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This community is dedicated to u/featherinajar, at the time I don’t know if she is still alive, but I’m hoping and begging that she is.

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2023.06.10 19:30 rawk_on What're the most IRRELEVANT materials to date?

Starting to feel like JP's course on Udemy is outdated. I like his encouragement and style, and I'm clearly learning things... but is it all for not?
Keep seeing AR + 3rd Rock + Vargas (which I love that dude, so entrancing)... but I'm coming from a background where the terms and processes are not the daily jargon/practice (12 years in my job, managing multi-unit franchises).
I'm constantly seeing people cram in like 2 weeks, while I've been slipping in 2 minute videos here and there for close to a MONTH now. Are you guys eating steroids and adderall for breakfast? Lololol.
I want a healthy balance of actual test prep but also trying to actually absorb a few concepts and jargon to retain as I go (ya know, for interviews and resume etc). But I don't want to be behind the times.
What do you think? What is/was a waste or not worth the time for you? What made you have to UN-learn or catch up and how/when did you realize that you went down the wrong fork in the road? Etc. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:19 Micgamgams Out of practice, idea brainstorming?

Hello! I graduated my school in 2019 and the timing of COVID kind of ruined my life. No one was hiring interns or anything so I didn't have any options to go into something that had to do with my degree. I got a new job and it pays the bills, I kind of fell off of everything.
I recently got laid off, and I want to regain my passion but I'm not sure where to start. I'm interested in environments mostly, but I also eventually want to work in character design as well.
I want to do some practice work, and then start building a portfolio, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions for things to practice to. Looking for a resource for blueprints for hard surface modeling as well. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 19:19 kbsths99 am I right to feel weird about my roommate essentially outing me to strangers?

So yesterday my roommate came home with hanging out with some new friends. She says to me, "I would have invited you but I wanted to make sure it was safe for you first because you know I want to look out for you. So I told them you were trans." First off, my roommate is a WOC, and I trust her instincts/judgement on most people. I don't think telling them I'm trans is necessary. Because now they have a pre-concieved idea for me before they even meet me, if they're even going to meet me. And I should be the one to decide to tell people I'm trans. This isn't the first time she's done this either. She's told past friends/aquaintences she's met, she's told dates because they get annoyed that she lives with a guy. IMO unless a person is my date, my doctor, or maybe I need to share a perspective and my transness makes a difference, that is the only reason I need to come out to someone. I've made new friends post transition that don't know I'm trans. They gender me correctly, maybe on some level they know, but I just don't mention it it seems unnecessary. Am I right to be annoyed about this? And how can I talk to her about it so she'll stop?
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2023.06.10 19:16 whoishack EVGA CLC waterblock dimensions?

I've searched the internet but I'm failing to find the actual dimesions of the waterblock. Would anyone have one they can measure for me, please? Trying to find the smallest(and cheapest) form factor AIO possible.
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2023.06.10 19:15 SnooPeppers9134 Looking to shadow a top closer

Hi everyone, I've been in insurance telesales for 6 months. While I am closing here and there, I'm looking to learn from some top tier closers in this sub. I was wondering if anyone who is passionate about teaching sales or any top closers that would be open to have someone shadow their phone calls. I am very coachable. I am a very hard worker and am looking to improve my sales skills to another level. I want to learn from the top closers only. Shadowing someone in the same industry would be nice but I am open to any B2C sales industries to shadow. Disclaimer: Please don't PM me trying to recruit me to your insurance company, I will say no.
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2023.06.10 19:05 Longjumping-Alps1049 26/I/USA: Looking for long term friends to chat with about my interests

Hi there, I'm Longjumping-Alps1049 from the USA, and I happen to be an intersex person and part of the LGBTQ community (I'm pansexual).
I have a lot of different interests such as video games (mainly nintendo but I play the occasional playstation game with friends), researching history and historical facts, learning new mathematical theories, debating political situations in history, learning languages (I know a few, and I enjoy innovating things like the intersection of computer science and language translation), finding new connections between subjects, public health, and playing classical music (and just music in general).
Furthermore, I really enjoy teaching and learning from others, and would like to pursue a career as a teacher. But yeah, even if you don't have many interests in common with me, I'd still like to hear from you, just as long as you like to hear about some of the stuff above.Just please be between the age of 19-33.
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2023.06.10 19:01 KingOfHikikomoris Copium ke liye RR.

I'm usually alone sitting in my room being online or doing something or another without any interaction only talking when I need to. I do have friends but I don't really enjoy going out and shit I've even told them to count me out of all the plans they make. living without talking to anyone hasn't been a problem to me as I've lived most of my school life alone and 3 months as a complete shut in, surprisingly I don't have any social anxiety I just don't like ppl, I can talk normally and I can stare right into someone's soul with my eye contact but I just prefer being alone, this summer I met my cousin who's same age as me after 8yrs and it was unexpectedly fun as I was planning to sit in my room all day without going outside of home neither interacting with her but as she wanted to explore the city(even I didn't knew shit about the place I live in) we went to some places and I did enjoy it quite a bit and I spent almost all day with her for whole Summer vacation and now that she's gone I'm feeling a need for social interaction I went to movies with my friends a before vacations but it didn't feel same way as it did when I was with my cousin. Never felt the need to socialize before and how do I cope with it lol🥴
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2023.06.10 19:00 Limp_Client9179 I'm asking for help, for the first time ever. What should I do?

Been on here for 10 years never asked for help, but now I need it.
My wife is leaving me and i'm sure a divorce / annulment is soon to come.
We have been together 8 years, married for 6 months. We recently bought a house, I put 100k of my own money down, and the mortgage is in my name. She is on the title as we were married when bought.
She says she wants nothing and wants to leave, and I've said I will not pursue a lawyer if she won't but I'm not sure her family will feel the same.
Will I owe alimony?
I make around 200k she makes 50k it's been this way for 2 years, we've never owned prior just always paid rent.
Can we get an annulment? If she lawyers up will she be entitled to any of the house? What if she just married me and this was her plan to leave once we had the house? We've been in the home for 3 weeks.
I'm just scared and not sure what to do.
Please advise
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2023.06.10 18:58 Eel-Soup Is there a way to make a serverwide texture pack for both Bedrock and Java?

I'm an amateur texture pack maker, and me and my friends are setting up a server for 1.20. We aren't going through any of the services such as aternos or apex hosting. The server is bedrock compatible and I was wondering if there was a way to make the texture packs for both versions? The texture pack has custom models, so optifine is required for java, but I know bedrock has some sort of way of doing it. If anyone knows how to go about this, help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 18:53 httpsmky Best Ways To Improve Scores

My current SAT score is about a 1200 with my strength being English and my weakness being math. I was wondering what are your tips to get this up? I'm already using Khan Academy but what else is there?
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2023.06.10 18:50 TheEncoderNC Occasional rubberbanding on vanilla 1.20 server

Hey all, I've been running Minecraft servers for my friends off and on for a long while. One thing I haven't been able to fix is the somewhat infrequent rubberbanding I've been getting. It mostly affects people when fighting mobs, as they hang in place for a second or so and then deal two attacks worth of damage while being invulnerable.
It's not a constant problem, but I feel like it happens enough to be notable. My network doesn't seem to have any problems (the issue also persists if i connect using localhost) and my computer should be more than capable of running it no issue. Could it be an issue with scheduling on the CPU? I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do here.
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2023.06.10 18:41 lo4grg53f Stomach issues after xifaxan anyone?

Does anyone else had stomach issues post xifaxan therapy? Im currently on my fourth week of low fodmap and have stomach pain after trying Sprite. Same with my gf who is one week after low fodmap.
Our sibo symptoms are gone but our stomach is so inflammed
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2023.06.10 18:39 Equivalent_Current_3 How do you put yourself out there?

In an effort to meet new people and hopefully start dating, I know I need to put myself out there.
I am 25M. I work 8 to 10 hours a day so that only leaves evenings to get out there.
Mon - Bible study
Tues/Thurs - Climb with friends
Wed - Chores
Fri - either dinner with friends at a pub (I dont drink personally) or a walk in a local nature area/park.
Weekends - Im usually doing something. Skiing, climbing, going to the farmers market, I recently joined a volleyball group which I found through friends.
I have also asked friends if they know of anyone but that always turns up dry so I dont ask that often.
So beyond what I do, what do people mean by "put yourself out there"? What else can I do? I am social and friendly whenever I meet people. But no one really seems to notice me, or notice that I am single. Even if I try to flirt and ask girls out. On top of that it seems that no one else is single. Like today I went to the local farmers market and everyone near my age was holding a kid or with their partner.
Please dont mention online dating. I have tried that extensively but never got any matches so I have given that up.
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2023.06.10 18:37 MasterFigimus I have 3 rats. I think one of them is dying. What do I do to comfort him? What do I do after they have passed? Please help me

I have 3 boys, all 2 years and 1 month old. My little boy Fig has been weak and getting weaker since monday. His vet appointment is tomorrow, but today he is unable to walk and seems unable to move on his left side. He's laying on his left side, using his right arm and leg to grip things near him. He won't eat and drinks very little from a saucer I got for him, but only when I place it near his mouth. I'm trying to comfort him the best that I can but I do not think he will make it.
What can I do to help him pass peacefully? I don't know if he should be in his cage with his brothers or if I should be cuddling him. Should I be there or does he want to be alone?
Afterward, I am worried about his brothers. Will Fig's two brothers be lonely without him? Should I try to get them a new friend? I'm worried about them getting depressed and stressed. Please help.
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2023.06.10 18:35 syrupies AITA for disowning my family, after they protected my autistic sister?

Backstory: my sister has autism, she’s always had problems befriending people and interacting in general.
I (F) am a really outgoing person I have lots of friends in lots of places, and I’m basically never alone. This angered my sister as she always had trouble making friends. I was nothing short of kind towards my entire family, im older than Hailie (my sister) so before she came, I was their ideal child, but when Hailie came we started slowly pulling apart. I didn’t mind, she needed more attention than I did. But despite me never being rude she always wanted to rub it in my face that she was the “favorite”, I never let it get to me after all she is autistic.
Its just that this day made me snap, a few weeks ago it was my birthday party, me and Hailie had a conjoined party, at first I didn’t care as they said we would get separate cakes. But not only did only Hailie get a cake, but she got all the presents too. I later found out my parents let the whole family know I wouldn’t be accepting gifts as Hailie deserved them more! This situation was not even the icing on the cake because they also uninvited all of my friends and said no to all my decorations. This isn’t the first time they make Hailie the center but it’s the first time they don’t mention me in the party at all, the invitation even stated it was only Hailie’s birthday. I was fuming, because it was my birthday, Hailie’s birthday wasn’t until 4 months!!
after the party we were supposed to go to a restaurant, my favorite restaurant. But instead, they decided to go to McDonalds as it was Hailie’s favorite and since I’m the oldest I can understand, when I complained they mentioned again she had no friends and that she was autistic.
I decided to ignore them, since this was yet another party I failed to celebrate, im staying with one of my close friends. And I’m thinking of completely cutting all contact from my family. They are all now spreading lies about me so that no one will accept me in their homes, they also called me a jerk, since they are my family and I shouldn’t be sensitive, and again shes autistic so I can’t do this to her.
WIBTA if I cut contact?
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2023.06.10 18:33 ipilotlocusts vonBiomes - what's with the star-marked installations on some maps?

Finally got around to exploring one of them in a light mech but I don't see any loot anywhere.
I've had missions where there are multiple of these installations, but now that I'm exploring one, I have to wonder what the point in marking them even is.
I saw a depressed structure with blinking green lights that might have been a repair bay at the base of one of these - is that what these sites are for?
If it's worth noting, the one I was looking at just now was in a Demolition game, and I'm seeing in the payout screen that I didn't complete some optional objective... should I have destroyed that additional site?
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2023.06.10 18:19 kantopridechicken SKL!

Hello! M here. Just wanna share something.
I currently have a girlfriend. 5 months na kami, I know bago pa but take note na 2nd time around na namin to. We broke up college days pa but here we are trying to rekindle the fire. May past traumas sya, may past traumas rin ako. Some of you may say that we need to heal first before entering a relationship but we both agree na our traumas will always stick with us and that we don't need to delay our happiness because of those. We compromise na we will choose to heal everyday and be better for ourselves for us to be better partners for each other. I can say na healthy yung relationship namin BUT there is something that's bothering me for a while. Here it is.
She is planning to migrate abroad and dun na ituloy yung career nya (she's a lawyer by the way). Most of the time grabe nya iparamdam sakin na need na namin umalis ng pinas and dun na mamuhay, etc. In short pinapafeel nya sakin na gusto nya ko kasama sa ibang bansa. Pero taena yung other side of coin yung hassle. Minsan hindi ko nararamdaman na gusto nya ko kasama doon, as in walang paguusap na nagaganap. I don't know, maybe it's too early to tell kasi bago pa lang kami? Or hobby ko lang talaga parusahan ang aking sarili? hahahaha
I'm successful sa own field ko, I have 8 digits saved sa bank and earning 6-7 digits/month and ito yung reason na sinasabi nya minsan kung bakit no need na ko sumama sa kanya. Pero alam nyo guys, wala akong pake sa pera. Kaya kong magsimula ulit sa baba basta sya kasama ko. Heck! Nagtatawag nga ako ng pasahero sa jeep nung bata ako :) Parang yung song na "I'd rather" lang yan eh (napaghahalataan ang edad haha).
I've loved her since we were kids. I'll go where she goes and I'll stay where she stays, kahit sa Mars pa yan pota palag na. If only she realize na I just wanna be with her and that I want to come home to her. Hayyss!
Yun lang guys, SKL! Deep down alam ko rin naman yung mga sagot sa mga pinagsasabi ko because ako lang naman nakakakilala sakin at sa kanya. I just need to relieve my overly anxious self hihi! Kailangan ko lang talaga ilabas ang aking saloobin.
Thanks to this sub! It felt gooooood!
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2023.06.10 18:18 Azunear What overhaul mod do you guys recommend for a beginner in mods

I just finished my first game, 100h in, launched my rocket and increased science productivity, I tried to do some city block building with buses and all, I feel like I learned a LOT of things and I want to push the experience further. So I came across a lot of overhaul mods like Krastorio 2, AAI Industry, Py etc.. I just want to try something that's not ridiculously hard and stupid because my experience with this first playthrough was little bit hard, i'm open to challenge, but not masochism xd.
Anyway thank you per advance! :D
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2023.06.10 18:15 BadassDevi Only fire when target is locked (PS4/PS5)

I'd like to set my turrets to only fire when a target is locked, but i can't figure out how. I would be very grateful if someone would help me with this. Im using 30mm storm cannons from HarbingerAce's assault weapons pack.
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2023.06.10 18:13 KimChi_916 I feel like people exaggerate the effects of masturbation (from r/teenagers)

They always say it will ruin your mental or make you a loser or some other bs but from my experience that is not true. I am 16 years old and i have done it approximately 1231 times within the past 525 days (aka since jan 1st 2022). If you put those numbers in a calculator you get approximately 2.3 nuts per day but that is not accurate because some days i dont do it at all and some other days i do it an inhumane amount of times. I am an AS level student aka in 11th grade aka in year 12 and i have gotten straight A's in everything. Im happy with the friends i have and my life is going well. A little pleasure everyday doesnt hurt anybody
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2023.06.10 18:12 PrepxI SaaS Product Marketing has been the bane of my existence

I'm an ex-product manager and currently a startup founder.
My startup is a SaaS platform for Product Managers (started in 2019); it's a mixed-method user research tool for identifying impactful product opportunities.

Research Findings

I built the tools after interviewing/chatting with 50+ product managers; the sentiment was product discovery differed per product, and virtually everyone I spoke with used a different approach, but simplified steps were:
  1. Empathy (e.g. Observations, User Research, Feedback, Competitor Analysis, etc.)
  2. Extract Opportunities
  3. Prioritise the opportunities
  4. Ideate/Test Solutions
  5. Communicate priorities to stakeholders
I found that growth-stage startup product managers had to manage this and much more (so the are my initial target users). Also, existing tools only handled bits and pieces of this repetitive process; users would have to research, learn, purchase and use several tools to perform the individual tasks, then manually aggregate the finding to find opportunities.


This tool covers all those steps, and the mixed-method user research system normalises the findings so trends in user experiences/behaviour automatically (and users can use filtering to drill down even deeper). It has its own whiteboarding/prototyping system, so the system can suggest solutions/improvements based on the research gathered. the prioritisation is done collaboratively to allow the stakeholder to have a say directly.
Title: Uncover the Opportunities that drive product growth
Subtitle: The product discovery research platform that allows product managers to find trends across your observations, research & feedback; to reveal what matters most.

Go to Market Strategy

Problem: Doing the necessary product discovery activities to find product opportunities that will enable them to meet key product outcomes (and, in turn, business outcomes).
Target Users: growth-stage SaaS startup Product Managers with experience doing user research and product discovery.
Channel: LinkedIn
Competitors: I know them, and up and coming startups too.
Sales plan: Self-Service Upgrades (but I'm also available to chat within the tool)
Goals: to get users to install the widget on their websites and at least weekly perform product discovery activities.
Buyer Journey: validated in usability studies

Go to Market Struggles

I've had to change the value proposition several hundred times to make it resonate with other Product Managers.
I have some signups, but they churn after a few minutes of use. I've run several usability studies with Product Managers, and based on their feedback, I've improved the UI/UX (also, I mimicked competitor product page layouts). Also, I've added an interactive tutorial system in the tool to simply user-onboarding.
I don't know how to evaluate if the GTM activities aren't working or if I haven't attempted them enough times (conversion rate).
Please could you help?

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2023.06.10 18:11 Remarkable_Corgi4016 Who's your favorite tattoo artist?

My sister and I are wanting to get matching tattoos and we're looking for someone to do them. These will just be small ear tattoos and very simple but I'm looking for someone who can do more complicated work for future tattoos.
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