Discontinued? Maybelline Master Conceal - Need replacement!

2022.12.03 01:04 tharahoeaway Discontinued? Maybelline Master Conceal - Need replacement!

Hey crew. Having double purchased my last two tubes, I missed the rush to snag all the discontinued stock in my colour. Does anyone have any recc's for a similar formula? Crucial part of my daily 20min routine and I am DESPERATE. Ingredients on SkinSkool are pointing to Revlon PhotoReady Candid Concealer.
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2022.11.06 03:45 playbyk FINALLY: the ultimate routine for my dry, sensitive skin with redness that includes products for preventive aging

Hi, everybody! I’ve seen a few posts lately for dry and/or sensitive skin recs. I’ve spent the last five years experimenting with an absurd amount of products to treat my dry, sensitive, redness prone skin. My goal has been to find and set a complete regimen so I can not only fix the three said issues that have haunted me for far, far too long, but also to be able to budget exactly what I’ll be spending on skincare in a year. Honestly, I just want to be done with the researching, then the searching, then the buying, then the trying, then the researching again, yada yada yada rinse and repeat. (With that being said, the Picky App, INCIDecoder, and have been massive helps and y’all should go check them out.)
Just this fall, I’ve landed on (what I think) is the perfect routine for my imperfect skin. (Plus anti-aging products because I’m 31, can’t afford things like Botox and professional treatments and services, and unfortunately have unrealistic, unattainable skincare standards for my future self. #unwell) So, I hope this helps at least one person! And heads up, I am totally aware that this is a preposterous amount of products. But ya’ll, my skin is THAT dry. This isn’t going to be the ideal practice for everyone.
May the force be with you, my friends! (Insert “You’ve Got Mail” gif of Tom Hanks preparing to type his advice to shopgirl)
I exfoliate once a week (Sunday nights) with a cleanser (Naturium Rice Cleanser or Origins GinZing Scrub Cleanser) and a serum (Farmacy Honeymoon Glow or Ordinary Azeliac Acid). The Naturium Rice Cleanser is similar to the Tatcha Rice Cleanser, which I love but can’t afford to buy regularly.
If I need to get heavy makeup off, I use Milani Green Goddess Melt. The Farmacy Green Clean Melt is also good.
If I need a refreshing spray throughout the day, I like Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Mist or Cocokind Rose Water.
For my neck, I use whatever actives I’m using that night plus Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask or Naturium Overnight Sleeping Cream.
I use a mask on my face about once (occasionally twice) a month, usually Origins Hello Calm Mask or TonyMoly I’m Real Rice Sheet Mask.
Sometimes I get a little flakiness on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. When this happens, I use a tiny bit of La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Balm.
Now go to the mattresses!
Edit: I’m back for some specific recs and clarity since I know I just listed A LOT of products. My favorite solutions for…
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2021.12.03 20:26 abc1two3 [Misc] Ingredient sources?

Other than pages such as incidecoder and cosdna, are there other pages that help matching ingredients to products?
I know skinskool dupe is fab but only works when products are in their database. I am trying to match a facial cleanser ingredient to something similar.
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2021.04.06 16:30 iowajill What makes 111Skin Vitamin C so good? [product question]

I’ve been using 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster, and it is unfortunately making my skin super glowy and happy. (I say unfortunately because I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t work for me since it’s so expensive!)
I went looking for more affordable dupes on SkinSkool and most of the options there are super expensive too, so now I’m trying to look for dupes on my own.
SO my question is, is it just the vitamin C itself that makes this product so good or is it another active ingredient I’m not wise enough to catch? Or is it how the vitamin C is formulated? Basically I’ll look for those same things in other products! Thanks in advance!
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2021.03.01 17:24 jjrozay [Misc] In need of a dupe for my discontinued face wash.

The listing on Amazon
I've been using a face wash for about 2 years now and it's recently been discontinued. I have sensitive skin so finding something that works well for my skin is a tough thing.
To make things worse, this appears to be a pretty obscure brand so skinskool and other websites like that that specialize in finding dupes aren't much help. I did as best as I could to do a quick cross-reference of the ingredients and found a stopgap that hopefully will work but it has a lot of oils and fragrances in it which I'm not too fond of. Hoping I can find something a bit more similar to what I'm using currently.
There is an ingredients list on the Amazon listing, the last picture of the product shows it. Here is a picture I took of my bottle with the ingredients as well.
I also posted in dupesforeverything but it's a pretty small sub so I'm asking here as well. Hopefully this is allowed.
Thank you so much for any help at all. It's greatly appreciated.
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2020.07.12 08:42 cheesy_bits [Misc] SkinSkool

I came across a website which would help most of us here. It finda you dupes of expensive products as per the ingredients list.
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2020.01.31 04:32 turtle_yawnz [REVIEW] Maelove Glow Maker - Review and Dupe Request

(TL:DR at the bottom.. I’m a woman who loves her words)
Hi all! I’m almost done with my first bottle of Maelove Glow Maker and I’m at the point that we all reach in the first lifecycle of a product - repurchase or replace. I figured I’d come here and share my review for anyone who is trying to make a decision on initial purchase and get input from people who have used this and other products before.
Context: 26F. Primary skin concerns are aging and brightness, occasional isolated pimples. I originally approached skincare as something to “collect” so I was splurging on a lot of name brand products to build up an overly complicated routine with no real issues to fight. I’ve simplified my routine and am always looking at how to make my routine more sustainable.
Current routine (daily):
Morning: * Wash with CeraVe hydrating cleanser * Pixi Glow Tonic * Maelove Glowmaker * Moisturizer - I’ve been using an Ipsy sample of IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream lately and am obsessed. I’m having a hard time justifying paying $50 for a moisturizer, but I do love it. Otherwise I have used Neutrogena Hydro Boost or Alba moisturizer which I forget the name of * (sometimes) FAB Coconut Primer. Not sure this does much for skin, but helps my make up to lay more nicely. * Maybelline Dream Cream BB Cream with SPF 30
Night: * Remove make up with a Micellar water wipe * Dr. Thayer’s toner (I use the coconut one because I LOVE the smell! Are there any different benefits between the different types or is it just a scent?) * TO Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane * sometimes moisturizer if my skin feels a little irritated
Onto my review:
I will fully admit I don’t know a TON about skincare. I didn’t really realize I had dull skin until I saw the term somewhere and thought “I mean.. I guess my skin could be called dull?”
In focusing on the brightness of my skin, I’ve noticed a marked difference between before I started using any products and my current result. My skin was definitely dull before and looks much glowier now. Obviously, the top recommendation for glow-y skin is almost always a Vitamin C serum. I’ve also noticed my deep wrinkles decreasing, but can’t say for sure that this product contributed to that as I’m also using a Retinoid.
I purchased a bottle of Maelove back in November for around $30 including shipping and have used it almost every day in the morning. As mentioned above, I noticed a visible difference. My skin is more supple and I feel like I look more well rested. That said, I did read that vitamin C serums are supposed to help bags. I won’t pretend that there’s nothing that I can do about my bags (I usually only sleep 4-5 hours a night and I have an iron deficiency and always forget to take my supps) but I didn’t notice any difference in the size or darkness of my bags. Having said that, my skin overall just looks like I’ve slept more.. it’s genuinely BRIGHTER.
I’m a big convenience person. I’m not gonna use a product if I need to go to a different room to use it. My point of saying this is that I do not refrigerate the bottle. My bathroom has ZERO ventilation and steams up pretty quickly when I shower. I keep the bottle in my poorly-ventilated bathroom and have had no issue. I do keep the bottle under the sink (don’t know if that makes a difference) but I’ve had it for about 2.5 months and it hasn’t oxidized or anything. I’m probably a little more than 3/4 of the way done with the bottle, so definitely got a good amount of use from it
I don’t love the smell, but I think that’s a vitamin C issue. Every vitamin C product I’ve tried or owned smells like metallic hot dog water. Maelove doesn’t smell amazing, but the smell doesn’t linger.
The formula is thin and watery, which I believe is normal (it doesn’t feel like a thick oil). It’s slightly tacky when I put it on my face, I would not go as far as to say sticky. The texture settles pretty quickly. I find I’m able to put moisturizer on after a minute or so.
I don’t notice any burning, itching, or irritation even when using multiple days in a row. I don’t have any skin sensitivities, but I can tell when a product feels strong or not. I would suspect that you’d want to start using this every other day if you do have reactive skin.
If I’ve gotten bad about keeping up with my routine for multiple days in a row, I do notice that my skin seems... thinner. So overall I definitely works and I’m happy with the results!
What I don’t like.. first is that it can only be ordered online and shipped. I have a lot of issues with USPS, especially at this apartment. They constantly misdeliver packages and while I can usually get a replacement, it’s such a hassle. Plus I live in Chicago, which means there’s a real chance the package sits out in the snow or in 90 degree weather. I only go into my office 3 days a week so when I order things there, they sometimes sit at work for 5 or 6 days until I’m back in the office.
The second is the price point. While this is not an expensive product compared to other skincare brands, it’s not exactly cheap either. I don’t mind spending $30 on a product that will last me 3 months at all, but if I can find something for $10-$15 that can do the same job, I’d rather use that.
TL:DR * concerns - aging and brightness * overall really happy with Maelove * skin looks more supple and glowy * slightly tacky texture and not the best smell, but both issues dissipate quickly * I would definitely repurchase, but am first looking for a dupe which (1) I can buy at a brick and mortar store and (2) is any cheaper
Skinskool lists Pixi Vitamin C Serum as an 83% dupe.. has anyone used both that can compare? Are there any other Vitamin C serums that are worth trying instead of repurchasing Maelove?
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2019.03.31 01:40 timory [Review] One step closer in my quest to find a dupe for DE's Protini.

Alright, my friends. Ever since that blasted Sephora birthday gift we all got, I've grudgingly fallen in love with stupid Drunk Elephant's stupid Protini. It's instantly plumping and I am a sucker for the gel texture. But I refuse to spend $70 on 1.7oz of moisturizer. It's been sitting in my cart for two months. I just can't do it.
So like any well-adjusted not-so-young lady with eclectic interests, I've spent an undisclosed amount of my free time staring at skincare ingredients online, hoping to find something that might compare, but for a humane amount of money. AND I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND IT.
BEHOLD. Thanks to whomever it was on this sub who recommended the Acure line. The Radically Rejuvenating Whipped Night Cream was all of $15 at Target.
Take a look at this ingredient comparison. Obviously it's not a perfect match, but I haven't been able to find anything better than this. Both have that sweet peptide complex, and the Acure also has Vitamin C, ferulic acid, and (somewhat ironically for Drunk Elephant) marula oil.
The bad news is texture. I don't mind it, but it's not a gel. Here's a side by side comparison (Protini is on the right -- excuse the weird angle, my camera was cranky about focusing on the globs). And here it is not quite rubbed in; you can see that it doesn't sink in very quickly and is much thickeheavier. I'd compare it to The Ordinary's NMF. Maybe a little bit heavier than that.
But! It does have the same immediate plumping effect on my face. My skin feels velvety soft after, and for much longer than the DE. It's definitely more of a night cream, but that's how it's advertised, so I'm not mad about it.
For a texture dupe, I've heard that the CeraVe PM lotion is very similar, and while it doesn't have the peptides, it does have excellent ingredients and doesn't break the bank.
I think this has staved off my obsession for the time being. Hopefully it helps somebody else.
UPDATE: I added the Acure cream to Skinskool's dupe finder, and they say it's a 91% match!
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