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Welcome to NearDeathExperiences! Here you will find stories of how people almost died, and how they felt during and afterwards! It is preferable that your story is an actual near-death experience although in certain cases, close calls will be approved. Please read the difference in definition below.

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Almost dying, almost getting seriously injured . . . almost. No actual death, dismemberment, or gore; this sub is for close calls or things that could have gone much worse. This is a Safe For Work sub.

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Did you know that 100% of people who drink water die? This subreddit has been created to raise awareness for how deadly water is to humans, and frankly, everyone and everything. Join the movement!

2023.05.29 05:19 asxtrobrian my mom…

I hate speaking badly about my mom because I love her deeply, but I need a second perspective on this.
I believe my mom is emotionally immature. My dad (who the whole family had a health relationship with) died when I was 12, 7 years ago, and our family expectedly didn’t do well. My mom had more emotional outbursts on me and my brother from her grief. In the years since he died, she has weekly or monthly stress breakdowns where she takes everything out on the creature nearest to her. Sometimes she just yells (and insults and hurts with her words), sometimes it was physical. She only hit me once after my dad passed but she hit my brother more. Most of what I received was verbal, and she’d slam doors and be aggressive with her movements and objects around her. She’d say things like “you’ll regret this when I’m dead” if I was arguing with her or if I was “too lazy”.
I had undiagnosed adhd and clinical depression since my dad passed away so I was “lazy”. I didn’t do well in school, I didn’t help much around the house and spent most of my time sleeping or in bed. According to my mom, it was killing her to see me like that. She didn’t tell me this calmly, through tears, she’d tell me this through shouting and aggression. I completely understand how exhausted she was and is. She lost her husband and was left alone with her 2 kids. Her mother passed away 2 years after my dad from cancer. I KNOW my mom has suffered, but I also know it’s not okay for me to be on the receiving end of her stress and pain. I KNOW I haven’t been productive, and my depression and adhd make it extremely difficult to do anything, but I haven’t been a bad daughter. I make it my mission to never paint her as a bad person, to always understand where she’s coming from, to keep my cool and not stress her more (which I now realize is walking on eggshells). I may not be the daughter she wants or needs but I’m trying my best, and I’ve never treated her the way she treats me. I’ve never insulted her, I hardly ever raise my voice and I’ve always treated her with respect.
But I’m getting tired. Every time we argue, she insults me badly. She tells me that leaving Christianity (which is one of the reasons I have mental issues now) would’ve made me dad hate me. She says “thank god your dad isn’t alive because he would’ve hated to see how lazy you and your brother are”. She says “you’ll feel so guilty once I’m dead” pretty often, any time she’s pissed. She mocks me like a child would, bringing up things I previously opened up to her about. She says “it’s okay” and validates my issues only to bring up how fucking sick of them she is in a later argument. She says I was selfish for asking god to heal me. She says “I’m the only person who does anything good for you” when I tell her how I feel about the things she says. She such hurtful things in the heat of her anger and until today, I excused her CONSTANTLY. I said she didn’t mean those things but those things HURT, ANS she never apologizes for them. She’ll yell at me and insult me then pretend nothing happened and will act so nice to me a minute later.
I feel hyper vigilant around her, like I have to make sure I act the right way and say the right things so I don’t become a target. I procrastinate my sleep because it’s the only time I don’t feel watched and judged to do what I want. I walk on eggshells around her and put her feelings before my own. I bottle up my feelings and take in her insults without being able to speak back because “she’s my mother and it’s her right to treat me how she wants”.
What makes all of this so confusing to me is that she HAS been a great mother. She held me when I cried, consoled me any time I was anxious, she’s been there for me with my chronic health issues and she and I have good times together. We laugh and have fun, we have deep conversations and she’s only person I feel like I can be myself around, even if I don’t let my guard fully down. I don’t know what to think of this or where to go from now. I feel overwhelmed with guilt even THINKING about sharing this with anyone, because she’s been good to me. But I know she’s emotionally immature, and she doesn’t care to self reflect enough to see it herself. She doesn’t want therapy and she doesn’t want to hear anything. The only time she’s verbally told me she thinks shes imperfect, I felt horrible guilty afterward and made it my mission to let her know I love her.
I don’t want to hurt her, but shes hurting me, and I think I just need someone to tell me its okay to recognize that she DOES hurt me, even if she’s been a good mother.
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2023.05.29 05:18 Serious_Ad8207 Getting started on biologics

I started taking Entyvio a few months ago. So far, I haven’t had much luck, and I’ve had to manage my severe UC with prednisone. What is your experience with entyvio and biologics in general? How long did it take to find the “right one”? Is there anything I should be doing to help it work? If that makes sense. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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2023.05.29 05:18 highrulian Grandparents Gaslighting the F out of us.

tldr; my mother tried to feed my toddler 3 year old expired chocolate after I explicitly told her it's expired and to not do that, and the second time she got upset and now is refusing childcare because I made her feel like an inadequate caretaker. Am I crazy, AITA?
Okay, I just... I need to know if I'm crazy here. I got my family together for a cookout today, and I asked my mom while I was shopping today if she had s'mores stuff because last time we had a cookout it was bad so presumably it was thrown out. She said it's all good.
Fast forward to s'mores time, I open the stuff up and it's all stale and whatnot. I look and it's dated BB June 2020. Jfc. So I tell her we're not going to use it, what I think is understandably so, because it's 3 years old.
After knowing this and arguing with me that it's still good, she tries to feed some to my toddler. My husband and I said absolutely hell to the no, don't do that. She stormed off and left.
Later on, my sister is texting me telling me my mother is crying, how IATA, how I'm a helicopter parent because I want my kid to wear sunscreen and not eat junk 24/7 and how this was the final straw and it's all snowballed into a big ordeal on how I make my mother feel unfit as a caretaker and I apparently hate her and she won't be his babysitter anymore. She's the main babysitter several days a week. Without her, I'll have to quit my job.
When I'm the only one that tried to get the family together this weekend, and all I did was tell her to not feed my kid 3 year old expired chocolate.
Then I asked my dad about it and he said I need to get a grip, he eats expired stuff all the time.
Am I crazy? I really feel like I'm crazy.
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2023.05.29 05:17 Ok_Half8513 how to get that pre-Innerspeaker guitar tone?

I recently happened to find a fairly used BR-600 at a local thrift shop and was wondering how I could achieve that pre-Innerspeaker guitar tone (anything off of the EP and some of the unreleased demos). Specifically, to those that have been able to get this tone, what settings did you use on your BR-600 (or 864)? I read a bit online how the pedal order is something along the lines of blues driver dyna comp BR-600, but found no info whatsoever regarding the specifics of the BR-600. Any guidance or help would really be appreciated; I'm genuinely in love with this tone and would love to learn how it's achieved! Cheers!
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2023.05.29 05:16 cptjeff Music app that can parse "Greatest Hits" albums properly?

I've been using doubletwist for years, but they just did something that results in my phone crashing if I try to play any song, so I'm in the market for a new music app. I grabbed VLC quickly for a no fuss stopgap, but it combines all my greatest hits albums together, and unlike doubletwist, won't let me edit the metadata to seperate them (or respect the metadata I edited with doubletwist).
I've been pulling up some review articles about apps, but they all talk about garbage like equalizers and visualizers, which I don't care about at all, and none about how well the apps handle basic tasks like sorting your library. Which I care about a lot. Being able to sort the album list by artist is also a big one that the app that came with my phone somehow manages to lack.
Any ideas? I don't mind a modest price if the damn thing actually works.
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2023.05.29 05:16 Glittering-Advice526 One-Hit Obliterator Glitch

So I did the One Hit obliterator glitch and got it outside of the trial. But now the attack is at 1 and will never charge up "infinite". If someone knows how to fix this please tell me
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2023.05.29 05:16 KeiiLime Really stressed out about my sibling, who is under the care of my (ex)abusive parent

i have a half-sibling, about 8 years younger than me, and the parent we share is the abusive one. said parent did some extreme emotional abuse, in addition to physical, but the legal and child welfare systems failed me terribly. i left and moved in with my good parent when i was 14, and went no contact with abuser since, which since my sibling was pretty young also included them for a bit
i’m now 21, and in the time since have made contact with sibling’s parent about a year ago- won’t go into details, but the info i got there was concerning, especially in how it shared similarities to what happened to me. a bit later i found my sibling on social media- i’ve reached out and we had a short “conversation” if you can call it that, then i’ve reached out a few more times to check in the past year, with no response. i sent a longer one opening up a little more and saying basically “no pressure to respond but i’m here for you/care for you”
i can see my message was read. still no reply though. it’s been a few days. i do not indicate to my sibling that a response is needed/ i try to be as non-pressuring as i can, but truth is i find myself checking to see if i got a reply over and over. i thought saying what i needed would be enough, but a lack of reply kind of is the hardest outcome for me- i feel stuck waiting to take action, on edge, waiting to process a response i may never receive. i find myself googling laws surrounding guardianship, “just in case”, and thinking of if there is any other way for me to know what is going on. i know i’m getting too invested, but it’s hard not to when my case never got closure. i think part of me seeks closure in getting my sibling the support and justice i wish i had.
if anyone has similar experience, advice, &/or support, it’d mean a lot. i feel really alone and lost in dealing with this
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2023.05.29 05:16 plrmoon3 We lost our Championship game without a last out or even second out in the last inning of the game.

I coach AA (7-10 yr olds) little league in an area known for wine country and hot air balloons north of San Diego in Riverside county. I’ll keep the city out of it just incase I know someone on here.
So about 4 hrs before the game started I knew the outcome and emailed the board president and the opposing coach, also a board member, about the last inning rule in a non-timed 6 inning game. Real quick on the topic of the board, it’s made up of 3 married, couples, current coaches in little League, and maybe 1 non-baseball person. I had a feeling with my strategy and knowing what he HAD to do to win, since my team was the best in the league all year I needed an answer to specifically that topic. By the way, there is no tie allowed in this game since the winner goes to tournament of champions. So the answer I get back in an e-mail train of 4 discerning answers, was never given a yes or no. More or less, it’ll never happen and if it does it’s the umpires ruling. So again at that moment reading that 4 hrs before the game I redid my defensive strategy just thinking I’m going to be playing against the board also tonight. An hr before the game I talk to a board member, a friend, and I told him hey I need you to be neutral tonight please. He said I’ll be standing in the middle and rooting for both sides, I said perfect.
Game starts and it’s back and forth the first few innings then we take a lead. Next inning we almost broke it open but an umpire made a bad call on a kid tagging up at third on a pop up. The kid umpire admitted he never saw the play and just called him out. Whatever, that shit happens I thought we have them on their heels anyway. They came back and took the lead going into the last inning, and my team is down by 10. My last pitchers just hit batters and gave up hits and that’s how they came back in their top half of the 6th inning. Their team batted around all 14 kids. Now all of my team has to score in order to win, and I thought well we can do this, my boys are animals and have guts, trained better, and want it more. 18 wins told them and everyone else they are the best in the league that year. The other team has 14 kids and I only had 10 at the game because of family things with my other 2, remember that. The inning starts and their pitcher just starts waking batter after batter and he we get some hits and get within 4 of a tie. Now with 1 out and baes-loaded one of best hitters is up next and is 2-2 with 2 walks and 2 RBI’s on the day. I knew he was getting at least a double and score 2-3 runs. Instead the ump says did you go around your order, and I said yah. Well then that’s the game, and I said hold on they have 14 kids and I have 10 and we should get 4 more at bats to make it even. The umpire said you’re right, let’s go talk to the the other coach, remember he’s a board member, and he says let’s go talk to the president. The president said nope game over that’s it. I argued in a quite voice because of the 150 people there and the kids. But think about my email I sent 4 hrs before the game and the answers I got. I fucking knew that “they” were going to pull out all the stops to WIN as adults instead of letting the boys finish the game.
Moral of the story is my 7-10 yr old boys on my LL team learned more about integrity at too young of an age that night. The BOARD stole the game away after 3 hrs 40 minutes of a battle!!!!! Instead it was decided by a deuchebag!!!!
There was never a second or third out in the final inning. Every game I have ever been apart has an ending, except for this one. The look of WTF on their faces was so sad!
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2023.05.29 05:16 Numerous_Rate7809 AITA For Feeling Like My Boyfriend Isn’t Investing In Our Relationship?

I (35f) have been dating my boyfriend (35m) for 4 months. We met 5 months ago on Hinge. He was upfront about how his intentions from the beginning and I appreciated how kind, attentive and open he was. However, about a month and a half ago things changed. I felt like he was distancing himself from me, but chalked it up to maybe he was just becoming comfortable in the relationship. He also had a lot going on (I explain later). I started to notice that I was having to initiate more and more. I’ve been having to initiate physical intimacy, most conversations and getting together.
For background, he has a tumultuous past. Also his last relationship of 3 years ended by her cheating on him, but they didn’t actually break up. They just kind of fizzled out and neither of them actually told the other they were done…they just kind of went their separate ways yet lived together for 8 months after that.
Also, he just moved into an apartment by himself. Up to this point in his life, he’s always lived with someone and his last roommate decided to sell his house and move pretty quickly, giving my boyfriend very short notice to find a new place. This situation all happened about 2 months ago. He told me that he was under a lot of pressure and to be patient with him. I have been, but it’s been hard because he’s been prioritizing our relationship less and less over the last month and a half and he has been expecting me to initiate more and more.
I’ve also been in many relationships before where the guy ends up focusing on other things, is emotionally unavailable and I end up getting put on the back burner and I’m concerned that same thing is happening here. I’m a single mom, running my own business and have my own hobbies, but I still shown up for our relationship and support him. I helped him move even though none of his friends did. I made a “move-in-survival” bag for him that included some basics to help him get settled. I was supportive when he would cut our time short to go home and pack the few things he had to move, or give up time with me consistently when he wanted to spend time with friends over the last month.
I have talked to him a couple times and told him that this last month has been hard, that the lack of communication on his part recently and not spending any time together not only was hard but concerning for me with this being a new relationship.
There’s been several times he hasn’t returned calls or knew I was hurt and didn’t bother to reach out to even check in with me.
The other night we did finally hang out, and he barely touched me, would only kiss me if I initiated and just seemed emotionally checked out. I know things have been hard for him lately, but am I the asshole by wanting to also feel secure and supported as well? Am I asking for too much?
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2023.05.29 05:16 pine_frost Some thoughts on athletic recruiting at MIT

Hi! I'm a few years removed from college admissions at this point but was recently reminded of my own experience and felt compelled to share.
The bottom line I'd like to convey: There is no guarantee of admission for recruited athletes at MIT.
If the MIT coach states that X% of athletes they recruit are typically admitted, you should assume that those are your odds of admission, unless you have a truly exalted achievement that all but guarantees admission on its own (like MOP or USACO camp), in which case you will almost certainly be admitted early and have nothing to worry about.
This applies even if you have a 1600 SAT, 4.0 GPA, took 15 AP classes, are the president of five clubs, your teachers write that you are the most talented student they have ever encountered, and your friends and family assure you that there is absolutely no way MIT could not admit you.
This applies even if you receive regular hand-signed mail from MIT team members and emails from the coach such as "I am very sorry to hear you were deferred but please know there is still a likelihood of being accepted [...] please know we still would LOVE to have you at MIT and I am going to do all that I can."
In case it's not already clear, I am a recruited athlete who was rejected.
It was a uniquely heartbreaking experience. The feeling of being legitimately, quantifiably so close to realizing your dream of becoming the MIT genius and yet ultimately no better off than someone who scored 1000 on their SAT. The way that contact from the coaches, which was previously so frequent and amicable, suddenly went stone cold. And then reading articles about the new class consisting of X% of the recruits who you spent several days with on the MIT campus... absolutely brutal.
In my case, I was told X ~= 50%. But I did not quite believe this: I would not have wagered my future on a coin flip. Bolstered by the words of my friends, I thought I had a unique, compelling profile. I also took the perpetual contact from the coaches and the team itself as an encouraging sign. I think if I were asked under oath what I believed my odds of admission were, I would not have provided a number lower than 80%.
I have two primary goals for sharing this post.
The first is to remind others in the same situation that they are not alone. If you trawl around reddit or (shudders) collegeconfidential, you will find that this is quite common. It's profoundly disappointing, but trust me when I say that you will be okay and that you don't need to attend MIT to succeed or be happy in life.
The second is to encourage future athletic recruits to carefully consider other opportunities they may have. Maybe it really is worth it to you to give up JHU or UChicago for a chance at the legendary MIT. Just make sure you're doing the calculus with X% and not 80%, and really think about how you'd feel if MIT didn't work out.
Fortunately, my story had a happy ending. I got lucky and was admitted to a similarly strong program in my field of study, albeit without the unparalleled impress-your-grandma brand appeal of MIT (which, being perfectly candid, is the primary reason I took this high-risk gamble, and probably the reason you took or are considering taking it, too.) But I was very close to getting in nowhere comparable. I like to think that if I had to do it again, I would apply early to MIT after confirming that guaranteed admission would be available elsewhere for ED2, and cut my losses if I was deferred.
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2023.05.29 05:16 odd_leo I knew I loved her

But I wasn't ready to learn just how much I loved her. I've dreamed about her every night since I lost her. Such simple but sweet dreams, just me and her on a road trip like old times. Just her looking me in the eyes, with her big beautiful eyes, with such love while wagging her tail violently.
My 3 years with her felt like a lifetime.
I called her my little burrito because she loved burrowing into the blankets to stay warm. No one ever believed me that I didn't wrap her in the blankets myself because of how intricately she was capable of wrapping herself.
I called her Darth Minnie because she liked to stick her nose out after wrapping herself in a blanket. The way the blanket draped around her snout while covering her eyes made her look like she was wearing a sith cloak.
I called her Mina because my mom always called her Mina and Minnie probably loved my mom more than she loved me haha.
I accused her of insurance fraud because she would always run in front of my feet when I was walking.
She loved to wrestle and be all dramatic when I flipped her. She would bite the ends of my gloves and start thrashing around violently, but the moment she felt any flesh of my fingers, she would nibble and be so sweet and gentle. Not once in our 3 years of wrestling did she ever hurt me. She was such a sweet, sweet girl.
You were my world, Minnie. I'll miss you.
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2023.05.29 05:15 GlenKoco Ex-boss is reaching and it makes me so angry

On mobile so sorry for formatting errors.
About a year ago I (24f) left a job where the boss was horrible. She didn’t pay me (or anyone) for months, accused me of faking my disability for government money, called me too fat for certain clothes in work zooms, and to top it all off when my father died she had her PA text me that I can choose 5 days off work to grieve and sort things out, commenting later that it would be worse to lose a mother anyway. When I left and asked for my owed pay she refused and (apparently) told my colleagues she’d come for me with a baseball bat if I took her to court over it.
An ex colleague messaged me lately saying she’s not paid them for 8 months again now (who knows why any of them stay), and she’s doing a Kickstarter to raise £35k for her business. This makes me SO ANGRY. People are actually backing her, when I know she will not provide the products, and all her information is false (I know for a fact it is, but it’s too much to type out here).
She even goes on about giving young people amazing opportunities when she’s just taking advantage for free labour, and she even fraudulently tells the government she’s paid them so they can’t claim any financial aid.
I know I should let it go now but all I want is to see her crash and burn after how she treated me.
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2023.05.29 05:15 RhythmicBrownie WITA for spitting on my brother's face?

This took place in 2015.
TL;DR at the bottom
Context: I was lazy, depressed, unappreciative and generally unhelpful. I would go to school and come back home to the house I grew up in (which was filthy and in a state almost being like a hoarder's house), and often walk straight to my room and not help clean things up. Part of my unhelpfulness stemmed from depression, the other felt hopeless due to having cleaned things before and my dad's habits would make it unkempt and I often thought the time I put in would be better spent studying than cleaning the overall house in vain. My own room was well kept though. I was not paying rent either. My dad owned the house though and it was completely paid off. I grew up with the house being in the state that it was in, it was the norm and my dad was also comfortable things were and unwilling to hire cleaners or let me pay for some out of my own pocket. My younger brother was not regularly living with us, but like any good son, he wanted to look out for my dad and occasionally he would visit and check up on things.

Situation: One day my brother showed up to visit and our dad was out shopping for something. I was on the computer but then got up to get cleaned up in the bathroom. My brother walked by saw the state of things as they usually were, and he asked "Why aren't you helping dad?". I didn't have an excuse, but noticed my brother holding up a phone and I sensed he wanted to audio record my response to show our sister. Once I noticed that he was attempting to record my response, I kept my lips tight and continued on to brush my teeth. He got annoyed by me having ignored his question, which I would have answered had he not attempted to record me (with a pathetic excuse though), and he then grabbed onto my wrist and forced the toothbrush out of my mouth. I attempted to shake his grip off, and in my anger I spit on his face which was then followed by him punching me directly in the nose to where I fell back and was bleeding out. My dad came back to see what happened and afterward I was taken to the ER, to which my sister and brother told me not to tell the staff what had happened.

Aftermath: After being taken care of hospital staff and sent back home, it was naturally difficult to sleep the following days with the blood and swelling. My brother tried to be apologetic and bought flowers, but it didn't really curb my negative feelings about the situation happening in the first place. I also lost a weekend of restaurant serving work since my supervisor didn't want me to serve people with a swollen face. Even my attempts at applying makeup weren't enough. About a week later, my family had an intervention meeting to squash any bad blood. I didn't want to go, but I ended up going anyway. My older sister, who with my father, was trying to mediate this situation to squash bad feelings between my brother and I, letting us speak our peace and such. We explained how things went, and in attempt to be fair my sister essentially said that my brother and I were both equally in the wrong and should be men and move on from the situation. My issue was that I did not feel like both sides did equally wrong to each other, and that I felt like I was clearly the one who was wronged even more so. At the time, even having that acknowledged would have been enough for me to move on, but having my experience thrown in the same level as what I did to my brother felt like an insult at the time. I know now that being spat on is seen as extremely disrespectful, but at the time I felt like it paled in comparison to being struck. I felt wronged considering that at the time and I would have never lifted a violent finger to any family even if someone else spat on me; it would have felt gross, but it didn't seem to warrant a physically damaging response. The intervention ended with both being treated as equally wrong and both to move on. My brother then said I "should never disrespect him like that again", which only made me angrier and more insulted because it felt completely unnecessary to say that but I didn't respond. At the time, qualifying both our actions as "equally wrong" and being told to "man up and move on" felt toxic at the time.

Since then: I've long since moved away, but there is a crack in my relationship with my siblings that I'm not willing to mend. We get along for the most part, but I don't feel quite as safe as before the situation. My brother and I share memes and other funny stuff, but I occasionally ponder about the situation.

TL;DR: I spat in my brother's face because he grabbed a toothbrush out of my mouth for ignoring him when I caught him trying to record me. He punched me and I was out of work for weeks. He had bruised feelings and just needed to wipe off. Family has an intervention to get us to speak our peace. Sister who is mediating says both were equally wrong.
WITA? I'd like some unbiased thoughts about the situation. Being in my situation, I recognize I have negative bias. Were both actions equally wrong? AITA for not completely moving on? Was I being an entitled brat?
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2023.05.29 05:15 CanadianCheeseMan Blind Cat

Hi everyone,
My cat recently and suddenly went blind. We are working with our vet to fix the issue, it was likely undiagnosed high blood pressure that caused it. While our cat seems unfazed by it outside of now being more cautious and a bit slow moving, I am having an extremely hard time with the situation. I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault that I didn’t notice earlier and maybe I could have done something. Anyway, my vet said that cats can live a very good life while being blind but I’m not sure if they’re just trying to make me feel better about the situation.
I’ve been doing my research about blind cats and how to take care of them but at the end of the day it always lingers in the back of head… will she actually live a better life now that she can’t see? When I look at her I feel so much sadness and guilt about the whole situation.
Has anyone else have a cat who lost their vision? Did they/do they have a good life? I just want to make sure if this vision loss is permanent if she will be okay.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 05:15 SecretScrappy Feeling scared to go back Home

My dog died a couple days ago, and I wasn’t there to witness it. I wasn’t able to say goodbye. I am supposed to go back to that house tomorrow, or the day after. I’m scared. I know I will freak out. I’m scared to see my sweet boy’s ashes, or toys, or blankets, or his new bed. I’m scared of how empty the house will be without him. I want to keep pushing away from the house and will probably do everything in my power to not go tomorrow, but I know I’ll have to go eventually. I need to support my family members who were with him when he passed. I’m just so scared. I’m so sad. I miss him so much and I don’t think I’ll be able to take at least when we pull up to the street of the house.
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2023.05.29 05:15 StutterinArmyCarnie 18650 and 14500 battery questions

My battery in my flashlight, 18650, just was not working at all. Got the mutlimeter out and it was showing no volts or amps. I tested some other batteries and got normal readings. I got the battery on the charger and it just now is showing it is at 3.5v while charging (charged 28 mAh since on the charger). So did I over use my battery in my flashlight and that is why it showed up being 'dead' when taking readings? It also showed 0v when put on my charger.
Also this made me check out my 14500 battery I got in a flashlight, and I'm doing a reading of it right now, and it shows 4.06 volts, and .18 amps. Is this normal for the 14500's? Also this battery has been used for a while, so not sure how close it was to 100%. On the battery it says 3.7v. Just wondering if these flashlights are draining them more than I should and causing problems. This 14500 is fairly new, had it since xmas. Seems like my volt reading is way too high for the 14500.
Both of these batteries are rewraps by each brand of flashlight I got. All my other batteries are from legit vendors and not rewraps.
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2023.05.29 05:14 DelightfullyClever IT guy is harassed by a Karen boss. Finds another job. Before he leaves he rigs a scandalous email to be cc'd to entire dept over Memorial Day.

TL/DR: IT guy is harassed by a Karen boss. Finds another job. Before he leaves he rigs a scandalous email to be cc'd to entire dept over Memorial Day.
Neighbor's son, *Garth* graduated college about this time last year and got his first, fulltime career job at a company. He's in the IT dept of a branch office and does IT things. Total number of employees at this office is around twenty. Some are sales, some work in the office. Karen is the office manager. When Garth first started, there were three IT people. They had an office in the basement away from the rest of the employees. This suited Garth just fine; he's a quiet, introverted young man. Highly intelligent, but he's not a social person. Would rather spend his time off gaming than live interaction. As you can imagine, he's not a big kid, maybe a buck-fifty after eating a big steak for dinner.
The other two IT people eventually move on to other jobs and corporate doesn't replace them. Now Garth has three times the work without receiving a raise. Garth voices his concerns to Karen about workload and callouts, and he gets the standard feeble corporate responses and condescending lecture. I don't know why he didn't quit then, but he stuck it out hoping to eventually be recognized for his worth, etc.
Whenever I spoke with him he'd say how bad it was working for Karen, but his saving grace was he was in his solitary office most of the day and did not have to have much contact with her. Until one day back in February. He got a phone call from Karen telling him to come upstairs.
Upon arriving, he's directed to start moving furniture around. Garth takes a look around and tells Karen his job does not call for moving heavy objects. Karen gets loud and calls his manhood into question in front of everyone but Garth does not budge.
Life changed for Garth after that. Karen had decided to make work miserable for him. She started repeatedly writing him up for whatever she could think up.
Here comes the petty revenge. Garth starts snooping and discovers that Karen is having an affair with a married co-worker. Their work phones are synced up to the computer system, which Garth has access to. Garth has created a mass corporate email with various screenshots of the sexting. He rigged it to be sent out today - from her own email account.
The beauty of it all: Garth walked in Friday and tendered his resignation to corporate HR. He left his ID card and whatever else on Karen's desk. Karen made a big deal of shouting to Garth as he was leaving to, "Not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out!"
When the email is sent out, they may well suspect that Garth was the perpetrator, but they'll never be able to prove it. I can only hope Garth's revenge is sweet and spectacular.
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2023.05.29 05:14 Commander_Oganessian This is an excerpt from a piece I'm working on. It's the start of an invasion. Thoughts?

“What have you found, Stryder?” asks Oganessian as he is standing in the command center of an Eraconi Invasion Support Craft, a flying military and logistics base and one of the largest craft built by the draconic Eraconi.
A wireframe image of the planet with dots scattered across its surface appears on the vertical, transparent glass screen at the center of the room, “They have InterPlanetary Ballistic Missile silos and anti-air turrets placed across the surface.”
“Those are rather accurate scans,” comments the red scaled General Allgemein, “How’d you get them so quickly?”
“My creators' sensors are far more advanced than anything you can imagine,” answers Stryder, an organic supercomputer built two million years ago by a long extinct race, “I’ve considered putting them on your vessels, however they are incompatible without designing and building a new vessel from scratch.”
“I see.” Nods Allgemein, “Just one of those IPBM’s can destroy a warship, and forget about landing an army with those cannons.”
“You could throw asteroids at them.” Suggests Oganessian, “Something I never did, as it was a waste of valuable resources, but it would be effective.”
“From what your machine has told us, that planet is the primary source of food for the Hr’Haing. Food that we could use ourselves,” retorts Allgemein.
“Titan has a few squadrons of escorts and tactical bombers left back home from before the switch to missile systems.” suggests the human, “They may not have long range FTL drives but they can still cross a system. You can use them to selectively eliminate the silos and AA guns.”
"We'll accept them, but they would be better as support." Denies Allgemein, "Does your machine have any ideas?"
Stryder taps her chin with an insectoid leg before answering, "It's likely these silos are networked. For missions like this my creators would send an infiltrator and upload it with an AI to land, sneak through a base, insert itself into the network, and rewrite it to obey them."
"The only AI we have is you," argues Ogane, "You're too valuable to risk."
Stryder releases a hiss, her version of a sigh, "Your thinking of me like a human, which is charming don't get me wrong, but I'm a computer program. A program that can be copied and uploaded as needed, the whole process takes mere seconds."
"Sounds like a plan!" Calls Allgemein with a smile.
"I'll get started right away!" Calls Stryder as she sends a message to the ship.
Minutes later Stryder asks, "I've sent the infiltrator, do you want me to route the feed through your display?"
"Procede." Nods Allgemein.
A camera feed appears on the display that shows the view of the infiltrator just as its heatshield burns away on the night side of the world. After a free fall the centipede-like machine opens a pair of diaphanous wings within the walls of a military base and flies to a wall over a door. There it waits for a flatworm-esque Hr'Haing to open the door so it can crawl in and on to the ceiling, thermal scanners reading doors, Stryder explains that it's looking for an unusually cold room. After a quick hide from a soldier that happened to look in just the right spot the infiltrator finds its target. Sneaking through a vent it enters a large server farm. Jumping from server to server it finds the one that connects to the silos and gets to work. Once its mission is complete it escapes the base before self immolating in the farmland beyond.
"And I've received a return ping," cheers Stryder, "A copy of myself is now inhabiting their military network. You may launch your invasion."
"Do they have a nation spanning network like we do? And can you access it?" Asks Allgemein.
"Of course they're primitive!" Answers Stryder.
"Good send this speech through to every connected device then scramble both networks." Orders Allgemein.
On a cargo port, which doubles as military command for the system, over the planet a Hr'haing named Tinatini is idly tapping on the touchscreen on his desk with a whip-like tentacle when the screen goes black and is filled with the visage of a red scaled Eraconi.
"Hello from Zycie. For too long have you filthy worms kept us contained, destroying our science ships and pilfering the wealth of our system, but not anymore for your reign is now at an end! We have placed an outpost in the outer reaches of the Soplis Meurneoba System, by your laws we now own the system and as far as we're concerned there is an infestation to clear out!"
Rushing to the command center buried deep within the station, Tinatini calls out, "Report!"
"P’olk’ovnik’i Tinatini!" Jumps Leit’enant’i Pridon with a sloppy salute, "A fleet of unknown vessels have just appeared on the scopes. The only things the computer can identify are Fusion Thermal Drives and Human FTL technology. What are your orders?"
He lets out a gurgling growl, "Humanity has been hiding in their own system for five hundred years, and selling tech to primitives is the first thing they do. Raise the IPBMs. Target the Eraconi! We'll deal with humanity later."
With a nod Pridon's tentacles dance over the screen inputting commands with impressive speed, however after confirming launch the display is replaced by an insectoid face which speaks in a cheery tone, "Looks like you're trying to launch missiles, unfortunately your network is unavailable. Please try again… Never! Hope your affairs are in order!"
Glancing at the screen Tinatini sighs, "Our tiny anti piracy fleet doesn't stand a chance. Evacuate the station and send the fleet to Sakhlshi, we can only hope to hold them at Terminus until help arrives."
"Should we use the space elevator to get down to Terminus?" Asks Uprosi Serzhant’i Zaal, the head of the non-commissioned and enlisted soldiers.
"It's too slow, stick to escape vehicles and auxiliary craft." Orders Tinatini.
With a salute Zaal sounds the alarm and departs.
Safely away from the station Tinatini glances out the window of his shuttle in time to see a swarm of missiles strike the elevator which, like a taut rope, snaps a portion swinging towards its counterweight and cleaving through the toroidal cargo station. Unable to maintain integrity the spinning station shatters flinging debris at high speeds in every direction. As the grounded portion of the elevator snaps downward it, and the debris shrouding it, destroys the few late departures as it passes his shuttle, and onward to wrap one and a half times around the green world below, crushing anything built on or near the equator.
The knowledge that the only things crushed will be hyperloops, crops, livestock, and the narrow portions of Terminus directly below the elevator, does bring a sweet bit of relief to Tinatini's mind as his shuttle spirals towards the only city on this verdant world.
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2023.05.29 05:14 Prestigious_Ad_3929 Can’t seem to get it working on brand new PS5

Saw the price of the digital PS5 at $399.99, not sure if the gouging is over or if I got lucky so I went to Best Buy and they only had the disk version so I went to GameStop and they had the digital version so I got the God of War edition because I was going to play that game anyway and bought Returnal. Installed both, Returnal won’t startup, God of War works fine. Returnal gets like 3 frames into the first logo screen and freezes.
I searched online about how to fix it not loading and the first few results have you do 8 to 10 things that progressively rebuild and reset data until you reset the whole thing back to factory settings. I’ve done all the steps, reset the PS5 to factory settings and then did all the steps again. I’ve reinstalled it 4 different times. I’m coming to a point where I don’t think there’s a way to really get it to work, and am giving up for now. The error in the top right is CE-108255-1. Which seems to be a PS5 related issue. One of the search results said if nothing else works then a firmware update from Sony seems to be the last resort.
I’d get a refund, except that I really want to play this game and am willing to just wait until something is patched and see if it’ll work again. Guess it’s back to God of War for now.
While writing this post I did one last data rebuilding in safe mode and it actually got past the first PS5 logo and then the second logo, then just darkness and I got a little excited thinking maybe just maybe and then CE-108255-1 is back… god dammit Sony.
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2023.05.29 05:14 colieeeeolieeed Condo Board Harassment? Any Advice? Lawyer?

We have a condo in CT where all of this is going down. Please bear with me while I try to convey all this information as best as possible. We believe our condo board is harassing us and will not stop. Sorry, this is so long. There's 6 homes in each unit, around 18 units for the street I think. It's a townhome.
To give a little backstory on our board members...they have never been voted off. We don't have a yearly meeting. They are swapping around titles and not giving us options to vote anyone new in. They will send out ballots but it's the same people. It's been the same people on the board since 2018. They are ruthless bullies. They are constantly changing by-laws without anyone voting on them too. It's like a free for all, without them having any consequence for what they are doing.
Our first incident with them was our constant complaining about another condo owner that was harassing us. We actually had a restraining order against him for a physical alteration and threats and the cops were constantly involved. Reported this behavior of said neighbor numerous times to the board and management company. Nothing was ever done. Magically one day we get a complaint from CHRO (Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities) filed against us from our condo board members, that neighbor, and our condo's attorney. 6+ months later after we provided so much proof of everything, it was found untrue the claims against us. It was comical the amount of proof we had on what this neighbor was doing vs what the board "was claiming" we did. So CHRO dropped these claims and it's been done for a few months now. We did have a lawyer and dished out so much at the beginning of this case, but we couldn't afford the lawyer to follow through.
This week, we get another threatening letter from the board's attorney (whom they use willy-nilly for everything) demanding access within a week to the inside of our condo. They have a claim from our neighbor saying we removed a load-bearing pole in our basement and now the direct neighbor that sides with us is having sheetrock cracking, stairs pulling from the wall, and other damage. The condo board/management company used their contractor to take a look in this person's basement and confirmed the damage is legit according to said "claim." Meanwhile, they didn't bother to ask us to enter our home ASAP. They had the lawyer send a letter a week later. They are also stating we sleep in our basement, which is against the rules. It's refinished and we have extra storage and a bed down there from when our grandma died. How tf would they know where we sleep let alone what our basement looks like is beyond me, but this is all coming from our direct neighbor. In the letter, they are also saying that the basement is a common element, therefore it cannot be a bedroom or finished room. This makes no sense because there are at least 5+ condos that have been resold with increased SQFT because of a remodeled basement. Back when we did our basement, it was over 15 years ago, with other board members and other rules. All in all, the lawyer sends this threatening letter, demanding access (which we are giving them because our basement is fine, and we have no damage), and threatening to use a lawyer against us if we do not compromise. I feel like if they do not agree with our contractor saying everything is fine, they are going to continue to harass us until the next issue they can figure out.
I think they're pissed they lost the CHRO claim against us and now it's onto the next thing. We don't do anything around here. We come home, work, sit on our deck, and sleep. Pay our fees on time too. It's beyond ridiculous.
What do we do? Go to our town hall for a formal inspection. Hire a lawyer even though we don't have funds? Are there programs for help on this? Does anyone experience harassment from the condo boards and their lawyer?
TLDR: condo board and their lawyer is harassing us once again after a failed claim with CHRO against us. Says we need to give them access to the home or a lawsuit/fees will be imposed. What resources do we have? Do we need a lawyer? We have limited funds, but we also can't keep living like this since it's issue after issue.
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2023.05.29 05:14 kardyewest I know how much you guys love my custom card work. - $3 per card pricing cheapest - Canvas Emulated featuring AI - Bo Jackson Sports cards if iconic painters did sports cards today. These were one of the orders today for a huge Bo Jackson Fan. Refractors arent included in pricing

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2023.05.29 05:13 Kurushimi3 Let me speak to the manager. Now.

Hello, this is Karen. So you know how you wouldn't let me speak to the manager? That's gonna be the biggest mistake of your life if you don't change that decision immediately. I'm armed to the teeth. I have seventeen massive guns, four rocket launchers, and a nuke. If you don't let me speak to the manager right this goddamn second I will use the might of my arsenal to tear you to shreds so small that you need a nonillion microscopes to see them. Trust me, I can and will do this. What you did was unacceptable. Messing up my order by giving me 10 sodas instead of the requested 11 was a wrongdoing so unforgivable that I'm being lenient by even giving you a chance. And you'd better accept that lenience, because I really want to put 25 bullets in your head. This is your last chance. Let me speak to the manager. Now. I will not say it again.
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