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2023.06.10 19:00 rustbelthiker Benchmade, ZT bundle!

Happy Saturday all! I'm sad to be parting with these two beauties. But they're not getting any pocket time so away they go! I'm asking what I paid plus shipping. No profiteering here.
Yolo rules. US shipping only. PayPal or Venmo. Friends and family, no notes please. I will ship Monday after work.
I am at least the 2nd owner on both of these. Both are catch and release off of the swap. I'd prefer to sell as a bundle but will separate if necessary.
Benchmade Crooked River Never used or carried by me. Was a user not abuser by the previous owner. There are some minor cosmetic flaws on the handle but the blade is in great condition and looks to have the factory edge to my non-expert eyes. Functionally it's in fantastic condition. Just not for my hand. No box.
ZT 0462 BNIB. A beautiful work of engineering by Dmitry Sinkevich. Solid, lite weight, centered and slicey. No flaws that I can see. Just not for my hand.
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2023.06.10 18:59 two_under_three Has anyone decided not to get their baby’s tongue tie snipped and if so, how has that impacted their life?

My midwife says my one has a mild tongue tie that I might want to get taken care of later via a snipping procedure. Right after baby was born, my midwife said she could do it or I could get it taken care of from a dr. It scared me too much to have her do it even though she is a licensed professional and I just never got around to discussing it with a doctor yet. Midwife said breastfeeding might be challenging with this baby due to the tongue tie creating a funky latch but if breastfeeding is going fine and baby is gaining weight that it’s likely not necessary to get it snipped (although she said it might result in a lisp later). We concluded my baby’s daddy probably has a tongue tie as he is a slight lisp but back in the day they weren’t diagnosed much.
I’m not sure midwife will still be able to do it now that baby is a little older (almost 4 months) so I’ll probably have to establish relationship with a doctor that can, but I’m considering not doing it as the breastfeeding is going fine. Haven’t found the right bottles yet but a reason I’m considering it would be for finding a bottle that works for the baby and so she learns to talk more easily (worried about speech impediments or difficulty learning to talk later as reason I would consider it).
Miscellaneous relatives, friends, and acquaintances say I should get it snipped if it’s recommended by medical professional but they’ve never had a child with a tongue tie. I’m wondering if anyone who actually has had a child with a tongue tie decided against getting their baby’s tongue tie snipped? Why didn’t you do it? I’m curious why the decision not to was made and how not doing it has affected your child now?
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2023.06.10 18:59 hohosbbshs Why are “boomers” so interested in buying single family homes?

My 2500 square foot 4/3 home is for sale and it sits on .75 acres. I have a ring cam and can see who comes for showings. 70% of the showings are for white haired boomers. My neighbor who moved in last year is 70 and someone who is 65 plus just moved in across the street. My development only has single family homes which were built with families in mind. We even have a children’s playground and kids only pool in the complex (it has a clubhouse, pool and tennis) but as time goes on less kids are seen there. What I don’t get is why they would want to put so much money into a home and have to maintain a residence with more bedrooms and space than really needed. As they age and obviously work less/retire where will money for maintenance come from?
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2023.06.10 18:59 Zealousideal_Fix1194 Im a burden to my friends

My friend group split in half because of me. One half of them simply got tired of my negative attitude and left. After reflecting on the whole situation, I don’t blame them and they had every right. Im a toxic friend. Im currently trying to improve and become better as a person.
The whole situation was messy. One half of the friend group tried defending me and ended up falling out with the other side. Im grateful for my friends who were by my side but I was the reason why their friendships were ruined as well.
I found out last week that both sides reconciled and are on good terms now. I’m happy for them but I can’t help feel hurt. My friends said they had forgot to tell me and that they would ask the other side if they want to reconcile with me. Honestly, I know they didn’t forget to tell me and i’m sure the other side doesn’t want to hear from me again.
If it weren’t for me, no one would of had fought and fallen out in the first place.
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2023.06.10 18:59 Ace9311 Modelling

As I think more I feel fashion designing & modelling will be a huge part of this game, theory of mine but feel there is more we have not seen yet. As they show the online portion of the game so far we do not know any story or background at the moment.
  1. As it is all fashion influence’s designing is going to be a massive part of this game for me personally it feels make sense.
  2. I have spoke on this before but being & using models, whether it means photoshoots for billboards & magazine’s, catwalks to promote your outfits an influence npc’s & the online side of things.
  3. This has been a huge back and fourth on how to word this, but feel it does make sense but not in same way as past games, boutiques. Now they could work as npc’s could be inspired by a photoshoot or catwalk, that makes them want the next best item. Whether it be a hair accessory or whole outfit, or shoes etc, they come in ask you give them it but boutiques will still be apart as there is a exhibition hall in this game.
I still am excited, I completely get the fear of unknown but this game is $60 on PlayAsia which for UK folk like me, £50. It a full priced game as Style Boutique / Style Savvy was £25 / £30 at the time. So there is more in this feel reason holding back as maybe the animation & that may not be fully finished at the time the showcase was, but I do have faith for me this is a spiritual successor to Style Boutique, an the creativity is there but feel the bits I pointed out will be in the boutique stuff could be called something different. Wanna hear your thoughts & ideas too 😀
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2023.06.10 18:59 Seismech Using a stepped drill bit as a pilot for large holes in thick mild steel.

This post was inspired by a series of comment made in replies to I'm confused on finding the right step drill bit.
I couple of days ago I mounted this "you'd be better off buying a new one" vise to the farm's Auto-Crane truck. It took me about 40-60 minutes(? didn't time it) to drill the four mounting holes - 11/16" though about 3/4" of mild steel in three layers --- 1/4" top plate welded to heavy diamond plate deck that is reinforced on the bottom side by additional heavy plate --- I think the bottom reinforcement plate was also 1/4", but I didn't take a measure. Using a stepped drill bit made the process of drilling those holes very easy. Because it was a really cheap a## Harbor Freight Warrior stepped bit, I first made 1/8" pilot holes for the step drill bit. Then I used the stepped drill bit in a light to medium duty, variable speed, Ridgid 18v 1/2" drill. When I began drilling on the 9/16" step of the bit, the drag (from so many different steps of the bit all cutting at the same time) became sufficient to cause me to switch to a 7/16" drill bit to finish out the bottom portion of the stepped hole. Switching back to the stepped bit - with fewer steps of the bit cutting - I drilled the 11/16" step into the top of the plate. I finished with a 1/2" drill bit - followed by an 11/16" bit with a shank stepped down to 1/2". This was all with the same light/medium duty 18v Ridgid.
TLDNR: Only for sheet metal - my butt.
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2023.06.10 18:59 sioatvkl Day two of being blindsided

Our one-year anniversary was two weeks ago and yesterday he came over and told me that he's only just realised that he hasn't felt romantic attraction towards me for- he doesn't know how long.
He only realised this week. I knew there were issues in our relationship - he was putting in less effort recently etc. but I just... we had so much fun together and we connected on so many different levels; I haven't felt this in tune with anyone before and I'm just shocked. Shocked and sad and so full of grief for the relationship I thought we were building together.
I know that this will pass. I know that I'll be okay in the future. I now know that this relationship was obviously not what I thought it was and would never have worked out the way I wanted it to. I'm still so, so sad.
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2023.06.10 18:59 UnusualRestaurant Star sector, motortown, no man sky?

I want to play a game where I start with nothing and work my way up, acquiring better vehicles/ skills that let me do more. I want to work hard to get more. Kind of want something that feels like a second job I guess.
Star sector and motortown seem to fit this pretty well. I am not sure if I will be able to get into starsector, I usually prefer first person games. The content looks sweet though. I was a huge freelancer fan years ago.
I am worried motortown won't have enough to do and I should wait for release, but I like how you can do a lot of different car related jobs instead of just trucking.
No man sky is out of left field but it looks nice. Not sure if it would feel like work though.
Also open to other games beyond these three. Some of my favorite games are Subnautica, outer wilds, mount and blade, vintage story. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 18:59 mossyshack Specialized software roles for J2?

I have 9 years in IT and 4 years in Tech (SaaS). I really excel in learning software/systems quickly and can be a SME in no time. I’m in Product now (like it a lot), but I’m looking for a J2 that doesn’t have meetings every damn day. I see positions for Workday Application Analyst / Admins, and that’s what struck this idea.
Does anyone here specialize in a specific software like Workday or Service Now, etc?
Feel like a great J2 would be to specialize in a software/application. Willing to put the time in and get certified or whatever I need to do to achieve the level of expertise needed, but curious on if others have done this here. I have absolutely had it with the roadblocks at the company I work at, and OE seems like the best way to achieve financial independence for me.
What software do you specialize in? Suggestions on learning / cert? Level of pay to start?
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2023.06.10 18:58 Carismicpanda Ginyu Force Awakening

Ginyu Force Awakening
I have the whole Ginyu force rainbowed except for Ginyu goku why won’t it let me start the battle?
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2023.06.10 18:57 Arn4r64890 Why is extra fluid removed that's not related to the dry weight?

So my dry weight is set at 52.0 kg. I know that because I confirmed with the nurse. On Wednesday my pre-dialysis weight was 52.5 kg. But the machine was set to remove 1000 mL. On Friday my pre-dialysis weight was 52.9 kg and the machine was set to remove 1500 mL. So I'm just not really understand what the extra 500-600 mL is for.
What I can say is the extra fluid being removed is definitely pushing me under my dry weight, which is why I'm just bringing a water bottle at this point. It's annoying if I have to stay 30 minutes longer just because they removed too much fluid.
From my perspective, it actually seems better to gain more fluid because it seems that regardless of the reason for the extra fluid removal, the fluid removal is capped (probably due to the UFR). Because I can definitely say from the way my heart feels, it feels better when I've gained a lot of fluid (say 2.4 L) versus when they pull past my dry weight.
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2023.06.10 18:56 Wise-War-Soni My sister assaulted me because I’m skinny.

My sister yelled at me when I was having a discussion with my mom. She wasn’t involved in the discussion and my Mom and I weren’t yelling at one another. It was a boring discussion about the smoke and air quality.
My sister interjected with an attitude. I asked her not to speak to me at all. My sister and I don’t get along because my sister is hella rude and my therapist thinks my sister has a personality disorder. I avoid my sister. My sister has violent tendencies.
However, on this day I asked my sister to please leave me alone and stop speaking to me and rudely placing herself in my conversations with others. She said she will continue being rude to me because she is entitled to not hearing the sound of my voice in the house. LOL My sister was sitting in the living room. It’s not like she was in her room and my mother and I were screaming about the smoke so loud she had to interject. I politely told her if she wants silence she can put on her noise canceling headphone or go to her room. Then I refocused the conversation and asked her to PLEASE leave me alone again. My sister has been attempting to bully me in our family home ever since I started going to therapy, working out, and left my sales job to chase my dreams and become a pediatric nurse.
I told her I would like her to stop speaking to me. The conversation escalated and she charged at me while I was standing with my hands by my side and lunged at me. My sister attacked my face when my hands were down. I defended my self and stepped back. My sister assaulted me.
I asked her why she would do that and she said she deserves silence because she is stressed about not being able to Go to the gym with a her friend because he always needs to hang out with his girlfriend. She called me manipulative for crying after she assaulted me then started crying about not being able to go to the gym alone and how I should understand her frustration. I don’t. I told her I don’t. I told her that she needs to get mental help because assaulting people over not going to the gym will not go well for her in the long run.
Then she goes on a rant about how it’s my fault she assaulted me… and that I think I’m so perfect counting calories and going to the gym but I’m not. I just stood there listening and then told her to go screw herself and called her an angry monster. I told her she is delusional and asked her to leave me alone again. I don’t feel bad for defending myself and I legitimately have no sympathy for my sister after this event.
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2023.06.10 18:56 lifelifebalance Looking for advice on which algorithm to use for my research project

I would love to use something like PPO but I am not sure I will be able to based on the constraints of my project. My supervisor has told me that I should not be using neural networks and instead I should use linear function approximation like tile coding. I am an undergrad with little experience so I can see why taking the simpler approach may help my learning for the long term.
That being said, I want to implement something that will give me a good foundation of knowledge for when I get to the more complicated stuff.
For context, here is more information about my project:
I am not sure if this is enough information but these are the basics of what I need the system to be able to work with.
My thoughts so far is that something like off-policy actor critic would work but I assume there are better algorithms by now. I was thinking off policy since the agents will need to be trained without retraining all of the other agents so maybe a new agent can learn from the existing agent's policies if I use off-policy. I am also thinking independent agents would work better than centralized because of the ability to add new agents again but I also ready a bit about centralized training with decentralized execution which might be an option but I wasn't sure.
I want to use an algorithm that is relevant for today's cutting edge systems but need to be able to implement it with linear function approximation instead of neural networks to start with. Are there any algorithms that come to mind, considering my constraints, that would allow me to learn valuable concepts that are applicable to cutting edge systems except that could be implemented using non-cutting edge methods (tile coding instead of NN)?
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2023.06.10 18:56 Green-Cloud- GMO- Bragg Canna- GREEN THERAPY

I picked up the GMO flower (Indica) at Green Therapy in Hattiesburg. The GMO flower became one of my favorite strains during the lockdown.
I was very excited to see this strain on weed maps. Approximately 28% THC 1.7% on the terpenes. This one was one of my favorites in California, Colorado, and Arkansas. I am not impressed by Bragg Canna (YET). This was the only strain I have tried by them. They have a lot of room to grow on me.
I honestly think higher terpenes and this one will be a winner. GMO is $54 for a unit and I am used to getting it for $200 for an ounce. So maybe mentally/ financially it was defeating. The smell and overall smoke was good though. GMO used to be one of my evening flowers.
I do think Green Therapy in Hattiesburg has an excellent variety of strains. I stop from Canton MS to Biloxi MS due to work and life travels.
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2023.06.10 18:56 GruiaC The perfect dive watch doesn't exist! San Martin: Hold my beer!

The perfect dive watch doesn't exist! San Martin: Hold my beer!

I’m gonna come swinging right out of the gates and say that this is a great one!

I know it’s a knock off the original design of the Pelagos 42 (yeah 42mm not for every wrist size) but try to get the Pelagos in Steel , you can’t get one because it doesn’t exist.

The Tudor watch company has released a 39 mm version that seems to be neutered. It doesn’t have the three-dimensional rehaul of the 42 mm variant. And try to get a 39 mm Pelagos In steel. Guess what? It doesn’t exist!
So this is just my point: that the San Martin 0121 It’s so good that it shouldn’t exist at this price!
The size is perfect at The 38 mm size of the case or 39 mm of the bezel. If you think that 38 mm is small for your wrist size, let me tell you that you will be surprised! I have a 7.5 inch wrist and it fits like a charm. Also I think that the case size is perfect. Let me tell you that trying a blackBay 38 left me hanging as the watch is almost 1.5 cm in height. Dat BB it’s a tall boy!

The bracelet is solid and has almost no Lateral Play.
I was pretty skeptic regarding the clasp with on the fly mechanism, But I want me to tell you that I was surprised. It’s a pretty nice thing to have when you have to perfect fit your bracelet. Regarding the mechanism is an NH35: perfect! It can be easily adjusted or swapped in case you just need a new one. I chose the date variant as I really love this complication on my watches. It seems to run at +2/ seconds a day that is well within Chronometer specifications. Also be careful: the date variant has only 990ft of water resistance, opposed to the no date variant that has 1000ft :))
And lastly let me tell you about the lume: It just works I could see the time at 4 AM without charging it before going to sleep.

If you have any concerns about the sharp edges of the case and bracelet let me tell you that there are a few scissors edges. They fade out with wearing the watch and keep it looking sharp for a longer period of time. Just try it.. it just works!
Just like I said in the beginning I think that this is a great watch and if you shouldn’t be concerned about the fact that this is a homage because the watch that it’s all matching doesn’t exist
Should they try this design? just a thought that could save them of a lot of copywrigth infringements and allow them to make an original watch :) Hey u/watchdivescom , what do u say, can we do this?

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2023.06.10 18:56 No_Raccoon1571 Gave roommate 1 month to remove her boxes in communal area

Short version: she keeps her cluttered boxes in the work station upstairs and it’s such an unpleasant sight!
Long version (I do apologize but this was the catalyst): Today I had a go at the one flatmate I share a bathroom with. We were out of toilet roll for 1.5 days and I was working from home, so I hoped she'd get it. I did order some online with my grocery shop which were delivered today.
Anyways, this morning before my delivery I noticed that there was a full roll in the toilet. Then it disappeared following my run. I put 4 rolls in the toilet and messaged her asking that we purchase this on a rotational basis. I was met with a message saying that she always buys loo roll and she always cleans the bathroom.
I decided to go directly and speak with her to clarify what she meant. Given at this point I was abit heated. I was confused as to why she said she always buys loo roll when our other flatmate downstairs had a loo roll subscription that supplied us with enough since September. Neither one of us have ever had to buy loo roll since then. With regards to cleaning, this girl is delusional. She only cleans when her partner visits. Her room is a tip, you cannot see the floor, her section of the bathroom is filled with mold inc the toothbrush and toothpaste. She leaves her razor near the shower which falls often and when I try to put it back it's filled with black mold. I highlighted this to her and explained it's difficult for me to take her argument about her being clean given no other part of her living is clean.
She also flooded the bathroom a few months ago which she argued couldn't have been her fault she only takes 2 minute long showers.
I then highlighted that she keeps tons of cardboard boxes in the communal area and I want them moved. They are at least 40 boxes just sitting here outside of my room. Granted I thought she didn't have much space in her room, I didn't complain. However since she's so concerned about cleanliness I have requested she removes them within a month. If not done, I will send a reminder and after I will personally put them in her room or in a black bag and put it outside.
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2023.06.10 18:55 HopefulCPA1234 Selling a Whole Life Policy? Input appreciated.

Hi all,
Estate/Trust CPA here. My dad took out some huge whole life policies for me and my sister when we were babies.
Needless to say, I’m 26 and this bad boy has 47k of CSV in it (the actual policy is quite substantial). I’m in estate planning. I can’t think of a single good reason to keep this thing. I hate ILITs with a passion and think there are much better tools out there for large size estate planning should I need it.
Furthermore, despite my young age I have amassed several hundred thousand in mutual funds, ETFs, stocks and about 75k in cash through saving as much as I could since starting work at 15. Not to mention the 450k term policy I have through work. I have no dependents and as the days go on the opportunity costs of paying these premiums for this essentially junk policy way outweigh what I could do with the cash otherwise.
I can cash in the 47k. I do know that you can also sometimes sell these policies to an investor. By my own math using life expectancy tables; the policy is worth about ~97k if you discount the expected death benefit using the guaranteed dividend rate with the amount of periods at my remaining life expectancy (figure I’d walk with 80k after expenses if I can find a buyer). However, I see most of these investors want medium and not ultra long term investments. Does anyone know of anywhere that works with people my age? Or am I better cashing the sucker in?
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2023.06.10 18:55 nutella47 Allowance?

We have 2 kids: one is 5.5 years old and will start Kinder this fall, and the other is almost 4 with another year of preschool to go.
Our oldest has started asking about getting an allowance, and I have absolutely no idea how to implement this. I've seen some resources that say allowance should NOT be tied to chores; it should be given for being part of the family, with chores being an expectation rather than something they get rewarded for. Other resources suggest age appropriate chores for kids to do in order to "earn" their allowance money. I'm just lost as to which is the better option, and why.
I also wonder since the kids are so close in age if I roll this out to both of them at the same time, or make it something tied to starting elementary school. It's probably not fair for the 4 year old to get an allowance an entire year earlier than the 5.5 year old.
I would really appreciate any suggestions or links to research! What is working in your homes?
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2023.06.10 18:55 BiologyNerdLife Dinnerly vs EveryPlate thoughts

Having tried both now for several weeks each alternating, I have to say that I actually prefer Dinnerly. I didn't think I would, as EveryPlate seems more put together with the meal cards that come with it and the photos of their meals in the app; but Dinnerly has consistently offered recipes that I am more interested in, and I've been happy with the quality when prepared. A part of this is that I avoid pork products (not in a strict way for religious reasons, but for health reasons I try to minimize my consumption to only occasionally, plus I don't care for the flavor of pork chops although I love bacon), and half of the EveryPlate recipes recently seem to be pork. I don't mind paying extra on Dinnerly if I want to upgrade to organic meat now and then, but having to pay extra to switch from pork to either chicken or beef on EveryPlate is annoying. On the flip side I suppose if pork is your favorite then EveryPlate is for you! Dinnerly has consistently offered a combination of pasta and Mediterranean based dishes, along with fish based dishes, which lines up with my preferred diet. I have found following along with the recipes online to work out fine for me, the lack of recipe cards has been a non-issue. I pay for my meal kits the same as everyone else, not compensated in any way, just wanted to share my perspective!
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2023.06.10 18:55 sphygmoid Indictment explained, streetwise.

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2023.06.10 18:55 Ill-Ad9714 any tips or words of hope please

any words to instill some hope would be appreciated❤️
hi there I'm a 20 year old woman,, recently life has been super hard, everything that's been going wrong has, unsurprisingly, went wrong.
My abusive partner left me a few months ago, ive been in financial ruin (partly due to my ex), ive got no true friends anymore, the ones I used to have, are out making other friends, moving on and travelling and making new connections. Today my dad has been rushed to the hospital and the staff here aren't taking him seriously, no matter how much I plead and beg for any form of attention on him.
I know life is full of ups and downs but I feel so behind in life, I have applied to so many jobs and heard nothing back, my university grades are abysmal and everyone my age seems to have atleast something going for them.
It really feels like I'm destined for a hard life and I'll always be in a down state and never experience the good side of life.
Any words of encouragement are appreciated, just anything to keep me going.
Thank you
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2023.06.10 18:54 Artsy97 Hello. Aquarius guy not interested I guess...

I've been talking to this aqua guy which is also one of my coworkers. He opened up about his last relationship and his personal and emotional problems he is facing at the moment. We are also in contact on social media where we are talking after work. The problem is that I developed a crush for him but I do not think that this is reciprocal. He hearts a lot of my dms on insta when we are talking but in the workplace, he seems disinterested in me. He doesn't flirt with me or look at me with "those eyes". I don't think that he sees me as a woman, but more as a friend. Today I asked him out for a coffee. He left my message unopened for 7 hours and after that he told me that his schedule is full for the weekend but he didn't stated that he'd like to go out with me or tried to reschedule. Otherwise I'd say he is sweet, sometimes distant and sometimes we can talk till 12:00 am in the morning because I feel like I get him and he gets me. I really really care about him. But at the same time I don't want to embarrass myself or have my heart broken. Should I just move on?
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