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Family friendly things to do near Ashland?

2023.06.09 12:40 that_kidsmom Family friendly things to do near Ashland?

In Ashland with my 14 year old for a softball tournament and will have time to kill between now and Sunday. Any fun sights, events, or activities I can check out? I’d love to check Out Amish country if we’re nearby!
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2023.06.09 12:02 jeenbieheenbies was i overreacting when I quit my job?

TLDR: I worked a job selling newspaper ads with an incompetent and mean boss that paid pennies and I'm glad to be gone but I need a job
I quit my job over two months ago and am still looking for work (if some needs a "diversity token" bsba in marketing and management with 3 years experience and fantastic writing and people skills) but trying to look for a job is making me wonder if what comes next could be worse.
This was my first "real" job out of college, selling ads for a local newspaper. The newspaper is part of a big and obviously very old company, that had recently bought a bunch of local town/city newspapers in my state. And according to quite literally everyone in our maybe 50 person company, this made the job unbearable. Like, people who had been there for 15 - 30+ years quit because of the change, one lady cussed out our ceo to be fired and still wasn't, absolutely unbearable.
I was at the job for about 4 months and initially really liked it. Very lax for the most part, I could basically come in whenever as long as I got my work done. We also had to travel a lot, so some days I would leave straight from home and make my rounds and be done for the day, as long as I was able to be contacted.
Here's the primary issue: it didn't matter when you started work, it would take almost the entire day to do anything. There were days I would get to work at 7 am and not leave until 11 pm. We got no overtime, you could only get overtime if you were asked to come in on weekends, but that never happened and usually the entire team had to work weekends anyway. Or you could have it "authorized" a week in advance... there's no way to professionally and successfully say, "All of this work takes over 12 hours most days."
We had meetings every Monday to catch up each other's activities. During one of these meetings, our boss said "we're not working hard enough" if we're leaving at 5pm (day is 8 - 5). The ads we sold were insanely expensive, it could cost as much as $2600 for a full page ad in a newspaper with ~5k subscribers. And boy did we lose subscribers every day. We also had a month and a half where the print was so horrible it was basically unreadable and looked 3D, it cost sales reps $100s each to accommodate angry advertisers but our ceo and boss didn't think it was a big deal.
We'd have "special sections" every month with discounted ads. And between 5 reps for all of the newspapers (I want to say there were 7 or 8) they asked us to bring in about 200k a month. We'd all have different quotas based on our progress, but we had to sell 70% of whatever number we got for the month to make commission, which also had a standard amount of $1350 regardless of what your goal was. They could pick any number, there was no real math to back it 😭 You get the minimum commission your first 3 months, but after, you could be at 69.99999999999% and not see any extra. It was a trend to make commission every other month because they increase the goal just enough that you can't reach it again. With the special sections, ads were discounted like crazy, so of course no one is going to buy an ad to run during the 2 weeks of the month they're not on sale. My boss never seemed to understand this. He thought we just weren't pushing hard enough. Sometimes we'd have 2-3 special sections a month, and my boss would make these horribly designed fliers for "business builders" that still no one wanted because it's NEWSPAPER ADS IN 2023.
Every newspaper had a website you could sell ads for too but the websites were hardly ever updated. Even when I quit in April our most recent obituaries were from November. The two editors were openly careless and disregarded people that came to see them with stories or events they wanted to run, and yet, every week the newspapers were filled with stories from towns sometimes an hour or two away from the town the paper's for because they "just didn't have enough stories." The editor wouldn't meet anyone, even chamber of commerce reps, and we had one reporter getting paid less than me going to 9 different cities and writing. Our editor only ever wrote opinion pieces lol
This was mostly fine with me at the time because I just really needed a job. Like most, but like, jesus I needed to work and at a little over $11 an hour it was paying good, but I also worked at Ulta in 2021 and they paid me more.
I realized I had to quit fairly early on. My boss was only ever encouraging to a coworker that had jurisdiction over an entire county and another that had inherited clients after the woman before him quit after 33 years. According to my coworker she told the bosses that she "prays for the next person who has to shovel shit for you two assholes." Pretty much everyone who quit cussed them out after lmao
My boss would come to me the first week of every month and be like "you're not selling enough :/ why" as if I was supposed to be miss supersale. This started because in my second month, HE gave me the wrong list of clients. I made a $3,000 sale. But when we recognized it wasn't in my "territory" the sale went to the coworker with jurisdiction over an entire county. I drove an hour and back for meetings, met with them several times, sat down and did complex math with my boss that if I closed my eyes I would assume is the smoking section of an old restaurant; became friends with the people. We were always told to sell into other papers, but because this coworker had already worked with the people MONTHS before (they never mentioned her) she got the sale. She did none of the work and the sale I made was over double what she initially had them at.
If you didn't start out way over your goal, he'd usually meet with everyone, but it was more often with me. I wasn't the only new person either. We had about 11 people quit before I came on, all from different departments. That number is now 17 if you count me, one of those being a woman who was hired a week after me and quit a week after me too (we worked in different cities, I barely knew her.)
My boss started meeting with me almost every week on the worst day possible: the day we make the most visits because the paper is out. He wants to meet at 9 am for 2 hours to "talk about my progress." This news is given to me by him slamming his hand on a table and yelling at me. Mind you, I didn't do anything but not sale over 70%. Every month I was there I was selling right at my 70% by some miracle. He started off this same meeting by immediately coming into my office and saying that I'm "mean and condescending" because I sent an email with wording he "didn't like" (it was grammatically correct English about how we were promised a business directory that was already a month late getting to us, even though, like I said, he came every damn week.) He told me I need to take my therapy appointments less often (they are once a month or two over telehealth for 30 minutes, during lunch [but because the job is so easy you should be working then too!!]), and after all this, gives me a huge packet of health insurance forms that I had already done my first week there, tells me to fill them out again, and says, "I should've given this to you weeks ago. It'll take about a month to process." I had already waited 90 days to get it.
Another kicker: I was in an car accident about a year ago now. I'm fine, but my car is fucked up, already old, and it's truly a blessing that I can still drive it just fine despite pouring money into it and not being able to afford a car atm. I don't know why but I told my boss this, and ever since, he had been asking me if I got a car, asking if I had family or friends' cars to borrow for work, and saying I needed to "get to it!" in terms of buying one. I thought about it today and I definitely put about 2500 miles on my car just from that job. We did get paid ~$1 per mile and $30/m for a phone bill.
This is so long I'll be surprised if anyone reads it. Like I said it's been months and honestly there's probably stuff I'm forgetting. I would truly rather have my mental health than be there even though I still really need a job and it's been hell finding one for whatever reason. And after reading all this back, maybe I didn't overreact, but are all jobs like this, especially right now when I'm only a year out of college? Was I supposed to be good at math to not absolutely hate my career?
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2023.06.09 08:50 martinm4nhunter Searching for my German Grandmother’s biological father

I am looking for a gravestone, DOD, or any leads on Alexander Ricard Hample/Hemple/Himple of Wolfsburg, Germany, born 1908-1918, allegedly died 1994-2004.
My grandmother’s father left her before birth and she has never known the paternal side of her family. He was in the German military during WWII and faked his death during the war before reappearing in Wolfsburg(likely where he died) later in life attempting to claim benefits. My great-grandmother was called in for a deposition to attest she had not colluded with him to fake his death. She would never speak about him to my grandmother and did not even tell her when he resurfaced later in life. It wasn’t until my grandmother was in her 40’s that her aunt informed her that he was still alive.
My grandmother is now reaching her end years and my mother is trying to find out if she ever had any siblings she never met.
My mother made a trip from the US to my grandmother’s hometown of Heidelberg and visited Wolfsburg while on Germany in hopes of finding answers. All she knew upon arrival was his first and last name. She visited a records office(I am American and ignorant to the public works in Germany) and was able to find out his middle name and that his date of birth and date of death were within the date ranges provided above. Unfortunately, due to my mother lacking forms of identification linking herself to the individual in question, they would not give her any more information. The time constraints of her visit prevented her from digging any deeper than a couple of libraries, but she has not stopped her online researching since. She believes if she can find a gravestone or DOD she can contact the local papers for obituaries. My mother claims to have read of groups who will find gravestones for people searching for deceased relatives, but as of yet, we have not found any leads.
Additional information: My grandmother was told by her mother that she has no birth certificate. My great-grandmother was born in 1913. My grandmother was born in 1939. My mother did a DNA test for my grandmother on that showed her ancestry as predominantly German, with some Scandinavian and Welsh. She also found out from the DNA test that my grandmother had a distant cousin in England, but that person has never followed up her reply. My great-great-grandmother’s name was Maria Meixner. My great-grandmother’s name was Hana Meixner. My grandmother’s name is Heidi Rogers, formerly Meixner.
Thank you in advance for any information or direction.
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2023.06.09 08:25 bethany-watson Found this on FB! 😂

Found this on FB! 😂
I can relate to this 😂😂
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2023.06.09 08:00 sihspune1 Mental health programme in India BA Psychology courses in India

Eligibility: Passed Standard XII (10+2) from any stream or equivalent examination from any recognised Board with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grade (45% Marks or equivalent grade for Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribes).
Application Procedure
Selection Process Based on marks in Standard XII (10+2), a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and Personal Interview.
Statement of purpose:A statement of purpose is a crucial element of the application process. It creates a first impression with the admission committee and helps us choose which applicants to shortlist for the interview round. Your statement of purpose should not exceed 1000 words (minimum 500 words). Please use the following prompts to guide your statement of purpose:
  1. Certificate of passing the qualifying examination (10th & 12th Science,Art,Commerce)
  2. Mark list (10th & 12th Science,Art,Commerce)
  3. Migration Certificate in original
  4. Transfer Certificate or School Leaving Certificate
  5. Character Certificate / No dues certificate
  6. Requisite caste certificate issued by the competent authority if admission is against reserved category
  7. Gap Certificate if applicable
  8. Certificate of change of name if applicable supported by documentary evidence like Government Gazette
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2023.06.09 06:46 aigeneratedclown The usual

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2023.06.09 06:20 Kk_Interaction_9504 AITAH - do I have a father?

I’ve always known that my “father” was a sperm donor, as my mother had undergone IVF. She always told me how wanted I was growing up and how much she loved me.
My family moved to Canada from Italy after WWII for a better life, so my mother grew up and was raised in a small town by two loving, but lived-through-the-war, and all it’s atrocities, parents. Life was only about survival - there was no time for emotions or well being. I don’t blame them. I’m grateful they survived. Fast forward to Canada, my mother grew up fairly sheltered, not many friends, and afraid of her own shadow you may say. She is a loving and giving person who will always put the needs of others, above her own. Looking back now, her childhood needs for love and affection were likely not met, and so now, she doesn’t handle criticism or conflict well, as it feels like a personal attack and brings out deep rooted insecurities. You’ll need to know this for later.
In her early 30s, she decided to go through with IVF and finally have a child of her own. She lost some friends throughout this, as it was still somewhat of a taboo topic in the 90s. Her parents supported her and she was successful with the process - as I write this here today.
She raised me all on her own. I don’t know how she did it, but her determination to provide for me was incredible. She bought her house in full, so she’s never had a mortgage, doesn’t have any car payments, always put food on the table, and gave me a quiet and secure life in that same small town. I might not have had the coolest toys or newest clothes growing up, but I had a roof over my head and food on the table. And for my mother to do all this, by herself, and still make it, is incredible.
Fast forward 20 years. I decide that I’d like to know some information about my bio dad. I ask my mom if she knows and she says no, she opted not to receive that information. Now I should mention, that I am one hard-headed and stubborn girl… not one of my best qualities. So when she said no, I said well, whether you wanted to or not, the facility/organization ethically, has to keep those documents. She quickly responded no, it was a different time back then, etc etc, and because she requested to not know any information, that information would be destroyed. Being as stubborn as I am, I took matters into my own hands and told her I’d call the hospital myself and ask for the records. She laughed in a defensive tone, and said “fine”.
The hospital had nothing. There was never any name given as my father on my birth certificate. I knew this, as it was IVF, but they had no documentation. When I called my mother again to tell her the news and that I felt a bit off and disjointed, as I didn’t understand how there could be nothing, she was quickly defensive and irritated by my will to know. Things like “well why does it matter anyway? “ or “I’m your mother, haven’t I done a good enough job?” Or “oh so I’m a bad mom, that’s why you want to know”. We had a huge fight, an absolutely massive blow up.
I went home a few days later and asked her why she was defensive. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t ask any questions and why it was causing such a response from her. We ended up in a yelling match. Eventually, she came out with a letter without saying anything. It was written by a man, one I did not know, professing his love to my mother. This man was my father. It turns out that my mother had an affair with a married man and got pregnant. He wanted to marry her after he found out she was pregnant, but feeling ashamed for falling into such a predicament in a small town from a VERY traditional family, she declined and decided it was better to tell everyone she got preganent through IVF. She didn’t want him apart of my life and refused his presence. She wanted to raise me all on her own.
My entire world had been shattered. For my entire life I’ve thought that I was a sperm baby and it was just “my mom and I”. Only to find out 20 years later that she did in fact, know my father. They kept in touch and he knew about me. She would send him photos of me and I even recall a conversation she was having with a “coworker” when I was younger, where she made me talk to them and say hello. I talked to them about my day and told them what shoes I liked. It wasn’t a coworker.
Immediately after revealing the truth to me, she made me swear to never contact him or tell anyone. She didn’t want to make a big deal of the matter, and I don’t blame her. She carries a lot of hurt and pain within her and she only did what she thought was best for me, as a child. … I don’t think I can adequately describe the shock and emotions I felt that went through me. I felt numb for approx 8 months and it didn’t feel real. It felt like a movie. I finally worked up the courage one night (8 months ish) to google his name and try to find some information about him, and about me. It was late at night after a long day. The first google hit that came up with my search, was his obituary, from 3 weeks prior.
  1. Weeks. Prior.
I felt like I finally ‘started’ to maybe believe that this information was true, only to find that I was 3 weeks too late, cause he had just past away. Can you grieve someone you never met? Someone you never knew you even had? Maybe it was the fact that the opportunity I didn’t even know I had earlier in the year, was now gone. I called my mom the next day and asked if she knew. I was delicate with it, cause this was still the man she had a child with and loved at some point.
She knew. She found out the next day. Thought it was best not to tell me as it would upset me. Turns out it was his daughter that sent out a notice. A daughter from the first marriage.
I have a half sister?
If you’ve read this far, I thank you for listening to my story. Not many people know this and apart of me felt like it would be empowering to finally say it out loud. Even if it’s to a bunch of strangers on the internet. I don’t want to draw a bad light on my mother - with the resources she had and the life she was given, she did the very best she could. I whole heartedly believe and know that she loves me. But I think part of me, and I don’t know how big, will ever fully trust her again with this matter. Our relationship hasn’t been the same since. I don’t think it helps that after I found out that my bio dad had passed, I couldn’t cope with it and needed space from my mother. I took probably 4 months of no contact with family. When I did re-engage in family events, all I heard was how much I was hurting my mother and causing her pain for not talking to her. Cutting off family, especially in a strong knit family culture dynamic, is not easy. It is and was not received well. I faced a lot of backlash for it from them.
AITA for hurting my mother from distancing myself from her and my family after everything happened?
I thank you again for making it this far. I don’t know how I’ll feel after I post this, but im hoping a bit lighter by finally saying it out loud. Thank you for listening. I wish nothing but kindness and happiness for those who read all this!!!
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2023.06.09 05:30 nous-vibrons Missing info on a new ancestor

So I’ve recently discovered I have a third great grandaunt no one knew about. I had been searching up information on a different grandaunt, named Polly Schermerhorn who strangely vanished after leaving New York. I discovered her living with an Amelia Wells in Battle Creek Michigan in the 1860 census. Amelia was born in 1806 according to this census. I then discovered Amelia’s will which listed Polly as her sister and executrix. This will also listed known ancestors of mine as siblings, proving her relation. Some backtracking in the 1850 and 1855 NY census found her as the second wife of Joseph Wells in Denmark, NY. At the time her sister Polly was also living in Denmark, as was another sister, Lodema. Polly was unmarried and Lodema was married to Curtis Barker. Denmark NY was where my ancestors moved to in Northern NY after leaving the Albany region. Many would move further west.
Listed in the will are Polly Schermerhorn of Battle Creek, whom all her possessions were willed to. Other that could have been interested in her estate were “Heirs of Lodema Barker of Illinois, John Schermerhorn of Wisconsin, Cornelius Schermerhorn of New York, Henry Schermerhorn of Wisconsin” but this is my only real confirmation of the relationships. Their parents were Henry and Elizabeth “Betje” Schermerhorn. I can find baptism or christening records for nearly every one of these children, except Henry, the youngest of the family, and now Amelia. I also cannot find an obituary for her. I’ve tried ancestry and FamilySearch. I’ve not found any free resources that have relevant newspapers for the time and area either. Attached in her will is a newspaper notice about the probate case which means that there was at one time some newspaper with information of her passing.
Is there anywheres else I could be looking or someone who could help?
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2023.06.09 04:36 Beneficial_Thing_602 Help looking for info on ancestor

Minnie (possibly Millie) Golby was born in New Jersey in 1888. She was married to Frank Rance in New York City from like 1909-his death in 1912 and they had one daughter (my g grandma). Then she moved to Toronto and was married to George Dehaney from 1914-his death in 1927. I have marriage and death records for him. They had 2 daughters. Then today I managed to find them in the 1931 census based on an address I had found for my grandma in the Toronto city directory. Minnie was married again to some guy named Ross Schermerhorn. I found that he was married to Rosina Gadsby until she died, and they had 2 sons, Kenneth and William, who were also in the census. I actually found an obituary for ken from like 2 years ago lol, he lived to be 98.
I looked for them through the years in the directory, until 1944 when Ross stopped showing up. I checked in the next year for Minnie listed as a widow of him or the family at the same house but they were not there. So what happened to them after that?
I can’t find any graves or death records for either of them. It’s possible that Minnie may have had enough time left to get married another time. Can anyone help me to find any info that I don’t already know?
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2023.06.09 04:32 oooh___ahhh Help!

I saw this at the cash saver yesterday, and I’m wondering if anybody wants to meet up and discuss some options before the scoping.
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2023.06.09 02:53 spork_off R.W., W/M, 52, DOD 2021/10/13

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2023.06.08 23:07 Affectionate_Fox_288 What do you believe happened at red mountain?

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2023.06.08 21:21 PulpoBeko Need Help with Vampire Lord Bite Attack

Hello, I just can't get these vampire lord bite attacks to work! I tried it for almost an hour now and it just doesn't happen also normal vampire biting animation doesn't play out as well my character just stands still but the sound and effects do play out. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is my load order :
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Vanilla Script MicroOptimizations.esl
Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm
Improved Mountain LOD and Z Fight Patch.esp
Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers.esp
Natural Waterfalls.esp
Unofficial Skyrim SE Fixes.esp
Water for ENB.esm
Vanilla Scripts Enhanced.esl
Realistic Boat Bobbing SE - DisabledRefs.esm
Armors of the Velothi Pt2.esl
Clouds AIO.esp
Partitioned snow Meshes.esl
Vibrant weapons.esl
Beards of Power.esp
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
High Poly Head.esm
Hearthfires Houses Building Fix.esp
HD Lods SSE.esp
Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Obsidian Weathers.esp
Gildergreen Regrown.esp
ELFX Shadows.esp
aMidianBorn_Book of Silence.esp
Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Realistic Treeline.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul.esp
Vanilla hair remake NPCs.esp
Book Covers Skyrim.esp
Open World Loot.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
No More Ugly Effects SE.esp
Stretched Snow Begone.esp
ELFXEnhancer - SOS Edition.esp
Remove Hanging Moss From Trees.esp
Skyrim Bridges.esp
CG4 Fx_SnowEffectsMerge.esp
Embers XD.esp
Realistic Boat Bobbing.esp
Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul.esp
Draugr Upgrades and Improvements.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - LFfGM.esp
Solitude Skyway SE.esp
MPXP0.0 [SELUA-II].esp
Icy Windhelm.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
Point The Way.esp
Populated Cities Towns Villages Legendary.esp
Windhelm Docks Pathways SE.esp
Run For Your Lives.esp
Riften Docks Overhaul.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
SFCO - ELFX Patch.esp
Tel Mithryn.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - Embers XD [XD ESP] - ELFX Patch.esp
ELFX Shadow - Quaint Raven Rock.esp
Carriage Drivers Are Alive.esp
Qw_3DNPC_USSEP Patch.esp
LoS II - Lantern Workers.esp
LoS II - ELFX patch.esp
WiZkiD ENB Windows.esp
LoS II - CRF patch.esp
EnchantingAdjustments - WACCF Patch.esp
Parallax TXST Fixes.esp
LIAT - Sounds.esp
Better Dynamic Ash.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - Better Dynamic Ash.esp
Undriel_QRR Nav Fixed Patch.esp
3DNPC Navmesh Fix.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - Landscape and Water Fixes.esp
Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback.esp
Bells of Skyrim.esp
notice board.esp
Northern Marsh Bridges SE.esp
First Person Camera Height Fix.esp
Fixed body collision.esp
Fully Harvest Hanging Carcasses.esp
Fully Harvest Hanging Carcasses - CC Fishing Patch.esp
Dawnguard Dont Hunt Cured Vampires.esp
NARC SE for Vanilla.esp
ELFX Shadows - USSEP patch.esp
Particle Patch for ENB.esp
SFCO - 3DNPC Patch.esp
RTDocks - Lanterns of Skyrim II.esp
Skyrim Remastered - High Hrothgar.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Cutting Room Floor Locations.esp
Amon - No Snow Under The Roof - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - USSEP Patch.esp
WiZkiD wells with real water.esp
Falkreath Bandits Downfall.esp
LoS II - 3DNPC addon.esp
The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp
3DNPC - Winterhold Mods Patch.esp
Skyrim Bridges - ELFX patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - Military Camps.esp
Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof - man_DaedricShrines patch by Xtudo.esp
WiZkiD Lund's Hut.esp
SFCO - Landscape and Water Fixes Patch.esp
Windhelm Bridge Archways and Doors.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - Northern Marsh Bridges.esp
Amon - No Snow Under The Roof - Skyrim Bridges Patch.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses North East Corner.esp
Sepolcri - Cutting Room Floor patch.esp
WiZkiD Signs - No Snow Under the Roof patch.esp
LoS II - SMIM patch.esp
WiZkiD Pavo's House.esp
WiZkiD Pinewatch.esp
Animated Ice Floes.esp
RBB - NSUtR Patch.esp
The Notice Board SMIM Ropes Fix.esp
RYFTEN - Back Door Canal North.esp
RYFTEN - BBM Epic Balcony.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses Canal West Side South.esp
LoS II - Northern Marsh Bridges patch.esp
LIAT - NPCs.esp
Thunderfury SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Dwueth'Var V2.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses Canal West Side North.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses North West Corner.esp
LoS II - Skyrim Bridges patch.esp
CRF + Bridges Patch.esp
SmallEnviromentalFixes(SEF) Fixes.esp
Quest Conflict Fixes.esp
SFCO - CRF Patch.esp
MCoW_Cutting Room Floor.esp
College of Winterhold Quest Start Fixes.esp
RYFTEN - Back Door Canal South.esp
RYFTEN - Back Door East.esp
RYFTEN - Back Door South East.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses South East Keep.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses West Side.esp
Bijin AIO.esp
Bijin AIO - Hair Physics.esp
Armors of the Velothi.esp
LoS II - USSEP patch.esp
RYFTEN - Exposed Beam.esp
RYFTEN - Roof Tile.esp
The Blackest Reaches.esp
The Blackest Reaches - USSEP Patch.esp
Collygon - SBoB.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses East Side.esp
RYFTEN - Bee and Barb Ship.esp
RYFTEN - Birdhouse.esp
RYFTEN - Defenses South West Keep.esp
Sleeping Tree Path Patch.esp
man_DaedricShrines - Azura Statue Replacer by Xtudo.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Forgotten City - USSEP Patch.esp
Granite Maul SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Dragonblade SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Forge Water Fix - CRF Patch.esp
RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
Cutting Room Floor - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
Amon - RDO - WERoad02 fix.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
Rainbows Remade.esp
Paper UI Sounds.esp
WACCF_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main - AOS + ISC.esp
AOS_EBT Patch.esp
Rumble - Crafting - AOS Patch.esp
Rumble - Jumping - AOS Patch.esp
Rumble - Swimming - AOS Patch.esp
Rumble - Weapons - AOS Patch.esp
Thundering Shouts.esp
Smoking Torches And Candles.esp
Project Clarity - Effects Half Res.esp
Ghosu - Auriel.esp
Praedy's AncientFalmerThrone.esp
Praedy's ShrineOfAzuraSizeX3.esp
Praedy's SoulEssenceGem.esp
Praedy's SoulEssenceGem ISC Patch.esp
Praedy's SoulGems.esp
Praedy's SoulGems ISC Patch.esp
WiZkiD Imperial Forts.esp
FarmhouseChimneys - USSEP Patch.esp
Amon - no Snow Under The Roof - Interesting NPC Patch.esp
RYFTEN - Back Keep Hole Fix.esp
WiZkiD Signs - Interesting NPC patch.esp
RYFTEN - Canal Water Pipe.esp
RYFTEN - Pathway.esp
ELFX Enhancer - Quaint Raven Rock.esp
ELFX - Hearthfire Light Addon.esp
LoS II - Campfire addon.esp
LoS II - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
ENB Light.esp
SFCO - USSEP Patch.esp
N89 Ragged flagon fix.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Embers XD - Patch - Inferno.esp
Embers XD - Patch - Lanterns of Skyrim II.esp
Simplicity of Snow.esp
Ashbound Revisited.esp
Ashbound Revisited Better Tel Mithryn.esp
Ashbound Revisited Solstheim Lighthouse.esp
Ashbound Revisited Quaint Raven Rock.esp
HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposits SE.esp
Atlantean Landscape.esp
Origins Of Forest - 3D Forest Grass.esp
Folkvangr and Origins Of Forest Grass Patch.esp
waterplants depth patch.esp
HappyLittleTrees - BetterDynamicAsh Patch.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - ELFX Shadows.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - patch - LoS II.esp
Landscape and Water Fixes - Patch - Navigator.esp
Skyrim Remastered - Ice Caves Fix.esp
Skyrim Remastered - Glaciers and Ice.esp
Public Executions.esp
GDOS - Glorious Solitude Door - Rotation Fix.esp
GDOS - Splendid Mechanized Dwemer Door.esp
Simply Rest Anywhere.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
Animated Ice Floes - Dawnguard.esp
Animated Ice Floes - Marsh Floes Addon.esp
ALT - The Snow Elves Throne - BOS.esp
RedBag's Dragonsreach.esp
Player Spell Lighting.esp
Player Spell Lighting - Apocalypse.esp
Qw_ISC_CRF Patch.esp
DeadlySpellImpacts - AOS + ISC.esp
DSI AOS ISC Patch.esp
Qw_DeadlySpellImpacts_AOS Patch.esp
Qw_DeadlySpellImpacts_ISC Patch.esp
Frost Meshes Patch.esp
FrostMesh ISC Patch.esp
Footprints - ENB.esp
Missives - Heartland.esp
Water Douses Fire.esp
SparklesSE - Immersive Sounds Patch.esp
The Eyes Of Beauty - Elves Edition.esp
Lovergirl_Afflicted and Woodelf fix.esp
Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs of Skyrim.esp
True Orcs - Extreme.esp
Vanilla hair remake SMP.esp
BeastHHBB - VHR SMP.esp
Marsha - Replacer of Elisif.esp
3DNPC - CRF Patch.esp
RSC 3DNPC Patch.esp
3DNPC Visual Overhaul.esp
Modpocalypse NPCs (v2) Populated Cities Towns Villages.esp
Alec Follower.esp
Vanilla hair remake - compatibility.esp
KS Hairdos SMP - Vanilla Replacer.esp
Serana - Hair Physics.esp
Valerica - Hair Physics.esp
Qw_WACCF_AOS Patch.esp
Qw_ACE_CRF Patch.esp
Cozy Giants.esp
Praedy's StavesAIO.esp
Praedystaves - Apocalypse Patch.esp
Praedystaves - CRF Patch.esp
Praedystaves - USSEP patch.esp
Praedystaves - WACCF Patch.esp
Amon Sons Of Skyrim WACCF Patch.esp
Unique Uniques.esp
JS Unique Utopia SE - Daggers - Johnskyrim.esp
JS Unique Utopia SE - Daggers - WACCF Patch.esp
OWL Randomized Special Loot.esp
AMB Glass Variants Lore.esp
Differently Ebony.esp
Amon Sons Of Skyrim Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp
Amon - Sons Of Skyrim - Quark Patch.esp
DIS_Armor_Fractions_Diverse Skyrim.esp
Bandolier for NPC - Unplayable Faction Armors patch.esp
Better Shrouded Armour SSE - Ancient Replacer Only.esp
Lords of Coldharbour.esp
Durnehviir God of Death.esp
DUI - Beast Skeletons.esp
Rally's Crates.esp
WiZkiD Specific Signs.esp
Master Spell Tome Replacers.esp
RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Unsorted.esp
JS Instruments of Skyrim SE - Uniques.esp
JS Barenziah SE - Johnskyrim.esp
JS Rumpled Rugs SE.esp
JS Knapsacks SE - WetandCold.esp
JS Knapsacks SE.esp
DeadlySpellImpacts Transparency Fix.esp
HPP - My fixes by Xtudo - Chopping Blocks.esp
HPP - FirewoodSnow Campfire.esp
HPP - FirewoodSnow.esp
HPP - Vaermina's Torpor.esp
JS Emissive Eyes SE - Johnskyrim.esp
JS Emissive Eyes SE - Skeleton Replacer HD Patch.esp
mcgFemaleWalk for SkyrimSE.esp
Sprint Swimming.esp
Conditional Expressions.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
WetandCold - Fur Hoods Fix.esp
Dynamic Weather And Time Based Detection.esp
NPC Loots in Combat.esp
Jewelry limiter.esp
sU SRCEO - CRF.esp
Faction - Pit Fighter - Revamped.esp
Proper Aiming.esp
Faction Pit Fighter - Windhelm Sign Fix.esp
Qw_BijinAIO_CRF Patch.esp
Qw_BookCoversSkyrim_CRF Patch.esp
Qw_RusticSoulgemsUnsorted_ISC Patch.esp
Qw_WACCF_ISC Patch.esp
Qw_WACCF_RSChildren Patch.esp
AOS - ENB Light patch.esp
Colovian Noble Clothes - USSEP patch.esp
Arctic - Immersive Sounds Compendium Patch.esp
Audio Overhaul of Skyrim - Banners Fix.esp
Frankly HD Imperial Armors and Weapons - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Hoth Patch.esp
RS Children - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
The Choice is Yours - WACCF Consistency Patch.esp
WACCF - CRF Consistency Patch.esp
WACCF and ACE - USSEP Arch-Mage Consistency Patch.esp
Wet and Cold - AOS Patch.esp
Xavier - USSEP Patch.esp
SFCO - Immersion Patch.esp
SFCO - Sleep Tight Patch.esp
Quaint Raven Rock - SFCO Patch.esp
TCIY BCS Patch.esp
EnhancedLightsAndFX - WACCF.esp
Frost Meshes Patch - ISC.esp
ISC USSEP Patch.esp
MCWT_DeadDunmerDelivery - College of Winterhold Quest Start Fixes.esp
NARC SE - Barbas Addon.esp
Obsidian Weathers - No Config Spell.esp
RealisticHuskySoundsSSE - AOS.esp
TheChoiceIsYours - GDO - RDO.esp
TheChoiceIsYours - Lod Dialogue Tweak.esp
Water Douses Fire - Fixes.esp
BeastHHBB - Armor and Clothing Extension Patch.esp
BeastHHBB - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp
BeastHHBB - Kharjo Alt.esp
BeastHHBB - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Replacer.esp
BeastHHBB - Riften Docks Overhaul.esp
BeastHHBB - Skyrim Revamped CEO Replacer.esp
Armors of the Velothi - Ashlander Seer And Indoril Wayfarer Crafting.esp
Armors of the Velothi - WACCF Patch.esp
Archmage SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Blinding Light SE - Johnskyrim.esp
JS Ioun Stones SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Ebonblade Waraxe SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Iban's Staff SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Quel'Delar SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Lionheart - Johnskyrim.esp
Sulfuras The Reclaimed Hand SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Shadowmourne SE - Johnskyrim.esp
Tribunal Robes for SSE.esp
EGIL Shadow of Akavir.esp
[Melodic] Raven.esp
[TheMilkDrinker] Kinnari Armor.esp
VioLens SE.esp
Witcher 3 Yennefer and Ciri armor SE.esp
Heart Breaker SE.esp
Ilieh Cry of the Damned.esp
Witcher 3 Yennefer and Ciri armor SMP SE.esp
50 More Perk Points.esp
Ish's Respec Mod.esp
Nemesis PCEA.esp
Schlongs of SkyrimSE - Light.esp
BB Pack by Team TAL.esp
Dark Souls Item Pack by Team TAL.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse Adjustments - Ordinator.esp
Qw_Ordinator_AOS Patch.esp
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim.esp
Skyrim Unbound.esp
Skyrim Unbound - AOS Patch.esp
Skyrim Unbound - GDO Patch.esp
Skyrim Unbound - RDO Patch.esp
Skyrim Unbound - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp
Skyrim Unbound - WACCF Patch.esp
MissingEZs_AllExteriors USSEP Patch.esp
Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp
Water for ENB - Patch - MEZF All Exterior Locations.esp
Water for ENB - Patch - Folkvangr.esp
Natural Waterfalls - Water for ENB Patch (Shades of Skyrim).esp
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2023.06.08 20:58 I-am-just-me83 AITA for changing my grandpa's obituary during the funeral?

I, 38 F, recently lost my grandpa. (Don't be sad, he was 86 and one day just woke up in Heaven.) My grandma had already passed 9 years ago.
The best way to understand this situation is to explain our family dynamics. My grandma was actually my step- grandma, although we never used those terms. There was never 'step' anything. I'll only use the term to explain my plight. My (bio) grandpa had 4 daughters & 9 grandchildren. My (step) grandma had 2 sons, 1 daughter, & 3 grandchildren. As I said, there was never a separation of anything. My grandparents were married for 40 years before my grandma's passing. We were all just one big family.
Now flash back to grandma's passing. Her obituary read more or less as above. All of her children and grandchildren listed as such. Not a mention of step family.
Now back to grandpa's passing. He passed away and my mom and aunts made the plans for the funeral, including writing the obituary. It was posted online to the funeral home website immediately. The first thing I noticed was there was no mention of anyone but my grandma from that half of the family. It was as if my grandma came into the family as a single, childless woman. I called my mom and said I saw the post and it seemed incomplete. She said it was done as it was supposed to be. I asked if grandpa had ever said he didn't want them mentioned. She said again that's how it's supposed to be. I was shocked. Soon messages started coming to me from my cousin's, both bio & step asking why all those family members were left out. I didn't know how to reply.
Two days later we all were at the funeral. My mom pulled me aside and asked that I read the obituary out loud during the funeral. I said sure. I only had a few minutes to prepare but I grabbed a pen and jotted down notes on my copy. I got up to read it and I inserted all the names that has been skipped. As I was reading I glanced around the room. Tears and appreciative nods came from my (step) family. Harsh looks and daggers came from my mom and aunts. After the funeral I was bombarded by thank yous from my step family. All I got from my mom and aunts was "How could you?" & "How dare you?" I simply said I did what I felt grandpa would have wanted and left it at that.
Now it's been a few weeks and my aunt's are still pissed and haven't said a word to me. My mom has maintained a bit of contact, but each time makes sure I know that I was totally out of line for disrespecting my grandpa like that. I told her I was going to need an explanation as to why they felt it was wrong. I have never gotten anything.
So, now I ask. Since you all have all the information I do, am I the asshole for changing my grandpa's obituary during the funeral?
***Update** As it seems these are the commonly asked questions, I'll clear these up. I really don't think the issue stems around money. My grandparents had money set aside for their funerals so no one was out anything making the preparations. As far as inheritance goes everything had already been decided upon by my grandparents. The life insurance policies and the pension payouts were to be split equally. The other question is whether there was infidelity that got my grandparents together. The answer is no. I actually have no idea what happened to my grandma's first husband. I think he passed but I don't really know for sure on that. I do know that he was far out of the picture before she ever met my grandpa. My bio grandmother was a drug addict that my grandpa divorced when the girls were ages 10-16. So they were very aware of the situations that led to being raised by my grandpa. In that situation no one misses their mother. The only children that lived at home after my grandparents got married were my two youngest aunts and they were age 16 and 17. All of the rest of the children were adults and out on their own.
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2023.06.08 18:00 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in VA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
All Day Plumbing Plumber Virginia Beach
Capital One Senior Director Fredericksburg
BAYADA Home Health Care Registered Nurse Gloucester
Capital One Director Mclean
Capital One Engineer Mclean
VCU Health at Home by BAYADA Registered Nurse Richmond
Wegmans Food Markets Warehouse Worker Ashland
Wegmans Food Markets Warehouse Worker $500 Sign On Bonus Ashland
Wegmans Food Markets Sanitation Worker $500 Sign On Bonus Ashland
Wegmans Food Markets Food Service Worker Charlottesville
Tyson Foods Maintenance Generalist - Night Shift D Danville
Tyson Foods Food Safety Quality Assurance (FSQA) Supervisor Danville
Tyson Foods Maintenance Generalist - Night Shift B Danville
Suhdutsing Contracting Services Doctrine Writer Fort Lee
BOEING Software System Engineer Hamilton
BOEING JBoss Engineer Hamilton
FRESENIUS LPN Mechanicsville Hanover
Bliley's Chapel Manager - Funeral Home Hanover
Chippenham Hospital PCU RN Mechanicsville
Chippenham Hospital Nursing Care Coordinator Mechanicsville
Chippenham Hospital RN Navigator Mechanicsville
Fort Norfolk Retirement Community Inc Maintenance Tech II [Residence Renovation Specialist] Norfolk
Wegmans Food Markets Janitor Palmyra
Wegmans Food Markets Food Service Worker Palmyra
Wegmans Food Markets Full Time Jobs Palmyra
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 17:47 Slight-Blueberry-895 Stormworks wishlist

  1. Logic system overhaul/improvements. Current system is tedious and a pain to do, even for relatively small builds. Even just having the ability to filter out logic points that are already connected would greatly improve the system across the board, ideally an advanced filter system would be added, such as creating groups, filtering parts, etc. The need to not only use but also create microcontrollers for instrument panels feels excessive and unnecessary. Simplifying panels, or giving the option of a simplified instrument panel that does not need to use a microcontroller, would go far in decreasing the games barrier to entry.
  2. Built in GPS maps. The fact that this game does not have a built in GPS map, like those tom tom gps map things you see on older cars is absurd when career mode’s map doesn’t show where you are on the map. And before anyone says that it’s “realistic”, if fishing boats in the Bering Sea can have a GPS map during rough weather, I see no reason why a SAR vehicle wouldn’t have such basic equipment. The current career mode’s starter boat is kinda useless at the starting base for this reason, there aren’t many landmarks out in the ocean, and I shouldn’t have to use the workshop just to make the base boat functional.
  3. Radio console. A simple premade radio console with knobs and such would also be nice and simplify a decent amount of logic.
  4. Custom window, wedge, and pyramid dimensions and/or more of these blocks in general, and make them more customizable (ie changing the windows color to green or putting designs on wedges and pyramids)
  5. Small boats keep water out, don’t need a closed volume to be buoyant
  6. Sails
  7. 18th century weaponry
  8. Life rafts
  9. Emergency inflatable slides (for planes)
  10. Gliding
  11. Oars
  12. Premade vehicles for every basic need you have in game. There should be basic, cheap, premade cars/trucks, boats, etc that can fulfill most of everything you would need to do in game. Nothing particularly fancy, just simple builds that can easily supplanted by custom creations that can serve as references for your own builds or be stopgap measures until you build replacements.
  13. Search and Recovery. Unfortunately, not every SAR operation is successful. Missions about recovering remains would be nice and can add a decent bit of variety. For example, maybe a hiker found a body in a hard to reach place in the mountains, and because of that an offroad vehicle or aircraft is needed to get there, diving on a wreck to recover remains, or recovering a car from a lake. Other missions could also be diving for investigation critical components, such as black boxes or voyage data recorders, or even specific components that investigators want to find.
  14. More in depth rescue/injury mechanics. Stuff like sprained ankles, injuries, pregnancy status, health conditions, etc, requiring different things to heal/stabilize. This would also add a sense of urgency to each SAR mission, as now you can’t solve/delay everything by throwing a first aid kit at it. Maybe the local hospital doesn’t have the facilities to treat a time sensitive, so you have to transport the patient to a bigger hospital. Dealing with things like hyperthermia would also be nice.
  15. Boat materials (wood/metal/polymer)
  16. Amenities and furniture in general.
  17. Logging industry
  18. Fishing industry
  19. Debris
  20. Other SAR teams/companies to have a presence in the world and are able to be called upon if needed.
  21. Nuclear reactor disaster
  22. More variety and depth for SAR missions, such as an aircraft ditching in the harbor, an aircraft going missing and having to search for it, recovering lifeboats, a nuclear powered ship sinking and having to deal with the radiation, chemical tankers releasing toxic chemicals into the water, sinking an adrift vessel, stopping an illegal salvage operation etc. A cool idea would be to add in the possibility for major accidents to happen, such as a cruise ship capsizing, a nuclear powered ship sinking, or a military aircraft armed with a nuclear warhead being lost over the ocean. Another cool idea would be to add interviews with accident investigation teams after some accidents, such as when a ship sinks because of poor maintenance about what you saw. Obviously, the interviews should only occur for more major accidents and when the player could actually have relevant information. There could also be complications for missions, such as the ship still moving and unable to be stopped, the whole crew is incapacitated, etc.
  23. In the same vein as no 22, an overhaul of Search And Destroy as it pertains to the overworld would also be nice. Instead of simply having an AI that fights the player, how about having 2 major factions that fight each other, the local military and an invading military, with the option of creating your own faction to take over the islands. This would differ from the previous system by making it so that you would complete orders issued to you, such as patrolling a specific area, engaging a fleet, mining or demining a waterway, etc. At first, you start out doing gruntwork, but as you move up in rank the more you can do, such as sending grunts to do the gruntwork for you. You could also give the option for the player to make their own faction Another thing that could be added are pirates and pirate gameplay. SAD could also add in new missions and disasters, such as disarming mines from the second world war, serial killers, hijacking attempts, a fire at a munitions dump, etc. You can have a lot of fun in regards to disasters and special missions too, such as cleaning up a munitions dumping ground (like what the Norwegian military did, dumping thousands of tons of munitions into a river) or a sunken supply ship detonating (like that one off the coast of England) and dealing with the after effects of that.
  24. Hiring AI to do things for you, such as a doctor to administer medical assistance to survivors, a captain to drive a boat, SAR divers to recover people from the sea for you, etc.
  25. Passenger playstyle. Ferrying passengers around feels like a logical next step in the game, with factors such as reliability, how fast you can get to destinations, feats (ie having the fastest passenger ferry in the world even if it does not operate at that speed regularly or having the biggest ferry, etc), price per ticket, amenities(free or paid movie theatre, comfy seats, concession stands, is the interior a comfortable temperature, is there a barbershop and if so is it any good, etc) and necessities (do you have enough seats, is there a bathroom, do you have enough life preservers, if it’s overnight, do you have any beds etc). Options to run excursions with famous or historic ships, simple cruises/excursions to places around the islands would be nice too.
  26. Expansion of delivery and miner playstyles. Expansion of these playstyles, such as hiring AI to do parts of the job, either as employees or contracting out another company to, say, transport coal from your mine to the powerplant would go a long way to fleshing out these playstyles. You can even have the option to do smuggling runs of illegal or illicit goods. Smaller deliveries that can be handled with a van, or doing mail runs would be cool as well as oversized delivery missions. Increasing the variety of cargo to transport, such as transporting locomotives and/or cars for export would be cool.
  27. Terminal loading cranes.
  28. A R&D mode which would allow for quick and easy analysis of a creation where you get raw numbers on a ship’s current tilt, balance, engine performance, etc with the ability to easily change the weather and conditions of the environment and easily switch to build mode.
  29. Shipwrights. The idea here would be to overhaul building mechanics as it relates to career mode. Instead of being able to instantly build everything, how you can modify your vessel is limited to what your facilities can do. To get a brand-new ship, you would have to commission it from a shipwright. Before commission, you would have access to R&D mode to fully test out the vessal. Where the fun part really begins is that you can have an entire playstyle built around receiving commissions for ships by the AI (or even other players) for a desired vessel within x specifications at a cost of x amount for x amount of vessels within x timeframe with a bedroom made out of 50% windows at a height of x feet, or even upgrade/modify preexisting vessels as part of a commission or to flip on the market, buying older vessels of varying states and giving them a new lease on life. How many ships you can produce at a given time would depend on your facilities, which can be upgraded. Of course, there would be aircraft and land vehicle equivalents. You can even see the ships you produced doing their job in the world.
  30. Salvaging. Another playstyle that I feel would be a next step for Stormworks would be salvaging vessels either for scrap, refurbish them for resale, restoration into a museum piece, or simply to clear a waterway. You could even give the option to illegally salvage shipwrecks.
  31. Survey missions
  32. Survival suits
  33. Crabbing
  34. Flooding disaster
  35. Hurricane and super storm disasters
  36. Air conditioning
  37. Other ships coming to assist vessels in distress.
  38. Tropical islands
  39. Blimps, zepplins, and hot air balloons.
  40. Naming vehicles
  41. Rogue waves
  42. Supernatural phenomenon. My idea for this is that you would have two categories of phenomenon, explicable and inexplicable. Explicable phenomena would be phenomena that have scientific explanations for them, things such as ghost lights with scientific explanations behind them, maybe have some missions where you disprove the supernatural. Having everything be explicable, however, can be underwhelming so actual supernatural phenomena, such as fleshgaits (especially with SAR being the core theme of Stormworks), ghost ships, or alien encounters, especially if mechanics, such as SAR, are incorporated in it. Like, imagine a seemingly normal SAR mission turning out to be the rescue of aliens from a crashed spaceship and you have to transport them to a drop off point where the MiB is waiting, or a mission where you first set out to debunk the supernatural to then be assailed by the flying dutchman.
  43. More doors, buttons, ladders, stairs and hatches (ie: a traditional house door, car doors, glass hatches, etc)
  44. Panels that can be used as signs or “hatches” for otherwise external equipment (ie in order to access a fire extinguisher you have to open a hatch first, im sure there is a better word for it but I can’t think of it)
  45. Moonpools
  46. Pools
  47. More buildable/modifiable properties, especially for terminals. Could be expanded with the ability to flip properties.
  48. Races
  49. Competing manufacturers of equipment and engines that have varying strengths and weaknesses that improve as time goes. This would also make the game more accessible by giving new players the ability to easily access better engines while also rewarding those who learn how modular engines work by allowing them to jump ahead of the AI. Perhaps a system where you can lease or even produce your own engine designs could be implemented to further reward and encourage using modular engines.
  50. If the game becomes comprehensive enough, the ability to change which era you play in (1700s, 1800s, 1940s, etc) would be a really cool addition by adding in technological challenges of older eras. Additionally, there could be supernatural phenomena that isekai vehicles to and from different time periods, which could add in a whole variety of interesting missions and challenges.
  51. Built-in couplers for trains
  52. Wind having an effect on the player (exiting an aircraft and standing on its wing should result in you being yeeted off the aircraft)
  53. Pressurization
  54. Ingame tutorials like what From The Depths has
  55. A better openworld, NPCs, and RP experiences. The world of Stormworks feels very much dead, which is a shame because that is it’s biggest selling point for me over other building games like simple planes. It gives a reason for all the vehicles being built beyond simply being cool, you can actually DO things with it. I would recommend solving this by:
  56. Create actual population centers. Not huge cities, but small towns dotted across the islands with actual businesses and populations would go a long way to improving the game world, maybe have one or two cities on the island itself so we can do stuff with skyscrapers.
  57. Global traffic of personal, commercial, and government boats, aircrafts and land vehicles would go a long way to making the world feel less empty. Having npcs use a dedicated radio channel for chatter, and which you can interact with them through would be great. This traffic responds to ingame events, for example increased outgoing road traffic when a disaster is about to hit
  58. More realistic roads
  59. Navigation signs, buoys, etc
  60. NPCs operating gas stations, bridges, and industries in general.
  61. Relating to one, make NPCs not only interactable beyond being glorified money bags, but also interact with their environment. Such as trying to move away from fires, calling for help when they see a vehicle, moving towards a stopped SAR vehicle and climbing aboard, getting inside a vehicle of their own volition or swimming to shore when they are literally meters away instead of staying in the water and/or burning boat. Having NPCs interact with the player as well would also be great, such as thanking you for saving their lives, buying the player a beer as thanks if they meet in a bar, etc would be nice. Ideally, there would be a number of persistent npcs who have names, personalities and backstories. Such as Joe, an old sea captain who’s vessel is painted pink in memory of his 6 year old daughter who disappeared, and, if he thinks his vessel is about to sink, will desire to go down with the ship and be resistant to his personal rescue.
  62. Consequences for your actions visible in game. For example, if a casualty becomes a fatality, there is a funeral service held at the graveyard.
  63. NPCs having varying fluencies in English
  64. Missions with storylines attached to them, such as an archaeologist searching for Atlantis, or a group of sailors looking to raise the cargo ship they worked on after it sunk.
  65. Radio music channels
  66. TV channels, can also have a gameplay effect through amenities
  67. Newspaper with an obituary, some fluff news stories, generic articles, state of the economy, ships launched, details regarding the SAR missions you did or didn’t do, in game events, etc.
  68. Unmarked missions, for example lets say Captain Joe’s ship sinks, but Joe survives. Joe is depressed, but if you go out of your way to salvage and repair Joe’s ship and give it back to him he will be happy.
  69. NPC backstories being more then just a text in a box, perhaps a mission leads to you finding Captain Joe’s daughter, alive or dead leading to either a heart warming reunion or somber closure.
  70. News interviews
  71. Points of interest, such as abandoned buildings, natural wonders, historical locations, museums, heritage railroads, businesses etc with lore surrounding them and special missions for that location. For example, lets say there is a hot air balloon tour operation. There would be a few special missions pertaining to hot air balloons in that location. Or for the heritage railroad, their engineer called in sick so they need someone to fill in for the day.
  72. Flavor for missions, for example maybe a family of four reported in the burning boat and watch you put out the fires
  73. NPCs react like real people in the sense of physiological reactions, such as grieving, becoming frozen in shock, mental breakdowns etc.
  74. All disasters have effects (when applicable) in the overworld, such as destroyed homes, ships transported inland, etc. Having missions pertaining to the aftermath, such as removing large debris from roads and tracks to recovering missing persons.
  75. Visual deterioration of abandoned/sunk/crashed vehicles
  76. NPCs may try to take advantage of disasters, such as by robbing people on a sinking ship, looting buildings after a disaster, etc
  77. NPCs may panic and act irrationally when in a disaster, such as taking life jackets away from women and children, releasing lifeboats/liferafts early, etc
  78. Skills and attributes, such as consoling, leadership, physical fitness, bartering, etc
That’s my wishlist for now. I know it’s a lot, and some of it may seem to be a bit much, but I don’t think any single thing is out of the realm of reasonable possibility. The biggest appeal of Stormworks, at least to me, over competitors such as Simpleplanes is that there is a purpose behind what you build. I think that if Stormworks were to expand on RPG elements it would not only greatly elevate the game as is, but also expand the audience while enhancing the core experience.
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2023.06.08 17:42 TheDrunkCig Northbound from Ashland in early July - clothing

I’m flipping up to Ashland 7/3 and starting NoBo from there and thinking of switching up my clothing system and wanted some other eyes over it. Thinking about trading out my shorts + wind pants for hiking pants full time as well as sun hoodie for button down (all treated with permethrin) to help relieve bug pressure. Should I still keep my fleece/wool leggings or will it be warm enough to go without? I also have a down puffy.
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2023.06.08 14:55 AGreatLandlord 2Bed 1Bath - New modern open layout - Private W/D - Forced Air HVAC - Available 8/1 - $2100 - Ravenswood

Zillow Listing Link
3D Matterport Property Tour
This unit has been updated with the green revolution in mind. High efficiency forced air heat and air conditioning, water heater, appliances, and insulation will save you a ton of money on your monthly energy bills!
Both bedrooms are large with walk-in closets. The bathroom is huge with a beautiful walk in shower. Personal washedryer. The connected kitchen, dinning, and living rooms have a great flow and no wasted spaces, perfect for modern living and entertaining.
Utilities: - Free 500 mbps Internet - WateSewer and garbage paid by owner - No natural gas in building, so no gas bills! - Electric covered by renter
Extra amenities: - Free internet - Storage space - Common patio and garden area in the backyard - Dishwasher, fridge with ice maker, garbage disposal - Nest thermostat and nest smoke/co2 detectors
Transportation: - 1 block to the #9, #X9, and #80 buses - 6 minute walk to the #22 bus - 1/2 mile to the Irving Park Brown line station - Less than 1 mile to the Ravenswood Metra station
Local Amenities: - Breweries, Starbucks, Tango Sur, SunnySide Dispensary - Trader Joes, Marianos, and Jewel nearby - Lakeview School park, running track, and playground
Financial: - Security Deposit of 1 months rent - First month's rent due at lease signing - No move in fees - Background/credit check paid by renter - 650+ credit score - Renter(s) make 3 times rent monthly - Cats allowed with a one time pet move-in fee, $50 - Non-smoking unit
[Update to directly call out A/C]
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2023.06.08 14:11 knitwasabi Excellent editorial in the Courier-Gazette: "No Such Thing As Alternative Facts" (full text in comments)

Source Apologies for formatting, tried by best.
"Over the past week, we at The Courier-Gazette received a significant amount of feedback regarding recent coverage of the upcoming election for State House 45.
This feedback was concerning, as it levied accusations against our publication and our reporter, claiming we are biased and slanted, and that the stories were one-sided in favor of one party.
We were perplexed, because we had read those stories and did not recall anything being biased. So we read the stories again. They contain facts, and despite what Kellyanne Conway once said, there is no such thing as "alternative facts." It is a fact that Abden Simmons did not respond to our emails.
It is fact Simmons voted how he did.
It is a fact the Knox County Republicans held a gun raffle as a fund-raiser.
Nowhere in the stories did our reporter take a stance on these matters. He was just reporting the truth.
There were no suggestions that raffling off a Colt .45 was illegal, or even immoral or bad.
But while we are on the subject, it is reprehensible to raffle off a firearm during a time when public shootings occur in the United States every week., a nonprofit organization formed in 2013, is an online archive of gun violence in the United States from more than 7,500 sources each day. As of June 5, there were 18,212 deaths related to gun causes in 2023 – and those are just the ones that have been reported and verified. Of those, 7,916 were homicide or an unintentional shooting.
Since January, there have been 276 mass shootings and 23 gun violence mass murders; 116 children up to age 11 have been killed and 279 have been injured by a gun; 655 teens from age 12 to 17 have been killed and 1,685 injured; 166 law enforcement officers have been killed or injured by guns; and there have been 669 unintentional shooting incidents.
In the five days of June which have passed as we write this, there have been five mass shootings reported, with 9 people killed and 30 injured. There have been more than 160 gun deaths in the United States in those five days as well.
Anything can be raffled to raise money, ranging from a car to a fine dinner at a local restaurant to even a subscription to the local newspaper. Choosing a gun sends a message, and a dark one at that. These particular firearms are only designed to take human life. You do not hunt with a Colt .45. At a minimum it was pretty insensitive.
We do not shy away from criticizing one party or the other, or even independent politicians, when they have done something about which the public should know. Our job as the local media is to speak truth to power.
We called out the shameful behavior of Clinton Collamore when he violated the clean elections act, and he is a Democrat.
We criticized Bill Pluecker for cosponsoring a bill which, if it had passed, would have allowed local government to avoid putting notices in the newspaper, and he is an independent.
For a number of years now, Republican candidates for the most part have opted not to participate in interviews with local press. Most of the time they will not even bother to tell us why, though we gather from statements made in the national press that at some point it was put forward that we, being assumed liberal, are the enemy.
It was not always this way. There are some of us on staff who remember interviewing local Republicans including Christine Savage, who sadly recently died, Chris Rector and David Trahan on the issues. They seemed to have no problem talking with the press in those days. Let's add something else to the discussion. This strategy has been disastrous for the Republican party in Knox County and Maine in general.
You have a Democratic governor, with Democrats and one independent (Pluecker) sweeping the floor with Republicans throughout Knox County in the last election. The silence from these conservative candidates in local newspapers was deafening, and it may also be that the people of Knox County expect more from local candidates than rhetoric based on conspiracy theories and, in some cases, criminal pasts.
Maybe it is time for the GOP to stop playing at politics and start having honest, thoughtful discussions with its would-be constituents about the issues that matter. One of the best ways to do that is to talk to the press."- Courier-Gazette Editorial Board
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2023.06.08 11:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Editorial: It’s past time to fully fund state disability services Pgh Post-Gazette

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2023.06.08 08:49 444lexx A few months ago I watched several videos of “honor walks” and they’re haunting me

For some reason I was recommended a video of something called an honor walk, which is apparently a fairly recent tradition where when a person on life support is an organ donor, sometimes the family, friends, and nurses of the person will line the hospital hallway as the person’s bed is rolled to the OR; essentially their last moments “alive.” The video I was recommended was of a teenage girl. They had her phone sitting on the bed playing Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. I’ve since heard the song various times in public and online and it makes me think of this girl’s last moments. I googled her name and found her obituary, she died in a car accident. I just think it’s wild how the internet will show us these moments of people’s lives that we never would have known or interacted with. basically it was very morbid of me to watch several of those videos and I didn’t want to tell anyone IRL because I know it was weird as hell to watch videos of essentially dead strangers.
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2023.06.08 07:26 a_r3dditer What do you believe happened at red mountain?

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