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Noah's Ark

2019.05.11 05:38 Nardo318 Noah's Ark

Give God a reason to send the flood.

2016.04.19 07:10 killabee64 Lost Eden: An Ark: Survival Evolved RP Community/Server

Lost Eden is an Ark: Survival Evolved RP PvP server and community utilizing The Center map and the Annunaki Genesis mod.

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2023.05.29 04:21 downwithMikeD Comment on Jacqueline Durand ‘s reel on Instagram

Comment on Jacqueline Durand ‘s reel on Instagram
Attack victim Jacqueline Durand shared her disappointment re: her insurance not covering her prosthetic ears and someone posted this comment which I found bizarre and unhelpful.
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2023.05.29 04:20 TheLaramieReject One week down!

I'm one week into my journey with Noom. I think it's gone really well so far. I'm a little worried that I'll lose motivation as time goes on, but so far, so good. I've lost about 2 pounds so far and I swear I feel a little less puffy already. Only 48 pounds to go!
Any other newbies here want to share how things are going for you so far?
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2023.05.29 04:19 Zilloclaw The Moonshadow Slave Chapter 1

It was a dark and dangerous night in the Midnight desert, with the Soulfang serpents lurking around, waiting to sink their fangs into a victim to consume their soul.
Luckily, though there was an oasis in the desert, and a new group, Team Zym, was safe inside of it. Two members of this group had been there before, but the rest hadn’t.
“This place is beautiful!” The young King Ezran exclaimed as he took in the oasis; a lush green area contained in a huge magical shield.
“Yes it is,” Ezran’s older half-brother, Callum, agreed.
“Yeah, but we should probably get some rest,” Rayla said.
After their failure to get the clue to the location of Aaravos’s prison from Rex Igneous, the group had gone back to Katolis to think. They had realized that the next clue to Aaravos’s prison was in the possession of the Archdragon of the Ocean, but they needed a guide to that dragon. And while Callum and Rayla had travelled with Nyx the Skywing, they had learned that she knew a lot about the ocean. So they had travelled back into the Midnight Desert to try and find her, but they had had no luck.
So Team Zym had gone to the Oasis and now they settled down to sleep.
Ezran, Bait and Zym slept next to each other.
Rayla and Callum on the other hand, lay apart from each other.
Rayla sighed as she wished she could sleep next to Callum. During their journey to return the Dragon Prince to his mother, they had fallen in love and shared several kisses, but later, Rayla’s lingering anger and grief over the loss of her parents and her mentor at the hands of the ruthless dark mage Lord Viren had led her to leave Callum to seek revenge. She had lied to him that they would look for Viren together, and then left him on his BIRTHDAY of all days.
Callum had already forgiven Rayla, but things were still awkward between them. They both wanted things to go back to the way they were, but they both knew they needed to rebuild the trust between them again.
But it wasn’t just the awkwardness, something else was happening.
Rayla and Callum were both eighteen now; officially adults. They still felt deeply for each other, and something new unfamiliar feeling had awakened within them. A nice warm feeling.
Looking Callum, sleeping so peacefully now, Rayla wanted more than anything to be lie down beside him, but she restrained herself.
Rayla knew that the awkwardness between her and Callum was her fault. She may have had good reasons for leaving, but that did not change the fact that she had deceived and abandoned him. Regret pierced Rayla’s heart as she thought of how her own desire for revenge had almost cost her the one last person who truly loved her. I was so obsessed with revenge that I almost lost him for good, she thought.
Rayla needed to think, and she couldn’t think clearly staring at her handsome prince mage. So she stood up and walked to another place near the edge of the oasis. She sat down upon a log and looked out into the desert, letting her confused thoughts flow through her head. She wanted more than anything than to get back with Callum, but how could she regain his trust?
Furthermore, she couldn’t think of a way to deal with these strange new warm feelings of hers. This… lust. She wanted Callum in a way she had wanted no one before.
Rayla was a beautiful Moonshadow Elf; a type of elf that drew power from the magical energy of the moon. As an elf, she had four fingers on each of her petite hands, dark violet stubby horns and pointed ears that peeked out from underneath her hair. She was slim and willowy with shoulder-length white hair, light pink skin, and purple eyes that had indigo tear-like elven markings underneath them. She wore a braid on the right side of her head. She also wore a form fitting teal and navy bodysuit secured by a black vest, dark brown straps, and a dark brown belt embellished with a silver brooch. The outfit was topped off with thigh-high navy blue boots and bracers. Now that she was eighteen and officially an adult, Rayla’s body had become a bit curvier, and her breasts had grown a little larger and perkier. And with the maturing of her body came new feelings.
A sudden touch on Rayla’s hand startled her. She looked up, expecting to see Callum. But it wasn’t. It was Stella, the female cuddlemonkey she had found and adopted while hunting Viren. “Oh, hey Stella,” Rayla cooed, giving the little primate a gentle touch on the nose. Stella chirped gently, looking at Rayla with huge eyes.
Rayla sighed. “Ah, I don’t know what to do Stella. I want Callum to trust me again, and I… I want him, but I don’t know how to get back with him.”
Stella gently nuzzled Rayla’s four-fingered hand. “Thanks, Stella, but there are problems you can’t nuzzle away,” Rayla said gently, appreciating the gesture, but knowing it could not make her problems go away.
Rayla’s thoughts drifted back to Callum; his handsome face, his powerful magic, and she felt the strange hot feeling in her body again. It seemed to burn like a fire in her skin. What could she do with these feelings?
For a long time, Rayla just sat there, thinking her strange thoughts and feeling her strange feelings.
Then, quite suddenly, Rayla became aware that Stella was not beside anymore. “Stella?” She asked, looking around. When Rayla look over her shoulder, she gasped, her purple eyes widening in shock and horror.
Standing several feet behind her was a huge, green creature, dressed in armor and with a green face like a pig. It was holding Stella tight in its hands and keeping one hand tight over the cuddlemonkey’s mouth to keep her from screaming.
“Hey, let her go!” Rayla cried, leaping to her feet and reaching for her butterfly blades. But before she could even touch them, two long, strong, green arms swung down and wrapped a large, white kerchief around Rayla’s mouth, sealing it shut.
“HYRAGMMMHHGAMMMMPH!” Rayla sputtered incoherently through her gag. Instinctively, she grabbed it and tried to pull it off, but the creature that was pulling the gag against her lips was too strong. It tied the gag behind the nape of her neck in a VERY hard knot, sealing her mouth tight shut and muffling her voice. “LHH MHH GHH!” Rayla whined through her gag. “LHH MHH GHH! MMMMMMPH!”
The creature behind Rayla seized her arms and forced them behind her back. Then, there was a jingling sound something made of metal and had chains was whipped out. Next moment, there was clicking sound as a pair of iron shackles was slapped onto Rayla’s slender wrists. “OWRMPH!” Rayla gasped through her gag as she felt the cold metal snap onto her wrists. That HURT! She thought.
Rayla was quite helpless now; with her mouth tightly gagged, her wrists cuffed behind the small of her back, and her shoulders held tightly by the creature behind her, she couldn’t move. “GHH OFHH MHH! LHH GHH! MMMMMMMPH!” Rayla whined through her gag, wriggling and thrashing will all her might, but the creature was too strong.
Rayla was able to take one last look at Stella before the creature forced her to turn around, revealing itself to be yet another big, green, armored, two-legged creature with a boar-like face. Before Rayla could do anything, the creature raised its right hand, curled it into a fist, and PUNCHED Rayla square in the forehead!
“OWRMPH!” Rayla grunted through her tight gag as the creature punched her so hard that her white-haired head buckled under the blow. Rayla straightened up. She felt stiff and then dizzy. Her purple eyes rolled in her head and her vision went foggy. Then, very slowly, the beautiful Moonshadow Elf fell to the ground, blacking out before she even hit it.
The two Gamorreans looked down at their new captive with satisfaction. They had been sent by their master to hunt for new slaves, and they had found one.
They looked at each other and smiled in their own hideous way. “Jabba will be pleased,” they said in unison.
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2023.05.29 04:19 dansac1 76k in old checks cashed out by BOA

I have been in a two-way lawsuit with my landlord / building ownership group.
Essentially, they tried to intimidate me and other tenants into leaving upon acquiring the building, because the latter is rent controlled, and they wanted to jack up prices arbitrarily. They stopped cashing our checks since 2017, threatened us with legal action, and then sued us, not recognizing the validity of our leases signed with the former ownership, and claiming that the tenants were a 'criminal organization'. We sued them back in a class action. The procedure has been going on for six and a half years to no end.
About two weeks ago we received a letter from their legal representative stating that their investment group intended to cash in all the checks and due rent going back to January 2017, even though they still claim not to recognize our tenancy and the lawsuits are still underway. Our lawyer advised us that we consult with our respective banks concerning their policies regarding old checks. This last May 9th I asked BOA over the phone how far back would they honor checks. They told me that they would not honor checks over six months old, and that any checks older than that would bounce if anyone tried to cash them.
Last Wedsnesday afternoon, I received an e-mail from BOA saying they detected suspicious check activity, asking me if I recognized a check I wrote for rent from February 2017. I clicked on "review later" since I wanted to go to the bank personally and explain the situation; the e-mail also stated I had until 5pm ET the next day to respond.
On Thursday, I go to the bank in the morning, only to find out there that they had honored all of the checks back to 2017. About 65 of them. Despite the Bank telling me over the phone they would not honor the checks older than sixth months, they simply flushed 76k out of my bank account worth of old checks without consultation, even though I went to the bank within the window that they established.
The people at the bank told me, essentially, that I would have to sue them, since they contractually reserve the right to honor checks. They told me the representative who told me over the phone that they would not honor the checks made a mistake, but that since the checks were recognized as mine they could not file a claim on the basis of fraud.
I told my lawyer the situation, and he recommended that I write a complaint against BOA with and I did so, providing the same information, and some screenshots of the e-mails and interactions.
Any other advice or impressions are welcome.
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2023.05.29 04:17 da_integra_ncc1701 (OK) workman’s comp claim and management’s issue with work restrictions

I was recently injured on job, and filed workman’s comp. I’m on a doctor ordered work restriction that heavily limits what I’m able to do at my job. It’s been a week and the injury hasn’t improved, in fact it’s worse and makes simple tasks extremely painful if not impossible. I’m two days away from the follow up appointment and I’m concerned about how long I will be out once they further investigate my injury. In the mean time I was ordered to return to work, within my limits and following the doctors order of work restriction. Our district manager has expressed frustration about me not working as normal since I was able to return. They apparently have a history of not wanting to deal with work injury claims and sought ways to terminate employees that caused them similar issues in the past, as a way to rid themselves of the whole thing. It’s very likely I will face the same treatment if my work restriction is extended, or if I’m to miss any lengthy period of time due to said injury. I feel like I’m just SOL. Is there anything I’d be able to do if they terminate me??
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2023.05.29 04:17 AdThick5403 Advice for Me, 27 (M), for ADHD meds but am scared as hell to begin. :/

Hi guys,
I'm looking for advice and anything would really be appreciated. 🙏🏽
I have ADHD but am still able to do low level tasks such as laundry, chores, groceries the very basic things in my life.
However, I've lost all interest in things around me, and have noticed a decline in things I used to find very very enjoyable. I am unable to perform at a top lvl in video games, real life sports, studying and anything I used to find super enojoyable.
Problem: So, I'm looking to begin ADHD meds but am very scared to begin as I've seen the detrimental effects on my close friends first hand. 2 of them, my closest friends have been on it for over 10 years. They were fine until I believe the built up a tolerance and have said they literally need it (the highest dose 60mg) to simply function in life. They can't even get out of bed, don't have motivation to clean their rooms, eat food or even hold a conversation. That's my friend 1. Now, my friend 2 has slipped into depression, has gone through psychosis and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.
Long story short:
2 very normal friends I've had over the course of the past 15 years.. have become total strangers to themselves for the last 5 years and I have been giving them the benefit of doubt long enough. But we had the talk recently and that's when they opened up to me, hence me making this post.
So, that's the reason I'm very scared to begin as I know it worked for them for the first 10 years, but have plateaued and they can't seem to continue a NORMAL life even anymore.. I dont know what to do. :/
Can you guys please share your experiences as to how you've adapted to Vyvanse long-term? Have you developed a tolerance? What happens if you don't take a dose for a day, can you still function? How long have you been on it?
This will help me make a life decision so please be helpful and kind if possible. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 04:16 Bebz_ Laparoscopic Surgery Gone Wrong

Back in December, I had my very first surgery. My gynecologist thought I had endometriosis. I had all the warning signs for it. I tried a few hormonal birth controls first, but they just caused breakthrough bleeding so we ended up deciding to go with laparoscopic surgery. When I woke up from surgery, I learned that one of my stomach muscles had been cut and an artery had been nicked. I lost a lot of blood and it was a very long healing process, all of it has been very hard but now I’m in a place to where I’m coming to terms with it and I don’t know how to figure out what to expect in the situation. I’ve healed a lot, but I still have pain and I still have uncomfortable pulls and feelings on that side of my stomach. I now have scars that hurt on my belly button and halfway across my lower stomach. They hurt internally, but externally they’re numb. Any information would really be helpful. I’m not really sure where to go from here. I’m doing my best to take care of my scars in hopes that they won’t hurt as bad anymore. I plan to make an appointment soon to be checked out again, but for now I just wanted to see if anyone could weigh in on this. Thanks.
Also, I did not have endometriosis.
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2023.05.29 04:16 hgilbert_01 Does anyone fear being challenged on how they typed their self?

Please bear with my ranting here, my 6 Fix is going to stick out like a sore thumb…
Thank you.
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2023.05.29 04:15 AdThick5403 27 YR OLD M, PROS/CONS of Vyvanse?? Looking for advice, very scared however to get hooked on long-term meds :/

Hi guys,
I'm looking for advice and anything would really be appreciated. 🙏🏽
I have ADHD but am still able to do low level tasks such as laundry, chores, groceries the very basic things in my life.
However, I've lost all interest in things around me, and have noticed a decline in things I used to find very very enjoyable. I am unable to perform at a top lvl in video games, real life sports, studying and anything I used to find super enojoyable.
Problem: So, I'm looking to begin ADHD meds but am very scared to begin as I've seen the detrimental effects on my close friends first hand. 2 of them, my closest friends have been on it for over 10 years. They were fine until I believe the built up a tolerance and have said they literally need it (the highest dose 60mg) to simply function in life. They can't even get out of bed, don't have motivation to clean their rooms, eat food or even hold a conversation. That's my friend 1. Now, my friend 2 has slipped into depression, has gone through psychosis and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.
Long story short:
2 very normal friends I've had over the course of the past 15 years.. have become total strangers to themselves for the last 5 years and I have been giving them the benefit of doubt long enough. But we had the talk recently and that's when they opened up to me, hence me making this post.
So, that's the reason I'm very scared to begin as I know it worked for them for the first 10 years, but have plateaued and they can't seem to continue a NORMAL life even anymore.. I dont know what to do. :/
Can you guys please share your experiences as to how you've adapted to Vyvanse long-term? Have you developed a tolerance? What happens if you don't take a dose for a day, can you still function? How long have you been on it?
This will help me make a life decision so please be helpful and kind if possible. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 04:14 mymemeshoe Questioning my Identity

Hey everyone, I'm not really sure where to ask this so hopefully this is the right place. To me Im going to be very vulnerable and try to provide context. TLDR at the end.
I am a cis white male that grew up in a very conservative christian household. A lot of the religious trauma I been working through. Came out as gay when i was 16 and my parents found out i was also pagan about a year ago. Ive come a long way since my upbringing but its left its mark. Now I am wondering about my identity but am struggling with my thoughts.
My thoughts are, I been very male passing all my life. I struggle with coming across as feminine at all and the gay community doesn't help with this. I feel I have absolutely no ability to claim she/her pronouns because: 1. Biological I am male. 2. I only have a guys perspective on life.
  1. I will never be able to experience what its like to be a girl. The oppression, patriarchy, worrying about my safety at night walking alone, cat calling, and so many more situations.
Im bringing these up because I feel if I take on this identity, being a guy, Im watering down women struggles. I just flat out had the privileged to never have these adversities because I am a dude. Thats the only perspective I have. In no way am i trying to be bigoted at all, Im being very vulnerable and I dont know how to express myself. I apologize if I say or doing something offensive, that is not my intent, Im trying to get help. I feel I have no room to remotely identify as a women because I am biological not one. Like i just got my nails painted for the first time last week and that was a big step leaning into this because Im scared. I know how deep my harmful upbringing has influenced my perspective. I cant empathize on critical issues which is how I approach things a lot. The thought of taking on she/her in addition to he/him sounds so freeing, but i feel like i cant for reasons above. I just dont know what to do about my identity, ignoring my feelings identifying with more feminine characteristics isnt helping. But to embrace them feels personal disrespectful because I wont ever be able to have the perspective of a girl. I fully support trans and nonbinary people and not meaning to sound like a TERF which I feel I might come across and Im not.
I am badly educated in this area as you can probably tell. I think I dont have room to speak on this subject and only can look at my experience and they are all of a cis male. I wont be able to have the view of a cis female to know am I non binary, trans, or something else on the spectrum. I just want to be respectful of everyone's lives. Being cis male, I am part of the problem, but i dont think I am cis male. I dont know what to think or feel. Imposter syndrome plays a huge role into this and other areas of my life. I hope everyone sees my intent of meaning to be inclusive of everyone's lives. I apologize ahead of time to those I may have offended or angered. I would love to hear your experience in discovering your identity and your journey :)
TLDR: I am a cis male and questioning my identity of being a cis male. Dont feel like I can be anything other than because thats all I can ever know. Cant ignore the experiences and thoughts I might be more than that but potential imposter syndrome sucks. For people that are not cis, what was your discovery of not identifying as cis?
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2023.05.29 04:14 UsernameGoBrr24 ILPT Request: Any hits on Amazon recently?

Its been a long debate over amazon. With some claiming it to be dead while others say its still just as good to refund off. Has anyone refunded off amazon within the last 2 weeks or so. How much was the item worth, how old was ur account and what did you say to them?
Edit: if you dont have the required Karma, please feel free to PM on reddit or telegram o_Mythic
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2023.05.29 04:13 ItsMeBre_88 I don’t know what to do

I broke up with my ex almost a month ago. We were together for 6 and a half years. We went through a lot of back and forth afterwards. At first he said he didn’t love me and that he needed space. After that we went on a break, then I suggested we get our own places and try dating, he agreed. Then he started getting really friendly with one of his female coworkers. I told him this made me feel uncomfortable and he assured me nothing was going on. I asked him to be honest with me if he had feelings for her. He said he didn’t. After a week of us “dating” and him making no effort to acknowledge me and flaunting his coworker in my face, I told him we were officially done. I told him I didn’t want to talk to him or be with him. He kept texting me about how he did actually love me and the reason he said he didn’t was because he felt like he wasn’t good enough for me. He said he wanted me to be free and be successful without him. So he told me he didn’t love me to basically force me away. He said he made a mistake and still wanted to be with me. So I gave him a second chance. I told him we could hang out as friends again. I still love him so I wanted there to be a chance for us. So this past week we hung out a few times. Went out to eat, he hung out at my house and we had pancakes for breakfast. I asked about his coworker who he assured he still didn’t have feelings for. I felt ok, and I was glad to have company. But then tonight he texted me and said we needed to talk. He said he was going to hurt my feelings although he didn’t want to. I said ok. He told me I was right about his coworker (that he did have feelings for her) but they started after we split. I called him and yelled at him, yelled at him for wasting my time. For begging for a second chance only to have feelings for another woman. For lying to my face every time I asked if he had feelings for her. He asked I wanted him to just stay quiet about it or be honest. I told him he should’ve been honest with me from the beginning. Should’ve been honest a month ago when I started asking. Now I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. I did everything both physically and emotionally in that relationship and he just stabbed me in the back. I told him I hated him and didn’t want to talk to him anymore (both half true). But now I’ve never felt lonelier. I don’t have any friends to talk to and my family hates him already so they’ll just be dismissive of this convo. I’m so alone. He was my first love and I’ve never been alone before. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.05.29 04:13 JobuTupakin How I Never Met You [belated hbd frnk]

It's been another witching hour last night, and I just finished a can of beer, hoping to finally get some decent sleep. But here goes another ramble of thoughts.
Maybe, let me tell you kids a story. Yes, I'll be using a reference from "How I Met Your Mother" throughout this post. It seems to have played a significant part in my non-existent love life.
For some context, back in the days of downloaded series and borrowing portable hard drives, there was this guy who gave me a copy of all 208 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. We were at the university library, pretending to be two students sharing notes for a class activity. No, we didn't date. Our pseudo-relationship lasted for four years. Yes, you read that right. We didn't date. It was three years later when I saw a Facebook post where a girl claimed to be Lily and you’re the Marshall. Yes, he was the guy in the photo. Unfortunately, I wasn't the girl who was supposed to be Lily.
And so, I deleted it all, freeing up around 13GB of my laptop's memory. But my memory isn't the same. You'll find out why sooner or later.
Kids, this story isn't about that guy. I don't want to bore you with all the details of why I haven't been able to commit myself to any kind of relationship for the past six years. Frankly, I don't even know what a relationship should or shouldn't be. Here, I am the Robin.
I've hopped from one app to another, hoping to find someone and instantly meet the one person who's willing to eat the pieces of carrots I so meticulously set aside on my plate. You see, I don't want to use olives as a reference. But for several years, I haven't had any luck. There were attempts, but I've been lemon law-ing myself out of every possibility of being in a relationship.
Not until three days after the worst birthday I had last year. I found myself on that dating app again, mindlessly swiping right and left on profiles. And then, I found a match. I checked his profile, nothing really unusual except for his bio.
Now, I know that when I mention the following statements, you'll know this is you, provided that you still remember. And I apologize, although my apologies would probably just dissipate into thin air at this point.
His bio said something like: " student...pangarap kong magnotaryo sa ilalim ng footbridge ng [redacted place]."
And my message to him in reference to that was: "Ede kung nasa ilalalim ka ng foot bridge magnonotaryo, pano na yung kasabihan na no one is above the law?"
And that's where it all started. You know the basics. They say there are different levels of anonymity for every messaging app you transition into. We started with Telegram, then Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, iMessage. Damn, we even tried to do a virtual karaoke in Rave and played every game available on Messenger.
It was a lot like the scene where Ted fell in love with Robin almost instantly. But yes, I was the Robin. I wasn't ready to receive the "I love you." Except there was no "I love you,"—maybe a confession of feelings or intent. And I just laughed it off. I didn't know what to say. He must have hated me at that time because he mentioned being quite nervous while waiting for me to get home so he could call me. I said I needed time to process it. And as usual, I express myself better through writing, so I wrote to him. It was quite a long chat, if I may say.
I entertained the thought of finally investing my safe-kept feelings for years. So, after six years, I reached out to the guy who first introduced me to HIMYM. That's why it took me seven years to have the guts to watch the series just now. I told him things I hadn't been able to tell him before. I wanted to hold him accountable. I demanded closure, so I could finally open up once again.
I would be lying if I said my trust issues and anxiety weren't triggered by simply saying yes to it. I knew I couldn't afford another "left in the rain, crying on the stairs alone" moment again.
Despite that, I was happy. Maybe it's safe to say that we were happy. For a while.
But life caught up with us. The universe seemed to be against us finally meeting each other in person. Too many reschedulings and cancelled meet-ups happened over those four months. It felt like the year 2006 in Ted's and Robin's timeline.
And just like in 2006, when Ted realized during Claudia and Stuart's wedding, " has to just be easy. Easy. Simple."
Almost the same lines I read in your letter, days before Christmas last year. And I agree, it wasn't simple. We both grew tired of it. I guess, as a Robin (and not just because I hate malls), I saw that even though you have chemistry, you also need one other thing: Timing. And in our story, Timing is a real bitch.
As much as I wanted to be a Robin and ask whether there's any part of you that wants to try again, I'd rather not. Although I also have a yellow bus displayed in my apartment, I know at this point that I will not be your Tracy.
Belated happy birthday, bhi3. All the best in the upcoming bar!
-bbghorl, not anymore
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2023.05.29 04:11 ThrowRACooperG I don't know if my former coworker (31f)has pulled away from me (31m) because she's unemployed or something else

The only good thing about her losing her job was we got very close again over the last few weeks. We even made plans together for her last day but she came down with a migraine, as she usually does, and now I've barely heard from her in two weeks
She knows how I feel about her since I already asked her out last year, as did she once, and we seemed to be closer than usual. Her distance has been weird though I get it with looking for a job and dealing with her health problems, as well as her cats'. But I just want to know if I should keep waiting cause it sucks not to know
I mean, would you try to date someone if you recently lost your job? Someone you know well not a new random person
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2023.05.29 04:11 McElyster Ruling question

Today with my friend we met new people and played with them, during the duel i had mirrorjade on the field and on his turn he activated longyuan in hand to special summon himself and the token, after he resolved the effect i said "on resolution i will activate mirror jade" and then said no you cant because it is his turn so he has prioriti over me. I did not want to argue so i let it go (i lost the game because barrone). I always did this with my friend because that how we were taught (always have a chance to activate a quick effet on resolution) so who's wrong here?
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2023.05.29 04:10 Tom-L-allen Need help

So about 3 weeks ago I broke up with my gf over the stupidest reason and it was all my fault.
I broke up with her because I didn’t want to tell her how I was feeling or why I was feeling bad because that would push off as me being a pussy. Ik most people would say that’s wrong to think like that but that’s my belief and that’s why I haven’t told anyone any of my problems before, because it just never feels appropriate or needed.
Because of this I think I’ve lost a few emotions all I feel is rage happiness and depression and I hate it. Tonight was the first night in 2 years I cried. The last time was when my gran died. I just feel an emptiness that I’ve never felt before. I mean this girl really mattered to me. She’s the only girl I think I ever loved and I kicked her to the curb because I was too macho to tell her how I felt. And now I’m ranting on Reddit Pathetic
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2023.05.29 04:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading (Complete)

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2023.05.29 04:10 Mercury947 In my personal opinion Eddie is overhyped and Chrissy is underrated

In my personal opinion Eddie is overhyped and Chrissy is underrated
Only ganna discuss hot takes:
This is the only not hot take ima talk about because I love Max. She is in her own tier. Her performance is amazing, her story is amazing, dear Billy has the best scene of the entire show. Her being so closed off and slowly opening up to Lucas, the letters, having the face death, actually being mentally impacted, how she overcomes these feelings that she has (they’re so complex and dark and devastating), the TRAGEDY of all of it, the horror that comes with her realization in fear Billy, the words she says before her death I can’t get enough.
Eddie is kind of corny, steals screen time from Will and Mike who suffer, and he dies in an unnecessary way, which is really unsatisfied, and the impact is lost due to Max drowning it 2 min later Hes still a good character but they could have just killed off Steve instead.
Chrissy is literally perfect. She has so much going on and is super interesting. She has an ed, relationship with Jason, her mom, insane chemistry with Eddie, is buying drugs, all introduced in 30 min. Then she dies without any of it being resolved. The definition of tragedy.
Jason is good. He’s crazy but he thinks he’s doing the right thing. It’s actually really compelling and opens up this cool commentary on acting without knowing th full story.
Fight me
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2023.05.29 04:10 throwaway84543 How do I confront my best friend about her anxiety/ADHD-related habits without hurting her feelings too badly?

I (32F) have known my best friend (33F) for 10+ years. We're so close that we really see each other as sisters. I truly care about her a lot. I know that she suffers from ADHD and some type of anxiety disorder. She's never told me exactly what she's diagnosed with, but she often brings it up in conversation that she has medications/therapies/etc. I realize that many of the things she does are symptoms of her condition, so I try to be understanding. The truth is, she's become intolerable. Not just to me, but also to her friends and BF as well.

Firstly, she's generally unaware of others' emotions. Not like she can't recognize them, but like she's not noticing them 90% of the time. Example: She frequently suggests watching scary movies during hang outs when our other friend tags along. She and I both like them, but "other friend" doesn't. It's awkward when I have to tell her (sometimes more than once) that I'd rather watch something everyone can enjoy. She'll then either get quiet because she realized her suggestion was obviously a bad choice, or she'll dismiss it and say "he can deal with it." This always makes me uncomfortable. It's like she's forgetting that he exists sometimes. Example 2: She basically pressured her BF into paying for an expensive apartment to live out her dreams. She doesn't have a job, but occasionally pet-sits for her friends. Her BF works a well-paid position and pays for most of their living expenses, including rent. His work is remote and he's a pretty minimalist guy. Her BF mentioned several times at group-hangouts that he would be happy with a simpler apartment in a lower-rent area. But this was always met by her loudly exclaiming her fantasy of living a lavish life in a big city. He's a pushover, so after her going on for a few minutes, he'd reluctantly agree to how amazing it sounds. It was always pretty obvious how uncomfortable it made him, but she never seemed to notice. Eventually they settled into an expensive city apartment, which she isn't contributing to financially.

Next, her self-deprecatory attitude and constant need for attention is constant. She berates herself over anything and everything. Even things she clearly excels at. I've never seen anyone attack themselves so relentlessly or consistently. After years of enduring it, it's gone beyond exhausting and now it's just frustrating listening and responding to it. Every time she makes a mistake, she'll say something wild like she's an "abomination that should've never existed" and then expects me to say something to help her feel better. I have my own anxiety/depression to deal with, so I understand how valuable validation is. But it's very draining for me.

One of the biggest issues I have with her is that she thinks her need for validation is cute. She'll do this thing where she acts cute, puts on a baby-voice, and then asks someone if she "did a good job" in response to really normal things. Like if she did the laundry, or put her dirty dishes in the washer. I can't exactly explain, but it's as if she's expecting people to pat her on the head and say "good girl." She'll seek someone out, tell them about her good deed, then ask for a reward. It's as if she's infantilizing herself. It's very uncomfortable to witness.

Other than that, she's just generally noisy and over-stimulating. I'm an introvert and can find her level of noise/energy very overwhelming. She laughs too loud (hurts my eardrums), has a tic where she makes random sucking noises (literally sounds like she's choking on a d*ck), "parrots" my comments when we watch movies, eats like a wild animal (open-mouth chewing, gulping liquids), constantly fidgets with her jewelry/clothes (makes me nervous), sniffles/clears her throat compulsively, etc.

I know I should confront her, but she's sensitive to the EXTREME. She will take any advice as a criticism which often results in an emotional meltdown. I think the reason we've been friends for so long is because I'm non-confrontational. I never call her out or judge her (at least outwardly). The real reason I don't say anything is because I don't want her to think I hate her. I've seen her lose many friends over the years who were genuinely trying to help. Example: She once lost an entire friend-group because they tried to warn her that her new BF was a notorious-cheater and offered hard-evidence that he was actively flirting with other girls. She claimed these friends were "attacking (her) for no reason", cut ties with them, and the BF cheated on her not long after.

It's not just me feeling this way. Other mutual friends have complained or joked about her behavior. She's become the butt of a few jokes within the group. Example: She once ate an entire serving bowl of spaghetti that my BF made from scratch for my birthday. He worked for a couple hours to make enough pasta for all 6 people at the party. She put all the noodles on her plate while everyone else was finishing up a match in a videogame. When I said, "all the pasta is gone" (in a non-confrontational way, it was just an observational remark I made when I approached the bowl), she responded from the other room (with a mouth full of pasta) by saying "I think you're lying." No one said anything in the moment, and she forgot about the whole thing. But everyone else thought it was so hilarious that they'll throw "I think you're lying" in the same inflection as when she said it into whatever situation fits. They'll say it right in front of her and she has no idea they're basically making fun of her. I promise these aren't mean people, but I think a lot of them are just frustrated and (like me) feel they can't confront her without sending her spiraling. Unfortunately, none of them are as close to her as I am. They're friends, but not the kind that are close enough to talk to her about these sensitive issues.

I realize that I probably sound like an asshole after all this. But I really do care about her. I love her. She's my best friend and I don't want this to be the dynamic of our friendship. I want us to both be happy and genuine, but I also need to protect my own mental health. I just don't know how to approach such a complicated hurdle...

My lifelong BFF has anxiety/ADHD. She is incredibly overwhelming to be around. She has meltdowns and cuts ties with anyone who voices concerns about her behaviors. Her behaviors got worse because she's enabled. Now she has very few friends and most of them make fun of her. It's difficult for me or anyone to be around her. How do I confront her about her behavior in a productive way without ruining our friendship?
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2023.05.29 04:08 Zen-Paladin How does one stop feeling hopeless due to being dealt a bad hand?

22M here, will be 23 in a few weeks. I grew up with autism, recently got an ADHD diagnosis that explains many things looking back. Throughout my formative years I struggled socially/academically and these things persisted into adulthood. I am nearly 23 and starting college over from scratch, and have never had a girlfriend and still am not in a great place financially/mentally for it anyway. Still living with my mom, but want to apply to be a police officer in 1.5-2 years with an associates degree in business (will get a bachelor's in the long run) and some job stability.
I wasn't really bullied, but the constant loneliness and embarassment for my cringiest moments still eats at me and can ruin my mood for the day. Plus the ADHD has made adulting hard: lost a couple jobs, mismanaging money, and I am even years behind on hobbies I genuinely like. With family, my family has always been pretty dysfunctional. Suicidal sister with violent outbursts and has been hospitalized several times. Police were also here various times, once 4 times within 2 months. My dad was abusive at times, loving at others with apologies/love bombing thrown in. He died from COVID 2 years ago, and not being on the best terms at the time it still gets to me, among other family BS. My mom is very stressed/burnout from it all and actually denied getting me ADHD treatment when I was initially diagnosed as a kid and is still against it(she can't do anything of course)
All this sucks. That said I know my only alternative is to improve and try to make the most out of it. I doubt myself at times but know I am not incapable of achieving these things. My autism is mild and doesn't impact me outside of being socially inexperienced(I talk to people ok) and I take meds for my ADHD which is definitely helping. I started therapy recently as well and am starting to go for a full glow up(fitness, grooming, etc). For a GF, I mainly want someone who has a good personality, us at least ok with my nerdy interests and is conventionally attractive(by no means needs to be a supermodel in looks)
I have overcome a lot of the comparison to others/keeping up with Joneses mindset I used to have but still lament being behind on my goals I genuinely want to achieve. I hope that within three years I would have my own place, a girlfriend or at least have started dating, and a bit of a social life(not a partier though). I like martial arts(started Kajukenbo and BJJ again) and might do a few tournaments if I stick with it. I also signed up for some Meetup groups(nerd stuff) and a friend of mine wants to do some hiking. I will be applying for another EMT job(weren't hiring for flexible schedules before) and with my ADHD under control doing better may help my confidence.
All that said I still have intrusive thoughts about my failures and question if things can get better. How can I change that?
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2023.05.29 04:08 Smart-Pay-6420 Just when I thought I’d seen it all

In walks Mark. How can he be 30 y.o. and claim to be a successful entrepreneur, making $600,000/yr, and be soooooo stupid?? Smuggle in jizz thinking if a woman is pregnant they can get out earlier and live in a communal living with a bunch of other felons and their kids?!?!?! They don’t let you out sooner dumbass, THEY TAKE YOUR BABY!!!! Yet I continue to watch……
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2023.05.29 04:07 pavlokandyba NIBIRU IN THE NEW TESTAMENT

Zecharia Sitchin did an amazing job, but it is surprising that he left the New Testament texts without much attention. The information contained in them, after some amendments, significantly complements the hypothesis of the planet Nibiru and makes it more reasonable. The New Zavaet contains some astronomical details and sheds a lot of light on past and future events. The considerations that will be discussed contradict some of Sitchin's statements, but this does not pose much of a problem. I managed to find the contacts of Zecharia Sitchin's brother, who helped him with astronomical calculations and will share his ideas. He briefly thanked me for the information and said that such changes could well be made. This is not surprising because even modern astronomers, using advanced computer models, are faced with a lack of data for accurate long-term forecasts. The very first New Testament evidence of Nibiru, from which the New Testament actually begins, is the Star of Bethlehem. To date, there are several hypotheses about the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem. It is assumed that it was an unknown comet or a supernova explosion, but these versions do not have sufficient confirmation. Nevertheless, Vallaam's "star prophecy" from the Old Testament book of numbers foreshadows the event: "I see Him, but not yet; I see Him, but not close. A star rises from Jacob." What is known about the Star of Bethlehem from the New Testament? When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod, magicians from the east came to Jerusalem and said: Where is the King of the Jews who has been born? for we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him—Matt. 2:1-2 They, having listened to the king, went. And behold, the star that they saw in the east went before them, until at last it came and stood over the place where the Child was. — Mf. 2:9-11 It is also known that having fulfilled its purpose, the star disappeared from the sky when the Magi came to Jerusalem so that Herod could not see it, and then returned again. Some apocryphal texts contain astronomical details not found in the canonical gospel. Usually, the Star of Bethlehem is spoken of briefly, but the First Gospel of James describes it this way: “His star rose bright, and it so surpassed all other stars in heaven in its brightness that they were no longer visible.” In addition, the star also had other unusual features, because of which St. John Chrysostom and Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria considered it to be a divine power: When you hear about a star, do not think that it was one of the ones we see: no, it was a divine and angelic power that appeared in the form of a star. Since the Magi were engaged in the science of the stars, the Lord led them with this, for them a familiar sign, just like Peter the fisherman, amazing with many fish, attracted to Christ. And that the star was the power of an angel is evident from the fact that it shone brightly during the day, walked when the Magi walked, shone when they did not walk: especially from the fact that it walked from the north, where Persia, to the south, where Jerusalem: but the stars never travel from north to south. - Theophylact of Bulgaria To summarize: the star appeared in the east, was unusually bright so that it was visible during daylight hours and moved from north to south. For a while she disappeared from the sky but then reappeared. Now let's put aside this information for a while and consider another astronomical phenomenon from the New Testament - a solar eclipse during the crucifixion of Christ, which occurred according to the scripture in 33 AD. Most of the texts only briefly say that darkness has come. The Gospel of Nicodemus reports the following details: “It was the sixth hour and darkness descended on the earth, even until the ninth hour. The sun darkened, and now the veil in the temple was torn into two parts from top to bottom. In the Gospel of Peter it is written as follows: "It was noon, and darkness found over all Judea, Many went out with lamps, thinking that night had come... And at that moment the veil of the temple of Jerusalem was torn in two. And they took the nails out of the hands of the Lord and laid Him on the ground, and the earth shook, and there was great fear. And the sun shone again, and it turned out that it was already the ninth hour." And Pilate, interrogating the Jews, said to them: “Did you see what happened?” And they answered the ruler: "The sun is eclipsed as it usually happens." Thanks to the astronomical calculations carried out by scientists, it is reliably known that at that time a solar eclipse by the Moon could not have occurred. But at the same time, the New Testament claims that it happened and at the same time was unusually long. Now we already have two evidence of unusual astronomical events, which have not yet been confirmed explanation. How do these events relate to Zecharia Sitchin's speculation about Nibiru's orbit? According to Sitchin, Nibiru has a retrograde (counterclockwise) elongated orbit at an angle to the plane of the eclipticti. At the same time, Nibiru appears in the northern hemisphere, and, crossing the plane of the orbits of the solar system, moves away in the southern. Considering that, according to the New Offset, the Star of Bethlehem was visible in the light time of day, then we can conclude that Nibiru appeared in the solar system from the direction of the sun relative to the Earth and, having a retrograde orbit, moved towards the Earth. Then given the Earth's rotation, it should have become visible from about the wee hours of rising in the east! With sufficient brightness, it could be seen after dawn, then became invisible due to sunlight and went beyond the western horizon. After that, at dawn, it again rose in the east. And moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern one, each time it gradually shifted from north to south. Now about the eclipse - could it happen due to the fact that Nibiru passed between the Sun and the Earth? According to the hypothesis of Zecharia Sitchin, Nibiru crosses the solar system in the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars. This makes it impossible for the eclipse of the Sun by the planet Nibiru. Based on the previously proposed model, Nibiru, having appeared from the direction of the Sun, should, after its appearance, go around the earth and become visible at night throughout its stay in the solar system, which, according to Sitchin, lasts about 30 years. But there is another possible option. In order for it to be possible, it is necessary to slightly correct the hypothesis of the collision of Nibiru with Tiamat and the formation of the Earth. The initial conditions remain the same. In place of the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars was the large water planet Tiamat, in the current orbit of the Earth was the Moon. Nibiru burst into the solar system along an elongated retrograde orbit at an angle to the plane of the ecliptic and passed next to Tiamat, driving its satellites into it - 4 vortices from the Sumara poem about the creation of the world. Because of this, one part of Tiamat broke off and became an asteroid belt, and the other received a huge depression in the place of the Pacific Ocean and was thrown into the orbit of the Moon, where it is now becoming the Earth.
The correction that should be made to this theory concerns the orbit of Nibiru. The Earth's orbit is quite natural - having received a counter blow, it lost speed and began to fall into a lower orbit around the Sun. On the way, she was picked up by the Moon and she remained in the same orbit with her. As for Nibiru, as a result of the collision, she also received an impulse and her orbit also had to change and no longer pass through the asteroid belt. Instead, it may have, like the Earth, lost speed and switched to a lower orbit, approaching in its perihelion closer to the Sun than the Earth picked up by the Moon. Thus, there is a possibility that Nibiru can pass between the Earth and the Sun and cause an eclipse. Prophet Amos: "And it shall come to pass in that day, says the Lord God, that I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in the midst of the bright day." Prophet Zechariah: "And it will be in that day: there will be no light, the luminaries will be removed. This day will be the only one known only to the Lord: neither day or night; only in the evening will light come." Now the question arises - how close can a giant planet come to Earth for a long solar eclipse to occur and not cause a catastrophe? The Bible does not speak of any catastrophic events other than the torn veil of the temple. They are also not mentioned in history, although it is known about earthquakes in Israel before and after these events with an interval of several centuries, but not during them. Only favorable and non-catastrophic floods in the Nile are known from 30 BC. e. and until 155 At the same time, the distance at which Nibiru should approach the Earth so that its apparent size is equal to the size of the Sun and closes it is about 7,000,000 km. This is much more than the distance to the Moon of 384,400 km, but still such a proximity to the giant planet raises serious concerns. Doubting my assumptions, I asked this question to various people somehow connected with astronomy and their opinions were very divided. Most, of course, supported the opinion that the appearance of Nibiru in the solar system is catastrophic in itself. In fact, this question is not unambiguous. According to some estimates, in order for a planet the size of Nibiru to pass between the sun and the Earth without consequences, it could be between Venus and Mercury (this is about 50,000,000 km). Most likely, this would only cause the acceleration and deceleration of the Earth, the same as when it approached with the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which is almost imperceptible to us. The only problem is that at this distance, Nibiru will cover only a very small part of the Sun and this eclipse will be almost invisible. This does not at all coincide with the biblical text, which says that darkness enveloped the earth from noon to the ninth hour. This is much longer than the two hour duration of a normal eclipse and means that Nibiru must have passed very close.
Another opinion is that passing from the Earth at a distance of 7,000,000 km, Nibiru will not cause any catastrophic consequences. The fact that Nibiru moves in a retrograde orbit opposite to the Earth significantly reduces the time spent by the planets close to each other. This reduces the interaction time of gravitational forces. If the planets were moving towards a meeting fast enough , they could simply slip through each other by inertia. If you take a magnet and move it quickly past another magnet, the attraction you feel will be short-lived and not at all the same as if you do it slowly. Of course, this will cause some deviations in the speed and orbit of the planets. The orbit of the Earth will become a little closer to the Sun, this will only affect as a warming of the climate with consequences like floods in the Nile and no more. It looks like this assumption will be the subject of endless criticism, but it gives something else. First, it removes the controversy from Sitchin's flood hypothesis. He wrote that the Flood was caused by the approach of the Earth to Nibiru, which caused the glaciers to split. Such an approach would not be possible if Nibiru crossed the solar system in the asteroid belt, much further than the safe distance. It is quite another matter when Nibiru almost crosses the orbit of the Earth. Secondly, it gives a different chronology for the appearance of Nibiru in the solar system, which roughly coincides with some significant events. Moreover, this version differs from Stchin's chronology by only about 500 years. This may well be explained by Nibiru's high-altitude years, which average 3600 years, or by a gradual change in its orbit. Such a disparity could well have developed over a long period of time. If we take the year 0 of the birth of Christ as the starting point and count back two periods of 3600 years, we get an interesting coincidence. Around 7500 B.C. (a difference of 200 years) climate changes have occurred on Earth, which are associated with a global cataclysm. In 7220 BC. e. there was an eruption of Mount Edgecumb volcano in Alaska and a large outflow of fresh water from the Black Sea into the Aegean Sea, which could be the result of the approach of Nibiru. And the greatest cataclysm occurred in 7640 BC. e. There is a theory that Tolman's hypothetical comet hit the Earth, but little is known about this. 3879 years after that, in 3761 BC. e., according to the Bible, the creation of the world took place. After 3761 years, year 0 has come - a new starting point has been assigned. These intervals differ from the period of 3600 years by a couple of centuries, which may have different explanations. One way or another, the next appearance of Nibiru should occur around the year 3600. This is not the only information from the New Testament texts. They contain other interesting records that can shed light not only on the past of human civilization, but also on the future. Indeed, in this case, the New Testament is the message of the Anunnaki specifically to us, people living today. This is exactly what its name implies.
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