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The subreddit for Xerath from League of Legends.

2022.08.09 02:41 CloudMindead Itemization Help

Hello High APM and kiting champion lovers! I'm an ex-Caitlyn/Xayah main and just as you all, i have fallen in love with Zeri and her play style... It just feels GOOD to play an adc that actually has a high skill ceilling but actually is atleast playable (unlike xayah rn which... godamn this champion sucks)
So i want to improve with her and fully understand all about her kit, and the first part is how to actually build her. Should i max W or keep max E? Like... reading both skills, max W seems just to be better overall. What runes are better on her? So far i'm going with: Lethal Tempo - Tryumph or Overheal - Attack Speed - Last Stand + the secondary i'm not sure yet but i'm testing stuff like taste of blood or second wind against heavy pokey lanes. Is Kraken viable on her or it's troll? I've been only going with shieldbow so far and i feel like the champion really lacks on power, even more that now kraken+PD is suck a power house for any high DPS marksmen. I feel like i'm only really online to actually play the game with 3 itens (infinity edge) which also makes tanks a pain to deal with since if i take dominiks as 2º item, i feel that the champion gets even worse because PD is just too good on her.
Should you rush boots on her or your mythic? Atleast in probuilds 99% of them build boots first but i dont really know if that's really optimal for soloQ.
Is BotRk viable on her? What anti-tank itens work well on her? To deal with tons of tanks, should you go for BotRk+Dominiks? Or is she just too Crit dependent? I'm asking this because when i play kai'sa i'm most of the games building BotRk as second item because of how strong the item is. So, delaying your crit spike to get early BotRk is viable or not?
Fourth Item BT, Dominiks or Zhonyas/Guardian Angel? After getting the standard mythic + PD+IE what is the item you go most of the time? I have a tendency to always build Lords no matter what because armor pen is just good overall. But if the enemy team has only 1 tank or so, is BT a better option or should i keep getting Lords as 4th? Is building a Zhonyas troll tho?
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2022.07.24 15:04 Swoophy Where does kai'sa get vamp/lifesteal from when not speccing into: triumph Legend: Bloodline

Hi there fellow reddditors. I have quick question. Accodring to euw.op.gg Kai'sa's prefered runes/skill tree path is Domination into HoB as 1st and secondary Inspiration. My question is: Where does Kai'sa get her vamp/LS from when not speccing into Precision into Legend: Bloodline. Does she get it from her build? I also see that most pros (on Probuild.net) spec into Inspiration as 2ndary rune/skill tree and no heal/vamp/Lifesteal item.
Anyways, thanks fro your time. Good day to ya'll. Sincerely Swoophy
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2022.04.12 04:01 MelioremPH Seeking Amumu Advice

I just hit plat 4 just yesterday and although I haven't lost yet on amumu (from gold 4 where I started), I'm wondering if my runes and pathing is good. I just returned to playing lol just last week (got curious bout support nasus and mid kaisa) and have been using this guy's runes on amumu for all of my games (I replaced ravenous with treasure hunter tho):
My jungle path is from years ago also, where I full clear starting at blue buff when I'm from red side, and almost full clear from red buff (I skip golem) when I'm from blue side because I want to kill dragon on my 2nd clear. On my third clear, I clear camps near rift herald then go for rift herald. After that, it's kinda whatever but I still keep in mind to clear camps near either objective when the said objective is at like 50s-1:10m then go straight to that objective. I gank lanes after each of those clears or in between it if needed. Iirc, most of the time I get soul except for 1 game.
Although this worked in gold, I'm still wondering if this runes and path would work on plat and above, especially on like high dia where they're prolly gonna read my jungle play like a book. I also want to ask if fimblewinter is really a better 3rd item option than other items or is it really situational.
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2021.05.06 06:21 Treble557 seein aloooooot less hurricanes bein used atm

seein aloooooot less hurricanes bein used atm
Lotta PD's over Hurricanes. We all done with the hurricane meta? seems rare to see hurricane builds on kaisa atm on the probuilds lists. Seein a few RFC's too actually! Any ideas why they're building those as well over hurricane?

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2021.03.13 22:57 ImLegacys Player/Analyst Tweets & Other Things – LCS 2021 Week 6 - TSM vs IMT (Round 2)

Community Polls

Won or Lost Draft Poll
Best TSM Player of this Game Poll
Disabled captchas and lowered # of polls. If you have any ideas for the polls please lmk.
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening GrubhubGamers!
What is this thread?
The main purpose of this thread is to provide a place for all social media posts/comments related to TSM’s games of the week from pro players/analysts/influencers/orgs. The thread is updated manually after every game in this order:
Interview (if TSM wins) > TSM Tweets > Opponent Tweets > Others
I also take notes on LCS Co-streamer’s analysis (sometimes 2+) but because it is not the major focus of this thread, the quality varies from day to day and I would highly recommend just watching their vod which I’ll provide here if it is available.
Today’s Live Analyst: TSM Doublelift & Meteos
Analyst Vod: Link


IMT Revenge
  • Sry that I'm not always consistent on my socials especially after losses, I always take each and every single one so hard and I need to work on that. Just know we're all going into tomorrow with our 100%/a good mental even though our chances for playoffs have become slim (Posted Yesterday)
  • also it really did suck that there was extra unneeded stress with all of the events that happened today, maybe in the future I'll make a post talking about it from my pov but for now we're just focused on the games we have left (Posted Yesterday)
Doublelift (Stream)
  • I would be really surprised if Neo wasn't Rookie of the Split
  • Nobody is going to pick LB/Rek'sai combo unless every other midlane and jungle champ is banned. Unplayable in an actual pro 5v5. That is all-ining on early game. (In response to the mock draft from the pre-stream on the LCS broadcast)
  • "Niles is the most improved player... he went from dying 8 times a game to like... 6"
  • Smoothie should be in the talks for "most improved player".
  • Actually practiced a lot of VeigaPyke in scrims before. Coaches ended up dropping it because it wasn't their style but it was pretty good/strong.
Analyst Desk
  • All predict TSM to win today.
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • My #LCS predictions: TSM > IMT DIG < C9 FLY < 100 EG > TL (it's a coin flip!) CLG > GG
Logitech G Esports
  • Hop in for your daily dose of @TSM LCS fun. TSM take on Immortals in just a moment! #TSMWIN


Doublelift & Meteos
  • IMT ban the fuck out of jungle... but leave up Lilia for speak to take. What? What are they thinking.
  • Meteos: Meteo's chat keeps calling us shy... which is true I get so shy when I'm talking to such a hot dude
  • Blue Kayn may be good into Azir. Can't imagine Xerxe going blue Kayn though, he is probably a beta.
  • Really wants to see the Sivir into IMT's comp. Happy that they at least didn't pick Jinx. Jinx no-peel into Kayn and a comp that generally just runs into you.


Doublelift & Meteos
  • Predator on Lilia is weird. Thinks maybe Spica misclicked dark harvest.
  • Lost had a free kill w/ auto + E. Not sure what happened. (3:40)
  • Meteos: Sion pick into Renekton doesn't make sense. Always gets dove.. at the same time every time.
    • DL: Flashback to the Aatrox game yesterday where Sion is just useless now.
  • Huni going for red actually bought TSM a lot of info. He did a good job not leashing too by resetting the red once Kayn appeared(~8)
  • Lost's Ezreal and Kaisa are his best champs. Can't say anything about his Kalista since he's never played against it.
  • (~10) Illegal drag from IMT. TSM just double based for no reason.
    • Meteos: Spica based for an amp tomb. Kinda bizarre.
  • Insanity seems to always tp without thinking whether it's good or not. It's just reactionary to other tps/roams. Not good. (~11:30)
  • Meteos: Xerxe's playstyle is like a pacifist the whole split. He doesn't take risks.
  • Really weird call from IMT. They give up 2nd drag + blue to push top and deny 2 cs then move to Herald.(~15:50)
    • Honestly it feels like both teams are playing like shit.
    • Raes is going essence reaver too. Might've misclicked the wrong double long sword item.
  • Sion is just completely useless this game. Meteos: He's a hotdog. (Zikz term)
    • DL: We call champs like that Meatballs or walking hp bars.
  • gg go next. that's baron/game(~20:40 IMT go for PoE but TSM turns it around for a triple.)
  • DL: We removed the phrase "can't see" from when we played against Nocturne. No shit you can't see
    • Meteos: That's hilarious because that's what everyone says "can't see can't see can't see"
    • Changed it to pinging yourself if you're the one being noct ulted.
  • PD essence reaver makes no sense on Kaisa. DL would've liked to see IE.
    • King of ADC builds to this day is still: 3 items, one of those is IE.
  • The story of this game is Insanity always following late. Xerxe/Raes using Probuilds for a random build.
  • DL: Thinks Hauntzer is better than Revenge/Licorice/Ssumday/Niles/Finn?(gets a bad rep bc of his team tbh) to name a couple. Should be in LCS.
    • Meteos: Nemesis from Fnatic too. Good player.
Great conversation about item builds in the vod if you're interested: Link



  • HOLO HOLO IS BACK (while the game is still going on)
  • nothing yet
  • Ggs @Immortals Nerf Azir more 🐣 Jokes aside nice game by us - Good turn around from yday
    • Insanity: Ggs
    • PoE: ggs bro
  • nothing yet
  • nothing yet
Coach Bjergsen
  • nothing yet
  • Swordart on his NA SoloQ: “I’m just angry haha”
  • nothing yet
TSM (Twitter)
  • cardance.gif
TSM Report
  • WE'RE STILL IN THE RUNNING! It was smooth sailing in this game as we dispatch @Immortals and stay on the hunt for first. Our #LCS squad returns tomorrow for their final game, don't miss it!
  • So Huni really is everything the analysts and people who've worked with him before said. The guy is just insane.
  • This roster has turned out to be so exciting in and out of the game. But I can't hide how much my opinion of Huni has changed. He's been quietly carrying almost every game this season.
TSM Griff
  • The man terrorizing NA tops
TSM TannerSlays
  • The TSM LoL team is absolutely crushing it and I love everything about it #TSMWIN


  • & That ends our playoff run officially, GG tsm and the legendary @PowerOfEvilLoL azir. We're gonna close out strong vs c9 tomorrow thx for everyone who's been supporting us and the miracle run<3


  • POE absolutely SMURFED this game, won lane, kills in both bot and top off of early early TPs & dominated in team fights. TSM lookin CLEAN! #LCS
Tim Sevenhuysen
  • Some pretty bad mistakes from Lost in lane and failing to reset with SwordArt around 14:00, but decent performance overall. PowerOfEvil and Spica playing so well from mid into jungle was huge for TSM this game. #LCS
  • POE says fuck yo Azir nerfs #LCS
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2020.11.16 17:46 thestormz CN Kai'sa build - Triple Evolve

Hi, i've seen that a new build is popping off in china soloq https://www.lolvvv.com/champion/Kaisa/probuilds
It's mainly being played by Uzi and Ming, but it has the hightest wr on stats site (low pr).
It consists of: DBlade, Drakthar, Berserker, Collector, Nashor Tooth, AP Items.
It provides enough AD to Evolve Q, enough AP to evolve W and enough AS to Evolve E. Also it provides insane teamfighting and burst with Drakthar - Collector. I honestly can't wait to try it out in my elo (D1 elo), if you're interested i could stream those game and link it up here.
Have you tried it?
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2020.09.08 20:59 dankdragonair BUFF KAI'SA (need help feeling relevant while playing as her)

So I love Kai'sa. I am an NA S2 ADC main and I play a bunch of the ADCs. My Summoner name is DankDragonair. In the current meta I feel forced to play Jhin or Ezreal (I hate Caitlyn). I was playing a lot of Ashe but she got her two recent nerfs and I have set her to the side for now. But since the meta is longer range ADCs like Ashe and Jhin and Caitlyn, I feel like I can't play Kai'sa at all, because I am abused heavily in lane.
One of my big questions is this: Which rune do I take?
On Probuilds most of the pros take Hail of Blades and it's also the most selected on OP.GG. I like how it feels for early trades, so I have been using that instead of Press the Attack which used to be my go to.
Why is Lethal Tempo not an option for Kai'sa? When I read the runes they seem the exact same to me. I think a full Precision tree is better for her than a full Domination tree.
Also, what do I build on Kai'sa?
I have tried a lot of builds.
Dirk - Essence Reaver - Guinsoo - Nashors build I do not like.
Manamune - Guinsoo - Nashors - AP item build seems to attack to slow for my liking, and I don't feel like I am putting out much damage until I have a 4th item completed.
Manamune - Guinsoo - Runaan - IE takes way too long, but when its finished I do a lot of damage.
Am I Just stuck waiting for her to get buffed before I can feel comfortable and powerful in lane with her? Which build is objectively better for her in your opinion? Why doesn't anyone take Lethal Tempo?
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2020.07.17 05:14 kaisargentina whats the deal with the new dirk kaisa? it's worth to avoid rageblade?

https://www.probuilds.net/guide/show/NA/3496851433/T5_uQIoKSXJDo1QdaRpr89nX1gmbcl1A3l1ItB9UBSRLJok (duskblade)

lets talk about this...

I also see this guy rush gunblade as fourth item (+dirk)

on the other hand... EoN! (dirk+er+berserkers+nashors+rageblade+edge of the night+situational)

SO... whats the best? I think kaisa needs rageblade, but it got me wondering why ppl sometimes dont buy it
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2020.04.22 00:33 Rustic0_ Bot Tierlist 10.8 Runas/Builds

Esta guía la realizo para toda la gente que busca información acerca de que objetos armarse o que runas usar en este parche 10.8, según la tierlist que publico NickDaBoom. Cabe recalcar que las runas pueden variar según el emparejamiento que nos toque en cada partida, digo esto porque por ejemplo si nos enfrentamos contra una lane con mucho pockeo mágico lo ideal seria ponerse un punto en resistencia mágica en las runas.
MF es el adc mas fuerte actualmente del meta. Su habilidad definitiva es capaz de dar vuelta una batalla si uno posee un buen posicionamiento.

El ángel guardián, la simitarra mercurial y la sanguinaria son items que son situacionales. El orden de los objetos también depende de la partida que estemos jugando, por ejemplo si necesitamos fajin de mercurio como cuarto item porque el otro equipo tiene mucho cc, tratamos de sacarnos ese item. Recomiendo usar probuilds para ver diferentes builds/runas/objetos que usan los profesionales usando Miss Fortune. (si precionan donde dice Miss fortune los llevara directamente)

Xayah es un adc el cual con su definitiva y sus habilidades puede ser muy molesto en fase de lineas y en batallas de equipos por su inmovilización que posee su "e".


Vuelvo a comentar que el item "cimitarra mercurial" puede ser cambiado por ángel guardián o sanguinaria, todo depende de la partida que nos encontremos. Recomiendo usar probuilds para ver diferentes builds/runas/objetos que usan los profesionales usando Xayah. (si presionan donde dice "Xayah" los llevara directamente)

Senna como adc en lo personal no lo recomiendo a no ser que juguemos con un duo que vaya con un tank y farmee por nosotros, mientras nos ocupamos de pockear al rival (desgastar con básicos y habilidades), consiguiendo ganar cada vez mas daño de ataque a medida que pase el tiempo. Cabe recalcar que con senna si pegamos una buena w podemos conseguir ayudar mucho a nuestro equipo, pasa lo mismo con nuestra "R".

Build si vamos adc
Build de supp/adc
Recomiendo usar probuilds para ver diferentes builds/runas/objetos que usan los profesionales usando Senna. (si presionan donde dice "Senna" los llevara directamente)

Kaisa es un adc que tiene muchísimo daño explosivo. Actualmente la construccion de velocidad de ataque híbrida sera mas efectiva para vencer a los tanques.


Podemos cambiar la build, utilizando mas daño "ad" como comprando objetos como un Huracan de Runaan, filo infinito y un recordatorio mortal.
Recomiendo usar probuilds para ver diferentes builds/runas/objetos que usan los profesionales usando Kaisa (si presionan donde dice "Kaisa" los llevara directamente)

Lucian en el 1 vs 1 es god. En lo personal lo recomiendo jugar top o mid pero llevarlo adc es bueno también.

Podemos evitar armarnos rey arruinado y utilizar una build con mas critico sacando de primer item saqueador de esencias, botas, filo del infinito, cañon de fuego rápido y después optar dependiendo la partida cimitarra mercurial o un ángel guardián.
Recomiendo usar probuilds para ver diferentes builds/runas/objetos que usan los profesionales usando Lucian (si presionan donde dice "Lucian" los llevara directamente).
Espero que les sirva!
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2020.03.29 01:39 Potev AD or AP kaisa

Hello everyone
Lately I started playing kaisa, and for the build I just mimic the probuilds build - muramana > guinsoo > nashors and then zhonyas / rabadon or whatever
It works fine (even though ometimes when I dont proc my passive I feel weak)
Why is it the optimal build? What are the pros/cons of this build over a classic ad (which seems to work as well, according to some probuilds) Is it like ap better for squishys and ad for tanks? What build do you suggest?
It confuses me and I'd like to know that in depth to match her build to my playstyle
(Im G2, peaked D4 somewhen...)
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2020.03.13 09:18 voidseekeR666 lets talk about hail of blades/lethal tempo

ppl r using new runes on kaisa, tried both n they work pretty well, kinda curious if it's better than pta...
i really like the heal you got from HOB
this r the runes pro players are using right now...
''domination/hail of blood/eyeball collection/ravenous hunter
precision/presence of mind/bloodline''
btw, dont rush essence reaver, stick to manamune
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2019.07.25 23:46 Balondis Champion Discussion of the Day: Kai'Sa

Link to Wikia
Link to u.gg
Link to Probuilds
Link to League of Graphs
Champion subreddit: kaisamains

Primarily played as: ADC

What role does she play in a team composition?
What are the core items to be built on her?
What is the order of leveling up the skills?
What are her spikes in terms of items or levels?
What are the most optimal rune/mastery setups?
What champions does she synergize well with?
What is the counterplay against her?

Link to all of our champion discussions
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2019.06.13 20:21 MarksmanLucian This is the meta in which Lucian should be strong but he feels much weaker than most other adcs

Lemme get straight to the point
Sivir, Xayah, Ezreal, Kaisa
Lucian does have it.
Lucian used to be the best user of it, and still is in my opinion
Tanks are something that usually makes Lucian feel underwhelming compared to other adcs(marksman sorry riot). But in this meta, you barely see a real tank anywhere apart from the support role
That's Lucian's strenght, outplaying champions that want to dive onto him and still outputting a decent amount of DPS
Lucians favorite class to play against, they are usually a simple champions that dive in and have very little ways out. Lucian can outplay them and is made for that
Lucian hates enchanters since they are very hard to actually bully(kill). He loves meele supports that help him engage onto enemies and he loves mages because they are very easy to kill as long as you dodge skillshots.
Lucian gets outscaled by most of adcs but games don't last long enough for him to get outscaled. He loves midgame in which Ezreal is the only one that can match him.
Traditionally Lucian strives in low range adc metas. All the adcs being played at the moment are either his range or have +50 on him which he covers up by having a ms boost and a dash.
In my opinion Lucian should be very strong at the moment but he just feels really underwhelming. There is barely few games on probuilds every day and barely any top adc player plays him at all. This is state of a meta he wants and I feel like with enchanter support buffs coming up he will just be left out for solid couple months once again...
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2019.05.18 20:55 pmmey0urtits won't say manamune sucks, but i miss attack speed.

It seems the cheaper way to upgrades letters its lack of attack speed
played a lot of games starting manamune, but i really feel like im using the IE BUILD
ie=80ad/25csc (zero attack speed) if u lucky to buy it sometimes
manamune 25ad/ 1000mana (zero attack speed) u should get pickaxe, and survive till you have the money for the item cause buyin the tear its really useless.
check win rates, nobody is really feed, and a lot of loses too!
today i see a lot of ppl still using stomrazer
is it me, or the only way manamune works is going ap?
i been testing how it works goin ad, and its weird, mostly against a jhin who probably wants two IE
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2019.05.15 08:14 YumaS2Astral Why are some high elo Kai'Sa players building Muramana?

I've seen in probuilds and apparently Muramana is a thing on Kai'Sa right now, although I have yet to see it in my games, and I can't think why Kai'Sa would build this item.
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2019.05.15 03:08 WizardXZDYoutube Korean pros are rushing Muramana on Kai'sa. Here's my current theory.

EDIT: For those who want a clip, here's a video of the gameplay.
This is Viper:
This is CptJack:
Some other random pros:
Muramana -> Rageblade -> either Nashor's or Runaan's.
Thoughts? Here's my current theory. (Might not be right, but I can't see any other explanation)

TL;DR Manamune gives Q upgrade 700g faster than Stormrazor rush.

Muramana functions as an AD Rod of Ages. What they're trying to do is sacrifice their early game for a midgame stat boost.
Currently, there is no possible way in the game for Kai'sa to get her Q upgrade in one item. Kai'sa's Q upgrade is absolutely massive and increases her burst a ton.
So what they're trying to do is get the cheapest possible two item combination that gives Q upgrade. And right now, that's Manamune + Pickaxe.
Manamune gives a low amount of AD early, but it actually starts to compete with regular AD items if you stack it a bit.
Kai'sa level 8 requires 91 AD.
  • 8 AD from Doran's Blade
  • 35 AD from Manamune base
  • 25 AD from Pickaxe
That means you need max 23 AD from the manamune passive. That's 1150 mana.
  • Kai'sa has 564.3 mana base level 9.
  • Manamune gives 250 mana for free.
That means in total, you only need 336 stacks at level 8 to get Q upgrade. And that's not even including how much mana you get from biscuits.
Manamune is 2400 gold. That's it. Stormrazor costs 3100 gold. Infinity Edge costs 3400 gold.
This means that you get Q upgrade 700 gold faster than with Stormrazor and 1000 gold faster than if you went with infinity Edge.

Note, Kai'sa is NO LONGER BUGGED with Muramana

Kai'sa used to deal a shit ton of damage with Muramana back when she was first released.
This is no longer true. So that's not the reason.
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2019.03.06 13:54 AlphaKennyBody02 Storm razor rush on Kai'sa again?

So yea, Storm Razor got buffed and now you can get Q + E evolve with nothing more than Storm Razor and Guinsoos (need tier 2 boots and dorans blade) if you're level 8 (need an extra dagger if you get those items before level 8).
People are experimenting with it on Probuilds.net and it feels pretty damn good. The passive is the only problem due to it being useless on Kai'sa (she doesn't really go Rapid fire cannon so she can't make use of the energised attacks as much) but it does go well with fleet footwork
Curious as to what you guys think, expect to see any changes in build paths or will people stick to the usual BF + x2 Pick Axes > IE > Guinsoos build?
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2019.02.22 08:42 RashediX Play like the Pros: Conqueror + Blade of the Ruined King

Play like the Pros: Conqueror + Blade of the Ruined King
If you check recent Kai'sa build from probuilds.net , you can see some pro players like "Rekkles", "Altec", "Benji" and "Sneaky" use Conqueror for runes and Blade of the Ruined King / Infinity Edge for first item.
Rekkles: 8/4/3
Altec: 14/1/4
Benji: 13/4/2
Sneaky: 4/2/4

Patch 9.4 Notes
Grants stacking adaptive force on damaging enemy champions. At max stacks, converts a portion of damage vs champions to true damage and heals for that amount.
Conqueror was designed to help fighters in extended combat, but it offers too much immediate power since users can bypass its initial delay—the window where opponents should have the upper hand—by staying in combat against minions so Conqueror is prepped at all times. We're removing this workaround, meaning users will actually have to grapple with its ramp-up. They now gain Conqueror's bonus damage steadily over their first few hits in combat, so they won't be completely helpless when a fight breaks out. (Note: Conqueror gives adaptive force instead of attack damage now. Go wild, AP champs.)In terms of Conqueror's "unlocked" state, we've turned half of its true damage conversion into healing. This gives tanks, who were previously melted by the conversion, a reasonable shot at standing against Conqueror champs while still giving fighters a tool to avoid being ground down in teamfights before reaching the enemy backline.
removedTHE OLD THING After 4 seconds in combat, your first basic attack against an enemy champion grants 6-35 attack damage (levels 1-18) for 3 seconds and converts 20% of your damage against champions to true damage. Melee champions can refresh the duration by damaging an enemy champion. newTHE NEW THING Damaging attacks and abilities grant 3-15 adaptive force (levels 1-18) for 3 seconds (8 seconds for melee), stacking up to 5 times to a max of 15-75. At 5 stacks, 10% of your damage against champions is converted to true damage and you heal for that amount. ATTRITION Damage-over-time effects and ongoing sources of damage (ex. Yorick's R - Maiden of the Mist) can grant one stack every 5 seconds

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2019.01.31 13:27 furiousRaMPaGe Champion Discussion of the Day: Kai'sa

Link to Wikia
Link to u.gg
Link to Probuilds
Champion subreddit: /kaisamains/
Primarily played as: ADC
What role does she play in a team composition?
What are the core items to be built on her?
What is the order of leveling up the skills?
What are her spikes in terms of items or levels?
What are the most optimal rune/mastery setups?
What champions does she synergize well with?
What is the counterplay against her?
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2018.12.30 10:09 solid771 I feel like I have no impact when I play kaisa. What am I doing wrong?

I know she is a strong adc right now and I notice that when I play against her. However when I pick kaisa I just feel so unbelievably weak. I seem to lose all trades and feel like I don't even do any damage to minions even with 3 full items. And after the game when checking the damage dealt stat I see that I always deal very low damage.

She seems like and feels like I would really enjoy playing her but I just suck so hard on her.

I've always seen myself as an adc main for all the years I've played, and the last time I went full tryhard was in season 7. I almost only played Draven, and I thought perhaps that is why I feel so weak with Kaisa since I am used to the damage Draven deals? On the other hand though, when I play Draven vs Kaisa I sometimes get outdamaged even in trades, at least if I am playing against a particularly good Kaisa, which would suggest that she is definitely capable of doing damage, just not in my hands.

I have just copied Probuilds so I am building items like Stormrazor and Rageblade first.

Could anyone shed some light on why I deal no damage when playing Kaisa?
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2018.11.10 13:23 EverYellow New to Kai'Sa, looking for some help!

Hey guys,
I spent a long time grinding worlds tokens to buy Prestige Kai'Sa, and now that I've got it, it's time to learn to play her!
Is it possible to take Kai'Sa mid? Am I gimping my team by picking her mid? Surely she would struggle a lot against assassins or burst mages like LeBlanc? If I do take her mid, do I go for the w-max sniper build or the standard ADC build? If anyone has any info or tips on the W-max playstyle, that would be very welcome.
When I'm taking her botlane, how do I decide what items to build? On probuilds I see some pros going for stormrazer > rageblade > zeal item and others go rageblade > nashors > AP. I assume I have to decide based on how much AD or AP damage my team has, but often times it's not as clear cut as that. What if we have an AD midlaner like Talon or Zed and an AP jungler like Eve then tanks for jungle and support? Should I be looking at the enemy team to decide? I understand that if the enemy team has tanks then AP is preferable and if they have mostly squishies then AD is preferable, but where is the threshold? If they have 2 tanks and 2 squishies and a bruiser, do I go for AP or AD?
Any tips for laning? Which lane matchups are favourable and which are not? I guess I will learn this with time and experience, though.
Should I always save my W for when I've already applied 2 or 3 stacks of passive (depending on if I have it upgraded or not) or can I use it earlier when trading/fighting?
Why does no one buy Runaan's? It stacks her passive on multiple people, I don't understand why everyone prefer's Rapidfire, is it because her range is short and the burst and extended range RFC provides is too valuable?
That's about all I can think of for now. Sorry for the long post...
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2018.10.21 04:28 ZethVorador Question regarding Stormrazor

Hello all :) this might be a little long so apologies in advance.

So I am currently working my way through the joy that is Kai'sa, love the kit. But still noobish on her and I have a question regarding Stormrazor.

Now I guess to preface this I should mention I usually do AP Kai'sa, in my Elo I am not seeing a lot of people stacking MR against it and tend to come out ok as a result but I have the AD build ready to go as well once that changes. But something I do see a lot of when looking at probuilds etc (https://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Kaisa) is the Stormrazor being used even when the rest of the build goes towards AP and was wondering why this is?
My typical build for Kai'sa is usually GR, Nashors, Berz and Zhon. Depending on the enemy team the last 2 items rotates a lot but usually it's either Bloodthirster, Merc Scim, Rab, GA, Banshee or Void Staff.

Since as far as I've played I noticed that plasma stacks is the bread and butter on her so the chance to get the Storm's Edge passive only happens during pre or post engage but isn't happening at all during a team fight since not attacking for 3 seconds isn't feasible.

So, I was curious what the point was with Stormrazor? Is it purely to get the upgrade on her Q? With Nashors, GR and Berz I get the upgrade for W and E so if it's just to get that Q upgrades I would ask why going 2800 into an item that you lose the use of the passive later is worth it just to get that Q upgraded?
Also I am always curious what skill an AP Kai'sa should be maxing first? I usually go with E but if it's AD or a tough lane I sometimes swap to Q.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance to those that respond.
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