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2023.06.10 06:00 Infinite_Yellow_1149 Need Advice: Custody Battle

I was served a petition on May 25th, 2023. This case is taking place in Texas.
The petition states that I am being sued for full custody of my son, and for child support. The petitioner is my son's paternal aunt. I am his paternal father. My son is 5.
My son's mother passed away on April of 2023. I was not notified of her death, until I was served May 2023.
When my son was born, I signed his birth certificate, and a seperate form acknowledging that I am his father. I am not sure what this form is called exactly, but I do have a physical copy.
What the petitioner is alleging:
• Petitioner alleges I have not seen my son in over 4 years.
• Petitioner alleges she feels I'm a violent person, and my son will not be safe around me.
• Petitioner is alleging that before my son was born, I had asked the mother of my child for an abortion, which she feels means that I did not want my son.
• Peitioner is alleging that my son does not know who I am, and that I should not have custody or even visitation rights.
My son's mother was told she would never have children. She made it clear to me, that if our personal relationship did not work out, she would not want me in my son's life at all. Prior to meeting me, she was looking to start IVF treatments to give her family a child before she passed away, which she knew was was inevitable. She had passed away once before, and was resuscitated a few months after our son was born. After that incident, conversations with her only became more clear that she no longer wanted me around. I felt I was only used to conceive a child with her.
Notes I feel are of importance:
• The petition states that my son remain ONLY at her families home address named in this case. Petitioner claims to have moved back to said family home to take care of my son, which is 3 minutes from my home, however I suspect she has taken him to her actual and main residence in another city, with her boyfriend. I had a welfare check done at said family home, and police were not able to locate him. I do not have proof of this as I can't hire a PI.
• In 2018, a protective order was placed against me by my son's paternal grandmother (on his mothers side) because I spat at her after a verbal altercation where she promised I would never see my son again. This has since been lifted years ago, and no other restraining / protective orders have been placed against me.
• After I received the petition, I had my brother type a short heart-felt letter offering my family & I's condolences, and explaining I would like to see my son via facetime or an in-person meeting to ensure his wellbeing. This note was left on the family home's door by my brother. I did not ask to take my son, just to see or speak with him. I've since found out she has filed for a temporary restraining order against me and used this letter as evidence. Her attorney states that "While this letter is not inherently threatening, we feel that My name does not need to see My sons name as this is a sensitive time for him." I now understand to only communicate via attorney's & not directly with petitioner or her family.
• I am financially stable, have stable housing under my name.
• I want full custody & want to include visitation rights to his mothers side of family as he has created a bond with them.
• I have since filed an answer & counter sued.
• I do have evidence of myself & other family members trying to reach out to my sons mother over the years, but were always ignored.
• I do have evidence showing I was financially taking care of my son, until his mother and family no longer accepted anything from me.
I am still actively looking for an attorney.
ANY advice, questions, or tips I am open to. I understand courts dig deep, So I am being as honest and forthcoming about my situation as possible to get the best advice.
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2023.06.10 06:00 mr_smithers_o Recs for stimulating cream

Aight so I just started some new antidepressants and them shits is basically making my pp numb sometimes and it’s impossible for me to finish with my partner. I was listening to another podcast recently and the host mentioned using stimulating cream and how she loves them. Does anyone have experience with these types of products or any recommendations for some? Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.10 06:00 IAmJessicaRabbit_ I (29F) just dumped my now-ex (41M). Tired of the same story.

Hell, void. This is me. Life should be..not this:
I am a student in a sort of professional school program (trying to be vague just in case) for a very specific career path & I have been in an LDR with a man who is already working in that field for a few years. I met them ~5y ago before I started school, but nothing happened until about a year ago. He moved away for work (c’est la vie in this particular business) & I believed him when he said he wanted to continue to try to move forward. Tale as old as time I guess but I believed it because I actually was willing to travel & see him & build on this. Because we complimented each other so well..it was so nice to have someone on my level for once intellectually but also humor-wise. The naïveté begins. I didn’t notice when every conversation became about him all the time. I just was happy to show up & be supportive because I could genuinely see a life with him. I feel like you show up for the people that you want to show up for you, you know? I have been having a really hard time this year in my program. I have one of the most important exams of my life literally in 3 days. I have needed true support & love in this time, but in the past like 5-6mo it’s fully disappeared. We had talked about me visiting for months. We’ve discussed the dates for weeks. For months, he swore neither the money nor the time were a problem. Now that the time has come, whaddaya know - it’s me, asking about the dates, trying to plan the trip, so excited to finally be with him again. Finally it comes down to booking the flight & he says “oh what about next fall.” I’m heartbroken. Not to mention the fact that I have the most important exam of my life in a handful of days - a fact that both he & I are aware of. This trip was supposed to immediately follow that exam. I called him out on it today & made it clear I deserved better & he had not one single argument. You know how much that sucks? But I didn’t think I could go into that exam with this hanging over me. I’m not stupid. I know now that there never never any fidelity or substance here, that I was a place filler for his loneliness in his new location & job, that I was his support in a place where he felt like had no one. Because this isn’t the first time I’ve gone through this devastation - with friends or men, frankly - & after that crumbles, I readjust how I measure that 💩 & try to avoid it in the future. Yet again I’m standing here figuratively with my 🍆 in my hand like “…how did this happen again?!?!” I was was so careful. I double checked every possible red flag..but the reasons for those flags seemed valid at the time. But I mean my god can he really think I’m dumb enough to sit around for another 6 months when I’ve already had my time wasted for a year😂😂. I already wasted the last year of my twenties with smoke being blown up my leg. I entered my twenties in a pretty similar situation - some deadbeat tool who acted like I was an imposition, a burden, whatever for wanting to see him after work or on his day off (some of you will think I’m kidding about that but I’m deadass serious). I’ve overshared enough but just trust me, there could be anthologies of this storyline in my life. What the hell is wrong. Why do I feel like I am constantly the person called to fix things or lean on. I just want that support & love, not this crap where I end of being the only one not floating on the door in freezing water that can definitely fit two people, Rose🚢. I’m not independent because I WANT to be.
Tl;Dr: Professional student falls in love with professional 19y her senior but was led on worse than Leo DiCaprio at the Oscars. In the words of the prophet Katt Williams: I gotta figure out what about my 🐱is attracting these “beach” ass ninjas.
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2023.06.10 06:00 Usedbrainforsale I’m a nanny of 5 years & a local family just tried to humble me.

Like the title states, I have been a nanny for 5 years with 5 years previous childcare experience and education. As a nanny I don’t work for less than 95k a year now, I also work on contracts that I make and have the family agree to. This started about 2 years ago when I was making 105k a year with my latest family. That family recently lost their company and couldn’t afford to keep me, this directly violated our agreed upon contact (me being let go) so I fined them the previously mentioned amount for premature firing/let go. (If I were to violate the contract or neglect the kids or my job the fine would no longer apply via the contract.) so now, I am looking for a new job which brings me to this situation. I met with this family, the mother who I spoke to on the phone about my contracts and payment for the job I would be doing and everything was fine, until I sat down and met the husband the following day. I was going over my rates and contracts and quoted them 100k a year for my services based on what they wanted, which I already estimated for the wife on the phone and she showed no signs of disagreement. When the husband heard this he began laughing. Telling me that I was absurd to think they pay a glorified babysitter that much. He continued on to say the family should be giving the contracts not me and that me nor my services were worth that much. Now, like I stated I do have my degree and am able to teach the age group I work with. So my services included private homeschooling, house cleaning, private chef, family management and a few others. So I suppose my question is, is he right? Am I way out of bounds here? In my mind, I could charge a lot more. Keep in mind I only work for high profile clients who should be able to pay the rates I am asking. Please be blunt with me, as a nanny I would like to make changes if need be to my career.
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2023.06.10 06:00 SoundlessFOB Making plans makes me so stressed and anxious (I have helicopter parents)

I'm an adult that still lives with my parents because I don't have any other option right now. My father is like an insane helicopter parent. Just planning to go out to watch a movie gives me an entire day of stress. I haven't made any friends since graduating because I'm embarrassed of my dad and if I make friends I have to tell them yeah I know I'm an adult but I'm not allowed to do that. I have 3 close friends, but I really only hang out with one of them anymore. She is really understanding but as time passes she keeps trying to push me and to push him and it makes me anxious. I know I have to stand up to him but I hate confrontation and I already argue with him enough as it is. I didn't have my first sleepover until I was 19 and it took me weeks of convincing him. I had to talk my friend out of sending an angry text to him on my behalf because that would have made a huge drama. I didn't even want to sleep over I just wanted him to give me that opportunity.
We always agree on a plan and then I tell my dad what my plan is so he knows what I'm doing. Then the day of she always starts giving different suggestions and I say no to most of them and I'm worried I'm annoying her and that one day she'll get sick of trying to accommodate for me. Because he gets annoyed when I change plans even though it's none of his business.
I know I need to stand up for myself, but I am making very miniscule progress with him and I'd rather just keep trying to make that slow progress until I can move out rather than do something that pisses him off to the point that he gets worse. Or I'm scared one day he'll kick me out, which I don't think he would because he's super into the traditional mindset of you stay here until you get married then you go live with your husband, but idk it's always a possibility. I'm studying full time and not working atm. I don't have enough saved up to do anything if that were to happen. Actually, my friend would probably let me stay with her. She literally lets anyone live with her when they need to even though she can't afford to. But I wouldn't want to put that on her.
Oh and by the way my older brother had literally none of these issues only me :)
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2023.06.10 05:59 HowAreYaNow07 Fainting and Dizziness

Hello I am a 25 year old Female. 5ft tall and 107pounds. Stopping taking birth control 2 years ago and have been focusing on regulating my hormones and period naturally. I eat a generally healthy diet with veggies and protein with occasional sweet treats or snacks, and usually have 1 or 2 drinks on one weekend day. Everyday I take Fish oil, B6, tummeric, fiber, L-Tyrosine, and a probiotic. Magnesium glycinate at night before bed. Looking for some insight because my doctors are useless.
3 months ago my Curology dermatologist prescribed me 25mg spirinolactone to help with hormonal acne, a few weeks ago they upped it to 75mg because it wasn’t working. But within the last month I did some reading because my period has been irregularly light, and learned that spirinolactone can cause that so I stopped it on Memorial Day because a regular period is more important to me.
That night around 1am I woke up to go pee, noticed that my usual super heavy period flow finally came, which wasn’t too strange since I’m used to it and it just hasn’t come this month because of the medicine, I assumed. I didn’t think much of it and went back to get into bed but then suddenly got dizzy and passed out backwards. Woke up with my fiancé shaking me awake, right when I wake up I run to the bathroom and had diarrhea, nausea, extreme sweating, and terrible extreme cramping. Couldn’t even get off the toilet to go the hospital. After this all stopped I started to have a panic attack, fiancé put me in a cold shower and I finally calmed down and went to bed after an hour or so.
Last week I went to the OBGYN and she added it up to me quitting spirinolactone caused a sudden blood pressure change since it’s a blood pressure medicine, and said the sudden loss of so much period blood was just a perfect storm for me to faint. She ordered me blood tests and everything was normal. Every time I get my blood tested it’s always “normal”. I also went to a real dermatologist in person and said I don’t want to be on any medications anymore because this shit always happens. She gave me some topical cream so as of now I am on no medication.
I also have taken 3 pregnancy tests in the past week and all are negative.
But in the last week I have felt dizzy and faint two times. On Wednesday of this current week I went on my usual run and got home and felt so dizzy, almost empty inside of my body and just overall not good. I laid on the couch and ate a snack and it helped a bit. This day the only unusual thing I had was a Starbucks drink and caffeine does make me feel anxious.
Then today Friday, I worked, went to the gym on my lunch, took a shower ate lunch and finished my work day. After work my fiancé and I made a cocktail and afterwards I felt so dizzy, had a back cramp, started sweating, felt like I was gonna pass out.
I don’t know what to do or what doctor to see since they all say I’m healthy and normal. The stress of wondering when I might pass out next is ruining everything. Help!
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2023.06.10 05:59 throwRA-anonymousb Mom won’t stop asking about my status.

Hi everyone,
Im 24F and recently got a Pap smear that showed LSIL. I panicked and called my mom, which I knew was a mistake as soon as I shared with her.
She then demanded I get testing for HPV, despite the doctor saying they don’t recommend testing for my age.
The results came back a few weeks ago, which came back positive for a high-risk strain of HPV. I did my research and understand all that is expected of me at this time is to return to the gyno for another Pap smear in a year.
I knew the test would cause more (mental) harm than good, but my mom is controlling and made me feel like I didn’t have a choice.
She has been bugging me the past few days, texting me and repeatedly asking for my test results. I purposely have been avoiding being home because I don’t want her to confront me in person.
I don’t feel that it’s her business to know I’ve been diagnosed with this. But I’m afraid that if I don’t give her an answer, she will assume it’s positive and judge me for it. She already judged me for having sex once she discovered how LSIL can occur.
Anybody else deal with helicopter parents demanding your health information?
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2023.06.10 05:59 witcharithmetic Who needs coasts when you’re perfectly adrift? Dreamer/professional artist seeks friends. M34 from California

Who needs coasts when you’re perfectly adrift?
I’m a dreamer on a hammock on a spring California night.
Professional photographer and amateur poet. I love scary movies and sad songs.
Let’s be sleeping dogs, let’s be cats in another life
Calling all weirdos. Say hello!
Our dreams play games in convincing ways.
Speak easy and sing slow and tell me who you are when no one else is looking.
I love the smell of coffee and haircuts, and snapdragons in the garden on a day when your allergies act up and you can stop crying even though you’re feeling just fine.
Introvert, dreamer, wanderer, faker.
We’re all just make believe people and none of it matters in the end.
Tell me your favorite scary movie. When was the last time you cried? What was the last thing that truly made you happy?
My favorite colors are teal and purple, my favorite drink is an appletini(made correctly please)
My favorite song is
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2023.06.10 05:59 Aromatic_Dare8987 we never talk about this part of history...

we never talk about this part of history...
I can't handle the truth anymore...
Shrek was hitler's son, Hitler taught him how to rule Germany, but Hitler also had a secret relationship with spider-man, when Shrek knew the truth, he became spider-man to have his daddy.
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2023.06.10 05:59 ButterscotchRound668 struggling with therapy

I knew I didn’t want to do horse therapy. I literally pleaded with my psychologist not to ask my mom to look into horse therapy because I have intrusive thoughts about animals from my ocd but here we are!!
My mom likes horses and she has always been a fan of horses so of course she makes this about her. I don’t want anyone to jump to conclusions and just hear out my vent until the end. So first time going to horse thing, i can’t say it by name for privacy reasons but it’s a free word of mouth horse stable for disabled people to do empathy therapy. Here’s the problem: I do not like horses or big animals. I hate them and my ocd does too because I have disturbing thoughts against my will from it and it really screws with me mentally. The horses don’t like me either and they’re constantly trying to nip me/flatten their ears at me. It’s been two months and it’s not going good, no progress at all and it’s making me worse. All that would have been manageable. I’m doing this partly for my mom since she’s way more into horses than I am.
There’s the problem now. After I ride the horses we can leave but have an option to stay for lunch (they serve it, nobody washes their hands before trhey make the food and no hygiene, really screws with ocd). I have bad untreated arfid and cannot eat it either.
Most of the people here are autistic/have aspergers, pretty old and loud. Very loud. So loud so far I have had autistic meltdowns every time I’ve been forced to attend and I’ve made a spectacle of myself screaming, crying and hitting myself while people whisper.
Even more joyously so my mom FORCES me to attend, shamed me for my meltdowns after and insists I can control it. Even worse my mom insists on riding the horses after (I would be okay with this if I could wait in the car, once again it is very loud in the stable) but of course she wants me to stay for an EXTRA 2 hours in sensory hell waiting for her to finish riding the horses while I slowly regress into a state I can’t talk or move without bursting into a meltdown, meaning I have to sit in stable for a total of 6 hours suffering.
My mom says I’m being selfish and I’m having meltdowns on purpose to make her miserable. I am not. I plead with her to let me sit in the car during lunch and her riding horse but she refuses. Tomorrow will be another Saturday of suffering through intrusive thoughts and a sore ass from the leather saddles, an overwhelming blast of sensory overload from people, and the inevitable meltdown while people silently judge me and my mom scream at me after.
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2023.06.10 05:59 nomoredingo Found out info about my family that has changed my world

My (18F) grandma practically raised me and she’s like a mom to me. My mom had extensive depressive episodes when I was little, and my grandma let me stay with her to take stress off the family. For all of my life my mom has battled with depressive bipolar, and any time things got bad, my grandma stepped in to care for my sister and I. She’s a more traditional and Christian person, but still is very accepting of my parents atheist beliefs. I’d known a good deal about her past, and it was not easy for her to say the least. Her daughter and husband died within a year of each other, she was abused as a child and raised in extreme poverty, and her second husband cheated on her with a teenager. She was devastated and had a nervous breakdown. When she ever talked about this period in her life, she describes how the love for her other children and her faith kept her afloat. Well, it was last week that I learned that she had attempted when she learned what he had done. I learned it over family dinner and it was mentioned casually. I was frozen and couldn’t believe it. Looking back and trying to digest, it is not unimaginable to do something like that during such a dark time of your life, but it has shaken me up still. My childhood friend committed a few years back, and ever since I have become hypersensitive to possible symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts in my family and friends. Knowing this about my grandma has increased my anxiety and has resurfaced the gnawing dread that followed my friends passing. THEN. mind you, in this same dinner conversation. I learn within the next hour that my dad is a recovering opioid addict and alcoholic. That he survived an overdose and nearly died drunk driving. That my mom cheated on my dad early in their marriage with a woman (though she was unaccepting when I mentioned being curious about my sexuality). That my fathers ptsd not only stems from a recent workplace accident, but also stems from when his sister attempted and drew blood all over the walls and he found her. He had slept with her girlfriend and she had a mental breakdown (I am very close to her and knew nothing about this event until this conversation) That my estranged drug addict aunt who disappeared and went missing years ago is actually alive halfway across the country with new kids and a new husband. WTF???… anyways, dinner was yellow rice with pork chop
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2023.06.10 05:58 FreshCinnamonRolls Relationship Help Please

Before I begin, this is probably gonna be pretty long, if just a few people would give me advise, I would be highly appreciative.
So, to begin, I (m20) have been seeing this girl (f20) since the beginning of this year and I recently asked her to be my gf (she said yes). Things have been good, but there are so many factors about her that have worried me to death. She is a very sweet and pretty girl, but she comes from a pretty fucked up family. She is aware of the situation and it makes her feel awful. She feels like she is not good enough for me (coming from a stable home).
I have always tried to tell her that she doesn’t have to be anything like them, that she can stand out and be different, and to keep her head up. I won’t get into the details of her family as that is her business, but they all have some kind of fucked up thing about them. There are also so many red flags that I have ignored about her because I liked her and it’s made me feel regretful and stupid and I feel like a huge asshole and fool. For one, she is an avid user of marijuana. (I know that may not seem like a big huge deal to many of you, but my family is heavily against it, and I’m not really for it, on the fence I guess, I don’t like any kind of smoking.) I have played it cool the whole time and acted like I don’t care but deep down it does bother me some. It is still illegal in my state as well. I have been out with her and her friends, and they have smoked out in the open in, in broad daylight in the city. Multiple times, and it has made me highly uncomfortable every time.
Her past also disturbs me greatly. She has had some from what I’ve heard abusive boyfriends before, and has called the police on them. For what reason, I’m not sure. But I have heard that the abuse was both ways. She also has trauma from her past too. She has attempted to kill herself before, and is emotionally unstable, and is diagnosed with depression and self diagnosed borderline personality disorder. She has been to the psych ward on several occasions to try and get help.
I also just very recently learned some highly disturbing news about her and I am honestly so shocked and disgusted by her, and myself. I was told more information about her and her family from someone who used to be close to her older sister. She told my older sister, who told my parents, who just told me. She said that my gf has slept with a large amount of other guys in her day and is “experienced”. I think that this might be the last straw for me. My parents are disappointed in me for my lack of character judgement, and I am equally disappointed in myself. I feel nasty as hell and so disgusted.
The cherry on top of all this is I have sworn to be so good to this girl, and I have thus far, but now I feel like I need to cut things off and I don’t know how to go about it. She is so sweet and seems to care about me but she obviously has not been open and honest about things. I am a turned off from her now and I’m not sure if I will ever feel different. I have been blissfully ignorant to so many red flags because I liked her and love her but I don’t think I can anymore. Again, I feel like such a fool and an asshole for even thinking this way. I want to end it, but I don’t know how. And I don’t want to cause her anymore pain or anguish, as I know she has been through enough.
TLDR: I ignored red flags and found out some highly disturbing information about my gf and now I want to break up without hurting her.
How would you handle this?
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2023.06.10 05:58 Theolphoneinthrpool AITA for refusing to pay for nephew’s iPhone after I let him play with it in the pool? His mom assured me it had a water proof case.

See where to begin here.
We are on vacation as a family and staying at an Airbnb with a pool. I am about 15 years younger than my other siblings and thief plan was to go to an outlet mall so I volunteered to stay and watch the kids (6, 6, 5 and 5).
One of the six year olds has a brand new iPhone 14 and I made a quick remark that I’ll make sure he keeps it away from swimming. My sister’s exact quote was “oh it’s ok it has a -brand name- case on it, it can get wet.” I said ok and told them to have a good time. The two six year olds came up with a pool game centered around that clock app trend that goes “oooooohhh weeeee,” basically everyone the heard “ooooohhh weeee” they’d throw the phone up in the air and go dive for it.
Well the case wasn’t apparently that water proof and after about 10 Mins the phone was completely soaked inside the case and phone was dead and the back was so hot it felt like it could burn your finger.
My sister is livid with me and is expecting me to pay for the phone. I keep going back to the fact that she said the case was waterproof. She says I’m a major asshole if i interpreted waterproof for an iPhone being used as a dive toy.
AITA here ?
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2023.06.10 05:58 ThrowRAlongjump_fox I [38M] feel ignored when we hang with my [31F] wife’s family

So I feel weird, and needy about this. And I think honestly I might be a little needy. I’ve been in therapy for a couple of years and was in a very unloving relationship prior to my wife of 16 years, making me pretty sensitive to changes in my relationship. Getting past the honeymoon phase with my current wife, for example, was tough. As we settled in, it was hard to adjust to not being all over each other, hugging and kissing constantly etc. I’ve gotten past that for the most part, though I do still get hurt when I notice I’m initiating all physical contact.
So any way…we are visiting some of her family this week - aunt, uncle, lots of cousins and their wives and kids. We will just be sitting and hanging out, reading or whatever, and she will just disappear. I’ll find her having gone to lay down, or went and got into a swimsuit and got in the pool. Or she will sit down to play a game (they’re BIG on games) and never ask me to join. I’ve actually talked to her before about how when we’re with her family back home, she does the same thing. The very first time I met some of her family, I was just kind of standing around like an idiot and she had disappeared into the back yard. This happened a few times before I mentioned “Hey, so I’ve noticed when we’re hanging with your family, you kind of disappear on me and it can make it weird for me.” She understood and said oh sorry, never meant to do that. But here we are again.
My wife really is a sweet woman and I don’t think she means any harm, but I can’t help but get a little annoyed and perhaps even hurt a little when she goes off and does her own thing and just leaves me sitting there. I might not want to get in the pool or play a game but I’d like to at least be considered.
Is this dumb of me? I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m just a little baby about this stuff, but I also think I was conditioned for many years to not care what I wanted because my ex was a borderline abusive alcoholic who didn’t love or care about me. So maybe I’m normal or maybe I just haven’t healed?
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2023.06.10 05:58 WhoCaresRightAnon Alien Requiem Episode-Jeff May

Maybe I’m just being sensitive because I love Paige so much, but I felt like their guest, Jeff May, was a little harsh with her? If she said something he didn’t agree with he would laugh and make her out to be the “wrong” one. She is a gracious host so she handled it well and always conceded to his point of view but it was a bit awkward for me. It’s possible I just love and am used to the three main hosts dynamic. I’ve really enjoyed other guests on the show though. Did anyone else feel this way?
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2023.06.10 05:57 humanmachine22 How do I deal with this date that I dont want to go on

I want to start dating again, and I've discussed it with my sponsor and she says I am ready but to just be careful. So, I went on the dating apps and i ended up matching with a girl and we've been talking for a few months. I did tell her I was in recovery, but I did not tell her I live in sober living. She thinks I live alone, because that is what I said (i lied)
Stupid, I should have never said that, I know. But we have a date planned tomorrow and I do NOT want to go at all. Should I just cancel? I know that nowadays, I show up when I say I'm gonna show up. But this particular situation I just feel like is already on a bad foot because I lied, and I don't know her nearly enough to explain that. idk, i feel like its a lose lose either way because i messed up.
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2023.06.10 05:57 No-Flatworm-5640 shift blamed us for her being terrible [rant]

just worked a closing shift with my store manager who i adore. shooting the shit after the shift with her and i asked for feedback. she said we were great, she was there to shadow us because she was told the reason we get out 30 minutes to an hour late with one specific SSV is because we are terrible at our jobs and are basically incompetent. well suck it lady we got out 20 minutes early and you’ll be getting a connect soon :)
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2023.06.10 05:57 MrBushido56 Carrot will arrive in the next coming chapters.

Carrot will arrive in the next coming chapters.
This is a small post because I believe carrot was absorbed by caribou probably by accident as she was hiding in a barrel when the crew threw caribou in that barrel and locked him up not knowing carrot was in there.
Now there is a disease called protein poisoning and how it works is like this.
If your diet is just protein your body will not be able to process the proteins. Rabbit meat has no fat or carbs in it so if you just eat rabbit meat you will eventually suffer from malnutrition, you need a balance diet of all food groups.
Another name for this disease is rabbit starvation.
now what I believe will happen is caribou will be attacked and will lose the contents of his body which happens every time he takes a hit because like sonic whenever he takes a hit he loses all the stocks he’s been absorbing.
And a running gag is how he loses food.
In udon he and raizo snuck luffy food during the night so he could keep fighting but they over ate and it was obvious they were eating.

then later during the raid after luffy was knocked off the island it was caribou who gave up all his food stock to luffy again

so it would be fitting that during the festivals he went around stealing more food from the wano citizens only for him to lose it all again when it turns out carrot was inside his swamp the whole time gauging herself on his food.
so when she pops out she will be fat.

before quickly consuming it all obviously.
oh and another name for protein poisoning.
mal de caribou.
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2023.06.10 05:56 Dull_Fix_3763 Questioning being outside the binary

I kind of just want to write out what I’m feeling and maybe see if anyone else’s experience is the same because it’s really hard to find someone who understands how I feel. At the end of the day, I know I am who I am, and it’s all up to me… but I’m still struggling on what I identify as. I’ve been back and forth between being a trans man and non binary for a long time. I was out as a trans man for a while (he/him), then non binary (they/them) then again, a trans man (which I’ve now identified as for 2 years) and that’s been mostly comfortable for me but lately I’m questioning if I’m non binary (specifically maybe using he/they pronouns. Maybe just they/them? But I don’t know…). I know one thing for certain, she/her is not comfortable for me. I did have major chest dysphoria (which I did get top surgery for in January), and I’ve been on T on and off for a year. I do definitely have gender dysphoria and being referred to as a girl, she/her, is just not super comfortable for me. He/him is totally fine and doesn’t make me uncomfortable but I don’t know if being seen as a man is totally right for me. I was comfortable with being called like boyfriend for example, but terms like husband, dad, etc, feel kinda weird. Maybe that’s just because I haven’t used them yet. Part of me wishes I could just be seen as either feminine or masculine, not the gender that is associated with those things. (Yes I’m aware men can be feminine and vice versa because expression does not equal gender). I’ve dressed pretty masc most of my time being out as a trans man but I’ve grown more comfortable expressing my feminine side and over that time I’ve realized that I’m kinda comfortable with certain “female” things. I used to kinda hate things like, that were considered womanly, but now I don’t always hate it. It really depends. I definitely rather also have a masculine looking body for the most part. I’ve talked to my partner about it, and he’s super supportive (I’ve already educated him a lot about gender, being trans etc, since he’s cis and didn’t know a lot about it before I introduced him to it). Anyways yeah I’m not sure what I identify as. Gender is extremely confusing. This is really a confused ramble more than anything… like I said I just wanna know if anyone else experienced something similar to me. I’m just so confused. If I was non binary I’m not even sure what terms I’d use. What would my kid call me? What would my title be? It’s so overwhelming. I just can’t find anything I’m comfortable with and feels right!
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2023.06.10 05:56 ThrowRA585876 Is my [19F] brother (16M) a sociopath?

I’m asking Reddit because my mom was sitting on the couch bawling because she thinks that my brother had a mental disorder, and that he doesn’t care about her
Some of the reasons: - bullying a girl in fifth grade and writing an explicit diss track on her (calling her a whre, poor, etc). I fear his mistreatment of women hasn’t stopped because a few years ago I saw texts of a girl calling him out for being mean. In fourth grade he stabbed a girl with a pencil and told her to cry
This is what I can think of. If anyone has any questions, ask. Any advice? Tbh I think this could be the behavior of a rebellious teenage boy, but I don’t know , which is why I’ve came to Reddit for opinions.
Tl;dr- my brother displays some concerning behaviors and my mother wonders if it’s do to something other than him being a teenagers
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2023.06.10 05:56 Louis_needs_advice I feel terrible for what I just did.

I feel terrible , Some girl was flirting meAnd now I feel horriblee because my 'friends' won't talk to me now and I don't know how to feel , I feel really horrible now because they just won't speak to me and I feel like I was desperate because she started flirting and I didn't know what to do.
So I got moody after all that happened,Sat in the party being moody and building random stuff , And after I calm down and recover I started talking and got ignored so I gave up and left
I know this doesn't go on advice I just wanna know what to do because I feel like I'm in the wrong and I feel horrible.
I know I shouldn't have lie about my age , I didn't know what to do and the other issue was is that she had boyfriend while she flirting me with all this stuff she made me fall for her and since I lie about my age and stuff since she was doing all that.
I know this shouldn't go here but I need to know what to do since I feel so horrible and now that their ignoring I'm wondering if I should move on , like go get new friends and give up and stuff.
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2023.06.10 05:56 jett_black_heart Depression after visiting a friend. Am I being self-centered?

I don't get to visit with many people and I keep my circle small. I visited with my friend today who I consider my best friend. We don't have much family and I consider her family. We've known each other for 12 years.
She got engaged earlier this year & went from planning a wedding to finding out she was pregnant, and changing gears to just planning to go to the courthouse & have a baby shower about a month apart.
She calls me bestie sometimes & maybe I just expect more when I consider someone a BEST friend, like a sister, because I felt really hurt when she told me that an ex-coworker was going to host her baby shower and when they get married at the courthouse they were just going to "keep it small" and just have a few family members. I can't help but feel disappointed & sad that she doesn't want me a part of these big moments like I thought I would have been. I feel like maybe she doesn't consider me as close of a friend as I've considered her.
Am I making this out to be more than what it is? Do you think I should just find some new friends and not consider her as close of a friend so I won't take things like this so personal? I'm not the type to make things about me, I just thought I was going to be a part of these moments in her life. I didn't even get to help her look for a dress or anything & I always imagined that I was going to be her maid of honor, go wedding dress shopping with her, & host her baby shower, but I'm not involved in any of it. I can't help but to feel down & hurt about it.
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