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2023.06.09 15:25 NimbleThor 5 Quick tl;dr iOS Game Reviews / Recommendations (Episode 179)

Happy Friday, everyone! :) Welcome to my weekly thread of mobile gaming recommendations based on some of the most interesting games I played and that were covered on MiniReview this week. I hope you'll enjoy the read.
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This episode includes an awesome old-school RPG NetHack variant, a beautiful arcade bullet-hell shooter, a relaxing puzzle game, a popular chess app, and a casual tower defense game.
New to these posts? Check out the first one from 179 weeks ago here.

Let's get to the games:

GnollHack [Game Size: 1.1 GB] (Free)

Genre: RPG / Roguelike - Offline
Orientation: Landscape + Portrait
Required Attention: Full
tl;dr review by JBMessin:
Gnollhack is a fun variant of the famous roguelike “Nethack” designed specifically for mobile. In comparison to the original game, it features numerous quality-of-life changes, both ASCII and graphical tiles for the dungeon floors, and even voice acting.
A major advantage over other Nethack variants is Gnollhack’s large and intuitive UI. The most used commands are available on our main screen, and everything else is just a tap away and presented with clear and noticeable icons. The UI may look more cluttered than most modern mobile games, but it’s a big step up in comparison to many Nethack-based games.
What's also great about Gnollhack is that it's easier in the beginning than it is towards the end, which is completely different from Nethack and its other mobile variants. This makes it perfect for those that aren't familiar with the genre’s unforgiving gameplay and crazy learning curve.
The graphical ground tiles are impressive for a game genre where the archaic ASCII art style is typically preferred. The character and enemy sprites are also well-made and even presented according to creature size, which means larger enemies actually have larger sprites. Lastly, it’s much easier to navigate our inventory in Gnollhack than in most similar games since our weapons, armor, wands, etc. are actually presented visually.
The biggest downside to Gnollhack is its 1+ GB size, which isn’t massive by AAA standards but is ridiculously large for a Nethack variant. It's also heavy on battery usage, although that is to be expected with gameplay where so much is going on at all times.
Gnollhack is completely free without ads or iAPs. Overall, despite its few flaws, it’s a fantastic introduction to the brutality that is Nethack.
App Store Beta (TestFlight): Here

Wavecade [Total Game Size: 221 MB] ($2.99)

Genre: Arcade / Bullet-Hell - Online + Offline
Orientation: Landscape + Portrait
Required Attention: Full
tl;dr review by Solitalker:
Wavecade is a beautiful retro-styled roguelike arcade space shooter where we control the speed of time and destroy waves of incoming space blocks to score as many points as possible.
As we dodge and swerve our way through the 80's retro-inspired neon space, our ship automatically fires at any blocks in sight.
But this is where it gets interesting, because if we pull our ship toward the bottom of the screen, time slows down, allowing us to precisely maneuver away from projectiles and environmental space hazards. Pushing forward toward the top of the screen speeds up time beyond 100%, with greater points and rewards the faster we’re traveling.
After each run, experience gained unlocks new ranks that let us customize our ship. Cosmetics and new abilities can be configured and equipped before starting a new run, and even the appearance of the blocks we're facing can be customized to our liking.
A wide variety of powerups and weapons can be found throughout each run, leading to some wonderfully overpowered moments of total destruction. But some buffs and abilities are so effective that blocks don’t even make it on screen before they're destroyed, which is a little disappointing since we don't get to see the vibrant neon particle-filled explosions.
The touch controls can be frustrating at times. By default, we tap and drag our ship around manually, but this leaves our ship and the area directly around it hidden by our finger during play. Thankfully, the ship can be offset in the settings, or a virtual joystick can be enabled.
The visual and audio experience of Wavecade is incredibly satisfying, and its fantastic soundtrack perfectly fits the aesthetics.
For $2.99 on iOS with no additional monetization, it’s a very enjoyable arcade shoot ‘em up with relatively quick runs and a rewarding high-score system.
App Store: Here

Down in Bermuda [Game Size: 513 MB] ($5.99)

Genre: Puzzle / Casual - Offline
Orientation: Landscape
Required Attention: Some
tl;dr review by AlexSem:
Down in Bermuda is a cute isometric puzzle adventure from the creators of “Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise”, where we explore the mysteries of a secluded island by participating in a series of brain-testing puzzle activities.
Each level consists of a large 3D island that we can freely observe from all sides in search of interactive objects, mini-games, and puzzle clues. We need to click, swipe, and drag said objects in a specific sequence to complete each puzzle, and the key to success lies in attentiveness, a bit of luck, and sometimes clicking all the suspicious spots in the hope that something meaningful happens.
We also get to meet local inhabitants and help them with their problems – all while searching for a way to escape the island. The puzzles in each scene can be solved in any order, but we still need to finish certain scenarios to proceed in the game.
A huge portion of the gameplay revolves around finding and gathering all the glowing stars hidden in each level. While we can use a handy star map to easily locate them, there is a special achievement if we manage to succeed without its help.
We may also find special keys used to open advanced parts of the puzzles on previous islands, so a bit of backtracking is required to complete the game 100%. Other than that, the game progresses in a linear fashion, which can be disappointing for hardcore puzzle fans, but is perfect for casual play.
Down in Bermuda is a premium game without ads or iAPs that costs $5.99 on iOS. Despite being rather short, it provides an engaging puzzle-solving experience that I’m sure anyone fond of high-quality mobile adventure games will appreciate.
App Store: Here

lichess [Game Size: 137 MB] (Free)

Genre: Board / Casual / Chess - Online + Offline
Orientation: Portrait + Landscape
Required Attention: Full
tl;dr review by jurij:
lichess is a free open-source chess app with zero ads and nothing hidden behind a paywall.
The app is fast and simple. We can start a game in seconds, and since there are very few options and menus, everything is centered around actually playing. It features several online and offline chess variations, but in comparison to the app or the website version of lichess, it still lacks several advanced features.
We also have access to puzzles, game lessons, and some game analysis options, but all of this works much better in the website version.
lichess is the second most popular chess platform after, and if you love chess, you probably already have both installed. lichess is just a tad more outdated overall, but at least we don’t have to live with any paywalled features.
The lichess mobile app is a few years behind the website version in terms of usability – in large part because the mostly volunteer team managing the game is just not focused on the mobile version for some reason. A great example of how rudimentary some parts of the app are is the extremely clunky board editor that looks like it was made in a day and then never updated.
Ultimately, it’s a simple but fully free chess app for serious players that is amazing for starting fast bullet and blitz games. It lacks functionality and varied bots but has everything else you need for a great chess experience.
App Store: Here

Arrow War (Game Size: 130 MB] (Free)

Genre: Tower Defense / Casual - Offline
Orientation: Landscape
Required Attention: Little (semi-idle)
tl;dr review by NimbleThor:
Arrow War is a casual and silly castle defense game where we manage a group of archers firing arrows at the waves of incoming enemies that try to seize our tower.
Starting with just a single archer, we must equip it with new bows, upgrade existing ones, enhance the skills of the bow, and much more to grow stronger. As we progress, we unlock more archers, each of which we need to manage in the same way.
Every wave takes a few minutes to complete, after which we’re taken back to our base, where we can upgrade our team in different ways, start the next wave, or play other game modes.
During combat, our archers automatically aim at the nearest enemies, while we strategically trigger their skills. So the combat isn’t idle, but it’s an ideal game to play while watching TV or doing something else.
There are a ton of ways to upgrade our archers and castle wall, lots of fun bows to unlock, quests to complete, and areas around our castle to capture so they automatically produce resources for us. Unfortunately, the combat is always the same across all the game modes.
The game features a premium currency, but we earn plenty of it for free, allowing us to buy things such as auto-aim for our main archer. There is technically also an energy system, but we gain so much of it that it’s rarely ever felt. Overall, the progression is nicely balanced for free players, and I haven’t experienced any paywalls.
Unfortunately, the game doesn’t utilize the wide screens of modern smartphones.
Arrow War monetizes via incentivized ads, a few forced ads, and iAPs to grow stronger faster. The iAPs aren’t necessary to progress, but the 5-second forced ads may become annoying. Some of the iAPs remove these ads.
App Store: Here
Special thanks to the Patreon Producers "marquisdan", "Lost Vault", "Farm RPG", and "Mohaimen" who help make these posts possible through their Patreon support <3
Google Sheet of all games I've played so far (searchable and filter-able):
TL;DR Video Summary (with gameplay) of last week's games:
Episode 161 Episode 162 Episode 163 Episode 164 Episode 165 Episode 166 Episode 167 Episode 168 Episode 169 Episode 170 Episode 171 Episode 172 Episode 173 Episode 174 Episode 175 Episode 176 Episode 177 Episode 178
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2023.06.09 15:13 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download

What You Get:

Brand Identity
  • Refining it when it’s obvious
  • What to do when it’s not obvious
  • Being known for one thing
  • Adding personality
  • Adding uniqueness
  • Gearing everything around your goals
Profile Creation
  • How to write the perfect bio
  • Header and profile photos
  • Pinned tweet strategies
  • LinkedIn featured section strategies
  • How to find accounts to network with
  • Replying quantity and strategy
  • When to start DMing
  • How to DM people to sell
  • How to DM people to just be friends
  • Taking relationships off-platform
My 9-Step Universal Writing System
  • Get inspiration (tools and resources included)
  • Pick your angle / big idea
  • Research (tools and resources included)
  • Gather Assets – Photos, information, links, etc
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  • Leveraging your personality and experiences
  • Long-form vs mid-form vs short-form
  • Balancing trust building and engagement farming
  • Twitter giveaways, quasi-giveaways + same for LinkedIn
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Watch Me Build A Brand
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Putting It Together
  • Phase #1: 0 to 1,000 followers
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Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.09 15:12 CR15-V2 Coral Id Confirmation

Coral Id Confirmation
Hello everyone just pooping in cause I got some coral!!! I honestly already know what most of them are but I love talking to the community :) Pom Pom, GSP, Kenya tree, Duncan, I just don’t know the first and the second to last photo
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2023.06.09 15:10 InfoGuruJam WHO IS THE A-HOLE

Need some direction here. I thought it would be fun to bid on abandoned storage units. My husband and I did about 7 units and were done. My second unit I did was in Carlsbad, I’m in Riverside. We rent a U-Haul and head out. When we arrive, we pay the $800, leave a cleaning deposit,(we get back) and they walk you to the unit. You kinda go through and separate the trash to the keep (sell).Nothing here was trash! This was an AMAZING find, but immediately it felt like a huge loss to someone. We go home and start going through it all. It belonged to a military family. The grandfather was a General , graduated the Navel Academy in 1922 Everything you could imagine. From his acceptance letter to his retirement. Along with his stuff, there are two of his military sons items. So I started searching for this family. I couldn’t imagine selling this stuff, or separating it. I just felt it had to be a mistake. Well I found the wife(widow) of one of the men. When I explained what I had found she snapped and said we had the WRONG family! I couldn’t understand but thought ok. Finally I found another family member online. Left a message. Once we spoke, it happen to be the man daughter. The woman on the phone was the widow🫢 but she’s the one that tossed it in storage and didn’t pay! Just to be evil apparently this step mom wasn’t so nice. The daughter seemed generally thankful I found her. I sent her my receipt for the unit. Told her I cared to make no money on this, just to receive the storage $$ I paid for the unit. No problem! Like I said, this could have been a big win for us by auctioning, but if there was a family, that was my goal! We text back and forth, I tell her no hurry at all. Take her time, I knew this was a shock. She text she had a family member die, and was going to Vermont for a funeral and would contact me in a couple days. Well it’s been almost two years now. I finally texted her and let her know how sad I thought it was and thought I’d held it long enough. Finally getting it separated and looking for family info to list along side. An article pops up of his granddaughter!! A novelist( popular book too) what got me?? The photo they used had her sitting in a chair with her General Grandfathers photo above her!!! I’m thinking to myself, wait a minute…. He is your grandpa, you use him in an article, but I am the one that owns all his and his sons military legacies? Was it over the $800 storage fee? I’m out way more then the $800 The uhaul, the gas, a unit for three months, I had to put it in a storage because there was so much, Should I have been out all of it and just gave it to them? Am I the A-HOLE???? And where does an a-hole auction this as one;) Oh and you should all read a book-😂 The Last Samurai ( hint) I hear it’s good 🫢
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2023.06.09 15:06 SnooDonuts2270 How good is apples security? Does apple view my photos or can they?

Does apple keep deleted photos? Does apple have access to delete photos? Can apple see my photos? Can hackers access my photos?
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2023.06.09 14:42 DibstarDeluxe New to grading? Start here!

What is grading and why should I do it?
Grading is the process of submitting your cards to an independent / third party to verify the quality of your cards and encase them in a protective case/slab.
Grading provides confidence for buyers that your cards are genuine, authentic products and buyers will pay a premium for a highly rated / graded card.
What criteria for grading are used?
Grading companies assess cards on 4 parameters / subgrades: surface, edges, corners, centering.
  1. Surface – the overall condition of the front and back of a card as a whole. Things that will affect surface score include print lines, scratches, white dots / print alignment dots, creases in the card.
  2. Edges – the side of the card and whether there is whitening, edge wear or scratches on the side edges of the card.
  3. Corners – the condition of the corners, and is affected by asymmetrical shape, whitening on the corner, creases or wear to the corner.
  4. Centering – how symmetrical the border around the card is and how well centered the art is on the card. Companies will use a ratio to determine what is within acceptable tolerances for each grade score.
These 4 subgrades are then combined into one overall score for the card rated from 1-10 but is not necessarily the average of all 4 ratings – for example if a card gets a 9/10 for corners, edges and centering but a 2/10 for surface it is unlikely to get higher than a 2-4 for overall score because of the importance of surface to visual appeal.
Here are some examples of print lines , edge wear, corner damage, surface damage but if you are unsure then you can post pictures of your card here and someone can advise!
What companies should I use?
The biggest 3 companies in terms of adding value to cards / improving liquidity are PSA / Beckett Grading Services (BGS) / CGC. Smaller companies may be cheaper but typically will not provide as much of a value add if your card is rated highly.
In the US SGC is becoming more popular among Pokémon collectors but still remains more prevalent in sports cards. Internationally, Ace Grading, Tree Frog Grading, Simplygraded and Only Graded are options to consider – they will typically be cheaper to grade with but will not command the same values as cards graded by the big 3.
In terms of which company of the big 3 to submit to, there is no one best answer, it depends on the following factors:
How can I check cards prior to grading?
Pre-grading your cards before sending them out for submission can help avoid cards coming back with a low score. While you won’t normally be able to check cards as thoroughly as an independent grading company there are some things to look out for at home.
  1. Check the card under a harsh light to see if there are any print lines or damage to holograms in particular which may not appear obvious with natural light.
  2. Check the card with multiple angles to see if any damage that may not be visible looking directly at it face on.
  3. Check the card while not in a toploader (penny sleeves are fine / recommended) as sometimes the toploader may have superficial damage that you think is on the actual card, or it may hide some minor damage you would see if you took it out.
  4. If you are grading lots of cards, it may be worth buying a blacklight / UV torch, this can show minor scratches than other lighting sources may not pick up.
How do I work out which cards are worth grading / what my card would be worth after?
This is somewhat subjective, but things to consider include value of raw card vs graded, expected grade, age of card, population of graded cards, recency of card.
There are multiple sources for checking the value of graded cards which have sold – some of the major ones include / / / / eBay sold listings / Facebook marketplace. Prices will fluctuate over time so to be safe take an average of the last few sold listings when estimating value.
It is also important to note that it is not worth grading all cards for investing – basic common / uncommon / V / vmax will very rarely be worth sending in from modern sets. If the raw card value is less than the cost to grade it then normally you can avoid sending it.
For modern cards a broad rule is that grade 9-10 will be a profit over raw value + cost of grading (but do check your specific card to be sure!), vintage varies significantly by card popularity and is often worth grading even if in poor condition.
Card population also affects grading – if you have the only grade 10 for a card you can charge a premium over a card where 10,000 were graded 10. Care needs to be taken with this however, if you grade a worthless card, you will have a pop 1 card because no one will buy it at a premium so always check raw value as well when thinking about population universe.
Card recency – typically when a set comes out graded 10 chase cards will go for a premium before supply catches up and the value drops. If you can get a valuable card early in a set’s release and grade it very quickly you can charge a lot more than you would be able to even 4 weeks later. Prices eventually go back up, but they start high, dip when the full market supply is known, then rises as people start holding them.
If you do decide to post your cards here on this subreddit, please make sure you take high quality closeup pictures of the card in good lighting conditions showing both the front and back of the card.
How should I pack my cards for submission?
Now that you’ve worked out which cards to send and who to send them to, the next step is making sure you have everything sorted for submitting safely and efficiently.
Step 1 – create a submission form. PSA and CGC requires multiple submissions if you have multiple card value tiers, with BGS having something similar but instead for service turnaround time. If you have cards across multiple value tiers for PSA and CGC you can pack multiple submissions together, but if it’s your first time I would advise sending completely separate submissions to be sure the process has worked properly.
Step 2 – packaging your cards safely: start by putting all cards in a penny saver sleeve and then in a semi rigid wide toploader. Do not use rigid toploaders as this can cause delays in your submission and potentially damage to your card. You can also use pull tabs on your penny saver to help easily extract the card from the semi rigid.
Step 3 – sorting the cards in the order of the submission entry. This helps speed up the submission and generally helps keep the grader on the day happy. If you fail to do this some companies charge a fee and will refuse to grade it until you confirm the order. It is also worth noting that if you want sequential grading certs you have to have the cards in the right order.
Step 4 – find a suitable box and some bubble wrap. It is recommended that you have a snug fitting cardboard box which you then put bubble wrap around before putting in another box, but you can also put some thick card at each of the card stack and secure with elastic bands, wrap in bubble wrap and then into a box. The key thing is to ensure that the cards cannot move around much in transit.
Avoid using tape anywhere near the cards, as this risks cards getting stuck to it or damaging them as well as annoying the grading person on the day.
What happens after I send my submission?
Depending on the company, you will typically get a notification once the cards have arrived at the grading center and the process has started. You will then get a notification of the grades for the cards in your order – if you submitted cards at a certain value and the card is deemed to be above this, you may be asked to pay an upcharge on the grading service fee before the card will be shipped back to you.
After grading, you should get shipping information with tracking and then it’s just the waiting game to see what grades your collection gets.
This guide should have covered the fundamentals of the grading process but if you have any questions, please add them below!
submitted by DibstarDeluxe to PokeGrading [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 14:40 Lumiinosity That One Park Hanbin Film Photo: A Non-Binnadan's Analysis

(I hope the flair is correct)
The photo I'm referring to. I wish it was on Twitter for full quality but alas.
As the title goes, I don't follow Hanbin closely but I really really really like this photo. I don’t have a photography background or anything and I’m relying on whatever vocabulary I remember from my high school art history class but I just feel like I needed to write out everything I love about this and dump it somewhere.
The Environment
Natural environments are probably safe options to make a photo look good, and in this case it worked out spectacularly. There’s a natural simplicity to this photo because all there is around him are 1) rocks and 2) the ocean. It slices the composition into two contrasting parts in terms of colour and texture, but the division is irregular (as compared to a typical horizon image, think your sunsets or riverbank photos) and it instantly gives the photo a rugged, authentic feeling. Also, it’s hard to go wrong with nice natural lighting.
The Framing
The way the photo divides land and sea is such that the rocks come to an apex or a point that is obscured by Hanbin. These create leading lines that will always bring the eye to his face. And damn is that a nice face to look at. The top-down angle onto Hanbin who stands slightly off-center, looking straight into the camera, keeps the focus on him; it’s simultaneously candid and controlled.
Wardrobe and Makeup
Or, the lack of. The natural look and unstyled hair with a basic white shirt blends his presence into his environment. The highest contrast bits of the photo include the harsh shadow on his face—and whoops, you’re looking into that arresting gaze again. The thickness of the loose black tie also works as a pseudo-line that adds to the feeling of the elements of the image converging at Hanbin.
The Medium
I know nothing about film photography but it was a great choice here; I’m guessing that the film adds that vignette as well as the verrrry slightly blown out look to the tones. Plus the really pretty colours and grain. I think it gives a slight green tint?
during the show I was very hyper-focused on my faves and as a result didn't pay attention to Hanbin until Shuaibo mentioned him as the one he was closest to in Switch team and so he kind of entered my radar, but then it was the final voting rush and I only paid attention to him again on the last episode and after the show ended when I binged his fancams but wow this guy can really use his face when he performs and it’s no different in this photo. The small smile, juxtaposed by the more authoritative pose and gaze, evokes curiosity from the viewer. Physically, the camera/viewer is over, over, over over him above him but what does he know that has him smiling like that?? (Wakeonez project group debut 🤔 ) I can totally see this as an indie/alt album cover or something… I don’t really listen to those genres but it’s always been the vibe I’ve gotten from them.
I don’t have a proper conclusion for this but I know there are lot of Hanbin fans on this sub judging from how every W1z post has like a dozen people screaming crying fainting in the comments so I hope you guys as actual connoisseurs of Binnadanism enjoy my analysis 😆
submitted by Lumiinosity to BoysPlanet [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 14:26 printifyapp NEW BRANDING OPTIONS, POCKET T-SHIRTS, AND MORE

Hey Reddit community,
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Stuff we did to make your lives easier
Check out some of the things we did to make your lives easier:
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2023.06.09 14:23 Sol_Invictus Sneks Be Snekin

Last year about this time, actually a few weeks earlier, I made a post about some ribbon sneks I'd run into in our backyard while putting in some new garden beds.
This year within a week of the same calendar date, I've run into the same thing again... only more so.
[I wish Imgur had not become such an odious pia to use. I have videos of the sneks and lots more photos but not enough time in the world to wrestle with Imgur and be able to post them. ....Rant Off]
I am now in the process of making an entire section of garden for snek viewing. More driftwood snek condos will be put in place and covering plants.
There are currently four large ribbon sneks in this area of the yard. I've seen all four at once so I'm sure of that count but there are more. We thing at least two are pregnant females frpm their size. Males as we understand it are usually the smaller ones. My wife can identify them individually by their coloring. I just see sneks. The dog knows she's not allowed to chase them and walks past them quite nonchalantly.
Interestingly, we read on Monsieur Google that ribbon sneks actually form social groupings. Which we were quite surprised to discover.
This photo show two of the (social group) of four sneks just outside their new snek condo
This is the rough and tumble snek condo that I threw together quickly when I discovered that I'd cleared away the plants from one of their favorite spots ....It had been a large bramble of blackberry vines that never did well. The sneks were actually returning to the area over and over and looking around like "I know I'm in the right place. What happened?"
These next five photos are two of the sneks out hunting and eating worms though I don't believe there are any worms seen in the photos. ....I have videos of that which I have no idea how to get on here. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5.
This show some of the plants waiting to be planted into the overall area that will become our Snek Garden
Sorry but this is taking entirely too long; sun's up and I should be working.
Garden Paaths...
Baby Bird Tax
We have a large enough yard with trees and old, large shrubs that we get quite a few nests each year. I usually put up some birdhouses too but it's another thing I didn't get to this year.
We have about a half-dozen nests that I've seen this year. This one I was lucky enough to come upon while mom was away.
Sun's way past "Up"; time to get to work.
Everyone have a great day.
This post is a cluster fuck and I have no time to fix it. Sorry mates
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2023.06.09 14:14 Allforbbby Has the Stalking Horse finally stopped stalking?

Has the Stalking Horse finally stopped stalking?
It is Friday 9th of June, the stalking horse loometh.... and we all hope the horse has finished stalking.
The stalking horse date has been extended to Sunday 11th of June at 5pm, which, we hope, means only one thing... an announcement is neigh [see what I did there?]
With little else to do but wait for the deadline to tick past, I took note of the latest Kroll filings detailing retained legal counsel. There is a good introductory post here:
It is fair to say that at his point that the timing of the retained counsel filing falls in line with a pending announcement. Why retain counsel if there is not an announcement to be made yet?

Remember: PSZ&J will coordinate closely with Alvarez & Marsal North America, LLC

So, what's the has been noted previously.. the glaring connection and icahn't help but make it is TWA.
A man by the name of Carl Icahn swooped in and took control of TWA in 1985. In 1988, Icahn took TWA private, receiving $469 million in the deal - equivalent to $1.01 billion in 2020. The agreement also meant that TWA would take on $540 million in debt - $1.17 billion in today's dollars.
In 1991, Icahn sold TWA’s coveted London routes to American Airlines for $445 million. Some believed that the loss of these valuable assets accelerated TWA's demise. In 1992, TWA filed for bankruptcy. A year later, in 1993, it emerged with 55% of the company under creditor ownership. Icahn was himself a creditor and was owed $190 million. With TWA desperate to finish business with Icahn, an eight-year agreement was made that gave him the ability to buy select tickets at 55% of the cost. Reselling the tickets on the internet, American Airlines (the future owner of TWA) estimated that $100 million per year was being lost because of the deal with Icahn. Finally, in January 2001, it was announced that TWA was bankrupt for the third time and would be sold to American Airlines.

The APPLE doesn't fall far from the tree
Then lets look at 'how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' - remember how Icahn engaged Apple?
"Shares are criminally undervalued and you have all this cash. You should be buying back shares."
And lest we forget ebay and paypal?
"Carl Icahn took a big stake in eBay so he could agitate for PayPal’s spinoff. Now that he’s got what he wanted, he has exited eBay altogether.
The confrontational investor disclosed this week that he has sold his stake in eBay but retains nearly 4 percent ownership of PayPal as of the end of September. All eBay investors received an equal number of shares in PayPal when the payments division spun off into its own public company in July.
The move makes sense. Icahn’s reason for pushing for the PayPal spinoff was that he felt the faster-growing payments unit was being undervalued as part of the eBay umbrella company. Indeed, PayPal is now valued at $45 billion compared to $34 billion for eBay. It is growing much faster than eBay and now has more revenue, too".
As we have read, all of these plays [and hopefully BBBYQ] fall into his basic investing philosophy:
"My investment philosophy, generally, with exceptions, is to buy something when no one wants it."

The next 72 hours
The stalking horse deadline has been extended doc 665.
I, like many of us, did not a further extension. Especially in light of the comments by Bed Bath counsel at the last hearing, requesting for a slight extension [a week was granted]. However, there is definitely a different feel to the timeframe granted on this new extension.
The extension only allows for one working/trading day, with the weekend in between. I would be very surprised if a further deadline extension was granted. The short time frame of the latest extension highlights that the stalking horse procedure is at the last 'fur-long'.
We also need to remember that Bed Bath does not have to use the whole extension. The assumption could be that the work has been completed, and the extension is just to allow for a well timed announcement. We all know that if the stalking horse is linked to RC and/or Icahn, the stock lift will be immediate. The way this stock/short interest and other catalysts, a move over $2/5 would likely not be able to be controlled and then we have lift off [nfa]

To the moon!
Reasons to be cheerful over the weekend
- Carol Flaton appointed to the BOD overseeing chapter 11 process [previous connection Icahn via HP proxy battle
- Ryan Cohen listed as an interested party on the court docket
- RC Ventures named in the mailing list of the court docket
- DIP finance noted in the mailing list in the court docket during chapter 11 is overseen by Sixth streetwhich has connections with IEP
- Icahn being shorted by Hindenberg
- Appointment of Kastin and Eitlin [links to IEP]
- Cheng, Cohen et al - mysteriously exiting their position from Dragonfly
- IEP/GM/Dragonfly having a boatload of capital available for an 'unnamed' future acquisition
- Brett Icahn exiting his Newell position at a huge loss
- TEDDY holding trademark announcements
- The $1.6 billion discount/NOLS created by BBBY entering chapter 11 - along wiht lease sale/termination benefits
- Recent MSM pieces naming potential bidders and an 'un-named' potential acquirer
- The IEP q10 with confidential treatment [rarely seen]
- Matt Furlong, after a successful spell, ending his tenure with GME and RC taking the helm [in charge of the war-chest] and RC tweeting 'not for long' [which, if you say this using your best Carl Icahn impression, sounds exactly like 'Matt Furlong'] - enjoy practicing that one!
- The oddly timed airing of the 'Meme King' hit piece on RC
- GME tweeting the stalking horse, exactly at the end of the deadline on 8th June
Important to note
I think it is important to note that the longevity and initial future interest in this play, needs to be strongly attributed to u/biggysmallzzz and his god tier DD [library here ] and especially
The thing is, he was right.. even though it is yet to transpire. The small window was open and RC did try to 'buy all the stocks', coupled wiht the early year run to $6/7 was the window of opportunity in Biggie's DD. What couldn't be accounted for was the 'behind the scenes' activity which was blocking the deal at every opportunity.
As this will be my last DD before the 'Stalking Horse' announcement... I take this opportunity to salute you and my other main man u/real_eyezz , and all the remaining OG [and regards new]. The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching.

The promised land
There are far too many 'cohen-cidences' and occurrences to ignore at this point. The final much shortened extension to the stalking horse process [coupled with the GME tweet] being the last few pieces to fall to the board in this puzzle.
Once an announcement is made [if it includes RC or Icahn] it's finally time to start the boosters.
I stand by my thesis and outcome here:
We get taken private via auction/or at the initial staking horse phase. The final point in RC Ventures letter is followed.
Price per share is the equivalent to $6/7 [although an annoucnement could possibly trigger MOASS]. Shareholders receive $2 per share and a 20/1 stock convert of BBBY(q) to GME [or, if the IPO of BBBY is planned behind the scenes $2 per share and a 15/1 stock convert of BBBY(q) to BABY - placing BABY with an initial IPO of around $15/20].
- Icahn has a well established history of interacting and taking over companies via behaviours already commented on with Bed Bath
- There are many things linking Icahn to this play
- There are many, many things highlighting RC's continuing involvement
- The original DD put forward by u/biggiesmallzzz would more than likely have played out, if not for behind the scenes negative actions
- Shout out to the OG
- Announcement can come before the end of the current stalking horse deadline
- If RC/Icahn are involved/named in the stalking horse process/bid - buckle up
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2023.06.09 14:13 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Charles Miller – The Writersonal Branding Playbook ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 14:11 padmalol How can I prevent these artifacts from recording?

I'm recording on Nintendo Switch. Photo
OS: MacOs OBS Version: 29.0.2 Use Buffering: Enabled Recording Format: mp4 Encoder: Apple VT HEVC Hardware Encoder Rescale Output: 1920x1080 Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 15000 Kbps Profile: main Use B-Frames: Enabled
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2023.06.09 14:02 Easy_Guarantee_4208 [Listing] Short Term July Sublet (7/2 - 7/15) Brooklyn

540 sq ft 1 BR apartment in lux building available from 7/2 - 7/15. AC, elevator, door person building, gym. 10 min from Barclays Center trains, a few blocks from C and G trains. Asking $1800 for 2 weeks. Please DM for more information / photos. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 14:01 Liberty-Prime76 Letter of Marque - A NoP Fanfic 12

As always, thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for the wonderful universe that is NoP
Thank you to u/cruisingNW for proof reading and helping me out of some hang ups, you're the man! Honestly LoM wouldn't have gone very far without him! If you haven't you should absolutely go read Foundations of Humanity! It's very good.
First Prev. Next
Memory Transcription Subject: Christopher A. Dewey, Human Merchant Sailor, Venlil-Human Exchange Participant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: August 29th, 2136, Very Early Morning.
We got a message an hour ago from Videk, ordering us to report to Hangar-08 to start On-Stick training; and to bring our bags! I guess the guy had wanted to get as much out of the day as he could. That or he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.
Videk met us at the doors to the hangar, a small travel bag sitting on the floor by his side, tail swaying slowly as he watched us approach. “Good Waking, Taisa. Good Waking… Christopher.” An improvement, I’ll have to ask Taisa about that talk they had.
“This,” He continued, motioning to the shuttle parked in the hangar behind him with his tail. “Is your training shuttle: registration C1-0V3R-HR-EX.Your first On-Stick training assignment will be to follow appropriate lift off and departure procedures, plot and follow a course to The Capitol on Venlil Prime, seek permission to land from the proper authorities, and land safely and legally following those permissions. All of this, while following proper procedure and regulations. All of this will be graded.
As he speaks the door behind him slides open, revealing a broad hangar bay, heavy clamshell doors dominate the far wall. At the center of the bay sits a stout craft painted white and black, a pair of stubby wings jutting from its sides flowing into a pair of engines flanking a singular tail. Venlil script is painted at the root of the tail and on the top of the rear ramp.
“Upon arrival in the Capitol you will have some paperwork to do at the U.N. offices with regards to your habitation. I will need to pick up some equipment from the training facility at the landing fields. After our respective errands, let’s say half a claw, we will meet up back at the shuttle and from there you will be plotting an in-atmosphere route to Shadetree, Sunward of the Capitol, to drop me off and wait for me to install and calibrate the remote instructing equipment. Once that is completed, you will plot another in-atmosphere course to Heartwood River, concluding this paws evaluations. Do you have any questions?”
I shook my head, and Taisa flicked her ears, in what I believed was a negative. “Very good, load your stuff and we’ll begin immediately.”
After a few minutes of finding places to tie off our belongings and get everything situated, I sat in the pilot’s seat and ran through the pre-flight check with Taisa. We caught a pair of faults in the starboard fuel delivery units. Videk seemed pleased we had caught them, and that he hadn’t had to tell us they were there. I could feel a slight smile tug at the corner of my mouth.
Devious little bastard makes for a damn good instructor.
Once the preflight was complete I closed the rear ramp and hailed the flight control tower. “Tower this is shuttle C1-0V3R-HR-EX requesting clearance for departure, place us enroute to Venlil Prime with planned landing zone of Capitol Shuttle Field 13-Bravo.” A Human voice came back over the line, a bit of mirth in their voice. “Shuttle, Tower, you are clear for departure, opening bay doors now. Good luck and Godspeed.”
The doors to the station hangar yawned open, filling the viewport with the void and all its stars beyond as I slowly brought the shuttle off the hangar floor, easing it out through the opening. I reached over to the nearest display and opened the Nav-computer interface, plotting our course to VP, and then on to the Capitol landing fields. Once I was confident I had the proper navigation commands and sequences set I called over Videk to have him review my work.
He gave me a quick flick of his tail before saying “Looks good, Christopher. Feel free to spool and jump when you’re ready.”
Videk’s approval given, I reached over and pushed forward on the throttles, engaging the drive and hurtling the shuttle into subspace.
It. Was. Beautiful. Everything seemed to stretch, stars in the distance turning from pinpricks of light into brilliant colorful streaks, lengthening as we bounded through the void. Lines of light far off in my periphery zip past like tracers as the ones before me feel as if they’re pulling me in with their kaleidoscope of color. The hum of the shuttle fell into the background while I became entranced by the light show in front me, picturing myself on the set of one of those old sci-fi shows I would watch with Pa on the weekends. The Future my ancestors had imagined was Here, right before my eyes and at the tips of my fingers! This view was… Hypnotic. The simulator couldn’t hope to do it justice.
Two hours. That was it.
Two hours to travel what, until very recently, would have been considered an insurmountable distance for Humanity. Dropping from Sub-space into the proximity of Venlil Prime was another astoundingly brilliant view. Scorched white deserts flowing into massive swathes of golden sands cut by the occasional streak of blue before blending into a beautiful verdant mix of turquoise and green fields, with vast lakes and rivers dotting the forests, flowing into wide marshy wetlands. Before finally, the curve of the planet fell away from its star, allowing the fading sunlight to showcase glittering city lights dotting the countryside.
The thrusters burn to life, crackling and thrumming with power as they drive us forward through the void to the beautiful marble before us. I flip two switches on the overhead, tapping the leftmost display to call up the local channel list and place a hail to the Capitol’s landing fields to request clearance and pad assignment. A quick ping, signifying my hail had been acknowledged, chimed over the console speaker.
“Capitol Shuttle Field 13-Bravo this is Shuttle C1-0V3R-HR-EX requesting clearance for landing at an available pad of convenience.” “C1-0V3R-HR-EX, you are cleared for landing, 13-Bravo, direct to pad Charlie-5.”
The Flight through the Void may have had some feeling of familiarity and nostalgia to the old Sci-fi shows at home; but in-atmo had the far better view! Rolling turquoise fields and towering thick trees, with their canopies tilted greedily towards that unmoving sun, falling away to a gargantuan metropolitan area, its architecture entirely alien yet still somehow familiar. Massive skyscrapers soar to touch the sky, reflecting light in brilliant angles and colors, the space below them populated by squat sturdy buildings and deep black roads. The Venlil going about their lives below look like ants as I ease off the throttle, taking the speed down to prepare for the final approach. The display on the viewport flags my landing area with a small pip guiding me in, slow and easy.
The cabin jostles slightly as the ship settles onto its landing gear. Videk seemed impressed; his ears up as he tapped away at his data pad! Taisa’s tail sways happily back and forth as she runs through the diagnostics of the landing, checking system status reports.
“Looks like we’re all clear. Videk do you have a time we should try and be back by?” Taisa beeps, showing the flight instructor the console in front of her.
“I just need to pick up the equipment and get it linked up, that should only take about a half a claw. Walking to and from the landing field and the U.N. Offices should put you at about the right time.” Videk turned away and made for the ramp; Taisa’s talk helped, and he was clearly trying, but he was still a bundle of nerves around me. His fur was so puffed out it looked like he was holding more static than a thunderhead.
As we stepped out of the artificial gravity of the shuttle I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. My first step faltered making me stumble down the ramp and bounce off the… soft pavement? “Oh, forgot about that.” Videk winced sympathetically, “Our gravity is about twenty percent more than earth’s, so be careful. Falls are likely to hurt a little bit more here.”
“Would’ve been nice to know first, Videk.” I groaned, rolling myself over and sitting up, luckily the visor hadn’t fallen off; I would need to add one of those new back braces and some knee compressors to that order of stuff from home. “Do you know where the U.N. Offices are? Or should we just ask around to find our way there?”
“I do not, but you should be able to get directions on your pad. I trust the two of you can figure it out, so I’m going to go get the equipment I need. I will wait for the two of you with the shuttle once I am ready.” With a parting flap of his ears, Videk turned and walked away; flicking the tip of his tail back and forth as he did.
“Alright then,” I grumbled, forcing myself up off the pavement, swaying as I found my new equilibrium. “let’s get going. Can you pull up those directions?” She nodded slightly, flicking her ears forward. “Got them up already! You alright there?”
“I’m fine.” I grunted, rolling out my shoulder a little. “Feels like I weigh a quarter ton, but I’ll get over it with time. Lead the way.”
After a few minutes of walking we were off the landing fields and into the streets of the city. My boots sinking into the pavement a little with each step, just like on the landing field. “Taisa, what is this stuff? I figured it was just to make landings a little softer on shuttles but it’s everywhere! Looks like pavement but it gives like rubber; why are your roads like this?” “Anti-stampede concrete.” She stated, matter of factly, like that meant literally anything to me. My silence must have tipped her off that I wasn’t getting it as she focused one eye on my visor. “Oh… I guess Humans wouldn’t need that. It’s to help reduce stampede fatalities, it’s the same reason the roads and buildings have gentle curves, no sharp angles.” Looking around at the way the groups of Venlil flowed through the streets I realized she was right, what I had thought was a futuristic aesthetic design was just to keep people from killing each other against walls or trampling them into the ground when they got scared. How strange… and slightly worrying.
“Weird, that sounds like some crazy wonder material. Bet we’d have a bunch of uses for it back on earth.” My eyes watched the tips of skyscrapers towering above us, “How far out does it say we are?”
“Only a little further, about one and a half kilometers.” She responded, a slight pant in her voice. I wasn’t in the best shape, cardio wise, but I couldn’t imagine getting winded after 10 minutes of walking; guess all that talk about the Venlil having less stamina than us was right.
The U.N. Office complex was a series of giant flowing buildings built on a large park area. It wasn’t any design I had ever seen so I figured it had to have been an existing complex that just got turned over to the U.N. for their uses.
Passing through the heavy glass front doors we found a wide receptionist's desk, with several Humans sitting behind it, answering questions and directing people where they needed to go. One of the receptionists, a short dark haired woman with a visor obscuring her face, beckons us over. “Hello! How can I help you today?” “H-Hi!” Taisa beeps excitedly, her tail swaying behind her confidently as she takes a deep breath and straightens her back. “We’re part of the ‘integration’ experiments, we were told we need to fill out some forms for habitation. Where do we go to do that?” “Oh! Congratulations! That would be Suite 216-B” The receptionist answered, excitement in her voice as she pointed to a room on the map infront of her.
“Thank you!” Taisa responded, turning to head up the stairs behind the receptionist's desk. Halfway up the stairs she swiveled her ears over to me before saying. “Sorry, I figure if I’m probably going to have to work with Humans other than you for this I should try and at least work on being able to talk to them.” “It’s alright,” I chuckle, patting her shoulder. “That’s a great idea and you’re doing alright!” Walking down the hallways we saw prints of landscapes from Earth, Machu Picchu, the Uyuni Salt Flats, The Grand Canyon, YellowStone, Hạ Long Bay, The Zhangye Mountains and Plitvice Lakes. I pointed out the places I had been to as we walked past them, finally stopping at suite 216-B.
The door was open so we knocked, getting a quick ‘enter’, before stepping in. A man sits behind a desk, the top covered in organized files and folders, a placard on his desk declares his name as ‘Obediah Kamara’ with a small Liberian flag stamped beside it.
His visor obscures his face as he looks between the two of us before beginning. “I presume you are…” He sorts through a couple of the files and folders before stopping on one and opening it, pulling out a document packet. “Christopher Dewey and Taisa. Correct?”
We both respond in the affirmative as he gestures for us to take the seats across from him, sliding the documents across the table as Taisa’s pad pings on her belt. “These are agreements to ensure that you,” He starts, looking at me. “Understand the rules in regards to your habitation here on Venlil Prime. I understand that part of your integration will be taking you off world to and from Earth, these rules primarily apply to your time here. We ask that you remain considerate of the provided rules and guidelines on the ship if you are carrying Venlil passengers. Taisa, those are the terms, conditions, compensations and requirements for your family to house a human when the two of you are present. Virtual signature of that document is required within the next 3 of your ‘paws’.” Taisa stiffened a little bit, likely thinking about her Mother’s response to my arrival; that was something we were probably going to have to have a talk about later. I had an idea for the short term, at least. I ran through the paperwork real quick and it was all pretty simple: don’t be without the visor or some kind of face covering in settings where you couldn’t guarantee that an unprepared Venlil wouldn’t see you, avoid aggression, speak quietly, no eating meat, animal products or byproducts, no hunting local wildlife; bit odd considering I didn’t even have a bow or a gun but rules are rules, I suppose.
“Sounds good to me,” I said, signing the indicated portions of the document. “When are my items supposed to get here?”
“We don’t expect your requested items to arrive for another week or so, for now you’ll have to make do with what you brought with you.” Obediah responded, shuffling the packet of papers back into the folder they had come from. “With that complete you are free to go. I understand you have training to complete, so I wish you good luck with your endeavor. If you have any questions or needs with regards to your habitation you can contact Sam, their details will be forwarded to your communication devices.”
I caught Taisa’s tail twitching as her ears swiveled nervously out of the corner of my eye; even with her attempts to push through it I think the amount of Humans around was starting to get to her. Still, she was doing better than I think a lot of Venlil would be able to manage. I reached over, gently tapping my hand against her paw, trying to ground her a little before motioning to go, she nodded slightly as she flicked her ears.
“Thank you, Obediah, we’ll be sure to get into touch with them once we get their contact. Have a good day!”
Taisa and I stood, exiting the room and making our way out of the building, stopping to look at another picture or two along the way. Something needed to be done about possibly not having a place to stay to put my, and more so Taisa’s, mind at ease. I figured I could sleep in the shuttle, if I had to. It wouldn’t be particularly comfortable but I could certainly do it; I’d need a mat, maybe a sleeping bag or some blankets and a pillow.
I had no clue where I was going to get my hands on those, or at least a set of them big enough for me to actually use.
Then I saw the temporary units in the field near the offices. Men and Women in U.N. fatigues were milling about the area. Barracks? That could solve the problem, if they’re willing to help out a man in need, of course.
“Hey, Taisa, I need to make a stop real quick.” I state, walking briskly towards the largest of the buildings. “What’s up?” She asks, ears focused on me as she tilts her head a little.
“Well, I was thinking, I don’t think your parents, your Mom especially, won’t, uh… won’t want me around. At least not for a little while until she gets to know me better.”
“I think you can get past it, she’s not that bad… It’ll just be tough.”
“Oh I’m sure I can get past it, but I’d rather not just sleep in the grass in the meantime.” “I don’t think she’d make you sleep in the grass…” “I like being prepared, if she doesn’t want me in her house I’m not going to push the issue.”
“I just… I hope it doesn’t come to that, I’m not going to let her toss you outside like an animal.” She sighs quietly as we push through the front door of the barrack building.
A desk manned by a napping U.N. Marine with Private ranks stuck to his shoulders filled the space beyond the doors. He stirs as the doors clank shut behind us before scrambling to throw on his Visor as he notices Taisa.
“Hello, Uh… Can I help you? This area is for active U.N. personnel only.” He starts, his voice finding its authority only about halfway through the statement.
I stand straight, trying to muster the stern demeanor I’d found in my father and his friends so often when they tried to get something on base after their retirements. “Easy, Private. It has come to my attention that my accommodations lack proper bedding.” “O-Oh, uh, I apologize…” He stammers out, searching for something to say, likely looking to find a way out of trouble for sleeping on duty.
“Sir.” I state. “What’s your name, Private?”
“A-Alvarez, Sir.”
“Alvarez. I’ll remember that, Alvarez, how about we make this quick, you get me a wrap of blankets, 3 pillows and a bedroll and I don’t find your commander to report your… lack of enthusiasm.”
The private snaps to attention before firmly stating. “Yes Sir! I’ll be right back, Sir!”
As the private turns and walks away crisply I hear Taisa whistle with laughter a little beside me. “I’m surprised that worked.”
“You’d be surprised what a hard voice, straight back and the right slacking Private can get you if you just don’t go pushin' it too far in your story.” I whispered with a wink.
After a few minutes of waiting Private Alvarez returned with a duffle bag, stuffed full with blankets and pillows, as well as an inflatable bedroll under the other arm. “Here you go, Sir. Will this be ok?” He asked, passing the items over to me.
“Perfect, thank you Private.” I took the bundle of bedding and turned to the door, before turning my head back over my shoulder, “Oh, and Private? Do try and get proper rest before duty.”
A shaking “Y-Yes, Sir.” followed Taisa and I out of the door.
The first half of the walk back to the landing field was quiet, I was scanning the skyline again, I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was on another planet. Taisa however had her ears pinned back, her paws lightly holding her tail tuft as we walked.
“What’s got ya down?” I asked, watching the herd of Venlil glide around us as we came, trying their best not to get too close to me.
“I’m… concerned.” She sighed, the tip of her tail twitching between her paws.
“My mother, what she’ll say… What she’ll do.
“I can’t exactly say I know what her reaction’ll be… But, whatever it is we’ll just have to deal with it. It’ll probably take time, but we’ll get by.” I soothed. She let go of her tail, placing the tip of it on my back, but her ears didn’t let up at all.
The rest of the walk to the shuttle was quiet as she fidgeted with her paws, trying to take her mind off of the subject. Videk was there waiting for us, a few crates secured to the cargo area of the shuttle that weren’t present before.
“You two ready?” He asked, flicking his tail at us.
“I think so.” I responded, stowing the bedding in an empty compartment as Taisa flicked her ears.
We ran through our preflight checklist again, finding another pre-placed failure from Videk waiting for us, this time in the starboard control surfaces. Once the check was done we radioed the tower for clearance to take off and set an in-atmo course for Shadetree to drop off Videk. It was a short hop, about a half hour of flying or so before I had to call ahead for clearance to land again.
Most of the flight from the Capitol to Shadetree had been rolling turquoise and green hills or open fields of produce growing in the everpresent light. A sudden dense forest rose from the fields, thick dark brown trees with fluttering golden leaves stretched as far as the eye could see in every direction. A sudden break in the forest revealed a clearing for the Landing field, much smaller than the one at the Capitol. The city was built under the canopy of the trees, giving it a constant filtered light casting down through the shifting leaves. It was certainly a beautiful town, I’d have to come back to visit some day. Maybe once Videk had warmed up to me a little bit more.
As the ramp fell ,a small cargo truck arrived alongside the shuttle to collect Videk and his equipment. I offered to help but the Venlil driver just about ran when I started talking so I figured it was probably best to just keep out of it. Once the cargo truck departed, Taisa came back up to the cockpit, plopping down in her seat, and looked through the viewscreen at the trees beyond. The soft hiss of the ramp closing marked the finality of Videk’s departure.
“So, how are you feeling about Venlil Prime so far?” She asked, one eye on my face as I finally slipped the visor off.
“I like it! Between the beautiful scenery, interesting architecture and hanging out with you and Shamrock, here I’m having a great time!” I responded, rubbing my hand on what amounted to the shuttle's dashboard.
“... Shamrock?” She asked, her tail swaying in what I figured for amusement.
“Yea! Remember how I told you Humans like looking for patterns? Well it works on words and numbers as well. The tail number for the shuttle could be taken to spell ‘Clover-HR-EX’, or just clover for short. Clovers are a type of plant on earth that a few cultures believed to be lucky, one way or another. One of the nicknames for them was a Shamrock!”
She laughed at me.
“You are such a dork.” She said, wiping a tear from her eye as her tail whipped back and forth. “It’s a good name, usually shuttles don’t get one. I think it fits.”
I chuckled, a thought crossing my mind. “Think we could get any shuttle-grade paint? Preferably green, yellow and black?” She raised an eyebrow at me as her ears cocked at different elevations. “Oh? Someone feeling a little artistic?”
“Well, I could always paint a Shamro-” I was interrupted as the ping signifying we were being hailed sounded off. “We’ll finish this later.” I said, pointing at her as I accepted the hail.
Videk’s voice bled through the speakers. “Ok, looks like the connection is secure. Let’s go ahead and run through getting you familiar with the software, it should be quick and easy.”
It was not.
It took two hours. After a lot of trial and error, stop and go flights to test the connection and a few near misses with an especially tall tree we had gotten the system setup such that Videk was confident it would work in an emergency if he needed to step in. With that all squared away Taisa and I settled in to get on our way to Heartwood River. Sleeping on the blow up mattress or on a real bed hardly mattered at this point, I just wanted to sleep.
The overall flight time was set to be about an hour and a half, not too bad and man was the view beautiful: rolling fields, roaring rivers, pristine skies and alien forests abounded across the countryside. We had just passed over Hidden Plains when Taisa and I were just settling back into talking about her parents and our best route to try and handle them, when the hail system chimed and immediately spat out a harsh tone without acknowledgement, the same one the simulator used for distress calls.
“Mayday Mayday Mayday. Report of shots fired at residence housing humans. Need immediate medical evac at The Berrypatch Farm in The Grove, 11 minutes Night-ward from Hidden Plains. Hailing all airborn craft, we need a medical evac immediately!”
I immediately returned the hail. “This is cargo shuttle C1-0V3R-HR-EX. Responding to Mayday from the Grove. We are en-route to render aid. Hold tight, we’ll be there.”
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Taisa tighten her flight harness as I reached for the throttle.
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2023.06.09 13:56 Other_Reindeer_3704 Sick betta—medicine or let nature take its course?

Sick betta—medicine or let nature take its course?
Hello! Jump down for the tl;dr but here's the whole tale:
We ended up with a betta named Moon, a 1-gallon aquarium, a bit of blue gravel, 2 snails, a tiny "whisper" pump, and one plant a couple months ago. I quickly saw the fish looked bored so we got a 5.5-gallon tank, more sand and gravel, a driftwood, a lid, a light, and a bunch more plants. Nobody mentioned that we needed, like, bacteria, a filter, or to let the tank stabilize before adding the fish. You will be unsurprised to learn that all of this was at Petco. Of course, a week or two later the tank was brown and the water foamy. The fish went from normal, to darting frantically for a couple days, to totally lethargic at the bottom of the tank. His anal fin was all but invisible (clamped or gone) and his ventral fins looked like threads.
Moon with what look like fungal hyphae on his fins
At that point I freaked out and started reading whatever I could. There are some websites out there that explain this and that, and this subreddit has been very helpful. Based on what I learned, I found a proper aquarium shop, where a nice young lady who had actually cared for fish before told me that I needed at least a sponge filter, some bacterial support, and to never change all the water at once. Good lessons! She sold me a pH kit, with which I found that the water was indeed very basic — probably ammonia.
Within a few days of putting in the filter, things had changed. The water was clearer and if anything was pretty acidic, falling from well above pH7 to below pH 6.4. I added a pinch of baking soda. Over the next 10 days, Moon just kept hanging out at the bottom, but at least would go to the surface to eat. Things have gradually gotten better since then. Over the past week, he has started swimming normally. His bottom fin has remained "clamped" until today, when I saw it starting to relax.
Now that he's out and about I can see that he still has some sort of disease on his fins (see photo). To my mycology-trained eye that looks like fungus. But at the aquarium shop they said it was fin rot and sold me Bettafix, which is apparently just diluted tea tree oil, a supposed anti-bacterial.
I don't trust this stuff at all, as the instructions are cryptic (it's unclear if you're supposed to keep adding a tablespoon a day to the water and then change half the water after a week, or add a tablespoon and then change half the water daily) and I can't see how this medicine would affect fungi.
I'm especially concerned because the medicine seems pretty toxic and the fish just today started to relax its bottom fin: see photo!

Moon starts to relax his anal fin, but is still diseased
I have been changing out a gallon of water every couple days (about 1/3 of the water, given all the stuff in there) and just learned that I should be sucking up water from the bottom to clear out waste products and such. Since the fish seems to be getting better, should I use Bettafix? Or just let nature take its course? I hate to see these white fibers on poor little Moon!
tl;dr: What should I do for the problem shown in the photo?
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2023.06.09 13:56 CutoffThought Big ole’ guy on my chaste tree. Didn’t know my phone could take photos so clear without trying.

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2023.06.09 13:52 365debra Natural Beauty: Capturing the Serene Harmony of Woman and Nature

As a professional photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing this stunning shot of a young woman next to a breathtaking tree. The contrast of the vibrant green foliage against her red dress creates a striking visual feast for the eyes. The composition of the photo, with the tree framing her perfectly, makes for a truly artistic shot. This photo serves as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of taking a moment to appreciate it.
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2023.06.09 13:52 Privat098754327 What does that means? Am i getting seized?

What does that means? Am i getting seized?
Please help me thx
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2023.06.09 13:50 yrnqceo Build list for 2024 M440i

Build list for 2024 M440i
Is there anything missing?
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2023.06.09 13:41 Excellent-Teaching50 Problem entering the map

I created a modpack, but every time i try to enter my map back, minecraft closes and this appears:

---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
// Daisy, daisy...

Time: 09/06/23 08:33
Description: Failed to recalculate gear properties

java.lang.NullPointerException: Failed to recalculate gear properties
at[]( \~\[?:?\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStat([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStat([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStatInt([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.item.gear.CoreCrossbow.getMaxDamage([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func\_77958\_k([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:computing\_frames,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,re:mixin,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,re:classloading,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,pl:mixin:APP:quark.mixins.json:ItemStackMixin,pl:mixin:A} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearHelper.isBroken([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.TraitHelper.getTraits([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.tryRecalculateStats([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.recalculateStats([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.api.item.ICoreItem.construct([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe.lambda$new$0([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe$$Lambda$21282/1849773335.get(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.common.util.Lazy$Fast.get([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe.func\_77571\_b([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule.lambda$onPlayerLoggedIn$0([]( \~\[?:r2.4-322\] {re:classloading} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule$$Lambda$22957/1637983256.test(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at java.util.ArrayList.removeIf([]( \~\[?:1.8.0\_51\] {} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule.onPlayerLoggedIn([]( \~\[?:r2.4-322\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler\_1402\_AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule\_onPlayerLoggedIn\_PlayerLoggedInEvent.invoke(.dynamic) \~\[?:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler.invoke([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.EventBus$$Lambda$3170/930921902.invoke(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at []([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at []([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.fml.hooks.BasicEventHooks.firePlayerLoggedIn([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_72355\_a([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:mixin,xf:fml:xaeroworldmap:xaero\_wm\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,xf:fml:xaerominimap:xaero\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,re:classloading,xf:fml:xaeroworldmap:xaero\_wm\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,xf:fml:xaerominimap:xaero\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,pl:mixin:APP:cgm.mixins.json:common.PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:APP:create.mixins.json:PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:APP:securitycraft.mixins.json:camera.PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:A} at\_147326\_c([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_73660\_a([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_74428\_b([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,re:mixin} at\_151269\_c([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_71190\_q([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_71217\_p([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func\_71217\_p([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,xf:OptiFine:default} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_240802\_v\_([]( \[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_240783\_a\_([]( \[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$$Lambda$21998/ Source) \[?:?\] {} at []([]( \[?:1.8.0\_51\] {} 

A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

-- Head --
Thread: Server thread
at[]( \~\[?:?\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStat([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStat([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.getStatInt([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.item.gear.CoreCrossbow.getMaxDamage([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func\_77958\_k([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:computing\_frames,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,re:mixin,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,re:classloading,xf:fml:placebo:placeboitemusehook,xf:fml:forge:filled\_map.4,xf:fml:forge:itemstack,pl:mixin:APP:quark.mixins.json:ItemStackMixin,pl:mixin:A} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearHelper.isBroken([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.TraitHelper.getTraits([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.tryRecalculateStats([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} 
-- Gear Item --
Name: Example Crossbow (silentgear:crossbow) Data: {SGear\_UUID:\[I;-1966083648,315444117,-1114872099,1981907107\],SGear\_Data:{Construction:{Parts:\[{Item:{id:"silentgear:crossbow\_limbs",Count:1b,tag:{Materials:\[{ID:"silentgear:example"}\]}},ID:"silentgear:crossbow\_limbs"},{Item:{id:"silentgear:rod",Count:1b,tag:{Materials:\[{ID:"silentgear:example"}\]}},ID:"silentgear:rod"},{Item:{id:"silentgear:bowstring",Count:1b,tag:{Materials:\[{ID:"silentgear:example"}\]}},ID:"silentgear:bowstring"}\]},Properties:{ModVersion:"2.6.36",LockStats:0b}},Damage:0} 
at net.silentchaos512.gear.util.GearData.recalculateStats([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.api.item.ICoreItem.construct([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe.lambda$new$0([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe$$Lambda$21282/1849773335.get(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.common.util.Lazy$Fast.get([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at net.silentchaos512.gear.crafting.recipe.ShapelessGearRecipe.func\_77571\_b([]( \~\[?:2.6.36\] {re:classloading} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule.lambda$onPlayerLoggedIn$0([]( \~\[?:r2.4-322\] {re:classloading} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule$$Lambda$22957/1637983256.test(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at java.util.ArrayList.removeIf([]( \~\[?:1.8.0\_51\] {} at vazkii.quark.content.tweaks.module.AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule.onPlayerLoggedIn([]( \~\[?:r2.4-322\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler\_1402\_AutomaticRecipeUnlockModule\_onPlayerLoggedIn\_PlayerLoggedInEvent.invoke(.dynamic) \~\[?:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.ASMEventHandler.invoke([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.eventbus.EventBus$$Lambda$3170/930921902.invoke(Unknown Source) \~\[?:?\] {} at []([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at []([]( \~\[eventbus-4.0.0.jar:?\] {} at net.minecraftforge.fml.hooks.BasicEventHooks.firePlayerLoggedIn([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_72355\_a([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:mixin,xf:fml:xaeroworldmap:xaero\_wm\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,xf:fml:xaerominimap:xaero\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,re:classloading,xf:fml:xaeroworldmap:xaero\_wm\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,xf:fml:xaerominimap:xaero\_playerlist\_sendworldinfo,pl:mixin:APP:cgm.mixins.json:common.PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:APP:create.mixins.json:PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:APP:securitycraft.mixins.json:camera.PlayerListMixin,pl:mixin:A} at\_147326\_c([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_73660\_a([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at\_74428\_b([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,re:mixin} at\_151269\_c([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_71190\_q([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_71217\_p([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func\_71217\_p([]( \~\[?:?\] {re:classloading,xf:OptiFine:default} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_240802\_v\_([]( \[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func\_240783\_a\_([]( \[?:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$$Lambda$21998/ Source) \[?:?\] {} at []([]( \[?:1.8.0\_51\] {} 

-- System Details --
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 Minecraft Version ID: 1.16.5 Operating System: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0 Java Version: 1.8.0\_51, Oracle Corporation Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation Memory: 9942335336 bytes (9481 MB) / 12280922112 bytes (11712 MB) up to 12952010752 bytes (12352 MB) CPUs: 6 JVM Flags: 10 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance\_javaw.exe\_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xss1M -XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions -Xmx12347M -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=32M ModLauncher: 8.1.3+8.1.3+main-8.1.x.c94d18ec ModLauncher launch target: fmlclient ModLauncher naming: srg ModLauncher services: /mixin-0.8.4.jar mixin PLUGINSERVICE /eventbus-4.0.0.jar eventbus PLUGINSERVICE /forge-1.16.5-36.2.39.jar object\_holder\_definalize PLUGINSERVICE /forge-1.16.5-36.2.39.jar runtime\_enum\_extender PLUGINSERVICE /accesstransformers-3.0.1.jar accesstransformer PLUGINSERVICE /forge-1.16.5-36.2.39.jar capability\_inject\_definalize PLUGINSERVICE /forge-1.16.5-36.2.39.jar runtimedistcleaner PLUGINSERVICE /mixin-0.8.4.jar mixin TRANSFORMATIONSERVICE /OptiFine-1.16.5\_HD\_U\_G8\_pre1.jar OptiFine TRANSFORMATIONSERVICE /forge-1.16.5-36.2.39.jar fml TRANSFORMATIONSERVICE FML: 36.2 Forge: net.minecraftforge:36.2.39 FML Language Providers: [email protected] [email protected] Mod List: HealthOverlay-1.16.5-3.0.1.jar Health Overlay healthoverlay 3.0.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE constructsarmory-forge-2.0.0-alpha.2+1.16.5.jar Construct's Armory constructsarmory 2.0.0-alpha.2+1.16.5DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE HammerLib-1.16.5-16.4.32.jar HammerLib hammerlib 16.4.32 DONE Manifest: 97:e8:52:e9:b3:f0:1b:83:57:4e:83:15:f7:e7:76:51:c6:60:5f:2b:45:59:19:a7:31:9e:98:69:56:4f:01:3c ContentTweaker-1.16-1.0.0.develop.36.jar ContentTweaker contenttweaker 1.0.0.develop.36 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE pitg-1.16.5-2.0.1.jar Pane In The Glass pitg 1.16.5-2.0.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE XaerosWorldMap\_1.30.1\_Forge\_1.16.5.jar Xaero's World Map xaeroworldmap 1.30.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Placebo-1.16.5-4.7.1.jar Placebo placebo 4.7.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE citadel-1.8.1-1.16.5.jar Citadel citadel 1.8.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE alexsmobs-1.12.1.jar Alex's Mobs alexsmobs 1.12.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE additional-guns-0.8.0-1.16.5.jar Additional Guns additionalguns 0.8.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE potionsmaster-0.2.2-1.16.5-36.1.0.jar Potions Master potionsmaster 0.2.2-1.16.5-36.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Bookshelf-Forge-1.16.5-10.4.33.jar Bookshelf bookshelf 10.4.33 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 sophisticatedbackpacks-1.16.5- Sophisticated Backpacks sophisticatedbackpacks 1.16.5- DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE DarkUtilities-1.16.5-8.0.14.jar Dark Utilities darkutils 8.0.14 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 Apotheosis-1.16.5-4.8.9A0.jar Apotheosis apotheosis 4.8.9A0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE MekanismGenerators-1.16.5- Mekanism: Generators mekanismgenerators 10.1.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE FpsReducer-forge-1.24-mc1.16.5.jar FPS Reducer fpsreducer 1.24-mc1.16.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE carryon-1.16.5- Carry On carryon []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE dummmmmmy-1.16.5-1.3.2.jar MmmMmmMmmMmm dummmmmmy 1.3.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE twilightforest-1.16.5-4.0.870-universal.jar The Twilight Forest twilightforest NONE DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE mob\_grinding\_utils-1.16.5-0.4.47.jar Mob Grinding Utils mob\_grinding\_utils 1.16.5-0.4.47 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE konkrete\_forge\_1.6.1\_MC\_1.16.2-1.16.5.jar Konkrete konkrete 1.6.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE corpse-1.16.5-1.0.7.jar Corpse corpse 1.16.5-1.0.7 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE alltheores-1.3.6-1.16.5-36.1.0.jar AllTheOres alltheores 1.3.6-1.16.5-36.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE industrial-foregoing-1.16.5- Industrial Foregoing industrialforegoing []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE MekanismAdditions-1.16.5- Mekanism: Additions mekanismadditions 10.1.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE silent-gear-1.16.5-2.6.36.jar Silent Gear silentgear 2.6.36 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE SolarFluxReborn-1.16.5-16.4.10.jar Solar Flux Reborn solarflux 16.4.10 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE curios-forge-1.16.5- Curios API curios 1.16.5- DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Patchouli-1.16.4-53.3.jar Patchouli patchouli 1.16.4-53.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE time-in-a-bottle-1.1.0.jar Time In A Bottle tiab 1.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE elevatorid-1.16.5-1.7.13.jar Elevator Mod elevatorid 1.16.5-1.7.13 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE ftb-ultimine-forge-1605.3.1-build.45.jar FTB Ultimine ftbultimine 1605.3.1-build.45 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE obfuscate-0.6.3-1.16.5.jar Obfuscate obfuscate 0.6.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE vehicle-mod-0.45.2-1.16.3.jar MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod vehicle 0.45.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Runelic-1.16.5-7.0.3.jar Runelic runelic 7.0.3 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 MekanismTools-1.16.5- Mekanism: Tools mekanismtools 10.1.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE constructionwand-1.16.5-2.6.jar Construction Wand constructionwand 1.16.5-2.6 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE SpartanWeaponry-1.16.5-2.2.0-rc-2.jar Spartan Weaponry spartanweaponry 2.2.0 Release CandidDONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE architectury-1.32.68.jar Architectury architectury 1.32.68 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE cloth-config-4.16.91-forge.jar Cloth Config v4 API cloth-config 4.16.91 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE instantunify-1.16.4-1.0.0.jar InstantUnify instantunify 1.0.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE FastLeafDecay-v25.2.jar FastLeafDecay fastleafdecay v25.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE CodeChickenLib-1.16.5- CodeChicken Lib codechickenlib DONE Manifest: 31:e6:db:63:47:4a:6e:e0:0a:2c:11:d1:76:db:4e:82:ff:56:2d:29:93:d2:e5:02:bd:d3:bd:9d:27:47:a5:71 geckolib-forge-1.16.5-3.0.106.jar GeckoLib geckolib3 3.0.106 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Cyclic-1.16.5-1.5.20.jar Cyclic cyclic 1.16.5-1.5.20 DONE Manifest: 1f:47:ac:b1:61:82:96:b8:47:19:16:d2:61:81:11:60:3a:06:4b:61:31:56:7d:44:31:1e:0c:6f:22:5b:4c:ed Cucumber-1.16.5-4.1.12.jar Cucumber Library cucumber 4.1.12 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE ftb-library-forge-1605.3.4-build.90.jar FTB Library ftblibrary 1605.3.4-build.90 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE cgm-1.2.6-1.16.5.jar MrCrayfish's Gun Mod cgm 1.2.6 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE jei-1.16.5- Just Enough Items jei DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Waystones\_1.16.5-7.6.4.jar Waystones waystones 7.6.4 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Clumps- Clumps clumps []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE shutupexperimentalsettings-1.0.3.jar Shutup Experimental Settings! shutupexperimentalsettings 1.0.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Artifacts-1.16.5-2.10.5.jar Artifacts artifacts 1.16.5-2.10.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE SimpleStorageNetwork-1.16.5-1.5.3.jar Simple Storage Network storagenetwork 1.16.5-1.5.3 DONE Manifest: 1f:47:ac:b1:61:82:96:b8:47:19:16:d2:61:81:11:60:3a:06:4b:61:31:56:7d:44:31:1e:0c:6f:22:5b:4c:ed mcjtylib-1.16-5.1.8.jar McJtyLib mcjtylib 1.16-5.1.8 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE rftoolsbase-1.16-2.1.5.jar RFToolsBase rftoolsbase 1.16-2.1.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE iceandfire-2.1.12-1.16.5.jar Ice and Fire iceandfire 2.1.12-1.16.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE inventorypets-1.16.5-2.0.15.jar Inventory Pets inventorypets 2.0.15 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE CraftTweaker-1.16.5- CraftTweaker crafttweaker DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Mekanism-1.16.5- Mekanism mekanism 10.1.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE BotanyPots-1.16.5-7.1.41.jar BotanyPots botanypots 7.1.41 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 BotanyTrees-1.16.5-3.0.10.jar BotanyTrees botanytrees 3.0.10 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 ars\_nouveau-1.16.5-1.25.10.jar Ars Nouveau ars\_nouveau 1.25.10 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE forge-1.16.5-36.2.39-universal.jar Forge forge 36.2.39 DONE Manifest: 22:af:21:d8:19:82:7f:93:94:fe:2b:ac:b7:e4:41:57:68:39:87:b1:a7:5c:c6:44:f9:25:74:21:14:f5:0d:90 tl\_skin\_cape\_forge\_1.16.5-1.17.jar TLSkinCape tlskincape 1.17 DONE Manifest: 19:f5:ce:44:81:0c:e4:22:05:5e:73:c5:a8:cd:de:f3:c8:cf:a9:b3:01:70:40:a0:ee:2d:50:7a:1c:3d:1c:8a BrandonsCore-1.16.5- Brandon's Core brandonscore []( Manifest: 53:bb:a0:11:bd:61:e2:1a:e2:cb:fd:f8:4f:e4:cd:a5:cc:12:f4:43:f0:78:68:3b:e1:62:c6:78:3b:27:ff:fe selene-1.16.5-1.9.0.jar Selene selene 1.16.5-1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE MysticalAgriculture-1.16.5-4.2.6.jar Mystical Agriculture mysticalagriculture 4.2.6 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE MysticalAgradditions-1.16.5-4.2.4.jar Mystical Agradditions mysticalagradditions 4.2.4 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE useless-sword-1.16.5-V1.3.7.jar Useless Sword useless\_sword 1.3.7 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE forge-1.16.5-36.2.39-client.jar Minecraft minecraft 1.16.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE cofh\_core-1.16.5- CoFH Core cofh\_core []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 thermal\_foundation-1.16.5- Thermal Series thermal []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 thermal\_innovation-1.16.5- Thermal Innovation thermal\_innovation []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 thermal\_expansion-1.16.5- Thermal Expansion thermal\_expansion []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 thermal\_locomotion-1.16.5- Thermal Locomotion thermal\_locomotion []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 TConstruct-1.16.5- Tinkers' Construct tconstruct DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE EnchantmentDescriptions-1.16.5-7.1.20.jar EnchantmentDescriptions enchdesc 7.1.20 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 MouseTweaks-2.14-mc1.16.2.jar Mouse Tweaks mousetweaks 2.14 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE titanium-1.16.5- Titanium titanium []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE silent-lib-1.16.5-4.10.0.jar Silent Lib silentlib 4.10.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Jade-1.16.4-2.8.3.jar Jade jade 2.8.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE rftoolsbuilder-1.16-3.1.11.jar RFToolsBuilder rftoolsbuilder 1.16-3.1.11 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE easy\_villagers-1.16.5-1.0.13.jar Easy Villagers easy\_villagers 1.16.5-1.0.13 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE pipez-1.16.5-1.2.17.jar Pipez pipez 1.16.5-1.2.17 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE flywheel-1.16-0.2.5.jar Flywheel flywheel 1.16-0.2.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE create-mc1.16.5\_v0.3.2g.jar Create create v0.3.2g DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Mantle-1.16.5-1.6.157.jar Mantle mantle 1.6.157 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Xaeros\_Minimap\_23.4.1\_Forge\_1.16.5.jar Xaero's Minimap xaerominimap 23.4.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE pamhc2foodcore-1.16.3-1.0.2.jar Pam's HarvestCraft 2 Food Corepamhc2foodcore version DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Croptopia-1.16.5-FORGE-2.0.5.jar Croptopia croptopia 2.0.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE thermal\_cultivation-1.16.5- Thermal Cultivation thermal\_cultivation []( Manifest: 75:0b:cc:9b:64:2e:9b:c4:41:d1:95:00:71:ee:87:1a:b3:5e:4b:da:8e:e8:39:00:fd:5d:e5:9c:40:42:33:09 PigPen-1.16.5-5.0.1.jar PigPen pigpen 5.0.1 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 polymorph-forge-1.16.5-0.41.jar Polymorph polymorph 1.16.5-0.41 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE AutoRegLib-1.6-49.jar AutoRegLib autoreglib 1.6-49 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Quark-r2.4-322.jar Quark quark r2.4-322 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE \[1.16.5\]+SecurityCraft+v1.9.6.1.jar SecurityCraft securitycraft v1.9.6.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE StorageDrawers-1.16.3-8.5.2.jar Storage Drawers storagedrawers 8.5.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE FluxNetworks-1.16.5- Flux Networks fluxnetworks []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE fancymenu\_forge\_2.14.7\_MC\_1.16.2-1.16.5.jar FancyMenu fancymenu 2.14.7 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE appleskin-forge-mc1.16.x-2.4.0.jar AppleSkin appleskin 2.4.0+mc1.16.4 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE mobcatcher-1.16.5-3.3.jar Mob Catcher mobcatcher 1.16.5-3.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE ferritecore-2.1.1-forge.jar Ferrite Core ferritecore 2.1.1 DONE Manifest: 41:ce:50:66:d1:a0:05:ce:a1:0e:02:85:9b:46:64:e0:bf:2e:cf:60:30:9a:fe:0c:27:e0:63:66:9a:84:ce:8a Aquaculture-1.16.5-2.1.23.jar Aquaculture 2 aquaculture 1.16.5-2.1.23 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE expandability-2.0.1-forge.jar ExpandAbility expandability 2.0.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE CosmeticArmorReworked-1.16.5-v5.jar CosmeticArmorReworked cosmeticarmorreworked 1.16.5-v5 DONE Manifest: 5e:ed:25:99:e4:44:14:c0:dd:89:c1:a9:4c:10:b5:0d:e4:b1:52:50:45:82:13:d8:d0:32:89:67:56:57:01:53 overloadedarmorbar-5.1.0.jar Overloaded Armor Bar overloadedarmorbar 5.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE OpenLoader-1.16.5-9.0.3.jar OpenLoader openloader 9.0.3 DONE Manifest: eb:c4:b1:67:8b:f9:0c:db:dc:4f:01:b1:8e:61:64:39:4c:10:85:0b:a6:c4:c7:48:f0:fa:95:f2:cb:08:3a:e5 Crash Report UUID: 6b6a1b46-a159-4c42-aa53-11f837fb4eca Patchouli open book context: n/a Player Count: 1 / 8; \[ServerPlayerEntity\['jpmbcruz'/98, l='ServerLevel\[Novo mundo\]', x=640.75, y=55.00, z=114.22\]\] Data Packs: vanilla, mod:healthoverlay, mod:constructsarmory, mod:hammerlib (incompatible), mod:contenttweaker, mod:pitg (incompatible), mod:xaeroworldmap, mod:placebo (incompatible), mod:citadel (incompatible), mod:alexsmobs, mod:additionalguns, mod:potionsmaster, mod:bookshelf, mod:sophisticatedbackpacks, mod:darkutils (incompatible), mod:apotheosis (incompatible), mod:mekanismgenerators, mod:fpsreducer, mod:carryon, mod:dummmmmmy (incompatible), mod:twilightforest, mod:mob\_grinding\_utils, mod:konkrete, mod:corpse, mod:alltheores, mod:industrialforegoing (incompatible), mod:mekanismadditions, mod:silentgear, mod:solarflux, mod:curios, mod:patchouli (incompatible), mod:tiab, mod:elevatorid, mod:ftbultimine (incompatible), mod:obfuscate, mod:vehicle (incompatible), mod:runelic, mod:mekanismtools, mod:constructionwand, mod:spartanweaponry, mod:architectury, mod:cloth-config (incompatible), mod:instantunify, mod:fastleafdecay, mod:codechickenlib (incompatible), mod:geckolib3 (incompatible), mod:cyclic (incompatible), mod:cucumber, mod:ftblibrary, mod:cgm, mod:jei, mod:waystones (incompatible), mod:clumps, mod:shutupexperimentalsettings (incompatible), mod:artifacts, mod:storagenetwork, mod:mcjtylib, mod:rftoolsbase, mod:iceandfire, mod:inventorypets (incompatible), mod:crafttweaker, mod:mekanism, mod:botanypots, mod:botanytrees, mod:ars\_nouveau, mod:forge, mod:brandonscore (incompatible), mod:selene, mod:mysticalagriculture, mod:mysticalagradditions, mod:useless\_sword, mod:cofh\_core, mod:thermal, mod:thermal\_innovation (incompatible), mod:thermal\_expansion, mod:thermal\_locomotion (incompatible), mod:tconstruct, mod:enchdesc, mod:mousetweaks, mod:titanium (incompatible), mod:silentlib (incompatible), mod:jade, mod:rftoolsbuilder, mod:easy\_villagers, mod:pipez, mod:flywheel, mod:create, mod:mantle (incompatible), mod:xaerominimap, mod:pamhc2foodcore (incompatible), mod:croptopia, mod:thermal\_cultivation (incompatible), mod:pigpen, mod:polymorph, mod:autoreglib (incompatible), mod:quark (incompatible), mod:securitycraft, mod:storagedrawers (incompatible), mod:fluxnetworks, mod:fancymenu (incompatible), mod:appleskin, mod:mobcatcher (incompatible), mod:ferritecore (incompatible), mod:aquaculture (incompatible), mod:expandability, mod:cosmeticarmorreworked (incompatible), mod:overloadedarmorbar (incompatible), mod:openloader, openloadedata/contenttweaker, Solar Flux Generated Resources, mod:tlskincape (incompatible) Type: Integrated Server (map\_client.txt) Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'forge' OptiFine Version: OptiFine\_1.16.5\_HD\_U\_G8\_pre1 OptiFine Build: 20210223-143925 Render Distance Chunks: 16 Mipmaps: 4 Anisotropic Filtering: 1 Antialiasing: 0 Multitexture: false Shaders: null OpenGlVersion: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 516.94 OpenGlRenderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGlVendor: NVIDIA Corporation CpuCount: 6 

Can someone help me?

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2023.06.09 13:32 wardXn 35 day solo itinerary check across western Honshu, Shikoku, Osaka/Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo

Hello, I would like to seek fellow redditors opinions, input and recommendation on how I could better finetune my itinerary better. There's only so much I can think of, and plan as an individual, but with everyone's input and comments I can further refine and enhance the travel experience before I set foot into Japan. Do forgive me in advance for the theorycrafting wall of text.
I know it may be difficult to review the itinerary, so to make the review easier I have broken the itinerary down into specific sub-groups e.g. Shikoku, Kinki etc. Specific questions that I have are bolded.
Thank you in advance for taking your time to provide your opinions!
Baseline information

Specific goals/objective:
  1. Experience Shikoku in autumn (specifically the views at Iya Valley) and in other prefectures (thus making nature sightseeing more of a priority this time round)
  2. Experience Kanazawa for anime stuff
  3. Experience the Shimanami Kaido in full (including any sightseeing spots in between the 6 island chains)
  4. Bonus - try as many sightseeing trains as possible.
  5. Bonus - if weather, time and schedule permits, try skiing as an option in Nagano.
  6. Bonus - stay in as many onsen ryokans as possible, without breaking the bank.

Locked-in prefectures [i.e. I will definitely go to those prefectures no matter what]:
  1. Shikoku (as per above objective)
  2. Hiroshima (because its on the opposite end of the Shimanami Kaido)
  3. Kanazawa (for anime related reason)
  4. Tokyo (that is my starting and end point so it has to be included by default)
All other prefectures are basically float i.e. I am open to consider dropping said itinerary for something else based on your suggestion that aligns with my preferences/interest. Most of the other locations I added are prefectures that are often next to each other, or well-connected (apart from the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump via Sunrise Seto/Shinkansen).

Wait-list prefectures (prefectures that I want to go, but I don’t think I can realistically fit in without dropping other locations):
  1. Snow skiing at Nagano (depending on how cooperative the weather is in early-ish December (would 2 days be sufficient?))
  2. Ehime, Kochi expansion [spend 1-3 more days]
  3. Izu Peninsula (~2 days, via Saphir Odoriko)
  4. Nagoya + lower Nagano (Kiso Valley) (~3 days)
  5. Ishikawa expansion [1 extra day at Kaga]
I am open to dropping a few days in Tokyo/Osaka etc to make that trade off [currently kept 3 days free for further development]. Alternatively, if the planning can be better optimized based on your inputs I might be able to do one of those without compromising on the base set. I would like to hear your opinion on what locations you would drop in the itinerary to make time for one of the above.

General planning philosophy:
  1. My itineary adopts a breadth approach (cover as much area as I can humanely possible without rushing/touch-and-go) as opposed to depth (i.e. spending much more time within Shikoku than what I allocated); though I would be open to considering more days at selected locations if you have strong recommendations. My thought is to experience how different autumn is at various parts of the country (if possible), and maybe winter too (to a certain degree).
  2. Due to the nature of my travel, I note that luggage logistics is a critical consideration when moving between prefectures; my thought is to park that luggage at the next hotel as quickly as possible so that I can free myself for sightseeing within the vicinity, or leave the luggage at the hotel after I check out until I am ready to travel to the next location. I will need to send (quite a fair bit of) emails to the hotels to confirm on this prior to booking.
  3. I will attempt to minimize transit time between prefectures to no more than 2~3 hours a day to avoid having excessively long transport days (except the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump).
  4. Because of the long trip, I will also need to factor a bit of downtime at night for administrative stuff (e.g. catching up a little bit on work, laundry etc).
Shikoku (~7 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. I will need to exploit Limited Express trains as much as possible to minimize downtime between the 4 prefectures. Fortunately, for the most part these train frequencies are almost hourly, thus missing one train isnt too deadly consequence-wise.
  2. The transfer between Kochi and Ehime [Matsuyama] is oddly quicker via express bus as opposed to trains (!)
  3. For Kochi, my opinion is that it is best explored on car instead of public transport [it’s a really wide prefecture]; I feel that 1 day may not do it justice, but it is probably adequate for exploring the city centre as a whole.
  4. There's a fair bit of uncertainties while planning this leg so I would deeply appreciate any advice you may have.
  5. This current iteration is unable to weave in the Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari sightseeing train [四国まんなか千年ものがたり] ; if you people think its something not to be missed do let me know and I will reshuffle my timetable as such.
Day 0: Tokyo Kagawa (Sunrise Seto) [Saturday, 11 Nov]
Day 1: Kagawa (Takamatsu) [Sunday, 12 Nov]
Day 2: Kagawa (Kotohira) Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Monday, 13 Nov]

Day 3: Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Tuesday, 14 Nov]
[Post-research note: I realized that there is NO public transport to Mount Tsurugi on a weekday. I will have to rent a taxi direct to Mount Tsurugi, make the 'climb', then thereafter take the taxi down to the other attractions. I am inclined to just go full hog on the private taxi and rent it (almost the whole day, probably 7~8 hours for 4300yen/hour) to save the trouble.
Otherwise, I will need to hike downhill which can be rather rough since its just a single lane road (looking at nearly 10++ km) so I think it wise not to penny pinch in the interest of both time and safety.]
Spend the day at Iya Valley.

Day 4: Tokushima (Iya Valley) Kochi (Kochi) [Wednesday, 15 Nov]

Day 5: Kochi (Kochi) Ehime (Imabari) [Thursday, 16 Nov]

Day 6: Ehime (Matsuyama / Imabari) [Friday, 17 Nov]
Day 7: Ehime (Imabari) Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido) [Saturday, 18 Nov]
I am of the opinion that 1 day in Shimanami Kaido is adequate if I attempt just the main route which is about 80km [as a test run, I did 70km and finished it within 6-7 hours with lunch breaks included]. For now I will plan for two full days, however should I truncate it down to one day later, I will add an extra day to either explore Matsuyama or Okayama.

Hiroshima + Yamaguchi (~4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Onomichi is a pretty good base to jump to Okayama to explore Okayama, Kurashiki or Tomonoura with the Shinkansen accessibility, but it is impossible to cover them all within a single day. If I finish the Shimanami Kaido within a single day or finish it early on the second day, I will have that extra time to visit those.
  2. There's another sightseeing train etSETOra from Onomichi to Hiroshima but it only operates on Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. For now the schedule could fit the train timetable pretty nicely.
  3. Would anyone suggest visiting Miyajima in the morning or in the evening? This would help me determine the order for the Kintaikyo Bridge/Miyajima day trip. Watching the sunset at either destination is pretty good in my books.

Day 8: Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido Onomichi) [Sunday, 19 Nov]
Ideally reach Onomichi just around lunch or earlier. Chill for the rest of the day, and if I'm still up for it, explore Onomichi, including but not limited to:
Retire at a guesthouse/hotel near JR Onomichi that I have forwarded the luggage to.

Day 9: Hiroshima (Onomichi, Takehara+Kure OR Tomonoura OR Okayama) Downtown Hiroshima) [Monday, 20 Nov]

Day 10: Hiroshima (Downtown Hiroshima) [Tuesday, 21 Nov]
Spend the day surveying Hiroshima proper.

Day 11: Hiroshima (with a day trip to Yamaguchi) [Wednesday, 22 Nov]
Shimane + Tottori (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Matsue becomes the main jump point for Shimane just because of the subsidized highway bus from Hiroshima, and ease of access towards Tottori later. There's no direct train between Hiroshima and Izumo/Matsue (!).
  2. Tottori is really wide size-wise, to the point that it feels more efficient to have two separate hotels in two nights (Kurayoshi/Misasa Onsen + downtown Tottori) rather than one hotel for two nights (i.e. downtown Tottori). Could be just me making excuses to get into an onsen ryokan however.
  3. Is there anything interesting at Yonago (Tottori) that I should take note of? Based on my initial survey nothing in particular pops up (other than the Tottori Prefectural Flower Park).
  4. Skipping Tottori Castle since it doesn’t seem to be interesting at first glance. Any other interesting things to at Tottori downtown (or nearby)?

Day 12: Hiroshima Shimane (Matsue) [Thursday, 23 Nov]

Day 13: Shimane (Izumo / Matsue) [Friday, 24 Nov]

Day 14: Shimane (Matsue) Tottori (Kurayoshi) [Saturday, 25 Nov]

Day 15: Tottori (Kurayoshi Tottori) [Sunday, 26 Nov]

Hyogo, Kyoto, Osaka , Nara, Mie (10 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Kinosaki Onsen is intentionally designed to be a slow-paced leg to recover [and also to make time to enjoy the onsens].
  2. The limited express train between Kinosaki Onsen and Osaka stops by Himeji thus I thought of resting a night there instead of doing day trips via Osaka.
  3. Osaka itinerary does look sparse but that is in large part because I have already visited most of them in the past. Nevertheless, I would like to experience how different it is in autumn compared to summer [based on those few destinations that I loved going previously].
  4. I have kept one float day to decompress, OR shift to any of the other prefectures (TBC).
  5. There are (multiple) special limited express train by Kintetsu; they're not covered by JR pass but nevertheless I would love to ride on those as an experience. The Kintetsu pass covers the basic fare only but based on my preliminary cost estimate, it is still worth getting it.
  6. Is it feasible to compress Himeji and Kobe to a single day?
  7. The itineraries for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Mie are flexible since they're literally beside one another - makes it particularly easy to shift around base on ground situation.

Day 16: Tottori (Tottori) Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen) [Monday, 27 Nov]

Day 17: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen + Northern Kyoto (Amanohashidate) day trip) [Tuesday, 28 Nov]
Day 18: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen Himeji) [Wednesday, 29 Nov]
Retire at Himeji for the night.
Day 19: Hyogo (Himeji Kobe) Osaka (Dotonburi) [Thursday, 30 Nov]
Day trip to Kobe, before continuing further down to Osaka.
Day 20: Osaka [Friday, 1 Dec]
Osaka Nostalgia (acid) trip, speedrun edition: revisiting places that I want to go again
Day 21: Osaka (Nara day trip) [Saturday, 2 Dec]
Spend a day in Nara.
Day 22: Osaka (Mie day trip) [Sunday, 3 Dec]
Day trip to Mie.
Day 23: Osaka ('north' Kyoto day trip) [Monday, 4 Dec]
(north) Kyoto day trip.
Whichever choice, return back to Osaka for the night. Look out for Kyoto-specific food such as Yudofu, Saba Sushi, Warabi Mochi, Nishin Soba (にしんそば) etc.
Day 24: Osaka ('south' Kyoto day trip) [Tuesday, 5 Dec]
(south) Kyoto day trip edition (mainly Uji and Fushimi).
Head back to Osaka and retire for the night. Consider doing any other night activities in Osaka if time, and body permits.
Day 25: Osaka (wildcard) [Wednesday, 6 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Kanazawa, Gifu+ (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Is it likely for the skiing season to open around 9~10 December at Shiga Kogen or Nozawa Onsen? Would very much like to try skiing for fun, but am uncertain if the snow condition would be satisfactory by then. Some of the skiing website indicates that these two destinations are usually the first to open. I would like to seek advise on this if possible [never skiied before].
  2. As an additional question to point 1, is 2 days adequate just to get a flavor on skiing?
  3. Kanazawa is a pretty solid jump point to Shirakawago/Takayama via express buses (~1 to 2 hour one way).
  4. My initial planning considered going to Kurobe Gorge (Toyama) but apparently the railways are closed from December onwards. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. Another sightseeing train in Kanazawa that I can fit in nicely in my current plans (花嫁のれん), runs on Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun.
Day 26: Osaka Ishikawa (Kanazawa (Kanazawa cityside)) [Thursday, 7 Dec]
Any outstanding spots not completed today, to be rolled over to the next 2 days (if possible).

Day 27: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside) / Gifu (Shirakawago, Takayama) [Friday, 8 Dec]

Day 28: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside / outskirts) [Saturday, 9 Dec]
Side trip to Wakura Onsen / Nanao for anime-related sightseeing. (Insomanics after Class, Hanasaku Iroha)
Day 29: Ishikawa (wildcard) [Sunday, 10 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Tokyo (~6 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Specific interest to target: anime/vtuber stuff, music (piano in particular), bookstores etc.
  2. This is the point in time I should go ham on souvenier purchase if I have not done so. I'll probably get an extra cardboard box or duffel bag to lug with me to the airport to store extra stuff.
  3. Would like to seek recommendation on where I should set my base for the 5~6 days here. For now I am planning to pit at Ginza, subject to availability and cost. My thought is that as long as its along the Yamanote line everything rolls I suppose.
  4. Hard pass on Golden Gai on the Shunjuku leg (I do not drink).
  5. There's way too many to list in terms of what I would like to do in Tokyo, but I have listed items that are of particular interest to me first within the available time frame. If you have strong opinions on specific locations do let me know.
Day 30: Ishikawa (Kanazawa) Tokyo (Ginza) [Monday, 11 Dec]
Day 31: Tokyo (Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano) [Tuesday, 12 Dec]
Explore ('west') Tokyo, namely Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano.
Day 32: Tokyo (Akibahara, Asakusa and Sky Tree) [Wednesday, 13 Dec]
Day 33: Tokyo (Kamakura day trip OR Ikebukuro) [Thursday, 14 Dec]
EITHER take a day trip Kamakura, OR explore northern Tokyo (Ikebukuro)
Kamakura leg:
Tokyo (Ikebukuro leg):
Day 34: Tokyo (wildcard) [Friday, 15 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning

Day 35: Tokyo Home [Saturday, 16 Dec]
If you're still reading up to this point, here's my own personal ramblings/thoughts on JR pass usage:
I have thought of two ways of doing this for the first 21 days:
a. easy-mode : just get 21 days JR global pass before the price hike at 60450 yen, OR b. hard-mode: get a 7 day JR global pass (to cover the NEX fees, the basic fee on the Sunrise Seto to Shikoku, as well as limited express trains within Shikoku) (29650) + 5 days for JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass (15000) + 4 days for JR Sanin Okayama Area Pass + 5 days for JR Kansai Wide Area Pass (10000) for a total of 59230.
The initial conclusion was to go with option A since that reduces the administrative burden, but I realized the individual passes do have its own perk which truimphs over the global JR pass. For instance, the Sanin Okayama Area Pass provides a (minor) discount for the Adachi Museum of Art; the Kansai Wide Pass covers the Kyotango route between Kinosaki Onsen and Amanohashidate which the global JR pass does not cover, JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass covers JR buses within Hiroshima for free, therefore I am inclined to go with the hell option (option B) as it stands.
For the remaining 14 days, I could also get the global 14 day JR pass at 47250 yen but it is not worth it at all, because I will be relying largely on Kintetsu for the Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Mie leg which the JR pass most certainly does not cover.
So all in all, there's quite little incentive to get the global JR pass after I worked out my schedule, apart from the initial 7 days for the Sunrise Seto jump which the All Shikoku Pass will not cover.
Through the hodge-podge of multiple area passes, it works out to around 102890 yen for the whole trip of 35 days, contrast with 107700 yen for a 21 + 14 global JR pass. While there's a minor cost saving doing the hard way which sweetens the deal, the additional minor perks associated with the area passes sells it for me, as I would had to pay more out of pocket to cover non-JR pass buses/rails and such which would add up to much greater cost than I would had anticipated. Also, if I did this trip post-price hike in October, the calculus becomes a no-brainer: avoid the global JR pass like the plague.
Thank you very much for your opinions, suggestions and advice in advance!
submitted by wardXn to JapanTravel [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 13:29 Lastchance92 The Devils poison

The sun began to set on the small Scottish island, casting a warm orange glow across the quaint village. As the residents finished their meals and the last few visitors trickled out of the local pub, a man named Ewan slipped into the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to make his move. Ewan, a middle-aged man with a scruffy beard and unkempt hair, was an alcoholic. He was known by many on the island for his frequent drunken antics and had been kicked out of the pub more times than he could count. Despite several attempts to quit drinking, Ewan was powerless to resist the allure of alcohol. As the last of the pub's patrons made their way out the door and the owner began to close up, Ewan seized his opportunity. He snuck into the now-empty pub through a back door, hiding behind a large wooden barrel in a corner. He held his breath, praying he wouldn't be discovered as the owner locked up and left for the night. Once he was sure the coast was clear, Ewan emerged from his hiding spot and surveyed the room, his eyes gleaming with excitement. He licked his lips as he approached the rows of bottles behind the bar, the promise of a long night of uninterrupted drinking weighing heavily on his mind. However, as Ewan began to move across the pub, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about the pub. The warm, lively atmosphere he was accustomed to had been replaced Ewan looked around as he approached the bar and wondered to himself. Why do pubs always limit themselves to the same decor? The harsh shades of red. The black and white photos of people long dead and oil paintings which seem to have been painted to fade into the background. Ewan had both drank and been barred from every pub on the island now and has seen little to no variety in interiors. "I guess it is to make it feel homely and familiar. Our brains associate familiarity with safety and people who feel safe are likely to drink more." while still feeling unsettled moving across the bar. The feeling of unease wasn't going to stop him from drinking as much as he can physically take before sneaking out leaving the landlord none the wiser. Until a stock take shows some discrepancies that he will probably put down to spillages or his carelessness with bookkeeping. Then he thought "No I will drink as much as I want and top the bottles up with water" Ewan's eyes grazed over the selection of choices on the Optic. Grouse being his usual preferred choice when he wants to spoil himself on the rare occasions he has money to burn, Bells being his usual go-to poison as the price and alcohol content measure up quite nicely but tonight he was going to drink like a king. He grabbed the bottle of Redbreast and carefully unscrewed it from the optic and began to greedily chug straight from the bottle. He walked drunkenly from behind the bar to a stool he sat down and for no reason held the bottle to the sky and said "cheers" at that moment the jukebox began to blast out at an incredibly loud volume "You're mine" by Ritchie Valens. "FUCK!" Screamed Ewan as he put down his bottle and hurried over to the jukebox. The light emitted from which was now making the shadowy areas seem darker by contrast. He scrambled to the floor feeling for a plug socket behind it to unplug the thing. The sound up close was almost deafening. After feeling along the wall to no success he quickly pulled at it to come forward so he could get behind it to where the plug must be and sure enough it was there. He yanked it out of the wall with a hard jerk and the record began to slow "yourrr minee forrrr eternityyyyyy....." and then silence. Ewan let out a sigh of relief. "Thing must be connected to some sort of sensor" Ewan walked to the window, crouched down in case anyone was looking in to see what the noise was. He looked to see if anyone in the opposite building heard the commotion. He looked and the only building on the other side of the road facing the pub was a thatched-roof cottage. Dimly lit by street light, with a sign above the door that read "Alf's funeral home" "Well Alf. I'm sorry if I woke up any of your clients" slurred Ewan while chuckling to himself. He reached for the bottle on the bar while turning and no bottle. He retraced his steps from the bar to the jukebox to the window and back to the bar but the
bottle was nowhere to be seen. Then he looked up at the Optics. There he saw it. The fine redbreast whiskey. He staggered over to it. Holding the bar for balance. There it was and seemingly untouched. He must have drank near on a quarter of the bottle but there it is. Almost full and back where it was. "I must have tipped it up with water after drinking and put it back. This isn't the first time I've lost chunks of time from drinking and it won't be the last" mumbled Ewan allowed as an attempt to reassure himself. Putting his feeling of unease down to the nerves of being caught along with the dull twinge of guilt he feels for stealing Ewan decided to look for cheaper alternatives for his next binge. He finally settled on a bottle of Jack. Only total pussies who want to pretend they like whisky because they think it gives them an edge drink Jack Daniels. The faggots that drink it non ironically will never notice it is watered down. Ewan grabbed a glass this time deciding to drink measured amounts. Aware that loss of time while drinking is usually followed by passing out entirely. Ewan sat hunched over on a rickety wooden stool, the creaking of the floorboards beneath him barely audible over the deafening silence that enveloped the empty pub. The musty smell of stale beer and old wood filled his nostrils as he took another swig from the glass of his Jack Daniels, a bitter taste lingering on his tongue. “Piss water,” he thought to himself. The room was dark, though his eyes had now adjusted enough to fully take in his surroundings. The old faces in frames on the wall. A photo on the wall to his left was of a party being held in this very pub. Looking to be in the 1910s judging from the fashion. Amongst the 20 or so people in the image, one woman stood out in the dead center. Her long hair was down, a contrast from the other ladies in the photos sporting the traditional Pompadour style of the time. She was smiling while looking off to the side. Seemingly unaware that she was to be the star of the photograph. Above the photo on a shelf made from taxidermy antlers sat an antique hunting rifle. The light from the street lamp reflected off the mettle barrel casting eerie shadows across the rows of dusty liquor bottles. Ewan thought about how many parties would have taken place here over hundreds of years this pub had been open. The idea of drinking for any kind of pleasure had become such an alien concept to him now. Drinking for Ewan wasn't a way to unwind or relax or even in his mind feed an addiction. Not anymore anyway. Now he finds himself desperate for a drink to quell the demons that haunted his every waking moment. As the alcohol began to take hold of him again, the memory he had been trying so hard to suppress clawed its way back to the forefront of his mind. It was a memory that he could never escape, a weight that anchored him to the ocean floor of despair. It had been over six years since the accident. The night had started like any other: dinner with friends, laughter, and, of course, alcohol. It was supposed to be a celebration of Ewan and Isla, his wife's fifth wedding anniversary. But as the night wore on and the glasses piled up, so too did the tension between them. “We need to get a taxi.” Said Isla after excusing herself and Ewan “I am fine to drive! It is only a mile down the road” “You were supposed to stay sober tonight” “Yeah, and you were supposed to get your license 3 years ago.” “Do you really wanna do this now?” Ewan thought on this for a second before speaking “No. I am sorry I was only meant to have a couple but got a little carried away. I am sorry, but you know we will never get a taxi at this time of night. Come on I'll drive slow” Ewan cut this memory short. He wouldn't allow himself to think about this anymore. As tears began to fall from his face he necked the remainder of the contents of his glass. Before he had a chance to pour himself another drink the stall he was sitting on was jerked back with such force that Ewan landed on the ground with a thud. Smashing the glass that was tightly gripped in his hand in the process. Ewan let out a pained gargled yelp as he shook his now bleeding hand in pain. The blood splatters landed on the wall art and photos. He looked at his hand and saw that yes indeed a large chunk of glass was sticking out of his hand. He yanked it out. With that more blood trickled out rapidly. He turned to see what happened to his seat. And there almost 3 feet away from him sat his bar stool. “Fuck this!” said Ewan as he hurried to the back door. Locked. He tried the fired exit, the windows. All locked. At this point, he didn't care about being discovered. He turned all the lights on. And started bashing his fists against the windows. The glass wouldn't budge he grabbed a chair and began smacking the window over and over again until the chair had fallen to pieces. Suddenly the Jukebox started playing again. Some big band highland number that he did not recognize this time. “I know I unplugged that” as he looked at the jukebox he noticed that the hunting rifle that sat on the shelf to the right of that was gone he scanned the room and to his horror, he saw a lady standing in the corner of the room facing away from him. His vision was slightly wavy from the alcohol. “Hey I don't know if you work here and you are trying to mess with me for breaking in. You have successfully scared the shit out of me and I am happy to wait outside for the police to arrive or whatever. I am bleeding, let me leave?” The woman turned around. It was the lady from the photograph. Her face was covered in bruises. Her eyes were red and puffy. She put the hunting rifle that was in her hands up to her chin and pulled the trigger. The front of her face exploded revealing bits of teeth and a gaping hole where her mouth should be parts of her brain decorated the ceiling the remainder half that was still in her skull pulsated a little as blood tricked out. She fell to her knees and now with her few remaining teeth bare, she looked as though she was smiling. Though her eyes gave the impression of pure rage. As she fell head first on the floor the electricity died. Ewan scurried away while on the floor to the corner by the bar and then vomited. “not real, it's not real it's not real” he said while covering his eyes. Afraid to look. He sat like this for what felt like hours. In that time a puddle of urine collected around him. “Usually I don't piss myself until I've finished my second bottle” he darkly thought to himself. “I need to find a way out of here” Thought Ewan as he opened his eyes and saw that there was no trace of the lady from the photograph anymore. The ceiling was clean and the gun was back on its shelf. He stood shakily. As He stood he noticed that the building on the opposite end of the street now had a light on. He began banging on the window again “Hey! I am trapped in here! Send help!” He saw movement in the window as someone pulled back the curtain to look. It was a middle-aged gentleman with greying hair. He looked around confused to see where the noise was coming from “OVER HERE!” Shouted Ewan and he banged on the window until his other hand was just as bloody. The gentleman then turned in Ewans direction “YEAH OVER HERE I AM TRAPPED! PLEASE COME AND HELP ME!” The gentleman looked as though he was trying to hear while with his hand he reached for the lining of his shirt. With one motion he ripped his shirt open relieving a gash going all the way up his body stitched together with what appeared to be wire. His look of concern turned to amusement and he pulled the wire. Undoing the stitches to show where his vital organs that have now been donated used to be. He laughed like a madman as he pulled his skin back. His head now leaning against the glass and his laughter which sounded muffled due to the distance was still audible from the pub. Deep and raspy but that of a madman. Ewans attention was broken by the sound of a familiar clank of something metallic. It was a sound that was instantly recognizable to anyone. The sound of coins dropping to the floor. Ewan turned and looked and sure enough, there were two coins on the ground behind where he stood. He bent to pick them up. They were old. Very old. From what he could see in the dim light they looked to be that of the Victorian times. He heard the sound again. This time over by the jukebox. He walked over to pick them up and noticed something. The floor under the jukebox looks to be a cellar door. He dragged it out some more to reveal that yes indeed, it was some kinda entrance to a hatch of some kind. This time Ewan saw the coins drop to the floor. He looked up at the ceiling and saw dozens of corpses laying flat against the ceiling with coins covering their eyes dressed in their funeral clothes all shoulder to shoulder. The sight was horrifying. And as if waiting to be viewed, at that moment their flesh began to melt to just skeletal remains, and coins and blood showed Ewan as he frantically tried to get the hatch on the floor open. Digging his fingers into the gaps trying to grip it to lift it until he eventually found a bit to latch onto. With one firm pull the hatch came up. He dove into the cellar. Not caring what he will find at this point. Slamming it shut behind him. He searched his pocket to find his lighter. After a few attempts at getting it to light he managed. He saw it wasn't a cellar at all. Instead, it was a tunnel. He began to follow it along. After walking for about 30 minutes the tunnel got narrower and narrower until Ewan was crawling on his hands and knees. He noticed a light ahead and felt hopeful that this could be the end of his ordeal. He began to notice he was crawling on pavement and broken glass. He kept going until he could stand and he could see trees and a road he hurried out of the tunnel and saw to his confusion. He was still inside the cellar. The trees stopped sharply at the ceiling and the road stopped sharply at the four walls that surrounded him. He turned to go back through the tunnel, Back the way he came. this was not the way out. what he saw as he turned defied all logic. The small part of his brain that clung to rational explanation broke as he saw that the tunnel he had just crawled through had been replaced with a tipped-over car. He saw a younger version of himself slowly regain consciousness while suspended upside down. He froze unable to move or look away. “Oh god please don't make me relive this” “Isla? Oh my god, Isla” Ewan checked her pulse but couldn't find one. He could see emergency services lights coming towards them from a distance. He knew he would go to prison for manslaughter if caught causing death by dangerous driving “I am so sorry baby. I am so sorry” Ewan said through tears while unbuckling her seatbelt and moving her over to the drivers side and then crawling back out of the car to flag down the ambulances. "They'll be able to resuscitate her, She will be okay and I will take care of her". Ewan didn't notice that the car had begun to ignite until it was too late. The flames spread quickly. “Ewan..?” said a dull voice from the car. Ewan turns and hurried to the car but by that point, it was too late “Isla!” He cried as he watched the flame cover his wife. Isla screamed in pain until her face was completely burnt away and all she could make was gargles and all Ewan could do was watch in horror. Then the entire room went up in flames and became ash leaving Ewan completely in the dark. Sobbing. “I am sorry I didn't know. I didn't mean to. I.... I...!" Ewan composed himself. "I deserve to die but I am not dying in here" Ewan stood and pulled out his lighter again to light the room only to see it was now filled with hundreds of bodies all staring at him. the tips of their feet scraping across the floor as they floated closer. Ewan backed away until he felt something metallic. A ladder leading up to a manhole shaft. he quickly began to climb as the ghostly rotting corpses moved closer to him at a more rapid speed now. as he reached the top and forced the lid open he was greeted by sunlight. hands clutched at his ankles dragging him back but with determination to survive he pulled himself free and was finally outside in the open. He closed the cover shut. He could hear birds chirping, and sounds of people driving to work. The world had never seemed so beautiful. "Oh my god buddy are you okay?" said a young man who looked horrified at Ewan who was covered in dried blood, ash, and a collection of injuries. "I am going to call you an ambulance buddy hang tight" The young man pulled out his phone and began to dial. by this point, Ewan began to pass out. He slipped in and out of consciousness while getting carefully placed on the gurney. "What is your name?" "Have you taken anything?" "Who's blood is this" "My name is Ewan, I haven't taken anything. I guess I have had far too many spirits last night though" he laughed to himself as the doors to the ambulance closed. as the vehicle began to speed away music began to play on the radio. "I didn't think ambulances had radios" said Ewan as he began to recognize the music. "Your mine and we belong together. Yes, we belong together" He tried to stand but he had been strapped down to the gurney. The walls of the ambulance began to melt away. The paramedics all had coins covering their eyes and mouths stitched shut. Ewan let out a scream as fire began to cover his body he could see once the walls of the ambulance were fully gone he was still in the pub. it was still night and he was now very much on fire. He let out one final scream before his lips were completely gone. His chard body fell to the floor by the bar with a thud. An empty bottle of Jack tightly gripped in one hand and his lighter in the other. In his final state of living consciousness before his inevitable death, he saw the light emerge from the window. The sun was finally rising for real. He closed what remained of is eyelids and let out a pained sigh as he died. Ewans body was discovered later that day by a confused and horrified cleaner. Who immediately phoned the police. The investigating officers, who knew all about Ewans drunken antics on the island and had their suspensions regarding the circumstances involving his wifes death. Put Ewans demise down to an elaborate and painful suicide. That night as his body lay on the slab in Alfs funeral home. After the sun had set and everyone had left for the evening. But in the pub opposite the funeral home, Ewan emerged from his hiding spot behind the barrels and surveyed the room, his eyes gleaming with excitement. He licked his lips as he approached the rows of bottles behind the bar, He felt an unsettling feeling of deja vu but had managed to shake it off by the promise of a long night of uninterrupted drinking which weighed heavily on his mind.
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