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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2023.05.29 03:22 jaybirdnifty Always at the worst of times

So we have a lady at our store who’s been coming here for years and rides a electric scooter. And she always needs help shopping. And we’re not talking one or two items here. Like the other day I had to help her since we had no baggers (the one we had scheduled no called no showed), one check lane, and one customer service representative. So for a hour and fifteen minutes, the front end didn’t have a supervisor because I was helping that lady do her shopping. And I’ve always wondered…is this our responsibility? Like she’s done this before during holidays even (last Christmas/thanksgiving). It just seems wild to me to expect a store to have your own personal shopper for in store shopping. And it feels like she always comes in at the worst of times!
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2023.05.29 03:21 TheShadowspawn Chapter Thirty-Seven - Rain

Human Dave: "Captain, it's going to rain soon, so can we see if these guys are willing to hurry up with the unloading of their cargo?"
Alien Captain: "Human Dave, there is not a cloud in the sky. And, besides, it is their cargo, and if they wish to take such a sedate pace with unloading, I cannot do very much about it."
HD: "Captain, the ship can't fly through a storm. I should know; I'm the one that has to fix the old girl when she breaks down."
AC: "Human Dave, did you just refer to my ship as 'the old girl'?"
HD: "Yes, Captain."
AC: "Human Dave, my ship already has a designation."
HD: "Captain. Naming a ship 'Ship' is no better than not naming it at all."
AC: "It is a perfectly adequate designation."
HD: "Captain, no offence, but you Cradelians really need to learn to give names that are more imaginative."
AC: "It is a holdover from our previous world state, Human Dave. With little resources, we did not have the need to think of fanciful designations for ourselves or the things we built."
HD: "Still, can we try to hurry them up? We'll be stuck here until the storm stops, and that'll make us late for the Stalqa shipment. And you full well know that Mill'tk'ana never forgave us for beating him in that eating competition. Even if he did have more heads than any of the other competitors."
AC: "Once again, Human Dave, there is not a single cloud in the sky. How can you even know that it will storm anytime soon?"
HD: "I can smell the moisture in the air, Captain. And I can feel the static on my skin. There's a storm coming, and it'll be a bad one."
AC: "Come now, Human Dave. How bad could it be?"
HD: "..."
AC: "..."
HD: "... didn't I tell you?"
AC: "..."
HD: "I told you it would be bad, Captain."
AC: "Yes! You told me, Human Dave. And I am well aware that I did not listen!"
Thunder booms out as a deluge of rain floods the landscape.
The cargo bay doors of the shipyard are firmly shut to keep out the large amounts of water that threaten to flood the interior of the building.
HD: "Just wanted you to know that I did warn you, Captain."
AC: "... smugness is unbecoming of you, Human Dave."
The other people in the shipyard have sequestered themselves within their own ships, or behind bulkhead doors, as the group of Aflarrians all meander around Human Dave and Captain.
HD: "At least we had the good sense to warn everyone else that we had Aflarrians on board. They've all been cooped up on the ship for far too long."
AC: "I agree."
Minnie lifts her head, and starts waddling towards a set of stairs, nimbly hopping up them towards the access door that leads to the roof of the building.
HD: "Minnie? What's wrong, girl?"
Minnie responds with a squeaky trill, and scratches at the door with her claws.
HD: "You want to go outside?"
Minnie makes a happy squeak.
HD: "Uhh... okay, but it's raining outside. You'll get all wet."
Minnie responds by making more trilling sounds.
HD: "Okay, fine. But, just know that if you end up sneezing because you caught a cold, it will be entirely your fault."
Human Dave climbs up the stairs, with five Aflarrians following him.
Human Dave opens the door to the roof, and all six Aflarrians race outside.
Captain follows Human Dave up the stairs, and is met by a most baffling sight.
Human Dave and Captain watch as the Aflarrians start playing in the water that has pooled on the roof; chasing each other, rolling around in the water, and swiping a paw into the pooled water to splash one another.
HD: "..."
AC: "..."
HD: "...I didn't even know they liked playing in the water so much. They hate it when I'm bathing them."
AC: "I have seen you bathing them, Human Dave, and even I am baffled by the sight before me."
HD: "Maybe it's the temperature of the water? It's not too warm, but it's not cold either."
AC: "The temperature of the water is close enough to the temperature that you bathe them in. Perhaps it is the amount?"
HD: "Well, that seems a fair assumption, Captain. Can't really make it rain inside the ship, since we have limited amounts of it stored on the ship. I'll see about finding some planets or something that have frequent rainstorms, and see if any are on our flight plans. It'll be good to have them stretch their legs every so often."
AC: "I concor, Human Dave."
The cameras pointed to the roof show the scenes to all the shipyard staff, who watch with morbid fascination from behind the bulkhead doors.
Shipyard Head: "... that Cradelian Captain must truly be brave to allow himself to be so close to those apex predators."
Shipyard Crew 1: "That human appears to be of a similar disposition. I do not understand how they can be so close to those predators, and not fear for their lives."
They shipyard staff watch as Human Dave runs out into the rain, starts splashing the Aflarrians with water, and begins to run laughing as they begin to chase after him.
SH: "Is that human insane? He will be killed!"
The shipyard staff watch as Max catches up to Human Dave's and latches onto his ankle, which gives the rest of them the opportunity to climb onto Human Dave's body, and bring him to the ground.
Human Dave hits the ground, grabs one that climbed onto his head, and begins to stroke its belly, which causes it to squirm in delight, and climb down from Human Dave.
Another clambers onto his head, and is given the same treatment as the first.
Once they have all received their share of scritches, they lay down in the rain, squirming happily as the rain falls down on their bodies.
Human Dave lays with them, not minding that he is getting drenched as well.
AC: "Human Dave, are you alright?"
HD: "Fine, Captain. Come out here; the water's great!"
AC: "I believe that I will let you and the Aflarrians enjoy yourselves while I try to convince the shipyard staff to finish unloading their cargo. Since you all are up here, maybe they will be more inclined to hurry through their work."
HD: "I'll give you a heads up when the Aflarrians have finished with their fun."
AC: "That would be most appreciated, Human Dave."
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2023.05.29 03:21 Significant_Tie3570 My MIL is a modern German Nazi

My MIL is German and moved to America in her teens. Her father fought in WWII for Germany. My husband tells me he was very cruel to her and her sisters. My husband has never said so (I think out of embarrassment) but I’ve come to the conclusion from the stories that he was a Nazi who immigrated to the U.S. after the war, and still uplifted the Nazi belief system up until his death in the early 2000s.
Before I go on, I adore my husband. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. And I have absolutely nothing against Germans today - I married one.
I’m also comfortable in my own skin. I have brown eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and I’m five foot 3 with light/medium skin. I’m in good shape. I have healthy hair, good hygiene, a cute face, and I put in effort to look nice daily.
My husband has blonde hair and blue eyes. My MIL and her sisters are all blonde haiblue eyes. My first brother-in-law talked about the “superior Aryan race” at Christmas and, surprise, he also has blonde hair and blue eyes. My MIL only likes two of the in-laws, and you can guess what they look like. My second brother-in-law has brown eyes (like me) and she talks horribly about him behind his back. Turns out, she talks horribly about me too. But that’s not the only thing she’s done in the years we’ve been together…
The first time I met my MIL, she brought up my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. A blow, for sure, but I knew that many women experience a coldness from the future MIL. I can handle this, I thought. I’ll just ignore her.
The next time I saw her, she commented on how short I was and told me my skin was shiny in a picture I recently took (at a wedding that was 95 degrees.) Okay, rude, but I love her son, I thought. So I didn’t say anything to that either.
She was truly terrible when I invited her and my boyfriend’s father to my beach house. My boyfriend and I wanted our parents to meet before we got engaged, so we invited them to stay for a weekend. After a few bourbons, she told me to shut up (loud enough so that me and my friend could hear it, but no one else could) and then proceeded to tell me that me and her son did not “match.” I had a good friend at the beach with me that same weekend who had blonde hair and blue eyes, and my MIL proceeded to look at my boyfriend, and then point at my friend in a manipulative way, like he should be with someone like her instead. Finally, that same night she told me I had “very dark eyes.”
Anytime we speak about any female with blonde hair and blue eyes, she speaks very highly of them. She says that their boyfriend’s “shouldn’t let them get away.”
To add, she’s very vocal about disliking gay people and I’ve heard both my in laws make racist comments about other races.
Shes very dismissive of me and never fails to highlight my flaws - today without even saying hello she said I needed to put sunscreen on my shoulders, and then just walked away. She also has no boundaries and comes to our house and buys us groceries and cleans without us asking. Seems like a nice gesture, but it’s really an attempt to exert dominance and undermine me as his wife.
She’s very involved in our life and comes to many of the same social events as us. It’s important to note that she is very kind and engaging to people she believes are worthy, including my own friends, but not to me.
So after 4 years and tying the knot with my now husband, and four years of just trying to ignore it and smile, I’ve had it with her. I’m done brushing it off. I’ve talked to my husband, who for years struggled believing that his mom was capable of this, and we are finally putting boundaries up. Even after getting married, she still proceeds to make drunken comments about my appearance in passing and under her breath. So no more. No more having her stay at our house. No more brushing off the horrible comments. No more visiting them for extended periods of time.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Far-Paint7726 Nude activities to do in Rome?

Look, my "straight" best friend and I will be spending a week in Europe this September, just the two of us. A couple of days in Italy. I am respectful towards him and would never overstep boundaries, even though I am genuinely attracted to him. The thing is, while we were planning the trip, he mentioned wanting to go to a nudist beach. He knows I'm gay.
Unfortunately, the nudist beach near where we'll be staying on the first day is abandoned. I know there's a nudist beach near Rome, but maybe he doesn't want to make that much effort to go there. Perhaps something more central in Rome, like a nudist bath or something similar, would be more appropriate.
Apparently, he wants me to explore my sexuality there, as we'll be away from our close-minded hometown. He has made comments about us finding me a boyfriend or something like that. I found that comment very sweet and a great improvement in his attitude since I came out to him last year.
I don't intend to harm our friendship. I understand that he might just be interested in seeing naked women, not necessarily exposing his own dick in public, and thats fine. I would respect him. But if he actually wants to show his dick in public... well, I would like to take the chance to see him naked. Maybe this opportunity will never happen again
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2023.05.29 03:21 Significant-Farm8338 Penelope Valencia

Found a bottle of Valencia in the store on Friday, it was bundled with Elija Craig Barrel Proof so it was an easy buy.
The Valencia is very, very good. Makes me what to find a Rio really bad….
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2023.05.29 03:21 BunnersMcGee My attempts at bonding are making them hate me!

I just wanted to cry for a minute about the fact that my buns now totally avoid me coming near them or touching them because I've had to pick them up daily to put them in their neutral spaces together. They're at the point where in neutral space they don't squabble, but on my girl's turf (and where they'll be living together) she still growls, chases him, pulls fur, and stresses him out. They haven't worked out who's top bun - lots of nose to nose meeting, but not much grooming, if at all. This hasn't changed for about a week now and I feel like we're stuck. But as stressed as this all makes me, I'm just so sad that now I'm seen as a bad guy, too, when all I want them to do is get along so they can live together and I can start working to rebuild their trust in me.
I don't think I'm looking for anything here, I just needed a space to vent. If you read this, I thank you. Please snuggle your buns for me. :'(
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2023.05.29 03:20 SmilingDMStudios The Albino Ankheg

The Albino Ankheg
There are very few of these rare beasts to be found but when you do, proceed with caution. Born Albino with deep purple veins, these creatures rarely come out in the open. Not because they are afraid of being attacked, with a carapace that rivals adamantine there is very little that these things fear. It’s mandibles made of the same material are strong enough to pierce the shell of a bullete and to shatter rock with ease. One last took it has at its disposal is the venom it excretes and coats it’s mandibles and front appendages with. Deadly to most adventurers and all prey, it effects your nervous system and makes all of your organs fail simultaneously.
Attacking these beasts with a non magical weapon or slashing and bludgeoning will result in your death. The best way is to take an upgraded spear such as a plus one or two and stab the beast between the plates of Carapace on it’s upper abdomen. that is the only way to hit its well defended vital cavity.
Once the beast is dead, if someone is proficient and has quality equipment they can take the mandibles and the carapace to make formidable armor or weapons. If the party collects the head, there is bound to be a hunters guild near by that would pay an excellent bounty for something so rare and dangerous. Tell me how you would include this in your game I’ll give an example:
A mining company has been brought to a halt, an extremely powerful creature is ripping workers apart and production has ceased. They are offering a 100 gold reward for the. East responsible.
Stay handsome and keep smiling
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2023.05.29 03:20 mrruss3ll Xbox gear store shipping cost is insanity

I recently ordered some t shirts from the Xbox gear store, I mustn't have been paying attention because once I got my invoice, I realised I had paid $170 for shipping to Australia! That is absolutely insane to me, especially when other companies do capped or free shipping to Aus from the USA and other countries.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is that the correct price or was there a problem with the calculation or something? I have emailed support but I am yet to hear back.
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2023.05.29 03:20 dumbqueerdog In a bit of a pickle

Vent post
So my job code is Front End Checkout TA and I usually work 5am-2pm. This week however, my schedule was changed to 10pm-7am the whole week so I can come in overnight and help a Team Lead with updating our floor plan because the floor plan shows that we have mods in places that we don’t. In front of Grocery SCO it says that wall is part of our mods but Grocery has features all along that wall, for example. Due to our floor plan saying we have mods in places that we don’t, we are getting sent way too much merchandise and our bins are completely full and there’s nowhere to store all of this overstock. I’m supposed to be coming with a FETL to fix up our mods and unplug any merchandise that’s been plugged and also update the floor plan to match the mods that we do have to hopefully stop us from getting all of this overstock. Now here’s the issue though. Our SM took the TL off the overnight schedule, but not me. So now I have to work what I’m scheduled for this week but I do not know what it is that I’m supposed to be doing for the entire week. What we planned to do will only take one, maybe two, overnight shifts to complete but now I’m all by myself working this schedule for five nights in a row and I’m freaking out. There will not be a FETL there to assist me. I don’t even know how to change our floor plan and delete mods off of it or anything and that’s something that my FETL was supposed to show me how to do tonight. I’m freaking out and worried that I’ll be stumped and have nothing to do for the duration of my shift and end up getting fired for time theft or something since I don’t know what it is that I’m supposed to be doing.
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2023.05.29 03:20 BLENDINGBLENDERS I just keep losing, and I don't know why

I have been playing chess on again off again for about 5 years. However, over the last year, I have been spending a considerable amount of time playing the game. I was nearing 1300, and then I started losing. and losing.. and losing...

Now of course I've had losing streaks before. I have lost plenty of games, I have well over 1000 games in just the last year, and plenty are losses. But it has been nearly 2 months of losing and losing and losing. I have taken breaks, practiced against bots all over the rating ladder, rewatched videos, and studied the few openings I know. Slowed down my gameplay and played with greater Time Control. It isn't working. I am just losing and losing and it's incredibly frustrating.

Ultimately, chess is a game when played perfectly, it's a draw. I know that. So when I just lose non-stop, I know this is my fault but for the life of me, I do not know what to do. I am not even enjoying the game anymore because of how angry losing over and over again makes me.
tl;dr I am mad cause bad, how do I go back to being not bad?
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2023.05.29 03:19 John-Wayne-0725 2023 Summer Sublet ( June to August)

Boston Summer Sublet ( only Male roommate please )
📍ATTRIUM (1079 Commonwealth Ave), Duplex with second bedroom for rent
Very convenient!,Star Market and HongKong Market downstairs,Only 1 minute walking
Very near to Green line and 57 Bus,Only 1 minute walking as well
With fully furnished !
Cheap rent, Only 1200 per month !
Please contact me with any issue !
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2023.05.29 03:19 placate_no_one Integrity Problems

I was raised as a conservative Christian and both of my parents are still conservative Christians. In the past few years, since maybe 2015, my mother in particular has been exhibiting a new pattern. She'll say something - it could even be something benign, but more often it's something "edgy". When others question her, she'll be like "I never said that."/"No, I've never said that." But then, she'll repeat the same "edgy" viewpoint just minutes later.
I'm not the only one that's noticed. My father admits he's noticed, but also reflexively defends his wife. My mother's longtime friends, now former friends, brought it up to me to ask if I also noticed the change. At first, they were concerned that my mother could be developing a neurological or mental health issue, but as time has gone on, they now think she has no integrity. My psychotherapist suggested my mother might have a mental health issue, but (rightly) won't speculate regarding someone she's never treated.
Personally, I have a somewhat different explanation, though I don't rule out mental health issues. I believe my mother simply thinks her behavior is normal - this is her normal. She spends hours every single day consuming fringe, right-wing media online. From what I recall of this media universe, their talking heads typically say weird or "edgy" stuff, minimize or outright deny ever having said the stuff, and then say the stuff again another day. My mother is exhibiting a less polished version of the same pattern. She's learned and internalized it over nearly a decade now.
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2023.05.29 03:18 Ornery-Examination25 Cree un app para ayudar a encontrar buenos restaurantes, eventos y actividades en Medellín con Inteligencia artificial. Además te da una asistente personal para reserves todo.

Cree un app para ayudar a encontrar buenos restaurantes, eventos y actividades en Medellín con Inteligencia artificial. Además te da una asistente personal para reserves todo. submitted by Ornery-Examination25 to medellin [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:18 Key_Butterscotch4960 Can't log into App Store. Wrong ID

Hello. This is my first reddit post ever.
For some context I've been an apple user for about a decade and i've pretty much used the same apple ID (we'll just call this ID#1) except for this one time where i made a new one but i literally used it for like an hour (ID#2) and haven't used it in 4 years. My current phone (iPhone 11) is logged into ID#1 and same with the app store.
Today I tried to update an app and it has asked me to log into my apple id. This isn't the first time i had to do this but what's different is that it asked me to log into ID#2. Again, i don't use that ID and the app store is logged into ID#1. I restarted my phone and i logged out and back in with 1D#1 and I still get the same window requesting to log into ID#2.
I don't know what to do. I can't find any solutions online and I am unable to update and download any apps.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 03:18 JoshAsdvgi THE ARROW CHAIN



(TLINGIT: Swanton, Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology, xxxix, 209, No. 56)

Two very high-caste boys were chums.
The father of one was town chief and had his house in the middle of the village, but the house of the other boy's father stood at one end.
These boys would go alternately to each other's houses and make great quantities of arrows which they would play with until all were broken up.
One time both of the boys made a great quantity of arrows to see which could have the more.
Just back of their village was a hill on the top of which was a smooth grassy place claimed by the boys as their playground, and on a certain fine, moonlight night they started thither.
As they were going along the lesser chief's son, who was ahead, said, "Look here, friend. Look at that moon.
Don't you think that the shape of that moon is the same as that of my mother's labret and that the size is the same, too?"
The other answered, "Don't: You must not talk that way of the moon."
Then suddenly it became very dark about them and presently the head chief's son saw a ring about them just like a rainbow.
When it disappeared his companion was gone.
He called and called to him but did not get any answer and did not see him.
He thought, "He must have run up the hill to get away from that rainbow."
He looked up and saw the moon in the sky.
Then he climbed the hill, and looked about, but his friend was not there.
Now he thought, "Well! the moon must have gone up with him.
That circular rainbow must have been the moon."
The boy thus left alone sat down and cried, after which he began to try the bows.
He put strings on them one after the other and tried them, but every one broke.
He broke all of his own bows and all of his strings his chum's except one which was made of very hard wood.
He thought, "Now I am going to shoot that star next to the moon."
In that spot was a large and very bright one.
He shot an arrow at this star and sat down to watch, when, sure enough, the star darkened.
Now he began shooting at that star from the big piles of arrows he and his chum had made, and he was encouraged by seeing that the arrows did not come back.
After he had shot for some time he saw something hanging down very near him and, when he shot up another arrow, it stuck to this.
The next did likewise, and at last the chain of arrows reached him.
He put a last one on to complete it.
Now the youth felt badly for the loss of his friend and, lying down under the arrow chain, he went to sleep.
After a while he awoke, found himself sleeping on that hill, remembered the arrows he had shot away, and looked up.
Instead of the arrows there was a long ladder reaching right down to him.
He arose and looked so as to make sure.
Then he determined to ascend.
First, however, he took various kinds of bushes and stuck them into the knot of hair he wore on his head.
He climbed up his ladder all day and camped at nightfall upon it, resuming his journey the following morning.
When he awoke early on the second morning his head felt very heavy.
Then he seized the salmon berry bush that was in his hair, pulled it out, and found it was loaded with berries.
After he had eaten the berries off, he stuck the branch back into his hair and felt very much strengthened.
About noon of the same day he again felt hungry, and again his head was heavy, so he pulled out a bush from the other side of his head and it was loaded with blue huckleberries.
It was already summer there in the sky.
That was why he was getting berries.
When he resumed his journey next morning his head did not feel heavy until noon.
At that time he pulled out the bush at the back of his head and found it loaded with red huckleberries.
By the time he had reached the top the boy was very tired.
He looked round and saw a large lake.
Then he gathered some soft brush and some moss and lay down to sleep.
But, while he slept, some person came to him and shook him saying, "Get up.
I am after you."
He awoke and looked around but saw no one.
Then he rolled over and pretended to go to sleep again but looked out through his eyelashes.
By and by he saw a very small but handsome girl coming along.
Her skin clothes were very clean and neat, and her leggings were ornamented with porcupine quills.
Just as she reached out to shake him he said, "I have seen you already."
Now the girl stood still and said, "I have come after you.
My grandmother has sent me to bring you to her house.
" So he went with her, and they came to a very small house in which was an old woman.
The old woman said, "What is it you came way up here after, my grandson?" and the boy answered, "On account of my playmate who was taken up hither."
"Oh!" answered the old woman, "He is next door, only a short distance away.
I can hear him crying every day.
He is in the moon's house."
Then the old woman began to give him food.
She would put her hand up to her mouth, and a salmon or whatever she was going to give would make its appearance.
After the salmon she gave him berries and then meat, for she knew that he was hungry from his long journey.
After that she gave him a spruce cone, a rose bush, a piece of devil's club, and a small piece of whetstone to take along.
As the boy was going toward the moon's house with all of these things he heard his playmate screaming with pain.
He had been put up on a high place near the smoke hole, so, when his rescuer came to it, he climbed on top, and, reaching down through the smoke hole, pulled him out.
He said, "My friend, come. I am here to help you."
Putting the spruce cone down where the boy had been, he told it to imitate his cries, and he and his chum ran away.
After a while, however, the cone dropped from the place where it has been put, and the people discovered that their captive had escaped.
Then the moon started in pursuit.
When the head chief's son discovered this, he threw behind them the devil's club he had received from the old woman, and a patch of devil's club arose which the moon had so much trouble in getting through that they gained rapidly on him.
When the moon again approached, the head chief's son threw back the rose bushes, and such a thicket of roses grew there that the moon was again delayed.
When he approached them once more, they threw back the grindstone, and it became a high cliff from which the moon kept rolling back.
It is on account of this cliff that people can say things about the moon nowadays with impunity.
When the boys reached the old woman's house they were very glad to see each other, for before this they had not had time to speak.
The old woman gave them something to eat, and, when they were through, she said to the rescuer, "Go and lie down at the place where you lay when you first came up.
Don't think of anything but the playground you used to have."
They went there and lay down, but after some time the boy who had first been captured thought of the old woman's house and immediately they found themselves there.
Then the old woman said, "Go back and do not think of me any more.
Lie there and think of nothing but the place where you used to play."
They did so, and, when they awoke, they were lying on their playground at the foot of the ladder.
As the boys lay in that place they heard a drum beating in the head chief's house, where a death feast was being held for them, and the head chief's son said, "Let us go," but the other answered, "No, let us wait here until that feast is over."
Afterward the boys went down and watched the people come out with their faces all blackened.
They stood at a corner, but, as this dance is always given in the evening, they were not seen.
Then the head chief's son thought, " I wish my younger brother would come out," and sure enough, after all of the other people had gone, his younger brother came out.
He called to his brother saying, "Come here. It is I," but the child was afraid and ran into the house instead.
Then the child said to his mother, "My brother and his friend are out here."
"Why do you talk like that?" asked his mother.
"Don't you know that your brother died some time ago?"
And she became very angry.
The child, however, persisted, saying, "I know his voice, and I know him."
His mother was now very much disturbed, so the boy said, "I am going to go out and bring in a piece of his shirt."
"Go and do so," said his mother.
"Then I will believe you."
When the boy at last brought in a piece of his brother's shirt his mother was convinced, and they sent word into all of the houses, first of all into that of the second boy's parents, but they kept both with them so that his parents could come there and rejoice over him.
All of the other people in that village also came to see them.
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2023.05.29 03:17 Fred37196 Can someone tell me why they’re cutting hours?

I was from 24 to 14 now but only because I was in school. And I’m not the only one with the hours changed. Apparently one of the coworkers I know who comes in from 5am to 2pm had her schedule changed from 8 to 2. I’m not sure if this is just me and this store in particular or if others are experiencing the same thing at other stores.
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2023.05.29 03:17 ClosestGalaxy35 Phiddipus Audax seems frightened

I recently wild caught an adult female (i think) bold jumping spider. She seemed to do well thr first day in her enclosure. She was walking around and ate two crickets. Then for the past 4 days she stays hidden in a top corner and only comes out to eat (1 cricket since then) and peeks out once in a while. But anytime me or my gf come near she makes a beeline for the nest she built. She is my first jumper but I thought they were supposed to be more active and curious rather than reclusive.
Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable?
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2023.05.29 03:17 ODBrewer Joke in S2E2 Do Not Resuscitate

In this episode Junior tells Bobby about the Chinese guy driving a Renkon Continental, but what I really want to know is what does one prick say to the other prick ? AJ's dinner table joke doesn't get finished, and that's bothering me.
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2023.05.29 03:16 JoshAsdvgi The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

A long time ago there lived a beautiful Indian girl.
Her lodge was on the edge of a forest, and she dwelt alone. And though she never hunted or fished, she always had plenty to eat, and no one knew where it came from.
In her lodge hung a magic bundle, and near it were seven tiny bows and a lot of grass arrows.
One day as she was eating her dinner, Coyote came through the forest, and stopped at her door.
He saw that she had roast Buffalo meat, and he licked his chops.
"You have no man around," said he to the girl; "may I stay and do your errands?"
"Yes," said she, "you may stay."
So Coyote lived with her, and made her fires and brought water from the spring.
By and by all the Buffalo meat was gone, and Coyote wondered how she was going to get more.
Then the girl said:—
"Uncle Coyote, our food is gone.
I want some fresh meat.
My brothers will be here to-day.
Do you go to the north side of the entrance and cover your head with a Buffalo robe, and don't watch what I do."
So Coyote did as he was told, and when his head was covered, he peeped out and saw the girl sweep the lodge clean.
Then she placed hot coals in the centre of the room, and put some sweet-grass on the coals. As the smoke arose, she lifted the magic bundle from the wall, and opening it, took out the windpipe of a Buffalo.
It was round, and small at one end, and big at the other.
She waved the windpipe over the smoke, and turned the small end down, and some dust fell out on the floor.
Then the dust changed into seven handsome braves, her brothers.
The young men took down the tiny bows and arrows from the wall, and they changed into big bows and arrows.
The girl wrapped herself in a Buffalo robe, then went and stood in the door.
She gave a yell to the north, and a yell to the west, and immediately herds of Buffalo came rushing over the plain.
Then she went back into the lodge, and her brothers began to kill the Buffalo.
When they had killed as many as they wanted, the rest of the animals ran away, and the brothers came back into the lodge.
The girl put more sweet-grass on the coals, and when the smoke rose up the brothers stepped behind it, and disappeared.
The girl took the magic windpipe, held it over the coals, gathered up a handful of dust from the floor, and put it into the windpipe.
After that she put the windpipe into the magic bundle and hung it again on the wall.
She next passed the big bows and arrows through the smoke and they became tiny bows and grass arrows, and she hung them up, too.
Now, Coyote was very much astonished to see all this, but he kept quiet.
By and by the girl called him, and showed him the dead Buffalo.
He helped her to skin the animals, and to dry the flesh.
After that she let Coyote roast all the bones he wished.
When Coyote had eaten the roast meat, he began to think of his hungry children at home, and said to himself,
"If I only had that magic windpipe, I could call the Buffalo whenever I wished, and the seven young braves would kill them for me."
Then he asked the girl if the windpipe held more than seven young men. "Oh, yes," said she; "whenever I turn the big end upside down, a war party comes out, headed by my seven brothers, and they fight for me."
When Coyote heard this, he decided to steal the windpipe that night, for he thought,
"When my enemies see all those braves, they will think me powerful, and will run away."
Now the girl knew that Coyote was planning to steal the windpipe, and she let him take it. That night, when she was asleep, he lifted down the magic bundle from the wall, and, opening it, took out the windpipe and ran away fast toward the north.
He travelled far until he was tired, and then lay down by a log to sleep.
The girl knew this, and she told her brothers to bring him back.
They did so, and placed him on the floor of the lodge.
And when he woke in the morning, there he lay, with the magic windpipe in his paw, and the girl looking at him.
"Oh, my niece," said he, "I thought a war-party was coming in the night, so I took this down. Put it back."
So the girl tied the windpipe up in the magic bundle, and hung it on the wall.
The next night Coyote ran away again with the magic windpipe, and when he came to a place where he thought he was safe, he lay down to sleep.
The girl told her brothers to bring him back. They did so, and placed him on the floor of the lodge.
And when he woke in the morning, there he lay, with the magic windpipe in his paw, and the girl looking at him.
"Oh, my niece," said he, "I took this down because the enemy came in the night, and I frightened him away.
Put it back." So the girl tied the windpipe up again, and hung it on the wall.
And the same thing happened the third night.
The fourth time Coyote stole the magic windpipe, the girl let him take it and did not tell her brothers to bring him back.
No, indeed!
She let him go on until he came to a village.
He was very hungry, so he said to himself,
"I will call out the people and order them to feed me, and if they do not obey,
I will turn the big end of the windpipe upside down, and the war-party will come out."
So he called out the people, and the braves came running and shouting from the lodges, and the boys and dogs came too.
And when they saw Coyote, the men and boys began to kick him, and throw stones at him, and the dogs bit him.
He turned the windpipe upside down, when, instead of a war-party, out burst a whole swarm of Bumblebees, millions of them, buzzing with rage.
They settled all over Coyote, and stung him so hard that he ran howling into the forest.
And they kept on stinging him until he was well punished for his lying and stealing.
After that, the Bumblebees swarmed up into a hollow tree, and they have lived there ever since.
As for the magic windpipe, the brothers took it back to the girl.
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2023.05.29 03:16 I_Sell_Comics 15 years and I’m lost.

Hello everyone,
I’m a 34 year old man who was married to who I thought was the love of my life. I met her when I was only 15 years old and we quickly became best friends and eventually dated in our later teen years then married in our early twenties. I was married to her for 13 years and we have two wonderful children together. I feel like a rug was pulled out from under me. She was a school teacher and I worked in a factory doing quality control, we owned a small business together and even owned two homes at one point in hope to rent it out. Our lives seemed great, it definitely had it’s struggles but we had each other and our children.
My son who is now 12 is a blessing and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He enriched my life in so many ways and only a few years later we were happy to find out that we were having another baby. A girl who we were over the moon about but sadly we lost her. It was a extremely low point in my life and still brings me to tears this day. My wife and my son helped me through it and I did everything to help my wife with our loss. She started to feel extreme depression and refused therapy or any other help.
Things seems to get better when we found out that we were having another baby, it was going to be a girl. It obviously didn’t fix the situation or fully heal our hearts over the loss of our lost daughter but it filled us with joy, joy that was much needed in both our lives. So 9 years ago we were blessed with our beautiful little girl who brings us all so much joy.
My wife seemingly started to feel happy again and life started improving. I had to drop out of school so my wife could keep going and also take care of them kids and I worked full time and a few side jobs. It was a worthy sacrifice at the time. She was working on her degree and eventually got her masters with a 4.0. Once she had secured a good paying job I would be allowed to go back to school myself. Years passed and I was able to buy my local comic book store to keep it from closing and it was a dream of our to own our own business.
We eventually grew the store and moved up in our main jobs, her a high school teacher and me a factory worker who got a inspection job that had better pay and hours. Life was seemingly on the up. We bought our second home in what was considered the nicest/safest neighborhood in our city. I only wanted the best for our kids and hopefully to have more.
I found myself working my 7am to 3pm job then my comic shop in the afternoons, 3:15 to about 6pm. I would arrive home and spend the afternoon with my wife and kids. Life was good but I was working all the time, even the weekends. My dream became a nightmare.
Late 2019 we discovered that we were having a baby, it was a boy. My heart was filled with joy except for my wife. It seemed like the depression was returning and stronger than ever. The news of our son brought her into fits or rage and crying spells, I tried to be supportive and understanding but I was at a loss of how to help. Sadly we lost my son, I found myself devastated and alone. My wife was relieved over the loss and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was alone this time and trying my hardest to be supportive but it was difficult. I needed her but the loss was viewed so differently by her.
Later in March of 2020 my so was diagnosed with type one diabetes, it was a hard pill to swallow. Major life changes for a 10 year old. I was trying to sell my shop to be home and support him. Oddly my wife was against it and insisted on me continuing to run the shop.
I started to notice she would leave the home for a few hours after I arrived. It seemed normal to me. She definitely needed her time to unwind and be alone. I just wanted to support her and let her have her space.
Eventually her trips to get milk would last 4 or more hours and sometimes she would come home empty handed. I was growing concerned. Everything seemed somewhat normal except she refused to take our daughter out on Sunday shopping trips anymore. My daughter was confused why it stopped, they had had “girl dates” all of her life but now without warning it was over.
Fights eventually started and sex almost completely stopped. I signed us up for marriage counseling. She agreed to go but never participated in any of the activities for us to work on at home. She became more and more distant and colder to everyone.
On August 1st 2022 my daughter was diagnosed as well with type one diabetes. I was devastated but had to be strong for her. On the 3rd of August 2022 my wife was caught with one of her students. My world was turned upside down.
It’s been almost a year now, somedays I don’t want to get out of bed, but I keep moving for the children. My soon to be ex wife lives with her parents now, I only see my kids half as much as I did. It’s hard to be alone. The house was so full of sound and kids laughing and now it’s quite most days.
My wife is facing criminal charges and my children’s lives have been ruined by this. I don’t know what to do most days. I don’t know who to talk to. Life is hard, it’s only going to get harder from here.
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2023.05.29 03:16 SmokingTheFilter ideal grunge gf

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2023.05.29 03:16 RealCanadianDragon Good places to buy (nut free) birthday cake?

Are there any grocery stores or places with multiple locations throughout the city where they sell birthday cakes for kids where they can guarantee its nut free?
I've checked grocery stores that have a bakery like Sobeys and they said while it doesn't have nuts, its still "may contains nuts" no matter which cake it is, so there's always that risk, and especially since a kid is eating it, you don't want to risk it.
So are there any major chains that can guarantee its nut free and not even "may contains nuts"? Or any place that has multiple locations that's worth going to?
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