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2023.06.08 20:25 northyorkninja [USA-FL] [H] 2x eero Pro 6 and AirPods Max - Space Gray [W] PayPal

Hello hardwareswap
I am selling a couple of lightly used items. Timestamp:
First is a set of (2) eero Pro 6. I recently upgraded to the new Pro 6E, and although I think the regular Pro 6 are slightly better, I am unable to return the Pro 6Es so I will be selling these off. These were used for around 9 months and are in mint condition with no issues whatsoever. These were purchased from Amazon directly and are not ISP owned or issued. They include power cords and the included ethernet cable. Willing to sell separately but would prefer to sell as a pair at a slight discount.
Eero Pro 6:
2 for $160
1 for $85
Next up is a pair of AirPods Max in Space Gray. They have around 15 hours of total use. I have owned them for about a year but use my AirPods Pro much more as I am never really home to use these often. There are no scratches, dings, dents, mechanical or electronic issues with these. They are in mint condition and include the case, box, and charging cable.
AirPods Max $350
Prices include priority shipping and insurance.
Payment accepted is PayPal FF or G&S (fee must be covered by buyer).
Please let me know if you have any questions!
I have plenty of feedback in Knife_Swap, fragranceswap, and DigitalCodeSELL
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2023.06.08 20:25 Future_Suggestion_44 Naengmyeon Noodles from scratch

I've been trying to use a farm direct buckwheat grout milled in house folded into a sweet potato starch partially hot gelled dough and can seem to get it to work well without falling apart anybody have experience with this?
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2023.06.08 20:24 CarsynPeters MAD MAX NES - 20

Hello Reddit
This is the 20th post of the MJTSub! To celebrate this Imma talk about my favorite movie series, Mad Max(1979 - 2015)
Mad Max, a great film about a world that went to shit and people fight in the bottom of the ocean using weapons and vehicles made from scrap. I loved this series as a kid was cool! Just people fighting for different plots of land or gas or whatever, that was a cool idea to me. I can talk about how I love this series all day but how many games were there? far.
There were only 2 games about Mad Max, One on the NES and one for about 2 consoles. I'll be talking about both of them. I've watched a video about a guy telling why there were only 2 games forMad Max and was something about the licensing of Mad Max and more stuff. Apparently people were trying to make games about Mad Max but companies just ceased their projects before releasing them because they didn't know what Mad Max was or it wasn't good. Today I am going to look at the NEs one because I am not going to write about myself talking about a 20 hour game so let's stick to the basics.
Mad Max on nes was made by minescape in 1990 in July. The game is, eh. Well, simple. This simple Mad Max game was hated by people who played it. It looks kinda nice for the NES and it probably would have worked if the driving part was like OutLander or something. So I found a sketchy emulator online and played it for myself. As soon as I've finished reading a wall of text, oh man.....the controls. These controls are shit, and I am not trying to be an angry video game nerd but Jesus, I think he should've done a better job reviewing this game on his DarkWing Duck episode.
So let me tell you the controls. You push up to go up, okay. At this point you might be thinking you can turn and then push up. No, you push in a direction it will propel you in that direction. Well, after I got used to it. It wasn't bad, after I figured out the controls I threw a bright red stick of dynamite and blew up a wall of tires. I got on the road and turned left....went up-Oh, speaking of tires. Here's a base that is made of tires! I found a shop and the game doesn't give you a lot of fuel at the start so I bought some fuel and left to use it. I cannot use it. I went to the inventory screen and I tried moving the d-pad around, my mouse. Every key but the only keys that would work were start and select which on a keyboard is enter and shift. They both get me back to the game. So I figure that you got to get out of the car to do it. So I tried every key on the main overworld and nothing. The B button uses dynamite, and the other one does nothing. So, without knowing how to get fuel in my car, I drove around aimlessly until I ran out of gas. Ya run out of gas, it is not like I can walk or I have a disability. I turned the emulator off.
So uh, the game could be playable if I could figure out how to refuel myself. The game looks good and it acts like Mad Max and so now, those are the only 2 things I like about this game.
Anyways, thank you for reading my 20th post here, now until next time. I am going to be strapped to the front of a car in a sandstorm while my body doesn't get sand blasted
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2023.06.08 20:24 Beneficial_Map4031 FFXIV 3D models Menphina

Hey! I was wondering if any knows where I could find a 3D model of Menphina (Patch 6.3). I've had a look through Google but not much has come up. I'm looking to be able to find something that shows her whole body along with the armor, jewelry, and wings. Maybe a long shot but thought the depths of Reddit may help put me in the right direction.
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2023.06.08 20:24 Then_Marionberry_259 JUN 08, 2023 SUP.V HEADLINE

Northern Superior Resources CEO Simon Marcotte joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has released the final assay results for nine holes completed on the Falcon Gold Zone within the Chibougamau gold camp in Québec.
The results include 0.90 grams per tonne (g/t) gold over 59 metres (m) and 0.73 g/t gold over 61m from the Falcon Gold Zone and 1.84 g/t gold over 11.5m from exploration drilling at Lac Surprise.
Marcotte telling Proactive the results share similarities with IAMGOLD's Nelligan gold deposit, which is located only 2 kilometres to the east. The company is preparing resource estimates for the Philibert and Falcon zones separately but emphasizes the proximity of these deposits to each other, offering significant potential value. Additionally, Northern Superior has assets in Ontario, particularly the TTK property which will be spun out into an independent company to allow aggressive drilling without diluting Northern Superior shareholders.
Contact Details
Proactive Canada
+1 604-688-8158
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Copyright (c) 2023 TheNewswire - All rights reserved.
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.08 20:23 Due-Community-6681 USPS Collection Box?

As the title implies, I'm wondering if there are any mail drops or physical collection boxes onsite? One of my favorite things to do is send postcards and I'd love to be able to send directly from the Farm. Thanks y'all!
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2023.06.08 20:23 HappyGirl4508 Help with plsf

I am currently helping someone with their plsf, there have been so many changes and I want to make sure I give the correct advice. 1) Holds a position in administration in a low income state public school (non profit) 2) Consolidated loans previously and might have added and now shows 1-01 DL Consolidated subsidized 2-02 DL Consolidated unsubsidized 3-03 Direct Loan unsubsidized
1&2 were in repayment starting 2014 3 was in repayment 2016
Loans are held by aidvantage
Claims to have sent signed forms from school in for plsf and was declined
I am trying to pick up the ball and help with plsf paperwork….
Any advice? Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.08 20:23 Ecstatic-Limit6489 Wondering if anyone can help

Hope this is alright to ask on here. My partner has been doing a degree and was due to be finished last week. She accidentally uploaded her EMA to the wrong box, into an empty TMA box, so it was handed in on the correct date and is timestamped etc but didn't realise until receiving a phone call a couple of days later to inform her.
Now they're saying as the submission is over 24 hours it may just not be marked at all, she's had to submit a special circumstances form but we won't get a definite answer until after it's supposed to have been marked. However she needs to know because she would have to re-enroll on a module, but student support haven't been able to tell us much and seem confused themselves as to what will happen.
Just wanted to know if anyone knows or has been in a similar situation and if could point us in the right direction or provide more info, or if there's anyone else we can contact. I appreciate at the end of the day she uploaded to the wrong box, but is human error and was uploaded on the correct date.
Its just heart breaking after 6 years of doing the degree juggling it around work and our children for this to happen and obviously she's devastated. She's worked so hard for this and was on track to get a 1st. Anyway I really appreciate anyone reading this and helping out if they can.
Thanks x
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2023.06.08 20:23 North-Doughnut-290 Tutanota bad practice?

Since they have introduced the new payment plans, they have eliminated the step prior to contracting which informs you of how much the new service amounts to, so when you press the button you find that the service has been upgraded to a much higher plan. expensive without telling you beforehand what it will cost you, surprise
As if this were not enough, you write an email saying that you have not requested the change and that you want to return to the old plan, and they try to keep you in the new plan forcing you to write a new email. To date I have not been able to recover my old plan, still waiting to recover old plan and money.
And the worst has not yet arrived, when they update you to the new plan it says that in 3 days they will charge your card, in less than 24 hours they had already charged me more than 100 euros without having authorized it and having notified them in advance.
What will be next, return the money in the form of a credit to spend in tutanota instead of directly returning the amount improperly charged in the means of payment?
If you make a copy paste of mailbox prizes, you should at least offer the same features.
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2023.06.08 20:22 AustinioForza Did Athenian Democracy have an executive magistracy at all similar to a Roman Consul?

I have a broad knowledge of Athenian history, but a relatively broad yet shallow knowledge of Athenian Democracy. I can’t ever really seem to find anything that directly correlates to a Consul aside from the annually elected strategoi who seemed to generally be a politically powerful group of preeminent men. Were the Archons still prominent?
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2023.06.08 20:22 Optimal_Extension_97 Let’s collaborate, might be fun

I have so many ideas but little hands on experience in the areas I’m interested in. So if you’re looking to start a project with your skill set but need some inspo.. let’s collaborate:
Engineers : I have ideas for inventions that would be a great contributions to the world
Software EngineeMobile developers: I have many app ideas but can’t code
Psychology (not necessarily a DR, a student would suffice): I have an idea of a family game I want to design but would need your knowledge to achieve the impact I’m looking for
Artists: I want to start a children’s book series, I’d love to collaborate with an illustrator. As well as a comic series, I’d love to make. I love to write and story tell but I don’t draw well
Singers/Dancers: I have so many music videos in my head that I would love to direct.
And more, if you happen to have a talent that needs an idea person.
I have a passion for many things and I have a love for people and life. We all have great potential and sometimes just need the other piece of the puzzle to follow through on our ideas. Let me know!
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2023.06.08 20:22 joefuf What kind of web search is this?

Not sure if anyone is good with web content, but I could use a little help learning what terminology I need to use to search for something...
I'm trying to take a trip to Yosemite, and I'm checking their website for lodging availability. In the past, I've been able to get a unique URL string which I can plug into an Android app that I have to refresh at timed intervals and check for changes on the webpage.
But when you plug in date or a lodge, it doesn't create a unique URL for this provider.
Is there some name for the kind of search it's doing? Or is there a way to pull a direct URL for dates that I'll be able to plug into the app I'm using?
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2023.06.08 20:22 CognitiveMango Guide to fix BROKEN ANNI update on US Server

Summary of the issue as far as I know:
Android device logins seem to be broken on the US server (Aurora Blast Client) on app version 1.21.2 for several people.
You can download the patch, but it will get stuck at the very end (the final 83.8mb download). If you close the app and reopen it, it will get stuck at "updating essential resources" and not let you proceed.
If you are on the pre-anniversary patch, DO NOT UPDATE from the Play Store. The If you have already updated the app, use the following method to downgrade back to the old version (app version 1.19.4). I have confirmed it works, but this is just a workaround, update to the latest patch whenever Tourdog announces a fix.
Downgrade Tutorial:
  1. FULLY uninstall any existing version of Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast from your phone. Some idiot OEMs modify Android, so your flavor of Android may not fully uninstall AS without extra steps (like unticking "keep app data" or removing OBB files manually).
  2. Go to this link and download AuroraStore_4.2.3.apk, an open source client that fetches files directly from the Play Store servers. Here is an FAQ for the project if you're worried about safety or breaking Google ToS. This method is safe but you can choose to create a new Google account for the login if you're not comfortable using your main account.
  3. Since the Aurora Blast client is specific to the US region, you cannot use an anonymous account for the download. You need to use a Google account set to the US region. Login to Aurora Store with your US Google account.
  4. Search for Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast and open the app page.
  5. Click on the top right menu, and select "Manual Download".
  6. It will ask you for a version code. Type in " 2036181".
  7. The download will start automatically. Launch the app afterwards and it should work. Enjoy.
  8. Disable auto-updates from the Play Store to make sure your game does not break again.
I could not find any more convenient sources for the APK and OBB for the old version 1.19.4. I do not trust popular sites like QooApp and ApkPure as their safety cannot be verified, and they do not support automatic OBB installation or host old versions of games. Therefore I recommend getting your files straight from the Google servers using Aurora Store. I considered extracting the APK and OBB myself, but then you would have to trust that I have not modified the file. Better to do it yourself.
Background Info:
I noticed and reported this issue as soon as the anniversary patch was out. It's been 10 hours since my report, and there's still no official acknowledgement from TD other than an email that told me to check my network for problems. It's definitely affecting many people, judging from Reddit, Discord and Twitter. Kinda sad for an anniversary patch. I would expect compensation for this. Maybe all dev resources are focused on the China release and they forgot about US lol.
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2023.06.08 20:21 JaguarStealth7 Need help with transfer pay

so i transferred from one cmg location i had been working at for 7 months to another, and last tuesday i worked my first day at the new location. my check has ALWAYS direct deposited ever other wednesday, meaning normally i would’ve gotten paid for that one day i worked yesterday (wednesday the 7th) but it still hasn’t hit my bank account. not too concerned because this was only a few hours of work but can anyone help please?
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2023.06.08 20:21 VideoGameChronology Security Breach Is Likely Later Than We Think

Currently making my FNAF Timeline but I haven't been using a lot of years or times of events mainly because we don't know certain times and also because everything after UCN complicates the timeline, a lot, and a lot of that is because of the FF books. But I think I figured out the earliest possible time everything occurs and the correct order of when everything from UCN onwards happens.
In The Man in Room 1280, we know he wasn't there for longer than 10 years as Heracles Hospital only existed the last 10 years but we know he was there more than 1 year after FFPS. This means TMIR1280 can be anywhere from 2025 to 2033. After this story, the agony of Andrew infects tons of animatronics and toys. This includes Fetch, Ella, Plushtrap Chaser, and Foxy from Steo Closer. This means all 4 of those stories must be AFTER The Man In Room 1280 but when? Also, this story is in Fall.
Well, Fetch is our key here. Greg is 14 in this story and has never heard of Freddy's and he's been in this town since 1st grade with the Freddy's there already closed down. This means, at the very least, the place has been closed for 7 years. This isn't some old pizzeria though, it's one that opened after TMIR1280 as Fetch is there infected by Andrew meaning this story, at earliest, happens in 2032, and that's assuming these Freddy's locations lasted less than a year. The Ultimate Guide claims Fetch has in Freddy's for at least 10 years, so, I'm gonna say Freddy's was opened for 3 years after TMIR1280 and stayed shut the next 7 when Greg arrived. That would place Fetch, at earliest, in 2035 and, at most, in 2043. This story also takes place from November to January.
But it gets funner. In Fetch, we meet Jake McNally who some think is Jake from The Real Jake who becomes apart of the Stitchwraith. If this is true then Jake was 4 in Fetch and he's 9 in The Real Jake meaning 5 years have passed making the story take place in 2040 at the earliest and 2048 at the latest. This story is in Summer
Then there's the epilogues where Larson meets with Margie, the woman looking after Jake. Margie has been here for just over 3 years, in The Real Jake, Margoe was there for 3 years implying that the epilogues seem to take place the same year that The Real Jake ends. Meaning the Stitchwraith Stingers begin in 2040 at the earliest and 2048 at the latest. This means that the majority if the Stitchline must occur over the course of 2025 to 2040 or 2033-2048, meaning 15 years.
The rest of the stories are a little more ambiguous with time. The ball put has 30 years of Eleanor's victims within it and the earliest possible date of the Epilogues in 2040 meaning the earliest year Eleanor started her murders was 2010. The latest is 2048 meaning she would've started her murders in 2018, either way, Eleanor existed prior to FNAF 3 which makes sense as stories as Blackbird is revealed to be connected to Eleanor which is a story where the main characters remember Freddy's existed, not a new version of Freddy's like in Fetch, but the older version, likely 1993. Sam and Nole were kids when they went to Freddy's, now they're in college, so significant time has passed, a 17 year gap isn't impossible, so Bkackbird could be in 2010. Blackbird is also in Spring.
According the Graphic Novel, Into the Pit is in 2020.
To Be Beautiful takes place a week before the events of the first Stitchwarith Stinger, so 2040-2048. This story is also confirmed to happen in Winter.
Count the Ways is likely after the chain closes as Funtime Freddy in that story likely comes from the Circus Baby's in Dance with Me that is likely after Fazbear Entertainment started up meaning anywhere between 2025-2028 at the earliest is when Dance with Me happens, at the latest it's 2033-2036. This story is in Fall. Count the Ways must have Funtime Freddy in the scrapyard for ages, meaning the story probably happens around the time of Fetch where teens would remember Freddy's or Baby's. So, 2035 to 2040 or 2043 to 2048. This story happens in late December.
Stinger #2 seems to happen very soon after Out of Stock as I doubt the Plushtrap Chaser would just be sitting there destroyed for years until the epilogues meaning 2040-2048. The story is stated to be in late October.
1:35 AM has Phineas Taggart looking for Ella's energy telling us he already started his agony experiments and by the time of Stinger #3 he has Ella, so it has to be before that. Story is in Spring.
Step Closer's time period relative to the epilogues is unconfirmed but seeing how Freddy's is open at this time and by Fetch it's closed, it seems to be before Fetch, likely in the same time period as Dance with Me. Happens in August or September because of Homecoming.
Hide-And-Seek is the same as Step Closer, it's unclear the timeline but we know Freddy's is open, so likely in the same time period as Step Closer and Dance with Me. Story in Spring.
So, here's how the Timeline might be assuming the earliest years are correct.
Spring 2010: Blackbird
Summer 2020: Into the Pit
Fall 2025: The Man In Room 1280
August/Septmeber 2026: Step Closer
Fall 2026: Dance with Me
Spring 2027: Hide-and-Seek
November 2035-January 2036: Fetch
December 2036: Count the Ways
Spring 2040: 1:35 AM
Summer 2040: The Real Jake
Stitchwaith Stinger 3 and 4
October 2040: Out of Stock (I'm assuming that the beginning of Stinger 2 is a flashback since of it isn't, that would imply that Larson waited months to talk to Margie after saying he'd take the case)
Winter 2040: To Be Beautiful
2041: The Rest of The Stingers Happen After
So, that's it huh? Most of the stories happen after FFPS and 15 years after TMIR1280 is when stuff from Help Wanted onwards happens. Well, there's still one problem.
Help Wanted heavily implies that this FE's first attempt to rebrand after FFPS, they hire a rogue indie dev to exclusively make games on the events that were "claimed" to happen up to 2023 and those are the only events they're trying to hide. This can't be after the Frights stories as by the end of the story it seems most people have forgotten about the stuff that happened back in the 80s as all that happened over half a century ago.
So, if Help Wanted is what started up the new FE then TMIR1280 must be after that as we see people working in the distribution center meaning it's operational. So, ignoring the Frights, when is the earliest that Help Wanted could happen?
Well, assuming that the company started right after FFPS burned to the ground and assuming Steve releases the FNAF games at the same rate Scott did which is likely as the third game gets finished after Velntine's day just like FNAF 3 in real life, that would mean the 3 indie games are finished by March of 2025, a decade after Scott finished his trilogy. Now, let's say that soon after they have the VR company start production of the game after that and that the game Help Wanted happens when the game released IRL then it would be May of 2026 when that happens. Then, directly after that FE starts back up which is when TMIR1280 takes place, a couple months later in Fall of 2026. This would place the ending of the Stitchline in 2042 at the earliest, essentially moving all the years I said earlier up by one.
Okay, so it's after Help Wanted and 15 years later is when the Stitchline ends and Tales begins, perfect. However, one of Special Delivery's unreleased emails tell us that in AR, Vanessa is 23. You have to at least 18 to be a beta tester, so, at the latest, AR has to be in 2031 which would place it 5 years before Fetch. Now, time does pass between AR and a Security Breach as we know the CDs are at least a year before the game starts as implied by GGY. However, over a decade and a half passing between them (as Security Breach can only happen in 2035, 2046, 2057, etc as shown by the calendars) is nuts, especially as that would make Vanessa 37 which I find unlikely.
This is simply impossible, the other option is that Security Breach happens during Frights which wouldn't make much sense with how few people seem familiar with Freddy's, you'd think someone would mention the Pizzaplex. It's also important to point out that Scott said Frights would fill in the blanks of the past while the games would go to the future. Basically, all the games after UCN need to be AFTER Frights.
This isn't THAT big of a problem considering that some people including Larson remembers Freddy's and the murders, so it's possible that Steve has heard of them as well.
So, going back to the original years I suggested, the minimum years, the Help Wanted story probably happens in 2042-2043 with Help Wanted the game taking place in May of 2044. Assuming Curse of Dreadbear is canon and that the DLC releases the same time both IRL and in continuity like seems to be the case with FNAF 1-3 then that happens in October of 2044. If we're still taking things literally then December of 2044 is when FE starts building the Pizzaplex as seen in the Christmas Update. This means that Security Breach, at the earliest, is in 2052 meaning 2047 is the latest the place opens.
This would mean Submechaphobia, Cleithrophobia, Under Cinstruction, HAPPS, and Pressure likely all happen in 2047. GGY happens less than 4 years into the Pizzaplex's lifespan meaning it takes place in 2050 or 2051 meaning that Vanessa likely didn't get hired as a guard until 2051. Assuming she was only 18 in VR, she would be 23 in 2049 which would be when AR takes place meaning in Security Breach she'd be 26 which is reasonable. AR being in 2049 makes the start of the therapy tapes in 2050 or 2051 and I think a year or 2 is enough time for Vanessa to get closer with Luis and Luis to switch from IT to Marketing Department.
During that from when Vanessa was hired to when Security Breach takes place would likely be when Bobbiedots happens, where the STAFF meeting resulting in the death of employees happens, and the replacement of the employees with STAFF Bots.
So, that's what I think, majority of the Frights take place from 2025 to 2041 with the all three indie games being made by Spring of 2043, Help Wanted happening in Spring of 2044, the Pizzaplex starts construction in December of that year, The Epilogues happen in 2046, The Pizzaplex opens in 2047, Several Talea Stories Happen In 2047, AR happens in 2049, GGY happens in 2050 or 2051, Vanessa becomes Security in 2051, and Security Breach happens in 2052.
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2023.06.08 20:21 ChainWeary9663 Everyone got this email this morning

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2023.06.08 20:20 visiblecoal Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook (Full)

I have Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook Course.
Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook Course will teach you how to have successful Instagram account.
The tips you will learn in Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook Course are unique and cannot be learned anywhere else.
If you are interested in getting Andrew Tate - Instagram Playbook Course contact me by:
Reddit Direct Message
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2023.06.08 20:19 Such_Chicken_1896 Confusion to Clarity

I sit puzzled, Wondering what it is I missed, Why won’t they tell me? Even when I insist, Their choice means the confusion persists.
I’ve made myself clear, Communication is best direct, I cannot read between the lines, Let alone read another’s mind,
Tell me, where do I find clarity?
If the words reside in their mind, All I can do is my best to compromise, To me it seems simple,
Tell others what you mean and what you need.
Only then will I find clarity between the lines and in their mind.
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2023.06.08 20:19 Substantial_Cap_9594 I got blocked on this sub. Vote for if I should be banned.

I got blocked on this sub. Vote for if I should be banned.
just to highlight: first comment said they’re old and they’re judging what looks to be a preteen
I shouldn’t have directed this energy towards a single person I should have made a post but I ’m putting my soul on the line, i need to know if there’s any hope in what I said or how misguided am I. I know anytime someone types a wall of text it’s insufferable but bear with me. If I should be banned by the people so be it but you guys are still cool and sos the music.
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2023.06.08 20:19 generalpao Things to do in Houston this weekend - June 8th - 11th

Enjoy your weekend Houston!
If you find value in these posts please sign up for my email list. I send the list out on Thursday by email and every new signup is appreciated.


boygenius @ White Oak Music Hall @ 6PM
MYOA @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
Junior Brown @ The Heights Theater @ 8PM


SaberCats vs Old Glory DC @ SaberCats Stadium @ 8PM
Max Roach Documentary Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM This new documentary is a profound and expansive portrait of legendary jazz drummer, composer, bandleader, and activist Max Roach.
Mixers & Elixirs @ HMNS @ 7PM Make friends with like-minded brainiacs on this special event where science meets dancing, music, food, and drinks!
Contemporary Dance Performance @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8:30PM ‘Restore’ dance performance features new signature works by the nationally acclaimed Houston Contemporary Dance Company.
Duran Duran @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 7PM *With Nile Rodgers & Chic + Bastille
Inlovingmemory @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM *With Bones, Xavier Wulf, Eddy Baker
Muscadine Bloodline @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ White Oak Music Hall @ 9PM
Luci @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Otep @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM


Dynamo vs LAFC @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 7:30PM
Art Beyond Sight @ MFAH @ 11AM Trained educators use verbal description and hands-on materials to engage bling or partially sighted visitors with museum art.
‘The Cool World’ Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM This landmark film directed by Shirley Clarke reflects the harsh realities of Harlem street life through the story of 15-year-old Duke and his gang.
Dance & Movement Workshop @ DeLUXE Theater @ 10AM Join artist Donna Crump for a community dance and movement workshop at the historic DeLUXE Theater.
Ongoing - Saturday Stargazing @ George Observatory in Needville
Ongoing - Arte en el Parque / Art in the Park @ Discovery Green @ 12PM Students, ages 3 to 12 will create a unique art piece while improving their speaking and listening skills en español!
Summer Neighborhood Concert @ Austin High School @ 7:30PM Join your friends, family, and community members for a FREE evening of family fun and music performed by the Houston Symphony.
DJ Sun & Aperio @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8:30PM Enjoy a warm summer evening of Lo-Fi jams by Aperio and live orchestral performance of DJ Sun’s soulful ‘Loveletter.’
Mika Singh - Bollywood @ NRG Arena @ 8PM
Koe Wetzel @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 7PM *With Huser Brothers
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlán @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM
The Tontons @ The Heights Theater @ 8PM
An Orchestra Rendition of Dr. Dre 2001 @ House of Blues @ 8PM *Presented by Alternative Symphony
Modestep @ Stereo Live @ 10PM

SUNDAY - JUNE 11th 🌞

Dash vs NJ/NY Gotham FC @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 6PM
Bilingual Zumba @ MFAH @ 11AM FiTMiX instructors get you up and moving with a free zumba class.
'Dancing the Twist in Bamako' Screening @ MFAH @ 5PM This is a romantic story set against the backdrop of post-colonial Mali in 1960s on the cusp of dramatic political change.
Becky Robinson Comedy Show @ House of Blues @ 8PM
Weston Estate @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
DJ Pauly D @ Clé Pool @ 2PM

All weekend

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - The Texas Tenors @ The Grand Opera House @ 8PM / 3PM The Texas Tenors are the most successful music group and third highest selling artist in the history of America’s Got Talent!
All weekend - Arnez J Stand Up @ Houston Improv
All weekend - ‘Servan of Two Masters’ Play @ Hubbard Theatre Presented by Alley Theatre, this new adaptation of the classic Carlo Goldoni comedic masterpiece will have you laughing like nothing else!
All weekend - ‘Swan Lake’ Ballet @ Brown Theater Houston Ballet’s season comes to an end with one of ballet world’s greatest love stories, ‘Swan Lake.’
All weekend - 'Wicked' Musical @ The Hobby Center A Broadway sensation, this musical looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle.


Ongoing - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces Exhibition @ MFAH NEW - See outstanding works by art stars including Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Manet, and Modigliani presented within the context of their experiences.
Ongoing - 'Where Do We Go From here' Exhibition @ CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s (CAMH) Teen Council presents their 13th biennial exhibition featuring work from Houston-area teen artists.
Ongoing - 'Ming Smith: Feeling the Future' Exhibition @ CAMH NEW - the exhibition explores artist Ming Smith’s unique, multi-layered work in various formats.
Ongoing - Si Lewen ‘The Parade’ Exhibition @ Menil Menil’s latest exhibition features 63 drawings by Polish-American artist Si Lewen, which compromise a graphic novel depicting WWII and the liberation of Poland.
Ongoing - ‘Hyperreal: Gray Foy’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition features American artists Gray Foy’s most important and celebrated works.
Ongoing - ‘The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition explores the influential vision of one of the most distinguished curators - Walter Hopps, and features artwork by Warhol, Kienholz, Gilliam, and many others.
Ongoing - 'Art of the Cameroon Grassfields' Exhibition @ Menil This exhibition celebrates the enduring artistic traditions from Cameroon and its global diaspora.
Ongoing - Wall Drawing Series: Mel Bochner @ Menil Drawing Institute The Menil Drawing Institute is proud to work with artist Mel Bochner on the fourth installment of the museum’s ephemeral wall drawing series.
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2023.06.08 20:18 Gotthoms What is the best way to go to Mt. Fuji and back to Tokyo in a day?

A friend of mine and I are going to Japan in July and are planning on climbing mount Fuji then. We will climb the Yoshida trail, from the Fuji-Subaru 5th station, and we are planning on going to the top and back down in a day. We will be staying in Tokyo(Ginza) which means that we will need to get to the 5th station as early in the morning as possible, to have time to get a ride back home at the end of the day. Upon searching online, a direct shuttle from Shinjuku station to the Subaru 5th station seems like the best choice for us.
The problem is, the timetables for departures from the 5th station back to Shinjuku station seem very few and far between, the latest being at 5pm. If we choose to do this in a single day, considering it'll take around 11 hours to go up and then back down, we'll be back at the 5th station in late afternoon (7-8pm maybe?).
What would be our best solution to head back to Tokyo after our hike? Are there even buses still going back to Shinjuku after 5pm? Could there also be alternatives to a shuttle that head back to Tokyo? Is it even a good idea to try to do this in a single day?
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2023.06.08 20:18 blue_eyes2483 Columbus Airport Pros/Cons

I have trip in November and I’m looking for a good deal on a nonstop flight. So far Southwest doesn’t have a direct flight to CVG but does to Columbus. Has anyone flown into their airport? How does it compare to CVG?
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