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2023.06.10 20:56 Findnotfound Long time customer & supporter of local USPS now extremely disappointed, upset and disenfranchised.

Yesterday I strolled into my local USPS where I've had a box for around 8 years. The location is grossly understaffed especially for this busy location. I've always been understanding of this. I've seen the staff become unhappier and somewhat grumpy. Their reviews gave reflected this and I've even defended them. I helped a worker one morning with those heavy metal gates as I saw her struggling with it. I became a victim of this location yesterday and again today. The door was open the single staff member served the only customer. I was the only person waiting. She finished serving and walked off. It was around 5:15pm by then. Maybe I walked in a bit past 5 but was not aware of the exact time. She walked away from the counter and I waited as she stacked boxes. I called out and asked for assistance. I didn't yell or anything. I was stand6aroind for about 10 minutes. I think she said that they are closed. I said I just need my package and id been waiting. Nope. She commented on my arrival time and was not at all professional not polite. I reminded her of the time I helped with the gate and asked her where her community spirit was. Nope. She shrugged me off. Technically she had the right. Where I'm upset is that there was not an, excuse me sire we are closed would you mind coming back tomorrow. Or what do you need to gauge the level.of effort. Today I went in to collect my parcel and she walked away from the counter and got her coworker to serve me in a very attitudinal way. I thought ok this has become a thing. Then she within earshot of me complains about me and lies telling her coworker that I called her names. I said excuse me I can hear you. Her coworker was nice and got my parcel. I now feel I can't go there and want to close my box which would be a significant inconvenience.
My question is should I complain. They are obviosly stressed to the max. Telling lies about me was completely uncalled for. Would it be futile to complain. I'd write about how they are understaffed, the decline of the location and this isolated incident. The reviews all say rude, rude, rude... I'm of the opinion now that if you are not happy there leave. I'm no longer a supporter and would prefer a clinical transaction. It's really a shame as it's always been fine. Is it worth the effort? Would I couse myself more aggravation and harm? Would it be even worth it? I've not inflated this story. The worker has obviously held a grudge and makes me uncomfortable. Do I just carry on expecting the same treatment? Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 20:53 Polaris328 Of Queens and Dragons

hi. reposting because i wanted to change the title and that's not allowed if i just edit the post. ok ok enjoy!!!
The Northstar, Titan's Orbit
Polaris, in the middle of a much-needed nap at his desk, looked up in a daze as his computer beeped, alerting him of an incoming call. He shook himself awake before answering. "Hello?" he said groggily.
"Hey, Old Light. Sounds like I woke you up," Crow's voice replied. Polaris could practically hear his protege's smirk. "Everything alright?"
"Just peachy." Polaris rubbed his eyes. "What's up, Crow?"
"Not much. I was at the Farm this morning and Queen Mara asked for you. I've been trying to reach you all day."
"Yeah, I've been, uh..." Polaris recalled everything he'd done in the past twelve hours: sleeping, eating ice cream, crying, trying to get some overdue mission reports done, then getting bored and sleeping again. "Very busy."
Crow chuckled. "I'm sure. Well, whenever you're free, drop by the Farm. Mara's waiting."
"I'll be right there. Seeya around, kiddo." Polaris ended the call and yawned loudly before getting up and changing into his typically pristine armor, though it found itself in a sorry state tonight. He pushed the button on his intercom and relayed his instructions to the vessel's pilot: "Set a course for the EDZ. Got business at the Farm."
"Expecting a fight?" Daedalus asked, orbiting his Guardian curiously. "Farm's pretty safe."
"No, but can't be too careful with Mara. She might have some kind of special assignment for me or something. There's always another one, no matter how many I have stacked up," Polaris grumbled, adjusting his cloak as the Northstar descended toward the Farm. It was as quiet as it had been ever since the mission of retribution against the Shadow Legion following Amanda Holliday's death. Some civilians of various species going about their business here and there, but no notable operations anymore.
Queen Mara Sov, sitting alone aside from one horse in the Farm's stables, glanced skyward as she heard the approaching roar of the Northstar's engines. Before long, Polaris made his way to her location. "It's been some time, Young Wolf," she said, stroking the horse's mane.
Polaris's face scrunched up for a second. "Still hate that. I see you've met Gorilla."
Mara frowned. "...Gorilla?"
"The horse. His name's Gorilla. He's a hero, y'know."
"What exactly did Gorilla do that was so heroic?"
Polaris chuckled. "Back in the Red War, during the mission to retake the Last City, the assault teams had to approach the City in a way that the Cabal wouldn't notice. So their ships dropped them out near Twilight Gap, and they made the rest of the journey on foot. But to make sure everything was clear along the way, they had a trio of scouts go ahead on horseback. Gorilla was one of those horses- along with his brothers, Elmer and Krazy, may they rest in peace. Without him, the assault team may have been ambushed along the walk to the City by Cabal forces. But thankfully Gorilla and his brothers were there to help." He walked over to Gorilla and scratched behind his ear. "He's been living here ever since."
"And what of his brothers? Elmer and Crazy?" Mara asked. "From what you've said, I assume they are dead."
"Krazy. With a K. But yeah. Krazy was killed by a Cabal sniper near the City's outer walls. He and his rider happened to be spotted while they were scouting ahead, and, well... a horse is a bigger target than a Guardian. As for Elmer, he was caught in an explosion during the battle. He survived it, but his injuries were severe enough that he had to be put to sleep, rather than letting him suffer for his natural lifespan. So Gorilla's the only one left. But he's been handling it well. Haven't you, boy?" Polaris smiled up at the horse, who gave a happy neigh in response. "So. What did you need? Crow said you wanted to talk to me."
Mara nodded, sitting down on a wooden bench. "I did. But I do not have a mission for you if that is what you expected."
Polaris took a seat next to the Queen. "Then what's up?"
"I simply wished to speak with you."
Polaris narrowed his eyes. "To what end? You don't do anything without a purpose."
Mara looked away from the Guardian. "Amanda Holliday's death has weighed heavy on all who knew her. As I said then, I have lived for eons. I have seen countless deaths. They still hurt, but it has become... easier for me, than for most. But it will never be easier to stomach how it affects those I care for."
Polaris swallowed a retort that probably wouldn't have gone over well, instead choosing to stare at the stable floor.
"That includes you, Polaris." Mara looked back at him. "So, if you insist that I must have a purpose, then my only purpose is this: I am concerned for you. A wish-dragon you may be, but your power is not infinite. Your shoulders have borne more weight than any of your peers in less than a decade. I can see it in your face- you are beyond exhausted. I know you do not see me as a friend, but if you have anything you wish to speak of, I will be here to listen."
Polaris covered his face with his hands for a brief moment. "Where do I even start?" He met Mara's eyes.
"Wherever you wish." Mara reached over and took hold of Polaris's hand. "I was speaking with Elisabeth Bray once when she said something similar to me. Then she remembered that a wise Hunter once told her, 'The beginning is usually a pretty good place.'"
Polaris's slack fingers closed around Mara's hand as a hint of a smile crept onto his lips. He shifted to be a little closer to her. "Using my own words against me. Devious, Your Grace. Very devious. Well. As you might remember, my friend Hecate went Dark a while back. She was a fugitive for a long time. Then, right after the Traveler ascended, she came to find me. She told me she wanted to come back to the City. Rejoin the Vanguard. I was all for it. She's doing great in rehab, but I can see the pain in her eyes whenever I see her. And I just don't know how to help. On top of that, Aunor and I... we're done. Again. For good this time."
"How did it happen?" Mara asked. "Another fight?"
"No. It was much more peaceful. We've barely seen each other recently. Been so busy with our own work that we... don't have time for each other anymore. But right before Titan reappeared, she and I finally got to be with each other again. First time we've been face to face in months. In the morning, she said we needed to talk. She basically told me we were too big of a distraction for each other. Even when we're apart, if we're involved with each other, we'd only be dividing our focus away from... 'what really matters,' in her words. Can't say I'm surprised- she's always put duty first- but to hear it spelled out like that didn't feel amazing. But I gotta admit... she's got a point."
Mara nodded slowly. "People like ourselves... we must always put the mission before our personal desires." She watched as Polaris's already somber expression saddened. "But that does not mean we must stifle our love for those around us. Amanda knew this, and she loved with all her heart."
"Cayde knew it too. But I guess it's a lesson some of us still have to learn, huh?" Polaris looked back at the Queen with a small smirk. "Not naming names, though."
A brief chuckle escaped from Mara before she caught herself. "Yes. I suppose we do. Although before we can express our love to those around us, perhaps we must first embrace and express our love for ourselves."
"It's always funny hearing you talk like that."
"What do you mean?"
"Like you don't want to be understood. And you want whoever you're talking with to understand that they don't understand." Polaris froze, panic setting in as he saw something change in Mara's expression. "Shit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"
"No. It's fine, Polaris." Mara chuckled again, more openly this time. "The first Queen's Wrath, Sjur Eido, once said nearly the exact same thing to me. You do remind me of her sometimes, though she was perhaps more... straightforward. There were fewer dimensions to her than yourself, but at your core, you're similar to her." She stared into Polaris's eyes. Today, they were electric blue, as bright and as powerful as a bolt of Arc lightning.
"How so?" the Hunter asked.
"You and Sjur are endlessly passionate. Powerful. Charming. Problem solvers, though in different ways. Always determined to follow your chosen path, no matter what might draw you away from it. In a sea of the exceptional, you both stand above your peers."
Polaris was suddenly very aware of the fact that Mara still hadn't let go of his hand, even though his own had gone lax a few moments ago- and that her tone had changed a little. And had she gotten closer? Or had he shifted closer to her? He couldn't be quite sure. "High, uh... high praise from you, Your Grace."
Mara paused before letting go of Polaris's hand and standing up. "And I mean every word. But... I suppose that is all I wished to say to you. You are free to go."
Polaris also stood. "Yeah. I'll do that. Plenty of work to do. But... thanks, Mara. For being here for me. And the same offer you extended to me goes back to you. Anything you need to talk about, I'll be here." He could practically feel that Mara wanted to say more, and so did he, but now was not the time. And this was certainly not the place. "Well. Uh. Oh, screw it." He pulled Mara into a tight hug.
Mara's eyes widened for a moment as she was taken aback by the gesture, but she instinctively returned it, closing her eyes.
"You said earlier that you didn't think I saw you as a friend. You were wrong. You are my friend, Mara. One of my best."
Mara felt Polaris's breathing synchronize with her own. The Prince of the Sky and the Queen of the Awoken silently stood in each other's embrace for a moment before she spoke again. "You must never forget to love with all your heart, Polaris. As must I. We do not know who will walk away from this battle with us and who will be lost along the way."
"I promise." Polaris stepped away from Mara. "See you around, my lady." He bowed to the Queen, only partially in a joking manner, then transmatted back to his Ketch.
Mara took a deep breath before looking back at Gorilla, who was staring at her. "What?" she bluntly asked the horse. Then she noticed it seemed to be looking just over her shoulder instead of directly at her. She turned just in time to see Crow drop his invisibility.
The young Hunter had an amused smirk on his face. "Haven't seen you like that since... well, you know. Are you thinking of...?"
Mara put a hand on her hip. "It is as I said. The mission, the plan... ending the Witness comes first. Why were you spying on us?"
"Couldn't help myself." Crow shrugged. "Truth be told, I've been concerned about him too. I was worried that you'd say or do something, or send him on some exhausting mission that would push him past the breaking point... but I was pleasantly surprised. I think talking to you did him some good. He seemed a little... I don't know. Lighter, when he left."
"If I have been able to provide some relief to him, then I am satisfied. Even if it is only a little. Don't you have work to be doing?"
"Heh. Suppose I do. And so do you. Bye, Mara." Crow nodded to his sister as he transmatted away.
"Goodbye, Crow." Mara walked out of the stable, breathing in the cool midnight air. She felt a little lighter as well.
hi. sorry for disappearing (again). i don't really know if i want to go anywhere with this particular relationship. i like the concept, but pursuing it actively would probably interfere with canon too much. we'll see, though. if you've got thoughts to share, please do so, i love feedback. anyway. got a little bit depressing today, which is probably telling. but there's a little glimmer of hope in there too. maybe something i'll need to come back to later. hope y'all enjoyed the story, though! see you starside, writers
~ P.
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2023.06.10 20:48 tenant1313 What are your favorite off center staying locations for exploring major cultural hubs?

I love exploring big cities - especially the kind that have tons of museums, long history, great architecture and food scene. But I really dislike staying in the middle of the touristy madness a la Times Square. Crowded, expensive and really not very beneficial in terms of exploring: you still need to get out and commute everywhere, sometimes quite far. So, when I travel, I always try to find spots that are cute, quiet, have a local feel, are possibly cheaper and well connected to the larger city. I actually like commuting - it's part of my traveling experience. Plus I collect transit cards as souvenirs.
So I basically look for a few nice cafes where I could get a bite and a coffee in the morning, a couple of interesting restaurants where they don't have menus with pictures (a sure sign of crappy food), a bus, metro, tram or a train stop within a walking distance, 30-45 min ride to the main city. I specifically mean separate, "satellite" cities but if you want to include your favorite neighborhoods that seem to fit the description, go ahead. Something like Estrella or Campo de Ourique in Lisbon come to mind. Anyway, my favorite examples would be:
Leiden when visiting Amsterdam
Potsdam when visiting Berlin
Covington when visiting Cincinnati
Downtown Jersey City when visiting New York
Oliwa when visiting Gdańsk (you could argue here that Oliwa is within city limits - true)
Yokohama when visiting Tokyo

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2023.06.10 20:42 Sorrybrainbroke Dear Customers, Help Us, Help You

Very simple, if you order a delivery to your workplace or a business, please include the name of business in the comments.
Especially if you're one store in a large strip, or outdoor mall, rather than make drivers try and remember each individual suite number, some of which are not always very visible, you could quicken the process immensely if you just include the business name as well. Not only is that going to be the most obvious advertising, but the driver will likely be able to look at your street and the business, and know immediately where you are exactly.
This also helps out a ton when customers accidentally use the wrong address, which happens more often than you'd expect, often by accident so of course we understand. However if you're at work, and we can't locate you, because obviously you're busy with your job, same as we are, you can't answer our phone calls! We don't want to bombard your phone, or leave you a million messages only for you to discover that we are waiting to hear from you on something incredibly simple to include. It's disappointing for everyone and very easily avoided!
Also pretty, pretty please -
At my store, we do call more than once, usually the driver will call on the road, and if they can't get a hold of you, they let the store know and we try to reach you with a number you're more likely to recognize.
But, and I hope this is maybe just my location for the sanity of my fellow sammy slingers, we have people that work at large facilities, like a hospital, and they will use the workplaces phone number for their order. If you are not the only person, or even just one of maybe 5 that potentially will if we have to call, how do you expect us to notify you of any potential issues? We will try, but if we can't in that situation there's nothing we can do but wait for you to reach out!
Help us out just a little, and I promise it makes it a million times easier for us to give you the kind of service that you want, and we would love to provide.
Sincerely, Someone tired of wasting time I could be dedicating to making every customer happy as fast as possible
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2023.06.10 20:34 golangprojects [Hiring] Machine learning job: Sr Software Engineer - Large Language Models at Databricks (San Francisco, California, United States)

While candidates in the listed locations are encouraged for this role, candidates in other locations will be considered.
At Databricks, we are passionate about enabling data teams to solve the world's toughest problems — from making the next mode of transportation a reality to accelerating the development of medical breakthroughs. We do this by building and running the world's best data and AI infrastructure platform so our customers can use deep data insights to improve their business. Founded by engineers — and customer-obsessed — we leap at every opportunity to solve technical challenges, from designing next-gen UI/UX for interfacing with data to scaling our services and infrastructure across millions of virtual machines. And we're only getting started.
As an engineer working on large language models (LLM) at Databricks, you’ll work closely with the teams behind Databricks’ Dolly LLM to build intelligent systems to democratize AI across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to energy, finance to government. Our teams work on some of the hardest, most interesting problems facing the business, ranging from designing large-scale distributed AI/ML systems, to optimizing distributed GPU model serving or developing novel modeling methodologies that scale to production use cases. Our work is necessarily cross-functional, and successful individuals on our team embody an unusually high degree of empathy and ownership, demonstrating an intuitive ability to understand how individual technical decisions shape Databricks’ business strategy.
Databricks has a long-standing commitment to research and open source, and though our teams are focused first and foremost on business impact, we work hard to foster a creative, intellectually stimulating environment featuring visiting speakers, academic partnerships, and industrial collaborations.
The impact you'll have: Engineers working on LLMs may specialize in different areas. Below are examples of the kinds of activities that different members of our teams perform on a daily basis.
Drive the development and deployment of state-of-the-art AI models and systems that directly impact the capabilities and performance of Databricks' products and services. Architect and implement robust, scalable ML infrastructure, including data storage, processing, and model serving components, to support seamless integration of AI/ML models into production environments. Develop novel data collection, fine-tuning, and pre-training strategies that achieve optimal performance on specific tasks and domains. Design and implement automated ML pipelines for data preprocessing, feature engineering, model training, hyperparameter tuning, and model evaluation, enabling rapid experimentation and iteration. Implement advanced model compression and optimization techniques to reduce the resource footprint of language models while preserving their performance. Collaborate with product managers and cross-functional teams to drive technology-first initiatives that enable novel business strategies and product roadmaps. Contribute to the broader AI community by publishing research, presenting at conferences, and actively participating in open-source projects, enhancing Databricks' reputation as an industry leader. 
What we look for: BS+ (M.S. or PhD preferred) in Computer Science, or a related field. 2+ years experience developing AI/ML systems at scale in production or in high-impact research environments. Strong track record of working with language modeling technologies. This could include either: Developing generative and embedding techniques, modern model architectures, fine tuning / pre-training datasets, and evaluation benchmarks. Experience deploying and scaling language models in production; deep understanding of the unique infrastructure challenges posed by training and serving LLMs. Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals. Contributions to well-used open-source projects.
Benefits Comprehensive health coverage including medical, dental, and vision 401(k) Plan Equity awards Flexible time off Paid parental leave Family Planning Gym reimbursement Annual personal development fund Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
About Databricks Databricks is the data and AI company. More than 9,000 organizations worldwide — including Comcast, Condé Nast, and over 50% of the Fortune 500 — rely on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to unify their data, analytics and AI. Databricks is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe. Founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow, Databricks is on a mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.
Read more / apply:
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2023.06.10 20:32 indyman_123 At a Glance: 'Gardens of the Moon' - Book 1, Chapter 1

Link(s) for previous post(s) -

Book 1: Pale

Epigraph 1 - (had to put up the whole thing really; won't be doing this for every epigraph; just the imp. ones)
In the eighth year the Free Cities of Genabackis established contracts with a number of mercenary armies to oppose the Imperium's advance; prominent among these were the Crimson Guard, under the command of Prince K'azz D'Avore (see Volumes III & V); and the Tiste Andii regiments of Moon's Spawn, under the command of Caladan Brood and others.
The forces of the Malazan Empire, commanded by High Fist Dujek Onearm, consisted in that year of the 2nd, 5th, and 6th Armies, as well as legions of Moranth.
In retrospect two observations can be made. The first is that the Moranth alliance of 1156 marked a fundamental change in the science of warfare for the Malazan Imperium, which would prove efficacious in the short term. The second observation worth noting is that the involvement of the sorcerous Tiste Andii of Moon's Spawn represented the beginning of the continent's Sorcery Enfilade, with devastating consequences.
All this seems intimidating to say the least!
Epigraph 2 - About a mother lamenting for her boy (it seems), who's now a young soldier, but who's not yet seen what war is about ("bright heart not yet cooled to hard iron"). Is this close to what it's depicting, or...?

Chapter 1

Sweat and death clung to the air thick as gauze.
The dark bloom of sorcery was a stain few cared to examine too closely. It had a way of spreading.
OK, now that sounds like something, eh?
Paran turned to see a curtain in the air tear open on the road, spilling dull yellow light. A Warren, the secret paths of sorcery. "Hood's Breath." He sighed, fighting off a sudden chill. Within he could see a grayish pathway, humped on either side by low mounded walls and vaulted overhead by impenetrable ocher-hued mist. The air swept past into the portal like a drawn breath, revealing the pathway to be of ash as invisible currents stirred and raised spinning dust-devils.
First look into the "Warrens".
A short while later they came to a stone archway. It had been recently constructed, and Paran recognized the basalt as Untan, from the Imperial quarries outside the capital. The walls of his family's estate were of the same gray-black glittering stone. At the center of the arch, high over their heads, was carved a taloned hand holding a crystal globe: the Malazan Imperial sigil.
First look at the Malazan Sigil.

The Empire's been grinding this land down for a hundred years. You was born in it. I wasn't. When I was your age Itko Kan was a country. We flew a banner and it was ours. We were free, lass.
Rigga to fisher girl.

Across the sea the Empress has driven her knife into virgin soil. The blood now comes in a tide and it'll sweep you under, child, if you're not careful.
Rigga to fisher girl.

You are now one with the body of Empire, Lieutenant. It commands you. You respond unquestioningly to its will. You are a small part of a muscle in that body. No more. No less.
Topper to Paran.

The Claw smiled. "You have begun to learn, Paran. Never be too easy with the knowledge you possess. Words are like coin—it pays to hoard." Topper
"Until you die on a bed of gold," Paran said.



A huge shoutout to 'Malazan: Search of the Fallen'. It was a massive help, and I hope to continue using this amazing tool. Credit where it's due.

Any feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoyed.
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2023.06.10 20:27 1aleynatilki How to download Microsoft Defender Business ?

Read the article for all other variations
To download Microsoft Defender for Business, you need to have the appropriate licensing and access to Microsoft’s security offerings. Here are the general steps to download and install Microsoft Defender for Business:
  1. Licensing and Access: Ensure that your organization has the necessary licensing to use Microsoft Defender for Business. This typically involves having a Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, or Microsoft 365 E5 subscription.
  2. Sign in to Microsoft 365 Security Center: Go to the Microsoft 365 Security Center ( and sign in using your organizational account with the necessary permissions.
  3. Access Microsoft Defender for Business: In the Microsoft 365 Security Center, navigate to the “Threat management” or “Security” section. Look for the Microsoft Defender for Business settings or dashboard.
  4. Set Up Microsoft Defender for Business: Within the Microsoft Defender for Business settings or dashboard, you may find options to download and install the required components. Follow the provided instructions to set up Microsoft Defender for Business in your organization.
  5. Configuration and Deployment: Once the installation is complete, you will typically need to configure and deploy Microsoft Defender for Business to your devices. This may involve applying policies, configuring security settings, and managing endpoints through the Microsoft 365 Security Center or other management tools provided by Microsoft.
Please note that the specific steps and options may vary depending on your organization’s licensing, permissions, and the features available in your specific Microsoft 365 subscription. It is recommended to consult Microsoft’s official documentation or contact Microsoft support for detailed guidance tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements.
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2023.06.10 20:23 New-Writing-5846 How to resign on my first job in BPO (only few months in) cuz I now got a new better J.O. waiting for me

So I'm currently in a call center for only a few month now. Took the job cuz I was desperate to be hired being a fresh college grad. I was not placed on a line of business I wanted but I'm performing quite well though the pay is low, and the customers are........ Wonderful to talk to I guess.
I don't really know how to resign or even know if I could resign cuz I'm still under probation and not regularized yet.
I now got an offer on a career I want with 2.5x the pay but I don't know how to leave my current job the right way and to transfer to the new one.
Since I'm not regularized yet, I also can't file leaves yet.
Do I just walk out? Who do I talk to in my call center job about this? Trainer, Team manager, or HR? How do I leave the right way? 😅
Do I just walk out and start on with the new company waiting for me?
Newbie need hewlp. Is a resignation letter the same as what the eat bulaga hosts submitted which leaked in media? XD ganun lang po ba yun ka simple?
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Learn how to structure your ad campaigns to get the most profit, cut out wasted spend, and setup faster – even for an industry you don’t know (without relying on templates that break/get out of date fast)
  • Learn fast & simple setups for profit – not complex setups that take weeks
  • Simple setups = fast & easy optimizing/scaling/management, no matter how many accounts you’re running
  • Avoid Google’s suggestions (traps) and hacks from out-dated YouTube videos and cheap Udemy courses
  • Advanced tracking setup for conversions, leads, calls, sales, and ROI from ads.
  1. Advanced Optimizing That is Simple to Learn and Implement
Learn up-to-date optimization strategies for profit (conversions, CPA, conversion rate, ROAS) not Quality Score, CTR, Optimization Score and other nonsense metrics that don’t help you keep your job as a marketing professional.
  • Strategies for quickly & easily scaling ROI by expanding campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords
  • Strategies for quickly identifying top performers and expanding them
  • Optimizing automated bidding or manual bidding or combos to control CPC and CPA when Google fails to do this.
  • Optimizing at every level of performance data: campaigns, ad groups, keywords, device, location, schedule, and more
  1. Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads) Training
Learn the differences between the networks and how to successfully expand to Microsoft Ads Network (,,, and more.)
  • How to import properly (don’t use a weekly auto-import)
  • What you can do in Microsoft Ads that you can’t do in Google Ads
  • Optimizing inside Microsoft Ads based on THEIR data
  • Targeting options and setups unique to Microsoft Ads
  1. Mastering Campaign Targeting Options
Learn which targeting methods make the most sense for profitable ads for different industries, business types, budgets, and goals.
  • Expert tactics for RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
  • Proper setup/optimizing for DSA campaigns
  • Advanced local campaign Targeting/Setup/Optimizing
  • How to actually make broad match keywords profitable or when to avoid them
  1. Advanced Stuff for Advanced People
For marketing professionals and ad agencies, this is the expert training for professionals with as much experience as us, but could always learn something new!
  • How to fix automated bidding that IS NOT doing what it’s supposed to do (has no volume, very high cpcs, no conversions, bad ROAS, etc.)
  • Complex optimizing for Device, Day, Hour, City, Country, State with or without manual bidding when needed
  • Properly running test campaigns and primary campaigns correctly (for testing those broad keyword ideas that “may” work for top-of-funnel targeting for large budget accounts)
  • Setup and optimizing LARGE budget accounts (targeting all stages of the funnel, micro-conversions, etc.)
  • Optimizing, expanding, and finding new ideas for accounts you’ve been running for years
  1. Beginner Foundations
If you have no experience, that’s ok! We have extra training for getting started with Google Ads.
  • Intro to Google Ads, How to Setup Account
  • Intro to Campaigns, Keywords, Ads, Ad Extensions, Negative Keywords and More
  • Dashboard Walkthrough – How to Navigate Google Ads
  • How to Monitor the Right Metrics and Ignore Useless Ones (How to Change the Columns Inside Google Ads)
  • Basic Optimization for Beginners – campaigns, keywords, ads, a/b testing ads, ad groups, etc.
  1. Bonus Training
Plenty of extra bonus to cover everything you need for PPC ad success! Get our agency’s best resources for running profitable campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Expert Landing Page Training
  • Advanced PPC Call Tracking Software (Not Inside Google Ads)
  • Google Analytics Tracking and Setup
  • Our Agency Tools – Expert Ads Framework & Cheat Sheet
  • Our Agency Tools – Most Used Negative Keywords: Premade List
  • Our Agency Tools – Top Cities and States Lists (For Negatives Keywords)
Additional Training for Google Display Ads
Our Display Ads Masterclass teaches expert strategies for expanding into the Google Display Network with maintaining profit and avoiding low-quality clicks and bad leads.
  • Learn How PPC Ad Agencies Scale DISPLAY Profits Fast
  • Display Ad Strategies for ROI & Removing Low Quality Website Clicks
  • Best Strategies for Targeting Audiences, Content, and Winning Combos
  • Advanced Remarketing Strategies – Go Beyond the Basic Setup
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel Display Targeting Secrets
  • Beginner to Expert Level Display Ads Training
  • Display Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist
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2023.06.10 20:21 confirmedangel Sealed bag, 7mi for $12, will my tip really be adjusted?

Sealed bag, 7mi for $12, will my tip really be adjusted? submitted by confirmedangel to doordash_drivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:20 Grand-Earth2594 does google have artificial intelligence?

Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept, but a reality that is slowly becoming part of our daily lives. With the rise of big data and machine learning, AI has found its way into various industries, including the tech industry. One of the companies that have embraced AI as part of its operations is Google. Google has long been associated with search engines, but how does it use AI to improve its services? In this article, we will explore whether Google has artificial intelligence.
Google's AI: Google has integrated AI into various aspects of its business model. One of the most noticeable applications of AI on Google is in its search engine algorithms. Google uses machine learning to improve the accuracy and relevance of its search results. Over the years, the search giant has used AI to analyze search queries and understand the intent behind them. With this understanding, Google can deliver results that are more relevant to the user's search terms. This has made Google the go-to search engine for millions of people worldwide.
Another area where Google uses AI is in its voice-controlled assistant, Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to voice commands. Google Assistant can perform a variety of tasks, including setting alarms, sending messages, and even playing music. Google's AI-powered assistant is available on various devices, including smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays. Google Assistant has made life easier for many people by giving them a hands-free way to interact with technology.
Google's AI Ethics: While AI has improved various aspects of our lives, there are concerns about its ethical implications. Google has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns. In 2018, Google created an ethical AI team to ensure that its use of AI conforms to ethical standards. The team is responsible for reviewing the company's AI applications to ensure that they are fair, transparent, and accountable. Google also released a set of AI principles that guide the use of AI in its operations. These principles are centered on three key areas: avoiding harm, being socially beneficial, and being accountable.
Conclusion: Google has embraced AI as a part of its business model, and it has done so in a way that prioritizes ethical behavior. From improving search results to creating a personal assistant, AI has become an integral part of Google's services. However, as AI continues to evolve, so will concerns about its ethical implications. Google's ethical AI team and principles are a positive step towards ensuring that AI is used responsibly and benefits society.
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2023.06.10 20:04 Aran909 My Telus Nightmare

This is a cautionary tale. The evening of May 5, 2023 I was contacted by a Telus sales rep for what was a pretty good offer, so I made the decision switch from Shaw. Install date was set for May 24. May 23 I get notified that the drilling for the fibre optic line can't be completed because they can't get locators and my install will be delayed to June 9. Drillers show up the next day and install the fibre drop. Come June 8, I receive an email that my appointment has been moved yet again to June 11. I have many many calls to very unhelpful people telling me that the fibre drop has not been completed. I know the company that does the drilling for the fibre drops and is a personal freind of mine and my father in law, and he assured me that it's been done. Finally the last person I spoke to on June 9 admitted that the technicians are over booked and can't make it. Now today not 10 minutes ago, I received a call from someone at Telus again insisting the fibre drop is not complete and the appointment must now be moved to July 3.
I want to know, how is this acceptable business practice?
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2023.06.10 20:03 Super_Difficulty 39 [M4F] Los Angeles - Local Friends to Chat with and share memes, food pics and more.

39M in the Los Angeles area. Lately I've been in a weird spot in life. Career is fine, life is fine in general but I am finding myself more lonely than usual. A few years ago work consumed my life and I decided I needed a better work life balance, then the pandemic happened and I was busy non stop with work but I had more free time for hobbies and interests, the work-life balance really wasn't too bad. The last few months, I've regained a lot of work-life balance only to realize I don't have much of a life anymore...I really miss genuine friendship and companionship. I have friends that are local but it feels more like long distance friends as we're all busy with life or they have a growing family.
I want to try and meet new friends to do things with, like movies, explore, find new foods, go to food events, things centered around food. I enjoy theme parks, Marvel movies, some DC, Star Wars, Comedies, Action or thrillers. Horror might take me a minute to get me to go to one.
If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to message me. I am open to texting, chatting and voice calls. I would love it if you're local with the potential to meet up someday, if not anywhere in the US is good with me. I would like to keep in touch daily or every so often, send stupid memes, food pics, doggo pics and anything interesting to help pass the time.
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2023.06.10 20:02 BeeBoolean GAMEDAY THREAD: HOME VS CHARLESTON

Riverhounds (6-2-5) vs. Charleston Battery (7-3-4)
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Highmark Stadium
Tickets: Ticketmaster
TV: Pittsburgh’s CW
Streaming: ESPN+ (national), Pittsburgh’s CW (local)
Live statistics: USL Championship Match Center
Live updates: @RiverhoundsSC on Twitter
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2023.06.10 19:58 P0MP3I1 DCore: The Observatory - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Feeling For Home

After a few hours and weighing a few more of my options I found a suitable place for my core, on top of a shelf!
To be a bit more specific a shelf resting in the furthest room of my dungeon, the room itself had no windows and only one door making it the most defensible option. Moving it seems simple enough now that I had Tama. She seems to listen to orders more directly than the cats that the spawner continuously makes.
The graceful scion drops from the old stool she had been napping on and carefully took the core delicately between her teeth and set off to the designated room.
I did not that as Tama padded through the hallway a number of other cats took formation behind her, despite not having been ordered to. It quickly became clear Tama herself was directing them, as with a few muffled meows and a firm stomp of her paw the cats quickly set to work dragging a few bits of old cloth and ruined cotton into onto the shelf. Once the improvised bed was finished Tama leapt onto my new perch and gently laid my core in the center of the bedding.
"Excellent work Tama!" I praised towards her. Even if I wasn't sure she heard me word for word, I could tell she felt the praise as she took a second to pose.

The next order of business was categorizing what information I had, and prioritizing my next few steps for expanding my 'facilities.'
My cats and slugs have tags that list them as denizens, the frogs and beetles are labeled as invaders. Their interactions are my source of major income, with mana being drawn in whenever my units defeat theirs. An important note however is that nothing seems to be lost when my units are killed, but it was pretty clear to see in a more fast paced situation when all hands are needed, the cost of rapidly fielding replacement units would add up quickly.
I also have access to a few traps that can be scattered around my controlled zones.
Bile Sack
Detectability - High
Activation Chance - Moderate
When an intruder approaches, the sack will expand and burst after a short moment. Intruders will be covered in sticky bile and slowed.
The idea of covering some poor sap who blunders into this place with sticky bile didn't exactly sit right with me, but my sense of self preservation and long ingrained RTS tactics told me adding a few of these would be necessary. For just a small trickle of mana each I put a few of the grotesque pods around the door to my core, as well as a few in the hallway for good measure.
My next trap I would do without, security be damned.
Vile Ichor
Detectability - Low
Passive Presence
An opaque purple ichor will ooze from nearby walls and crevices and coat the ground. This ichor is highly flammable and slippery.
I want this place to eventually become a library or study of some kind, not a death trap! So for now I snub the rather malicious trap and return my focus back to my dungeon.
Having watched the cats deal with frog infestation in my upper floors, I felt a bit guilty when I looked back down to the slugs. The gooey little mollusk soldiers, keeping the seemingly growing swarms of beetles at bay.
The cost for a Slug Scion was still rather high, but the actual cost to upgrade the spawner was just a little less so. But seeing the little things try so hard, I bite the bullet and make the purchase. The reaction was a bit more volatile than just spawning Tama however. The coral like hive of the slugs snapped and crackled as it grew slightly, the slugs it began to produce were also quite a bit bigger than before, now about the size of a soda can.
The new slugs were also a little bit faster and they surged into the line of beetles with a vigor. Were before there was a rickety stalemate, now the slugs were driving back the chitinous swarms with ease! The large slugs water jets just splatter even the large beetles in one shot now, their smaller kin following in close groups around them and pick off the stragglers.
The small counter attack made for an excellent show as the slugs manage to push the swarms back out of the borders of my dungeon. I can still sense them actively swarming just outside my bounds, but they seem notably more hesitant to enter now.
While I don't have a scion to praise just yet, I instead make sure to give the little guys a bit of extra attention for a while.

With my borders now guarded and my core secured, I could finally take a breath. Up until this point I've been too distracted with all of my new functions and responsibilities, I hadn't taken enough time to fully get a good idea as to where I am or what I am.
I understand I am now a dungeon and that it's my duty to maintain and protect my controlled territory. But apart from some old ruined furniture and my denizens, I have no idea what else is in store for me in the place. The angel had said that I couldn't go back to Earth, so I doubt I'm anywhere familiar, but at the same time this building looks like it was made by people for people. The chairs and tables look to be about right for humans proportions, I can even see old faded tapestries and paintings but their details are too far gone to make out what may have been on them.
I want to turn this place into a library or similar institution, but I have no idea if the natives of this world can even read any languages I know! I've been browsing through my options and I can see that I have the ability to designate a room to a specific function, but none of them are for a library or study.
Workshop and Abbey
I don't see any point in having a workshop, as I doubt my cats and slugs would be very efficient on the assembly line.
But the idea of having an abbey doesn't seem so bad. I wasn't the most devout person back on earth, but I always did enjoy reading various books on religion, philosophy, and any sort of theistic concept really.
Tossing the idea around in my mind I thought about where I would even assign said abbey. Most of the rooms I had access to were about the size of a medium or smaller bedroom. My cores 'Sanctum' as it had been labeled was only about 4 feet on all sides.
As I drifted room to room, trying to pick one out for the abbey, I noticed that at each of the majors ends of my borders I had unique options.
I could expand myself?
Sure enough, as I felt along the walls of my dungeon I was given 3 options. The first was the option to expand outward and into the open expanse of this new world, the cost was rather high but it would be within my range after a few more days of bug stomping.
Next I had the option to take a new wing of the complex I was already apart of. I could afford this option right now, but it would leave me a bit light in the pockets. I also didn't know if this was the entire remaining space of the complex or just another wing. But it was more tempting than expanding outside, as I needed actual rooms for my library to eventually come to life after all.
The last option did not appeal to me at all however, down and also outside. I had to check to make sure it was a separate choice from the first but sure enough it was. I could feel that choosing this path would grant me a very large space, at a very high cost, and that it would not automatically conjoin with the first exterior expansion.
Filing the three options away for later, I also held off on purchasing the Abbey room as well. This seemed like a bit much for me. Even if I had the frogs and beetles managed, I had no idea what was waiting past my current borders. Would I get new denizens or invaders, and given my current financial situation, would I be able to afford them.
No, I needed to be careful and keep pace with myself, this wasn't a race. I still have a scion I need to get, as well as upgrade both spawners a few levels each.


I was grateful I no longer had to worry about my asthma, or I would have been in a lot of trouble.
From next to, what was the closest approximation to my front door, Tama stood with her fur on end. Nearly every cat, save for Tama, darted into a hiding space. My brace scion stood ready to face whatever was approaching the old wooden door from the other side.
I ordered what few slugs weren't needed to hold the line, to move to protect the core. By now I could hear the muted sound of voices from the other side of the door. I couldn't make out anything being said, but I could tell there were multiple people just outside.
I eyed my mana again, I was so close but so far from being able to spawn my other scion!
This story is a personal project and any criticism and advice is welcomed and appreciated, hope you enjoyed!
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2023.06.10 19:58 businessbee89 Looking for card to hit sub and use for international travel

* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of:
* FICO Score 9 (from built website 722)
* Oldest credit card account age with you as primary name on the account: 3 years
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 2
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 2
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 2
* Annual income $: 55K
* OK with category-specific cards?: Yes
* OK with rotating category cards?: not preferred but open if I can reach my goal
* Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below.
* Dining $: 300
* Groceries $: 300 (will be getting a Costco membership soon)
* Gas $: 150
* Travel $: 100
* Do you plan on using this card abroad for a significant length of time (study abroad, digital nomad, expat, extended travel)?: no
* Any other categories :
  1. phone $80
  2. internet $80
  3. streaming subscriptions: $50
* Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: no
* Can you pay rent by credit card? If yes, list rent amount and if there's a fee for paying by credit card: $ Yes 1500 use Bilt to pay rent
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
* Current member of Amazon Prime?: Yes
* Current Verizon postpaid customer?: no (would consider switching to Verizon from ATT)
* Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? Will be once moved in
* Currently paying $13.99/month or more for Disney Bundle (Disney+ / Hulu / EPSN+) or other Hulu services? Yes, getting credit from amex
* Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: no
* Active US military?: no
* Are you open to Business Cards?: (these are an option if you have any kind of side gig, such as selling on eBay or Etsy): yes
* What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: (first credit card, balance transfer, saving money, travel rewards) Would like to combine points with my amex for international travel, but first and foremost find a card with a great SUB for travel. I would want a Visa, but my fiancee has a CSP and I figure I could just use that (AU) when abroad when my Amex is not able to be used.
* If you answered "travel rewards", do you have a preferred airline and/or hotel chain?
* Do you have any cards you've been looking at?
One of the hotel cobranded amex cards, citii costco visa, Chase freedom flex/unlimited, US Bank Cash+, CSP
I am not sure if my fiancee and I should both just be AUs on each other cards and live in the Amex/Chase ecosystems (was kind of the plan with my getting the gold and her getting the CSP). I also understand that the Costco Visa isn't as good as it once was, but figured there may be other perks that might make it a good card. We are planning our honey moon (Italy most likely)
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2023.06.10 19:57 Polite_Deer Idk if I should go back to college to study pharmacy or something in the science field.

I got out of the military when I was 23 and spent 4 years in college right after for 3 different things with the help of the GI bill ("free" money for four years.) I received a diploma for HVAC, spent one year in forensic science (dropped out), and then depleted my GI bill with my associates in avionics. I've been working as an avionics tech for a company since then. The job isn't too bad. It pays decent but it could be quite mundane sometimes and I feel like I could do better in when it comes to pay.
I have some financial goals that I hope to reach within the next 3 years that are possible if I stay committed. Returning to college has crossed my mind, but it would set be back and impede other goals that I have in mind. My goals include starting a business and a few other sources of income that could make me at least $3000-$4000 of passive income a month while I work my regular day job.
However, if I do commit to that plan, I feel like going back to college will be futile. I do not plan to commit to working 5 days out of the week for the rest of my life. I just want to make enough passive income so I have the option to work part time for the rest of life and maybe return to full time for a year or so if I ever feel like doing so.
There are many opportunities for me to make 70k+ in my field by accepting contracts and relocating within the US and even overseas. There are even some contracts that offer 100k+ a year. Most companies are looking for 3+ years of experience and some licenses that I have no interest in pursuing especially when I do not plan to do this in the long term. Some companies really aren't as picky but they are a little harder to find.
There is a new major aviation manufacturer being constructed in my area but that place won't start operating for around a year. Idk if I should wait and get experience while it is up and running or relocate to another place and risk them running out of positions by the time I return. I've been vacillating on this for a while. If I were to relocate, I would have to be making at least $32 an hour (if the cost of living is equal or less of where I'm currently located) for it to be worth it for me to relocate.
Maybe I'm just tired of my job or maybe I'm regretting how I spent my GI bill. Maybe I'm just getting impatient about my goals and I'm unhappy about my current position. Maybe all of the above?
Tl;Dr idk if I should seek another job or remain at my job while this new job opens up. I also don't know if I should go to college in the next few years especially when I don't intend on working the traditional 40 hours a week in the future.
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2023.06.10 19:54 Moony4ever Interesting (and ugly) flag of the village where I live: Nieuw-Vennep (in the Netherlands 🇳🇱) what do you think?

Interesting (and ugly) flag of the village where I live: Nieuw-Vennep (in the Netherlands 🇳🇱) what do you think?
Green: represents the polder the village is located in Yellow/black square: the center of the village Blue line: the canal that cuts through the village Black line: main road that cuts through the village
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2023.06.10 19:53 SymphonicResonance Pre-Match thread New Mexico United @ Tampa Bay Rowdies Saturday, June 10 2023 5:30pm

Pre-Match thread New Mexico United @ Tampa Bay Rowdies Saturday, June 10 2023 5:30pm
Off to Tampa bay we go to visit the Rowdies at their converted baseball stadium. Tampa Bay is currently in darn good form with four wins and draw in their last five matches. New Mexico on the other hand is having issues.
Currently New Mexico is on a two loss streak with the coaching changes, well we might have some tumultuous times a head of us. It will be fun (yes, fun. I love this stuff!) to see what kind of plan Mac uses this evening. Side note, he was a head coach for Inac Kobe, a professional women's side in Japan, so this is not his first rodeo.
With all of New Mexico's bye weeks, United has is now flush with games in hand. With upwards of three games in hand against multiple clubs, and at least one vs everyone in front us. The only club with less matches played than us is Memphis 901 FC (10 matches). At this moment in time, we control our own destiny.
So what do you all think? Are we heading to Florida to kick some rowdy-dowdy butt? (That is an actual slang word in OED. First known usage was in 1854) Will Mac Hemmi be making a statement that he should noticed by the head coach hiring team? Will New Mexico United develop their own chile that is yellow and black but tastes like green hatch? Any plans for watch parties? What are you expectations for this match?

Ways to watch/listen:
  1. In Person
  2. ESPN+
  3. Youtube (international viewers only)
  4. ESPN Radio 101.7 The TEAM (Stream)
  5. Local Businesses (Support local businesses that support local soccer. )
Follow the match stats live at the USL Match Center and watch all the pretty graphics.
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2023.06.10 19:49 mix_master_meow I brought It With Me Part III

Part II
The eerie warning still echoes through my shaken psyche.
It has been about ten months since I last updated the Báthory saga. Ten months and three more disappearances. I am not sure where the dumping ground for the devoured cadavers has moved to, but I am all too aware of where Báthory is the vast majority of the time.
Even though Báthory has not spoken to me again since its warning in the wake of the medium’s grisly demise, its presence has been a constant at work.
When I arrive.
When I hold a Zoom conference.
When I pick up the phone.
Báthory’s inky outline haunts my door when it isn’t off hunting for another stomach-curdling meal. A constant reminder that it is aware of my reluctance to stand idly by while the feeding continues. A reminder that any effort to stymie its bloody feast will be met with swift, intense, and lethal violence. A reminder that my usefulness has expired and Báthory’s patience has limits.
As you can imagine, this has done wonders for my general disposition. My colleagues have noticed my constant nervousness. Students openly comment about my paranoid “vibe” and complain about the ever widening turn around on grades. I have struggled with anxiety before, but this is different. That was general anxiousness about everything that made me frustrated to stand in slow lines or push through crowds. This is a paranoia about something very real. I know exactly what the threat is and what it can do.
But how can I grade in a timely fashion when I still have to be a husband and father at home, then use my old sleeping hours to conduct the research necessary to stop Báthory? Grading is slipped in between meetings and classes during my work day. The few hours between work and “bed time” are to ensure my burden does not destroy my family, and then I browse through online sources for any glimmer of information that could banish this malevolent entity.
Honestly, the late night research hours sometimes work to my advantage. I have moved beyond keeping the scope of research limited to Native American folklore and mythology. I have expanded to any and all strains of supernatural belief across the globe. You know, a completely realistic and manageable scope. I’m not running headlong into a swirling vortex of paranoia and guilt induced insanity, I swear. You just have to have solid, healthy coping mechanisms. The off-brand sugar-free Sour Patch Kids that I devour like a hangry Kronos keep the crazies away. Down the hatch blue raspberry Poseidon.
But, back to how being a night owl researcher has worked to my advantage. Many of the repositories that I contact in search of ancient tomes on mythology and lore are overseas. The time difference means that even though it is the wee hours for me, it is normal business time for some of them. Language barriers be damned, I have Google Translate on my side. Oh, and also the motivation of not wanting to continue being an accessory to appalling murders. That helps me to get my point across the linguistic gaps to these archivists a lot too.
I have already racked up an impressive selection of books of mythology, demonology, and every other topic that could possibly lend some insight to the origins and weaknesses of my shadowy companion. Composed of ancient first editions, reprints, translations, and original copies, the stack has taken over the entire right side of my desk and the coffee table next to the visitors chair in my office. It has been slow going to get through the books. Even when I can locate a colleague that can help with translations, there is often an issue with dialects or other translation hurdles that slow the quest for illumination. Not to mention the probing questions about what exactly my research goals are.
I have spun so many incoherent stevia-fueled lies that I have lost track of what I tell everyone I am on about. The sleep deprivation tends to leave me unprepared for the question and each query receives an off-the-cuff response that never seems entirely satisfactory. It is a good thing I already had a reputation for being a bit eccentric.
Then again, the rumors about how I am linked to the death of that medium might be a more compelling reason for many to lend a helping hand to the rambling, disheveled, wide-eyed professor that storms into their office looking for assistance with analyzing passages of arcane ghost stories.
Keeping my hoard of esoteric books in the center of Báthory’s hunting grounds and conducting my research throughout the fields of prey turned out to be the opposite of a well conceived plan. When prepping a trap for a predator, you should probably not shop for the supplies in its lair.
Keep in mind, I never once claimed to be the Napoleon of monster hunting.
A few days ago I stepped from my office for a quick faculty meeting. I know for a fact that the office door was shut completely behind me, I am a bit obsessive about making sure I close doors behind me. Just be sure that it was fully shut, you will understand why I am emphasizing it here in a minute or two.
After a speedy yet frustrating faculty meeting about details that could have been an email and a shortcut to gather some more snackables, I set off to return to my lair of gothic readings. Imagine my surprise when I found the door ajar.
Imagine my surprise when I entered the room and found the wall smeared with gore and the crumpled body of a student topped with the stump of what had once been a head on the floor.
The bright green collared polo and slacks were still immaculate. His black and white sneakers were as clean as if he was trying them on fresh from the box. The only thing askew was that his neck ended in a still oozing stump and a viscous concoction of skull, skin, brain, and blood was smeared around a rather deep hole in the drywall. This wasn’t the kind of drywall hole a Mountain Dew infused Kyle creates after losing a match on Call of Duty, this was the kind of hole a sledgehammer wielded by someone with a bloody glee in their heart creates.
Naturally, after a brief shocked yelp and unceremoniously depositing my lunch on the floor I called the police. A murder had just occurred in my office. I knew the police could never catch this particular culprit, but what else was I supposed to do when faced with a corpse in my office? Wait for the custodians to take it away with the gummi wrappers and other garbage?
Imagine my surprise when the first responding officer had also been there to question me at the medium’s death. And oh boy, did he definitely recognize me. That stern face was clearly practiced. His face had the round quality of a cheerful baker in a Disney cartoon. Eyes not hardened by years of stress and worry. This was someone who could leave work at the office, but turn on the character while in uniform.
If you are wondering, he did not seem to regard my presence at another death scene as an unwelcome coincidence. His face had more of an “I knew this motherfucker was up to no good” quality to it than surprise or any other reaction. Can you blame him? First I was walking with someone who just happened to start screaming before running away from me into traffic and now one of my students looked like he was trying to spread brain jam on my office wall. He knew I am connected to the deaths somehow.
If only he would believe the truth. If I told him, I would definitely have a Netflix documentary sooner rather than later.
He asked me the normal, if you can call them that, interview questions. We discussed my whereabouts, the identity of the victim, and the timeline of events.
Not buying what I was selling, he decided to pull the security footage. I offered up no objections, the tape would clearly exonerate me. But I also knew it would not provide any evidence he would accept of another, more sinister, culprit.
Just as I had stated, the video showed me leaving my office at the time I had provided. About three minutes later, the student could be seen entering my office.
But how? I know I had shut the door.
Unfortunately, the angle of the camera did not show the latch side of my door, and thus there was no evidence that I had securely shut it. Clearly, according to the officer, I had misremembered. We had both watched the student enter with no resistance. He just pushed the door open. I asked the officer to play back the tape from after I left.
What was I looking for? The shadow that played along the wall toward my door about a minute after I left.
Báthory had set a trap for both the student and myself.
Báthory had had enough of my meddling.
But why not just kill me?
The next part of the video showed me returning, making the gruesome discovery, and calling the police after soiling myself. No evidence of anyone else ever having entered or left my office.
Except for that shadow again.
Releasing me upon my own recognizance, the officer asked if I took one last look at the scene to see if I noticed anything unusual. Aside from the Pollock-esque redecoration my wall had undergone. I indicated to the officer that I did not.
But that was a lie.
About a quarter way down the stack of books on my desk had been a hefty tome bound in faded blue and gilded with dull silver lettering. That book stood out to me among the others due to its age and quality of craftsmanship.
It was no longer in the stack.
That book had the key to Báthory.
You sly bitch.
I racked my brain to remember the origin of that book.
French? Slavic? Uzbek?
I could search through my spreadsheet, find its metadata, and track down any copies if my office wasn’t now a crime scene and everything in it evidence. I would have to find the book itself.
You have overplayed your hand, Báthory.
Now it is a race to the finish. Either I find the contents of that book or Báthory successfully frames me for murder.
Game on.
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