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Articles, updates, and the latest new and used car, truck and SUV deals from local dealerships across Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Subscribe to this sub to stay in the loop.

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Fobik is the first application in crypto space that help Automotive Locksmiths, both Dealerships and Private Car Owners interact each other when looking for Key Fobs replacements for their cars.

2023.06.08 11:43 brezzty Cheapest cars to insure for young drivers

I'm thinking of finally learning how to drive as I'm having a few health issues and public transport is of no help. I was wondering, what are the cheapest and best looking cars to insure for young drivers?
I'm willing to pay up to £8k for a car, I live in Manchester and when using compare the market the cheapest I could find was £3.8k/y for a skoda octavia.
Are there any nice looking cars that offer cheap insurance?
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2023.06.08 11:42 bernardlawgroup Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer In Seattle

Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer In Seattle
Need a trusted Car Accident Lawyer in Seattle? Bernard Law Group's experienced attorneys offer expert guidance, fighting relentlessly for your rights and maximum compensation. Your road to recovery starts here.
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2023.06.08 11:42 sleepyyelephant How often do you get to go out as a family?

I really want to go out but then naps are every 3 hours and I don’t want his wake time to be spent in the car and wasted but then when we get there, it might be too late or he might be hungry or tired again and I just want to go out for picnics or to the beach or gardens or anywhere and have family time and take photos etc… but it seems to be so hard
Like, the beach is 50 minutes away and at the moment, my son gets up at 11am and has his first nap at 2:30/3pm or sometimes it gets a bit later and I just don’t know how to organise going out. Does anyone have any tips?
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2023.06.08 11:42 Turbulent_Property_4 L'uomo dei sogni: ecco perché Peacock ha cancellato la serie tv tratta dal film

Dopo averne annunciato lo sviluppo, Peacock ha deciso di non andare avanti con la realizzazione dello show e proporlo altrove.
Ricorderete che non molto tempo fa Peacock decise di interrompere i lavori su L'uomo dei sogni, serie televisiva basata sull'omonimo film con Kevin Costner del 1989. L'intenzione era quella di trasformare il cult cinematografico in un successo per la piattaforma con la spinta creativa degli autori di Parks and Recreation e Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
Prosegui la lettura
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2023.06.08 11:42 Turbulent_Property_4 The Night Agent, il produttore sulla serie Netflix: "Il suo successo non mi ha reso ricco"

Il produttore dello show ha scherzosamente avvertito i fan che non riuscirà a comprarsi un jet privato dopo il successo.
The Night Agent è stato un inaspettato successo per Netflix che è prontamente intervenuta per rinnovare subito la serie di spionaggio per una seconda stagione che arriverà molto presto sulla piattaforma. Chi invece non ha visto lievitare drasticamente il proprio conto in banca è stato il produttore dello show, che ammette di non essere strapagato.
Prosegui la lettura
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2023.06.08 11:41 d0ntsaveher Lavorare per 15 giorni?

Sono una studentessa universitaria (secondo anno) e finisco gli esami a fine luglio. A metà agosto parto con i miei in vacanza, l’unico lavoro che io abbia mai fatto è la barista in uno stabilimento balneare da amici di famiglia in cambio di lezioni di surf (pagata zero, ma non mi pesava perché avevo 16 anni e non avevo bisogno di soldi). Vorrei provare a lavorare i primi 15 giorni di agosto, per recuperare dei soldi che ho speso in concerti. secondo voi trovo qualcosa o è una cosa stupida da fare? Scusate il post stupido, ma non so a chi chiedere :/
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2023.06.08 11:41 Iselx Dubbio su utile di una Ditta individuale

Buongiorno a tutti!
Volevo chiedere, come business model mi ritrovo nella situazione con il mio studio di dover chiedere fatture a alcuni dei miei clienti gestiti in toto dai miei collaboratori e dare via di media un 85% dell'importo fatturato a questi clienti ritenendo una fee come studio pari al 15%. Vi faccio un esempio pratico:
Cliente a cui fatturo con imponibile 1000€. La fattura allora sarà di 1000€ + (4% cassa INPS) + 228€ IVA - 208€ Ritenuta d'acconto (20%): Importo finale 1060€
Se il mio collaboratore mi chiede 850€ in fattura regime forfettario quindi senza IVA ne altro e la commercialista mi chiede poi in tasse l'IVA che ho fatto sulla fattura quindi 228€, non ci sto di fatto perdendo anche se guardando solo l'imponibile dovrei avere un profitto di 150€?
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2023.06.08 11:40 _SaltySalmon_ Need help choosing one of these used bikes

Hello everyone,
I used to bike avidly as a child, mainly because my father never drove a car. I'm trying to regain some of these memories while losing weight and mountain biking is huge where I live. I'm 299 pounds currently and 6'0" so bear this in mind for sizing.
I'm looking at getting an entry-level used bike currently and so far, I've found a few on Facebook that seem "good". If you wise people could offer some guidance, I would be very appreciative!
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2023.06.08 11:39 malloryor Parked Car Hit by Another. Insurance originally says it’s property damage, now claims it’s collision and I owe a $1,000 deductible. PLEASE HELP?

Basically as the headline says…my parked car was hit by another car in my office’s parking garage.
The driver and myself both have the same insurance, Geico. And the driver left a note on my windshield admitting to the damage, and there were also witnesses in the parking attendant and manager.
Anyway, I contact Geico and the insurance agent assured me that this would fall under property damage since I wasn’t even in the vehicle. This is important because at some point, my collision deductible changed from $500 to $1000 by mistake and I never got around to changing it (I work overnight, life’s been stressful ugh).
I was told repeatedly, that I would not have to pay a deductible because this falls under property damage. I also looked up Geico’s property damage coverage and it includes damage to vehicles.
But when I looked at the updated status of my claim, it now says my claim is considered a “not-at-fault collision.” And that I must pay $1,000 deductible before Geico pays out the rest of the damage.
I am of course livid because this is absolutely, 100% different than what I was repeatedly told yesterday. And to my best guess, since both me and the other driver are both Geico holders, Geico is looking to cut its losses, but sticking me with the $1,000 collision deductible so it doesn’t have to pay out as much, as it would if it’s filed as property damage.
That to me seems unethical, but what may be an unethical loophole, may be legal. I don’t have any family members who can help advise me with this, and I’ve never been in such an ordeal.
Can someone please give me some advice on what to do here? Is this allowed, fair? Can I fight this? Thoughts?
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2023.06.08 11:39 adtcjkcx Is a CVT transmission really that bad? Especially if it’s from Nissan?

So I’m deciding between a 2014 juke and a 2014 camry. Both at 104k miles and about same price with the juke being $11.5k and the camry $13k. After everything I’m hearing I want to get the Camry but the thing that is making me wonder, it’s going to sound dumb, but the dealership itself. The Camry is from an independent dealership, while it has good reviews, isn’t it better getting a car from an actual dealership? If that makes sense. More than likely I’m going to get the Camry, but I just wanna hear some thoughts on this before I buy this week. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 11:39 ToyotaAristoV300 (TXR3) Ford GT or RIDOX Supra?

I just defeated Yokohane Heavy Fighter of APS to unlock the GT, I'm aware it's one of the fastest cars in the game. Also unlocked is the RIDOX Supra, I also hear it's some of the faster ones but idk. I have around 450k which is enough for the GT but far from the Supra's about 700k price tag. Knowing the GT will be more expensive (but more powerful) in the long run, what's more worth it? In terms of cars I have, I main the RX-7 FD, also have the R33 and Corvette (both weak in hp)
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2023.06.08 11:39 cars-world What are three important things you can do as a owner if your car does not start?

If your car is not starting, there are several things you can check and actions you can take to troubleshoot the issue. Here are three common steps you can follow:
  1. Check the Battery: The most common reason for a car not starting is a dead or weak battery. Check if the battery terminals are clean and securely connected. If the battery is low on charge, try jump-starting the vehicle using jumper cables and a functioning car.
  2. Inspect the Starter Motor: The starter motor is responsible for initiating the engine's combustion process. If you turn the key and hear a clicking sound or the engine cranks slowly without starting, it may indicate a faulty starter motor.
  3. Check Fuel Delivery and Ignition System: If the battery and starter motor are working correctly, but the engine still won't start, it's worth checking the fuel delivery and ignition system. Ensure that you have an adequate amount of fuel in the tank.
If none of these steps resolve the issue, visit the authorized car service center in Dubai near you
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2023.06.08 11:39 This_Tomato3228 A2 motorcycle recommendations

Hi all,

I'm yet to pass my A2, though my theory is booked for this Saturday coming.

Nonetheless, I'm quite confident that it should all be easy going and I'm to the point of deciding what bike to get. I'm currently split between 3 bikes, these being:
Ninja 400
Ninja 650
Yamaha R7

I'm favoring either of the Ninja's as I have a Kawasaki dealership within my local area, and they're also willing to allow me to trade in my current 125 as a deposit for a bigger bike so it just works out. But end of the day I went the best bike of the three.

So any advise or recommendations on either three would be great.

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2023.06.08 11:39 hparkstar SSS Vehicle Chest Question

SSS Vehicle Chest Question
Does anyone know which Car is the 3rd option in the sss vehicle chest? I think it's the one where I already have a sss car but I'm not sure. Why can't they just number the cars so we know which is which...
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2023.06.08 11:38 salamatshah786 I want to ship my car in New York

Which company is best to ship my car in New York? I heard a lot about JK Auto Shipping any body has experience of working with this company?
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2023.06.08 11:38 htclong Just need somewhere to vent my impulsive disappointment lol

I got myself rollerskates, just because i felt like it was time to live my childhood dream. Cool got it... Then what. I have crippling social anxiety, and im afraid of people looking at me/talking to me/or even harassing me. Especially harassing, because i always see random hooligans walking in the evening.
If not this, then motivation is beyond the chart, somewhere there. Its non existent to be honest, then i wonder why my impulsive spontaneous ass got them in the first place. Just like everything else i have.
Then as summer has begun, its frikin horrific hot outside. Best is to go out very early morning, or late in the evening. Can't wake up in a morning properly just for this... xd Evening is scary as i said, im afraid to be randomly harrased by alcoholic dudes or even worse.
Then it rains non stop, for few days, or a week straight because of the heatwave.
Last but not least, I don't really have where to practice after all...? Kind of realised too late. Probably thought im gonna be an ace and stride like a pro everywhere immediately. Roads are ass, and its illegal to skate on a road regardless. They are bumpy, uneven, with holes(tried at night few times, where there are barely any cars driving). Sidewalks are bricked, so kind of uncomfortable for a beginner to even start skating on those (maybe if only i was expert in this lol), and there is nothing else... no place to skate at all. No playgrounds, no courts of some sort, fkin nothing. There are bicycle paths, but would have to walk quiet some time to get there in a first place.
So, I'm just kind of bummed right now, because i really wanted to do it. I tried few times late evening with my husband as a support and help, but of course he doesn't wanna come all the time, he has his own stuff to do, and allergies are kicking his ass at the moment.
Ehh basically, just a sad vent xd ...
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2023.06.08 11:38 LittleTovo How to get newspaper ink out of steering wheel?

My brother has been delivering newspapers for 20 years now. About 10 years in the car he has now. He uses gloves but the ink is just embedded so far into the steering wheel that I am convinced that the ink has taken the place of the steering wheel material and it's now made of ink.
Is it even possible to get all the ink out or do you just need a new steering wheel?
No mentions of steering wheel covers please, I've already had the discussions, thank you.
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2023.06.08 11:38 sanjayseo7 Why B.Tech Graduates are in High Demand in 2023

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2023.06.08 11:37 D0ukn0wdawae wagonr vxi 2016

I pushed my dad's wagonr vxi 2016 to 80 kmph on 2nd gear only(bad idea)
In what way would it affect on the cars health?
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2023.06.08 11:34 22LuckyDucky22 What is the name of this car?

What is the name of this car?
So I was just hanging out in GTA yesterday and I threw a carmeet, and suddenly a guy with this sick looking car pulled up. What is the name of the car and is it a lowrider? Please help.
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2023.06.08 11:34 CottonBUdy12 The 7 Year Old Boy newspaper observation

Emma is reading the file on herself, with the 7 Year Old Boy newspaper article in her car. Literally a minute later, guess who makes his debut in Storybrooke. That 7 Year Old Boy... August
The episode is True North
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2023.06.08 11:33 mtickell1207 Have someone try and smash my car windows from road rage, police tell me to phone 101 to book in a statement taking, cut backs mean no one is answering 101

30 minutes ringing and counting
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