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2023.06.09 15:30 greatpiginthesty My 10th cake day is on July 2nd, my only method of Redding is shutting down on June 30th

I'm probably more sad than I should be. I started redditing at age 20, and for the first few years I would always feel guilty at how much time I spent here.
Now I'm 30. I'm kinder to myself in a lot of ways. I learned from Reddit that the way I feel and am is not due to massive personal failings, and that I'm not nearly as alone as my mind has convinced me I am my whole life.
I've been able to take that knowledge into the real world and let others know that they're not alone.
Reddit has been a gift and a curse to me for all my twenties, and I'm sad to see it go.
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2023.06.09 15:29 femcelh [F4M] Long Lost Lovers Fantasy Roleplay.

Hi! I'll start with my basics, I'm looking for an experienced and very detailed roleplayer who can match my level and how much interest I put in roleplaying. There's a LOT of world building involved with this, just to warn. I've been roleplaying for 7+ years, I love fantasy heavy plots and I LOVE world building.
I don't have plot limits to roleplay besides major character de*th, but if you do express them to me clearly to me and when roleplaying, if you find yourself uncomfortable tell me to stop what I'm doing wrong please. I usually write around advanced literate but I can go even longer if I get super into it, otherwise I really do try to match my partners length. Im okay with anything from the shorter end of semi-lit to longer end of adv-lit. I am in the GMT+1 time zone and am not in the position where I absolutely cannot respond very often, so i respond generally consistently and atleast a few times a day. !! I write in third person only and do so on discord. !!
So, the OC I'd like to use is;
Name: Azura Galadriel
Age: 30
Height: 6'0, 6'3 with her heels
Species: Witch
Familiar & Weapon: Owl, Dagger carried on her left hip.
Physical appearance: She has light brown hair that's thick and goes down to her hips, big green eyes, large pointed elf like ears with gold jewelry in them, tan skin and generally slim body. She wears a large variety of clothing, but usually white long dresses and heels, if it's cold she'll wear a cape. Her fingers and neck are always adorned with golden jewelery, her arms, legs and back are tattooed with white ink, creating intricate patterns all along her arms and hands. These tattoos glow when she is preforming magic. with She tends to look very angelic.
Personality/Background: She's the shy and soft type, her voice deep and soothing and mannerisms non-threatening. She makes an effort to keep personal matters to herself and is typically selective about who she lets into her life and heart. She's responsible, logical, reliable and very maternal, children and young adults alike tend to take her on as a mother figure. She's the polar opposite of impulsive, and really keeps impulsive people in line and grounded. She has a kind nature about her regarding people she trusts and loves, but she can dismissive when people upset heshe generally dislikes that person or she's just upset in general.
She grew up in a wealthy household with two parents, her mother was an extremely powerful witch known for her powerful healing spells and ability to cure most if not all disease and illness, and her father was the kingdoms medicine man who was accompanied by her mother. They only planned to have one child in their mid 40's, and that was Azura. Azura didn't get the upmost attention and love from her parents as a child as they were very busy with their work, leading her to become extremely self sufficient and develop an ability to handle herself, finances and time management extremely well at a young age.
She was very quickly noticed for her extremely powerful magic as a young child, and as she got older she became the most powerful witch in the kingdom, even more powerful than both of her parents. Instead of using this power for the wrong reasons, with her pure heart of gold, she followed her parents path and became the kingdoms most trusted medicine woman after her parents passed on. Her magic mostly plays off of herbs and potions to heal, and dancing, music and coordinated movement is very important for her magic.
Here's basics of the world and the plot:
This world is called Dhartī, and the Kingdom this takes place in is named The Kingdom of Prithvi. Prithvi is the Main Kingdom of this world, think the British Colonies of Dhartī. The rulers of Prithvi are widely feared and disliked, even by the people closest to them. Many creatures exist in this world, witches, orcs, elves, faeries, humans, goat people, etc. (I would prefer if you would keep your OC either a human or witch, though.)
The plot is a long lost lover plot, Involving a powerful witch who is very important to the Kingdom of Prithvi, my OC. As an 18 year old, she would travel to a far away village named SurakDeva to treat a new, unknown illness with her father as part of her training. Upon arriving, she would meet a boy. She ended up staying for two years, completely falling in love with this boy and spending most moments when she wasn't taking care of people with him. Her father found it cute but, they had to leave eventually. Once the disease died out, they had a very tearful goodbye, and she left back to the kingdom, never to see each other again.
10 years later, the very same boy, now a man she had fallen so deeply in love appeared in Prithvi in need of healing.
Things can be changed when we discuss more together, but thats the premise of what I'd like to do. That being said, if you're interested, message me just general info on ur OC and how you'd like to write this. I won't respond to 'hi' or anything, and I'd REALLY prefer you don't be flimsy about your OC, it can get frustrating. At the least, I'd appreciate a little self introduction! Thank you for reading if you got this far lol.
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2023.06.09 15:25 sum1calledalex The urge to do some retail therapy

Hi fountain penners. I’m fighting the desire to buy an expensive pen right now. I’m hoping someone can get through to me. Not only is it not affordable, but I have too many pens already. I saw the new Esterbrook Estie Nebulous Plum and nearly hit the buy button. I know in my mind I should ignore this pen. But it’s getting tougher and tougher not to break out the credit card. I don’t even know if I’d like the pen—the colors/patterns vary wildly and some pens don’t look so great. I don’t live near a shop and cannot choose the individual pen. Also, I’ve been saving for my first vacation in many many years. ALSO, I’ve been paying off some very expensive dental procedures. I’m managing. But I have the urge to shop and make things much worse for myself. And for what? A shiny new pen that’s what… Please, someone slap some sense into me.
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2023.06.09 15:24 tgellis_ealisia In the haunted town of Ravensilver, a curse looms...

... over the wealthy gnome family led by the Lady Isabella Silveria.
When her firstborn daughter, Sarena, goes missing, rumors of the curse spread. The players are hired to investigate the Whispering Grove, where they uncover the secrets of the abandoned Ravenwood Manor, once the home of the Silveria family.
As they delve into the family's dark history, they discover a generations-old pact with a vile hag that drives Silveria’s economy.
Clues and red herrings guide the players through diary entries, faded paintings, and hidden chambers.
Everybody is suspect. Broke Bertrand,Miss Margaret, Grey Gregor and even Butler Roderick.
Will the heroes side with Lady Isabella and condemn Sarena to a life of servitude, or assist Sarena in breaking the curse that rests upon Ravensilver, risking the loss of not only the family's wealth, but the driving engine of Ravensilver’s thriving economy.
Okay, that's the pitch. If you're interested in running a mystery adventure in one of your upcoming games, maybe the points below will inspire you!
Enjoy and let me know how you expand or enrich the premise to have fun with your table!
The Curse of Ravensilver Manor
The Premise Sarena Silveria, the firstborn daughter and heir of Ravenwood Enterprisesf has gone missing in the Whispering Grove. She is the daughter of Lady Isabella Silveria, the wealthiest gnomish businesswoman in town and the locals have searched but dare not go near the corrupted wood. Sarena is eleven years old. The townsfolk quickly whisper of the curse that haunts Lady Isabella’s family.
Your players are retained to investigate the Whispering Grove and will discover the haunted Ravensilver Manor. They will learn that this curse is tied to a generations-old pact with a vile hag, upon which the gnome’s wealth is based; as long as the family wishes to remain wealthy, they must send their first-born into a lifetime of decrepit servitude before they reach the age of twelve.
Clues and Red Herrings 1. Sarena’s diary. A cryptic snippet describes this detail of the pact: “...every firstborn shall be given over to serve…” and "...the tears of elves can break the spell." It alludes to a hidden room.
  1. The family portrait. A faded paining shows a rough looking gnomish family in fine clothes, standing infront Ravensilver Manor under construction. It has a father, a mother, and four children, one of which turns out to be Grey Gregor.
  2. An old letter from Grey Gregor to Isabella reveals a family feud about money that arose from the pact, leading to conflicting motivations among family members.
  3. Isabella hides a torn page from a spellbook, which holds an incantation that could potentially break the curse.
  4. A secret passage reveals a hidden room containing a cauldron connected to the entity, providing a clue to the entity's true nature.
Red Herring 1: A ghostly apparition frequently seen in the manor's corridors, creating the impression of a vengeful spirit, turns out to be a bored fey creature that delights in sacring the local children.
Red Herring 2: A suspicious forest hermit called Qualem with a shady past - he deals in shoric (drug) - who may appear guilty but is ultimately unrelated to the curse, but uses the Ravenwood Manor as a place to stash his wares.
Suspects or People of Interest 1. Lady Isabella, the matriarch of the family, who holds valuable information about the pact but hides a dark secret. 2. Broke Bertrand, Lady Isabella's estranged brother, who seeks to break the curse for personal redemption. 3. Miss Margaret, a distant relative with a deep interest in the family's secrets, who wishes to take over the family business from Isabella. 4. Grey Gregor, the outcast uncle of this wealthy family who lives a normal life, not benefitting from the family’s wealth, and has researched ways to break the curse. He dotes on Sarena, and is distraught she is missing. 5. Roderick, the enigmatic family butler with a connection to the original pact, who guards his loyalty and motivations closely. 6. Qualem the forest hermit and shoric dealer. (Red Herring) 7. Awz, the cheeky fairy who delights in pretending to be a ghost to frighten people who explore the Ravenwood.
Description of Ravensilver Manor (Primary Location)
Ravenwood Manor stands as an imposing structure, its once-grand facade now marred by time and neglect. The tall, arched windows reflect the moonlight, casting eerie shadows on the overgrown gardens. The interior holds darkened corridors, creaking floorboards, and faded tapestries depicting the family's storied past. The air is heavy with a sense of melancholy, and ghostly whispers seem to echo through the hallways.
Description of a Secondary Location Nearby Ravensilver
The Whispering Grove, a dense forest surrounding Ravensilver Manor, is a place of ethereal beauty. Ancient trees with gnarled branches intertwine, creating a canopy that filters the sunlight. Soft whispers seem to ride on the wind, carrying the secrets of the manor. Moss-covered stones, hidden clearings, and babbling brooks add to the mystique of the grove. It is rumored that the grove holds ancient artifacts and hidden rituals that might aid in breaking the curse.
The resolution of this mystery The party will discover clues and realise that Isabella’s wealth is tied to the curse. They will also learn that the reason Isabella want Sarena back, is because she is poised to be sent to the hag for service, or else the hag will punish the family and they will lose everything. They will find that Sarena in the Whispering Grove in search of an ancient elven artefact, that she believes could break the curse. There are several potential endings for you to consider once the party has all the clues and has found Sarena, which can be summarized as: they either side with Isabella and condemn Sarena to a life fo service to the hag, or they side with Sarena and help her break the curse, destroying the source of the family’s wealth.
Want to hear me play 13th Age? Then listen to the Might & Mercy podcast set in my homebrew world Athakis.
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2023.06.09 15:23 Mean-Election-5426 My husband is forcing me to live with cats i dont want.

They wreck everything from furniture to clothes to my baby items , i hate the cat litter it and having to change it and smell it and having to keep it somewhere in my house where my baby wont crawl to. When i go to sleep i wake up from loud bangs or running around by them , they continuously meow loudly and annoyingly/ there furr gets everywhere and causes me to have a stuffed nose 24/7. I just hate it and cant stand it anymore, my heart has changed towards them after having a baby/ i dont have the capability of loving or giving them attention and care as sad as that sounds. I just want to focus on my growing baby and my unborn child and not have to worry about taking care of anything els. Im being bothered by them i want to take pride in my house and keeping it the way i want and i cant do that with cats inside ruining everything. I cant even leave my door open at night because they will come in and wake the baby and start doing weird stuff/ im highly frustrated with them and I intentionally scare them so they dont come near me. I feel bad but i cant do if anymore and my husband is forcing them on me and wont consider what im saying is serious ! He just finds me annoying and brushes me off everytime i bring this topic up… I want them to go outside and he can still have hes cats and if he would like to spend time with them he can still do that but outside. But he wont budge and continues to do nothing about it , and im not the type to do something like get rid of them behind his back or just put them outside /because I respect him even tho i feel hes not respecting me in this situation. He says he will pick up after them by cleaning the litter and getting a new scathing post, but i dont want that because i still dont want to live with them anymore. Iv endured 2 years with them and they are the first pets i have ever lived with and after having a baby and currently being pregnant, i have realised i dont want to anymore. Am i wrong for this ?
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2023.06.09 15:21 Ashkir California - Company Furloughed no notice now no pay missing 401k and paycheck. Employer may be bankrupt ?

Hello everyone. I was working on Memorial Day (May 29) when my company got furloughed. They sent us a detailed email:
First, it’s important that you understand the conditions of a furlough. A furlough is a suspension of workers on account of economic conditions or a shortage of work, especially when temporary. Furloughed individuals are still considered employees during their furlough period, with the hope that they will be able to resume their jobs when economic conditions or workloads improve. A furlough is not a layoff.
I am in California. It’s been more than 10 days. I believe after 10 days they have to give us our final checks? The company provided us no notice.
I am paid every 7th and 22nd. They didn’t pay me on the 7th (two days ago). The end of my pay period was the 31st. It was the 15-31st.
As an exempt salary employee I am owed: - my pay from the 15-29th
Do they owe me: - my pay from the 30 and 31st? - do they have to pay me my full salary week if a new pay period started?
In addition our health insurance lapsed. They didn’t pay it. I’m also missing nearly $1000 in contributions to my 401k. It sounds like my company went bankrupt. I contacted the 401k holder and they stated the funds are frozen due to the furlough (John Hancock). So I couldn’t even take an emergency withdrawal.
I’m having press contacts reach out to me and I keep saying no comment. I did with an NDA about my work content. But it doesn’t have my pay in my NDA clauses. Lawyers are reaching out to join a class action but I haven’t signed anything or talked to them.
Other questions: - do I file a wage claim? - should I forfeit the wage claim and file with a class action instead ?
So this is a lot. I’m sure if you google you can find out the company name. I’m freaking out as I can’t afford rent this month. Unemployment in California doesn’t go very far. It doesn’t even cover rent. I won’t even be able to afford my heart transplant medicine this month.
Tl;Dr: in summary I got furloughed as a salary employee on Monday May 29. I worked May 29.
1 . Do they have to pay me for the remainder of my pay period May 30/31 as salary?
2 . Do they have to also pay me for the two days of the week as salary that’s a following pay period?
3 . Am I better off joining a class action lawsuit if the company is going bankrupt or filing a department of labor claim? Should I file this asap before the company has a chance to file for bankruptcy?
4 . Do they have to have an update for us now that it’s been 10 days since the furlough on May 29?
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 15:21 Whoseitcalled Change in my dms hat policy

My district manager apparently had a meeting with the store managers and said that hats must be Starbucks branded. I brought my new bucket hat that has embroidered fruit all over it. My sm told ONLY me about this when 4 feet away was a coworker with a branded ball cap. Is anyone else getting this information? It’s not on the dress code so I feel like that can’t actually be enforced?
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2023.06.09 15:20 myfingerhurtshelpme My eyes are nearly swollen shut

I woke up and my eyes are nearly swollen shut. I don't have any known allergies, never even reacted to the general outdoor allergies. I have no real symptoms of an allergic reaction outside of the swollen eyes, although it was difficult for me to swallow last night but I felt that it was because i was so thirsty, but maybe i misread the situation. I didn't do anything or eat anything outside of my normal routines. I took Benadryl at 3:00am and it's not 9:30 and theyve only gotten worse.
What should I do/what could cause this?
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2023.06.09 15:18 SuperAlex_1998 What should I do with this girl?

Hello, I need some advice, I‘m 25 but I never had a girlfriend and I don‘t have too much experience in dating. I met this girl in my classes. Everything started when I sit next to her and then we started talking. I just saw her as a classmate, but after a few days she asked for my IG, someday she even touched my hands intentionally all of sudden, and I noticed that she approaches me more than the necessary. We laugh a lot and have good conversations together. Obviously, I started liking her, so I decided to ask her out. I did not specify if it was going to be a date or just as friends, basically I invited her to come with me to travel to a famous european city for one day and come back the same day, we live near big cities. She accepted and we traveled, we had a good time. Next weekend the same, I invited her to travel again to another city with me, and she said she would love to. The last time was good as well and we had a good time, but this time I decided to tell her that I liked her and I would like to know her more.
Honestly, I was afraid to lose her as a friend but I just said what the hell, I‘ll do it.
I told her literally that a friend of mine said to me to ask her (the girl I like) out because she looks cute.
Basically, she laughed and told me that WE are already spending time together and going out. This answer surprised me, I did not expect it so after that, I just said that actually I like her. She didn‘t tell me that she likes me back, she just told me thank you, smiling and being nervous. She looked flattered. So she told me that she didn‘t consider our travels in „that way“ until now, but since I told her I like her, she said that now she considers them in that way. And yeah, she would like to continue hanging out more with me. This happened last weekend.
A few days ago I ask her out again in person to travel to another city this weekend but she told me that she needs to talk with her friends because she might have plans with them this weekend. So she would let me know but today is Friday and I haven‘t heard from her. Should I contact her again in case she forgot it?
I‘m so inexperienced on these things, so I don‘t know if she is interesed when she told me those things or she just basically turned me down. What do you guys think?
We don‘t chat via whatsapp too much, most of our conversations happen in person.
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2023.06.09 15:17 KitchenAmbition3448 What is this? NY backyard

What is this? NY backyard
We moved into this house almost 3 years ago. The plants have always been there but in May, out of nowhere, these stalks sprouted straight up from the middle. Then the stalks fanned out in a zigzag fashion, now some of them are flowering with the white rose-looking droopy flowers you can see near the top.
It just seems so weird to me that the stalks never grew for 2 whole seasons.
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2023.06.09 15:17 No-Wolverine5300 Plan b and period

Hello everyone. Me(m18) and my gf(m18) had unprotected sex i didnt finished it was barely a few strokes( was drunk would never do that). But the day after she got her period and on the 2nd day after sex we got a plan b just to be safe the last 2 days she hasnt been bleeding at all and now heavy bleeding has come back.
Has anyone else experienced these symptoms from taking plan b near and period
Also her cycle is very messed up so it may not come for month at a time.
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2023.06.09 15:16 Aware_Requirement_64 DD is wild- ID for cookies?

DD is wild- ID for cookies?
When I went to checkout on this order, a message popped up about needing ID. I went back to check my cart and see if I had accidentally added something from another store or what was going on. This order was from a convenience store that doesn't even sell alcohol. After checking and seeing only my items, I continued and then this popped up for my cookies. I figured it was a glitch in the app and the dasher would realize this (only because convenience store orders aren't sealed up like ordering food since its pre packaged). When the dasher got here, he rang my doorbell so I went downstairs and told him I thought there was a glitch because there was no alcohol in my order. He didn't respond and just asked for my license and took pictures of it. I know it isn't his fault whatsoever (that's why I went down and complied so as not to get him in trouble or anything) but what the hell? I don't really want pictures of my license floating around. InstaCart doesn't do that with the license, they just check it. Anyway, no harm by the dasher doing his job but DD sucks.
PS: Not a dasher, never have been, but some of you (some, not all!) need to stop complaining about being asked for tip money when you tip less than $5. If you decide to use DD, you know it is a rip off and you are paying for convenience. You also know that one person is driving to get your food, sometimes having to wait, picking it up, and driving it to you. That to me deserves at least 20% plus a few extra bucks for gas. DD should also pay their employees better but the REALITY is we know they do not.
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2023.06.09 15:16 DarkKirby14 Mario Party 7 #3: Grand Canal Part 3

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the next edition of Mario Party 7. Today, the second half of the game begins as Bowser makes a store with prices you can't refuse but maybe Waluigi and Toadette can work around that considering their sizeable lead
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2023.06.09 15:16 DarkKirby14 Mario Party 7 #3: Grand Canal Part 3

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the next edition of Mario Party 7. Today, the second half of the game begins as Bowser makes a store with prices you can't refuse but maybe Waluigi and Toadette can work around that considering their sizeable lead
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2023.06.09 15:16 effmeuplikethat Just for a dress.

So In my country, there is a festival for girls where it's a tradition to wear new dress. It lasts for three days and some girls wear new dresses for every 3 days. I was actually excited for it as I had already searched for nice tops and a pair of jeans that I really liked and were trendy. One top especially as I had seed it one one of friends and really liked it. So I had added it to cart, just a different colour. In my area, It is norm to only buy new dresses on festivals as there are many festivals and those dresses are enough. I have gone one size up so a lot of dresses don't fit me anymore.
But in last few years, My father buys me dresses but repeats one thing at first always, "You weren't like this before. You knew how to adjust. You would just wear your sister's old ones. You didn't ask for too much. You were better before" and this eventually spirals to how I don't study hard as before and don't get first position like before. It happened in these lockdown times. Maybe because my mom used to wreck havoc about how MANY dresses me and my sisters had and how it was too much to clean etc.
This year I had made many impulse purchases but I still kept the cost to a bare minimum. Like my birthday outfit was nearly 10 US dollars.(I am Indian). Another was 6. I just found a cheap online shopping site. This time I had properly researched and read the reviews before I chose my outfit. I then showed it to my mom. She liked one top and my jeans. But didn't like the other one. (the one I liked from a friend). But I still pestered her to let me order it. She just said wait, wait and delayed it. Now It's very close the date of festival and there is not enough time for shipping. I confronted my mom about it and she was like, buy it from local shops. But it's costlier and they don't have what I like. But I still said okay.
It happened in the morning. I thought my mom meant she would go with me for shopping so I asked her again some time ago. She angrily said It's not time yet. wait. But then she just called me into the bedroom and said to my father that she (I) wants something. I didn't understand at first but then got it. I said about the festival. But my father repeated again, "You knew how to adjust....." I was fed up so I stood up and went, "ok , I don't need a new outfit at all, I am adjusting " and stormed out of the room. But my father called me and said " No I am not asking you to adjust, You can buy a dress. Why are you getting so angry nowadays? " I just replied, " Whatever. I am totally okay with not buying and I will not celebrate it at all." My father insisted and it was done. Keep in mind that yesterday beacause his vegan friend came over who was vegan and didn't eat in meat cooked dishes or stove, He bought a new induction cooker for him alongwith new dishes. And his friend only comes over once every few months.
Then my mom finally interjected saying okay go to ________(a nearby shop) and buy her a dress. I was totally bummed. Then she said that also take her cousin and buy her one too. (My father's sister's daughter who has been staying in my uncle's house these few days.) And my father quickly agreed. My mother asked my father for a dress for my older which he also agreed.
Now we will go out in a few minutes. But I am dreading it actually. In the past few years, I have been doing a struggle, a protest like in a court to defend myself just for what? To have a bare piece of clothing. But for others it's easy for my parents to just give money. When it comes to me, No, I go out too much, I have so many problems that I cannot be given anything. Yesterday I literally had to beg for 75 cents to buy a fancy clip at a fair. It is too much. And my father would not let me buy anything trendy as it would not be to" his liking". Ultimately I would be in most conservative shit which is too big as anything else is too short or so that I have space to grow, which in the case of oversized t-shirts, completely different, as it's weird and too much. I am planning to be in my old clothes till it literally rips off or my shirts become so tight and short that it becomes a crop top. No need for so much drama for a simple outfit which I would have bought happily for a cheaper rate and to my liking.
Just wanted to vent a little.
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2023.06.09 15:15 Dragonoid_7 Question related to the ending

So near the end of the movie when Earth 42 Aaron ties up miles he plays a song on a vinyl can anyone tell me what that song is ?
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2023.06.09 15:15 Arrowpestcontrol best mosquito company near me

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2023.06.09 15:14 One-Sea-9211 absolutely horrible experience with zenmarket

my package was shipped out on april 4th. since april 6th, ive got 0 shipping updates at all. more than 2 months of waiting for an update and still nothing. somebody that i know placed an order in late may and got their package within 9 days. its worth mentioning that the person lives in a country close to mine. we also ordered from the same store, same quantity and the same shipping method, which is AVIA (small package). when contacting zenmarket support, i received nothing but messages that tell me i will receive more information in the coming months, which is very suspicious since my time for charging back will expire soon. they handled this case very unprofessionally and made my first time using a proxy service very bad. in 11 days my package will officially be 2 months late. anyways, this is my first and last time using zenmarket, or any proxy service in general
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2023.06.09 15:14 donjienatsu near isat or wvsu boarding house/apartment

Helloo me n my friends are incoming freshmen of either these schools but we're having hard time to find decent n affordable place to rent. we're from calinog pa so wla masyado kmi kilala
we did check nmn for some near isat but i personally prefer being solo
pls pls any info would be of great help💮
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2023.06.09 15:13 JoyousDiversion 39 (m) looking to hear from people who want to share the things that make your pulse quicken and your days worthwhile

Hopefully my catchy title has piqued your interest and you’ll have the patience to read the rest of this.
I’m from Ireland. I’m a husband, father, brother and son. Any specific questions I’m happy to chat about. I like to think I have a fairly good knowledge of the world and most things interest me but my hobbies would include writing, reading, poetry, music, film and sport.
I have been looking at this sub for a while now and though some posts have been interesting I haven’t followed through because I’m looking for something quite specific.
I want to chat with people who want to talk about the things they love, with passion and enthusiasm. I really mean that, I’m not looking for someone who is going to be lukewarm about the things they love because they are embarrassed. I want you to say “I saw this movie and it was fucking amazing, here’s why you should watch it . . . “.
I get people want a penpal for different reasons, some for support, some for common interests, etc, I’m looking to hear about the things that you are passionate about, the things that lift your daily life from the drab to the Technicolor.
For example, I love poetry, I read it and write it almost every day. It’s the one thing that will always make any day feel like an accomplishment. Secondly, I am a huge music fan. I’ve been listening to an album every day for nearly two years now (I think I’m on album 630 or there abouts). I am a big movie fan, and though I have less time than I used to, I still love them. These are the things that give me joy. I want to talk with people about them and hear what gets you excited.
I am basically looking for a positive exchange with someone who feels that they haven’t had the opportunity to talk about the things that get them excited. There is a lot of negativity out there and I’m looking for the rarest of things, positivity from the internet. If you’re interested, drop me a message. I’m open to anyone from anywhere.
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2023.06.09 15:11 ziig-piig Seized caliper?

A few auto places near me and told me that I had to get all front and rear pads replaced and rotors and calipers even though I only wanna see used and I’ve already replaced the pads, is this true? Also is it possible for one to be seized? Can I still drive on it it’s my passenger rear. Thank you
2011 chev Malibu LT 180k automatic
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