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2023.03.20 16:40 Alone_bunbun Death is not the one to be ruled or mastered by, so They decided to go against the Sisters of Fate by making a deal with Mistress of Magic and Father time, Cupid lurking with them like a little sneak he was.

(This might make you cry cause I dreamt of this one)
Time was altered but yet unchanged as voldemort make each horcrux, unknownly that Death was collecting each of them and replacing them with fakes, and when voldemort strike Harry's with the killing curse.
His soul was forcefully merged back into one only his consciousness wake up, clearer then it ever been in so many years of insanity and unstablness of barely having a soul to a desserted paradise island of magic, his body reversed by to his younger form of a preteen where he once made his first horcrux. There were ancient cities, rituals, spells he ever wanted to learned, but he was not alone..
A little red haired toddler, barely 2 was sleeping in the magical grass, sucking onto her thumb, clinging to a mysterious wand, her body covered in a cloak. A girl he easily recognized as the baby he tried to kill over some silly prophecy his former self fell for, lilith Potter.
Picking up harry, Tom wandered around the town. There was not a soul in sight, but there was magical creatures, food and herbs there, some common, rare and most he read from legendary and myths that he knew where extinct but here they are.
By the time harriet woke up, Tom had explored not even 1/20 of the island and he was already tired by walking stopping by a nearby cottage that seem to have a crib in one of the room. Tom seem to noticed he has his wand.. and also his ring that doesn't seem to want to come off.
All of this should set off red warning in Tom's mind, but all he felt was peace as if all his troubles went away.
After the years went by, Tom noticed he wasn't growing fast enough up to the point his age stop once he hit 18, as well as harriet was too until she also stopped growing around the age of 18. He had attempt multiple attempts to leave the island with her, only to find another countries of another magical creatures, exotic foods, but no people at all, even the point me spell seem to work. Harriet doesn't seem to mind as her brain was fascinated and easily distracted by the magical creature, colorful plants, spells and the peace.
Neither Tom or harriet will know that Death, Mistress of Magic and Father time together crafted a perfect world just for them, the only candidates to be Master of Death, trapped forever eternity but free in a world build to their very heart and soul's desires thanks to Cupid advice to the Ancient Endless Gods and Goddess.
For Tom, it was to learn all magic, to never be hurt by another human being and to never die, even in his deepest heart desired was to feel love.
For Harriet, it was to never be alone, or target by others for what she survived through but deep in her heart in another distance future, it was to love and be loved without being taken advantage of for her fame and fortune.
Back at Earth, a year has passed since the death eaters had lost their mark forever the day The Girl who Vanished on that Halloween night, The Wizard world mourned but worship an thank for the sacrifice of the little girl, but only couple of people grieved, one being her mother whom was Stupefyed by Voldemort whom vowed to Severus that he will not kill her, another being a werewolf and a God father. Dumbledore mysterious died from a heart attack the day after,, his elder wand missing from his person.
Lily was in early stage pregnant when that damned night happened, and was forced to be bedridden with calming draughts for months as she wailed in her heart broken in agony in the grief of her deceased husband and baby girl. Only to kept going for her baby boy whom will only hear the the whispered legends of the sibling he never got to know who saved the Wizard World.
But as time go on, Lily would visited her sister after months later sending her a letter of horrible news, and by pure pity and sympathy, Petunia reply with a metting at their childhood local cafe.
Petunia had her 3 year dudley in his stroller, waiting upon a sister who shewould barely recognize when she came. Her sister came in her red lushy hair look like she havent care for in months, her soft peach like skin paler then a ghost, her bright green eyes turned into a dull shell with dark circles under them, and her belly swell with a baby.
By a second changes of heart began as petunia tried to give a hesitated last second hug to her only sister whom lost everything dear to her through the magic world, silently vowing deep in her heart, that she would not lose her sister this time whom returned once more, hugging her little crying sister harder.
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2023.03.20 16:38 ewesirnaem Product "support" Review

I bought the Fly More Kit with my FPV purchase about 13 months ago.
On day 1, out of the box, only 1 battery worked. Everything seemed normal except the propellers wouldnt start. No errors on screen.
I called in and was told that I must have bought from a disreputable dealer (I bought direct from their website). I posted on the forums and tried the chat on their website as well. In the end, I was told that the batteries must not be OEM and I would have to buy new ones. At one point, they did offer me a 20% discount on my replacement batteries...... But I was never offered a replacement under warranty.
Naturally, I refused that kind offer. I have spent the past year calling/emailing/chatting about once a month or so, hoping to reach someone reasonable. Now, it has been 13 months, and my batteries are officially out of warranty. They've never been used. I have a $2000 paperweight. I can fly it for about 10 minutes on the one battery.
If you don't mind throwing your money at it, this is a wonderful drone. If, like me, you have a lot of anxiety about difficult paperwork processes that are designed to frustrate you and get you to lose interest and forget to close the loop before your warranty runs out while they stall every time you call in, never have a record of your claim, and tell you that you must be lying about the very expensive toy your wife didn't want you to get in the first place- well, you may want to look for something else to play with.
Happy flying to all the lucky ones out there!
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2023.03.20 16:36 davethomasv2 I have a 2006 STi that needs a new clutch, looming at Xclutchs. Curious if anyone here has tried one out and if the double disc is worth the money.

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2023.03.20 16:36 AutoModerator Live Outreach: Toledo Farmers' Market Sat., 25 Mar. 2023 at 9 AM

Live Outreach - Toledo Farmers' Market
Join us to talk with market-goers about Ranked-Choice Voting. We'll meet by the boardwalk at 9 AM and then again at 11 AM for anyone who wants to join us later. After we introduce each other and practice canvassing, we'll split into small teams to spread the word.
You can bring your own pen/clipboard and practice beforehand with our quick-start canvassing kit or a pitch training on Zoom, OR we will provide you with supplies and show you how to give a quick pitch for RCV on the spot!
When: Saturday, 25 March 2023 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Toledo Farmers' Market
Contact: Josie Schreiber · [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 16:29 vintagepop I hate that my parents had me so old

I'm turning 19 next week and my parents had me at 41 and 42. They were born in 1961 and 1962, and I was born in 2004. I love them so so much, but I hate that they're already in their early 60's. They're both super healthy, eat good, work out, but I just wish they had me younger so I wouldn't have to worry so much about having less time with them.
Any advice? It just makes me really sad, seeing my dad with grey hairs and stuff. Both my parents also both had cancer (my mom had breast cancer, stage 1 and it was removed. Hasn't come back in over 6 years), and my dad had prostate cancer, which he had removed over 6 years ago and has been fine since)
I just get so worried about their health sometimes :(
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2023.03.20 16:27 DescensionSC DIY Upgrade to an ISEL Tech DaVinci - First "DIY" Build

DIY Upgrade to an ISEL Tech DaVinci - First
I picked up an Isel Tech Stepper DaVinci education CNC from Facebook Marketplace last year for $600. My goal was being able to machine Aluminum, and small soft metal parts. I liked how overbuilt and bomb proof the frame was and size wise it was perfect for a project I had coming up. After running it for a few months and getting some good parts out of it I decided to upgrade it to a true 3 axis with upgraded steppers and spindle. Here is my current build and how I got to it.
Old Hardware (Kept from Isel DaVinci):
  • Aluminum Extrusion X/Y/Z plates
  • Cast Aluminum Gantry Supports
  • Dual Linear Bearing Rails X/Y/Z
  • Ball Screw Drives X/Y/Z
New Hardware:
  • Controller: BlackBox X32 (OpenBuilds)
  • Power Supply: Meanwell 24v LRS-350-24 (Amazon) w/ PowerCase Kit (OpenBuilds)
  • Spindle: RATTMMOTOR 2.2kw 110v Water Cooled ER20 80mm (Amazon)
  • VFD: HuanYang 110v 2.2kw Inverter (Amazon)
  • Spindle Mount: 2x 80 mm dia (Bulkman3D)
  • X/Y Stepper: 2x Nema 23 High Torque (2.45nm) (Bulkman3D)
  • Z Stepper: Nema 23 High Torque (3nm) (eBay)
  • Cable: 2/3/4 Conductor Shielded 22awg Cable (Bulkman3D)
  • Limits: 5x Xtension Limit Switch (OpenBuilds)
  • Z Axis Plate Hardware: 20x80mm V Rail, Joining Plates, Corner brackets (OpenBuilds)
  • Z Coupler: Rigid ¼” to 10mm (Amazon)
  • X/Y Coupler: Rigid ¼” to ¼” (Bulkman3D)
  • E Stop: NO and NC contact Combined 22mm Mushroom (Amazon)
  • Chip Removal: Loc-line kit (Amazon)
  • Air Pump: Vivosun 50 watt 70L/Min Pump (Amazon)
  • Linear Rail: 20mm x 20mm V-slot Linear Rail (OpenBuilds)
Bud Box Hardware:
  • Relays: 25a Solid State Relay DC to AC w/ Heatsink (Amazon)
  • Fans: 24v DC 40mm Fan (Amazon)
  • Power Connectors: 15a C14 Panel Mount Plug (Amazon)
  • Enclosure: Watertight 200mm x 120mm x 113mm Enclosure (Amazon)
  • Connectors: Weld Free Plug in terminal Blocks - 2/4 pos (misc)
  • Misc Electronics: LEDs, Perf Board, Resistors, IC, Bus Bar
  1. Bud Box
I knew that I would need to control both my water pump and air pump with the Blackbox. Thats where the DC/AC solid state relays come in. Below is a schematic of the Bud box. Took the Coolant (24v DC) and Tool (3.3v DC) out signals from the X32 and ran them into the DC side of the relays. The AC side is in line with the mains power and the pumps. What this allows me to do is use the Coolant On (M8) command to turn on the chip removal air pump. The water pump is tied to the Tool (M3) control so that it always comes on when the spindle is on. Additionally I took 24v DC from the power supply to the Bud box to power cooling fans for the relays. There is also a mains power ground bus with an external connector so that I am able to ground my enclosure and chassis. This is something that could be accomplished with IOT Relays, but they are hard to come by and I wanted some additional functionality.

  1. VFD Wiring
The VFD wiring to spindle is straight forward. UVW/E to the spindle thru a 4 connector 15a rated cord with aviation style disconnects. RST/E to Mains power. For my configuration I also wired the following terminals:
  • Jump from FOR to DCM (Hardwired for forward spin)
  • Wire NO E-stop Terminal to DCM and SPL (SPL is set to E Stop in settings PD048)
  • Wire 0-10v DC X32 Output to V1 and ACM (VFD Controller Signal from X32)
  • Moved VR jumper to VI (Allows for external VFD Control)
2a. VFD Settings:
  • PD013 = 8 - This is the factory reset code
  • PD001 = 1 - This sets external terminal control
  • PD002 = 1 - Sets Op freq to simulation (external potentiometer)
  • PD005 = 400 - Max Operating Freq
  • PD004 = 400 - Base Freq
  • PD008 = 110 - This is your Mains Power Voltage
  • PD024 = 1 - Sets your stop bottom to Valid
  • PD048 = 13 - Sets SPL to be used as an E Stop
  • PD070 = 0 - Sets analog input to 0-10v
  • PD072 = 400 - Sets higher analog freq
  • PD144 = 24000 - Rated Motor Revs
  1. E Stop
The Blackbox X32 has a quirk that if it is connected via USB any output that is under 5v will stay active if the 24v DC power is lost. This can cause major issues if you use the 3.3v DC Tool connection. You can cut power to the Controller but if you have USB connected your tool will stay live. I say this is a problem because if you use the controller in Wifi mode or with the interface kit then there is no 5v supplied and cutting power will kill the whole unit. I used this to my advantage. The EStop is set up this way:
22mm Mushroom interlock switch with both a NO and NC contact attached. The NC contact is placed inline with the 24v DC power line between the power supply and the controller. I do this because cutting the power to the Power supply is not instant. The power supply has conditioning capacitors that keep the system live longer than I’d like for an EStop event. Additionally I run the power supply and pumps off of a UPS to mitigate brown outs/power drops. So cutting power “at the wall” is not an option.
The NO contact is wired to VFD terminals DCM and SPL as stated above. This is a built-in safety interlock on the VFD that will cut power to the spindle and let it safely coast down. I mentioned that I used the controller's odd USB power usage to my advantage. Since I use the 0-10v output for Spindle control, and the Tool (3.3v) output for my water pump, when I ESTOP the system my water pump does not turn off. This allows my spindle to coast down but continue to receive cooling.
To sum up: ESTOP switch kills the VFD and kills 24V power to the controller. This stops the spindle and steppers but keeps the cooling water active.
Luckily for me the ISEL had good mounting and routing options for the Steppers. I used 2.45nm steppers for the X and Y axis and a 3nm stepper for the Z. I went with a higher torque model for the Z axis due to the spindle weight. There is not anything fancy going on here. 4 conductor 22awg shielded cable from the X32 to each stepper. I do however use 4 position weld free connector pairs to allow for easy maintenance. There is a set in each stepper housing and a set inside the cast gantry cavity.
  1. Limit Switches
I went back and forth on whether I wanted to use standard micro switches or the Openbuilds Xtension Limit Switch Kits. Ended up going with the Xtensions due to mounting options. Personally I think the Xtension switches are flawed. All 3 mounting holes are plated through holes. Which means that if they are mounted with standard hardware you “ground” the DC circuit thru the chassis.
This is a problem for 2 reasons:
  1. If you use a Openbuilds probe kit, it will always show a closed circuit since your machine is already “grounded”.
  2. If your Spindle is grounded to mains power you are know combining Mains ground and DC (-) “ground”. Meaning if your VFD/Spindle shorts then it has a path directly to your controller.
Getting back to the switches. I ended up mounting them all with nylon spacers and hardware to isolate them. 2 switches in parallel for both X and Y Axis. 1 switch for the Z axis. All 5 are connected back to the controller with 3 conductor 22 awg shielded cable with weld free connectors throughout the build for maintenance.
  1. Z Axis Upgrade
While building up the new Spindle mounts I realized that the Stock axis plate was way too heavy. I wanted to cut as much weight from the Z Axis as possible since I added so much weight with the spindle. I took some 20x80mm V rail and brackets to build up a more efficient mounting plate that would fit the spindle mounts better.
  1. Grounding and DC (-), Isolation
I mentioned it previously but I went to great lengths to make sure that Mains ground is separate from DC (-) and not accidentally combined on the chassis or other places. Limit switches with Plated thru holes were mounted with nylon hardware to isolate them from the chassis. In the BudBox the mains ground bus was used to ground the chassis and enclosure to mains power through the power supply cables of the pumps. Mains power and DC (-) were kept separate in the BudBox. Also, all DC signal wires are run into the enclosure on one side with Spindle and AC power lines run on the other side to reduce crosstalk and interference.
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2023.03.20 16:25 woodedgoat My Personal Cold Sore Remedies

\Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor or medical professional. I am simply someone that suffers and has suffered from cold sores from a very, very young age, and I have tried everything under the sun in terms of treatment. I’m making this post solely as a personal experience post with some of my remedies, and to provide comfort to those suffering right now. If this is your first time suffering from a cold sore, or your outbreak lasts more than 15 days and is accompanied by a fever, then please seek professional medical help.*
If you are reading this, you are probably currently suffering from a cold sore outbreak. I find myself looking online at the length of a sore, remedies for a sore, and pictures of sores EVERY SINGLE TIME I have an outbreak, even though I have had probably 200+ in my lifetime.
I am a self-proclaimed cold sore “pro” now, and want to share my experience with this thread, as well as receive more tips and tricks for aiding in recovering from an outbreak.
Let’s face it – the number one healer for a cold sore is time and mindset. Eventually, it will go away on its own, even if you don’t do anything to it and leave it to run its course. Without touching it and with a “calm” mindset (since you probably got it from a stress trigger), it will go away in 14 days, give, or take. Obviously, this is a tall ask. No one is going to just sit and take the pain, embarrassment (for some), and discomfort without at least touching or stressing about it ONCE.
I have compiled a list of things that I do that helps me limit the time frame of an outbreak and helps me feel more comfortable during one.
Simple tips:
1. Wash your hands like crazy. Even if you graze your sore a little, the infection can transfer EXTREMELY easy, so wash your hands constantly to avoid having it spread to other parts of your body or lips.
2. Avoid spicy or acidic foods. This includes alcohol, orange juice, and smoking. I also highly recommend using a straw to drink liquids (stay as hydrated as possible), as if you’re lucky enough to have the sore on only one side of your mouth, you can use the straw on the other side of your mouth to not disturb the sore.
3. Get a lot of sleep. The rest is good for your healing, and it also is a great distraction from touching your face.
4. Keep the sore dry but keep the rest of your lips moisturized. There is a lot of controversy around whether you should keep the sore moisturized with creams or dry to dry it out. I’ve tried both, and since this is my own take on cold sore remedies, I say keep it as dry as you possibly can. I use Blistex Lip Medex balm on the rest of my lips that I apply with a q-tip. Avoid submerging your face in water (even in the shower), and instead, wash your face by wiping it with a damp cloth, avoiding your lips.
5. DON’T STRESS – easier said than done, but I seriously believe mindset is everything these days, and if you trick yourself into thinking “this doesn’t matter and it will be over very quickly”, it will! Just keep telling yourself it isn’t as bad as you think it is and it will be over ASAP.
6. If you are entering a stressful time in your life, or have a big stressful event coming up, take L-Lysine or use precaution, as you know you will probably end up with a sore.

Hygienic Tips:
1. Every time after you eat, take a q-tip and dip it into Hydrogen Peroxide. Rubbing alcohol will work, but peroxide is much better, as it is safe to digest in a very small amount just in case you get it in your mouth. Once you’ve dipped the q-tip in the peroxide, gently roll it across your sore. Do not press down, and do not rub – just roll it across. You can also use a fresh q-tip and clean the rest of your lips if you feel inclined.
2. After an outbreak, throw out your toothbrush or toothbrush head. In addition, cut off the tops of your lip balms/chaps (saves you from throwing them out entirely). The virus can live on your toothbrush or lipsticks.
3. Dry/wipe your face with a separate cloth every time (if you can). I have invested in a whole heap of small face towels that I use and wash in hot water after use. This way, I don’t spread the virus.

Medical Tips:
1. I never use a topical cream. I have the prescription for the Zovirax (Acyclovir) cream, and I find that it does not help. Some people say it even makes things worse because it creates a humid, wet bubble on your sore, which is the perfect ecosystem for a sore to grow. If you find comfort in using a topical cream, the talk to your doctor about being prescribed the Zovirax (Acyclovir) cream. If you do not have access to a doctor, Campho Phenique seems to be the best over the counter cream (not available in Canada to my knowledge). If you’re a Canadian like me, I like Lipactin. I don’t respond well to Abreva, but everyone is different. The best way to apply is right away when you notice it or have symptoms and apply it immediately every time you feel an itch or tingle sensation on the infected area.
2. L-Lysine is your best friend. You can purchase this supplement at the drug store. It is also safe to have every day, providing you drink a lot of water. PRO TIP – DO NOT TAKE THIS WITHOUT FOOD!!!! I made this mistake ONCE. The bottle warns you to do the same, and for some reason, I thought I was above this, but I was proven wrong. Do not exceed 2000mg of L-Lysine tables a day while you are NOT on an outbreak. During an outbreak, I take 4000mg of L-Lysine a day. Some people take up to 6,000mg, but that can be damaging if done too often. Before even starting this, however, I would talk to a doctor if you can. It can mess with your kidneys if you have a weak immune system, so please be careful. Again, food and a lot of water while taking this supplement. Any brand is good, but I use double strength. You can also get a Lysine based lip balm to use on your lips during an outbreak.
3. The Zovirax pill is the best thing that can happen to you. If you take it right when you sense an outbreak coming, it usually can do the trick of stopping it in its tracks. Super worth talking to your doctor and the extra money if you don’t have insurance for it. Seriously worth it.
4. I have used the Virtulite Cold sore Device. It is hit or miss. Sometimes it really works, sometimes it does nothing. Some people have said it made their outbreak worse. It is your own choice to try or not, as it is quite expensive, but if it works, then we all know that it doesn’t matter how much it costs. If you are using it, be sure to use it on a clean sore with no cream on it (clean with peroxide), and after use, clean the machine with a disinfectant wipe to avoid spread.

Care and Comfort Tips:
1. At the beginning of your sore, you can “stunt” the growth and reduce swelling by wrapping an ice cube in a paper towel and icing your sore area for 10-15 minutes at a time. It numbs the pain a bit and can help with the initial stages. Just be sure to pat it dry after (no wiping) and clean it up with peroxide.
2. Pimple Patches are a great way to stop yourself from picking or touching. I wouldn’t say it helps HEAL the sore, but it does prevent any disruption to the sore by accident or on purpose, especially while you are sleeping. I get the large strips so I can cut them to shape the size of my sore at the time. A VERY important thing to remember is you cannot put this on during the scabbing phase. If you put a patch on during the scabbing phase, it will rip off when you take the patch off, and it will have to heal all over again.
3. I’ve heard of people putting Vick’s Vapo Rub on sores. I wouldn’t do it. Might irritate it.
4. Itching is a good sign – it means it is healing!

Commonly Questioned Things:
1. Should you pop the sore? Any doctor in the world will tell you not to do this. I will not lie, I have done it, and for about a year and a half, I swore by popping the sores. I’m back to not popping them. I can’t tell you what to do, but if you DO decide to pop the sore, be extremely careful. What I would do is take a needle (sewing needle, pin, something small) and disinfect the life out of it (hold in a flame then soak in alcohol). Once I’ve done that, I’d poke one of the sides of the sore. You must be extremely careful, as the liquid that is going to come out of the sore is basically liquid herpes, and anything it touches WILL become infected. Therefore, if it drips down your lip, the rest of your lip will become infected. Be ready with a towel or tissue to dab up the liquid immediately. After this, use a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide to roll over the now open wound, and leave it be. Don’t cover it up, don’t put anything on it, now just let it dry out on its own. I found this method effective ONLY if I could trust myself to a) not touch it after, b) dab up all the contagious liquid, and c) I had such a huge sore that it was causing me insane discomfort. I stopped popping my sores after I realized that POPPING THEM WILL CAUSE SCARRING DAMAGE. Please take this into consideration before you pop your sores. If you let them run their course, they will fall off naturally. Popping them increases your changes dramatically to have a scar.
2. Should you rip the scab off? Absolutely not. If you see a scab on top of your sore, this means you are in the home run! I know it looks and feels horrid, but PLEASE, just leave the scab. You can give it a gentle little tug to see if it is ready to fall off, but do not DO NOT DO NOT start ripping off the scab, or it will just have to start the healing process over. I know it is so tempting, especially if you’re going out, but try everything you can not to touch it.
3. How long until you’re healed? I avoid kissing or any skin contact until the scab has fallen off and I do not feel any pain in my lips. If your skin under the fallen scab is pink and fresh, you are good to go!
4. Should you moisturize the scab? I would say no. Once the scab has fallen off and you have pink skin under the scab, you can start putting lip balm or Vaseline on it.
5. Can you cover the sore with makeup? It is best if you don’t, but obviously, to each their own. I would use a q-tip when applying anything to the infected area, and don’t re-use anything that touches it. If you do put makeup on the sore, be sure to clean the sore after when you are home again.
I will probably think of more things later, but this is my immediate go-to. I’m happy to share experiences and comfort tips, or answer any questions someone may have, but again, time heals all, and just be patient.
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2023.03.20 16:20 Interesting_Law_3288 Tag Team Arena Progression Help

Hey all!
I was hoping to gain some insight into how to push further up the tiers in TTA, as i feel i’ve tried and tried but haven’t made any progress.
My background as a player is i 1/2 key Brutal CB daily (working up Nightmare rn), almost all my champs in 5/6 star gear, starting to hit Hydra, stage 17 most dungeons (except Iron Twins and Sand Devil), just over 240 days in (F2P).
I’m at Gold V in arena and TTA i’m sitting comfortably in Bronze III. i’ve been trying for the past few weeks to build my champs and teams in TTA to allow me to advance up to Silver, so i can have access to Cleansing and Refresh accessories.
I’ve been trying hard to work up to Silver but i feel i have hit a brick wall, so hoping those in this subreddit can give me some insight/ tips. What can i do to my champs/ teams to have a stronger defence and offence and be able to move up?
I mostly use the same three teams for both offence and defence, which i know isn’t necessarily the best option but i struggle to work out where to begin.
Is there any good in my current teams? or is there some better combinations im not aware of? i know i have a few decent champs but honestly i’m not sure where to place all of them sometimes. i have some gems and food saved so can 6* some champs if needed. id appreciate any and all advice i can get! :)
(will post my roster + current Teams in comments as couldn’t post with text for some reason)
thanks everyone!
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2023.03.20 16:16 LemDepardieu Mid Life (Comedy Pilot, 32 pages)

Logline: After realising that his life has stagnated, a neurotic thirtysomething embarks on a quest to grow up and improve his life, while juggling the responsibilities of being his brother’s best man and the needs of his best friends.
Hi there, Reddit. :)
This script is probably still in the relatively early stages of development, but I guess I wanted to see if there’s a strong enough idea here worth pursuing before I embark on a full re-draft?
Specific issues aside from that:
And just in case any phrases/spelling looks weird, while I have written some scripts in ‘American English’ before, this is very much written in ‘British English’. I do this primarily so I can claim to be bilingual on my resume.
Thanks in advance for reading! :D
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2023.03.20 16:12 xXAdventXx Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver Fully Prepped and Ready to Go! Part 2a Phandalin (Updated: Now with Playlist)

Welcome Back to Advent's Amazing Advice! Last we left off, our group of adventurers had begun their journey and found themselves in Cragmaw Cave. After the successful defeat of Klarg, we begin Part 2, where the party will finally arrive in the town of Phandalin. If you've been using my notes for this, along with previous adventures, you'll notice that this is a slight change of pace. Since your players will be going to the town itself, it's far less linear, which means the notes must reflect that. I highly recommend either printing the town map for your players, sending it to them online, or even getting the map that comes with the essentials kit. (You can have one of the shopkeepers give the players the map)
Each location has a description along with what's happening when the players arrive. They'll be able to gather clues for what they should do next. The options currently available would be:
I removed a couple of options because they had nothing to do with the story and were drawn-out side quests. Instead, in future sessions, I'll be including a full adventure that will integrate with the story at large and give proper motivations for Venomfang and The Black Spider! I've tested it myself, and my players loved it!
Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Index
Other One Shots and Modules:
I hope this helps! If you have any advice on how I can improve this further, please let me know here or leave a comment on the google doc itself! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content a week early, feel free to check out my Patreon!
Cheers, Advent
Update 3/20: In much of my recent work, I've been creating and including a YouTube playlist for ease of access during sessions. A lot of older works, including The LMoP didn't have this, so I'm going back and adding it to all of them! I'll be releasing those updates here for everyone to enjoy!
During my creation of these, I noticed that when it came to battles, I used the same track quite a bit. After I create the playlists for the entire campaign, I plan to revisit them once again and add many of the unique and fitting tracks that I've collected and included in all my current posts! I hope you enjoy!!!
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2023.03.20 16:12 Mwolf1 I asked AI to give me 100 things it couldn't do that humans could do from the perspective of selling paid services. Here's what it told me.

  1. Provide a personal touch in customer service
  2. Interpret human emotions and tone of voice accurately
  3. Read nonverbal cues and body language
  4. Form personal connections and relationships with clients
  5. Offer genuine empathy and compassion
  6. Provide in-person consultations or meetings
  7. Offer physical demonstrations or product samples
  8. Shake hands and make eye contact
  9. Attend events and network on behalf of a business
  10. Provide live entertainment or performance
  11. Create handcrafted products
  12. Offer physical assistance or manual labor
  13. Provide personal security or bodyguard services
  14. Offer professional photography or videography services
  15. Offer personalized shopping experiences
  16. Offer personal styling and fashion advice
  17. Provide personal training or coaching
  18. Offer motivational speeches or keynote presentations
  19. Provide physical therapy or massage services
  20. Offer landscaping or gardening services
  21. Offer home cleaning or organization services
  22. Provide pet care services
  23. Offer babysitting or childcare services
  24. Provide tutoring or educational services
  25. Offer art or music lessons
  26. Offer cooking or catering services
  27. Provide event planning or coordination services
  28. Offer interior design or home renovation services
  29. Provide legal or financial advice
  30. Offer counseling or therapy services
  31. Provide medical diagnosis or treatment
  32. Offer spiritual guidance or pastoral care
  33. Provide hair and beauty services
  34. Offer driving or transportation services
  35. Provide housekeeping or cleaning services for a business
  36. Offer security guard or patrol services for a business
  37. Provide on-site technical support or IT services
  38. Offer delivery or courier services
  39. Provide live translation or interpretation services
  40. Offer courtroom representation or legal advocacy
  41. Provide wildlife or nature tours
  42. Offer travel planning or booking services
  43. Provide tour guide services
  44. Offer language lessons or translation services
  45. Provide construction or renovation services
  46. Offer home inspection or appraisal services
  47. Provide automotive repair or maintenance services
  48. Offer financial planning or investment services
  49. Provide insurance or risk management services
  50. Offer marketing or advertising services
  51. Provide public relations or media relations services
  52. Offer event marketing or promotion services
  53. Provide graphic design or branding services
  54. Offer web design or development services
  55. Provide copywriting or content creation services
  56. Offer social media management or advertising services
  57. Provide SEO or SEM services
  58. Offer pay-per-click advertising services
  59. Provide email marketing or automation services
  60. Offer video production or animation services
  61. Provide podcast production or editing services
  62. Offer music production or recording services
  63. Provide sound design or audio editing services
  64. Offer voiceover or narration services
  65. Provide live sound engineering or mixing services
  66. Offer DJ or music performance services
  67. Provide event lighting or production services
  68. Offer stage management or production services
  69. Provide event ticketing or registration services
  70. Offer event sponsorship or fundraising services
  71. Provide catering or food and beverage services for an event
  72. Offer event décor or rental services
  73. Provide event security or crowd management services
  74. Offer event transportation or parking services
  75. Provide event photography or videography services
  76. Offer event planning or coordination services for a nonprofit organization
  77. Provide volunteer coordination or management services for a nonprofit organization
  78. Offer grant writing or fundraising services for a nonprofit organization
  79. Provide community outreach or engagement services for a business or nonprofit organization
  80. Offer public speaking or presentation training services
  81. Provide executive coaching or leadership development services
  82. Offer team-building or corporate retreat planning services
  83. Provide conflict resolution or mediation services
  84. Offer executive search or recruitment services
  85. Provide employee training or development services
  86. Offer HR consulting or employment law services
  87. Provide compensation or benefits administration services
  88. Offer payroll or accounting services
  89. Provide bookkeeping or financial reporting services
  90. Offer tax preparation or planning services
  91. Provide business valuation or appraisal services
  92. Offer mergers and acquisitions advisory services
  93. Provide strategic planning or business consulting services
  94. Offer market research or competitive analysis services
  95. Provide data analysis or business intelligence services
  96. Offer project management or implementation services
  97. Provide quality control or assurance services
  98. Offer supply chain management or logistics services
  99. Provide inventory management or procurement services
  100. Offer customer relationship management or sales support services
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2023.03.20 16:12 FweeFwee_ Cellars: Tons of missed potential

Obvious Beta Disclaimer: It's only Act 1 and of course it's purposefully supposed to be somewhat vanilla compared to the anticipated hell-storm that the other acts will have. Hopefully these cellars maybe evolve over the course of the acts. Heck, perhaps they'll use these empty-cellars as place-holders for potential seasonal events.
At the moment, Act 1 Cellars seem like a last minute idea that serves little purpose. There's no incentive to go inside, besides pure curiosity and enjoyment of the game. But, there's lot of missed potential. Cellars are a quick 20 second fight for not much in return. The cellars don't even tell any visual stories of the person/persons who lived there.
Each cellar could be a beautifully staged snapshot event. Maybe, there's some corrupted worshipping occultists down there doing some sketchy stuff. Perhaps, in the spider caves, the cellar becomes a thickly webbed spider-queen's nest. Perhaps one cellar has a hell-breach and you have to kill the elite monsters coming through the breach. Maybe even it's just a safety haven for citizens and they give some small quests. Maybe one cellar is actually some gateway to a dungeon. Heck, maybe one cellar is a treasure-trove of mats, maybe a cellar is a full botanical garden, or ore.
There's just a lot of potential to help tell the story and reflect the world and do more world-building.
Cellars could give such excitement to people and be an absolute mix-bag of potentially great finds or events ... but at the moment, with only Act 1 to reference, it seems very unthoughtful and lost potential.
Just some ideas! I'm just a casual! Thanks guys!
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2023.03.20 16:12 xXAdventXx Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver Fully Prepped and Ready to Go! Part 2a Phandalin (Updated: Now with Playlist)

Welcome Back to Advent's Amazing Advice! Last we left off, our group of adventurers had begun their journey and found themselves in Cragmaw Cave. After the successful defeat of Klarg, we begin Part 2, where the party will finally arrive in the town of Phandalin. If you've been using my notes for this, along with previous adventures, you'll notice that this is a slight change of pace. Since your players will be going to the town itself, it's far less linear, which means the notes must reflect that. I highly recommend either printing the town map for your players, sending it to them online, or even getting the map that comes with the essentials kit. (You can have one of the shopkeepers give the players the map)
Each location has a description along with what's happening when the players arrive. They'll be able to gather clues for what they should do next. The options currently available would be:
I removed a couple of options because they had nothing to do with the story and were drawn-out side quests. Instead, in future sessions, I'll be including a full adventure that will integrate with the story at large and give proper motivations for Venomfang and The Black Spider! I've tested it myself, and my players loved it!
Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Index
Other One Shots and Modules:
I hope this helps! If you have any advice on how I can improve this further, please let me know here or leave a comment on the google doc itself! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content a week early, feel free to check out my Patreon!
Cheers, Advent
Update 3/20: In much of my recent work, I've been creating and including a YouTube playlist for ease of access during sessions. A lot of older works, including The LMoP didn't have this, so I'm going back and adding it to all of them! I'll be releasing those updates here for everyone to enjoy!
During my creation of these, I noticed that when it came to battles, I used the same track quite a bit. After I create the playlists for the entire campaign, I plan to revisit them once again and add many of the unique and fitting tracks that I've collected and included in all my current posts! I hope you enjoy!!!
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2023.03.20 16:11 Sorin61 Salidroside, a phenyl ethanol glycoside from Rhodiola crenulata, orchestrates hypoxic mitochondrial dynamics homeostasis by stimulating Sirt1/p53/Drp1 signaling [07 - 2022]

Materials and methods
Hypoxic condition was performed as cells cultured in a tri-gas incubator with 1% O2, 5% CO2 and 94% N2. We firstly investigated the effects of different concentrations of Sal on the viability of normal or hypoxic HT22 cells. Whereafter, the levels of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), superoxide dismutase (SOD), malondialdehyde (MDA), adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and Na+-K+-ATPase were tested by commercial kits. Meanwhile, mitochondrial superoxide, intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) were determined by specific labeled probes. Mitochondrial morphology was detected by mito-tracker green with confocal microscopy.
Sal alleviated hypoxia-induced oxidative stress in HT22 cells as evidenced by increased cell viability and SOD activity, while decreased LDH release and MDA content. The protected mitochondrial function by Sal treatment was indicated by the increases of ATP level, Na+-K+-ATPase activity and MMP. Miraculously, Sal reduced hypoxia-induced mitochondrial fission, while increased mitochondrial tubular or linear morphology.
Collectively, our data confirm that Sal can maintain mitochondrial dynamics homeostasis by activating the Sirt1/p53/Drp1 signaling pathway.
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2023.03.20 16:11 thatotherchicka October 2022 - Question #15

"15. What is the proper CLASSIFICATION of a battery-operated scuba dive watch computer with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, exclusive of the strap/band? The scuba dive watch computer manages a watch mode and dive mode. The watch component features a 12/24 clock with minutes and seconds, a second time setting, an option to switch between primary and secondary time, a calendar, a stopwatch, a countdown, and an alarm. The scuba mode provides management of recreational dive profiles with a Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm for 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox, and mixes with O2% concentrations up to 99%). The dive watch computer contains an LCD screen and an adjustable backlight. The subject article is designed to be worn on the wrist and is water resistant up to 100 meters. The case and the case back of the subject article are composed of stainless steel and the strap/band is made of rubber. The dive watch computer is covered with a rubber protector.
A) 8471.41.0150
B) 9102.12.8000
C) 9014.80.2000
D) 8543.70.8900
E) 9101.19.2080"
Gross. Classification questions are never easy. We have to follow the GRI's for classification. This is an area where you should practice, practice, practice. Read rulings in CROSS. Ready the Explanatory Notes (ENs) if you have access to them. I would even say if you want to see some very intricate ruling details you can read case law from the Court of International Trade.
So, this item definitely cannot be classified under GRI #1. There are too many functions. It is a watch. It's a input/output device because of the touch screen. It's a stop watch. Etc. Etc. You should immediately bump GRI #1 from classification. GRI #2 doesn't apply to this item. GRI #2 is for incomplete, unassembled/disassembled objects, or for mixtures. Let's go on to GRI #3. GRI #3A calls for the most specific heading to be classified. None of these really seem more specific than the other. It is indeed a watch, however, CBP has pretty consistently classified touchscreen devices as input/output devices. And what about the scuba mode that helps with determining the dive details? I don't think we can say anything is more specific here.
GRI #3b deals with kits and essential character. Do you think any portion of this item is more important than the other? Does something predominate by weight, bulk, value, etc. over everything else? Probably the watch/computer is heavily predominates by value. The stainless steel housing probably predominates by weight. The rubber portion probably predominates by bulk. I don't think you could say any one function or item is more important than the others here.
If that is the case, we need to go to GRI #3C. That calls for the last applicable heading. So, would this watch full under 9102 or 9101? 9101 is for watched made of or clad with precious metals. Stainless steel is NOT a precious metal. The answer is E.
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2023.03.20 16:05 Abovearth31 Annihilape is peak character design. You can't change my mind.

He is probably one of my favourite Pokemon of the new games and here's why:
First of all, it has an impeccable offensive typing, ghost and fighting. A combo of stabs that is resisted by exactly one pokemon, Hisuan-Zoroark, who is ghost/normal, and this Pokemon isn't available in Scarlet/Violet so pretty much nothing can resist both of these types at the moment.
Also his stats are perfect for his role as a bulky sweeper,
So he's competitively viable with a good bulk making him hard to kill, a usable speed and an excellent offensive and defensive typing. Just very good stats overall.
Second of all, it's a ghost type. Ghost type is my favourite type and I'm biased towards these spooky bois so that help.

Third of all, his lore. He's basically a new special evolution of Primeape, the gen 1 pure fighting type Pokemon that's supposed to be a monkey.
The pokedex entries state the following:
"When its anger rose beyond a critical point, this Pokemon gained power that is unfettered by the limits of its physical body."
Secondly, the pokedex entry of Pokemon Sun version of his previous stage, Primeape, says this:
"It has been known to become so angry that it dies as a result. Its face looks peaceful in death, however."
What we have here is a typical berzerker archetype brought to it's logical conclusion, where it's wrath grew so much it literally died, thus finding peace, but the creature that rose out of that corpse was anything but peaceful.
There are two characteristics about Annihilape's appearance that are interesting, first the shackles it had on each wrist and ankle as Primeape are now shattered, he's even missing one on his right arm meaning he is literally and metaphorically free/unbound.
And second, while his face and eyes show he is obviously angrier than ever, his body language in the game is a slow and menacing stance very different from the frantic and fast paced battle ready stance of Primeape he almost look oddly composed, almost... Calm ?
Interrestingly when Primeape evolves into Annihilape, his passive ability “Anger point” turns into “Inner focus.” And again if you look at the shackles on its arms, you can see that it’s broken free of them. Almost as if to say that, in order to learn to live with its anger, it had to die.
So, to me, Annihilape did find peace, by learning to channel its anger into a spiritual focused power, "unfettered by the limits of it's physical body".
A kind of “rage sage,” if you will.

Mankey and Primeape were some of the worst designs of gen 1 to me,
Mankey had cat ears, a round body, a pig nose, weird cat paws, weird... Lizard (?) feets and a long cat tail and yet it somehow looked like a monkey.
Then Primeape arrived, got rid of the tail, made it slightly angrier and bulkier and added... Boxing gloves hands so you know it's a fighting type I guess ? But it weirdly didn't evn look like a monkey anymore ? Which is a shame when you see all the interesting stuff Game Freak managed to do with monkey designs in later gens (Infernape and Rillaboom for example).
But then Annihilape arrived and recontextualised the design by fully admitting that it doesn't look like a monkey anymore and making it look more like a monkey-ish spirit instead.
The floating mane allowed to get rid of the cat ears, the boxing gloves hand got "split" in two so instead of looking like a boxing glove, it now look like an actual hand but with 3 thick fingers (making it coherent visually with the feets), the longer fur got rid of the weird round body into a more vague body shape and it all look coherent. The final result is a creature that genuinely look sinister and intimidating.
I say "recontextualized" because, when you think about it, you can now imagine Mankey's line as a kid/baby monkey starting his life with slight anger issues, growing into a berzerkered adult that deformed it's body so much so that it barely even look like a monkey anymore (like some kind of abomination) only to die to find peace, accepting it's mistakes and itself and channeling it's anger to be reborn into the Rage Sage spirit I mentionned earlier.
This is a genuinely good storyline in hindsight. They took two of the worst Pokemon designs of Gen 1 and made them good.
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2023.03.20 16:05 SJAOPRT St. John's Ambulance Opioid Poisoning Response Training Team: We are in Vancouver March 23rd, 2023

St. John's Ambulance Opioid Poisoning Response Training Team: We are in Vancouver March 23rd, 2023
The ADPC-CoP (Accidental Drug Poisoning Crisis - Community of Practice) is excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first in-person summit!
Join us on Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 9 am - 4 pm (PDT) at the University of British Columbia for a FREE day of learning, listening, and community building. Food and nasal naloxone kits on us.
To sign up for our virtual Summit, you can do so here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly
If you wish to join in-person, you can sign up here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly
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2023.03.20 15:58 Seeyouon_otherside The Experiment

Inspired by a comment that u/iWillNeverBeSpecial made on this post
Doctor Ka’s Log Pre-Experiment 173-1 Audio Log
Date [standardized human time]: June 28, 2136
There is a shuffling sound as Doctor Ka makes adjustments to the recording equipment.
“Pre-Experiment 173-1 Audio Log, Doctor Ka of the Kolshian Commonwealth speaking. I have big news.”
Long pause.
“For those listening that are unaware, a few centuries ago, the Galactic Federation discovered a second predatory species called Humans. They quickly determined that, should they ever obtain FTL capabilities, we would essentially have another Arxur breathing down our necks. Before we could take action to exterminate them however, they all seemed to have killed themselves in nuclear hellfire.”
Another long pause.
“They were wrong. Either that or they lied to us, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Humans are still alive and thriving.”
Indistinct speaking, presumably talking to a crew member.
“I have decided that, in the name of science, I will not take this information back to the Federation, at least not yet. I have no doubt that revealing their survival will only lead to their destruction, which is unacceptable at this moment.”
There is silence for approximately two minutes.
“My research vessel, the Pasture, is currently in Earth’s orbit with all stealth precautions activated. I am awaiting word from the mercenary team I sent to the surface to report back to me.”
There is silence for approximately five minutes as Doctor Ka leaves the room for unknown reasons, presumably out of guilt or a similar feeling.
“I have taken it upon myself to do experiments on an individual Human. The mercenaries will catch and retrieve one so I may study it… Okay. End log.”
Doctor Ka did not offer an explanation as to the exact nature of the planned experiments.
Security Feed of the Pasture Main Hanger
Date [standardized human time]: June 29, 2136
Security feed of the main hanger shows Doctor Ka and a squad of fifteen heavily armed guards waiting in silence for approximately ten minutes. The guards tense up and train their weapons on an arriving shuttle. Doctor Ka does not move or otherwise react. The shuttle docks and the bay depressurizes. The shuttle’s main doors open and an unconscious Human female is dragged out by a squad of mercenaries. Many of them appear to be in early stages of shock. Doctor Ka steps forward without any signs of fear and studies the Human.
Doctor Ka speaks.
“Take it to the observation cell and chain it up. Make sure it stays.”
Three mercenaries comply and drag the Human out of the camera’s line of sight.
Security Feed of the Pasture Observation Cell
Security feed of the observation cell shows three mercenaries dragging the unconscious Human into the cell. One takes a pair of cuffs and locks the Human’s hands together and magnetically locks them to a wall. Another locks a shock collar around its neck. All three hastily exit the cell and lock the door. There is silence for approximately six minutes until Doctor Ka appears in the reinforced window to the cell. She speaks into the cell’s PA.
The Human remains unconscious. The mercenaries appear to have used too many sedatives. Doctor Ka continues to attempt to rouse the Human for an additional five minutes to no avail. She gives up and leaves the camera’s line of sight.
There are no changes for approximately three hours.
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2023.03.20 15:58 SuperHotUKDeals Round Up Of The Best Easter Egg Deals - Megathread

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
With Easter just three weeks away, you may be thinking about indulging your sweet tooth and getting ready to pop some Easter Eggs in your trolley during your weekly shop.
Here we have rounded up some of the best deals currently available in one place, to help you grab your favourite chocolates in Egg form, at the best price.
Included are reductions across full size and mini egg varieties from brands such as Cadbury's & Nestle, along with a few supermarket own brand offers, currently available from the likes of Morrisons & Sainsbury's.
The offers below are purchasable both Instore & Online and we will update this thread as more inevitanly become available in the lead up to the Easter weekend.
Medium Easter Eggs (Various 96g - 127g) £1 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco
7 Varieties included in the offer until 28th March
  • Maltesers
  • Mini Eggs
  • Dairy Milk Freddo Faces
  • Dairy Milk Milk Buttons
  • White Chocolate Buttons
  • Caramel Nibbles
  • Smarties
[**Large Easter Eggs £2 (e.g Mars 252g, Celebrations 220g + 20 Other Varieties) - Clubcard Price
@ Tesco (Credit reindeer333)**
22 Varieties included in the offer until 26th March
[XL Easter Eggs e.g. Galaxy Chocolate Egg 310G / Twix White Chocolate Egg 316G - £3.50 (Clubcard price) @ Tesco (Credit Chanchi32)**
23 Varieties included in the offer until 28th March
[After Eight Dark Mint Chocolate Mini Eggs 81G £1.00 Clubcard Price @ Tesco**]( (Credit alphamike)
These dark chocolates with a peppermint flavoured fondant cream centre are reduced to £1 at Tesco until 26th March.
[Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs 80g - White or Milk Chocolate - 75p @ Co-operative**]( (Credit RedNWhite)
These Egg-shaped chocolates flavoured with real orange oil with a crispy coloured sugar shell, are reduced down to 75p at Co-Op. Milk & White varieties available at this price.
Morrisons Belgian Chocolate Eggs 154g - £3 @ Morrisons
These Chocolate Eggs are reduced down from £5 at Morrisons.
White chocolate and praline, milk chocolate vanilla crunch and dark chocolate caramel.
[Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Tiramisu Chocolate Easter Egg - £6 @ Sainsbury's
Milk chocolate hollow egg flavoured with coffee and decorated with white chocolate and cocoa nibs, reduced from £8 currently at Sainsbury's.
Maltesers Chocolate Easter Bunny Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Gifts, Chocolate Gift, 29g x 32 - £12.80 @ Amazon (Credit dixie1986)
A milk chocolate bunny with a malt centre and crunchy honeycomb pieces. Pack contains 32 milk chocolate Malteser Bunny’s, each weighing 29g.
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.03.20 15:57 eternalconstruct1 Twenty Second of March

Something big is bound to happen on this date.
I think we are all familiar with the elites’ knack for symbolism and their ties to the occult. I’ll present some of the few numerical, symbolic and “coincidental” findings that I’ve stumbled across as of late and you can make up your own mind about whether something big is coming on this date. Should’ve made this post a while ago, won’t lie.
  1. Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 22nd/23rd, 2023 for the first time in our lifetime. Pluto is known as the planet of death and rebirth, and as it moves through the zodiac, it works to burn all that needs to be dismantled, and then from the ashes, it facilitates a rebirth. Pluto relates to power, so when it makes a big move like this one, our attention turns to big businesses, governments, and financial markets. With Pluto in Aquarius, we are likely to see a shift of power. We’re already seeing the signs of a catastrophic recession and with Trump’s impending arrest and his call for protests, we may see an unexpected shift of power. Bear in mind that the supposed day in which Trump’s supposed to get arrested is on the 21st of March. What a coincidence.
  2. The University of Yale which gave birth to the Skull & Bones “secret society” turns 322 years old this year. I won’t explain the significance of Skull & Bones in detail as I think most of you are already aware that plenty of high-profile individuals (including Presidents of the US) have been members (openly, too). 3/22. The numerology adds up. The number 322 appears in the Skull & Bones insignia. and is widely reported to be significant as the year of Greek orator Demosthenes' death. A letter between early society members in Yale's archives suggests that 322 is a reference to the year 322 BCE and that members measure dates from this year instead of from the common era. In 322 BC, the Lamian War ended with the death of Demosthenes and Athenians were made to dissolve their government and establish a plutocratic system in its stead, whereby only those possessing 2,000 drachmas or more could remain citizens. With rumours and signs of the dollar’s decline, could this symbolise a transition from the traditional banking system and cash to a centralised digital currency in which you can only remain a citizen based on your credit score? There’s no way this event can occur on the 22nd of March, but the foundations of it could be set on this date based on an event that may occur on this day.
  3. In paganism (the pagan ancient vernal equinox in the occult), March 22nd marks the beginning of the SEASON OF SACRIFICE. Combine this with the astrological prediction of a big shift of power set to transpire in this date and you can assume that a lot of blood may be spilled to further the elites’ agenda.
  4. The largest bank in the US (JP Morgan Chase) is 223 years old, the Freemasonic Father of the United States George Washington died 223 years ago. 22/3.
  5. Most COVID lockdowns in Europe began on the 22nd/23rd of March = connection to the pagan Season of Sacrifice.
My theory: Trump’s arrest will lead to massive turmoil that’ll unfold on the 22nd of March (a day after his supposed arrest). Power will shift, on whose end, I can genuinely not tell you as of now. Financial catastrophe, political instability = chaos and out of that chaos, the idea of the New World Order will become all the more appealing, all the more likely. The stage is being set and the foundation for their big moves for the next decade will transpire by the end of this month.
Bear in mind, that they’re all involved in this. Trump or Biden aren’t your saviours, they’re all serving the same purpose - the chaos isn’t just meant to divide you and keep you trapped in the mundanity of the 21st century, it’s necessary to make the prospect of order seem the more appealing in the form of a One World Government.
I hope I’m wrong, but these are just some findings I’ve come across with my friends that I thought would be interesting to you all.
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2023.03.20 15:56 SJAOPRT St. John's Ambulance Opioid Poisoning Response Training: We are in Vancouver March 23rd, 2023

St. John's Ambulance Opioid Poisoning Response Training: We are in Vancouver March 23rd, 2023
The ADPC-CoP (Accidental Drug Poisoning Crisis - Community of Practice) is excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first in-person summit!
Join us on Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 9 am - 4 pm (PDT) at the University of British Columbia for a FREE day of learning, listening, and community building. Food and nasal naloxone kits on us.
To sign up for our virtual Summit, you do so here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly
If you wish to join in-person, you can sign up here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly
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2023.03.20 15:52 Pristine_Present_260 24 [F4M] Brisbane, Australia - Looking for a permanent, stable relationship

I'm looking for a guy within 18-22, who's ambitious, young with an old soul, who is emotionally available and is also looking for a long-lasting relationship. I'm alcohol friendly with moderation (obv drinking problems are a dealbreaker). As for preferences, I lean strongly to buff/lean, muscular Caucasian guys. I am not into neckbeards as I've gotten plenty of messages from guys who don't fit what I'm looking for.
Personality wise, I would like someone who is empathetic, kind, who I feel can understand me, and is cognizant in the cruelty of the world since my life is best described as that of a 'tragic tale of a tragic character''
About me: Asian, 6'1", I'm doing a masters in International relations, with plans to go into government. Ideally, I'd like to work in D.C. politics with wanting to work in the Pentagon or DoD to do some consulting work. However, depending if I meet a fellow Aussie, I'm more than willing to stay within the country if I feel we are mutually compatible.
I like to game: Dying Light, Cities Skylines, GTA IV, American Truck Sim. I also like to learn vegan recipes even not being a vegan myself.
I'm a big foodie, whether that'd be Mediterranean food, Middle Eastern, Indian (i love curries also), seafood, or spicy food. I've also taken a liking to Azerbaijani food as well as Eastern European.
I'm also an aspiring runner for which I joined my uni's social running club
The big obstacle.... I'm a pre-op transgirl. I'm looking for a guy who's secure in his masculinity, not fazed by any insecure notions of fragile masculinity. However, I'd like to hope (however fruitless or not) that the younger generation, like Gen Z'ers are more LGBTQ+ accepting. For any older guys, I'm sorry but I want a relationship where I'm not subject to being emotionally abused (personal experience... not great) nor feel like I'm missing out more in life by settling into a post 30+ year old life.
I'd like to live my youth still whatever I have left, and enjoy those moments with someone in similar life stages of being in college also or who's entering college. I also do not desire children ever.
After having numerous LDR's fizzle out, I would like to have a stable relationship. Due to me still being in college and doing a Masters, I can't travel abroad right now unfortunately.
Will only reply to well written responses so short messages will get ignored.
Pls be in Australia/NZ or N. America pref I'd like someone local but not holding much hope. Frankly, I'm not hoping given this is reddit
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