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My 12 year old morkie Mia with her fresh haircut 💇‍♀️

2023.02.26 19:57 Blinkme03 My 12 year old morkie Mia with her fresh haircut 💇‍♀️

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2022.11.29 23:30 goldenageoftv Itchy dog--considering veterinary dermatologist

Hi all---am considering going to a veterinary dermatologist for my very, very itchy 2 year morkie.
It all started when he had a haircut at around 9-10 months that might have been a little too short, and he has been an itchy pup ever since. Licking and biting his hair out, causing bacterial infections. He was on antibiotics to calm those issues down, and has been on Cytopoint, and now on Apoquel.
We've ruled out dietary allergies, mites, fleas, scabies.
My question is if anyone on here has going through the process of having their pet seen by a veterinary dermatologist? We live in NYC and just regular vet costs are already ridiculous.
How much does skin testing to identify allergens cost? How much is allergen specific immunotherapy? I've heard there is a VARP test to determine what the immunotherapy drops would be made up of---any idea how much that costs?
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2022.06.08 14:33 FINomenal999 AITA Injury at dog groomer

Yesterday my wife took our dog to get his hair cut at the groomer. He’s a one year old, 5 pound morkie. We’ve gone to this groomer since we got him and we have family that takes their dogs their as well. She’s always been great (it’s a small business in a small town). This time, a new employee checked him in and cut his hair, not the owner who has always done it. The appointments are one hour but usually only take 45 minutes.
One hour and forty minutes later, my wife gets the call that he’s all done. She walks in and pays as usual. After she pays the new woman mentions that she nicked two of his legs Bc he wasn’t holding still. It’s true that he can be squirmy, but he has gotten used to the haircut process and we haven’t had any issues since his very first time so this was odd. She goes back to get him and my wife hear’s the new woman make a comment “I hope it stops bleeding”. My wife also sees her pour peroxide on our dog’s foot. When the woman gives the dog to my with she tells her that she “must’ve nicked his foot” as well. As my wife is holding him on the way out his foot is bleeding all over her shirt. When she gets in the car and takes a closer look, one of the paw pads on his foot is hanging off. Of course he’s whimpering. She rushed him to the vet and they said it was good she did. He ended up needing stitches (sedated him during this process), antibiotics, and pain meds. The vet said they could actually see one of his tendons….
Edit: she also only cut hair on half his face and didn’t blow off any hair (all part of the service we pay for).
AITA to ask for our money back and for the groomer to foot the $350 vet bill?
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2022.03.04 05:26 VariationOtherwise35 How to get faster at grooming?

Right now I groom a max of three dogs a day and I want to get faster and be able to move up to four or five a day eventually.
I have no bather and do the bathing, drying and haircuts myself. I try to do all my prep work on everyone first before bathing everyone and blow drying one dog while the others dry in kennel dryers and so on. Primarily right now I groom a lot of small breeds or dogs under 30lbs, mainly mini schnauzers, yorkies, yorkie-poos, malti-poos, schihtzus, morkies, etc. Big dogs aren't my issue and I actually prefer them and can usually get them done faster than the little guys.
So I want to know a few things:
I get many dogs that are matted or have matting/knots that take me an extra 30 minutes to an hour to brush out and allow me to keep whatever length the owner requested. I decided when I take the dogs back from now on I will be trying to get a greyhound comb through them in the lobby infront of the owner so I can show them any matting and potentially have more of a chance at convincing them to let me take the dog shorter or shave it down completely. For owners that refuse a shorter cut or drop off before I get there and just in general;
Some things I've already bought to save on resources + time are mixing bottles, the absorber towel, happy hoodies, etc.
I will also start timing my grooms starting tomorrow as I saw that in another thread, I just tend to forget.
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2021.03.20 19:56 itsyourdreamgirl Bad haircut [Help]

Hi everyone! My two puppies (both morkies) got their first haircut! It looks pretty bad. How it looks isnt the problem though- Their groomer really shaved off too much of the fur on their butts... and their anuses are exposed... :/ They're constantly trying to scratch their butts on the carpet and licking themselves. They're acting like their normal selves for the most part but the itching seems to be starting to make them agitated.... Is there anything I could do to help them during this time? Ointment/Diapers/?? Or is this something we just have to wait out.
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2020.11.26 20:00 AutoModerator Happy Cakeday, r/Morkie! Today you're 1

Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:
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2020.08.22 05:10 TOEmastro My little Morkie after his first haircut. Went from black and caramel to light brown and grey.

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2020.05.14 04:09 blizzard_man Bentley the Morkie finally got his haircut after nine weeks

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2020.04.29 20:33 KiloTheKing My floofball Morkie, who hasn’t gotten a haircut since quarantine started 🥴

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2019.05.22 02:37 Marypap22 My dog doesn't want to take a Bath after a grooming session!

Hello! I have a 4 years old morkie (maltese/yorkshire terrier). I take her to the same grooming place since her first haircut (she was about 6 months old). The guy at the grooming place had told me before that sometimes she did not cooperate easily but he had not told me anything else since. Although she was never very excited about a new haircut, she was always happy when their session was over and I was going to get her home. Also, she was always seemed to have good relationships with the groomer and she was happy to see him. The last time i took her there everything went well, or so I through until i tried to bathe her on my own. As soon as the water hit her she started to scream and barking. As I mentioned, she was never a bath lover but never within four years did not have this reaction. I don't know what to think about it but i took the decision of take her to a different gromming place the next time. I would like to see your thoughs on my case!
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2018.08.12 19:43 maryr91 Puppy’s first haircut

I took my three month Morkie to the groomers today and they were unable to complete a haircut for her. She did find during the bath, freaked out a bit when I was time to dry her. Once the groomer gave her time to calm down, they attempted to shave her (she is a bit matted in her legs and shoulder area).
She freaked out, wouldn’t stay on the table and screamed bloody murder. They ended up just brushing her and getting some of the matts out.
What can I do to prepare her for the next time we take her to the groomers?
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2018.06.04 17:56 venomousbitch Morkie got a very different haircut today but I love it!

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2016.04.27 01:56 victorycar1 My dog's back knees are relatively bald?

He's usually pretty fluffy (morkie/poodle mix) but we recently got him shaved and I noticed how bald his back knees were. I noticed the baldness a bit before his haircut but now they're more prominent. There's a bit of baby hair on them but not much else. Should this be a concern? Here's a picture for reference: Edit: he's only 2 years old
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2013.02.18 08:06 C_Yvette Lion puppy. She needs a haircut! Sophia morkie mix

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