2010.03.20 18:16 NickLee808 Gunpla

Gunpla (ガンプラ) - Gundam and other Mecha Plastic Models

2011.06.08 20:13 Shadquist Gundam: A place for your favorite mecha universe

Welcome to Gundam! Before you post please check to see if your content or questions have been submitted before! New to Gundam? Please check out our FAQ first which has a bunch of useful information!

2011.04.09 21:55 cranberry-smoothie Model Makers

The subreddit dedicated to the hobby of plastic model kit building and painting. Swap tips and techniques, show your latest builds/WIPs, post kit reviews and discuss the latest kits! And much more!

2023.06.10 02:34 maveriq_gunpla The RX-78 Gundams

The RX-78 Gundams
Zeon's Gundam - Gundam The Origin - Casval Gundam
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2023.06.09 19:50 HarlockMKII [US][Selling] Assorted Gundam Manga, Mars (Complete Set), Tokyo Babylon, Big O, Skullman, Captain Harlock, Style School, JPN D-Gray Man, Various Unbuilt Anime Plastic Model Kits

Continuing to clear out some space of some manga I've been holding onto and have not read since getting, many out of print. All in good condition (varies between G3-G4) but if wanting specifics, please inquire. Gladly will take any additional photos on request.
Additionally adding in some Anime-Related Plamo (Plastic Models). If that isn't allowed, lmk as it seems from the permitted list that it should be fine.
Prices include Paypal G&S Fee AND Shipping. Can be flexible on pricing, especially when buying full sets or multiples or doing local pickup (Pittsburgh, PA). Will ship CONUS.
Photos w/ timestamp

Title Volume(s) Price
Mars (Complete) 1-15 + Horse with no Name $360
Style School (Art Books) 1-2 $8 each
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 1-7, 9 (Vol 2 is Large Format) $12 each or $100 together
Gundam SEED Astray (Complete) 1-3 $45
Gundam SEED X Astray (Complete) 1-2 $30
Gundam SEED Astray R 1-2 $15 each or $25 together
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz One Off $10
The Big-O 1, 4-5 (Vol 1 is Large Format) $20 each or $80 together
Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage 1 $8
Tokyo Babylon 1-5 $20 each or $80 together
The SkullMan 1-3, 6 $25 each or $80 together
D Gray-Man (Japanese Language) 2-5 $5 each or $15 together
Cerulean Project (Gunpla Fanbook) in Softcover 2020 Volume Free with other purchase (Got it with a Patreon, but I have it in Hardcover now)
HG Mobile Doll May Gundam Plamo $30
HG Shaldoll Gundam Plamo $15
RG Unit 00 DX (Positron Sniper Set) Rebuild of Evangelion Plamo $60
1/72 Legios Multiplex Set Mospeada Plamo $40
1/35 Fireball SG 'Intruder' Maschinen Krieger Plamo $20
Vol. 1 Unit 00 + Rei Mechatro WeGo X Evangelion Plamo $40
Vol. 4 Mark.06 + Kaworu Mechatro WeGo X Evangelion Plamo $40
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2023.06.08 00:43 StroudDavion /r/gunpla is going dark

Communities across reddit are going "dark", also known as going private, due to concerns about reddit's proposed change in relationship to third-party apps, on June 12th for at least 48 hours.
A third party app is just another way you can read and post to reddit. Before reddit had its own app for your phone, there were other apps that let you read, post and comment. These apps use something called the API (ELI5:How does an API Work?). Reddit's API lets your computer or phone get posts and comments without having to use a web browser or the official app.
Apps such as Reddit is Fun, Slide, Comet, Boost, or yes Apollo then take what the API gives them and displays it. Apps like this allow you to customize your reddit experience by changing a theme, or changing how you upvote a post. While those are just two very small examples, you can begin to understand why people like these apps.
Have you ever gotten mad at the reddit app because it had bugs, or it was just weird about how it did something? Right now, and until July 1st, you have the option to try out one of these apps and see if you like reddit better this way. After July 1st, you won't have the option anymore. If reddit's app has a bad bug, and you can't read posts for half a day, you will no longer be able to pull up a second option on your phone, or a third option, or a fourth...
I think you can see where this is going. But here's the thing about it:
Reddit didn't tell all the apps they can't get on reddit anymore, they set a price so high no app can afford it. When one of the biggest apps asked why his price was going to be so high, reddit's official reply was "Figure it out on your own.".
Third Party Apps or TPAs have been on reddit for a decade. Reddit gave them 30 days notice of the introduction of a pricing structure set so high no one can afford it.
Reddit has said that they don't want to shut down apps, but their actions speak much louder than their words. It's hard not to draw the conclusion they want them gone.
That is just not how you treat your friends.
Every app developer has said they will have to shut their app down. And the visually impaired on reddit have said they will close down their subs because the app on iOS doesn't allow them to even see reddit.
Why should I care? I use the official app.
Well for one thing you might care one day, but you won't have that option any longer, because reddit is removing user choice.
People who love reddit so much they seek out another app for it submit a lot of good posts to reddit that you read. What if these good posters all leave the site? What if half of them leave? Are you cool with less content to upvote?
What if reddit does something else like pump tons of ads at you-- way more than now -- and you want to try out one of those apps you saw when you first downloaded the official app. You simply won't be able to anymore.
But even if you still don't care, don't you think user choice is generally a good thing? What will they get rid of next?
Also, NSFW content is in danger, and can no longer be accessed through the API which is going to make it harder to find spammers.
What can I do?
Make a meme and post it. Make tiktoks. Contact the admins. Tweet it. Fill up the front page about it on reddit. Ask others to do the same.
Reddit needs to understand that decisions like this have long term unintended consequences. They can and should make money from third party apps. That is reasonable. But when you go from free for over a decade to a $20 million fee for one year, with 30 days notice, something's not right.
Please ask any questions you have about this situation or any of your thoughts. Also, u/why_subs_went_dark is an account ran by organizers of this effort, and they may help answer questions as well here.
As always, Rule #1 - Be Civil - is in place here and will be enforced.
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2023.06.07 16:57 chads3058 r/gunpla should join the blackout in protest to the change in Reddit policy toward third party apps

As many of you know by now, Reddit is conducting a massive change in api policy that will effectively destroy third party apps.
This will certainly have an impact on Reddit as a whole, and will likely effect this community as well.
I stand by this being the best online gunpla community and it pains me to think that we will lose a great number of people in this community if these policy are put into action.
I would like to urge the mods in participating in the blackout coming up on June 12th.
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2023.06.07 05:12 OZgundam r/ForeverGunpla Lounge

A place for members of ForeverGunpla to chat with each other
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2023.06.06 14:33 FrontpageWatch2020 [#942+17831] I was there to buy eggs… [r/Gunpla]

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2023.06.05 10:04 HSExplorer Regarding Rule 6 of r/Gundam

Any Gunpla related content belongs on /Gunpla. All other toys, merchandise, etc. is welcome on /Gundam

  1. Does it mean other mecha anime model kits and action figures can be posted on this subreddit?
  2. Can Gundam action figures be posted on this subreddit?
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2023.06.04 22:04 RazgrizXIII Farewell

Been a blast. Spent way too much money but I legitimately enjoyed the story and building up my gunpla. I hope to eventually recreate some of them as custom, which really means getting good at painting. Thank you for a great time builders!
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2023.06.04 09:29 SunnyMujina I went to Hobbycon day 2

I went to Hobbycon day 2 submitted by SunnyMujina to Sabah [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 03:01 AloneFemboy I'm making a 3D Zock and I need some feedback

I'm making a 3D Zock and I need some feedback
Hi Newtypes and Oldtypes, I figured this post would be better here, then gunpla since this isnt an actual kit model.
Im making a 3D Zock model and looking to detail and greeble it up like a custom gunpla kit. On my Zaku 2 I dressed it up in camoflagues, tank crew stowage and grab handles, and I would like to do the same for the Zock buut.... its an Aquatic suit.

Does anyone know how to do Aquatic Painting and Greebling? This Zock I want to dress up as if it lurks in the depths of the Amazon, sitting and spying on Feddie activity above for week+. Its a siege vehicle lying in wait for the time to strike. The thing is larger than the regular zock since I upsized some things, so it probably will have a crew larger than 1.
I can't seem to decide where I want the greebling, and what they should look like. Examples: Ladder Handles, Walkways with guard rails, Periscope. Further examples would be: Radar, Sensors and jamming equipment though this might not have to be shown and could be stored inside? I've modelled in torpedo / missile tubes into the hands to try and make it less of a particle-beam one trick.
My problems stem from its odd shape, and that its mirrored front to back so IDK where to put this stuff. My nature greebling is to paint it like a warship, add rust streaks, add mussels/ barnacles around the legs / most submerged areas, add seaweed stalks around joints and then general weathering like paint chipping, algae.
Thank you for reading and your input! These are my references above I've collected.

Detailing, algae, greebling
Algae, seaweed and Mussels
Rusting and weathering

Internet examples
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2023.06.04 01:06 JaskelBuilds [META] Pinned Post Suggestion: Game Rules Q&A Thread

Having a one-stop shop for rules questions would be really handy. Similarly to how /gunpla has a biweekly Q&A thread.
I know we already have 2 pinned posts, but maybe the Lounge or Positivity threads have run their course.
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2023.06.03 19:00 MachNeu [HELP ME] Bi-Weekly Q&A thread - Ask your questions here!

Hello and welcome to our bi-weekly beginner-friendly Q&A thread! This is the thread to ask any and all questions, no matter how big or small.
Huge thanks on behalf of the modteam to all of the people answering questions in this thread!
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2023.06.02 08:13 hahadumpling R/GundamModels. For gunpla and model lovers

A sub for Gunpla collectors foucsing on shareing modeling skills and collections.
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2023.06.01 20:00 MachNeu [HAUL] Monthly Haul Thread

This is the gunpla haul thread for this month.
Post your big purchases, boxes and loot here to keep our sub nice and tidy. Box posts outside of this thread will be deleted.
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2023.06.01 19:00 MachNeu [COMMERCE] Monthly Commerce Thread

This is gunpla commerce thread for this month.
Items may be bought, sold or traded in this thread. Please limit items listed here to; kits, tools, paints, decals and other gunpla related items. Do not try to sell preorders.
Sections and other important information are bolded and separated by horizontal bars. Individual items are italicized, sold or otherwise unavailable items are struck through. The 'formatting help' button in the lower right hand corner lists how to perform each text function.
Each item listed needs to have the following information kit name, grade, scale, condition, price, and shipping terms. You should include your location and your willingness to buy or sell internationally. Offers not listing necessary information may be removed pending the addition of the needed information.
Disclaimer By using this thread you agree that Reddit, gunpla and moderators are not responsible for any transactions or agreements you may or may not reach with other participants.
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2023.05.28 19:58 Which-Taro-766 Gunpla kun

Gunpla kun
Just built my Gunpla kun. The chubby zakus don’t like the slim Rx 78 😂 The plastic is really soft so you have to be careful when applying pressure accidentally bent the scope on the gun 😔
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2023.05.26 14:33 Kingrueben PG Unleashed RX-78-2

PG Unleashed RX-78-2
Old pic when the PG Unleashed had just shipped thought I'd share. New to the sub... hope you like
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2023.05.26 05:02 Wulfgar90 One of my regular customers

One of my regular customers
Gave me a kit today so I built it during lunch
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2023.05.23 22:51 TheRealJefecito Is there a sub to actually talk about gunpla?

From my experience gunpla just deletes pretty much every discussion post i make, so cant be bothered to try and make a post on there anymore (like i wanted to make a post about the top 5 designs youd wanna see in RG for example). Is there another sub that's way less heavy on the rules?
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2023.05.20 19:00 MachNeu [HELP ME] Bi-Weekly Q&A thread - Ask your questions here!

Hello and welcome to our bi-weekly beginner-friendly Q&A thread! This is the thread to ask any and all questions, no matter how big or small.
Huge thanks on behalf of the modteam to all of the people answering questions in this thread!
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2023.05.12 03:36 Praeses47 Which putties to use for these two fixes?

Which putties to use for these two fixes?
Hey resinkit!
I just received my resin prints for my first character kit! And as such, there are a few things to patch up. I expected sanding a few parts but I did not expect a crack in the hair:
I'm currently unsure what kind of putty to use for that kind of fix. I've looked around the subreddit but couldn't really find anyone with a similar problem. Bubbles are one thing but I feel like this hair-width crack is going to be a lot more difficult to fix. Would something like Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty work here? Is it liquid enough?
Edit: Someone elsewhere told me the plastic cement I already have from Gunpla might work here: https://www.msmnstudio.com/products/madworks-instant-glue-clear-cg-002/ Looking for a second opinion here.
On the other hand, we also have the more common gap between two pieces. I am guessing a different kind of putty is to be used here. Is this where the Tamiya Epoxy Putty comes into play?

I'm looking forward to starting to work on this project! If there are any other suggestions of what I could look for or requests for more pictures, I'd be happy to discuss some more.
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2023.05.09 23:31 Buddybouncer Homie gave me a hella birthday present this year

Homie gave me a hella birthday present this year
My birthday is on Cinco and homie loves to go all-out when he puts gifts together. I don't smoke much flower anymore, but that glass blunt is definitely gonna get some use. No idea what the strain is in the jar, but dude knows good product and wouldn't give out something the wouldn't smoke. Always love gummies, stickers, and lanyards. The rolling tray is actually going to be repurposed as a parts tray for my gunpla models.
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