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Events, discussions, and items of interest from Arkansas's capital city and the greater metropolitan area. Please be kind and welcoming, we're all neighbors here!

2011.10.31 05:08 AdiposeTissue University of Arkansas at Little Rock


2011.06.27 14:14 episodic C'mon Texarkana, Dequeen, Camden, El Dorado, Crossett, Magnolia, Junction City, etc. . .


2023.03.28 14:32 Regular_Gap_3507 Most rigid resin? Recommendations?

Hey all, I am printing small flared rings for a project. They range from 10-20mm in diameter, and are quite thin.
They will be expecting a radial force directed towards the center of the rings, basically experiencing weight in the same manner a tire experiences the weight of a car (pushing down)
I would like to minimize the amount of flex and let these rings keep their circular shape as much as possible. I am not concerned with max weight til failure, or failure mode. The main factor is that they “flex” as little as possible.
I am using a Saturn to print. Does anyone have resin brand recommendations for this application? I’ve tried elegoo standard and ABS like resin but wasn’t impressed
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2023.03.28 14:31 ThickTurnover7562 There's no way in hell I'm looking for a high I'm looking for pain relief that's all

I'm not looking for a damn high I'm looking for pain relief spondylosis on the L5-S1 DDD lumbar disease facet disease how am I going to make it when I do taxes for people and I'm in so much pain I can't even bend forward or backward I'm in so much pain I can't get out of bed I took a bath it helped a little bit but I'm gonna take the 7.5/325 percs I'm stupid that I took the shot the sublocade shot 1 and done after the 75 days are over I taking PERCS OR HYDROCODONE IN A SPLIT SECOND!
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2023.03.28 14:31 Plenty_Olive_4163 What should I be doing in the early stages of a relationship?

So a little background first. I (24M) was into my friend (24F) for some time now. We were friends for around 6 months, before I told her how I felt this weekend. She said she felt the same, and we made out, hooked up, and spent the entire weekend together. She has a kid, and custody of her younger brother, so they also hung out with us on Sunday. Yesterday, I hung out with her, her kid, and her brother for an hour or so.
Here’s the issue. I really like this girl, and want to do this right. But in all honesty, I am completely new to this whole thing. I have no idea how often I should be texting her, or hanging out with her. I also have no idea how much physical affection I should be showing and how intimate I should be with her. If it were up to me, I would want to spend every minute I can with her, and be extremely intimate. I haven’t really been physically affectionate since the first night we hooked up, besides cuddling on the couch or cuddling when we slept together on Friday night and Saturday night.
I know each relationship is different, so there is no set answer, but is there any sort of guideline as to what I should be doing in this situation? Or is there a way to gauge what I should be doing?
Should I be trying to hang out daily or give her her space? Should I be holding her hands, holding her, kissing her, etc.? Or should we hang out more before doing all that?
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2023.03.28 14:31 Malke911 Can I just leave dead spirulina powder like this?

I made a huge mistake a week ago. Gave the shrimps more spirulina powder, than they could eat. And now I have dead algaes lying on the substrate.
It is quite difficult to take all of the rocks etc. out, so my question is - could I just leave it and let it “rot” out?
Its a small container - approx 3 litres.
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2023.03.28 14:31 Dino7813 First boat, go big or go home? Does that ever work out?

I got bit by the sailing bug at a late age, the half century mark. I took the ASA 101, and I’ll go back for the 103/104 in just a couple months. I’ve quietly lurked here and I’ve seen a pretty high prevalence of people getting starter-boats and upgrading later. I’m basically looking at a 35-40’ high performance cruiser.
We’re moving the family to the water, eventually, we’ll have our own dock on the property for sure, though right now we are only 35-45 minutes from the nearest marinas on the Chesapeake. However, that move may not happen for a couple years when the real estate market settles down some.
I would be buying something new or only a few years old. I could/would spend $200k, I would put 30k down and finance, or I pay cash. If I pay cash I’d have to liquidate investment assets and with the market as it is, I’m not feeling like that’s a great idea At the moment. I’d rather finance with no early payment penalty and see how the market settles in the next couple years, then pay it off.
I’m really stuck on this decision. I saw a beautiful mini-12 meter, all wood, no motor, simple as can be, trailerable and easily taken to the closest slip and stored at home, for about $20k. Something like that would be really cool, but it wouldn’t be the “full” experience I truly want for me or my family. We could day-sail, but I feel like it would be mostly for me. I also saw the exact boat I want, in my budget. That would open up the possibility for overnight adventures, long weekend trips, bringing our friends aboard. Of course in the back of my mind is a lingering fear: what if I make a bold move and then later feel like I’m not into it.
I’d love to hear from those of you that decided to go big and it all worked out, as I imagine the folks it didn’t work out for are not on the sub anymore. Did anybody have an upgrade phase and it was a good thing for you ?
TLDR: first boat, buy a little one or a big one?
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2023.03.28 14:31 Old-Highlight-2534 Calling it quits with my pregnant abuser

Hi Everyone.
Posting here to vent and get some perspective.
Long story short: met this girl 5 years ago, fell head over heels quickly. We moved in together. While we lived together I started noticing the red flags. She had a pretty intense temper, had a tendency to flip out hard. As time went on, she started kicking me out of the apartment, throwing my stuff outside, and got physical with me a couple times.
She broke up with me, and I was beyond devastated. I spent 2 years improving my life, ended up killing it at my job, new friends, new girls, but I was depressed the whole time, missing her. She would call me occasionally, but usually just to give me a hard time.
Fast forward to last November. She called, we hung out, one thing led to another, and we hooked up. Suddenly, we were back together. Tbh, I was over the moon. But quickly I noticed that things were not all well. She started flipping out again over really small triggers. She would break up with me once/week. It was an emotional rollercoaster and messed with me mentally.
Then in December, there was an incident where she called me to hang out after a work party. I don't want to get into detail, but she got physical with myself and her mother and honestly herself. You'd think that would be enough to make me walk away, and it kinda was. I was one foot out.
Then she told me she was pregnant. She told me by slapping 2 wine glasses off of a table after a minor disagreement, leaving the room, and coming back and throwing 2 positive pregnancy tests at me. That night, I looked through her phone (not bc of the pregnancy, but for other reasons). Found out she had cheated on me.
From there, it just got worse and worse. She demanded I rent us an apartment. I was hesitant bc we had been fighting so much. She took this as a personal offense. Since then she's called me every name in the book. The first 2 weeks, she called me every single day and called me a loser and that she didn't love me and so on. That's not an exaggeration. Every single day.
She tried to forbid me from telling anyone about the pregnancy. When I told her I obviously told my friends bc she wouldn't talk to me without insulting me and I needed someone to talk to, she flipped out on me again.
I tried to make things work for the sake of the pregnancy, and I did love her. But the insults kept coming and got worse. First it was I was a loser, then that I would fail in the business I started. Then that I would be a bad father. Then on my birthday, she told me the only reason she would see me is bc of guilt. This was particularly hurtful bc a few weeks earlier on her bday, she threw me out of her apartment over a minor disagreement and I came back with roses and took her to dinner bc it was her birthday and I figured the fight wasn't worth it. It just never stopped.
Still I've been helping her out financially. I've given her like 7k since the beginning of the year. But it's getting ridiculous bc now she's mad at me for wanting to help financially. I've never heard of that. There's no winning.
The weird thing is she won't stop calling me. She calls, tells me what her gripe of the day is with me, and then reminds me that she doesn't love me. It's once every 2-3 days. Just yesterday, I tried to help her with a medical bill, and asked her who her insurance provider (that I've been paying for) is. She got really defensive and wouldn't tell me. She told me I was being controlling and asking for her personal info. She sent me the money back, and then blocked me. FOR ASKING WHO HER INSURANCE PROVIDER IS.
Then yesterday she called me again. Just to tell me she didn't want my help and that she didn't love me. I tried talking to her a little, but it was all insults. When I asked her why she does this, that this wasn't going to be how she talks to me, all she had to say was "I don't care."
I wish at this point I could even say I don't know what to do, but I do. She's at best a very cruel person, but I believe she has something wrong with her mentally. We'll have to coparent, and this will def be a pain in my life.
But I'm done feeling guilty, I'm done feeling like I wasn't there for her while I for the past 3 months I've said nothing to her except that I love her and want to be with her.
I just can't do it anymore.
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2023.03.28 14:31 MooseorsomethingIDK2 Why was Claude's method of peace wrong in Hopes?

So Claude undergoes a more merciless turn in Hopes, where he now wants Rhea dead so the Church can be out of the picture so it is easier for him to open Fodlan up to the regions around it. As many of you probably know, "a few" people didn't like this, and there came some complaints that Rhea didn't do enough bad acts to justify killing her. Or did she?
Throughout the game, we see more and more of the harmful consequences that Rhea helped conjure up through the religion she created, with Claude stating some boundaries that keeps Fodlan back because of her. Even if it was hard to prove that Rhea is responsible for it, it's also hard to prove if she isn't, and combined with all the other tell-don't-show parts of the story, it is easier to believe that the bad things that do happen are Rhea's fault, since the game never counters it.
So now we have Rhea's crimes, but there has to be some good things about her. Golden Wildfire and Scarlet Blaze gives out almost nothing except condemnation for Rhea so we cannot trust them to bring us anything, but what does Azure Gleam do to defend her?
Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Sidenote: You might expect me to mention that Dimitri abandons the Church in GW towards the end, but I can forgive that as it is on Dimitri choosing his people over the church, thus making it more about what he would rather protect instead of something bad about Rhea.
Now, we're probably expected to remember her good qualities from Houses, but that fails when important parts of her backstory are not mentioned in Hopes. Nothing about Zanado, nothing about Wilhelm and the founding Empire, nothing about Nemesis (probably the biggest case of you being expected to play Houses first as otherwise, as the meaning of why GW's final fight is at Tailtean Plains goes lost on you otherwise). And she is technically supposed to be more heroic here, since she doesn't undergo a sanity slippage compared to the only route in Houses where she is an antagonist, but she doesn't get any chances to act heroic on her own, we just get buried in bad stuff with no good stuff to balance it out.
The game doesn't either provide an alternative to Claude's murder plan, and with everything that's presented to us, it does seem like murder is the only option here. Claude does allow Rhea to flee in the final battle, but she doesn't, instead vowing to kill the Federation where they stand, leaving us with no choice but to kill her.
Oh, and that speech she gives before the fight? Yeah, that's too little, too late. Plus, that also lacks back-up in the game itself, you could end up thinking she refuses to let humans act for themselves and need her and her brethren.
So now we get to my question. Why would Claude's method to bring peace to Fódlan be seen as wrong when we only get reasons why Rhea needs to be gone and why killing her is the best solution?
Is Rhea an evil villain who has godlike powers who wishes to control humanity? No, absolutely not, that's what we saw in Houses. But in this game, it's hard to see her as anything but that. Even in the route where she is an ally, it comes across more as her trying to disguise herself. Why would the devs be doubling down on turning a character into something they avoided turning them into at first?
(On another sidenote, could you imagine a Hopes map based on Zanado? If we got a Church route, the final boss should definitely have been Nemesis and we would be getting God-Shattering Star into the game)
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2023.03.28 14:31 HTownGuy9956 28 [M4A] looking for a friend to have some fun with close to me!

I’m looking for another that I can explore with. Maybe we just jack off together… possibly more. We can talk first to see if we get along of course. No pressure!
I’m 7 in bwc, and do prefer the same but an open to others. Please be close to Pasadena/Deer Park area in the near future- maybe this morning! I can talk now too! I’m down to chat a little now if you have a moment!
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2023.03.28 14:30 calacour1 Will I be able to make my flight?

On the Monday after were taking the shuttle back to LAX at 6am, and Im looking to change our flight to an earlier one that departs at noon, would I be able to make this considering the traffic of everyone leaving Monday?
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2023.03.28 14:30 EbonyDragonFire My ma doesn't like my stretched ears...

And that's okay lol
Here's a short story:
I got my ears stretched up to 0g and I didn't bother to tell anyone I was doing it, including my ma, but I didn't want the negative feedback telling me not to do it.
I knew she wasn't going to like them because she comes from a lifestyle where she was told they were gross.
That's why I waited to do all this until I was on my own and out of the military.
When she first saw my lobes, she said, "Agh, what did you do to your ears?!". Thankfully, that didn't bother. I know my ma cares about us and something like this wouldn't change that.
But just recently, we went out for her Birthday and she noticed I got nostril studs on my nose now. The only comments I got was, "Oh that's new, when did you get that?". She quickly changed the topic back to my stretched ears. And saying, "What if you don't like them anymore?" (That won't happen haha). And of course I told her that and give her a warm fuzzy by saying there's surgery if I absolutely had to undo them.
I got her in a bind heading back to the car and I said, "But I get to wear pretty shiny rocks in my ears!"
My ma loves rocks and shiny things, so when I said that, she was silent...
But I could see a smile growing on her face knowing I wasn't wrong.
That's as close to acceptance I'll get! 😂
Just wanted to share that since I thought it was funny.
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2023.03.28 14:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

[Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course
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  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.28 14:30 JefferyIntern Getting a job as an ex-founder

I co-founded a startup a few years ago. It’s done well, couple million in ARR, etc the whole show. I’m looking at exiting for something new so I can work on multiple early-stage projects again, but for whatever reason it’s proving to be impossible! Over the last four months I must’ve applied for close to 100 positions, reaching out to hundreds of hiring managers, had about 10/20 internal referrals into various processes but absolutely no interviews.
Things I’ve tried: - CV reviews, a number of recruiters have given me advice which I’ve been able to incorporate. Everybody I speak to says my CV looks great now. - Internal and agency recruiters (hundreds in cold outreach by now), some reply to set up an interview then suddenly go cold. - All sorts of different roles up and down the pay scale. - Different roles within my industry (digital products). - Different company sizes (other startups all the way through to huge corporates).
My only limitation is that I can’t use my startup’s network, since the exec team know I want to move to something new, but would rather I stayed. I also can’t rock the boat with investors etc.
Some recruiters have said to me it’s purely because I’m a founder that nobody will touch me with a barge pole. Is that really the case or am I missing something? Nobody’s flagged this as an issue, but I don’t have a degree. Any help/advice would be really appreciated!
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2023.03.28 14:30 wisakoy Thorin hints that Jankos has buy-out and it is low.
Thorin's tweet:
Jankos is so good at League of Legends it's unfair.
While playing on one of the worst line-ups of players a split has ever seen.
That buy-out is small. All I'm gonna say.
Which team could potentialy buyout Jankos from Team Heretics?
I personally though about KOI to give them some new impulse to push forward because they seems to stangate a little bit.
On the other hand I would love to see if Heretics are willing to make some changes around Jankos.
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2023.03.28 14:30 Same-Permission-5681 Anyone else have this dream?

The doors: I wake up in a place that looks like what you think a brain would look like on the inside. Pinkish red with a bit of stray veins of red embedded throughout the place. Inside this place gravity doesn't exist and doors are found everywhere. These doors are opened and closed by white figures I can only describe as the souls of the dead, with every wrong door they open they scream and shout and loose more of their sanity. This may seem like just a weird dream but it isn't really about the visuals that make it scary it's the feeling you get when you go inside the dream. The feeling of anxiety builds up, your heart begins to rise, all you can think about is how to get out. As you open door after door after door despair sets in, a surge of adrenaline covers your body while numb to pain the feeling of complete utter stress, anxiety, and sadness hits you as you keep going. Opening more and more doors till you become like one of the souls you saw before. With every door you find and open fills you with hope but every time its the wrong door it consumes you. You scream and beg and lose the person you once was when you came in. Little by little panic sets in and you finally realize that you will ever escape. I've had this dream 4 times now and it started when I was 7 still scares the shit out of me to be honest.
When I have this dream I don't wake up normally and need to be physically moved to wake up. Alarm clocks also don't work, the longest time I had this dream was close to 1 day ( I was woken up by my little brother) I pray and hope that no one else has this dream.
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2023.03.28 14:29 tipsyturnipbar New player irritates party in the first two sessions and when confronted claims “that’s what my character would do”

This is kinda long and I typed this up on my phone. May not be as bad as I think but thought I’d share.
Little background, this player plays a Tabaxi bard (I will call them Tabard) and they’re very new to dnd 5e and I believe ttrpgs as a whole. Tabard has played in a one shot I ran a while back where their antics were overshadowed by the two other new players that derailed the game by extorting the villagers they were trying to help (that’s a whole other story).
Tabard is intent on playing a naive character that has just reached the age of maturity where in their village they go off on a kind of rumspringa. So Tabard proceeds to travel across the continent before reaching the city where our first session takes place. All goes well with intros until Tabard begins kneading another character’s (Liza) clothing, claiming it would make good bedding. Liza redirects Tabard to a bed of flowers, were they begin rolling around. Another player (Hugo) jokes about using a piece of glass/mirror to reflect the sun like a laser pointer, and Tabard’s player ensures we know that Tabard is NOT a cat, they are a person. Liza and Hugo laugh and we continue on.
The next incident occurs when the party attempts to move to their objective and Tabard insists that they did not specify the party was bringing them along so they begin to walk in the exact opposite direction. I stop the session momentarily, Tabard is new and probably doesn’t understand that it’s a good idea to stay with the party in the first session, so I ask the other party members if any of them would have made sure Tabard was with them. They say yes and Tabard seems a little irked by that “meta gaming” but goes along. Seems small so I don’t think too much of it.
After the first session Liza confronts me about how Tabard is really irritating them. Liza is upset that Tabard isn’t just naive but outright dumb because they don’t understand what money is (literally playing their character like they don’t understand the concept or value of currency) or what clothing is (was questioning a shirt given to them despite also wearing clothing) and the previously mentioned events. I told them to be patient since Tabard is a new player and let’s wait and see what happens in session two.
Session two happens and it’s going well until the parade where Tabard decides to pounce at the pretty lights above the foreign emissary’s chariot. For some ungodly reason they thought they could jump 30ft into the air but I was too shocked they were doing this to question that absurdity and instead asked if any of the other party members were going to take action as Tabard began to fall down on these foreign dignitaries. Tabard is promptly tackled in midair by their party member and they are surrounded by guards.
We end there and the next couple of days Liza, Hugo, and the other players are telling me Tabard is being too disruptive. Tabard is acting like a cat when they claimed to be a person. They’re putting them in difficult situations right off the bat. And that this is not they type of game they all agreed on playing in session 0.
You may be thinking, "oh? Shenanigans in dnd? That’s normal as hell." And I agree, it totally is. Under normal circumstances where the players like each other’s characters it would be, but Tabard plays their character a little too naive and insists on impulsively doing things, which the other players were not ready for (did not think to mention how they’d be playing their character to anyone). So it makes it visibly difficult for them to roleplay with Tabard or have a reason to bring them along in future adventures. I know they’d do it anyways because of the unspoken social contract of “we’re all playing together so gotta bring them” but it’d be forced and create even more animosity between players/characters (which I’ve sadly seen before in a campaign).
So I do the thing and talk to them about it. Tabard tells me their intentions are to have the character learn common sense over the course of the campaign which would be determined by their interactions with the other characters. And I proceeded to tell them that everyone is having a difficult time interacting with Tabard because they did not know their intentions for them were to learn through others. So it would be a great idea to inform the other players so they would understand how to interact with naive Tabard (honestly I don’t think after session two anyone wanted to teach Tabard—a grown adult—common sense like they were a newborn, but I threw this out there anyways). I also asked Tabard about their motives to stay in the party and they told me that they wanted the other characters to form connections with Tabard to give them a reason to stay (big sigh when no one wants to interact with Tabard), and I told them that if they can convey learning through the other characters, then the role playing moments could happen that would make them feel like staying.
This wasn’t even the entire conversation I had, there were a lot of silences as I was explaining how Tabard probably isn’t as dumb as they lets on considering they’ve traveled through many other cities and had to barter and all that for food and such. But they told me that Tabard is extremely naive and doesn’t understand social castes or outside world things (I gave in because this went in circles a few times).
Since this conversation seemed to go nowhere I decided we needed to reup a session zero where we can all get on the same page. Over half the players thought we were playing a serious grim dark game and then Tabard comes in kneading clothes, rolling in flowers, and assaulting nobility because of shiny things. So they agreed we should all talk before moving anywhere into the plot to come.
And the reup goes almost great. The quiet players get told it’s okay to be loud, Hugo (also new player) gets told it’s okay to play their character differently than they intended, and Tabard is told by everyone that they’re having a hard time understanding/working with them. Which Tabard responds with “but Tabard is a cat.”
Cue Hugo telling them the events from session one and how Tabard insisted they were not a cat but a person that looks catlike. Liza also points out that we don’t want to play with a cat, we want to play with a person. Tabard exclaims that they’re being true to their character and that’s how Tabard would act. Which Liza gets upset about and says but you control Tabard, Tabard does what YOU want. (Once again circles and things about how Tabard doesn’t remember any of the events that have upset the players, but thank god our note taker and the rest of us were like NO YOU REALLY DID THOSE THINGS.)
I had to interject at this point and tell them if they’re not going to give Tabard more common sense now, they should at least give a description warning of when Tabard is about to do something dumb or potentially TPKing. They agreed.
So the solutions for Tabard:
-character will learn at an accelerated rate (more accelerated than the player anticipated… so idk how long that’ll be)
-player will describe/warn party in some way that they are about to do shenanigans so everyone has a chance to stop them
Before anyone asks, yes we had a session zero where we agreed on the serious grim dark setting. For some reason everyone but Tabard knew this. Idk why but we had to inform them again in the reup and they said they could modify Tabard accordingly. In said session zero everyone wanted to keep their characters a surprise (or at least NO one wanted to talk about them with each other). In some way we all know each other, either through work or from other games I’ve run.
I don’t want to kick this player since they’re new and all. I really don’t. But they are extremely attached to their character and I know would not want to make a new one, so this might not be the game for them, and I’ll have to tell them that. Maybe if we were playing newly awakened animals this would be fine, but the rest of us are playing mature characters with pasts and presents woven into the plot ahead. I just don’t see where silly ‘ol Tabard is gonna fit in if this continues.
Our next session is this weekend. I’ll update if the other players/I get triggered by Tabard’s actions.
I’m pretty sure Tabard uses Reddit so if you see this, I think you’re cool just not cool for this game as it looks right now.
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2023.03.28 14:29 sharingboyfriend Help! Between Elac, Q Acoustics, Polk, JBL or Kanto -- what's best? Trying to surprise my SO with a cool present.

Hi, I'm trying to surprise my SO with a set of bookshelf speakers to replace a pair of very old Paradigms that are falling apart. I know very little about this kind of stuff, and am feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options available.
We already have a functional Parasound HCA-500 amp and a Rotel pre-amp. Would like to find something that has an analog option so that we can connect it to our turntable. Ideally, something with good sound quality (obviously) and durability.
So far, I think I've narrowed down the options to Elac (maybe the 6.2 Debut), Q Acoustics 3020i, Polk, some JBL models and maybe Kanto (although I saw mixed reviews for them). Maybe I should just stick to finding a new pair of Paradigm speakers? So many choices!
Any personal favorites for listening to rock and jazz music? I'm trying to stay below $800 ideally with shipping factored in.
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2023.03.28 14:28 Large_Call_3933 Me[29M], my brother Bill[38M], his newlywed wife Jane[36F], and the entire family situation is turning toxic, awkward, odd, and off putting.

Here is what is happening with my thought process in regards to the situation in my family.
I have 4 older brothers and my parents. The second and third have moved out. My oldest brother, the fourth, and me(the youngest) along with my parents live under the same household.
Beginning in 2020, my parents were asking their relatives around for any recommendation regarding a potential wife for my oldest brother(Bill). A relative reached out to them and recommended someone(Jane) that was traveling overseas from a foreign country for vacation. My parents decided to move forward with the process and allowed her to live in our house and work at our family owned business.
My mom had a stroke mid 2021, which caused her to be paralyzed on the left side, needing assistance for moving around, and doing daily activities. Our family has not been the same and the situation affected all of us. My mom is in bed most of the time and speaks to whomever she can speak with especially with our family and Jane.
Within 1 year, Jane eventually got to know our family and got closer to Bill. They both decided to get married in late 2021 with the support from our family.
Jane and my mom would have conversations about my mom's worries and concerns for her family's future for more than 1 year because my mom is mostly in bed most of the time and not completely there anymore.
My mom most likely asked Jane to look/recommend someone for me. Jane sees an opportunity to recommend one of her sister that is currently living in her country because this will align with her main agenda to continue onto bringing her family members over to the US because the living standard is better over here than in the other country, she would be given praise from her family and extended family that she is capable to do such a thing in a small amount of time. At this point, she is making a power play to bringing at least one of her sister over to the US for a better future. And she sees me as a potential candidate to do so. She would have more control, power, and influence over our family near the future.
Jane has 1 older brother, 3 older sisters, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters. Their mom had a stroke awhile ago like my mom. While their dad passed away about 10 years ago. Jane and her oldest sister is living in the US.
My mom is in agreement with her because my mom is liking Jane's recommended sister to my family and from how this sister is religiously devoted. In actuality, Jane and her oldest sister truly love their family that is overseas, and feeling obligated with responsibility to do anything to bringing one of their sisters over to the US for a better future.
So they orchestrated an overseas trip and brought me along so I can get to know their family and especially their recommended sister.
After 3-4 months from the overseas trip, my parents have been insisting I do it rather I like it or not because they realized the overseas trip potentially didn't bring any connection/meaningful relationship with the sister they recommended.
Jane and her oldest sister were having long conversations with each other before traveling overseas, I guarantee this was one of the subject of discussion and if they played it right then they could narrow one of their sisters for me without me suggesting any other options for me. There plan was to want more from our family and trick/brainwash my mind to doing such a thing for their family without having to directly ask me and reveal their true intentions. I believe this has to do with wanting more from my family and human nature to take advantage of someone.
If I do bring one of their sisters over to the US and things fallout between the relationship then it would have been still a win-win situation for her family because she would had the opportunity to stay in the US.
The positive consequences for Jane and her family far out weigh the negative consequences with bringing one of her sister over to the US.
Also, Jane is currently working with high motivation and lots of interest because she is having things tax incentives with being married to Bill. She is saving her money and she will most likely be in control of the family business with Bill near the future. So, she is sitting pretty well by staying with my family for the past 3 years, rent free, utilities free, and support from the family. She certainly wants more because she sees the opportunity and the power she has on the family. Having money, living in the US, sharing it with her family shows where she stands with her family and her influence on the people around her after coming to the US. Almost like showing dominance over another individual or family household.
I do respect Jane because she is hard working, dedicated, and a highly motivated individual. However, I believe she is asking for too much at this point. Her oldest sister's agenda and her agenda is not right when you incorporate more things that involve families from our family because I believe it is wrong on so many levels, it would be better if it was someone outside her family members or not have even planned it out to begin with. Things need to happen organically not forcefully or manipulatively because the relationship will not last long term. Jane and her oldest sister needs to be thankful for what they currently have because it can all slip away easily.
Bill is potentially compromised because he is now married to Jane and you usually love your spouse more than anybody else. My brother might slip up and say things to her because she wants to know more things about our family with high interest for herself and her family members overseas.
My mom is out of the picture because of her illness and can be highly influenced in her current state. She is extremely devoted to religion along with Bill and Jane.
My dad doesn't care much, but is still trying to do his best to mediate the situation for what happened before the overseas trip, during the overseas trip, and up until now.
At this point for me, I'm willing to do things because it has some meaning or associated with things I love near to my heart. At this age, I believe you either have high interest or doing it out of love. I made some silly mistakes because their was a point in my brain where I stopped caring about anything due to my neck issue/health. I potentially gave mixed messages during the overseas trip when Jane was pushing for one of her sister onto me. I believe all of this is highly manipulative, toxic to a certain extent, odd, and not great for the long term aspect. While I was overseas with Jane and her family I did feel a little bit disrespected, pushed, and slight bad vibes.
Tl;dr: I need help with inputs, opinions, and suggestions from anyone, if what Jane was doing is extremely wrong, toxic, or just using me and my family. It seems like she is desperate to bringing one of her sister over because her family is having no luck, so she is trying to push her luck onto her family that is overseas. I'm over here realizing this now or it could be a distraction for something else. Like she wants control, obedience, loyalty, and cooperation from my family despite knowing our family in such a small amount of time.
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2023.03.28 14:28 reecespenises Moose no longer spawning 😩

I ain't a noob, this is my third 100% run on the game.
Moose no longer appear. Anywhere. I've spend about 18 hours irl moving between Willards Rest, Owanjila,, O'Creagh's Run, Upper Montana River, Little Creek River, Cattail Pond, Lake Isabella, Barrow Lagoon, Colter's magic moose/wolf rock, Cairn Lake.
I've fast travelled back and forth, I've set up camp and slept until morning and noon, I've reloaded saves, closed and reopened the game, I've shot everything else that spawns, I've put down bait and waited. Not a single goddamn moose. Not a 1 star, not even a 2 star. It's like the game has just completely stopped spawning moose. Wtf else can I try? I only need 1 more moose pelt but I'm running out of faith that I might find one :(
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2023.03.28 14:28 kooze Switching primaries or transiting through singledom?

I haven’t seen much here that describes my situation, and I’m looking for some outside perspective.
I am a 52 year old gay male who has been in a 14 year primary relationship with a wonderful guy (lets call him Adam) who is 14 years younger than I. This relationship has been open pretty much since the beginning. Usually that openness showed up by introducing a third for sex, and that usually happened only when travelling. Adam enjoys casual sex at the bath house, but that never felt like me. I tended not to explore sex separately, and I felt a lot of hang ups about sex from my strict religious upbringing.
Our sex life has suffered for many years now. For a while I thought I may have been asexual because I just wasn’t into it at all. Adam was more interested in sex, so I felt like the problem was me. At the same time, I masturbated regularly and enjoyed porn. The stress and aftermath of the pandemic made the situation worse, and physical intimacy appears to be dead in this relationship.
In June of 2022, I finally came out of our pandemic hibernation and I met someone (let’s call him Beau) at a Pride event. The first kiss was like being struck by a lightning bolt out of the sky. The chemistry was off the charts. We started dating long distance. The sex was incredible. There was a strong romantic connection. I felt alive. I felt like I finally knew what I was missing. I disclosed this all to Adam and while he was a little concerned about the level of romantic attachment in this new connection, he encouraged me to pursue my sexual reawakening through this relationship and we both expressed our hope that this new energy would come back to help our sex life.
Meanwhile, Beau was also in a sexless primary relationship, and his partner is 14 years older than he, who is close to my age. Their understanding was less of a disclosing open relationship and more DADT. Beau has a long history with many sexual partners outside his primary relationship and has a strong libido. I was uncomfortable being a secret and encouraged him to open up “properly” so we could continue our relationship more in the open.
By this point I became very interested in polyamory and read a lot on the subject. I knew that I wanted both love/romance and sex together, and I didn’t believe in monogamy, so poly seemed like the answer for what I wanted. I began opening up to more casual sexual partners, some of whom I quite like and would like to see more regularly.
Beau’s attempt at opening his primary relationship didn’t go as planned. His partner was freaked out when Beau confessed that he was “in love” with me. His partner believes that one can only be in love with one person at a time, so he decided to end their relationship. He moved out and they have been informally separated for a number of months now.
My relationship with Beau has been a tumultuous roller coaster, with many misunderstandings triggering his anxious attachment and my avoidant style at the same time. It all came to a head on a recent extended visit, where Beau became jealous of a connection I had made at a gay bar we went to together, and me becoming very angry at that. It turns out he thought I was actively cruising for hookups with other potential romantic partners while I was visiting him, because I had been such an advocate for poly. It came to a head as a massive argument and a sudden, humiliating breakup.
But within days, I felt tremendous longing and questioned how this had happened. Beau and I started talking, realized our misunderstandings and we have been working really hard on figuring ourselves out and what our version of consensual non monogamy looks like. Dr Zhana’s Open Smarter course has been a godsend for us:
Through this thinking, I came to realize that I want a primary relationship, but that relationship needs have both love and a passionate sexual connection. I knew that my relationship with Adam was never going to recover that, if indeed it once was that. As soon as I realized this, I told Adam. I said I want a primary with sex and love and felt that our sexual connection was over. He was understandably upset, confused and angry. He thought he had been waiting for me to get myself sorted out sexually and now I was saying that I just wasn’t attracted to him in that way.
But in the end, we both accepted that we are on the path to separation. I know of and read a lot about (mostly straight) couples in sexless marriages staying together for the kids. In our case the “kids” are a dog and a comfortable, financially secure domestic partnership. But it’s not enough, for either of us. I believe Adam and I still love and care for each other, and I’m hopeful we’ll be able to “consciously decouple” and maintain a deep and enduring friendship in the long run.
Which now returns me to Beau and the question of what is next. Beau and I clearly love each other deeply. The sexual connection is as deep and passionate as ever, with lots of room to experiment and grow through new adventures. We have expressed a desire/goal that we could eventually become primary partners living together, which means one of us relocating. We both believe that monogamy is not for us, but have slightly different takes on it.
I am more oriented to having both sex and romantic connections outside of my primary relationship than he is. Beau feels a bit insecure and threatened by that. I also acknowledge that I’m just a baby when it comes to poly and even as it relates to having multiple sex-only partners. I lived a closeted youth and young adulthood and a repressed sexual life overall. I feel I have much yet to experience. Going slow towards a possible poly future makes sense to me.
Does this situation resonate with any of you?
What do you think about switching from one primary relationship directly into another?
What about spending some time as single/solo poly and dating after separation before jumping into another primary relationship?
How do I get to experiment and experience more of myself sexually with multiple partners while maintaining and protecting this very rare, unique and beautiful relationship that Beau and I are developing?
What is the role of time and letting things unfold slowly vs the rush to book the U-Haul and move?
Wisdom and advice from your own experiences are greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.28 14:28 Postaldudepetition Evil dude Slaps Postal dude (GREEN SCREEN) Feel Free to download it but you have to credit me as an artist. ROCK AND ROLL 🤘

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2023.03.28 14:28 tiddyb0obz My 2 year olds behaviour makes me hate my life

Prefacing this by saying I am in therapy and have been for a long time
Long story short, 2020 baby, shes the opposite of a unicorn baby. Had never slept, ate, not been crying her eyes out, cant play, can't exist without me in a room. I've had suspicions since birth that shes on the spectrum like her dad but no one will look into it while she's this young.
This morning she asked for milk, like she always does. I poured it, gave it to her, she shouted no and threw it back over me. I was so angry I was shaking. Her behaviour for the last 4 months just makes me want to go elsewhere. I went back to work because I couldn't handle being a SAHM anymore and the relief I feel to go back to work makes me feel a little guilty.
Worst is I don't even know how to combat it??? She dropped all naps at 18 months and cannot even be forced to take one, she just doesn't give into it. She still wakes in the night frequently. She's been refusing to have her nappy changed for months now, ive tried all the bribery and have to resort to pinning her down.
I know all the life changes have been a lot for her, they have been for me too tbh, but this started before all that and has only been made worse. It just makes me not want to get up in the mornings because I can't deal with it. It's like for every 30 seconds of nice loveliness, shes evil for 4 hours after.
I'm also mourning the family I wanted, we always wanted 2 kids but i can't ever see myself having another, if I did I think I'd have to check myself in somewhere as I'm mentally at my absolute limit with 1.
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2023.03.28 14:28 ThrowawayStressedmum I can’t stop thinking about it

So, day 4 for me. And it’s taken awhile to finally admit I’m an alcoholic but after embarrassing my oldest last week through being drunk & him staying up most of the night to make sure I was breathing is my rock bottom.
Does thinking about “a drink” get less and less? I feel like I’m consumed by the thought. It’s driving me crazy.
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