users to stream the entire device's audio flow to the speakers and use native music apps with all the features they offer, instead of being limited to Sonos' gateway to music apps? Also, can you please advise me on how to watch Netflix using multiple Sonos speakers at the same time? I'm frustrated with this approach and missing a solution. Although the sound quality is impressive, my Roam SLs lose audio quality drastically when the volume goes above 60%, specifically, the bass disappears completely. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 10:36 laka7770 Best way to stop snoring.

Best way to stop snoring.
Snoring is a common problem that can disrupt the sleep of both the snorer and their bed partner. It occurs when the flow of air through the mouth and nose is partially obstructed during sleep, causing vibrations in the throat and creating the characteristic snoring sound.
There are several factors that can contribute to snoring, including obesity, alcohol consumption, nasal congestion, sleep position, and anatomical abnormalities in the throat or jaw. While snoring itself is usually not a serious health concern, it can be a symptom of a more serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea, which can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health problems.
Fortunately, there are many ways to address snoring and improve sleep quality. Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, avoiding alcohol before bed, and sleeping on your side can help reduce snoring. Nasal strips, nasal dilators, and saline nasal sprays can also help open up the nasal passages and improve airflow. For more severe cases, oral appliances or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines may be recommended by a healthcare professional. Keep Reading full article
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2023.04.01 10:36 Spare-Chipmunk-9617 boxes?

this might sound dumb, but i need to ship a bunch of stuff to the usa. where can i buy boxes for that?? like big cardboard boxes. let me know :D
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2023.04.01 10:36 ThrowRa-youhsbs How do I (22m) approach my anxious moments with my very supportive and loving gf (22F)

Hello Reddit,
I am in a sort of conundrum I have been in a relationship with my amazing partner for 6 months. She is brilliant In so many ways but due to my anxiety and just pure insecurity, I constantly overthink but she has welcomed me with open arms.
I worry about our future but also when goes out drinking because she tells me stuff but not instantly but after a disagreements and her excuse is, ‘ I didn’t want to worry you.’ Something I really really hate because now I am thinking where is her line and where is mine, all the time so far I haven’t been upset about what happened but more of why didn’t she tell me. However, I am scarred about be overbearing.
Anywho the biggest problem now is when I have an very anxious moment and we text and she says something so kind and lovely ‘are you okay hun is anything wrong’ and I tell her, like an idiot tell her all my concerns and worries, which I instantly regret after the fact because I know it is because I am really anxious and my thoughts aren’t my real thoughts.
Also, another patter I have been realising is that it happens when we have an amazing day and I come and ruin it. Like today we were having a brilliant day, tell each other how much we miss each other and flirting but there I go at 11pm overthinking little parts and causing myself to be upset. She doesn’t deserver it at all.
I just want to some advice on what to do should I keep it inside and hope it pasts because no one wants to hear there bf say he worries about our future together when in sound mind he so excited. I already go to counselling and call helplines.
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2023.04.01 10:36 GroovyLlama1 A man I thought I was friends with stopped talking to me after he got a girlfriend

For months I thought that this man genuinely liked me as a person and that we were friends. Then, despite nothing happening as far as I could see, he stopped talking to me and started avoiding me or only making awkward small talk when we bumped into each other. For weeks I have been tormented, wondering what I did wrong that made me so unlikeable all of a sudden.
Yesterday, I found out that around the time he stopped talking to me he got a girlfriend. He had just been dumped when we first met, so I have never before known him while he was in a relationship. To be clear, this man has plenty of long-term female friends who he still talks to regularly, so it isn't like he can't be friends with women, and yet this seems to be the reason for his coldness. This has left me with one conclusion: that he never actually liked me and was just being nice with the hope that he could eventually sleep with me (in hindsight, there was plenty of behaviour which pointed to him being attracted to me).
Attraction alone would be fine, but the fact that he stopped talking to me all together suggests that he never liked me as a person, only as a prospective fleshlight. I feel so betrayed for having cared about him and shared things with him when all along I was nothing to him. I feel so stupid for having liked him so much when we still talked and for still missing what I once thought we had despite what I now know. I feel both disgust for the way he manipulated me and a longing to get him back as a friend.
I have had a similar experience with men I thought were friends asking me out and then disappearing after I reject them, and I am starting to question whether I have any value as a person and friend at all
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2023.04.01 10:36 KnownRegion7271 Please help

Wish I could kill someone , after all my dark thoughts and trying to kill myself many times a dar tought in my head is telling me to kill bad people
Have a lot of anxiety attacks also my depression is acting up , lot of dark thoughts , been sleeping a lot , been abusing my pills , haven't been going to my AA meetings , having a lot of problems and trouble with my wife she doesn't even care anymore she doesn't want to help me or even deal with my depression and have some other problems with her and her family full of problems that are overflowing also towards me , I also get very anxious because she takes it out on me , she has been verbally abusing me for quite a while , I shut up for the sake of not fighting because I can wake up the dark side of me and scream and make her cry and her family very easily because inside I have my darkness and without making any real damage but I feel Im going to explode , have been drinking any alcohol , also looking for other drugs , can't concentrate on anything , can't sleep very well at nights but also sleep a lot during the day , also been crying a lot , 1 year anniversary of death of my mother was almost a month ago , I feel I really need her right now I need her advice or her ear her food her protection, don't have anyone else to talk to , she always helped me or at least heard me , already tried to kill myself 3 times this past year . I have some money problems also with my wife and her family, we have a kid together, she doesn't work I support the 3 of us , we have food , house , cars , good school , even with my problems I try to manage to work and provide , she only tries to waste it on stupid stuff or "lending" to her family that never comes back and they also spend on stupid stuff even they earn more than me but they are always without money to end the month so here comes the stupid that saves money , this is long I don't know what to do sorry the long post my head is a mess , I also feel like killing myself , I feel empty I want to die but my kid deserves a good father and a good education but sometimes I feel that's not enough my darkness consumes me please help
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2023.04.01 10:36 Dry_Shine_3233 Was I emotionally neglected or am I just trying to be a victim?

As a kid I always thought I had pretty above average parents. My best friend had a really scary dad who I later found out beat him regularly, and suddenly the stories he used to tell about how his dad would drive to b&q with my friend rising his bike sort of tied to the back didn't sound so nice.
My parents are pretty decent people. But I think my wife says it well when she says it's like I was raised more like a pot plant than a son.
They've never really been good at talking about issues, very very rarely did I come out of discussing an issue with them feeling better. Usually it was either they didn't understand, didn't care (not that they'd say that), or just generally freak me out in unintentional ways. When I told my dad why I'd broken up with a girlfriend he didn't understand the phrase "I wasn't there for her emotionally" and kept asking what it mean and I was dumbfounded I couldn't think of a clearer way of saying that.
It's hard to describe what's not there you know. My mum is certainly more emotionally available than my dad. I don't know when my dad last said he loves me, he said we should go out into town to pick up some hockey sticks (we both like hockey) and I just didn't want to go, too little too late. Only had maybe 3 or 4 nights of actually being with my dad since I was 18, I'm now 25 and still live at home with them.
That's why I'm so confused maybe, cos I'm in the middle of it. I don't think it's a terrible case of neglect. But I feel pretty neglected. I was inspired to do this post cause I was looking through old photos and I realised just about every photo of me as a kid there's bottles of wine and cans of beer in the background of basically every photo. Just made me think it wasn't as idyllic as I convinced myself it was, and maybe there's a deeper reason I'm so unhappy.
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2023.04.01 10:35 New-Worldliness-6150 Feeling dumb

Hey guys. I’ve Being. feeling a Little bit bumped out. I had a Job that I felt really stock in terms of personal and income growth. I was ready to quit to start something of my own and at the same time I was looking for new job opportunities. All of the sudden I was faced with a decision: keep going on a final interview for a cool company, i was gonna have a raised and the opportunity to travel to europe for work or start my own business. I decided to withdraw from that great oportunity to follow my dream but now the difficulties of doing everything is overwhelming and the income is really low. Now i feel really dumb because i know i made the wrong decision…. I cant sleep thinking about the what if.
Any advise?
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2023.04.01 10:33 BrainyTorch furry_irl

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2023.04.01 10:33 ThrowRa-youhsbs I (22m) have anxiety want to handle overthinking and negative thoughts with my partner (22F)

Hello Reddit,
I am in a sort of conundrum I have been in a relationship with my amazing partner for 6 months. She is brilliant In so many ways but due to my anxiety and just pure insecurity, I constantly overthink but she has welcomed me with open arms.
I worry about our future but also when goes out drinking because she tells me stuff but not instantly but after a disagreements and her excuse is, ‘ I didn’t want to worry you.’ Something I really really hate because now I am thinking where is her line and where is mine, all the time so far I haven’t been upset about what happened but more of why didn’t she tell me. However, I am scarred about be overbearing.
Anywho the biggest problem now is when I have an very anxious moment and we text and she says something so kind and lovely ‘are you okay hun is anything wrong’ and I tell her, like an idiot tell her all my concerns and worries, which I instantly regret after the fact because I know it is because I am really anxious and my thoughts aren’t my real thoughts.
Also, another patter I have been realising is that it happens when we have an amazing day and I come and ruin it. Like today we were having a brilliant day, tell each other how much we miss each other and flirting but there I go at 11pm overthinking little parts and causing myself to be upset. She doesn’t deserver it at all.
I just want to some advice on what to do should I keep it inside and hope it pasts because no one wants to hear there bf say he worries about our future together when in sound mind he so excited. I already go to counselling and call helplines.
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2023.04.01 10:33 Psychobauch Hello everybody!! IMPORTANT ACTUALITY!! It’s about my previous post where I slightly trying to show how perfectly was Terrence right. He was so amazing guy. If you want to dive into this new incredible psychedelic reality with me, please read the rest of the post.

So last day I posted here about that Terrence was right with his predictions.
Now I just played twice this amazing talk between two guys which I honestly don’t know, they are academics or just some pretty experienced and deeply educated guys, channel is called Tom Bilyeu.
They’re go through a lot but definitely not through all the possibilities which this new AI technology offers us.
I don’t know if they’re known Terrence and his work, they’re don’t mention him but refers to many other names, so they’re probably doesn’t, I don’t know.
But as someone who’s study his work through every single lecture on YouTube, and many many of them I played repeatedly like it’s bin my favorite music, I must say that they’re sound extremely like Terrence, Mysticism and something lot more bigger than human is formulating in all of their interactions.
I really recommended it, you guys should play it, we should celebrate about his genius!! He is not with us for few decades now but the symbol and pattern which he left us here is more powerful than psychedelics, he is powerful symbol of individuality and unconventionality.
And yes, I see the other side of coin, new dangers slowly starting to emerge.
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2023.04.01 10:32 LostButNowRemembered Gibberish. Frick off. Don't read.

You know, if you'd ever just talked about it... But I think I understand a bit better now, I think the reason you never talked about anything is because you couldn't. If you did, you're just exposing yourself immediately. you doing think the real truth is that almost everything you talk about is fake. You just like to play games is what I'm assuming... See how far you can push people, or maybe it's just about what you can convince people of? Stringing them along? Possibly intending to lead them to suicidal despair? Hmmmm. Or maybe Octavius (or E? Same person?) Is the one pulling these strings? I think I figured out why you're so attached to him. It's because he's like you, right? and you're with him, now? Or you were at least, though for a while there you were crafting a diversion story. But he's from india? And that's why it took so long, and why you weren't sure if you would ever be together?
I'm not entirely sure 😃 at this point I don't think I could really do much besides just ponder LOL. Hope you had fun, I'm probably just going to be out from here now. aside from realizing that it's pretty much all bullshit, I know fuck all else. The real truth is likely either incredibly boring, or just awful.
But, I have to say, and I actually fucking hate this for multiple reasons, but what the fuck. You're... shockingly intelligent and devious all of a sudden?
I'm assuming it's not just you, though. So, I'll just give the guy you're with the credit probably. You definitely have been doing your best to make me regret ever saying you're stupid, though. 😜😰 But you can stop with all the bizarre misdirection bullshit, this fun for a bit but now it's a bit tired. I sure hope that you're not actually pregnant, that is one thing that would definitely bother me a bit...
I assume I'll never hear from you again, so I just want to say thank you for the experiences we did have. Some of my best memories ever were with you...
In particular, exploring drugs, you losing weight, us exploring sexual stuff before the baggage, and all the stuff we learned and did together. Overall, it really wasn't so bad. Perhaps I was a little dramatic, and maybe a little ungrateful. Those are mistakes I'll have to live with. If I could do it all over again, I would of course have a very different plan haha.
The truth is, whether it's good or bad, is that my plans just got all fucked up from being raided... and the shame that you were dealing with I was trying to curb, but also dealing with my own shame at the same time. It was really difficult. I got stuck on it tbh, I think from trauma in a weird way... I was just waiting for you to "be on my team", so I could course correct without being paranoid with you. Lmao
It sounds very stupid now, but I couldn't really even say for sure if it was. Obviously my fears weren't completely unfounded, but I don't know what really came first in this situation.
I will say, despite the mistakes I made, your inability to communicate was truly the biggest reason why most things got so fucked up lmao. Not saying this blame you, I do understand of course the depth of the insecurities that you suffer from now. I didn't get it at the time, though. I don't even know if you ever truly loved me or cared about me at all, though. It seems like it was all fake now, and that I was just a temporary stand in until you get the actual person you wanted. Pretty much fucking sucks, but that's life I guess. Owell
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2023.04.01 10:32 confusedbitchxxx I (25F) broke up with my partner (25F) last week. I agreed to still be friends with her but she won't stop flirting with me.

This story happened around 4 months. I really need advice so I'm giving out all the details that's why this is long huhu please bear with me!
I'm bi and I've only dated 1 guy and 1 woman my whole life. My last relationship was way back 2019. It was with a girl, we dated for almost 4 years. I've moved on from that already. Since then I've only done flings of both genders. Never really met someone that clicked. Until some of my friends introduced me to this girl. We met on December 1, 2022. We immediately clicked! I loved her vibe. In less than 24 hours we had sex already. She said she just wants something casual. I agreed since by January 2023, she'll be leaving our town to work 3 hours away from our workplace. I wasn't a fan of long distance relationships so we kind of agreed to be "fuck buddies" until New Year.
It was clear to me that we're only fubu's. My understanding was that we'd only meet for sex and outside of my place we'd be chill. But after sex, we'd cuddle, we'd tell each other stories, we'd eat outside. And in our workplace she'd hold my hand, she'd steal kisses from me, hugs me from behind and calls me "babe" in public, she'd bring me coffee. She'd also sleep at my place everyday. I was confused.
I never confronted her about it because I liked it. And she's single, I'm single so if our "fubu" arrangement became something more, why not right? Until in one of our post-sex conversations, she asked to be my girlfriend. I said yes.
You'd think all was well right? But I found out that she recently broke up with her ex girlfriend of 3 years in the last week of October 2022. I met her December 2022. I was a rebound. The ex broke up with her. My "gf" still loved her very much. But her ex doesn't want her anymore. Her and her ex were still communicating while we were together. Despite knowing all these info, I loved her still. And I get where she was coming from since I've been through a 4-year relationship, I know how hard that is. I wanted to be with her still so I told her to do whatever she wants, love me or not, I don't care. Just let me love you. Let me finish what we started. I told her that I'll love her until New Year. In my head she'll eventually leave our town to go somewhere else so I wanted to make the most of her time here.
So eventually New Year came. As we were saying our goodbyes, she told me she loves me and that she wants to be with me. I really loved her so I agreed. The first week of January 2023 were great. She was 3 hours away from me but we'd video call almost everyday. She'd also come visit. I'd find out later on that on one of the weekends where she'd come visit, she asked her ex out for dinner. I found out about this and I confronted her about it. She said it was to patch things up like some sort of closure. And I believed her.
Her ex and I have a common friend and that friend told me that my gf didn't meet her for "closure". My gf was apparently trying to win her ex back. (But she found out that her ex was already seeing someone else so that broke her heart.) I confronted my gf about this and she said sorry. She said sorry and that she loves me a lot. I was hurt because I thought she was finally choosing me but I guess not. She said lots of sorries and that she loves me and that she wants me in her life. She said that she doesn't want to lose me. I loved her still. I loved her very much. So I forgave her and we were back together.
The last 2 weeks of January went well. We were meeting and video calling and having loads of fun. But she broke up with me at around the last week of January. She said she was a very sad person. She said she's not capable of love. That she's not even sure if she loves me. She said that I deserve better. I told her that I don't want better, I wanted her. I told her that it's okay if she thinks she doesn't love me, I can love us both. But we still broke up. That "broken up" state lasted for about a day. She'd still message me goodmornings and how are you's.
One day she messaged me that she was confined at a psychiatric facility. Apparently she had herself checked by a psychologist and she was diagnosed with depression and it was an emergency case because she had suicidal thoughts already. I knew she was sad and I kind of saw this coming. I actually suggested it to her to get professional help. I supported her through all this. I was in constant communication with her. She eventually returned to our town to get better. Her workplace gave her a week to recuperate. She asked if she could visit me and I said yes. At my place we'd just talk. She'd come after my work. We'd cuddle and then she'd go home.
In one of our convos we agreed to be in a casual relationship. She actually suggested this. She still wants to be in my life more than a friend, but I'm free to date. She's also free to date. I didn't like this set-up and I know to myself that I won't be dating anyone else but I still agreed. And also I kind of understand that she doesn't want to be in a relationship because she had to deal with her mental health first. I get that. I wanted to be there for her. And it honestly didn't feel like we were in a casual relationship because we'd still kiss, and cuddle, and say our I love you's, and our I miss you's.
On the week that she'd be in town we'd meet almost everyday, we'd cuddle, and talk about how our day went. She was getting meds and said she was getting better. I was so happy for her. On February 11, she said she doesn't wanna be in a casual relationship anymore, she said she was sure of me already. She said she wants to be my girlfriend again. I asked about her ex but she said she already blocked her. This was good enough for me so I happily agreed.
February ended well. She went back to her workplace. We went back to being in long distance but I never felt that she was away because we were always communicating, always video-calling.
March came and I had the opportunity to join her in her workplace. She said that I could stay at her place! I was so happy. We were so happy because we get to wake up in each other's arms again. I got settled in her place and all was going well. We were in the same workplace but our work times were different so there were days where she's on duty and I'm not. On one of these days I decided to clean her flat. I was staying there for free so I had to. It was my off. I stumbled upon her ipad and I used the password on her phone on her tab and it opened. I got curious so I opened her messenger.
I found out that when she broke up with me last January, she was trying to get back together with her ex. Up until she was confined at the psychiatric facility, all she was messaging people about was if her ex found out. She was constantly chatting people to convince her ex to get back together with her. When she was in town, she'd meet her ex (with a couple of friends). She'd go to me but she was with her ex first. When she got back together with me on February 11, it was because her ex rejected her again the day before. She and her ex had sex on February 10. After that I guess it really didn't work out. The ex said that she doesn't want to lose what she has with her new person. This broke my girlfriend's heart.
When I read all of this. I was heartbroken. I felt like a spare tire. A backup. I hate how I was treated like an option. She'd only be sure of me, when her ex rejects her. So if her ex suddenly chooses her, I'm gone. I was hurt and sad and disappointed.
I confronted her about this. She said sorry. She said plenty of sorries. She said she was so sad that time. She said that she thought that bringing her ex back to her life would make her happy again. She said that she thought having her old life back, the one with her ex, would make her happy again. She said she was a different person before her medications. She said that after asking for help, she had clarity. It was clear to her now that it is me that she wants. I forgave her, we got back together.
Mental health problems is not an excuse for cheating but I still forgave her. I loved her. So much. The thought of losing her was a greater heartbreak than what she did. I forgave her but forgetting was a harder fight. March went well, we put the past behind us. We lived together happily. But i had to go back to our town for work. My work at her workplace was only temporary, I had to go back.
The 3rd week of March we were long distance again. But it's okay because we've been long distance before. One day she told me that the mother of her ex called her. She said that her ex was in a bad place mentally, that the ex was doing self harm. The mother wanted my gf to convince her ex to have herself checked at the same facility that she had herself checked. That meant that the ex would come visit my gf. I asked my gf why can't her new lover accompany her, she said that I guess that her ex and that lover didn't workout. I said okay. I asked her if she contacted her ex about this "intervention", she said no.
On the weekend that her ex is supposed to visit. I visited my gf's place. My workplace gave me time off so I wanted to visit my gf. She assured me that there's nothing going on between her and her ex. And that she just wants to be supportive since she's been through that mental health problem situation. I understood. I said okay. But the ex cancelled on visiting last minute. The next day my ex was on duty so I was again alone in her flat. I opened her messenger.
I found out that the ex chatted her last March 12 about not being okay. So my gf lied about the mom calling. My gf would tell her how she'd always be there for her, my gf would ask her what food she wants. But one that bothered me was how my gf was persistent on her visiting. It didn't look like she was going to convince her to seek help or something.
I got mad because wtf? At this point I lost it. I left my gfs place. I left her a note saying that I was breaking up with her because she was still communicating with her ex, she was still so sweet and chummy with her ex? I mean wtf right????? The conversations weren't continuous, but the sweetness is still there.
I broke up with her because I knew I deserve better. I deserve better than to be an option. I told her that if you're just being friendly with her, then fine. I get that. But don't expect me to be around your "Will they, won't they" drama. I told her this and she said sorry. I asked her if she still loves her ex, she said no. But when I asked her why she wanted her to visit her so badly, why the chats were like that, she couldn't answer me. She said she doesn't want to talk about it. And that whatever she answers, I wouldn't believe her. She hasn't even told me any explanations. She never told me that "Im just checking up on her babe" she hasn't even tried explaining or defend herself for me to stay and she's already telling me that I won't believe her. I told her to try explaining to me because her silence is just affirming my conclusions. She said sorry. And for me, her sorry just says everything. I just want to move on with my life from here.
It's already day 4 of our breakup. But she's always still messaging. And I can't help but reply. I'd feel bad if I don't reply. I can't block her because for me that's a little extreme. She said she wants to be in my life as friends. She calls me at night, she still flirts with me. She says she misses me and that she loves me still. She says I should come visit her. In one of our conversations she asked if we could be fuck buddies. I was hurt because from her lover I'd be reduced to a fuck buddy. I said no.
Every night she'd call and tell me about her day and tells me she loves me. This confuses me because the only reason I broke up with her is because I don't wanna be an option from her ex. But her actions is making me feel like it's me that she loves. But she doesn't explicitly tells me that she doesn't care about her ex anymore or that she's going to stop communicating with her ex anymore. I'm also scared that what if the things she's telling me, she's telling her ex too? Or that if I continue communicating with her and then later on I find out that she and her ex get back together, then I'd look stupid. But what if it's really me that she wants? Should I give her another chance?
I miss her a lot, emotionally and physically. I want to get back together with her but I'm scared to go back to that loop.
Help :(
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2023.04.01 10:32 Carelesspinkbird Best single sale you have made?

Best single sale you have made?
Just completed this one entirely legit means, fruit, fossils and bunny day eggs it’s the most I’ve done in one hit.
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2023.04.01 10:32 dash__snow Sunning my balls, al pastor, and cheap perfume

i woke up today with nothing to do, and yet a great many things to do, which is the usual state of affairs. i write to-do lists endlessly, with schedules that i dont follow, and tasks that are long over due. what good does “make art” have on a fucking to do list? i guess it makes me feel like im working towards the future~ the one i dream about when i squat in the shower with my ears plugged so the rain becomes like white noise. even though i write make art on the list my shower dreams usually revolve around white sand beaches with hot chicks and ferraris. there are to-do lists all over my bedroom walls, but i dont look at them much, and eventually i will have to include “look at the old to-do lists” on the new ones.
i sunbathed in the nude, drinking black coffee and sunning my balls. a man on the internet said it was good to sun your balls. it sounds correct to me. i turned over and spread my cheeks to sun my asshole as well. i wondered if the neighbor across the street would be able to see my cock. he has put up aluminum sun shades in his windows instead of curtains, like the kind you see in car windshields. he has many trash cans, probably three black, three blue, and three green. he puts all of them out each week, and none of us can figure out how he creates so much trash every week. he has not had a single visitor in the three years since he moved in. i felt that he might enjoy seeing my cock, i hoped it might give him a thrill, because he really seems to need it.
later, i did not feel like cooking, so i decided to drive to get some food, and because it was late, the only things open were fast food and taco trucks. i got dressed nicely and drove to the taco truck for al pastor, and stopped on the way to buy a pint of whiskey, which i drank surreptitously while driving. i thought of jeff daniels in “something wild” drinking scotch in the car in the same manner while melanie griffith drinks boldly.
the taco truck was busy. several couples stood in front of me, but only one was good looking and well dressed. one of the ugly couples bought a homeless man some food. i made sustained eye contact with the woman and i thought she might find me sexually attractive. as i waited for my food i got a waft of something that smelled exactly like my ex-girlfriend, which was made stranger by the fact that i had dreamt about her the night before.
the hand sanitizer smelled like cheap perfume, and i used lots of it, having seen the homeless man touch all of the accoutrements.
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2023.04.01 10:32 Willing_Dig_2444 [CA]

So the judge ordered a temporary visitation so i can see my daughter every monday from 12 -2 and she told us to meet at a specefic mcdonalds but my ex has not been showing up to the location shes been telling me to pick her up from her new bfs moms apartment , and the first time i did out of excitement to see her because she kept me away ftom her for 2 months without seeing or talking to her so i just went ,and second time i did as well because she allowed more time but the 3rd time she got upset and wanted me to do exactly as she says and picking her up from a farther location but this time i said idk and she went off on me and i told her ,you know what ill see you at mcdonalds what the judge ordered we dont have to talk or fuss about anything ,now i showed up at 12 at the location i was supposed to and i told her 3 hrs before continously where i was going to be to pick her up for my time she kept telling me no to come pick her up at the moms bfs apartment i told her no ill see you where we supposed to and normally it would not be a big issue but she has her new bf drive her everywhere and she wants to not make it unconveniant for him so she forces me to pick her up and it sounds petty but shes very controlling and likes to have her way and i refused abd told her to be where we are supposed to because im not doing what you want just because you want to make it easy on yourself,and i know at the end of this you may ask yourself its not about you guys its about your daughter your both being selfish i know that but i showed up to mcdonalds to see if she would do the same because its an order were supposed to follow what the judge said and i showed up i reported the incident to the police and i told her that i was going to if she didnt show up and after all this she still refuses too meet me at mcdonalds she tells my daughter that i didnt show up for her that i was going to and i dissapointed her and i did show up but not where she wanted me to, she supposed to meet at mcdonalds,reason why i forced my hand is because this girl emotionally manipulated into not showing up the first 2 times i think for mediation and court i didnt know she was actualky serious of going through all this and when i asked she kind of brushed it off or made it seem she dropped the case but she kept going so she could have full custody and she wasnt telling me she was in a relatiomship she made it seem like she still loved me but the whole time she was plotting against me she covered her tracks well ,now my question is what should i do should i keep showing up at mcdonalds and reporting it and then picking her up at least to show that im doing what im supposed to so i can have something against to her to show how manipulative and controlling she is,how should i go about this please note im not too aware of all the rules are laws or how all of this exactly works so its my first time like alot of people going through this type of legal battle so go easy on me
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2023.04.01 10:32 mineralssmarie Tornado watch

My city is currently under a tornado watch, after a few tornadoes already touched down in other counties today. It’s 4:30 in the morning.
I live alone with my five year old in a trailer. A tornado comes, we are dead. There is no safe place in here to take shelter. I can’t get ahold of any family members to go to their house because of course everyone is sleeping.
What do I do? I’m so afraid right now and being in a trailer makes everything sound louder. The wind, the rain. It just amplifies the noise and it’s terrifying. I can’t go back to sleep.
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2023.04.01 10:32 subwaysue I lied about being in pain to get morphine

I have never felt so good in my entire life. I am usually so tensed up it's painful, my body feels bruised and sore to the bone and I can never relax. But when they gave me morphine (through IV) it was like my body turned into a melting blob. It was like sinking into a warm fuzzy cloud, I felt safe and happy and content for the first time in years. I no longer cared about anything, I just wanted to lay there and stare off into nothing.
Later that night the nurse noticed I was awake and asked if I was still in pain to which I answered "yes" (again, I was lying, I just couldn't sleep) only so she would give me more morphine, which she did. And I was in heaven again for a while.
I still think about it every now and then and wish I could experience that wonderful feeling again.
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2023.04.01 10:32 blueboy26 Withdrawals or am i just going through a tough time?

I dont remember much through my use... i had recently relapsed into daily use, i was doing something like 4-6mg Alprazolam / 4-8mg Clonazepam for 2-3 months. Sometimes mixing.
Few months went by and i was down to 2mg a day for 3-4 months.
From then i was clean for almost 4 weeks but still feeling the withdrawals.
My gut is destroyed and i still dont feel right, i feel a weird anxiety that hasn't left me.. i've been through this before tapering/cold turkey after hard use.
Before my extended usage i was clean for abit over a year.

I'm going through a tough time at the moment, lots going on in and out of home.
My question is it withdrawals im feeling, should i be tapering?
I've been thinking of taking 0.5mg ALP but i'm not sure if it will prolong my healing? I feel like absolute shit, cannot sleep
Sorry for the messy post, any opinion welcome
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2023.04.01 10:31 Tiredskull Need advice for passive aggressive roommates

My roommates and I are clean, and we share a quiet hour starting 10pm-7am. I noticed that Roommate M is passive aggressive and I don’t know where it’s coming from but they tend to tell me that I’m a liar (which isn’t true, I have ADHD and I can’t help my lapse in memory). I assume the resentment is from the quiet hour or because of a time where I talked to Roommate M sister’s girlfriend on accident because I thought she lived here cause she sleeps over daily, eats food and uses the kitchen. Roommate M confuses me and so I contacted our RA to create a meeting. Do you guys have any advice on what to say in the meeting? I wonder if I should be direct/blunt or just start by telling them that I feel taken for granted and alienated from their treatment of me. I am not friends with my roommates, we all have a mutual relationship. Is it too much to ask for basic resolution and communication?
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