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The Research Triangle, or simply The Triangle, is the combined NC area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is anchored by three major research universities.

2023.06.10 23:30 italkwithgod You read it right, God talks to me

I'm not insane, sane enough to know it sounds insane to say God speaks to me. It's real though.
It all started when I was injured as a young man and actually died a few times. It seem I was wanted here though. For 40 years I thought it was a drug induced delusion. I was on a lot of meds then.
But, it happened again last year during a major health scare. Same guy showed up. Doctors say I'm not delusional, just normal crazy. The hold my beer and watch this kind of crazy.
If you're wondering, to me God looks like Mr. Natural. I posted an image that sort of looks like what he looks like. Yep, bizarre. I know. Still it happens, several times a week he just shows up. Sometimes when I'm on the toilet.
I have no insight into future events, we simply talk. Sometimes about the weather, sometimes the events of the day. We talk about the Bible, he didn't write it, BTW. He likes most of the New Testament, it's close to the truth he said. As far as the Old Testament? I'll just say even he likes lobster and shellfish.
We talk about the past and all the paths individuals and humanity as a whole has had a choice to take. Most of us are not smart when choosing the right path. I sure wasn't, he laughed about my antics. He says I'm on the right one now but that can change, for anyone anytime.
It did for the televangelists and tithe crowd. He spoke to most of them, long ago. Since then they have ventured off the path. He no longer speaks to them and said they are lying if they claim so. As far as he is concerned, if you want to help these people enrich themselves more than actually helping others, we all have free choice and it's their money to give away.
God doesn't mind if you live a nice life with a little extra cash on hand. He said it is what you do with the the bulk. Keeping people fed and clothed is important. Everyone has to eat in order to survive. It is about your attitude on life as well. He likes people who go out of their way not to step on ants.
You may wonder why he talks to me. I do too. According to him, I'm easy to talk to and I ask the right questions. Not that he gives answers most of the time.
One thing he was adamant about is, when I do start to speak of him or make videos about him, do not pee on people's legs and say its a warm rain. So many ministers do that behind the pulpit, the vast majority unknowingly do this. God doesn't care for liars about him. That is a bigger insult to him than anything else.
He doesn't cause tornados, hurricanes, or floods. They occur naturally. He cries when deaths occur in these disasters. War is another thing he cries over. It will never stop until people become accepting of others. War is man made. Not his idea.
I will try to post daily and after our talks.
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2023.06.10 23:30 Frequent-Coconut6153 Sun-Ready Style: Discover Unparalleled Branded Sunglasses at Ottika Canada

As the warm weather arrives, it’s time to prepare yourself for the sunny days ahead. One essential accessory that should not be overlooked is a pair of sunglasses. Not only do they make a fashion statement, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. When it comes to finding high-quality sunglasses that combine style and functionality, Ottika Canada is your one-stop destination.
Ottika Canada has firmly established itself as a premier retailer of branded sunglasses, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of customers across the country. With a wide selection of sunglasses that are both trendy and practical, Ottika Canada is the go-to place for sunglasses enthusiasts.
One of the standout features of Ottika Canada is its extensive collection of branded sunglasses. From iconic fashion houses to renowned sports eyewear brands, Ottika Canada offers a variety of top names, ensuring that you can find your favorite styles all in one place. Whether you prefer the timeless designs of Kate Spade or the sophisticated allure of Gucci and Saint Laurent, Ottika Canada has something to suit every taste. Moreover, if you require prescription lenses, Ottika Canada offers customization options to ensure your sunglasses provide optimal vision and comfort.
To add to the convenience, Ottika Canada offers online shopping, allowing you to browse and purchase sunglasses from the comfort of your own home. Their user-friendly website provides detailed product descriptions, high-resolution images, and customer reviews, ensuring that you have all the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision.
Furthermore, Ottika Canada understands the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. They offer competitive pricing, frequent sales, and promotions, making designer sunglasses accessible to a broader audience. With Ottika Canada, you can indulge in stylish and reliable eyewear without breaking the bank.
So, as the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, make your way to Ottika Canada to find the perfect pair of sunglasses to enhance your style and keep your eyes safe and stylish all summer long.
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2023.06.10 23:28 Briskclient6601 So unbelievably hyped for tomorrow.

I grew up in the Chicagoland area till I was 14 and then moved to Pittsburgh. I got into Gizz not long after that and have seen them 5 times, first time being May 22, ‘22 at Mr. Smalls. But, Pittsburgh has never felt like home home to me, and so being able to go back “home” tomorrow to see my favorite band in the world 3 times in a row is blowing my mind right now. See you guys there. :) - P.S. any other yinzers travelling out?
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2023.06.10 23:28 IIIRAZ3RIII silca synergetic chain lube

Can this be used in dry weather? Or just wet? Any help will be appreciated
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2023.06.10 23:28 LiviRose101 [QCrit]: YA Contemporary Fantasy - SOULBOUND (95k, 2nd attempt)

Hi all! This is my second attempt after some great feedback on my first. On the opening 300 words, I've focused to the conflict at home and Freya's relationship with her sister, but please let me know if you think I'd be better off scrapping the opening paragraph completely and try something else!
Any comp ideas would be gratefully received!
I am seeking representation for my first novel, Soulbound, a YA contemporary fantasy complete at 95,000 words. The novel follows the struggles of eighteen-year-old Freya after the murder of her sister by supernatural criminals drives her down a path of vengeance. I’m particularly excited to submit to you as [reasons].
Freya’s sister is killed in a brutal attack by criminals controlling a monstrous spirit. Grief-stricken, traumatised, and blamed by her superstitious family, she swears to get revenge, but the only way to stand against the power of the monsters responsible is to become one herself.
She binds her soul to a spirit that promises to help her, but it seeks its own bloodthirsty vengeance against the criminals and is willing to kill anyone who stands in its way. Unable to control it or the wild powers it granted her, Freya accidentally injures one of her friends. She is arrested and forced to join the secretive Gemini Corps that polices those who use spirits for evil.
Freya dedicates herself to mastering her new abilities, determined to see her sister’s killers brought down, but at every step she battles with her untameable spirit and the rage that binds them. She learns that the criminals are working to harness an ancient spirit to help them bring the Corps to its knees. Freya knows that if she gives in to her spirit’s savagery, they might be strong enough to take down the criminals, but it would mean losing her humanity altogether.
Soulbound will appeal to older YA readers who enjoyed the fiery emotional journey of Melinda Salisbury’s Her Dark Wings.
300 words:
I saw it on the news first, a jagged black shape filling the city street. Its head was inside a building like a vulture at a carcass, twisting and tearing at something inside, and its wings rose taller than the abandoned bus nearby. Flashing lights stained the gleaming spines blue.
I took the remote from Mum’s limp hand. She’d fallen asleep in front of the TV, a half-empty glass of wine on the coffee table. If she woke and saw the news, my night was over.
The newswoman was following the usual script about a ‘Gemini’ attack, as if people would ever believe they weren’t just demons, and I caught the word ‘Birmingham’ before the clatter of heels on the stairs behind me made me change the channel.
I quickly put the remote down before Cara saw; I wasn’t going to let a demon attack fifteen miles away ruin the best night of summer.
“Ready?!” Cara said, wobbling on her heels.
We were identical twins, but where her dark hair fell in a cascade of curls around her shoulders, I had spent half an hour taming mine with a jewelled clip and about a million hairgrips.
Mum blearily opened her eyes. “I hope you’re not sneaking off without giving me a kiss goodbye.”
I glanced at the TV – a cheerful gardening show now – and wondered if she would notice I’d changed it. Could we be away before she changed it back? We could put our phones on silent, ignore the calls and messages and guilt, and deal with the consequences tomorrow. Knowing Cara, though, she’d rush back at the first text and spend the night soothing Mum’s wild terror, and she wouldn’t even have the sense to be pissed about it.
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2023.06.10 23:27 SterlingNHawkins Is a picture of Railpass valid?

I accidentally held on to my friends railpass. She has to take a train tomorrow and I’m wondering if it will be valid if I fill in the date and send her a picture. Does she have to have the physical copy?
Btw, it’s LNER
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2023.06.10 23:27 CartographerDry9452 Getting a flat tire repaired on a Sunday (tomorrow)

I was just about to head to the lake to find that I have a completely flat tire.😡
I’m awaiting roadside service to put on the donut, but I am uncomfortable to take my vehicle to the lake given the last 10 KM is a gravel road.
To make matters worse, I have a Monday morning appointment at the lake with a mobile trailer service repair fellow that I’ve been waiting for weeks to get on his schedule.
Any recommendations re: who may be able to fix the tire tomorrow (Sunday)would be dearly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.10 23:26 Melty-Snowman 35m introvert looking for daily long term text friends

Where's my fellow introverts at? Or maybe an extrovert to break me out of my shell?
Could use some long term daily chats to help make the days go faster and less boring/lonely. I've always had a hard time making friends all my life. Having awkward social skills and lack of a brain filter will do that top of other issues. Sometimes I'm not super chatty and my answers can be short or concise and that off puts some people because they think I don't care or am uninterested which isn't true. I'm tired of being ghosted. Shit sucks everytime.
A little about me, I work in shitty retail. Can barely afford to breath most days. Working retail has made me pretty pessimistic and negative to the world when you get treated like shit daily. I like watching tv whether streaming, wrestling or basketball. I play video games occasionally, have a Nintendo switch and would love some new friends there, enjoy going on walks weather permitting and enjoy going to thrift stores.
If you've read this long please message me. I have discord as well since reddit sucks mostly for chat
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2023.06.10 23:26 AKDory This is the first time I've seen juvenile red-shouldered hawks in my back yard - central NC

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2023.06.10 23:26 leithebee I’m about to lose my mom and I’m terrified (TW)

Hi all. This is my first post on the sub because I’m not sure where else to turn. I’m 21 and my mother has CF. Her health has been pretty bad for the past few months (she’s been on oxygen, in and out of the hospital, etc) but about a week ago things took a sudden dive. She was admitted to the ICU to be intubated/ventilated but in the process they discovered that pretty much all of her vital organs are quickly declining due to the stress of CF on her body. She’s still on the ventilator and unconscious but the doctors have essentially said that there is no chance she can make it through this, and we have decided to transition to making her as comfortable as possible instead of continuing to try and reverse the damage. She’ll likely pass today or tomorrow. I’ve been with her the whole time and I’m trying to talk to her and appreciate this time I have left but since she’s unconscious it’s been incredibly difficult and devastating to know that even if she’s still technically alive I’ll probably never talk to her again. This is just all so sudden and unexpected. I graduated college a week ago and was about to return home for the summer when the situation became critical and I just don’t understand how this happened. I really thought I would have more time with her and I don’t know how I’m going to survive losing her like this. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe advice, support, ideas on how to make the most of the time I have left. I’m not sure, but thanks anyways for reading.
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2023.06.10 23:26 Bunnystrawbery Nobody likes listening to my special interest so I made an entire about it.

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2023.06.10 23:25 valeree2044 Pen Show etiquette towards nibmeisters

I only learned just today that there’s a pen show happening in my state only a couple hours drive away(Triangle Pen Show), and it’s happening right now- the last day is tomorrow!
I don’t have any pen shops in my city (to my knowledge), so I always figured that going to a pen show would be my best best if I ever wanted to try out more expensive pens or get one of my pens tuned.
Right now, I have a pen I’d really like a nibmeister to look at. My question is: Is it bad form to approach a nibmeister for tuning on the very last day of a show? Would I not be giving them enough time to work? I don’t want to commit a rude faux pas.
Also, this would be my very first pen show visit, so any other tips or no-nos would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 23:24 Poisonivy2021 🧡International Children’s Day is TOMORROW! Grab your kiddo, log on and engage in some parent/child competition! Still spots left! Arew’s Candyland and Sparkles obstacle course are sure to not disappoint! Use link in first comment to sign up!!🧡

🧡International Children’s Day is TOMORROW! Grab your kiddo, log on and engage in some parent/child competition! Still spots left! Arew’s Candyland and Sparkles obstacle course are sure to not disappoint! Use link in first comment to sign up!!🧡 submitted by Poisonivy2021 to Dodocodes [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:24 SirBucketGetter 26 [M4R] Cooking, Games, & Pets!

I am 26 m from NC/US, 6'2", long brown hair, beard, and hazel eyes. I am a very introverted person. A bit of a homebody, but I don't mind going out to have some fun! My hobbies include cooking/baking, gaming, programming, watching shows/anime, excercising, gardening, and taking care of my dogs and cats. My most played game is overwatch. My favorite game all time is RDR2. My favorite show is Better Call Saul and my favorite thing to bake are brownies! Check my profile if you want to see some of the things I've cooked. I am currently in school(Computer Science). If you'd like to know more, just ask! Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.10 23:24 Blanco_ice Never Quit

In 2013 I moved to NYC with big dreams of making it somehow, someway, in something. I knew nobody, had no connections, my English was good but not great and I had never before started a company of any kind.
Company 1: in 2014 I launched Beyond Neutral it was an organic cold pressed alkaline forming line of fresh juices (when juicing was a real trend). Our problems were: 1. Saturated market 2. Short shelf life 3. Some were high in sugar 4. Needed refrigeration 5. Pricey
Company 2: In 2015 we pivoted to Shotco. A line of organic shots. Meant to be taken at diftimes of day like a vitamin. These shots solved many of our previous problems but they created one big one. At the time it wa only us and maybe 2 other companies, we were going to need to do a lot of consumer education. We raised a 6 figure seed round but ultimately after 2+ years we shut down the company.
Company 3: 4 Months before Covid hit I had this idea to eliminate single use cups in coffee shops. The idea was a cup that would connect to an app, you would pre order your coffee, and the barista could scan and make your desired cup. I raised a small pre seed of 50k, found a manufacturer in China but right then Covid hit and we hit a wall. Our biggest issue was that coffee shops would not under any circumstance accept cups from outside and China was a big issue as well. Bye Bye coffee business.
Company 4: This was more of a little side project, Lettair was a way to write someone a lettair online and we would create and mail the actual thing on your behalf. Bad idea, bad execution, i shut it down pretty quickly.
Company 5: 2021: Wilder a marketplace for booking outdoor guides. This was crazy, I managed to get a decent amount of hype with people who wanted to join the company, people who wanted to invest and I was able to create a waitlist of a few hundred ppl before we even launched. however within a few months (as we were building) my cofounder left unexpectedly (family issues was the official story) and after that everything kinda dissolved fairly quickly with a couple of months. The momentum, the hype, the inertia, all gone.
Company 6: 2023, I reconnected with a childhood friend who I hadn’t talked to in a longtime. We had a long conversation and at the end decided to both make a list of potential idea we would like to work on. Which is how The Woof was born. While its still early we are both really into it, enjoying what we are dong, enjoying working together and solving problems and learning how we grow & scale. So far we are happy with our progress and hope we can hit our end year goal.
Conclusion: While I still do not have that fairytale ending (yet) I never let my failures dissuade me from trying again, learning my lessons and improving. Dont listen to all the overnight success stories you see on social media they are either lies or outliers. Most of the entrepreneurs I know and have chatted to have taken the long hard road. If you fail 3 times, you get up 4 times. Dont let the fact that it didn’t go your way today, stop you from trying tomorrow, that's it.
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2023.06.10 23:23 BeYourShelf Trying to find a good way to let my hair grow while looking acceptable for client meetings

Trying to find a good way to let my hair grow while looking acceptable for client meetings
My work environment isn't very formal so I can afford a few different looks but I think my hair without anything holding it is looking a bit too wild (and covering my eyes too much which also bothers me). I tried a few things to hold it jn place but wearing hats is becoming uncomfortable due to hot weather and any of the alternatives that "pull" my hair make my scalp sort of sore at the end of the day. Is there anything else I could try with my current hair length? Also interested in products that could keep it out of my face without ruining the curly look.
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2023.06.10 23:23 JohnMainGuy There are four B-25 Mitchell bombers up right now.

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2023.06.10 23:22 chuffberry Found in Apex, NC. Common water snake?

Found in Apex, NC. Common water snake?
Buddy was crossing the road, so I stayed just to make sure it got across safely and made it into the wooded area.
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2023.06.10 23:22 johnacosta1717 Meet the all powerful HOA president who when called out on their lack of following their obligations resorts to mafia style tactics.

Can I call you dumbass, it seems to be how you prefer to talk to others you disrespectful fuck....
Let's get something absolutely 100% clear... The team at Dorman, whether it's Ed, the secretaries, or anybody else DO NOT work for you. They work for me and the rest of the board. If you have a problem with how things are being handled in the community you will be respectful in dealing with anybody you communicate with. They will convey your concerns to me and the rest of the board and we will handle it.
If you have concerns about how things are currently being handled you should have joined the board during the countless position requests over the past 5-6 years. If you had you would have been aware of just how poorly the boards were handling the finances and concerns of the community. I called into my first meeting in May, and by August the existing board members quit.
To enlighten you a bit since you didn't seem to care about even calling into a board meeting, let me fill you in, Cliff's Notes style... Those annual raises each year we've been having, yeah, those simply offset the costs of doing business. They did nothing to plus up the savings account needed to fund all the various things the HOA is responsible for. So anytime they spent money on tree replacments, sprinkler system upgrades, road crack repair, and multiple iterations of speed bumps, anything; all of that was out of savings without any money going back in. So yeah, this years raise was more than usual becuase the savings is currently at about 25% of what it should be to cover our obligations (based on a Reserve Study that was performed in March).
For the snow specifically since that's your concern - When the landscaper came out the first time at the end of December, when the snow was 2" deep and plowed/shoveled, $1700. When they came out earlier this month when the snow was drifted 2" in spots and little to none in other spots, $1000. So yes, to try to save money we've changed their thresholds and how they will perform the work. Don't expect to see them until it's 3". They will then come out and plow with the truck and clear the sidewalks with an ATV and salt the common areas like the mailboxes and sidewalk ramps at the intersections. If the 3/4" we recieved this morning is too much for you I'd suggest you sell the house and move to AZ.
There have been a ton of things that the previous boards were neglecting, like the lawns and weeds. We've had 2 landscape companies quit over the past 4 years becuse of the boards or other factors. This year we are starting with a 3rd. It's my intention with the new landscaper to try to resolve those things when the weather turns in the spring. It's also my intention to hopefully not have to raise the rates again next year, but that will all depend on how the account balances look as time goes on. If the balances don't begin to show signs of coming back to where they are needed we will do what's necessary.
If you have a problem with the board or how it's run I'd suggest you keep your ears out for when there is an opening. We all just signed on for 3yr terms since nobody else wanted to be involved, so you may be stuck with us for a while.
I trust we can consider the matter of disrespect and snow removal closed.. Your concerns are noted”
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2023.06.10 23:22 kevms Thunderstorms 10 days out

How accurate is in the Jungfrau region 10 days out? Or do I have to wait for the Meteo report 6 days out instead?
We’re in the Jungfrau region 21/6 to 25/6, and so far it says rain or thunderstorms the entire time.
I’m only asking this early because I’d like to postpone my trip if the reports are accurate. We know that June’s the wettest month, but we were expecting showers here and there, not thunderstorms the entire time.
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2023.06.10 23:22 dvtggg Biking in Brownsville

I recently started biking in Brownsville to run errands and commute and I just wanted to share some thoughts in case anyone else is interested in trying it out.
For disclaimer I live near the downtown area which is far more bike friendly than most of Brownsville so it may be easier for me than for you.
  1. HEAT - honestly it’s not as bad as you might think. Yes during the middle of the day you will sweat so you do have to prepare although riding you get a breeze which helps cool you off a bit. Get a hat that won’t fly off to give you some shade. As you get more adjusted to different routes you can plan which ones have more shade. Ride early morning or in the evening so it won’t be as hot. Also dress appropriately for the weather. You will also get more adjusted to the heat and it gets easier over time.
  2. SAFETY - pepper spray and or firearm (for me concern is more stray dogs) although I haven’t encountered a aggressive person or animal yet. Bike mirrors are essential for seeing cars coming from behind and will help a ton. Ride on sidewalks if possible and bike lanes in the few scenarios where they are. Also take side streets where traffic is slower. Also ASSUME EVERY CAR IS OUT TO KILL YOU. I don’t mean be scared but just respect that if someone runs through a stop light and is wrong ur the one who’s going to get hurt not them. So play it safe and yield to cars to be safe.
3 Carrying stuff - bike pannier rack,bags and basket. Now your not going to be carrying a months worth of groceries for a family of five. But you would be surprised how much stuff you can easily carry on a bike. It does take some getting used to to figure it out but once you get the hang of it it’s not bad at all.
4 SECURITY - many options to choose from in a bike lock but just don’t get the thin cable ones if the bike is going to be out of sight since they are easily cut. At least in my opinion cutting is more the concern cause I doubt the average bike thief is really good at picking locks. Also lock it up in higher foot traffic areas.
These were my main concerns and after saying screw it and trying it out it’s not bad at all and I enjoy it much more than driving my car. Now it won’t replace my car but if I can cut out half my car trips I should save me at least 1000$ a year on gas and maintenance. It’s also a great way to get exercise without trying since you just do normal errands anyway (you get the best parking spot too when getting groceries).And it’s way more fun to ride a bike. You get fresh air and really get to experience the world around you. If anyone has any questions about trying it out I’m happy to answer any ,and I hope I can encourage others to try it out as well.
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2023.06.10 23:21 ItsLCGaming Xbox needs to market aggressive now

Showcase tomorrow which we hope to see a lot of updates. Starfield merch and a deep dive
But xbox always had struggles marketing for some reason outside US . They should kick up a gear and push
I don't know what everyone else sees in ads but the most I've seen of xbox is WD expansion Hey nice ad
But now the rest. It's time
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