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2023.06.09 03:07 CheekyLando88 A comprehensive guide to milk the Dead Money vending machines for all they're worth

Dead Money features multiple characters obsessed with the Sierra Madre. I too, have become engrossed with its wonders. Today I'm going to tell you all about my favorite one. The Sierra Madre vending machine.
The machines exchange SM chips for a multitude of items. Most importantly, it sells you stimpacks and weapon repair kits. Stims are obviously important but why repair kits? We can just make them right? Sure. A few dozen. But if you exploit the machine this way, you can get hundreds.
Collect, fix and sell every weapon you pick up. Doing so will add up to way more than all the Gold Bars in a playthrough.
So let's get started.
  1. Dead Money starts in the Abandoned BOS bunker East of Novac. The bunker consists of stairs leading to a hallway with one broken tunnel on the right, one open tunnel on the left and a radio straight ahead. The radio at the end of the hall will start the DLC if you get too close. Go down the left hall and hack the Average terminal to enter Elijah's hideout. There is a small mailbox opposite the terminal. There is also a Sierra Madre vending machine inside the hideout. You can use this before and after DM. This is also my usual player house.
  2. Starting as early as you can, gather cigarette packs and cartons in the Mojave. Although you can exchange them for Sierra Madre chips before you start the DLC, they will not come with you. But it's good to get into the habit and build up a stash for later.
  3. The vending machines start with very basic recipes like foodstuffs and Doctors Bags. In order to get better options you must gather all the holotapes of recipes you want. So stimpacks, weapon repair kits, .357s etc. You will most likely need the wiki for this. I know the wiki sucks, I'm sorry.
  1. As early as you can, start collecting Fission Batteries and Scrap metal. This can be used at a workbench to make 50 chips with 1FB/2SM. The recipe is given to you by one of the NPCs who join you in the Madre heist. Her name is Christine, be nice to her. Two skills checks of 6 perception and intelligence are required for her to give you the recipe.
  2. The most important thing you must do is Gamble at the Sierra Madre. If you win 7,500 caps at the Madre you will get rewarded with a "complimentary voucher". These can be redeemed at the vending machines for 1,000 chips. Now remember the mailbox opposite the terminal in the BOS bunker? One Complimentary Voucher and 100 chips will be sent there every 3 days. Both items will always send, but you can't use the Voucher without winning 7,500 chips. You can win up to 10,000 chips before being kicked out. I recommend blackjack. If your luck is low. Save scum. Its limited by a timer to stop this, but it's absolutely worth it.
  3. Complete the DLC however you please and return to the Mojave. Feel free to DM me if you're super stuck. Wait a few days and collect those vouchers baby.
  4. The Gold Bar wiki offers a good list of vendors with deep pockets. All vendors restock Sunday and Wednesdays. Except the Comissary in Lonesome Road. It has 6,000 caps and resets when you exit the vendor menu. You can exploit this to make thousands if you have alot of weapons saved up and the Long Haul perk.
  1. Now I know a few people are gonna say "well shit Lando I already finished Dead Money"
I have good news. Even if you don't get the 7,500, the mailbox will still get 100 chips every three days. The vouchers will be useless. Cartons of cigarettes are worth 20 chips and packs are worth 5. You can also exchange a few clothing items for 2-4 chips each. You'll most likely have picked up that holo and the one for stims just playing DM naturally. The one for weapon repair kits is kinda hard to find, I'm sorry. Hopefully you can use this exploit on that cowboy build you're gonna do one day.
Feel free to add anything or tell me if I got anything wrong!
Edit: The Weapon Repair Kits holo is in the police station! Thank you KalasHorseman!
May this help all of you in your relentless cleansing of the Mojave
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2023.06.09 03:06 CheekyLando88 A comprehensive guide to milk the Dead Money vending machines for all they're worth

Dead Money features multiple characters obsessed with the Sierra Madre. I too, have become engrossed with its wonders. Today I'm going to tell you all about my favorite one. The Sierra Madre vending machine.
The machines exchange SM chips for a multitude of items. Most importantly, it sells you stimpacks and weapon repair kits. Stims are obviously important but why repair kits? We can just make them right? Sure. A few dozen. But if you exploit the machine this way, you can get hundreds.
Collect, fix and sell every weapon you pick up. Doing so will add up to way more than all the Gold Bars in a playthrough.
So let's get started.
  1. Dead Money starts in the Abandoned BOS bunker East of Novac. The bunker consists of stairs leading to a hallway with one broken tunnel on the right, one open tunnel on the left and a radio straight ahead. The radio at the end of the hall will start the DLC if you get too close. Go down the left hall and hack the Average terminal to enter Elijah's hideout. There is a small mailbox opposite the terminal. There is also a Sierra Madre vending machine inside the hideout. You can use this before and after DM. This is also my usual player house.
  2. Starting as early as you can, gather cigarette packs and cartons in the Mojave. Although you can exchange them for Sierra Madre chips before you start the DLC, they will not come with you. But it's good to get into the habit and build up a stash for later.
  3. The vending machines start with very basic recipes like foodstuffs and Doctors Bags. In order to get better options you must gather all the holotapes of recipes you want. So stimpacks, weapon repair kits, .357s etc. You will most likely need the wiki for this. I know the wiki sucks, I'm sorry.
  1. As early as you can, start collecting Fission Batteries and Scrap metal. This can be used at a workbench to make 50 chips with 1FB/2SM. The recipe is given to you by one of the NPCs who join you in the Madre heist. Her name is Christine, be nice to her. Two skills checks of 6 perception and intelligence are required for her to give you the recipe.
  2. The most important thing you must do is Gamble at the Sierra Madre. If you win 7,500 caps at the Madre you will get rewarded with a "complimentary voucher". These can be redeemed at the vending machines for 1,000 chips. Now remember the mailbox opposite the terminal in the BOS bunker? One Complimentary Voucher and 100 chips will be sent there every 3 days. Both items will always send, but you can't use the Voucher without winning 7,500 chips. You can win up to 10,000 chips before being kicked out. I recommend blackjack. If your luck is low. Save scum. Its limited by a timer to stop this, but it's absolutely worth it.
  3. Complete the DLC however you please and return to the Mojave. Feel free to DM me if you're super stuck. Wait a few days and collect those vouchers baby.
  4. The Gold Bar wiki offers a good list of vendors with deep pockets. All vendors restock Sunday and Wednesdays. Except the Comissary in Lonesome Road. It has 6,000 caps and resets when you exit the vendor menu. You can exploit this to make thousands if you have alot of weapons saved up and the Long Haul perk.
  1. Now I know a few people are gonna say "well shit Lando I already finished Dead Money"
I have good news. Even if you don't get the 7,500, the mailbox will still get 100 chips every three days. The vouchers will be useless. Cartons of cigarettes are worth 20 chips and packs are worth 5. You can also exchange a few clothing items for 2-4 chips each. You'll most likely have picked up that holo and the one for stims just playing DM naturally. The one for weapon repair kits is kinda hard to find, I'm sorry. Hopefully you can use this exploit on that cowboy build you're gonna do one day.
Feel free to add anything or tell me if I got anything wrong!
May this help all of you in your relentless cleansing of the Mojave
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2023.06.08 09:34 duddlered The Big Oof! Volume 1 Chapter 41: Token of Gratitude

This is the official end of the first Volume. Next week will begin Volume 2!
After a lot of progress on my story, I'm making changes to my Patreon and instead of reading 3 chapters ahead, you'll get access to 5.
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Bennett was dead asleep in his hammock when he was roused by hushed whispers and the sound of activity echoed throughout the room, seemingly amplified by its cramped space.
“Ben.” A voice called out.
As the engineer slowly opened a singular eye, he found himself struggling to make sense of the situation. A figure was just a few meters away from him, rifling through a bag when they turned around and faced him. However, Bennetts groggy state prevented him from fully discerning who or what was responsible for the disruption.
“Ben, wake up.” The voice called out one more time.
Scowling in irritation, Bennett chose to ignore the voice and flipped over, burying his face into the hammock's fabric. He was determined to get back to sleep, even as the voice grew more insistent and the room's activity continued.
“Ben, wake the fuck up!” The voice finally yelled.
Suddenly, Bennett found himself suspended in the air, his groggy state replaced with fear and anxiety as he was forcefully yanked out of his hammock. He tried to process what was happening, but before he could comprehend the situation, he felt the cold embrace of the hardwood floor.
“Argh! Fuck!” The Engineer groaned as he slowly lifted himself up off the ground. "You goddamn asshole!" Bennett snapped, his voice hoarse from the mixture of pain and anger.
Standing over Bennett with a cackling Fairy on his shoulder, Elijah decided he wasn’t going to wait for the stubborn man to get up on his own. "It's time to get up," Elijah said, turning around to continue sifting through his bag. "We got a lot of shit to do before we leave, and I can't afford to have you sleeping in."
Bennett’s glare shifted between his captain and his sadistic partner. "Fine, fine. I'm up," he grumbled, rubbing his sore back. He knew Elijah was right, but that didn't make the sudden wake-up call any less infuriating. Yana, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying Bennett's misery, her laughter ringing in his ears.
Pulling out his remaining Bioscanner, Elijah began running diagnostics on the device, ensuring it was in working order for when he delivered it to Salvanius. It was a trade that he was loathing, but it was a trade he would make 1000 times if given the chance to get the rest of their equipment back. Even if they only managed to find a quarter of their property, that was still a lot better than having nothing at all.
As the Bioscanner's display indicated the device was functioning optimally, Elijah let out a small depressed sigh and slid it into his pocket. "Alright, let's get this over with," he said, opening the door and stepping out into the dimly lit corridor. Bennett followed, still grumbling under his breath about the hostile work environment while shifting his stink eye at both Yana and Elijah.
“GOD DAMNIT!!” Bennett yelled, rubbing his head after hitting the top of the door frame.
He had completely forgotten how cramped everything was on this wooden death trap and how he had to crouch throughout the entire interior. Frustration and annoyance etched on his face, Bennett muttered a string of curses under his breath as he adjusted his posture to avoid the low ceilings and narrow passageways.
“Midgets…” The Engineer sneered as he heard Elijah snicker father up ahead.
It only took a few moments for Elijah and Bennett to reach the deck, and there they observed Rhea efficiently issuing orders to the ship's sailors. Her authoritative voice rang out over the hustle and bustle of the ship’s crew, who were quickly scurrying about, securing ropes and checking supplies. What really caught their attention, though, was Rhea was finally out of her armor.
Adorned in a faded white linen long-sleeved shirt, Rhea left her chest straps slightly undone, revealing a hint of her modest, but alluring cleavage. The Knight Captain’s slim, athletic figure was displayed in stark contrast to the thick padding underneath the metal armor she normally wore. To accentuate her figure, the tight brown linen pants she wore hugged her humbly, but satisfyingly shapely curves and seamlessly tucked into her leather boots. The outfit, deceptively sultry, effortlessly exuded a sense of casual confidence and undeniable charm.
Turning her head slight, the Knight Captain finally noticed the two Humans and acknowledged them with a nod. “Good morning Sir Elijah, Sir Bennett and…” She made a difficult face when her eyes locked onto Yana.
“Your Honor will do!” The Fairy said in a chipper voice, crossing her legs. “I am both a Goddess and a confirmed Eternal Judge of the Fae courts!”
Rhea’s expression turned sour for a moment, but decided it was best not to engage any further with the mischievous Vanir. "Very well, good morning Your Honor," Rhea replied, forcing a polite smile. "We're running a bit late, but we should be ready to set sail in just a few hours.”
Elijah raised an eyebrow at the small fairy at the mention of being a confirmed judge, but shifted his attention back towards Rhea and nodded in understanding. "We'll be ready whenever you are," he said with his eyes traveling up her entire figure attire before refocusing on her face. "Just give us the signal when it's time to set sail." .
“I’m assuming the northern woman is still asleep?” The Knight Captain asked, tilting her head curiously.
Seeing her long elf ears bounce up and down seemed to be the final straw for Elijah, as an unbidden and almost adolescent fascination welled up within him. He blinked a few times, trying to regain his composure before replying. "Uh, yeah, she’s still asleep," Elijah finally responded, exhaling deeply. "We’ve been up for almost 36 hours, so I think it's best to let her rest for a while longer." he replied, trying to maintain a professional demeanor despite the lingering fascination with her elf ears.
Bennett narrowed his eyes in annoyance as he regarded his captain with a disgusted look. "Can you control yourself?" he asked with a judgmental tone.
Also noticing Elijah’s basically ogling her, Rhea couldn't help but laugh at the exchange while running a hand through her hair. "I'm glad to see at least someone finds me attractive," she said, her cheeks tinted with a slight blush. Elijah cleared his throat, trying to regain some semblance of dignity as he shifted his gaze away from her.
"Ah... My apologies, Lady Rhea, but I was caught off guard," Elijah said, giving her a genuine smile. "I wasn’t prepared for the famed Knight Captain to be so beautiful out of her armor. It's a pleasant surprise, to say the least."
Rhea found herself momentarily speechless as her cheeks flushing a deep shade of red. She wasn't used to receiving compliments, let alone being called beautiful by someone as striking as Elijah. A small, bashful smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she looked down to hide her embarrassment. "Well… I, um… Thank you, Sir Elijah.” she managed to say, her voice uncharacteristically timid. “I appreciate the kind words."
Noticing the usually confident and stern Knight Captain was completely flustered, Elijah knew she was on the backfoot and went for blood. “You’re more than welcome Lady Rhea,” he responded, bowing his head. “I was just saying it how I see it—”
"Yana, zap him!" Bennett ordered, sensing that Elijah was about to push his luck too far.
The mischievous fairy didn't hesitate, and with a magical pop, she immediately shifted forms, transforming the fiery inferno atop her head into a flowing teal, wind that cascaded past her shoulders. After her transformation, a maniacal grin spread across her face as she clutched two fistfuls of Elijah's hair.
“AHH FUCK!” Elijah yelped in pain.
A light chuckle escaped Rhea's lips as she watched the scene play out before her, momentarily pushing aside her embarrassment and wariness of the group. Their playful antics, though unprofessional, stirred a sense of lighthearted camaraderie she hadn't experienced in years. The thrill of exploring the unknown alongside trusted friends had been lost to her ever since she joined Salvanius' Order. The organization's rigid structure and hierarchy had dampened her once-adventurous spirit, and witnessing Elijah's crew sparked a touch of envy within her.
Yana, still grinning mischievously, finally released her grip on Elijah's hair. The man, now fuming with anger, made a hasty attempt to snatch her out of the air, but the nimble fairy easily dodged his grasp, giggling all the while.
"I'm going to kill the both of you!" Elijah yelled, glaring at both Yana and Bennett. His frustration only caused more laughter from the fairy and an amused smirk from Bennett, who crossed his arms and leaned back against the railing.
"Come now, Sir Elijah, there's no need for violence," Rhea interjected while covering her mouth in a poor attempt to hide her own laughter. "I'm sure you can find it in your heart to forgive their little prank.” She continued, adjusting her hair that was flowing in the wind. “We’re going to spend a few long days sailing if we’re going to catch up with them, after all.”
Glancing back at her crew, Rhea's face returned to its usual stern expression when she noticed the sailors gawking and whispering amongst themselves. It was evident that her momentary display of mirth had taken them by surprise, as they rarely saw their Knight Captain in such a lighthearted state.
"What in the name of Tylas are you all gawking at!?" She roared, placing her hands firmly on her hips “GET BACK TO WORK!”
Rhea's eyes narrowed as the scrambling crew members hastily returned to their tasks, their faces pale with fear. The ship's atmosphere instantly shifted back to its usual disciplined state as the sailors focused on their duties, aware that their Knight Captain's gaze was upon them.
Elijah let out an annoyed sigh in the realization that he was probably never going to catch that little psychopath and shifted his gaze to Bennett. “I’m gonna get you.” He hissed hatefully. “Mark my words, you piece of shit.” However, Bennett merely smirked in response, clearly unfazed by his captain's threats.
Just as Elijah was about to ask the Knight Captain about the whereabouts of her liege, the man himself appeared on deck. Salvanius came sauntering up the planks that connected the ship to the docks, his imposing figure drawing the attention of everyone present.
"It's quite rare to hear you so jovial, Rhea," the Demigod remarked, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Rhea, slightly taken aback by her liege's observation, straightened her posture and cleared her throat.
"My apologies, your grace," she replied respectfully, attempting to regain her usual composure. "I shall see to it that this Cog is ready to depart, post haste."
Salvanius waved a dismissive hand, his expression softening slightly. "There's no need to apologize, Rhea. It's good to see you enjoying yourself, even if just for a moment. However, you are correct; our guest would most likely appreciate departing as soon as possible."
With that, Rhea nodded and began barking orders to her crew, ensuring that everything was in order for their imminent departure.
Turning to his guests, Salvanius addressed them with an air of authority. "I assume you two have the magical tool..." He paused, recalling the events that transpired the previous day. "I mean, the tool. Is it ready?"
The two Human’s exchanged glances before Elijah stepped forward, pulling out the bioscanner from his pocket. "You’re not going to be able to understand it, but I’ve configured it in a way where you can still get a lot of functionality without having to read." he explained, holding the device out for Salvanius to see.
Time flew as Elijah went into an in depth explanation of the bioscanner's functions and features. He walked Salvanius through everything all the way from disease diagnosis to health monitoring and treatments. With each new feature the human listed seemed to make Salvanius’ jaw drop lower and lower until he found himself looking like a fool.
"And finally, if a red tube with a bolt of lightning ever just starts flashing, all you have to do is flip it over so these panels face the star and just wait," Elijah explained, pointing at the bright orb in the morning sky as he showed the Demigod the solar panels. "It's designed to recharge itself using starlight, so you'll never have to worry about finding a power source."
Salvanius' eyes widened even further, if that were possible. "Astounding," he breathed, clearly impressed. "And you’re just willing to give this to me…?"
“Eh.” Elijah shrugged dismissively. “I have augments- I mean I can already do most of that stuff other than a few things, so it’s mainly just redundant fail safe incase I’m away or dead.”
A complicated expression spread across Salvanius' face as Elijah mentioned that the device was merely a redundancy measure in case of his absence. Suddenly the prospect of having this man as a retainer became much, MUCH more appealing. However, his thoughts were soon interrupted when the Vanir made its appearance by landing squarely on Elijah’s shoulder while glaring daggers at the Demigod.
Salvanius met Yana's gaze and sighed, dispelling the intrusive and dishonorable thoughts of taking these Artificers for himself.
“I understand.” The demigod said, turning his focus back to Elijah. “The Holy Dominion will not forget this grace you’ve bestowed upon us.” He gave a grateful nod before spinning around and heading towards the dock.
However, he soon came to a halt as his eyes fell upon a group of women arguing with his knights at the ramp leading to the ship. The women seemed intent on gaining access to the ship, their arms laden with various items, including several sizable platters of food.
“W-Wait! I-I was instructed to board!” A slim and fearful redhead said, holding a large burlap sack.
Something felt… Off about her.
It was almost as if Salvanius could recognize the woman, even though he was fairly certain he hadn't met her before. Then again, he had met a great number of people in this damned village, but his instincts kept nudging him to take a closer look. But his thoughts were interrupted when he recognized the Beastkin woman and the gaggle of Ferfolk slaves next to her.
"What do ye mean we ain't allowed entry!? I gotta deliver me gratitude before it's too late!" the dog-like woman bellowed, her voice full of frustration and urgency.
An amused huff left Salvanius’ mouth before looking over his shoulder. “I do believe you have guests.” The Demigod said before making his way down the plank.
“Let them through.” He said to his knights, waving his hand dismissively as he walked past the group.
The knights obeyed without hesitation and stepped aside allowing the gaggle of women to board the ship. "Thank ye, yer grace," The dog-like woman bowed deeply before her and the Ferfolk ran up the ramp.
As Elijah approached at the edge of the ship , confusion spread across his face as Mara suddenly appeared with her renowned tubers in hand. The woman stopped a good distance away, staring intently at the man, attempting to gauge his reaction and determine whether he would be receptive to her presence. Seeing he was just staring at her impassively, Mara gathered her courage, and stepped forward with a warm smile.
"I... I wanted to give ye this as a token of me gratitude…” She said shyly. “Ye know, for everything ye done for us."
Elijah's eyes flicked between Mara and the tubers, his confusion slowly melting away into a wry smile as he flicked his hand in a beckoning motion. The action caused Mara’s Shyness to completely dissipate as she bounded forward and handed him the tubers with enthusiasm. "You really didn't have to, but thank you," Elijah said, accepting the gift.
Mara beamed at his response, clearly relieved. "It's the least I could do!” She said, with her tail wagging vigorously. “I couldn’t bear the thought of not makin’ amends with ye.”
Turning around, Elijah handed this plate of tubers to the salivating Engineer and watched as Yana bolted off his shoulder in an attempt to attack the pile of food. Shaking his head, Elijah turned back to Mara and the group of women with a bemused expression. "Hopefully they’ll leave me some," he commented.
“Ye can always come back and get more.” Mara replied with a coy. “I’ll let ye have all the service ye want.”
A chuckle escaped Elijah’s mouth as he ran a hand through his hair. "I might just take you up on that," he said with a smirk. "Your food isn’t the only thing I’m going to miss."
Mara's cheeks flushed deeply at Elijah's reply, her tail wagging even faster as she tried to play it cool. "Well, I'll be sure to make myself available whenever ye are in need of some company," she replied, propping up her supple chest.
Elijah couldn't help but let his eyes wander for a moment before meeting Mara's gaze again, a lopsided grin playing at the corners of his mouth. "I'll… keep that in mind as long as you promise not to try to get me killed again." he replied with a goofy tone that made the dog-girl giggle.
“So all I need to do is spread my legs if I’m ever in need of your forgiveness?” Azelines voice rang out from behind him as the blond Elf woman emerged from the ship still rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes.
With a mouth full of fried tubers, Bennett decided to chime in. “I told him his dick is going to eventually get him killed.” He said, beckoning the Ferfolks to place the other platters on a nearby box.
Bringing a hand up to press against his eyes, Elijah let out an annoyed groan before turning his attention towards the two. “Why do you have to make this weird?” He asked in exasperation. "It’s all about sincerity.”
Bennett snickered, shoving another tuber into his mouth. "Ah yes. You hear that Aze?” He continued in a mocking tone while elbowing Azeline in the ribs. “You need to put more effort in your apologies!"
Azeline smirked, her teasing nature starting to leak out. "Is that so? I guess I’ll make sure any future apologies come with… an appropriate amount of sincerity and effort." She said, striking a pose that was more satirical than seductive.
“Jesus Christ…” Elijah muttered under his breath while his two crewmates broke out into laughter. “I hate both of you.”
The laughter continued after successfully eliciting an annoyed response from their beleaguered captain. However, a quiet seemed to take over the deck as everyone's attention shifted towards the approaching Knight Captain. "So that's the type of man you are, Sir Eli-jah" Rhea remarked with a raised eyebrow. "I'll bear that in mind when you try to charm me with your honeyed words."
“Oh god damnit…” Elijah facepalmed and dragged his hand down his face as another roar of laughter erupted from everyone in the group.
Rhea’s hand was covering her mouth as she tried to suppress a chuckle. “A-Anyways…” She chortled. “We should be ready to sail any moment now, so make sure you’re all prepared for departure.” The woman said, walking off in the direction of the Helm while her shoulders shook in mirth.
Elijah just stood there for a moment, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Where the hell is Auri?” He asked no one in particular, his frustration starting to show.
“A-Ahh… H-Hello.”
Recognizing the voice, Elijah looked up to see a petite woman with bright red hair looking up at him expectantly while holding onto a large burlap sack. Glad to see that he at least didn’t have to go hunting for the dainty woman, Elijah let loose a heavy breath of relief. “Alright, I’ll go tell Lady Rhea-” He tried to say, but Auri interrupted him.
Auri squirmed nervously before asking, "Umm… Should I be worried that you also have designs on me?"
“Oh for fucks sake!” Elijah threw his arms up and let them slap against his thighs in frustration as the rest of the crew barked in laughter. "Let’s just go already!”
Yana however, completely ignored the incessant bickering and Instead, she hungrily finished off one of the smaller platters of tubers and chomped down on the last tiny morsel on the wooden plate. Sighing Contentedly, the Fairy’s gaze fell upon Mara and her small group of Ferfolks as they said their goodbyes and disappeared from view. In their stead, the more fidgety whelping appeared, the one who always seemed to look at Ben and Eli with eager eyes. Although this man seemed far weaker than his sibling, he at least displayed a measure of reverence towards her servants.
Turning her head up towards the clear blue sky, Yana placed a hand on her tiny belly and sighed contentedly. She couldn't wait to see what other delightful mortal delicacies or fanciful experiences she would get to experience in the future.

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2023.06.07 22:02 nagle8589 My second annual 90 man roster analysis, including a list of 40 players I believe are locks to make 53 man roster

A little over a year ago in this forum, I correctly predicted 39/39 locks to make the 53 man roster out of camp (although I was convinced by a fellow user to remove my 40th player (Sam Eguevoen), who turns out also made the team!). Given my success a year ago with this exercise, I figured it was worth giving it another shot in 2023.
*Of note, last year's post was prior to the signing of Melvin Ingram on 5/14/22, who would of also been considered a lock upon signing for $3.5 million in guarantees.
*I recognize the 53 man roster's importance has lessened somewhat since the change in practice squad rules in 2020. Still, I believe this exercise is informative in terms of overall roster construction, trying to predict players who will be in the organization come the fall, and identifying remaining areas of weakness.
*I will cite dead cap figures frequently. A good rule of thumb is to consider all players contracts that contain a dead cap charge of >500k if cut as likely to remain on the roster. For reference, Solomon Kindley had a $350k dead cap figure this team a year ago, and this was the highest figure of any player cut at the end of camp. Grier probably views the nearly $9 million in 2023 dead cap as too high as is, based on figures from prior years since he has been in charge.

I utilize an approach to making these predictions that can be summed up with the old expression, "follow the money". I also use this approach to review players on the roster bubble headed into camp, and then lump them into several neat(ish) categories. Below I will list my roster locks (with brief explanation as needed), review bubble players (think mostly everyone who isn't a high priority UDFA or a inconsequential futures signing), and offer a few musings about the roster construction that I feel warrant further discussion among the fanbase (not Dalvin Cook!!).

Locks (40)
QB: Tua, White, Skylar
RB: Mostert, Wilson Jr., Achane, *Ahmed
FB: Ingold
WR: Hill, Waddle, *Berrios ($3 mill dead cap hit)
TE: Smythe
OT: Armstead, Jackson, *Wynn ($2 mill dead cap)
OG/C: Williams, Hunt, Eichenberg, *Feeney (3.1 mill dead cap hit), Jones
DT: Wilkins, Sieler, Davis
Edge: Philllips, Chubb, Ogbah, AVG
LB: Baker, Long, Riley, *Tindall
CB: X, Ramsey, Kader, Cam Smith
S: Holland, Jones, Elliot
K/P/LS: Sanders, Ferguson
*Ahmed: First off, I firmly believe he played his way into roster safety late last season. He is also still very cheap at his $1.4 cap figure, which was negotiated down from the cost of his right to first refusal tender. It would be pretty bad business to cut Ahmed after convincing him to take a decrease from his tender, thus forgoing his shot at free agency.
*Tindall: Former third rounders in their second camp are mortal locks to make it onto the 53. Patrick Turner was the last Dolphins 3rd round pick to not make it into his second season, for reference. And as I have now reminded myself, even Michael Egnew got a second season here.
*Berrios, Feeney, Wynn: Each of these players were guaranteed enough money on their deals this offseason that it would be a colossal front office failure if they were to be cut after camp.

Roster Bubble (13 spots available)

Too Expensive? (2)
Last year there was a group of 4 role players that I deemed vulnerable to release/trade at this stage, primarily because they were relatively expensive and could be replaced by a cheaper option with virtually no dead cap hit if released. Of the 4 players listed a year ago, two of them were in fact moved before the season, with Adam Butler waived/injured and Adam Shaheen traded and then traded back and put on IR. This year, I only identified one player that fits this specific description:
Keion Crossen $3.155 cap hit, $0 in dead cap hit
-Now, I still believe Crossen is likely going to be here, as he was signed to be a special teams ace, and also showed himself to be serviceable at CB when thrust into duty in 2022. However, at his premium cost for a 5th corneST ace and no guaranteed money, he is absolutely vulnerable to being replaced by a younger player who can replicate his production.
-Another expensive role player that is impossible to lock into a roster spot at this point is Cedric Wilson, though the reasons are pretty much the exact opposite of Crossen. Wilson is going to count $8 million against the cap, and his release would incur a $7 million dead cap. And yet, he might the team's 5th best receiver right now. In fairness to Grier, this is a good problem and a direct result of the unexpected Hill trade.
Trading Wilson has been discussed at ad nauseum in fan circles, but I do want to note, this depth chart makes very little sense with both Wilson and Robbie Chosen on it come week 1. Given Berrios projects as getting a heavy snap count in the slot and also as PR, the team would likely be keeping one of Chosen or Wilson inactive as a 5th receiver. That level of depth is excessive given other need areas, and also potentially blocks Ezukanma's path to playing time. While Wilson being traded would be the ideal scenario for cap purposes, don't discount Chosen being moved instead given his enticing vet minimum salary.

Swing and a miss? (6)
Last year I had another group of players who either had too much in guarantees or enough draft standing to at least have a strong chance to make the roster. These were guys that if they were released, the team is owning up to a (major or minor) personnel flub, whether it be a failed FA signing (or re-signing), or a whiffed draft pick. Most notably, Trent Sherfield and Solomon Kindley fit this profile a year ago. This year I have identified 6 such players to watch:
Noah Igbinoghene $2.4 mill dead cap
Jake Bailey: $1.1 mill dead cap
Eric Saubert: $850k dead cap
Nik Needham: $750k dead cap
Malik Reed: $750k dead cap
Erik Ezukanma: $545k dead cap
(Outside of EE, the other 5 players profile as veterans with a decent shot to make roster, who still could conceivably be outplayed for their spot).
-Noah has finally reached an amount of owed guaranteed money where it is realistic for Grier to finally cut his losses, although he would still cost them $1.4 mill whether he is here or not. There are a number of factors at play here, but there is a scenario in which other corners proving their health and a resulting numbers game makes Grier grit his teeth and move on. Of note, I would not be putting any old player owed $1.4 mill here or elsewhere on this list. Noah is on this list for his inability to prove his value.
-Bailey is pretty straight forward, fighting with the young Turk for the punter job.
-Saubert I feel is very likely to make it, though the Phins also have tough decisions to make at TE. They are unlikely to have space for 5 tight ends, and thus to keep Saubert they would have to move on from either one of Elijah Higgins/Tanner Conner or cut veteran Tyler Kroft, who costs you nothing to release, but is also cheaper than Saubert and more of an analogue to Durham Smythe.
-Pains me to put Needham off the lock list, but the Achilles tear is so unpredictable. I think there is a decent chance he starts out on PUP and provides depth in back half of season.
-Reed I believe is up against a few undrafted kids, as well as the veteran edge rusher market, as the team needs as much reliable depth at edge rusher as possible and Reed has had a difficult time since he last played for Vic Fangio. Remember, a year ago he was traded from Denver to Pittsburgh for a bag of footballs right around the cut down to the 53 man rosters, which is code for he was otherwise going to be cut by Denver at final cuts.
-EE is a classic case of a kid with draft investment goin up against over achievers like River Cracraft and Braylon Sanders.

Veterans in an uphill battle (9)
Then you have your vets who are guaranteed very little money (if any at all), and have enough competition, that they are directly in the line of fire and have an uphill battle to make the team if not for a change in circumstances. These players are all pretty much clinging to their NFL lives at this stage:
Myles Gaskin $0 dead cap
River Cracraft $0 dead cap
Robbie Chosen $125k dead cap
Geron Christian $350k dead cap
Kendall Lamm $200k dead cap
Cedric Ogbuehi $50k dead cap
Tyler Kroft $25k dead cap
Justin Bethel $75k dead cap
Elijah Campbell $0 dead cap

-It is very hard to see Gaskin's pathway to a roster spot. I remain unsure why he re-signed here.
-Cracraft would be the perfect depth wr or practice squad call up if Wilson or Chosen are moved. If not, I don't see how he sticks on 53 and how he gets back on field barring major injuries.
-It was tough to put Chosen on this list given his talent level and with things remaining so up in air. FWIW, I fully believe he makes zero sense to release while signed at the vet minimum. If his head is on straight, he could get us through an extended absence from Tyreek or Waddle, which is not something we can say for any other receiver on roster.
-Christian, Lamm, Ogbuehi, and rookie 7th rounder Ryan Hayes potentially could all be battling for a fourth OT spot, unless Hayes is moved inside to guard. I give Christian the inside track given the highest dead cap and his remaining upside at age 27. Realistically, the fourth tackle may not be on the roster, or they could even keep only 3 OT's given some of the interior guy's versatility.
-Kroft's status was already largely addressed. If Smythe is gonna be the guy, I'd think we need another guy who can be a poor man's version. Perhaps Ingold allows for that guy to be a PS guy.
-Bethel I believe is likely to be a victim of a numbers game.
-Don't sleep on Campbell as the fourth safety. He is a survivor.

Young Pups, will they bite? (12)
With any roster, the last few spots are often taken by low draft pedigree players with cheap contracts and perceived upside, as opposed to low ceiling vets making 1 million+. The following young pups I believe are the most likely to challenge for a 53 man spot:
UDFA Year 2 WR Braylon Sanders
UDFA year 2 TE Tanner Conner
6th round 2023 TE Elijah Higgins
7th round 2023 OT Ryan Hayes
UDFA year 1 DT Brandon Pili ($100k guaranteed)
UDFA year 1 LB Aubrey Miller ($100k guaranteed)
UDFA year 1 LB Mitchell Agude
UDFA year 3 CB/S Trill Williams
UDFA year 1 S Keidron Smith ($125k guaranteed)
UDFA year 2 S Verone Mckinley
XFL stand out S Bryce Thompson
UDFA year 1 P Michael Turk
-I've thought about Higgins and Conner battling for one spot behind Saubert, as they all aim to replace Gesiki's snaps. It is also hard for me to envision Mcdaniel and Grier giving up on Higgins or Conner so soon, given the investment and hype for both.
-Hayes as a 7th round pick will definitely be given a real chance to make it. The organization has had a lot of success with 7th round picks in the last decade, but also whiffed on the only one they recently used on OL (Larnel Coleman).
-Based on the current roster, 1-2 udfa's are likely to make it on defense, either to fill a ST role or add depth. Look out, however, for veteran signings between now and training camp.
-They are going to keep 10-11 in the secondary. This is the unit I fear most in terms of losing a player to waivers with upside. I also always overestimate how much the league values our players, so take it with a grain of salt. Keidron Smith is here because he has the most guaranteed money of any UDFA, which has been predictive in recent years, as Kader and Robert Jones both garnered hefty UDFA bonuses.

Thanks for reading. And thanks for spotrac
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2023.06.07 20:21 A-New-Reality Blind 1 v 1 tastings

I am going have some friends over this weekend and I want to do some head to head blind tastings. I got the idea from whiskey_noobs on IG and thought it looked fun. Below is all of the whiskey I currently have, but I’m open to other suggestions y’all think might be a good matchup not on this list since this will likely be something I continue doing in the future.
  1. Mellow corn
  2. Evan Williams BiB
  3. Bulleit rye
  4. Tullamore dew
  5. Elijah Craig SB
  6. Basil Hayden
  7. Knob creek
  8. Old forester rye
  9. Old forester 1920
  10. Four roses SiB
  11. Four roses SBS
  12. Old Grand Dad bonded
  13. Makers mark CS
  14. High west double rye
  15. Sazerac rye
  16. Ragged branch double oak
  17. Isaac bowman small batch
  18. Isaac bowman port barrel
  19. New riff SiB
  20. Penelope BS
  21. Balconies baby blue
  22. Pikesville rye
  23. Woodford double oaked
  24. Barrell sea grass
  25. Cleaveland underground BCBP
  26. Angels envy
  27. Redbreast 12
  28. Russell’s reserve SiB
  29. Larceny BP
  30. Jack Daniel’s SiB rye
  31. Jack Daniel’s SiB select
  32. Jack Daniel’s SiBBP
  33. Baker’s SiB 7
Here are some of the matchups I think would be good. Let me know what you would do. 1 v 21 2 v 5 4 v 27 15 v 22 16 v 23 18 v 26 29 v 33
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2023.06.07 17:57 yousmelllikebiscuits Tennessee's 2024 Football Recruiting Class Update: JJ Harrell DeCommitment

In news that shocked a very small amount of Vol fans, JJ Harrell has decided to decommit and reopen his commitment. In his tweet from Monday, he shared he "rushed the process" in conjunction with an offseason surgery he was having. This leaves the 2024 class without a WR commit and drops the class to 10th (3rd in SEC).
Below is the updated Team Rankings, commitments, and top targets for 2024:

2024 Team Ranks: Nat'l #10 SEC #3

Rank Team Commits 5* 4* 3* AVG Points Total Points
1 Georgia 17 4 8 4 94.19 278.85
2 Michigan 17 1 10 6 91.34 250.12
3 Notre Dame 19 2 11 6 90.70 249.32
4 Ohio State 13 2 9 2 93.05 238.14
5 LSU 16 0 11 5 90.32 232.40
6 Penn State 17 1 8 8 89.86 231.64
7 Oregon 14 0 11 3 91.01 224.58
8 Clemson 11 2 7 2 91.60 203.34
9 Florida State 11 2 5 4 90.45 192.35
10 Tennessee 11 0 6 5 90.21 188.24

2024 Commitments

Name Position Height Weight Class Star 247Comp Rank POS Rank Rating Commit Date
Jake Merklinger QB 6-3 195 2024 4 65 8 0.9634 3/30/23
Jonathan Echols ATH (TE) 6-4 230 2024 4 94 7 0.9525 7/4/22
Kaleb Beasley CB 6-0 179 2024 4 150 14 0.9351 10/21/22
Peyton Lewis RB 6-1 190 2024 4 215 15 0.9208 5/27/23
Kellen Lindstrom DL 6-5 235 2024 4 268 31 0.9117 5/5/23
Amari Jefferson ATH (WR) 6-1 195 2024 4 270 23 0.9110 UT Baseball Commit
Marcus Goree Jr. ATH (DB) 6-0.5 177 2024 4 416 37 0.8915 2/18/23
Gage Ginther IOL 6-5.5 287 2024 3 604 37 0.8794 4/8/23
Edrees Farooq S 5-11 180 2024 3 627 60 0.8778 4/16/23
Carson Gentle DL 6-3 241 2024 3 804 81 0.8697 7/23/22​
Jesse Perry OT 6-6 275 2024 3 851 69 0.8664 4/7/23
Jeremias Heard DL 6-7 295 2024 3 NA 99 0.8552 4/21/23

2024 Top Targets

Name Position Height Weight Class Star 247Comp Rank Rating Recent Notes
Williams Nwaneri DL 6-5 250 2024 5 3 0.9971 247 Recruiting Director Steve Wiltfong said Vols were in "pole position" going into summer Official Visits. OV scheduled for 6/9/23. Primary competition: Oklahoma and Texas A&M
Mike Matthews ATH 6-1 180 2024 5 9 0.9955 OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, USC
Eddrick Houston Edge 6-3 255 2024 5 15 0.9907 Tennessee not yet scheduled for OV. Primary competition: Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, USC
Ryan Wingo WR 6-2 198 2024 5 21 0.9884 Tennessee not yet scheduled for OV but just visited for '865 Live' recruiting event. Primary competition: Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Texas
Elijah Rushing Edge 6-6 235 2024 5 22 0.9883 OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Arizona, Notre Dame, Oregon, UCLA
Jerrick Gibson RB 5-10 200 2024 4 35 0.9799 OV scheduled for 6/16. Primary competition: Georgia, Miami, Texas
Jordan Ross Edge 6-5 215 2024 4 38 0.9774 OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Florida, Georgia, Texas
Kamarion Franklin DL 6-5 265 2024 4 39 0.9770 OV scheduled for 6/16. Primary competition: LSU, Miami
Aaron Scott CB 6-0 170 2024 4 56 0.9665 Tennessee in Top 12 on 4/9/23 but no OV scheduled.
Demello Jones S 6-1 176 2024 4 84 0.9563 UGA commit - OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Alabama and Georgia
Daniel Calhoun OT 6-6.5 355 2024 4 86 0.9561 OV scheduled for 6/16. Primary competition: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Texas
Tylen Singleton LB 6-1 208 2024 4 123 0.9422 Tennessee not yet scheduled for OV. Primary competition: Arkansas, LSU, TCU, Texas A&M
Max Anderson OT 6-5 305 2024 4 191 0.9276 MULTIPLE UT CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTIONS - OV scheduled for 6/9. Primary competition: Georgia and Oklahoma
Daniel Hill ATH (LB/RB) 6-1 220 2024 4 196 0.9261 Tennessee not yet scheduled for OV but just visited for '865 Live' recruiting event. "Top-three" after visit. Primary competition: Alabama and USCJr
Boo Carter ATH 5-10 184 2024 4 240 0.9151 UT CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTION - Tennessee not yet scheduled for OV but just visited for '865 Live' recruiting event. Primary competition: Ohio State
Edwin Spillman LB 6-1 216 2024 4 251 0.9137 MULTIPLE UT CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTIONS - OV scheduled for 6/16. Brother of UT '23 commit Nate Spillman. Primary competition: FSU, Georgia, Ohio State
Amaris Wiliams DL 6-3 260 2024 4 261 0.9130 OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Florida, NC State, North Carolina
Amari Jefferson ATH 6-1 195 2024 4 270 0.9110 UT Baseball commit - OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Alabama and Georgia
Ronan O'Connell OT 6-4.5 288 2024 3 539 0.8833 UT CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTION - OV scheduled for 6/23. Primary competition: Clemson and Wisconsin

Recruiting Notes

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2023.06.07 15:08 illiumtwins Need a name that works in English and Dutch

I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant! So naturally I'm already thinking about baby names. We're an international couple and I would love a name that works/doesn't sound odd in both English and Dutch. We have some options already, but I would love some more :) I don't want to give our child a name that sounds super English, like James or Hailey
Examples of a few Dutch/European names that I like that don't really work in English
Examples of English names that I like but that don't really work in Dutch
Some of the names that are currently on our list
If anyone has any suggestions I'd be really grateful!
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2023.06.07 00:09 TheCatch20 Consensus Elite Running Backs - End of an Era?

I was wanting to hear the subs thoughts on the "elite" running backs and those for teams in contention for a championship in dynasty this year ie. in redraft that would be consensus top 6-8 picks. In looking at the pool of running backs it seems that all of the top tier guys come with their own question marks.
I have added my personal concerns about the top-6 to 8 redraft RBs.
  1. Christian McCaffrey: Elijah Mitchell is a problem. Having rode CMC to playoffs last year, he was not the same from a production standpoint when Mitchell was healthy. Games with Mitchell (60.5% snap share and 15.3 ppg). Games without Mitchell (80.2% snap share and 29.8 ppg). We have point bonuses in my leagues so not solely PPR based, but picture is painted.
  2. Austin Ekeler: I don't have many critiques on this guy. He just always produces. But concerns of going for broke and then an uncertain future as he approaches a new contract and age cliff. Currently RB 13 on KTC.
  3. Saquan Barkley: Injury history, franchise tag, uncertain contract future. Also looking at last year, he started super hot and faded a bit in the 2nd half of the season.
  4. Bijan: Rookie back who should feast. But emphasis on should. What are the realistic rookie RB expectations on what isn't the best offense or team in the league. Long-term, I have little issues and think he might be the safest choice on this list. Biased Bijan owner and definitely bought into the hype.
  5. Jonathan Taylor: Great talent coming off an obviously down and injury riddled year. Add that into the fact he is now joined by a rookie QB and a running QB, there are concerns at his current price. He is not a safe bet at his price and analytics back this. JJ Zachariason had a great podcast talking about values of players on both running QBs and rookie QBs separately - AR is both of these.
  6. Chubb/Pollard/Jacobs: Nick Chubb is Mr. Reliable, but doesn't offer much in the PPR world. Great solid producer. Not winning you championships. Pollard is enticing, but was last year his ceiling? It was noted during season he would never be a bell-cow. Jacobs is another interesting piece. As a Raider fan I've gotten to watch a lot of him. I'm not convinced last year was what we should expect vs being an outlier of a season. I think last year was the best Jacobs will ever be.

Who are the guys you are willing to overpay for and add to the roster to compete for a championship this year? Believing they carry minimal downside to this year and next. Feel free to suggest better buys!
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2023.06.06 15:23 kadblaster Do vintage Levi's jackets have first names on them (ex. Elijah, Lucas, etc.)?

I have a vintage Levi's Red jacket that has a tag with the name Elijah at the top of the Levi's Red tag behind the neck of the jacket. I saw other listings on the internet too, one with Lucas and another Elijah. I can't find anything on the internet that explains this. Any ideas? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 22:49 BootDiscombobulated !! Help me pick baby brothers name !!

Big brothers are Alexander (alex) Dominic (dom/dommy) Michael (mikey)
Here's our name list so far. Our last name starts with an O & is 1 syllable.
Franklin Theodore Elijah Benjamin
What do you think? Any other ideas? TIA❤️
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2023.06.05 15:57 nruffo007 Top 40 RBs

This list is purely based on who is better RIGHT NOW. Which RBs would you take first in a fantasy draft (think madden) for multiple seasons.
This is not based on past seasons and accomplishments!! This is just my opinion. Everyone has one! Let the games begin...
*Rookies Excluded due to never playing a down in the league, therefore I feel I can’t compare them to established vets fairly*
Starting High to Low:
  1. Christian McCaffrey - San Francisco 49ers
  2. Saquon Barkley - New York Giants
  3. Austin Ekeler - Los Angeles Chargers
  4. Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns
  5. Josh Jacobs - Las Vegas Raiders
  6. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans
  7. Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts
  8. Tony Pollard - Dallas Cowboys
  9. Rhamondre Stevenson - New England Patriots
  10. Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints
  11. Dalvin Cook- Minnesota Vikings
  12. Najee Harris - Pittsburgh Steelers
  13. Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers
  14. Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals
  15. Travis Etienne - Jacksonville Jaguars
  16. Breece Hall - New York Jets
  17. Ken Walker III - Seattle Seahawks
  18. David Montgomery - Detroit Lions
  19. Dameon Pierce - Houston Texans
  20. Miles Sanders - Carolina Panthers
  21. Jamaal Williams - New Orleans Saints
  22. James Conner - Arizona Cardinals
  23. Leonard Fournette - Free Agent
  24. Javonte Williams - Denver Broncos
  25. Isiah Pacheco - Kansas City Chiefs
  26. D’Andre Swift - Philadelphia Eagles
  27. Tyler Allgeier - Atlanta Falcons
  28. Michael Carter - New York Jets
  29. Antonio Gibson - Washington Commanders
  30. Brian Robinson - Washington Commanders
  31. Zeke Elliot - Free Agent
  32. JK Dobbins - Baltimore Ravens
  33. Raheem Mostert - Miami Dolphins
  34. Rashaad Penny - Philadelphia Eagles
  35. Cam Akers - Los Angeles Rams
  36. Khalil Herbert - Chicago Bears
  37. AJ Dillon - Green Bay Packers
  38. Devin Singletary - Houston Texans
  39. D’Onta Foreman - Carolina Panthers
  40. Damien Harris - Buffalo Bills
  41. Tie (40)- Elijah Mitchell - San Francisco 49ers
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2023.06.05 11:47 NYCIndieConcerts Mod's List - This Week in Live Rock / Indie / Alternative / Punk Shows (June 5 - 11)

Festival season is in full swing with Governors Ball taking over Flushing Meadows-Corona Park this upcoming weekend. It certainly would've been cool if Governors Ball could've booked some punk acts to join the handful of rock bands on the bill. Black Midi and Flipped will both be doing late night sets in Manhattan. John Mellencamp is posting up a residency at the Beacon in tandem with the Tribeca Festival. The UK's Church Village Collective make their NYC and more below.
If you're new to this sub or just passing through, each week I try to highlight the "best" upcoming rock, punk, indie and alternative shows. I scour the web and social media for concert announcement, booking, rescheduling, etc., and then pick which shows are vying for my time and money (or which would've been if they weren't sold out). This is not intended to be an exhaustive list as there are other non-reddit resources that cast a wider net on live shows, including pop, hip hop and comedy shows, but feel free to add any missing shows using the comments (especially for other genres).
As usual, listed times are approximate start times (not door); prices are estimates for door tickets, and do not include online fees and taxes.


John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($90+)
Sundots + High. + Joyer @ Elsewhere - Zone One, 8:30pm ($15)
Tits Dick Ass + Spite Fuxxx + Chico Raro + Eevie Echoes & The Locations @ Pianos, 7:30pm ($15)
Ringing + Unrecovery + Sun Organ + Plastic @ Saint Vitus, 8pm ($15)
Daddy's Beemer + Deep Sea Peach Tree + Charlie Paso + PYNKIE @ The Sultan Room, 7pm ($15)
Tinariwen + Garcia Peoples @ Webster Hall, 8pm ($40)
Bonus/Honorable Mention: Rocky Horror Picture Show with Live Shadowcast @ Our Wicked Lady, 7:30pm ($15)


Joni + Elijah Wolf + Work Wife @ Baby's All Right, 7pm ($15)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($70+)
CVC (Church Village Collective) + DD Island + Picture Show @ Berlin, 8pm ($15)
Jupiter Boys + The Modern Airline + Pete Galub @ Mama Tried, 7pm (FREE)
Bully + Sub*T @ Racket, 8pm ($25)


Alex Lahey + Liza Anne @ Baby's All Right, 9:30pm ($20)
Clyde & the Milltailersof Bridge City Sinners + Lightnin' Lukeof Bridge City Sinners + Charles Ellsworth & the Space Force Deserters + John Luther Norrisof Wonder House + Matt Willhelmof Days N Daze @ Bar Freda, 8pm ($12)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($70+)
The Backseat Lovers + Field Medic @ Hammerstein Ballroom, 8pm (SOLD OUT)
LPR15 - IN THE ROUND The Antlers + Maeve Gilchrist @ (le) poisson rouge, 8pm ($35)
Strawberry Launch + Papi Shiitake + Jay Rosie @ The Sultan Room, 8pm ($15)
CVC (Church Village Collective) + Picture Show @ Union Pool, 9pm ($15)


Pamphlets + Whenwolves + Reclining Nude @ ALPHAVILLE, 9pm ($12)
John Mellencamp @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center - OKX Theater, 8pm ($45+)
Jared Mattson + Elijah Kessler + The Gloomies @ Berlin, 8pm ($15)
Tigercub + Mary Shelley @ Bowery Ballroom, 9pm ($20)
Drain + Drug Church + Magnitude + Gel + Combust @ The Brooklyn Monarch, 6:30pm (SOLD OUT)
The Flaming Lipsperforming Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots @ Kings Theatre, 8:30pm (SOLD OUT)
SAVAK + Zwei Null Zwei + Roid Rage @ Mama Tried, 8pm (FREE)
Hello Seahorse! @ Mercury Lounge, 9:30pm ($30)
Gal Fieri + TV Moms + Shop Talk + Dahl Haus + Public Nature @ Our Wicked Lady, 8pm ($15)
Drug Church + Gel + Soul Blind @ Saint Vitus, 11pm (SOLD OUT)
SYNTHICIDE presentsFrankie Rosesingle release show + SRSQ + Rare DM @ TV EYE, 9pm ($15)
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Monthly Residency @ Union Pool, 9pm (SOLD OUT)
Star 80 + Mary Vision + The Curls + C.W. Headley @ The Windjammer, 9pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 1 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Lizzo + Lil Uzi Vert + HAIM + Diplo + Kim Petra + more
Locations + O. Wake + Lily Mao + Dogs on Shady Lane @ ALPHAVILLE, 8:30pm ($12)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($150+)
Deer Scout + OK Cowgirl + Gemma Laurence @ The Broadway, 9pm ($15)
Temples + Post Animal @ Elsewhere - The Hall, 8pm ($30)
Dave Matthews Band @ Forest Hills Stadium, 7pm ($150+)
Gov Ball After Dark presentsblack midi + Nourished by Time @ Irving Plaza, 11pm ($50)
JoudyDestroy All Monsters record release show + Teenage Halloween + VOSH + Tetchy @ Our Wicked Lady, 7pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 2 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Odesza + Lil Baby + Aespa + Rina Sawayama + Snail mail + The Amazons + more
Show Brain x Deli Mag presentJoudy + InCircles + Tits Dick Ass + Slashers + Cult of Chunk @ Tompkins Square Park, 2pm (FREE)
RJD2 + The Du-Rites @ Brooklyn Bowl, 8pm ($25)
SuperbloomEP release show + Stay Inside + Woz + Wakelee @ Brooklyn Made, 8:30pm ($15)
GLOM + Wallpaper + Hotspit + Uncle Pizza @ Purgatory, 8pm ($15)
Wild Yaks @ Rockaway Bazaar, 5pm (FREE)
GOOrecord release + Pearla + Katie Von Schleicher @ Union Pool, 8pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 3 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Kendrick Lamar + Lil Nas X + Giveon + Sofi Tukker + Girl in Red + Black Midi + more
Torture & the Desert Spiders + Mooncult + Phantom Wave + Wifey @ Arlene's Grocery, 8pm ($15)
Tribeca Music Lounge: Iranian music showcase @ Baby's All Right, 8:30pm ($20) feat. Habibi + Sussan Deyhim + Will Calhoun + LuNika
Matinee ShowSean Spada & The Doppelgangers + The Planes + Big Oil + Sweetbreads (solo) @ Bar Freda, 4pm ($10)
King Pizza Records presentsDAD + The Unders + Werewolf + Cheap Death @ Bar Freda, 8pm ($12)
Gov Ball After Dark presentsFlipturn + Early Eyes @ Mercury Lounge, 11pm (SOLD OUT)
Greg Mendezself-titled record release show + Shannen Moser + Allegra Krieger @ Purgatory, 9pm (SOLD OUT)
Pink MexicoMirrorhead record release show + 95 Bulls + TVOD + Substitute @ TV EYE, 8pm ($12)
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2023.06.05 08:26 BigWinnie7171 I need a new trainer lol

I need a new trainer lol submitted by BigWinnie7171 to OOTP [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:02 Eaglesun Not quite a spoiler, but Shelob has been confirmed

Elijah is going through the cards in a mtg promotional vid and lists off shelob. Wonder if this was a mistake as Shelob has not been spoiled at this point in time.
Anyway, excited to see what the card looks like, and excited that spider tribal will have another spode to work with (unless she is a changeling?)
Just noticed this and thought y'all would find it interesting.
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2023.06.04 17:36 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 45 (Long)

Judgment Day 2007
Date: 20/5/07
Location: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Two-out-of-Three Falls Match for the United States Championship:
MVP (c) vs Chris Benoit (2-0)
Women’s Championship:
Melina (c) vs Mickie James
Intercontinental Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Carlito
(Carlito hosts the Carlito Cabana and his guest is Bobby Lashley. Carlito says the way Bobby Lashley has disrespected Mr. McMahon is not cool but what will be cool is him winning the Intercontinental Championship. Lashley says Carlito just like Umaga can kiss Vince’s ass as much as he wants, it’s not going to result in him losing to a little punk like him.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
(After the match, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas attack The Hardy’s and it’s revealed they’ve reunited!)
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Elijah Burke
(Elijah Burke attacks CM Punk on ECW and says he’s not finished with him just because he pinned Marcus Cor Von at Backlash. Burke says he’s going to clean up ECW for Vince McMahon by getting the ECW Championship off him because Vince is right, Punk is a misfit who’ll never succeed in the WWE and is only the ECW champion through pure luck. Punk says not only is ECW the land of extreme but it’s also the land of misfits and it makes him and the ECW Championship the perfect marriage. Punk promises to not lose his title to a shameless ass kisser like Elijah Burke.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Mark Henry vs Batista
(After winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge says once again he’s proved he’s not only the best wrestler in the company but he’s also the smartest as he watched The Undertaker take the ultimate beating before cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Batista interrupts and tells Edge that he might think he’s smart but the reality is, he’s nothing but a coward who stole the World Heavyweight Championship and it won’t be long till he takes back what’s his. Mark Henry says not only is he back and took out The Undertaker, he’s going to destroy Batista again like he has before and will have no issue taking out Edge too because he has the one thing he really wants an opportunity at, the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge says both men have nothing to do with him and can stay away from his World Heavyweight Championship. However, Teddy Long disagrees and tells Edge that Batista and Mark Henry both have a case so Edge will defend his title against both men at Judgment Day. Edge is furious, already feels like Teddy Long has an agenda against him and demands to be traded back to Raw but Long denies Edge his request. During the match, Batista and Henry are so focused on beating the hell out of each other that it costs them as Edge hits a Spear out of nowhere on Batista and pins him to retain his championship.)
60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels (6-5)
(Shawn Michaels says he had John Cena beat at Backlash and if he wasn’t lucky, he’d be the WWE Champion. Michaels then challenges Cena to defend the WWE Championship against him one more time at Judgment Day. Cena accepts the challenge because he’s a fighting champion. Michaels says he doesn’t want this to be an ordinary match and tells Cena he wants it to a match he won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania 12, an Iron Man Match! Cena says that’s fine because Shawn Michaels is about to find out he isn’t the only iron man in the WWE. Cena also proposes for it to be for a full hour which Michaels accepts. This is essentially the match they had on Raw in London in real life but with a different outcome. John Cena wins 6-5 to retain the WWE Championship in all time classic. After the match as Shawn Michaels gets up and receives a standing ovation from the fans, Randy Orton from out of nowhere hits him with an RKO, beats the hell out of The Showstopper in front of his wife to the point he bleeds and punts him in the skull. This writes Michaels off TV.)
(The WWE Draft takes place on the May 28th 2007 episode of Raw. The same picks as in real life occur apart from the fact Bobby Lashley doesn’t need to be drafted to Raw because he’s already a Raw superstar 😅.)
One Night Stand 2007
Date: 3/6/07
Location: Jackson Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida
Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Candice Michelle
Intercontinental Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Carlito vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga wins the championship after pinning Carlito thanks to Shane McMahon attacking Bobby Lashley who was on verge of retaining his title.)
Street Fight:
Kane vs Mark Henry
(Kane goes after Mark Henry and promises there will be vengeance after what he did to his brother The Undertaker. Henry says Kane doesn’t intimidate him just like The Undertaker doesn’t and he’s just another man on his path of destruction.)
Stretcher Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton
(This is Van Dam’s last match in the company for a while as he leaves for TNA.)
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Chris Benoit
(Vince McMahon says he’s confident for sure that CM Punk’s days as ECW champion are rightfully numbered because he’ll be defending his title against the new draft pick… Chris Benoit! Benoit says Punk’s a talented wrestler but he’s no Chris Benoit, the greatest technical wrestler on the planet. Punk says he has a huge level of respect for what Benoit’s accomplished in his wrestling career but he sees this as a massive opportunity to prove doubters like Vince McMahon wrong and he’ll ensure he does in what’s no doubt his biggest challenge since winning the ECW Championship. CM Punk wins clean to retain.)
Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Batista
(Batista says that weasel Edge being the World Champion makes him sick and promises he’ll destroy him and take back the title. Edge says Batista doesn’t deserve another chance at the World Championship but Theodore Long disagrees and says Batista’s two one on one rematches for the title never had a definitive finish so he announces Edge will face Batista at One Night Stand and the match will be… a Steel Cage Match! Edge tries to convince Long to change the stipulation but Long isn’t having it and tells him he’s giving the fans what they want. Edge sneaks a chain into the match, smashes Batista over the head with it and escapes the cage to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(After being drafted to Raw, Booker T immediately sets his sights on becoming the WWE Champion. Booker T says Raw is a far fairer run place with Jonathan Coachman in charge compared to SmackDown with Teddy Long. Booker T basically kissing the ass of Coachman is why he grants him the opportunity and Coachman also announces it’ll be a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Cena says he’ll punch Booker T’s teeth down his throat while still proving he’s the top dog in the company while Booker T promises to win the 1 title that’s eluded him in his legendary career.)
(Sadly, the Chris Benoit tragedy happens between the 22nd-24th of June 2007.)
My opinion on Chris Benoit:
(So, now we’re finally here in the timeline 😬. First of all I just want to say to those who may ask “why have you pushed a murderer?” In the timeline, I’m booking as if I’m in all these years. As a booker, how would I know in 2004 for example what’s going to unfold in 2007? That’s why Benoit is pushed. I’m not going to utterly bury him while he’s alive in the timeline. Now what I’m going to do here is bury him now the tragic events have unfolded. Chris Benoit in my opinion is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, I will never dispute that. I was a huge fan of his and when he won the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 20, it was an unbelievable moment and the fact he celebrated with Eddie Guerrero topped it all off. However, what he did was unforgivable and anyone who has any conspiracy theories like he was framed, I’m sorry it’s just not true and the police investigated it properly. The facts are, Chris Benoit did murder his wife Nancy and his son Daniel. I don’t care about CTE or the fact he apparently had a year to live with an enlarged heart. As Paul Heyman said an interview once, f*ck him. The facts are that Chris Benoit murdered his wife, murdered his son and then proceeded to kill himself. The WWE will absolutely never put him in the Hall of Fame and that’s the correct decision because Benoit lost that respect when he did what he did. I personally hope he rots and this is the last he’ll ever be mentioned in this timeline. I want to lastly say to finish this off, my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy back in 2007 and Rest in Peace to Nancy and Daniel Benoit ❤️.)
Vengeance: Night of Champions 2007
Date: 24/6/07
Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
United States Championship:
MVP (c) vs Ric Flair
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jamie Noble
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The Hardy Boyz
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Mickie James
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Santino Marella
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Johnny Nitro
(Johnny Nitro surprisingly replaces The Invisible Man and challenges CM Punk for the ECW Championship when he wasn’t prepared for him. Nitro cheats to win the championship off of Punk, much to the satisfaction of Mr. McMahon.)
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Deuce ‘n Domino (c) w/Cherry vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore
Last Chance Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - If Edge is counted out of disqualified, he’ll lose the World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge (c) vs Batista
(After One Night Stand, Batista asks Teddy Long for one more opportunity after Edge’s cowardly acts at One Night Stand. Edge tells Teddy to give Batista the match on one condition, if Batista loses he can never challenge for the title as long as he’s champion. Teddy Long grants Edge his request but also tells him if he gets counted out or disqualified, he’ll lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Batista. During the match, there’s a referee bump and Batista is getting ready to finish this until The Great Khali appears and lays out The Animal! Edge capitalises when the referee regains consciousness and pins Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.)
Six-Pack Challenge Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Carlito vs Mr.Kennedy vs Randy Orton vs Booker T w/Sharmell vs Bobby Lashley
(All 5 men make a case to be the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. John Cena says he’ll welcome all comers to prove he’s the man. Jonathan Coachman tells Cena to be careful what he wishes for because at Night of Champions, he’ll be defending the WWE Title against all of them! John Cena retains the WWE Championship after pinning Carlito. After the match, Bobby Lashley stares down Cena as Night of Champions draws to a close.)
(Edge tears his pectoral muscle, is put on the shelf for a while and is forced to surrender the World Heavyweight Championship.)
(Mark Henry wins a Battle Royal on the July 20th, 2007 episode of SmackDown to win the World Heavyweight Championship!)
The Great American Bash 2007
Date: 22/7/07
Location: HP Pavilion San Jose, California
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Deuce ‘n Domino (c) vs Matt Hardy & MVP
(Matt Hardy hates MVP and wants his United States Championship but they get paired as partners and are told to co-exist by Mr. McMahon who also rewards them with a Tag Team Championship match at The Great American Bash. Hardy and MVP win the titles.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Super Crazy
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Jeff Hardy
Batista vs The Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Melina
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
(CM Punk invokes his rematch clause for the ECW Championship. Vince McMahon tries to deny Punk the opportunity to win the title back but CM Punk tells him if he even dares to deny him his rematch then he’ll sue him because it’s a contractual obligation meaning McMahon has no choice but to let Punk compete for the ECW Championship. The newly named John Morrison who’s leaving Johnny Nitro behind tells Vince to not worry, he’ll take care of business for him which Vince gives him the vote of confidence. Punk says this time he’s ready for Morrison unlike at Night of Champions and will become a 2 time ECW Champion. Morrison says even prepared, he’s just too good for Punk. John Morrison cheats to retain the title after hitting Punk with brass knuckles when the referee isn’t looking.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry (c) vs Kane
(Teddy Long announces that Mark Henry will defend his title against Kane at The Great American Bash because Kane had earned an opportunity to fight for the World Championship when Edge was champion. Kane says that he’s got unfinished business with Henry and revenge will be sweeter when he wins the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry says Kane will once again feel his wrath just like his brother The Undertaker and Batista have.)
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Bobby Lashley
(Bobby Lashley wins a Fatal 4-Way match against Booker T, Randy Orton and Mr.Kennedy in order to face John Cena at The Great American Bash. Lashley tells Cena that he respects his dedication and desire but when push comes to shove, he has no hesitation breaking him in half if it means he wins the WWE Championship. Cena says Lashley is an incredible athlete who’s unbelievably gifted but he’s going to show the whole world that Lashley’s time isn’t now the way a lot of people think it is. John Cena retains after delivering an FU from the top rope and both men shake hands after the match. When Cena’s alone in the ring, Randy Orton from out of nowhere delivers an RKO to Cena and holds up the WWE Championship as the show draws to a close.)
(Bobby Lashley gets injured not long after this event and leaves the company in early 2008.)
SummerSlam 2007
Date: 26/8/07
Location: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Ladder Match for the ECW Championship:
John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
(CM Punk demands one more match for the ECW Championship against John Morrison which Morrison insists to Vince McMahon to allow his request. Morrison gives Vince an idea for what type of match it should be. Vince likes the idea and announces that CM Punk will face John Morrison at SummerSlam in… A Ladder Match! John Morrison says he’s the prince of parkour and CM Punk's ambition of being the ECW Champion again will be crushed by him for good. Punk promises to become and 2 time ECW champion while also ensuring Morrison has no teeth after the match. CM Punk wins to become a 2 time ECW Champion.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
World’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio
(Teddy Long tells Chavo Guerrero he’ll defend his Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam against… Rey Mysterio! Chavo says he’s been waiting for Rey’s return and at the event he cost him the World Heavyweight Championship the year before, he’s going to make sure he puts Rey back on the shelf again but this time for good. Rey Mysterio wins the title and retires the Cruiserweight Championship on the SmackDown after SummerSlam.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs Jeff Hardy
Women’s Championship:
Candice Michelle (c) vs Melina vs Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix
Triple H vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Vignettes start to show that Triple H is returning to the WWE after another Quad injury. Booker T being aware of this challenges Triple H to a match at SummerSlam. Booker T’s motives are simple, Triple H once made his life a living hell and he wants to get revenge he never truly got. Booker T promises to put Triple H back on the shelf and embarrass him on his return. Triple H wins in a 10 minute match and Booker T leaves the company after this match.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Mark Henry (c) vs Batista
(A one on one match that’s a long time in the making. Batista wins a #1 Contender’s Match against Kane and says this is a match he’s wanted for a while because he’s never fully gotten revenge on Mark Henry for putting him out of action which forced him to surrender the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry says he’s also been waiting for full revenge after Batista also cost him a year of his career when he came back and assaulted him. Both men brawl whenever they see each other in the build up. During the match when Henry’s on top… GONG! The lights come back on but Taker doesn’t appear. Henry then receives a Spinebuster from Batista and The Animal pins him to win the World Heavyweight Championship!)
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton
(First time ever in a one on one capacity. Randy Orton says while Cena has been on top for the last few years, he’s always avoided facing him one on one and tells him the reason he does is because he knows The Legend Killer is better than him! Cena tells Orton to stop talking out of his ass and if he wants to fight him, he’s ready for the challenge and just like the others, Randy Orton will be on his list of guys he beat. Randy Orton cheats when the referee isn’t looking by hitting Cena with a low blow. Orton then delivers an RKO and pins John Cena to win the WWE Championship!)
(Batista beats Mark Henry in a Street Fight on SmackDown to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in Henry’s rematch clause. The Undertaker’s Gong once again provides a distraction to Henry and there’s also a message on the titantron that reads “The dead will rise, September 16th 2007… RIP Mark Henry!”)
And that’s part 45! I hope you guys enjoyed this part. I’d like to add that I hope you don’t mind my passionate opinion on the man who shall not be named from now on. Anyways, enough of me dwelling about that! I’ll be back very soon to cover the rest of 2007 where we’ll see a few stars return, The Age of Orton begin on Raw and John Cena go down with an injury. Stay safe and stay tuned!
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2023.06.04 04:50 CZerr20 What would you get?

What would you get?
Buddy sent me this and asked what to get. Thoughts?
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2023.06.03 23:56 Moncurs_rightboot Season Review 22/23

Season Review 22/23
Wow wow wow wow wow. Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming. Ow ow ow ow ow, stop pinching me, OK, I'm obviously not dreaming.
We actually did it. We managed to get promoted through the playoffs. It's absolute madness. I had watched us compete in 6 playoffs, and who would have thought that 7th time is the charm!
Before I start you can read the 21/22 season review here from our season where we finished 6th and got dumped out the playoffs by Huddersfield.
You can also read the 22/23 season preview here where I predicted a very optimistic top 8 finish. No one could have predicted the season we were about to have. I'm not going to discuss promotion in depth, because it was only a week ago and probably won't sink in until the fixtures are released on June 15th.
In case you didn't know, this is what our away end looks like

Overview and Pre season thoughts

As mentioned above, I knew we would manage to keep the momentum going into this season. I just didn't expect us to gain this much momentum. Having finished 6th and on 75 points in the 21/22 season. Everything was kept steady in the off season, we recruited well, and only lost one significant player (discussed below). Throughout the off season though social media was awash with speculation that Luton Town would do a Barnsley (meaning losing in the playoffs and then battling relegation/getting relegated the following season, which Barnsley did in the 21/22 season), this was speculation was further fuelled by the signing of two of Barnsley's relegated front three (more on that later). However, one bright spark in the off season was the lads from the Second Tier Pod who went bold and predicted a solid season for Luton Town, with Ryan predicting 2nd and Justin predicting 3rd. These guys know ball. Nathan Jones was keen to kick on with the squad, and was 110% committed to the cause...

Who left, and who did we sign?

The most significant outgoing was that of Kal Naismith, who was the fans player of the season in 21/22. The manner in which he joined Bristol City left a sour taste in the mouth of the Hatters, with the club not knowing he had agreed terms, with the Welsh wannabes announcing him a whole 24 hours before Luton Town. Also the fact that he was chatting some boilerplate shite in his introduction interview, about being excited about getting to work with "the best manager in the league". A truly absurd statement that even Stevie Wonder could see was the dumbest thing that anyone could ever say in the history of mankind. Regardless, Hatters were annoyed and concerned, mostly because Kal was a good player, he made that LCB role his own, and was a vital cog in our 21/22 playoff machine, and scored a significant and wonderful goal against Bournemouth that pretty much kickstarted our playoff push after the long covid/midseason break - hey guys, remember covid?
Less significant outgoings on the pitch were Peter "I should be starting every game" Kioso (to Rotherham) and Danny Hylton (to Northampton). With Kioso leaving, we were losing depth in the defensive unit, whereas with Danny Hylton, we were losing part of the furniture at the Kenny. Sure Danny had never hit the heights of his League 2 bagsman days after his nasty injury in League 1, but he scored some vital goals in 21/22 - grabbed the point at Bristol City and sealed the win against Derby with a wonderful strike. Also his head of hair is one of the greatest come back stories in modern times.

We brought in some numbers in the off season, although as discussed on social media, these players seemed to be "for the future":
  • Alfie Doughty (undisclosed) - From Stoke, he hadn't hit the heights expected following his transfer from Charlton, having spent the season on loan at Cardiff in 21/22 (along with Cody Drameh - more on him later). Regardless he was one Nathan Jones was tracking for a long time.
  • Cauley Woodrow (undisclosed) - From relegated Barnsley, it was a little homecoming for Cauley having come through our academy and left us for Fulham as a fresh faced 16 year old.
  • Matt Macey (undisclosed) - From Hibernian, the former loanee raised eyebrows amongst the fan base. People said, well he's shit, and then others said, nah that was Stuart Moore, Matt Macey was the decent one. Spoiler alert - they are both shit.
  • Louie Watson (undisclosed compensation) - From Derby, we capitalised on the financial straits at Derby and came out with one of their prized academy assets. He was seen as one for the future.
  • Luke Freeman (free) - From Sheffield United, he was seen as a broken thing, with injuries having caught up with him during his time at Sheffield United, again one that Nathan Jones was very keen to work with, having played together at Yoevil.
  • Carlton Morris (fee in region of £1.5m) - From relegated Barnsley, we didn't know what to expect from him considering he was a striker that had never scored more than 10 goals in a season. Also he had just been relegated with Barnsley. However, he added much needed depth and support up top for Elijah. At this point we knew him as the player that scored that wonderful goal in our 2-1 victory over Barnsley in 21/22, where he skinned Naismith, and sat Osho down before dinking it over Shea.
  • Ethan Horvath (loan) - From Nottingham Forest, fresh from having won promotion through the playoffs with Forest last season, he was seen as a good keeper to have in the team, and he was desperate for first team football. Rumours were that there was an option to make the loan permanent. After last season where we went through 6 keepers, we needed consistency between the sticks.
  • Then we had some strictly developmental signings; Tobias Braney (who looks a proper player and has been bagging goals out on loan), Daniel Idiakhoa (who has since been released in the retained list), Jayden Luker (who remains under contract at the club), John McCatee (who was immediately loaned back out to Grimsby) and Aribim Pepple (who was loaned to Grimsby, but they sent him back, regardless, he's been good in our development squads).

How did we do?

I write this with a big smirk on my face. Because it still hasn't sunk in.
Like the 21/22 season, it was a season of two halves (and two managers), unlike last season whereby there was a covid break, this season we had a conveniently placed World Cup. I always thought Winter World Cups were the greatest idea, and certainly never ever criticised FIFA, The Qatar WC bidding buddies, or the countless executives that have become incredibly wealthy from the previous World Cup who effortlessly and repeatedly moved not only the goal posts but mountains in order to give us what we all wanted, the first World Cup in the Middle East - in the middle of fucking winter.
Anyway, I'm veering off topic. I'm not doing a monthly breakdown by the way, you can get that off wikipedia. I'm sure the 10 people who read this will be wildly disappointed.
We can break the season down in two ways - Luton under Nathan Jones and Luton under Rob Edwards. I'll do the stats after this overview.
Nathan Jones took us almost the whole way to the World Cup break, but he was just itching to move. Our start to the season was mediocre, we were struggling to win games. In fact we didn't win a game until our 5th game of the season against Swansea, with 2 draws and 2 losses to start the season, including the second worst performance of the season against Bristol City, leaving us 23rd in the table. After that we had a mini purple patch, completing the welsh double beating Cardiff and drawing with Sheffield United. Which took us up to 9th in the table. Before throwing the game away against Wigan "prompt wage payment" Athletic. Fortunately we then hit a 7 game unbeaten run, which shot us up to 4th in the table. Which took us into the match against them lot down the road. We were in great form, they were already on their second manager (more on that first manager in a bit), everything was aligned for us to go there and turn them over. But disaster struck, we were utter shit and lost 4 - 0. On the bright side it gave them a high point for the season. Post match, Nathan Jones had plenty of excuses, mentioning stomach bugs, he couldn't fill the bench etc, but the eventual reality was more concerning. We only picked up 1 win from the next 4 games, culminating in an abject display against his former side Stoke, where it all but confirmed that Jones would be leaving the club. This would take us to the end of Nathan Jones' tenure. Jones moved (amicably and with massive compensation) to Southampton - where he wouldn't stay for long, but reports surfaced after his move that Southampton had been in negotiations with him for 5 weeks prior. No surprise he didn't give a shit post match against Watford. Regardless, he moved in in better faith than when he did against Stoke, He left the club in 9th place, and paved the way for Mick Harford to coach for the last game before the World Cup break, a 1 - 1 draw against Rotherham. We entered the World Cup break in 10th place, and it gave us time to pick our manager properly.
Nathan Jones stats P20 - W7 - D8 - L5 - GF 22 - GA 21 - Pts 29 - WinP 35% - PpG 1.45 Mick Harford stats P1 - W0 - D1 - L0 - GF 1 - GA 1 - Pts 1 - WinP 0% - PpG 1.0
At the end of last season (I know this narrative has been done to death, but keep with me here). Watford appointed Rob Edwards from Forest Green Rovers, a young up and coming manager, to take over from Roy Hodgson, a legend who got Watford relegated at Selhurst Park, and then had the balls to clap the Crystal Palace fans (as his last season there was behind closed doors), whilst ignoring the Watford fans who had travelled to South London, because they were too far away. This is made even funnier due to the fact that he returned to Palace, and absolutely turned their season around. Anyway, Rob Edwards was the man to replace the Hodge. Scott Duxbury, Watford CEO stated "Rob will be backed through hell and high water". It turned out that translated to 10 league matches, of which he had only lost 2, this included beating Burnley, who would go on to leave the Championship quivering in their wake.
During the winter break, the Luton board were very impressed with Rob Edwards as a candidate, and made the bold decision to employ him. In addition to this our January window included the loss of James Bree, who moved to Southampton to join up with Nathan Jones and Harry Cornick to Bristol City, fair play to them, they signed our best striker. Cameron Jerome also left by mutual termination, as he wanted to move back up North to his family. We replaced Bree with Cody Drameh on loan from Leeds and replaced Cornick with Joe Taylor, an unproven striker who was yet to break into the first team at Peterborough. However, Big Mick swore by him, and has been tracking him for years. We also brought in Marvelous Nakamba on loan from Aston Villa (who would turn out to be the difference maker, more on him later). Although, the general consensus was that we were too threadbare at the back, and up top, as injury could expose our lack of depth.
But in Rob we trust, and we haven't looked back since. Since his appointment, we have only lost 3 matches in the league, one of which was his first game in charge, and even in that game we played sensational stuff for the first 35 minutes against Middlesbrough, our eventual opponents in the playoff final. After that loss we had a great Christmas period with 3 wins against QPR, Norwich and Huddersfield. Before a loss against WBA who were in phenomenal form. They managed to overturn a 2 nil deficit in the second half, and fair play to them. We then won another 3 in a row, drew 2 in a row before a hard to take defeat against Burnley, where the fair result would have been a draw. But then we didn't look back, finishing the season with a 14 game unbeaten run, which led us to our highest finish in the Football pyramid since, well, last season. Which was our highest finish in the football pyramid since the 1981/82 season where we also got promoted to the top tier. This was made all the more sweeter by getting some payback against Watford, sure it wasn't 4 - 0, but it was a significant moment for the fans and Rob Edwards, as that was when a lot of us felt, we would be making the playoffs. We eventually finished 3rd, thus making it 8 successive seasons where we have finished higher than the previous season.
To cap off a totally wizard season, we then had the playoffs, and the rest as they say, is history.
Rob Edwards stats P25 - W14 - D8 - L3 - GF 34 - GA 16 - Pts 50 - WinP 56% - PpG 2.0 *Excluding playoff results

Time for some RAPID STATS

  • Luton Town lost 18 points from winning positions under Nathan Jones
  • Luton Town lost 9 points from winning positions under Rob Edwards
  • James Bree still leads the team for chances created (60), he left in January. Next highest is Alfie Doughty with 54.
  • Luton Town had the second best away record in the league (41 points), only behind Burnley (47 points).
  • Carlton Morris is the first Luton player to score 20 or more goals in the second tier since Brian Stein (1981/82 season).
  • Luton Town were joint second in clean sheets with Coventry, our eventual playoff final opponents, with 20 apiece.
  • Luton Town had the second lowest xG conceded (44.6), behind Burnley 39.1. Meaning we didn't give away many chances to the opposition.

How did our players do?

As per my writer idol Mister PDW, these ratings were picked on a whim, don't shoot the messenger. This shows appearances (sub appearances), minutes played, goals, assists and WhoScored rating. I'm using a letter grade system for the squad, this is down to a whim and may contain some bias, take the ratings with a pinch of salt. Stats from WhoScored - League stats only (including playoffs). Sorted by most minutes played.
Ethan Horvath 47 appearances/4261 minutes 19 clean sheets - 6.48 B It was a steady enough season from the US Stopper. He did make some absolute howlers at some points during the season, but never went full 19/20 Sluga (look it up, his howlers were legendary). Although he finished with 19 clean sheets, a lot of his shortcomings were covered up by how the team defended as a whole, shown by our very low xG conceded. I appreciate his time at the club, but I wouldn't take him back here permanently.
Amari'i Bell 46(1) appearances/4167 minutes 1G/1A - 6.78 A+ Amari'i is quite literally the unsung hero of the playoff winning campaign. Having played at left wing back last season, and filling in for Alfie Doughty when he was unavailable this season. He played the majority of the season at left centre back, the position vacated by Kal Naismith. He was spectacular and offered so much more from that position than Kal did. He could carry the ball infield, he had the athleticism to make penetrating underlaps into the box and after all the stick he got from Blackburn fans, he can now stick two fingers up at them, and show off his medal.
Carlton Morris 44(3) appearances/3693 minutes 20G/7A - 7.21 A+ It was a slow start for Carlton as he bedded into the Luton lineup. He didn't make an impact until he scored his first goal of the season against Swansea, which was also our first win. But, after that goal he didn't look back. He also managed to kick on further under Rob Edwards. He is simply a player that has a bit of everything in his locker, able to score from 3 yards or 30 yards.
Tom Lockyer 42 appearances/3638 minutes 4G/1A - 7.13 A+ Considering Locks couldn't buy a game at the beginning of the season, having only come in to the squad for the Carabao Cup game against Newport, where we lost. Swansea was also a watershed moment for him, just like Carlton. This season Hatters saw the finest defensive displays courtesy of Locks, and absolute colossus at the back. It was very concerning when he collapsed during the playoff final. However, we have been told that he is absolutely fine, and will be ready for pre season. Hopefully meaning we will tie him down with a longer contract.
Elijah Adebayo 42(3) appearances/3523 minutes 8G/4A - 6.72 A Sure Elijah didn't hit the heights (goalwise) that he did last season. However, he formed a solid partnership up top with Morris. Fortunately it meant that the heavy burden didn't all sit on Elijah's shoulders. If anyone doubts what Elijah brings to the team, just watch his assist for Jordan Clark's goal in the playoff final. His run, his feet, his turning Kyle McFadzean inside out before his pass to find Clark, shows you what he brings to the team. Even playing a three at the back system, any defenders are going to have a shit day trying to stop Elijah and Carlton from executing their movement. Also, it was great to see him get a stab at the playoffs this season after cruelly missing out last season.
Jordan Clark 37(4) appearances/3390 minutes 3G/4A - 6.83 A This season, we all saw what Clicker was about, his movement, intelligence and passing were fully on display. It's remarkable that he was signed as a right winger and has been reboxed as an attacking midfielders, he brings the attributes and movement of a winger and takes it between the lines, making him nigh on impossible to pick up for the opposition. Having a similar trajectory to Luton, having been playing for Hyde against Luton in our final conference match. He deserves a shot at the Premier League, and his journey is also remarkable. Just like Luton making it from conference to Premier League in 9 seasons.
Allan Campbell 38(5) appearances/3273 minutes 3G/2A - 6.52 B+ I'm being incredibly tight with these scores. Sorry Wee Al. He had a good season, not as stellar as last season, but he brought the same attitude on the pitch, he runs and presses like he has 5 lungs. He also has an eye for goal from midfield with some spectacular hits, most importantly putting the cherry on top of the Watford game, and forever writing himself into Hatters folklore. Unfortunately, with Nakamba entering the fray in January, he was the unfortunate one to miss out on those two remaining midfield spots.
Alfie Doughty 28(3) appearances/2438 minutes 2G/5A - 7.14 A+ What a player we have on our hands with Alfie, he will seamlessly move up to the Premier League like he's easing himself into a nice warm bath. Pace, trickery and a delivery to match, he has been a joy to watch play this season. Fans were concerned about the speed at which he was being eased in at the start of the season, but I guess when you have had the injury record that Alfie has, it just makes sense. Also, that goal against QPR was just spectacular.
James Bree 27 appearances/2430 minutes 0G/4A - 6.99 A Football can be a cruel game, it can also be incredibly ironic, and that irony can be absolutely hilarious. James Bree was both promoted and relegated this season. He did well for the first half of the season, needing to fill in right centre back, which he did well, whilst also contributing many key passes to the Hatters cause. However, the simple fact is, when Osho came in to the right centre back role, we looked a lot better defensively, and that showed with our climb up the table. I'm still disgruntled about the fee being £750k, what with his contract expiring. But sometimes the grass isn't always greener, is it, James!? Well, at least he's getting a promotion medal.
Pelly-Ruddock Mpanzu 27(6) appearances/2394 minutes 3G/1A - 6.62 A This man is a modern Luton Legend. He gets better every season, and he has been worth every penny of the £50,000 that John Still paid for him as a 19 year old back in the Conference. Did you know if plays one minute in the Premier League, he would be the first player in history to have played in the top 5 levels of the English Pyramid for one club? Of course you did, it's been all over the news. He deserves everything he gets, and I'm delighted the club have offered him new terms, Pelly deserves the world.
Gabe Osho 25(5) appearances/2273 minutes 3G/0A - 6.64 A The only reason this isn't an A+ is because of his first half of the season. He is the biggest beneficiary of Rob Edwards coming in at Luton. Under Nathan Jones he looked edgy and shit scared to make a mistake, however, under Edwards he was calmness personified with his big runs out of defence with the ball seemingly glued to his foot. He also scored some vital goals, the first against Watford, and then the goal against Sunderland in the away playoff leg to get us up and running. He is another that his currently being negotiated with for a new deal, and he deserves it.
Dan Potts 24(2) appearances/2020 minutes 1G/0A - 6.84 B Another player who has been on a spectacular journey with Luton after being signed by John Still in League 2. He started as a left back, but with our formation change over the last two seasons has been re-engineered as a left centre back, which in my opinion is a much better position for him. He doesn't give you the athleticism that Bell gives, but if a ball comes into the box, he will get his absolutely beautiful head onto that ball. He had solid performances this season, however, the emergence of Bell as well as a pesky back injury kept him out for a good chunk of the season. He also scored what turned out to be the winning penalty in the playoff final.
Marvelous Nakamba 19(1) appearances/1726 minutes 0G/0A - 6.93 A+ I remember saying on the Oak Road Hatter podcast when Marv came in, he was the difference between getting into the playoffs and not getting into the playoffs. How wrong I was. He was an instrumental cog in the machine that got us promoted. I hope Villa are sensible with their valuation for a player that they simply don't want, so we don't have to shoot our transfer load prematurely on a player that wants to be at Luton. Marv also stepped up in the playoff final shootout and cooly slotted away his pen, which was remarkable considering during games he would always pass the ball rather than shoot.
Cody Drameh 19 appearances/1581 minutes 0G/2A - 7.19 A We were all very nervous when Bree left, because were losing a solid option at right wing back. However, enter Cody Drameh. Another bitten by the cruel irony of football, with Leeds being relegated as he makes the step up to Premier League. However, Cody will be alright, with Luton attempting to re-sign him as well as Burnley having a go too, he's got a Premier League move lined up. As he started with Luton you could see he had not played a lot of football, but he found his feet very quickly.
Reece Burke 15(7) appearances/1417 minutes 2G/0A - 6.71 B+ At the start of the season, if you had asked me who our best centre back was, it would have been Reece Burke. However, he seemingly has hamstring issues that have prevented him from being a top defender. Remember Hull signed him for £2m as a highly rated 21 year old. Regardless, this season he has scored 2 sensational goals; the piledriver against Blackburn, and then the intricate passing play against Huddersfield where he was instrumental throughout the build up. It would have been a B, if it had not been for his display in the playoff final, where he came on much earlier than expected for Tom Lockyer. If we can stay injury free, we have a Premier League quality defender on our hands.
Sonny Bradley 14(5) appearances/1219 minutes 0G/0A - 6.56 B- Sonny is leaving Luton Town at the end of his contract, and he has been a stellar figure for Luton Town. We won promotion to the Championship in his first season at the club, he was key in stabilising the club in the Championship, before pushing on up the league, and eventually winning this second promotion. However, it is known the personal issues he has been experiencing off the field, with his father Ray passing, suffering from long covid and issues with his child's health. No matter who you are, if you are hit with that many gut punches, you will stay down. But Bradley didn't because he's a hard bastard. The cherry on this cake was, a disgusting aerial challenge from Yakou Meite, from which Bradley landed horrendously, and it looked like a season ending injury. But Bradley being the hard bastard he is, he recovered, and plugged gaps in our defence towards the end of the season. Regardless, Sonny was getting exposed by some of the better strikers in the league, Gyokeres and then Archer had a lot of luck running beyond him, but in all fairness, they are both exceptional players. I'm delighted he's leaving us on a high, as he deserves it, and I hope he stays in the Championship and gets a move that works for him.
Luke Freeman 10(16) appearances/988 minutes 2G/1A - 6.41 C+ I wasn't expecting Luke Freeman to pull up trees this season, we all know about his injury history that restricting his appearances at Sheffield United. He showed glimpses of what he could do, the goal against QPR was a highlight for me. However, a troublesome groin kept him out for the majority of the season. He does a good job of looking busy on the pitch, without he had a flurry of creating chances at the beginning of the season, but went off the boil fast as his groin caught up with him. The + is purely because he managed to bag some goals and an assist.
Cauley Woodrow 5(22) appearances/741 minutes 2G/1A - 6.35 C+ I was expecting a lot from Cauley this season. Certainly more rotation with the front two, who ended up playing a tonne of games, because Cauley was picking up niggling injuries, with the last one keeping him out of the playoffs completely, he couldn't get any momentum during the season. He offers something completely different to our attack and his special touches can be seen at times. Regarding Nathan Jones deciding to play him as a 10, no. Just no. He is not a 10. Look at the goal against Norwich, what a strike. I hope he stays fit next season, because he has unfinished business in the Premier League.
Harry Cornick 7(12) appearances/740 minutes 1G/3A - 6.31 C- After his barnstormer of 21/22 I thought maybe Harry would kick on, but unfortunately not. He has always been very streaky in front of goal, but his finishing looked to have gone up a notch. Regardless, he wasn't getting enough first team minutes here and Bristol City needed a striker. So they signed Harry. Allegedly he went for more money than James Bree, which is absolutely criminal, considering they both had 6 months remaining on their contracts. Regardless Bristol City got a good, honest, hard working lad, and I hope he has a good season next year. Fortunately we sold him for more than we bought him, which is a great return on investment.
Fred Onyedinma 6(13) appearances/696 minutes 0G/2A - 6.35 C There is most certainly a player in there. Unfortunately with Fred, he is such an athlete he is prone to many injures. When he sets off one on of his sprints you just worry that he's going to pull a hamstring. If he can get through an entire season without injuries he would be flying. Perhaps his best role is as an impact sub, because currently he is unable to string back to back 90 minutes together.
Luke Berry 4(19) appearances/695 minutes 3G/0A - 6.43 B We know that Luke Berry is now mostly an impact player, who will happily step into the starting lineup when required. He is yet another that has been on a fantastic journey with us from League 2, and for him it's even more impressive because like Clark and Pelly he has made it from Conference football too. He is a scorer of vital goals, his three vital goals this season were; the late levellers against Rotherham and Millwall, as well as the winer against Blackpool. Love Bezza.
Henri Lansbury 6(4) appearances/458 minutes 1G/0A - 6.65 B When required Henri did a job, however, it is clear to see that he has lost his legs and maybe his passion for football, considering he has a new passion, mowing lawns. Although, he will be remembered this season for his absolute shitpinger against Hull City. He's now leaving the club, I don't see him joining another team, I reckon he's going full time lawn lad now.
Cameron Jerome 0(21) appearances/333 minutes 1G/1A - 6.22 C+ Considering his extremely limited role purely as an impact sub, Cammy J was an exceptional professional. Unfortunately the distance between his family up north was too much, therefore we agreed to mutually terminate his agreement. Shame he missed out on promotion with Bolton. I feel he would have continued to be a great depth option for us in the second half of the season. His legs have most certainly not gone, he is still a supreme athlete at 36 years old.
Louie Watson 3(2) appearances/220 minutes 0G/0A - 6.51 B- Most definitely one for the future, but in his little flurry of starts around the time of Rob Edwards first games was a great indicator of the tidy passing he could bring. However, the signing of Nakamba pretty much put a ceiling on his minutes with the first team, also I think the Grimsby FA cup replay might have given Rob Edwards second thoughts about playing him, I don't know, I'm not part of the Luton coaching staff! He can still continue to develop, and I would like to see him get first team minutes next season in the Championship.
Joe Taylor 1(5) appearances/130 minutes 0G/0A - 6.02 B- Definitely the best beneficiary of Cornick and Jerome leaving in January and Cauley's injury issues, as it immediately propelled him to third choice striker. However, Edwards was very reluctant to chuck him on the pitch. He was highly spoken of by Mick Harford and Darren MacAnthony, I don't put stock in what DMac says (although he does have an eye for attacking talent), but Mick knows recruitment and had been tracking him for years prior to the move. Joe was unfortunate to have his strike ruled out in the playoff final, but he showed great big balls to step up and take the second penalty. I reckon a championship/league 1 loan is in the pipeline for next season.
Admiral Muskwe 1(1) appearances/105 minutes 0G/0A - 6.51 F I'm at a loss with Muskwe, considering he is more senior than Joe Taylor and was recalled from Fleetwood on the same day we signed Joe, why wasn't he anywhere near the squad? He's most definitely one that we will be looking to cut our losses on next season. He had one flurry of good form, prior to AFCON last season, and since then, he has not hit the heights expected. His loan spell at Fleetwood consisted of 14 games, 3 goals (2 of those being pens). I wouldn't expect to see him here next season.
Harry Isted 1 appearance/90 minutes - 5.78 D I like Harry, but his only match this season was the 2-0 loss against Stoke, sure the rest of the team didn't do him any favours, by letting Stoke score two unmarked strikes from two crosses that were allowed to be sent in. I feel the club have done him a disservice, he has obvious talent, reflexes and shot stopping ability, he has shown that at Barnsley, and against Chelsea last season in the FA Cup. However, we opted to bring in emergency loans instead of giving him a chance (I know it was risky considering in 21/22 we were going through keepers like Spinal Tap go through drummers). He's left the club now, and I hope he gets a chance with a Championship club, he could do it.
James Shea 1 appearance/90 minutes - 6.54 C Shea got a chance with the final game of the season against Hull and managed to keep a clean sheet. He did really well to come back from an awful injury. However, I do not see him being first choice next season. Potentially second or third choice depending on how good Jack Walton is...
Elliot Thorpe 0(3) appearances/68 minutes - 6.19 C His season got off to a shit start, being loaned to Burton and not played. However, I don't know what we do with Elliot Thorpe, he was brought in with high expectations from Tottenham, he dropped down so he could stand a better chance of playing first team football, and he's ended up getting shunted out to the right wing back position. He look great in his cameo against Hull, but I thought we were getting a box to box midfielder. We've triggered an extension in his contract, I don't know if that means we are looking to get a fee by selling him, or whether we want to keep him about for further development.
Joe Johnson 0(2) appearances/38 minutes - 6.28 B I'm very excited about JJ, he's 17 and managed to not only break onto the bench, but get some vital first team minutes, with his first minutes coming in a high pressure game against eventual playoff winners Middlesbrough. Lots more to see of him, and possibly the start of the academy assembly line roaring back into gear.

What next?

One thing that is guaranteed is that we will be finishing higher than we did this season, Even if we finish 20th. You know what, I'm sure we are going to give it a good go. I don't think we will try and sign proven Premier League talent, but we are more likely to hoover up some of the hot talent in the Championship and League 1/League 2 for further development.
I expect quite a big clearout with lots of the players who haven't gotten near our squad to be moved on; Glen Rea is all but gone (well done to him for recovering from his horrendous injury too), Aribim Pepple needs a loan and Dion Pereira, who Bradford were begging to rejoin has barely played this season. Carlos Mendes Gomes is one I would like to see around the first team squad next season. Lots of headaches for Rob Edwards, Richie Kyle and Paul Trollope.
Exiting news to look forward to, the renovations are under way at the Kenny to welcome Premier League cameras and media teams, and ground will be broken at Power Court on 19th December 2023. These are amazing times to be a Hatter.
Bold early early early pre pre season prediction. Luton Town are finishing 17th next season!
I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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2023.06.02 12:08 thejoshway Luton Town FC - Squad review ahead of our 2023/23 Premier League season

As the retained list has been released, I thought it would be fun to write a series on pieces on (1) the state of Luton’s current squad in a Premier League context, and (2) some potential transfers that could strengthen our squad ahead of the current season.
In this first post I’ll look to evaluate our current squad, noting who should be kept, who should be moved on, and what areas are in need of strengthening. This is based off Rob Edwards’ preferred 5-1-2-2 formation, with wing-backs and a defensive midfielder.
James Shea & Jack Walton appear to be content with being #2 and #3, so I would keep them for these roles. I would look to stash one of these goalkeepers out on loan, as they have not played a lot of first-team football in recent years, replacing them with a veteran goalkeeper that is content with being on the bench. I would therefore look to offload Matt Macey, especially as there’s interest in Portsmouth to sign him permanently. Evidently, this is a position of need.
Central defence
I am hoping Tom Lockyer and Amari’i Bell both accept new deals. I am of the belief they are capable of starting centre-back and left centre-back in the premier league. Reece Burke and Gabe Osho are capable rotating in-and-out. I probably would have moved Dan Potts on, but at least he provides left-sided cover for Bell. Accounting for all of this, I think we could do with one right-sided centre-half.
Wing backs
Alfie Doughty is a Premier League quality left-wingback. Bell can cover him there, but I prefer him at left centre-back. Fred Onyedimna can cover either side, and is useful on the bench if we need an attacking option there. Clearly, with Drameh and Bree gone there’s a huge gap at right wing-back.
Defensive midfield
With Nakamba returning to Villa, and Lansbury released, there’s a huge void in front of the defence. Pelly deputised here before Marvelous joined, but I prefer him as part of the 2 midfielders ahead of the DM. Rea should be moved on. We perhaps need two players added to the squad in this position.
Central midfield (and attacking midfield)
Jordan Clark deserves to start in the premier league. I hope Pelly Ruddock-Mpanzu stays, and sets the record of going from the 5th to 1st tier with the same club. I’m also of the belief that Luke Berry is settled here and should stay, providing a useful squad option off the bench. Controversially, I’d look to cash in on Alan Campbell, as its evident Edwards isn’t hugely keen on him, so Luton should profit from him before his contract expires. I’ve never been convinced Luke Freeman fits into our 5-1-2-2 shape, so Luton should look to offload him also. Elliot Thorpe, Louie Watson, and John McAtee are not at the level quite yet, so should gain experience out on loan. Given all the outgoings I have suggested, we should look to sign a central midfielder, preferably with creative quality.
Carlton Morris and Elijah Adebayo have proven to be a formidable option in the Championship, and should be given a chance to prove themselves in the Premier League. Cauley Woodrow seems happy being a squad player, so I’d suggest he stays as backup. Carlos Mendes-Gomes and Admiral Muskwe appear to be decent players, but aren’t of premier league quality and are more wide-forwards than #9’s, so I’d look to sell them and cash in. Aribim Pepple and Joe Taylor should be given the chance to experience first team football out on loan. We should look to sign at least one and possibly two Premier League starting level striker(s) to compete with Morris and Adebayo, with the second being a young prospect that has scope to develop.
Overall assessment
My suggestions indicate that we should:
Sell: Campbell, Freeman, Mendes-Gomes, and Muskwe.
Loan: one of Shea and Walton, Thorpe, Watson, Pepple, and Taylor.
Purchase: two Goalkeepers, Centre-back, a right and left wing-back, two defensive midfielders, a central midfielder, and two strikers.
That’s just my opinion. What do you think? I will probably follow up with suggestions for each position I have identified – so keep an eye out for that.
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2023.06.02 01:18 Alphaeboy Mod Organizer 2 help

I keep trying to play my game with the mods but it kept freezing on the black and have to constantly restart my pc.
I need help do I need to add or delete any mods.
Here's the list of mods I have downloaded in: +Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP
+You Go To My Head - A Vanilla-Style Legion Quest Mod
+Yes I Would Actually - A Legion Quest Mod
+Working on the Chain Gang - A Powder Ganger Quest Mod esm
+Working on the Chain Gang - A Powder Ganger Quest Mod
+Wendy Gilbert Companion
+Voiced Doc Friday for New Vegas Bounties II
+Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
+Unofficial Patch NVSE
+UIO - User Interface Organizer
+TSC Vegas
+truth and lies death crossover
+The Someguy Series
+The North Road Remastered
+The Mod Configuration Menu fix
+The Mod Configuration Menu
+The Initiation
+The Inheritance
+The High Desert
+The Depths of Depravity
+Th3Overseer's Core ESM
+th3overseer Quest Mod Bugfixes
+Tammer's Customizable Companion - Jessica
+Tammer's Customizable Companion - Fletcher
+Tammer armory
+Tammer guns
+Stronger Traveling Merchants
+Sierra Madre Grand Entrance
+ShowOff xNVSE Plugin
+ShowOff xNVSE
+Sarah Weintraub Sexy Sleepwear Fix
+Sarah Weintraub Companion - More Than Just a Classy Chassis
+Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas
+Restored Papa Khan Armor
+Quick Fix
+Perk Styled CCC Icons
+Pepper Companion - hair
+Pepper Companion - Fully voiced with quest
+Old Abraham - Companion for Freedom and Liberty
+Of Truth and Lies - New Quests. Weapons and Armours
+NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix
+NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
+New Vegas Bounties III - Marko Story Rewrite Edit
+New Vegas Bounties III
+New Vegas Bounties II Fixes
+New Vegas Bounties II (NVBII) transition to New Vegas Bounties III (NVBIII)
+New Vegas Bounties II
+New Vegas Bounties I - Immersive Start
+New Vegas Bounties I
+NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta
+Mojave Reloaded (Factions Reloaded Series)
+Mojave Raiders
+Masters of the Madre main file
+Masters of the Madre -- Player-Elijah Alliance and Cloud Ending Continue
+lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
+Lime's Old Mormon Fort Overhaul
+Leanne Companion FULLY VOICED
+kNVSE Animation Plugin
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches
+JSawyer Ultimate Edition
+JohnnyGuitar NVSE
+Joey - A Companion Mod
+Joana Companion
+JIP Companions Command and Control
+JAM - Just Assorted Mods
+I Fought the Law - NCR Start
+Humble Goodsprings Bungalow
+Hope Lies - A FNV Companion
+Herbert - A Bounty Quest Mod
+Hall Of Face
+For the Enclave
+FNV Mod Limit Fix
+FNV Mod Limit
+Faster Start Menu (Skip Splash Screens)
+Factions Reloaded - Raiders
+Factions Reloaded - Legion
+Factions Reloaded - Followers of the Apocalypse
+Faction Wasteland Presence Compilation
+Faction Wasteland Presence - Improved Edition
+Eve's Vacation Fund Weapon Pack
+Eve's Vacation Fund Weapon
+Emily Ortal Standalone Doctor Companion
+Eden - A Vendor Mod
+Easy To Find Hidden Valley Bunker - ETFHVB
+Death's Last Whisper - lines
+Death's Last Whisper - Hugs AND Death
+Death's Last Whisper - fix
+Death's Last Whisper - b2
+Death's Last Whisper - b1
+Dagger- The Fully Voiced Super Mutant Companion
+Chem Control - A Fully-Voiced Quest Mod
+Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
+Brotherhood of Steel Unforgotten
+Big Mike - A Fully Voiced Ghoul Mercenary Companion
+Better Brotherhood
+Bees For Sale. A Quest For Bees
+Battle For Bitter Springs Campground
+Base Building (FO4 inspired)
*DLC: CaravanPack
*DLC: ClassicPack
*DLC: DeadMoney
*DLC: GunRunnersArsenal
*DLC: HonestHearts
*DLC: LonesomeRoad
*DLC: MercenaryPack
*DLC: OldWorldBlues
*DLC: TribalPack
*Unmanaged: FalloutNV_lang
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2023.06.01 13:21 eZGjBw1Z New and Changed Products - June 2023

Usually around the first of the month we have a batch of price changes and this month is no different. According to the "How to Become a Contract Liquor Agent" document, "The Agent must also complete price changes that occur at the first of the month..."
Number of Price Increases: 2 Number of Price Decreases: 136 Number of New Products: 44 Number of Status Changes: 4
I plan to reply to this post throughout the month if I notice other significant changes happening or at the end of the month before the next update to keep the changes in one place. Here's a link back to what changed in May 2023: American Whiskey, Brandy, Canadian Whiskey, Cordial, Gin, and Irish Whisky, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, and Vodka.
For each category I've sorted by the amount of the price increase or decrease. New products are shown first, then price decreases are shown in decreasing order followed by price increases in increasing order. At the end are products with other changes unrelated to price.
Current product status is indicated on each line as follows. OHLQ hasn't publicly explained what these things mean but I've included my best guess below.

American Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey



Irish Whisky





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2023.05.31 16:03 EddieMunson221 Current YJ chances for Emmy Nominations, according to awards experts

Ok so this is the state of play according to experts and Gold Derby rankings, ahead of the July 12th nominees announcement, with 3 locks for YJ's in the bigger categories.
Best Drama Series:
Locks: 'Succession', 'The White Lotus', 'The Last of Us', 'Better Call Saul', 'Yellowjackets', 'The Crown'
Next best (2 remaining spots): 'House of the Dragon', 'Andor', 'Yellowstone', 'Handmaid's Tale'
Best Actress:
Locks: Melanie Lynskey ('Yellowjackets'), Bella Ramsey ('The Last of Us'), Sarah Snook ('Succession'), Imelda Staunton ('The Crown')
Next best (2 remaining spots):, Emma D'Arcy ('House of the Dragon') Elisabeth Moss ('Handmaid's Tale'), Sharon Horgan ('Bad Sisters'), Keri Russell ('The Diplomat'), Sophie Nélisse ('Yellowjackets'), Helen Miren ('1923'), Juliette Lewis ('Yellowjackets'), Hilary Swank ('Alaska Daily'), Kelly Reilly ('Yellowstone'), Tawny Cypress ('Yellowjackets')
So we (YJ community) have an outside shot at 3 noms in Best Actress but that's not realistic. Melanie, for sure, then hopefully 1 more from Sophie, Juliette and Tawny.
Best Supporting Actress:
Locks: Jennifer Coolidge ('The White Lotus'), Rhea Sheehorn ('Better Call Saul'), Christina Ricci ('Yellowjackets'), Elizabeth Debicki ('The Crown'), Aubrey Plaza ('The White Lotus')
Next best (3 remaining spots): J Smith-Cameron ('Succession'), Meghan Fahy ('The White Lotus'), Carol Burnett ('Better Call Saul'), Sabrina Impacciatore ('The White Lotus'), Milly Alcock ('House of the Dragon'), Simone Kessell ('Yellowjackets'), Lauren Ambrose ('Yellowjackets'),
We've got a shot at 3 here but most likely just Christina. I feel like Sophie Thatcher should be higher on the list of contenders.
Best Supporting Actor:
Locks: Matthew Macfadyen ('Succession'), Giancarlo Esposito ('Better Call Saul'), F. Murray Abraham ('The White Lotus'), Alan Ruck ('Succession')
Next best (4 remaining spots): Jonathan Banks ('Better Call Saul'), Alexander Skarsgard ('Succession'), Stellan Skarsgard ('Andor'), Tom Hollander ('The White Lotus'), Michael Imperioli ('The White Lotus'), Will Sharpe ('The White Lotus'), Elijah Wood ('Yellowjackets')
Best Guest Actress:
Locks: Melanie Lynskey ('The Last of Us'), Harriet Walter ('Succession'), Cherry Jones ('Succession')
Next best (3 remaining spots): Anna Torv ('The Last of Us'), Fiona Shaw ('Andor'), Hiam Abbass ('Succession'), Hope Davis ('Succession'), Betsy Brandt ('Better Call Saul'), Storm Reid ('The Last of Us'), Claire Foy ('The Crown'), McKenna Grace ('Handmaid's Tale'), Ella Purnell ('Yellowjackets'), Carrie Preston ('The Good Fight')
Note - Ella hasn't been confirmed as a submission, which isn't unusual for a show to not confirm all submissions, it's still believed she will be on the June 15th ballot and have some chance of nomination.
I really hope some momentum builds behind Sophie Nélisse and/or Sophie Thatcher, one of the younger cast deserves a nomination.
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