Extra space storage central valley ny

Fossil Clear out!

2023.03.22 23:33 VeterinarianFlaky720 Fossil Clear out!

Hey all, I have a ton of extra Fossils taking up space in my storage that I don't need. I would love to help some of you complete your Fossil collections! I'm looking to trade for bells or diys that I dont have yet. I'm also looking for villager photos so I would be willing to trade for those as well.
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2023.03.22 22:59 rickncn White frog in a restaurant basement in Rhinebeck NY. What did I see?

I was working in the basement of a restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY (Hudson Valley) when a little white frog jumped off the top of a white 5 gallon paint pail and to the ground next to my foot. He hopped under a refrigerator before I could snap a pic. He looked like typical small tree frog I’ve seen outside but was all white from what I could see and about 6cm long. Any idea what I saw? I imagine he was hunting basement insects drawn by all the restaurant food storage.
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2023.03.22 21:57 cucurbit10 Vote on Crops for Apocalypse Sustenance

I gave my college students an activity to select crops that would help them survive a zombie apocalypse. The team who gets the most votes earns extra credit. Which crops (and group) would you pick for the best sustenance through an apocalypse?
Here is their prompt: The zombie apocalypse is upon us. You are a band of survivors forming a community in Massachusetts (Zone 5B) in May. You have found basic garden/farm tools: shovel, hoe, steel pronged rake, pitchfork. You have unlimited growing space.
Your community comes across another group that has seeds to trade. They can only offer you 5 varieties of your choice. What seeds do you pick to sustain you through the next year? (We brainstormed different criteria such as good winter storage or summer shelf life, ripening at different points of the season, nutritional value, etc.)
Group 1: beans, lettuce, potatoes, corn, asparagus
Group 2: sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, mushrooms (not a seed but it's allowed)
Group 3: potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, corn, peppers
Group 4: corn, potatoes, cabbage, beans, carrots
Group 5: kale potatoes, lima beans, corn, beets
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2023.03.22 21:30 mjrossman Centralization Possibilities

tl;dr this is some kind of semi-coherent train of thought(which I can provide links to subtopics in the comments). hypothetically, we should be able to confront the dilution of network effects by focusing on a supercritical subset of features. how do we realize the various applications of the "fat protocol" thesis for other aspects like community building, governance diversification, IRL impact, etc?
just laying out some thoughts, however disjointed they may be. I'm kind of arriving on a realization that there's so much potential in the already-deployed, but over an unnecessarily diffuse landscape. a good demonstration of this to me has been the plethora of different talks from ETHDenver. more specifically, just look at all of the discussion and deployment around EIP-4337. tbh, there may be more of an opportunity to debate the finer details like the bundlers and the authentication methods than there is to eliminate the massive ecosystem cost of phishing links and lost seedphrases.
there's also very fundamental communities in Ethereum, like gitcoin and scaffoldeth, where the public good can be consumed at scale but the core maintenance and composition of those is not proportionate (though arguably substantial). I'm not really discussing a problem, it's more of an subnominal opportunity. likewise, I'm not saying people aren't aware, it's more of a dilemma where the attention spans aren't overlapping on whatever public space we cover, and we're spending excessive capital "treating the symptoms instead of curing the disease".
there's also the unspoken capture of zero-sum capital by inefficent mechanisms. for example, if every project airdrop'd tokens/allowlists/access to recipients on the basis that they wholesale "like/retweet/tag/comment", the outcome of that spent social capital is a network that echoes to itself. same for a lot of DAOs (plutocratic ones especially), if there's a sociopolitical whip to attend the same meetings, ratify the same proposals, agree on the same adversarial rules, burn the same gas, gaslight in the same manner, then we're spending extra on bargaining costs with less compatible communities, and getting more capitalized to become a monoculture. and we're losing the small fish along the way.
there's parts of ethereum that do really well in these environments. MEV is actually working out really well when you look at it as a compositional problem. DeFi protocols innovate the classes of operation, liquidity, and hypothecation. node operators innovate on the other side, and in between there are a bunch of grayhats arbing the difference and forcing adaptation. crypto social media is really entertaining, there are maximalists and NFTers and other tings. there are new social protocols that run on their own rollup, or a sidechain, or even another network altogether. entire EVM sidechains & rollups are manifesting with modularity, DeFi consensus, you name it. airdrops & farmers continue to provide us a case study of sybil resistance in practice.
but I still get this feeling that its too diffuse, and we've reached this stage where the aggregate sociocultural downside is growing faster than we're optimizing & accelerating critical, introspective development. personally, I'm totally fine with how the protocol is developing & scaling, and the applications on top are fun, if nothing else. the succinct cryptography is fascinating and the privacy innovations are inspring. however, there's too much opportunity & stakes on the table to ignore.
this is what I'm proposing: there needs to be a stack of the "fat protocol" vibe and "social architecture" without any contrived, pyramid-scheme, ponzinomic, or walled-garden nonsense. git is crazy scalable software because it is so undefined. ethereum already has crazy scalable n-tiered architecture (like Default, Pipeline, and Diamonds). hypercertificates are already crazy scalable forms of fungible, verifiable credentials. I think there's a supercritical, supermodular application that inherits the social tech from teams like Lens, Orbis, Farcaster, the compositional tech from Scaffold, Gnosis, Gelato, Uniswap, Wagmi, & OS tools like Alpaca, Langchain, Forge, Arweave, ethOS, and others. there should be an OS-agnostic, token-agnostic open forum & groupchat platform with extendable, modular abilities like signing multisig transactions, deploying AMOs on other chains, deploying software, funding public goods, etc.
in other words, I'm just saying (and experimenting) that the focus should be centralized on the core thesis: ethereum can be an internet-tier technology tree at a time when the world needs such a technology tree. it's kind of a farce whenever there's a random DAO committing death-by-meetings/death-by-slushfund, whenever there's a seedphrase watering-hole scam on TwitteDiscord, or just the broader "monkey jpeg"/ "$$$ hack"/"VC dump to community" image the public consumes. so let's just focus on the supercritical root application of that tech tree.
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2023.03.22 21:15 Arosian-Knight Help needed to figure out trade station issue

Heya, I'm having a little problem with my trading station: I have 1 central trading station (docks, piers and container storage only), several production stations across Terran space (Oort cloud, saturn 2, asteroid belt, mercury). I have made trade rule to only buy from my stations and for Oort cloud foods factory it works great, it sells stuff to my trade hub in Saturn 1 just fine with its own. Also my Mercury powerplant sells energy cells to my Saturn 1 trade hub just fine where the other factories buy E-cells just fine.
But my other factories in Asteroid belt and in Saturn 1 don't sell goods to my trade hub no matter what I try to do. I tried to mix trading ships, messing storage allocation, minimum storage, setting sell price low and buy price high. Anyone have any idea what might be the problem. All station managers are sufficient level to be able sell and buy in the area.
I can provide more info when asked.
Thanks in Advance.
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2023.03.22 20:42 Nitaire [H] Unbundled & Bundled Games [W] Game Offers

Short introduction, I am fairly new to trading but have my rules already set out. I buy almost all of my keys from official stores ONLY. I am able to prove that I own all games listed and have them all in unrevealed key format, I would prefer the same from anybody looking to trade with me but if you have a lot of rep I am prepared to accept revealed keys you acquired through trading.

My assorted list:
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comic Adventure
Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat XL
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition
LEGO Worlds
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
Beyond Contact
Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown (DLC)
Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation (DLC)
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition
PC Building Simulator - Overclocked Edition Content (DLC)
My Big Sister
Construction Simulator
Clid the Snail
Flatout 2
Assetto Corsa
Slime Factory
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Bendy and the Dark Revival
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2
True Fear: Forsaken Souls
Little Nightmares Complete Edition
Little Nightmares II
The Technomancer
The Surge
Red Faction
Perfect Heist
Inbetween Land
FAR: Lone Sails Digital Collectors Edition
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition
Cold Fear
Loop Hero
Persona 4 Golden
Deep Rock Galactic Dwarven Legacy Bundle
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection
Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing
Aliens vs Predator Collection
Castle of Illusion
Prey 2017
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Adventure DX
Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD
Kraken Academy!!
Slayer Shock
The Judgment Collection (cannot sell them seperately, it is one key)

Recently bundled game keys; Control Ultimate edition, Syberia: The World Before, Praey for the Gods, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Sable, Dreamscaper, Call of the Sea, Batora: The Lost Haven, Baba Is You, Dorfromantik, Creaks, The Last Campfire, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition, Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition, DARQ.

Also have the Earthquake relief bundle, which includes; Gotham Knights, Ghostrunner, Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Enhanced Plus Edition, XCOM 2, Ticket to Ride, Strange Brigade, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stick Fight, Farming Simulator 17, System Shock Enhanced Edition, System Shock 2, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Into the Pit, Worms Rumble, Harmony's Odyssey, Mount & Blade: Warband, Armello, Backbone, 911 Operator, 112 Operator, Calico, X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack, Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition, Space Crew: Legendary Edition, PayDay 2, Monaco, Death Squared, Lust from Beyond - M Edition, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Remnants of Naezith, Planet TD, Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX, XEL, Little Orpheus, Detached: Non-VR Edition, Agent in Depth, Lighthouse Keeper, Hyper Gunsport, Meow Express, Arcade Spirits, Non-Stop Raiders, The Inner World, The Amazing American Circus, Soulblight, Stacking, Hack 'n' Slash, MirrorMoon EP, Cosmic Express, Cris Tales, Orbital Racer, Symmetry, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Alchemist's Castle, Soul Searching, Doughlings: Arcade, Doughlings: Invasion, Quadrata, Rym 9000, Stikir, Cats and the Other Lives, Soulflow, Izmir: An Independence Simulator, Guns & Fishes, Pill Baby, Project Chemistry, Pixross, Frick, Inc, Sunlight, Starfinder Core Rulebook, Starfinder: Junker's Delight.

I am a Humble Choice subscriber and do not need extra keys for now, I want mainly game offers and value should be based on prices from gg.deals website. To help things along I will include a few things I want below, some of it is already bundled elsewhere and others are on good sales but do feel free to make any offer and I will give it some consideration.

Some wants; River City Girls, Breathedge, Change, Slay the Spire (KEY), Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Code Vein, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Fight Knight, potentially other wishlist games if offered.

My IGS Rep Page: Nitaire's IGS Rep Page : IGSRep (reddit.com)

Oh and I will add a couple things to note here at the bottom. First being that I do NOT have a key for Mortal Kombat 11 or its Ultimate add-on Bundle, this is because Humble Bundle has temporarily run out of keys to issue for both products. The second less important bit of information is that my list is unlikely to change until the Spring sale ends, which is when I am planning to update it again.
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2023.03.22 20:04 fuzzentropy2 Initial setup , PVE PBS local storage considerations Help?

I have been pouring through posts and docs , but cannot find quite what I am looking for, for the final install.
Hardware: HPE Dl385 480gb ssd boot, 8x8TB SAS on P408i-a controller. (have 2 of these servers)
From what I have read it seems best to use HBA and use ZFS for the 8x8TB.
At the moment there will be one important Win Server VM , other VMs would be for testing or "nice but not critical" things. The Windows server is low in requirements so instead of using whole server for it, decided want to use PVE and use extra horsepower so we have something do do test/utility vms on that they won't let us put on the VMware... ;-)
What I am looking to do: Put PVE and PBS on the server, setup the second server at our second location similarly (Microwave link) and sync the backup of the vm to it.
I would like to put the PBS datastore on the same servers as I do not have access to a separate storage at the moment, but the second server would act as my backup redundancy. I know local backup storage is frowned upon. The important vm is less than 100gb.
** My main question is storage setup. On my test desktop PBS wanted a blank disk to format for a datastore and I could not figure how to use part of PVE space (was able to use a usb). I would like to have the vms and the PBS datastore on the 8x8TB if possible. I cannot figure out what I need to do to share, separate or whatever the solution might be?
Also it seems PBS as vm would be way to go?
Thank you for any thoughts, suggestions, or other... I come from Windows environment, but not afraid of Linux like my peers here...
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2023.03.22 18:44 Slow-Pulse [Listing] Large furnished bedroom available in Stylish Apartment in LES - 2 months rent - Starting April 2nd.

[Listing] Large furnished bedroom available in Stylish Apartment in LES - 2 months rent - Starting April 2nd.
Hi, please read the entire ad. Feel free to contact me with any more questions about the space.
The rent:- Renting starting April 2nd until May 31th of 2023. 2 months.- It is $1,700 a month, includes utilities: Electricity, gas, FIOS (a 100% fiber-optic network - high speed WIFI internet).- First month's rent and one month's security deposit ($3,400 total) to be paid before moving in.- Second month's rent (May) to be paid on April 30th, 2023.- Deposit will be return at the end of the rental period.- I’m open to extent the sublet for an extra month if is requested.
The room:- Cozy bedroom with three big windows to the streets, There's very little street noise.- Has a full memory foam mattress, memory foam pillows.- A working area desk.- A small closet.- Blackout curtains and a cute bench near the window.
The apartment:- 4 rooms: 2 bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 bathroom. No living room.- Fully equipped kitchen with Reverse Osmosis water filter, dining table with art, books, board games, clean and tidy!.- Clean bathroom.
The building:- Please be aware that the apartment is in a building that is over 150 years old, while the apartment is newly renovated there are still features of its time.- Please also be advised we are a 5th-floor walk-up (NO-LIFT) so stairs will be involved. :)- You'll have rooftop access.
About the area:- On Orchard St. We are centrally located on one of the most historic blocks of the Lower East Side of Manhattan.- Outside the doorstep, you will find cafes, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and much much more. Very lively LES nightlife just moments away.
Getting around:- Very close walking distance to Manhattan's well known Chinatown, SOHO and East Village.5 Major Subway trains(F/J/M/Z/B/D) with in 2 minute walking distance.
About me:- Mid 30's, male, low key working professional Graphic designer and student. Respectful, chill and clean.
About you:- In a nutshell, I’m just looking for a kind, respectful, mature and trustworthy person to have around.- Looking for someone that isn't working from home.- Clean and tidy.- Sorry but no pets and no couples.- 18+- Please email with some info about yourself and why you would make a good roommate.
This is the room.
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2023.03.22 18:24 alpha_bionics Stock News - Almost two-thirds, or 63%, of adults with past-due medical debt incurred it when they had insurance, the research found.

Almost two-thirds, or 63%, of adults with past-due medical debt incurred it when they had insurance, the research found. A Division of NBCUniversalData is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. "Sun Lee, who owns a women's clothing boutique Aria in Toronto, noticed fewer and thriftier customers entering the store since the pandemic. "There are probably a number of explanations for the difference," said Michael Karpman, author of the study. All Rights Reserved. For example, more than half of households would struggle to pay an unexpected $1,000 bill, according to a 2022 Bankrate survey. © 2023 CNBC LLC. ET on Wednesday, with investors expecting the central bank to raise interest rates by 0. 25% for the second-straight meeting. "The community banks in this country, we know, are strong and resilient. In 2023, for a family of four, that amount is $30,000. In November, the company secured a deadline extension for the Trump Media merger until September 2023. The DWAC board appointed Eric Swider, another director, to serve as interim chief executive while the board works on executing a final succession plan. While it is unclear what part of that has been deployed, that kitty will help Canada to avoid a deep recession, she noted. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Data also provided by"(But) I don't think it'll necessarily change saving behavior," he added. "The company has been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as federal criminal investigators. Extra Space is working with an adviser on a potential bid, the people said asking not to be identified because the matter is private. Adjusted earnings came in at 23 cents per share, one cent below the consensus estimate of analysts polled by FactSet. It means people are in a better position coming out of the pandemic than they were before, at least in terms of savings. If it had not gotten that extension, it faced liquidation. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.22 17:50 angekaut 1535 Air w/ TrekPak user questions (camera gear storage)

Hi Organization lovers!
I just received my first Pelican case, 1535 Air w/ TrekPak to be precise. Plan is to store my Sony cameras and lenses.
A few detail questions came up upon first inspection, maybe some of you have thoughts on the following:
  1. It seems with the TrekPak insert, the bottom foam is thicker than with the padded dividers. This means that my Sony A7RV cannot be stored vertically. Anyone has a 'fix' for that, maybe getting a thinner foam insert for the bottom?
  2. A workaround would be to remove the top foam and add a lid organizer. This way my camera could be stored vertically and I have extra storage space. However, no padding from the top. What are your experiences with removing the foam in the lid / using a lid organizer? I am afraid my gear will rub / bounce against the lid organizer during transport
  3. The bottom foam is not fully covering all the hard plastic areas. How did you mitigate that? I am thinking to just use some of the TrekPak in the corners to fully cover the plastic
Thanks for all insights on most efficient way to organize
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2023.03.22 17:35 Borata69 For the good old times' sake

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2023.03.22 16:27 Meaning-Plenty Rehman Rahi’s language legacy has a new heir-apparent and he has a book too

Whatever literature, small or big, is wrought out in Kashmir, is largely either in English or occasionally in Urdu. Not many writers take to Kashmiri, their first language.
"Writing a book might be easy,” Asif quips, “but writing a good book is not.”
Talking about youngsters, he says, it could be that their prompt in itself is not to produce good literature, it might well be that their elders or parents are telling them to publish something for people to know them across and beyond.
About youngsters getting to publishing so quickly, I reckon that perhaps there is a lack of ‘sabr’ (patience),” he says. “Perhaps, great effort and energy are not put into reading as much, or to know if such work has been produced before. If yes, then what makes theirs different?”
Not much thought might be given to what must be the appealing aspect of their work, or whether is it even worthwhile to be producing the same kind of work, will it hold any value, he reckons. “A writer must always bring something new to the readers. Also, the role of publishing houses is quite pronounced. It all boils down to business after all and certain self-publishing houses do not even bother to tell these novices that perhaps they need to rework, or their books need to be refurbished. If only they would take it more seriously, work with the authors on their manuscript, gauge its credentials and caliber, and refine it again and again then maybe a good piece might be produced. It shall help people as well in deciding whether or not writing is their realm and if they should explore other areas. Substantiating what I mentioned, refining is a process that demands immense patience.”
Aged 25, Asif Tariq Bhat is the youngest to author a novel in Kashmiri at times when Kashmiri as a language is more or less dwindling.
The first edition of the book published by ‘Ali Mohammad & Sons’ is all sold out with the second edition under process, bearing insightful critiques and remarks.
Recollecting his small journey of publishing, Asif had three publishers in mind- Gulshan, Ali Mohammad & Sons, and Meezan.
"Unfortunately,” he says, “some of these publishers brushed me away saying they already have a lot of work in progress and there is no room for more, some blatantly said that they have stopped publishing in Kashmiri.”
However, destiny had its own play and he culminated at Ali Mohammad & Sons.
“It was not a cakewalk there,” he says. “I presented the draft of my manuscript, and they returned it 11 times, saying it needs more refinement, needs more undergirding, needs more editing. It was at the 12th time that they were satisfied with the draft and waved a green flag. It was only then that I was able to get to publishing, and only then my book turned out so well. Had I not undergone that process, perhaps I wouldn’t have produced a book that sold out all of the first editions.”
Having chosen a nonconformist and idiosyncratic approach at a fairly young age, Asif stirs some thought about the ‘why’ of it.
“I’ve been a fervid reader of Kashmiri literature all along,” he says. “There is a void in the genre of novel writing in Kashmiri literature. Not that novels have not been written but just a few, and that is a meager quantity. I wanted to reignite the embers of novel writing and thus I aimed at writing one."
He does see quite a lot of poems in Kashmiri being published by magazines or newspapers, here and there.
“Poetry is vivacious in Kashmiri but prose yet needs significant attention,” he says. “Having absorbed a multitude of novels and prose in literature, I always felt despondent about the precarious condition of novel writing in Kashmir. Highly fond of Russian literature, particularly of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, I’ve read most of his work, which was originally written in the Russian language. Some of his books like ‘Cancer Ward’ or ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ (he won the Nobel Prize for) have fared exceptionally well, and still continue to be translated. People are ardently following his work. Such instances piqued me to think that if literature originally written in Russian can cause such strong undying currents throughout the world, what can possibly stop Kashmiri literature?”
Undoubtedly, he says, Russia is a mammoth community but still, the language is not as domineering as English or other global languages.
“Not going too far for another example, Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ is the talk of every town. It is foreign to none, and must nearly be on everybody’s bookshelf. Nevertheless, not many would be aware that it was originally written in Portuguese, and was later translated into other languages. I asked myself if they can do it, what can possibly stop us, or what is stopping us.”
Literature of other lesser-known languages is taking the world by storm, Asif says, then perhaps Kashmiri literature also has unexplored potential.
"The best thing about any first language is that one tends to think in that language. It is the language of your thoughts in your head. Therefore, when you think and also write in the same language, the organic essence of your thought is preserved in a magical way. The work comes along more intricately with refined artistry. With all these thoughts, I ventured into the world of literature. Not many would read my work but I’m very content with all those who will. Tem chini sirf paran vael kihn, tem chi saran vael (because they are not only readers, they are prudent and sagacious readers.”
So invested in preserving and maintaining the essence and quiddity of the Kashmiri language, Asif has also launched an online program for teaching Kashmiri to the enthusiasts of the language.
Reminiscing the late Rehman Rahi, with a grim expression, Asif calls on the veteran’s words expressing love for his language and wanting Kashmiri to be taken to newer horizons so that people would be able to appreciate its beauty and finesse more.
Hooked on the same thought, Asif says he conceived the idea of starting his Kashmiri Speaking Classes (formerly named – Kashir Booel). Doling out free classes at first, Asif wanted to set about a welcoming space for the enthusiasts of the language
But certain people would join just for the purpose of poking fun at others or for the merry chase, without any zeal or interest to learn. Therefore, I arrived at charging money for the classes to keep away all the nuisance,” remarks Asif. “I’ve had students from distant places like Goa and New Zealand. Eleven successful batches have been accomplished hitherto, while not charging for the first four batches. I’ve observed fervor and assiduity in a lot of learners of Kashmiri as a language. I’ve regained the momentum now, and the ongoing batch is of 27 students and we are going well.”
These Kashmiri Speaking Classes are the first of their kind and Asif says that he wants to get them to prominence and make many more people aware.
These Kashmiri Speaking Classes are the first of their kind and Asif says that he wants to get them to prominence and make many more people aware.
Studying Kashmiri Literature, Asif is pursuing Masters at Central University Kashmir. To start with, he wrote for Sangarmal and Cultural Academy, sometimes short stories and poetry at others.
Reflecting on the rejections faced by writers with publishing houses, Asif evinces, “Rejection is a cure for any writer. It allows a writer to whittle out gems from gold. It pushes a writer to add so much more depth and profusion of vision, leading a writer to higher levels of confidence. At this stage, writers also develop great faith in their work, and patience propels them to make much more attempts. It is then that they know, perhaps some will reject but not all will or if today is not the time, tomorrow it has to be. Manifold, I was also rejected, however, today Khwaban Khyalan Manz is undergoing translation and we shall be reaching out to Harper Collins for it.”
The young Kashmiri author considers reading as oxygen for a writer. “One has to have an ocean of books within,” he says. “Often while reading, a writer comes to realize their style of writing and finds resonance with other writers. As I was reading Akhtar Moihuddin and Sadat Hassan Manto, I really resonated with their form and style of writing. Having explored that, I absorbed their work more extensively and also refined and improvised on my writing as well. That’s how reading makes a difference.”
Accentuating his words clearly for a stronger emphasis, Asif talks about hastened publishing, editing and mentorship in Kashmir.
"It took me six months to write the book but took me three years to taste satisfaction or to roll onto the stage where I felt ready to publish,” he recalls. “In those three years, I ground away all that I could for the book. I reshaped and revamped the characters, made changes to important climactic events, and read and wrote over and over. I’m not a great writer, I’ve a lot to learn yet, but I keep trying. I believe a writer should beam with contentment when they see their work on paper, and if that happens, it is only after that they should think of publishing. A writer must be happy and content with their work for others to like it.”
Mentorship in Kashmir, he believes, needs attention. “Our natural reflex is to run to our teachers for help. We tend to think they will rectify our mistakes and review our work. However, the worst I got to hear was that you have written a book, so do you think that is the end of the world? When things tell upon your self-respect, it does pull you down rendering you demotivated. I did think of giving up on the idea of publishing my book until I met Shafi Shauq and he guided my way forward. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Shabir Ahmed Ganaie, who I could turn to for help with editing. Had I not crossed paths with them at a science fiction symposium, perhaps I would not have published.”
To market a book efficiently, critiques and reviews are fairly paramount, Asif avers. “It stirs the talks about the book in the literary circles and things follow from there onwards. The extra onus, I feel, also falls upon the writer, and the writer must be areligious and apolitical in their work.”
"My book is an allegory and a factual fiction, as I call it, and it’s about a boy who is dismissed and disdained by his community as a bad omen. The turn of events is such that the boy happens to be a blessing for another community at a place he travels to. Arham, the name of the boy meets a girl Isra, and both of them find a reflection of their lives in each other. The story is set in an Arabian setting and ends with a great climax, thence the name Khwaban Khayalan Manz.”
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2023.03.22 15:18 codelici [WTS-FL] H8r, gear, mags, tech stuff, etc

Looking to get rid of some extras. Prices do not include shipping, but will do free shipping on orders over $50. Willing to do discounts on bulk purchases. No trades please.
H8r - 55
-Brand new, test fired once, comes with one cookie
Gel Blasters - 30
-Pair of brand new gel blasters to shoot at your friends
Night Camo Mk4 - 30
-repro mk4 chest rig in night camo, like new
Flyye industries tac fanny - 20
-good condition, has lots of storage space
Scorpion style m4 pouch - 5
-holds a mag
Blackhawk Serpa lvl 2 for 226 - 30
-paddle mount
Matrix M9 - 10
-paddle mount, slightly modified to fit long slide m9
G36 Mags - 70
-8 regular mags, 2 shorties
M9 mag lot - 45
-working extendo, 2 boneyard, 2 slightly leaky
Metal M4 Mags - 25
-3 mags, one g&p, one dogs of war, one unknown
MTW Mag - 8
-one mtw mid cap
Bucking Lot - 60
-Lots of spare buckings including maple leaf, lonex, prommy, krytac, etc. Some have been flat hopped
M4 hanguard - 10
-in good condition
GBBR grips - 8
-price is for both of them
Green Bipod - 15
-comes with a stud mount
Tan Bipod - 15
-comes with a rail mount
SVD Cheek Riser - 15
-clamps to an svd stock
Aero enhanced rail - 100
-15" real steel rail, comes with mounting hardware
Magpul CTR Stock - sold
Asg storm grenade - 40
-only used a few times, works fine
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2023.03.22 15:00 KhoaFraelich 2023 Ineos Grenadier review

2023 Ineos Grenadier review
Not only does it live up to the original Land Rover Defender brief, the Grenadier goes above and beyond but it's not perfect.

The Ineos automotive brand might be new, but what has led to the creation of the Grenadier wagon and soon, the Grenadier ute is nothing short of extraordinary.

With the absence of the Land Rover Defender in its original, tough ladder chassis form, the gap in the market for a fully capable off-road vehicle that feels at home in the city and one which you can hose the mud out of, was left to no other than British billionaire and chemical engineer, Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The original idea was to simply buy the tooling and the manufacturing products from Land Rover and continue producing the Defender one way or another, but the British brand evidently wasn’t very keen and what was then conceived at the Grenadier pub in London almost as a ‘we can do it better ourselves any way’, became the Ineos Grenadier.

Imagine this; start with a near-unlimited budget for a passion project and hire the likes of Magna Steyr to engineer your vehicle, BMW to produce the engines, ZF to make the transmission and Bosch to supply a great deal of the other parts… then you buy a pre-existing Mercedes-Benz production facility and further invest a claimed $770 million AUD in upgrades to produce the vehicle.

That probably needs some context because if you don’t know, Magna Steyr happens to be the same company that makes a similar car, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – or G-Wagen.

Yep, that’s right, the same company that produces what is probably the most famous SUV in the world also happened to engineer the Ineos Grenadier. Conflict of interest? Don’t tell Mercedes.

It gets better though; because having talked to the engineers who have made the project come to life, most are from the likes of Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover, and even McLaren.

Thankfully, the Grenadier starts at $97,000 (originally $85k) and not the $400,000 on-road the G-Wagen has become, and that is perhaps what the Grenadier is here to do. It’s to provide a fully capable alternative to the ultra-expensive off-roaders that have become as much a fashion icon as anything else.

The main question isn’t about the Grenadier’s intent or its individual parts, however.

We know Magna can engineer a car, we know BMW can make great engines that work amazingly well with ZF transmissions, and we know Bosch supplies automotive parts to the absolute majority of other manufacturers.

The real question, is whether the Grenadier is a genuine alternative for the original Defender and befitting of a new model in 2023? The answer to that question is actually a resounding yes, but with some caveats that we will discuss in this review.

How much does the 2023 Ineos Grenadier cost?
As previously mentioned, the Grenadier saw a substantial price increase last year which added as much as $13,000 to the price of the Wagon and Ute.

Although Ineos has put this down to the increasing cost of materials – which is definitely a contributing factor – we also have no doubt that the increase is also driven by market dynamics of supply and demand and perhaps a repositioning of the brand itself given just how popular the original price point was with buyers.

2023 Ineos Grenadier pricing:

Utility Wagon

Base: $97,000 (up 14.8 per cent or $12,500)
Fieldmaster Edition: $107,400 (up 12.5 per cent or $11,905)
Trailmaster Edition: $108,525 (up 13.6 per cent or $13,030)
Station Wagon

Base: $98,000 (up 14.6 per cent or $12,500)
Fieldmaster Edition: $109,525 (up 13.5 per cent or $13,030)
Trailmaster Edition: $109,525 (up 13.5 per cent or $13,030)
Prices exclude on-road costs

If you were lucky enough to get in at that price, you have got yourself a bargain, but for the rest the price increase does genuinely position the vehicle in a place now that makes you really have to consider whether you can trust a first time manufacturer to produce a vehicle that costs well in excess of $100k.

While the price increase is unfortunate, options in the hardcore 4×4 market are limited considering orders for the LandCruiser 70 remain closed on the back of rampant demand unmatched by supply.

There’s also no haggling given Ineos is using an ‘agency model’ with fixed pricing. The company will control inventory and pricing, and pay dealer partners a “straight-forward commission”, much in the style of Mercedes-Benz and Honda.

Australia is a huge market for the Grenadier in terms of orders, coming in the top five, which means local market feedback and input has been well and truly taken into account. You can find a list of Ineos Grenadier retail locations here.

What is the Ineos Grenadier like on the inside?
First impressions when you get inside the Grenadier cabin are that of a modern and actually not all that austere interior. It was not what we expected and it’s fair to say we were pleasantly surprised.

The Recaro seats are comfortable in all available configurations, whether it’s cloth, vinyl or leather. We found the seating position in the front to be excellent for visibility and ease of access to the switchgear and cabin.

With the majority of off-road controls cleverly placed on the roof – inspired by aircraft cockpits – there is heaps of room in the cabin itself and it never feels overwhelming or unusable.

This is a case of what happens when a new company that has never made cars is allowed to rethink the basics. Having used the 4WD controls on the roof, the question becomes – why don’t all cars have this?

So front seat ergonomics are fantastic, but not perfect. There are a couple of issues for right-hand drive models that seem a little bizarre.

Firstly, the windscreen wiper does a terrible job of cleaning the edge of the right side of the screen. A decently sized area near the A-pillar on the right of the windscreen is basically untouched and given the wet and muddy conditions in which we drove the Grenadier in, it becomes a genuine visibility issue when turning right.

You get used to it and its likely not an issue for the absolute majority of the time you are driving, but it is nonetheless a strange thing to encounter in a modern car.

Secondly, right-hand drive vehicles are disadvantaged with the exhaust manifold of the BMW engines (diesel or petrol) both taking up an unusual amount of space in the footwell where you would usually have your footrest.

This means your left foot is sitting a fair bit higher than one would probably be used to and if you happen to use the car on a farm, with big boots, this further exaggerates the problem.

Again, we got used to this unexpected feature after a few hours of driving but as with the wiper, it’s not something you would expect from a modern car.

When quizzed, Ineos engineers told us they initially planned to change the engineering of the vehicle to address it, but it would have changed the cabin or chassis size and this wasn’t feasible.

It’s also worth mentioning that in some of the vehicles we drove, the fit and finish of the interior were not as great as we would have wished for.

From the roof control panel feeling easy to pull off to the outside door handles that jammed (we are told these will be fixed for all Australian-delivered vehicles), there is no doubt that first batch production vehicles have some room for improvement; and hopefully those improvements are passed on to the first vehicles delivered for our market.

For all the niggling issues, the interior is genuinely excellent for its intended purpose – it’s comfortable, it’s spacious and has heaps of storage.

The back seat is also a great place to be for long drives as you can easily fit two six-foot adults behind one another, given the ample leg and headroom in both rows. In saying that, while the front Recaro seats are ideal for off-roading, those sitting in the back have literally no support outside of holding on to the handle.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen display is super clear and very high resolution with wireless Apple CarPlay that works brilliantly. Ineos has outsourced the unique software and it’s on par if not better than some well-established manufacturers. You will have no issues using the infotainment system.

Without a traditional instrument cluster, though, you are forced to use the centre screen to see your speed and we did find that a little frustrating because, unlike other vehicles in which that is also the case (Tesla being the prime example), the Grenadier’s interior is vastly larger so the focal change point from the road to the screen is also more than other vehicles.

Given the Grenadier’s ‘instrument cluster’ is a tiny screen to show things like ignition light, check engine light etc, we feel it would have made a lot of sense to put a basic digital speedometer in that position.

The front and rear diff locks, plus the off-road mode and wading depth controls, are on the roof but to actually engage low range and lock the centre differential you need to use an old-school lever and, to be fair, it does look a little odd sitting next to the BMW-sourced gearstick which is super modern in design and appearance. So this is definitely a case of lots of parts being put together.

Even the steering wheel itself is interesting because, given the recirculating-ball setup, the number of wheel turns you need to do in basic manoeuvring lends itself to using a wheel that is not so circular and allows for a better understanding of the top and bottom.

The 1255L boot is huge, and the way the rear doors open allows super quick access from the left side using the smaller door, because opening the larger one on the right is not only a heavier operation (it carries the spare tyre) but also requires far more room to swing open.

What’s under the bonnet?
Ineos will offer 3.0-litre straight-six diesel and petrol options, both of which have been sourced from BMW and are codenamed B57 (diesel) and B58 (petrol).

Ineos says these engines, used across BMW’s sports cars and SUVs since 2016, have been tested in the Grenadier across 1.8 million kilometres and diverse climates. It’s not a straight fit and play, with ECU tuning taking place to better unlock torque down as low in the rev range.

The 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel six makes 183kW of power (3250-4200rpm) and 550Nm of torque (1250-3000rpm) and is capable of moving the Grenadier from 0-100km/h in 9.9 seconds.

The 3.0-litre single-turbo petrol six makes 210kW of power (4750rpm) and 450Nm of torque (1750-4000rpm) and is capable of moving the Grenadier from 0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds.

Both engines come mated to a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission (codenamed 8HP51 for the petrol, 8HP76 for the diesel), with what Ineos calls a new “heavy duty” torque converter.

The WLTP combined-cycle fuel economy for the diesel is a rated 10.3 to 11.8 litres per 100km, while the petrol uses between 13.2L/100km and 15.3L/100km.

Both engines have stop/start, and the diesel also has a 17L AdBlue tank. The standard fuel tank with both engine options carries 90 litres.

All Grenadiers come standard with permanent four-wheel drive (4WD), with low-range accessed through a 2.5:1 Tremec two-speed transfer case. Matching the class leaders, the Grenadier will also have a 3.5-tonne braked towing capacity.

There are no other powertrains confirmed for the Grenadier for the moment, however, the brand is well advanced creating a hydrogen fuel-cell version and is also working on a new model which will be a full electric version on a smaller and all-new platform for 2026.

How does the Ineos Grenadier drive?
The Ineos Grenadier came to life to meet a very specific design and engineering brief.

The wagon and utility versions are essentially a modernised iteration of what would otherwise be considered commercial vehicles; in fact they are very much considered commercial vehicles when it comes to tax purposes.

With that in mind, it’s vital that buyers looking at the Grenadier understand this is not a cheap G-Wagen, nor is it a new-old Defender. It’s its own unique vehicle, with its own set of characteristics and traits – some of those are better and some are worse than said vehicles.

When it comes to driving, we will break this down into two parts; on-road and off-road.

From an on-road perspective, the Grenadier rode exceptionally well, even on poorly surfaced roads. There is no doubt that you can drive this vehicle in the city and it will do an excellent job of keeping you happy and comfortable.

The suspension setup and the way the vehicle behaves on sealed roads is a credit to the engineering team behind it.

The diesel engine is undoubtedly the powertrain that makes more sense to most buyers looking to tow or do long-distance rural driving, with better fuel economy and more torque.

Nonetheless, if you’re buying this and intend to do a fair bit of inner city driving and actually enjoy the driving experience, the petrol is a fantastic option – it’s faster, more responsive, sounds great and makes the Grenadier feel far more engaging and purposeful.

This tester would pick the petrol regardless of requirements just for its capacity to overtake other vehicles on the highway with significant ease.

The ZF eight-speed transmission is mated beautifully to both powertrain and frankly, given this exact setup has been used in BMW vehicles for a number of years, there is no contention around the powertrain and its ability to perform day in day out. It’s solid and reliable.

What may catch out some buyers is the recirculating-ball setup steering box, something more suited to trucks than most modern cars.

According to Ineos engineers, the reason this particular Bosch steering system was picked was due to its incredible off-road durability and capacity. In other words, it has been around and used in heavy-duty vehicles with over 1,000,000 kilometres without issue, and Ineos decided to go with that to suit the rugged character of the vehicle.

This is all well and good but for on-road driving, it’s a bit of a handful, literally. The amount of turning you need to do to make a basic manoeuvre can get a little frustrating but even just turning left or right at an intersection.

It will often see you turn, and then turn again and again until you realise you have likely done one too many rotations and turn back to correct. It’s entirely unlike a normal modern hydraulic or power steering system and more akin to driving a light truck.

You absolutely will get used to it, and by the second day it didn’t feel as cumbersome as our initial impressions, but while this may be fantastic for those that only do long-distance drives mixed in with rural roads and off-roading, it’s not ideal for those looking to drive these around inner-city environments.

The other option we wish it had was adaptive cruise control. Model-year 2024 Grenadiers will have autonomous emergency braking (AEB) but it will still not enable active cruise, which is unfortunate because this vehicle will likely do plenty of highway kilometres and it would be great to that driving stress further removed.

Overall though, the on-road driving aspect of the Ineos Grenadier is much better than we expected due to the ride comfort, power and torque delivery. The cabin is also very quiet with low levels of noise, harshness and vibrations.

Take the Ineos off-road and it goes into its true element. This is a vehicle that was designed to go off-road before it was designed to go on-road. Most car companies tend to put car reviewers on off-road courses that you can usually do in a basic medium SUV, but Ineos didn’t hold back.

An Off-Road driving mode disengages parking sensors, seatbelt reminders and start/stop, and from a regulatory standpoint we’d imagine this function is only accessible in low-range. The hill-descent control function can brake each wheel independently.

We crossed some of the most spectacular natural terrains, in the water, up and down Scottish mountains, and four-wheel drive tracks that would make hardcore enthusiasts proud. There is not much to say except that we never got stuck and the diff locks and the powertrain worked spectacularly.

It can occasionally be cumbersome to engage low-range using the manual lever (neutral to be engaged first), with some occasional crunching – which occurred even to our Ineos engineers – and as there are no sensors to detect differential locking positions (to save complexity and weight), wheel speed sensors are used which means engaging and disengaging the front and rear diffs are basically manual and require movement that highlights the differing wheel speed (like a turn).

All-terrain tyres are supplied by Bridgestone (Dueler AT 001) or BFGoodrich (AT T/A KO2) depending on spec, and Brembo disc brakes come standard. Electromechanical Eaton diff lockers front and rear are also available either as standard or an option depending on grade.

Ground clearance is 264mm, wading depth 800mm, approach angle 36.3 degrees, breakover 28.2 degrees, and departure angle 36.1 degrees. Powder-coated skid plates and a fuel-tank plate are standard.

The other great thing is that the amount of accessories expected for the Ineos (given the company has made the blueprint for the car publicly accessible to support the aftermarket) will be huge, so those looking to start with a base car and build what they need will have plenty of options.

The Ineos is an excellent compromise between on- and off-road driving as it can one pretty well and the other spectacularly. The only place in which owners may find the driving dynamics challenging is in built-up, city areas that require a lot of close manoeuvring but even then, it’s an intimidating car that will make its own way.

What do you get?
Grenadier Base highlights:

17-inch steel wheels
Full-size spare wheel
Bridgestone AT tyres
LED headlights
LED daytime running lights
LED tail lights
30/70 split rear doors
Roof protection strips and rails
Hydraulic jack and toolkit
Cruise control
Recaro cloth and vinyl seats
Tilt and telescoping wheel adjust
Climate control AC (second-row vents for five-seaters)
Heavy duty flooring with drain valves
Loadspace locker and tie-down rings
12.3-inch touchscreen display with rotary controller
Pathfinder off-road navigation system
Wireless Apple CarPlay
Wired Android Auto
Bluetooth audio and phone
Digital radio
USB and 12V sockets
Overhead control panel
Auxiliary switch panel and electrical prep (3 x 10A)
Options (Base) include:

$2875 Rough Pack: Front and rear diff locks, BFGoodrich tyres
$2875 Smooth Pack: Front parking sensors, powered and heated side mirrors, a lockable central stowage box, puddle lamps, door lighting, auxiliary charge points, Thatcham Cat. 1 immobilisealarm

17-inch steel wheels
Full-size spare wheel
Bridgestone AT tyres
LED headlights
LED daytime running lights
LED tail lights
30/70 split rear doors
Roof protection strips and rails
Hydraulic jack and toolkit
Cruise control
Recaro cloth and vinyl seats
Tilt and telescoping wheel adjust
Climate control AC (second-row vents for five-seaters)
Heavy duty flooring with drain valves
Loadspace locker and tie-down rings
12.3-inch touchscreen display with rotary controller
Pathfinder off-road navigation system
Wireless Apple CarPlay
Wired Android Auto
Bluetooth audio and phone
Digital radio
USB and 12V sockets
Overhead control panel
Auxiliary switch panel and electrical prep (3 x 10A)
Options (Base) include:

$2875 Rough Pack: Front and rear diff locks, BFGoodrich tyres
$2875 Smooth Pack: Front parking sensors, powered and heated side mirrors, a lockable central stowage box, puddle lamps, door lighting, auxiliary charge points, Thatcham Cat. 1 immobilisealarm

Solid paints

Scottish White: standard
Magic Mushroom: $900
Eldoret Blue: $900
Britannia Blue: $900
Sela Green: $900
Inky Black: $900
Metallic paints

Sterling Silver: $1230
Shale Blue: $1230
Queen’s Red: $1230
Donny Grey: $1230
Contrast ladder frames

Black: standard
Red: $1410
Grey: $1410
Contrast roof paints

Scottish White: $1690
Inky Black: $1690
Contrast Wrapped nose

Tunic Red: $1060
Emergency Orange: $1060
Contrast wrapped rear doors

Tunic Red: $1400
Emergency Orange: $1400


17-inch alloys (base and Trailmaster): $1060
18-inch steel (base and Trailmaster): $1430
18-inch alloys (base and Trailmaster): $2835
18-inch alloys (Fieldmaster): $1775
Other things

Safari windows (base and Trailmaster): $2465
Privacy glass: $670
Leather seats (base and Trailmaster): $1850
Heated seats (base and Trailmaster): $650
Floor carpet: $370
Front and rear diff locks (base and Fieldmaster): $2790
Raised air intake (base and Fieldmaster): $1100
Integrated Heavy Duty 5.5t winch: $5430
There are also a lot of accessories, some of which we have listed below, the full list is here:


Side Runners: $830
Rock Sliders: $1630
40″ Front LED Light Bar (incl. mounting brackets): $960
Checker Plate for Front Fenders: $460
Roo Bar: $1990
Roo Bar Side Protection Rails: $730
Raised Air intake Cyclone Pre-Cleaner: $420

Rubber Floor Mats: $280
Foldable Tailgate Camp Table: $440
Heavy Duty Seat Covers – Front: $490
Heavy Duty Seat Covers – Rear: $490

Roof Rack: $2530
Roof Cross-bars: $580
Utility Cargo Barrier – Half-height: $600
Full-height Loadspace Divider: $550
Loadspace Partition Net: $280
Luggage Retention Net – Floor: $90
Cargo Management System: $360
Collapsible Luggage Organiser: $110
Quick Release Tie-Down Rings (x4): $70


Removable Winch with Tow Mounting Kit (3.5 Tonnes): $4050
Heavy Duty Spade: $60
Off-Road Recovery Kit: $630
Roof add-ons

Roof Mounted Bike Carrier: $460
Roof Mounted Ski/Snowboard Carrier: $310
Surfboard Carrier for Roof Rack: $160
Roof Kayak Mount, J-style: $330
Roof Kayak Mount, Saddles: $280
Roof Mounted Adjustable Load Holder: $110
Roof Mounted Cargo Box: $790
Vehicle Integrated Side Awning: $970
Spare Tyre Carrier for Roof Rack: $170
Jerry Can Mount for Roof Rack: $190
Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Bracket for Roof Rack: $160
Roof Mounted Axe and Shovel Bracket: $160
Sand Ladder Flat Mounting Brackets: $220
Sand Ladder Side Mounting Brackets: $160
Spot Light Bracket: $150
Gas Bottle Holder for Roof Rack: $190
Load Mounting Brackets for Roof Rack: $180
Roof Tie-down Rings: $100
Folding Aerial Mount: $160
Lockdown Security Cable: $60
Cargo Load Straps: $30
RotopaX Mounting Bracket: $20
Is the Ineos Grenadier safe?
There is no official crash test data from any resting authority for the Grenadier and there is every chance there never will be, given the position of this vehicle as commercial rather than passenger.

Standard safety features include:

Front, side and curtain airbags
ESP with trailer-sway control
Tyre pressure monitor
Reversing camera and sensors
ISOFIX and top tethers (five-seat versions)
There’s no mention of driver-assist active safety features such as autonomous emergency braking or lane-keeping aids, meaning a five-star NCAP or ANCAP rating looks impossible.

How much does the Ineos Grenadier cost to run?
The Ineos Grenadier is covered by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty with five years of roadside assist.

Servicing intervals are recommended at 12 months for normal usage or six-month servicing “for continuous use in tough environments”.

As well as servicing Grenadiers at its retail centres, Ineos has cut a global deal with Bosch Car Service centres to cater to more remote operators. “Flying Spanner” techs based in the Australian HQ are also said to be available, if the service network needs help.

For owners who want to carry out work on their Grenadier themselves, Ineos is taking a novel approach by providing online 3D interactive manuals with support from the technical team at HQ a call or a click away.

“The vehicle has been deliberately designed and engineered to be easy to work on inside and out,” the company claims. It bills its “open source” approach, without trying to “ring-fence” buyers into its own ecosystem, as a point-of-difference for enthusiasts.

It’s not yet clear what conditions will be placed on DIY owners, from a warranty perspective.

CarExpert’s Take
There is a lot to love about the Ineos Grenadier.

It started life as nothing but an idea at a pub between friends, and ended up bringing together an enormous amount of knowledge from some of the best engineers in the world and huge amounts of investment to create an ultra-modern, rugged vehicle that is just as suited to the farm and rural areas as it is for a drive from Sydney to Melbourne.

The Grenadier is an excellent adventure vehicle and those looking to get out of the city, camp and enjoy a more outdoor lifestyle will also benefit massively from the number of accessories available for the vehicle.

The only asterisks for us are the niggling initial production quality issues that we are very hopeful will be solved before local cars arrive, and a steering system which will take some buyers a bit of getting used to.
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2023.03.22 14:21 RadarTheBoston Attic Insulation

Working with a contractor to insulate the house. The original plan was to rip up a few floor boards in the attic and blow closed cell between the joists. When doing the pre work inspection today I noted that I don't really use the attic for storage since I don't need the extra space and currently the only way up is a ladder attached to the chimney. The new proposal is rip up all the boards except enough to make an access island and blow a foot of loose cell on top after air sealing.
Question: Is the new plan a significantly bigger annoyance than the original? No new electrical work planned but how much worse does this make fixing any issues that come up in the future?
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2023.03.22 14:01 jezarnold Any apps make use of the 16Gb of RAM on the M1 or M2 +1Tb iPad Pros?

Curious if anyone knows of any reason why a 16Gb RAM on iPad Pro makes sense. I understand from extra storage space, but is there any application where this matters?
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2023.03.22 12:37 radiakmjs Ranking houses

To me the main purpose of a house is Mannequins & Weapon racks to display trophy armor & weapons, so more of those = better. But there are also other important factors like location, ease of access, Enchating/Potions/Smithing set ups, and aesthetically how it looks.
  1. Myrwatch - Easiest house to obtain and a super awesome gallery room with plenty of space for a bunch of specific trophies (only 1, Keening's doesn't work) as well as ones of your chosing. Access to all crafting tables, including a staff enchanter, some fertile earth & special forge. First floor is cozy, all around very clean aesthetic. Biggest con is it's too close to a Dragon lair, having to deal with it everytime it respawns sucks (and unfortunately many CC houses have this problem) The Chaurus outside also occasionally respawns, and two zones is not ideal.
  2. Shadowfoot Sanctum - Being in a sewer & having to either wade through the Ratway or jump in the Riften harbor kinda stinks, and the house area of it is very dense & cramped. However it has an awesome armory with a ton of mannequins, weapon racks & shield plaques. It also has some custom plaques, racks & shelves for Thieves Guild trophies, makes it a must have if you dip into that questline. Though the one for Chillrend is broken (sounds bad but most cc houses have something like this wrong with them, & this is minor in comparison)
  3. Bloodchill Manor - Fun little quest to unlock, all the crafting tables (including a staff enchanter), as well as some fertile earth all in one zone, most of all amayzing trophy room in the back. Unfortunately the Dragon claw pegs don't work. Vampire aesthetic might not be for everyone, and despite that it has a plaque for Dawnguard-side exclusive weapons. Also the side rooms are pretty cramped.
  4. Goldenhills Plantation - Takes some leg work to get up and running, but nice location (best of the central ones if your playing survival/no fast travel imo) and access to a ton of fertilized earth is huge. Even just for wheat & blue mountain flowers, that stockpile and can be picked over time. Generic but pleasant design and a decent amout of Trophy space for it's size. However if you replace the Display room with child's bedroom you can't change it back.
  5. Hendaheim - Weapon racks in the basement (as well as the Ebony Blade's) are broken, which leaves you with much less space than you'd expect. Also too close to a Dragon burial mound, which can agro on the Forsworn on the other side of the mountain but still prevent you from fast travelling. Other than that it's very nice. Plenty of Mannequins & functional weapon racks & plaques. Nordic Longhouse aesthetic is great and works for any chatacter because it's located in Skyrim. All the regular crafting tables.
  6. Tundra Homestead - Very pleasant and cozy vibe. However the trophy room being a seperate zone adds a loading screen, and inside of it the Dragon claw pegs don't work. It is also too close to a dragon lair that will attack you.
  7. Hjerm - Have to complete a lot of quests (Notoriously buggy Blood on the ice + at least 5 civil war quests, more if you want to side with Imps) to unlock. It being a former murderer's lair & one of his victim's home, plus the uncomftrable segregation of Windhelm is enough to throw the vibe off. But despite all that I think Hjerm is the best base game house. Great armory on the second floor to display your trophies, and nice and roomy unlike most houses.
  8. Honeyside - Small but cozy house. For it's size it has a good amount of weapon racks & 2 mannequins. Can enter it from outside or within the city of Riften is also very nice.
All 3 Hearthfire houses are a about the same; Great armory for displaying stuff, nice open but cozy rest of the house, and some very usefull farms available. But unfortunately they're super tedious to gather all the materials for & build, and the pros don't really outway the cons when pre/auto-furnished superior houses are much more easily accessible.
  1. Lakeview - Beautiful location in the forest on the lake, Neighbor is a little sus though.
  2. Heljarchen - Nice Central location, and the the Tundra & open sky can be pretty.
  3. Windstad - Out in the Swamp kinda stinks.
  4. Proudspire Manor - Most expensive & requires a few long quests to unlock, but unlike Hjerm doesn't justify it with barely any trophy space crammed in the basement. Solitude is a very nice city though.
  5. Severin Manor - It's a pretty great house, but location really kills it, as most quests & things to do are on main land skyrim. Also eerie music and requires completing at least 3 decently-long quests to unlock (more if Raven Rock is enthralled to Miraak before you travel to Solsthiem) Just having storage space, crafting tables & a personal bed on Solsthiem is nice though.
  6. Nchuanthumz - The only house that is too big, but still not much space for Trophies. I sometimes get a little lost in the layout. Looks nice but I'd rather not live in Dwarven Architecture. Also having to run through 'quick test cell' is a big con, adds another loading screen & the door sometimes doesn't work properly.
  7. Gallows hall - Cool necromancer set up with a good creepy quest to unlock, Totally unique Staff of Worms & two usefull "crafting" tables within. But I wouldn't want to live there. Only space for trophies on the middle floor, and not much of it. Vibe here is generally too fucked up for me.
  8. Vlindrel Hall - Markarth is full of corruption, Forsworn, & cannibals, the vibe is bad. Only 1 mannequin and you have to climb half the city to reach the house from either fast travel point. Kinda nice re-fitted Dwarven aesthetic though.
  9. Breezehome - Unfortunately is just not very good. No manequins for armor, no enchanting table & pretty cramped. Great central location within the city of Whiterun, easily acessible early, and charming design. Buy outclassed in all categories by almost every other house in every category.
  10. Dead man's Dread - minimum 4 loading screens to get in & out of. Hellish maze-like layout, and awfull groaning & ship creeking make it unpleasant to be in. Only 1 manequin & 1 weapon plaque. It's a fun quest to go there but not sure why it's counted as a home.
Thanks for reading all that! That's all just my opinion though. If you think I'm underating/overating anything let me know, I'm open to considering any of them besides Dead Man's Dread lol.
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2023.03.22 12:33 trolmaniac Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

DOWNLOAD Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Game
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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a fast-paced 2d shooting game with a random story. You control a group of three migrants traveling west along a wagon trail. The game consists of short scenes that are sequenced together in a semi-random way to tell a crazy adventure story. One minute you could be massacring a herd of buffalo, the next attacked by eagles while falling off a cliff.


Title: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
Genre:Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 17 Oct, 2013


“Hilariously weird, with a solid gameplay base, it’s really quite brilliant.”
8/10 – Eurogamer
“…a game that surprises and amuses in equal measure.”
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The post Super Amazing Wagon Adventure appeared first on CLEgames.
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2023.03.22 12:12 value_destroyer J.P. Morgan warns U.S commercial real estate may be the next bomb

When the Fed slams the brakes, some passengers are thrown out of the windshield, for example the burst of Cathie Wood’s investment bubble, or the collapse of Silicon Valley bank. And according to JPMorgan, US commercial real estate would potentially be the next bomb that could explode.
Speaking at the $2.5tn asset manager’s European Media Summit on Tuesday, George Gatch, CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management warned that commercial real estate forms one of the critical areas of risk in global markets after the aggressive monetary tightening by the US central bank.
“We saw it (the stress of rising interest rates) in a huge repricing in fixed income, in UK pension funds’ liability driven investment strategies,” he said. “Commercial real estate is an area of concern. We have higher interest rates for property developers, how does that impact the real estate market and lenders in that space?”
Commercial property values have started to slide in recent months, as rising borrowing costs have hit investors’ ability to transact. Investors are keeping a close eye on real estate funds. Earlier this month, BlackRock, a world-renowned top-tier investment firm with a strong family history, went as far as to fall into a $560 million CMBS default.
Meanwhile, BlackRock's US$71 billion real estate investment trust BREIT, a barometer of the commercial real estate market, has continued to trigger monthly client withdrawal caps since November last year, both highlighting the awkwardness of commercial real estate in the face of rapid interest rate hikes in Europe and the US.
In a note on Tuesday, Goldman Sachs also said the commercial real estate sector was dealing with a “challenging” environment. “The recent stress in the banking sector has fuelled growing concern about spillover effects on the commercial real estate industry. With over half of the $5.6tn of outstanding commercial loans sitting on bank balance sheets, bank lending remains the primary source of funding for the sector. This is particularly the case for small banks which capture the lion’s share of lending.”
Also on Tuesday, Bank of America said investors in its monthly fund manager survey were more bearish on real estate than they have been since October 2020, having taken cautious positions on the asset class since September. “Concerns over commercial [and] office real estate are driving growing anxiety over the sector.”
View more market insight on https://www.ainvest.com/.
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2023.03.22 11:27 Raptor013 [OC] New World Order - Chapter Twenty One

The latest Chapter for the on going story, New World Order is now available for everyone's viewing. It can also be found at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13535599/21/New-World-Order

‘Did you really have to threaten to open fire on one of your fellow countrymen?’ I hear Jensen ask via an overhead speaker.
“Jensen,” I start, wincing slightly as I readjust my position in the makeshift bed, I had been forced into despite my many protests, “I don’t make threats. If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll make it happen.”
‘That doesn’t help,’ Jensen replies, ‘It also doesn’t help that you delivered that statement to an Enlisted Officer.’
“He’s lucky that’s all I did,” I reply, “Mark was a self-entitled bully back when we were at school. And his attitude certainly hasn’t improved based on our brief encounter the other day.”
‘They’ve lodged an official complaint,’ Jensen states, ‘Apparently they want know why a Nazi flagged ship entered the harbour, threatened the Coast Guard and then simply sailed off.’
“They don’t want to know anything about the attempted air raid, or the battle just off the coast that repelled that air raid?” I ask.
‘There is no mention anywhere in their complaint of seeing any aircraft above the harbour,’ Jensen replies, ‘Although they are also wanting to know about the mystery figure they spotted skating around one of the islands in the harbour.’
“Out of interest,” I ask, “Has anyone from the Chinese Government made a statement about this?”
‘Not officially,’ Jensen answers, ‘Although there have been some back-channel discussions. From what they have disclosed to us, they did witness the air raid and the defensive actions your fleet took. As to their inaction. They were unable to verify our warning to them in time to be able to raise the warning with their boats.’
“That entire engagement lasted almost two hours,” I say shaking my head in disbelief, “If they want answers, I’ll answer them if they can tell me why their only response was to send a single Coast Guard cutter out to investigate.”
‘As I said,’ Jensen begins, ‘They make no mention of seeing any of this in their complaint.’
“Then they are either covering it up, are incompetent or both,” I state, “The lack of action from the Chinese ships that were in the harbour can probably be explained as not wanting to start an International Incident. But I’m not buying the story that no one else saw what was going on that morning.”
‘It certainly does seem that someone is trying to cover this up,’ Jensen agrees, ‘However, without a full investigation into what happened, it’s your word against theirs. And being as you withdrew from the area almost as soon as the battle was over you can see why it doesn’t look good.’
“They’ll have a hard time explaining away all the evidence from the battlefield,” I say, “The boys at the lab are going to be busy for a while documenting everything.”
‘What evidence?’ Jensen asks.
“Well aside from numerous parts from the aircraft that attacked Darwin,” I begin, “The reason I withdrew as fast as I could was, we were able to recover one of the enemy boats.”
‘Have you learned anything about how they work?’ Jensen asks.
“I haven’t been aboard,” I admit, “I’ve been confined to bedrest for the last week.”
‘Its not like you to follow doctors’ orders,’ Jensen comments, ‘You normally ignore most medical advice.’
“What doctor?” I ask, “I still have to be given the all clear from the medical team once we get back to Midway.”
‘Sounds serious,’ Jensen replies, ‘What happened?’
“A concussion of some sort and what I believe to be at least two broken ribs,” I answer, “The ship came under direct attack and Eugen was forced to make some rapid course changes, which sent me bouncing through a hatchway on my way to the deck.”
‘So how long until you reach Midway?’ Jensen inquires.
“Probably two weeks at best guess,” I reply, “Between the slow speed we need to maintain due to having a heavily damaged ship under tow and the rough weather down here it’s making for a slow return voyage.”
‘Well keep in briefed,’ Jensen comments before I hear the audible click as the phone connection ends.
As the skies slowly began to illuminate marking the start of another day, I found myself out on deck during one of the rare moments I had been allowed to leave my quarters.
In the distance the outline of the main laboratory building came into view as Eugen skilfully navigating her ship around the atoll towards the area reserved for offshore mooring of large ships that visited Midway.
As the ship rounded the western most edge of the atoll, the details of the upgrades the team had been working on became apparent. The barge which had been used to transport the huge generator from Darwin had been beached not far from the main power station.
Another larger building had also started to take shape not far from the main laboratories although its purpose was lost on me given the last reports, I had read indicated that we were only using around sixty percent of the facilities storage and research spaces and under forty percent of the living areas.
“It would seem that the team has been busy in our absence,” I comment aloud.
As I say this the rising sun clears the top of the main building, bathing the waters around the atoll in light. Taking in the sight I spy Bogue’s ship moored in the distance. My gaze is soon captured however as in the growing light across the waves a pair of large, heavily armed gun boats lay at anchor.
As Eugen slows her ship and in the near distance I hear the rattle of numerous anchor chains, I take in the details of the closest ship. From the stern flag post a white flag with a red pattern hangs limp in the still morning.
As I scan across the length of the ship, I take note of the numerous sets of gun turrets spread along the length of the main deck from just below the bridge structure running back to just ahead of the number four main battery.
My attention however is soon drawn away to the second of the gun boats, this ship despite from the distance appearing to be slightly smaller in size projected more fear despite fact that like the other ships anchored around the atoll was simply floating at anchor in the low morning swells.
I put the additional sense of projected fear down to the fact that the entire ship appeared to be painted in a flat black paint from the waterline all the way to the very top of the super structure. The only hint of another colour was the flag hanging from the stern post.
“Do you have any lingering effects from the hit to your head?” the doctor asks.
“No,” I reply with a shake of my head, “The headaches cleared up about three days after. The burly vision and ringing in my ears cleared up around the same time.”
“Well,” the doctor says turning off the torch he had been using a moment before, “I’d say you have a minor concussion. But if you aren’t suffering any of the after effects now, you should be fine to return to your regular duties. As for your ribs.” He continues turning to a scan pinned to a light board on the wall. “They are healing well. But you definitely broke two. There’s not much else we can do to speed up your recovery there. Just take it easy.”
“That’s easier said than done,” I retort sarcastically.
“Yes,” the doctor agrees, “You do have a habit of being right where the action is.”
“Speaking of action,” I say changing the subject, “What have I missed here?”
“A lot,” the doctor admits, “However the Professor said he’ll brief you once we were finished here.”
Five minutes later, after the doctor signed off on my medical reports, I enter the main research room to find the Professor sitting in front of his usual multi monitor setup rapidly scrolling through an endless stream of what appeared to be computer code from a distance. “Pull up a chair Nathan,” he says, “We’ve got a lot to discuss.”
“It would seem so,” I answer remaining standing a short distance away next to a table littered with pages of reports. “Can we begin with an update from the Global Explorer. Surely Jim has reported in by now?”
“He sent a pair of video data folders yesterday,” Professor Strickland answers, “Two separate files he says are from two different locations. He labelled them with the co-ordinates.”
“Anything interesting in the videos?” I ask.
“Plenty if you’re interest lies in the contour of the ocean floor,” Strickland answers with a slight chuckle, “But aside from that. Nothing of importance. I still don’t know why you sent him to either of those locations.”
“Because I needed to confirm a theory,” I reply, “Both of those sites he checked out are where the wrecks of the Akagi and Kaga were found.”
“And that proves a theory?” Strickland asks.
“It certainly lends a lot of support to my theory,” I reply, “Whoever is behind the attacks out at sea has been testing us. Well testing our military at the very least. So far, they’ve employed tactics from our history against us, and are using weapons from our past against us as well.”
“To what end though?” Strickland asks, “None of that makes any sense.”
“I agree,” I say, “But look carefully at what we know. Pearl Harbour was attacked in very similar fashion to how the Japanese did at the start of the Pacific War. And what do we find floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but a ship that matches perfectly to one of the very ships that was involved in the original battle. A ship that by rights should be on the bottom of the Pacific a couple of hundred nautical miles away from this atoll.”
“But we still don’t know the who or the what,” Strickland insists, “We also don’t know how far this goes?”
“I think we can safely say it goes as far as every ocean on the planet,” I reply, “I’m certainly no expert when it comes to warfare. But whoever is behind this is playing for keeps. They’ve already openly attacked at American Naval Base, a British Fleet out at sea and conducted two Air Raids on major ports in Australia. Plus, there’s enough evidence to believe they ambushed an American Fleet as well.”
“So, your theory is that we are at war with an unknown enemy?” Strickland presses.
“Yes,” I answer, “So far though. I believe they have only been testing our abilities. Otherwise, this would be on every news network around the globe. Right now, the only reason we know anything is through sheer luck.”
“It would seem that you are not alone in thinking that,” Strickland admits, “One of our newest arrivals is of the same opinion.”
“Yes,” I begin, “I meant to ask earlier about the two ships anchored off the atoll. Care to fill me in on that?”
“Do you remember the briefing before you left,” Strickland says, “Where we covered our theory on what those cubes we keep finding are.”
“I remember,” I reply, “The theory is that they contain data of some sort. Only the scanners could not complete the scans due to overheating.”
“The new generator solved that problem,” Strickland announces proudly, “With the extra power, we were able to stabilize the power supply and run additional cooling. We’ve also been able to read quite a few of those cubes now. We found a few of them to be blank however.”
“Blank?” I ask.
“Yes,” Strickland confirms, “Blank. Nothing on them at all. So, one of the junior programmers wondered what would happen if we tried to load data into a cube.”
“What sort of data?” I ask in a worried tone.
“It started off simple,” Strickland admits, “The team transferred about a dozen different ship designs into a couple of cubes. Then transferred data about various types of weapon systems, radars, tactical data from reports that we obtained from Jensen.”
“Does Jensen know about that?” I ask.
“He said it was okay,” Strickland answers, “He said most of the reports were public knowledge already and those that weren’t, were not subject to any privacy laws.”
“Okay, so now we have a bunch of cubes that contain technical and tactical data,” I say, “How does any of that equal two ships anchored off shore?”
“We subjected some of them to a large electrical charge,” Strickland answers simply.
“You didn’t,” I say feeling the colour drain from my face at the prospect.
“We sure did,” Strickland admits, “In fact your timing is perfect. Our first arrival from those experiments has just arrived.”
Turning towards the door, I notice a tall woman with long brown hair step through the open door to the lab. As she makes her way towards us a feeling of familiarity hits me. Everything about her appearance feels oddly like someone I had met before. From the prominent fox-like ears, numerous tails lazily waving behind her, even the style in how she wore her hair.
Then it hit me. Aside from the lighter shade of colour in her hair and the more modest choice of clothing, she nearly was identical in appearance to Akagi. Someone who for the last several weeks had barely been out of my presence as she had insisted on making certain I had remained in the makeshift medical bay to recover from the injuries I had sustained during the battle.
“Please forgive my lateness, Professor,” she says in a voice that despite its calm nature, hints that should the occasion require, could dominate the room. “I lost track of the time studying the history papers you gave me.”
“No need for apologies,” Strickland replies, “I was just briefing the Captain on the latest progress the research team had been making.”
Turning to me, “Allow me to introduce our senior Captain, Nathan Harrison. He oversees our research ships and is one of the teams leading theoretical researchers.” Strickland announces, “Nathan, this is Amagi. Her presence here is the result of one of the experiments I mentioned a moment ago.”
“A pleasure to meet you,” I say with a smile.
“The Professor has spoken of you often,” Amagi says, “He mentioned that you lead from the front and take a very hands-on approach to the projects you oversee.”
“I certainly try to keep myself busy,” I reply, “Being able to have full control of the ship certainly makes the research side of my job easier given I have a greater control over the variables.”
Amagi nods silently in agreement.
“Would I be correct in assuming that the larger of the two cruisers anchored off shore is yours?” I enquire.
“You assume correctly,” Amagi replies, “Are you familiar with Japanese Naval History, Captain?”
“I have a very limited knowledge when it comes to naval history or even tactics for that matter,” I admit, “However I’m certainly learning a lot recently given the events of the past several months.”
“From how the Professor explained my arrival here and the arrival of the other members of the fleet,” Amagi explains, “It would seem that the cubes used in my creation have taken the form from my original design.”
“Your original design?” I ask.
“My ship was original designed to be a battle cruiser, before an attempted conversion to an aircraft carrier was halted due to my hull being badly damaged,” Amagi replies.
Before I can reply, the phone on the table beside the Professor buzzes. Picking it up, the Professor listens in silence before speaking, “We’ll be over in the minute.”
“Problem?” I ask seeing the worried look on the Professors face.
“Maybe,’ he replies, “The radio guys are picking up a radio call from the Global Explorer. They say it sounds like a distress call.”
Crossing the room to where one of the team’s radio operators was listening closely through a headset. As we approached, he held up a hand to prevent any of us from speaking. After a brief pause, he removed the headset and turned to face us. “I have cleaned up the recording as much as possible. But there is a lot of static.”
“Play it,” Strickland says.
‘Glo..l Explorer .. Midway. Encount.. hostile ….. Attack.. Sink… Host… head… fo. Mi..ay. Se..nt..n hour. No..h w.st. R.n’
Sharing a look with the Professor as I mentally replayed the message in my head filling it the blanks with the most logical word. As I realized the full message my eyes widened in shock. Going to the nearest computer and sliding the operator out of the way, I rapidly log into the facility’s secure server.
As the opening page loads on the monitor, I take note of the spinning icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Double clicking on the icon, my worst fears are confirmed. “The Global Explorer is dumping its logs onto the server,” I report.
“What does that mean?” I hear Amagi ask in confusion.
“It’s the last action taken before abandoning ship,” I reply, “It’s either manually activated by one of the senior crew before they leave the bridge, or automatically triggered if the ships internal sensors detect multiple compartments flooding.”
“Any chance that it’s a false alarm?” the Professor asks.
“None,” I reply, scrolling through the data logs, barely giving them time to finish loading before moving to the next. “I don’t know what happened out there. But the engine room temperature spiked to over a thousand degrees before dropping down to eleven. Both the forward cargo compartment and rear loading deck compartment sensors are indicating flooding. And the trim sensors are showing a forty-degree list to starboard.”
Looking away from the computer and taking a deep breath to compose my thoughts, “That and the radio message,” I say, “It was definitely Jim. He clearly said hostile and attack and that whoever they were, are headed this way.”
Standing in the conference room fifteen minutes later, the realization that with the apparent loss of the Global Explorer and the loss of the Intrepid and the very real possibility of a hostile enemy closing in on Midway, the team stationed here had lost both main pre-planned escape options we had prepared for in situations that required the rapid evacuation of the atoll.
Behind me I hear various people entering the conference room and taking a seat. As the scrapping of chairs being moved dies down, I turn to face those gathered. Before I can speak, a couple of late arrivals step in through the open door.
The final member of this group is a young woman with short, light peach coloured hair. Who on seeing me, turned away from the group and ran straight for me. On reaching me she wrapped both arms around me drawing me into a tight embrace.
“I see you’ve met Roon,” I hear the Professor call from the doorway as he enters the room.
“So it would seem,” I struggle to reply, “I take it she is the second result of your experiments,” I add.
“Yes,” Strickland replies joining me at the front of the room, “It would seem that she’s a hugger.”
“Would it be possible to have my body back please?” I ask.
Slowly releasing me, Roon steps back, before silently re-joining the others seated in the room.
“I think she likes you,” The Professor comments.
“What makes you say that?” I ask gently feeling my ribs which feel like they are on fire.
“The fact she followed your request,” Strickland answers, “You’re the first who’s been able to get through to her.”
“That’s great,” I mutter sarcastically, “We just need to work on her introductions then. I swear she just re-broke my ribs.”
“If its any consolation,” Strickland begins, “Her combat prowess is second to none based on what little we’ve learned to date.”
Shaking me head in quiet disbelief at the Professor’s continued unyielding push for results rather than showing any concern for how those results were obtained. I scanned the room to find that everyone was looking in my direction.
Everyone save for Akagi. Who was staring through narrowed eyes towards Roon sitting a few rows away.
Clearing my throat, “As some of you may already know. We have received a warning of a possible hostile enemy that is heading straight for us,” I explain, “To those of you who are in senior positions. I need you to wind up any work your departments are working on. And execute our evacuation protocols.”
“Where are we going?” someone from the back of the room calls out.
“The team will evacuate towards Hawaii,” I reply, “There they will either report in to the Navy Yard. Or if advised carry on to the main land.”
As I finish this brief explanation. Over half of those gathered, stand up and walk out to begin the evacuation. As the door closes behind the last of them Professor Strickland speaks up, “Do you really intend to run?”
Looking across at the Professor I reply, “I intend for you and the others to run. In case the rest of us fail to stop the enemy from reaching Midway.”
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2023.03.22 09:23 No_Mix_537 Mother in law hoarding issues

My mother in law recently moved in about a month ago, she has been a hoarder for more than 25 years and is slowly but surely starting to hoard in my tiny 2 bedroom Apt We are letting her use our kids room and I’ve kindly asked her to keep it clean and minimal but it’s starting to look worst. She is grieving the loss of my father in law and I’ve tried being patient, kind, and understanding with her but it’s taking a toll on my mental health as I am a major clean freak and worried it’s just going to get worst. She shreds boxes of old papers all day and wanted to tell her that’s not allowed here anymore because it’s getting messy but don’t know if I am being to hard on her as I mentioned she is grieving. She has kids out of state with large homes and extra space for her and the plan was for her to stay for two weeks with us then leave temporarily with them until we’re able to buy a house this year and provide her with her own room but she’s been here for almost a month and wants to do lots of yard sales here as her storages are close by so idk when she’ll want to leave because I feel like deep down she just wants to be close to her things in the storages. I truly do care about her but Idk what to do at this point . Should I speak up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.22 08:33 Billy_Carpenter Edu's BBQ: How Arsenal smashed Crystal Palace — Inside the 4-1 romp, including looks at the suffocating 2-3-5, the Saka-Martinelli connection, White's clinic, the set piece quandary, and Partey's debut at right-back

Edu's BBQ: How Arsenal smashed Crystal Palace — Inside the 4-1 romp, including looks at the suffocating 2-3-5, the Saka-Martinelli connection, White's clinic, the set piece quandary, and Partey's debut at right-back
Behold! A few dubious observations from the reassuring 4-1 win against Palace!
[As a reminder, you can subscribe here to get this bullshit in your inbox every week.]

The retro 2-3-5

A football pitch is a flat rectangle, but time is a flat circle. In tactics, as in fashion, what is old is new again.
In his yearslong project, Arteta has gradually and then suddenly shifted the Arsenal shape, inverting the full-backs to flank Thomas Partey, and pushing Xhaka up into the frontline to join the attackers. This generally brings the team together in a highly modern 2-3-5 attacking setup.
This was, of course, the very first formation adopted en masse, as chronicled in Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics:
There is a widespread belief … that the 2-3-5 was first played by Cambridge University in 1883, but there is evidence to suggest they may have been using the system as much as six years before that … Certainly Wrexham were employing a center-half when they faced the Druids in the Welsh Cup Final in 1878.
Here’s a lineup sheet from 1887:
For the next 35 years or so, the “Pyramid” formation remained king, thanks in no small part to the success of Preston North End in the 1880s. Traditionalists at the time shared their outrage over the formation. Their ire wasn’t about the number of players committed forward, but the gall of these newfangled teams to leave two players back to defend. One poor Scottish club caught shit in the local paper for only putting nine players forward in attack.
In other words: much like Antonio Conte burning his bridges on the way out, the 2-3-5 is true #footballheritage.
The Arsenal have used the shape to devastating effect this year. One of the key reasons behind their success is the concept of “rest defence,” which Tifo explained brilliantly here, and we’ve talked a lot about over the course of the season. As the video posits, a simple way to look at this concept is by asking: “how prepared are you in the attacking phase to deal with a shift to defending?” For Arsenal, the answer is usually splendidly: the team is simultaneously able to maintain maximum width in attack with the front-5, and maximum narrowness with those behind (generally in a 2-3 shape).
It’s incredibly frustrating to play against, and directly led to the first goal against Palace.
At 26’, the team is in their usual attacking shape, with 5 in the front and 3 behind. There have been some rotations (Ødegaard and Saka have flipped, and Martinelli has made a central cut), and Ødegaard fires in a cross.
Palace does an effective job of gaining position and getting the ball, then clearing it. Home free, one would think…
Nope. Holding runs up from the backline, and the team swarms Édouard. He dishes it back to Doucouré. Home free again:
Nope. Ødegaard immediately runs at Doucouré and separates him from the ball:
Partey then runs up and plays the loose ball to a cutting Ødegaard in space:
…but he overhits it by a smidge, and Guéhi steps up and intercepts it. Home free again. Guéhi plays it up to Zaha to get rid of it, but uh-oh, somebody’s waiting there, too:
…aaaand that’s intercepted, as well:
From there, White plays it up to Saka, who crosses it to Martinelli, who slams it home.
One of the first concepts you learn as a kid is the idea of creating space while attacking, and generating compactness when defending. You may remember hearing coaches yell something like “SPREAD!” as soon as you won possession and “SQUEEZE!” as soon as you lost it.
Arsenal’s shape allows them to do both at the same time. The same reasons that early football teams were drawn to it — a fundamental ability to sustain attacks while minimizing vulnerability in the middle on the counter — are the same reasons it’s working today.
It’s claustrophobic, relentless, and dispiriting.

Saka ❤️ Martinelli

Speaking of the first goal, here was the eventual assist:
In the post-game interview, Martinelli was asked how much he loves playing with Saka, and here’s what he had to say:
“A lot! He is a great guy. Not just him, but the whole team, we are a family. Bukayo has been playing so well. He’s a brilliant player and I just love to play with him.”
Judging by the stats, the feeling is mutual.
Given that the two stars line up at opposite ends of the pitch, they may make a bit of an underrated duo when collaborating directly.
To investigate, I was messing around with Ninad Barbadikar’s new shotmap tool in Tableau, and pulled up Martinelli.
Point thine eyes to the top-right, and you’ll see that Saka has assisted 15 of Martinelli’s shots, the most of any Arsenal teammate — by some margin:
Together, they have combined for 37 G+A. They’re both younger than Kiwior. And they’re both secured for the long term.
Not bad.

Unexpected rotations FTW

Which brings us to the second goal. If you happen to read these things weekly, you’ll notice a recurring theme. Arsenal goals are so often created after a player takes initiative to begin an unexpected set of rotations.
I’d encourage you to watch this sequence in full. After a ridiculous control touch by Zinchenko on the right, then one of those winding muscular gaited dribbles by Ødegaard, the ball is switched over to Gabriel on the left.
Now, Palace was pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of how low they chose to play against Arsenal — pretty negatively, to be sure, but with some semblance of a press here and there.
When teams play low, one of the key tools at the attacking team’s disposal is the center-back dribble. It carries real risk, but it’s often a worthwhile transaction: the opponent is forced to choose between letting the CB through (and making it easy for him to find a decisive pass) or standing up and marking him (and risk getting bent out of shape). I associate these dribbles with Joël Matip, who is proactive about unsettling settled blocks.
Gabriel did this here. He saw the left half-space vacated, and forced the issue by dribbling through it, and laying the ball off to Xhaka on the LW:
….now look at the screenshot below. Gabriel joins the front 5, the standard Arsenal attacking line. But because he’s an unexpected entrant — “What da hell is a polor bear doin in Arlington texas he draws two defenders towards him, leaving Xhaka open to cut on the left. Zinchenko, like Ødegaard, does a brilliant job of masking his body-shape to play it into space:
…this leads to the dangerous Xhaka cross, which Saka corrals and then brings back into play.
He does a 1-2 with White, leaves poor Zaha in the dust, and scores as every Arsenal player calls for the ball:
After that was a VAR check, a kickoff, and a ferocious high-press. Within eight seconds of going up 2-0, Arsenal had created another good opportunity — Trossard had options all around him before opting to shoot:
No rest for the weary.

The evolution of Benjamin White

Benjamin White was probably Arsenal’s most consistent performer before the World Cup break. That consistency has largely stayed in tact, but in a couple matches since — Manchester United, even Sporting CP last week — it’s easy to conclude that fatigue was showing up in spurts.
But a few tired games may have clouded the overall picture, which is that White’s technique, dynamism, and wide 1v1 defending are all on upward trajectories.
The Palace game gives us a perfect opportunity to reflect on this. In August, White made his first start at right-back for Arsenal. He was relentlessly targeted, largely against Zaha on the wing, having to initiate 23 defensive duels in all, the most of his career (which is surprising, given his time under Bielsa). He succeeded through tireless effort and smart positioning, but it always felt a bit of a high-wire act.
Everything has felt more controlled since. But the true improvements have been through his cutting edge as a passer. On the left, you can see White’s passing range and stats from Sunday. On the right was his game against the same opponent back in August:
Some of this should be caveated, as Arsenal played a more dominant game in possession overall. But White contributed to that, of course, and had a blinder of a game, notching an assist and a pre-assist. More than that, his interplay with Saka is looking more dangerous by the week, while his crosses are getting lower, stronger, and more incisive (instead of the pick-and-pop variety that we saw so much of in the first half of the year)
Just last week, he played it to his off-foot and cut a perfect far-post cross to Martinelli, which forced an excellent Leno save:
It would have been nice to have Tomiyasu to spell him down the stretch, but moving forward, White is one of the big winners of a once-a-week schedule.

Set piece shambles

Despite the beautiful display, a familiar concern resurfaced after White hilariously booted the ball into the stands: corner defending.
Schlupp outmuscled the skipper, Gabriel got a bit boxed out by both of them, and the clean sheet was disappointingly no more:
Set pieces are a unique wrestling match all to their own, and I’m likely to devote an upcoming deep-dive piece to them specifically. In the meantime, I went back and took some quick notes on some of the corner goals that Arsenal have conceded to date, in an effort to identify patterns:
  • CRYSTAL PALACE (19 March): See above.
  • SPORTING CP (9 March): Kiwior doesn’t jump after a potential Matt Turner call.
  • BOURNEMOUTH (3 March): Partey just loses Senesi for an easy header to go up 2-0.
  • EVERTON (2 February): Tarkowski goal, and this is probably the one to study most. Ødegaard is again isolated on a beast. It’s Jorginho against Onana, Ødegaard against Tarkowski. Saliba gets muscled for position.
  • UNITED (22 January): Tomiyasu runs into Ramsdale, and Lisandro Martinez heads it home with his head bandage on.
  • JUVENTUS (friendly): Short corner, Xhaka header own goal. Just unfortunate, not a big deal.
  • PSV (27 October): Luuk de Jong gets isolated on Tierney (who doesn’t jump), Holding goes up without marking a man, and Ramsdale is boxed out and misses his punch.
  • VILLA (31 August): Ramsdale gets tackled and Douglas Luiz curls it in. Super cool, very legal.
As I said, I’ll look to study this a bit more. But after watching them back, here are my initial impressions:
  1. Arsenal has a delicate ratio of Big Guys. When a lineup features, say, Trossard, Martinelli, Saka, Zinchenko, Jorginho, and Ødegaard — it’s too easy for a team to isolate one of their beasts on a smaller adversary. In a case like Everton, they’ll have big guys match up with the likes of Saliba and Gabriel; then, they’ll have big guys to spare against the Jorginhos and Ødegaards. The skipper is so good at throwing his weight around in advanced defending but can get thrown off-balance on corners with relative ease.
  2. There are probably three cases of ineffective communication between the keeper and his defender: Turner and Kiwior against Sporting; Ramsdale and Tomiyasu tangling against United; and Ramsdale missing a punch and getting boxed out against PSV. The commands may need updating and more indoctrination.
  3. Saliba and Holding can still run into problems with jockeying for the ball instead of winning position first.
  4. When they’re not in the zone of the aerial duel, I’m not sure Arsenal defenders join Ramsdale on the backline quite enough (see Holding above).
As far as other potential solutions go, that’ll probably be for another post. That’s all I got on this for now.

Introducing right-back Thomas Partey

One of the more interesting developments of the game was seeing who filled in at right-back once White came off: none other than Thomas Partey.
We even got a rare sight. A Thomas Overlap:
This was his first time doing so at Arsenal, but the Wyscout data tabulates about 1,000 minutes at the position over the course of his career.
I went back and watched some of his tape in the position, and it went about as you’d expect. He scored a goal on a give-and-go in his debut in the position back in 2017, and then started there across La Liga, Champions League, Europa League (against us) and Copa del Rey. The most I watched was in a 2-0 loss to Barcelona in 2019, where he played 56 minutes and won 12-of-17 duels, effectively zeroing out the left-wing as a Simeone defender (but I didn’t watch the whole thing, so that view may be incomplete). As a silly way of looking at it, I see his WhoScored rating is 7.41 in starts at RB, compared to 6.93 overall.
Now, hear my bullshit idle speculation (sue me, it’s the international break). My ears perked up whenever I heard that a desired Moisés Caicedo signing would not impact a move for Declan Rice in the summer. Looking at that potential midfield — Partey, Caicedo, Rice, Ødegaard, Xhaka, Vieira, ESR, potentially Trossard, now Jorginho, and I’ll even throw in Sambi to the mix — one has to assume that Arteta has a plan for incorporating them (or otherwise, shipping them off).
While it’s possible there could be some unexpected departures, my hunch is that one (or more) of those players may be slated for more creative utilization, and the full-back position may be a good place to do it: it is, after all, pretty fundamentally a midfield position in this setup. Could Arteta envision a Caicedo or even a Thomas providing actual depth there once the midfield depth chart gets properly stacked? I don’t know. Maybe. But Sunday gave us no reason to fully discount that notion.
Maybe I’m overthinking — who, me? — so here’s a simpler way to look at it in the short-term: if you give Arteta even the slightest chance to play Jorginho, he’ll probably do it. In lieu of actual cover for White at right-back, an emergency Zinchenko/Jorginho/Thomas “3” is entertainingly press-resistant.

Final notes

Let’s bring it home:
  • An interesting corollary to the Thomas-at-RB thing is that the team didn’t opt to go for a 5-back as they had early in the season. Arteta was a little bit more flexible with formations in the opening months, popping Holding into the backline to protect late leads, and sometimes moving to a bit of a 3-5-2 (with Nkeitah and Jesus up top) when chasing goals. The results were mixed at best. It was somewhat disastrous in the first United match; it worked when completing a 2-1 comeback against Fulham the first go-around; and didn’t produce results against S’oton. It has, by and large, melted away. The shape is the shape is the shape.
  • Holding was magnificent, particularly when pushing forward to break up play in the midfield. His touches were crisp (hitting 9 of 10 long-balls!), and he was great in the air when they hoofed it long (winning 7-of-10 overall). He’s likely to face more direct on-ball pressure in the games to come, not to mention teams who can more reliably generate chances, but apprised himself quite well in the meantime. Sure, he’s no Saliba. He shouldn’t be expected to be.
  • Zinchenko’s upfield defending deserves all the plaudits that it gets, but he had a ruthlessly efficient game on Sunday: passing at a 96.1% clip and putting on a defensive masterclass against Olise everywhere on the pitch. That’s a tricky mark, and Zinchenko looked like, well, Tierney.
  • Speaking of Tierney, was so happy to see that head-up assist. Everything about his appearance looked strong to me.
  • Xhaka looks to be returning to his early-season self. It’s hard to project chemistry, but he and Trossard really seem to have a mindmeld going in these early days, and it’s a lot of fun to see.
  • We’ve mentioned it a couple times around these parts, but Kiwior really does seem to have that extra something talent-wise. Arsenal can afford to be patient with him.
  • Here’s a concern I never touched on after the loss to Sporting CP. The 2-3-5 rest defence that we talk about above can hide a lot of Jorginho’s deficiencies. He can still get dribbled around, but is active, and when surrounded by other narrow defenders, can be quite effective. The problem, as everyone knows, is his speed, which is probably in the 40th percentile… of referees. Something I saw Sporting CP do to exploit this was to play out of the back, drawing Arsenal defenders upfield, which allowed them to then isolate on Jorginho in space. Pedro Gonçalves, who was playing central midfield but has wingstriker capabilities, could sprint into lanes to his heart’s delight and they could play long-balls to him like a true attacker. It was smarter than simply hoofing it long, and something that’ll have to be watched in upcoming Jorginho appearances.
  • Saka, Saka, Saka, Saka. In conclusion: Saka.
Finally, let’s hear it for that Rob Holding striker audition. You can never have too much depth.
Next up, I’m working on a piece with some ideas of players who Arsenal can target in the summer market in the back-four, particularly long-term options at RCB and FB. Given the performances of Holding and Tierney on Sunday, it feels spectacularly ill-timed. I never said I knew what I was doing.
Be good out there.
Get well, Tomi.
And happy grilling. 🔥
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